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Subreddit for HBO's Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon”.

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This place is for anything related to Wilmington, and northern New Castle County Delaware! Please check our Wiki for local info, restaurant, bar, hotel, transportation, neighborhood info, & more https://www.reddit.com/WilmingtonDE/wiki/index

2023.06.03 14:08 FilRose Northgard or DLC Northen Lords for CK3?

Hey guys! I am currently deciding between the game and the DLC from the title. I am looking for some fine Viking game and only those two looks that they have the best Viking game style. I know there are games like AC: Valhalla (I am fan of AC so this one dissapointed me as it is a RPG again), Jotun, Bad North, Mount & Blade Viking Conquest etc. but neither of them get me as such.
Only Northgard which is RTS and pure Viking style game. Only downside what I saw is fighting system which is pretty straight foward. But the game is still getting updated and I heard now is there some new fun mod Conquest which everyone like so far.
Other one is Crusader Kings 3 where you can play as Viking lord but with the DLC it adds new flavour to it. More events and options for these Viking states (if I can call it that way).
Anyway... Can't decide between those to so I know reddit is the best place for this kind of issue. I would love to see your opinions that will (I hope) help me decide which one of those two should I get.
Thanks a lot <3
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2023.06.03 14:07 OrganicAnything6007 #AppearanceOfGodKabirInKalyug

Kabir Sahib Ji's 626th Prakat Diwas
Lord Kabir appears on a lotus flower in the form of an infant in every yuga. FREE
To know more, read sacred Book Gyan Ganga
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2023.06.03 14:07 Fionnwrites In the In Between

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
In different corners of the Galaxy, there are two boys whose fates are linked. One, born in the heart of the Empire, has spent his entire life training under his father to be the strongest Sith, but always found himself coming up short. Vegas Theerapanyakul cultivated his anger into hatred, and became a talented Sith Lord, and one of the youngest to ever take the title.
The other, who was abandoned at a Jedi Temple by his parents when he was just a child, impressed his teachers from a young age with his connection to the Force. He quickly rose through the ranks and now stands, a full fledged Jedi Sentinel, one of the youngest to be made a Jedi in the history of the Order. Focusing on his connection to the Force, studying ancient lore, and seeking justice, Pete Saengtham has made it his mission to recover as many Jedi and Sith Holocrons as possible to expand the Jedi Temple Library.
Both young men have been plagued with visions of someone else from a young age, but hid that odd connection from their teachers, not knowing what it meant. But now, both find themselves on the same planet… in pursuit of different goals, but with paths that are destined to cross…
Star Wars AU! Yay! Such a promising setting.
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2023.06.03 14:05 leafoverleaf Gollum Plays: The Lord of The Rings: Gollum

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2023.06.03 14:04 BoneMarrowButter The Eight Flames Ranked by Strength

  1. Blake (Black Knight) Blake is either YC1 or YC2 by rank, and in terms if power he deserves the title. After losing Cleo he hit the Sea Gym, took some Blue Blood, and ate the Mera Mera no mi (Flame Flame fruit). He was noted by Kasparov to be the strongest of Blue Bloods commanders.
  2. V (Former Leader) V is bound to his chair that keeps him alive but due to the fact that he resides in a ship, he is still somewhat mobile. He uses his creations to attack so him sending them to attack is just as strong as him hiding in his base. And he did the most damage to the DLP out of anyone until Blake.
  3. Hemlock (Current Leader) She stated that she surpassed Valentine and she had shown during the final battle that her blades and assassination skills had made up for a lack of Noodle and Monty.
  4. Valentine (Former 7th Flame) Hemlock stated that she had passed him in strength, however she also lost the ability to enlarge her snakes. His animal was one of the most powerful as the bat was invisible, and he had an overpowered devil fruit that he heavily staggered the DLP with.
  5. Olaf (Current 5th Flame) Him and Ragnar were absolutely demolishing the Clockwork Dragon while trying to find the Forth Brother. He was also stated to be the second strongest current flame.
  6. Tempest (Current 7th Flame) She was the main contributor to the fight with Void Agent Aria, but she also had to hold back in every fight do to the danger of harming her allies.
  7. Scourge (Current 6th Flame) He has shown shown some of the least amount of feats from the flames, but he was still able to help out greatly with the final battle and the webslinging greatly helps as support.
  8. Blake (Former 5th Flame) He was a major contributor in the fight with V and while he had his Hell Hound Blaze he was able to breathe fire. He also joined in partway during the fight with Emperor Dominius but couldn't do much.
  9. Gravy (Former 4th Flame) He was able to take out multiple of the robots that V sent at he DLP but he hasn't fought any humans. While he still had Boris and was an assasin he was still known as one of their stronger members and Hemlock thinks it is a shame he is wasting his talent.
  10. Bullet (Most recent 4th Flame) She was the person that finally killed Cleo and showed some progression in power after the last time the DLP saw her. She was killed by a divine departure from Void Roger
  11. Cleo (Former 3rd Flame) She was quite a nuisance for the DLP both while fighting them and just being flat out annoying. Her pet Patty was quite strong while fighting and she herself still showed very much skill due to her assassination training
  12. Tako (Former 2nd Flame) Not Steve was able to scare away both Ragnar and Duros, he knocked William unconscious and also almost did so to Verona. Rustage noted how much harder that battle was supposed to be so he is likely stronger than we saw.
  13. Skendor (Unknown Flame) He was in an epilouge and was the person that killed Captain Hastings, he was a brief appearance but he was killed by an enraged Rain and her Sea Kings.
  14. Mortimer (Current 3rd Flame) We haven't seen anything of this combatant but the other below have not shown too much battle prowess.
  15. Malaise (Current 2nd Flame) She possesses some sort of an illusion fruit that allowed her to trick the minds of her enemies to give objects fake life, they look similar to Verona's animed objects but don't possess any life.
  16. Humphrey (Current 1st Flame) He possesses the Tori Tori no mi: Model Owl, which is an Owl Zoan. He was in a scuffle with William and Pearl during the Davy Back Fights.
  17. Little Timmy (Former 1st Flame) He was killed by V's robots but seemed to be more of a support character where he could heal others with shots.
  18. Taurus (Non Combatant) He was a member of the Long John Pirates but has not shown any battle prowess.
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2023.06.03 14:04 za-ra-thus-tra Plex Music library incorrect track order

Plex puts 250 tracks into Disc 1, and ignores the artist and album name.
Used mp3tag and musizbrainz picard to label tracks and files: [disc#][track#] - Title This works for other albums in this music library. mp3 track data includes total discs and total tracks per disc.
Have you read the file naming instructions: yes
Directory tree: \server\audio[artist][album] \server\audio\J.R.R. Tolkien\The Lord of the Rings\101 - A Long Expected Party, Part 1.wav
Enabled and Order of agents of the library: Scanner: Plex Music Scanner Agent: Personal Media Artists Album Sorting: Library Default
Other info: Plex 4.107.2
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2023.06.03 14:04 hauntedcatnerd Book about 4 childhood friends going on a cruise to celebrate their friend's 40th birthday

The book is about 4 friends Frankie, Olive, Rose and Venice. Frankie and Rose have a misunderstanding regarding Frankie kissing Rose's husband. So on Venice's 40th birthday they go on a cruise where Frankie and Rose have to finally face each other. Olive has a lazy exploitive husband ( David) and an equally exploitive MIL who guilt trip her to act as a maid throughout her miserable marriage with David.
Venice has a crush on the captain of the cruise ship whom she drunkenly calls ' Captain Ocean Sea Eyes' or something. Frankie meets a guy who somewhat looks like a Viking and is a single father. Olive meets her old Greek lover and decides to leave her husband.
After coming back from the cruise Rose reconciles with her husband .
Olive discovers that the fish and chips shop owner is David's true father and that her MIL and he were secret lovers . They had been waiting ( 30-40 years or something) for fish and chips guy's wife who was constantly ill to die as fish and chips guy felt guilty . Regardless Olive leaves David and goes to Venice's house.
Captain Ocean Sea Eyes comes to Venice's house to meet her and kisses her and they start dating.
After the timeskip , the girls are on Captain Ocean Sea Eyes cruise and live happily ever after.
I've been searching for this book for the past 3 years now. Seeing others find their books on this subreddit has given me some hope ✪ ω ✪
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2023.06.03 14:02 Key_Education7241 Chef's Notes Translation

Saw requests for translations on the Chef's Notes info on the wiki. My Chinese isn't the best but I tried to make it as accurate as possible. Hope this helps!
Link to original: https://shiwuyu.fandom.com/zh/wiki/%E9%A4%90%E5%8E%85
Chef's Notes
- Chef's Notes note down the preferred taste of each customer
- When customers eat something that is to their preferred taste, extra shells can be earned. Players can access the Chef's Notes to better understand the history of each guest. Due to the restaurant being famous, people from different dynasties can be met.
- When a new Chef's Note is obtained, a "new" pop-up will appear on top of Luwu, who is sleeping beside the stairs. Players can tap on the pop-up to see the new Chef's Note.
-Archieved Chef's Notes can be accessed anytime through [Album] [Story] [Chef's Notes]
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2023.06.03 14:02 mechkbfan Fastest possible boot setup on an X220 / X230?

Looking at seeing how quick I can get my boot time down on either of these laptops as a hobby project
I don't have experience with anything I've listed below, it's just from what I've read
Turn off everything but WiFi in BIOS
I had been reading a little bit about EFISTUB or loading the kernel as part of coreboot payload but got a little confused.
Arch Linux had some interesting suggestions
Any tips / suggestions or things I hadn't considered?
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2023.06.03 14:02 VikingWarriorWalrus whats the ideology of my new fantasy country

Koboldland (German for goblinland) link to its flag: https://imgur.com/a/KnQPvYt

Its located in the faroe islands and it speaks Koblak (a mix of faroese scottish gaelic and german)

Its mainly a fishing island it is cold there most people live in cabins and many people work at sea other jobs include (banking, preaching, painting, teaching, making clothes, making choclate, joinery, building.)

The Koboldland national animal is a swan and it has a cygnet on its flag.

The Koboldland Economy: they have free healthcare and a universal basic income but you dont get any benefits until you have a child and atleast the mother or father must work koboldland is also mainly domiminaed by big bussinesses and shops with all of the buildings being government owned and well has full control over the business except the owner decides what to do with it and well recives the money but tax comes in koboldland has a flat tax system.

Government type:Theocratic dictaotrship (their is a dictator but god is a major part of the goverment and jesus)

His name is Kaverl Ragnak

Other things about the koboldland ideology:Koboldland is catholic and its only straight it is conservative very traditionalist its very safe and basically no crimes are commited a year and the people are very happy.

Common First Names:Kaverl Rektar Torak Robert Bobby Bobrak Robak Gareth Khristopher Mia Kirsten Linda Mary Anitra Trine.

Common Last Names:Ari Aristide James Wilson William Garth Siri Meya Herold Eilert Beret Brynjar Ragnar Ivar Ivan Svanr.
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2023.06.03 14:00 Vegetable_Safety_331 LIBAD is .. fine.

Can't really relate to all the posts saying this is the best thing they've ever heard, that it's gonna change the music industry, that it's a masterpiece. Prog rock exists. If you like this album, there is a sea of content like it out there.
Listen to Strength of the World, Brompton Cocktail, Chapter 4, Fiction, Save Me, Gunslinger, Blinded, The Stage, Afterlif, Bat county (I could go on). Any one of these songs destroys anything on display in this record. Really reminds me what they are capable of.

Thouroughly underwhelmed. At least I'll always have their previous works to listen to.
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2023.06.03 14:00 efitz11 6/2 Highlight Roundup: FastCast, top plays, recaps/condensed games and longest dongs of the day

6/2/23 Real Fast: Springer, Tucker , Betts' home run - 00:59
Quick Pitch explores the Premier Plays from June 2 - 00:59
Joey Wiemer: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:09
Daulton Varsho: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:10
Yordan Alvarez: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:12
Ryan McMahon: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:14
Eddie Rosario: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:14
Josh Donaldson: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:15
TB, BOS - Postponed

SPOILERS FOLLOW, to get the same table with scores hidden, go to the comments.

MIL 5, CIN 4, F/11 recap - 03:09 condensed - 08:15
OAK 0, MIA 4 recap - 03:30 condensed - 08:27
STL 5, PIT 7 recap - 03:22 condensed - 09:17
PHI 7, WSH 8 recap - 03:19 condensed - 09:44
TOR 3, NYM 0 recap - 03:20 condensed - 07:24
SEA 0, TEX 2 recap - 03:26 condensed - 07:48
LAA 2, HOU 6 recap - 03:24 condensed - 09:02
COL 7, KC 2 recap - 03:25 condensed - 09:43
CLE 0, MIN 1 recap - 03:24 condensed - 07:06
DET 0, CWS 3 recap - 03:16 condensed - 07:01
CHC 2, SD 1 recap - 03:24 condensed - 09:20
ATL 2, AZ 3 recap - 03:15 condensed - 07:13
NYY 4, LAD 8 recap - 03:26 condensed - 07:06
BAL 3, SF 2 recap - 03:15 condensed - 07:06
Longest dongs of the day:
2 Josh Donaldson Clayton Kershaw 1 446 111.0 30 video
6 Joey Wiemer Brandon Williamson 2 432 109.1 24 video
1 Josh Palacios Giovanny Gallegos 1 426 105.4 31 video
8 George Springer Justin Verlander 1 422 105.6 27 video
3 Ke'Bryan Hayes Giovanny Gallegos 3 421 102.3 30 video
1 Drew Waters Chase Anderson 1 419 107.3 25 video
3 Josh Donaldson Phil Bickford 2 418 108.0 32 video
5 Giancarlo Stanton Clayton Kershaw 1 417 109.4 29 video
5 Edward Olivares Chase Anderson 1 414 102.2 28 video
13 J.D. Martinez Luis Severino 1 413 104.0 28 video
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2023.06.03 14:00 SomeoneinHistory What if the Emperor Died?

What if the Golden Throne failed and the Emperor died?
Would he return as a human once again since he is a perpetual?
Or would he transcend the perpetuity of being a perpetual and join the Ruinous Powers and become its fifth member?

With the first scenario, could humanity return to grandness as it had in the Great Crusade if the Emperor had died and been reincarnated in one of the human worlds of the now shattered Imperium?
In such a scenario, the galaxy would see itself be a galactic hodgepodge of little Imperiums and little factions of xenos using this as an opportunity to attain an empire among the cosmos as the most likely scenario would find the Imperium infighting over the pettiest of reasons such as one faction having different beliefs in the Emperor; with the current state of lore, Guilliman and the Lion would be icons of unity but some would see them as false idols which would create more disunity and anarchy in the now extremely vulnerable Milky Way.

With the second scenario, I want to know if the Emperor would play the 'Great Game' of the Chaos Gods or would he be like Malal/Malice and go to eternal war with them trying to aid humanity?
With the first sub-scenario, would we find humanity far more 'screwed' than its current situation or would we see just a grander scale of the normal 'Great Game' of the Chaos Gods? Would there be Chaos Lords and Chaos Warbands that adhere to the Emperor as their chief-deity?
With the second sub-scenario, would we find humanity with a small glimmer of hope as they are protected, or trying to be protected, by the ascended form of the Emperor with warp entities under his power fighting the demons of the other four as a means to shield the vulnerable situation that humanity currently find itself in?

I'd also like to know if there are posts or sites that have such What-If scenarios and discussions as I'd like to learn more about the dangers and risks that would befall the galaxy if humanity lost its most holy and divine majesty of the God-Emperor.
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2023.06.03 13:59 ltbr55 Ultimate Song Ranking Round 21 Results: Enters the Outlaw with Whiplash. Round 22 Voting Now Open (Songs #34-32). Vote for your WORST/LEAST Favorite Metallica Songs to be eliminated

Round 22 Voting Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdd5lkjRUH3XMVN6f2MgPYStgoEBt-2bgW2QdVqpSXVW3FqtQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
Previous Rounds Results
(126.) Purify (125.) Invisible Kid (124.) Poor Twisted Me (123.) Shoot Me Again (122.) Slither (121.) My World (120.) Dirty Window (119.) All Within My Hands (118.) Ronnie (117.) Attitude (116.) Cure (115.) Bad Seed (114.) Murder One (113.) Am I Savage? (112.) Some Kind of Monster (111.) Where the Wild Things Are (110.) Low Man's Lyric (109.) ManUNkind (108.) Better Than You (107.) 2x4 (106.) The House Jack Built (105.) Carpe Diem Baby (104.) Sweet Amber (103.) Prince Charming (102.) Jump in the Fire (101.) Don't Tread on Me (100.) Thorn Within (99.) - Human (98.) Just a Bullet Away (97.) Wasting My Hate (96.) To Hell and Back (95.) Mama Said (94.) Here Comes Revenge (93.) Hate Train (92.) Confusion (91.) Devil’s Dance (90.) Rebel of Babylon (89.) I Disappear (88.) Lords of Summer (87.) Aint My Bitch (86.) Escape (85.) If Darkness Had a Son (84.) Metal Militia (83.) Cyanide (82.) Broken, Beat and Scarred (81.) Hero of the Day (80.) The Struggle Within (79.) Crown of Barbed Wire (78.) Sleepwalk My Life Away (77.) Of Wolf and Man (76.) The Unnamed Feeling (75.) Frantic (74.) Now That We’re Dead (73.) Fixxxer (72.) St. Anger (71.) My Apocalypse (70.) Phantom Lord (69.) Suicide and Redemption (68.) The End of the Line (67.) Screaming Suicide (66.) You Must Burn! (65.) Through the Never (64.) Dream No More (63.) Chasing Light (62.) No Remorse (61.) Motorbreath (60.) Judas Kiss (59.) Unforgiven II (58.) Too Far Gone? (57.) Holier Than Thou (56.) Lux Aeterna (55.) Unforgiven III (54.) The Memory Remains (53.) Shadows Follow (52.) Hardwired (51.) Hit the Lights (50.) Atlas, Rise (49.) Trapped Under Ice (48.) My Friend of Misery (47.) The Thing That Should Not Be (46.) Room of Mirrors (45.) Halo on Fire (44.) 72 Seasons (43.) That Was Just Your Life (42.) The God That Failed (41.) To Live is to Die (40.) No Leaf Clover (39.) Eye of the Beholder (38.) Inamorata
Round 21 Results
(37.) Whiplash (36.) The Outlaw Torn (35.) Enter Sandman
Vote for the next 3 songs to be eliminated in the link above.
What songs are you surprised have been eliminated? What songs are you surprised haven't been eliminated?
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2023.06.03 13:59 Macrohistorian SMEN Endings Request

Hello, all. To be succinct, I would dearly appreciate if someone could send me the various endings to the SMEN narrative.
I was a seeker of the name many years ago – before an ending even existed – and I've always wondered what the conclusions to that story were. Among other, more personal reasons, I simply lack sufficient time these days to pursue the name again, but having played both Sunless Sea and Skies extensively, I am sorely curious enough to ask here.
Many thanks.
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2023.06.03 13:58 QuarterEuphoric6693 M43 F43 is my gf behaviour a red flag or should I just let it go?

Ive been dating this girl for nearly a year. A couple of months after we started dating it was her birthday I sent flowers to her workplace on her birthday as a nice surprise and took her for dinner a few days later where I presented her with a present that she had mentioned on her twitter feed that she liked.
My birthday was nearly 8 months later and we’d had some ups and downs but I’d gotten her a bag for Christmas and was always generous when we went out paying mostly for meals and drinks. Although we did split other means too.
I would also add that we had an argument about gestures whereby I was being taken to a very fancy restaurant for work. Few days before the dinner she kept sending me messages saying that it would be a good gesture if I took her along or had food sent over for her. I knew she was joking but she kept going on about it until I snapped and told her that gestures work both ways… she still didn’t get it and made a joke saying something like it’s thumb wars. I sent her a voice mail saying look I know you’re just joking but you literally went to Paris a month ago and didn’t bring me anything back despite me saying that I loved French wine. She bought the cheapest bottle she could find for 8-10 euros (her words) for us to share…
She apologised and we made up. But what made me upset was that she didn’t just get it and apologise she made it about her which she has done in the past. Prior to that she had messaged me saying that she’d watched a tv show about working in finance which is what I do. I sent her a funny video of me receiving an award and an old report I’d written to give her context about what I do given she was interested. She didn’t respond even just to say thanks I’ll take a look or whatever. Couple of days go by it was the weekend so I left it. Monday morning I sent her a message saying hello everything ok? She responded but didn’t mention my message regarding the video or report.
I sent her a voice message on WhatsApp telling her I was upset at her non response to my earlier message. She responded by saying that she’s rubbish at communication and emotion and apologising saying that she was waiting to come back regarding the video and report as she didn’t know what to say. This maybe should have been a red flag for my birthday…
So I was planning to go away for my birthday with friends but then didn’t and my gf asked if she could take me to dinner.
She was away the week before in Greece seeing her dad but we had agreed a date for my birthday diner not on the day itself but towards the end of that week.
Day of my birthday she texts me at noon all of my friends and family had texted or called earlier.. to say happy birthday can I book the restaurant now. I was a bit surprised she hadn’t done it earlier but ok.
Day of my Birthday we meet for dinner no card or present but she did pay for dinner. Couple of days later she’s like she would like to surprise me with some new lingerie and asked me what I liked. I’m like whatever you like but she insisted that I give her some options - sent her some and said should I get it for you? She was like yes. Few days later after discussing with some friends I asked why no card on my birthday.
She told me she didn’t think she had to as she was meeting me after my birthday and that she never does blow out dinners like this so I should be lucky. We been out for dinner before so didn’t get this…- subsequent arguments about this and fact I’ve brought her lingerie she finally mentioned that she doesn’t do gifts as she thinks their tokenistic but she does experiences instead. For me dinner on someone’s birthday is a low bar… she told me I should draw a line and she’d do better next time but thanked me for letting her know…
This is something I couldn’t get over and while she offered to return the lingerie we continued to have massive arguments where she finally told me I need to just draw a line under it…
I think my gf likes receiving stuff more than she likes giving them. Should I dump her or try again to explain why I’m hurt?
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2023.06.03 13:56 callmeyourmajesty Couple considering moving to Nottingham - any tips appreciated

We're considering moving elsewhere for a change and Nottingham has been recommended by a group of friends. Though I'm really stuck on where to live, I haven't visited just yet, I'm planning on coming for a week to Nottingham in the Summer.
Just for context, I'm mid 30's and my partner is mid 20's. I'm working from home and my partner will most likely be working in some sort of office. I drive but my partner doesn't, so being bang in the center of the city isn't vital but being near public transport links would be great. We tend to enjoy staying within walking distance from the more central areas or public transport routes that take less than 20 minutes to reach central. Can anyone suggest areas that may suit me best during my visit?
We have a budget of around 1500/month, may want to buy if things go well after the first year. Our budget to buy would be up to £600,000-ish.
What are the areas I should avoid looking in? Antisocial, unsafe.
Is there anywhere a bit further out I should consider looking at?
Any tips for areas to visit for a coffee & walk around to get a general vibe of the area?
For context, we're moving up from Brighton and things we value from here close to where we stay are:
Being within walking distance of a good gym health club or a good sized park for running/run routes.
Tennis club that has indoor facilities if possible (I know Notts Indoor Tennis is meant to be amazing, but anywhere else that would be worth joining or checking out?)
Bookable 3G Football Pitches so I can get involved with some sports. (Astrokings, etc)
Easy access to outdoor spaces/parks that aren't swarmed by small children.
Walk able area with cafes/restaurants/convenience stores without being overly crowded.
I have had a look at similar previous posts on the sub and it seems the following areas might fit us well: West Bridgford, Beeston, Chilwell and Wollaton.
Sorry for the long post, tried to include as many relevant things as possible, thanks!
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2023.06.03 13:54 Fit_Carry_7562 AppearanceOfGodKabirInKalyug

Kabir Prakat Diwas, Kabir Is God, Supreme God Kabir, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj
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2023.06.03 13:50 HetramSingh #AppearanceOfGodKabirInKalyug #SaturdayMotivation

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2023.06.03 13:50 Riseuplights22 DAY 4: Pop Punk Albums A-Z (Letter E)

Stolen from punk. Each Day comment your favorite pop punk album that begins with the letter of the alphabet of the day. I’ll count most upvotes (not comments) and that will win the letter.
Day 5**
Letter E- (Ex. Enemy of the world-Four Year Strong)
Top 3 for D
Dookie 233 Dude Ranch 150 votes Deja Entendu 104votes
Holy Crap what a Burnout..I mean Blow Out!! Dookie deserves its place. Dammit, Dude Ranch tried and in the end Deja Entendu sank like a stone in the sea. Reminder to only vote under one comment, I won’t count duplicates because it could be double votes.
A- All Killer No Filler- Sum 41
B- Bleed American- Jimmy Eat World
C- Commit This to Memory- MCS
D- Dookie- Green Day
E- ??? ( It’s understood…;)
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2023.06.03 13:49 Tight_Cartoonist_875 "French Open" God Kabir Prakat Diwas

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2023.06.03 13:49 queenliz2fr Voldemort's many victims

Inspired by the comment that I made in this post: https://old.reddit.com/HPfanfiction/comments/13z6amv/voldemort_successfully_kills_harry_in_the_forest/
Harry dies in the forest but the sacrificial protection is enacted. When Slughorn and Charlie show up with reinforcements for the second part of the battle of Hogwarts, most of the Death Eaters are killed or neutralized and Voldemort, even if still powerful enough to fight Slughorn, McGonagall and Kingsley even with his crippled powers is still not powerful enough to fight an entire army alone. He gets apprehended and thrown in Azkaban isolated from everybody else. Normally he would have been sentenced to death but by now everyone agrees with Hagrid's statement that he has become too much less than a human to be able to die.
One night as he is pondering in his loneliness over his frustration that he knows so much more magic than anybody else but is unable to use it, he sees his mom who tells him to repent for his crimes because she saw what he will become otherwise and shows him the flayed baby from the King's Cross chapter. Voldemort disregards it thinking it's a trick of the mind and the dark room.
Then the next day he is visited by Myrtle who tells him she had always looked up to him. He was so charming and so good at everything and so popular, while she was a loser and Tom Riddle was the only one who ever acted nice to her when told some classmates who were bullying her to leave her alone. Voldemort just shrugs and responds that he was a prefect and was just doing his duty and doesn't even remember her name. He killed her by accident because he didn't know there was someone else in the bathroom and accuses her that it was because of her he was forced to forever shut the Chamber of Secrets.
Next day he is visited by his father and his grandparents. They all express shame about what Tom had turned out in life. Despite always hating the paternal side of his family, he surprisingly starts to feel a bit embarrassed while watching the disappointed looks on their faces.
The third day he is visited by Hepzibah Smith who is still shocked about Tom's betrayal. She reveals that she had always loved Tom and while she never expected a young handsome boy like him to love an "old hag" like her back, she still treated him like a son and a friend. She revealed her deepest secrets to him and welcomed him into her house, always gave him a nice tip because she knew Mr. Burke was a miser who underpaid and overworked his employees. Now what's this? Is Tom feeling a shadow of guilt.
And so it happens every night some ghosts being accusatory, others questioning his unnecessary brutality towards them, until he gets to James and Lily. Both mock him for being such a coward as trying to kill a defenseless baby, only to meet his downfall at his hands. They are followed by Bertha Jorkins, Frank Bryce, Cedric Diggory and the mother with the two children whom he killed in his quest for the Elder Wand. They all ask him what had they done wrong to him in order to deserve to be killed. Voldemort thinks he is going to collapse in tears after such a lengthy torment especially when the ghosts are joined by the envoy of Gringotts who yell at him for killing them just for being bearers of the bad news and with occasional flashes of Grindelwald toothless smile mocking him by asking him "Did you get what you were looking for?". The group is finally joined by Snape whose throat is still bleeding and says through gargles "I have always been faithful to you, my lord (the words are uttered mockingly) and put my skills to the best of my ability to your service. Yet when I came with a simple request of not killing a person that wasn't even on your target list, if fell on deaf ears. Serves you right!"
For the first time in many, many, many years Voldemort collapses to the ground and starts crying while saying to what may seem to an outsider no one in particular "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I killed you all!" and then everyone disappears except for two people. Voldemort suddenly feels at peace as Dumbledore and Harry, who despite their antagonism in life, look at peace and have kind looks on their faces. They point towards a light.
"Well I think Tom it's time to join us," says Harry.
"But why did all this happen?" asks Voldemort confused.
"Don't you remember Tom that I once told you there are worse ways of destroying a man," explains Dumbledore. "To be quite frank I hoped it would last longer but seems your mother's love saved you from beyond the grave from the fate I had in store for you."
"So am I dead?"
"I think so, your soul appears to be mended," responds Dumbledore. "It seems like you really came to feel remorse about all your victims after having to see their faces every night over the past couple of years. Unfortunately I don't think your body made it. Feeling remorse after making horcruxes can be quite an intense feeling. So much so that it will break the heart and kill the body."
"But then why didn't I die earlier?"
Dumbledore chuckles at this and for the first time Tom actually gets to see the infamous twinkle in the eyes, "Well you see Tom? It was all part of my plan. Remember when I told you that merely killing you won't satisfy me. I wanted to see you suffer through your neverending torment before you finally embraced death through remorse."
"What do you mean?" asked Voldemort confused. "I thought you had Potter destroy all my horcruxes so I would be mortal again."
"I might have mislead Mr. Potter here and his friends with regards to one of your horcruxes. I knew you managed to also turn Gryffindor's sword into a horcrux and I knew no one willingly helping you got access to it. I wanted to keep it intact so you'll have all eternity to finally die by your remorse," explained Dumbledore in a kind tone.
"But I never managed to get a hold of the sword of Gryffindor because that dumb hat would not let me," said Voldemort quite frustrated. "In the end I had to settle for Nagini just to accomplish my obsession with number seven."
Now it was Dumbledore's turn to look shocked, "Wait what? You actually made your pet snake - a living mortal creature with an average lifespan of 30 years - the container of your soul? Not even I thought you were that stupid, Tom."
Voldemort looked away in embarrassment and Harry also looked at his former teacher quite confused.
There was a long silence before Harry decided to break it by pointing towards the light, "Anyways, welcome to the afterlife Tom!". Tom realized that he was starting to change. His bone-white skin was starting to get a normal color and when he managed a glance at his reflection in toilet water he noticed that his facial features were becoming more human. He was ready now to step into the light. It was strange. All his life he had feared death but now he was at peace. He saw the light as inviting and he knew that nothing bad would ever happen to him if he were to step into it.
But then all of a sudden heavy chains started enveloping his body and they were all tied to the dead bodies of the people that had been visiting him so often lately. They were dragging his body to the floor and they were very difficult to drag. "What's happening to me?" he asked.
"Oh yeah by the way... you have to carry the weight of all the lives you destroyed for eternity. Just feeling remorse does not spare you from the eternal punishment for your crimes," explained Harry casually. "Also don't expect a warm welcoming party in the afterlife. Now let's go!"
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