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Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and icon. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926, she became the most famous of Hollywood starlets and was the definitive “blonde bombshell.” She was also an intelligent and philanthropic woman, who strived to become an accomplished actress. Marilyn passed away in 1962 at only 36 years old, and is interred at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

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A subreddit dedicated to Makoto Kobori's manga, Miageru to Kimi wa.

2023.03.24 08:18 AnonymousB93 Why would they be open so late?

It’s been part of my routine to go for late night workouts for a awhile now, often after I finish I drive to the next town over to go to the same gym in another location where they have massage chairs I like to use. I’ll start my workouts at 11:00 PM and finish after an hour and a half to two hours, then make my way to the separate location, also opened 24 hours. I’ve noticed an interesting thing. Around 2:00 AM as I’m driving to the other gym, I’ll see some businesses with neon signs that still say “Open”, but there are no cars in the parking lot-at least none that I can see. And they aren’t stores that you would expect to be open 24/7, these look like nail salons or businesses which have nothing to do with food or gas. My curiosity is causing me to wonder if I should stop at the nearby nail salon to see if anyone is there and to see if they really are opened. Though I’m cautious since I’d be alone in the dark and of course it stands to reason that no rational thinking person would expect someone to walk in at such an odd hour of the night. What would I say if someone was actually there? What should I say if a police car happens to pull into the parking lot as I begin to investigate why a nail salon of all places would be open at this hour? Then again there is a bright sign which always says “open” so could anyone really blame me for being curious or suspicious even? I don’t even get my nails done, I’m just a regular guy who is not really into that sort of thing. Should I check it out or no?
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2023.03.24 08:18 Gamersarenotstraight Chapter 3 is frustrating with its narrative. (spoilers)

In chapter 3 after you beat Guido, you fight him for another 2 times (did they ever explain how he miraculously recover for all 2 of those fights?) and in the third battle after we beat him, the story says we lost. It was frustrating the fact that we lost, you'd think the team would be able to beat Guido a third time after having experience fighting AND beating that guy twice. What's more insane is Saude pointing a gun at Dante and telling Dante not to move. Why? She knew that the group was lying, that Effie is actually dead. What was the point of her trying to kill the only person that could keep her alive? What was she going to do next? Did she do that so Guido would get closer and then she would shoot Guido? If yes, then why did she wait until Dante's head was almost destroyed and Sinclair had to stab Guido in the back?
After Guido commits the sin of Ludonarrative Dissonance, Kromer jumps onto the bandwagon. After beating her first phase, we are treated to the story telling us that she beats the ever-loving crap out of us. Then, she turned into a monstrosity, THEN after defeating her second phase, the game goes "OOPSIE DOOPSIE YOU ACTUALLY DIDN'T BEAT KROMER, INSTEAD SHE BEATS YOU UWU!! BUT HERE IS A PRETTY BOY WITH A SCARF WHO SPEAKS IN CRYPTIC WORDS TO STEAL YOUR KILL OWO!! YOU SUUUUUUUUUUCK!!" *beats you up and steal your wallet*
Chapter 3 had a few frustrating things that I just wanted to point out but I'm still hopeful about the story going forward an what changes Dante is going to undergo.
Speaking about Dante, Dante is such a tool. In Chapter 1, I could forgive Dante being pushed around because Dante had amnesia. In Chapter 2, I wasn't mad when Dante made the mistake in casino, it was funny, I laughed. But in Chapter 3, Dante didn't learn anything from Chapter 2 and didn't try to rein in Don Quixote, Dante also made an excuse "Well even if I did stop Don Quixote, Heathcliff looks like he was raring up to go, so what can I do? lol". AT LEAST TRY TO GIVE YOUR INPUT INSTEAD OF JUST MULLING ABOUT INSIDE YOUR THOUGHT ABOUT HOW THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO!! Just say something to add to the group, it might not do anything but at least you tried instead of just going silent. If that is not bad enough Dante relies on others to do things and always makes excuse about how "If Rodya or Gregor couldn't cheer up Sinclair, what chance do I have?" or "The others weren't going to stop Sinclair from stabbing the corpse of a Nagel Und Hammer, so I won't even try,". Dante is just so passive, God I don't want to be in this loser's head.
But in the end of Chapter 3 Dante actually did something, something that was pointless and unnecessary. It took you to have your body melted to actually contribute something. And all you did was just tell Sinclair to "look". What was that going to do? You're telling Sinclair to "look" while half of his body is already melted. The only reason you're still alive is because of a Deus Ex Machina who says "The only reason I killed Kromer is because she was domineering over you Sinclair", just say that she was literally killing him you cryptic fool. Also why couldn't you have come quicker to beat that psycho? Were you getting off to Sinclair being mentally and physically broken by his psycho stalker or something?
I really hope in the upcoming Chapters, Dante shapes up and TRY to be a manager instead of just a pushover, and for the record I'm not self-inserting myself into Dante and thinking "If I was Dante I would do this, this and this", I never saw Dante as a self-insert but I do see how pathetic Dante is.
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2023.03.24 08:17 shinyklefkey Takasugi Shinsaku Lines

Takasugi Shinsaku (Archer) Lines
Summon Hey, I’m Takasugi Shinsaku, Archer extraordinaire, the miraculous hero hailing from Chōshū. I’m a dependable guy, if I do say so myself, so you can count on me all you like. Spare me the boring fights, though. Well, not like you’ll have to worry about that... Why, you ask? Because, there’s no way things won’t be exciting as long as I’m around!
Level Up 1 Shinsaku, a man who can grow leaps and bounds, is in your care!
Level Up 2 If you haven't seen a man for three days,1 you know the rest. Better not miss out on my innovations, okay?
Ascension 1 How do I look? Handsome, huh? You think so too, right? I was the hottest guy around even in Chōshū, you know. Go ahead and compliment me, no need to hold back.
Ascension 2 Hm? No change of outfits this time? Boring. Let's move on to the next ascension already, hurry. Personally, I look forward to seeing how my looks will change.
Ascension 3 Hahahahahaha! I totally look like an evil mastermind, huh? I'm even dressed in black, too. At this point, I might as well act like one and create an evil army. Of course, since you're the one brought me this far, you'll collaborate with me, right? It's only natural.
Ascension 4 "Let us make an uninteresting world interesting."2 I don't know if there's such a thing as truth in this world, but as long as life is interesting, that's good enough for me. That much I'm certain of. That's right, no matter how much people laugh at us, let's continue down the path we believe in!
Bond 1 Hey, isn't there a more exciting way of doing this? If you gotta do it anyway, might as well have some fun with it rather than it be boring. That's what it means to live a pleasurable life.
Bond 2 Anything is fine so long as you get moving, if you want to achieve something, that is. Doesn't matter how smart someone might be, a slacker can never beat a fool who takes action. If you're also free and unsure of what to do, you might as well give it a try. Well, if you fail I'll cheer you right back up, so don't worry and push forward.
Bond 3 I'm bored out of my mind. Mind if I leave Chaldea for a bit? Oh, don't worry about me. I've defected from my domain so many times I'm used to it. I can't? Why not? I mean, there's things you can learn when you get out there. What do you say? How about you and I create our own Neo Chaldea? I'll be the boss, and you can serve the tea. Hahahahahaha, now that sounds rather exciting.
Bond 4 People these days live for money and fame, but you seem to be different. Living neither for money nor fame, huh... Hahahahaha, I never imagined someone like you could exist in this day and age. No, perhaps it was for that reason, fate that I appeared before you. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit sentimental, huh. Forget what I said.
Bond 5 "If a promise of immortality exists in death, one should always choose death. If a promise of great deeds exists in life, one should always choose life."3 It might be a bit hard to understand, but it's basically saying there will be times where one has to risk their life. But I guess you're risking not just your life, but the fate of humanity, too. Heh, interesting indeed. I'd like to tag along for the ride. Oho, refusing me isn't going to change my mind. You and I are like the vines on a burning mountain. Even if the vines aboveground are severed, the roots will stay intact.4 Come, let's go as far as we can. Together you and I are going to turn this world upside down!
Dialogue 1 We're heading out! Where, you ask? We can think about that after we get outta here. Just follow me! It's going to be a great time, I guarantee it!
Dialogue 2 Our Master-Servant relationship? If you want me to do as you say, you should give up. To put it simply, I've always had a hard time shutting up and listening to other people. If you want to make the most out of me, the best thing you can do is to let me do whatever I want. Yup.
Dialogue 3 Master and Servant, eh... I know it's too late to say this, but it sounds a bit old-fashioned, feudalistic, even. So, why don't you and I throw these out-of-touch labels aside?
Dialogue 4 (If you have Sakamoto Ryōma [Rider] or Sakamoto Ryōma [Lancer]) Hahahahahahaha! Still shady as ever, I see, Sakamoto-kun. Even so, it's a strange coincidence, meeting you here again. Oh, Master-kun, you better watch yourself around him. You never know what this guy's thinking. Although, I have to admit the world would be a boring place without men like him around.
Dialogue 5 (If you have Okada Izō) Okada-kun, is that you over there? Hey, come on, there's no need to run away. We used to have fun back when we were in Edo, right? ─── With my money, that is. How about it? It's been a long time, let's get drunk and party tonight. Don't worry if you don't have any money, our Master will provide the funds. Right?
Dialogue 6 (If you have Izumo no Okuni) Hey, Okuni-kun. Long time no see. Huh? "We parted ways on good terms but it's ruined now?" I suppose you could say that. Anyway, if you're free, how about sleeping into the morning with me this time? What? "I shall have to decline?" Hahahahahahaha! That's a shame!
Dialogue 7 (If you have Charles Babbage) Who is this gentleman? Steam-powered armor? That's amazing, so he's literally a gentleman of steel? I'd love to take a closer look at that armor.
Dialogue 8 (If you have Minamoto no Tametomo) Is he some kind of secret weapon developed by Chaldea or something? Huh? He's the armored warrior of Genji? By Genji, you mean THE Genji? I can't believe it. The legendary Hachirō Chinzei was a robot, that's fascinating. I wonder if I can become a cyborg too or something. Can you do it, Chaldea?
Dialogue 9 (If you have Utsumi Erice or Summer Erice) Long ago, our nation of Japan was created from Takamagahara, where the two gods Izanagi and Izanami stood at Ama no Ukihashi and used the Ame no Nuboko ─── What? You have the Ame no Nuboko? That girl possesses it, although it’s just a replica? Hahahahahaha! Excellent! I'll have to take a look. I'd like to swing it around a bit if that's okay. Hm? What was up with that story I told in the beginning? Oh, nothing, really. That's just what I do when I want to obfuscate the topic.
Dialogue 10 (If you have Okita Sōji, Saitō Hajime, Yamanami Keisuke, Okita J. Sōji, or Hijikata Toshizō) The Shinsengumi, huh... I don't really get along with them after the Ikedaya and Hamaguri Gomon Incidents...but I suppose this is another example of enemies joining forces. Wait a minute. I think it might be fun to incorporate them into the Kiheitai as the "Shinsentai." Just what I need, and if I reinforce them... Yup, this could be quite the fun.
Dialogue 11 (If you have cleared CBC 2023) "This far in, what is there to say? The late cherry blossoms flutter away, carried by the winds of my hometown. At last, I follow my teacher's footsteps in Noyamagoku."5 ...No, it's nothing. Just muttering things to myself.
Likes What do I like? Exciting things, of course. Huh? You're tired of hearing that? That's not good. You almost make it sound like I'm not an exciting person. A dilemma, indeed. Let's start by doing something exciting, something that will blow you away!
Dislikes What do I dislike? Well, in terms of food, I'd have to say pufferfish. Oh, well, I've never actually had it before, so it's not like I like or dislike the taste. It's just, dying from pufferfish toxin doesn't seem like a nice way to go, does it?
Holy Grail A Holy Grail that can grant any wish? That sounds intriguing. Hearing about it, it's obviously not a virtuous relic, no matter how you think about it. Alright then, give me one or two of those Holy Grails. I'll show you uses for it that you never thought possible.
Event There's an event underway...? Why didn't you tell me sonner? I've got to get my hands into every interesting thing that comes my way. Of course, I'll show up uninvited even if you don't call on me.
Birthday Birthday? Whose? Yours? Oh. So? Ah, you want a gift. Well, I didn't prepare anything in particular, but...I know, I'll play you a song instead. I'm pretty good with my shamisen. Yeah, looks like this is gonna be fun. If that's decided, prepare for the party!
Takasugi Shinsaku (Ascension 0-2) Lines
Battle Start 1 I've kept you waiting, my friends! I, Takasugi Shinsaku, shall lead you all to victory!
Battle Start 2 I'll show you right here what real Chōshū men are made of!
Battle Start 3 Looks like this is gonna be a boring fight... Whatever, I just need to spice things up myself!
Skill 1 "If the heart believes, then through the tongue it shall speak."6 Or so it goes.
Skill 2 If it's fun, then it's just! Amirite?
Skill 3 My friends, let's make this interesting!
Skill 4 Yaaawn... Boring.
Command Card 1 Yeah, I'm listening.
Command Card 2 I'll handle this.
Command Card 3 Very interesting!
Noble Phantasm Card 1 Just in time. I've got an idea.
Noble Phantasm Card 2 Yeah, this is the moment of truth.
Noble Phantasm Card 3 You want to see my trump card, don't you?
Attack 1 Mhmhmhmhmm~ ♪ Hyah!
Attack 2 There!
Attack 3 Take this!
Attack 4 Takasugi Buster!
Attack 5 Hahahaha! Fire, fire!!
Attack 6 Just a minute!
Attack 7 This ain't your everyday shamisen!
Attack 8 Let's go, Proto Arahabaki!
Attack 9 By the way, I'm good with swords, too.
Extra Attack 1 Here's the highlight of today!!
Extra Attack 2 Let's finish this off with a bang! Shinsaku Striiiike!!
Extra Attack 3 Now then, I'm going to have to ask you to leave!!
Noble Phantasm 1 "As long as the will exists, no matter who they are, anyone can be reinforced into a great warrior."7 This is my Noble Phantasm, the Kiheitai! Now, obliterate every single era, Arahabaki!!
Noble Phantasm 2 Alright, my friends! Let's turn this utterly boring world upside down! Charge, Super Restoration Kiheitai!!
Noble Phantasm 3 "Even if my body decays on the fields of Musashi, my Japanese spirit will live forever."8 Yep, let's get crazy! Super Restoration Kiheitai!!
Damage 1 What the hell!!
Damage 2 Ow!
Damage 3 I'm not as strong as I look!
Damage 4 Tch!
Defeat 1 Good grief, what have I done... Well, at least this beats dying on a tatami mat...
Defeat 2 Which idiot said he'd lead everyone to victory and all that crap... Heh, me, that's who...!
Defeat 3 True pleasure lies in suffering... I guess this isn't the time to say that...
Victory 1 Man, that was a lot of fun! Call on me any time you get fights like these!
Victory 2 Victory is ours! Takasugi Shinsaku reigns victorious yet again! Sucks to be you, losers! If you're feeling down, then get lost!!
Victory 3 Well, that was boring than I expected. This wasn't even worth the effort. You're not even going to undergo a transformation, an awakening, or whatever? No? Oh, well then.
Takasugi Shinsaku (Ascension 3-4) Lines
Battle Start 1 Alright everyone, we're gonna blast it for everyone to hear! That the great battle for the Meiji Restoration Upheaval is to come!!
Battle Start 2 Hahahahaha! The Kiheitai have arrived! Let's open up this era and our way!
Battle Start 3 "Let us make an uninteresting world interesting." That's right, let's sing, fight, and have fun to our heart's content!!
Skill 1 Okay, I got the general idea! Innovation!
Skill 2 I'll take a quick breather then. You should calm yourself down too.
Skill 3 Humans will always be humans, I will always be myself! As long as things are exciting, that's good enough for me!!
Skill 4 Let's play the song of life!!
Command Card 1 Hahahahahahaha!
Command Card 2 Very well!
Command Card 3 That's what I'm talking about!
Noble Phantasm Card 1 Alright, let's turn this entire place upside down!
Noble Phantasm Card 2 Time to set off some flashy fireworks!
Noble Phantasm Card 3 From here on, I shall show you everything there is to know about Takasugi Shinsaku!
Attack 1 Don't move!
Attack 2 Just like a storm!!
Attack 3 Takasugi Mega Buster!!
Attack 4 Lightning!!
Attack 5 Like thunder!!
Attack 6 You're in the way!!
Attack 7 Interesting!!
Attack 8 Let's burn it up!!
Attack 9 Hahahahahahahaha!!
Attack 10 Open the way!!
Extra Attack 1 Face this opportunity and adapt to the occasion!!
Extra Attack 2 This here is the finishing blow! Machine God Upheaval Cannon!
Extra Attack 3 Hahahahahahaha! Obliterate it all!!
Noble Phantasm 1 "I want to kill the crows of the Three Thousand Worlds, and sleep with you into the morning."9 Let's destroy everything, sing the praises of a new world, and dance merrily! Now, awaken! Super Machine God Arahabaki!!
Noble Phantasm 2 "When you hear our name it strikes fear, when you see us it strikes disgust. But we the Kiheitai are happy to be by your side!"12 That's right, this is my dream! My everything! This is my Meiji Restoration!!
Noble Phantasm 3 "Even if my body decays on the fields of Musashi, my Japanese spirit will live forever." Yep, now's the time to let loose and go crazy! Super Machine God Arahabaki!!
Damage 1 Hahahaha! I feel alive!!
Damage 2 Whoa there!
Damage 3 There's a limit to what I can take!!
Damage 4 Hgh!
Defeat 1 You're kidding, why me...! I was just about to have some fun too...!
Defeat 2 What...? But this far from over...
Defeat 3 Figures...this wasn't...entertaining at all...!
Victory 1 Hahahahaha! Did you see that!? That was Takasugi Shinsaku's battle!!
Victory 2 Yeah, did you see that, guys? I'm this world gone insane...
Victory 3 It's over now... Cough! Don't...die just yet, Shinsaku...!
Translator's Notes
  1. "If you haven't seen a man for three days..." : The original idiom is 「男子三日会わざれば刮目して見よ」or "If you haven't seen a man for three days, pay close attention to him." Meaning anyone can change or develop drastically in a short amount of time.
  2. "Let us make an uninteresting world interesting." : A poem written by Takasugi. The original is「おもしろき こともなき世を おもしろく」but it can also be interpreted as, "Live interestingly in an uninteresting world."
  3. "If a promise of immortality exists in death, one should always choose death..." : A message from Yoshida Shōin sent to Takasugi before he was executed for the Ansei Purge.
  4. "You and I are like the vines on a burning mountain..." : The original poem written by Takasugi is 「わしとお前は 焼山葛 うらは切れても 根は切れぬ」or "You and I are like the vines on a burning mountain. Even if the vines aboveground are severed, the roots shall remain intact." It was sent to Yamagata Aritomo after the battle at Kōzanji.
  5. "This far in, what is there to say? The late cherry blossoms..." : A poem Takasugi composed whiled jailed in Noyamagoku for leaving his domain.
  6. "If the heart believes, then through the tongue it shall speak." : Another quote from Takasugi.
  7. "As long as the will exists, no matter who they are, anyone can be reinforced into a great warrior." : Another quote from Takasugi.
  8. "Even if my body decays on the fields of Musashi, my Japanese spirit will live forever." : A poem Yoshida Shōin wrote shortly before his execution in 1859.
  9. "I want to kill the crows of the Three Thousand Worlds, and sleep with you into the morning." : Another poem written by Takasugi.
  10. "When you hear our name it strikes fear, when you see us it strikes disgust.." : A song Takasugi composed to promote the Kiheitai to the masses.
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2023.03.24 08:17 uncleauntykopipengo I'm broke and in debt at 20 with bad luck

I need to let this off somewhere. I feel like no one around me in my life would understand what I have and what I'm dealing with. I’m currently writing this at work and about to break down cuz i can't stop reflecting about how badly my life is going and how to change it around.
It started mid last year. I got sick, very sick and kept on getting sick up until now. I would get sick once or twice a month. This included having a brain tumor scare and another severe one which ended up in me being in the A&E because I kept puking my guts out till I turned yellow and couldn't walk. Then, I got 11 failed internship applications despite my grades being good and portfolio+experience impressive. Ended up landing an internship not in my field of study and passion but I'm trying my best to come up with something.
Then early this year, my grandfather died, it was my first time encountering death and it was one of the hardest things I had to endure. I took a week off school. Less than a few months later, my other grandfather who I'm closer to got diagnosed with cancer. He has been my biggest supporter and always seen hope in me. It broke me but it was still in the early stages. Still, it sucked this was happening.
Then, I quit my job as a swim coach. I felt threatened and felt like the company tried to extort money from me. I had to pay $3,750 which i didn't have so my bf paid for me until i was slowly able to pay him back. I was stupid to join the job. The training was bs and they went against everything they preached. I had to spend $300+ on certs I had to get myself before I started their bs training which they claim costs $5000 but it definitely wasn't. This left me broke. My cat’s surgery is this Saturday and the money I have in my bank is not enough to pay her bills so i have to take out $200 from my savings.
I started a fiverr account and set up a photo retouching gig to earn some extra money and promoted it on my insta. I posted in hopes at least 1-2 of my friends would buy my less than $7 package to support me and so I'd have a higher chance of getting more clients but no one. Not even with my referral link with 10% off. But maybe its still early so i guess i understand but I was hoping my friends wouldn't mind spending a little to help me so i can save the money i lost.
Everyday, I hope and wish for better days and a better life. I think i’ve only experienced one good day out of all this and all this happened within a span of 8 months? But yeah, I'm struggling mentally and financially. Everyday is a struggle.
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2023.03.24 08:17 DreamerTalin Quest location hints - how to make it just the right amount of difficult?

In a large simulated world, you don't want the player to spend a dozen hours looking for a needle in a haystack, so you give them a hint, such as an icon on a map. The problem is, though, that the hint now makes the problem trivial, so the player is robbed of the challenge of searching for the thingy. So my question is, how do you give the player a hint without making it too easy?
Some things that I've seen:
1) Give them a 'fuzzy' hint, such as a map marker that covers an area rather than an exact location. However, you can't just draw a circle with the item at the center, because players will figure that out and immediately go to the center of the circle - trivializing it yet again.
2) Give them a directional indicator rather than a map marker. This works, but is also more immersion breaking, in that you now have to provide an in-game rationale for why they are able to sense the direction to their goal, which is fine if your world is science fiction or magical, but a problem if it's meant to be historical or realistic. (This objection applies to a map marker as well, except that a map marker is less intrusive, and players are less likely to question the justification for it - classic game design smoke-and-mirrors.)
3) "You're getting warmer / colder" like in BotW - see item #2.
What are some other options?
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2023.03.24 08:15 Extra-Training-290 Loss of family member

Don't really need advise, just a place to share my pain. I have no idea if I am doing this right, but I could not find another sunreddit to share. Back ground story: may be very long, sorry, please be patient. When I was born, my parents had 2 children 9 & 10 years older. (boy & girl) sister was daddy's girl, until I came along. My closer brother was 13 months older then me. Then there was me, then my mother got pregnant with my next brother. Mom got very Ill during this time, so it was decided that 2 small toddlers were too much to take care of, so I was sent to live with my grandparents. Well, for whatever reason, my sister decided to tell me that "Mommy & Daddy didn't love you anymore, that is why they are giving you away." This devistated me. And my sister proceeded to torment me & tear me down for the rest of my life. As I grew, my father malested me. When I was older, I asked my mother why she let him get away with it. She told me that my sister told her that he was only doing it to make her (mom) jealous, so it was no big deal. As the years went on, our parish priest told my dad that what was being done to me would cause me all kinds of problem. My sister turned that around and for 60 years, she told everyone that Father R said that I was going to cause everyone all kinds of problems. When my sister & her husband was stationed in Japan, she & my mother corresponded by cassette tape. After mother died, we found the last tape where my sister told my mother that she needed to keep a closer eye on me because I was "doing" all the boys in the neighborhood. I was 13 years old. I was always trying to get my sister's approval & love, it was just not there. No matter what I did, it was always wrong. But her criticism was always passive aggressive so no one would know how she treated me. She would lie to me, then deny it to the family. Not blaming my sister, but I became an alcoholic. That just gave her more fuel for her fire. She convinced my other brothers & sister that I was not good enough to be a part of this family, so I was shuned. (I sobered up 35 years ago) A year ago, my health became very bad. Stress was not good, so I made the difficult decision to go NC not only with my sister, but with the entire family. As I became healthier, I worked on my issues, with all intentions of making MY amends with my sister. Well, 2 nights ago, she passed away unexpectedly. Other family members have reached out to let me know how much I hurt my sister. So, of course, the demons are in my head, making me wonder if maybe I WAS wrong to NC my sister. I do feel guilty, but mostly for not sharing my thoughts with her. That sadly, she passed away with many unresolved issues left to be taken care of.
Am I the a$$hole (is this the right sub?) if I choose not to go to her funeral? Already the others are making me feel (no, they can't make me feel what I feel, that is on me)like the a$$hole, so I want to protect myself from those new attacks. They don't understand why I did what I did. They don't understand that it was so painful to me because I always wanted her to love me, but she couldn't. Will I be able to ever turn this over, and let her rest in peace? I hope so. I still love my sister. And I will miss her terribly. But I knew at the time, that I had to take care of myself. Even if it turned out to be the last year of her life.
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2023.03.24 08:14 Crazy_Dazz Steve Cortez?

In my ("perfect") Destroy ending, I couldn't figure out the movement in the names on the wall, until I noticed that Steve was also there. Doh! Yeah, so ok, he got got shot down and presumably killed right at the start of the end-game.
I could be wrong, but pretty sure when I replayed the final mission for the Syntheis mission, he survived??? So what, he was resurrected from the dead by technology??
HOWEVER. I have since watched the various endings on youtube to check various details, and in ALL of them not only is his name not on the wall, but it appears to be him standing to the front of the group???
How do I get him to survive (cos it kinda sucks that even in the "perfect" ending, he's the only "biological" member to die.
And, as a quirky question, if he's the LI, but dies, who puts your name on the wall???
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2023.03.24 08:14 safariuganda5 Planning the Perfect Safari & Mountain Gorilla Adventure in Uganda

Safari travel in Africa is a unique adventure that will provide you with an exciting way to explore the continent. Africa has a diverse wildlife and environments to offer to the travelers. And, Uganda is one of the most amazing places in Africa to go on a safari ride with family.
Why Uganda? Because, it has some of the most beautiful and diverse wildlife in Africa. And, its national parks and reserves offer a variety of safari travel experiences. From the lush jungles of Murchison Falls National Park to the open savannahs of Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will have a unique chance to experience the beauty of Uganda's wildlife and landscapes.
When planning your Safari Reise Afrika,you have to keep a few things in mind. Planning a safari trip to Uganda is easy. You can book your trip online.
Here are some tips on planning your Safari Reise Afrika in Uganda.
Choose the Right Safari Package
The best way to plan a trip to Uganda safari travel is to book online. It is easy, and will save you time. Find a reliable service provider offering various packages. Before you book your trip, make sure that you understand the different types of safari packages. They can range from budget-friendly day trips to luxury multi-day excursions.
When selecting a safari travel package, it is important to consider factors such as the type of activities offered, the duration of the trip, the level of comfort and luxury, and the cost.
Before deciding on a service, do some research on the reputation of the tour operator. Read online reviews to find out more about the services and how reliable they are.
Finding the right will simplify your planning, saving you time and cost. A Safari Reise Afrika will also include Berggorilla Uganda. Mountain gorillas are rare and Uganda is one of the few places where they are found. As said, it is a unique opportunity for travelers.
Mountain Gorillas in Uganda
Mountain gorillas are an endangered species found only in the wild in the forests of Uganda. These majestic creatures are a source of pride for the country and are an important part of the local ecology. Not just that, it attracts travelers from across the world. Seeing the mountain gorilla is a unique experience and Uganda is the place where you can see them while enjoying the beauty of the nature.
Preparing for Uganda Safari Trip
After booking your trip online, the next thing you need to do is plan for the trip. First, you need to pack the right items. Make a list of essential items, such as sunscreen, insect repellent, comfortable clothing, a hat, binoculars, a camera, and a first aid kit. You can also add items such as hiking boots, a sleeping bag, and a flashlight. It all depends on the package and your personal preference.
When it comes to safari travel in Africa, you should always follow the safety rules. This includes:
· Be aware of your surroundings when you are in the wild.
· It is highly recommended that your group stay with your guide at all times
· Avoid contact with wild animals, and to never leave food or drinks unattended.
If you follow the rules, you will be able to enjoy your trip without any hassle. Be respectful of the community and the rules set by the authorities.
The Bottom Line
Planning the perfect safari travel adventure in Uganda requires research and preparation. Choose from the different types of safari packages and choose the one that best fit your needs. Your preparation will also include bringing important items and following the rules. With the right preparation and research, a safari travel in Uganda can be an unforgettable experience. From the stunning landscapes to the diverse wildlife, a safari in Uganda will be a very rewarding experience.
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2023.03.24 08:14 Mysterious_Split_630 Can anyone give me there opinion or advice please

Gday guys,
My ex moved 9 hours drive away with my youngest son about 5/6 months ago.
I've seen him 4 times since then all trips i have done and paid for exept the last trip she did drice 3 hours to meet me closer , when i went the first time i spent all my savings on the trip i took her and her other two kids to the animal park, dinosaur world,tree top walk that was 49 bucks per person just so he could have his mum and sisters there to have a good time.
I even had to go on the bus carying a massive swag on a 7 hours to the city then try catch smaller busses to the next station then another 6 hours to where she was and then stay at a camp ground through a storm and she would only let me see him half the trip due to the weather
it's been a struggle to see him due to the distance and i'm on low income i also have my eldest sone here half time, now my car has broken down again im having to get the bus back to the city to meet her
Now shes demanding i come a week earlier than we have planned for months she wants me to tell her weeks ahead when the bus is booked while im still trying to organise with my mum to have my eldest boy and work around her job as well
she said the reason i get to see him is not so me and my son can see eachother, its so she can have a break and do stuff with her other 2 older daughters and i have to work around them and her plans when they arn't my kids ,
i already tried to do above and beyond what i see most pertners do for the other ones kids ,
when we were together and it wasnt good enough and i was told they arnt my kids i dont get to speak to them about anything or get a say about anything that happens with them
she drinks almost every day i feel like shes an emotional manipulator she always tries to gaslight me basically i dont know if im going crazy or if shes crazy, whats the right way to deal with this , should i have to only work around her just because shes the mum , am i being unreasonable? is she being unreasonable?
please any advice or opinions will help my melting brain
i just want to see my kid and not have to deal with anymore bullshit i have enough in my head already i can't keep doing this
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2023.03.24 08:13 plw37 There’s an on-screen Tweet at the beginning of Missing (2023) that foreshadows a major plot twist (explanation in comments)

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2023.03.24 08:12 Endless_Xalanyn6 The 10-Year Timer on Cloudstriders doesn’t make any sense

Given what we know about Cloudstriders, which is surprisingly little from what I was expecting from this DLC, the 10 year timer on Cloudstriders body doesn’t make any sense given the Lore on Destiny Nanites.
The best comparison to the Cloudstriders are our own Nanite-weilding Cultists, the Devil Splicers.
In Lore, Elsie Bray explicitly states that Neomuni Quicksilver Nanites are more advanced than SIVA….
Yet, the Devil Spilcers, who had SIVA, the less-advanced Nanites in their bodies, NEVER encountered their bodies dying or deteriorating from SIVA Augmentation! HOW does this make sense?? (Don’t mental-gymnastics this one in the comments, it doesn’t)
We see in-game that damage we deal to Devil Splicers can be healed, regenerating their bodies to full health, as we see with Askor, the Machinist. (First boss of Wrath of the Machine) not only that, SIVA healed Sepiks Perfected FROM DEATH. “But Sepiks is a robot so that isn’t that impressive!” Yes it is, because Ghost says that Servitors are fully sentient. And although Taniks is 100% a Terminator at this point, his resurrection through SIVA is also impressive.
So it seems the more SIVA in a Eliksni body, the more serious injuries can be regenerated back from.
Quicksilver? The supposed more advanced Nanites? When a Neomuni is inducted into a Cloudstrider, they are placed within an enhancement machine known as the “Sidereal” which painfully fill and augments them with a Nanite Core, filling them with quote “Septilion Nanites” so, a lot of fucking Quicksilver.
The end result? 10 Years. Dead.
I admit, I love aspects of Neomuni Culture this dumb limitation allows us to explore, the atmospheric Hall of Heroes, the awesome Street-Art of Cloudstriders long past, even the Nimbus Action Figures show that the Cloudstriders are more than just supersoldiers, they are beloved heroes. Heroes that every Neomuni has to accept will soon enough pass away, but their legacy will continue to end pure the future generations.
With that said, Immortal Regenerating SIVA >>> ‘nooo don’t shoot me I still have 4 more years to give’ Quicksilver
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2023.03.24 08:12 morgankung How to Find the Right Hunter for Your Launch on Product Hunt.

Hi, startups. 🤗 I’m Morgan Kung, a startup founder as well.
As a startup, we all know that Product Hunt is an influential product launch platform and I launched 3 apps there till now. A few days ago, I wrote a blog post about my experience of launching these 3 and be asked many times that how I found the right hunters and led over-expected launch results. So I decided to share why you need to find the right hunters to launch your products and how to find suitable hunters as well as how to invite them to publish your products.
Hope it's helpful to your product launch journey.
let’s get started. 🏹🎉
Benefits of getting a famous hunter to launch your product.
We have to admit that we are living in an era where traffic is king, which is why we better seek a famous hunter to help us launch our product instead of doing it ourselves.
Famous hunters are usually very nice, willing to help start-up teams showcase their work to the world, have a considerable number of followers, and are true technology enthusiasts. If a famous hunter launches your product,
What famous hunters can not do is make people like your product and become your users or clients, so makers should always note that spotlighting what specific issues your product can solve in your description box.
Now comes the question: how to find the right hunter for your product? There are a lot of factors to consider. Let me explain.
Find the Right Hunter 🎯
If we assume that every top hunter you contact agrees to launch, it’s not wise for a huntee without first determining if the hunter is a good fit for your product. Follow these steps to find the right hunter on Product Hunt:
Step 1. Searching for the Right Hunter 🕵️
An ideal hunter should fulfill the following 3 requirements:
  1. A high number of followers
  2. Several successful launches
  3. A few launches in your category
Where can you actually find them? You can do it manually or take advantage of hunter-searching tools.
  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Type 'Hunter' into the search bar and hit enter.
  3. You will see three tabs above the search results then. Select the 'People' tab.
  4. This will show you all users whose description of their profile includes the word 'hunter'.
  5. Then follow them and find their contact information on their profile pages, them reach out.
Hunter searching tools
Step 2. Make an Effective Pitch 📝
As you might already have guessed, this part is the trickiest and requires most of your time.
The famous hunters get tens of emails and DMs every day, and if your pitch is not attractive, the chances of them replying are close to zero. You need to prepare a well-prepared pitch that’s precise and gives an overall idea of what your product is all about.
You can follow the following tips to create a pitch to reach out to the Product Hunt hunters:
Please note that keep everything as simple as possible, and show your sincerity. At last, don’t forget to ask for ideas to improve your product at the end.
Also, the following picture shows 5 common pitching mistakes you should avoid:
Step 3. Prepare a Hunter Kit 📦
When goes to pitching, it is important to provide the hunter with all the necessary information in a clear and organized format. This not only makes the posting process easier for the hunter, but also ensures that your product is represented accurately to the community.
Some hunters will send you their customized webpage, you only need to submit all the information and materials mentioned on the page.
Key information that should be included in your hunter kit are:
Provide all necessary information to the hunter for a better chance at a successful launch. The more details you provide, the better the hunter can evaluate and share the product with the community. Be comprehensive and feel free to include all the details in your hunter kit.
Step 4. Reach out 📤
Once you’ve prepared your pitch and hunter kit, it’s time to reach out to hunters. Email is usually the best way to contact them, but if you can’t find their email, Twitter DMs can work too. In some cases, hunters may have created a page like Chris Messina’s here, which makes it easier to contact them. By the way, Chris is the 🏆#1 hunter at Product Hunt currently, he’s the hunter of well-known ChatGPT as well.
Based on my experience, it’s better to reach out to around 4 hunters at a time, which means you send messages or emails to 4 hunters at the first and don’t start to contact more before they reply to you saying no. Thus, my suggestion is to start the process 4-6 weeks before the launch.
If your pitch gets accepted by a hunter, be sure to immediately post the first comment as soon as the product goes live on the launch day. I’d also suggest having a press kit ready in case any journalist or blogger wants to feature you in their story.
Final words
To successfully attract a hunter, keep in mind that they appreciate:
The more you understand the hunter and their interests in launching products, the smoother the process will be.
That’s it, that’s how I found the right hunter, hope it can help you to do so.
If you have any related questions, feel free to ask in the comments. 💬👇
Originally posted here:
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2023.03.24 08:12 Eager_Question Love Languages (2)

Memory transcription subject: Larzo, Yotul doctor and geneticist at the Venlil Rehabilitation and Reintegration Facility.
Date [standardized human time]: December 1, 2136
My father died of despair when I was ten years old, and my mother could tell by the time I was twelve that I would follow in his footsteps.
I too was a thinker. I loved to take machines apart and put them together again. My most beloved area of knowledge was that of living things, and I read book after book on the vast beautiful worlds beyond ours, and the creatures they held. None could compare to my home in their scope and their variety. Not until I learned of Earth. Our land was special, even as the cruel Federation sought to ravage it. Life was the greatest mystery to me, the most fascinating of puzzles.
I had his joy for the world. The joy that led him to the stars.
My mother saw this, and made me swear that I would not let the Federation take me away. That I would not go to an alien university, and learn alien science, only to be drugged and sent to a re-education camp like my father. That I would not allow despair to take me.
"Swear to me you will not lose yourself, my child. Swear to me that you will not listen to their lies," she demanded, gripping me by the shoulders.
"I swear, mama."
When I was older, I picked one of the more rural universities, with less Federation influence. I became a naturalist and a physician, with an interest in genetics research.
My small-town university did not have the tools for genetic sequencing, but we did have the information on how genes worked. So a lot of my work was theoretical. My professor and I both knew that my thesis (about the potential for viruses to be used as vectors for medicine) was probably old news in the Federation. She didn't care. I had arrived at it largely independently, and produced a comprehensive model of how such a system might work, without a single alien instructor.
My mother was proud. My supervisor was proud. I, however, felt hollow. Was that all I could achieve? All I could dream of? To replicate from first principles the ancient knowledge of the Federation?
Still, I kept my oath, and began working at a laboratory when the news came. New aliens! Ones that wouldn't think we were primitive! Ones everyone else found frightful for some reason!
Aliens that were not part of the Federation.
My mother's hensa had kits the same week. She gave me one of them, as a reminder I think. I could not possibly keep a hensa in a Federation laboratory or space station. And I could never abandon a little hensa. She loved me from the moment her eyes laid upon mine.
But the humans were another matter. A hensa would be no trouble for a human space station, would it?
I watched the proceedings obsessively, viewed and reviewed Ambassador Noah's address to the Federation. He had no idea of what cruelty they were capable of, even as he faced it head-on. "Friendship". Laughable. I wanted to shout at him, "run! Run and block all contact from those cruel beasts! Lying, prejudiced monsters will do nothing for you!"
I was proud that my people were among the few who would seek relations with the humans. It was the perfect option. I could keep my oath to my mother and find a true frontier. I sent a digital letter to one of their coordinators asking if I could engage in training directly on Earth.
Esteemed Dr. Larzo,
We have contacted a few universities, and received unequivocal acceptance of your proposal from multiple professors. You are welcome to board a transport to Earth at your earliest convenience. Attached are the projects you could participate in, along with descriptions of your potential supervisors. For the purposes of Earth credentials, what you seek would be considered a post-doctoral fellowship, the details of which are also attached.
Please respond with your earliest availability for live communication in between the following dates so that we may discuss this at greater length.
It was an ordeal to arrange for the trips (let alone with a "dangerous predator" amidst my luggage!). I made my limited access to communications clear, and we settled on meeting in Venlil Prime for speed, as it was closer than Earth and had a UN embassy.
I eventually called in enough favours to get an uncle's friend's brother's wife's father's private space pilot to take me and my hensa so long as I covered the air tanks and the food. I spent three weeks in space with nothing but research. Antoinette Tremblay was my chosen supervisor, a brilliant researcher at McGill University in a nation state called Canada on Earth. She was beautifully interdisciplinary, and researched the human brain and "gene therapy". Therapy that used viruses as vectors!
I arrived on Venlil Prime to refuel, and only then did I get the news. I learned after landing that the Krakotl had already amassed their fleet. They had already beaten me to Earth. The Arxur had even rushed in, to triumph over them!
McGill University no longer existed.
I immediately contacted the UN. My case was bounced from department to department like they were playing hoopball with my information.
"I'm so sorry, Larzo," said a human who introduced herself as Petra Andropova. She was eventually the sole authority in charge of my case. "Antoinette Tremblay has not been answering any calls. She is probably alive, but may be injured or otherwise indisposed. NYU and the University of Sydney were also bombed."
I could not respond. I merely fell back against my seat and stared into the new abyss that had become my life. All my efforts gone to waste. My sorrow seemed to physically wound the UN representative.
"...There is, however, an opportunity," she said. I could tell by her face that she had not planned to say that.
"There is?"
"Yes. We have been planning a cultural exchange between humans and the Yotul people. Perhaps you could be involved in that?"
I frowned. "But–I do not mean to offend, Petra Andropova. It is only that what I sought was research. I appreciate friendship, but is there no researcher I could work with?"
She frowned and shifted through some files in her computer.
"If you'll stay for a few days–um. Well. A few paws I think it is? I can think of something."
I nodded. "Yes. Yes, of course. Could I have access to more of your human research?"
She moved her head up and down. "I'll get you access to a few genetics textbooks."
I did my best to keep my hensa indoors. She was crafty, and I had to make toys for her myself, as the Venlil did not have pets, but I managed. I stayed in a motel for a few days, and as promised, Petra Andropova made herself known to me through a datapad moving picture meeting.
"Well, I have good news and bad news," she said, "the good news is that we will be contacting a researcher who worked directly under Antoinette Tremblay to work at a new facility that has just begun construction."
"And the bad?"
"Whether you do any cutting-edge research will depend entirely on them."
"...Thank you."
"I'll send you more human research on genetics," she added, "and if you're interested in working with this researcher, we will pay for upskilling in the form of using Venlil genetic sequencing technology over the next couple of weeks."
I accepted the offer, and used the advance to secure an apartment. The Venlil were not Federation anymore. But with their disdain, they might as well be. The two weeks were exhausting, not because of the programs and machines with a hundred different settings and docks and menus, but because they were driving me mad.
"Even the uplift knows how to do this, Kenla!"
"Leave it to the uplift to ask the stupid questions."
"If the computer is too hard, we could probably make you an abacus!"
In the second week of training, I found myself at a pro-human bar, surrounded by bizarre and entertaining death-worshipping humans dressed in all manner of ghastly clothes, when the news broke. Governor Tarva appeared on every television screen at once.
“--I am about to share with you an interview from Aafa, revealing a centuries-long conspiracy against Federation member races–”
An elderly gojid off in the back shouted “I knew it!!” before anyone had any idea what the news actually was.
“--The humans are not the only meat-and-plant eating race to have existed.”
What followed was a horrifying video in which Nikonus declared that not only were other species omnivorous like the humans, but that the Federation had been the ones to instigate the conflict with the Arxur!
“I told you all!” the Gojid continued, waving a half-empty bottle in the air. “You didn’t believe me! These claws exist for a reason!”
The Kolshians had destroyed the Gojid, the Krakotl, and so many others, just as they were destroying my home! Governor Tarva had some further comments, but I mostly observed the bar with care. Many of the venlil were crying. I wondered if they would weep for Yotul losses as much as they did for the humans’ suffering.
I finished the weeks of training with a perfectly respectable grade and a rage I did not know how to quell. Thankfully, I was soon introduced to the human scientist in a visit to the UN embassy.
“Larzo, this is Director Andes Savulescu-Ruiz,” said Petra, gesturing to a human, probably 30 to 35 years old, who’d been reading through some papers. She lightly tapped the papers, nearly causing the other human to fall to the ground.
“Oh! Oh, shit–Hi! Nice to meet you, Larzo,” he said, jutting out a hand for me to shake. I presumed he was male, for he lacked the glans I so often saw among human females. I was never corrected.
“Nice to meet you as well, Andes Savulescu-Ruiz” I said, moving his hand up and down as I had been instructed.
"Just Andes is fine."
“Andes will be the director of the Human division at the new facility, so you’ll be working directly under them,” said Petra. “I’m sure you’ll make wonderful colleagues.”
“May I engage in research?” I asked immediately. Andes tilted his head to one side, like a curious hensa.
“I mean, if you find something worth researching, go for it,” he said with a little shrug.
I nearly leapt with joy. I could decide the very direction of my research! He let out a strange noise and brought a hand to his lips as he smiled.
“Let’s go check out the site,” Andes said, and stood. He was not tall for a human, marginally shorter than Petra Andropova, but he had a large presence, and a thickness to his muscles that did not make him look as gangly and stretched out as so many humans do.
Over the last few days we set up my office and the lab I would share with some Venlil and Zurulian doctors. Andes would come from his own additional education every few shifts to help with construction. It was astonishing, how much an untrained human could lift, how responsive their muscles were to the demands of labour. I would catch myself on occasion staring as he helped with the construction efforts of the southern housing units.
Art has meant less since the arrival of the photograph, but I found within me a desire to sketch him regardless. Human muscles moved with a dexterity unbecoming of their size. Their legs looked bizarre, with tiny feet and five toes on each. I did not exactly voice my desire to cut him open and look at his tendons. Still, I would not have refused an offer to dissect a similar human specimen.
We were not close at first. My greatest companion remained my hensa, but I found I was right about humans. They were cordial, curious, comfortable seeing me as an equal. The experience was emboldening. One time, after a particularly arduous shift, Andes decided to show me a human game called “connect four”, and we commiserated about our loathing of the federation.
“Ugh, when Cilany’s news broke last month, it was the worst!,” they said, placing a piece off to the side. I placed my own token between two of his, only to be thwarted by a third piece atop mine. He now had an incomplete diagonal, and had removed an entire row from my strategizing. “There was this Krakotl prisoner freaking out. Lady had never even eaten cheese and she was going on about monstrous she was.”
“Ah, so it was the meat-eating ancestors that were the problem, not the attempted genocide against innocent primates new to the stars?” I commented.
"Right?! I swear, you guys are the only sane people in the galaxy."
He had placed another red piece next to one of mine. If I moved to block it, his original diagonal could be completed. If I did not, he would have a second row under his power. I moved to threaten my own diagonal set of three. He blocked, and so I won another turn to decide what to do about that treacherous spot.
"Really?” I asked, glancing back and forth between his face, now visible with the visor on the table, and the game. “You would not place humans as our equals?"
Andes laughed. I blocked his second diagonal, and in the process destroyed any prospects at halting his first.
"Buddy, we are a lot of things. But would you characterize a species that launches into two massive concurrent wars within six months of first contact as sane?"
He placed his piece directly atop mine and won. I laughed.
"You make a compelling argument."
Over the next few sleep/wake cycles, which I tried to align with Andes’, we became well-acquainted with the other’s games of intellect. He showed me checkers, and then “Chinese” checkers, which I was assured were “actually German” but had never had their name corrected after an advertising campaign. I showed him River-Crossing Bridges and Hop-Stones.
I was delighted when he showed me "Chess".
"Ha! Finally!" I shouted when I won. He’d been scurrying away from my forces for much of the eating period, and I eventually captured his queen with a pawn, after corralling her with my bishop and knight.
"Yeah, yeah, you got me," he said with a roll of his eyes, and a smile. "Little [evil spirit] [joyous marsupial]."
At another time, with another human, I may have taken offence to such a remark. Andes did not cause it, however. No matter what I asked or said, whether I won or lost, he would never call me a primitive. There was something fundamentally reassuring about that, and no number of comments about how “cute” he found me would move me to suspicion. The relief was an order of magnitude grander than if he “wouldn’t dare”. He would dare, but it did not occur to him. His comical hostility simply fed my joy.
"I have conquered the great predator! Perhaps you need more muscles here," I said, tapping my head. He laughed.
"Perhaps indeed. How's the gene sequencing going?"
Andes had a way of blurring the lines between leisure and labour. He did not seem to notice when he switched topics so starkly. I steadied myself into a more businesslike posture.
"We've identified several clusters. We're trying to figure out what to do about them. Whether they have an instinct against incest and should be kept together, or whether to segregate them by gamete, or..."
"I'd assume put them all in reproductively incompatible groups with their closest kin, and then put those groups close enough they can talk to their brothers and sisters, but separate enough you can keep an eye on something like that."
"That's the current plan. How are the implants?"
"They're honestly the easiest part. The problem is developmental. They're... Well, they're fucked up. No kid should have to go through that. Their brain scans remind me of warzones. I have hope for the younger ones, but... Well, I guess the long and short of it is that I'm pretty sure a lot of them are not leaving this place anytime soon. "
"Does it give you pause? About the Arxur?" I asked. It was no secret that Andes had continued to contact the Arxur, even as they seemed to grow more hostile to his own species.
"I mean, I think I know a [genocidal, oppressive, prejudiced] croc when I see one, pal," Andes said, leaning back. "And maybe it makes me want to puke a little more now, to see the consequences. But I kinda knew what they were going in."
I looked at him with a careful gaze. It was as though he could wall off different aspects of himself, depending on who he talked to in the moment.
"I don't understand how you can stand them," I said eventually.
"At this point, Larzo, neither do I," he had the decency to admit.
The small device pinned to my coat made it known that I had a new emergency patient to tend to. All of us with medical training were required to use it should the need arise. "I should go. Talk to you later, Andes. We'll play Upper Salwick next time. You can't possibly lose."
"I'll hold you to that!" he shouted as I hurried off back to my office. Since my arrival in my earlier shift, children had been coming into the facility in waves. Though most had been set up with temporary lodgings while we decided on permanent ones, a handful wandered about this way and that.
My patient was a prepubertal venlil girl with black wool and large white spots around the top of her head, down her neck, about her [clavicle-equivalent] and down her [sternum-equivalent]. Her tail was also white, in contrast to the rest of her. She had a scratch on her temple. I knew immediately that I had not been called because I was necessary, a nurse could easily handle a scratch. I had been called because she’d caused trouble.
“How did you get that scratch?” I asked, pulling out the healing tape and a numbing agent.
She looked at me with suspicion and said nothing. Was she one of the mute children in the files? The ones Andes was so concerned about, as the implants might do nothing for them?
“Were you in a fight?”
“What were you doing? Did you fall by yourself?”
Nothing again.
I know not what the nurses expected of me, but I considered that a stellar interrogation that yielded no fruit regardless. Once I had placed the numbing gel on her scratch and the healing tape on top, she seemed to understand that my work was done, hopped off her seat and ran back out the door.
It was interesting to witness. A large majority of the children were skittish and very fond of the herd. They liked to stick together as tightly as they could, to the point of us ordering weighted blankets that would arrive in a couple of days, in order to test if that could be used to interact with them individually.
Perhaps a fifth of them, though, seemed to be quite wild and individualistic. They would roam the building, hide behind shelves or under tables. Most of them were prepubertal girls. Almost every injury we had seen in the past six hours could be traced back to disobeying a nurse, hiding somewhere dangerous, fighting, or some other escapade one would not expect of the Venlil. Not that they would provide this information willingly. Only the nurses would discuss the events, and they were always so distraught about them.
Perhaps they did not wish for me to interrogate the wilder injured children. Perhaps they simply thought me more expendable, should they turn violent.
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2023.03.24 08:12 plastic-brains VASA Fitness

Any VASA members here know when the gym is at it's most empty? I want to try out the machines but it's so busy every time I go I feel like I can't mess with anything. 😬 And I swear that parking lot is always full lmao
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2023.03.24 08:11 LunaNox113 And the mom of the year award goes to...

A mom comes in with her son to trade in his switch lite and a few games. I go through everything and I tell her the credit and cash amount. She gets confused why credit is more than cash and I explain to her (cause she wanted cash). She then stares at me and I say "sooo you want cash??" And she goes "I kinda have to cause I have my cable bill to pay.". I give her the cash and she and her son leave. To be fair she told me her son got a new switch but like...the boy could've gotten stuff for his switch with that trade in...and you use it to pay for YOUR cable bill?! Like, maybe I'm wrong, but that just doesn't sound right to me?! Even my coworker was feeling the same 🥲
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2023.03.24 08:11 carrolling I don’t know how to feel

My half sisters mother who was on hospice passed away Wednesday afternoon. I’m sad and I don’t know why, I never knew her. I met her as an infant, I barely knew anything about her beyond her age and the fact that she was a former alcoholic and dying of liver failure. But I still feel sad, it’s a weird sad though. Like I feel I’m too sad- yet not sad enough at the same time. I don’t understand what I’m feeling.
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2023.03.24 08:10 Not_3732 Padmé is great!

There's a very annoying trend I am seeing lately where people are calling Padme 'crazy', 'insane' or even 'a freak'....all because she chooses to be with Anakin. I'm sorry, what??? Padme is not crazy, nor is she a 'freak' for falling for him. To claim so is to totally misunderstand Padme's character and her love for Anakin. She is not somehow 'turned on' by his flaws and she doesn't view him as some kind of 'bad boy'. Nor does she just pretend he's not flawed simply because she finds him attractive. She sees his flaws quite clearly...but she ALSO sees his good qualities, and GENUINELY LOVES HIM.
Is someone ‘insane’ or a ‘freak’ for loving a flawed but good-hearted person? Is someone 'crazy' for being compassionate and forgiving towards them? Not only is such a mentality deeply unfair and dismissive, but it also stems from fandom completely misunderstanding Padme’s character, motivations, and the development of her feelings for Anakin in the first place. I get the sense that people want to oversimplify Padme in their minds into some kind of ‘yass queen slay’ girlboss (simply because she’s a fashion icon who cares about democracy), and thus the fact she ‘strays’ even slightly from this imagined ‘girlboss-hood’ can only mean one thing…that she must have totally lost the plot, become unhinged, or gone insane. (Feels so insulting to even type that out, omg.) In reality, Padme is simply a young woman (she is 24 in AotC) who finds herself in a position of great responsibility, and who has been living with the weight of her entire world on her shoulders since she was a CHILD. She had originally planned to retire from public service after her time as queen was over, and only continued to serve in a political capacity because her successor, Queen Jamillia, asked her to. While she certainly cares about the Republic, deep down she wishes she could start a family of her own. All of this is already on her mind before she even reunites with Anakin at the beginning of AotC. Despite the fact that Anakin and Padme come from very different backgrounds, they are both in very similar positions at the beginning of that film. Both have commitments/careers in which they are expected to serve the Republic, and yet both are feeling that something is missing in their lives. Deep down, they are both longing for love and family. And while they care about each other’s respective careers and are supportive of one another, they also wish to be together. And on top of it all, there’s the fact that...Anakin genuinely loves Padme. She senses the depth and sincerity of his feelings, and this is one of the reasons she ultimately decides to be with him. She knows that he truly sees her, and loves her for herself, not just for her position.
If that is seen as ‘unhinged’ on Padme's part, then that is a very depressing indictment of how hypocritical fan attitudes can be. Somehow fandom can understand and accept various other characters in Anakin’s story as being able to love him, but not Padme? It’s also baffling because fictional stories are FULL of examples of compassion towards monsters, villains, and antagonists, and yet somehow Padme loving Anakin (who is neither of these at this stage in the story) is beyond people's comprehension. Anakin Skywalker is a tragic hero. And as such he has both positive qualities, as well as flaws that lead to his downfall. But the point is that he is not without positive qualities. People need to realise that their view of everything that happens in the Prequels-era is coloured by dramatic irony. We, the audience, know what is going to happen. We know that Anakin will become Vader. But the characters don’t know any of this. They are just reacting to their immediate situations, circumstances, and interactions with one another armed only with the knowledge of the present moment. So even Anakin’s flaws and mistakes are not something that overrides the rest of his positive qualities from the perspective of someone like Padme, who genuinely loves—and is loved by—him.
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2023.03.24 08:08 kayoreddit What I am not going to write to you

YOU: Hey I missed you this past weekend. Looks like you went on vacation
ME: Oh, so you waited until Friday of this week at midnight to finally write to me. Because you want pix of me and think I'm vulnerable.
You blew off our plans, even after you specifically told me when your band was in town, told me you wanted to meet up, said you wanted to introduce me to your bandmates, and said you wanted me to see your show.
You then went ice cold for three weeks. Being on tour is not an excuse, because you previously messaged me non-stop for months while you were on tour.
You've been posting videos of other girls from the stage constantly.
I'm not playing these fucking games. You can keep them. You can have all your girls. I'm not doing this.
I accused you before and you rejected my name calling and I believed you. So either you've been a long con man or this is a new development.
The only reason you are messaging me now is because you noticed I deleted on you on snap and on ig.
This happened once before too. and you came back.
Fuck you. Why the fuck do we have to play games.
THIS is what I'm actually going to text you tomorrow after I've ignored your DM until an appropriate time.
When was that? i got invited to spring training in [xyz]. hope your band had a good show
it's half true. when i was down there an unnamed pitcher wanted to hang out and he's better at everything then you will ever be. Thank goodness for him, I needed that so bad
You have so many music girls who blow smoke up your ass and tell you you're pretty
I don't give a flying fuck
I've dealt with prettier, smarter, more famous
This past weekend instead of having a minor meltdown I went to the beach and hung out with my kind, the kind who've devoted themselves uniformly to one thing and nothing else, do this or die trying.
Dedicated as you are, even you will never understand what it's like to eat, sleep and breathe it.
You're chicken shit compared to them. and I'm not afraid of you.
You can fuck off with your outdated band and your immature hairdo and your comments full of sad girls.
I'm not going rock climbing. So you can find yourself a rock climbing girl.
I deserve better and frankly you should be lucky I ever paid attention to you.
I'm always astonished that these men, these aspiring industry men, so seemingly smart and accomplished, never live up to their reputation.
Meanwhile here I am running my business in obscurity and I undress them and am always disappointed.
Simultaneously so full of themselves and cripplingly insecure.
I don't need you or anyone. Give me back my house in the mountains with that miraculous peace and quiet.
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2023.03.24 08:08 Oxy_my_codone Remember guys reporting fent / fake pills on this sub.

If you guys see any fentboxs or fake pills message moderators a link of the post and let them know someone posted fent. If you don’t know how to you go to the subs main screen tap the … next to your profile picture in the top right of your screen. A drop down will come up at the bottom it says Message Moderator. They asked people to stop posting Fent on this sub but there not going to catch everything so if you also don’t want to see that please send it to mods.
I know everyone is sick of seeing that shit. Everyone probably knows someone those death boxes have taken. Seeing $1 pills that people have died from isn’t something I want to see and I’m sure most of you agree.
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2023.03.24 08:08 No_Music_5374 Random musical instruments making their way to me - Creator is saying something 😅

I shared not long ago that a Pipe CarrieKnowledge Keeper gifted me a Rattle. I was looking at the Rattle earlier wondering about decorating it. All of a sudden I get a call on the horn and my younger brother and older sister were outside. So I go out and greet them, we share the love and then my brother hands me an acoustic geetar from the vehicle.
I used the play and I did so passionately. I went everywhere with that piece of wood. I went to work with an acoustic, I went school, when I used to drink alcohol this instrument was my best friend who hung out with me when no one else wanted too hahahha. But when I met my son's mother, I put that stuff away for the time we were together - I even stopped listening to music all together. I think about why I did that because it was the music that lead me to her, or at least that's how I saw/heard it.
I've been putting music back into my life for the past year. I came from not evening listening to a song for an entire year to slowly reintegrating all genre's back into my life. I love Folk Punk, HipHop, Cree Gospel, Country and the Blues. I listen primarily to Poowwow/Round dance music these days but I throw some Cree Gospel in there.
My family is Catholic and that's not my way but that music always touched my soul in both a sad and beautiful understanding.
But yes. I'm very blessed and loved and I provide the same. I've been on a healing journey for the last couple of years and I haven't even seen my baby boy (his name is a Cree word for medicine.) His mom still calls and messages but she's pure toxic when we're together so it's better this way. I'll always love her and protect her for the rest of my life but that wasn't a relationship - that was life draining. I might have left a long time ago but my bebe son was on his way and I loved every thought of being a father.
I think I'll start playing again - maybe it'll be fun.
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2023.03.24 08:07 PokeMixelecti Fairly Odd Parents Film Concept (Fanmade)

Fairly Odd Parents Film Concept (Fanmade)

![img](svh5ltv3zmpa1 " The Fairly OddParents is a CGI adventure fantasy comedy film produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. It is a reimagining of Butch Hartman's TV series of the same name. ")
The film features Timmy, an average ten-year-old boy whose life has been miserable. Bullied by Francis, hated by the insane Mr. Crocker at school, neglected by his parents, and left in the care of the sadistic Vicky at home, he turns to his fairy godparents, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, to grant him his wishes. However, when magical beings such as genies, pixies, anti-fairies, and others discover the Abracadabraium, the source of the most powerful ancient magic sealed in the planet's core, the world has been plunged into a state of magical chaos.
The Abracadabrium originally appeared in A Fairly Odd Summer. The Abracadabrium is a magical stone revealed in A Fairly Odd Summer to be the source of The Big Wand, and thus the power of every fairy. In the film concept, the Abracadabrium is a legendary magical stone that is buried deep in the earth's core. It holds extremely powerful magic, powerful enough to overpower the Fairy Council, and can be used to give immeasurable power to the user. It is also capable of stealing magic from other magical users, such as fairies, who abuse its power, but this doesn't affect anybody like humans who doesn't have magic of their own.
Made by me: The Fairly OddParents Movie by Sowells on DeviantArt
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2023.03.24 08:06 RatedRPG-YT I Just Finished Yakuza 5 And I Am Conflicted - This Was A Really Convoluted Plot

To be clear I understood the plot of Yakuza 5 just fine and I really enjoyed playing the game but it went to some weird places and I felt at times I needed a friggin mind map to connect all the dots. I feel Like the writers worked really hard to come up with a decentralized plot like Y4 but ended up overdoing it.
Mechanics: Nothing to complain about. Its straight up Yakuza and felt great. Just as good as 4.
Visuals: Also really great
Oh boy. First off I think just about everyone could tell Kurosawa was pretty suspicious from the get go. But when the big reveal came that he was the Omi boss was just just kinda going "hah?" cause I felt like he worked as a traitorous dirty cop trying to start a gang war to take down both the Omi and the Tojo but instead he is a crazy old man dying and trying to pull off some plan where his inexperienced son somehow comes out on top of both clans?
Kiryu was Kiryu which was great. His chapter felt like a good continuation of his struggles. His interactions with Watase were great as well. Kinda wish he'd go back and hook up with the Yamagasa chick. I liked her for him. What lost me in the long run was Morinaga. He suddenly appears at the end of Kiryus section and looks like he is going to be an important character but then immediately dies offscreen????
Saejimas chapter was good as well but Sapporo felt kinda under baked. I like baba and his plot.
Harukas / Akiyama chapter sucked in my opinion cause while I loved the crime side of the plot I found the idol side boring especially cause there is no payoff in the end. (more on that later). Akiyama and the Omi exec Tatsya were cool but akiyama got barely any fight time.
Shinadas chaoter was good but felt out of place. Daigo and the whole baseball plot felt like a real "curveball" to get the plot to the reveal the Kurosawa was the villian.
The finale. Kurosawas plan was dumb. Make everyone fight each other and then dont bring enough bullets to kill everyone??? Kill a teenage girl if two crime bosses dont kill each other and somehow that will give him the leverage to take down the two most powerful organizations the country? Why is Morinaga dead? Why bother to even show us Aizawa at the arena and have Saejima fight him so he can get info on Morinaga who he already killed?
Finally Haruka... I dont like the ending. He long ass speech ruined all the hard work everyone had done for her and now dreams are shattered, jobs are lost and she gets to feel better about herself and from what I know ahead of time it aint going to work out that well for her going into Y6.
Overall, I liked playing the game but I thought the plot was dumb at times. I put 56 hours into the game half of which was probably racing, hunting and baseball.
My Yakuza games ranking list thus far (games I've played)
  1. LAD: Ishin
  2. Yakuza 0
  3. Yakuza 4 Remastered
  4. Yakuza Kiwami 2
  5. Yakuza Kiwami
  6. Yakuza 5 Remastered
  7. Yakuza 3 Remastered
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