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2023.03.30 23:27 colorhaze Season 18 Week 03 Challenges Live!

Season 18 Week 03 Challenges Live!

Good Afternoon Quakers! We have our 3rd week of Challenges released for Season 18.
Season 18 came with many additions to Quake Champions. You can read our article with the Patch Notes here.
If you are not already familiar with Quake Champions. We typically receive 4-ish Seasons a year that also comes with a BattlePass. Meaning we typically have 4: 10 to 12 week long BattlePasses a year. Week 1 is primarily made up of completing basic challenges such as completing matches, playing specific game modes, or using your champion’s abilities a certain number of times. Note the right side of the BP does not open up until you buy the BP for 1000 Platinum (premium in-game currency).
Quake Pro League 2023 Logo
Our Professional e-Sports League the Quake Pro League is made possible as a joint partnership between Professional Gamers’ League (PGL), Bethesda ZeniMax, and id Software. Currently Season 4 of the Quake Pro League (QPL) is under way. with Week 6 happening this Saturday!
The Quake, and really the entire Arena Shooter communities have been extremely active Lately. Lots of community tournaments are open to all players in most regions, and some have weekly iterations as well. We had several LAN events in 2022 with 1 already confirmed for this year in June! Exciting times to be a Quaker no doubt. make sure to follow our socials for more tournaments outside of the Quake Pro League.
Don’t forget to Q for Deathmatch, Instagib, and Unholy Trinity, as everyone benefits from playing these game modes for this week’s challenges.
A new set of challenges opens up every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EAST 2:00 AM CEST. The challenges are broken up in 2 parts. First their week, and then their side left side right side. The left side consists of the free challenges you can obtain without buying the Battlepass. The right side is accessible after buying the Battlepass. The right side tends to be slightly harder, but gives additional XP as well as shards. Bot Games work as well for these challenges. 69 DAYS REMAIN FOR SEASON 18!
You can buy the BattlePass for 1000 platinum. Platinum is the Premium in-game currency in Quake Champions. You can Purchase Platinum in game any time you would like. Quake Champions has also been released on the Microsoft Store. You can Purchase Platinum in the Microsoft Store out of game as well.
The Battlepass itself is separated in 2 rows. The top row is the free version. You can acquire all the items here just by playing the game to level up your Battlepass. The bottom row is unlocked only with the purchase of the Battlepass. This is retroactive. So, if you are at level 50 and decide at that point you want to buy the Battlepass. Everything below level 49 will be added to your account. Keep an eye out for levels 30 & 65 as these levels give you an automatically applied haste salve which gives you Triple XP for 7 whole days.
Once you have purchased the BP click the shield at the top of the screen, and hit the activate button that will be below the season 18 Name Plate.
Two haste salves are provided to you during the BattlePass at level 30 & 65. 93 Shards can be acquired this season, and 50 platinum during this season’s BattlePass. Lots of Easter themed goodies this season. Note if you already own an item it instantly converts it to shards. Level 101 onwards changed starting in season 14. There is technically a 2nd half to the Battlepass levels maxing out at level 200. Level 101 to 200 has rewards as well. Every 5 levels starting at 105 you will receive 1 shard. While every 10 levels starting at level 110 you will receive 1 shard, and 1 Reliquary. The only exceptions being 190 where you receive 3 shards, and 200 which you will receive 5 shards. I have not verified if this is still the setup for Season 18…Gotta push those levels up first.
Quake Champions is now part of the extended Microsoft Xbox family, and Xbox has given Quake Champions lots of love, and attention since Quake joined. Quake Champions is now on the Microsoft Store, and was also added to the PC version of Xbox Game Pass. The Ultimate Edition of the PC Xbox Game Pass Subscription service will give you the Champions pack for free upon login.
Official Quake discord here:
all bugs need to be posted in the “#bug-reports” channel under the “QC FEEDBACK” header in the official discord. Video clips, or screenshots of your issue are very useful for the developers.
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2023.03.30 22:37 StrivingJarl SGR: Cutscene 11, ???, & Cutscene 12

SGR: Cutscene 11, ???, & Cutscene 12
AO3 Link
Scene 11: A Glimmer Of Hope
In White Space, right after the events of the last scene, Classic Sonic (CS) and Classic Tails (CT) lay down on the ground, exhausted and still shaken up from almost being blown to smithereens. Modern Sonic (MS) and Modern Tails (MT) move away from the broken clock tower to check up on them.
Modern Sonic: “Are you two okay?”
Classic Sonic: “Well…we’re not dead, so I’d say yes. We got REALLY lucky with you giving us a way out.”
Modern Sonic: “Understatement of the century.”
As the younger hedgehog and fox get up, now feeling more relaxed, the latter takes notice of the older versions of himself and his hero. He’s confused, but also intrigued, and asks his Sonic what the deal is here.
Classic Tails: “Hey…Sonic? Who are…?”
Classic Sonic: “Well…remember what I said about not believing what happened after this whole time mess started?”
Classic Sonic: “This is why.”
Classic Tails: “Time mess? Does that make these two…?”
Modern Tails: “Your future selves? Most certainly.”
While MT gives off a simple smile to CT, the younger fox just looks dumbfounded.
Classic Tails: “Wooowww…I…”
Modern Tails: “It’s okay. It’s a lot to take in for me too.”
Classic Tails: “R-Right…but still! It’s really cool to meet you! And something about you seems more…”
Modern Tails: “Confident?”
Classic Tails: “Yes! That!”
Classic Tails: “Though, when do I suddenly get blue eyes?”
Modern Sonic: “We don’t know what the different looks are about. Besides, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.”
Realizing the danger of the situation, CT tries to focus and nods back to MS. The scene then cuts to a while later, where the four heroes have already discussed what happened so far up to around the Death Egg.
Classic Sonic: “And then you two saved our butts. The end.”
Classic Sonic: “But I wanna know how you made that portal when we needed it the most. Did you figure you could do something to find us?”
Modern Tails: “Not exactly. When me and my Sonic were investigating this clocktower, it suddenly started glowing along with the clock hand.”
Modern Sonic: “So, we figured we should fire off some energy, which created that portal for you two.”
Classic Tails: “You mean…it was able to point out our location?”
Modern Sonic: “Seems like it. Though, how it did so, we have no idea at the moment.”
Classic Sonic: “Either way, we’d be goners without that. So, I’m not gonna complain.”
Classic Sonic: “Anyways, have you two figured out anything else?”
Modern Tails: “Yep! With my Miles Electric, I did an energy and language scan on the clocktower!”
Modern Tails: “Turns out, it does have chaos energy residing inside it! Alongside some other type of energy I haven’t figured out yet!”
Modern Tails: “However, the language and architecture of it isn’t clear. My Miles Electric wasn’t able to pick up any information relating to it.”
Modern Tails: “It’s like there’s nothing to pull from!”
Classic Sonic: “Of course. Because it can never be that easy.”
Classic Tails: “Well, maybe that’s due to the state of the world right now? With every area being stuck in it’s own little pocket space?”
Modern Tails: “That could be it.”
Modern Tails: “But I HAVE come up with a few ideas worth trying out.”
Modern Sonic: “By all means. I’m sure one will work.”
MT nods with a confident smile, and explains.
Modern Tails: “First of all, I’ve got a theory for the purpose of this White Space.”
Modern Tails: “When that Time Eater tears time and space apart, whatever it erases gets sent here in a lifeless state. Like this place is a sort of dumping ground.”
Modern Sonic: “Yeah, we kinda figured that was the case. And it would explain why I’m able to summon these entrances.”
Modern Sonic: “Though, why do these entrances get restored when we enter them?”
Modern Tails: “That leads me to my second idea!”
Modern Tails: “When you and the other Sonic run around these areas, your speed and actions sort of burns off the effects of the Time Eater. Like your presence stabilizes the timestream, restoring color and life!”
Modern Tails: “So, if you two keep visiting different areas and do your thing, then you’ll restore time more and more! And it could give us the chance to find what we need!”
Classic Sonic: “Ahh…so running around fixes the problem!”
Classic Sonic: “Heh! Pretty sure that works all the time for us!”
Modern Sonic: “And it hasn’t failed us yet!”
Modern Sonic: “Still though…if that creature takes notice of us trying to reverse it’s handiwork, then we’ll probably stay as statues that time.”
Modern Tails: “Yeah…which means we’ll need a lot more firepower…”
Modern Tails: “Or rather, SUPER power.”
Classic Sonic: “Ah! I gotcha!”
Classic Sonic: “I’m assuming we use the Chaos Emeralds a lot in the future to take on giant monsters?”
Modern Sonic: “Either that, or another one of Eggman’s doomsday weapons.”
Modern Sonic: “But regardless, one round with TWO Super Sonic’s will surely send that thing back to wherever it came from!”
Modern Sonic: “Though, we certainly have a lot of ground to cover if we want to find all seven…”
Classic Tails: “...Wait! I completely forgot I had this!”
Classic Sonic: “Had what?”
Everyone looks curiously at CT, who pulls something out from behind him. A shiny, white gemstone that they all recognize, and perk up in surprise at seeing.
Modern Sonic: “You already had one on you!”
Classic Tails: “Mm-hm! I found it while testing out a new plane!”
Classic Tails: “So, I decided to work on an engine that can utilize it’s power! I didn’t even realize I still had it on me when I arrived on the Death Egg!”
Classic Sonic: “And I’m surprised Eggman didn’t figure that out, either!”
Modern Sonic: “Well, it’s a good thing you two didn’t lose it!”
Modern Sonic: “Maybe the clocktower picked up on that Emerald’s energy so that we could get you two out of there?”
Modern Tails: “That could be it! And that means the other six can be found the same way! Along with all our friends!”
Classic Tails: “Mm-hm! Which means we gotta get busy!”
Classic Sonic: “Agreed! Keep going until we’re done!”
MS nods with a smile, and while CS, CT, and MT stand back, the older hedgehog moves forward a bit, and prepares to fire off another cyan energy shot from the clock hand, closing his eyes to focus on a place to go to.
Modern Sonic: “Show me the way to my friend.”
MS fires off the energy, which lands next to the Chemical Plant entrance. However, since he’s better prepared for it this time, he doesn’t stumble from the feedback of the shot. As for the entrance being summoned, it has a more…strange appearance…
Half of it is a prehistoric area with plants and grassy platforms. And the other half is a more futuristic area with white-blue machines and neon lights with gibberish texts. But what’s most notable about the entrance is two broken signs. One reading “Past,” and the other reading “Future.” This…is an area both Sonic’s are well familiar with…Collision Chaos…
I was considering cutting out the Metal Sonic part of this art I made, but considering it was pretty obvious that he was gonna be in this rewrite, I figured I didn't need to do that.
When the entrance is fully formed, the group of heroes take note of the area.
Classic Tails: “What’s this place? I don’t recognize it at all.”
Modern Tails: “Me neither.”
Modern Sonic: “That’s because this is an area I visited before I met you, Tails.”
Modern Sonic: “Collision Chaos. The forest region of Little Planet.”
Classic Sonic: “Also full of a lot of bumpers, flippers, and springs.”
Classic Tails: “Oh? Like Casino Night?”
Classic Sonic: “Pretty much. Though, there’s no slot machines here.”
Classic Tails: “Heheh. It’s probably for the best.”
Classic Tails: “Knowing you, you’d probably lose a lot of rings.”
Classic Sonic: “Yeah…those stupid Eggman signs…”
Modern Sonic: “We can talk about rings another time. Notice the broken time-posts?”
Modern Tails: “Yeah? What about them?”
Modern Sonic: “They’re broken. And they’re the only way to travel to the past and future, aside from the Time Stones.”
Modern Sonic: “And if we could get our hands on at least one of those gems…”
Classic Sonic: “Then we could use them to fix things at a faster pace!”
Modern Tails: “Really? That would be great!”
Classic Tails: “Still, it might be best to keep searching for the Chaos Emeralds. Just in case.”
Modern Sonic: “Definitely. But it’s best if we just head in already.”
Modern Sonic: “You two can continue researching everything. You’ll be safe here.”
Classic Tails: “But…!”
While CT is about to object, MT puts his hand on his shoulder, reassuring him.
Modern Tails: “It’s okay. Our Sonic’s have this in the bag.”
Classic Sonic: “You betcha! We’ll be back before you know it!”
Classic Tails: “...Right…just…good luck!”
The two Sonic’s give a thumbs-up, with the two Tails’ responding with a thumbs-up back. And as the two hedgehog’s head to the entrance, the two foxes talk to each other.
Classic Tails: “...Are you sure you wanna just…stay here while Sonic does everything?”
Modern Tails: “Admittedly, I want to join in the action, too. But right now, we’re the only ones who can figure out what else is going on here.”
Modern Tails: “Besides, knowing Sonic, he’ll be just fine. Especially with your Sonic backing him up.”
Classic Tails: “Yeah…I just…”
Classic Tails: “...I wanna do more here, you know? Show him what I can do!”
Modern Tails: “Believe me. I’ve been in your position before.”
Modern Tails: “And soon enough, you’ll prove to be a great hero on your own! One who’s capable of things Sonic can’t do!”
Modern Tails: “So until then, just do your best!”
Classic Tails: “...”
CT just stands there, enamored at his older self’s confidence and words of encouragement, before smiling.
Classic Tails: “...Definitely! I’ll do whatever I can!”
Modern Tails: “That’s the spirit! Now let’s get to work!”
The two share a high-five, before starting their investigation and research on the clocktower, as the scene ends…

This was a nice scene to write. Particularly for the two Tails’. Since Classic Tails (CT) is still stuck in Sonic’s shadow, Modern Tails (MT) is sort of his ideal image he’s striving for. The version of him he wants to be. So, getting encouraged and helped out by him not only gives him hope for his future, but also makes him more determined to do what he can to help out. It’s…sweet.
Also, when it comes to the two Tails’ sitting back to do research while the two Sonic’s do the main work…I’ll admit I do want them to do a little more. And it’s not like the “Only two Sonic’s are playable here” approach necessarily keeps them from doing anything bigger. I just feel it’s more focused if I give each character a scene on their own to interact with Sonic and show off their dynamic without having another friend there for no real reason.
Besides, it’s not like they aren’t doing anything important, and the same would apply to the other characters. Maybe they’re visiting the previous levels to check for stuff? Or helping the Tails’ with their research? They’re not just sitting on their butts, waiting for everything to be taken care of by Sonic.
But enough of that stuff. Let’s talk about the new addition to this rewrite, gameplay wise!
Yep! This time, Sonic CD gets a level representative in the Genesis Era, rather than just a Metal Sonic fight! And don’t worry about the Sonic 3K rep. That’s for the next era (And you’ll learn about that when I get there).
Anyways, while levels like Quartz Quadrant and Metallic Madness would have been good picks (And also Stardust Speedway, but that’s for the Metal Sonic fight and I’d rather have unique areas for the bosses), I think Collision Chaos is the best pick. Not only would it represent the Casino-type levels, but the aesthetic is great, the music’s a bop (Especially if remixed in Generations. Also, it’d be the Japanese music), the set-pieces and gimmicks would be fun, and overall, I think it’d be a great remixed stage for this rewrite.
Though, there wouldn’t be any time-travel gimmicks. Instead, Classic Sonic goes through the past version, while Modern Sonic goes through the Present version. Kinda like how it was handled in Sonic Mania with Stardust Speedway. And as for any level-design ideas…I don’t really have anything to say.
Anyways! With that taken care of, let’s get to the scene that plays after completing both acts! And this time, I’ll be showing off both versions of it, since they’re significantly different for each Sonic!
Cutscene 12: Metal Sonic Generations (Classic Version)
Source: Beret Pie (@beretthefox) on Twitter.
In the past version of Collision Chaos, Classic Sonic (CS) is going around and doing tricks and acrobatics similar to the Sonic CD animations, while smashing some badniks. After a little more of this, the young hedgehog stops at a platform, looking back at what he just did, and smirking.
Classic Sonic: “Heh. For a moment, I was expecting flowers to pop out.”
Classic Sonic: “Too bad I haven’t found anything note-worthy yet…”
Classic Sonic: “No Time-Stones, Chaos Emeralds, or frozen friends…”
Classic Sonic: “And unlike the last time I was here, I can’t just find a time-travel post to go to another time period!”
Classic Sonic: “Hopefully, the older me’s found something interesting…wherever he’s at…”
Done with pondering, CS takes a look around the area for anything that might be worth checking out. Soon enough, something far off in the distance catches his eye. Looks like…something glowing…?
Classic Sonic: “...Huh? Is that what I think it is?”
Going across the different obstacles, terrain, and enemies, CS makes his way up to the area he spotted. And once he gets there, he finally sees what it is, and smiles as he stares at a hologram projector displaying a well-known rival of his…
Source: EUAN-THE-ECHIDHOG on DeviantArt.
The hologram of Classic Metal Sonic (CM) stomps his foot on a Ricky, while making his standard robot noises from games like Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rivals, and spin-offs like Mario & Sonic Olympics.
Classic Metal Sonic: “*Robotic Noises.*”
Classic Sonic: “Heheh…of course there had to be one of these somewhere…”
Walking up to the projector device, CS casually stomps it with his foot, destroying it and causing the hologram to faze out along with the noises. After taking his foot off, CS stands triumphantly with his arms crossed.
Classic Sonic: “And now, Little Planet won’t have to be reminded of your ugly mug, Metal!”
For a moment, nothing happens. But all of a sudden, a noise similar to the ones the CM projector made is heard, causing CS to perk up in surprise, and he looks down at the smashed projector to see if it’s still somewhat functional. But as he stares at it, another robotic noise is heard, and the young hedgehog looks up, now being on-guard and having a more serious expression.
Classic Sonic: “Guess I shouldn’t have talked trash to…well…trash…”
Almost immediately after saying those words, something comes bursting through the nearby wall in an electric, orange aura, which CS manages to barely dodge. Then, it comes to a stop, and lands on the ground to face the young hedgehog, showing himself as the actual Classic Metal Sonic.
Source: Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt.
Facing him with his hands up, CS puts on a competitive smirk.
Classic Sonic: “Why am I not surprised? If your master has been making his rounds around here, then it’s only natural for you to be trailing behind!”
Classic Metal Sonic: “!”
Despite his stone-cold face making it hard to tell, CM is annoyed by CS’ comment. However, the latter just continues on, while rubbing his nose with his finger.
Classic Sonic: “Alright…I think it’s time for us to get down to the real fight! Last Sonic standing wins and all that?”
Classic Metal Sonic: “...”
CM copies CS’ pose and motions, which tells the fleshy hedgehog all he needs to know.
Classic Sonic: “Well then! I’m all up for another race! It’ll certainly be nice exercise!”
CM crosses his arms, nodding. And from behind him, a purple time portal appears, but now has a mix of green inside it, alongside a few sparkles. The metallic menace then does CS’ famous finger-wag motion, before dashing into the portal as his jet engine leaves a stream of orange behind.
Without a single word, and with that competitive, cocky smirk, CS does a Super Peel-Out motion before speeding off into the portal, leaving a light blue streak behind. And once he goes in there, he finds himself in a strange space full of green and purple, as he spins forward while sparkles come off of him.
As this happens, he also notices Modern Sonic (MS) doing the same thing as he comes close. The two talk to each other, but are more focused on a bright light up ahead.
Classic Sonic: “I was wondering what you were up to!”
Modern Sonic: “Same here! I’m guessing you ran into Metal Sonic?”
Classic Sonic: “Yep! He’s eager for a race!”
Modern Sonic: “They both are! So, what do you say we show them both who the REAL Sonic’s are?”
Classic Sonic: “Heh! You don’t even have to ask!”
The two of them smirk, as they reach the bright light in the sequence, as the scene ends, leading to the Metal Sonic rival fight…

Cutscene 12: Metal Sonic Generations (Modern Version)
Source: Beret Pie (@beretthefox) on Twitter.
Modern Sonic (MS) runs around the Present version of Collision Chaos, destroying badniks and doing different maneuvers throughout. After a little bit of this, the blue blur stops at a high platform, where he wipes his hands with a confident smile.
Modern Sonic: “Whew! Either the lack of flower-power is making these badniks weaker, or there’s a reason why Eggman went back to Chaos Drives and animals!”
Modern Sonic: “Still, it’s nice to go around this place again! It feels so effortless to go around now!”
Modern Sonic: “Knowing the younger me, he’s probably having a tough time with all those springs and bumpers!”
MS chuckles a bit at the idea, but starts thinking about what to do.
Modern Sonic: “...I hope he’s been more successful at finding something interesting compared to me.”
Modern Sonic: “So far, I haven’t found any signs of a Time Stone, Chaos Emerald, or friend.”
Modern Sonic: “Plus, it’s not like I can use a time-travel post to-”
???: “HAH!”
Before he’s able to finish his sentence, a young girl's voice is heard by MS down below, which he seems to somewhat recognize. Curious and a bit concerned, the older hedgehog makes his way down the different structures and platforms in order to see what’s going on. And that’s when he’s taken by surprise a little.
Modern Sonic: “Is that…Amy?”
On the ground below, the Classic version of Amy Rose is trying to defend herself from a bunch of badniks by smashing them with her Piko-Piko Hammer. Though, it’s clear she’s struggling quite a bit, and is definitely annoyed and somewhat scared.
Source; Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt.
Classic Amy: “Mmmpphhh! Why can’t you all just leave me alone!? I don’t even want to be here!”
MS makes note of the differences between this Amy, and the one he knows.
Modern Sonic: “This must be the past version of Amy…”
Modern Sonic: “Don’t remember her dressing like this, but…I can’t deny it’s a cute look on her.”
Modern Sonic: “But now’s not the time for compliments. Gotta help her out!”
Jumping down into the action, MS quickly dispatches all the badniks while Classic Amy (CA) watches in surprise and amazement, seeing a different Sonic saving her. After it’s finished, MS walks up to CA to check up on her.
Modern Sonic: “Hey. Are you okay, Amy?”
Classic Amy: O //// O
CA…is in a bit of a “love-trance,” staring at MS with hearts coming out of her head. However, the blue hedgehog looks a little uncomfortable seeing this, and proceeds to shake her shoulders a bit to snap her out of it.
Modern Sonic: “Come on. Are you hurt?”
Classic Amy: “H-Huh? OH! Yeah! Yeah, I’m f-fine! Just a little shaken up!”
Classic Amy: “But I’m just glad that you came to my rescue, Sonic! Even if you look different!”
Without warning, CA hugs MS, who’s startled by it, but relaxes afterwards, and after a few seconds, he breaks away from the hug.
Modern Sonic: “Yeah, it’s a long story…we’re basically dealing with time-travel…”
Classic Amy: “Time-travel? Is Robotnik trying to use the Time Stones again?”
Modern Sonic: “No, it’s something different this time. Do you remember what happened before you got here?”
For a moment, CA thinks to herself, before perking up and speaking with an annoyed tone.
Classic Amy: “Oh yeah! I was JUST doing some shopping and trying out some new clothes!”
Classic Amy: “I found this really nice red dress, and this comfy t-shirt with a heart on it, but then some purple flash happened, and I ended up here!”
Modern Sonic: “Ah…that sucks…”
Modern Sonic: “Personally, I was in the middle of a birthday party with my friends when this happened.”
Modern Sonic: “Luckily, I found your Sonic, and we also found our respective Tails’ and one of the Chaos Emeralds, so we’re at least getting somewhere.”
Classic Amy: “Really? That’s good!”
Classic Amy: “Actually, did you happen to have your own Amy with you?”
Modern Sonic: “Yep. I was hoping to find her here.”
Modern Sonic: “And I suppose I kinda got what I asked for!”
This comment causes CA to blush a bit, and have a slightly sheepish smile.
Classic Amy: “Hehehe! You were worried about me!”
Modern Sonic: “Of course. You’re a good friend of mine.”
After saying that, CA sinks down in defeat, but quickly recovers and grasps MS’ hands with her own, looking determined.
Classic Amy: “Well, I’m definitely gonna do whatever I can to help you and my Sonic!”
Classic Amy: “I’ll take on the whole world, if I have to!”
Modern Sonic: “H-Heh…much appreciated…”
CA has a genuine smile on her face, while MS has a more awkward smile. But after breaking from the hand-holding, he looks more collected, and is about to ask CA about something.
Modern Sonic: “So, did you happen to come across-”
But he stops when he hears what sounds like a jet-turbine coming closer and closer, and gets ready to fight. CA also does the same with her hammer, but is clearly more concerned.
Classic Amy: “Do you…recognize that noise…?”
Modern Sonic: “Definitely…it’s gotta be-”
Classic Amy: “LOOK OUT!”
Immediately, CA leaps out of the way, while MS jumps back as a metallic claw attempts to scratch him, barely missing. And as the blue and pink hedgehogs stand on-guard, their assailant lands their feet onto the ground, focusing on MS and speaking in a cold, robotic voice…
???: “Long time no see, Sonic…my loathsome copy…”
Source: Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt.
The Modern version of Metal Sonic (MM for short) stands before the two heroes, glaring at his fleshy counterpart with his cold, red eyes. However, MS relaxes and puts on a cocky smirk as he smack-talks his metallic copy.
Modern Sonic: “Of course. If Amy is here, it’s only a given you’d be here, Metal!”
Modern Sonic: “And you’re speaking full sentences, too! Did Eggman forget about what happened the last time you had the ability to talk?”
Modern Metal Sonic: “I don’t have my Neo form. My master was wise enough to remember the trouble it gave him before.”
Modern Metal Sonic: “But regardless of what I have, I will ALWAYS find you. And I will use everything I have to tear you apart.”
Modern Sonic: “Heh! And yet, you haven’t gained a single win against me!”
Modern Metal Sonic: “Watch your tongue. You may find it missing in only a second.”
Modern Sonic: “Ah! So THAT’S why you never usually talk!”
Though MM doesn’t have any real form of expression, it’s clear by his clenched fists and glowing eyes that he’s angered by MS’ snark. CA, meanwhile, attempts to speak up, despite his fear of having to fight this deadly machine.
Classic Amy: “What are you doing here, Metal Sonic!? What’s Eggman up to now!?”
Without even bothering to look at her, MM responds.
Modern Metal Sonic: “Any fool who’s been admiring this blue buffoon for years should know why.”
Modern Metal Sonic: “And I have nothing to say to either of you when it comes to Dr. Eggman’s plans. I’m here for me.”
Modern Sonic: “Figures. So, how you wanna settle this one? Battle? Race? Battle-race?”
Modern Metal Sonic: “Good question…I’m thinking something more…”
MM does a thinking motion, as a purple time portal with a mix of green and sparkles appears behind him, and then he crosses his arms while keeping his gaze at MS.
Modern Metal Sonic: “...Nostalgic.”
Modern Sonic: “Oh? I didn’t figure you for the sentimental type!”
Modern Sonic: “But regardless of the terrain, it’s just gonna be another score to my count!”
Modern Metal Sonic: “Hmhmhm…your arrogance is your biggest weakness…”
Modern Metal Sonic: “Though, it’ll also make it more satisfying when I prove myself as the superior Sonic.”
As his jet-turbine starts up, MM hovers off the ground as he motions for MS to follow him.
Modern Metal Sonic: “Now…show me what you’re made of…”
And after that, MM flies into the portal, leaving a purplish-pink trail behind. As MS walks up to the portal, eager for another fight with his metal counterpart, CA walks up and talks to the blue hedgehog.
Classic Amy: “Are you sure it’ll be okay? Metal Sonic’s a dangerous machine, and he probably knows all your moves!”
Modern Sonic: “Don’t worry so much! He may know everything I can do, but so do I!”
Modern Sonic: “Besides, he may know something important about what’s going on, even if he won’t willingly say it.”
Modern Sonic: “Plus, I NEVER miss out on a good challenge!”
Classic Amy: “Well…if you believe it’ll be fine, then…I will too…”
Classic Amy: “Though, what do I do now?”
Modern Sonic: “Give me a second.”
Taking the clock hand out, MS spawns a cyan time portal, which leads to White Space.
Modern Sonic: “Head to White Space. You’ll find the two Tails’ there, and you’ll be safe with them.”
Classic Amy: “Right…but you better come back safely! And quickly!”
Modern Sonic: “Heh. I’ll be back before you can do any fortune card readings!”
While still feeling uneasy, CA smiles at MS’ words, and heads into the cyan time portal, which closes right after. Then, MS looks back at the purple and green time portal, having an eager smirk on his face, and rushes right in, leaving a deep blue trail behind. And once he goes in there, he finds himself in a strange space full of green and purple, as he spins forward while sparkles come off of him.
As this happens, he also notices Classic Sonic (CS) who’s doing the same thing. The two talk to each other, but are more focused on a bright light up ahead.
Classic Sonic: “I was wondering what you were up to!”
Modern Sonic: “Same here! I’m guessing you ran into Metal Sonic?”
Classic Sonic: “Yep! He’s eager for a race!”
Modern Sonic: “They both are! So, what do you say we show them both who the REAL Sonic’s are?”
Classic Sonic: “Heh! You don’t even have to ask!”
The two of them smirk, as they reach the bright light in the sequence, as the scene ends, leading to the Metal Sonic rival fight…

Whew! That was a LOT! But let’s talk about some of the stuff here!
Since both Sonic’s are in different time periods for their acts, I had to make their scenes much different, and it was actually pretty fun. Though, let’s talk specifics, like characters.
Starting with Classic Amy! Sure, I could have just stuck with Classic Sonic, Tails, Metal Sonic, & Eggman, but why not include Classic Amy? It’d be nice! And I also included Modern Metal Sonic here as well, since I felt it was kinda odd that Modern Metal wasn’t there in the original Generations at all.
As for why Modern Metal can talk here…I just wanted him to talk and say some cool stuff. Plus, Classic Metal doesn’t speak at all, so hey! Best of both worlds! But let’s just move on to the Metal Sonic rival fight next post!

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2023.03.30 20:01 -343-Guilty-Spark- Community Update: Educational Echoes
Header Image [Imgur]
Welcome back to another instalment of the Halo Community Update!
It’s been a busy ol’ time over the last month with the highly anticipated release of Season 3: Echoes Within in Halo Infinite, a new Halo Gear Rewards program, new lore, a MEGA Halo fan vote, and more—so let’s get you a full and proper debrief on all the latest goings-on.


Season 3 of Halo Infinite launched just a few weeks ago, bringing with it an all-new 100-tier Battle Pass, three new maps, the M392 Bandit and Shroud Screen, MIRAGE IIC and CHIMERA armor customization, a new Fracture event, and new cinematics and narrative-focused events that pick up where Season 2: Lone Wolves left off.
Need a catch-up on what’s happened in Season 1 and 2? Be sure to check out our “previously on” cinematic, which you’ll also see in-game.
You can also check out the stunning new cinematic which kicks off Season 3’s story, in which the Banished AI Iratus searches through Spartan Dinh’s mind and forces him to relive traumatic memories of several missions-gone-wrong.
Season 3’s concluding story event, Site Unseen, will commence on May 2—it won’t be long until we discover what lies beyond the mysterious door...
The first week of the new Fracture: FIREWALL event concluded earlier this week, but it will return three more times over the course of the next couple of months.
FIREWALL features a free 20-tier Event Pass for all players that contains themed, limited-time customization rewards for the CHIMERA Armor Core that you can earn by completing (playlist-agnostic) Event Challenges.
FIREWALL event weeks are scheduled for the following dates:
  • Week 1: March 21-28
  • Week 2: April 11-18
  • Week 3: May 23-30
  • Week 4: June 13-20
This Fracture is rooted in canonical elements of the Halo universe, giving us a look at the fallout plan devised by High Auxiliary Sloan—the former governor of Meridian who you met in Halo 5. As one of Cortana’s most loyal lieutenants, Sloan devised the FIREWALL agendum to ensure the long-term future of the Created, the fledgling empire having fractured in the wake of Cortana’s sacrifice on Zeta Halo.
Sloan’s answer to these changes in circumstances is the Executor, who is subjected to a living simulation of the future where man and machine exist as one.
You can delve deeper into the narrative of Fracture: FIREWALL in the event’s Story Shard: Precipice.
Fracture: FIREWALL key art showing an army of Executors in a human city with boards displaying Created Auxiliary Sloan and a Guardian in the background
A new season means new Intel!
For those who have just arrived or are rejoining us after a little while, Intel is an additional narrative element that delves into some of the peripheral lore of the season. It is released both in-game (in Halo Infinite's message of the day carousel) and hosted here on Halo Waypoint.
With Season 3, we have a new Intel blog that will be updated over the course of the coming weeks and months, detailing aspects of Season 3's story. As of this week, you can check out the first two of six total entries.
Header image for Season 3 Intel showing the ONI symbol on the Live Fire door
You can get detailed insights into all things Season 3 in our pre-release blog series:
  • Maps & Modes Preview - learn more about the new BTB map Oasis, along with new Arena maps Cliffhanger and Arena, and the Escalation Slayer mode (plus variants) in a Q&A with some of our map designers.
  • Playlists & Ranked Matchmaking - learn more about new content for matchmaking, upcoming playlists, as well as improvements to the ranking system.
  • Sandbox Updates - discover more about Season 3’s new weapon and equipment item, the M392 Bandit and Shroud Screen, along with additional balance updates.
  • Customization Preview - explore the customization suite of Season 3, including the 100-tier Battle Pass, MIRAGE IIC and CHIMERA Armor Cores, free additional coatings and attachments, and updates to the Halo Infinite Shop.
  • Season 3: Echoes Within Launch - get the general overview of all the new additions in the Season 3 launch blog.
Preview of the Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within Battle Pass [Imgur]
Community cartography continues to confound as we take another look at your creations in the most recent issue of Forge Features, which you can catch up on here.
And stay tuned, as we’ve got another issue dropping tomorrow.
Complete all of your Challenges and the Ultimate Challenge this week to earn the Puzzle Palace visor for your Spartan.
Image of Halo Infinite Ultimate Reward: Puzzle Palace visor [Imgur]
And head over to the Shop to acquire the Skinned Reflexes bundle, which brings the Reflex Reaction coatings for your UNSC weapons arsenal (MA40 AR, MK50 Sidekick, BR75, VK78 Commando, and CQS48 Bulldog), along with the following items for the CHIMERA Armor Core:
  • Flenser helmet
  • Ghostlink Adaptation helmet attachment
  • Heirodyne Augmentor shoulders
  • Compliance Protocol chest attachment
  • Crysknife Utility hip attachment
  • Brink Plugin wrist attachment
  • Redundant Spiral armor coating
  • Tracelines visor
Image of Halo Infinite Skinned Reflexes super bundle [Imgur]


HCS Open Series HCS online competition is heating up in April with tournaments occurring almost every weekend. Teams will be competing for seeding points in hopes of earning a spot at the next LAN event at the HCS Global Invitational at Dreamhack Dallas from June 2-4.
Registration for the tournaments is now open!
Do you have what it takes to challenge for the top spot? Register today! More information can be found on


Image of MEGA Halo "Multiplayer Mayhem" set
The Multiplayer Mayhem set from MEGA is available now to preorder for a limited time only!
This fan-chosen set is inspired by Halo Infinite's Multiplayer experience and features brand-new coatings for several favorites, including a Neon Superfly Warthog, GEN XII Mongoose, and rival Estate Gold and Neon Superfly fireteams—plus two all-new weapon accessories.
Pre-order now, only on Mattel Creations.
Image of Halo Infinite's Season 3 Halo Gear Reward Pins [Imgur]
Don’t forget you can earn access to Season 3’s Halo Gear Rewards (exclusive Halo Infinite Pins) by completing events in Season 3: Echoes Within.
Halo Gear Rewards are exclusive products in the Halo Gear Shop that players can earn access to purchase after completing specific in-game accomplishments.
Many of you completed the Mindfall Event Pass and secured the Shroud Screen Pin earlier this month, and some have powered through the Season 3 Battle Pass to secure the Insignia LE Pin. To that we say, GG Spartan!
If you completed the Mindfall Event Pass but haven’t redeemed your code, be sure to make your purchase by April 18th to secure the Shroud Screen Pin. You can get your unique code simply by logging into Halo Waypoint.
Currently, players can complete the Season 3: Echoes Within Battle Pass and earn access to the Insignia LE Pin and matching in-game emblem. Complete the Battle Pass, grab your code from Halo Waypoint, and make your purchase by July 4th to secure this reward.
When the Fracture: FIREWALL event returns, work your way through those Event Pass tiers to completion and earn access to the Fracture: FIREWALL Logo Pin. Complete the Event Pass, grab your code from (you guessed it) Halo Waypoint, and make your purchase by July 4th to secure this reward.
And when the time comes on the week commencing May 2, complete the Site Unseen Event Pass to earn access to the Bandit Pin. Make your purchase by June 17th to secure this reward.


  • CANON FODDER – ECHOES WITH-DINH: Dive into the backstory of Spartan Dinh, detail the lore behind Season 3's new maps, dive into the canonical elements of Fracture: FIREWALL, and more...
  • HALO IS ON TIKTOK: There are those who said this day would never come... Halo is officially on TikTok, and we’ve already got a plethora of educational and humorous content for you to check out.
  • WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH EMBLEMS: This week brings March to a close and marks your last opportunity to receive the free International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month emblems. Simply log into Halo Infinite before the end of the month and find these free emblems in your customization menu.
  • ADAM SAVAGE MEETS HALO’S SPARTAN ARMOR: In his latest exploration of science, pop culture, and emerging technology, Adam Savage learns about how the iconic armor of the Master Chief was brought to life for the Halo television series, along with the rest of Silver Team’s armor.


This month’s piece for the Artist’s Corner comes from the one and only Isaac Hannaford, who contributed this stunning artwork to Halo Mythos.
Hannaford’s piece depicts a group of ODSTs present at the siege at Voi, a conflict which transpires during Halo 3 in which the Prophet of Truth successfully activates the portal to the Ark and departs with his fleet—only for a far worse threat to arrive at Earth...
Halo Mythos artwork by Isaac Hannaford depicting ODSTs during the siege of Voi in Halo 3 [Imgur]


Long-time Halo community member ATOMICJORGE has been battling with GBS for the last sixteen months, the last ten of which he has been hospitalized with friends passing on news of his condition.
We're immensely pleased to have heard an update from the man himself, who has let the Halo community know that he's keeping up the fight and is on the road to recovery.
All of us here at 343 wish him the very best, we can't wait to welcome you back! <3
That brings this Community Update to an end, which means it’s time to hop back into Season 3 and keep progressing that Battle Pass.
I’m coming up on tier 60 right now and living my best aesthetic life with the MIRAGE IIC core—let us know where you’re up to!
This post was made by a script written and maintained by the Halo mod team to automatically post blogs from Halo Waypoint. If you notice any issues with the text output or think this was posted by mistake, please message the mods.
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2023.03.30 18:08 Adventzx99 Mc meets little Carole

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2023.03.30 17:15 Italianswitch Some general advice, part two: Promotion

Hello everyone, since quite a few people seemed to appreciate my last post giving some advice on how to run a page, I thought I'd make another post giving some advice. More specifically, this time I'm gonna talk about promoting your page as best as you can.
Now, keep in mind that I've been promoting for quite a long time, so my experience from when I started a couple of years ago is going to be wildly different for you starting now, since there are a lot more restrictions and people react with hostility towards a lot of nsfw creators.
I'm going to be dividing these points by different methods instead of numbering them in the hope of keeping things as clear as possible.
Reddit: this is the platform you're gonna have the most success on if you know what you're doing. I know that promoting on here can be intimidating, as Reddit is a huge website, with each subreddit having its own set of rules. But ultimately it's worth putting in the effort and learning how to navigate the website, because chances are you won't get the same results as you do on here anywhere else. The best thing I can recommend you do as a new creator is finding other creators with a similar look/aesthetic to you, and looking at which subreddits they post on. You can easily find creators with a similar look by simply looking up one of your physical traits on google and adding "reddit" at the end of it. The most difficult thing, however, is actually starting to post. To post you need karma and an account that is usually at least a week old. The week old thing is just something you have to be patient and wait for, but karma is actually super easy to get. Do you have a pet? Post a few photos of them on pet themed subreddits and watch your karma go up by 1000 in a few hours. Do you have something interesting in your house that other people may like? Post it on mildlyinteresting and you'll get some karma from there. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be smart about your approach. Just keep in mind that I've heard some people say that posting in karma farming subreddits such as freekarma4you will get you banned from certain nsfw subreddits, so keep it in mind. Once you get the karma and want to start promoting your content, make sure to write a good bio and put your links in there. A good bio should represent the kind of content you offer and your aesthetic. On top of that, make one of your pinned posts some of your favourite pictures of yourself and write a little something about yourself. Your subscribers will want to get to know you, and this is a good starting point. Also make another of your pinned posts a link to whatever discount/trial you may have going on at that moment. Once that is all said and done, all you have to do is promote as much as you can and keep your fingers crossed that people will like what you have to offer.
Twitter: the website is pretty dead now, and on top of being less sw friendly than it was before it will actually avoid showing your content to people unless you pay for it. It's really not worth it anymore, but if you do manage to find a few people on there it's a great platform to make friends and potentially connect with other sws.
Instagram: sort of in the same vein as Reddit, Instagram is a great place to promote in my opinion. It doesn't take as much work, but it does rely a lot more on luck from what I've seen. Chances are that you've used Instagram at some point or another so I don't need to explain in great detail how it works. Just keep your profile as sfw as possible, and I do recommend keeping your linktree to all your other nsfw stuff on a separate, alternate account in order to minimise the risk of getting banned.
Dating apps: i've seen a few creators talk about promoting on here. Honestly, the idea disgusts me. Yeah sure you'll get more eyes on you, and yeah sure a lot of them are just used for hookups anyway, but a lot of the people on there are looking for relationships or friendships, and giving them the false hope of either of those only to then hit them with your OF page and show them you were only interested in their money is just so shitty to me. I'm not gonna tell you that you can't promote on there, but I personally wouldn't.
Snapchat and TikTok: I'm gonna group these two together as I've personally never used them. I know Snapchat is big in America, but where I live no one really uses it. I'm sure it can be a great platform to promote on as it does allow you to post whatever and simply having the link in your linktree might get some people interested. I know that some creators only offer to add people for a fee, but I'm not too sure how you would go about pricing that or any content you give on there. When it comes to Tiktok, my fyp is just cute animals and food so I can't help you much there. It is mostly targeted as a kids' app and even though I know a lot of creators promote on there, I know they get a lot of hate. You can use it, just make sure you have thick skin.
I hope this post helped some of you. If anyone else has something to add please feel free to leave a comment, the more we can help each other the better. And once again, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.
Reposted to add a few details I missed the last timd
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The 100 ARGB version is always sold out, but i kinda dig its aesthetics so I settled for the LITE version.
But it has only 2 pre-installed non argb fan and my cheap mobo only has 1 4pin header and no 5/12V header for RGB.
Can you guys give me the best budget hub and remote?
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2023.03.30 12:56 nhygezosjw 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif uokcdvmpxuqa1...
“Suit yourself. I want everyone to know what you did.”
“H-Hey, what’s up?” I asked, my voice shaky. I sniffled despite my best efforts to sound normal.
I tried to relax, let out my breath and pulled the trigger.
You had to lock up a girl for you junior year because you
[[Yeah! That’s fine. Lots of people are staying here an extra day anyway.]]
“She’s Devin’s girlfriend, and Guy’s woman on the inside,” I tell Hanna moving past and getting clear of the bathroom.
"My son, you have embraced your inner darkness, and have become the evil beast that has lived in your soul for all your life, he is free!" The voice said, then another came.
Eve starts to moan as Claire puts all of her effort and attention into making Eve cum as quickly as possible so that she can get this ordeal over with. Claire is so focused on getting Eve off that she doesn’t know what Kelly is doing, Kelly had been watching Claire and Eve in fascination over the sounds and facial expressions Eve was making and Claire’s obvious talent for eating pussy even though Kelly doubted that that Claire had even had a boyfriend or girlfriend before let alone any form of sexual experience besides her voyeuristic finger fucking sessions.
Moving on, in recent years I found myself to be increasingly horny, and had shaved my public hairs a few days before because of aesthetics and comfort. I wasn’t too small, either, probably between 7 and 8 inches, and I was proud of it. Though nobody had seen me naked and erect, there was still a bit of pride in my size. I was cut, but fairly loosely cut, so I still had enough foreskin to reach around the head of my dick if pulled. It helped significantly with… y’know, jerking off.
So Chloe moved her mouth cautiously to the tip of my dick and wrapped her warm lips around it. I closed my eyes with pleasure. This little girl who I had a secret crush on had her lips around my penis! She looked uncertainly up at me. When I nodded, she slowly began sucking on it. I was in heaven. She continued slurping on my dick, up and down her head went in a silent rhythm. I know she was an amateur, but damn, she was amazing! The feeling of her warm mouth against my innocent dick was unbelievable. I was getting really exited and started to feel precum coming out of my mouth. Chloe felt it to.
“Will, I’m sorry I said that but please, can i come in?” Darby pleaded as she purposely tripped forward, expertly making sure to make Will’s hands accidentally grab onto her breasts.
Sally dragged her chair around in front of Candy. They sat with their knees touching. “I can't, can't tell you everything, not yet.”
Finally I reached out and held Audrey’s left breast in both of my hands with some left over. Then I leaned in and kissed her nipple before sucking it into my mouth. We all knew how sensitive Mom’s nipples were but when Audrey had an orgasm just from my lips touching her nipple we all knew that it ran in the family.
"They won't be home for about thirty minutes," Jennie stated
“Why do we always get caught?” she asks, saying what I was thinking. I shrug and escort her to her door.
I fucked my sister every single day, morning and night, for a full six years and every time she would tell me that she loved me. Peggy was eighteen when I left home to attend college. That means that I had fucked her well over four thousand times. In those six years I watched her breasts enlarge, her pussy grow a nice fur coat, and her ass to develop nicely. She told me what happened on every date that she went on, who she kissed, and who she let fuck her.
My hands worked up her sides, raising her shirt as they went. I reached upwards feeling her bare breasts protruding from her body, my hands enclosed around each one, softly squeezing, feeling the nubs of her nipples open to the night air now, not caring who might walk by down below. Looking out over her body into the courtyard below. My cock thrusted against her ass, hearing her moan as I pulled back and felt my cock rub against the rough skin of her anus, feeling it cup the tip of my dick as I pushed and moved up again. I pulled her back against my body, my hands groping her breasts as I fucked her body against me. I could feel my arousal coming to a peak, I knew I was going to coat her in my fluids. She turned her face to me and kissed me as I pressed my cock shaft against her hard.
I focused my mouth onto her clit while getting a finger into her tight hole, I had no idea how she would take my cock considering how tiny she was, my finger seemed to fill her already. I eased my finger in and out of her while her breathing rapidly increased, we both could tell she was close.
And, with each visit to the hospital, Neville found himself
For a second a sharp pain breaches its way through Dave’s head. “As I thought,” he says, “It’s really not a good time to talk. Just give me a few hours till I no longer feel like shit, ok?”
We talked for a few more minutes and he says his goodbyes and wonders a way. I smile at Kathryn before I asked. “How do you know that Marshall and Misty will make a good couple?"
“You’re warm,” I reply cuddling in.
“Yes!” Sapphire replied.
PS=My Xmas present to you guys :D(even though i'm techinically three hours late)
“Perhaps.” Was the giggled return I got from my groin area. I felt my belt being cast off and the button and fly being opened and knew she had reached her goal. I was still heaving big breaths of air and was in no condition to resist. Suddenly she had me in her mouth. From that point on speech became impossible for me; the only thing that could come out of my mouth was the occasional grunt and moan and coherent thought became a challenge to maintain as well. She had me now I wasn’t going to resist her any more she was too good and gave me too much pleasure for my body to resist her any more. This must have been what had gotten her so many boyfriends, her skill at blowjobs and her willingness to dispense them.
Dad smiled and said, “That’s too much information.”
That pervert probably shot off all over the wall under the window, Angel’s mind raced. Yes, of course! That's what his hands were doing below the sill, and that's why his face looked the way it did at the end! The fucking bastard was shooting off, wishing he could plaster Joan's face with his sperm while she exhaled!
“No,” I said again, “How come you’re so surprised?” I asked, wondering a little why she was even asking.
your porn collection,” he continued.
Fleur was feeling horny. Very horny. And there was no-one to fuck her. Atleast no-one that she would fuck. Fred and George were serving detention, Harry, the saviour of her sister, was busy fucking Ginny. She needed to get her minds off of things and just practice some spellcraft. That was why she was heeded down a corridor towards Barrowman's office, who had promised to help her and provide some duelling tutoring. As she approached his office/classroom, she heard music coming from the door. Slowly, opening the door, she peeked inside, seeing Jack playing a guitar, and 2 other guitars and a drumkit being magically animated to play by themselves. Jack was quitely singing a song Fleur had only heard in passing on one of her trips to america. He looked up as he heard the door creaking, putting his guitar down, causing all the other instruments to stop aswell. Fleur warmed up even more as she met his gaze, that strong, confident look she hadn't seen the likes of ever. He got up from his chair, clad in clothes that looked so out of place in hogwarts. His usual dark-blue coat and dark suit-like pants would like more in place in the muggle world. He walked over to the door as Fleur stood there stunned. He opened to door fully, extending his hand. ”Fleur, welcome. Glad you could make it” Fleur courtfully took his hand and did a courtful courtsey. ”Jack, pleased to see you again” she said in lighty accented english.
"Yes baby, deeper. Ooooh, just like that! Do like me? Didn't you always want me like
The taste of taking a strong will and forcing it to bend.
“Okay, I'll see you,” she said.
Then Carly added “But the worst thing is, OUR whole squad is a fucking mess. NO ONE, wants to talk to you. In case you haven’t noticed”
She exploded in a shrill scream that surely woke the neighbors up. Unlike all the other times she came, her cunt didn’t explode in juices; but rather the slick liquid expanded around my shaft dripping down onto my balls. The feeling was so exhilarating, I nearly came inside her. After such an intense orgasm, Courtney fell to her knees, as she had done in the shower before, sighing, “Oh, fuck… fuck…” I laid her down gently on the floor, letting her recuperate. I gently asked, “How was that?” to which she panted the obvious, “Oh my god… that … that was amazing.”
happened the next year at the end of the first semester. The school's basketball team
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My cheeks blushed and I calmed myself down by convincing myself that the kiss was just a cultural thing. “Nothing more than a greeting,” I repeated to myself in my mind. Isabelle happily walked back out into the hallway and I could hear her going up the stairs. I never thought having her over would be this fucking awkward. I wondered if it would be like this for the entire semester.
Daisy cocked an eyebrow. "That's seriously your argument?" She asked incredulously. "Never mind. I can't imagine why Molly doesn't like a guy like you. You're one hundred percent charm."
"Haha, you lose!" i screamed, "once again i beat you! How does it feel to be second best?"
“Two weeks, actually.”
I assumed she meant the weed, but I didn’t pull my hand away.
She hesitantly moved away as I stood up, but she didn’t stand more than a foot away from me as I got to my feet and squared up with dad. Mom and Aunt Lisa were still behind him just as fidgety as Rita was, ready just in case dad tried another lunge at me.
He stepped aside to let me in. "The missus is as sassy as ever and Jack is still loving karate. He always talks about how his senseis aren't as cool as you were, though."
I breathed a sigh of relief, hopefully with the ‘relief’ point unbeknownst to Nicole. She didn’t know. Good. She would have killed me if she knew I cheated on Megan, even if I told her the whole story. “Anyway, my point is, for a grade nine, you’re pretty popular. Sex news spreads fast at our school.” She looked at her nails smugly. “Before I showed up, our school was pretty vanilla, you know.”
What the fuck am I saying? It was a long time coming, and Ashley was the one who finally sent me over the edge. They all deserved a piece of my mind but after that little yelling session I just laid back down on my bed and fell asleep on the spot.
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Jacqui laughed. "Actually you don't really need to do anything except show up, look good, and follow directions. Hey, I have a tape from my last assignment. Would you like to see it?"
“This is a Mommy Special, sweetie, you just have to relax. Let me take care of it”
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But Katie was also very disappointed. Somewhere deep down inside, she had craved Josh to be her first for a long time. She had wanted him to ask her out, not Ashley, but she completely understood his decision, and although she wished them the best, she knew she would do anything for Josh. She would betray her best friend if her love asked it of her, even though it made her feel horrible inside. But she had been friends with Josh for forever. She knew that he had never cheated on a girlfriend. Well, not before today that is. And if for some reason he and Ashley broke up, she would still be "off limits" as Ashley would be heartbroken over her ex dating her best friend. Katie was stuck, with the only option being to hope Josh took advantage of her, despite the fact that he seemed to love Ashley.
“I do not need to pay.” He laughed at her cute temper. “Being the prince, it is an honour to have me accept an item.”
Kenny appeared to sense that there was some kind of awkward moment and decided to end it. “Dude,” He remarked, tapping me on the shoulder. “I believe you asked a question, didn’t you?” With that, he smiled his obnoxious smile.
I winced. “Actually, sorry, I’m kind of busy on Saturday.”
Uncle Walt told me to sit down for a minute while he made a phone call. A moment later, he was on the phone with a fellow sheriff just shooting the breeze. I wasn’t paying much attention, but then I suddenly became very interested.
Mom replied, “Almost to the letter.”
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"No problem, my parents won't be around so they asked if I could play babysitter for Lyssa and her friends. I figured we could hang out, too." Adam reassured her infatuation. Looking down at the wrapped gift, he added: "Jess, you didn't have to get her anything."
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“Not yet,” she replied, “I don’t want to get up yet,” she said tiredly just before she kissed me. It was hard to say no to her.
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I was taken out of my thoughts by a tear-soaked Megan quietly shutting the door behind her. Fully clothed, fully embarrassed. “Let’s go.” she quietly said. I nodded, pushed myself off of the wall, and we began our journey in silence.
Our lives had a typical routine. I would wake up, have breakfast and chat with our parents about how yesterday went, drive my sisters and I to school, endure information being forcefully injected into my brain, drive back home, watch TV with Elisa pressed against me while Jenny and Carly gossip in their room, and make dinner for the four of us. While we eat, Carly and Jenny would be continue gossiping in their freaky twin language (its basically English, but with a weird ‘The Shining’ tone), and Elisa and I would be chatting and laughing.
‘Luna’s father must be just as whacked as her! Who’s next?’ Fred laughed moments Luna had left.
"Charlie!" Jo splashed him again. "Call me Jo!"
I was lucky enough that when I did my 'reset' day's, all the drugs would be nullified from my system, leaving no chemical addiction what so ever.
She scooted closer to Anthony and slowly ran her hand up Anthony’s thigh. She adjusted herself so that she was laying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows. Chloe reached up and unbuttoned Anthony’s pants.
“Oh brother. All you need to get over Cole is to get on top of somebody else.” Carol chimed in, sounding a little drunk herself. “Now I’m not talking about another boyfriend, God knows the last think you need right now is to get into another relationship, you just need a guy who can make you feel better, with no strings attached.”
I gave her a sympathetic look to let her know that I also thought this guy was a pretentious douche and was all too eager to exploit the small amount of power that he had been given. I didn't know if my face could express all that, but she shook her head and smiled before refocusing on the paper in front of her.
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“Yeah, there ya go,” Deana repeated, and looked out the window.
GOD he was tight!
“Weird way to phrase it,” I replied slowly. “What’s up?”
I love the positive comments and personally want to thank my fans, we're not done but you guys are what has kept this series going after the second one. PM with thoughts or comment? I will be taking questions if you have any.
"Yes, I'm starving."
We feasted on the food. Tommy was very anxious to be finished, but ate his share. When he was done he asked to be excused so he could take a bath. Mr. Benson excused him and he almost ran out of the house. I finished up my food and asked to be excused. Mr. Benson took a long drink of tea.
“Class starts in ten minutes, but I guess I’m available for lunch,” I replied. Thanks, Kevin.
That started the confusing feelings I had for my, for all figurative sakes, sister. I treated her as such, and visa versa.
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"Later." answered Jessica.
I did most of the talking on the car ride to the mall. Most of it was my explaining to Nichole who Noah is. The kind of person he is, how he thinks, and what makes him so special to me. Nichole got me up to speed on the latest trends among 20-somethings, or at least as much as she could. Nichole was closer to the goth side of things than the pop culture side so she had a slightly non-mainstream aesthetic.
They drove home in silence. Claire was fuming with rage. When they got to her house, Claire opened the door to leave.
“You have a great body” she said, running her eyes over me.
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His meat tasted quite unusual, but it was good, Jenny thought.
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There wasn’t a perfect moment to go back to. There was never really a time we were super close to doing something naughty. The only night that was really coming to mind was a night in late high school, when she came over my house to watch one of those trendy movies that everybody but us had seen. Back when you could still rent a movie. Damn, this was a long time ago.
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2023.03.30 07:06 Mineash-the-tresh For Hire- Backgrounds, bookmarks, cats! Range from 8$ - 25$

Hey all, im looking for some money to be able to get some stuff to defend myself (pepperspray, pocket knife, etc), so im going on a sale as well as practicing some new stuff!! check it out :] You can message me here or on discord (MineashLeTrashy#4716)
Sorry this is such a long post, i like to cover everything when talking about my prices so theres no confusion! All prices are in USD!


Cartoony cats in cartoony poses. I can cartoonify your cat, turn you into a cat, do cat characters, etc!
Currently running a sale on fullbodies and custom designs! Turn your bf into a cat!! Get cool cat designs!!!!
Fullbody - 8$
Custom design - 10$

BOOKMARKS - 10 - 25

One-of-a-kind painted bookmarks, completely customizable! Prices will be subject to shipping depending on where you live. Will be laminated and painted in acrylics.
1.5 inch X 5 inch - 10$
3 inch X 8 inch - 15$
Glow-in-the-dark accents - +1$ per color
Glitters / foil flakes - +0.50$ per type
Metallic paint - +1$ per color
Ribbon / Tassel - +0.50$
Looking mostly for themed backgrounds or abstract stuff, but i can do animals and wildlife.


Pretty scenes to put in the back, as a header, pfp, etc! Want a cool landscape? Gotchu! HD will be delivered digitally apon half of payment :]
Simple Watercolor - 10$ Complex scenery - 15$

Galaxy test

My current twitter header

Pokemon Concept

Random Gator design i did

Fnaf cover design i worked on for a bit

Monster Design

BLOOD // Warrior cats au piece

BLOOD // old anime-inspired murder scene
submitted by Mineash-the-tresh to commissions [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 05:58 D2TournamentThreads March 30 Competitive Matches

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 2

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 2 - China

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch Youtube Facebook CN : Twitch bilibili
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (SGT) PST EST GMT CEST AET
CN Vici Gaming vs Aster.Aries 0:0 12:00 21:00 0:00 4:00 6:00 15:00
CN Ybb Gaming vs Outsiders From CN 0:0 15:00 0:00 3:00 7:00 9:00 18:00

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 2 - Eastern Europe

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch RU : Twitch UA : Twitch Twitch
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (CEST) PST EST GMT SGT AET
EEU Natus Vincere vs HellRaisers 0:0 13:00 4:00 7:00 11:00 19:00 22:00
EEU Team Spirit vs 0:0 16:00 7:00 10:00 14:00 22:00 1:00

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 2 - South America

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch PT : Twitch Twitch ES : Twitch Youtube Facebook Trovo
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (PST) EST GMT CEST SGT AET
SA beastcoast vs Infamous.R Infamous.R 0:0 10:00 13:00 17:00 19:00 1:00 4:00
SA Evil Geniuses vs Qhali 0:0 13:00 16:00 20:00 22:00 4:00 7:00
SA Thunder Awaken vs Infinity 0:0 16:00 19:00 23:00 1:00 7:00 10:00

Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes #1

Organized by Eden Esports • Pinnacle • GamingMalta




Liquipedia Dotabuff datDota
Stream: EN : Twitch RU : Twitch


ID Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (CEST) PST EST GMT SGT AET
PlayOff R1 Plasma1337x vs Betrayed 0:0 10:00 0:00 3:00 8:00 16:00 19:00
PlayOff R1 No Sorry vs ERTENKELEM 0:0 13:00 3:00 6:00 11:00 19:00 22:00
PlayOff R1 Unity Esports vs Monaspa 0:0 16:00 6:00 9:00 14:00 22:00 1:00
PlayOff R1 Team Ukraine vs The Oversight 0:0 19:00 9:00 12:00 17:00 1:00 4:00
Countdown times are in local time. All times are subject to change based on the length of matches and delays. Other match discussions: /dota2 on Discord
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2023.03.29 19:56 BesstheBtuber Sped up time lapse of the free hairstyle on my BOOTH 👽

Sped up time lapse of the free hairstyle on my BOOTH 👽
👽•̩̩͙⳾⊱• BesstheBtuber’s Socials•̩̩͙⊰⳾•👽 🌙Website 🌕Discord 🌖TikTok 🌗Insta 🌘Pinterest 🌑Youtube 🌒Twitter 🌓Etsy 🌔Ko-fi 🌕BOOTH
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2023.03.29 16:20 BigUncG Is this a Good Deal? 17 2SS 58xxx miles NA HCI 563whp $40k obo

Is this a Good Deal? 17 2SS 58xxx miles NA HCI 563whp $40k obo
Was planning on buying a 1LE soon & eventually doing a build similar to this. This would save a ton of money but the year & mileage is making me hesitate. Engine mods include: prc heads, 660 dual spring kit, TS el c7 cam, lifters, ported intake, rotafab cai, TS headers, exhaust w/ x pipe, etc. Only 4-5k miles since hci were installed. There are a bunch of aesthetic mods as well. Car makes 563whp & owner wants $40k obo. What’s your thoughts?
submitted by BigUncG to camaro [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:20 incorruptible_bk The mystery visitor was likely Michele Hatchette, and yes, there may have been something to the timing of her visit and Nicki Clyne's split with Raniere. Both matters dealt with here.

Last Friday, 3/24 I posted about how a Raniere follower had passed through theNXIVMcase. For more details recap here.
In that recap I omitted identifying information out of concern for getting closer to 100% right and also for privacy concerns. There is now enough information and sufficient concern to state details.
As well, several users have been curious about the relationship of this visit to Nicki Clyne leaving Keith Raniere and shutting down DOSsier Project accounts.
I will address both here.

Details re: suspected activity by Hatchette here

I am going to reiterate: a concern is that both this account and Hatchette's Instagram account were active during an 18 hour block (6PM Thursday to 12PM Friday) and overnight in her time zone. For perspective, the USDOT does not allow truckers to work more than 14 consecutive hours without a substantial rest period.
Hatchette has continued to post to social media at odd hours, including overnight to Twitter just this morning. Sometimes that material is NXIVM-related, and sometimes it is material related to an insurance business that several Nxians have entered into.
This is a pattern similar to what got Raniere a charge for labor trafficking (specifically, his compelling a woman to work 23 hours straight). Regardless of outside coercion, it is also simply not healthy.
As I posted previously, I hope she avails herself of the resources at

Timeline of events leading to Clyne's split with Raniere

Adding further intrigue are a number of coincidences both before and after the posts were made, as well as Nicki Clyne's notable public rejection of Raniere. To detail these:
Please note that Nicki Clyne's rejection of Keith Raniere followed some 24-48 hours after Hatchette posted here. I cannot state with any more clarity than others what the connection is between the posts and Clyne's defection; perhaps Clyne can explain.
But I would note another event, which was the rejection and refiling of papers in Raniere's legal case.
As Raniere's contact with the outside world has been limited by BOP mainly to legal calls and visits, I believe it is also possible some kind of message was sent by Raniere to his followers through lawyers that affected the status quo. I would hope Clyne could explain.
submitted by incorruptible_bk to theNXIVMcase [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 13:47 revive-adservermod How to Create and Manage Ad Campaigns in Revive Adserver

Creating and managing ad campaigns in Revive Adserver involves several steps. Here's an overview of the process:
Create a campaign: In the Revive Adserver interface, navigate to the "Campaigns" section and click "New campaign." Enter a name for the campaign, choose the type of ads you want to run, and specify the targeting criteria for the campaign.
Create ad groups: Within each campaign, you can create one or more ad groups to organize your ads by targeting criteria or other factors. To create an ad group, click "New ad group" and specify the targeting criteria for the group.
Create ads: Within each ad group, you can create one or more individual ads. To create a new ad, click "New banner" or "New video" and upload the creative content for the ad. Specify the ad format, size, and other details as needed.
Set up pricing and delivery: In the "Delivery rules" section, you can specify how and when your ads should be delivered based on factors such as the user's location, device type, and time of day. You can also set pricing and budgeting parameters for your campaign.
Launch your campaign: Once you have created your ads, ad groups, and campaign settings, you can launch your campaign by setting the start and end dates and activating the campaign.
Monitor and optimize your campaign: As your campaign runs, you can use the reporting and analytics tools in Revive Adserver to monitor its performance and make adjustments as needed. You can also use features such as frequency capping, A/B testing, and retargeting to optimize your campaign for better results.
Here are some plugins help to boost and revive ad server performance
1. Advanced Video Ads Plugin developed advanced VAST video ads plugin and it is a standard plugin for delivering video ads that improve the current video ad serving situation into an advanced. It is easy to use, and exceedingly information-responsive module that can be effectively coordinated with all the adaptations of Revive Adserver including the most recent versions available.
2. Advanced Mobile Ads Plugin with SDK developed mobile ads plugin for revive adserver and it helps publishers create and serve mobile-specific ads, optimized for the smaller screens and unique user behavior associated with mobile devices. This plugin supports and serves the Android and iOS mobile operating platforms.
3. Header Bidding Plugin For Revive Adserver developed Header Bidding Plugin for Revive Adserver and it is a programmatic advertising solution that enables publishers to increase their ad revenue by allowing multiple ad networks to bid on the same inventory in real time.
4. Advanced DSP Plugin for Revive Adserver developed Advanced DSP Plugin for Revive Adserver. It is an enhanced automated option to deliver engaging ad campaigns to third-party ad exchanges or SSPs. An efficient plugin with the best connection to Open RTB-supported ad exchanges or SSPs
Overall, creating and managing ad campaigns in Revive Adserver involves careful planning, organization, and ongoing optimization to ensure that your ads are effectively reaching your target audience and generating the desired results.
Follow us on Twitter and discover our industry insights, tips, and tricks
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