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2023.03.20 20:05 Right-Horror-5371 Why is "simulator" underlined? Do i need to add something to vs code?

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2023.03.20 19:48 Freecastor Player 2 in Campaign Co-Op should be our multiplayer spartan.

Please let me pretend my boy is best friends with Master Chief. I care not for lore. I care not for canon. Just let me pretend.
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2023.03.20 19:40 ogreatgames Final Fantasy XI Online Treasures of Aht Urhgan: Ancient City Exploration - PS2 Game

Final Fantasy XI Online Treasures of Aht Urhgan: Ancient City Exploration - PS2 Game

![video](qso6un0c5k191 " Explore the treasures of Aht Urhgan, an ancient city steeped in mystery. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/final-fantasy-xi-treasures-of-aht-urhgan to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #rpg #finalfantasy --
Final Fantasy XI Online Treasures of Aht Urhgan for Sony PlayStation 2. Get a glimpse of the most epic and beautifully designed massively multiplayer online role-playing game of all time! Embark on a journey in the vast world of Aht Urhgan, collecting rare items and mastering new skills. Find the mysterious artifacts, fight off enemies, and more. The game allows players to explore the open-world environments on foot or by ship, making for some truly unique gameplay. The game is full of new adventures and challenges that provide players with a fresh perspective, new lands to explore, and tougher quests that will challenge their limits. Please note all online features may not be available at this time making this game unplayable but this disc can be an excellent collectors item. --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.03.20 19:37 Sanu_DZ "Wrong game" Finaly an official response from IVT (Edit: Text is improved and a lot of new infos are added)

First of all, am not gonna waste your time with my story and who I’m, and what I thought this thing is about when the first time I saw it. But, I will just go straightly to the main point then start from there.
A few days ago, I was looking at reddit’s community of The Crew 2, and suddenly something very strange and unusual just caught my attention.
I discovered a shocking secret message hidden in the random tips bar of PVP.
What you’re basically seeing here is a memorable quote from the famous Assassin Creed series. Following that quote there’s a secret message saying that this is a “Wrong game”. This means this is not only a random quote that’s been shared in there for no reason but also a secret message from the IvoryTower’s employers. This is also an official response from them to my recent critisism.
Furthermore, this secret message actually confirms something that I recognized of them and this game long time ago, something very consistent with what I know and recognized. More importantly, it’s the ultimate answer of all our major questions and concerns about The Crew 2. And especially these following major questions : “Why The Crew 2 is so different than The Crew 1, Why The Crew 2 and its major features were completely downgraded, Why The Crew 2 is so heavy and restricted and limited to its full potential, and lastly, why Ivory Tower was not taking most of our feedback and suggestions into sérious considerations”.
The reason why in a short simple answer is because the main story behind that quote has been put into practice on The Crew 2, and within its design structure and the multiplayer infrastructure. However, the in-game details on how it’s been put to practice will not be presented to you in this topic,but because this topic require another constructive and separate post to adress them properly. But, you will still be able to learn the main basic ideas of that secret message when it will be briefly sumarized in my Q&A, and my response to IVT.
How did I knew that was actually a secret message and an official response to my recent critisism:
I arrived to that conlusion mainly because of these four following reasons :
First, The message appeared in PVP and exactly after my recent criticism about PVP. (The link of my criticism is lost in this forums due to the complete overhal and redesign of its structure. So I cannot provide you the evidence, but what basicly this is all about is basicly criticising IVT about the lack of freedom in TC2, and all related).
Second, the quote talks about the freedom and that is main goal of The Assassins.
Third, the quote was a selective part of a complete Assassin Creed quote, and nothing else besides that part was quoted.
Lastly, It’s very consistent with what I know and recognized from The Crew 2, and that is the dominance through order and control. Which is basically the main goal of The Templars (The enemies of The Assassins).
Moreover, even if I’m wrong and this is not true, or if the message never appeared, my main topic today will still be completely true and on point. But I’m simply using their secret message (or whatever you call it) as my primary evidence to bring this topic through this direction, and use it effectively to prove my points. The other way of proving my points is by providing the in-game details and use them as my primary evidence, but it would be a lot difficult than proving them in this way, so I went with other way instead.
What does this secret message and offical response is stating:
The specific quote in that secret message is talking about freedom, this mean no one should have control over anyone or anything, you're free to do whatever you like, at anytime you want. Next to that, the statement next to that quote is rejecting that idea, it’s rejecting that freedom because it’s clearly stating that this is the “wrong game”, meaning this is not the right game for freedom, and also it will never be about freedom. However, the freedom that’s being rejected here, is not the freedom that was derived from this stupid non linear story of TC2, the freedom of driving and exploration, and the freedom of conquering the air, the land and the sea of the united state. No, It’s a freedom of game accessibilities, game features, flexibility, design structure, and the multiplayer infrastructure.
Why and how this secret message is the ultimate answer of all our major questions and concerns about The Crew 2:
Think about it as this way: The community wants freedom. This freedom is basicly the flexibility and the creative abilities of the game, it’s the main thing that makes this game so great and successful.
Next to that, the developers already offered you this creative freedom in The Crew 1, it was even wider and extent in that game. Moreover, It’s exactly what IVT was stating in that quote “Everything is permitted”, that’s because of the fact that you can do whatever you like at anytime you want. For example, you can play with your friends in private lobby and do CVC anytime you want, you can have full access to all the events in PVP and all the racing famillies anytime you want, you can turn on/off traffic and collisions in pvp anytime you want, you can search for lobbies and do anything else (play other events or play summit for ex) anytime you want, you can have full access to the open world and have full freedom while the pvp matchmaking is in progress, you can spectate in pvp and watch other players racing anytime you want, you can have full access to the roster and invites/add friends anytime and anywhere you want (invite friends in PVP or while driving for ex), you can have full access to the user interface from a mobile phone anywhere and anytime you want, you can fast travel anywhere and anytime you want, you can buy performance parts from tuner shops anytime you want, you can create content with the race creator anytime you want, and many many more freedom.
All these accessibilities and features are basically freedom. They are the flexibility. They are the huge potential of the game. They are the creative abilities of the game. And they simply gives the players the ability to control their own gameplay experiences to have an optimal and enjoyable gaming experience, and ultimately they gives them the sense of having the full freedom without being limited or controled by anything, like the control inside out the crew 2 pvp terrible user experience.
Well, Unfortunately, not with the game that we are dealing with today, absolutly not when the developers have turned into templars within their business in The Crew 2 and after being a nice friendly assassins.
The developers have realised that The Crew 1 got stolen from their hands and got dominated and fully owned by the first community and the players had so many opportunities of having control over their game, and that’s because of the extent freedom they gave them. It simply appeared to them that The Crew 1 was basically a photoshop, the entire game was hugely flexible and everything was permitted. So what they actually did is basically creating a new plans and adopting another strategy, and that is basically the dominance and control. They start establishing dominance and control everywhere in the game, by taking away that freedom from the community, by removing its flexibility, by removing the opportinities that provides the players the ability of dominating and taking control over their game, and eventaly by just killing its huge and valuable potential, by decreasing its creative abilities, by decreasing its huge flexibility, by decreasing its useful accessibilities. And that exactly what’s happening in The Crew 2, that’s why The Crew 2 and its major features were completely downgraded, that’s why The Crew 2 was so heavy and restricted and limited to its potential. And more importantly, that’s what you are complaining about, you are complaining about its huge and valuable potential.
Also, this new dominance based strategy that they’re adopting on The Crew 2, is apparently the main reason why most of our feedback and sugesstions were being secretly rejected. Because any feedback or anything that was demanding the freedom and the flexibility for the game, or in other words, the feedback that was going against that new dominance based strategy, was never been accepted or sériously taken into consideration. And still today being rejected and for the same exact reason.
For instance, like Akorr’s feedback and his expectations that he shared in youtube long time ago (check in this link) https://youtu.be/A-LuHrjJOik?t=899 (@Minute 14:59) When he was requesting more freedom and flexibilty for PVP, all his requests were being secretly rejected, and the same thing happened to my feedback. I did the same thing here in this forums, and way before the release of PVP, I requested more freedom for PVP and for many aspects of the game, and it were all been secretly rejected.
Not only my feedback or akorr’s feedback, but most of the community feedback, from both TC1 and TC2. All the feedback that was going in the opposite direction of their new plans and that new dominance based strategy was secretly being rejected, and still today being rejected and for the same exact reason. However, this does not mean IVT don’t listen to the communities and their feedback, they do listen in-fact-they know every detail about the community and their requests but they simply don’t want to accept anthing that goes against their new bussiness strategy and plans. They also like to fully understand and analyse their repeated responses and constructive feedback precisely.
What IvoryTower did offer to the community after taking away that freedom:
I will leave this question to Mr Stephan Janskowski (One of the producers of The Crew 2). Check this video here and listen carefully to what he says. (@Minute 1:08) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oanozhx_Ptc&feature=youtu.be&t=68
That’s it ladies and gentlemen, he concluded almost everything I’ve said earlier in this topic.
He's explicitly stating that he is offering you a new toys and new freedom as a complete and permanent substitute of The Crew 1 freedom. He took away the freedom that you wanted and that was already in The Crew 1, and gave you the freedom of driving and exploration, and conquering the air, the land, and the sea of the united state. Not to mention, the newly given conquest toys he justly said (Planes and boats, and instant vehicle swapping features).
Let me put this in a short story to understand better what’s going on. Basically it is like this. Stephan and his team discussed together and said to them, “Look, we gave a lot of freedom in The Crew 1 and as a result of that, the game got taken from our hands and got dominated and fully owned by the community. So what we should do and what the possible solutions to offer the players a good subtitute for their losts, if we take that freedom away from them. A developer came up with his instant vehicle swapping concept and said, “Look we should give them planes and boats and this cool new feature (the instant vehicle swapping feature, and we let them have full freedom and exploring the huge world and dominate the air, the land, and the sea of the united state as a complete new freedom”. Stephan said: Ok fair enough, we give them that as a new freedom then we take the advantage of that opportunity to establish a great degree of technical dominance and strict control over the game and then at the same time prevent them from stealing it from our hands.
So what they basicly did is that they took all the accessibilities of the first game that I mentioned before (accessible roster, accessible UI, accessible events, accessible open world … etc), and gave you the accessibility of the open world and the game content (accessible buildings, accessible roof tops, accessible rivers, skies, seas…etc). Then they took all the important and usefull features that were available in the first game, and basicly gave you the instant vehicle swapping feature along with some other features that you never asked for (Lootboxes, video editor, variable loot system…etc). So in other words, they closed all the open doors of The Crew 1. Took all the doors that were originally closed from The Crew 1 and opened them in The Crew 2. And they added some additional useless doors that you never actually requested and that’s it, that’s whole point of that concept and that direction. It basicly came from the idea that The Crew 1 freedom must be removed somehow, and replaced by another less or equal freedom in order to compenstate between the two games. And more importantly, in order to dominate The Crew 2 and to prevent the players from stealing it from the devs’s hands and controlling it, and also to keep retaining a direct, an unlimited, an absolute and comprehensive ownership and leadership over The Crew 2 indefinitely, while we the players keep owning america and dominating the air, the land, and the sea of the united state.
They basicly went against more than twelve million players that they were simply wanting to bring The Crew 1 to the next level and gets more out of its potential, only because they wanted to say to them this is our own game and nobody can touch it.
Or in other words, this is our own ground and nobody can dance. *facepalm* (-‸ლ)
But the problem is, that is not the freedom that the players wanted, the players never asked for planes and boats and that kind of stufs. The players wanted to bring The Crew 1 freedom to The Crew 2 and expend it a little further. But, since that freedom is clearly what the developers were troubling with in the first game, also what they were frightened of. They went fully against their community and the players wishes. And that’s exaclty why they made The Crew 2 as their own game and not the community game.
One last thing I would like to mention, The developers basicaly gave you a new freedom and wants you to go and explore the world, but the problem is, They did not even give you the incentive to do that. Like For example: landmarks, data station, hidden vehicules, map uncovering, acheivements and awards... These are the most valuable features of The Crew 1. They completely dismised all of that, yet they still want you to go and explore the world. Someone would say “But they gave us Photo ops”, Yes but these Photo ops never felt like a real incentive of exploration, because they are just basic events that ppl use them to gain more money and more followers. The first thing the players start to do in this game is they went straitghtly finding bugs and exploits in order to gain more followers, because that what the game always motivate you to do at the start, the whole story is about grinding followers. But in the other hand, the first thing that The Crew 1 motivates you to do is finding data stations to uncover the map, and at the same time unlock acheivements and awards, and discover landmarks and hidden vehicles.
Why IVT is sharing that secret message in public?
I don’t know exactly why they are sharing that message in public or why they are exposing their business infront of everyone who play PVP, but I’am pretty sure they though nobody would notice or care about finding the truth of that secret message, because they actually made it look like a mistake or a joke, they also didn’t reveal it directly in PVP, they actually hide it in the random tips bar. But they are correct, although the message is very clear and understandable, no one have actually noticed or cared so far. But not with somebody whos well familiar with their games and their business in the first game. I did notice, and understood exactly what they were attempting to state from that message.
Why am making this topic and what’s my main goals behind it:
Well, definitly not to expose IVT or because am a hater, maybe there’s some ppl here that thinks that am a hater and they are basing their judgement on my offensive actions in this community, but that’s not because of hate. That’s because of my frustrations and disappoitments of this game, and that’s completely natural, ppl always complain about these issues in the forums.
I’m not a blind hater and I never been so, in fact am a big fan of The Crew franchise and I always give it my love and my support, and so far this is my biggest useful feedback post I’ve ever gave to IVT. And of course this feedback gonna contain many bad offensive words, of course am gonna come up here and say IVT was ignoring the community and was rejecting our feedback, but let’s be fair and objective. The Crew 2 was it been mostly based on the community feedback or it was been mostly based on the developers ideas? Your feedback from The Crew 1 was it extensively been employed in The Crew 2, or only a few percentage of it was been employed? Most of it was been rejected right? And that’s why The Crew 2 was completely different than The Crew 1, and was not a continuous sequel of The Crew 1. So these statements they are completely valid and on point, am not giving you lies or speculations, or some random, or pointless thoughts. Am simply giving you my honest and my evidential feedback, my analysis, my final conclusions of this game. Next to that, my main goal from this topic is as following: Firstly, to inform you about what’s ‘truly’ going on with The Crew 2. And secondly, to bring back this game to its original form and full potential, and reverse it back to its original direction. And more importantly, to bring back our stolen freedom that has been taken away by the templars.
My response to that message :
Thank you for your confirmation and honest response Mr Templar (IVT), Without your confirmation and response this wouldn't be possible for me to make this topic and bring it in this direction. So thank you very much, you made it a lot easier for me. I’m calling you mr Templar because your goals are the same as their goals which are the dominance through order and control.
Let me first begin by asking you a very important question, and it is as following: ‘’Why you could never inform us or at least whisper about that from the beginning? Why you couldn’t stick a message in The Crew 1 PVP and quoted “Nothing is true, everything is permitted. No Wait… This is only a ‘Temporary experimental Game’, and not a ‘True Representative’ of The Crew Franchise and its true and definite DNA?”’’
Is it because The Crew 1 was a mistake, or because it was intented to build up your initial player base?
From my perspective, I don’t think that was actually a mistake, because you seems a very well experienced game developer. But even if that was truly a mistake, you still have done a more bigger mistake than that one, and that is The Crew 2.. Do you know why? because your reaction and response to the first game was so extreme in The Crew 2 and you have gone too far with that and maybe without even noticing.
But now obviously, you will come up and say: “Many players are happy with what we are doing in this game, so The Crew 2 was not a failure and we are doing a great job”. That’s definitly not true, that’s a very narrow perspective to obeserved it from. Those players thinks that there’s nothing wrong with this game because they are uncapable enough of recognizing what’s happening around them, they have no idea what’s going on with this game, especially the kiddies. But who knows, maybe they are just getting frustrated in silence and don’t want to bother sharing their frustrations with you.
The problem is, you are turning The Crew 2 into a payback while making it as a sequel, a payback to the extent that you can literally feel the game being mad at you and wracking your brain, you can feel the extreme reaction and your response to dominance and controm of The Crew 1. Seriously, I’ve never seen in my entire life a video game that is so heavy and restricted the same way as The Crew 2 is designed. Especially when it comes to the accessibility, the user interface and other core features like PVP, you absolutely nailed that one. The numbers of restrictions and downgrades are totally insane, It’s absolutely ridiculous. No flexibility, no freedom, even the player’s comfort got dismised.
More problems, despite all the criticism and the feedback that you received from the players and the reviewers. You still want to blindly reject all of that and keep insisting on using the same strategy that you adopted with The Crew 2, even though it was exactly behind its failure and the players' disappointments. And that was very clear from your message (Wrong game).
I understand that The Crew 1 was taken away from your hands by the community due to the extent freedom that you gave them, but let’s be very clear, wasn’t that the key reason behind its success? Wasn’t that the key reason why The Crew 1 so great and successful? Wasn’t that the key reason why The Crew 1 had more than twelve millions players? Wasn’t that all what they were expecting you to do in The Crew 2? Wasn’t that all what they want wanted? They wanted the freedom right ? Not the planes and the boats that you literally call freedom after your dominance, Mr Templar (Stephan) right? Just look around now and see, how the community is responding to The Crew 2? What they are saying about this game? Are they saying this is the game that we were expecting? Are they satisfied? It’s the opposite right ? So why you are going against your community then? Why not stick to the things that everyone love and appreciate then? Is it because owning and dominating the game is more important to you than simply giving away the freedom? Is it because the dominance is a lot easier for you than giving away the freedom? (Well… If that’s the case, then just go and give your condoleses to The Crew franchise man, because that’s what you are basically doing, you are simply killing it).
The dominance has gone too far Mr Templar (IVT), I think it’s about time you reconsider and revisit your plans and strategy.
And always remember, the huge success that was behind The Crew 1 was because of the freedom that you offered it, and the big failure that was behind The Crew 2 was because the dominance and the control that you established.
It’s all very clear and self-evident, you don’t need anyone else or me to inform you about that.

Best regards,
KipOWNinAMRCA_hf The Crew Expert Raven-GT Mayor Sanu-DZ Raven-R35 UBI30-FreeNoob

Bonus image 1: A slightly different theme than the one IVT used for their response, but doesn’t really matter, because they are both very similar and self-explanatory.
Bonus image 2: This is an only optional image, I wanted to share with you because it shows something interesting.
In The Crew 1, this easter egg was a happy welcoming face, but in The Crew 2 it got changed to an Assassin Creed logo. So this could be a sign of their dominance.
It really makes sense, because when you play the first game you really feel happy and welcomed in that game, you really feel like this is your own home because everything is offered to you a silverplate, everything is permitted. But in the other side, all what you get from The Crew 2 is just frustrations and disapointments, the game just keep getting mad at you and you wont stop getting disappointed. And at the end, you simply feel unhappy and unwelcomed.

Bonus Image 3: An exclusive preview on how The Crew 2 PVP should be design. This is how The Crew 2 PVP should look like if we use the same design structure of The Crew 1 PVP.
Personally I find this the best PVP Design in any racing game, there’s no racing game in the world that can offer you a huge collection of events and let you chose from it whatever event you like, anytime you want without limiting you into four or five events per race like the crew 2 pvp and other racing games. You see this is the creative freedom I like to have in racing games, the events collection is huge and variant and you can choose whatever event you like at anytime you want, for example, I like to choose only the events that suite my personnel preference and driving skills anytime I want, like that I can have my full freedom of choice in PVP. I also like to toggle traffic and collusion options as they are free to use anytime I want. And the best of all I’m free to go anywhere else and play whatever game I like to play and not being forcedly staring at that quote that always tells me you’re not free in this game and you’re in a wrong game. Seriously you will never find any racing game that gives you so much creative freedom in PVP inside a racing game never, all racing games gives you a limited choices and doesn’t allow to control your own gameplay experiences.
In my humble opinion all game companies are frightened of giving away the freedom and all of them like to strictly control their own games because people are able to control their games using freedom also, but in my opinion freedom is just fun for us and everybody, why would you limits and control my choices in PVP just to tell me this is not your own game that you bought from us, but this is only our own game and nobody can touch it, or this is a wrong game as you said, and we have also the direct, the unlimited, the absolute and comprehensive ownership and leadership over it indefinitely, so you can never own it definitely.
Do you know what they tell you my friends? they tell you wait for the daily rotations so you can play the events you like and not let you chose any event you like anytime you want. They tell you make for us community pvp playlists so we can share them for PVP, and you give them that?! and you want them to fix and improve the pvp for you?! LOol
Bonus image 4: These two last images has no relation with the content I’ve shared here in this topic but it’s greatly important to share it with you all to comprehend what’s the secret sincere work behind this loveable racing game The Crew 1.
First of all, What is this? (⊙̃.o)
How do you know how important the first game was in the true eyes of the game developers… You don’t know how? Then check this out.
This is a manual specially designed to teach you all of things in this original racing game and what to actually expect from its major features. Look how much effort they putted into this game and how much love they served into it, look carefully what inside their loving kind sincere hearts and minds.
With all possible worlds wide languages? Yes, absolutely with all languages, but… WHO ARE YOU?!
(/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻
Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/foldeau6iac0a36db5/FAQ+Manuals
Bonus image 5: This is a steve jobs’ quote modified exactly by me to importantly understand why this masterpiece is truly a masterpiece that benefit you. This is for you only IVT, solely big money my friend, biiiiig big money.
This is the first starting game officially made carefully with care and love and deep passion. The first game that fully made with deeply loving hearts the game developers. Finaly and additionnely, I want to say that I’m not gonna fall again in this massive trap that trapped me in the year two thousands and eighteen where the game has released as a deadly massive trap for all buyers and those who trusted you in the first game, the first game lovers who deeply knows what to expect from a first continuous sequel professionally and carefully designed with patience and passion and deep love. But not at all with The Crew 2 not at all, and not again with the third game, not again with The Crew Motorfest, because it’s not what we expected from you IVT. This is no more buyings from me till I completely recognize what I want to buy from you IVT.
Anyway, here’s the full quote: “The only way to do a great work is to love what you do, is to get deeply deeply deeply involved with what you do and do it closely and fully with heart, love, and passion, not with dominance, and control, ignorance, and hatred, and the eager desire to accumulate enormous material wealth from this colorful, flashy, eye catching, eye filling loveable, beautiful racing game.”
Verdict, this is clearly and evidently how you care about this lovely racing game and this is most importantly how and all what we wanted from it. But this is also my all most favorite racing game that i love so heavily and that i want for myself and for all the game lovers and crewers and that's it, this is all what i want to say.
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2023.03.20 19:36 thomasd4140 Cold war, worth it (honest review) ?

I heard vanguard is bad, but i want a similar fun experience like MW1 or the classic cods. I'm getting tired of the MW1 maps after playing it so long, but i did really like the gameplay. Only maps i dislike are the smaller ones (rust, cheshire park, shipment, killhouse) and OP guns like asval, cx,...
I ask on this subreddit because otherwise it will be biased. I did like the old cod's backin the day, played all MW series + BO1, 2.
Should i get cold war or should i skip it ? Don't feel like wasting money if it's bad or average.
Is the cold war multiplayer as much populated as MW1 2019? Is it easy to find people in all game modes ? Does the steam version matchmake and let me play with battlenet players ?
Also i tried MW2 and i really disliked the gameplay there, feels like a chinese F2P game made that and a lot of directX errors. The time to kill being exteremly fast is annoying, but i did like the TTK on MW1 2019.
Feel free to share your review/experience :)
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2023.03.20 18:55 MalikFyz Planning to buy FH5 ( is the Matchmaking still an issue )

Player of FH3 & 4 , started to get the hang of Manual driving ( Fun and much more efficient for racing ) ,But the thing got me distant from playing any more is the bad matchmaking ( it take 8-12 min average for a race to start , I don’t know , is it because of the server issue , players give up midway or both ) The race. Finish in an average 2-3 min . I wish they improve the multiplayer experience; -limit the reward to a single race finish : and not necessarily connect the reward to 3-4 races ( because of the players giving up midway and slow down the match making . Single race reward and thats it , next race the system fill the gaps for the next race quicker with new players keeping the online racing going . Until the 3-4 races finish ( offroad ) and different sets of races arranged ( street race of specific rank)
if they use the same method they did in the exhibition by dropping the cars ( new online players added to the race from a flying chopper , it would be cool way . I guess it can work somehow .
Please my question ; is the matchmaking still an issue in FH5 xbox series X ?
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2023.03.20 18:42 UseeMeNowUdont Few questions about this build

Hey guys ! Hope you're doing good. I have a few questions about this solo stamcro build I theorycrafted.
Here is the build: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=518191
I plan to run arenas/ solo vhm only with this build. I'm kind of a minmax guy (far from beeing a good player but I hate playing with something that I know could be better).
Ok so here are my questions.
  1. As you can see, I did not focused on crit for this build. I focused on reaching the pen cap then put a bit of stats there and there. 11.1k + Major breach + dismember passive (1500pen with, in theory, 100% uptime) = 18.6k. I'm 400 pen above the cap, which sucks a bit if you ask me... Do you have an idea how I could do to optimize that ? Maybe instead of the frontbar mace go for another dagger with crush enchant ? But it won't be 100% uptime... Help me optimize this please.
  2. When I reached the pen cap I started investing a bit on crits (around 30% crit chance atm). Do you think I'd better completely leave the crits behind and focus on spell damages by equipping swords instead ? Given how low my crit chances and damages are, I'm not sure the 3 precise traits and the dagger is really worth it.
  3. As you can see I have a lot of 2h abilities backbar. What arena weapon do you think will work the best ? I'm really hesitating between vateshran for the perma dmg buff and maelstrom for the extra aoe tics that will proc runecarver set. Dsa looks fantastic too on paper. 1550 damage per ennemy sounds like a lot... I'm really hesitating and would like your advices /opinion on this point please.
  4. Last but not least. As you probably see, I decided to pick avid boneyard and get major breach through the caltrops. I was concerned about ressources management thats why I wanted to have access to the synergy + caltrops is a good dot imo + as I'm not playing with vigor that grants me access to a good burst heal. But thinking about it I'm hesitating, I could take the boneyard morph with major breach in order to remove caltrops from my backbar for an execute that my build is lacking (do you think it is mandatory?). Reverse slash could be a great addition to the build but I'm not sure...
Having the boneyard morph with major breach could let place for a flex spot, this execute for example, or maybe spirit guardian/mortal coil if needed... This sounds good, but it won't help proccing the set so at the end I'm not certain that's it's really worth it...

Long post I'm sorry guys. Thank you to those who will read me and help me !
NB: I put the hp/stam food on this build, but if I see that the hp sustain is ok, I'll go for lava foot for more damage.
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2023.03.20 18:20 RealAmarantine D4 - What it must do to be a fun game

  1. Keep focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Multiplayer is what gives a game longevity. If you are one of those guys that wants to solo grind all day by yourself and be as effective as people who are grouped up, grats, every other stupid ARPG on the market today is fit for you.
  2. The game needs to be hard and fights need to be of a smaller scale. I see so many people complaining they are not plowing through waves of monsters easily like in D3. Seriously? For those who have played Lost Ark thats like saying you prefer doing Chaos Dungeons instead of doing bosses with other people. Make this game challenging, Elden Ring is here to prove it works.
  3. Seasons are boring. Make horizontal content progress carry over. Starting from scratch every season to do everything again isn't fun. There is no competition in that. Sorry folks, PvE in RPGs, specially loot based ones, is not and will never be competitive.
  4. Speaking of the competitive aspect of the game, PvP. Yea, make PvP a real thing. Add some sort of ranked system, arenas, colloseum, battlegrounds, you name it. Also, with the game being more open world theres alot that can be done in regards to fighting other players. This is infinite content.

I could probably add a few more things here, but this is what I came up with after playing the Beta and watching many reviews online. The foundations of Diablo 4 are solid af, we just need the right game direction. Hopefully devs won't listen to people who want a D3/D2 with better graphics.
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2023.03.20 18:05 WickedSnacks1 [CROSSPLAY] Active LFG / Community 2,400 COD Points Giveaway!

Chill community. We have an active LFG channel for MW2 Multiplayer, Warzone BR, Resurge, DMZ, RAIDS.
2,400 COD points giveaway is active right now join ASAP!
-Active Chats and VC's -Non-Toxic members willing to help anyone. -We have players on PC,PlayStation,Xbox Stop playing with bots with no mics come check us out.
--Link in the comments <----
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2023.03.20 17:35 plankton_boy Skyrim Together reborn in multiseat? (ASTER V7)

Has anyone managed to play Skyrim Together reborn with two users locally on the same computer using multiseat software (Aster V7)? It's a software that allows for ''2 users 1 CPU+GPU'' setups. Unlike Nucleus which just creates two instances of the game on one Windows user, ASTER creates two Windows instances in a virtual machine fashion, so that two independent users can use the computer at the same time.
I know that Nucleus is probably an easier option, but our work+gaming PC setup is permanently split in two users, so I don't want to have to go back and forth everytime I want to play between enabling and disabling ASTER. Also, using Aster allows streaming both instances to play remotely which is very useful for playing on a tablet or TV, either at home or from another location.
We are both on Vortex. Our PC (7950x+rtx 3090+64gb RAM) is way overkill for it and is definitely capable of handling two maxed out instances of the game. I can launch ST on the first user, but the second user runs into a bunch of conflicts with Vortex when trying to launch the game, since they are both running from the same location.
The usual struggle with playing multiplayer games with Aster is launching both instances at once. Some games need to be either installed twice in two separate locations to avoid conflicts with each other, or using sandboxie to create a private instance. I would much prefer to not use sandboxie as it prevents saving the game for one player.
I'm just wondering if anyone had done it before and could just give me some pointers to get started before I go and troubleshoot all of this, which I know is gonna take a while lol.
Thanks everyone!
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2023.03.20 17:33 Pardaleco Input system - Local multiplayer spawning different characters?

Hello everyone, please bare with me since I am trying to migrate to the new input system and am having quite a bit of trouble with local multiplayer.
I have 2 characters with different behaviors one for each player. I tried going the C# generated class but I am not being able to pair a certain gamepad to a certain player, the documentation is not very good. Any help here?
It seems much easier to go the PlayerInput + PlayerInputManager route, but every resource I find seems to instantiate the same prefab of a character as many times as necessary. In my case, they would need to be different characters.
I also do not want to spawn players when clicking a button but instead as soon as a scene is loaded. (something like portal 2). Is the "Spawn Players Manually" value of the "Join Behavior" Enum the correct route for this, or is there some other better way?
I am sorry if this is quite a common question here, but I just did not find any good direction on the topic.
Thank you!
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2023.03.20 17:25 JoacoIP08 I can't keep doing this anymore

Before venting my incoming frustration, I must say this has been a consistent problem that I had with not just with 3 but Splatoon as a whole, ever since I started playing back on the Wii U. I've been sticking around through Splatoon 2 all the way down to 3, but it's with this particular game that I just can't handle the main focus anymore.
Could be the amount of stress that I've been gathering from months playing this, and last night was the breaking point for me to realize that this just isn't fun any longer. The constant need of logging in per day just to get the catalog bonus has broken down by the many elements that seriously stress me out and makes say that I'm done with everything.
I'm done with the multiplayer, the garbage teammates (feat. the useless charger that does nothing besides missing shots and mashing the D-Pad when killed, the aerosprays who think playing the weapon in ranked is a great idea, the throwers, the ones who never push or play the objective...), the unbalanced weapon system, the uunga buunga weapons like rollers sloshers and brushes, the terribly designed maps, the fact that we're still stuck with 2 maps per rotation, the 2 minutes matchmaking interrupted by a communication error, turf war's 2:30 minutes of dominance only to lose at the last 30 sec, the campers, the lack of new modes or simple and stable features in these type of games (changing weapons mid-match and VC)...
And then there's Salmon Run, which somehow they've made it way worse than it was back in S2, and that's saying something when there's no egg throw and rotations were temporal, but they thought adding several more salmonids in screen to the point of going from a 60 fps experience to f*cking Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was completely fine. Oh and the ridiculously low amount of scales that you get by the cohozuna? Yeah, screw that as well.
If there's something positive that I can offer around this pile of ranting, is that the single player is actually good this time around despite feeling sometimes like Octo Expansion 1.5. Still, the levels, the characters and the music have been the only aspects that haved stopped me from despising this game entirely.
Going back to my previous statement about the catalog, it's basically that allowed me to see that this isn't about having fun with some matches anymore, it's about getting that sweet catalog level up. I'm urged to go back day after day despite the experience being good or not, and THIS is what convinced me to stay away from it; it's an obsession that I must stop.
The option of taking a break is the best one, right away if you believe that, but I'm fairly sure I won't feel like going back after a month or so because, what's the point? Perform good, getting 3 gold badges every match only to lose them all anyways because I'm handicapped by 3 players that are "supposed" to help me? No thanks. And that's not including the possible new things that they may add, I mean they just added panic button aka Kraken for crying out loud, I can totally see them adding back what killed Splatoon 2 for me (MPU), and that would definitely keep away from ever touching S3 lol.
Thankfully that seems to be everything I've been dealing it so far, I just reached this decision today and I intend to spend my time elsewhere eitheer with single player games (excited to try Omori, Pikmin, Bayonetta and more) or in a totally different type of activity. I can see myself going back to Splatoon in a single player type of way with wave 2, but that seems to be coming out around 2024 (according to Nintendo of Spain), so yeah, I guess that's it for me then.
Lastly, if you managed to read this wall of text, thank you for doing so and viewing my experience overall, I wrote this at first to vent my stress purely, but if you have something else to say about this, feel free. If by any chance you feel the same way as I am, don't be ashamed to go the same route as I am right now, it'll be better than putting your mental health at risk that's for sure lol
Anyways, have a good day/afternoon/night, and stay safe.
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2023.03.20 17:21 Quest3XL I hate this game, bruh 😭😭

I hate this game, bruh 😭😭 submitted by Quest3XL to ModernWarfareII [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 17:09 CurveInteresting1779 9 Years Ago on our ipads...

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2023.03.20 16:50 Krios41 The take to end all takes.

Here is my "Take to end all takes", a collection of my toughts put together.
Disclaimer: i'm a forever warden that has played since war 80 and my 'takes' will be influenced as such. I will try to be as unbiased as i can troughout but i can't promise that i'l be. Lastly i have autism, communication and translating my toughts and feelings into (written) words is hard for me. English also is not my native language. Please keep all of that in mind when you go trough these (potentionaly shitty) takes :P
Without further delay, here are my takes. They may be good, they may be shit, but here they are nonetheless.

Map Balance

For this i went to SIGIL to get their idea's and this bit turned out to be more an intervieuw than "takes". Unles put in a quote block, i'm paraphrasing the answer from multiple people;
Conclave Q1 "What would the general consensus be amongst the Colonials that makes it so broken?"
A1: The island itself is mostly fine. The biggest issue is that looking up at Conclave with bino's is hard/not possible as the camera clips trough the mountain isntead of staying over it, making spotting for artillery or mortars nigh impossible. This exacerbates the hight advantage the defenders have.
Solution: Pretty obvious, a good start would be to fix the camera when looking at things at higher elevation so it doesn't end up clipping trough the terrain.-------
Q2: Would or would you not agree that the Baths is the Colonial Conclave in terms of difficulty to assault. (Ignoring for a moment the previous discussed issue's with bino's at conclave). If not: why?
Baths is a 4 bridge battles to one island. The seaport is an advantage ofcourse and I would say it has advantages to the map design equivalent wich is Ulster Falls.The extra frontage that the multiple bridges give baths makes it a lott harder to defend pop wise.in Oarebreaker if you whant to attack conclave you have 1 line of attack (2 if encircled) while baths has 4 so the defenders will have to spread out a lott more to defend.

Bulwark Q1: Bulwark versus mountains as defense/chokes?
A1: Mountains. More natural chokepoints = less player building = lower supply modifier in region.
We talked a lilte about this one. It basicly came down to the idea that the Bulwark is an all or nothing type of defense, plagued by "terrain unsuitable"that complicates building and cheesing 250mm over the Bulwark by extreme angling. While mountains provide a more "defense in depth".
Now here's my take on this. Even with that in mind the Bulwark provides a very strong anti partisan defense and fighting infront of it is frustrating as people can get into the bulwark from the south, but not the north. Getting past the Bulwark as an assaulting force from the north is very hard, but once you're trough, you're trough and the Colonials have litle in way of natural defenses to fall back too.
Meanwhile with mountains, they indeed provide for more choke points and allow for a defense in depth. Mountaints are impassible M-supp free walls making them increadibly strong, however, building along mountains tends to leave gaps that can be exploited because "terrain unsuitable" or "angle to steep". Since the north doesn't have a wall partisans can easily get trough by simply border hugging. There is also no garantee that devs won't remove mountaints and replace them with hills that can be fought upon and flanked from, but make building impossible/very hard. (just look at North star between saltbrook and Brakish). Such thing won't happen with the Bulwark.
Solution? Maybe? possibly?: Give wardens their own all or nothing barrier, Similar in function to the Bulwark, give Collies more natural chokes for more defense in depth? Sounds obvious, but is it feasable?
Starting positions
Q1: Do you consider the Logger-wisp and Duncan-prairy bazaar axis to be fair in context of starting positions? why (not)?
I dont have much experiance with the terain there so I dont realy have an opinion here. If I had to say anything about it offensively Loggerhead-Wisp is in a better position as it is harder to defend the open ground north of the bulwark in the first few hours.
Duncan-bazaar is better defensively as it has a think route you can attack it from. but generaly I would say that it is even
Lockheed/wisp that usualy acompany them in starting position are extreamly hard to take que makers.
Q2: Virtualy every war where the Duncan/logger axis was a thing as a start condition loggerhead and Wisp were generaly the first 2 subregions to fall. Would you agree that if Mercy's wish and Lockheed axis is in play simultaniously that Loggerhead is easier to logi cut than Fort Duncan?
Yea I wouldnt dispute that, lockheeds bridge connects directly to that logi road while mercy connects to the other side of the hex
The logger-wisp and Prairy-Duncan axis is a pet peeve of mine. But unles there are 2 more bridges leading into fort duncan or Prairy Bazaar and the Mercy's wish bridge leading to Westmarch instead of Tomb of the first, this will never by as symetric as it should be.
Solution: Its my opinion that the Mercy's wish bridge should lead to just north of Westmarch instead of Tomb.
Q1: What would be a better starting position in your opinion? Huskhollow and Jade green, and Terra/Scarp Blue. Or Jade and Scarp Green, but Terra and Huskhollow Blue?
That’s tough question tbhHusk is the bigger threat to jade from warden side, but scarp is also a huge boon if it’s taken early or starts greenSince it’s the much harder push than Tera from husk
It was something radom i came up on the spot and i think its an intresting starting setup for Farranac coast. Devman, please consider giving this idea a chance.

Armoured takes

**The gunners breastplates.**they're rarely used, niche use cases and rather expensive.I propose the following: The gunners breastplates should provide complete inmunity against bleed from shrapnel. Its not a major buff, it will stay a niche item, but when used in the niche situations where you may consider one, it will be actualy usefull. Indirectly this will also take the sting out of bommastone spam for the Wardens a litle without nerfing the grenade itself.
Early war armour disrepancy and AC stuff.
I've spend too long on this so i'm going to combine my last takes into one and keep it realy short as my attention span is failing me. Early war there is a big disrepancy in available armour and that simply ain't fun.
Here is my solution in bullet point form:
  1. Turn TAC into a proper 12.7mm tankette
  2. Turn HAC from a T1 armour 40mm vehicle, to a T2 armoured 30mm vehicle.
  3. Buff King Spire, let it be the Warden IST.
  4. Buff Gallant, let it be a Sidegraded IST.
  5. Introduce a midwar tech boosting the offroad speed of every AC.
  6. Introduce a late war tech that boost the HP and armour of every AC.
The last 2 points should help give the AC's some niche relevancy.

Thats it, no more takes or whatever. What was the point of all this? I dunno. I just felt the need to write all of this to get my own toughts sorted i supose.
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2023.03.20 16:44 Murraculous1 Galactic Renaissance Preview: Should You Back this Spiritual Cousin to Inis? — Bitewing Games

Galactic Renaissance Preview: Should You Back this Spiritual Cousin to Inis? — Bitewing Games

Note: This blog post also exists in podcast form, if you prefer to listen.
A preview copy was provided by the publisher. I have 4 Total Plays at 2, 3, and 4 Players. This is a prototype, meaning the rules and components are not final. For example, the score track has changed since this prototype was printed and the basic wood pieces will be replaced by lavish minis.
Recently, I shared my 1st impressions of Galactic Renaissance where I mostly compared it to Inis, the other design in this Political Trilogy from designer Christian Martinez and publisher Matagot. In this preview, I intend to spend less time comparing to the two games and more time focusing on Galactic Renaissance itself. Let’s see where this takes us…
Long ago, the galactic empire fell into ruin. Peoples and their planets lost contact with each other, and the galaxy entered a period not unlike the dark ages. Intergalactic progress and cooperation was stymied and, for better or worse, aliens were no longer able to meddle in each other’s business. But from the ashes of a space dynasty eventually arises a renaissance. Portals are rediscovered. Secrets and knowledge are uncovered. Political relationships are reforged. And a new Galactic Senate is born — not one of compulsory conquest, but of peaceful and voluntary coalition.
Each player represents a unique planet and controls aspirational emissaries. These emissaries are sent throughout the galaxy to gain allies, establish institutes, discover foundations, and reawaken specialists — the ancient ones from the now dead empire who remain frozen in stasis to preserve wisdom and knowledge. While the shared vision is to peacefully rebuild an interstellar civilization, each player wants to come out as top dog in the Senate, and sometimes you need to step on some alien toes to get there.
Players are racing to 30 points by striving to fulfill the Senate Policies (scoring objective cards), which notably expand and change a bit during the game. The deck of these cards is fairly large (16 total) and you only ever play with a combination of 5, so you’ll encounter a fair amount of variety here from one play to the next. It’s not too unpredictable, though, as these cards generally encourage you to spread out across more planets with your emissaries and institutes. Sometimes your mere presence on a planet will suffice, other times the scoring requirements get more specific (e.g. have majority or minority on a planet, build an institute on a planet, be on planets with specific features like foundations or portals, etc.).
The manner in which you score points and win the game is refreshingly unique on multiple facets:
  • You not only need to reach 30 points first to win, but you also need to score 10 points in a single final turn to seal the deal. So although you may have a lead on everyone else on the score track, they can catch up by weakening your single turn scoring potential. It’s a bit reminiscent of Inis’s pretender token, but notably much more mild in its king making / bash-the-leader potential.
  • As the leading player races up the score track, they will unlock or transform the scoring objective cards for everyone. At 6 points, the third scoring card is revealed. At 13 points, the first scoring card is swapped out for a new one. At 20 points, the second scoring card is swapped out for a new one. Until they are revealed, nobody knows what objective cards will come out next, so it helps to put yourself in a flexible position during these transitions.
  • The main way you trigger scoring is by playing your Senator card, and each time you play it you’ll have to cycle through your entire deck to reach it again. So players who can manage to accelerate their deck cycling while adapting to the scoring cards will have the best chance of crossing the finish line.
Your turns start out quite simple:
  1. Play a card and perform one of its actions
  2. Resolve any disorder
  3. Discard your played card to the bottom of your draw pile (plus one more from your hand, if you wish)
  4. Draw back up to your hand limit
That said, early decisions can have a huge impact on your strategy. The game actually starts with an interesting draft where you lay out a bunch of unique home worlds, powerful specialist cards, and starting emissary quantities. Players take turns claiming an option until they possess one of each category. If my two opponents lunge for home worlds before me (thanks to some tempting planet abilities), I can now ignore that category until the end because the remaining two options are exclusively for me to choose from. If I can manage to select a specialist card that combos well with one of those planets (or strengthens my ability to milk a score card on display), then that’ll be my first choice. This starting phase certainly favors more experienced players who understand the hidden nuances, but it absolutely doesn’t determine the winner.
Play begins with your most basic single-action turns: recruit more emissaries from your supply, explore a new planet, spread your emissaries around, claim planet ability tokens by having majority pieces there, build an institute, gain another specialist card into your deck… those kinds of things. Emissaries and institutes give you vital presence throughout the galaxy, which is what you’ll need to earn points from the objective cards. While emissaries are mobile and flexible, institutes are stationary buildings which increase your hand size and allow you to recruit directly to more planets than your home world. Gaining allies (claiming planet ability tiles) will open up your options (assuming you have a card to play that lets you activate a planet ability). And awakening specialists is like injecting alien steroids into your deck. To be honest, all of these actions feel satisfyingly powerful — that of gaining specialists, increasing your hand size, and growing your planet tableau.
Those who enjoy a meaty engine builder or snowballing combotastic turns will find much to love here. Where early turns often see players throwing down one card for a single action and an occasional handful of pitiful points, late turns will see them executing a half dozen actions across multiple cards and planet tiles as they rocket up the score track. That’s because some actions, if chosen, will grant you the ability to take another action (I.e. play another card). These are mainly found across the specialist cards and planet tokens, which players gain more of over time. You’ll get a taste of the vastness of outer space as growing planet tiles consume your table and single turn combos stretch on into eternity.
Inevitably, downtime noticeably increases as the game nears its completion or when more players are at the table. Where two experienced players can certainly knock a game out in roughly 90 minutes, at three and four players it seems more likely that you’ll cross two hours and even approach three. Where many games can buckle under the weight of slow downtimes or long play sessions, Galactic Renaissance handles it fairly well. I believe I prefer it most at 3 players, which strikes a nice balance between player competition and game length, but I certainly enjoyed it at 2 and 4 as well. Those who want to bask in maximum conflict will surely find it in the epic 4 player game.
Conflict itself is another standout feature of the Galactic Renaissance experience. Each planet displays a stability threshold represented by a number of spaces. These spaces do not limit how many emissaries, institutes, and foundations are allowed on a planet; rather, they simply indicate the planet’s tolerance for interstellar interlopers. If you ever end your turn with a planet’s stability threshold exceeded, then a disorder phase is triggered. Starting with the active player, every player must take a disorder action (even if the planet becomes stable again during the disorder phase). That means that somebody (usually multiple somebodies) is getting kicked off the planet, unless you happen to have a disorder card in your hand to play and avoid your mandatory evacuation. Usually, you’ll either have to remove an emissary, remove an institute, or retreat to an allied planet. If a player only has one piece on a planet, you can do a lot of damage by getting them kicked off (often costing them the chance to score 1-3 points from that planet). What’s even crazier is that you can retreat to an allied planet with too many emissaries and cause that planet to become unstable. It’s possible to trigger a cascade of disorder if you are so inclined for such chaos.
Notably, disorder is not only more common with more players, but it is also more worthwhile. Where many of the scoring objective cards require you to be on a shared planet (meaning more than one player has pieces on it), it often feels like a waste to crowd out an opponent if their departure means the planet is no longer shared. The only reason to do something like that is if this rival could potentially win the game on their next turn and you are forced to sacrifice your own scoring potential to keep your hope of a comeback alive. In a 3 or 4 player game, you are more frequently incentivized to sow chaos across the galaxy because planets often possess 3 or more player colors, and nobody cares if that 3rd or 4th player gets booted (except for them, of course ;).
Even after spending many hours with the game across several plays, I’m still finding myself learning and improving. There are plenty of strategies and tactics to dig up in this galactic sandbox. You’ll discover and gleefully spam tricks that allow you to cycle through your deck faster to get back to that Senator card ASAP. You’ll meddle in the business of others and spread disorder across planets where opponents are weakly clinging on in desperation. You’ll seek to undermine their scoring potential while carefully planting seeds for your next scoring harvest. It’s not as blatant or brutal as Inis, but the interaction here can still be very effective.
While Galactic Renaissance preserves much of the political and positional spirit of Inis, it manages to carve out its own legacy. If Inis is a knife fight in a Celtic phone booth between prospective kings atop a hill, Galactic Renaissance is a space race between growing snowballs as they roll down that hill. Both games serve as loud and clear evidence that Christian Martinez is a designer to keep an eye on and that Matagot knows how to make an epic board game. I, for one, am excited to see and experience this game further, especially in its final form.
Galactic Renaissance launches on Kickstarter on March 21st. Check it out here.
Article written by Nick of Bitewing Games. Outside of practicing dentistry part-time, Nick has devoted his remaining work-time to collaborating with the world’s best designers, illustrators, and creators in producing excellent board games, including the upcoming Zoo Vadis by Reiner Knizia. He hopes you’ll follow Bitewing Games in their quest to create and share classy board games that bite.
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2023.03.20 16:40 Spazzzh20 Retro Review Resistance 3

Disclosure: The following review was written back in 2011 when the game had just come out.

Resistance 3 starts off with a comic book style opening briefly explaining the events that took place in the first two games after this you are plunged into the world where you as a father of a little boy have been injected with a cure to the game's enemies virus that mutates whatever it comes into contact with. As an outcast warrior with Nathan Hale's blood on your hands you are sent on an epic adventure to rid the world of the remaining Chimera by blowing up there space station and and... well that's pretty much it. The game is your standard by the levels shooter with a meek story that almost never feels like it has anything to do with the first two games (Three counting Resistance Retribution on psp) I wouldn't mind so much if the game didn't try so hard to be an engaging cinematic experience with the feeling that your on an epic quest to accomplish something great.
However Resistance 3 tries to hard to make you connect to these characters without offering you any incentive as to why you should. Am I trying to redeem my families name after killing last games protagonist Nathan Hale by ridding the world of the invading Chimera for good? The game starts off with an interesting premise of the rebel fighting for his family but it keeps this premise stretched throughout the entire 10-12 hour experience. What I mean is every other cutscene your silent protagonist will magically be able to speak, only to constantly remind you about his wife and son. It get's really annoying real soon.
That's this games flaw it tries to hard to be something that it's not. The game tries to grab your sensitive side by showing off little kids in shelters spread throughout the game but without any substance to back it up it feels like it's only been added in for shock value or to make you care about what your fighting for when all you really want to do in the back of your mind is kill stuff. You will often run into characters who begin to tell you interesting stories about there lives and just as you start to get interested the game throws you at wave after wave of Chimera and you will be given absolutely no intent to continue filling you in on the characters back stories.
The game suffers from the same mistake that Homefront made. Just because you put little kids in a war game doesn't make it any more compelling, it's obviously there just for shock value and it doesn't even do that right. If the game wanted to really shock the hell out of you it should have shown little kids getting mutated in front of your eyes as you are forced to kill them in front of there parents to avoid causing them any more pain. Now that's clearly not what the developers were going for but at least that would make you really angry at the alien monsters who dare to attack children and force you to murder them. If the game had that kind of balls I would totally respect the developers for doing so. But even without all the foax character development and pointless cutscenes the game falls short of greatness on a few other levels.
Resistance 3 looses some of the restraints that the previous game had, such as only being able to carry 2 guns at once. But I found it to be a little to forgiving at times. Now I'm all up for shooters that try to stray away from the 2 weapon limit regenerative health formula, but Resistance 3 is not the way to do it right. First off the upgrading system, what a joke, if Insomniac was aiming to add RPG elements to their game then in that regard they failed. Instead of acquiring experience points to use to upgrade your weapons by oh say going to a weapons vendor like in most good rpg shooter games, Insominiac seems to think that guns magically get stronger after use.
If you fire a gun repeatedly to the point where you've exhausted its threshold then logic says that the gun will get weaker over time. However in the magical world of resistance your guns upgrade in strength and speed, and even acquire new attachments out of the blue just from killing enough enemies. The game also makes no effort to hide the fact that it wants to be half life 2. from the abandoned train station to the mineshaft level to the bearded scientist who's eyes seem to glow in the dark everything in this game feels as though it is a derivative of valve's greatest successes, I was even expecting halfway through the game to acquire a portal gun.
Now in terms of actual gun play the series shines brightest. Freezing enemies to death, blowing there heads of, and electrocuting someone has never felt better in a video game. But I couldn't help but feel that the game was unbalanced even with such a dreaded arsenal at your disposal. In one level I was sent out into a barnyard to fend off invading Chimera, the moment I went into this scenario, I was ambushed from every direction by what felt like an endless wave of enemies. They constantly appear from out of thin air and never give you a chance to think, you just have to mindlessly shoot them until either they give up or you die.
All that I wanted to do in this scenario was get past them and continue onward with my quest, but having a constant stream of enemies bombarding you from every angle makes the game feel like padding, instead of focusing on the level design the developers just thought that it would be easier to throw endless waves of enemies at you. This is especially loathsome during the last level of the game. Instead of setting the stage for and epic boss battle you just navigate your way through seemingly endless corridors that all look the same with no sense of direction or what your supposed to be doing. and the game just ends without so much as an epic battle against some gigantic mother Chimera. That's right Resistance 3 does not have a final boss.
The game tries throwing everything that it has at you towards the very end but none of the enemies are a match for your over powered arsenal. Also one of my biggest gripes with the campaign would be the inability to restart from a previous checkpoint. Since this is a by the levels shooter I don't see why they couldn't make a restart from checkpoint option. This was most annoying for me when I just barely missed a diary entry on the ground a few meters above where I just fell and I wanted to collect it so I could complete my diary and audio log collection, but since I couldn't restart from the pause menu I had to kill myself just to get back to the time before I missed the journal.
Oh by the way did I mention that this game has audio logs. So on top of shamelessly ripping off half life the developers also wanted to take a crack at Bioshock. One finally gripe about the gameplay is why the hell can't I carry around health packs to use at my disposal whenever I wish? You'd think that a guy who can carry around 11 guns a sledgehammer and 20 grenades would have room for a health packet or 2. The game doesn't have regenerating health, which is fine but there were often times when I felt that the game was teasing me. There was one instance where I came across an abundance of health packs but I already had full health, and there were no enemies in sight. So the whole point of having a cluster of Health packs in that spot felt completely useless since I couldn't carry them around. As far as multiplayer goes it's standard affair.
It doesn't have the epic sense that Resistance 2's 60 player online battles had and with a paper thin unlock system there's not much to keep you here for long. nonetheless a fun little distraction that will keep you entertained for at least a couple of hours. The single-player portion however needs to amp up its game. It is long and some of the levels are memorable like the prison escape level, Which I found to be the best and most well developed section of the game. it's ironic how a game that focuses on fighting aliens is at its peak when it pits you up against other humans.
The game also supports co op both locally via split screen and online, however other than unlocking 2 trophies the co op feels pointless it makes the game feel like a cakewalk since you never truly fear dying knowing that your partner could always revive you at any time. Still if you really want to shoot some aliens with an arsenal that would make Rambo blush Resistance 3 can be a lot of fun. But if you want a sci-fi game with rpg elements that are fun and offer an interesting story as well as a way of implementing these elements into the gameplay, I would recommend Singularity or Deus EX human revolution.
SCORE 7/10
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2023.03.20 16:29 CNTO [A3] [Recruiting] [EU] [Semi-Serious] Carpe Noctem - Tactical Operations

Looking for a new Arma 3 Community?

Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations was founded in 2014 as an Arma 3 community that aims to balance a realistic combat environment with fun gameplay. We play missions every Tuesday and Friday using a custom modset designed to improve your Arma experience.
The average age of our members is 25 years old, mostly from Europe and we want to attract friendly and mature people to the community. Both Arma veterans and newcomers to the series are welcome to join CNTO - previous Arma experience is appreciated but not required.
Carpe Noctem is not a community where people call each other "sir" or features other hardcore role-playing aspects generally associated with milsim units. We use a rank structure but it serves administrative purposes only. In daily interactions we are completely equal to one another. Our play style is semi-serious and inspired by ShackTac. We employ real tactics, techniques and procedures adapted for Arma 3. Our goal is to have serious fun, not a tedious boot camp simulation.
We are a friendly, relaxed and organized community that enjoys playing a variety of games together and have a good laugh. We understand that players have other responsibilities and our core principle is that real-life always has priority. Our minimum attendance ratio is one event in two months.


We Offer


Most prominent mods used

Contact Us


CNTO is proudly sponsored by TeamSpeak and West Digital Management.
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2023.03.20 16:28 Germie_Potatoaim game unnaturally dark when tabbed into it, does anyone have this problem or is this just me?

game unnaturally dark when tabbed into it, does anyone have this problem or is this just me? submitted by Germie_Potatoaim to calltoarms [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 16:17 NaimedNeverEndingLab WYSP: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Hey everyone!

I decided to make a series of posts recommending games I played as a kid, but still come back to being an adult.. the series is called Why You Should Play (WYSP).
Every year I get the "itch", and I play again Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. C&C RA2 is a real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Westwood Studios and released in 2000. Although it's been over two decades since its release, I genuinely believe this game still has a lot to offer for both fans of the RTS genre and newcomers alike. Here's why I think you should give Red Alert 2 a try today, despite its age:
1. Engaging Storyline and Alternate History Setting
Red Alert 2 takes place in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union invades the United States. As a player, you can choose to either defend the US as the Allies or conquer it as the Soviets. The story is gripping and filled with twists, keeping you engaged throughout the entire campaign.
2. Classic RTS Gameplay
The game features an intuitive and fast-paced gameplay experience that captures the essence of RTS games. You'll be tasked with resource gathering, base building, and commanding a variety of unique units to achieve victory. Red Alert 2's mechanics and controls have aged well, making it easy for newcomers to pick up and enjoy.
3. Memorable Unit Design
One of Red Alert 2's highlights is the diverse and creative unit roster. From the Tesla Troopers and Apocalypse Tanks of the Soviets to the Mirage Tanks and Prism Towers of the Allies, each side offers unique, exciting, and entertaining units to command. You'll quickly find your favorites and enjoy planning strategies around them.
4. Nostalgic Visuals and Soundtrack
The game's graphics, though dated, have a nostalgic charm that adds to the overall experience. The 2D sprite-based visuals still hold up and can even be appreciated as a form of pixel art. The soundtrack, composed by the legendary Frank Klepacki, is nothing short of iconic and adds to the atmosphere, making each battle feel more intense and enjoyable. The most memorable track, "Hell March," is a masterpiece that perfectly captures the spirit of the game and will have you pumped for every mission.
5. Active Modding Community
Red Alert 2 has an active and dedicated modding community that continues to create new content and updates for the game. From balancing patches to graphical enhancements, new campaigns, and total conversion mods, there's a wealth of additional content that keeps the game fresh and exciting.
6. LAN and Online Multiplayer
The game supports LAN and online multiplayer, allowing you to face off against friends or strangers in intense skirmishes. Although the original servers are no longer active, community-driven solutions like CnCNet provide a seamless online multiplayer experience.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is a timeless classic that deserves a spot in any RTS fan's library. Its engaging storyline, satisfying gameplay, nostalgic charm, and unforgettable soundtrack, featuring the epic "Hell March," make it a title worth playing today, despite its age.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend giving this gem a try - you won't be disappointed!
Happy gaming!
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2023.03.20 16:11 moviefanline WhY Is GeNsHIn ImPaCt SO BORING

Here are some possible reasons why some people might find Genshin Impact boring:
  1. Gameplay: Genshin Impact is an action RPG that focuses heavily on exploration and combat. While some players may find this style of gameplay enjoyable, others may find it repetitive or unengaging.
  2. Story: Genshin Impact features a complex story with multiple characters and plotlines. While some players may find the story engaging and immersive, others may find it confusing or uninteresting.
  3. Visuals: Genshin Impact features colorful, anime-inspired graphics that some players may find appealing. However, others may find the game's visual style generic or unappealing.
  4. Progression: Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game that heavily emphasizes its gacha mechanics, which can be frustrating for players who feel like they're not making meaningful progress without spending real money.
  5. Repetitiveness: Some players may find that Genshin Impact's gameplay loop of exploring, fighting enemies, and collecting loot become repetitive over time.
  6. Lack of Challenge: While Genshin Impact has a wide variety of enemies and challenges, some players may find that the game lacks difficulty, especially as they progress and become more powerful.
  7. Multiplayer: Genshin Impact does have a multiplayer mode, but it's not the main focus of the game. Some players may find that the lack of a robust multiplayer experience makes the game less engaging.
  8. Grind: Genshin Impact is a game that requires a significant amount of grinding to progress. Some players may find that the constant need to grind for resources or experience points is tedious and takes away from the overall enjoyment of the game.
  9. Lack of Direction: While Genshin Impact is a game that encourages exploration, some players may find that the lack of clear direction or goals can make the game feel aimless or boring.
  10. Time Investment: Genshin Impact is a game that requires a significant time investment to fully experience everything it has to offer. Some players may find that they don't have the time or energy to commit to a game that demands so much of their attention.
Of course, these are just some of the factors that could contribute to someone finding Genshin Impact boring, and everyone's experience will be different. Ultimately, whether or not someone finds Genshin Impact boring is subjective and depends on individual preferences and tastes. Some players may find it to be a captivating and immersive experience, while others may find it to be unengaging or tedious.
EDIT: I SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE HATING ON THIS! But without being simps show some valid points to keep playing this in the long run
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2023.03.20 16:08 gartenarbeiter My experience out of the Diablo 4 BETA weekend.

From my experience out of the Diablo 4 BETA weekend I think Diablo 4 is outstandingly good for one playthrough but too repetitive in the endgame to keep players playing.

First of all I had one of the best gaming weekends in a loooong time.
D4 feels awesome for one playthrough and I am looking forward to play the remaining game in June!

Dungeons (Main Endgame Activity)
After completing the tutorial by reaching the endgame by either reaching the approriate level or finishing all the story acts (we will see what we have to do in June), you basically have the endgame consisting of 150 "different" dungeons (basically copy of the POE map system).

The dungeons look breathtakingly good and together with the music you get an outstanding atmosphere. But even doing a dungeon for the first time feels repetitive and boring, after a minute or so, before even finishing it. Instead of adding 150 dungeon they should have probably added 5-10 dungeons and then focus on the hardest part of game development:
Introducing fun and interesting game mechanics. These mechanics can then randomly added into a dungeon to make it more fun.
The Butcher is a prefect example for a good and fun game mechanic which is added randomly added to make the dungeon more exciting.
Blizzard need to add a LOT more game mechanics like this if they want to make players run dungeons over and over again. In the current state the dungeons feel just empty.
It doesn't even matter whether you have 1 or 150 dungeons if there are fun game mechanics in it. Of course after having cool mechanics it is super nice to have ambient variety as well.
I would delay the game for one year (or "until it's done") to focus on that aspect.

In POE for example I was running about 1000 Crimson Temple maps this league and I am still excited to run more.
The feeling to smash through packs of monsters and how it feels is just extremely satisfying after tinkering and min maxing your build for quite a while.
And there is always something to upgrade or craft to get another meaningful power spike.
Or you invest in different juicing mechanics to get more value out of your time investment.
I am constantly altering my farming strategies through adding different scarabs, compasses and skilling different nodes in the atlas tree to force some of my favorite content into the map.
This results in a almost perfect mapping experience despite running only one map.

Loot (To make the Endgame Activity more fun it would make sense to sometimes get something valuable out of your invested time.)
In POE just running maps is super fun but on top of that you have 'trade' which does make loot meaningful and valuable.
This means if something valuable drops you can either keep it for yourself. Maybe show it to a friend. You could even borrow it to a friend. Maybe it's a cool weapon the friend wants to try it out in some runs.
But you can also trade the item, so you would get the VALUE out of it, in some form of currency or an equivalent valuable item.

In D4 loot feels completely meaningless and trade is basically non existent.
They could increase power level/item level every dungeon randomly by 1-3 and remove loot altogether and the game would basically feel the same.
You basically have the same drops all the time scaling with your character level and item level, which means until reaching max level you do not even have the chance to have good items dropping.
If something has a green arrow you put it on. Otherwise you can scrap it for meaningless crafting currency or sell it for gold which you can then put in one of the gold sinks.

Imagine for a second 1 + 2 would already be fixed and in a releasable state.
There are so many other problems like:
A: Initial character balance looks horrible. (Fixable until June.)
B: Ui looks and feels horrible. (Considering that the Ui is also used for consoles I am not sure if this is realistically fixable at all.)
C: Forced multiplayer problems:
One example in Hardcore: Players can pull monsters in front of instances to kill other players leaving the instance and then looting the dead players.
This is probably more time efficient than running an instance and considering how boring the dungeons are also more fun.
I predict that this will be the main activity in the first weeks of playing hardcore D4.
D: ...bugs and problems all over the place...
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