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Extremely Bloody Marys

2019.04.10 07:40 Jackie_Mitchell Extremely Bloody Marys

Ever seen a bloody mary that has way too many ingredients? Post it here.

2014.07.09 19:42 5moker The 420 Code

The 420 Code is a guide to the high life: the four virtues and twenty rules-of-thumb as taught by the stoner. A pocketbook was Kickstarted and is now in its fourth edition. Soon to be a minor motion picture!

2017.08.30 01:30 for partially fried memes

A land of opportunity for partially fried memes and the use of the B emoji, which is a basic human right.

2023.03.29 02:46 Lumen_Tore [22/m] Europe/Online

I've made other posts so I don't want to make the post too long or difficult to read. It definitely takes something else than just match interests to get along with in my opinion, but of course I'll add some things about myself c:
I like to consider myself and open book and even if I feel awkward I think I handle texting really well, calls are tougher but who knows! Maybe we have a lot of chemistry. I am open to any age or gender, so never be shy! Only thing I ask for in a person is to be honest and don't be afraid to speak your mind, and I want to enjoy each other's company for either a friendship or a sparking relationship if things go that way.
Likewise as awkward as it can be, if we don't click then no problem, just part ways and wish you good luck.
I tend to stay at home and enjoy more computer or artistic hobbies, but anything more sportsy is always welcome. I tend to go back and forth on different hobbies, and lately that has been photography, and I am excited to learn about mountain biking and finding a time to start someday.
Anything specfic about me you can directly ask, and I think my profile has some posts that go into a bit more detail. I still encourage you to just pop in and say hi!
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2023.03.29 02:46 HentaiKing27 Supplement Help!

Hi all,
I just started working out and also started supplements shortly after with the help of friends. Below is a list of everything I take. My question is, is there recommendations on a good time to take them? Currently I take them all at lunch minus the HyperGH 14x.
I was taking Tribulus (1000mg) but I realized the HyperGH 14X has Tribulus.
Thank you in advance for the help.
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2023.03.29 02:46 ldreem I feel like I’m an outsider when it comes to relationships

I (22M) have been in a few relationships, some longterm and some short, as well as a few “flings” here and there. To sum it up, my life and my consciousness, and where I’ve grown recently has led me to thoughts about how sex in particular is something that is over glorified and over stimulating in our society now and Ive grown into a person who is looking for more out of a relationship than just sex, and also not making sexual experiences the foundation or backbone of the relationship. I have this stigma/idea that its way too hard and not as common anymore to find women, or even people in general regardless of gender, who feel this similar way of thinking, and it gives me feelings of just pondering if ill be alone for the rest of my life. I don’t want to feel like Im being forced to have to hookup with this girl I like whenever we’re first meeting/getting to know each other, just because thats what society accepts nowadays and what everyone is use to. And even if i dont choose to involve with a girl sexually in the beginning, i then get fearful thoughts of if they’ll even want to hangout with me and do other wholesome stuff again, because the wonderful but deceiving act of sex wasnt involved. I guess a good way to explain it can be similar to how its often portrayed in movies, where the guy and girl are friends first and through genuine activities and bonding, they learn that they really need/want the other person in their life, before anything sexual is even involved. I feel like you get looked at as some “nice guy” or you get friendzoned super hard for not trying to push a sexual experience within the first time/couple times of hanging around someone you’re attracted to, which sucks for a person like me, because I do want those sexual experiences, but i want it to mean something to the other person and for it to not be for a “casual” reason.
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2023.03.29 02:45 TommyLellan1 Horn-Horn by A. D. T. McLellan - YA comedy/fantasy series by Australian author

So far there are three books in The Horn-Horn Series. Very relatable, funny, magical and weird. Highly recommend.
Synopsis: "When teen loner Cassie Gellar moves to the coastal town of Horn-Horn, she hopes to make some real friends. She is growing tired of her siblings: snobby older sister Annie, and gay younger brother Brendan.
However, after her first day at Horn-Horn High-High, she gets lost in the local woods and stumbles across a little boy named Zag, who is shackled to a strange, clay head. Cassie sneaks Zag home and learns that he is no ordinary boy — he is a ‘Child of Crux’: a magical orphan with the ability to grant wishes.
With this new source of power hiding in her wardrobe, Cassie quickly finds herself falling head first down an unexpected rabbit-hole as she uncovers the shocking truth about the mysterious seaside town she now calls home.
What is so special about Horn-Horn?"
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2023.03.29 02:45 swampmomsta Can someone help me figure out the chord progression for this song

My friends and i think this song is really funny and i want to do an acoustic cover as a joke but can't figure out the chords
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2023.03.29 02:45 Gothamstreetcat Is it awful I have no real goals or aspirations in life?

I’ve been dwelling on this a lot and I realized I don’t really have any goals or things to strive for in life and it makes me feel a little broken. I never went to collage, partly because I felt I would be too overwhelmed but also because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I can’t fathom going to collage not know what I want to do with my life, but now I am twenty-five and still don’t know what I want. Everyone says I am young but I’m worried I will never find anything I am really passionate about.
I also don’t plan on ever marrying or having children and again, I know that isn’t for everyone but at the same time I think it’s said of me to not want that. To not want a family some day. Am I just broken?
Right now all I really care about is getting though each day, coming home after work and watching tv or playing my games.
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2023.03.29 02:44 naniamidoing I could not believe my eyes

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2023.03.29 02:44 abucket87 Does my reasoning make sense?

Sent a version of this to my counselor but I just would like some feedback on whether my reasoning makes sense. If you could point out any errors in my logic, I’d appreciate it. I left Christianity last year and accepted that I’m gay this past summer. My wife wants to stay together but she firmly believes that homosexuality is sinful. I wrote this trying to work through why that makes me feel like I can’t stay with her:
My wife and I talked again yesterday, and the question that has been stuck in my head is: “why does her belief that homosexuality is sinful bother me so much?” From one point of view, it shouldn’t matter; if I stay married she can reasonably expect me to remain faithful to her so my sexuality should never come into play. There isn’t any room for me to express it within the marriage, so whether or not she supports a hypothetical situation where I’m not married should be a non-issue.
However reasonable that seems, I’ve still struggled with it emotionally, as my gut tells me that it is unacceptable. I’ve considered that perhaps it’s because I really want to be free to “sin” and have gay sex, but that doesn’t seem congruent. While I expect that it would be extremely difficult, I would be willing to stay with her if she were to soften her condemnation of my homosexuality. I really want my gayness to be accepted even if I don’t get to practice it. Why?
I believe that my strong feelings on this are rooted in my religious trauma and deconstruction. From my faith I believed that homosexuality was an aberration of the human sexuality created by God. I internalized that message so deeply that I was never able to see myself clearly and even though I never acknowledged it, I hated the part of me that is my gay sexuality. My faith forced me to believe at a deep, unconscious level that there was something fundamentally wrong with me, but unlike other “disorders” even Christians are starting to accept that you can’t “fix” homosexuality. Deep, deep down in my heart I internalized that I could never be “normal” and accepted. I was almost completely unconscious of these feelings, but I can see now how they impacted my ability to accept and love myself.
Now that I have rejected Christianity and realized that it lacks sufficient (or really even convincing) evidence, I see that there is no legitimate reason to condemn homosexuality. I’ve settled on a moral system guided by the goal of a net minimization of harm and a maximization of pleasure (i.e. anything that gives comfort, fulfillment, enjoyment, etc. Adding ketchup to a hamburger could be an increase in pleasure). Based on that standard, the obvious choice is to allow and encourage LGBTQ+ people to live freely and be accepted fully as this causes harm to no one (except perhaps the irritation of bigots) and greatly improves LGBTQ+ peoples’ happiness and mental health. The only reason to not allow this is “because the Bible (or another religious text/belief) tells me so”(setting aside the argument that the Bible isn’t as anti-LGBTQ+ as many make it out to be).
This combination of a past belief that poisoned my mental health and a present realization that there was no real reason for me to be rejected is what makes living with my wife’s continued fealty to that belief such a toxic idea. Even if she refrains from expressing her belief (a dubious proposition on the best of days. She isn’t reluctant to express her beliefs), I will always know that the poison is there. It will be a constant attack on my self-image, and the closer I allow her to get, the closer it will be.
I can accept legitimate strikes against my self-image. I can accept that I deeply wounded my wife over the course of our marriage due to my depression, inability to connect emotionally, and my lack of self-acceptance (much of that due to my closeted homosexuality and religious trauma). I am responsible for those actions, however unintentional, and if I am able I should try to make amends (at this point I question my capability to endure the process of making amends, but that is another issue). However, in the area of homosexuality there is no legitimate, rational reason I should be condemned; it is simply a case of religious dogma.
Therefore it feels like a deep injustice for me to be expected to ever be intimate and trust someone who clings to a fundamentally flawed and hurtful belief about who I am at a deep level. I don’t reject my wife correctly identifying legitimate flaws in my personality and character as broken. I object to the misidentification of a natural, harmless, and unchangeable characteristic as being broken and fundamentally wrong. It is an injustice that I know will undermine any of our efforts to develop a healthy, intimate relationship in the future. She has stated unequivocally that any attempt to change her view on this matter is an attack on her faith. I will never be able to trust her or feel loved by her when I know that she unchangingly rejects a legitimate part of me for which I should feel no shame.
I’m forced to accept that this logic means that separation and divorce are the only real option. If I were to choose to stay, that would be a compromise and degradation of myself as a person. It would forever shape how I see myself; I would be tacitly agreeing that everything the church said about me and other gay people is true and acceptable. Eventually, I would end up hating myself once again.
While this is by no means the only reason I feel like leaving our marriage, I think it is the one that is the most intractable. While working through all of our mutually inflicted wounds is an incredibly painful process and I doubt that my wife is willing to actually listen to my hurts, it isn’t an impossible path even if it seems like it approaches an almost lethal level of difficulty. But regarding my homosexuality, my wife’s refusal to alter her beliefs meets with my objection towards allowing myself to feel condemned for being gay. Neither of us is willing or able to bend from our positions, so compromise is not possible, only capitulation or retreat.
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2023.03.29 02:43 Buffalo_s Husband wants to move randomly

So my husband and I live in my hometown and have for about 3 years. We have a 10 month old daughter and I work remotely from my parents house while my mom watches our daughter Tuesday-Friday (we have a sitter come to our house on Monday). His parents live 2 hours from us in a beach town in FL and come to help as often as they can when they’re off work. We’re all very close and our moms are college friends (how we met).
So out of the blue my husband tells me he’s unhappy in our town, he’s never been able to make friends and feels it’s too small and close knit. He feels like an outsider. I had no idea he was feeling like this, mind you when we decided where to move before marriage I actually suggested his beach town and he said no let’s go to your hometown he didn’t want to move back. He also hates his job, he doesn’t make much money and it’s more of a job than a career so I’m the breadwinner currently.
So here we are now with a baby and he is taking courses for a new career he’s excited about but now wants to move back to his hometown. I love the town and wouldn’t honestly mind living there but my mom and I are so close and leaving her and our childcare situation is going to suck for sure. Also the cost of living in his hometown is way higher than where we’re at, paired with no child care because his parents work and their schedules vary.
Anyways super long way of saying I am torn on what to do. Has anyone gone through something similar? I want him happy more than anything but we bought a house here and property and I thought we were happy here. He’s clearly unhappy and I am just overwhelmed with this all, he sprung this on me on a Monday.
Any advice?
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2023.03.29 02:43 talons84 HSV2 Transmission?

If you have HSV2 and have had genital outbreaks (but never oral)- is it possible to still pass by giving someone oral sex? If so, any idea what the chances are with and/or without antivirals? I have gotten a different answer from every doctor I have spoken to (maybe 6-7 different answers). Any responses appreciated.
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2023.03.29 02:43 pradeepRice I think I ruined my relationships by being to insecure

Starting off I ( 22m) have been in a relationship for with my gf (19) almost a year. We have been in a loving relationship, from the get go I have always wanted the her the best and always been by her side when she needed someone. I see her everyday after work, we do everything together. She legitimately brings joy to my life. Recently the past month I have been overseas family trip. Due to this reason I haven’t been in contact as much I used to. We tell each other we love each other and miss each other. But she’s been going through a difficult time and me being in a different place I haven’t been as attentive or a good person. This is as I don’t know how have serious conversation over call.
Now a couple of days ago, she said she was going to have drinks at her friends flat. She said she was now having the opportunity to make new friends. But when I couldn’t reach her all night, I called her about 30 times. Morning she calls and says she spent the night in the me couch I was mad but she says and nothing happened just that finally she had some people to connect and just have fun. The next day on Saturday she has a work do( staff drinks after work) she said she’s gonna go. Again all night I couldn’t reach her. This time again I called ridiculous amount of times. She said in the morning that she lost her phone that’s why I got no reply. I knew she lied as I had contacted one of the staff I knew they said she didn’t go. She came clean, she said that she went to a dnb concert and was scared to tell me as she thought I hated her friends actually did lose her phone there. She apologised and said I only needed honesty.
Fast forward to yesterday. She said she was going to have sesh with her staff friend. I didn’t mind and wanted to play games after she was done. I got no reply for 3 hours then I panicked and went stupidly called her 40 times. She eventually called me, she said why couldn’t I trust her. She saw my calls but didn’t want to pick up. She said she feel uncomfortable that I can’t trust her, she j finally has made friends and she hates that I can’t let her have own freedom. And now she is thinking about breaking up as she is scared this has become to messy and don’t think it’s repairable.
To anyone reading, I know I’ve fucked up. I ruined a beautiful relationship by losing trust and faith. She wasn’t cheating on me or anything, she genuinely wanted to make friends and have her own time without me interjecting every time. I want her to believe this is not me. I’ve never been like this don’t want to be. I’ve told her I can change, not just for her but for me. I don’t want her memory of me to be this childish person who let fear take over trust. Just need some advice to help me fix the shit I’ve done.
TL;DR : didn’t giver my gf enough trust or space. She feel scared the relationship will never be the same and plans to break up.
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2023.03.29 02:42 Ok-Mastodon2016 [WP] you're off to save the princess from the dragon, or at least that's what everyone in the kingdom thinks, in reality this is just a ploy for you and your best friends, The Princess and The Dragon to run away together

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2023.03.29 02:42 MyNameIsCronus A Chronic Foot & Ankle Injury Vent Post

Hi, Im a 29 year old guy that has been dealing with an ankle injury and chronic inflammation for over a year. I just wanted to vent about it.
I "jammed" my ankle back in February of 2022. It was during one of my casual weekly pickup games. Just a simple jump to catch the disc, but I landed flat footed. I didn't think it was too bad of an injury, but I stayed off of it for a few weeks before seeing a doctor.
I saw a podiatrist who took an xray and saw nothing bad, and advised me to play at my discretion. I felt 80% better pretty soon, so I started playing ultimate again.
Unfortunately, that was unwise. My ankle never completely healed, and I became locked in a chronic inflammation cycle for months.
It came to a head on a hiking vacation in Scotland, where I reinjured it due to overuse. After this vacation I was hobbling around and completely unable to run.
I sought a new doctor, an ortho surgeon, who called me a moron for playing before I was 100% healed. Fortunately the MRI was clean, but I've got a good deal of inflammation, and I've been working through PT for months.
Ive made a lot of progress in these months, I can run, I can jump, but I'm still far away from being able to play ultimate. Ive lost all confidence in landing on my one bad foot. My PT has been asking me to practice hopping on the one foot, and it's so difficult, and I just can't do it. I feel like I'm miles away.
It feels almost like this is it, and my ultimate days are over before I'm even 30.
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2023.03.29 02:42 AwakeSleepMeditation Stillness & Motion - A Scientific View of Meditation (8)

As previously mentioned, the essence of meditation is to keep the mind awake while allowing the body to enter into a state of sleep. The specific method for achieving meditation is to maintain stillness in the body so that the body’s built-in “sensors” cannot detect any muscle movement. With enough practice and time, your brain (more accurately, your unconscious brain), mistakenly believing that you have fallen asleep, will gradually shut down both your motor and sensory nerves, inhibiting the sympathetic nerves while stimulating the parasympathetic nerves. This ultimately leads your body into a completely relaxed state of sleep.
That is why I have repeatedly emphasized that maintaining stillness is the first key element of meditation, and I can even assert that it is the only key element of meditation. Moreover, through simple logical reasoning, I can make a bolder guess that any human activity that is achieved by maintaining stillness in the body is essentially meditation. For example, Zhan Zhuang, Neidan, and various “static exercises” in Qigong, including “Tuna” and “Xingqi” through breath adjustment. Although they may superficially appear to be vastly different, some standing, some sitting, and some lying down, with different internal focusing points as well, they all essentially achieve meditation by maintaining stillness in the body.
However, although most meditation methods are achieved by keeping the body still, there are nevertheless some very special methods that achieve meditation through bodily movement. For example, in addition to “sitting meditation,” Buddhist practitioners sometimes choose an outdoor space, focus their minds without any distractions, and walk back and forth in a straight line with very slow steps, called “walking meditation.” In fact, the slowness of the pace is not necessary, because some experienced practitioners can achieve the same effect with faster speeds. That is to say, slowness is not the key to “walking meditation,” but maintaining a “constant speed” and moving in a “straight line” are the keys. So, what is the connection between moving “at a constant speed in a straight line” and maintaining “stillness”?
People who have studied physics know that Newton’s first law states that when an object is not subjected to an external force, it will remain at rest or move at a constant speed in a straight line. It is common sense and relatively easy to understand that an object that is not subject to external forces remains at rest. However, an object that is not subject to external forces can also maintain constant speed in a straight line, which is a discovery that contradicts common sense and also underlies Newton’s greatness. So again, what is the inherent commonality between maintaining stillness and moving at a constant speed in a straight line, or uniform linear motion? In other words, what is the essential difference between stillness/uniform linear motion and other forms of motion (that is, nonlinear motion and non-uniform linear motion)?
The answer is simple. That is, the acceleration of stillness and uniform linear motion is zero, while the acceleration of nonlinear motion and non-uniform linear motion is not zero. The “sensors” in your body, mentioned earlier, like the “sensors” in smartwatches, are actually “acceleration sensors,” or “accelerometers,” not “velocity sensors.” That is to say, stillness and uniform linear motion are the same for them because the acceleration is zero. This explains why uniform linear motion (like “walking meditation”) and stillness have the same effect, since your unconscious brain mistakenly thinks you are asleep because it cannot detect any “acceleration” of your muscles and thus lets your body go into a sleep state.
In addition, the “sensors” in your body are not as sensitive as you thought. That means that as long as you keep the acceleration of your body movements within a small range, even nonlinear or non-uniform linear movements may cause your unconscious brain to mistakenly assume you are asleep because it cannot detect sufficient “acceleration.”
So, how can you keep the acceleration of your body movements within a small range? You just need to slow down your movements! Tai Chi is a perfect example. Most of the movements in Tai Chi come from Chinese martial arts, but the biggest difference between Tai Chi and other martial arts is the speed of the movements. Therefore, although most of those movements are nonlinear, due to the slow and uniform speed of each movement, and the seamless and continuous transitions between movements, the acceleration throughout the entire flow can be almost ignored.
Also, in various “moving exercises” of Qigong, most (if not all) use very gentle and slow movements based on the same principle. That is to say, whether it is Tai Chi or Qigong, so long as you truly practice “slowly,” you can achieve the effect of meditation. Or to make the point more bluntly, Tai Chi and Qigong are essentially forms of meditation.
Moreover, Newton’s first law is also known as the law of inertia. The so-called “inertia” refers to the property of an object resisting changes to its motion state. By applying this law, we can not only better understand the relationship between stillness and motion, but also unlock the principle behind the “progressive muscle relaxation” method mentioned in Chapter 1, “Awake Sleep.” We already know that this method deliberately tightens and relaxes different muscle groups in the body progressively, thus gradually eliminating the tension and inducing a sense of relaxation. But how exactly does that work?
Suppose the degree of muscle tension ranges from 0 to 10, with several levels in between. That is to say, when we engage in intense physical activity, the muscle tension can rise to 10, whereas when we are asleep, the muscles are completely relaxed, and the tension drops to 0. When we wake up, under normal circumstances, our muscle tension level is not 0 or 10, but rather stays at a value between 0 and 10. Let’s assume that that value is 3, although it may vary slightly for each person.
Note that, under normal circumstances, it is difficult to experience the feeling of muscle relaxation below that normal value of 3. However, if we deliberately tighten our muscles and maintain this for a while, and then suddenly relax them, the muscle tension will quickly drop from 10 to 3. However, it will not stop there, but due to the “inertia” effect mentioned earlier, it will continue to decrease to 2, then 1, and even 0. Of course, after reaching the lowest point, the muscle tension will rebound, and rise back up to 1, and then 2, before finally returning to the normal value of 3 and staying there.
Although this relaxation of muscles below 3 is not long-lasting, usually not exceeding half a minute, it allows us to experience the physical changes that occur only after falling asleep even when we are awake. It can be said that Dr. Jacobson’s invention is truly remarkable. This is also why in Chapter 6, “A Thousand Hours,” we considered achieving full-body muscle relaxation as the criterion for completing the initial phase of learning meditation, because not only is it a very clear and explicit goal, but, more importantly, it is a goal that we can partially experience through the “progressive muscle relaxation” method.
Also, the series of movements in yoga share similarities with “progressive muscle relaxation.” The principles behind both are exactly the same. In fact, the founder of yoga, Patanjali, explained in detail the “Eight Limbs of Yoga” in his book Yoga Sutras. What we typically practice today in the gym is only the third limb, which is the “asana” or posture yoga. The later “pranayama” or breathing yoga is similar to Qigong’s “Tuna” or “Xingqi.” As for the seventh limb, “dhyana,” it is an extremely deep meditation, and the eighth limb, “samadhi,” is the highest state that meditation can bring us to—the unity of Heaven and humanity.
In short, stillness is meditation, as well as uniform linear movement. Slow and continuous nonlinear movement and non-uniform linear movement can also be forms of meditation. As for the various muscle relaxation techniques, they are excellent warm-up exercises for meditation. They help us set meditation goals, experience or partially experience the wonderful feelings that come with achieving those goals, and always have a firm belief and a lively hope.
In many Eastern temples, you will find a stone tablet or plaque inscribed with the words “Entering Samadhi.” It means that no matter who enters there, they must put aside their distractions and purify their minds to discover their true selves. However, most believers do not know that Samadhi is not in the temple or in the wild forests, but in everyone’s own hearts. Instead of looking for immortals and seeking the Tao far away, it is better to sit quietly at home or walk slowly in the yard to find the mysteries of life in the joy of meditation.
May each of us find our own Samadhi and enter it whenever we want to, whenever we need to, and whenever we have to.
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2023.03.29 02:42 THROWAWAYBOREDOM7 As a female I despise the word “woman”, and it’s driving me crazy. Everytime someone says “woman” I cringe, females should all be called females it’s more empowering.

Let’s normalize calling all females, well females. The word woman is the worst most offensive sounding repulsive shit in the world. Ew, I feel sick. Thankfully I’m not a “woman” yet, I’m 16. So, I guess I’m still a “girl”. I think the term girl should be universal, and people under 18 should be called young girls, or some thing like that. Because the word woman is gross, why do females get so offended with the word “female”? Im not trying to be “pick me”, that’s cringe. I’m just genuinely curious since I hate that word so much. I’m curious, since the word female sounds more empowering and I think I’m standing up for females when I don’t refer to them as “women”. I say males and females mostly. And males don’t het offended. But occasionally I say men and females, since man doesn’t sound offensive.
Imagine a guy saying “shut up, woman”. It sounds gross. I can’t take it. Everytime I hear that word I feel like vomiting, especially when men say it. People say female could mean “female cow” or something. But I’d rather be compared to a cow than be called “woman”. And, they say it’s dehumanizing. And, I feel like saying it’s dehumanizing is putting people on a pedestal. It’s saying human lives are more important than any other life form, which couldn’t be FARTHER from the truth. I genuinely feel sick everytime I hear it. Sometimes I feel like clogging and gluing my ears so I never have to hear that dreadful word in my life. I feel like the word female is so much more empowering, and beautiful. Female will make everyone feel great, and stuff. And we should just call everyone males and females. And not this unnecessary shit.
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2023.03.29 02:41 Pannnk Question about the map and items

Is the map supposed to become blue when you’ve cleared a place of items/treasure like the other remake? I found this sectioned off tiny cave near the lake and it’s still showing the map color the brownish/red shade and there nothing there I checked all around.
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2023.03.29 02:41 PsychologicalUse6274 How can i [23m]reassure my gf [23f] that she’s not alone.

My girlfriend is going through a tough time right now and she doesn’t care about her self and thinks that no one cares about her. She is loved and I just want her to know that. She feels like no one wants to talk to her and don’t have any friends. I keep reassuring her that everything is going to be okay and that she’s not alone. Any advice to reassure her or comfort her to let her know that she isn’t alone?
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2023.03.29 02:41 critivix came out to my dad today

actually i came out to him a few weeks ago, but didn't actually talk about it in detail until today (i just gave him a note saying "i'm trans, my name is [...] and my pronouns are she/her")
yesterday i asked him if we could go to a coffee shop today and talk in more detail, and well it happened. it went pretty well, he said he supports me didn't mind what i do as long as it's not something evil or self destructive (he's always like this), and he's cool with me being trans
we also talked about hrt. i told him i was only considering it, but i was nowhere near a final decision and i didn't plan to be for a while. he said he supports me if i want to do it, but doesn't recommend i do it now (i'm 15). he said i'm at an age where my mind and emotions change a lot, and i might regret it in the future, AND, i'm still in high school so i might run into some very shitty people. he recommends i wait until i'm 18 (i think it's a bit high but i kinda agree)
anyway, yeah, went pretty good, thanks dad! (now for the harder step, tell mom)
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2023.03.29 02:40 Far-Arm4315 Can anyone send a postcard please?

Can anyone send a postcard please?
My school is still missing a few states for our challenge. Can anyone send my school a postcard so we can help finish our read across America challenge? If so, just say you know Mr. Wright as your connection. Thank you.
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2023.03.29 02:39 EchoGaming360 This is setting some ground rules : no inappropriate content, geography and gaming content are recommended but anything kid-friendly works!:D

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2023.03.29 02:38 eschuylerhamilton who else is tired?

Not “I need to go to sleep” tired, but emotionally tired. I’m sure for some of us we are the only person we can count on. We don’t have friends or a partner, so we are the only person in our life who Carrie’s the burdens of our lives. And it’s exhausting. To have nobody in your life is a truly exhausting experience. I’m at the point where part of me is just like “fuck it, give it up. Nobody’lol csre if you’re gone.”
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2023.03.29 02:38 DreedRobertsDreads A wren maybe? Silver Falls, Oregon

A wren maybe? Silver Falls, Oregon
What is my little friend? Very small (@4 in) and very quick! Many apologies for the subpar pics.
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