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2023.06.03 23:39 Large_Ad1406 HELP! fostering a Savannah monitor cage help please :(

HELP! fostering a Savannah monitor cage help please :(
So one of my friends is way to busy with her million other replies at the moment and asked if I could take care of her monitor for a few months. The reason why is because he would always hit invite at her and she just didn’t have the time to spend to bond with him as a baby and I know it was an irresponsible thing to do and I don’t think that the cage isn’t anywhere near perfect and that’s why I’m posting this because I want advice and help and I’m definitely going to be switching out the substrate I need substrate advice and tank advice ASAP!! I’ve held this dude and he hasn’t bit me he seems to be doing okay for now but advice would be greatly appreciated thank you :) also I’m only watching him for abt 3 months but he’s safe with me I’m working hard to make sure he can live his best life also name suggestions?
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2023.06.03 23:39 GArockcrawler Best platform for analysis alongside my beehive data?

Best platform for analysis alongside my beehive data?
I am looking for insight on which platform will allow me to best gather and store data on the conditions in my yard. I have three of my beehives on Solutionbee scales which measure hive weight and ambient temp. I noticed some interesting trends this year and I would like more weather data e.g rainfall, wind or cloudcover at points in time to be able to cross with what I am seeing in my hives to see if I can get to the point where I can do predictive analytics on the data. I also would like a station in my yard for my family’s benefit.
My scales write to the cloud with hourly time stamps. I can pop out to the website to get a quick glimpse of the last 5 days, and I can export the full scale data. Photo is a glimpse of the web based view. I would love similar functionality for the weather data.
What platforms should I be considering? Is there one that may be the better choice given what I am trying to do?
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2023.06.03 23:38 goodmorningsunshines Picky eating?

My son (3yo) is a picky eater at home. We serve family meals and all of the tips and tricks but he just won't eat the food we make him. He likes everything we make but he "holds out" for snacks and treats or whatever. Like he will legitimately starve himself until my husband gives in and gives him something else behind my back.
I suspected it's picky eating due to sensory issues at first which is why I'd also cave on occasion, but he eats literally everything at daycare without a fuss - including eggs. But at home if you present him with eggs he will literally throw a fit until he pukes, for instance. His daycare provider says he eats like a tank there and is basically a bottomless pit, but at home he will throw the biggest tantrums about food.
Do I just let him go hungry until he loses the attitude and eats what we serve? I no longer allow snacking throughout the day but he will literally hold out all day long and then cry about being sooooooo hungry before bed - at which point I'll re-heat his dinner and he sometimes eats it but other times he'll say no and just go to bed.
What gives? What can I do? It is so annoying and there is so much food waste it drives me bonkers. 🙃
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2023.06.03 23:38 OperationResident602 Im thinking I have a pretty controversial top 10 seasons am I wrong. 1 and 2 aren’t controversial I’m talking about the rest lol

  1. Vanuatu- I won’t apologize for this take I’m big on location and characters. Eliza,Amy, twila, Chris, even Julie berry I loved lol
  2. Panama- cirie 1.0 is enough to make a top 10 list but my boy SHANE hell yea. Terry was MY Tom westman I wanted him to win so bad. Danielle dilorenzo is also fun I love her she’s underrated.
  3. Gabon- ultimate circus. Randy and Corrine are the evil duo i frickn love. Still mad Corrine wasn’t able to make it to HvV. Corrine is my confessional queen along with miss courtney Yates.
  4. Samoa- the Russell show. Sorry I love him his tribe was down like 8 to 4 and he got all of his alliance in the top 3. Really loved Laura too she’s a queen. Also Shambo? Danger Dave? Hell yeah
  5. China- Amanda 1.0 I love her. Second fav survivor girl. COURTNEY YATES the queen she needs a spot on every season just like Eliza needs a spot on every jury. Todd,James, just the whole cast almost was fun.
  6. Tie between Cagayan and edge of extinction- y’all gonna be so mad about EoE but that cast was phenomenal I loved the whole season except for the very end obviously. Wentworth and lauren such a good girl power duo. Obviously Cagayan has tony 1.0 Sarah etc etc good gameplay
  7. Philippines- DENISE! I love Denise one of my fav winners. Malcolm was a fav too. Abi Maria etc etc so much going on
  8. David Goliath- didn’t love the winner but this season was a banger. Mike and his wine, Angelina christian sooo good
  9. HvV- best cast ever. Crazy tribals. I’m just mad either Russell or Parvati didn’t win. Russell winning was unrealistic I guess considering the jury then Parvati should have won I’m sorry I can’t get behind Sandra as a player she’s not for me but she’s hella funny..and hey she’s the female survivor queen after all!
  10. Micronesia- I’m sorry I know this season had a lot of quits and med evac but it doesn’t matter. Parvati and amanda are my favorite final two in the shows history. Should have been a final three tho so cirie could get a win. I love this entire cast. Nat Bolton is hot ok bye
Thanks for reading!!!!
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2023.06.03 23:38 Immediate_e_jack Political Science or Philosophy?

Hello! I’m currently a philosophy major at the moment with a focus of going to law school. I feel as though I may not have made the best decision by majoring in philosophy and would like some advice.
My goal is to become a lawyer, and as of this moment, I’m passionate about it. No, I’m not doing it for the money. Its a genuine passion of mine and it could honestly pay less than $50k a year and I would still want to be a lawyer or go to law school.
The reason why I chose philosophy as my major is because I heard they performed best on the LSAT, and that it doesn’t matter what my bachelor degree is anyways as long as I have a good GPA. However, I’m afraid that when the time comes to it, and I don’t feel like being a lawyer anymore (which is very unlikely but it’s something I want to account for), I will not be able to get a job with a philosophy degree.
With a political science degree, I will have more leeway and can fall back to it if by then I don’t feel like going to law school. I’m currently a sophomore and I’m taking intro courses to philosophy at the moment. I recently switched my major to philosophy. I’ve had multiple appointments with my advisor, and with the way things are looking right now, I can graduate at the end of my junior year. I’m currently taking PHI 103 and 105 right now.
Anyways, sorry that was kind of all unnecessary. But bottom line, should I take philosophy or political science? I actually kind of like philosophy and find it enjoyable, but I’m not sure if this is the best route for me.
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2023.06.03 23:38 MadameMorningstar Lifelong issues- In case this helps someone

My goal for this is to help others. I was the kid who would break out in a rash that ran head to torso a few times a year and they said was heat rash. Reg diarreha and stomach pains. Chronic insomniac. Allergy issues as a kid that I grew out of. Barium enema in 8th grade. And most folks just wrote me off as stressed. Female. Whatever. I lived on a semi constant stream of kaopectate and ALWAYS be near a bathroom. Great freaking quality of life:) 32 thyroid is removed due to thyroid cancer. Stomach gets worse. Cue farting that could level Tokyo. My ex husband febreezed my ass once. Not a joke. GI doc and sibo diagnosis and drugs. They do seem to help. She says if this recurs we have to look at food issues. And better for a time than far worse. Traditional prick testing is all over the place. Had multiple rounds. Leap Testing gives a frame work for food and I discover mast cells and histamine intolerance. I hit an allergist who looks at previous testing and says you have mast cell instability disease. Strict gluten free dairy free no left overs diet ensues. And tummy issues get better for a time. Mind you the stress of that diet and the fact that it was low carb for over a decade IS not suggested now. I have a few good years and then getting sick a lot. Weird things happening always in summer. 2020 and the great crash starts up. Full body pain. by 2021 something in summer is wiping out my thryoid conversion of T4 to T3 and that's when I can get anyone to even pull a T3. Body temps drop dangerously low during summer..93.5 HURTS that's all i can tellyou. Pointless ER visit that tells me it's a mechanical misfire. 2021 i see a new allergist and he says I really dont think you have mast cell instability. It's too rare. Does the gold standard test for it and is like I see no reaction in your system. So after that during a colonscopy a doc says I see NO physical reason you can't eat a normal diet. And of course OVERJOYED and basically a biological excon. That first meal out of the joint was SCARY. I gain 15 lbs quickly and am bloated and puffy and stomach is not trying to clean itself out. Cue 3 months of hypothyrodism as I had to get a doc to change meds due to the weight gain. Conversion is still not happenign. 2 endos later. T3 not helping. Sleep is non existant like 2 hours. Fatigue. A dreadful summer of suprise rashes. October..I notice the same pattern with sibo..morning is better before meals ...the day gets worse..miserable by night . No sleep. Rinse.Repeat. I hit up an integrated medicine person as well as a gi doc. Integrated med person gives herbals and things do help..but not at all for sure. Atrantil provided some relief too. GI doc says breath test and sure enough..H2sibo ( that wasn't even on the radar almost 2 decades ago). I started b1 with flagyl as I read somewhere it depletes it and suddently my brain fog clears. Flagyl and then augmenting make me feel like SHIT. Tummy is better but everything elseis nightmare. I give up and hit functional medicine. At the same time as I do that life DNA offers methylation info if you upload your dna results. This isn't as good as genetic testing but definitely broadstrokes is better than nothing. Sure enough b vitamin methylation issues as well as Low comt gene. Funct med gives me better formulations of b vits than i was on. Still working up b1 dosages SLOWLY. So during the bogus allergy decade of a super restricted diet DAO enzymes were part of my tools. I start them up again...and stomach cramps are starting to get better and bowl motility improves. Likely histamine intolerant and everything is so damn complex I will never know causes of it..sibo.. And countless allergists and one has EVER tested my histamine levels. Seeing slow progress but REAL progress without a hugely restrictive diet. The genetic testing showed that tea is not great for me ( i was mainlining it on the restrictive diet) and I drink booze very sparingly. I'm 48. Functional medicine has done more for me in 3 months than 3 years of traditional medicine with so far a better quality of life. I only had a few years without stomach issues. Sleep with DAO is amazingly easy and good quality. I'm not at the end of my journey with this but the end is closer than the beginning. May this help someone else.
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2023.06.03 23:37 AutoModerator Watch The Little Mermaid Online For Free

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Showcase Cinema Warwick you'll want to make sure you're one of the first people to see it! So mark your calendars and get ready for a The Little Mermaid Movie movie experience like never before. of our other Marvel movies available to watch online. We're sure you'll find something to your liking. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you soon! The Little Mermaid Movie is available on our website for free streaming. Details on how you can watch The Little Mermaid Movie for free throughout the year are described

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How to Watch The Little Mermaid Movie for Free

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Where to Watch The Little Mermaid Movie?

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What is the story of Don't worry darling?

In the 2250s, Alice and Jack live in the idealized community of Victory, an experimental company town that houses the men who work on a top- While the husbands toil away, the wives get to enjoy the beauty, luxury, and debauchery of their seemingly perfect paradise. However, when cracks in her idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something sinister lurking below the surface, Alice can't help but question exactly what she's doing in Victory.

In ancient Kahndaq, Teth Adam bestowed the almighty powers of the gods. After using these powers for vengeance, he was imprisoned, becoming The Little Mermaid Movie. Nearly 5,000 years have passed, and The Little Mermaid Movie has gone from man to myth to legend. Now free, his unique form of justice, born out of rage, is challenged by modern-day heroes who form the Justice Society: Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone.
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2023.06.03 23:37 Theycallmemr_E A new primitive civilisation the kamoko.

APPEARANCE:Kamoko are 1 block tall short green creatures. They'd wear loincloths and carry one of three items:Stone swords stone pickaxes or stone hoes. Like villagers they'd have roles but more primal.
HUNTER KAMOKO:A kamoko with a red stripe across their forehead. They'd carry stone swords and would go on kamoko hunting missions locating some animals killing them and then feeding the nearby wild-life to breed them. If you come with kamoko on hunting missions you'll gain respecti n the group. The more the respect the more things they'll let ya do and the more trades you'll get.
MINER KAMOKO:These guys would sometimes find nearby cliffsides and begin mining them. Once they're finished mining they'd come home with some cobblestone to spread around the village. If you give a stack of cobble to the town they'll put a grey stripe on your forehead.
NOTE:Kamoko mining dosen't break any blocks.
FARMER KAMOKO:In kamoko farms you can find these guys farming beetroot. Kamoko LOVE Beetroots. If you farm 30 crops or bone-meal 25 To full you'll get a yellow stripe on your forehead.
NOTE:These stripes you gain can stack and just go on separate parts of your forehead.
KAMOKO ELDER:An older kamoko with a wooden cane. Slightly taller then others and it'd have 15 HP Compared to the others 20.
RESPECT:Doing certain things in the kamoko camp(WHICH I'LL EXPLAIN LATER) gains you respect. Such as farming mining giving kamoko items trading giving them beetroot and hunting on hunts. You'll have 50 respect once you start out but the more things ya do the more thing you'll get. Better trades some cobble and ores from the miners letting you open chests and once you reach 100 you'll gain two kamoko companions! They'll follow you around carrying axes working as bodyguards. If you left click on a kamoko you can change there behaviour from bodyguard to hunter. Hunters will scout out nearby animals kill them then breed them with another nearby animal then give you whatever it dropped. They do this every 2 Minutes. You can also lose respect by hitting a kamoko taking crops and then not replanting them(Theres a timer of 40 seconds) and opening chests with a respect lower then 80. If your respect drops to 30 They'll begin attacking you.
KAMOKO TRADING:If you left click on a kamoko a custom trading UI Wll pop up with two trades. These change every-day. You can trade them food ores or other items in exchange for some other items. The more you trade the better your trades will get. You can only trade once though unless they replenish their item like if they gain some ores or farm a beetroot.
KAMOKO CAMP:The kamoko camp is kinda like a rarer village. It spawns more in savvanah biomes but can also spawn in all the village biomes and swamps and mushroom fields. In each biome the buildings will look diffrent. Also in mushroom biomes they'll farm mushrooms instead of beetroot and like mushrooms more then beetroot in those biomes.
KAMOKO HOUSE:3 Block tall small houses usually with a crafting table or campfire. As-well as chests that have basically village loot but with less ores and more beetroot n cobble. Also no diamonds bread or obsidian...or emeralds.
KAMOKO MILL:A primative windmill. This usualy spawns next to farms and it is 5 blocks tall. Near it would be sugar cane growing.
KAMOKO FARM:Can be found near water sources. Just hoed ground growing beetroots. If its a mushroom biome they'll be growing mushrooms instead of farmland beetroot.
KAMOKO BARRACK:A 4 block tall area with stone axes hanging from chains. If unarmed hunters enter if they're going to do a hunt soon they'll take an axe and leave. You can actualy take axes off the chains too. Though it works the same as the chests with respect.
KAMOKO CENTER:The center of the camp with a campfire area. The elder can sometimes come here and tell stories. Listening to the elders stories will give you some respect. The elder dosen't actually speak he speaks kamokoese. They speak a bit like the barakonas from mowzies mobs.
Stone tools.
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2023.06.03 23:37 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (bundle edition)

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2023.06.03 23:37 stvntckr Tots Elite Pack

I never buy anything and had 530k so I yolo’d this pack. Best card was 94 dupe Smalling lol and it only gave me 50 players instead of the 100. Anyone else had this or did I read it wrong?
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2023.06.03 23:37 skittles_4_life fmgf!!

I just wanted to let you guys know about an amazing app called find me gluten free, it shows u restaurants with gluten free option where u are ( it also accommodates other food sensitivities if u have them) it so useful for travelling.
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2023.06.03 23:36 JedediahCooper How do you transfer SSD footage to the computer?

I recently bought a old Blackmagic camera and it came with a SSD recorder. I want to use it but for the life of me I can't figure out what the best way to transfer the footage from the SSD to the computer is. How do I connect the SSD to my computer?
I was looking at external desktop SSD docks but most are USB 3.0 and it just didn't strike me as the preferred way to do this. Blackmagic made a $600 mounted dock but that isn't feasible for me. Googling the issue brings up people having the issue of plugging in the SSD and then having problems but I do not understand how they are plugging it in in the first place.
I feel like I'm missing something obvious but I am curious how you guys do it. Thank you.
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2023.06.03 23:36 onyekaboy27 What techniques should I use to learn and read faster?

I was never a student that tried when I was in high school. I would always do the bare minimum at school (Except for classes I liked such as biology and anatomy) then go back home to practice calisthenics, lift weights, play video games, or watch anime. I never really thought about college or what my future in education would be, I was simply just going with the flow. When went to college I had to teach myself how to learn and adjust to the fast-paced classes, but in the process of doing so, I grew to love learning how to learn. I am still improving and I want to see if you guys can give me advice on how to improve the speed of my learning.
I recently took organic chemistry 1. While I did get an A, I spent a ridiculous amount of time studying. This worries me because I have a harder workload next semester and I don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain the amount of studying for organic chemistry. I want to be able to study multiple subjects instead of focusing on one while neglecting the others. I do know that I’ll be spending more time on orgo, but I still want to improve my studying techniques.
What I currently do

I’ve watched a bunch of videos online about learning, but I didn’t want to overcomplicate everything and confuse myself so I kept it simple

  1. Outline
I made an outline of the chapter I read at the time using the subsections of that chapter. The general format is (1) Chapter 1, (2) 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc., (3) organizers for each subsection of the chapter. Here’s an example of one of the subsections of the chapter outline
16.7 Diels–Alder Reactions

  1. Organizers
When I say organizer, I mean tables, flowcharts, diagrams/models, and things of that sort.
Under each subsection of the chapter, I typed a list of organizers to draw out, as you see above. I add these to my outline as I read the chapter. I also draw out each organizer as I read the chapter so I was essentially writing notes.

  1. Practicing problems
I usually started this part a week before the tests because the organizers (AKA notes) part took up most of my time. I basically did the weekly questions my professor gave us and practice tests. I did the problems with my notes open so I can give a really detailed answer to the questions because I got the best results when I did this. I feel like using my notes for help while writing detailed answers to each problem helped my conceptual understanding, and I ended up getting A’s on all 3 tests and the final so I did think the way I did my problems is the part that needs modification.

  1. Spaced Repetition
Not gonna lie, I didn’t do a lot of spaced repetition because I kind of just remembers everything from my organizers for the most part. If I did, I would go over them really quickly or do problems involving those topics. I did use Quizlet and Anki to memorize the pKa values and for the IUPAC naming system, but other than that I didn’t use those apps
So this is what I did for one of the harder classes I took last semester. As I said before, I really want to work on speeding up learning for these difficult topics and balancing multiple subjects at once so any piece of advice helps. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 23:36 Abject-Break-4717 (This is all fantasy, and will remain private!) Message me like you’re my best friend of a long time. You’re pissed at your girl, and just want for this one time; someone to jerk to them but I’m the one you trust the most. Use emojis, reply realistically, let’s have fun! Dm me or kik @ pashary

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2023.06.03 23:36 wolvrine123 how to make an ISFP girlfriend happy

I cannot believe that i am back to this sub again honestly i had lost hope that she would come back , approximately 3 months ago the girl that i have been talking to for around 8 months had left me and I had posted about here it was long distance relationship,
I was in total mess but in the end I focused on my own mistakes and accepted that it was over but she is back and she cleared many things for me and admitted that she was afraid and told me the reasons ,i apologized for my mistakes and she opened up to me which caught me off guard cz before she just seemed to be very closed off with her emotions like when she is hurt she would say nothing but now and i will quote her she says she wants to understand me and asks me to understand her if i don't mind .
to summarize things I just wanted to ask for the prospective of ISFPs to understand her better ,
I understand that every person is different in the end but i believe there must be some similarities
how can i make her happy like what are the common things that generally make ISFP happy ?
how can i help her with her insecurities and increase her fluctuating confidence ?
she seem to get bored easily and doesn't discover her potential in her own hobbies like i saw her art work and she was really good but she stopped .
i feel she somewhat oversensitive to my words and i try so hard not to hurt her but at the same time i don't wish to just avoid things by not talking about it , I don't know what is the best approach to this one . i am trying to as nice as i can really .
do ISFP really find hard to say there true feelings ?
do ISFPs dislike long conversations and dislike clingy people?
i understand that i can ask her these questions but sometimes she just say nice things to make me feel good which does bother me a lot .
I am trying to improve myself to be a better partner in general reading and watching vlogs about healthy relationships . I really don't know if our relationship will last this time or will it end again , I have low hopes this time but i will try and take things slowly as before i done so many mistakes and i want to have no regrets this time .
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2023.06.03 23:36 Simply_Mortal_56 I finally got 50 hits!

I know it’s not a lot, but I’m pretty much the only person in my fandom so it feels like a lot to me.
Nearly 51k words on the work, I also have 2 subscribers.
I feel great!
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2023.06.03 23:36 skvidvard_yeet sites/programs to use

what are best sites or programs to use to create a floorplan that is free and easy to use. I tried side but it does not have a generic furniture so its harder to plan the way it will look like in the end
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2023.06.03 23:36 FarmWhich4275 An Alien Plays... Factorio

"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today we will be celebrating the recent release of many games to the open market by Humans with a game that was recommended to me many times by my work colleague. Hats off to you Jerry! Today we will start with a game called: Factorio. Okay... Apparently it is a resource management and automation game with a simple graphics component. Let's check some of the reviews."
*Spifflemonk looks at some of the reviews for the game and grows disturbed and confused.*
"Erm.. hmm... Is this a human thing? These reviews are all positive but... all of them say the same thing. The last maybe two hundred reviews all say a different iteration of the same thing. Is this a joke or... am I getting into something bad here?"
*Spiffles screen displays a short scroll of the latest reviews. All of them say something along the lines of: THE FACTORY MUST GROW*
"Well, okay then. I know this game does have mods, I looked earlier to test my game settings and recording software. I will be ignoring all of that for now and focusing only on the 'vanilla' experience, is what the humans call it? I think... Okay well lets get started erm... New Game... Sandbox... oh... this looks complicated. Just go default settings and start."
*The game screen loads fast and the introduction sequence plays, starting with the sound of explosions and a bleep noise, explaining how to win the game. Victory is achieved by launching a rocket with either a satellite or the player in it.*
"So... from what I can tell here, the player, that's this little guy here, needs to build a factory to make rockets to get back into space after crash landing. Okay, how hard can that be?"
*The following hour of gameplay takes place with Spifflemonk learning the controls of the game, getting used to the graphics and doing some exploring. Eventually he actually gets to work, placing his first miner down, and putting his first stone smelter next to it. He spends a few minutes clearing boulders and trees in his crash site and slowly accumulates resources enough to add more miners, eventually setting up his first belt line and assembler after the first hour.*
"Right then! That's good uh... According to this I need to do research by making Science Packs? Okay so... I need to automate red science because hand crafting is.... very slow. Very very slow. Okay then uhh... Iron Gears and Copper plates? That's easy! I will just..."
*Another twenty minutes pass by, seemingly a bit too fast as he finishes hand crafting the first fifty Red Science. Depositing a few of them into a science lab and looking at what research is available.*
"Hmmm... Automation. That's going first, I can build assemblers now. After that maybe... Logistics? What's this? Belt Splitters, Underground Belts and Inserters? Oh look, power generation, that will be needed! I will start with...."
*Two hours pass without Spifflemonks notice as he upgrades and improves, adding production lines to automate the construction of Red Science packs. Finally unlocking Green Science packs.*
"Oohhh this gets a LOT more complicated... I need a mix of multiple resources to make these. Iron Gears, Copper Plates, Iron Plates... Green Circuits?! Where do I get those?! Oh... So... this goes here and that can go..."
*A further forty minutes pass when SpiffleMonk begins to panic as a red triangle with an exclamation point appears on his screen, indicating his factory is taking damage.*
"What? WHAT!? What's that red thing, is that some kind of alarm!? Okay uhh... let me just go see what it is then."
*Spifflemonk hastily runs towards the noise to find the games enemies: the Bug Hives of Nauvis attacking his Copper mines.*
"What are those things? AAHH STOP EATING MY MINERS!!! Oh gods oh gods where.. do i have a weapon or... I do have a gun! Okay uhhh... Shoot!"
*Spiffle fumbles but eventually finds the shoot button, and three of the six aliens chewing on his base get killed. He does however run out of ammunition for his simple pistol, and the aliens redirect their attention to his character.*
"What? Why isn't it firi-I'm out of bullets? This needs bullets?! Wait, wait NO-"
*A group of six aliens attack him and kill his character, resulting in a game over screen. The game automatically deletes his save file, as the difficulty is set to hardcore.*
*His channel outro plays.*
"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today we are going to try Factorio out again. Last time did not go well. BUT I have a better knowledge about the game and one of the first things I know to do is make ammunition! I know Im not alone here this time so I can prepare for it. Lets play!"
*Game starts with the same settings as the previous time, Spifflemonk wastes no time and clears the local area of trees and rocks and immediately starts automation as quickly as he can. Within two hours, he is roughly close to where he was when he got killed last time.*
"Right! I looked more at the research options and found better gun, better bullets and automated ammo production. As you can see, its green science, red science and as you can see, the first few bits of Military science are just coming off the assembly line. I was told from the last comments... aside from the crazy chanting... I needed to get walls, gun turrets and other things, and try not to pick a fight."
*Spifflemonk continues gameplay for a further hour or so before that all too familiar signal blares, the red triangle with an exclamation mark appears.*
"AHA!!! Now we will see who's the boss in this factory! Have at thee!"
*Spifflemonk heads towards the target and encounters a group of eight enemies, who he easily deals with. After replacing tw destroyed miners, he resumes working and begins to automate oil processing.*
"What is oil in this game? Is it like balm oil or something? Do humans use handwashing agents as industrial machinery? What is oil in this... hold on let me see something..."
*Spifflemonk pauses his gameplay and reads out an article on crude oil and fossil fuel industry, then a follow up article on plastic.*
"Plastic... and petroleum. Well thats... okay. Well we have something similar but we generally used hydrogen and stuff. I don't even know if my homeworld has the same... we never needed it. We mostly use ceramics and stuff as well as silicon based industry so... we don't have plastic in our industry. Wood and a sort of bitumen substance is the closest we have to your human coal and we have no crude oil processing at all so... no plastic. Is that why human circuitry processing is so cheap? Plastics?"
*Spifflemonk makes a note to do some research later on and carries on with automation. Eventually about an hour or so after starting to produce plastic bars, the alert sound rings ut again and Spifflemonk charges out to meet the new enemy.*
"Okay let's go! I'm still making bullets and guns so I should be HOLY CRAP!"
*Spifflemonk arrives and is swarmed by an army of around three dozen or so enemies, and is killed while attempting to run away. Once again, his save is still in hardcore mode, so he dies, a game over screen occurs, and his save is deleted.*
*The gameplay ends and Spiffles outro plays out as normal. However it seems as though the audio wasn't properly edited and a number of seriously bad curse words and slurs can be faintly heard in the background.*
TOP COMMENT: "Hardcore mode? I think you should turn it off in your gameplay settings dude. Hardcore mode is something players of only like maybe 150 hours or more would attempt. In any case, good effort! Build walls, turrets, get secured asap next time. Subbed and liked!"
"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today it's going to be Factorio again!"
*The channel intro plays and the screen cuts to a factory that seems already built.*
"On the recommendation of some of my subscribers, thank you all by the way, I have turned hardcore mode off and started building walls and defenses. This game looked so stupidly simple I had no idea just how... intricate it really is. So this time instead of taking you all through the long and boring i have pre buit my base and as you can see I have started producing the first batches of Blue Science, and have here something humans have in real life apparently: Trains!"
*A quick overview of the base is shown, followed by a short montage of the bases construction. A blueprint is outlined for later construction that produces Purple Science and logistics robots, along with a side factory that makes various other things such as belts and assemblers. The factory however, is a mess made of spaghetti, with obvious bottlenecks and mishmashes of belts.*
"I think i'm getting the hang of this game! Okay so, let's go see what we can do. And before you ask, yes I have already died twice while building this place."
*An hour or so of gameplay follows, with Spiffle checking and rechecking his factory, adding bits here and there, putting more belts in, and having a short pseudo aneurysm while figuring out the intricacies of the blueprint upgrader before finally arriving at his newly built train.*
"According to humans and the Factorio guide, trains are a long term, long range logistics solution that replaces belts across long distances. Humans apparently had these things for hundreds of years, in real life. They still operate today apparently, you can find a few of these 'railway networks' on Earth and other colonies. This will be the first time we use one. I had no idea how to automate this so I had to watch a guide so, don't judge me. So... let's go!"
*Spifflemonk enters the train and opens the UI to start the automation sequence. The train spools up then charges round corners at breakneck speeds and arrives at a train stop for a Stone Mine several miles away from his main base. As instructed in the guide, the train loads up on stone and once full, charges back at blistering speed back to his main base. He is a little bit too giddy at the result."
"WHY DON'T WE HAVE THESE!? That was amazing! No seriously, Council of Elders, ask the humans if we can borrow some of their trains. This would have solved SO many problems back in the day! SO many problems! Look how much this thing can carry!"
*Gameplay stops, Spifflemonks Outro plays. The next video he releases is a two and a half hour long video essay entitled: "Why we need to beg humans for trains' and receives nearly half a billion views.*
TOP COMMENT: "Seriously? You guys dont have trains? I'd love to know how that actually worked for you guys to get to space or do mass transit. I can recommend a few games if you want."
"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today we are back with: You guessed it, Factorio! Last time was a solid... month I think between that episode and my last upload. That was because I was trying out a train for myself! I went to the human colony of Epsilon Eridani nearby and tried a train. Best thing ever. Why don't we have those? Anyway, today on Factorio it's time for expansion!"
*Spifflemonks intro plays and a further overview of the factory is played, showing a separated train network with multiple railway sections with up to 30 trains running at once. Further advancements have been made, with a series of blueprints laid out and half completed for the production of yellow science.*
"As you can see I did some off camera work here. I do read your comments, I will try to make my videos, especially on these games, slightly shorter. And also, I checked the reviews again. I'm starting to understand where you are coming from. Factory must grow. From players with upwards of two thousand hours. With how short lived humans are you'd expect the to not spend two thousand hours playing a game, now would you."
*Sheepishly displays his own time of one hundred and thirty four hours, before returning to the game*
"So anyway. Today, as far as I can tell from the research queue, is the last day we will play as I am not that far off from-"
*Spifflemonk is interrupted by several attack alerts, noticing on his map that there are several attacks going at once across his frontline. Spiffle assumes all is well and ignores it. A minute later, he starts noticing that Copper production has stopped, and looks up again at his mining outpost to notice there is a truly MASSIVE biter army overwhelming and obliterating everything there. He panics and subsequently dies six times trying to take the biters out.*
*In the ensuing chaos Spifflemonks base is seriously damaged with Green circuits and Blue circuit factories being destroyed, part of his ammo production line is cut and four of his trains destroyed too. The entire north and north east face of his base is completely destroyed. The equivalent of twelve hours of work lost, to the tune of maybe another thirty minutes to an hour of replacing everything the biters destroyed.*
"Thats... thats just plain evil! How am... how am I supposed to beat that!? There were thousands of them! Okay, screw this, I am reloading a save!"
*Spifflemonk reloads the save and tries again. He redirects his attention to strengthening his defenses, doubling the number of turrets and strengthening his defensive line. The biters attack again, and this time Spiffle barely, very barely, makes it out with no major losses.*
"This is insane... absolutely insane! Okay... I get it. I need more guns. The rocket will have to wait I guess. So what do i- Flamethrower turret? What's a flamethrower?"
*Spifflemonk looks up the concept, unfortunately clicking on the wrong link and showing what flamethrowers were used for in the Vietnam war and World War Two. He has a slight panic attack and ends the video there.*
TOP COMMENT: Save Scumming is a legitimate tactic when you are a new guy. No issues dude, fight on. And flamethrowers? Yeah... did you know there's a thing called Incendiary Bombs? That's fun!
"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today we are back in Factorio. I have sent a special message to the Council about… Flamethrowers… and yes they scare me too. So today its more Factorio. I have done some off camera work so we can skip straight to the point. Seventeen hours later… I am starting to understand why some people have upwards of a thousand hours in this game. Why does it seem to… Anyway.”
*The channel intro plays and an overview of the factory is shown, with the last shot ending with Spifflemonk standing next to the Launch Silo for the endgame rocket. It isn't ready for launch yet, but it appears all the components are where they need to be.*
“Okay then, uhh… here we go!”
*Spifflemonk connects the last belt line to where it needs to be and resources begin to flow. He follows the connection to a series of a dozen assemblers, oil refineries, chemical processors and explains as he goes to tell the viewer what each machine set does. After a few minutes, the first Rocket Control Components have been made and the progress on the silo goes up.*
“It is a little slow but thats okay, room to expand and grow! In any case, this should be done shortly. OOhhh look at that!”
*Spifflemonk watches with the depression of a kid in a candy store with an unlimited budget as the animation plays of the rocket emerging from its silo.*
“Well… uhh… I assume I enter it just like the train I guess…”
*Spiffle enters and launches the rocket. The endgame scene plays, and Spiffle earns some steam achievements for the game.*
“YES!!! YES BY THE GODS YES!!! Finally! I am finished! OH… how long did it take to finish my first - A HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR HOURS!? How… How is it possible this game took so much of my attention?!Uhh… Wow. So.. I guess mods are next. Any suggestions in the comments? Thanks for watching!”
*The channel outro plays as Spiffle stares blankly at the screen showing his playtime with the game.*
TOP COMMENT: Only a hundred and eighty hours? Dude, rookie numbers. You should try mods next time. Just quality of life stuff like stack sizes or Supersonic Trains. Then, after you've launched a couple more rockets - go for broke and install the Space Exploration modpack. THAT… that modpack is pure agony.
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2023.06.03 23:36 Muchi1228 Does "Under one rule" AI need help?

I was roleplaying recently with Under one rule origin as Nilfgaard (militarist, authoritarian, spiritualist). Close enough with me the Word Bearers randomly spawned, as I've made them as well as some other spacemarine legions for my future Imperium of Man playthrough. I've made them Under one rule too, because I thought it would be pretty nice to roleplay primarchs giving them those powerful traits.
In this particular case our ethics were the same, so eventually we became friends and even formed the holy federation. However, as Emhyr had to deal with rebels (once more), I looked at Word Bearers, and my best friend Lorgar Aurelian was already gone, and that was only a midgame.
I know that Under one rule does provide some debuffs when your Luminary falls ill, but it seems like even Gross-Admiral AI struggles with this, so it just decides to cut off it's Luminary life support.
Honestly, I feel like AI should deal with lower debuffs and have more will to save it's Luminary, or don't even have to deal with Luminary fell at all. This would provide more interesting roleplay options.
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2023.06.03 23:36 Kooky_Journalist1033 How to avoid frustration in 1v1 drills?

When I train, the trainer has me going against an older kid who is best in the State for his age. He’s quicker than me, more skilled, and just understands how to play. He’s actually kind of insane with his skill level. We do king of the court and he’s tearing me up, but he keeps us paired. If someone else is about to line up against him, he switches us. I was mad after workout and he said that he’s never going to stop doing it. He says this is how growth happens, but I said he’s too quick and skilled for me to win. He said it’s “me vs me” and that the goal is to get better, but that only happens if my focus is proper. How do I avoid getting pissed over losing?
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2023.06.03 23:35 Tummie13 Am I doing something wrong?

Yesterday I received my Rokid Max. And the prescription lenses from their official partner Lensology. Perfect timing. But I've been fiddling with them for 2 days straight now, to get a full clear picture, and it's not coming together. The center (about 40% of the image) is perfectly sharp, but the rest (60% of the screen) is blurry, and gets outright vague towards the edges. To the point where I honestly can't read the subtitles. It's also very straining on the eyes.
I've put the headset everywhere on my nose, from far away, too so close that my eyebrows are getting tangled inside the ventilation holes and my eyelashes are getting held back by the lens-inserts. I barely can see the edges of the screen. If I set it in a "normal" glasses position, the corners of the screen are cut-off.
My IPD is 66mm. I tested the lens-inserts on their own (headset not turned on) and they seem perfectly fine. Everything is clear no matter how far I look right, left, up, down. I've also tried adjusting the diopter-dails, but they seem to work as intended and are not making things better for me.
I've been carrying a very fond memory of "video glasses" for about 11 years (Sony HMZ-T1), but I'm 100% sure I didn't have this much trouble. So, am I doing something wrong here? Or is it just not compatible with the shape of my face? My twin brother confirms my experience. Not trying to be racist, but my sister-in law is from Indonesia and her "asian" type face suits the glasses much better. She's confirming that everything looks nice and sharp to her, including the subtitles. Which seems like a miracle to me.
I get the best results for myself when connecting it to the Nvidia Shield Pro, and adjust those settings for "overscan", this way I can make the screen 30% smaller. But I als lose 30% of the pixels. And it shows. I get aliasing in movies. I've also been using the Rokid App and have adjusted the IPD, 60mm seems better?? than my actual measured IPD. 70MM makes me almost throw-up.
I'm on the verge of sending it back. Even with all the workarrounds applied, it straines my eyes where I can't use it for more than 15 minutes. At which point I instinctively take it off and start to massage my eyeballs.
Just for reference, I've been using VR-headsets extensively for at least 7 years now, from Samsung Gear, Rift CV1, Quest 1 and 2, HP reverb G1 and 2, Pimax 5k+ and 8k, Samsung Oddysey (and plus), Varjo Aero. So, it don't think it something to do with "getting used to HMD's".
I'd much rather have someone give me the golden tip than having to send them back. I want to love them, but at this point, I can't. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.03 23:35 fuzzymushrooms_ Lonely

I feel selfish for even saying this, I just feel so alone right now.
I’m 21, my brother who was 17 killed himself 4 months ago. It was only the two of us, leaving me my moms only child left.
My mom has been belittling my grief, not directly but making little jabs at me. She called me as soon as she found out it happened and I drove more than 2 hours to make it to her house. I cleaned up the blood in his room so she didn’t have to relive the experience. I stayed with her all night, and let her stay at my house for 2 weeks so she didn’t have to live in a house where something horrible happened. I’ve been a wreck emotionally (on the inside) since it happened, but I’m trying to live my life as normal. I went back to work not even a week later, and went to work after the funeral was over. I’m being seen as “not caring” about the situation when I’m really distraught by it.
Every day my mom says something like “the best part of me is dead now”. I get it. She’s depressed and her life has been turned upside down, but at this point she really doesn’t talk to me anymore. I try to schedule plans and she cancels, I text her she doesn’t respond or she finds a way to talk about the death when I’m trying to talk about something else (ex: finished my semester with straight A’s). I know things won’t be the same but I feel lonely. She’s my only family member left and she’s shutting me out and acting like my accomplishments are irrelevant because my brother died. I’m used to being the kid who was ignored for my younger sibling, but now it’s so much worse. I want my mom back, she’s all I have.
Again, I know this is going to sound selfish… I guess it was just a rant that I needed to share with some strangers on the internet. If you have any advice I’d love it.
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