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2023.04.01 21:29 pwnshpblu Looking for people's opinions on my type

I've fairly consistently got one MBTI type on all the tests I've ever taken (won't say what to avoid bias) but I'd like to be typed by actual people who understand how the functions work and all that. I don't fully trust the tests, plus a lot of times, for me at least, my answers to their questions are more nuanced than I can input. I haven't done loads of research into the functions myself and I want to hear others' opinions before I seriously look into it in case I'm harboring personal bias. Although if you can give me pointers on typing oneself or others I'd appreciate it! Thank you in advance for any help
• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself 23, female that thought I was a trans guy but now I'm back to questioning. I mentioned a lot about myself in the other questions and I'm not sure what else would be relevant if you have any other questions lmk.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow? Yes, but I'm capable of writing my answers so as to avoid this interfering with my typing and I don't wish to be open about my diagnosis, I'll also elaborate if I think something is mental health related or not
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it? I had a very chaotic family life. My parents divorced early on and my father was largely absent, while my mom had to work a lot to support us, so I was left to my own devices from an early age, which gave me both anxiety and joy. I was also homeschooled by choice from about age nine onwards, before anyone inserts their own assumptions about homeschooling, believe it or not I got more than adequate socialization, I just found that regular school was too...stifling? Boring? I wanted to be able to learn more than I was given in traditional schools. My family was not particularly religious but I was exposed to and interested in Buddhism from my dad's side of the family, and exposed to Catholicism from my mom's side, which I didn't like so much.
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not? I'm currently a full time pre med student, and working on getting a job in chemical technology and eventually an EMT certification to get an EMT job. I love being a student, learning is one of my favorite things about life. My favorite job previously was a library job which involved a lot of shelving and organizing and I was close with all my coworkers. Obviously I don't know for certain how I'll feel about the future jobs but I'm fairly confident I will love the ones I named, for a variety of reasons but I don't want to make this section too long so just ask if you need more elaboration.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed? In some ways I do enjoy alone time so that I can get some things done without interruption or being imposed other obligations on, but even considering all its downsides I definitely prefer and am energized by being around people.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities? I have so many interests and hobbies I can't list them all. I'm not very good at or into most sports though. For outdoor activities my favorites are hiking, swimming, tidepooling, mushroom hunting. For indoor activities my favorites are writing, videogames, reading, cooking, various things to do with learning.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate? I'm extremely curious, I'm always going down research rabbit holes about just about anything as well as trying to learn new skills. I probably have more ideas than I can execute project wise but I certainly try. I also have a lot of ideas in a kind of philosophical way, I'm always having introspective conversations and the like.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be? Yes, some things about leadership make me nervous but honestly I am overall more comfortable in a position of leadership than not, given that it is in an area I know enough to make good decisions in. I can definitely be a bit pushy to have things the way I think is best, but overall I try to empower people and help them do their best.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity? Physically? Not superbly, it's not terrible but I wish it was better. I'm not 100% sure why it is and it might be because of a medical condition. I do enjoy working with my hands in some ways despite it, such as for knitting, labwork, dissections. But hands on stuff definitely isn't a strong driver for me so much as the other way around: I want to get hands on when something interests me enough, rather than something interesting me because it's hands on
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer. I'm definitely not artistic in terms of drawing and the like but I'm good at creative writing and love it. I also appreciate art as a whole, but my favorite form to consume is probably music.
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them? This answer will be heavily influenced by mental health so keep that in mind. At times in my life I have excessively dwelt in each over the others, I try to keep a balance now with a bit heavier hand on the present and future than the past. I think all are important for different reasons.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so? It really depends. I tend to get annoyed but I also consciously try to be helpful for social standing reasons.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you? Very important because there is so much I want to do and I feel that productivity is often my sustenance.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that? Definitely, this is arguably one of my worst traits, but I hope that it is for good outcomes most of the time. I do this directly or indirectly depending on the situation and my relation to them. It can come in the form of slightly forceful guidance, literal commands, or sometimes tactics that are honestly pretty underhanded like subtle comments to push people to see things how I see them or see where they went wrong without them feeling like I directly gave them the idea. I have always tended to be a controlling person, I guess it would be a lot to unpack why and some of it is tied in mental health so if you need further elaboration you can ask a more specific question if needed.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them? I already talked about some of my hobbies further up but if I had to boil down why I like them I suppose it's mainly creating/expressing and learning?
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses? This is hard because I've actually never been sure what my learning style is. I almost never struggle with learning, the two examples I can think of where I struggled for a bit are physics and plant biology, mainly because of disorganization on my professor's end and having low interest in the subjects already. I think that maybe it was because the way they taught made it harder for me to see the big picture concepts. I definitely try to have a sense of foundation in everything I learn to build things off of.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go? Depends on the time I have available and what it is. Some things it feels wrong to plan to a tee or I don't have time to think about an exact plan, but I certainly like to plan and strategize.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally? Professionally I want to become a doctor of some sort, which is a recent aspiration of mine, I changed my path from field biology to that because I realized for my level of ambition I would feel stuck, and I realized how many things about the medical field aligned with what I want in life. On a personal level I want to live a life that I can look back on and say wow I did so many different things and explored different things. I also want to have spiritual harmony.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why? Thinking about how the universe works and the unknowns about it, as well as what happens after death, gives me existential dread but I still think about it because it's also fascinating. I don't solidly fear anything though, I don't think. Anything I think I fear, I also think that if it happens, I'll actually feel fine, as that has been the pattern of my life and I tend to find optimism even in the most hopeless situations, to the point that I will embrace moments of despair. (This might be mental illness related though). I hate stupidity as a whole, and people who are on a moral high horse.
• What do the "highs" in your life look like? When I feel the most free, when I have a lot of things going on. I am busy in the best way possible.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like? When other's actions or mental state have dragged me down. I have to clean up someone else's mess, or they have interfered with something in my life that I need to take back.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so? I definitely pay attention to what's around me and notice a lot of things around me that others might miss, but I'm also a daydreamer, it can fluctuate with how much I do it, but I generally daydream about projects or ideas I have or how future social interactions might go. If my partner is around I might talk through what's on my mind instead of daydreaming.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about? I'd probably take the chance to think through the plotting and characterization of the novel I'm working on writing and see if I get any epiphanies about it. Or I might meditate or visualize something I desire to happen.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life? I'm not a super emotional person and generally at my healthiest I process an emotion very quickly and let it go, or if it's bigger than that channel it into something. I do have anger issues that used to eclipse a lot of my life and manifested physically as fights and destruction and such. I think that emotions aren't that important to me because I don't see my state of being through the lens of emotion so much.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why? It depends on the person and setting. I will readily disagree with people I'm close with, in private situations, or if it's a work/school environment where criticism is important and acceptable. But if it's something unimportant, someone I'll never see again, or a very public situation, I'll generally let it be, mainly because of how I want to be seen socially.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why? Depends on if I think the rules are there for a good enough reason or not. I don't break rules to cut corners, but I break rules if I think that my way is more beneficial, if that makes sense. For example, I won't cheat on schoolwork because I don't think it's beneficial for me in the long run, but I might ignore how I am told to take notes if I know a way that is better for me. I think that authority should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism and that people should ask questions and know how to think for themselves.
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2023.04.01 21:27 Dietrichmentions Anxiety Ridden Queer Lives as a Monk for a Year!

I hope rhyming clickbait-y title got you here-but it is indeed all true.
Here is a super short TLDR: 1)I once had a great and promising life 2)Drugs and mental issues ruined it 3)I got clean, but i still suffer and my life has no direction 4) now I want to devote my life to helping others and living an alternative lifestyle 5)First I have to get my mind right and Im doing this by going away to live like a monk for a year.
Im looking for “pen-pals” more or less. If yur interested- read below. You will find a lm email adress.
I am all of those things and I am going away for a whole year to live as a monk…sort of. More on that soon.
First I wanna quickly tell you how I came from the brink of destruction to the precipice of profound change.
I’ve lived quite a full life so far. I grew up religious, then became an atheist. Then I partied. Graduated college with honors. Won awards for my writing. Then I partied harder. Got engaged to a beautiful girl (who coincidentally helped me come to terms with my gayness). We traveled the world together, and partied. Then we split and I bounced around playing in bands and… you guessed it.. partying!
That was up to about age 25- then things got dark. Heroin and cocaine became a daily part of my life.
Fast forward through a brutal battle with addiction- and I came out victorious- BUT- it was a bit of a phyrric victory.
You see, I have never been the same since. I’ve always struggled with Adhd and social anxiety, but everything got worse when I spent 5 years doing nothing with my life. I became EXTREMELY isolated well before the pandemic made it mandatory.
I still sometimes relapsed and I moved in with my step grandfather- he is the only family i have left- the problem is- he is very emotionally abusive, angry and controlling.
He drove away every other family member that we had. I had no options tough, nowhere I could stay.
So- Now I just turned 33 and I am a hapless man child. I have nothing, and my self esteem has eroded away almost completely. Anxiety has crippled me.
But… I have dreams still- and a purpose to strive toward- and one last chance.
I want to devote my life helping others directly and in many different ways- any ways! I want to do that while living a minimalist and van dwelling lifestyle.
Thats all I’m going to say about that for now though because that comes later- this is about my next big move.
A move that will break the cycle I’ve been in for far too long.
There is an old nunnery in Detroit, MI where a group of men live a very simple life. They serve, study, pray and meditate and thats about it. No technology, no money- no contact with outside world unless its to serve.
I will be spending a year with them in that place. Basically living the life of a monk.
I hope that if you are reading this- then maybe you would be interested in staying in contact with me for whatever reasons you want. For me- I just wanted to reach put and find others like me and maybe we could learn from and help each other.
Anyway, if you want to stay in touch let me know by emailing me at:
[email protected].
I’m Tadgh btw! Pronounced like Tige(r).
Please understand however- once I go in for the year- I will only be able to leave for a couple days once every month or 3! So it may be a while before I can respond to the emails but I will try my best!
One more thing
I do not have time l do much more before I leave so if you wouldn’t mind please share this with anyone or anywhere that seems interested/appropriate. Thank you!
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2023.04.01 21:27 Bulky_Insect648 Another delusional short story. I figure time to use this imagination.

Current state of mind. Anxious, curious and alone with my thoughts.
While sitting at the computer my mind starts to wonder. I am unsure on which journey I will be going on today. My imagination has been running wild. But it continually comes back to one thing. Religion and the ongoing spiritual war between God and the Devil. I look up videos for hours and extract all the “messages and paths” that I am able to. I know this is likely unhealthy and delusional thoughts but I believe what I am experiencing is larger than myself. I am deeply entrenched in the fact that I am being led by God on my destined path. It is truly frightening.
The question I guess my mind keeps replaying is why am I here. Then my mind goes into overdrive assessing all the wild theories. I sit everyday and watch youtube videos and look up conspiracy theories, current events and anything else that will feed my overactive mind. This goes on for years(around 15 -20 easy). Trying to answer a question that seems to have no answer. Then I have a mental breakdown due to stress.
Now things just seem to look different and everything has a significance that I cannot explain. I know what I just experienced according to my therapists were delusions but it was the most real thing I have ever felt. As much as I try not to think about the events that happened during my breakdown it seems as though it is my destiny to do so. To replay them, analyze and try to understand what occurred. To everyone else it looked as though my mind had malfunctioned and shut down. But to me, it was the exact opposite. I felt spiritually awake and things have never made more sense.
I never knew if God truly existed and it ate at me my entire life growing up. I was a very sick child growing up and very religious. I saw poverty all around me and consistently wondered why God would allow this to happen and why won’t he come and help. I would pray every night and ask him to help. I always yearned to understand why things were the way they were and would regularly attempt to communicate with God. I don’t believe I ever got an answer. I tried less and less as the years went by and eventually at the age of 14 I gave up my devotion to God for selfish purposes. I became envious of those with success and was sick of being looked down upon by the successful judgemental people in my community. I turned to weed heavily and began selling to fuel my addiction.
Then I went through a home invasion and got a spinal injury and PTSD. I withdrew from society but would still maintain social ties through weed sales. I quit school due to the PTSD and money from selling weed. I worked hard labor jobs(masony,roofing,factories). Then I went into the service and got kicked out for…you guessed it weed. I was also a loan shark in the Marines but they never caught that lol. I withdrew from my family after I got kicked out due to the shame that came along with my discharge. I had two friends-one my cousin and my parents(my mom and step dad). I would sell weed and job hop to try to increase my bank account. I did pretty well and landed a job for a big pharma company that helped me save up a decent chunk. Then I was offered a management position there. I almost took it but instead gave it to a co-worker that was horribly mean to be. I learned that his wife had cancer and that he was having a horrible time. For some reason I got it into my head that I needed to resign and make sure this man gets this good paying job. I believe this was the first time god was using me to get a desired result on someones life. Long story short I made sure the dude got the job and I left.
Fast Forward to my mental breakdown. During this time I believe I was led by God to the mental hospital to escape a demonic group that was trying to kill me. While at the mental hospital I felt surrounded by this demonic group. I believed they drugged me and planned on sacrificing me initially. Then further into my stay I was able to gather that for some reason I was important to them and that they were afraid of God. I began reading the bible again and putting on the armor of god on a daily basis. I would also pray and use positive music to make the demons cower while I was around. I noticed they would always try to use sound as a weapon. Like have someone just talking nonsense when you were trying to talk or distract you while you were trying to think…etc. I met a couple other residents there that I believed were sent there to help me. The oddest thing of my entire stay was that I felt like I knew everyone.
One morning while waking up the entire room showed a hue of green. A nurse walked in and there was an aura around her that I cannot explain. Nothing you could see, but feel. I asked her if she was God and she said yes. I then asked her if I could walk with her and she allowed me to. We walked up and down the hallways admiring the art on the hallway walls. We came to a picture of a wooded area that contained a dock that led to a lake. For some reason I believe that she wanted me to jump into this lake. I asked her if it was real and she said yes. I asked her if there were other ways and she also said yes. I humbly declined to jump into the lake at the time and told her I wanted to try to save everyone else( I don’t know what I meant by this).
There was an rn there with the name of **** that was the devil. He wore tactical clothing and wore a masonic ring. Through conversation with him when he was attempting to get me at my weakness he revealed himself and his motives. We had a conversation and he was attempting to terrify me that he was going to torture me. I stayed stone faced knowing that I was now walking with god. And was not afraid anymore. This earned his respect and I believe he was at a loss on how to get my soul. I showed him how powerful God could be by destroying his demons that were laid before me. I did this by protecting myself with the armor of god and using prayer and positivity to get rid of the darkness that existed in that place.
After talking with God I went to the devil to tell him about my encounter and my plan. I told him that there was another way that was not written and that God had confirmed things could change. I told him I was not making a deal with him and wanted to be a mediator between him and God so they could potentially reason with each other. My ultimate goal was to save the devils soul. I believe that if I could do this that his minions would follow and that we would change the current paradigm on how things “have to be”. Imagine a world where the Devil understands the errors in his ways and aligns himself once again with God. This would eliminate the evil period. Something that imo needs to be done. We spend our energy fighting with each other and competing with each other on a constant basis. I can’t get it out of my head the possibilities of a perfect world. I know with God this is possible due to all things being possible with God. Revelations is terrifying to me and I think through diplomacy maybe, just maybe that could be avoided. He just laughed, shook his head and then shook my hand. I told him no hard feelings and that my ultimate goal was to erase the evil that plagues this world.
Not like I had the answer though. But with my new found abilities I felt like I was able to communicate with God on a daily basis and follow the path laid out to complete this mission. I got out of the mental hospital and for the first month I would receive heavy messages through youtube videos letting me know I was on the correct spiritual path. The friend I was staying with initially was very helpful. Eventually The messages and disinformation started appearing on my screen again and I instantly knew it was the devil. I would be selective in what I chose to watch and read and never give him the time of day like I did in the past. I believe this angered him and eventually he had no choice but to hit me in an unexpected manner.
Two months into my treatment I was well enough to the point where I no longer needed the medication. I communicated this to my doctors and therapists and refused treatment. I was doing very well and was positive and hopeful on most days. Then my friend who initially was helping me started to turn on me. I would attempt to talk to him but I would only receive negative attitude and demeaning statements from him. I attempted to help him to the best of my ability and made the choice to move out to a more positive environment. I told him this and he personally attacked me a lot. This ended our friendship. I thought to myself how can i not help him? I used the same tactics that I used in the mental hospital but it seemed to have no effect on him at all. Then it hit me, he was possessed by a powerful demon. Which immediately led me to another realization. I am being set up.
I believe my entire life since I have been a child is a facade. The possibilities are endless but the most likely scenario is that I was brought up as part of a cult that I was unaware of my entire life. Like everyone is in on it. It all hit me when I was able to get this from a different post on here. Now my brain sits and attempts to pick apart who am I and why am I here. I believe this is the path that God currently has me on. To figure out the rest of this story.
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2023.04.01 21:26 makedonska_kubasa Fear and hunger dungeon penis enlargment.

how long would i have to stay inside the dungeons of fear and hunger to increase my penis/stinger length and girth? from something like 5 inches to 7 for example. How much time does it take to grow 1 inch. Does the body change while your sleeping inside there, does light prevent the darkness from changing you or does it have to do with sanity. Could you just camp on the roof of the dungeon on the surface and passively increase penis diameters. It seems the deeper you are inside the dungeon the more likely you are to receive scrotum mutations. Is it possible i could end up increasing only in girth and not length? or get some other kind of unwanted penis result. Hypothetically, if you stole 1 genital from the human hydra, then went to a ritual circle and performed a Sylvian ritual with it, would it get absorbed into my penis, thus increasing my overall shaft, scrotum and head size? Im a novice to the dark arts so sorry if this is an obvious question explained in the darkness master Enkis guides.
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2023.04.01 21:24 Important-Photo7628 Floral Floral Fruit

The Floral Floral Fruit is a paramecia class devil fruit that allows the user to create and manipulate flower petals of all kinds, turning the user into a Flower Human. These flower petals have special abilities that belay their delicate appearance, with potential to be even more. The petals themselves can come in all kinds of colors and patterns.
The user can generate and manipulate flower petals from their body. The petals created by the user are under their complete telekinetic command. The petals can be telekinetically moved at speeds comparable to fast, powerful winds, and there is no limit to how far away the petals move from the user. Flower petals not under the user's direct control will be carried along to wherever the wind take them, with the user still aware of their exact location.
The petal's are harder than steel despite their delicate appearance, and just as durable. The flower petals can be made rigid at will, which combined with their hardness and durability allows the petals to be used as a mass of razor sharp knives. The petal's can clumped together to form thick barriers to defend against attacks. They can also be clumped together to form various powerful constructs out of flower petals such as blades, fists, and floating platforms.
By covering a person's wounds in a swirl of special flower petals, the user the user to amplify and quicken their targets' healing proces. The healing effect is so strong that it can heal broken bones and several limbs. With these petals, some grave injuries requiring months to heal can be healed completely in a matter of seconds. These petals will also boost a person's immune system, allowing them to heal from diseases and toxins they otherwise wouldn't have.
The user is now able to summon forth a flower garden knows as Avalon. Avalon is no normal flower garden, but a whole world layered onto the current one. Within this garden, flowers of all kinds bloom in profusion above the ground. A sun in the shape of a flower will boom in the sky, overwriting the weather with a warm and gentle sunshine no matter what sort of hell the garden was summoned in. Avalon can be various sizes when invoked, from the size of a small home to encompassing an entire island.
To those the user considers neutral, allies, or pure, Avalon grants them nigh-immortality and immunity to all types of harm as long as they are within the garden. Flower petals will rise from the ground, protecting those people from all physical harm, no matter how strong. Flower petals will gush out of the people's wounds as new, fully restored flesh is painlessly reformed. To the people, the climate of Avalon will always stay at a comfortable level, protecting them from extreme heat and cold. The air will immediately purify the body, healing and removing all manner of illness and disease. The gardens beauty will clear the mind and bring it to a state of tranquility, healing manner all mental wounds and scarring. A truly perfect world where no one will ever cry or suffer.
To those the user considers enemies and sinners, Avalon is a cursed land that only serves to harm them. Decaying flower petals will rise from the ground in great flurries, transforming anything they touch, organic or inorganic, it touches into flower petals by "scraping" away what makes direct physical contact with them. The climate will always feel cold, desolate, and unforgiving even to those resistant to freezing temperatures to the cold. The air is like poison to those who breath it in, rotting their body and soul from the inside out. The garden appears to be in a horrific stage of decay, inflicting those who view it with perpetual fear and dread.
Although durable, the petals are still lightweight. This means they can still be pushed around by a strong enough force. The flower petals are also very weak to the heat and cold, with fire and heat drying up and burning them, while the ice and cold will freeze and shatter them. Enemies can resist the debilitating effects of the fruit's awakening with enough Haki.
Avalon takes an immense amount of stamina to maintain, thus Avalon can only be fully unleashed for minutes at most, although smaller instances of Avalon will last longer than large instances.
The fruits healing ability is fueled by a large amount of life energy that comes from the recipient and could potentially drain enough energy to kill said recipient. As such, surgeries and conventional healing methods will be required for severely life-threatening injuries before the effects of the fruit can be applied. In such cases, it is the fruit's healing ability must be applied several times over a period of time instead of healing everything in one shot. This also means that if a person suffers serious enough injuries, the petals will be unable to save them from death. The fruit's healing ability is also unable to regrow lost body parts, preventing it from regrowing missing limbs or lost blood. Only a skilled doctor can make full use of the fruit's healing power.
Floral Painting: using a mass of petals with various colors, the user can create images with them. It is possible for the user to animate these images by moving their petals.
Floral Lock: the user restrains opponents with a compact mass of petals in the shape of restrains like handcuffs.
Floral Cage: the user traps targets in a compact cage of flower petals.
Floral Veil: the user creates a Haki imbued compact mass of petals to create a barrier in the shape of a flower. Use of Observation Haki will near guarantee that the attack is blocked.
Floral Saw: the user creates a Haki imbued tornado of petals that shreds a target like a saw. The petals can be infused with Armament Haki to increase their cutting power and durability. Observation Haki can be used to have the Floral Saw's track down target.
Floral Burst: the user sends a large Haki imbued spiraling mass of petals at a target to drill into them.
Floral First: the user creates a compact mass of petals in the shape of a large fist. Using Observation Haki will allow the user to manipulate the Floral Fist's as a second pair of hands, even from across a city.
Floral Healing: the user covers a target's wounds in a veil of petals to heal them. The user can use Observation Haki to detect injured allies and civilians to heal them in mass even from far away.
Floral Taxi: the user creates a platform of petals to transport people.
Floral Cocoon: the user surrounds themselves and others in a thick Haki imbued cocoon of flower petals. This protects them from harm, heals them, and can be used to safely transport them.
Floral Rescue: using Observation Haki to find people in an area, the user send out petals to wrap people in Floral Cocoons.
Trivia An actual flower fruit.
Also I know I promised to post Swarm Swarm Fruit Model Slug but reddit kept on giving me an error when I tried.
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2023.04.01 21:24 Dietrichmentions Severe anxiety ridden queer lives as a monk for a year!

I hope rhyming clickbait-y title got you here-but it is indeed all true.
Here is a super short TLDR: 1)I once had a great and promising life 2)Drugs and mental issues ruined it 3)I got clean, but i still suffer and my life has no direction 4) now I want to devote my life to helping others and living an alternative lifestyle 5)First I have to get my mind right and Im doing this by going away to live like a monk for a year.
Im looking for “pen-pals” more or less. If yur interested- read below. You will find a lm email adress.
I am all of those things and I am going away for a whole year to live as a monk…sort of. More on that soon.
First I wanna quickly tell you how I came from the brink of destruction to the precipice of profound change.
I’ve lived quite a full life so far. I grew up religious, then became an atheist. Then I partied. Graduated college with honors. Won awards for my writing. Then I partied harder. Got engaged to a beautiful girl (who coincidentally helped me come to terms with my gayness). We traveled the world together, and partied. Then we split and I bounced around playing in bands and… you guessed it.. partying!
That was up to about age 25- then things got dark. Heroin and cocaine became a daily part of my life.
Fast forward through a brutal battle with addiction- and I came out victorious- BUT- it was a bit of a phyrric victory.
You see, I have never been the same since. I’ve always struggled with Adhd and social anxiety, but everything got worse when I spent 5 years doing nothing with my life. I became EXTREMELY isolated well before the pandemic made it mandatory.
I still sometimes relapsed and I moved in with my step grandfather- he is the only family i have left- the problem is- he is very emotionally abusive, angry and controlling.
He drove away every other family member that we had. I had no options tough, nowhere I could stay.
So- Now I just turned 33 and I am a hapless man child. I have nothing, and my self esteem has eroded away almost completely. Anxiety has crippled me.
But… I have dreams still- and a purpose to strive toward- and one last chance.
I want to devote my life helping others directly and in many different ways- any ways! I want to do that while living a minimalist and van dwelling lifestyle.
Thats all I’m going to say about that for now though because that comes later- this is about my next big move.
A move that will break the cycle I’ve been in for far too long.
There is an old nunnery in Detroit, MI where a group of men live a very simple life. They serve, study, pray and meditate and thats about it. No technology, no money- no contact with outside world unless its to serve.
I will be spending a year with them in that place. Basically living the life of a monk.
I hope that if you are reading this- then maybe you would be interested in staying in contact with me for whatever reasons you want. For me- I just wanted to reach put and find others like me and maybe we could learn from and help each other.
Anyway, if you want to stay in touch let me know by emailing me at:
[email protected].
I’m Tadgh btw! Pronounced like Tige(r).
Please understand however- once I go in for the year- I will only be able to leave for a couple days once every month or 3! So it may be a while before I can respond to the emails but I will try my best!
One more thing
I do not have time l do much more before I leave so if you wouldn’t mind please share this with anyone or anywhere that seems interested/appropriate. Thank you!
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2023.04.01 21:22 throwawaytempest25 thirty 7 reasons YuGiOh Sevens anime and Rush Duels are the worst series to ever happen to the YuGiOh franchise

1: Crow didn't show up. They didn't break the tradition of the protagonist beating a 3000 atk monster in episodes 1 or 2, but didn't keep the tradition of him showing up in every odd number season post DM.
2: Noh Gil bo didn't return. Instead of working on the comedic YuGiOh, he went to animate episodes for the comedic Precure seasons. Granted, his animations in those shows are good, but if he could work on the comedic Precure, let him work for the comedy YuGiOh.
3: Rush Duels were made because Konami completely screwed up with the power creeping in YuGiOh. Sevens is Konami's fault.
4: There were no official subs. The subbing team did a good job, but good luck getting people who want the original version without 4KMedia's isms.
5: Yuga is the worst duel protagonist. His win record is 21 wins and 9 losses, not counting the 108 duels he won alongside Nail and Roa. Worse, his win record is 70%. That can get you through middle school, high school, college, but not being a good YuGiOh protagonist.
6: The video game didn't get updated for the states well.
7: It's too comedic and lighthearted like GX. And if you hated the tone shift of season 3, you'll hate it less.
8: They could've used the 20th anniversary to make a crossover between the other six series. They could've fixed the ending to Arc-V, give Yusaku more personality, give Tori something to do, erase Crow from existence, make Bastion prominent, and treat main Bakura like an actual character.
9: Ghost Girl and Ranze have the same voice actress and sadly, her VA's combined character roles have only ONE win and One DRAW to their name.
10: Gakuto should've had one win in the first 13 episodes. I get he's supposed to be the Tristan of the group, but it took 24 episodes until it felt like the writers actually cared about his dueling process.
11: It's called SEVENS when there's six letters in it's name. Take away the RANS in VRAINS and you have the roman numerals, 6. That makes more sense.
12: The women actually win duels in the second half and final season of the show. That's not the YuGiOh I grew up with and that's weird.
13: The Rush Duel game is still currently exclusive to Japan and Korea. How the hell are people over here going to enjoy the series when the card game isn't in the important country that matters! No wonder SEVENS and Rush Duels are a massive America
14: Yuga losing so much makes no sense. How do you create the game, but still lose?! That's like if Pegasus lost a game in Duel Monsters, or if the developers of King of Fighters lost to Mexican fans and developers at their own game and had to create a busty wrestler inspired by the Rock. I feel like making a Pac Man analogy for some reason.
15: They brought back characters dueling on motorcycle-like vehicles again! We did it in Arc V, you gave Shark that weird cycle in Zexal, but you didn't do it in VRAINS where characters could customize avatars and boards, but they didn't duel on bikes there, but in SEVENS? F this show.
16: It is a little jarring to go from a series with little to no magic to then having Monster Reborn being a rare card that can steal people's memories.
17: I don't have a problem with the pigeon dueling, we had a pigeon in VRAINS, that's fine. But what packaging company sends a kid under the age of 11 to do a delivery while there's a snowstorm?
18: Ending 2 literally spoils the plot of the Rush Duel Robot breaking thanks to the restraints before the whole "beat us 6 to 6 or it gets destroyed arc." Sheesh, they didn't spoil the second half of VRAINS or their own season but now this?
19: Luke being an annoying piece of crap half the time is worth it when Tiger calls him out, especially if you hate how perfect his win record is, but considering she's part of the reason he is the way he is, it's kinda hard to not put the blame on her.
20: Asana's final duel should've been more impactful. Maybe if she fought one the Goha Siblings.
21: Same with Nail. Everyone was getting their own ceremonial duels. It makes sense it's his only friend, but at the same time, someone like the Goha Drone would work or President but the show needed someone at Goha evil enough for it to hit stronger. Nail needed another duel after 65. He barely got to use any new aces after season 1.
22: Luke getting convinced to betray his own friends for the Goha Siblings just by being baited and talked to somehow manages to work being in character but also extremely stupid at the same time!
23: It ripped off Buddyfight because both have a protagonist named Yuga. Just because one was animated by OLM and Xebec and the other by Bridge doesn't excuse the blatant plagiarism.
24: What is with Japan's minor obsession with having a female character under the age of 18 being really bad at cooking? Like I'm not saying I chuckled at an 11 year old pouring gunpower in a pot and two ninjas and their lord having to point out how bad it is, but it's such a weird gag.
25: No adult has won a duel the whole show. Way to attack your diehard fanbase! Kids shouldn't be allowed to get into YuGiOh anyway, they literally showed that with Yuga Goha becoming an obsessed psycho who wanted to make people more upset than when Mystic Mine wasn't banned.
26: There needed to be more details on Otes. Him being the final villain and wanting to destroy the dueling system because made it so restrictive so he could rebuild it, fine. But was he related to the first Goha President who built the system, how does he have so many ties and ways to get around the city beyond his ties to Goha, did he know Asana's situation and Goha blackmailing her, just answers to those.
27: Some of the duels are so freaking stupid. Like in what normal YuGiOh season where two people would duel over what show to watch? That's about as stupid as a restaurant patron getting mad at the service, challenging the waiter to a duel, and losing from Tongue Twister!
28: I just can't get behind the unrealistic setting. I mean, really. A society run almost entirely by a single, all-encompassing megacorporation that controls the populous via proprietary technology, mass surveillance, and discriminatory AI? It's just not believable.
29: The show could've used 10 more episodes. Covid probably was the reason, but it still feels like there's stuff on the cutting room floor.
30: The tournament arc legitimately should've been better with more episodes. It didn't have to be 26 episodes like doubling it, but at least 6 or 7 more episodes could've allowed for more matchups before the finals.
31: Speaking of which, Romin vs Sushiko 2 could've been the new Yuzu vs Masumi. Shame. I dunno, after Arc-V, it honestly feels like the only people who get rematch duels are the protagonist, best friend or rival.
32: VRAINS ended early for this and there is absolutely no evidence to debunk this.
33: Every duel is only four turns, and whoever goes first loses. Has that changed throughout the series or any expectations, absolutely NOT!
34: This is just a children's card game show! If I wanted to watch a series about that, I'd watch videos of real people playing them in simulators! What happened to the dark, edgy and mature series and manga like card games on motorcycles, robot monkeys, a deck of cartoons, an ace monster card that's not allowed to hit female themed monsters all revolving around plots for revenge and taking over the world with a children's card game!
35: It's impossible to enjoy more than one YuGiOh series.
36: Luke can't tell the difference between Dragons and Wyrms...and neither can I!
37: These are some of the most unrealistic and ridiculous themely decks! Cleaning productions! Chairs! Concert demons! Excavations sites! Newspapers printers! Dian Keto but now they're Japanese gyarus?! What happened to less ridiculous decks and cards like gun dragons, the Ojamas, a living tongue monster, living Hamburger with fangs, tomatoes, corn, circus monsters, penguins, and cartoon monster!
That's it, happy April Fools, Long Live YuGiOh.
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2023.04.01 21:22 madaman1113 Stress poop?

Hello everyone, My corgi is 10 months old and we have recently started taking him on more regular walks. Due to the cold weather he has not been on many walks in the last 4 months. Prior to the winter he was getting regular walks and never had any issues. In the last week we have gone on several walks some of them being fairly long.
Now to my question. He generally poops early on or before our walk and it is normal, but then about halfway through the walk he poops again and it is just straight up liquid. It makes a mess and we almost always have to give him a bath to clean his butt when we get home.
He does usually eat a little grass or something during the walk, but not to the amount that I would be concerned with.
Does anyone else have experience with this?
My only guess is that he just gets really excited/anxious/stressed by all the smells and such that go along with taking a walk?
Any advice is appreciated!
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2023.04.01 21:20 Strikedestiny My fiance imagined their childhood and genuinely believes it. How should I tell them that?

tl;dr: My fiance believes they were born in the UK and were adopted into the US in 2007. Their SSN card was printed in 1997, but they don't know that yet.
My[23M] fiance[25FtM] has been diagnosed with bipolar, mild ADHD, autism, PTSD, and was at one point institutionalized for suicidal tendencies and for exhibiting some symptoms of schizophrenia. They are currently on an equivalent to lithium.
We've been dating for almost 6 months now, and we knew each other for more than a year and a half before that. Through the entire time I've known them, their life story has stayed perfectly consistent. They were left at the doorstep of a UK Catholic Orphanage, and lived there until they were 10. While they were there, they did not have adequate living conditions at all. They didn't receive enough food. They weren't given proper medical treatment, and that left them with several life long impairments. They were frequently abused, and don't remember who took their virginity or when their first kiss was.
Soon after they turned 10, they were adopted by an American couple who already had kids, but wanted the big tax break that comes from adopting someone from overseas. They signed all the papers, and as part of coming to America, they were required to do mental assessments. When it was revealed that my partner was autistic, they apparently tried to return them, but it was too late.
After this, their parents were extremely neglectful, only providing them with the absolute bare minimum. They felt isolated because they were taken away from all their UK friends. When they turned 18, they experienced the event that caused their PTSD, and this caused them to fall into a spiral of drugs and mental health issues. They're clean now, and their life has really turned around.
Recently they've been going through a legal battle over custody of their son, and the son's biological father told us that his main defense will be that my partner is a pathologic liar and that they're "crazy," and their proof is that their adopted parents are actually their real parents. I asked my partner what they meant by that, and they said that their parents were so ashamed that they adopted a special needs kid, that they tell people that they're actually their real parents. And also that their parents have consistently tried to gaslight them by trying to convince my partner that they were never adopted, and that their my partner's real parents.
I've been helping with their legal case quite a lot, and I had the genius idea to get their SSN card to definitively prove that they're perfectly sane, and that their parents are lying.
But well.... The SSN card is from 1997, not 2007. They were born in the United States, not London.
I only know this because of hidden details, and there's no date listed on the card, so they don't know yet. I promised them that I wouldn't tell them the truth until they came to me and made sure they were emotionally ready to hear the answer, regardless of what it was.
So yeah... When they come asking, is there any way I should tell it to them? Anything I should avoid saying or implying? I know that they're not lying. They genuinely believe it. Not only are they a bad lier, but no lier would be so committed to a lie that they'd be willing to lose their son over it.
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2023.04.01 21:19 SammieEve Left my Q

My Q is my husband and I left him Thursday and took my 7 month old son. We are staying with my mom who welcomed us with open arms. I am going to try to see if my MIL will watch my son so I can go to a nar anon meeting Monday and if not, I will try to find an online one. (My mom will be working and watches my son already while I work). I also spoke to a counselor yesterday and made an appt to start going to therapy myself. At the moment I feel relief that we left, it’s so peaceful here. I made it clear to my husband that if he wants us back, he needs to start NA, get a sponsor and seriously work the steps and also get into therapy. If not, I have the number for a lawyer to file so I can get custody. I was told in PA that we don’t have legal separation so to file for custody I will have to file for divorce. I’m not sure if I am thinking too far ahead or not. So many thought are jumbled in my head. But for now, my son and I are safe from the meth paranoia that was husband was experiencing. My heart aches though for the man I married who was clean and sober. I pray that he finds himself again. But my life is in shambles, I have lost so much trying to clean up his messes and cover for him all the time. I am ready to focus on my son and myself for the first time in a long time. I don’t know why I posted this. I just just to tell someone I am proud of myself for actually being able to leave.
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2023.04.01 21:14 cosmicevan [WTT] SOMA Lyra-8 [WTTF] Empress Zoia Euroburo (w case)

[WTT] SOMA Lyra-8 [WTTF] Empress Zoia Euroburo (w case)
I've got an immaculate SOMA Lyra-8 with box and all the trimmings. I'd like to swap it one-for-one for an Empress Zoia Euroburo (w case).

I'm on Long Island, but can meet up in the New York metro area within reason to avoid shipping this beast.
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2023.04.01 21:12 IncomeVarious3350 If you think Adam should’ve deleted the pod that inadvertently exposed housephone as a closeted gay man…

I’ll start with what should be obvious. The only issue here is on housephone’s end. He’s ashamed about his homosexuality, end of story.
All you idiots are speaking on assumptions that you can’t prove and don’t know and are just as likely to be wrong. If you have receipts then post them. Nobody gives a shit about your conspiracy theories.
Everyone saying he should have deleted it have never run a business successfully and have no understanding of basic finances apparently….
Do you know what the talent, labor and staff cost him to film that episode? You don’t know where he’s at financially no matter what the appearance may be.
Adam called housephone before uploading and housephone still denied it because of his shame and pretended she was lying.
Adam still went out of his way to tell his editors to go ahead and clean it up ( this isn’t free moron, he came out of his pockets extra money for this )
The edit wasn’t perfectly clean and people put it together. Welcome to real life. Shit happens and that’s that. At this point he’s still operating under the assumption that it was BS because of what HOUSEPHONE told him.
Y’all acting like he’s supposed to read between the lines like housephone his girlfriend and shit is crazy. If I ask my partner something I expect he’s gonna shoot straight with me, period.
House phone is the biggest piece of shit next lush on this podcast by a mile. Don’t get me started and ain’t shit changed over on their new pod, ask blazy lol.
Adam probably feels like he’s on an island right now. Uncertainty has rocked him and all at once. He deserved loyalty from all of them but received it from none of them. He earned that from them, all of them and got fucked. That’s hurtful and depressing and I understand that too well.
Those of you who are housephone fans, what are you even doing here at this point? To be a housephone fan means you are just as big of a waste of space and oxygen as him. Dude is trash from the ground up. Not a redeeming quality about that idiot. Fake friend, fake tough guy, fake gang banger, leaves his sister hanging, thinks part of his little cute identity is being late or not showing up…. He’s a fuck boy who’s mother didn’t have a strong enough hand to give him the beating he obviously needed growing up. The end
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2023.04.01 21:12 Jumpingforjoy34 How long would the drive from Dingle to Doolin be to catch the Aran Island ferry?

We plan on taking the Tarbert Ferry as suggested but wanted to see what time we should plane to leave Dinglr area in the morning to catch the 10:30am ferry for the islands. About 3-4 hours?
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2023.04.01 21:12 TheEminenceInShadow Reasons why Holo is best girl

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2023.04.01 21:11 Diabolus414 Marineford

The marineford war was a big war, and big wars in shonen tend to have lots of feats lol. So let’s quantify them.
Immediately kicking off the war is whitebeard creating two tsunamis. He created the tsunamis using seaquakes, or underwater earthquakes, so I’ll quantify them assuming they are real earthquakes.
All of these Magnitudes are defined by a wide variety of factors, however, Tsunami methods have been the easiest to scale, and for Whitebeard, the same applies. Whitebeard’s feats with the Gura Gura No Mi consist of:
1:Creating a tidal wave around marineford, of such size, it towers over the fortress
2:Creating a tsunami,occurring pretty much instantly, two tsunamis I should add.
The first aspect of the feat, the tidal waves are easily dozens of meters here. These tidal waves aren’t at their maximum height like real life tsunamis. Tsunamis have a stage in which they start off small, and start to increase in size over time. Whitebeard's initial wave towered over dozen meter objects, such as Marine Ships. Ships that are consistently to be gigantic (1) (2) (3) (4),yet pale in comparison to the rest of Marineford, which the wave dwarfs moments after rising.
This already blows the capabilities of real-life tsunamis out of the water that was recorded, an instance where Whitebeard’s Quakes were not at their maximum height. The second aspect of the feat leading to the full scale of Whitebeard’s tsunami’s where the aftermath of the Sea-Quake creating the first initial phase of the waves, came back as a full-fledged tsunami, in barely a few minutes.
Of course, there are various factors that play into the Tsunami generation in the first place. Shallow Depths, Earthquakes are assumed to occur at a “fixed depth” where the assumed depth is 10 kilometers, and Whitebeard performed these Earthquakes exactly at that depth, as we know that the water around Marineford’s neighboring Islands (Marineford, Sabaody, Impel Down) all take place in the same oceans, with Sabaody being very close to Marine HQ), is 10,000m deep. Comparing submarine-based earthquakes in the past which also occurred at Shallow Depths (20-30 km), the Tsunamis generated was not nearly as impressive as Whitebeard’s in sheer size despite having an Mw of 8.0-9.5. For example, the 2004 Earthquake released energy capable of decimating a portion of localized areas, hundreds of kilometers worth of intensity between fault lines, and a Tsunami that only reached heights of 30 meters near certain parts of the water, overtime meanwhile Whitebeard casually demonstrated his Devil Fruit power, dwarfs that in generating a tsunami of such size, in a much much smaller timeframe. Only through other means can Waves even get that high, like a meteor or landslide, hence why “Mega tsunamis” are considered above the capabilities of any ordinary tsunami: aka ones that occur through a fault.
By on-panel showings, Whitebeard beyond doubt outperforms any Submarine Earthquake, factoring that Earthquakes of Mag 9 or above can generate teratons level of energy through their total seismic energy. Might I add that this is once again, an Old Whitebeard, who certainly wouldn't output much power from his fruit as he slowly aged, and by showings, this is all consistent, where Old Whitebeard's best feats that require effort, like splitting the ocean, being performed by his Prime version by merely getting angry as a side-effect.
The power behind an earthquake directly can be compared to the size of of tsunami, so if we find the size of the tsunami, we can find the magnitude of the earthquake, and find the energy whitebeard released.
We know the marineford building is taller than 180m, since one of blackbeards commanders was able to hide behind the building, making it well over 180m, but as a lowball let’s assume it’s that tall. That gives us a height of 3157.6943932362m.
1.5667 * Log(3157.6943932362) + 7.0781= magnitude 10.8 earthquake.
The method I’ll be using to quantify the quake is a well-researched, well-documented study, that focuses on the energy, from meteors, or tremor-like events being felt away from its origin, the study can be found here in this thirty-page document. The method provided is scientifically backed up, with various examples, and said document even cites their own sources. This gives validity to the formula provided. So to finally finish this:
10^(1.5x10.8) x10^9.091 = 1.95433945e25 (continental+)
Now, this is one way to quantify the size of the tsunami, there is another. We can see clouds at the bottom of the tsunami, and based on their shape and being low clouds, they appear to be stratocolumbus clouds. They sit at an average height of 1250m.
1.5667 * Log(6425) + 7.0781 = magnitude 13.04389483 earthquake
= 4.53776754e28 (multi continental)
And there is one final way to scale the size of marineford. I’ll be using it and the 180m scale for the rest of the post, so I’ll call the 180m scale a lowball, and the bigger scale a high ball. So let me explain:
We know it would take a marine ship 4 and a half days to sail from Amazon lily to impel down.
It takes something moving at least 2.058 m/s (the general speed for old boats, like pirates ships) to reach that destination in what I’ll lowball to be 4 days, so that’d give us a distance of 319 kilometers. The island of marineford itself would be 62km in diameter, and the main building would be 24.2km in height.
1.5667 * Log(24960m) + 7.0781 = magnitude 14 earthquake
10^(1.5x14) x 10^9.091 = 1.23310483e30 (moon level)
Ice age, the sequel
After whitebeard created the tsunamis, after a short exchange aokiji froze the bay.
So size wise, the bay by comparing it to marineford is about 435.6m, and we know the depth of the freeze thanks to jouz, who ripped out a chunk, which we can see is about 111m deep. That gives us a volume of:
π × 218^2 × 111 = 16572416.468881m^3
Sea water would have an average density of 1050kg/m^3 which gives us a mass of 17401037292.325kg.
Surface temp can vary to different things such as solar activity clouds and pollution but the average we can use would sit right at 20 Degrees C
(17401037292.325) x (20) x (4184) = 1.456118800621800e15 (small city level)
The bay is 32.5km with our earlier measurements.
That gives us a mass of 96687177215822kg.
(96687177215822) x (20) x (4184) = 8.09078298941999918e18 (large mountain level)
Mihawk does something
Soon after, Mihawk uprooted a large part of the tsunami.
The feat in question is weird to calc with the perspective, but there are those funny clouds we can use. Thanks to their shape, they appear to be StratoColumbus clouds, which sit at an average height of 1250m. So using this we can scale the tsunami.
Cloud: 1.00px = 1250m
Height of sliced wave: 1250x4.74=5925m
Diameter: 1250x11.71= 14637.5m
Radius: 7318.75m
Distance cut: 1250x0.98= 1225m
Total height: 1250x7.74= 9675m
We will use the Volume of a cone: 1/3×π×7318.75^2×5925= 332346261230.65m^3
And mass. We could use ice, but it’s lame ~~and I want to wank the feat.~~ Aokiji’s ice was so powerful it could clash with post long ring long land zoro, who arcs earlier could cut steel. So I’ll assume Aokiji’s ice has the density of steel (which is a big lowball). That gives us a mass of:
Mass: 2.6089181506606E+18
Speed stuff. I’ll assume it took the ice chunk 5 seconds to fly into the air for the low-end, 3 seconds for the mid-end, and 1 second for the high-end. That gives us a final result of:
Low-end: KE = 7.8300155996701E+22 J (country level)
Mid-end: KE = 2.1750007822157E+23 J (large country level)
High-end: KE = 1.9575038999175E+24 J (continent level)
Whitebeard makes even more tsunamis
I’m talking about these. There’s not much more to say, you get the jist. Let’s quantify them, shall we?
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(66.6) + 7.0781 = 9.93493707*
10^(1.5x10.8)x10^9.091 = 9.68277856261250e23 (large country level)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(131.4) + 7.0781 = 10.39730335*
10^(1.5x9.35)x10^9.091 = 3.47536161443210e24 (continental)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(198) + 7.0781 = 10.67628535*
10^(1.5x10.67)x10^9.091 = 1.24738351424290e25 (continental+)
Tsunami 5: 1.5667 \ Log(39.6) + 7.0781 = 9.58120904*
10^(1.5x9.58)x10^9.091 = 2.89067988236550e23 (large country level)
High ball:
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(57305.6) + 7.0781 = 14.53276734*
10^(1.5x14.53)x10^9.091 = 7.6913e30 (small planet level)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(113062.4) + 7.0781 =*
3.8326574e31 (small planet level)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(170368) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x15.274)x10^9.091= 1.00461579e34 (planet level)
High ball:
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(57305.6) + 7.0781 = 14.53276734*
10^(1.5x14.53)x10^9.091 = 7.6913e30 (small planet level)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(113062.4) + 7.0781 =*
3.8326574e31 (small planet level)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(170368) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x15.274)x10^9.091= 1.00461579e34 (planet level)
Tsunami 5: 1.5667 \ Log(34073.6) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x14.179)x10^9.091 = 2.28823171e30 (small planet level)
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(345.6) + 7.0781 = 11.05528346*
10^(1.5x11.05)x10^9.091 = 4.63446919e25 (multi continental)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(437.4) + 7.0781 = 11.21556478*
10^(1.5x11.215)x10^9.091 = 8.19407623e25 (multi continental)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(185.4) + 7.0781 = 10.63154751*
10^(1.5x10.63)x10^9.091 = 1.08642562e25 (multi continental)
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(57305.6) + 7.0781 = 14.53276734*
10^(1.5x14.53)x10^9.091 = 7.6913e30 (small planet level)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(113062.4) + 7.0781 =*
3.8326574e31 (small planet level)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(170368) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x15.274)x10^9.091= 1.00461579e34 (planet level)
Tsunami 5: 1.5667 \ Log(34073.6) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x14.179)x10^9.091 = 2.28823171e30 (small planet level)
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2023.04.01 21:11 royalpossum_ Legal advice request: Vet malpractice on Dog injury (Scotland)

Hi everyone.
So long story short, back in December my dog was victim of an unprovoked attack by three dogs. He had a nasty bite inside his ear, which needed treatment. It happened on a Saturday afternoon so I had to take it to an emergency clinic. They charged in total £1.100 for cleaning and stitching the area, however they did not prescribed any antibiotics or any protection on the area. When I asked about antibiotics, they said it was not needed as they cleaned the area well. They also said thay if something happened, to contact his Vet during the week.
Literally 10 hours later, on Sunday morning, the amount of discharge coming out of his ear was very concerning, I had to wait till Monday to take him to hos Vet,. His Vet said that the wound was indeed infected and that the emergency clinic should have prescribed antibiotics. They also said that they did not shave his ear properly and that contribute as well for his infection. They could not attend him because they had too many bookings , but they prescribed antibiotics (I know very moronic, considering that they didn't clean the Area either). During 4 days my poor dog was suffering constantly from discharge in his ear and could not sleep or move...I called the emergency clinic to ask to be seen as they caused rhe issue (I explained what the vet said) and they said that this would be considered a separate incident and as such I would have to pay like if it was a new treatment. I threatened them in social media (Lucky me I have 7k followers on Twitter) and it worked as the next day I received a call from his Vet saying they received a message from the emergency clinic asking for my dog to be treated. He received treatment and thanks goodness by January everything was fine interns of his recovery.
I started a complaint with the emergency clinic for malpractice and neglect, they performed and internal investigation and someone responded saying they found no signs of malpractice and that everything was OK. And that it was not necessary to prescribe antibiotics because they need to control their use to prevent antimicrobial resistance.
Fortunately I was prepared for this response and asked that Vet (who signed with like 6 titles from Msc, BSc etc etc) and said very ironically, so you John Doe are telling me that a dog bite is not considered a concern and does not need antibiotics...can you please confirm that in written word?
They never responded but they said they started an independent review of the case....after a long time waiting, last week they responded insinuating that antibiotics should have been prescribed. And they send me an email and a note saying:
"From reviewing your case I have identified that antibiotics would have been appropriate to prescribe, and for this oversight I offer our sincere apologies. We hace sympathy for your position and I would like to arrange, purely as a gesture of goodwill and with no admission of liability, the cost of the consultation and out of hours fee to be refunded to you. I trust that this will be to your satisfaction. To accept this offer, please complete and return the enclosed form, once received this refund will be processed"
Then in the form, which I have to sign, it says: " I (insert name) accept a refund of £xxx un full and final satisfaction of all claims arising now and in the future from my visit to (Clinics name) with (Dogs name) on (Date).
This refund is accepted on the clear understanding that it does not constitute any admission of liability on the part of (Clinics name). It is agreed that the terms of this settlement are confidential and shall not be disclosed to any other party without the written agreement of the practice and save as required by Law"
I just need advice on the best way to proceed. Should I sign it? Or should I respond in another way?
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2023.04.01 21:06 mechbeat AITA for arguing with my gf after she told people about my disability behind my back?

I (17NB) am disabled. The details aren't important, but I typically use a cane when going out of the house, and need to sit down and rest fairly often. Because of my visible mobility aid, a lot of people tend to come up and ask me about it. It can get a little annoying when it happens a lot in one day but I usually don't mind talking about it at all. I make jokes about it and enjoy when my friends join in on it, stuff like that.
My girlfriend (17F) isn't disabled, but she's been very accommodating and kind to me, if a little bit ignorant about some things. Which I don't mind - I don't want to make her do a bunch of research and I can usually answer any questions she has.
She goes to a yoga class every week, and I like to tag along every 2-3 weeks. I leave my cane in the car for it since it's mostly either doing stretches or sitting down. I can't make it through the whole thing, but I enjoy doing an activity with her that helps me out too (as long as I don't overdo it).
Plus, the teacher is really nice and lets me come for free every once in a while as long as I help out a bit (stuff like making smoothies for after class, cleaning up some of the equipment, all stuff I can do sitting down and doesn't tire me).
The last time I came, a few days ago, a bunch of the regular members who I didn't know very well were telling me what an inspiration I was and how strong I was. I was confused until the teacher pulled me aside and mentioned that if I wanted, she could come up with a special routine for my disability.
Apparently, the week before I came, my girlfriend had told everyone in the class about it. I don't know exactly how much, but from what the teacher said, it was more than I was comfortable sharing with a room full of practical strangers.
I was very upset and a bit overwhelmed. I left without telling my gf and went to a nearby restaurant. I was also a little more upset than I usually would be because of the environment. When you're any kind of visibly physically disabled, people will always say that you're so brave for doing any kind of exercise. I know they mean well, but it always feels so infantilizing to me. I just wanted to do something nice with my girlfriend without constantly being singled out.
After yoga was done, we had an argument. She thought it would be fine since everybody else knows I'm disabled anyway (bc I use my cane outside of there a lot), and I talk about it all the time. I told her that she still should have asked me, and I usually don't tell people all of the details that she did.
We didn't really resolve anything, but she drove me home since we came in her car. Since then, she's been giving one-two word responses over text and has been ignoring my calls. I feel frustrated because she doesn't understand what it's like to have a constant physical disability and have that exposed behind your back, but I'm also worried I overreacted. AITA here?
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2023.04.01 21:05 jacox17 This isn’t how I thought my life would be

NAW. I am not looking for sympathy or pity or anything. I’m just venting something heavy on my heart today. Trigger warning: grief, cancer.
I (31F) lost my mom (54F) to cancer 5 years ago. It was a short battle, less than a year from diagnosis to her passing. She was easily one of my closest friends and my biggest support especially as we got older.
After her passing, I had two boys whom I love dearly.
This morning, as I am desperately trying to catch up on housework and wrangle my kids to keep them from getting hurt and making them breakfast and making sure I stay hydrated — I just stopped. And I realized how different I thought my life would be at this stage.
In the months immediately following her passing, we grieved for her. We ached for the loss of our mother and the kind and incredible person we lost. But as time went on, I found myself grieving another part of her and me: the future I thought we would share. It’s not something anyone warned me would happen. And it’s not something that has ever stopped. I still to this day have moments where I think: “I really wish mom were here.”
My mom was an educator and had a passion for teaching and children. I know she would have been an incredible grandmother and support system. I know she would have been here this morning helping me with the kids so I could catch up on cleaning (I’ve been sick all week and have fallen behind and my husband and I both work full-time on opposite shifts). She would be at my sister's house as she navigates the birth of her second child. She’d be at both of our houses helping us clean, decorate, and love on our babies.
Don’t get me wrong, I have support. My in-laws are incredible. I couldn’t have asked for better people. And my dad, well he’s still navigating life without her. He’s been more present over the last year. He’s met a nice woman and started a business and I think it’s helped him immensely. Still, it’s not the same. He doesn’t have the warmth and zest for us like my mom did. He told me as a teen that he wished he had never had kids. That’s something that sticks with you. I always felt I could call my mom at 1 in the morning and she would be at my house in minutes. I don’t feel that way about my dad. And at times he makes jabs at me, saying things like “your mom would be disappointed with how much weight you’ve gained”. I know dad, it weighs on me (lol punny).
This is a long post. Longer than I meant it to be. My life is so much different than I thought it would be. I see my cousins and aunts thriving with each other and it makes me ache. I see my mother-in-law bonding with my kids and I love that for her, but it makes me wonder how their relationship would have looked too. I wonder what she would have been called. It’s amazing how grief just lasts. How it never goes away. You’re pushed into a storming sea and just try to keep your head above water. And as time goes on the sea starts to calm, but then something small will send another wave of grief crashing down on top of you. And once again you’re struggling to keep your head above water.
All of this to say: I really fucking miss my mom today.

(edited for formatting, mobile sucks for long posts)
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2023.04.01 21:04 kwizzerz Best Long Island Iced Teas?

I had An amazing Texas Long Island iced tea at Barbwire BBQ and looking for other great long islands closer to town. Any suggestions? Obviously the less it tastes like alcohol, the better the drink 🤫
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2023.04.01 21:02 brawler0422 I found this 1997 article about Hauppauge. Do you think it still rings true?

I found this 1997 article about Hauppauge. Do you think it still rings true? submitted by brawler0422 to longisland [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:00 RanfoMedia Fully recovered in just under 3 months, from a fibula fracture near the ankle

This is gonna be a long post but I wanna make this thread for those who have had just had a similar injury to mine and are feeling depressed, like there's no end in sight. I might delete this thread after a while, but we'll see. So I'm gonna try and make this easy and clean to read and break it up in sections.
TL:DR? It sucks now, but you will bounce back. 50% of that will be on you too because you cannot be complacent once you're allowed for partial or full weight bearing. You gotta put in the work to get better, but you will be back to normal. I promise you.
Break Day: Jan 2nd, I was biking on a trail I usually go to in my city with this awesome new Specialized Sirrus X3 I just got two months ago and was still breaking it in. I got to a small walk bridge that had a 70 degree left turn. I was going 18km/h which is my average speed. I overcalculated the turn by being too cocky and swayed my body to make the turn at my speed because I was feeling edgy that day. Thing is, the tires are not built for that on this type of bike. They're not MTB tires or wide enough to grip for those kinda turns.
So I began to lose control and fight or flight mode kicked in because there was a small river with rocks next to me on my right side that I didn't wanna fall into. Somehow in this fight or flight mode response, my feet locked on the pedals and somehow, that broke my fibula. I could feel this dull ache getting more painful by each second until I fell off on my left side. The pain felt like a nasty ache combined with pulling a muscle, a good 8.5/10 on the pain scale. I was in shock. I couldn't breathe once I fell. I never had this type of shortness of breath before. I had to get up immediately because I didn't know wtf just happened.
Getting up was that same pain, increased to a solid 10, but I got up fast and it went back to 8. Now, for my next challenge. This trail I was on? It wasn't close to any road. I couldn't get an ambulance there because there was no access for them to come there. I had to power through and walk. Either direction had a steep 90 degree incline up. I was not looking forward to that. I called my mom to come meet me by a checkpoint in the road near that trail so we can go to my car and then head to the ER. Walking absolutely hurt. I was trying so hard to fight the pain but had to stop every 5 minutes to relax. A guy on a bike then stopped and gave me this massive ProTip that I didn't think of doing in the moment because I was in shock. He said I should lower my saddle and peddle off the floor with my foot and leave my bad foot hanging in the air. That worked! Unfortunately, I couldn't do that when I got to that steep 90 degree hill climb. Thankfully this was all concrete so I had grip but it hurt like HELL climbing that. But there was no other way to do it. And keep in mind I'm a big guy too. 270lbs at 5,11. I probably made this injury worse walking on my broken ankle. But, you kinda have no choice in situations like this and you gotta make the best of it.
Anyway, we head to the ER. They x-ray me and tell me I'll possibly need surgery and that it'll take 4-6 weeks to heal the bone, but it is a fracture through and through. This is what a fibula fracture looks like. It's hard to see unless you zoom in and the doctor did say he's seen a lot worse than that, but it still sucked that I might need surgery. So he booked me to see an ortho specialist the very next day and got a temporary cast put on my leg. The one thing I noticed on the night I was sleeping after my ankle break was that I was peeing a lot. More than usual during the night. It was crazy. Maybe from the pain and shock wearing off? Anyway.
Jan 3rd: Time to see the specialist. He looked my foot and x-ray and confirmed I need surgery with a plate and screws. My world turned upside down when I heard that because the surgery was still sort of up in the air before this visit. I was hoping I could just heal in the cast because he did say he's seen a lot worse. That gave me some peace of mind. But it wasn't meant to be. Surgery it is! I got a call the same day to book me in for the 9th of Jan early in the morning. This is my first major surgery ever at the ripe young age of 33. I thought this would never happen to me, but here we are. I was so nervous because I watched a stupid movie called Awake where this guy has a major cardiac surgery and he becomes conscious while under general anesthesia and he can feel everything being done to him but can't move until it's over. That movie has legit created that fear in me since I watched it over a decade ago.
Jan 4th to 8th: I'm still processing the accident, find it hard to accept that I've ruined my life. If only I didn't go fast that day. Kept repeating that in my head, because this was on me. This ankle break was my fault and even now as I'm fully recovered I still can't forgive myself for being so careless. It's a lesson I will take to my grave with me. The lesson of taking things for granted. This stupid ankle break cost me my job that I was about to start on the 15th. It was a good gig too. Three weeks of work, one week off because it was in the film industry. It was a 9 month contract from Jan to September and would be renewed if the series got renewed. I loved it because the one week they give off would be great for me to get back on cycling, dating or doing more freelance work as a side hustle in addition to this job. But of course that job required me to be on my feet and that was impossible at the moment. Great. Fuck me, right?! It can't get any worse, right? Wrong. I also had to miss my best friends wedding the very next Sunday, a day before my surgery. I also had to cancel a date I had that was promising with someone I was talking to on Hinge. It's like blow for blow at this point. I'm just rolling with the punches.
This was a very rough week for me. The mental pain from being depressed, feeling useless and ruining my life is so much worse than the physical pain because physical pain is temporary but mental pain leaves the most amount of scars on your psyche that can last a lifetime. I was crying every night for hours on end thinking this is it. I've ruined my life. How am I gonna recover from this? The biggest worry for me was now I would have to eat through my savings until I could walk again for in-office work. And it's not like I didn't apply to work from home jobs, because I did just that for weeks on end with no luck. I was either overqualified or I didn't have the skills for it. Overqualified for a data entry job? Are you kidding me?!
So I spent this week just wallowing in my sorrow and googling for hours on end this type of injury, recovery time, surgery complications and browsing this very sub looking at success and recovery stories. This sub has really given me a peace of mind and has a really good supporting community. I love you guys. I wouldn't have been able to make it mentally without you. But I also owe everything to my mom who cared and supported me in this fucked up moment of my life. She got me through this and I wanna get a vacation birthday present when I find a job. It's the LEAST I could do.
Jan 9th: Surgery Day. I'm getting processed in the hospital and I'm nervous as all hell. I keep thinking of that stupid movie, even tell my mom I love you as I get wheeled away to the operating room in case something bad happens during mid-surgery. The other worry for me was aspiration. You know why tell you to not eat or drink anything, even water, for 12 hours prior to your surgery? Because you can get aspiration from having food and liquid in your stomach coming up and choking you. There's a very small chance of dying because of that and if you don't die, your lungs and esophagus get damaged from the doctors trying to save you from choking on your own vomit. So I had that running through my mind as I enter the operating room.
But it all went well. I woke up remembering nothing during the surgery because I was a medical coma from the anesthesia. The only thing I remember is the mask being put on and being told to think happy thoughts. It worked. And let me tell you, waking up felt so incredibly good. It's like I had the best sleep I've ever had in my entire life. It was so calming. Even breathing slow felt so damn good. I kept thinking I wanna be in this state 24/7. If this was an over the counter drug, I would be addicted to it instantly. They made me wait two more hours in the hospital to see that all my vitals are stable and then they released me and gave me a script for 50 Percocets.
Jan 10th to Mid March: Post surgery x-ray I'm part robot now! I'm part of the X-Men academy! It was time to stop feeling sorry for myself on this road to recovery and kept myself busy by working on passion projects from home and applying to remote jobs. I kept saying to myself, "it could have been worse" and that helped. The crutches I got took some time getting used to but luckily I have good upper body strength from working out at home and I returned to that. I even debated getting a knee scooter but two weeks into the crutches, I already got used to it. Plus it's not like I was going anywhere outside so I didn't need it! One thing that really helped me getting around the house was a computer chair on wheels. I used my good leg to peddle myself to the kitchen, washroom and back.
The first three days after surgery were the worst for physical pain. They gave me nerve blockers but they started wearing out around the same day of surgery, but at night time and I was reluctant to taking Percocet because it's an opioid and I was scared of being addicted to it. Plus, it also gives you constipation. In the end, I took them for 3 days because the pain won my will to resist the drugs. They were very helpful. I got good sleep and they kinda felt really awesome. It's hard to describe but it they kinda numb you. You don't feel dizzy, but sort of buzzed. It's similar to an alcohol high but different still. I took them for 3 days then switched to aspirin because my pain was going down by a lot after that. But I would say the post-surgery pain was way worse than the ankle break pain. A solid 9 or 10/10 in those first three days. I felt like my leg was on fire and even my bones were sensitive to any movement, it was so weird. But I powered through. And you will too. But just know, the pain always wins. Take the painkillers.
I was starting to get used to my predicament, but the most difficult part was the shower. Because I had to be non-weight-bearing for the next 3.5 weeks until I got my boot, the shower was a pain in the ass because I couldn't get my cast wet at all. So I bought this plastic set of bags from amazon and putting that on and off, plus getting a medical chair to sit in the shower, which was already a small space, was a massive pain in the ass. But you adapt. You get used to it. You find a routine and shortcuts in your misery and it works. I kept doing my upper body workouts and walking with my crutches so I could get some circulation going because the swelling was INSANE.
Now I'll admit that I didn't elevate my leg always like I should have so that's on me. I just can't sit in bed for hours, it drove me crazy in the first week doing that. I needed to move or be at my computer keeping my mind busy or I'd be depressed and crying again. Feeling useless is one of the worst feelings you can possibly imagine. I needed to stay busy. I thought playing videogames all day would help but that just made my depression worse. It doesn't help. Maybe if I was younger in my teens that would have been a godsend but when you're eating through your savings, your biggest worry is getting employment. So I kept gaming to a few hours at night and that helped.
Mid Feb: The cast is off and now I enter into my boot. Those classic aircast boots with the pumps on the side. I still had 3 weeks left of being non-weight bearing but the boot was a damn godsend! The cast was worse for me because it felt like a torture device. It got so hot in the cast and of course the itching. I was so desperate that I even bought a plastic scratching kit for casts that have reach. You're not supposed to do that but I couldn't help it. The cast is great because you can take it off during the day and keep it on during the night. I didn't inflate it all the time because that shit hurt like hell and made my swelling worse. So I just tightened the straps a little and only used the pumps when I had to go outside for something. I had the boot on in my sleep because doc was afraid I might toss and turn and snap my hardware. We don't want that! But I slept on my side with pillows and it worked out fine. At this point I was just counting down the days until I could walk again.
Early March: Follow up X-rays look great! My bone has healed well and I was cleared for full weight bearing and to start physio. I still had to be in my boot and walk with the support of crutches. That was a weird and interesting feeling but it felt so good to be able to walk again. I cried in joy. It felt like pins and needles at first. My mind was super reluctant to step on my feet even in the boot. It's crazy how your mind works, getting you accustomed to not using your foot and being scared to use it again when you absolutely can. But I tried it out. Slow and steady wins the race. That's what my physiotherapist said. He wasn't too happy that I didn't start physio earlier because I was talking to someone here on Reddit who had an ankle break in three places, way worse than my injury, yet started physio 4 weeks after their surgery.
But anyway, physio went great. After the first initial session, I took my boot off and started walking barefoot but with the support of the crutches. Definitely had pains in my foot I never thought I would get but that's because it was asleep for so long and your muscles atrophy. I kept walking around, doing leg stretches to get the blood flowing and got a little more religious about icing my ankle. That helped. My next PT session really helped me with a few stretches. By this point, I could walk without the crutches. It felt so freeing getting this freedom back. I listened to the physiotherapist and did those stretches at home and they really helped a ton with pain relief and getting my range of movement back in my ankle.
He told me to take it easy but I couldn't do that because I needed a job. I didn't overdo it because I didn't want to cause any more damage but I did extra workouts on top of the stretches he gave me and pushed myself. Now the pain was going all the way to my knee and back of my knee, all around really. My next physio session, he was more concerned with that than my ankle because I was making fantastic progress on my ankle. He said this knee pain was residual collateral damage from being stationary for so long. Makes sense really. So he told me to start using my stationary bike and also walking in the swimming pool, in addition to the stretches' and icing I was already doing. This helped A LOT. Because you're almost in Zero G weightlessness in the water, you can do a lot more. So I walked and swam some laps and day by day, I was recovering.
I pushed myself one day by walking outside for an hour. It hurt like hell in my knee, but I needed to get used to being back to normal-ish. After that walk, I wanted to face my fear and do stairs next. I have stairs in my building so I used that as practice and of course held on to the railings. I felt more pain going down the stairs than going up the stairs, but I did a few reps just so I could get a sense of what my leg can do and not do and see what works.
Next physio session, he recommended I get some trainers and showed me specific models from Asics to get for stability and support. Up to this point, I had some cheap Walmart running shoes, but soon as I got the proper shoes on, it was like night and day. He also said my progress was night and day.
March 31st: My last x-ray! My surgeon is extremely happy as am I. He said it looks fantastic and if the hardware bothers by my one year anniversary of the surgery, I can remove it. The recovery time will be helluva lot faster than when you get the hardware. I think I might do that and get it removed. I'm walking right now and I feel like I'm at 95% back to normal. The other 5% being that my ankle is not where it was pre-accident and I only get pain in a small corner of my knee now than what I had even two or three weeks ago. The swimming pool, stretches and stationary bike are super duper helpful for my recovery. I feel like I can even go cycling outdoors now, which I very much want to.
Crazy, right? You'd think I'd ditch the bike altogether but it's not the bike's fault. It's a tool. I used this tool carelessly. That will ALWAYS be on me. The reason I cycle is so I can lose weight and I hope I can do a century this year. That's my challenge for this year. Of course, I still get swelling in my ankle when I'm standing on my feet for a few hours but my doc said this would be normal for the next 6-8 months and even when the temperature changes, because of the type of metal in my hardware. Whatever, no big deal. I'll just ice it and be good to go again. The pain I get in my ankle now is exclusively from the hardware rubbing up against the skin. So if that continues after January 9th, 2024, I'm gonna get this hardware taken out but I am definitely keeping it and framing it as a memento of this dark period in my life and hopefully this taking things for granted lesson prevents me from breaking any other bones in the future.
Present day and final thoughts: I have one more PT session two Mondays from now and then my PT said I'll only need maybe one per month because he's very impressed with my recovery. Hell, I'm very surprised I recovered so well because reading the threads here, people go to PT twice a week but I only ever did it once per week. But my PT guy is extremely good. He goes above and beyond the one hour mark that you pay for and I remember from my first few sessions lasting almost 3 hours straight without charging for me it. He really gives a shit and I'm gonna give a shit too by offering him photography and video services, on the house, for anything he needs.
I'm still jobless at the moment, but I have three or four promising leads that I have yet to hear back from. This was another blow for me. Losing my job at the stat of all this. I remember during my recover I had a very promising job lead. They liked me and they were even OK with me being in the boot and on crutches. The job was in my city too which was a huge time and money saver. But they kept stringing me along telling me how much they like me out of the small pool of candidates of the final interview, only to ghost me in the end. That was another big blow to my mental health. I really thought I had it in the bag. Everything went well with all the interviews and even the HR lady at my final interview had an ankle break 10 years ago so I thought that for sure would get me job because we can relate to each other on that level. I suspect she wanted me there but the other lady who would be working on my team decided against it. Still sucks being ghosted though. For a corporate company, they could have at least told me it was a no. I even emailed them to follow up but they still ghosted me. Very unprofessional.
But there's no sense looking back, I'm only looking forward now. I'm applying like crazy on Indeed and Linkedin and hopefully these 4 leads go to something but I'm not gonna put in all the eggs in one basket because of my previous experience of being burned. I just hope I get something because this month will be the last month I can cover my bills. After that, my mom said she would help. I don't wanna get to that point. I hate that feeling of uselessness. I wanna pay for my own shit. I'm a grown ass man goddamnit!
But I owe her a big vacation, I couldn't get through this without her. I love her to death. Well, that's it. This is the end of the post. Thanks for bearing with me. If you read this all the way through, you're a trooper but I suspect you have nothing better to do because you're still in recovery so thanks for reading! I promise you, you WILL bounce back from wherever you are in your recovery. It is normal to be angry, to cry, to be depressed, to feel useless and lose all hope. Those feelings will come in waves and they will pass too once you accept your situation. Keep your mind busy. Do chores, work on a computer, do whatever you did before the accident to keep your mind busy and time will fly and you'll be back on your feet before you know it. Plus, this makes a really good party story to tell or one for your grandkids! Certainly makes a great dating story! Surgery scars are sexy!
And thanks to this kick ass sub for pulling me through my darkest days and giving me peace of mind and calming my worries. I have never seen a more supporting community than this one and I've been on and off on Reddit for a decade now. Seriously, you guys all fucking rock. I love you.
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2023.04.01 21:00 The_Fallen_1 [THJVerse] Arcane Starfarers - ep 7 - Neural world

A nice little surprise for you all on a day of less pleasant surprises!
First / Previous / Next
Daniel sat on his bed as he looked at the neural patch Hannah’rah had given him earlier, wondering if she had used hers yet. He shrugged, stuck the patch to the nape of his neck, and laid down in his bed, staring at the underside of the bunk above him as an overlay appeared in his eyes. He waited a moment until he saw two completely sets of images in his eyes, at which point he then closed them. There was a slight moment of disorientation as he continued to see the new world despite his eyes being closed, and then his brain corrected things based on his former experience, and it no longer felt strange. As he began to move his hands around, he began to feel the slightly strange feeling as the signals were intercepted to prevent his limbs from actually moving while his eyes were closed, and he then took a moment to look at his avatar.
His real body had been recreated with high accuracy, including most of the exterior details of his prosthetic arm. He began to think about the time it must have taken for her to recreate this, and he began to wonder if the reason for her fatigue in the morning wasn’t solely because of her snoring roommate.
He began to look around, taking in the recreation of a small village in the Western part of Angland, filled by Elves. The forest surrounded it, but there were small breaks for the roads and rivers. He’d only been here a couple of times, but-
Daniel turned around to see Hannah’rah smiling at him, standing in a traditional loose fitting long Elven dress. She had her fiery hair let down, and it and her dress blew in the faint breeze that he could feel simulated on his skin. For a moment, he felt like they were back in Angland, walking through the forest and petting herds of deer while watching Dragons soar above them.
“Have I ever told you that I love you?” he asked, bringing her in for a hug.
“24 times now,” she smiled as she gestured for him to walk. “Anything you want to discuss, or should I start?”
“Go ahead.”
“Do you miss being home?”
“Which home? England, or Angland?”
“... Yeah, I do. There’s just something about that place that draws me in.”
“Do you want to go back?”
“I mean, kinda, but that’s just homesickness really. I of course want to go back eventually, but we’ve just managed to start seeing the rest of what’s around us. Do you?”
“... I would have liked to do a bit more before we left,” Hannah’rah admitted, sitting down on the edge of a bridge that overlooked a stream.
“Hmm, woulda liked more free time with you in public and whatnot, rather than just as your travelling partner,” he told her, sitting next to her.
“Yeah, but my Dad-”
“Please, let’s not get worked up over him now.”
“Right, sorry. It’s just that It’s going to be difficult to be together….”
“Please don’t ask that question again. Not now.”
“Sorry…. With any luck, he will come to his senses and see things the same way my Mum does, but I’m not holding out on hope right now.”
“'Ain't a lot we can do from here.”
“No, I suppose not,” she sighed.
“As always, I’m here for you.”
“I know, it was just difficult during basic. We couldn't really see each other and talk it through, and now I just feel like I need to dump it all somewhere now that I can.”
“You can if you want to.”
“I don’t. You don’t deserve to be hit with my family issues, and I’m just going to get worked up over my Dad. I brought you here to talk, and here I am dumping my problems on you.”
“It’s fi-”
“It’s not fine,” she cut him off. “Ugh, I wanted to have a moment, and I’m just going to ruin it at this rate.”
"Lieutenant Commander, your request has been completed," Affinity's voice came from outside the simulation.
"Perfect, thank you," Daniel replied, opening his eyes for a moment so his real mouth worked, before closing them again.
"Don't worry about the moment. We sparred earlier to relieve some stress, but we got cut short, so why don't we try something else?" he suggested, opening a menu with his hand and adjusting the settings. "Naval Marine 2150?"
"Won't be the same without everyone else…."
"I know," he smiled, joining a voice chat.
"Wait, what!? Hannah'rah? Daniel? You're online!?" a voice came out of nowhere.
"Hey, Xailin. Hey, everyone. We ain't exactly got a tonne of time, nor can we really do this again later, nor should we be doing this now to be honest, but we've got a Comms Gate to Earth, so we can play tonight!"
"Sweet! We can break our losing streak! Come on in!" Xailin told them, sending them an invite a moment later to join the group of their old university friends.
"But, how did you get that approved?" Hannah'rah asked Daniel, muting them for a moment.
"Affinity worked her magic. The comms gate was just sitting there on the station, active and underutilised, so I managed to push a request through for therapy?"
"What? Wiping the enemy team is therapeutic, isn't it?" he asked, getting to his feet and offering her his hand. “Level 5 and above VIs have a therapist mode, and they can pull a few strings if they conclude it’s necessary.”
“There’s the Techboy I know,” she smiled as she accepted his hand, unmuting them and hitting join.
Daniel dove for cover as his shield hit zero, managing to get behind a pillar before he took another hit from the pulse repeater the drone nearby was unloading on him. He plucked a magnetic grenade from his belt, armed it, and blindly tossed it roughly where the shots were coming from. He heated an explosion, followed by a second one when the drone impacted the ground. He then looked out of cover, confirming the drone's destruction, and then checked to see how the golden Dragon was getting on with the tank, realising that the torn up turret was already halfway down the street, and Xailin was just tearing it into chunks to, which quickly become cover destroying projectiles.
He looked up to see the enemy team's silver Dragon diving down on him, only for a missile to silently launch from the building Hannah'rah had gone into moments before. The missile impacted the enemy Dragon, and they were taken out of the fight, their body despawning before it hit the ground. Daniel used the momentary distraction to break from cover and cross the street, making it almost all the way before a machine gun lit him up, cracking his barely restored shield and bouncing a couple of rounds off of his armour before he reached his next piece of cover. There was a loud crack as Mark’rah took out the machine gunner with his 50mm rifle, and Daniel managed to push his momentary clearing to dive into the target building.
As he began to run up the stairs, he managed to make out a frantic scrabbling as his target prepared to run, which only confirmed which floor his target was on. He stopped and turned, facing directly towards the source of the noise, and began to charge, relying on his power armour to demolish the walls as he ran. He heard someone let out a small scream as he reached his destination, and brought his armoured fist down on his target, crushing the skull of the Dwarf and quickly forcing their body to despawn. He then quickly dropped down on one knee and picked up their uplink, inserting a datajack into the port. A few moments later, the holo display returned ‘Access Granted’, and he linked the enemy’s drones to his link, assuming full control over them. Most of the enemy team began to fall back and destroy their drones once they realised what had happened, knocking out around a quarter, but it wasn’t enough, and Daniel managed to wipe out almost all of the enemy team in seconds.
Daniel heard a noise nearby, and he quickly readied his SMG, only to see another power armour user running towards him through the hole he made. He raised his weapon and dumped the mag into them, breaking their shield but not penetrating their armour. He dropped his weapon and readied a grenade, but he was knocked to the ground before he could make use of it. The two of them began to roll around, fighting to lock the other down, but he was dismayed to find that his opponent was using premium power armour, and was therefore stronger and harder to shake off.
Cursing the poor game design, he decided to take the easy victory for his team, and primed one of the grenades still in his pouch. His opponent realised what was happening, and quickly pinned his arms down, allowing Daniel to headbutt him instead, but there was little effect on either of them. He then wove a leg between the enemies, and managed to make their footing slip when he straightened it. Pushing his advantage, he rolled them over and managed to get one hand free. He finished arming his last grenade, but his opponent managed to knock it from his hand before it went off.
Out of ideas, Daniel prepared to break away and head for a window where a drone could help, but before he could, an armoured fist slipped down past his head, and the tip of the large spike fixed to the attached arm touched the helmet of his opponent, causing it to deploy a sharp metal spear that pierced clean through their armour and skull. He looked up at the owner to see Hannah’rah, happy, but also slightly displeased.
“Yeah, I should have called for help,” he told her, knowing exactly what was coming.
“Knowing and doing are two different things. You do that on the job, and you won’t be able to know that you should have afterwards.”
“Thanks for the assist, though.”“You’re welcome, just please don’t try that grenade stunt IRL,” she pleaded.
“Don’t worry, I’m not planning on it,” he assured her as she helped him to his feet.
“Well, that’s the game,” she told him, looking at the victory screen in front of her.
“Back to the lobby we go,” he replied.
The area around them quickly faded and brought them into an armoury with Xailin and Mark’rah, and the avatars of Casillia, Kilakthen, Stalika, and Ttragtum respawned.
“That was amazing!” Kilakthen exclaimed. “Hannah’rah, that Dragon kill! And Daniel, actually holding out against that BS OP power armour! How did you manage that?”
“The skill supplement system doesn’t have shit on real experience. It’s not flexible enough to deal with someone fighting competently without the system. Throw an atypical move at them, and it doesn’t know what to do,” Daniel explained.
“And since when was the Silent Striker so effective, Hannah’rah?”
“When I was trained to actually use it, or the real weapon it’s based on anyway,” she replied.
“I suppose you’ve both had your hands on the real stuff, haven’t you? You both know how to use everything effectively,” Xailin commented.
“Not so much me. I mean, I’ve had CQC training, but not heavy weapons,” Daniel replied, bringing in Hannah’rah for a hug. “My little arm breaker here on the other hand….”
“Arm breaker?” Casillia asked. “Hannah’rah, did you break his arm while sparring or something?”
“Not his, and I didn’t break any arms, just dislocated the shoulders of a few people who really didn't know when to stop,” she told her.
“Hannah’rah…” Casillia trailed off.
“What? Don’t tell me there’s never been a situation when you just want to punch an asshole in the face to make them go away.”
“Well, of course, but-”
“Well, I was ordered to fight them, so I did, and they didn’t tap out in time,” Hannah’rah shrugged.
“Anyway,” Xailin began, shaking his head. “Are you both up for another round?”
“Love to, but it’s getting late, and we’ve both got a busy day tomorrow,” Daniel apologised. “This will probably be the last time we see each other for a fair while.”
“How long?” Xailin asked.
“Sorry, we can’t disclose details of our mission,” Hannah’rah apologised.
“Ah, damn. Well, bring us all something cool back from another planet, would ya?”
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