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2023.06.03 23:11 Inner_Particular616 Porsche gt4 at spa struggles, help appreciated

I feel like my setup is pretty as, I can't take Eau rouge anywhere near flat, the same with the quick left-hander at the end of the lap having to fully lift to even have a chance.
I was using the merc and could get easy 2:27.5 so im not rubbish and could take these things corners quickly, i got bored and thought id give the Porsche a go, i go from understeer from one corner to massive oversteer the next, and yet still get 2:28.0-2:28.5 so I know i have massive time to gain with a good setup.

Has anyone got a setup they could share or give advice, thanks all (i know ppl hate giving setups, i just cant afford right now to pay for a setup service)
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2023.06.03 23:11 Leetric FTM needing help with a present for my MTF roommate

So, my roommate (26F), is coming up on her 1 year on E, and has been very blessed in the genetic department when it comes to her breast growth. So for her HRT anniversary I want to take her to get a bra fitting and her first proper bra.
Note, I'm not doing this because I think bras should be mandatory because nipples (actual thing I was told at 9) or any of the other patriarchal bs that was spouted at me when I went through it, but because at the rate she's growing, her back is gonna start hurting. Like, took me as an AFAB 3 years to be where she is in only 10 months.
And it was a rite of passage for girls in my family when I was growing up. My mom took me and my older sisters to a store and I got measured and they got me my first proper bra when we were done. I hated every second (which should have been a sign, tbh), but my sisters loved it when they went through it and talked about their happy memories of when they got their first bra and I want my roommate to have the same happy memories as they do.
I live an hour North of Atlanta GA, and I am hoping for any recommendations for places she will feel safe. I had previously heard Victoria Secret is safe, but I don't know in the current political climate.
And also if yall have any recommendations for things that you all wish you could have experienced as a child, but couldn't because of your ASAB, that I can do for her, I would appreciate it greatly. Because I'm FTM I did not enjoy my upbringing, so I don't have a reference for a lot of things MTFs wish they could have experienced.
Like, my thing I wanted to do as a young boy was go to a baseball game with my dad, so I would love to learn more about the Trans femme perspective so that I can help her reclaim her childhood proper.
Ps. She says she doesn't have enough information on what growing up femme should look like to know what she needs to help her feel more herself. And because I was experiencing the other side of the gender spectrum, I don't know what things were supposed to be fun but were traumatic for me, and which things were just actually traumatic.
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2023.06.03 23:11 BlueEyesHermit The new storyline

I get excited when i finally come up with a new storyline that i can do for a while and add new things to it. Or have a new take on an old one. I love those days cuz it means I'll be busy all day with it and time will go faster and i will be entertained. Just to think that I've been doing this since age 12 and every year i would have at least two completely new storylines with new characters and hundreds of stories related to those storylines. I wish i could look into my head and look at all of them written out in like documents because i clearly forgot some of them Sometimes i find an old old old story that i written as a teenager and it takes me back because my characters are always the same age as i am and reminds me how i used to love those characters and i try to give them like a sequel.
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2023.06.03 23:11 Neat_Question_9639 How do you care for yourself when you feel uncared for?

Basically the title. I’m in my early 30’s, I’m divorced, and I have an 8 year old son. I have 19 and 20 year old stepsons who like to keep in touch. And I spend most of my time with my ex because I can spend more time with my son that way.
My relationship ended after years of us drifting apart that came to a head when she told me the friend she had been texting and hanging out with sporadically for years was actually her affair partner. I tried to come to a reconciliation but she was very hostile with me and we ended up getting divorced after a couple years of Zoom court.
I have always struggled with feelings of inadequacy as I’ve had very little positive experiences with relationships and very little experience in general. Before divorce she told me I could do whatever I want, but even now that I’m single I haven’t found anyone.
I ended up landing an amazing job shortly after we separated and make more money than I know what to do with, and being depressed I’ve never been such a poor employee either. I’m not worried about losing my job and if I did I basically have a golden parachute. But at the same time I’ve saved up hardly any money because I’ve found ways to waste it away while depressed. Still I pay my ex’s bills in child support and put dinner on the table every night.
I know that I’m doing a poor job for myself and a poor job for my kiddo. And I always feel best when I am there to take care of people, like acts of service are my love language. But when I go to bed alone every night, I’d rather stay up all night battling anxiety than try again another day.
When I first moved out I promised myself that I would take every opportunity to change my life. No video games, no binge watching, no time wasters. Just working hard, going to the gym, buying fresh ingredients and cooking, taking dance classes. None of that ever happened because two months later everyone was told to stay home, indefinitely.
I’m a calm person but pandemic hysteria and never escaping my ex’s orbit have left me debilitated. In the meantime she’s chatted up a bunch of guys, had enough bad experiences to swear it off, and then get back into the game all over again. Now she was even saying we should hook-up, and I’ll I have is a couple girl’s numbers from onlyfans and a huge hole in my pocket.
So yeah, the title question. How do you give a **** about yourself when it’s clear no one else does and it’s not fair to people who love you to be so checked out.
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2023.06.03 23:10 Arfreezy_LoL Graves vs Nocturne/Olaf Matchup Guide By A Grandmaster Graves

I'm a GM jungle main and both Graves and Nocturne are some of my most played junglers of all time.
Here are my 3 tips for Graves players to focus on in the Nocturne matchup (these also apply to the Olaf matchup since it is very similar):
Video Link For The Visual Learners:
Tip #1: Abuse Wall Hops
Tip #2: Opt Into Mobility Options
Tip #3: Abuse Jungle Tracking
The video link above has example clips that are self edited, ad-free, and hopefully, highly informative, but I can understand if people prefer a quick text guide over a random YT channel.
My goal is to make higher level jungle concepts easier to understand because it took me thousands of games before I began to truly play the game 'properly' because there aren't many guides targeted for high level junglers such as Diamond players to take their game to the next level.
Thanks for reading my guide, and any feedback or questions are welcome.
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2023.06.03 23:10 zero-st4rs Proposal and geo-manifesto for federation of U.S. cooperatives

Hi all, I've been working on a strategy for federating an equitable economic effort and have formalized it into a proposal and geo-manifesto. The proposal is coupled with a small formal specification of shared intentions as well as an ethics based on individuals that branches off the fact that the act of grouping is embedded with a hierarchy by virtue of imposition.
I'm presenting this proposal for consideration in the hopes that other individuals might share the same, or similar value systems that produce these intentions.
The proposal can be found here: There is a form for signatures that populate a map, links to a P2P chat for each county populated, and a links to propose changes to the specifications themselves.
Would love to hear thoughts in relation to this proposal regarding needs, ethics, and execution.
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2023.06.03 23:10 WorldlyCheetah4 Not really working

I decided to try Blumats based on all the rave reviews here and on Amazon. I have 6 of them, some feeling a single pot and two each in 36" railing planters. The ones feeding single plots seem to be doing OK; I see the water going down, and the soil feels moist. The ones in the planters are not doing much. I've moved the water receptacles twice, but the soil only feels damp right around the carrot. It's not doing anything for the rest of the plants.
I took two out and went through the routine of soaking and capping, getting out air bubbles. The ends of the tubes are inside reservoirs set right in the planter, so almost at the same level as the carrots. Even if I got another set, it seems like it wouldn't be enough to cover these planters. They're long but not wide - the horse trough style. I really expected better performance. Granted, it's only been a day or so.
Any suggestions for what I might do to increase performance?
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2023.06.03 23:10 zm223 AK101

Bought this over Memorial Day weekend and picked it up yesterday. This is the AK101 AKM version with the 1/2x28 threads, ended up being about $700 in total.
Im pretty impressed with the fit and finish so far. Rivets all look very good, as does the machining.
The magazine it came with fit ridiculously tight in the mag well but wore in with working it in and out. Also picked up 3 of the WBP mags they had for $10 a piece, those were a bit easier to lock in.
My plan for this gun is to run it suppressed with my Sierra 5, most likely will be using a KNS piston once I figure out which one I need. Waiting on a Jmac face mount muzzle device to mount the can on.
Time will tell if it has the same issues with the other AK101’s. I don’t have the means to put thousands of rounds through in a short amount of time but I will document the wear over time.
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2023.06.03 23:09 Drumdrum98 SL4A--Fullscreen broken with modesetting

I set up Fedora on my 13" AMD Surface Laptop 4 yesterday. The whole process was totally painless thanks to all the great guides and resources from this project. So, thanks! Besides the touchscreen, which is known to not work, I only have one big issue left, which is fullscreen content.
If I put anything into "exclusive" fullscreen, I get random visual garbage displayed on the entire screen. The system is still responsive, so it's easy to hit esc to exit fullscreen. I've observed this with mpv, youtube (on firefox), and Retroarch so far--with no counter-examples, I'm assuming that anything fullscreen is affected.
I used to have nomodeset in my cmdline, which fixed this issue at the expense of GPU acceleration, backlight control, and suspend. I've since removed nomodeset and added amd_iommu=force_isolation, as suggested by the wiki. Using iommu=off and amd_iommu=off didn't work for me. This is all on kernel 6.3.5-1.surface.
Does anyone else have this same issue? I can work around it, but it's really annoying.
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2023.06.03 23:09 FarmerDave420 UPDATE: PT.

As reality is multidimensional, the future remains uncertain all determined on the choices we make here and now.
Everything is out our control absolutely, at the same time given everything is energy, if we embody the vibrational frequency of which we seek to manifest, over time, we can’t help but get exactly what we are in alignment with even if even it’s not exactly as how we thought it would be.
The power of belief is incredibly great given collectively and individually are the center of our own universes. Because of what you believe beyond material and emotional attachment, we make real through thought alone.
[Whatever you believe = True]
So no matter what one chooses to believe, because you believe it, it is true. We change our lives by shifting and changing our perspectives understanding that what we think we know isn’t what we know but is what we’ve known.
[Change your reality by shifting your perspective by changing your mind]
What we think we know is much like a trauma response from the pain we’ve endured along the journey. Everyone is healing and everything in life is projection and manifestation of exactly that. Love or Pain. Nothing personal.
In order to make space for something new, we must be at peace with what is and be, present in the moment so that what is meant to be can become.
There’s only you, and there’s only always be you, as everyone we think we know and see is actually only a reflection of us. Nobody exists. Only you exist. That’s what makes your journey special, because it’s designed specifically only for you.
It’s all begins with surrender and allowing ourselves to vulnerably love and experience reality.
The healing path is a long road but it’s also the greatest journey that leads to everlasting happiness not only for self, but for all whom are around your field of energy.
We live in a multiverse, every person you come into contact with is their own universe. Your body is your spaceship. Nourish and treat your body well.
In addition our minds don’t know what’s real. You are what you consume. What you tell yourself. What you listen to. The books you read. The food you eat. The contents you drink. What you declare is real and not real.
Dream big and ignore anything that says it’s not possible. Follow your dreams and lead with love. How big could you dream if you knew you could not fail?
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2023.06.03 23:09 CaptainDamage Take colors

Ok, this is kind of trivial, but I've been all over the preferences looking for this and can't find it. It used to be that when I recorded a bunch of takes on a track, each take was a different (random) color. Since upgrading my system a month ago, all takes on a track are the same random color. How do I get them back to multiple random colors?
The reason I want it is because when I'm going through 20 or more takes to find the best 3 or 4, it's easier (for me) to remember "the pink one, the orange one and the gray one," rather than "number 6, number 14 and number 24."
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2023.06.03 23:08 Heeeeeeeeaavve Beware Castlemania Games. 4 weeks (and counting) for a refund shipping label. Zero customer service.

I'm sharing my experience in case it helps others who want to shop here.
On May 4, I received a broken Super 64 converter. Since then I've sent a dozen emails, opened two support tickets, made three phone calls to their customer service line, and messaged them here on reddit... and the broken converter is still sitting here on my desk.
Customer service responded twice since then: once immediately after I submitted my refund request, and once after I filed my second support ticket. The first one was a real person, who said the return shipping label had been sent. It hadn't, and when I told them that, I received an automated email saying an error had occurred with their shipping label system. The second time, I only got the same automated "error with our shipping label" reply.
Four weeks to send a simple fedex shipping label, ten opportunities to reply with an update—but they've done nothing. Their return label site won't let orders be processed twice, so you can't even request a new label. All that's left is to open a new ticket every week until something happens.
Anyway—in case anyone is considering shopping there, in my experience, you're stuck with whatever you get. Hopefully the gamble pays off for you!
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2023.06.03 23:07 samhouse09 Mariners moved All-star seats

So we got our strips for the All Star game that we bought through our season ticket membership, and they moved them out of our normal seats. They promised if we bought all 4 tickets we would get to keep our seats and they changed them anyways. Just venting I guess, and a little pissed because one of my friends got two more tickets in the same row and section we were promised so he could sit with us, and now he can’t.
Can the mariners pull their shit together?
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2023.06.03 23:07 blckcatGldnretriever 24 [M4F] Florida anywhere - hey it's pretty dark around here. Would you mind lighting up my life?

Hey my name's Austin, nice to meet you. I am some level of autistic just to let you know now. Or some level of attention deficit but they both fall in the same category and I've been suspected of both so eh.
Anyway, I'm hoping to meet another autistic person to get to know, form a friendship and eventually/hopefully a relationship. Of course if it doesn't go that far I won't hold any hard feelings about it.
I got a job working at home so I usually respond pretty quick cause it helps pass the time and I'm bored a lot. I also just browse around here commenting in subreddits I'm interested in. Very rarely actually post anywhere though lol.
In my spare time I mostly just like to play whatever game I'm currently obsessed with, that right now being dead island 2. I also like to play halo, minecraft, monster hunter, Zelda, metroid, and a bunch of similar things like that. Some that are popular and some that I swear I'm the only one who knows they exist at all lol. I mostly play on Xbox btw.
I can also get pretty wrapped in the shows I like. Right now that would be demon slayer. I watch every episode the same day it's released and I was so into it I ended up researching all about it on Wikipedia lol. So I ruined the ending for myself. But I don't mind, even though I know how it ends I think it's the journey that matters most. Other than that I have also been obsessed with my hero academia, attack on titan, bleach, Naruto, one piece, and some others.
I like to listen to a lot of music as well. I usually listen to the same like 3 songs for weeks on end. Right now that's Insane by black gryph0n, collapse by pixel terror and sweater weather by the neighborhood. I listen to a lot of different types of music though. Pretty much anything except most country songs and rap songs. Something about the rhythm and stuff bothers me lol.
Personality wise I like to make who I'm with happy and just have fun with them in general. I joke around a lot, I hug and kiss and touch a lot, and I like to just be together playing games or watching TV. And I also love to share new experiences with someone. A new show or movie or something neither of us has seen before something like that.
I don't really have many preferences cause most of that stuff doesn't really matter to me. I'm really just looking for someone who I like to be around, likes playing or just spending time with me and likes touch as much as I do.
If you've made it this far here's a picture of me. chat me and let's get to know each other.
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2023.06.03 23:07 mar805cus1 Quitting R6 for being rigged!

Quitting R6 for being rigged!
The matchmaking it's completely rigged, I felt from the last season S8 1, when you need to win, you can do also 5/6 matches in a streak, but when you need to lose, r6 will put you with stupid people. I right now have a 6 match loss in a row, yesterday had a perfect performance probably a 5/6 win in a row, how it's possible that my performance it's good in one day WITH THE SAME KD, and the other day WITH THE SAME KD SO SAME PERFORMANCE I ALWAYS LOSE.
So if I have the same performance same kd, why do I still lose? Teoricaly the game need to put you in a 50/50 match, we know that's impossible that's a 50/50 but theoretically needs to be so, using simple math with 5, gonna see the probability of loose all the 5 matches: 1/2*1/2*1/2*1/2*1/2= 0.03125% it's not the first time! So how it's possible?
I know that it's a squad game so it's important to work with ur teammates, but if they cannot play, how i need to win?
Very strange, that's the reason why we are addicted to this game it's like gambling, when u play and win u feel good, but after some loss u get mad, and think about recovery from the last matches that u lost, but thinking about recovery u will loose more and more, like gambling, after a lot of loses u stop, but after losing some ranks
Look at this screen and see on our own
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2023.06.03 23:07 Akki_MH3U How long does it take to reach HR 999 in solo?

How long does it take to reach HR 999 in solo?
Are you playing alone without friends and you are wondering how long does it take to reach HR 999 and also what's the fastest way to do it? Here you can find a quick guide to give you an idea on how long your way to HR 999 will be.
Contrary to popular belief, HR 999 is not that hard/long to reach in MH3U. This game is certainly not the fastest MH game to rank up (if you exclude the famous method 4pt Arken which today is almost impossible to do it without friends specially because there are not a lot of lobbies online) but at the same time with the right strategy you can easily get the maximum Hunter Rank without a lot of effort. I'm gonna explain below the fastest strategy to reach HR 999 in solo.
First of all, in order to start this strategy you have to reach HR 8 and build 2 basic sets.
The first set is for Alatreon GS and it requires the following skills: Rock steady, Focus, Critical Draw and Weakness exploit. You can easily build this set with very bad charms too you just need a weakness exploit+5 for example (which is very easy to get in the game unless you got a cursed table).
The second set is for Grongigas Hammer and it requires: Rock Steady/Earplugs, Awaken, Handicraft+1 and Weakness exploit. Also this set is easy to get with very basic charms. If you can't build it with all the four skills, you can just remove weakness exploit and keep ranking up till you get the right charm to add this fourth skill.
At this point, counting all the key quests, the end game (specially farming 3/4 g rank alatreon for the Greatsword) and building the 2 sets above, you are gonna be around 100 hours of game time.
Now, the strategy begins. It's very simple and it consists in doing continuously the same 2 adv quests till you get HR 999. The first adv quest is called Pack Mentality (3 Barioths HR6) and the second adv quest is Rathalos Summit (3 Rathalos HR7). These are the fastest adv quests to do solo specially if you look at the HP of their monsters which are very low. With the first set (Alatreon GS) you are gonna do the Rathalos quest meanwhile with the Grongigas Hammer set the Barioths one.
These quests both give you 4410 Hunter Rank points. With Felyne Exchanger 6615 HR points. All you have to do now is trying to get Felyne Exchanger as much as you can and everytime you eat at the canteen before going to hunt. Felyne Exchanger increases the HR points and it randomly appears in the food combinations.
With that being said, let's say you can't get Felyne Exchanger everytime so it's kinda a 50/50. One quest without it and one quest with it. So 4410 + 6615 = 11025 : 2 = 5512 HR as average Hunter rank points per quest.
To reach HR 999 you need in total 9.800.000 HR points. 9.800.000 : 5512 = 1778 quests to reach the maximum Hunter rank. Let's say you do these quests 10 times a day (they just requires 10 minutes or even less with the sets I wrote above). In around 1 hour and 30 minutes per day you do 10 times those adv quests. 5512 x 10 quests = 55120 HR points per day. Indeed, 9.800.000 : 55120 = 178 days where you play maximum 1 hour and 30 minutes.
178 days x 90 minutes of gaming = 16020 minutes in total. 16020 : 60 = 267 hours of game time.
So at the end 100 hours at the beginning to reach HR 8 and build those sets + 267 hours to rank up till HR 999 for a total of 367 hours to reach the highest hunter rank in the game.
If you are a completionist let's add other 100 hours to get all the guild card awards.
In total 467 hours to get your first HR 999 in solo 😊
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2023.06.03 23:06 KingPenguinPhoenix What is BEYOND the Spiderverse?

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I haven't read a lot of the comics and that most of the information I know is second hand (that's what this theory comprises of, not 100% accurate information, so feel free to correct me if I missed something).
But I was thinking, in ATSV, there's a lot of talk about "destiny" and "sticking to canon". The whole point of the movie, and what Miles resolves to do in the end, is that he's going to write his own story no matter what the higher power of reality says.
This is good and all but then I kept thinking about the title of the next movie "BEYOND the Spiderverse". It made me think, is Miles simply going to break the rules of the Multiverse or is he actually going to break THROUGH the Multiverse?
I mean, these movies have been pretty clear that they all take place in a comic, so what if in BTSV, Miles breaks through reality and meets the being(s) that control/ write the Multiverse?
I know there's a character in the comics called "The One Above All" and I think that would be a pretty good guess as to who's pulling the strings behind all this. Of course, I know they can't get Stan Lee or Steve Ditko to play him (I also know he was based off Jack Kirby in the comics so that's also not an option) but what if they get Miles' creators (Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli) to play that role? (Or should they are designed to look like Stan and/or Ditko but they're played by someone else?)
I think it'd be hella funny if we just had Miles chew out his creators for giving every Spider-man the same story. Then, he'd tell them to be original and give him a happy ending. It would definitely help push the message of ATSV and allow Miles to do his own thing uninterrupted. (AND it'd be one big nod to the joke that Spider-man writers are incapable of letting the character feel happiness by actually giving Miles a satisfying conclusion.)
There's also the option of the Beyonders. I don't know much about these guys so if you wanna enlighten me please do but my limited info on them is why I hadn't included them in my theory.
What do you guys think? Is Miles set to just break the flow of Spider-man stories in the Multiverse or is he gonna actually go beyond the borders of his reality?
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2023.06.03 23:06 ScaredChicken489 How do I (21F) fix my relationship with my (21M) fiancé before it falls apart.

I (21F) don't feel the same butterflies about my (21M) fiancé anymore. We have been together for almost about 2 and a half years. We got pregnant unexpectedly and we absolutely adore our daughter. But ever since having her things don't really feel the same. The butterflies I used to get when we would get some alone time just don't feel the same anymore. I love him to no end I want to spend my life with him. I know he feels the same as he has told me multiple times. I just want the feeling back tho. I miss feeling giddy around him. I don't regret having my daughter at all but sometimes I wonder if having a kid so early killed our relationship. We try going on dates, and having plenty alone time and it always feels amazing to just be me and him. Some people tell me it’s normal to lose that feeling but I don’t think that’s really true. I feel more like his friend than I do his fiancé. What can I do to help fix my relationship before it fails.
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2023.06.03 23:06 paristeta Critic on the design (gameplay, not looks) of the Railgun or why 41,66 is the Base Damage

Critic on the design (gameplay, not looks) of the Railgun with Numbers.
TL;DR = Buff it because Base Ammo stats for the Railgun is 41,66 Damage (and Tear) vs Strikethrough Arrow 60 Damage. Buff suggestion Agility (Quick Draw isa thing with this weapon) and Status Damage States in higher percentage (to use other then brittle and also enhances the other ammo typ). Also allowing multiple hit on the same enemy (or components) under certain condiition.

What is it? It´s belong to the single shot (charged) with "high" damage weapon, with Strikethrough with a big bonus to Knockdown Power and the unique Perk of also having Tear. And it is Legendary.
I think it is best compared to other Weapon with the Strikethrough capability: Boltblasters and Sharpshot Bows, where Sharpshot Bow comes closesst to the design of the Rail Gun.
The Base Damage of the Strikethrough Ammo or the Bows is 60 Damage, no Tear, and less damage vs armor plate.
What is the Base damage of the Railgun ? Well roughly most Legendaries have a ammo multiplicator of 3 for damage and 6 for TeaBuildup on Max Level. 250/3 = 83,33 500/6 = 83,33
But that´s not all, i have not found any hidden perks on it (like Multi enemy damage or agility), nor do we have coilslots. I mention both together because their bonus often is added to each others as on big Bonus. The "worse" endgame coiling would be something like 5x12 impact damage coils (unlimited available in a single playthrough), that´s a total bonus of 60%. Weapon perks are more difficult to budget, because of the up time and size of them, which also slightly differ, but for legendaries, which are not Crit weapon perk based, 40% is easily archiveable, but one could make an argument for a slighter higher value, but 40% also fits nicely to the 60%.
So 60+40= 100 so we also divide the 83,33 with 2 = 41,66.
So now we have a comparable Number for our Strikethrough Ammo ( 60) 60 vs 41,66.
For the difference to 60 (which is on the low side already, the curse of the "middle ammo typ") we get Tear Damage, which we can only modifier with Stealth Tear+ Passive Skills. Damage peaks aren´t that hight either, crit damage x2 is good, but x2,5 is way better and (probably) 10% crit chance is not high enough to do anything usefull with (with acid and Critical Boost you reach 75%).
Just cranking up the number is probably not the solution either, makeing it way to easy to remove components and kill enemies on normal (for Reference: TJ´s Disc Launcher Tear Limit is 565).
So it needs to be something to play with, an conditional, which can enhance the gameplay. I would for example add an agility bonus, with quick draw greatly enhancing the weapon (falling, sliding) why not have a bonus for that. Agility would also boost both, damage and tear on it.
Second Bonus i would add the Plasma State Damage Buff (now only available on the elite plasma coils) around 50% Strength and the other states too, at least 30% (which makes something else then Brittle attractive for the explosive bolts, the other ammo).
The Last thing, if we line up a good shot on a heavy machines, so the the projectile leaves the machine and re-enter it, allow it to do double damage/ tear etc. If i line up both TJ´s disc launcher, i want to hit both, if i get the legs lined up, double damage, double kdp. Right now, it´s only possible to imitiate it a little, by placing a SRT (Specter Resonator Target) on the other side, in which the Railgun also impacts...but also stops the Railgun Projectile. (I tested a lot, these were my finding, they could be wrong, not noticing things etc.)
Don´t know how hardcoded the only do damage once thing is, but if it´s possible to tune it more lenient, would increase a lot of explosive weapon to, which can hit mutliple components at least (but core damage only once). But Explosive are a mystery anyways.
Oh and don´t let the SRT stop the bullet, maybe even enhance it.
If Possible, all Strikethrough Ammo would benefit from a very slight Aim Assist after hitting the first target, if thats possible, just saying.
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2023.06.03 23:06 fireglide93 Angry at wife, she knows what ticks me off and does it anyway.

Long story short my wife of 10 yrs especially after having kids pushed to take over more and more of what was my house. Fine, but she has pushed continually for the kids to have more and more of our living room, then more and more of the house to be “kid-proofed”. Step by step we had arguments over that. Seems like I should be in the corner with all my stuff while everybody else gets whatever they want. Yes I have things and tools and etc that come and go around a house with handy projects going on. Every time there’s an idea of what should go where there’s changes of mind and things sometimes gets switched around with notice. My wife likes or permits her mother to come over periodically and help her with things. Usuallly clean our sink full of dishes, that are a priority for me but not for her. Her mother is left to work alone where things get put anywhere and it’s up to someone to find it when they need it. Also they move things around and change where my things are which drives me nuts. She’s long known I don’t like people moving my things around because I know exactly where things are and usually after her (or their) work I have to look for one or more items for 15-20 mins when I need them, do that 2-3 times in a day and that would tick anybody off. Recently she approached me about clearing our third bedroom out that needs finishing. Been slow going from being busy with kids, life, work, job change etc. A couple weeks ago her mother was over, its always scheduled on a day I’m working. (I once asked her why and she says it’s because I would slow them down.🙄) I come home from work and though I’m angry I just go do something I wanted to do and took the kids to a park. I just tried to ignore it all, because when I think about it I get angry. They were back at it the other day, I get some texts at work saying she’s moving our big dog crate for our two dogs back into that room etc. I just don’t respond, I’m already angry. I come home and a bunch of my stuff is moved or boxed toted or stacked like a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if she knows how to clean, (she calls herself more of an organizer) I come home and look around at and have basically ignored, been brief, and given her the cold shoulder the past two days. I think I’ve done a good job separating why I’m ticked at her and why I’m upset about other things going on in recent days. This is not a new thing, every time this happens I feel hurt and and I’m pissed at her. She had the nerve to ask for a pep talk this morning ( as she sometimes does when she’s feeling down and asking if I still love her and hinting at sex tonight which I didn’t even respond to. I believe so have a legit reason to be angry. You go around doing what you want when you want and expect me to be fine with something you know at least put me on edge and usually over it. I just feel like ignoring her some more. It’ll probably blow over, but I’m so tired of the same BS. She tried to compliment me on handling our tough kids well at an all day scout event today. I didn’t want it and made it clear. If I fall into the sex intoxication lol it’s like drinking your feelings away. I’m angry and want it to be known, my stuff is not being respected. Her stuff and kid’s stuff taken care of or all over. I’m very active in the daily cleaning and care of our home btw. It’s times like this where I wonder my fiancé is behind this person I’m married who would knowingly stab me repeatedly 10 yrs later and want it to be ok.
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2023.06.03 23:05 amaaybee Bs with pharmacy + insurance

Hi. My name is Amy and in October I got very sick. I stayed that way despite multiple hospital visits that just disregarded my symptoms and gave me two powerful anti biotics. On December 8 I went in to the hospital because I felt like I was dying. They tried to pull the same thing with giving me anti biotics and sending me home. This time I rejected them and said no I need further evaluation. Giving me a general diagnosis of colitis and treating it with anti biotics just doesn't seem right. The anti biotics were making me feel worse. They admitted me that day.
Three days later they gave me a colonoscopy in order to give me an actual diagnosis and it turns out I had severe ulcerative colitis. steroids failed, Remicade failed, and I was transported to a hospital in Baltimore, bc I live in a rural area. The doctors were supposed to be more experienced. On January 5th, I had a total collectomy and now I have a colostomy bag.
A few days later they realized my right ureter (the tube between your kidney and bladder that transports urine) was severed. They put a stint in to try to direct the urine but the doctor didn't place it properly and severed the ureter completely. I ended up with a nephrostomy bag. The tube leading to the bag would cause me to become septic approximately every two weeks. I was very sick the entire time I had it and it wasn't until two weeks ago that I got rid of it through another major surgery.
May 15 I was supposed to have a surgery to remove my right kidney and transplant it to the left side of my body to re attach the ureter. But I was already in the hospital for another infected nephrostomy tube. so they had to put it off until I was able to be transported to a different hospital in Baltimore.
The kidney was so damaged from the weeks of continued infection, that after they connected the kidney to the ureter and transplanted what they thought was successful, I started bleeding internally and my body was rejecting the kidney. Just two weeks ago I nearly died. I now have one kidney, but I am alive. And grateful.
All of this has happened since October. My life changed in an instant. I was already on this sub because I have a neck injury that is also pretty severe. I can't even feel my neck pain because of how badly this abdominal pain is. I don't know what I did to myself to end up like this, but it's rare I wake up without crying every day.
The hospital prescribed me 15mg of oxycodone, once every 4 hours. They gave me a two week prescription, 84 pills I think. It said two weeks on the label. So two weeks would be the 7th.
I had an appointment with my pain management doctor yesterday so I called the pharmacy to make sure they ordered a months supply of this medication. I had her send the prescription way ahead of time so if any issues arise, they can be handled before the 7fh. He tells me they're on back order. That my insurance company won't cover any amount of pills until the 18th instead of the 7th. And when they do fill it, they can only fill 96 of the 180 that I was ordered for a months supply.
So I've been taking my prescription as prescribed by the surgeons who wrote the prescription. Every 4 hours. I am in serious pain. They did some serious damage and I am having more disgusting symptoms than ever. Now I can't even pee normally either. I start to pee, I'll get a good stream going, and then suddenly, it stops. I wait a moment or two and the same thing happens. I go through this until I think I have emptied my bladder. I'm worried because I am not sure that I have fully emptied my bladder. I am concerned about getting a kidney infection due to this. I can't get an appointment with a urologist until the.28th.
I have to go back to Baltimore on the 8th for a follow up. Visit with the surgeons or just a surgeon who may or may not have worked on me. I have to drive almost three hours to Baltimore for me to see the doctor for probably less than five minutes. Then turn around and go back home. At least that's how it went with the follow-up with the surgeon who did the collectomy.
I guess I just needed somewhere to rant. I have enough pills now that if I only take one a day, I'll be fine by the me the 18th rolls around. I'm calling my insurance company as soon as I can on Monday to see what's going on here. They have some policy that every 25 days, you're allowed 180 pills. After 25 days end, it starts over and you are allowed 180 pills. This is the first time I've ever come close to having a script so large until now.
I'm terrified of how the next two weeks are going to go. I'm in serious pain. Just the incision hurts so much, my entire inside feels bruised. You don't think about how much you use your abdomen until something like this happens and your abdomen is cut's hard to walk, even just standing is a task. I can usually only do one activity per day before I need to rest. But I'm doing my best to get out at least once a day now. Also, while I was in the hospital my dog Lucy passed away on her 12th birthday. I had rescued her at six months old..
Thanks for listening to my unloading of*t.
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2023.06.03 23:05 Impossible-Buyer-673 I’m really tired of my home.

So for context, I’m 17(F) and my mother is 34(F). So I haven’t lived with my mother for 12 years and 5 and a half years ago, I moved in with her. I was finally happy to live with her, as I was living with my aunt for my entire life. I moved in with her, hopefully thinking that I’d have more freedom in my life but she’s worse than what I thought I was going through. In 8th grade, she told me I wouldn’t be able to go to the school I wanted to go to because of my grades, so I ended up making myself feel bad and I never went to the audition. I never really knew what depression was because I never had to go through it at all. I got diagnosed with it after I moved in with my mom. I used to be sad all the time, thinking I was always doing something wrong and then realized it wasn’t my fault, it was my mother’s. I recently learned that depression doesn’t always come with sadness, but it can be anger too. I’ve gotten pretty angry because I started fighting back with my mom because I’m really sick and tired of what she puts me through. So, I have alopecia and one time I was putting eyeshadow to cover my spot because I hate it, and she called me baldie and then got mad at me when I started crying at the fact she called me that. My little sister (Ginny, fake name) is 6 years old and my other sister (Hailey, fake name) is 13 years old. Hailey and Ginny go to the same school but Hailey leaves before Ginny does. Ginny’s father (Ben, fake name, 34M) is supposed to take Ginny to school every morning, but my mom and Ben would argue all the time and he would get kicked out of the house, meaning I would have to miss my first period to take Ginny to her bus stop. Then Ben came back, but my mom never gave the responsibility of him being a father back, so I’ve been taking Ginny to school even though Ben changed his work shift specifically for him to be able to take her to school. I don’t know what I should do. I might be moving out as soon as I graduate and live with my grandma. Should I confront her about my feelings? Or should I do that as soon as I leave and then tell her? I want to get help for my anger management, but she hasn’t been helping me at all to try and get that type of help. I don’t know what to do. Reddit please help me.
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