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All about The American Gentleman. BostonTerrier is a place to share photos, ask questions, and learn about these fantastic dogs.

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Grassroots subreddit for former 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, the first presidential candidate for a Universal Basic Income. Putting #HumanityFirst

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Welcome to the subreddit dedicated to the artist Burial. Releasing records under the pseudonym "Burial," William Bevan comes from South London in England, and is one of dubstep's most enigmatic artists. With home made chopped up beats, swooshing synths, and haunting modified vocals lifted from an eclectic range of pop songs, he brings his listeners back to a time when hardcore, d'n'b, 2step, and house music dominated the London underground club/rave scene.

2023.06.01 23:22 slottypippen Turtle from the city needs a home

Hello, fellow Redditors,
I find myself at a crossroads and in need of your collective wisdom and guidance regarding the future of my beloved companion, an 18-year-old Red Eared Slider Turtle. As I reflect on her current living conditions, which have been in captivity her entire life, I am overwhelmed with the realization that she deserves a better, more fulfilling life. I acquired her as a gift during my childhood from Chinatown in New York City, and now, as an adult, I want to ensure her well-being and happiness for the years to come.
Turtles, as many of you may know, have incredibly long lifespans, and I am deeply committed to providing the best possible environment for her. My gut instinct initially leaned towards releasing her into Central Park, hoping she could find a more natural habitat and thrive in the wild. However, after researching the potential consequences and considering the possible adverse impact on the local ecosystem, I've become reluctant to follow through with that plan.
This is where I turn to you, the Reddit community, for advice and suggestions. I want to explore all possible avenues to provide a fulfilling life for my turtle. I would greatly appreciate any insights, experiences, or recommendations you can offer regarding the following aspects:
  1. Enclosure and habitat: What improvements can I make to her current setup to ensure she has a comfortable and enriched environment? Are there any resources or recommended products you can suggest for creating a more naturalistic habitat for her?
  2. Rescues or sanctuaries: Are there any reputable rescue organizations or sanctuaries in the New York City area that specialize in reptiles or specifically cater to turtles? I would love to explore the possibility of rehoming her to a facility where she can receive expert care and interact with other turtles.
  3. Adoption or rehoming: If there are individuals or families experienced in caring for turtles who would be willing to provide her with a loving home, I would be open to considering that option. Are there any platforms or websites where I can connect with responsible turtle enthusiasts who may be interested in adopting her?
  4. Expert advice: Are there any herpetologists, reptile specialists, or experienced turtle owners within the Reddit community who could offer guidance on the best course of action? I want to ensure I'm making informed decisions for her well-being.
Please understand that this decision weighs heavily on my heart, and my sole objective is to ensure a bright future for my turtle. I am ready to invest the time, effort, and resources required to provide her with the life she truly deserves. Your support and input in this matter would mean the world to both of us.
Thank you in advance for your understanding, compassion, and valuable advice. Let's work together to create a better life for my cherished turtle companion.
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2023.06.01 23:22 MathMan1982 Parents and adult son issue lately

I am a 40M (single work full time), my parents (both retired) are 74F mom and 74M dad. They have been married 45 years. They have had problems occasionally and now recently. Well my dad decides to take a trip overseas to Jerusalem with his church group last month for two weeks. I told mom it's fine that she stays with me in my home while dad is over there as she requested it. Well it turned to her wanting to come a few weeks before my dad left and stay with me 2 weeks after and she spent a total of 7 weeks with me. I just took her back to her home with my dad. Mom says she doesn't want to go home with him and wants to stay with me. I said I need some time to myself and thus just dropped her off this week and went on a vacation. Am I bad for saying no more time and wanting time to myself? Should in the future maybe say only two weeks max? I'm feeling anxious right now about this. Any advice appreciated. Thank you
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2023.06.01 23:22 z3ombie Wireguard's split tunnel: pfblockerng everywhere. Just wow.

With all that's happening with the Reddit apis.. I just wanted to remember that there is a way to avoid being tracked and served ads in virtually every apps even when using a smartphone on a mobile network.
1) Use a pihole/pfblockerng and WireGuard with split tunnelling (only internal traffic use the vpn, so no problems with speed).
2) In the WireGuard config you put your dns address.
3) Using the "on demand" settings in the app you can autostart WireGuard when on a mobile network or when connected to (i.e.) any wifi except home/office. I think with android you can even specify which apps you want to use with it.
I noticed this as a side effect of trying to access my local services behind a reverse proxy using my domain name.
Maybe is common knowledge but I discovered it some weeks ago and I'm very happy with this setup. I used OpenVPN for years but this is absurdly more useful.
Speaking of battery life, with my iPhone 12 Pro I consume about 5/10 % more than before. A price I'm willing to pay.
Just my two cents.
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2023.06.01 23:22 Those_Lingerers Need advice for our meetup during Guy Fawkes

Where should we go after the UK? My birthday is November 5th and my husband and I want to be in London that night but we will have to meet up somewhere as we won't be arriving in the country together.
My husband will be hunting in northern Scotland up until November 3rd at which time he will return his rental car to Edinburgh. I will fly out to Europe (not sure where) maybe around the 1st and explore by myself a few days. We will then go to London the 4th-6th morning.
My thoughts are I could fly to Edinburgh and explore a few days (I'd love to see some castles) and he could meet me there. I absolutely love France and speak some French. I could also fly in someplace in France and then make my way north and meet him in London. After Nov 5th in London, we have about 4 days (flexible) to go somewhere. I was thinking Bruges? Or France? I really don't know!
All travel needs to be by train or inexpensive quick flight.
Things I would be interested are castles, bed and breakfasts, wineries, romantic, historic, and great food.
I'm open to suggestions on where I/we could go with this odd schedule! I also don't know how that would work for us if we fly into one country but depart back home from another. US citizens.
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2023.06.01 23:21 xxteargodxx Hope you don’t have a police emergency. JCPD hold time is atrocious

Noticed a guy laid out on the sidewalk at Liberty State Park light rail station on my way home. First instinct is to call JCPD so maybe they can send someone out to check on him. He is likely asleep but still it’s hot outside , he’s fully dressed in sweats, shirt and a hoodie never know if he may be having a heat stroke.
I was on hold for 5+ minutes waiting for a pick up. Decided to text NJ Transit Police. Got a text response in about a minute or less with them dispatching officers to check on him.
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2023.06.01 23:21 No-Storm6559 Spiele die Nutte im Rape rp

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2023.06.01 23:21 Throwaway_Codex A couple concerning episodes recently (post-vacation and recollection problem).

I'm not sure if these issues are mental or if it's something physical behind it. I'm 47/male/single/childless, and I do deal with some low-level OCD and what I'd call functional depression. However, I do not keep up with my physical check-ups as far as going to a doctor and "getting myself checked out". I need to get on that. A couple things recently have caused concern.
I don't take regular vacation trips away from home (last one was five years ago), but my family and I did a beach vacation where we were away for six days. During the vacation I rarely thought of my job and was not able to perform the typical OCD rituals. Upon getting back a week ago, I felt a bit of what I'd describe as dissociation. Things felt unfamiliar. The way the light in my house looked felt unusual. It isn't as bad as it was initially, but I have had a difficult time getting back into the swing of things and picking up any thread from before the vacation. I'm aware that some people feel a bit of this after a vacation, but after only six days?!
Then another incident happened yesterday. For some reason, Kamala Harris came to mind. Don't know why as it wasn't prompted by news and I am not a fan. As I was thinking of her, I tried to form a mental picture of what she looks like, but could not. It felt like a total block. I'm of course very familiar with what she looks like, but it felt like a box over her face in my mind. My memory used to be a source of pride, but in the last few years I have felt things becoming not as sharp. Sometimes I try to force myself to remember something, and sometimes that works. I tried to do the same with her as I stood at a bus stop, tried not to pull out my cell to look her up. It was not working and I was getting more agitated, so I looked her up.
Anyway, these are just a couple examples of concerning incidents. If anybody has insight or feedback, feel free to reply.
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2023.06.01 23:21 ThrowRA555672 I (M21) miss my ex (F20) and we’ve been apart for about a year.

Alright. So me and my ex dated for 3 years. (M21) (F20). Within the first year of us dating, my ex girlfriend died. Being that she was my age and that I had known her since childhood, I was torn up over it. I ended up singing a song in her memory a couple days after it happened at an event: my current girlfriend had caught wind of it and was pissed. After this I felt like she was always trying to get me jealous or do things in spite of me, it killed me. So, I decided to break up with her: it was very hard for me. During this time I did reach out to another ex girlfriend, and she ended up getting a hold of my current girlfriend which was a mess. After about a week we were back in contact and things seemed to be going fine. Throughout our relationship there were always disagreements over religion and diet mainly. I would always try to brush it to the side, but she loved to argue. Things remained stable for a bit longer but at any inconvenience, she would remind me that I sang in memory of that girl. We still decided to stay together even though she was putting me through all kinds of shit. I ended up getting a job after being out of work all of covid-times. Right when I got a job things didn’t feel right. She had all kinds of guy friends and was talking to them on snapchat. We still talked every day but I became really busy. We ended up going on vacation together and we were so deeply in love and invested. When we got home I got really tied up with work and family problems. I told her I was going to pick up more hours so I could get us a place to live. Everything seemed to be going fine. The week she went off to college was chaos. Anything I did made her mad, she would insult me, it seemed like the love was gone. Whenever we would contact eachother she would either be really blunt or overly excited to talk to me. She ended up having a medical emergency and I went crazy, blaming her for messing around with other guys. Looking back on it, for what she was hospitalized for, I don’t think she was in there for having sex with another guy. I feel like the trust just was broken and I questioned her too much. The next time I saw her we were very intimate and she suddenly broke down crying her eyes out. She told me “you have loved me more than anyone ever has.” and I know that’s true. We were supposed to hangout that following weekend but I decided to spend some time with family I don’t see often. To that, she told me she was going to a “college event” which I later found out was a hangout with her, two of her female friends, and two men. She let them drive her around all night and blocked me when I tried to call her. It’s been nearly a year. Right before she cut things off she said “I hope one day you can forgive me.” About a month ago I decided to text her. I told her that I forgive her, I thanked her for the things she showed me in life, and I wished her the best. In response she told me she forgives me too, she appreciates the gesture, and then told me that she “hopes that gave me closure”. So I guess I’m posting this because I miss her. We got really deep with one another at one point of time but lately I wonder if she just grew out of me. I am tempted to tell her about how I changed my diet and that I’m more accepting of the religion: but honestly, she scares the shit out of me. For now I feel like the healthiest option is just to let go and let fate decide but honestly: I will always love that woman and she means a lot to me. Do exes even come back after years of no communication?
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2023.06.01 23:21 crack_of_duhn Being a late bloomer, I'm founding out a lot just recently.

I grew up in a conservative Asian household. While my parents are not strict by conservative Asian standards, they have a lot of emotional trauma passed on to me and my siblings. They have been controlling for various reasons, which is too complex to elaborate in this post. But to cut the long story short, I grew up being forbidden to do many things; have hobbies, go and hang out with friends and even do house chores. Looking back, it is again probably because my parents are projecting their own trauma on to us. My father was a gambling addict who is usually not home, and my mother was away abroad for most of my early childhood so she wasn't there to also look after us until we emigrated with her. Many events happened culminating to my siblings and I graduating becoming full fledged adults because, for many Asian parents, they only treat you as an individual adult if you graduated and/or start earning money. The last part hasn't quite worked out, however, as my siblings and I struggle in our careers. Additionally, it was never said but it is obvious that my parents stupidly thought just studying alone would somehow make one a fully functioning adult so it's one of the reasons they were strict.
As I speak, I'm in my 30s and still just finding out how hard being adult can be. Even dating life is proving harder than anticipated. I moved out of home and moved to a new city to start fresh. I have a lot of catching up, and right now I am doing crash course on many aspects of adulting. I just realised why many people think being in late twentys is "too old" to be single and should aim to settle down. Because these folks already have many life experiences (well some are conformists but that's a whole another topic for another day). They've lived out the most of what they can when they were younger. One might be physically young because of age, but they're more mentally mature because of having many past experience. It might be embarrassing to say this, but I met people younger than me who seem more wise and knowledgeable than I am because they have had more life experience. I am learning a lot in just less than a year but I think it's getting there.
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2023.06.01 23:21 UtopiaNation Does my Build Work?

Hi, I'm going to make my first time ever gaming PC. I've researched on how to build PCs and I have in mind the list of parts I want to use to make my first gaming PC. I'm not sure if they are compatible or will work together because this is going to be my first time making a gaming PC.
8 of items comes from Amazon. The CPU comes from my employers market. And the mouse, keyboard, and monitor I already have and I'm like super positive it'll work with my build no matter what, so I'm not going to talk about those.

The build:
CPU: Intel® Core™ i9-13900 Processor (36M Cache, up to 5.60 GHz) FC-LGA16A.
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1700(Intel® 12th&13th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard(PCIe 5.0, DDR5,18+1 Power Stages,2.5 Gb LAN,Thunderbolt 4,5xM.2, 1xPCIe 5.0 M.2,Front Panel USB 3.2 Port).
PSU: Corsair HX1500i, HXi Series, 80 PLUS Platinum Fully Modular Ultra-Low Noise ATX Digital Power Supply (Triple EPS12V Connectors, 140mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan, Zero RPM Fan Mode) Black
CPU Cooler: Corsair iCUE H100i Elite LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler - IPS LCD Screen - Two AF120 RGB Elite Fans - 240mm Radiator - Fits Intel® LGA 1700, AMD® AM5, and More - Included iCUE Commander CORE - Black
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO RGB Series (AMD Expo) 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin SDRAM DDR5 6000 CL30-40-40-96 1.40V Dual Channel Desktop Memory F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5NR (Matte Black)
Case: HYTE Y60 Case, Red + Flow FA12 Triple Fan Pack Bundle
Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming OC 24G Graphics Card, 3X WINDFORCE Fans, 24GB 384-bit GDDR6X, GV-N4090GAMING OC-24GD Video Card
NVMe SSD: Kingston Fury Renegade 4TB PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe M.2 Internal Gaming SSD with Heat Sink PS5 Ready Up to 7300MB/s SFYRDK/4000G
Operating System: Windows 11 Home or Pro. I have a 56 GB flash drive that I plan to use to install the operating system on the GAMING PC.
Is my build components compatible with each other? Is there any part of the build that I'm missing?

Concerning the supplies to assemble the PC, do I only need various sets of screwdrivers? Do I need thermal paste? What other supplies do I need?
Is my PSU voltage enough to make my build run?
Any other thing I should know?

This is the guide I plan to follow to make my PC. Is it missing any important information or steps? Is it sufficient enough to follow to create and assemble a gaming PC?
Thanks, for the help.
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2023.06.01 23:21 FibroFighter222 Any advice for talking to PCP about handicap placard??

So for reference, I am 22F diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am currently trying to get tested and treated for POTS. I just got accepted to a new in person office job that is consistent enough to manage my symptoms around for now, and will give me experience that opens the door to working from home as my condition worsens over time. But the campus is huge and the parking lot is so big that I NEED handicap parking to make it inside without passing out. What are some key things to say to my PCP if she tries to discourage me from the handicap application bc I’ve heard so many problems other 20 something year olds with chronic illnesses have encountered doing the same exact thing.
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2023.06.01 23:21 TheRealCrimsonFucker Fabric moment 🤢🤢🤢

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2023.06.01 23:21 zjwave84 Vanilla Visa card hacked and drained.

Hey there! I received a Vanilla Visa gift card with a balance of $200. After a week of use and mild splurging my balance hovered at $120. A few days ago I check my balance to see $118 had been licked out of my account. Only trace ID in the transaction history being 'GLLLC'. I call customer support, they let me know all transactions must no longer be pending in order to dispute. Alright, fine. Wait a couple days, and today I check in to see the last two dollars had been swiped as well. Transaction history showing that someone took $10 into their Paypal. How is that even possible when I only had two bucks? Its clear how compromised my card is, and im losing hope that im even going to get the first unauthorized transaction disputed. At work now, going to call again when I get home. Ill get someone from overseas, rough english, letting me know that this new transaction is still pending and cant dispute it. Feel pretty violated, and it seems im not the only one. Plenty of others have shared their stories and thoughts of the fact that distributor visa gift cards are hardly secure and often cracked open. Any idea or input on anything? Thanks for your time!
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2023.06.01 23:20 MathMan1982 Parent avoiding spouse and spending time with son

I am a 40M (single work full time), my parents (both retired) are 74F mom and 74M dad. They have been married 45 years. They have had problems occasionally and recently. Well my dad decides to take a trip overseas to Jerusalem with his church group last month. I told mom it's fine that she stays with me in my home while dad is over there for 2 weeks as she requested it. Well it turned to her wanting to come a few weeks before my dad left and stay with me 2 weeks after and she spent a total of 7 weeks with me. I just took her back to her home with my dad. Mom says she doesn't want to go home with him and wants to stay with me. I said I need some time to myself and thus just dropped her off this week and went on a vacation. Nothing bad happened while mom stayed but ... Am I bad for saying no more time and wanting time to myself? Should in the future maybe say only two weeks max? Any advice appreciated. I'm having anxiety right now about this. Thank you
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2023.06.01 23:20 Lonay_me2021 Need fancy mouse advice!

I 18f have 2 adorable fancy mice And one of them clearly has mites. I separated them and I need help on what to do in terms of how to treat it. Any advice is needed.
The veterinarians in my area don’t see mice sadly and I don’t want him to suffer. He won’t stop scratching his face and shoulders,I can see him struggling to sleep.” Are there any home remedies I can make to help him? He’s so exhausted he won’t even take treats anymore. But he has been nibbling on food just not as much as before. Any advice helps!
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2023.06.01 23:20 vanisle4 Climate Change

Is climate change real? Yes, its been changing for millions of years and always has, no news there. Is that important... yes of course in the long run it may be, but profiteering corporations should not be at the helm of a terrorist level feacrisis propaganda machine (WEF) that will benefit them directly with their "pay us your carbon tax dollars", " "pay us billions of tax dollars for vaccines that tax dollars developed", etc. Are these truely solutions, did this work? Has it EVER worked in the past? Or is it thinly veiled WEF/media supported corporate extortion of the public and their personal wealth? Many Taxpayers can't afford food and shelter.... So... I am suggesting we don't need change? umm NO!!!, in fact nothing could be further from the truth. I think plenty needs to be done, just by different people. Why would we hand the keys to those that got us into our current position in the first place? Using feathreat propaganda for crises after crises and offering corporate solutions to the public with taxpayer dollars is criminal EXTORTION. I call this the Crises/Extortion Profit Model. Its been designed to eliminate the personal and generational wealth of the public to implement the 2030 agenda. Elites and their planet damaging corporations should be paying for the bulk of the remediation of the damage they have caused by enabling the public. They are ones that can afford it. They are the ones responsible and they are certainly not the ones struggling to feed their kids and pay bills.
The solution: Corporations need heavy regulation and should have zero say in world politics(WEF). More than ever, the foxes are looking after the henhouse and it needs to stop immediately. Profit driven Pharmaceutical cos should not be able to test their own products for safety, the current system is insane, its a total conflict of interest. Herbicides and pesticides should be third party safety tested as well. Ban chemical farming - its destroying our soil and our health and contributing to global warming. We need to switch to 100% sustainable organic/rotation and mixed farming. Slow down the fast fashion and fast personal electronic turn over. The world is full of toxic disease causing crap that is being manufactured and disposed of at an alarming rate. The largest Corporations and their elites(who are the worst climate and consumer offenders) and their data mining and targeted advertising leading to accelerating consumerism and excess consumption is the largest global problem today. The oceans are being pumped full of consumer waste. Landfills are overflowing. Unessential and rapid personal electronic turnover, vehicle turnover, excess manufacture of useless gadgets, household products, processed foods, chemicals, food dyes, herbicides, pesticides, plastics, unnecessary medications, fast fashion, excess footware, the massive drive for digital IDs and upcoming frequent and mandatory mrna vaccinations....a world full of surveillance equipment, tracking synthetic home products, beauty products, I could go on and one "needs" 10 pairs of shoes, no one needs an upgraded TV, a new phone every year, a new laptop, new speakers, earbuds, a new car, faster internet, more powerful WiFi, heated car seats, entertainment systems in cars. And dont even get me started on the elites and their multiple homes, cars, private jets and Super yachts.... Just F-ing STOP the Insanity!
The answer IS to STOP. Stop the elites and the largest Corporations and their BIG DATA and the resulting drive for ever increasing mass consumerism of unessential, toxic and wasteful products. It has become an unstoppable profit machine of unfathomable greed at the expense of our planet. But instead of reversing this unsustainable greed, these same elites and corporations are now running the show through organizations like the WEF who are suggesting MORE technology. MORE AI and blending humans with technology, MORE surveillance, MORE vaccinations and gene therapy, MORE control and.....coincidentally WAY MORE control of the way they make money at the cost of the future of our planet. The corporations that are running the world are causing excess manufacturing that is driving global toxicity, division, psychosocial disorders, cancers, global soil loss and global warming. Corporations, technology and big DATA have amplified this to ridiculous levels... Yet our response to this is to give them even MORE control... More climate change tax dollars so the foxes can continue to run the henhouse...the VW battery factory in Canada for example. WTF !!! if VW can't afford to build their own F-ing battery plant! Noo, its coming from broke Canadians who can't afford food or clothing. We're doing this all wrong. Somewhere between the Amish and the WEF corporate 'Technopsychos' exists a happy medium where human animals can live and coexist with other animals on this planet without leaving such a pathetic, greedy path of Corporate destruction. Just today I soldered new rechargeable batteries into a 10year old shaver...why didn't the corporation make the batteries easily replaceable? ....Because they want you to buy a new one every few years, same with cell phones and so many other planet killing electronics. We all need to media and cell phones are reducing real social contact at very young ages, causing psychosocial disorders..anxiety, depression. Insomnia, autism, ADHD...and altered brain function.
Unsustainable corporate, data driven consumerism IS in itself the problem. THEY have caused ALL of it ....and we are handing them the keys to save us from themselves and expecting a change.... Throwing tax dollars at more elites and their 'newthink' Technosociopathic corporations will only accelerate the problem exponentially.
The solution is to back the F up and stop the rampant acceleration of technology and associated climate killing manufacturing and global waste.
And WHY do the guiltiest elites at the top have most of the worlds money and influence when they are 100% responsible for ALL of this.... and even with all their money.... there are still people starving in this world? Yet they want broke, struggling taxpayers to help instead....
The problem is the sociopathic corporate system, not the people. If you want to slow global warming, Stop consuming all kinds of manufactured garbage you don't need to live a healthy natural life. Stop giving children tablets and cell phones, Stop Microsoft, stop Google, stop Apple, stop Samsung, stop Monsanto, Stop Moderna, stop everyone of them that is leading to a world that will resemble the movie WALL-E rather than the utopian paradise it used to be.
This is the answer. YES...We need a Global Reset but not of the general public. We need a reset of Biased Corporate Profiteering and their negative influence on society. And WE need to STOP buying excess corporate manufactured JUNK. Even though all you screen sucking, non-essential product consuming, processed and GMO pesticide laden food eating, gullible media listening baboons don't want to hear it.......This IS the ANSWER.
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2023.06.01 23:20 Fuckaduck250 How do I make it easier when I have to leave his house?

So I went over my friends house a few weeks ago. He is my ex but also my best friend and we confide in each other. I have severe separation anxiety. When I came home, I cried so hard for days and was so upset that I wouldn’t eat. It’s been getting easier since then and I’m improving and missing him is getting easier. I plan on going back over but am so scared that I’ll go right back to where I was before. How can I prevent that from happening and cope with having to leave him for another few weeks?
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2023.06.01 23:20 Help-with-unknown Threaten Legal Proceduee

Hello all,
I am hoping someone can clarify something our HOA said to us. There is a flag in the front of our home and the HOA has told us we need to take it down or face a daily fine up to $1000. (We are in Florida). We may still keep the flag up and pay the fine for a short time. My question is about their sentence after telling us of the fine. They say: Another infraction would involve the association attorney to process legal procedures. Not sure what they are threatening. If we take the flag down after a week and pay the fine will they then send their lawyers after us if we put it back up in the future? And what legal proceedings could they impose on us. Thank you so much for any advice.
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2023.06.01 23:20 FriedNoseGold My brain still wants to be mad

How do you get out of a bad headspace when you no longer have reason to be in it?
There's a thing I've been looking to do for a few weeks. Today is the perfect day to do it and I had talked it over with my family last night. My husband knows it's a thing I'm trying to do. It's a family thing involving me, hubby, and stepkid. Stepkid needs to come with us.
Well hubby got home today and made a statement worded to the effect that thing I want to do would have to be postponed. When I expressed frustration with that he backed up and was all like "no that's not what I'm saying, there's no issue still doing it today". He miss worded his statement or maybe I misunderstood him, but that's it. It's resolved, and my plans are still in place.
But in that moment of misunderstanding I got incredibly frustrated and sad about a missed opportunity because had it been missed, I would've probably had to wait like 3 weeks, and while that's not what's happening at all, it's like I can't get outta that headspace of being upset about something when I have no reason to be upset.
Why am I like this?!!
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2023.06.01 23:20 Narrow-Bookkeeper-29 Help creating a Pilates/yoga hybrid weekly routine?

Could someone lend me their opinion on what a good combo plan of pilates and yoga would look like? I have good foundational knowledge of both pilates and yoga. I have some lower back issues which can make pilates difficult to do a few days in a row. Maybe I'll get strong enough someday that it won't hold me back anymore. I prefer pilates because I think I get better results so I'd rather go harder in that category. Also, I miss the occasional visit with my yoga studio/people and would like an excuse to go in and see them once in awhile. Pilates classes are just too expensive for me in my area so I workout at home.
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2023.06.01 23:19 dgshockwave God damit

God damit
Can't believe I got fucking rick-rolled by the bot
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2023.06.01 23:19 Beautiful_Paint4965 Question about voltage drop in LED strip lighting

I'm getting conflicting reports on what to expect regarding voltage drop in my home led lighting project. I hired an electrician to install led lighting in my kitchen and they ran 20 ga wire from downstairs, where the drivers and controllers will be, to the cabinets in the kitchen. Some sections of the wire are about 10-20 feet. Other wire across the kitchen is over 35-40 feet. Now I think that is far for that small of wire. The strip I'd be using is 5.8 watts per foot and some sections would be over 16 feet. Now i've heard I can just add a bigger power supply but i've also head that wont work. I'm guessing the extra watts wont be enough to offset the voltage drop? Maybe i can add amplifiers? Any ideas are much appreciated.
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