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Console Repair

2012.02.13 11:54 StoneColdSteveHawkng Console Repair


2023.03.20 20:14 RoscoeRassler Let's try it my way

Let's try it my way
So, let’s try things my way for a moment. Roscoe Monroe in control of Wrex Amedeus as referee Chris Birch covers the action at the Relics Event Center Springfield 3-11-23. MSW Mid States Wrestling Arena. Photo by Digital Dan Photography
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2023.03.20 20:05 alg_hes_a_fungai Planning to travel south on Westmount Road, not sure what crazy construction Google Maps has planned for me here...

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2023.03.20 20:02 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) E TROPICANA AVE and S SANDHILL RD 3/20/2023 11:39:32 AM incident #LLV230300086043
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2023.03.20 19:51 Stonetown_Radio Long shot, I know. Any help identifying any of these autographs? I got this as a kid, I’m not a sports fan at all. Hoping someone can read the names. Not sure if it has any value because of its condition. Thank you

Long shot, I know. Any help identifying any of these autographs? I got this as a kid, I’m not a sports fan at all. Hoping someone can read the names. Not sure if it has any value because of its condition. Thank you submitted by Stonetown_Radio to Autographs [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 19:49 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert TRAFFIC PROBLEM E TROPICANA AVE and S SANDHILL RD 3/20/2023 11:24:25 AM incident #LLV230300085983
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2023.03.20 19:37 HighMoon91 The starter kit

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2023.03.20 19:35 psymo85 deal: -29% on ASUS VivoBook 15 Laptop, AMD CPU & GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

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2023.03.20 19:26 RipperOfYourSoul Audeze Maxwells Headband comfort “Krytek”

Hello, i'm just going to show you a military grade band from "Krydex". It works for a wide variety of hearing aids and believe me it helps a lot with comfort. Currently, I use it with the new Audeze maxwells, it gives super good comfort, I shared it because some users were somewhat dissatisfied with the weight of these, the band helps since it has a mesh layer with foam padding, trust that Once they use it, they will thank me, it greatly relieves the weight of these. It was bought on ebay, I'll give you the link now: “Krytek” on ebay
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2023.03.20 19:18 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) S FORT APACHE RD and W FLAMINGO RD 3/20/2023 10:57:56 AM incident #LLV230300085887
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2023.03.20 19:03 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist BLUE DIAMOND RD and S JONES BLVD; WB EO 03/20/2023 11:01:25 AM
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2023.03.20 18:45 JamesTheMemeDealer How tf do i go back to 4 vids horizontally?

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2023.03.20 18:38 humidhotdog If you don’t like this then you don’t like Vikings Football!

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2023.03.20 18:30 SonOfGarry 2023 Roster Overview and Discussion Thread: London Spitfire

Previous Thread: Vancouver Titans
2022 Record: 14-10 (+2)
2022 Tournament Appearances: 2
2022 Tournament Wins: 0
Regional Finish: 6th in West
Regular Season Finish: 8th
Postseason Finish: T5th-6th (Eliminated by Hangzhou Spark in Loser’s Rd 4)
Offseason Departures:
2023 Roster:
Hitscan DPS:
Flex DPS:
Flex Support:
Main Support:
Personal Overview:
At the time of writing this Lethal and Skairipa have not officially been announced by the Spitfire, however given we've heard about these signings for months and literally saw a leaked scrim with the two of them playing, I'm including them anyway. With that out of the way, let's talk about the Spitfire, a fan-favorite underdog story from season 5 looking to keep going strong in 2023.
Hadi was the glue that held the Spitfire together in 2022, and coming into this season he's now going to be the only tank on the roster. Hadi's skill is undeniable on his best picks, but we really saw him stick to three heroes throughout most of the season: Rein, Winston, and Junker Queen. Hadi can also play Ball at a decent level too, which should serve them well during the Pro-Am, but I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that London got a bit lucky with the metas in 2022, in that there were no metas primarily dominated by off-tanks. As with most solo-tank signings, I really would have liked to have seen an off-tank specialist signed to the roster -- Space was rumored earlier in the offseason but that didn't amount to anything -- Hadi is a great player but I don't feel like his flexibility has been truly tested at this point. That said, he is the backbone of this team: his leadership was credited as one of the main reasons for London's success last year so there's definitely some upsides to him being the only voice in the frontline.
Speaking of backbone's, let's move on to the DPS lineup. I'll admit, I was not high on Backbone coming into 2022, but he surpassed all my expectations. He's an extremely consistent player that can make key plays when they need him too and also has really great synergy with Hadi. While not at the same caliber of some of the elite Flex players in the West Region, he can certainly get the job done. SparkR is also coming back, and I really think he's one of the most underrated Hitscans in the league. I would go as far as to say that he's the best EU Hitscan in the league, beating out Kai. Very consistent across a variety of heroes and able to make pop-off plays. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this lineup returning. Finally, Lethal has been added into the mix as well. Admittedly I'm not too familiar with this guy, but as a second Hitscan it'll be interesting to see what he brings to the table compared to Shax. From what I know, while likely not as good on Tracer compared to Shax, Lethal has a deeper hero pool which will allow him to come in in a wider variety of metas. I always like to see added flexibility.
Finishing up with the Support lineup, we have Landon and Admiral returning. Landon is, in my opinion, arguably the most underrated American player in the league. Coming in as a last minute replacement after the Prov1de incident, Landon quickly proved that he probably should have been the original pick. Great Bap, great Kiriko, overall one of the strongest players for London throughout the entire season. Additionally, Admiral was a fairly consistent Main Support. While he really wasn't all too flashy, he got the job done and played really well with the rest of the team. What interests me most however is the signing of Skairipa. It's a little surprising to me that London decided to go with Skai instead after dropping Kaan, as the latter has historically had more success at the OWL level. That said, while he wasn't amazing, Skairipa was arguably the stronger of the two Flex Supports on the Titans last year and should be a capable threat in a double-Flex meta. I am curious what London sees in him, but overall not a bad pickup.
This team looks very consistent across-the-board, but overall I do have to say that things are looking a bit too similar to their 2022 form. The Overwatch League is an environment where you have to adapt to survive, and I've seen way too many examples of teams having a lot of success one year and then flopping the next due to simply not upgrading their roster. London still looks solid, but something about this team screams "gatekeeper." For now, despite the praise, I can't rank them higher than the lower-mid tier.
Preseason Regional Ranking: 7th-9th
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2023.03.20 17:32 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) S NELLIS BLVD and E DESERT INN RD 3/20/2023 9:04:38 AM incident #LLV230300085524
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2023.03.20 17:30 Welcome2thepond (Spoilers extended) Is Merrett Frey an important character (continued)

———Part Two
In the epilogue of SoS, to one of Jamies P.O.V. Chapters in FoC. we get to see his life story. From beginning at Crakehall, (the castle) to a squiring along side Jamie. Both dealt with the Kingswood Brotherhood. He gets captured by the band, and gets branded, after he’s ransomed, Merrett gets hit in the head, his career to knighthood is destroyed and lives with headaches for the rest of his life, with only alcohol as the best medicine.
Then something amazing happens his father Lord Walder Frey manages his ninth son into marrying the Darrys, when they were in their power. A Darry in the Kingsguard, and a Darry as the Master of Arms ( and Daenerys savior) with the Targaryens.
And Merrett marries Mariya the daughter of Lord Darry. Corse Roberts rebellion happen, and as an end result the Darry’s lose a chunk of land in power. With this marriage, he has three daughters, and one son two of his children he named after his father, his eldest daughter names after his mother. And three of his children bare names that make them individual. Little Walder, Fat Walda, and “Gate House Ami.”
We see him die, in his epilogue as he’s trying to ransom Petyr Frey, by being hanged by the Brotherhood without Banners.
Is there any evidence to show that he is important?I think we have to point out some very interesting bits.
We see that Merrett is around the same age as Jamie Lannister and Ned Stark. With this Merrett can be kind of a measuring stick for the Frey Family line. With this George has given us a better chance to find who was the Frey squire that teased the young Howland Reed during the tournament at Harrenhal.
What I find to point out is Merretts marriage into the Darrys. For if we look at Emmon Freys line, with Genna and Ser Jamie exchange in aFfC. We see that Cleos Frey got the younger daughter of the Darry line.
—“Your father should have granted us Darry. Cleos married one of the plowman’s daughters. His grieving widow is furious that her sons were not granted her lord father’s lands. Gatehouse Ami is Darry on her mother’s side. My good-daughter Jeyne is her aunt, a full sister to Lady Mariya.” “A younger sister,” Jamie reminded her,” pg 712, A Feast for Crows
Reason why I find this so interesting is that this follows after…
— it was hard not to feel contemptuous of Emmon Frey. He had arrived at Casterly Rock and his fourteenth year to wed a lioness half his age. Tyrion used to say that Lord Tywin had given him a nervous belly for a wedding gift. Genna has played her part as well. Jamie remembered many a feast where Emmon sat poking at his food sullenly whilst his wife made ribald jests with whatever household knight had been seated to her left, their conversations punctuated by loud burst of laughter. pg 711 Feast for Crows
What this passage shows us is that Emmon Frey, never really left Casterly Rock or the Lannister’s. The best person to arrange marriages for Emmon and Genna kids, would be the head of Casterly Rock and the Lannisters. Tywin must’ve had a hand with the marriage of Cleos, and he got the younger sister of Darry’s when “the Late” Walder Frey got his ninth son to marry the older sister in the Darry line. Walder Frey beat Tywin in that game, and we see this result, Merrett inheriting Castle Darry. But the real master, was Walder Frey, whether it would be Cleos or Merrett line, Darry was guaranteed to fall under the Freys if the Darry male line ended.
So I think there’s something to say is that Merrett’s legacy is important but what could this lead to in future books? I dunno, if Roose gets Fat Walda pregnant before the two Boltons die, the Boltons will be preserved through the Freys, as would Darry’s.
Course we would wait for the Winds of Winter, and a Dream of Spring to find out, If they’re ever released.
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2023.03.20 17:12 jason-roel My humble collection

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2023.03.20 16:41 TheCageMonkey One of the best players I ever seen to play on any of my teams, played 19 seasons with the Sharks (My franchise) and 27 seasons total! What a stud

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2023.03.20 16:12 rogeerogers Home of The Day * 3/20/23 * reshnet * Bel-Air’s Villa St. Pierre, 277 Saint Pierre Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077

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2023.03.20 16:08 ShoddyDrawing5525 Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift? https://temu.com/s/AGbQppqzdg7qRd

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2023.03.20 15:59 abdyfer The 'a' in lattes is backwards

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2023.03.20 15:55 Myomorph Disney+ In AUSTRALIA stuck after Epsiode 11 in Season 13

As mentioned in the title. I live in Australia at this time and my Disney+ had no new episodes released after episode 11 in season 13 but I can see that there are def new episodes out.
Anyone elbow know what’s happening?
I need my Belcher fix.
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2023.03.20 15:23 Delicious_Reveal3608 Tamil Nadu Budget 2023-24 Announcement

Notwithstanding the several massive welfare schemes that are being implemented during the last two years, owing to the unprecedented and difficult reforms undertaken, we have reduced the annual revenue deficit of around Rs.62,000 crore which we inherited on assuming office, to around Rs.30,000 crore in the Revised Estimates of the current year. It is noteworthy that this is approximately Rs.5,000 crore lower than the level of the pre-COVID year of 2019-20. In accordance with the mandate of the Fiscal Responsibility Act of achieving Zero-revenue deficit, the State will adopt a smooth glide path without compromising on our welfare initiatives and developmental priorities
The main reason for the fiscal stress faced by the Government at the time of assuming office was the fall in tax revenue in the previous years. The State‟s own tax revenues which were at a healthy 8 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) during 2006-11 have witnessed a precipitous fall in the last 10 years and reached 5.58 per cent in 2020-21. This is much lower when compared to other large States such as Maharashtra and Karnataka. Though the Tax-GSDP ratio has increased to 6.11 per cent in the current year due to the efforts of this Government in the last two years, concerted action is needed to raise it further to find financial resources for welfare schemes.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister adroitly handled the second wave of Covid, major floods in Chennai and severe financial stress. In spite of these constraints, he was able to fulfill the promises to the people and has several achievements to his credit. He has urged us to strive to fulfill the expectations of the people in the coming years and I have prepared this budget keeping these instructions in mind. With these introductory remarks, let me now proceed to sector-wise view of the Budget 2023-24.
To honour the legacy of Tamil martyrs Thiruvalargal Thalamuthu and Natarajan, who sacrificed their lives to protect Tamil in the struggle against Hindi imposition, a memorial will be established at Chennai.
In order to propagate the ideals of Annal Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution and the architect of a progressive and egalitarian India, the Government will provide a grant of Rs.5 crore to translate his works into Tamil language.
To give an impetus to the growth of Tamil as a global language by promoting its usage in the technology sector, an „International Conference on Tamil Computing‟ will be held with the participation of renowned experts from across the world. This will greatly encourage development of software in Tamil language.
With a view to celebrating the glory of Tamils who have conquered many lands overseas, efforts will be taken to promote and support sea cruises that will connect places of significance in Tamil culture. These cruises will showcase the rich history, literature, art, culture, handicrafts and cuisine of Tamil people and will spread the State‟s glory across the seven seas.
The Government has been providing free bus pass to elderly Tamil scholars in recognition of their invaluable contribution to our language. In the coming year, the Government will extend this benefit to 591 more Tamil scholars.
To enable the younger generation to imbibe and appreciate our celebrated art heritage, the Government will expand the widely popular Chennai Sangamam cultural programme to 8 major cities in the coming year. It will provide a platform to nurture folk art and artists and celebrate the shared cultural ethos of the Tamil people. An amount of Rs.11 crore is provided in this Budget for this purpose.
To preserve folk arts and to ensure that these traditions continue to flourish in the future, 25 part time folk art training centres will be set up across the State.
The Cholas are one of the greatest dynasties who conquered seas and the lands beyond, and ruled vast stretches of India and South East Asia for many centuries. Tamil art, music, architecture, sculpture, crafts and dance reached their pinnacle during the Chola period and their glory spread far and wide. To highlight the contribution of the Cholas who ruled the world, and to preserve artefacts and relics of that age, a “Grand Chola Museum‟ will be set up in Thanjavur.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister intervened on humanitarian grounds to send essential commodities to help the people affected by the severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka. After securing the consent of the Union Government, 40,000 MT of rice, 500 MT of milk powder and 102 MT of medical supplies, worth Rs.197 crore have been sent in three ships.
We have been continually requesting the Union Government to grant Indian citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils residing in India. Pending this request, this Government had announced that 7,469 houses will be constructed in the rehabilitation camps for Sri Lankan Tamils, with the objective of providing safe and quality accommodation. In the first phase, 3,510 houses were taken up for construction at a cost of Rs.176 crore and the works are underway. In the second phase, the Government will sanction Rs.223 crore towards construction of the remaining 3,959 houses in the coming financial year.
Recognizing the valour and supreme sacrifice made by security forces in guarding our nation, the ex-gratia that is being offered by the State Government to the next of kin of armed forces personnel hailing from Tamil Nadu who are killed in wa war-like operations will be doubled from Rs.20 lakh to Rs.40 lakh. Further, the monetary grants that are offered to gallantry awards/distinguished service medal winners in armed forces hailing from Tamil Nadu will be enhanced four times.
Ensuring quality education and medical facilities to all is the fundamental objective of this Government. It is in pursuance of this goal that the Government is implementing pioneering schemes like Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam and Innuyir Kappom, besides taking several initiatives to strengthen the public health infrastructure in the State. The Government is implementing the novel Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam scheme, where non-communicable diseases are identified and addressed at an early stage. This Government which is deeply concerned about the welfare of workers, who are the bedrock of our economy, will launch a new initiative to address the issue of non-communicable diseases among workers in factories and in unorganised sectors like construction. The Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam scheme will be expanded to 711 factories covering 8.35 lakh workers in the first phase. Health checkup camps will be held in these factories with specific emphasis on non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Migrant labourers will also benefit under this scheme.
Under the Chief Minister‟s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, insurance coverage of Rs.5 lakh is being given per year per family. During the current year, so far, 11.82 lakh patients have availed treatment worth Rs.993 crore, which is the highest since the inception of the scheme.
The 1,000 bedded Kalaignar Memorial Multi Super Speciality Hospital in the premises of King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research Centre, Guindy will be inaugurated this year. New speciality hospital buildings are being constructed in three Government medical college hospitals at Madurai, Coimbatore and Kilpauk at a total cost of Rs.1,020 crore and they will be put to use shortly
New buildings will be constructed at a cost of Rs.110 crore in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, which caters to the medical needs of people in Tiruchirappalli and its surrounding districts. In order to fulfil the medical needs of people in North Chennai, a new multi-speciality block, nurses training school and hostel will be constructed in Stanley Hospital at a cost of Rs.147 crore.
The first Government Siddha Medical College in the State was established in Palayamkottai in 1964. At present, there are 100 undergraduate and 60 post-graduate students in this institute. Further, treatment is also being provided to nearly 1,000 patients on a daily basis. The Government will undertake works to improve the infrastructure of the college and hospital at a cost of Rs.40 crore. Rs.18,661 crore has been allotted towards Health and Family Welfare Department in the Budget.
Due to the various initiatives launched by this Government in the last two years, the student enrolment in Government schools has increased significantly. Therefore, the Government had launched the „Perasiriyar Anbazhagan School Development Scheme‟ to modernize and upgrade physical infrastructure at an outlay of Rs.7,000 crore over a period of five yeaRs.During the current year, works to the tune of Rs.2,000 crore have been taken up. In the upcoming financial year, the Government will construct classrooms, laboratories and toilets at a cost of Rs.1,500 crore.
The „Ennum Ezhuthum‟ Programme aims at achieving Universal Foundational Literacy and Numeracy for students in classes 1 – 3 by 2025. Owing to the positive response received, this programme will be expanded to classes 4 and 5 with an outlay of Rs.110 crore in the upcoming financial year.
The goal of social justice can be fulfilled only when knowledge is made widespread and accessible to people in the remotest of places. With this objective, moving beyond Chennai, book fairs were conducted in all districts and five literature festivals were successfully conducted during the current year. This great initiative will continue next year also, at a cost Rs.10 crore. The Government successfully organized the first edition of the Chennai International Book Fair in January 2023 with participation from 24 countries. An unprecedented number of 355 MoUs were signed between publishers from Tamil Nadu and various countries paving way for knowledge and copyright exchange. This international book fair will also be conducted next year.
Educational institutions play a vital role in establishing social justice, equality and equity in all walks of life. Therefore, the Government has been taking multiple initiatives in the last two years to improve the quality of education through schemes such as Ennum Ezhuthum, Schools of Excellence, Hi-tech Labs, Model Schools, and Perasiriyar Anbazhagan School Development Scheme. It is essential that the benefits of these programmes reach all students. Requests have been received to operate and maintain Adi Dravidar Welfare Schools through the School Education department in the State High-Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meetings held under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Chief Minister on 19.8.21 and 12.4.22. To achieve the goal of social justice in the field of education, to improve the quality of schools functioning under various departments and to ensure that all students are provided quality education, all schools functioning under various departments like Adi-Dravidar and Tribal Welfare, Backward Class, Most Backward Class & Denotified Communities, Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments and Forest will be brought under the School Education department. It will be ensured that the service conditions and benefits of teachers and staff presently working in these schools are protected.
The Government is using data based governance to remove various shortcomings in the implementation of schemes. In order to reduce the unnecessary delay in the disbursement of scholarships by various departments and to ensure that scholarship amount reaches eligible students in a timely manner, directly to their bank accounts, an integrated scholarship portal will be created.
An iconic eight-storeyed library in two lakh square feet, with all modern amenties is being constructed in Madurai, the seat of Tamil Sangam. This library will cater to all sections of the society including children, students, researchers, youth who are preparing for competitive exams, homemakers, senior citizens and the differently abled. The library will feature special facilities including children‟s section with colourful books, separate area with internet facility for those writing competitive exams, braille books for the visually impaired, air conditioned meeting halls, art gallery to exhibit the cultural heritage of Southern Tamil Nadu and an exquisite repository of the writings and speeches of Muthamizharignar Kalaignar.
In the first phase, this library will house 3.50 lakh books in Tamil and English relating to various subjects like literature, culture, science, engineering, law and medicine. This modern temple of knowledge in Southern Tamil Nadu will be named Kalaignar Centenary Library to mark the commencement of centenary celebrations of Muthamizharignar Kalaignar, in recognition of his immense contribution to the Tamil society. This library will welcome its first readers in June this year. Rs.40,299 crore has been allocated towards School Education Department in the Budget.
The Government is cognizant of the fact that human resource is the greatest wealth of the State and has been investing heavily in its development. We recognise that a highly skilled workforce is a unique competitive advantage to attract investments into the State. Therefore, to create a workforce suited for the rapidly changing industrial ecosystems, a scheme is underway to transform 71 Government ITIs to Centres of Excellence at a cost of Rs.2,877 crore. The works will be completed and students will be enrolled in new courses in the coming academic year itself.
In the next phase, the Government will launch a programme in the coming year to transform and modernize the Government Polytechnic colleges into „Centres of Excellence‟ in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standards in collaboration with industry partners. The programme will focus on infrastructure modernization, industry relevant course content creation, capacity building of faculty members and employment opportunities for the students. 54 Government polytechnics will be upgraded as „Centres of Excellence‟ at a total cost of Rs.2,783 crore under this scheme.
The Government proposes to establish a world class skill centre named “Tamil Nadu World Innovation and Skill Training Hub” (TN-WISH) at Ambattur at a cost of Rs.120 crore with the objective of providing skill training to trainers in ITIs and polytechnics and to create a highly skilled workforce. The hub will provide training in advanced technologies such as Mechatronics, Internet of Things, Advanced Automobile Technology, Precision Engineering and Advanced Welding.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister had launched the visionary programme “Naan Mudhalvan” last year to train 10 lakh students and youth in industry relevant skills and thus generate job opportunities for them. This programme is being implemented in all engineering and arts and science colleges in collaboration with industry partneRs.Academic curriculum has been revised to include industry relevant courses to improve employability of students. Currently, about 12.7 lakh students from engineering and arts and science colleges are being trained under this programme. 12,582 engineering faculty and 7,797 arts & science faculty have also been trained. Rs.50 crore has been provided for this scheme in the budget.
To scale up skill training infrastructure in a massive way, factories will be used as Skill Development Centres. Industries will be incentivized to provide on-the-job-training to youth in factories. In this Budget, an amount of Rs.25 crore has been allocated for this „Factory Skill Schools‟ programme. A state-of-the-art Skill Development Centre will be established, at an estimated cost of Rs.80 crore, in SIPCOT Industrial Park, Shoolagiri in Krishnagiri district, which is emerging as the third largest industrial cluster in the State.
The Perunthalaivar Kamarajar College Development Scheme was launched last year with an outlay of Rs.1,000 crore for improving infrastructure and basic amenities in Government colleges over a period of five yeaRs.In the current year, works such as construction of new classrooms and additional laboratories have been taken up in 26 Government polytechnic colleges and 55 Government arts and science colleges. These works will be carried out in the coming financial year also at an estimated cost of Rs.200 crore.
It is seen that the number of students from Tamil Nadu clearing the Civil Services Examinations has been on the decline in the last few years. With the objective of reversing this trend, Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) will implement a scheme in co-ordination with Anna Staff Administrative College to help civil services aspirants to access better coaching facilities and materials. Every year 1,000 civil services aspirants will be short listed through a screening test. Each aspirant will be provided Rs.7,500 per month for 10 months to prepare for the preliminary examination. Those students who clear the preliminary examination will be provided a lumpsum amount of Rs.25,000. For this programme, an amount of Rs.10 crore has been allocated to TNSDC in the Budget Estimates 2023-24. In aggregate, an allocation of Rs.6,967 crore has been made to the Higher Education Department in this Budget.
With the realization that tomorrow‟s society is the responsibility of today‟s youth, this Government is committed to making the youth strong and vibrant. With the successful conduct of International Chess Olympiad in Chennai and the competitions for Chief Minister‟s Trophy being held across the State, the sports sector has been given a new impetus. As the next step, the Government through the Chennai Metropolitan Development Agency will set up a state-of-the-art Global Sports City in Chennai which will promote the development of sports and emerge as a favoured destination for leading sports events. For this purpose, a detailed project report will be prepared by engaging international experts.
The Government will undertake a comprehensive renovation of the iconic Jawaharlal Nehru Outdoor Stadium, Chennai and equip it with modern sports facilities at an estimated cost of Rs.25 crore.
This Government, which is founded on the principles of social justice and equitable growth, attaches highest priority to the development of Adi-Dravidars and Tribals. With the objective of increasing the Gross Enrolment Ratio of Adi Dravidar and Tribal students in higher education and providing them safe and quality accommodation, four new hostels will be constructed with modern facilities in Madurai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli and Nilgiris at an estimated total cost of Rs.100 crore. These hostels will be maintained and managed by engaging professional agencies.
It has been a long pending demand to enact a legislation to ensure effective implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plan. Heeding to this request, the Government will bring a new legislation to ensure adequate allocation of funds and effective implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plans. The draft bill will be introduced in the next session of the Assembly after due consultation with stakeholdeRs.
The practice of manual cleaning of sewers and septic tanks is a blot on humanity. In order to completely prevent deaths due to manual cleaning of sewers and septic tanks, a new scheme has been recently launched by this Government. By transforming sanitary workers into entrepreneurs and facilitating them to procure modern machinery, this scheme will enable them to undertake these works in a safe manner and generate income. In this scheme, priority will be given to families of sanitary workers who died during manual cleaning and to persons currently engaged in sanitary work, on the basis of their willingness. In the first phase, the scheme will be implemented in the Chennai Metropolitan area. Based on this pilot exercise, the scheme will be expanded to the entire State.
It is seen that the share of persons from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities who avail various entrepreneurship promotion subsidies from the Government is very low. In order to promote economic development of SC/ST entrepreneurs, a new scheme called „Annal Ambedkar Business Champions Scheme‟ will be launched in the coming financial year. The new scheme will provide 35 per cent capital subsidy and offer 6 per cent interest subvention for loans to procure machineries and equipment. A sum of Rs.100 crore is allocated for this scheme in the Budget Estimates 2023-24.
To revive the Welfare Board for Puthirai Vannars, Rs.10 crore will be provided to undertake livelihood development and welfare activities.
A new scheme named „Iyothee Thass Pandithar Habitation Development Scheme‟ will be launched to ensure basic amenities in Adi Dravidar habitations in both urban and rural areas and to bring about comprehensive socio-economic development. The scheme will be implemented at a cost of Rs.1,000 crore over a period of 5 years.
A sum of Rs.3,513 crore has been allocated to the Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department in this Budget.
It is well known that it was Muthamizharignar Kalaignar who coined the term „Differently Abled‟. Given the importance of this department, it is directly looked after and works are closely monitored by the Hon‟ble Chief Minister. RIGHTS project is being implemented at a cost of Rs.1,763 crore with financial assistance from World Bank. The main objective of this project is to create an inclusive society by promoting accessibility through creation of barrier-free structures and employment opportunities through vocational training. The project will be implemented in 15 districts in 2023-24. At the divisional level, 39 One Stop social care service centres will be established to provide services including disability assessment, certification and early intervention. Further, 150 neighbourhood centres manned by volunteers will be set up to provide treatment at home and assistance in availing benefits under various welfare schemes.
For the benefit of the 6.84 lakh differently abled persons across the State, the Hon‟ble Chief Minister has already issued orders to increase the pension from Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,500 and the maintenance allowance from Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,000 for severely affected persons with disabilities. Towards this, a sum of Rs.1,444 crore has been allotted in the Budget.
The State Government is providing guarantee and interest subsidy for the development of enterprises of differently abled persons. Through these initiatives, Tamil Nadu has facilitated loan assistance to 11,155 differently abled persons to the tune of Rs.50 crore through National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation this year, placing Tamil Nadu in the first place in the Country.
The Government is developing a comprehensive database of differently abled persons to ensure effective delivery of benefits under Government schemes. In the first phase, a database of 9,08,000 persons who are benefitting from various welfare schemes has been created.
The Government has been taking various steps to improve the functioning of Backward Class and Most Backward Class hostels by upgrading infrastructure, and providing nutritious food. In the last two years, works for the construction of 9 hostels at a cost of Rs.36.25 crore are being implemented. Further, based on the requirements of students, fifteen school hostels have been upgraded as college hostels.
In the Budget Estimates, a sum of Rs.252 crore has been allocated towards Pre-Matric and Post-Matric scholarship schemes. An amount of Rs.305 crore has been earmarked towards distribution of bicycles to students. A sum of Rs.1,580 crore has been allocated to the Backward Class, Most Backward Class, Denotified Communities and Minorities Department.
Following the ancient Tamil tradition, many leaders of the Tamil society have introduced pioneering schemes to eradicate poverty and promote the educational development of students. In 1920, Sir Pitti Theagarayar, the then chairman of the Chennai Municipal Corporation introduced mid-day meal programme in Chennai for the first time in the Country. During Perunthalaivar Kamarajar‟s tenure as the Chief Minister, the mid-day meal scheme was expanded at the state level, marking a transformational change in the history of education in Tamil Nadu. This was followed by further efforts to eliminate hunger including the Nutritious Meal Programme by Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and the scheme to provide eggs along with nutritious meals by Muthamizharignar Kalaignar.
At this juncture, it has come to light that some children studying in Government schools are suffering from stunted growth and malnutrition. Recognizing that students may be unable to concentrate on studies as they come hungry to schools without eating breakfast, the Hon‟ble Chief Minister launched the „Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme‟ last year, which is the landmark scheme of this Dravidian Model Government founded on social justice. This historic scheme was inaugurated on September 15, the birth anniversary of Perarignar Anna.
The Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme is being implemented in 1937 Government Primary Schools and it is benefitting 1,48,315 students studying from Class I to Class V. Out of the 1,543 Elementary schools,where the scheme was implemented in the first phase, the attendance of students has increased in 1,319 schools. The attendance has increased by 10per cent in 624 schools, 20per cent in 462 schools and 30per cent in 193 schools. In Tiruppathur, Perambalur, Ariyalur and Tiruvarur districts, attendance of students has increased in all the schools where the Breakfast scheme was implemented. To translate the noble vision of the Hon‟ble Chief Minister that we will make any sacrifice to ensure that no child remains hungry while learning and to make learning joyful and education universal, the Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme will be expanded to cover all the 30,122 Government primary schools in the State from the coming academic year. Rs.500 crore is allotted for this scheme in this Budget which will benefit 18 lakh students studying from Class I to Class V.
Educated women are essential for a prosperous and self-sufficient society. Well aware of this, Muthamizharignar Kalaignar introduced the Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Marriage Assistance Scheme in 1989 to promote women's education. Realizing that many girls from poor families in Tamil Nadu are unable to continue higher education after completing 12th standard, this Government has redesigned the scheme as Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Pudhumai Penn Scheme, under which all girl students studying from 6th to 12th standard in Government schools are provided Rs.1000 rupees per month for their higher education. At present, 2.20 lakh girl students are benefitting under this scheme every month. Compared to the year 2021-22, 29 per cent more girls have entered colleges this year, which is an addition of 20,477 girl students. The fact that the many girls who did not pursue higher education after completing their schooling have now enrolled in colleges is a testimony to the success of this scheme.
The self-help group movement, that was pioneered by Muthamizharignar Kalaignar in the country in 1989 at Dharmapuri, has today blossomed into a massive people‟s movement. This Government is undertaking several measures for capacity building and livelihood development of women self-help groups. In the current year, so far, women self-help groups have received bank loans of around Rs.24,712 crore. In the coming financial year, a target of Rs 30,000 crore has been set for credit linkage to SHGs.
Women entrepreneurs continue to face difficulties in accessing adequate, timely credit and marketing of products. To address these challenges, the Government will establish an exclusive „Start-up Mission‟ for women. This mission will facilitate women entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business.
Since 2021-22, a total of 213 godowns have been constructed with a storage capacity of 2.86 lakh MT at a combined cost of Rs.238 crore to augment storage capacity and minimize losses. Further, 12 godowns with a storage capacity of 28,000 MT are being constructed at a total cost of Rs.54 crore.
To meet the liabilities of the important poll promises fulfilled by this Government, a sum of Rs.2,393 crore for the waiver of agricultural loans, a sum of Rs.1,000 crore for the waiver of jewel loans and a sum of Rs.600 crore for waiving self-help group loans, totalling an amount of Rs.3,993 crore has been allotted in the Budget.
The Government will frame a comprehensive long-term plan to carry out structural reforms in Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation to improve efficiency in operations and fiscal sustainability. An amount of Rs.10,500 crore has been provided in this Budget towards Food Subsidy in the Public Distribution System. An allocation of Rs.16,262 crore has been made to the Co-operation, Food and Consumer Protection Department in this Budget. The Government is taking several efforts to restore and rejuvenate the water bodies. Under Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernisation Project, the Government has sanctioned rehabilitation works in 341 tanks, 67 anicuts and 11 canals at an estimated cost of Rs.462 crore. Further, repair, renovation and restoration works are being undertaken in 309 tanks at an estimated cost of Rs.258 crore.
Long term flood mitigation works are being undertaken at a cost of Rs.184 crore in the districts of Chennai, Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Cuddalore. Of these, 9 works have been completed and 2 works are in progress. In the current year, 12 flood mitigation works have been undertaken in Chennai, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Thiruvallur districts at a total cost of Rs.434 crore.
The Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board, under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Chief Minister, has been restructured to promote the welfare of animals in the State. In order to control the burgeoning street dog population, it is necessary to set up Animal Breeding Control Centres. To strengthen and improve the effectiveness of the Animal Welfare Board, an amount of Rs.10 crore has been provided in the Budget. This fund will be used to carry out animal breeding control activities, provide training to local Government employees and implement animal welfare activities.
This Government is empathetic to the welfare and special needs of fisher folk and has increased the special allowance during lean months to Rs.6,000 from Rs.5,000. An allocation of Rs.389 crore has been made to benefit 4.3 lakh beneficiaries for implementing the fishermen welfare schemes such as Lean period assistance, Ban period relief assistance and Savings cum Relief schemes.
Coral reefs provide shelter and food to fish and increase the probability of survival of fingerlings. To improve the livelihood of country craft fishermen, 217 units of artificial reefs will be established at a cost of Rs.79 crore in the 3 Palk Bay districts and 200 units will be set up at a cost of Rs.64 crore in other districts.
Due to increasing vagaries of climate change and pressure caused by the burgeoning population, the coastal ecosystem and the livelihood of coastal population are likely to be severely affected in the near future. The Government will implement the „Tamil Nadu Coastal Restoration Mission‟ with the objective of preventing sea erosion, reducing marine pollution and conserving marine biodiversity. The mission will be implemented with World Bank assistance at an estimated cost of Rs.2,000 crore in the next 5 years.
A contiguous stretch of protected forests is essential to protect endangered wildlife. The Government will notify a new wildlife sanctuary „Thanthai Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary‟, with an extent of 80,567 hectares in the forest areas of Anthiyur and Gobichettipalayam Taluks in Erode district to link the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve with Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary. This will be the 18th wildlife sanctuary in the State.
Tamil Nadu is located in the Central Asian Flyway and hosts a large number of migratory birds every year. In order to promote conservation of birds, encourage research in the field of ornithology and create awareness about the role of birds in nature, the Government shall set up an „International Bird Centre‟ at Marakkanam at an estimated cost of Rs.25 crore.
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