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2023.06.03 10:50 Korupxion FTPM/PSP NV Corrupted

Sorry to have to come to this Reddit. Im genuinely concerned of the state my pc is currently in. For starters, I’m fairly new to the pc community. I actually just built my first pc two days ago and just gotten a keyboard so that I could set it up. Everything felt pretty good until I saw a screen pop up with the message from the title. I was honestly scared, so I asked the friend that had been helping me with my pc stuff. He said that would go away as soon as I installed the operating system. Unfortunately, that did not stop it. He said to just proceed forward with the installation of the drivers and that I would be fine. It was fine until it wasn’t. After downloading one of the motherboard drivers, which I think was the wifi one, I proceeded to go collect the “Auto Detect & Install” from AMD. Once I ran it for installation, i proceeded to finish up a driver download and install it. It prompted to restart my pc, so I proceeded. Then I checked if I needed to download anymore drivers. But this time it prompted me with a incompatibility message and I was confused. Assuming that maybe the pc didn’t register or read stuff correctly (I feel like this is where I made one mistake), I restarted the pc. But then a windows blue screen error message popped up. I was terrified and messaged my friend immediately. They said one way I could potentially fix it was to restore/reset my pc. Putting my full trust in my friend, I did as he advised. (I regret doing this tbh) And now, this made things worse. My pc is now in a never-ending loop of displaying the gigabyte loading/logo screen and a blue error screen with the error code “inaccessible boot device” to where it continues to restart and display the same screen over and over again. I reached out to Microsoft and hoped they would be able to assist me but they were unable to. I did leave a support ticket but I’m honestly too spooked rn, I don’t think I can wait tbh. I wanna fix this but I don’t think I can. Now I’m nearly tearing up…my first pc and I already jacked everything up. Maybe I’m not ready for a pc. I genuinely put so much money on a pc since I’ve been putting it off for years. Finally having the opportunity, it slipped right through my hands. I’m hoping I could get this fixed without having to take it in somewhere…I have no money to fix it. Not even 100 to spare for Geek Squad or something. Help…please…
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2023.06.03 10:50 The_Dying_Swan EVERYTHING Debit Card - Get £5, Give £5 + entry into weekly draw

EVERYTHING is a fintech offering a Mastercard Debit Card incentivising people to spend and rewarding them for doing so by potentially winning cash rewards whenever they use the card.
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Sign up to their Waitlist by providing your email address! That's it!
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How it works
· verify yourself / KYC
· order a free card
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· make 3 purchases within 30 days
What could I win?
1 REFERRAL - Get £5 💷
Get £5 for every friend you refer with your unique referral link as soon as they:1. Verify their identity and pass our KYC checks2. Order a free EVERYTHING card3. Top-up their EVERYTHING card4. Make 3 purchases with their virtual or physical card (only genuine purchases) within 30 days
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Every week we give away up to £1,000 in cash rewards. We draw random signups from the waitlist. If you are picked you win cash. The more referrals you have the higher your chance of winning, so get referring.
3 REFERRALS - Get an Original Members card 💳
Secure one of a limited number of Original Members cards from our first batch. This custom engineered, first edition EVERYTHING Debit Mastercard® in Obsidian Black is for Original Members only and comes with an official Original Member tag in the EVERYTHING app. You only get one chance to become an Original Member.
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non-ref - no bonus
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2023.06.03 10:37 HelgrinWasTaken The 1000 Marine Chapter Limit is Still in Effect

I keep seeing people claim that Guilliman lifted the limit on Chapter sizes, but I've never seen a source for this. Here are three sources saying it's still in effect.
From the 9th Edition Space Marines Codex - Page 16:
"At the core of the Codex Astartes is the organisation of the Chapter. A Codex-Compliant Chapter comprises ten companies, each consisting nominally of a hundred Space Marines."
From The Successors: A Space Marine Anthology - The Wolves of Raukos:
"Reinforcements, from Fenris itself. Warriors for your Chapter. Enough to take the Wolfspear up to Guilliman's thousand, no more. We do not wish for trouble from that quarter."
From 9th Edition Black Templars Codex - Page 11:
Chapter Organisation:
"There seems little doubt, though, that the Black Templars number substantially more than the thousand Space Marines Under Arms stipulated by the Codex Astartes. Many of the more codex compliant Chapters look in askance at the Black Templars, resenting them for such flagrant disregard for the rules established by Guilliman. The Ordo Astartes has gone further, Inquisitor Yetzmov leading a century-long - and thus far wholly fruitless - mission to determine their true numbers and bring the Chapter to heel."
What does "Nominally" mean?
"In name only; officially though perhaps not in reality."
A Company may be split up into two demi-companies for crusades or campaigns, being kept separate for decades, or centuries and may separately recruit and reinforce themselves to be at more than the total limit. More likely, and probably the case for most Companies, most of the time, they will be at less than 100 Marines due to casualties.
The One Exception; The Scout Company - Space Marines Codex Page 28
"There are no regulations dictated by the Codex as to the number of neophytes a Chapter may have."
The Exorcists Chapter maintain two additional Scout Companies, so theoretically there is no limit on how many Space Marines without the Black Carapace you can have in your Chapter, as long as the Inquisition likes you.
Guilliman's Reforms
I don't have the 8th edition codex on me to find a direct citation, but from memory, Guilliman's reforms added Lieutenants, Primaris wargear and squad configurations, and allowed the Companies to be made up of up to 20 squads of varying size, instead of 10 squads of 10.
Why do the Black Templars and Space Wolves get away with it?
Political clout. They serve the Imperium well enough and have enough allies that no one has both the will and the strength to enforce the Codex on them.
The mistake of the Astral Claws was that they hoarded planetary tithes and blocking trade routes. They might have been able to rebuild the Tiger Claws Chapter if they kept paying their taxes.
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2023.06.03 10:18 Various-Block-91 Will igaguri make it to u20 World Cup?

Seriously tho, will he? I know many people don’t like him or ride the wave because it’s funny but I’m someone who sees igaguri as the charm of blue lock as a whole. I love the writing of igaguri so far. Dude is obviously one of the lesser skilled players but he’s still there. He somehow teamed up with the number 2 in bluelock and was able to coincide with him at that. He ended up making the squad for the bluelock vs u20 game. I feel like for the relief of fans like me , igaguri should be one of those guys who just gets by with luck. I know that there will be a time when he gets eliminated maybe but I just hope he can make it to the u20 wc then I will be satisfied. I would love to continue seeing that. Seeing igaguri there always makes me smile and remember the team Z days. Anybody else like igaguri too?
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2023.06.03 09:20 anonuser45994 How will GS issues be handled now?

Who will be responsible for handling Geek Squad issues now that the managers have been laid off?
How will structure be maintained with them gone?
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2023.06.03 07:40 --FooFighter-- Should I make a comprehensible & detailed guide about Sculpture spawn locations for the Maps I frequently run?

Should I make a comprehensible & detailed guide about Sculpture spawn locations for the Maps I frequently run?
Hey all,
Long time lurker and first time Poster here.
I'm -FooFighter- , Many of you in the vaulted running community and Armistice Council better know me as the Resource and Prime farming Fanatic/maniac/casual farmer.
I've been asked multiple times by quite a few of my close friends who run with me to post a Sculpture spawn location guide as there is absolutely no guide that would be as detailed as I'm about to make.
This guide would be aimed to help make you more efficient with hunting sculptures in your various runs especially if you are speed running relics and don't want to waste too much time sniffing around or using a crate popping frame that would be exhausting to use and slow down the run.
I know what you 're about to say... "GOLDEN INSTINCT" "Parallax and Golden Instinct" "Just run Limbo or similar frame"
It's great and horrible at the same time, It means that you need both you and your entire squad to have all the Kuria, scan targets done in order for it not to give a fake ping/mark on the map that would end up wasting your time.
This guide I'd spend quite a bit of time to make will make it easy for you to "SEE" sculptures on the map while flying/running.Yes I kid you not, you will be able to SEE and spot if there's an irregularity on the map while running and thus pick up the sculpture/rare crate easily.
I'll post a couple of examples, and Before any do say I'm using Golden Instinct, please check my skills on the lower right side before you do so.
Aside from the sculptures posted in those screenshots, I nearly have 2,000 overall sculptures, some are not showing on this screenshot as they are used as decorations in my Orbiter and Dormizone.
They are all fully socketed due to my earlier time spent as Gauss memorizing a massive number of spots over and over.An important note, Those sculpture have been collected over the course of 3-5 Months and I would love to add that none of those have been collected in Arbitrations or bought from other players.
Thanks alot again for your time, sorry for the long post, and I'd really appreciate your feedback everybody \o/ .
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2023.06.03 06:10 amike7 How to lower temp on this cyberpower prebuilt?

Hi I’m new to gaming PCs and I’d appreciate tips to help lower my PC temp when gaming. Further below are the specs.
I understand AMDs runs hot and the temperature I’m seeing is normal but I don’t like that’s it’s like a mini heater, forcing me to blast my AC.
I solely play Halo Infiniti on lowest graphic settings but unlock the max FPS.
My MSI Center (mobo) settings are set to Balanced.
I have heard of the terms undervolting / overclocking but I really have no idea what they actually mean.
I’m willing to invest in upgrades but just simple ones that I could have Best Buy’s geek squad or Microcenter execute for me so nothing complicated like custom hydras systems haha!
Operating System: Windows 11
Gaming Chassis: LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic EVO ATX Mid-Tower Dual chamber Gaming Case w/ USB 3.1 Type-C, Tempered glass on the front & side. Extra Case Fans: 3X 120mm
CyberPowerPC Dual Addressable Digital ARGB Fans
CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 9 Processor 7900X 12-core/24-thread 4.7GHz [Turbo 5.6GHz] 64MB Cache AM5
CPU / Processor Cooling Fan: 240mm Liquid CPU Cooling (cyberpower brand but not sure how to find further details).
Motherboard: X670 with WiFi Motherboard
RAM / System Memory: 32GB (16GBx2) DDR5/4800MHz Dual Channel Memory
Video Card: PNY GeForce RTX™ 3080 10GB GDDR6X (Ampere) [VR Ready]
Power Supply: 1,000 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Gold Power Supply
Primary Hard Drive: 1TB WD Black SN750 SE Series (PCIe Gen4) NVMe M.2 SSD - Seq W: Up to 3600/2800 MB/s, Rnd W up to 525/640k
Thanks so much for your help!
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2023.06.03 05:37 Dracarass Who can I buy to upgrade this club legend ?

Who can I buy to upgrade this club legend ?
As you can see, I've got 220K coins and wouls prefer another Icon or a LaLiga striker for chem
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2023.06.03 05:30 ConsequenceEqual3630 I was working for this company and they hacked into my personal computer

I worked for this company for about 2 years and last year I noticed they ended up hacking into my computer. I worked for a small call center in sales for telecom.
I only realized because well for one the people around me kept recording me and taking pictures of me and my computer walking behind me. Then I noticed aswell my phone calls being listened to. I noticed this cuz I saw someone staring at me from across the room all day and I had said something funny on the phone and I saw them laugh aswell. So then I called myself and blew on the mic loud and they moved the headset away and I was like wtf?
So when that happened I whent and I spoke with the ceo of the company and I asked him why am I being recorded and why are people on my sales phone calls? He asked me what I’m talking about and if I needed to go home or if I wanted to quit. He then proceeded to ask if I was paranoid or on drugs. So I was like no you can listen to the phone call where I called myself and check the cameras to see exactly what I’m talking about. He said he checked it and saw nothing. So when he said that I was like no there’s no way I’m just seeing these things.
As days whent on I started realizing a lot of more things happening. For one my computer after coming back from lunch one day I realized it literally kept bugging out and freezing only at work. My microphone would always be on. Wat was strange was my computer screensaver is as default I have not changed it. When I got into work one day and for the next couple of days leading into me leaving my screensaver on my computer was all of sudden screenshots of my previous closed sales.
I whent to geek squad just to take a quick look and he said it most definitely was hacked but I didn’t look further into it. Also when this first happened i wasn’t the only one it was happening too it was also two other people at first. One of them he had a Mac and saw there was a bridge connection when he would get into work. The other one said he noticed people recording him aswell. ALSOOO one of the managers were recording literally all 3 of us at the same time and we all pointed and was like wtf?
I quit then came back after a couple of days because I was like ok lemme rethink this. I made the most money there I’ve ever made in my life. I was the only female top producer. And I put that company up top. I literally quit the first time in rage because of the shit. They let me back cuz they knew what they did was fucked up to me eventho they will never admit it. Then I really quit once I came back and realized I wasn’t crazy.
One of the guys it was happening too also happened to be a guy I was talking to at the time and he started working there before me and was also really close friends with managers of that company before I started working there. He’s been extremely obsessed with me even before we were talking while I had a bf still. When everything was going on I could literally hear and see everything happening but according to him none of that whent on and he was just oblivious to it all. I believe he knows more than what he’s told me and that’s just been that he knew nothing. Everyone who I talked to about it said the same thing that they definitely think he knows something and would put it on his grave that he dosnt know anything. I would hope he dosnt but everything points to he does. I asked him about it a month ago if he believed it all happened that the company hacked me and he said no. Which makes no sense especially because he was with me at geek squad he saw the pictures of my computer being hacked and he literally was there when we were all getting recorded. How can you say you don’t believe me. He told me he would never leave that company.
I’ve been battling it for months in my head about if I wanna be with him or not. if I let that go and be okay with him still working there wouldn’t that be me settling. I genuinely feel like as long as he works there I won’t feel at genuine peace from it all and I’ve told him that. The relationship is ok it would be better if he just didn’t work there it makes me uncomfortable. I can’t trust him I don’t feel ok with it. He does everything for me and I love him which is why I feel the need to battle if I stay with him or not.
I have never been told the truth but I think they thought I was living some double life? Kept asking if I had another job and how I’m paying for things like they weren’t the ones supplying the checks. Mind you we were on a 1099 working m-f 8-6 at a call center. Well while I was figuring out I was getting hacked and everyone’s being weird, the call center I worked at was number 1 for being in sales then we dropped down because apparently someone from inside our call center was giving out information to the call center that’s now number one and we weren’t allowed to email customers anymore. I think they think that was me which gives me possibly the only fucking logical fucking reason they would fucking have to fucking do this shit to me.
But I did text the owner of the company like 2 weeks ago and I said my peace saying I know I’ll never get answers on what happened but I gotta forgive what happened so I can move on from it.
If you genuinely read that whole thing thank you for listening to me about this I feel like I just keep talking in my own head and asking myself the same questions I still don’t have the answers too .
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2023.06.03 05:03 Kydrix My absurd next Ghost Recon game wishlist.

My absurd next Ghost Recon game wishlist. Randomly ordered by idea flow lol.
Please keep the different game types. I personally enjoy gear score but having both caters to both groups of gamers.
More HUD/UI adjustments
Civilians and Enemies
Enemy stats
Fast travel
FOBS (forward operating base)
The drone
NVG and Thermal
Weapon attachments
Weapon operation / function
Scope zoom
Hard Cover / Concealment mechanics
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2023.06.03 04:57 TheyCameAsRomans So I got my first Combat Patrol today and I have a couple questions.

Going through the manual for my CP box, I noticed that there's a range of numbers for each group. Only shows 1 for the Marshall. 2-8 for Primaris Crusader Squad. 3-6 for Primaris Initiate. 7-8 for Primaris Neophyte. And 13-17 for Primaris Impulsor. Then I'll see for example, a variant of one saying 11b and in a red circle, it says ×4. Or any other number. And the manual will say a piece for the marine being c16. I get the numbers. But how do I know which sprue is c? What do those numbers mean?
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2023.06.03 04:34 TheFirstThingThat Getting this off my chest is easier said than done.

First things first, I should say I'm a male and I'm a minor. This'll be important down the line but not right now. Anyway, I was a typical Highschool NPC. Barely talked to girls, high on hormones, and eagerly wanted a girlfriend. About a year ago, a 'friend' showed me these apps where you could talk to girls, and he managed to get some girls to send him nudes. Needless to say, I was jealous and downloaded the apps.
Fast Forward to a year later, I download like 3 of these apps just so I could get some JO material because PH wasn't cutting it. I was adding girls left and right...then I added the wrong one.
We all know how it went; added them, made me download some other app, sended nudes, kept' asking me for money, tried to end it, blah blah I will ruin your life yada yada we get it. Stupidly, I gave out the name of my school, my name was on that stupid app, and it made me put in my phone number. I was panicking, worried that if that got out I would be the laughing stock of school and my chances of getting my dream job would be ruined all because I was being a stupid hormonal teen. I sent them the money after a mess of messages since most of the apps he wanted to use didn't allow minors to use them, and then I searched up what to do. Apparently, you aren't supposed to send them money. Whoops.
He tried to get me to set up a weird bank for him, I finally blocked him on everything(thankfully I didn't give him my Instagram but I changed it just to be safe, changed my Snapchat username, and then took a look at the phone settings and found out you can turn off unknown calls and texters.) he tried to send me another message on Snapchat on a new account but I block that too. That night I was wracked with nightmares(Spider-Man was there too, he was beating shit up. Thanks, Spidey.) and then had to go to school. I was panicking the whole day, thinking that every phone call was going to call me down to the office and ask me why I was all over the internet with the name of the school next to me. But nothing happened. I was relieved but scared, thinking whoever this was was prolonging my torment.
About a month later, after I thought I was safe, I checked some unknown messages I got and saw one about I got your nudes yada yada do what I say. Swiftly blocked, my day was ruined. A couple weeks later, I'm on my school laptop and decide to check Imessage on there just so I could delete it since I don't need it anymore. There was a number on there that had tested me a picture of the nude saying they still have it and my school name. Not a threat, I guess just letting me know they still had it. The most recent message was a day or two before, also not a threat just being like hi how are you. I guess since threats weren't working they were trying to be nice? Whatever, the message was blocked anyway so I don't know what they were doing.
It's been about a month or two since then and it's given me time to think, giving out every single warning flag I saw but chose to ignore. The bad grammar, the begging for money. I even tried to reverse image search, but since it was on my phone I used a dumb website that told me it was alright. After I paid and tried it on my computer, wouldn't you know the pictures were from a porn actress. I had always known I was smart, but also that I didn't think before I did things, and this solidified it and made me change it.
I want to give some tips out to people my age who are considering or have already done this type of thing.
  1. Before you take a picture of your dick, JO first. I know this sounds weird, but that post-nut clarity will hit and make you come to your senses. After I did that, I immediately began thinking that this was how abusive relationships started and how people got hacked. But I stupidly thought that since that happened to other people and not me, I was in the clear.
  2. Do NOT download those 'meet girls your age!' apps. The girls there aren't going to give you nudes. I know we want to look at 'the real thing' and shit like that, but believe me; it's not worth it. Rule 34 and Porn Hub will satiate you fine.
  3. 3. DON'T TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR NUDES UNLESS IT SOMEONE YOU TRUST. You don't send it to those dumb spam messages, you don't send it to people you just met, or just don't send them at all. If you're gonna send nudes, only send them to your SO that you explicitly trust. Not strangers you met online.
At first, writing this was hard because I force myself not to think about it, but now it feels like a distant memory. I haven't had any spam messages in weeks since I block every number I don't recognize, and I realized that since I'm a minor they can't post me unless they want to answer questions on why they're posting a high schooler's photos online. And you want to know the craziest part? After all this was over, I started talking to a girl and we went and watched a movie as sort of a semi-date. We agreed to be friends, but all I had to do was just go up and talk to girls instead of trying to get nudes online. I'm even talking to girls now without feeling like I'm messing it up and am even going to a party soon. A year ago I never would have thought I would do stuff like this, now it fell into my lap since I thought my life was over.
This goes out to all my fellow geeks and nerds who do stuff like this because they feel like they'll never get a girlfriend; Yes, it was stupid. Yes, you should have seen the signs and thought it over. But are you going to let some pictures of your meat ruin your life? No. Get out there, ask a girl if she wants to hang out that weekend, and keep working on what you want to do with your life. Teens have been doing dumb stuff like this since the internet was created. After a couple of years, this will go from a bad memory to an embarrassing story you can tell to your friends.
As a side note, I don't ever plan to tell my mom or my family. They'll definitely understand, but I know that they'll see me differently from then on (plus my mom can't keep a secret to save her life.) I've thought about changing my phone number, but decided against it and have opened back up my Instagram and deleted all the other girls I added from those websites even though they were real. I've only mentioned to my friend that I got scammed and not the fact it involved nudes. This whole situation is going to the grave with me
Stay safe out there ya'll, the internet is an amazing but dangerous place.
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2023.06.03 04:30 roidymagoo2 End Game ideas for 500-1000hr Players - Please!

Just a few ideas for the devs for future seasons, if they are still coming. There's a lot of grumbling about S4 [which I am a part of!]. If you have 1000hrs in any game you love it, and just want to play more.
Sunsetting of old content is frustrating, and being forced into modern season content gets old. I already tried 2 missions from the experimental and just quit out because of the rock pox stuff, another 6 months of cleaning...bleeh :) I've not seen 1 robot-router in S3! Yet I have sessions of meteors spawning every mission. 25% my ass.
I'm tired of hearing 'oh u just completed the game man, move on'. No I love DRG and want to keep playing, I just find the seasonal additions tiring. There's no harm in wanting more for the best co-operative shooter that's come along since DRG.
Can we really get in the weeds with this? The game has potential to be long lasting due to the art style. Hear us out.
The line people liked from one of my other posts was 'don't let the 20hr people push the 1000hr people around with their opinions'. We know what we like about the game, and want to see more epic shit. so yeah vvv
FIRSTLY - For those who have completed the season pass. Let us opt OUT of seasonal spawns (meteors!).
A classic DRG mode, we've completed the pass. We DON'T need any more meteors and plague hearts. We've had 6 months of constant meteor spawns, please let us play normal DRG.
Anyway, onto the ideas
  • Mission Mashups. Eggs N Morky, etc. Like the DDs. This alone is refreshing for us 1000hrs+ players and newbies alike. We don't need anything fancy, just new combos to freshen it up.
  • More modifiers. I'm not a heavy modder, nor am I aware if modders can even mod these, but if they can there's probably a shitload to get inspired by.
Modifier ideas
  • Nitra Drought. This sector has little nitra, better tactically use that pickaxe and get good at your weakpoints. This has potential to be devastatingly wipe-laden so the win XP% should be somewhat generous like shieldless.
  • EMP disturbance. Flashlights have stopped working. Horror mode, better stick together. Simple to do and something different.
  • Shadow wraiths. Think how Minecraft spawns mob in darkness, but these are not mobs, just an area trigger. FULL darkness = shield/health-loss/death. Flares work still, scout flaring is very important now! Else you'll get nibbled to death by -insert lore-.
  • FAUNA DISRUPTION. Higher chance of unique dreadnaughts, korloks etc. More small-waves and swarms. This is the fuck farm, if you're trying a mission with this on, it's going to be a nightmare. Better mod in the DOOM music cause it's rip n tear time.
Modifiers are so fun, we should have at least 20-30 more. Not even including the fun the combinations could provide with existing/new ones. I could go on all day with these suggestions
Greybeard Operations - only for elite dwarf operatives
  • Hazard 6. Easy one. I know there are mods like Starship troopers, but they're non official. I'd love to see a real version just to test our might
  • THE HUNTED - How about this? I don't think it's possible. BUT....this difficulty is scaled off of the HOST dwarve's PRESTIGE LEVEL! This isn't a haz, it's a bounty hunt...for the fuckin bugs! Lets see us level 500-1000's try this mode and complain about nothing to try anymore. The bugs are mega pissed at that guy whos been killing their kin for hundreds of missions and they're out for blood.
  • Error Cube Depths - Something-something we need to utilise Error cubes. An abstract alien world, or some kind of VR training like Metal Gear Solid simulation. Cubes are currency and can be spent on this terminal? Could be an endless thing to really try out your skill as a solo/group - rewards scale with time and obviously it gets bad like a Point extract after 20 minutes. This could be something to brainstorm on further. Just a loose-whatever brainfart.
Think of the modern world we live in. Twitch/Youtube - an endless or mode with all time records will get the content creators gagging trying to get the best time, whatever :)
I want to revel with an amazing tight squad and lose often. Even haz 5 can be a cakewalk with the right squad. I don't want to use shit gear as a fake-disability, I wanna get my shit kicked in. But also overcome overwhelming odds [officially]
Unfortunately for us Graybeards, other than pure fun. We're not aiming for anything, and we're ok with it for the most part. But we need a way to spend, or to watch a number go up, or buy a thing.
But some kind of gold-sink would be nice. 250k creds and w/e gems is still nothing for our legendary promos. I don't give a shit about cosmetics. I want to be excited to mine gold again, like Nitra still is because it's tangible to this day. Gold is no longer.
It would be nice to have a one use item terminal to bring on a mission. Again this is way too much for 1 idea, but requires a massive brainstorm of multiple people to say what would be in this store. Much like the boots we have coming, there is risk of changing up the shit too much, but hey - here it is.
A cheap suggestion, but a non pre-seeded Deep Dive we can fire off at any time. No core rewards, just for the hell of it. The DD mission rotations are fun and the 5.5 access is nice, despite mission 3 always being the easiest for some reason mostly lol.
Not really sure how this would work from the mission screen, would probably require it's own terminal or an additional dialogue on the DD terminal. I'm just reaching here tbh with this one.
It all ties back to rewards, prestige and expenditure. If we have all cosmetic/OC cores, cosmetics and full legendary...that's it.
I do kind of understand why the devs won't bother furnishing the few % of the playerbase who are at this stage. But a token SOMETHING would be a nice acknowledgement for those who have stuck around since early access [or those madlads who just...really fucking love DRG].
Cause giving us 6 months of more rockpox cleaning is the equivalent of shitting in my hands and clapping.
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2023.06.03 04:00 CrimsonAlpine Weekly Friend Finder + Discord Server

Friend Finder
This is a place for groups, clans, and players to find one another for Predator: Hunting Grounds.
We have a number of helpful resources to help you find a squad or a clan quickly. Please leave a comment below with your in-game name, platform, region, language(s), and what you're looking for.
Name: CrimsonAlpine Platform: Atari Jaguar Region or Country: Antarctica Language(s): Latin Looking for: A squad to play with for Clash. 
We also operate a Discord server of 3.5k+ members for the game. If you're looking for a place to chat with others about the game, discuss the lore of the franchise, and find others to play with, this is the spot.
As stated above, we welcome clans to recruit in this thread. Simply share your clan info much in the same way you would player info, with your clan's name, platform, region, and a description of your clan. Please make sure you also specify any requirements, such as the use of voice chat, or age requirements.
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2023.06.03 03:51 Brok3nButWhole Be careful of Best Buy scam?

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2023.06.03 03:08 jesse_jrz Tyler Tx 246

Tyler Tx 246
After 30 mins myself and 2 other clients asked the group of managers if someone could at least greet us or get us checked in. This is the response. Scott, the GeekSquad manager never apologized for the wait or even tried to get us checked. This unfortunately is the closest store at an 1hr and a half. The other stores are 2hrs away. The agent at the counter was busy I understand that but there was no reason the ARA could have at least checked us in or greeted us. That's why there is a camera so they can see the clients waiting. In the GeekSquad culture they reserve badge 001 for the clients. Unfortunately this store in Tyler Tx forgot that.
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2023.06.03 02:12 Omansurver The second part of the fourth section of a certain super well-made-like-oh-my-god-this-is-so-good literary piece of media that was inspired by a animated piece of media, or the second part of the fourth chapter.

So yeah, second part. I forgot to say the page count last time of this chapter last time, so I'll say it now. Chapter four is about fifty pages long, so it fits the bill when it comes to these things. Not much else to say, so enjoy.

* * *
Jacob pondered.
On what exactly? Oh fine, I’ll tell you.
Jacob had just received what was, hopefully, a relatively unfiltered version of the recent events and situation on the planet. After about an hour of explanation, A had finished on the arrival of the disassembly drones, and the subsequent widespread assault on the worker drones. When Jacob had asked for the specific story of A’s squad, A had skirted around it, only lightly touching upon the subject. It was slightly suspicious, but Jacob didn’t plan on doing anything about it.
However, if it was the truth, it only raised more questions than answers. The fact that a company was willing to exterminate the entirety of what was probably a massive investment was just baffling. Jacob could only come up with two explanations, one of which was rather worrying to think about. The first was that of changing times; perhaps the company was so rich, and technology so advanced, that the worker drones could be replaced with the ease of buying another shipload of tissues. If you threw away an entire box of tissues, it would be annoying to say the least, but it wouldn’t cost a lot to just get another one.
But, it just didn’t make sense to Jacob that that would be the case. The United States military in the time of Jacob had heaps, thousands of missiles, and could afford to replace them as they were used. But if they all disappeared at once? It would take lots of time, money, and effort to replace each and every single last one of the lost payloads, and not to mention the logistical nightmare it would be.
So, that led Jacob to his other solution, one that insinuated a scenario far more confusing and sinister. If the company decided to just annihilate every worker drone, which is a very radical and illogical decision by a galaxy-spanning megacorporation, then it would line up with certain other decisions made by other people in the past.
During the Second World War, the U.S. government was fearful of a potential Japanese invasion. They believed that, if they did land boots on American soil, that the Japanese-Americans would rise up, taking the side of the invaders. And so, Roosevelt made the Executive Order 9066, ordering over one hundred and twenty thousand Japanese-Americans to be interned in concentration camps, where they would remain until near the end of the war.
This was an apt example for how even the most level-headed of individuals could make bad decisions under the influence of fear. If Jacob assumed that the same was true for this day and age, then perhaps the administration at the company had sent machines to kill the entire worker drone populace due some or maybe even all of them being much more dangerous than what was being let on. It was a bit far-fetched, but was the one of the only viable solutions at the moment, aside from his theory that nothing was real and they were all figments of the imagination of a being so complex they were nothing but fiction to it, but the chances of that were little to none.
Jacob’s pondering was interrupted by someone waving their hand in front of his face.
“Ugh, hello?” A snapped his fingers twice. “You there?”
Jacob blinked, refocusing on his present company. “Uh yeah, just processing.”
A scoffed. “Processing what? I thought humans were superior or something?”
Jacob smacked A’s hand out of his face. “Me too.”
A raised an LED eyebrow.
“Doesn’t matter.” Jacob waved hand in a dismissive way. “What now?”
“I dunno. That's all I had.” A shrugged.
“Nothing else you’re hiding?” Jacob questioned.
“No. There isn’t.” A glared at Jacob. “Now drop it.”
Jacob held up his hands in surrender. “Okay, jeez man, calm down. I just don’t wanna be bored for however long I’m stuck here.”
“Yeah well, that's not really my problem.” A stated.
Jacob didn’t reply, only sighing, before standing and getting up out of his seat.
A startled. “Wait, where are you going?”
“Out.” Jacob simply replied.
“Why?” A inquired.
Jacob shrugged. “Bored.”
A got to his feet as well. “Fine then. I guess I’m going as well.”
“You’re coming with?” Jacob asked incredulously.
“Yeah. I can’t have you running off and getting yourself killed.” A reasoned.
“They kept saying that too.” Jacob grumbled.
“Who said that?” A tilted his head.
“K and X.” Jacob answered. “Also, why don’t y’all have normal names? Why just letters?”
“I dunno.” A non-committedly replied.
“Huh.” Jacob took that as a cue to leave, turning to the ladder.
A followed closely behind, waiting until Jacob had gone through the small exit to ascend himself.
Jacob didn’t bother to use the ladder on the way down, buckling his knees and dropping the last few feet, hearing the snow crunch beneath him. He had been prepared to absorb the impact, but it seemed like whatever advanced mechanics his suit possessed had done the job all by itself, which was pretty nice. He made a mental note to test out the capabilities later on, just to get a general sense of the limits and what would be a danger to him.
Jacob heard a similar crunching noise behind him, causing him to look backwards, seeing A just awkwardly standing there.
“Just gonna follow me? Really?” Jacob was slightly annoyed.
“Yeah. I’ve gotta keep you safe until someone else takes you off my hands, or else I’ll-” A cut himself off.
Jacob took note of that, inferring what he might have been about to say. It only served to confirm his notion that he was sort of a VIP on the planet. He was to be protected at all costs, which was pretty nice for Jacob.
“So, you gonna do anything?” A asked.
* * *
The sound of snow crunching filled the empty room as the pair walked into it.
“Can we go back already?” X complained.
“No, and be quiet.” K scolded him. “It’s too echoey in this room, it’s annoying.”
X scoffed. “Pff, it’s fine. Nobody’s around for miles, we’re all good. Now when can we go back?”
K rolled her eyes. “We can go back when we find something, You heard what he said.”
“What who said?” X inquired.
“You idiot, our squad leader!? Our boss that we’ve spent who knows how long with!?” K cried out.
“Calm down, just messing around.” X leaned against the wall.
“Whatever, you know what A said. We can’t come back until we’ve found water.” K reminded X.
“Why do we even need it? I’m sure he’ll be fine.” X waved off the issue.
“He’ll die.” K deadpanned.
“He can walk it off.” X waved off the issue again.
“I don’t care, just get off the wall, we’ve gotta search every building.” K gestured for X to follow.
“How can we even find anything in here? Everywhere else we’ve checked has been empty.” X took his place next to K.
“You never know, now get to it.” K kicked over a rock, exposing a small marble.
X trotted over to a dented metal counter on one side of the room, peering underneath it.
“Nothing here, this is useless.” X whined.
“Shut up.” K called out.
X surprisingly obliged, kneeling down and searching the small cabinets that were connected to the counter. After finding nothing but a small skeleton huddled inside one of them, X sighed heavily, before making his way over to a large metal box. It might’ve been taller than him if it wasn’t tipped over on its side, with an assortment of power cords snaking out from an outlet on the back of it. Seeing a small handle on the front, X tugged on it, the slight rust giving way to superior strength.
However, X’s eyes went wide with shock, which changed to glee.
“Hey, look what I’ve found!” X called out to K.
K’s head whipped up, staring at the prize that X was brandishing. “You found- what is that?”
If the two had any idea what warm food was, they would’ve recognized the lumpy frozen good that X had in his hands as a perfectly preserved rotisserie chicken. If they had any sort of reheating device, and if they had proper taste buds, they might have been able to enjoy the sweet experience of a Thanksgiving dinner. However, they were ignorant robots who were about as smart as a middle schooler, so the only reaction that they, or at least one of them had, was confusion.
“I dunno, but it says chicken on the side!” X proudly exclaimed.
“What’s chicken?” K questioned.
“I’m . . . not sure . . . but I’m pretty sure it's food.” X’s LED eyebrows furrowed in thought.
“How do you know that?” K asked.
“Uh, I don't?” X seemed more confused than ecstatic now.
K shook her head. “Did you find anything useful?”
“Well I found this clear thing, but it only says something called ‘Dasani’ on the side.” X held up a clear plastic bottle, putting his finger in quotation marks when he said it.
“Give me that!” K dashed across the room, snatching the item out of X’s hands.
“Wha- hey!” X tried to grab at it, but K held it out of his reach.
“Back up!” K swatted X in the face, inciting a squawk of surprise.
“I found it first, give it back!” X shot back, tackling K, causing the bottle to roll across the ground.
The two began slugging at each other, scrabbling across the ground for dominance over a goddamn bottle, like a gang of the aforementioned middle schoolers. Nearly crushing the contested item multiple times, the two spent a good thirty seconds duking it out. And after K finally managed to curl into a ball around the bottle, X tried to no avail to recapture his former possession.
“You motherfu-” X was cut off by a noise from the door that led deeper into the building
The two highly professional disassembly drones shot to their feet, their gazes snapping to the origin of the sound. Standing there was a figure, about the same height as K and X, with familiar black plating and armor, kneeling down to grab a small blue marble that was on the floor. It appears as though the idiot had been trying to be sneaky to avoid capturing the attention of the killer robots, which clearly didn’t go as planned.
“Uh, hi.” The drone said after a moment of silence.
Even more silence.
The military drone took that as a cue to scoop up the marble, before dashing out of the room.
K and X instantly took chase, with K pocketing the small bottle for later. The military drone wasn’t quite fast, but it did make use of its head start well. The unnamed drone disappeared behind the corner, with the pair of disassembly drones right on his heels. However, when K turned around the edge, a bullet tore through the air, finding its home in her head. Completely unprepared, she fell to the ground.
X, contrary to what some might do, didn’t stop to assist her, instead just simply vaulting over her body, speeding onward. He was rapidly closing the distance between him and the military drone, when his prey suddenly whipped around with a pistol in its hand. X, unlike his comrade, was prepared for this inevitability, turning to the side and out of the path of the trio of bullets as they flew by him. X followed up on this by diving down onto the hapless drone, trying to skewer it on gleaming metal claws.
The drone didn’t have a chance to fight, but unknown to X, he did have time to press the small panic button on its jawline, or where the jawline would be if it was a human. If anyone on this planet was familiar with standard police or even military practice, they would recognize the small button as the useful yet annoying panic button.
For a bit of context, the panic button is usually represented as a small and easy-to-access device that, when activated, sends out an emergency distress signal that would notify the proper authorities of the panic button’s location and a dire situation. The panic button is common in the military, police personnel, elderly homes, schools, corporate buildings, apartment buildings, and basically everywhere else that isn’t a ghetto.
The drone, however, proved to be much smarter than his predecessors, much to the dismay of X. It dove to the side, dropping down and through a weakened rusty grate. As X’s claws scraped against the wall, the fleeing drone tossed a metal panel that was blocking the way out to his side, before dashing through the door. X jumped down to the lower floor, before continuing his chase.
A flurry of bullets ripped towards him, but X brought his arm up, letting his forearm absorb the projectiles that hit, and most missed. The drone ran down a comically long flight of stairs, taking three steps at a time. The stairs continued downward, eventually opening up to a basement with a gaping hole in the wall, which led straight into darkness. The drone nearly fell into the hole from the momentum of jumping down the stairs. But, it just managed to skid to a stop at the edge.
X landed at the foot of the stairs, crouching to absorb the impact. X’s gaze focused on the drone that was pointing the pistol at X, sights drawing a solid bead on his head. However, when it pulled the trigger, it was only met with a slight clicking sound. The drone gaze jerked down to the pistol, then straight back up to X, who was now diving towards it, claws outstretched.
The drone jumped backwards, losing his balance. Its foot slipped off the edge, and while the sudden space between it and X saved its life for the time being, it did have to contend with gravity, which was now pulling on the drone by a considerable amount.
X watched as the drone tumbled down the pit, hitting the sides. However, the sides of the pit were both sloped and slick with a thin sheet of ice, causing the drone to slide down to the bottom. The drone slammed against a large rusty metal pipe, which was a solid indicator of the pit’s identity as a sewer.
The drone scrambled to its feet, caving the skull in of a skeleton that appeared to have been a former inspector when one took into account the corpse’s clipboard and tattered clothes. X slammed down onto the large pipe, causing it to resonate like a gong. The drone snatched up a small length of rusty metal rebar that had impaled itself on the ground, the edge of the steel surprisingly sharp. The drone adopted a fighting stance, pointing the business end towards X.
The robotic predator didn’t care, however, just simply stabbing his prey with his own pointy stick, the sharp end of his nanite acid tail. The sharp tool stuck itself in the drone’s shoulder, causing it to drop the bar and curse. X took the opportunity to grip the drone by the head, while digging the claws of his other hand in its chest. X then looked into the opaque black visor of the military drone, before pulling in two opposite directions.
The effects were made known quickly, with the head of the military drone migrating away from its home connected to the body. Oil splashed down onto X, who took the opportunity to feed. X dropped the head, letting it hit the ground with a clang, dropping the body as well.
X stood over the fallen corpse, claws gleaming with oil. K landed next to him, retracting her wings.
“So you got it?” K asked.
“No I didn’t, he got away. This body right here is just a random pigeon, and you’re just hallucinating.” X replied sarcastically. “Also, how the hell did you get here so fast?”
K rolled her eyes. “Oh, be quiet. I’m just making sure, because knowing you, you would probably let him go for the funny.” She ignored his latter question.
“Well now that you mention it . . .” X looked sorrowfully at the body.
K punched him in the arm. “Whatever, we gotta go. I seriously doubt that he was alone-”
She was cut off yet again by a loud crash that originated from the hole up on the wall. The duo whipped around, only to see several guns pointed straight at them.
“Sup.” X nodded at the intruders.
* * *
The sound of conversation could be audibly heard from the lit tent.
The tent had been designated as the de facto headquarters for the former facility personnel, with a smaller offshoot serving as a meeting room for the leadership. The offshoot tent in question was currently being used for its purpose, with an emergency meeting being called. Not because of the discovery of a dead body, but for a different matter entirely.
“Can anyone at least tell me how this happened?” The Lead Engineer leaned on the table.
One of the data officers stepped forward. “We believe that when we were evacuating the facility, an error occurred that declassified the file.” They answered.
“An error did this.” The General wasn’t convinced.
“Well, yes. The computers had been degrading for a while now, and we had noticed that several of our autonomous programs were misbehaving, or just outright not working at all.” The data officer replied.
“And we did nothing about this?” The General glared at the trio of data officers that had joined them.
“We actually were doing all we could, but we didn’t have the materials to make a complete fix.” The Lead Engineer interjected.
“Why didn’t you tell me then!?” The General exclaimed.
“I did. You probably just forgot again.” The Lead Engineer suggested.
“What? I have the best memory here.” The General puffed out his chest proudly.
“Alright then, what were we just talking about?” The Lead Engineer inquired.
The General frowned. “We were talking?”
The Lead Engineer facepalmed. “Goddamn idiot.”
One of the data officers stepped up. “Uh, sir? There is still the matter of the ones who discovered the information.”
“Oh yeah, uh, dump them off the eastern bridge.” The Lead Engineer waved off the issue.
With a simple nod, the data officers left, accompanied by a few guards as well. The Lead Engineer sat back in his chair, before steepling his fingers on the desk. He looked back and forth between the assembled leadership, before the General spoke up.
“So, are we gonna continue or what?” He crossed his arms.
“Yes, sorry.” The Lead Engineer motioned to one of his ministers. “You take the lead, Kane.”
Kane got up, walking to the front of the tent, dragging a projector on a cart with him. When he arrived, he pulled down the white screen, securing the hook on a latch on the bottom. He then adjusted the cart, facing the lens towards the screen. He then attached a laptop to the projector, pressing a few buttons and fiddling with a few switches, cursing once. Finally, the projector flickered to life, shining an image onto the screen.
Kane cleared his throat. “Ahem, so. What you are seeing here is the first page of the document in question. As you can see here, it appears to be warning against a drone viewing whatever the contents of this file is.” Kane flicked to the next slide. “It continues to vehemently express this multiple times, not really differing in its warning at all.”
One of the military ministers, Alicia, raised her hand. “Uh, question?”
Kane paused. “What is it?”
“Its warning against drones? She asked.
“Yes, it is. I’ll explain this later on, so save your questions for the end please.” Kane looked back to the projection, skipping through the slides until he landed on the first one without a warning.
“Ah, here we go. So, as you can see here, this appears to be a logo for JCJenson-'' Kane was interrupted by a faint, “In Spaaaaacee!” from an unknown source. “Uh, anyway, as all of you know, JCJenson was the company that owned this planet, and the one that provided the drones that the government were using in their facility, which was us.” Kane flicked to the next slide.
“Here we can see a title for a project, along with several bits of accompanying information, like locations, associates, page number, references, you get the picture.” Kane then produced a long ruler from what seemed like thin air, before pointing the end at one of the words. “Pay attention to this one here ‘AbsoSolv’ as it’ll come up several times later on.” Going to the next slide, Kane cleared his throat yet again.
“This page is more confusing, as it appears to be mentioning several unit serial numbers that don’t match up with standard format, which are mixed in with several other ones that are in different format, like this one here,” Kane pointed his stick at a random one from the line. “This one says, S-010011X01, which I believe has a main identifying letter instead of a string of numbers based on time of construction.”
“Additionally, while some of these feature the normal serial numbers that worker drones use, they have another identifier after it, separated by a dash.” Kane flipped to the next slide.
“This one is more straightforward, as it appears to be featuring a set of technical designs of a modified worker drone with the serial number and other associated information listed at the top. The notes on the side are observations on the modifications that can be seen in the designs. Some of the original worker drone parts can be seen, but a majority of the inner and outer mass seem to have been altered or replaced with a substance that is described as ‘fleshy’. You can see at the very bottom a signature of an unknown human administrator, and a notice that marks the drone for ‘disassembly’ as an addendum can be seen that marks whatever this is as a failure, and a recommendation to request more data from their source.”
Kane took a breath, before going to the next slide. “This is essentially the same as the last one, and this continues for a few slides. Nothing of note can be found in them, save for a few different serial numbers that were listed in one of the prior slides.”
Kane flicked to the next slide. “This one has two addendums, which I will say in a moment. The image is different as well, with noticeably less random mutations and more of a form taking place. This one was supposedly much more successful than the others, and while it was still marked as a failure, the first addendum said that the team working on the project should strip the data from the drone in as best a condition as they could. The second one simply noted they were naming the specific strain of code they were using to ‘Absolute Solver’. The addendum does not mention any reason or motive behind the name, only noting the fact that their shareholders would be pleased.”
“The next one is the first apparent success in the line of experiments that JCJenson seemed to be doing. A single growth can be seen protruding from the back of the spinal transmitter, and several other growths have sprouted inside. However, it is noted that the drone survived the process, and remained somewhat coherent for a period of time afterwards, which seems to be an outlier when considering the others. There isn’t an addendum on this one, only a request from the team for more extensive data from their source to compare to this experiment.”
“This trend continues for a good while, so I’ll just summarize the important bits for all of you.” Kane stated. “Each version continued to show more and more productive attributes and traits, as is par the standard course. Throughout the notes, requests, and addendums, whoever was typing up the document repeatedly noted some things that I will review later, such as Absolute Solver, the ‘source’, Camp 98.7, Cabin Fever Labs, and disassembly drones.”
Kane flicked to the final slide. “This is the final page, with some items to note. It appears to be a reiteration of the specifics of the agreement between the government and JCJenson, with a few additional key things. It includes the standard formalities and the usual junk that we all know, but something else as well. When mentioning the exchange of data that came from the asset-” Kane paused as the room underwent an uncomfortable shuffle in their seats. “They mention a clear correlation between this project that JCJenson is, or was, working on, and the asset. They also instructed the government contacts that any unauthorized personnel, which included government agents, were now barred from entering Camp 98.7 due to ‘hazardous environmental conditions’ and that this was nonnegotiable.”
Kane turned away from the projector, clasping his hands in front of himself. “And now to explain.”
“From what me and the team I assigned could gather, we deduced the meanings and purposes behind several items that were mentioned in this file. The first and most obvious, the ‘source’ that is mentioned. They are receiving data from this source, which seems to be essential to the development of what they were working on. Based on their words, we figured that the source is likely the asset, and yes, the same asset that we are all familiar with.” Kane paused, seemingly to let his words sink in.
“Continuing on, we began to dissect what Camp 98.7 was. It was very clearly a location of sorts, but where it was and what it was used for was more complicated. While we never arrived at a solid conclusion, we believed that the most likely avenue was that Camp 98.7 might have been an outpost of sorts, perhaps used in conjunction with these Cabin Fever Labs.”
“On the matter of the Cabin Fever Labs, we can clearly assume that research and development of this Absolute Solver was being conducted there, and perhaps Camp 98.7 was a sort of staging ground or other type of location related to the lab. We believe that the location of one or both of these sites are hidden within another file.”
“And perhaps the most intriguing and complex matter of them all, Absolute Solver. We figured that it was likely that this Absolute Solver was instrumental in whatever experiments they were doing, or even being one of the subjects of the experiments themselves. From what we gather, Absolute Solver is something, maybe a piece of alien machinery, some sort of unknown lifeform, an experimental strain of cutting-edge code, one of those things, but whatever it is, it is not something that is ‘normal’. It appears to have a unique effect on those it hosts or comes into contact with, rapidly generating new organic material, with sometimes uncontrolled effects. While the file only shows the experiments that used drones, we don’t know if any humans or other organic lifeforms were included either. Likely not, considering the legality of the situation, but it's open to discussion.”
Kane took a large breath, before continuing.
“And finally, the disassembly drones. They seem simple, but my team believed it to be heavily related to our current situation. They aren’t mentioned very often, but they appear to be a direct result of their experiments or related to one. From what we could gather, they are meant to, well, disassemble. Drones on par with military-grade ones that are capable of a variety of things, like bullet fire, rocket launching, melee combat, flight, digital warfare, and regeneration.” Kane watched as his words dawned upon his audience, expressions filling with shock.
“Yes, those drones. The disassembly drones that we read about are likely some variant of the unknown assailants that attacked the facility, and stole the asset in the process.”
The General sputtered. “B-but that would be a severe political incident! If those drones were under the command of JCJenson, and they stole GOVERNMENT property, then they would be liable for retaliation!”
Kane tried to calm the room. “Now, hold on, I’m not done-”
The Lead Engineer also appeared to be shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier!?”
“You told me to wait for the meeting!” Kane exclaimed.
The room erupted into disarray.
“We need to mobilize, hunt down those damn traitors!”
“What's their last known location!?”
“Where is the nearest transmitter, send out a request for retaliatory action!”
Suddenly, a drone burst into the room, knocking over the projector cart in the process. Everyone turned to look at him, ceasing the chaos for a moment.
“Er, uh, sirs?” The drone asked.
“Yes?” The General and the Lead Engineer stood up at the same time.
“I, uh,” The drone looked back and forth between the two administrators. “Well, we received a panic signal from one of our scouts.”
The General scoffed. “Why would that be enough to warrant our intervention? He probably just tripped on a conveniently placed banana peel.”
The messenger fidgeted nervously. “Well, his partner reported moments before the signal came in that he heard gunshots.”
The administrative drones shared a collective uneasy look.
“What did you do?” The General asked slowly.
“The officers who received the signal first sent in two of the patrol squads that were nearby at the time.” The messenger answered.
The drones in assembly all either looked down in disappointment or facepalmed.
The General spoke up after a moment. “Send in a squad as fast as you can to their last known location. Only veterans, and outfit them with heavy weaponry and explosive ordnance.” The General paused, before adding an afterthought. “And give them some cutting equipment too.”
The messenger blinked in surprise. “Wait, sir, are you sure-”
“Just tell the officers already!” The General slammed his fist down onto the cheap plastic table, which formed a crack.
The messenger saluted quickly, before dashing out of the room.
The Lead Engineer took a cursory look at the assembled drones, before he sighed.
“We’re screwed.”
* * *
“Are you going back anytime soon?”
Jacob looked back at his unwanted companion.
“No.” He answered simply, before resuming his casual trot.
“We’re getting too far away from the spire, and the sun is coming up in an hour or two. I for one don’t want to get caught out.” A insisted.
“Well I don’t die from a bit of sunlight, so too bad.” Jacob stepped over a tire rim.
“I’m not sure that’s your choice.” A stated.
Jacob paused and looked backward. “Oh, so you’re bossing me around now?”
“Maybe, if you keep on making dumb decisions like this.” A stopped as well.
“Pff, I’ll be fine.” Jacob waved his hand in the air to emphasize his point.
“You won’t last ten minutes.” A dead-panned.
“Nah, I’ll speedrun this stuff, I’ll be off-planet in an hour.” Jacob proudly said.
A shook his head and sighed. “Whatever you say.”
Jacob didn’t answer.
Jacob then looked around. “Wait, where are we? I wasn’t keeping track.”
“And you said that you would- whatever, we’re like, three miles away from the base.” A replied.
“Huh, went that far?” Jacob asked.
A frowned. “Three miles isn’t that far-”
A was interrupted by a rather loud crack that resonated through the landscape.
Jacob blinked. “Uh, ok then-”
Jacob was also interrupted by a trio of cracks and bangs, sounding slightly familiar.
“Are those-” Jacob was, yet again, interrupted by even more bangs.
“-gunshots?” He finished.
“I wouldn’t worry, those idiots are probably either messing around, or they found a worker drone to kill.” A nonchalantly answered.
“Shouldn’t we go check it out though?” Jacob inquired.
“It isn’t a problem.” A said, annoyed.
“Well it would give me something to do.” Jacob insisted.
A checked the time, before looking at the horizon for signs of sunlight.
“Eh, fine. Wouldn’t hurt, I guess.” A shrugged.
“Nice.” Jacob grinned underneath his ballistic visor.
* * *
K sliced through the head of the last desperate drone, before spitting out a bullet.
“You done?” K called out to X.
“Yeah, I guess. By the way, do you still have my Dasani thing?” X looked at K hopefully.
“Yes, I do. And besides, it isn’t yours, it's for Jacob.” K answered.
“What? Why is he getting it? Why not me?” X exclaimed.
“Because it's water, idiot. An uncontaminated source, like A told us, remember?” K glared at X.
“I guess, but that's water?” X asked.
“Yes, it is. It matches the description.” K replied
“Description?” X questioned.
“Yeah, the description. You know what description means, right?” K seemed even more annoyed.
“I know what it means.” X snapped. “But how do you know what water looks like?”
K just shrugged, before turning towards the exit.
“Come on, we gotta get back soon.” She flew upwards, landing on the ledge.
X followed suit, tracing their steps back through the building. X looked back up at the rusty grate that the drone had fallen through, which he now identified as being part of a weirdly placed catwalk. Scanning the environment, X found that the only entrance to the small alcove would be the hole in the catwalk. The basement that the small room was connected to didn’t have an entrance either, only having the gaping hole in the side of the room, which likely wasn't intended. That would mean that a person would have to chop through the sewer wall to get into the basement and adjoining alcove, or jump off the catwalk. Both of those options didn’t make any sort of sense at all. In fact, the catwalk wasn’t even needed, someone could have just removed the entire basement-and-alcove plan entirely, which also removed the necessity for a catwalk. All in all, whoever designed the building was either high off of some crazy drugs, an idiot, or both.
But, none of these thoughts went through X’s head, as he was only thinking about the devastating loss of his cool plastic bottle.
K hefted herself up onto the rusty catwalk, with X following close behind. K went through the doorway, only for a rather eventful event to stop her momentarily.
A rocket screamed through the air, smacking K straight in the chest. The resulting explosion blew X backwards and K apart, with oil splashing onto the ground in the process. With a clatter, X hit the ground, slightly dazed. He looked to his left to see what looked like the arm of K, twitching slightly. X tried to get up, only to fall again, after he put his weight on a hand that wasn’t there.
X, seeing the failure of Operation: GTFU, adjusted his position so that he could get up with his other hand only, which was thankfully still there. Investigating his left arm, he could see that everything down from the elbow had been separated from himself in the blast. He didn’t have time to look for it or go get it, so he simply let the matter go.
Standing up, X stared through the smoke, before diving back down onto the ground when another rocket came streaking past him. It scratched his face, sending small sparks up, before heading down the other hallway. X pointed his own rocket launcher into the fog, before firing off a flurry of shots. He heard explosions, but wasn’t rewarded with screams or grunts of pain. Problematic, to say the least.
X took the opportunity to kick K’s assorted dismembered body parts down into the lower alcove, where she should eventually reassemble herself. She was really taking a beating recently, and she would probably be frustrated about that when X was all done, but that wasn’t his problem-
X nearly met the same fate as K when another rocket flew from the open doorway, the fog starting to clear up. X jumped up and over the RPG, letting it fly into the unexplored depths of the building. He couldn’t do this dance forever, so he made the executive decision to charge into the unknown.
* * *

Anyway, I'll be posting the next part tomorrow, so hang on tight for the singular person that made it to the end. No need to like, this is purely for my own benefit. See ya.
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2023.06.03 01:50 GoodMoGo I am not a fracking hired tech from GeekSquad!

I'm not looking down on anyone that works or worked at the GeekSquad. I'm talking about a blow-up I had with a "client" a couple of weeks ago and, because I know I have been on a short fuse and where they are coming from, I'm feeling a bit guilty and ranty.
But, essentially, I don't treat or think of the IT department in the same business model as the GeekSquad or any other tech service provider. I try my hardest to avoid calling anyone in the organization a "client" because I don't want to encourage this service providerecipient dynamic. As far as I'm concerned, my function in the org. is to keep the information technology systems and processes working, NOT provide value to you in the form of "customer service". In most situations, "good customer service" and the necessary protocols and SOPs go hand in hand. When they don't, STOP going up the chain of command or berating my "dedication to quality service" because you didn't get what you want, how you want. I am your fucking co-worker doing my part to keep this shit floating, not someone you hired to do as you want.
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2023.06.03 00:49 DogG6 [NA][PvX][Discord] (Newbies/Returning/F2P/Vets welcome) Æternal Senate [AETH] casual-but-coordinated, fun and mature guild tap-dance distance to summer

Welcome (back) to the game, if you're new, returning or veteran! Have you just started the game with the Steam launch? Maybe you're a returning player catching up on story content or looking to get into more types of content? Or you're a veteran player who wants to have more accessible grouping for endgame and show off your Fashion Wars? If you answered yes, no, or maybe to any of these questions, this is the right guild for you!
Learn and run every type of content with us, from story and open world content to endgame content such as Fractals, Strikes and Raids.

Our Guild

Æternal Senate [AETH] is a guild focused on including players socially as well as actively. We're casual and centered on fun and helping members progress, and coordinated, so members can focus on the fun stuff.
Communication and a social nature are emphasized parts of our guild, and guild chat and Discord for voice and text are important parts of keeping all of our members connected to the community.
Notice: we are located on the NA megaserver, and because of how Guild Wars 2's account system works, people on the EU server will not be able to play content with us without transferring.

Who we're looking for

We welcome members who are just starting out in the game, returning after a break, or are dedicated veterans. Our guild is home to every type of player and person, and you’re welcome as part of this. If you're new, we'll help you learn; if you're returning, we can help you see what's new to the game; and if you're experienced, we're an organized platform to enjoy and progress in Guild Wars. Shy or chatty, jokey or serious, we're a community built of all personalities!
We don't want members to seem like just another number, and you don't either! For this, and as we focus on including every member that we can, we have light and flexible requirements, though we’re only looking for people that want to be friends to and part of the community.

What we do:

We play small and large content together as a guild, in squads or parties, scheduled or spontaneous, both PvE and PvP. We never enforce gear or build requirements for our events, anyone is welcome to join, though we do try to keep things (casually) coordinated past that. Here our main events:
  • PoobadOperations - our nights for quick and varied back-to-back content ranging from open world stuff like Living World, seasonal content, world bosses, events, jumping puzzles, as well as instanced content like dungeons, Fractals, story content or achievements.
  • Variety Instanced Content - Each week, jump into different 5-man and 10-man instanced content to progress in Masteries, Collections and gearing.
  • Strike Missions - Delve into 10-man boss fights and learn tight new mechanics to impress the quaggans with.
  • Raid Training - Multiple nights a week, learn builds, gearing, profession roles and Raid mechanics to set you up for running Raids, and then run them in relaxed groups alongside other guildies!
  • Full Raid Clears - In addition to raid trainings, join multiple nights a week full-clear both HoT and PoF raids in experienced groups. This event is intended for experienced, fully-geared and built players.
  • Fractal Friday - every Friday, learn and run Fractals with other guild members! Fractals are mechanics-focused five-man instances. If you're new, we'll teach you all you need to know; if you're a veteran, jump into a guild party to run dailies.
  • Progression-focused Variety Open World - Jump into metas and open world content across the core game and expansions in a guild squad twice a week. This event is focused on progressing Collections, Achievements, Masteries and earning the unique drops from open world content.
  • Guild Missions - join a guild squad for varied instanced and open world content across Tyria, ranging from puzzles and obstacle courses to hunting down bounty targets and finding hidden locations.

To join:

  • The absolute best and fastest way to join is through our Discord. Or:
  • You can also comment here or DM me on reddit if you have questions or need an invite.
  • Contact us in-game with a whisper or mail: Dog G.6589, Kattia.3965, ZilBilTril.3815, DangerHeart.5873, sanferic.7259 or AersiaNightingale.7835
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2023.06.03 00:45 Amor-Vincit-Haeresim [F] Beneath the Emperor's Eye: Hidden Desires

Captain Gabriel Cremasterius of the Ultramarines gazed at the wasteland that extended for kilometers and kilometers in front of him, while his comrades were setting up the base of operations. He stood tall and proud in his cerulean blue armor, his gaze unwavering, and his heart dedicated to the mission he was given in the name of the God-Emperor: to retrieve the mystic Rod of Displacement from the hand of Chaos forces, or destroy it.
The rod was an ancient relic long forgotten—a powerful weapon capable of warping reality itself. The Imperium could ill afford such a weapon falling into the hands of their enemies, and the Ultramarines leading six regiments of the Imperial Guard were tasked to retrieve it in a full-scale invasion of Passera II, a planet seized by Chaos forces.
He was known throughout the Chapter as a beacon of loyalty and bravery. But behind his stoic facade, there was a secret he held close to his chest, a secret that could cost him everything he held dear.
Despite being a gene-forged augmented human, despite all his training and psycho-pharmaceutical conditioning, something was different in him. In the darkest corners of his soul, Gabriel harbored an unrequited love for a soldier from the Imperial Guard, Lieutenant Marcus Cole. Tall and rugged, Marcus possessed a sense of duty that matched Gabriel's own. Whenever they found themselves fighting side by side on the battlefield, Gabriel couldn't help but steal glances at the man who had unknowingly captured his heart.
The first time Gabriel realized the depth of his feelings, it struck him like a bolt of lightning. He had been leading a joint mission with the Imperial Guard, coordinating their efforts against a chaos incursion on the forsaken world of Lorn V. As they fought shoulder to shoulder, their movements in perfect synchrony, Gabriel's admiration for Marcus turned into something more.
It was during a lull in the battle, with the acrid stench of smoke and gunfire hanging heavy in the air, that Gabriel found himself stealing a rare moment alone with Marcus. Their eyes met, and in that shared gaze, a flicker of something unspoken passed between them. Gabriel felt his heart skip a beat, and he had to look away, afraid that his secret would be revealed.
From that moment on, Gabriel's thoughts were consumed by Marcus. He found himself seeking out opportunities to be near him, to hear his voice, and to bask in his presence. Marcus, unaware of Gabriel's hidden affection, treated him with utmost respect, seeing him as a trusted comrade and ally, as a superhuman who gave him, a mere soldier of the Guard, the honor of his friendship. But Gabriel longed for something more—a connection that transcended their roles as warriors.
The weight of their unexpressed love burdened Gabriel's soul. It was a constant ache that lingered even in the most fervent battles. He yearned to hold Marcus, to brush his fingers against his cheek, and to tell him how his heart burned with a love that defied the boundaries of their world.
But the reality of their situation gnawed at Gabriel's spirit. The rigid doctrines of the Imperium dictated that such affections were forbidden, especially within the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes. His duty was to be a killing machine, an angel of death, not to have feelings for anyone else. As a warrior devoted to duty, he had been taught to prioritize the Emperor's will above all else, to suppress personal desires and emotions in service of the Imperium.
As a warrior devoted to duty, he had been taught to prioritize the Emperor's will above all else, to suppress personal desires and emotions in service of the Imperium. To place his emotional bondage to someone who wasn't the God-Emperor or the eprite-de-corps was heretical, and possibly a symptom of corruption in his gene-seed. Gabriel knew that if their love were exposed, it could result in both their excommunication and the destruction of everything they held dear.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, as Gabriel and Marcus fought side by side against the tides of heresy and chaos. The battles were relentless, and the pain of their hidden love gnawed at Gabriel's spirit. He watched Marcus carry the weight of their unspoken affection as well, his eyes filled with longing every time their gazes met.
The secrecy became a prison for Gabriel. He found himself torn between his duty to the Ultramarines and the overwhelming desire to express his love for Marcus. It was a battle fought within his own heart—a struggle between the loyalty he had sworn to the Emperor and the love that consumed his every waking moment.Little did Gabriel know that Marcus was fighting the same battle. The longing in his eyes mirrored Gabriel's own, but he, too, understood the risks involved. They both lived with the constant fear of discovery, yet the flame of their love burned ever brighter, refusing to be extinguished.
As Gabriel and Marcus continued to navigate the treacherous path of their forbidden love, they found themselves under the watchful eye of Apothecary Pipus Gravus, a keen observer with a reputation for uncovering secrets within the ranks of the Ultramarines. Suspicion cast its dark shadow over the two warriors, raising the stakes of their clandestine affair.
The two, acutely aware of the risks they faced in their forbidden love, took great care to conceal their affections and avoid arousing suspicion. They understood that even the slightest hint of impropriety could draw unwanted attention from their comrades, including the watchful eyes of Pipus.To maintain their secret, Gabriel and Marcus became masters of subtlety. They avoided any unnecessary physical contact while in the presence of others, ensuring their interactions remained strictly professional. Their conversations were filled with coded language and veiled references, allowing them to communicate their feelings without explicitly revealing the nature of their affection.
Aware that their actions could potentially be scrutinized, they ensured that their conduct mirrored the camaraderie and respect shared among their fellow Ultramarines. Gabriel and Marcus continued to fight side by side on the battlefield, their battle prowess and dedication to duty serving as a smokescreen for their hidden desires. By maintaining a facade of unwavering loyalty to the Emperor, they avoided raising any immediate red flags.
Nevertheless, Pipus, with his keen intuition and ability to discern even the subtlest changes in behavior, couldn't help but notice a certain closeness between Gabriel and Marcus. He observed the stolen glances and the lingering gazes that passed between them, causing a seed of suspicion to take root in his mind.Instead of acting on his suspicions immediately, Titus decided to delve deeper into the matter, carefully observing their interactions over an extended period. He sought to gather enough evidence to ascertain the truth before potentially exposing them to the harsh consequences that awaited those who violated the stringent rules of the Imperium.
As time passed, Titus couldn't help but notice the unchanging professionalism and dedication displayed by Gabriel and Marcus. Their actions mirrored those of their fellow warriors, leaving him with no concrete proof to substantiate his suspicions. However, beneath his duty-bound exterior, Pipus also recognized the pain and longing that lay hidden within the hearts of the two warriors.
He in fact held a secret of his own. While his duty compelled him to investigate any potential deviations from the Emperor's light, his heart yearned for a different outcome. He had always admired Gabriel's unwavering dedication and Marcus' unwavering valor. Deep within him, Titus sympathized with their plight, understanding the power of love and the pain of unrequited desires.
Rather than expose Gabriel and Marcus, Pipus decided to silently watched over them, protecting their secret from prying eyes. He knew the risks they faced if their love were revealed, and he couldn't bear to be the instrument of their downfall. Instead, he discreetly ensured their encounters went unnoticed, providing a shield against the scrutiny of others. He subtly redirected attention away from them during gatherings and discreetly intervened when others approached too close to uncover their secret. In doing so, he created a buffer that allowed their love to remain hidden, even from those who might have been more perceptive.
Pipus understood the weight of their unrequited love, recognizing the sacrifices they made to uphold their duties while suppressing their true desires. His sympathy and compassion for their plight compelled him to become their silent guardian, ensuring that their secret remained known to them alone
.Thus, in the shadows, their love continued to burn, an unspoken flame that only grew stronger with each passing day, awaiting a time when they might find the freedom to express it openly.
In the depths of their despair, a sliver of hope emerged. Marcus had come across a rumor—a hidden possibility that would allow them to escape the scrutiny of the Imperium and seek refuge in a remote world far from prying eyes. If properly activated, the Rod was capable of teleporting people wherever they wanted, by tapping the power of Immaterium in an instant travel. But wouldn't it be supreme heresy and crime against the Imperium?
The Rod was kept in a Chaos stronghold buried in a mountain. The assault lasted for days, with both parts taking a heavy toll in losses. But Imperial forces had the advantage of numbers and air superiority, so Chaos forces were surrounded and trapped with no possibility of escapes. They didn't know how to operate the Rod, a secret that was only known to the high Imperial inquisitors. Their only hope was to resist for enough time to let the reinforcements come, break the Imperial defenses, and allow anybody to flee.
However, the Imperial Guard built tight defenses around their forces, creating a sandwich situation: Chaos forces surrounding Imperial forces that surrounded other Chaos forces. A sudden ion storm made the skies unfliable, so everybody was counting their supplies. Who would have lasted long?
Gabriel decided to storm immediately the target of the expedition, not to waste time. Some brave Guardsmen volounteer to assist the Ultramarines squad, and Marcus was among them. Initially, Gabriel didn't want for his love to risk his life in that battle, but he couldn't express his fears.
As they approached the stronghold, its malevolent aura hung heavy in the air, sending shivers down their spines. The Guardsmen steeled themselves for the battle ahead, their hearts aflame with determination. Gabriel was impatient to fight. This mission held the promise of not only reclaiming a powerful artifact but also solidifying their bond and fighting against the oppressive forces that sought to snuff out their love. Still, he was teared by doubt about the correct course of action and his duty to the Chapter.
The stronghold's defenses were formidable, with hordes of chaos cultists and monstrous abominations blocking their path. Gabriel's tactical prowess guided their every move, while Marcus' unwavering bravery served as an inspiration to all.
Amidst the chaos they battled, Marcus found himself faced with an unexpected twist of fate. During a skirmish a young woman, Elara, stood before him, her eyes filled with a mixture of terror and devotion, her hands in a bolter pistol shaking and unable to fire. In a moment of mercy, Marcus spared her life, unable to shake the feeling that there was something more to her than blind devotion to the Ruinous Powers. Gabriel approached, and gently disarmed her.
When the approaching comrades arrived, Marcus pretended that she was not a cultist, but a prisoner, previously abducted by Chaos raiders.
Elara, the product of a twisted upbringing within the cult, had been manipulated and indoctrinated from a young age. Seeking salvation, Elara kneeled, thanked for the mercy, and pledged herself to the Imperium, vowing to seek a path to salvation. She promised to show to the two warriors how to avoid the defenses and reach their goal.
Together, they carved their way through the twisted halls, their resolve unyielding. Finally, they reached the inner sanctum, where the Rod of Displacement awaited them, its malefic energy crackling in the air. Gabriel and Marcus stood united, their spirits intertwined as they confronted the embodiment of chaos. Elara watched from a distance: she was unsure about what to do. She held a secret, unbeknownst even to her cultist companions: she knew how to use the Rod. She could have grabbed it to escape from everything and everyone.
In a climactic battle, they overcame the final cultists, securing the Rod of Displacement. But victory came at a cost. Gabriel was wounded, his armor pierced by a chaos-infused blade of a Khorne berserker. For some reason, the wound didn't suture, and blood continued to flow, despite the gene-agumentation granting to space marines the means of surviving wounds. The berserker's blade was somehow cursed. As his lifeblood spilled, Marcus rushed to his side, his heart breaking at the thought of losing the one he loved.
It was in that moment that Elara, torn between her past and her newfound purpose, made a choice. Marcus' act of compassion ignited a spark within her, a glimmer of hope and a longing for redemption. Determined to escape the clutches of darkness, with a surge of power, she tapped into the energy of the Rod of Displacement, channeling it to heal Gabriel's wounds. Her redemption lay not in serving the Ruinous Powers but in embracing the light and aiding those who fought against darkness.
As Gabriel's wounds closed, a newfound hope blossomed within their hearts. They had overcome the stronghold and emerged victorious, united not only in their love but in their shared purpose to protect the Imperium from the clutches of chaos. The Rod of Displacement, once a weapon of destruction, would now be safeguarded by their hands, turned against the very forces that sought to tear them apart.
As fate would have it, the arrival of the Ultramarines at the scene of their triumph was both a blessing and a curse for Gabriel, Marcus, and Elara. Chaplain Marcus Iunius Scassonius, renowned for his unwavering devotion to the Emperor, witnessed the aftermath of Elara's use of the Rod of Displacement. With a mixture of curiosity and suspicion, he accused her of heresy, recognizing her to be a Chaos sorcerer, capable of manipulating the Rod and use magic.
Gabriel and Marcus, however, were quick to defend Elara. They protested vehemently, pointing out that her act had saved Gabriel's life and allowed them to secure the powerful artifact. Their loyalty and gratitude toward Elara overshadowed any concerns about her methods, driving them to protect her from the accusations of heresy.
Their protests only served to stoke the chaplain's suspicions. He accused Gabriel and Marcus of shielding a heretic, questioning their motives and suggesting that their own loyalty might be compromised. The weight of his accusations threatened to shatter the fragile facade they had carefully constructed, placing their secret love in even greater peril.
Yet, in the midst of this tense confrontation, the ever sympathetic apothecary, Pipus Gravus, acted swiftly and discreetly. Sensing the imminent danger, he covertly tossed a smoke grenade, creating a diversion that temporarily obscured the view of their accusers. Meanwhile, through a private channel on their helmet comms, Pipus urgently communicated to Gabriel to escape.Just as Gabriel was about to comply with Pipus' instructions, Elara, filled with a desperate determination, took matters into her own hands. She gripped the curved rod tightly, channeling its latent power. With a firm rub, a blinding blaze of light erupted, enveloping the trio in a luminous aura.
In that moment, they vanished from the stronghold, leaving their astonished comrades and the chaplain behind. The teleportation, facilitated by the activation of the Rod of Displacement, propelled them away from immediate danger, transporting them to an unknown destination.
The sympathetic apothecary's quick thinking and discreet communication had given Gabriel and his companions a chance to escape. Their secret love, though threatened, remained hidden from prying eyes. As the trio reappeared in their new surroundings, the echoes of their departure reverberated, leaving behind a trail of uncertainty and a sense of hope. They were free, at least for now, and ready to face whatever challenges awaited them in their newfound refuge.
Bound by their love and strengthened by their experiences, Gabriel, Marcus, and Elara forged ahead, ready to face whatever challenges awaited them in the eternal struggle between light and darkness. And amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope remained—a hope that love, even in the face of adversity, could prevail and pave the way for a brighter future.
What will happen next, is a new story.
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2023.06.03 00:40 Bballer015 Good Deal?? --- Lenovo - Legion Slim 7i 16" Gaming Laptop

Good Deal?? --- Lenovo - Legion Slim 7i 16 submitted by Bballer015 to GamingLaptops [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 00:13 dm6497 My 1st PC Build - i5 13600k RTX 3080

Hi guys, I'm new to PC build and this will be my first budget build. Will be using it for mainly for gaming 1440p medium fps (COD Warzone) and some video editing.
Please feel free to drop some suggestions or your thoughts about it. Considering to order the pending parts from Amazon asap.
Here are the updated Price:- i5 13600k - $171 (EPP price) - Purchased, Vetroo V240 - $79.99 (Amazon), Gigabyte Z690 UD AX DDR4 - $169 (Amazon), Teamgroup T-Force 2x8gb DDR4 3600Mhz CL18 - $46.99 (Amazon), Samsung 980 1tb - $34.99 (Best Buy Geek Squad Certified) - Purchased, MSI RTX 3080 10gb - $300 (Got it from Office friend) - Purchased, NZXT H5 Elite - $105 (Best Buy Open Box Excellent GSC) - Purchased, MSI 1000W (660W x 1.5 = 990W) 80+ Gold PSU - $189 (Amazon with code PICKUP10OFF)
Total - $1096 + $51(taxes) - (Amazon 5% cashback $26) = $1121
Is it value for money? What do u think about price to performance?
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