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For those who lack the Beetus, but are still whales

2013.11.27 20:33 Kahluka For those who lack the Beetus, but are still whales

Does your story lack Beetus, fat logic and kundishuns, but do you still want to share? This sub is for you! Your daily dose of curves minus the Beetus juice guzzling.

2014.12.16 02:29 Lynda73 a place for ECR mod stuff


2012.05.12 01:45 fiveSeveN_ SECRET

Secret (Korean: 시크릿; Japanese: シークレット, often stylized as SECRET) is a South Korean K-pop girl group formed by TS Entertainment in 2009. Their official fan club name is SECRET TIME and fandom color is WHITE. On Oct 13, 2016, Sunhwa will leave Secret and TS to pursuits her career as an actress.

2023.03.24 06:28 carrieobrien Delta Terminal San Diego

The Delta Terminal at San Diego International Airport is located on Terminal 2 West and offers many of the same amenities as the other two terminals. Passengers can check-in at the self-service kiosks or at the Delta check-in counters and drop off their bags. The Delta Terminal San Diego also has several food and beverage options, including cafes and bars, and a variety of retail shops for last-minute shopping.
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2023.03.24 06:27 mjchambers0904 How much booze?

Collecting links, threads, infographics, and general tips on how to calculate how much alcohol/soda/ juice is needed to stock an open bar for a wedding. Planning to have around 100 guests and serve beer, wine, and simple mixed drinks with vodka, whiskey, rum, and gin.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.24 06:19 TechMechant Drag and Drop approach between To-Do 'MY DAY' and Outlook Calendar.

My method for Using To-Do "My Day" with Outlook Tasks to permit drag & Drop of the days tasks to my outlook calendar.

  1. I use 3 Virtual Desktops in Windows 10, of which I dedicate one of these to: showing three windows : Outlook Calendar, Outlook Tasks and Microsoft To-Do. I split the screen into a 3-column type layout, with the calendar in the far left, outlook tasks, in the center, and To-Do in the left column. I use the Windows 10 'PowerToys' (Free) FancyZones editor to set this three-column layout. To move/home the apps to their columnar panes, you hold down SHIFT and you grab the title bar of the particular app and drag it over to the columnar pane where you want to locate it, and it sizes to that pane.
  2. I am looking for a startup script in Windows 10, that would fire up each virtual desktop and the apps for that virtual desktop and 'dock' them to their designated columnar panes. I havent succeeded yett, but would be grateful if any experienced person has succeeed in this and can share the approach.
  3. In outlook Tasks>View>Manage Views, i have created a custom view for tasks, where i use the following DASL filter under the SQL tab (and you must click the toggle box 'Edit these criteria directly...' : %today("http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/string/{6F305800-7B8B-41AF-B73B-84DE53A69D3D}/CommittedDay/0x00000040")%.
  4. In the tab "Columns" i have "Completed", "task subject", "Due Date", "Reminder Time", "Start Date", "Reminder", in that order . "Group By" is set to 'none' all through. "Sort" is by 'Due Date' descending.
  5. In To-Do, I have task lists for "TODAY","TOMORROW", "THIS WEEK", "NEXT WEEK", and so on, similar to how Carl Pullen organizes his TodoIst (See his videos on YouTube'). Its actually, quite a useful approach. I also have lists for "Perhaps", "later" and now I am trying lists for "Jan", "Feb", "Mar" and so on, so that in weekly planning, i can move out tasks from the catchall list "Tasks" into one of muy custom lists. On regular weekends, I may focus only on TODAY, TOMORROW, THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK, THIS MONTH, NEXT MONTH. On say quarterly planning, one could focus primarily on THIS MONTH, NEXT MONTH, and the monthly task lists. I have yet to practice this latter activity diligently. Just throwing this out here if someone finds the approach useful.
  6. Daily Calendar Scheduling process, I go to the TODAY list and add the tasks (I want to get to that day) to "My Day". I may also check out "TOMORROW", since yesterday's TOMORROW is TODAY, but i TO-DO does not offer an auto 'sweep' of something like "TOMORROW" list into "TODAY" list at midnight. (Note: I think Carl Pullen is right when he says do not fix dates to your tasks in your To-Do List. Do that when you do you daily scheduling into the TODAY list and when you 'promote' them actually to "MY DAY".
  7. How the "Drag and Drop between MY DAY and Outlook Calendar" is enabled : When you add tasks to "MY DAY", the Outlook Tasks Filter that you set as in step 2 above, will cause all you "MY DAY" tasks to show in Outlook Tasks automatically. You now have the ability to "drag/drop" these tasks onto you Outlook Calendar, and then position them for start time and duration!
  8. That's the essence of this approach.
  9. As you tick of tasks at the end of the day in your outlook Tasks pane, they will disappear from your outlook tasks and show up as completed in To-Do "MY DAY".
Bit kludgy, but its one approach till Microsoft provides a native drag/drop between To-Do and the Outlook Calendar.
I would anyday prefer the Sunsama or the Routine.co approach, but their recurring subscription is an issued for me.
The above method is not that awkward, its manageable, and its free, if you are on Windows. If one could find DASL filters that would accomplish similar 'auto-show-ups' of To-Do Tasks in Outlook Tasks, that would be magical. Better Yet obviously, is for microsoft to fully integrate natievly TO-Do with Outlook Tasks to enable this drag/drop, not just via this kludgy method, but directly through features.
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2023.03.24 06:18 mltkno Amitriptyline and Concerta, should I worry?

Hello! I need some advice as I am on a crossroad about medication for two different issues. I have ADHD, insomnia and depression. The only thing I have found that helps me sleep consistently every night is amitriptyline, I take a small dose of 25mg every night, it also helps with my chronic pain and anxiety. The problem is that I can't focus or finish any task ever, the only thing that helps me is stimulants, but the problem is they make my anxiety and depression worse. Because of this, I don't use stimulants daily, I take them when I really really need to. After reading some stuff I realized that mixing these two medications can be risky. I'm wondering if using Concerta once in a while mixed with low dose amitriptyline can be super dangerous? Any experience with both this meds?
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2023.03.24 06:04 UnicoGlitter Refund Amount Disappeared on WMR

Refund Amount Disappeared on WMR
Has anyone figured out if there's a significance to the refund amount disappearing on WMR (Where's My Refund) this year? I waited to file this year so that I wouldn't get caught up in any PATH delays. I filed on 3/13/23, and I was accepted the same day.
 When I'd check the WMR site daily, it would show the 1 bar, and my refund amount would also be on the left. Now the amount is gone, it stopped appearing on 3/21, I believe. I know it hasn't been a long time since I filed, I just know that in years past when the amount disappeared, it generally meant there was potential of an issue. I'm just curious if others have experienced this same thing this year, and what did it mean for you? 
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2023.03.24 06:04 Globalayucare01 How Carrot Juice Can Improve Your Health and Boost Your Immune System

How Carrot Juice Can Improve Your Health and Boost Your Immune System
How Carrot Juice Can Improve Your Health and Boost Your Immune System
Discover the amazing health benefits of carrot juice! From boosting your immune system to improving your vision, this delicious drink is a must-try.
Carrot juice is a popular and nutritious drink that is packed with vitamins and minerals. It has been linked to a range of health benefits, including improved vision, a stronger immune system, and better digestion. In this article, we'll explore the many reasons why you should consider adding carrot juice to your diet.


Carrot juice and its nutritional value.

Carrot juice is a great source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Vitamin A is essential for maintaining healthy vision, while vitamin C is important for boosting the immune system and fighting off infections. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and heart function, while fiber promotes healthy digestion. Drinking carrot juice regularly can help ensure that you are getting these important nutrients in your diet.

Boosting the immune system with carrot juice.

Carrot juice is a great way to boost your immune system and protect your body from infections and illnesses. The high levels of vitamin C in carrot juice help to stimulate the production of white blood cells, which are essential for fighting off infections. Additionally, the antioxidants in carrot juice help to protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, which can weaken the immune system. Drinking carrot juice regularly can help keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Improving vision with carrot juice.

Carrot juice is not only great for boosting your immune system, but it can also improve your vision. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is essential for maintaining good vision, particularly in low-light conditions. Drinking carrot juice regularly can help prevent vision problems such as night blindness and age-related macular degeneration. So, if you want to keep your eyes healthy, add carrot juice to your diet!

Carrot juice for healthy skin.

In addition to boosting your immune system and improving your vision, carrot juice can also benefit your skin. Carrots are rich in antioxidants, which help protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells and contribute to ageing and disease. Drinking carrot juice regularly can help keep your skin looking youthful and radiant. Additionally, vitamin A in carrot juice can help prevent acne and other skin problems. So, if you want healthy, glowing skin, add carrot juice to your daily routine!

How to make and incorporate carrot juice into your diet.

Making carrot juice is easy and can be done with a juicer or blender. Simply wash and peel a few carrots, chop them into small pieces, and blend until smooth. You can also add other fruits and vegetables to your carrot juice for added flavour and nutrition. To incorporate carrot juice into your diet, try drinking a glass in the morning as a healthy breakfast option or as a mid-day snack. You can also use carrot juice as a base for smoothies or mix it with other juices for a delicious and nutritious beverage.
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2023.03.24 05:57 twenty2John Healios PR (3/24/23): Protocol change for ischemic stroke trial in the U.S. and Europe

Healios PR (3/24/23): Protocol change for ischemic stroke trial in the U.S. and Europe
Protocol change for ischemic stroke trial in the U.S. and Europe
Primary endpoint observation period extended to 365 days
following TREASURE study results
HEALIOS K.K. (“Healios”) conducted the TREASURE study*1 to investigate the safety and efficacy of HLCM051*2 (Multistem®) in patients with ischemic stroke. Healios is continuing discussions with the regulatory authority (PMDA) regarding future data acquisition and submission policies.
Athersys is conducting a clinical trial (trial name: MASTERS-2 study) in the U.S. and Europe using the same drug for ischemic stroke. The results of the TREASURE study announced by Healios in May 2022 showed an overall positive trend in the evaluation after 365 days of administration, suggesting a long-term improvement in independence in daily living. Therefore, Athersys has discussed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change the timing of the primary endpoint of the MASTERS-2 study (shift analysis in mRS*3 score) from 90 days to 365 days after administration. This and other requests have been accepted by the FDA. The main changes are as follows:
  1. Athersys will change the timing of the primary endpoint assessed by shift analysis in modified Rankin Scale (mRS) score to day 365, from day 90 previously.
  2. Athersys will retain shift analysis in mRS score at day 90 as a key secondary endpoint, along with other revised secondary endpoints.
  3. Athersys will remove eligibility caps on concomitant reperfusion therapy (e.g., tPA, MR or tPA+MR) to ensure the final study population is reflective of current standard of care in the population eligible for this therapy.
  4. Athersys may elect to have an independent statistician conduct an interim analysis to assess potential sample size adjustment. MASTERS-2 currently plans to enroll 300 patients and enrollment, as previously communicated, is >50% complete.
Please refer to the press release from Athersys for more information.
Based on this new agreement with the FDA, Healios plans to discuss with the PMDA the future direction of HLCM051 development for ischemic stroke in Japan, including the use of clinical trial data from the U.S.
This matter has no impact on our business performance for the fiscal year ending December 2023 at this time. Healios shall promptly announce all future matters that require disclosure, including any potential impact on expenses associated with launching this clinical trial.
* 1 TREASURE study - The TREASURE study was conducted to investigate the safety and efficacy of HLCM051 (Multistem®) in patients with ischemic stroke. The study targeted patients with moderate to moderate-severe strokes (baseline NIHSS score 8-20), with administration of a single dose of HLCM051 intravenously within 1836 hours from stroke onset. The trial was conducted at 48 sites in Japan and enrolled 206 patients. HLCM051 is an off-the-shelf, somatic stem cell regenerative medicine product that Healios is developing for both ischemic stroke and acute respiratory distress syndrome in Japan.
* 2 HLCM051 - HLCM051 is a somatic stem cell regenerative medicine product. Healios added it to its pipeline by signing an exclusive licensing agreement with the United States based Athersys, Inc. (“Athersys”) in January 2016, whereby Healios acquired rights to develop and distribute Athersys’ proprietary stem cell product MultiStem® to treat ischemic stroke in Japan. Further, in June 2018 Healios and Athersys expanded their collaboration broadly, and as part of this expansion Healios acquired the development and distribution licenses to use MultiStem® to treat ARDS in Japan.
The following is a summary of the results of the TREASURE study that have been published to date.
* 3 mRS - The mRS measures the degree of disability or dependence in the activities of daily living of people who have had a stroke or have a neurological disability due to other reasons. It is used to categorize the level of functional independence with reference to pre-stroke activities. The scale includes scores from 0 to 6, ranging from perfect health without symptoms of disability (i.e., a score of 0) to death (a score of 6). A lower score indicates a lower degree of disability. In the TREASURE study, mRS was set as a secondary evaluation item.
(Source) Prepared by Healios on the basis of materials provided by The Japan Stroke Society.
Contact: Department of IR Finance and Accounting
E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.24 05:51 idreamofsheep31 money

So, I don't know if I'm on the right subreddit, but here I am anyway. This is going to be a long post, but I would really appreciate any input/advice offered.
I am a 16 y.o. homeschooler, living in an extremely low income household (12k a year) with a disabled (PTSD) parent. I currently live in the pacific Northwest, and I want to go to colleges on the east coast (the dream is tufts, but any other reputed school like BU or Boston college would be amazing) pursuing degrees to prepare me for med school (I want to be a psychiatrist). the dream is to get into New England conservatory and tufts so that I can do a dual degree for both violin performance and something premed, but if I don't get into NEC I will not be surprised, as NEC is VERY competitive. if I didn't get into NEC, I would just go to whatever college I am accepted at that I want to go to the most.
if anyone's interested in my academic stats/ecs, here they are:
-violin for 8 years (orchestra for 4 years, went to camps as well)
-ballet for 6 years
-aikido for 7 years (altho I was 3 when I started and 10 when I stopped, so I don't know how relevant this is)
- choir for 3 years
- altar served at my church for 7 years, volunteered at food bank for 3
- currently taking ap lang&comp, will be taking ap chem, ap lit, ap music theory, and ap psych
- 4.0 gpa
- haven't taken the SAT yet, but on practice tests I've gotten 1400. by may 6th (my official test) I'll raise that by a lot.
- I'll have letters of recommendation from the food bank manager, my violin teacher, and maybe one or two other teachers.
we have no money or savings right now. literally none. as it is, I can't go to college in 2024 because of our financial situation, so I have to delay applications for one year, during which my mom will work as much as she can as a cashier until she inevitably breaks down from exhaustion, takes a break of at least a month, then resumes. She won't let me work more than 10 hours during the school year, 12 hours in the summer. This obviously does not yield much money, although we will be having tax returns because of how poor we are.
the plan is to work and save money (although we have to spend around $2000 for my high school courses) until we have enough money to move so my mom can have a place to live in Boston - the chance of getting into subsidized housing there is very very low. I would be applying for financial aid at all the colleges I apply to, as well as student loans, etc.
I am basically posting here because I have been having panic attacks about this almost daily. we have no money. my mother can only work for 2 months at a time for minimum wage jobs. my acceptances to the colleges I want to go to are not guaranteed - I'm so afraid that I won't get into any of the ones I want to go to. I really don't want to delay going to college more than 1 year, but it might have to happen because we have no money. I am so afraid all the time, because I have goals that feel huge and expensive to accomplish. I just want to go to a college I love, grow up and have a stable income, working at the job that I want, and never have to worry about money again. being a financially stable, happy adult seems like a pretty low bar if I'm being honest.
I don't have anyone to talk to about this, because my mom gets stressed out very easily and she's just not very easy to talk to, especially when it comes to this topic.
if anyone has any reassurances to offer, advice, or if someone can explain/clarify the process of applying for financial aid/student loans, that would be wonderful, because I feel so overwhelmed about basically every aspect of college right now. thank you for reading, and I'm sorry about the lengthy post.
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2023.03.24 05:37 sumitgusain22 WOLFWALKERS

Even as principal lively studios such as Disney, Pixar, and Illumination enjoyment have dominated the cinematic limelight, with their lively functions topping the charts at the worldwide field office and being fan favorites to many, some smaller studios have had their share in the spotlight; producing some of the greatest and most innovative cartoon testimonies for the a long time. One such studio is caricature Saloon, a Irish animated film enterprise that, whilst now not boasting the earnings making numbers of Pixar or of the long illustrious catalogue from Disney, have established a number of the maximum greatest portions of animated storytelling.
With three movies underneath their belt, cartoon Saloon has produced a few notable stunning cool animated film memories, which includes 2009’s the secret of the Kells, 2014’s track of the sea, and 2017’s The Breadwinner; crafting imaginative memories of artistry and integrity, whilst blending surreal visions of delusion lore and profound realities. Now, caricature Saloon, and directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, present the studio’s fourth animated movie and the belief to their “Irish Folklore trilogy” saga with the release of Wolfwalkers. Does this contemporary movie hold the endearing legacy from the studio or is it a “black mark” on their esteem report of animated capabilities?
THE story
In 1650 ireland, invoice Goodfellow (Sean Bean) has pledged his loyalty to the effective Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell (Simon McBurney), acting because the legitimate wolf catcher for the expanding realm of the English nation freshly installed in eire. bill is a widower, raising his young lady named Robyn (Honor Kneafsey) on his very own, regularly unable to contain his daughter’s unbribed interest, specifically exploring the world past the metropolis gates. even as bill sets out to rid the location of hungry wolves in the close by forest wooded area, Robyn manages to have a near-encounter interaction with Mebh (Eva Whittaker), a toddler who’s additionally a wolfwalker, along with her spirit reworking right into a wolf as she sleeps

added to their recovery powers and manipulate over the nearby %. Mebh remains alone, without her mom, Moll (Maria Doyle Kennedy), who became a wolf one night time and by no means lower back domestic. Curious herself to the new human lady, Mebh unearths a friend in Robyn, who’s excited by way of the life, however is quickly aware about its growing hazard, with the Lord Protector refusing to relaxation till the wolves have been exterminated, with invoice stuck in the center of being dutiful to his lord and unknowingly searching his daughter in the process.
the best / THE horrific
As a lot of you know, i am a huge fan of lively films, which probably stems from my adolescence years of watching cartoons (both episodic tv collection and diverse Disney / non-Disney movies of the past due 80s to mid-90s). just like what I stated above, at the same time as I’ve been fan of numerous of the massive animated studio releases, the idea of smaller studios cartoon features are from time to time have a better nice in both storytelling and integrity, with studios like Laika, Aardman Animations, and cartoon Saloons being prime examples. With cool animated film Saloon’s films, i like how special the film’s animation appears, which creates an almost dreamy folklore style from caricature age long forgotten. Plus, their memories are constantly pretty profound; by no means shoving pop culture references or unnecessary gags that don’t paintings. i've seeing the name of the game of Kells and tune of the sea, but I haven’t had the danger to look The Breadwinner, which I do plan on seeing. In brief, whilst larger animation studio will maintain to produce feature movies for the loads, studios like cool animated film Saloon and others show that finer traits of storytelling may be found in smaller scale productions (i.e., exceptional over quantity).
This brings me returned to speaking about Wolfwalkers, the fourth film from cartoon Saloon and the third entry in their Irish Folklore trilogy. To be pretty sincere, I truly didn’t pay attention lots approximately this movie. yes, that’s true! in spite of my love for child’s lively movies, Wolfwalkers went “under my radar” for quite a while. As I stated, caricature Saloon doesn’t have the equal wide variety of releases like Disney or Pixar has, so I wasn’t sincerely “searching” for their next release, specifically because the studio’s last film came out in 2017. however, I did subsequently pay attention about this movie at the beginning of November 2020, seeing the movie’s movie trailer online, which I do have that I absolutely liked and got me quite intrigued to se the movie.
but, with the COVID-19 pandemic in impact, cartoon Saloon launched the movie in diverse elements, with a few being theatrically (in international territories), even as for me (in the usa) the movie was sold off to most excellent on Apple+ tv solely. luckily, I recognize a person who has Apple+ tv, so i was sooner or later capable to check out Wolfwalkers after the vacation season of 2020. So….what did I think about it? properly, I clearly preferred it. in spite of some minor issues, cartoon Saloon’s Wolfwalkers is fantastic and engaging lively movie that encompasses the studio’s persevering with thoughts of innovative integrity and standout storytelling in its animation and narrative. The film can also get overlooked by using the masses, but its clearly one which’s worth finding out!

Wolfwalkers is directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart and the duo have been a part of cool animated film Saloon for quite some time, with Moore directing past films from the studio including the name of the game of Kells and the music of the sea, at the same time as Stewart labored as art director for those films respectfully. for that reason, the combination efforts of each Moore and Stewart seems to bolster the effect that Wolfwalkers has and indeed each seeing to do this quite correctly mind. for my part, I assume that Wolfwalkers is possibly the fine release of caricature Studio (that I’ve seeing). together, Moore and Stewart make the movie a fruits of its past two different “Irish Folklore” entries by using capping the movie off in is trilogy style (i.e saving the high-quality for ultimate).
Moore and Stewart additionally make sure to keep the movie transferring at a consistent tempo; never breaking away for unnecessary filling or side-tales; usually making the characteristic’s fundamental cognizance upon the adventures of Robyn and Mebh. additionally, just like the relaxation of caricature Saloon’s releases, Moore and Stewart maintain up the studio’s integrity intact and never deviate into the extra commonplace tropes and references that many animated movies of past due fall into. What do I imply? properly, Wolfwalkers seems like its personal issue and by no means makes pop-culture references or out-of-area musical / dance numbers, or snappy catchphrase zingers. universal, Moore and Stewart do an high-quality job in shaping Wolfwalkers to be what it's miles; an lively film that breathtaking to look at, concept-frightening in its tale being instructed, and bountiful pallet of leisure.
furthermore, Wolfwalkers likeability and poignant that means additionally stems from the characteristic’s tale, which is steeped in Irish subculture and folklore in addition to developing into popular issues. The script, which become penned by Moore and Stewart in addition to Will Collins and Jericca Cleland, is wealthy with various motifs and nuances that harken back to the actual international of English occupation in ireland much like how the secret of Kells and track of the ocean displayed. naturally, the putting of eire within the film is one that is rife with realism; providing a kingdom this is torn between the opposing factions (i.e., Christianity vs. paganism or Irish Catholicism vs. English Protestantism or Celtic vs. English records) and offers the narrative of Wolfwalkers a palpable backdrop to spring off of and propel ahead in its own story.
Plus, the acquainted thematic beats are pretty poignant and complexed, such as friendship, tolerance, and family, are fantastically rendered inside the movie that, whilst perhaps common for youngsters’s tales, are nonetheless dealt with rather nicely in the movie’s script and average execution in the film. in addition, the movie’s story takes non secular narrative influences from other lively movies which include 2010’s a way to educate Your Dragon and 1997’s Princess Mononoke and, whilst a few argue that its take story beats from those initiatives (more on that below), it simply takes numerous similarities, particularly considering the competition of mankind vs. nature, using fear and superstition for fearmongering, and the two people (from contrary worlds) turning into pals. Altogether, all of these storytelling factors assist enhance Wolfwalkers’s narrative; compounding the effective effect that the movie has on its visitors for artistry integrity.
certainly, the animation fashion of caricature Saloon’s functions is possibly one of the satisfactory matters that they have got been regarded for; displaying colourful animation that almost appears quite unique from the greater commonplace usage of three-dimensional computer-generated visuals. There’s absolute confidence that Wolfwalkers maintains that culture from cool animated film Saloon; making it the high-quality “looking” launch. With the modern roster of film having 3D visuals for its animation, it’s nearly a breath of fresh air to peer an animated challenge offer up something pretty particular and different; choosing a extra traditional 2d fashion. moreover, the animation in Wolfwalkers, giving its Irish folklore roots and nuances, has greater of a conventional folklore storytelling style of animation, which makes it even that extra mind-blowing to visible see; nearly as if the movie’s tale is being drummed up from an antique legend of a few kind (in case you understand what I suggest). as a result, what’s provided is genuinely stunning and suitable.
Backgrounds are imbued with a experience of portray fashion, which is lovely, and the colors for the duration of the movie are absolutely mesmerizing. Plus, the individual designs for each respective man or woman are also drawing in a terrific and unparallel way that without a doubt provides to the film’s “folklore” element. i really like the film’s animation and could go on and on approximately it as I praise the function for such a rich and picturesque cool animated film movie that appears like nearly a hidden gem of new with animated feature endeavors. accordingly, I honestly do must commend the artistry and animators for this undertaking for their prolithic paintings at the movie. nicely done!
moreover, the movie’s style of cinematography must also be referred to, which offers the film have clean and almost storybook best in almost each scene. Poignant photographs and dramatic moments are outbound on this film and feels quite captivating in nearly every scene as if the film is being theatrically shot / provided in a live-action undertaking. additionally, the movie’s rating, which become composed via Bruno Coulais, offers a stunning musical composition that’s steeped in that oh-so whimsical nature of Irish folklore that speaks to the feature’s putting and tone as well as being cinematically driven with dramatic moments. this sort of extraordinary score (even with the aid of my standards). Plus, foremost track feature inside the movie “running with the Wolves” by using AUROA is superb and actually compliments the scene that it's miles presenting in such mystical and highlighting way. adore it!
there has been very little that I didn’t like approximately the movie, but, for the sake of an argument, Wolfwalkers does have some blemishes of youngster criticisms that I observed. perhaps the only that’s the maximum usual is in the film’s overall tone, that's does have a good dose of healthful youth marvel and humor, however also one this is greater critical and a touch bit darkly miserable. What I’m speaking about is that Wolfwalker’s tone, specifically in the latter half of the feature, is darker and has more of a heavier tension show in the feature’s narrative, which is right, but it is able to be a bit bit too much. yes, I do recognize of artistry integrity and what caricature Saloon has executed with its animated films (each beyond and gift). That being said, the movie will become greater of an person film with a piece more violence and macabre tones in the second 1/2 of the film. perhaps it is able to’ve been toned down a piece…simply a piece. consequently, this acts as a warning to a few parents out there that, despite a powerful / moving story and a spectacular display of animation, Wolfwalkers won't be great ideal for some of the more youthful “juice box” crowd accessible. next, sure scenes stumble upon as a touch bit repetitive, with pretty a good deal the identical interplay of character speak moments and / or strains being pretty the equal. this is mainly referred to in Robyn’s conversations with her father,
that are common and turn out to be a tad redundant. ultimately, even as I did mention that Wolfwalker’s tale takes inspirational impacts from both the way to teach Your Dragon and Princess Mononoke, some may argue that it takes a greater “carbon copy” technique and makes the film’s narrative a bit predictable. in my opinion, it didn’t hassle me at all, but there are few out there in an effort to cry hen on this specific issue, specially since each of those lively films had been out for quite some time. general, those are extra minor nitpicks of criticism and derail the movie in any respect….at least in my opinion.
What aides the movie in its fanciful appealing nature of fantastically drawn animation and gripping story is in its vocal abilties, with Wolfwalkers delivering an all round small (yet quite effective) a solid for its animated characters. similar to the movie itself, those precise characters are grounded in common roots of realism and familiarity, yet the movie’s unique technique of fashion and storytelling simply helps raise these respective gamers. that is maximum generic within the characteristic’s two essential characters of Robyn
Goodfellowe and Mebh, who're voiced by way of younger actresses Honor Kneafsey and Eva Whittaker. Kneafsey, regarded for her roles in Benidorm, miss You Already, and A Christmas Prince, has the most enjoy of the 2 and without a doubt is aware of the way to make a individual quite endearing with her voice by myself; utilizing an unbridled curiosity and well mannered demeanor in Robyn, which always makes for an excellent sort of man or woman and easy to root for from start to finish. further, Whittaker, who's recognised for her function inside the female at the cease of the garden, offers to as an alternative appropriate inside the position of Mebh. at the same time as she doesn’t have a massive lower back catalogue of past works, Whittaker is a delight within the film; portraying Mebh with a feel of wild and caged unfastened persona in comparsion to Robyn. clearly, both these specific characters (and their personas) are easily meditated upon the English and Irish people and the political landscape era of which Wolfwalkers is ready in, which makes each Robyn and Mebh relatable and proper.
not like a whole lot of animated feature films that boast plenty of recognizable / big call stars attached to the feature in voicing characters, Wolfwalkers doesn’t really want to do this, particularly since the film’s expertise is already quite properly and the film itself offers enough time to make the characters intriguing and personable. That being stated, the movie does have recognizable names connected to the venture with actors Sean Bean and Simon McBurney gambling the components of Robyn’s father, bill
Goodfellowe, and the oppressive chief Oliver Cromwell referred to as the “Lord Protector”. Bean, regarded for his roles in game of Thrones, Black death, and The Lord of the jewelry: The Fellowship of the ring, has been a quite a familiar name (maximum extremely good for his on-screen death in a number of his past initiatives) and his involvement in this movie is as a substitute well-located and well-way, specially in how his voice sounds and resonates with invoice, a kind-hearted yet sternly defensive father. The equal can be stated with McBurney, acknowledged for his roles in Tinker Tailor Soldier secret agent, The ultimate King of Scotland, and The Conjuring 2, who is more of a reoccurring helping gamers in his frame of filmography, however nonetheless proves to be quite powerful in his person portrayal, together with his overall performance of the Lord Protector quite sinisterly evil and a awesome antagonist (each in man or woman built and in vocal skills). collectively, both actors have very awesome sounding voices and are ideal
(almost tailored made) for his or her respective roles. moreover, actress Maria Doyle Kennedy, who's recognised for her roles inside the Tudors, Outlander, and Orphan Black, is another outstanding / acknowledged acting skills that is connected to Wolfwalkers; presenting the voice for Moll MacTíre, Mebh’s mother and chief of the wolf percent. Like Bean and McBurney, Kennedy’s voice is pretty particular and definitely is a “ideal healthy” for a movie like this and does provide a positive kind of warm temperature to her person…. even though she’s extra in the latter half of the film.
The relaxation of the solid, including actor Jon Kenny (Les depressing and track of the ocean) as Ned the stringy woodcutter, actor John Morton (Lily’s bad Day and Vultures) as Stumpy, actor / manufacturer Oliver McGrath (the secret of Kells and The Musician) as nearby town bully Padraig, and director Nora Twomey (Breadwinner and the name of the game of the Kells) as the top housekeeper inside the Lord Protector’s scullery Bridget, spherical out the relaxation of the Wolfwalkers’s gamers in more minor assisting character roles. those particular characters (as you can actually imagine) are confined to being minor capacity, but each one has their own creative specialty (be it vocal abilities and / or character layout) to make them memorable.
final thoughts
In a time of English occupation in eire and mystical superstitions, a younger female befriends a atypical shapeshifter as the pair learns from each other and in the end come collectively help keep one another’s households in the film Wolfwalkers. Director Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart’s brand new projects sees the fourth film in caricature Saloon’s release in a super fashion of mixing poignant storytelling and creative artistry to help enrich an animated film with natural fanciful delight. The film is natural wonderment of magic and friendship and merits excessive reward from the movie’s administrators, a significant story, exceptionally extremely good style of animation, beautiful score, a solid voice acting across the board in all sides and positions. in my opinion, I cherished this movie.
It changed into something quite unique and extraordinary from the regular animated films of late and offers up this sort of delightful and significant tale of two younger girls which might be stuck up inside the greater occasions of the land. Plus, the film’s animation again is quite beautiful and i cherished it! for this reason, my advice for the film is a “notably
recommended” one because it ought to be seeing with the aid of all, mainly those who've a unique affinity for caricature capabilities with professional artistry and narrative integrity. With the realization of this film, cool animated film Saloon closes its bankruptcy on what it’s calling it “Irish Folklore” trilogy of films. What does that suggest for the future of the employer? Who knows? allow’s wish that the studio will keep more captivating features of diverse tales and myths, which includes more Irish folklore possibly. nevertheless, Wolfwalkers is a cinematic revel in that acts as a breath of fresh air; boldly taking visitors on an enchanting journey that both entertains and symbolizes what robust and palpable storytelling can arise from one of these small animated studio.
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2023.03.24 05:34 Deth65 Daily Ops etiquette

I think if you create a daily ops team you need to stick with the mission till the end...unless your server disconnects. I got left at the end of today's daily op. Thankfully I carry a Zealot flaming chainsaw with a duel bar and 10-15 xtra stimpacks...cause I needed them. I got out in a little over 9 minutes...armor probably heavily damaged.
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2023.03.24 05:28 These_Professor4067 Coming clean

Just wanted to say thanks for the memories, and for the last 10 years of Sams / walmart I’ve been high. High off mostly thc vape carts in the bathroom, and edibles, and daily micro dose of mushrooms. Ok -occasionally Xanax and a few times Vicodin. But never drunk, just a beer in the dairy cooler a few times. Also guzzled egg nog a few times in there too.
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2023.03.24 05:27 stult Why has Ukraine continued to defend Bakhmut despite reports of heavy losses?

I posted this long multi-comment thread on the megathread last Sunday, and several people suggested that I make it its own post, so here goes. Note this post is lightly edited from the original comment to improve readability and preserve some arguments made by another commenter in that thread without me having to do the hard work of editing the whole post to reflect their well-taken counterpoints. For those who read the original, it hasn't changed in any significant way except that one link. This post is largely my own analysis supported by links to a variety of credible sources.
Dr. Sovietlove; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bakhmut
Many people on the daily megathread or on Twitter have been arguing that holding out in Bakhmut has caused enormous and unsustainable Ukrainian losses which will compromise their future offensive potential, and/or that Soviet-style leadership is the only reason the Ukrainians have held on to Bakhmut for so long. Much like during the Battle of Severodonetsk, I think a lot of people are overreacting to events in the Donbas and that the Ukrainians might have a perfectly reasonable strategic justification for continuing to defend Bakhmut. I have a few hypotheses about the situation and put together some analysis and sources to support those conclusions below.
My hypotheses in brief:
  1. Ukraine effectively has two armies, one post-Soviet and one NATO. UAF high commmand has recognized that they have to fight the Russians with an only partially modernized military which includes significant numbers of officers, soldiers, and equipment not suitable for NATO-style warfare. They recognize that you can't "beat a large Soviet army with a small one." They have therefore formulated a strategy to use the post-Soviet and NATO-style units where their particular strengths are most relevant, and are largely resourcing and employing them separately as a result.
  2. The UAF is aggressively applying economy of force principles, which dictate that an army should devote the maximum amount of resources to their primary effort, while allocating the smallest amount possible to any secondary efforts. Thus, the Ukrainians are committing the fewest possible resources to holding the line of contact in the Donbas while reserving as much as possible for their primary effort, which is the coming counteroffensive.
  3. Ukraine along with their allies and soft power proxies such as friendly journalists, whether knowingly or not, have been engaged in a disinformation campaign designed to lure Putin into committing the last of his mobilized reserves to an assault on Bakhmut in the last days of the mud season before the Ukrainian spring counteroffensive.
I'd like to emphasize that these are assessments backed by analysis and facts which you can check yourself below, but are definitely not by any means 100% certain.
Two Armies
The post-Soviet army can be characterized by its leadership, organization, and resources.
These units are generally not going to be as useful for offensives, but are certainly capable of holding a fortified defensive line, albeit likely at dreadfully high cost in some cases. Light infantry are surprisingly resilient to artillery fire when dug in properly, and so are an effective check against the (apparently declining) Russian artillery advantage. ATGMs and mines also make it possible for them to resist all but the most carefully coordinated combined arms assaults, which are a vanishingly rare occurence coming from the RuAF. And these units were relatively cheap to equip and quick to train. So they are well-suited for countering the three primary Russian numerical advantages in artillery, armor, and raw manpower, at least while fighting defensively in prepared positions.
On the other hand, their NATO-style forces are better suited for combined arms maneuver warfare and thus offensives. They emphasize distributed decision making, tactical flexibility, and robust communications between different units and levels of the command. That enables flexible coordination of multiple capabilities on the attack, such that defending against one capability makes defending against the others harder. e.g. suppressing entrenched infantry with artillery while mechanized units traverse open killing ground during an assault in order to bring their tank and IFV guns to bear on those infantry to suppress them after the artillery lets up. Ukraine is in the process of building out or deploying around 20-28 new brigades of this type. I feel a little bad sourcing to a comment from this megathread rather than a credible third-party source, but offogredux puts together truly excellent summaries of the current structure of Ukrainian forces, so why reinvent the wheel? Plus their information matches what I've seen elsewhere, including the less consolidated information available here on militaryland. Notably, some units are being built around smaller veteran battalion- or regiment-sized separate units that are upsized to brigades, while others are entirely new formations, but likely include substantial numbers of veteran leaders at all levels.
Ok, so where is this "NATO" army?
There are reports of extreme deficits of NATO-trained personnel at the front, which are typically presented as a sign of Ukrainian weakness (n.b., see below for more on why to treat any Ukrainian-sourced reports of Ukrainian weakness with a healthy dose of skepticism). Often sources attribute the deficit to high casualty rates among those personnel during the earlier stages of the war. Best estimates are that the Ukrainians have lost around 120k soldiers. They started the war with around 250k personnel, of whom perhaps 20k were US-trained veterans.
Since then, the UK, EU, and US have trained something like an additional 20k+ soldiers (possibly with some overlap with the other 20k, but likely insignificant numbers if so), with plans to expand training for tens of thousands of additional troops over the next year. So even if every single one of the pre-war NATO-trained personnel are casualties, the total number of NATO-trained personnel in the UAF has at worst remained constant, at best it has doubled, and in any case it will only continue to grow as the western training programs ramp up and the Ukrainians disseminate those skills by assigning NATO-trained personnel to their own training centers. (Note: when I first posted this, VigorousElk made an excellent counter-argument to this point here which is worth considering and I didn't want to cut out of the conversation by moving this to a text post. I don't think it undermines the overall thrust of the argument, though.)
However, the overall proportion of NATO-trained personnel in the UAF has almost certainly declined because mobilization has likely increased the total size of their forces by more than a factor of two, so the overall proprtion declined even if the total number of NATO-trained soldiers actually did double (which is very, very doubtful and the 40k number should be treated as an extremely loose upper bound). That proportion is probably even lower on the front lines if the UAF have allocated those soldiers to new unit formation and units held in reserve for the upcoming offensive. So even if the Ukrainians haven't experienced particularly high casualty rates among such soldiers, we should expect to see far fewer of them on the lines right now. Meaning we can't infer the execess casualty rate from the composition of front line units, as many commentators have, nor do we need a particularly high casualty rate to explain why there are so few of them at the front. Just the formation of so many new brigades must have sucked up all of the available experienced junior officers and NCOs, especially if the UAF are trying to concentrate NATO-trained personnel into specific units. Again that doesn't mean they haven't experienced high casualties, just that the issue probably isn't as bad as some of these articles have made out.
I suspect some of the authors of these articles have taken that position because of selection bias, e.g., Franz-Stefan Gad, who visited the front near Bakhmut with Michael Kofman recently. If you are only visiting the units that are intentionally being staffed with fewer NATO-trained personnel, you shouldn't be surprised to see fewer NATO-trained personnel. Their absence doesn't indicate permanent backsliding across the entire UAF, demonstrate the incompetence of the Ukrainians, nor prove that the Ukrainians have suffered anything near 100% casualties among their NATO-trained NCOs. Instead, it just reflects the relative prioritization of scarce resources by UAF command. In a recent War on the Rocks podcast episode, Kofman specifically pointed out that his visit (and by extension his companions' visits) did not involve any kind of general or systematic survey of the Ukrainian forces, and so any conclusions based on his observations should not be taken to be totally representative of what is happening across the entire UAF right now.
Cool. Where are the "Soviet" units then?
It helps to put yourself in Zaluzhny's shoes here. You have two big chunks of your armed forces that operate in very different ways and which are suitable for very different tasks. You are finding it difficult to encourage the newly mobilized senior officers to let go of their Soviet habits, but you also need them because there is no one else who is immediately prepared to lead newly mobilized formations. So you make the obvious, logical decision to use the Soviet-style mobilized commanders how and where you can best make use of them, while hopefully keeping their habits contained and isolated from your more professional units. The best place for those commanders in this war is probably on the defensive in the trenches, where rapid decision-making around complex maneuvers is less often necessary, light infantry can be effective at attriting enemy armored and maneuver forces, individual soldiers don't need as much training to be effective, combined arms operations are less frequent and more easily choreographed, the risk of catastrophic failure is less, and logistics are dramatically simpler than for an offensive force on the move with many vehicles requiring ammo, fuel, and maintenance.
The allocation of armored assets supports this conclusion. Per Oryx, Ukraine has received almost exactly the same number of Soviet-derived tanks from their western partners as they have lost so far in this war (488+ donated Soviet-variant tanks versus around 477 lost). Plus captured Russian equipment, they almost certainly have more armor available now than they did at the beginning of the war, not even taking into account the impending introduction of western tanks. Yet there are reports from the front lines that armor is relatively scarce and lightly used. It seems the UAF have combined multiple brigades into ad hoc corps or divisions along stretches of the line of contact (what Jomini calls a "defensive grouping") to fill in the gap left by the absence of real formations above brigade size in the Ukrainian ground forces TOE.
That grouping often consists of several lighter brigades holding the front line backed by a smaller number of more professionalized and/or heavily armored mech or armor brigades as the reserve. e.g., the UAF defensive grouping around Bakhmut in February, which consisted of two mech brigades backing two TDF brigades, one airmobile brigade, and one marine brigade, all equipped exclusively with Soviet-derived armor and IFVs, along with limited quantities of older western IMVs and APCs like the M113. So light infantry in the trenches, with armor in the rear to plug holes or provide indirect fire support. This approach allows the UAF to allocate the fewest number of regular mechanized and armored army units to the front, freeing up capacity for re-equiping and training for an offensive. It also puts the least amount of strain on their tank and IFV supplies, by making heaviest use of their soon-to-be legacy vehicles, which are also conveniently the ones more Soviet-minded commanders are most familiar with. Hence the relative dearth of armor at the front, even though we should expect more tanks and IFVs than were available at the beginning of the war. The reduced armor commitment comes at the expense of the light infantry in the trenches, who absorb Russian attacks without the benefit of enough tank or IFV support. Further evidence for the idea that lighter forces reliant more on IMVs/APCs form the bulk of forces around Bakhmut includes the UAF charging Russian lines riding M113s in the vicinty of Bakhmut literally yesterday. Which feels a bit like the modern equivalent to the apocryphal story about Polish cavalry charging tanks during WW2, but I guess they have to make do with the tools available.
Does the presence of Soviet-influenced commanders at the front indicate that the decision to hold Bakhmut was made by such officers blindly applying Soviet doctrine? I would argue probably not. Syrsky and Zaluzhny have long-established reputations as very much not that sort of officer, and both have reviewed and approved the decision to hold in Bakhmut. More importantly, and without relying on an appeal to their authority, there are sufficient strategic and operational justifications to continue the defense there, even if it is on less favorable terms than other defensive efforts across the front. Specifically, attriting Russian reserves to reduce their resistance to an offensive, much like what happened in Kharkiv last August.
If attriting Russian reserves is the goal, how can these conscript-heavy formations with Soviet-style leadership best do so?
Right now, Russia only has a single division held in reserve. That would be the 2nd Motorized Rifle Division, elements of which have likely been committed to combat already. This reserve exists to exploit any breakthroughs achieved by assaults on the Ukrainian defenses and to plug any holes in the Russian lines resulting from UAF attacks. If the reserve is depleted before the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the UAF will be able to achieve much more progress much more quickly. Once they breach the Russian lines, there is nothing to stop a penetration into operational depths. Even though the Russians have fortified extensive fallback positions on secondary lines throughout occupied Ukraine, they need reserves to hold those lines if the front lines are penetrated and the Russian units there are unable to withdraw to secondary positions in good order. Withdrawal under fire is a challenging task and one for which only the VDV has demonstrated any capacity on the Russian side. There is also no new wave of Russian mobilization yet to provide any further reserves any time in the near future. Thus, the more Russian reserves the UAF can burn through now, the better their chances on the offensive will be.
There's been a lot of talk about the loss ratio between the belligerents and how that ratio makes a retreat from Bakhmut likely necessary, but ultimately the loss ratio matters less than absolute numbers of Russian reserves attrited. Because the Russians are nearly out of reserves, a UAF attrition strategy may tip them into a full-on rout. If the Ukrainian leaders knew objectively they needed to inflict 1000 more casualties on the Russians to achieve victory, it would be worth losing many times as many Ukrainian soldiers to inflict those casualties. Achieving victory is often worth accepting unfavorable loss ratios, otherwise no one would ever go on the offensive. In any case, the friendly-to-enemy casualty ratios are still almost certainly in Ukraine's favor simply because they are defending, and there have been no serious reports at all that suggest any departure from that norm. So we aren't even talking about the Ukrainians suffering an unfavorable loss ratio at all, just a slightly less favorable one when compared to real ratios from different areas of the front or when compared to hypothesized loss ratios at proposed fallback defensive positions. Rob Lee and DefMon thus both make variations of the same error. They failed to compare the loss ratios around Bakhmut to the expected loss ratios for the offensive, because ultimately the Ukrainians face a choice between attriting the Russian reserves around Bakhmut now, or when they are on the offensive.
Why don't the Ukrainians retreat and get an even more favorable ratio in a better position?
First, because the Russian offensive will culminate in Bakhmut (or it already has) and the RuAF will likely enter an operational pause because of depleted offensive power. That pause will likely last longer than the Ukrainians plan to wait for their counterattack. Basically, only the possibility of victory in Bakhmut can induce the Russians to continue wasting their soldiers lives so recklessly before the spring. Second, because the current loss ratios are pretty well understood and relatively predictable, which is not necessarily true if they retreat. Retreating under fire is challenging even for elite units, and results are naturally unpredictable. Assessing the hypothetical defensibility of any fallback positions is also challenging, especially with sufficient accuracy to be able to meaningfully predict what kind of loss ratio improvements you might gain from repositioning. Third--and this reason is entirely hypothetical--it is possible that the Ukrainians have sufficient intelligence about Russian reserves to know exactly how long they need to hold out, and so perceive the hopefully quite proximate end to a battle that appears to us as outsiders as a limitless meatgrinder that will continue to waste Ukrainian lives indefinitely into the far future. Essentially, they know the price they are paying and what they are getting for it more precisely than we do.
In contrast, on the offensive, the UAF will likely experience a loss ratio that favors the Russians, even if the offensive is generally successful. The exchange in Bakhmut will be particularly favorable if they are able to trade less well-trained conscript formations for the few remaining high quality Russian formations such as Wagner's assault units and the remnants of the VDV. Notably the VDV played a critical role in holding the line in Kherson and delaying the UAF's offensive there until the successful Russian withdrawal across the Dnipro, and it seems reasonable that the Ukrainians don't want to see a repeat delay that may buy time for subsequent waves of Russian force generation. Bottom line, the Ukrainians need to fight these Russian reserves no matter what, and it will nearly always be more favorable to fight them on the defensive than offensive. The challenge with fighting them on the defensive is that the Russians need to agree to go on the offensive first, which means the Ukrainians need to fool the Russians into thinking an attack benefits their strategic objectives. Blessedly, the "we are lucky they are so fucking stupid" guy continues to be the reigning champ of summarizing this war in a single laconic sentence and the Russians have been willing to oblige the Ukrainians with attacks all throughout the mud season.
But by "fool the Russians", I really mean fool Putin. He is micromanaging the war, even dictating decisions at the level of colonels or brigadiers such as when to commit reserves, and that likely includes the much more momentous decision to commit the very last of their available combat reserves. He has repeatedly pushed the RuAF to make objectively poor military decisions for political purposes, and he does not receive reliable information, because he has reduced his circle of confidants to only a couple of advisors who largely tell him what he wants to hear and he does little to gather his own independent information.
Putin is also a classic bully in the distinctive style of the KGB, as Yale professor of history Timothy Snyder describes in an interview here. Their method is always to look for an opponent's weaknesses, and then to ruthlessly expand and exploit those weaknesses. Probably worth mentioning that Timothy Snyder has met with and advised Zelensky directly, so his views aren't just an academic theory, they reflect and influence the views of the actual Ukrainian decisionmakers. Those decisionmakers clearly understand that Putin's instinct is to attack weakness with maximum force, and therefore carefully shape perceptions of Ukrainian weakness to mislead Putin into attacking the wrong targets. I mean, it's pretty widely accepted that the Ukrainains signal weakness intentionally when trying to attract western support, so why should it be surprising that they apply the same techniques to deceiving Putin?
And that is also another reason why the Ukrainians can't just throw their best troops into the battle. If there were no weakness around Bakhmut, the Russians would simply stop attacking with those critically valuable remaining high quality VDV formations.
What weaknesses should the Ukrainians use to mislead Putin?
Putin is not an idiot, so the UAF can't simply invent weaknesses out of thin air. Instead, they have to find ways to exaggerate some real weaknesses while downplaying others. In this case, I think they are combining their very real Soviet-hangover leadership weakness with their related difficulties around conscription to lure the Russians into attacking Bakhmut under unfavorable conditions. Specifically, I am referring to the stories around conscription problems which imply manpower deficits across the board for the UAF and stories suggesting the defense of Bakhmut will compromise future UAF counteroffensives. Playing up those particular weaknesses presents an ideal picture to appeal to Putin's prejudices and his desperation for a politically palatable conclusion to the hostilities. If you blame Soviet-style leadership, it makes the Ukrainians look dumb and incompetent for not retreating, and suggests they remain saddled by the same legacy that has so limited Russian military capabilities during this war, which plays to Putin's belief in Russian superiority. It also suggests to Putin that not only can he achieve the minimally viable political victory he so desperately needs by taking Bakhmut, he can also compromise the Ukrainian ability to conduct future counteroffensives with the very same blow, opening the way for a negotiated settlement that freezes the current lines (plus/minus changes around Bakhmut). It's really the best remaining even theoretically conceivable outcome for Putin, and many of the recent stories and leaks from Ukrainian-aligned media seem perfectly crafted to suggest continuing to attack Bakhmut could very well achieve that outcome. Suspiciously perfect, I would argue.
There have been few reports of widespread difficulty around draft dodging in Ukraine until quite recently, well into the battle for Bakhmut, when suddenly a flood of stories appeared in the media about people avoiding conscription and Ukrainian officials aggressively conscripting people against their will, e.g. from the Economist and Newsweek. Which struck me as odd, considering that the Ukrainians have more than a million reservists and earlier in the war had far more volunteers than capacity to train them for at least the first six months of the war. Even as recently as December, Zaluzhny said that the UAF does not have manpower issues so much as a need for armor and munitions. So where are the volunteers, why are the units around Bakhmut being reinforced with untrained conscripts, and why all the news stories about aggressive conscription? My hypothesis is that the volunteers are funneled into the more NATO-style units, most of which are currently in reserve or training behind the lines, while the Soviet-influenced commanders are given conscripts (at least as a preference if not as a hard rule) and are burning through them faster than other units, mostly in the Donbas meat grinders around Avdiivka and Bakhmut. The prioritization of allocating volunteers to the more NATO-oriented units makes a lot of sense in that context. Mission command requires motivation and self-direction, which you are more likely to find in volunteers. Conscripts can perform at wildly varying levels, and generally can't be relied on as much to take initiative, and so are a better fit for the top-down Soviet command style. This preference or bias could also come about naturally because of self-sorting, as more Soviet-style commanders may be more willing to take on reluctant conscripts than more NATO-oriented leaders, and older officers steeped in Soviet doctrine will have more relevant experience for leading formations with older Soviet kit.
If that's how recruits are being allocated, it explains some of the resistance to conscription, because conscripts are disproportionately funneled straight into the meat grinder by default. For example, the story that has made the rounds of a soldier who received only five days of training before being deployed to Bakhmut. That soldier's experience doesn't mean the regular army volunteer units are having difficulty filling out their TOE or training their soldiers, just that some of the units most reliant on conscripts are. Notably his formation was the 101st Brigade for the Protection of the General Staff, which may be just about the most irregular unit in the entire UAF command structure, outside whatever chaos-demon worship seems to be happening over in the Ministry of Interior. The 101st is actually directly part of the General Staff, rather than assigned to an operational command, unlike every single other combat unit in the regular army.
So I don't know that his experience can be considered particularly representative, although it very well might be for conscripts with the bad luck of ending up in a Soviet-style unit that also happens to be committed to intense combat operations. But that's not all the units by a long shot. It's likely that for every soldier like that around Bakhmut, there are multiple comparable conscripts assigned to relatively quiet or less intense AOs where they are given the opportunity to learn some basic military skills on the job from the more senior members of their unit. So this would actually be a good way to increase their training pipeline, if somehow they could both predict where attacks would come with 100% certainty to avoid allocating untrained conscripts there and yet still somehow need to maintain high force density throughout the front, which seem like mutually contradictory propositions. It's a morally questionable but potentially effective technique for growing the training pipeline if they allocate excess untrained conscripts evenly across the front without regard to the risk that they will be thrown into combat unprepared, which this story seems to suggest may be their practice. It would also be an excellent way to make use of excess conscripts who were recruited primarily to mislead Russia about the level of manpower issues the UAF are experiencing, too.
This strategy of allocating resources across units suggests losses around Bakhmut won't compromise any offensive, because the offensive units are drawing on entirely different recruitment streams, training resources, and equipment types than the defensive units are. The conscript-heavy formations on the frontline at this very moment are serving to absorb Russian attacks and burn through Russian reserves while the more professional units prepare for an offensive that has the potential to be decisive. If it seems unfair to give worse equipment to the people doing the harder fighting right now, just remember economy of force. Bakhmut is secondary to the offensive. In the longer term, the recruitment challenges won't matter as much once the current Russian reserves are exhausted because the meat grinder will be over, and the UAF will no longer need to feed it. By the time Russia can generate any further forces for their own offensives, the Ukrainians will be over the hump in terms of adopting western tanks, IFVs, and combined arms doctrine and will have slack to retrain the units currently holding the lines to meet the same standards.
But what about the spring offensive?
The only contrary evidence to that assessment are reports, usually sourced from anonymous US or NATO defense officials, that western officials are telling the UAF that defending Bakhmut may compromise their ability to conduct a spring counteroffensive. Which really makes no sense at all to me, based on what formations and equipment types are allocated to Bakhmut. The reports are anonymous and lack any supporting detail beyond the basic claim. As I described above, the units around Bakhmut aren't the kinds of units the Ukrainians are likely to use on an offensive in the near future. I therefore tend to dismiss those anonymous reports as leaks intended to spread disinformation, and in particular to invite the Russians to feel confident in committing their reserves to an attack on Bakhmut.
The Russians (and more to the point Putin) may conclude that it's worth burning through their reserves if doing so compromises the Ukrainian ability to counterattack, and these leaks seem suspiciously well designed to invite that conclusion. If the leaked reports about compromising the offensive were true, they probably would not have been leaked at all, because they reveal an actual Ukrainian weakness in a manner which does nothing to protect that weakness. Contrast that scenario to leaks about the dire need for more long range artillery from about a year ago. Russia could absolutely figure out that the Ukrainians needed better long range fires on its own, so the leaks didn't risk revealing new information, yet did actively invite a solution in the form of western donations. Whereas the leak about Bakhmut (if true) just airs Ukrainian dirty laundry, with no real hope of changing the Ukrainian decision or bringing in additional western support. Meaning, it would be a disloyal leak, of which we have not seen many if any from the US/NATO side during this war (potentially not including the general jockeying between the allies for position around major weapons contributions like tanks). Basically the leak was like saying, "Oh no, Putin, whatever you do please don't attack Bakhmut, anywhere but there!" Something tells me the Ukrainians aren't inclined to give Putin good advice about how to hurt them.
Playing the conscription issues up in the media only serves to draw Russian attention to that weakness, too. So why are the Ukrainians permitting these stories to leak, or at least not taking any measures to limit their impact on the information space? One such story was about a man with no hands being denied an exemption from conscription, despite having been classified officially as permanently disabled for his entire life. It is an insane and ridiculous story of bureaucratic incompetence, which if true I would have expected the Ukrainians to suppress during war time because it makes them look so incompetent (again, note how the whiff of corruption and incompetence appeals to Putin's preconceived notions about Ukrainians) and because it was limited enough in scope that it could have been kept away from western reporters (unlike something as pervasive as widespread resistance to conscription). Instead the story was almost actively promoted by UAF-friendly sources like the Economist, which I believe broke the story originally. The Economist is quite explicitly pro-Ukrainian and is also cozy enough with the Ukrainian leadership to have gotten exclusive in-depth interviews with Zelensky, Zaluzhny, Budanov, Syrsky, and others, some of which I even linked as sources above. So it is out of character for them to publish such a lurid anecdote of Ukrainian incompetence.
On the other hand, if the Ukrainians wanted to convince the Russians that they are having manpower issues, one of the easiest ways to do so would be to send out their recruiters and encourage them to employ excessive aggression. Then to leak, plant, falsify, or simply permit publication of stories about the absurd lengths those officials are going to conscript new troops. The Russians would then pick up on the stories and possibly inaccurately infer manpower deficits. Even if the Russian intelligence agencies interpret the stories differently, Putin is more likely to disregard them and rely on media reports than he would have been in past years, before the FSB's incredibly inaccurate pre-war assessments of Ukraine contributed to his decision to invade. It would not surprise me at all to learn that Putin regularly reviews Russia-related press clippings from the Economist to understand how critical issues are being presented in the western media, even if only as part of a larger security or political briefing packet. In fact it would surprise me if he doesn't review at least a sampling of stories from western media, likely heavily biased toward traditional print media with wide influence like the Economist. Which makes it a viable channel for shaping Putin's perceptions, and the man without hands seems like the perfect attention grabbing detail to make sure he sees that particular story.
So basically, propaganda cuts both ways. We are operating in an information space that is quite intentionally shaped by Ukraine, and so should be careful in our conclusions about what is happening beneath the fog of war. Although, I would suggest that it's probably a good starting assumption that the Ukrainian leaders have not become suddenly much less intelligent or less capable than they have been over the last year of this war. Which isn't to say they are perfect, or that we won't see them lose their edge over time. Just that a sudden, rapid, simultaneous decline in Zaluzhny's, Zelensky's, Syrsky's, Budanov's, and the rest of the Ukrainian leadership's intelligence, judgment, and ability would be extremely unlikely. Especially if that decline persisted for a long time, as the decision to hold Bakhmut has, with ample opportunity for correction based on the widespread alarm about UAF losses.
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2023.03.24 05:15 AutoModerator 📬 SHIPPING & LOGISTICS Daily Session thread - March 24, 2023 🗓

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​Welcome to our daily DHgate shipping and logistics thread! Whether as a round table discussion, a therapy session or just to say 'Hi. I am on the same boat as you are', feel free to ask, comment and share anything related to shipping and logistics.
​Before posting, we encourage you to read our shipping FAQ guide and use our search bar. Remember that shipping may take weeks or months.
"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet". -Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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2023.03.24 05:12 thetorontobot Toronto Daily - Mar 24th 2023

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Francophone Cultural Experience timbutnottebow 1
What time is your morning alarm set for and how many times do you hit snooze? holdonaminute2023 3
What’s the best way to get to Pearson airport besides the up express? frenchfry_04 2
How can I make friends in Toronto? Pofobo 0
Marketing Graduates what do you do for living now? Cute-Advertising-285 0
Fun Inexpensive things to do downtown? CauliflowerBubbly181 1
How do I make friends here? AnnieMaeLoveHer 10
Anyone see the woman getting attacked at Union Station today? Around 4:50pm? (Bay Street entrance) DecentInvestigator57 2
Karaoke Spots (Bar, Not Private Rooms) SpecterH 2
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Has anyone been to Toronto Zoo lately? vskhosa 3
Best Asian Food near Hilton Hotel in Markham Mistercdale 1
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Does Yorkdale have expectant/baby parking? In the parkades? thecjm 1
Is post-grad worth it? cedtrn05 1
Any dentists that offer teeth cleanings for an affordable price? Puzzled_Koala_3360 6
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Where can I get the AVID microchip for dogs? MyTummyPain 0
Best Hookah bar in TO? thisismylife38 2
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650 Queens Quay Rental Kaleidoscope_Then 4
Muskoka at this time? new2alldis 8


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🔥March 25th- Cannabis Comedy Festival Presents: Up in Smoke poonam3123 0
🎤 Live Stand-Up Comedy @ Nothing Fancy in Kensington Market 🎤 nothingfancybar 0
Superstar Sundays - Sunday, March 26th @ Comedy Bar Danforth(2800 Danforth Ave) patmacd 0
KubeHuddle Community Conference - May 17-18 2023 super_marino 0
April 11 - Toronto Blue Jays home opener vs Detroit Tigers. 7:07PM sprungy 0


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Selling - new , unopened Sony WH-1000XM5. $420 sprungy 0
LOOKING for 1 ROM after dark ticket T123hend 1
[SELL] 650$ Gigabyte Gaming OC AMD 6800XT Graphics Card For Sale In Great Condition 650$ MagnusArcadius 0
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2023.03.24 05:07 WannaBeExpat- How long did it take for you to feel normal again after kicking opioids?

I came off of high dose Suboxone after 10 years of daily use. I did a quick taper and then jumped off. I couldn't function. I missed work for 2 months and it was still very hard to go back to work. The withdrawals were hell. The anxiety, depression, anhedonia etc. I wanted to die. After a year of abstinence I would still wake up feeling horrible so I decided to give ibogaine a chance. It worked and I haven't touched an opioid since. Today is my 4 year anniversary of zero opiates. It's like the ibogaine physically healed my brain immediately and I feel normal again. Opiates are such a distant memory for me.
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2023.03.24 05:04 harley9779 Ramp parking

For those of you that choose to park on freeway ramps. Why does it seem the offramps are more popular than the on ramps?
I'm a local home daily driver so don't partake in this practice and my company bars it anyway.
I would think that, if I had to park on a ramp, due to poor planning and running out of hours, traffic, or no where else to park, then I would choose the on ramp first. Traffic is going much slower on an on ramp as they are accelerating.
The off ramps seem dangerous, especially since half of you can't seem to get the whole trailer off the road. Traffic is exiting at 65+ mph right but your truck.
Yet it seems, at least from what I've seen, that the offramps fill up before the on ramps.
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2023.03.24 05:04 Sc0ttishLad Taking Trazodone for Sleep and Zoloft for Anxiety, and I'd Like Some Advice.

I've been taking trazodone to help me sleep since August and zoloft for my anxiety since February. I take 50 mg of trazodone here and there and 75 mg trazodone daily before I go to bed. The side effects are really coming on strong at the moment with the zoloft (and im unsure if the trazodone is also causing these issues). Most of them I can deal with, and some are starting to get better. I was having a lot of trouble getting up to my alarm and needed a very last minute alarm to basically scare me awake. Now I only miss one of two compared to almost all my alarms. Weight gain isn't the biggest issue with them either, I've come to terms with it.
The biggest issue I have at the moment is the sexual dysfunction. I have no issue getting and keeping an erection at all thankfully, but I do have problems finishing. I'm also not as interested in sex now, but I actually can't say I'm bothered by that too much. I did mention this to my psych doctor and he mentioned putting me on a medication. The medication starts with a P, and it would be taken about 45 mins to 1 hr before sex. I know it wasn't anything like viagra or cialis, but I need to figure the name of the medication out so I can look into it more. Either way, I don't think I'd prefer this route. I've seen some people mention a low dose of wellbutrin helps with sexual dysfunction as well. I would mind giving that a try. I've also seen some people mention cannabinoids. This is off the table since I'm in the US military. They put out a complete ban on all CBD products and they do test for it. I desperately want to be able to finish and have an orgasm again, and any advice I'll talk to my psych doctor about.
Tl;dr: I'm having a lot of sexual dysfunction after taking zoloft 75 mg daily since February and trazodone 50 mg here and there since August. I really want advice that can be considered to help these problems.
Update: I found the medication that my doctor was talking about. It is cyproheptadine also known as Periactin.
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2023.03.24 05:01 AutoModerator The Daily Moby - 24 03 2023

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2023.03.24 04:59 sleeppyp [SELL][US] Biossance, Sunday Riley, First Aid Beauty, Eve Lom, Josie Maran, Glow Recipe, and more. Everything at least 50% off retail. New items added, prices lowered.

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*Notes on freebies:
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2023.03.24 04:43 colonelkaiju Party Rogue Constantly Makes the Party's Life Harder Because "It's what his character would do."

So, a few years back, I joined a game that was advertised in a Discord server I was in. The party consisted of my Dragonborn Cleric, a Halfling Bard, a Kobold Fighter, a Lynel (yes, from Legend of Zelda, but that's a whole other can of worms) Barbarian, and the aforementioned Drow Rogue. He was clearly TRYING to be a subversion of the edgy loner type rogue, being fairly social and personable, but he very quickly showed that was just a way to try and get away with being just the worst asshole.
This player was very much of the mindset that anything he did was fair game as long as it was "what his character would do", and he constantly made things harder for us as a result. Be it constantly going behind the party's back and only doing things via DMs with the DM, having no filter on extremely sensitive information, or just generally being unpleasant enough to cause the Bard's player to leave the game MULTIPLE TIMES. I don't blame the DM for this, as it was his first time running, and was learning to grow more assertive as the game went on.
This was a case where the most minor infraction I can remember is the time he secretly spent party funds to replace a broken window at the tavern we were staying at at the time, which sounds nice on paper, but what he got was a tacky, overdesigned, and expensive stained glass piece, for a rowdy bar where brawls and broken windows are a near daily occurrence. The owner, who did not even ask for his help, was less than amused and shattered it on the spot.
As for him being fast and loose with sensitive information, I can think of two specific examples. The first is when the party paid a visit to the town's criminal underbelly. We were, very justifiably, sworn to secrecy on the guild's location and operations. He loudly spilt the beans about our meeting almost immediately. The second was when the Bard's player came back to try things again with a new character, a Goblin Warlock. Goblins were under very heavy prejudice in this city, so she really wanted to keep her identity very secret, but told us as a gesture of trust. The Rogue deliberately blurts out her secret in the middle of a crowded street, much to her terror, and the player's frustration.
The absolute worst of it, was when he decided he wanted to investigate the city at night to learn more about the current plot point. My Cleric and the Warlock are both pissed at him at this point for multiple reasons, so we say we don't want to. This fucking guy decides to use Disguise Self to make himself look like MY character to try and trick the Warlock into joining, even though I was just vehemently against the plan not five minutes ago. This was the final straw, he didn't tell me he was going to do this, let alone ask if it was okay, and myself and the Warlock's player both called him out on how this was beyond uncool, ending the session early with me leaving the call, and the Warlock leaving the server for the second time.
The straw that broke the camel's back happened the next session, when he and the Fighter did the investigation. I was finally sick of his shit to the point that I didn't attend that session.
So the Cleric and the Warlock are not here but the other two (the Barbarian had already been kicked out at this point) wanna go explore the city.
The Rogue is really really sure the other players will be ok with him taking their gold coins. Our Fighter, who is a glorified cockfighting rooster, has been carving his way through everything that dared to piss him off is the one going "......mhhh maybe we just ask for one of those healing potions. I think that's prolly enough right"
And the Rogue keeps pushing and is about to start attempting to steal from a PC who isn't even at the table.
After multiple times of the DM trying to push him away from that course of action, he finally puts his foot down and has to outright tell him to knock it off. Before the next week had rolled around, that player was kicked from the game, and our Bard/Warlock returned permanently this time, now playing a Wizard. The Fighter brought one of his friends on to fill the vacancy and it quickly became a highlight of all our weeks, especially when we paid another visit to the Thieve's Guild, only to find the corpse of a certain Drow Rogue strung up as an example for anyone who might think about getting loose lipped like he did. He fucked around, he found out.
submitted by colonelkaiju to CritCrab [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:42 Stoop_Kidd90 Day 4 and more bloated than ever. Chest discomfort and shortness of breath

Hi All,
I've been a long time lurker of this subreddit. Always trying and quitting, you know the drill. I've managed to make it for 4 days today and plan to continue due to health concerns. I just wanted to hear from whoever will share their experience on when their symptoms began to subside. I know everyone is different but it's still comforting.
Sorry this is going to be LONG cause I've been holding this off for so long.
For context: I have been drinking almost daily for the last 7 years. When covid hit I began to start drinking earlier in the day. From Jan. 2021 until 4 days ago I was a 750ml of either jack or tequila a day. Definitely more on weekends.
I finally decided to throw in the towel when my scale hit 200lbs and my shortness of breath, extreme bloating and chest pressure became very concerning. Aside from bloating these were never issues pre 2021. I was also getting my liver enzymes checked routinely and always a clean bill of health, EVEN NOW! Which is crazy and always lead me to keep drinking cause my liver was healthy. But I just knew I had to stop this time cause my body feels wrecked in other areas now.
DAY 4: I usually have felt great on this day when I tried to quit for a week or two in the past. However, this time has been the worst. Scary almost. I have body and back aches and what I believe to be as kidney pain on the left. No headache at least. But brain fog and over all exhaustion. My face is still red as a pepper and this was never an issue in the past either. I thought that would have subsided by now because it only started getting and staying red 6 months ago.
I also started drinking beet juice today hoping to slowly see improvement in my blood pressure. As I mentioned before, when I've tried quitting in the past these symptoms usually were on the tail end or gone by day 4. Yet they all seem to be sticking around this time and I'm growing more and more anxious. I know that doesn't help my blood pressure or chest pain either. As those high BP numbers are lingering around and almost seem to be increasing each day sober! Like what? It's usually around 144/107 - 135/100. My lowest was Day 1 128/94.
I'm still having difficulty breathing going up stairs or doing minor exercise, but I truly chalk that up to the whopping 30lbs I've gained in the last 6 months of upping my alcohol intake. I have even been fasting again 16:8 but even the tiniest amount of food in my eating window will send my stomach right back to looking 9 months pregnant no joke. It's a hard belly too. I also got a clean bill of health 3wks for my liver and basically everything else except my cholesterol and blood pressure.
So, with ALL that being said (if you're still here thank you for reading lol) I just want to know if anyone else went through similar symptoms and when they subsided or got better for you. I'm not asking for medical advice as I've already seen my PCP. He told me it was the weight gain and drinking, plus residual side effects of catching covid that were causing the heart and chest issues. I am suspecting I may have gastritis as well with this rumbling tummy and inconsistent BM's. I just need to stop talking and try to keep my mind focused on Day 5! Thanks for listening.
submitted by Stoop_Kidd90 to stopdrinking [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:27 DonDraper1134 Strut/Spring replacement front and rear, both? Just front?

2013 Sport 132k
Hey all, my Fit is in need of some new struts due to the usual symptoms: bouncy recovery after dips/bumps, clunks over bumps, increased body roll, etc. Ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bar links, LCA bushings, all look OK for now. Struts do not appear to be leaking, just worn. Don’t have hardly any underside rust. Would like some second opinions or personal experiences shared.
I plan to replace the whole front assembly; top hat, bearing, spring/strut assembly. Rockauto offers KYB whole assembly, both sides, $300 shipped. I will do the work myself.
A.) Shall I replace rear struts and springs as well?
Not trying to be cheap, just don’t want to throw parts on that are not needed as I may not need to drive the Fit daily soon.
B.) Any experiences good/bad with KYB? Any alternatives you would recommend?
Currently is my daily, stock besides wheels and tires. If there are OEM+ recommendations, I would consider. No desire ATM to lower or run coil overs.
Thanks all!
submitted by DonDraper1134 to hondafit [link] [comments]