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Descendant Character Concept-Benjamin

2023.03.29 02:52 Lymilark Descendant Character Concept-Benjamin

This character was made because I really wanted to see one specific mechanic come to life in a Descendant. It’s a mechanic that isn’t seen in that many shooters period and is by far my favorite thing of all time, but admittedly in my attempt to make that mechanic work there may be some flaws in the design. I hope this remains an interesting read regardless.
Appearance wise they’re a small slovenly character with droopy dark purple hair. They wear a heavy trench coat with a strange interdimensional portal inside of it that he can communicate with. The general inspiration for this design is supernatural noir detective.
Passive(Hidden Arsenal)-Whenever Benjamin swaps weapons the gun he swapped into will be instantly reloaded if it has an empty magazine. This ability will have a 20s cooldown. Additionally he has one more passive that increases his Weapon Swap Speed by 40% if the weapon he is changing out has an empty magazine. If he swaps out a weapon while this condition is fulfilled the animation for the weapon swap will be changed to the gun disappearing in a puff of smoke only to be replaced with a different gun.
Notes: This mechanic is largely inspired by games like Sanctum 2 where reloading occurs while a gun is unequipped, but is slightly weaker due to the fact it will only reload one weapon and has a cooldown assigned to it. I adore the momentum that this could bring to him as stops to reload would become more infrequent.
First Ability(Disposing Evidence)-When activated Benjamin will reach into his trench coat to pull out a strangle clock to chuck it into the air. From there it will begin floating and taunt enemies to move towards it. The clock will explode after 6s. Alternatively, if he shoots it out of the air the bullet will split into 12 other bullets that each do 30% of the original bullets damage that will randomly target nearby enemies. This ability will have a 12s cooldown.
Notes:>! I love the idea of abilities creating objects the player can interact with, and since his passive is all about constantly shooting why not have the main mode of interaction be by shooting it. The explosion would be a better AOE tool while shooting the clock would be better for single target elimination since it would massively increase the damage of just one bullet.!<
Second Ability(Open Doors)-Once activated Benjamin will fold in on himself and collapse into the trench coat's hidden portal so he will teleport a short distance away. He will specifically teleport in the direction he is looking at, but if the ability is held down he will instead teleport a short distance directly behind him. Either way he teleports, doing so will reduce the cooldown on “Hidden Arsenal” by 10s. This ability will have a 20s cooldown.
Notes: This would be his main survivability/mobility tool. It’s simple, flexible, and effective while also having the added utility of reducing the cooldown on “Hidden Arsenal” so that instant reload can proc more consistently. The idea of a sniper constantly changing their position after every shot was part of the inspiration for this ability.
Third Ability(Locked Doors)-Upon activation he will throw out a key straight into the air where it will begin to descend back into the ground. Any enemies within an 8m radius of the key will be unable to move outside of that zone until the key hits the ground and unlocks it, which will occur after 6s of it being tossed into the air. Alternatively, if Benjamin shoots the key out of the sky it will fire off chains that seek out those nearby enemies to bind them together, this binding does not hinder their movement. While they are bound, damage is linked between all targets, so if one target gets headshot that damage will then also be inflicted to all other targets at 40% of the original damage. This ability will have a 25s cooldown
Notes: The first effect, depending on which enemy types find themselves in its zone, can be a life saver or entirely useless as it does not stop them from attacking or using abilities. It’s a simple Root ability but not in its purest form since they still have some space to run in. The second effect was the main effect I wanted to focus on. As it currently works now, if one enemy is hit by 200 damage every other target linked to them will take 80 damage. This will be his main burst AOE tool.
Ultimate(My Friends from the Other Side)-When this is activated Benjamin will release two ghost-like creatures from the portal within his trench coat. These creatures will use copies of his current weapon and deal 60% of his current damage. Additionally if he is aiming down sights they will shoot exactly where he is shooting to set up a firing squad, otherwise if he is hip-firing they will shoot at a different target instead if at all possible. Then if he is sprinting the ghosts will break off from him to collect pick-ups for him like additional ammo. Finally, if Benjamin attempts a melee attack while the ghosts are out he will instead command the ghosts to have one drag an enemy to him while the other shanks them while Benjamin is free to pop their head off afterwards if they survive the shiv. This ability will last for 20s with a 60s cooldown.
Notes: Main idea with this ability is to setup a firing squad that he can command to amplify his damage. Puppet characters in shooters aren't super common and tend to have very limited commands, and while I tried to give more variety in how Benjamin can influence the ghosts I still feel there's something missing.
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2023.03.29 02:41 sudoku1984 Full-time stationary through grad school?

Hey. Could anyone point me in the direction of where to do research?
I start grad school in the fall, 7-8 years, then plan to move. I want to live alone with my cats. I found land for 40k. It has a well, septic, electric and can get broadband. I thought about putting down a trailer, but average sale price right now for a single wide mobile home in that area is about 50k, so that's a waste of money. My thought is if I buy an RV, at least I have something when I'm done.
I'm the kind of person sometimes takes a 1-week road trip and sleeps in my car to save money. I love doing that, so I think I will enjoy having the RV when I'm done.
I'm worried about climate control for my cats, especially if I'm away for 8-12 hours for classes/whatever. Average low in winter is 21F. Average high in summer is 82F. Is that doable?
How much work is this going to be? I'm pretty handy and have fixed appliances and done minor plumbing work when needed.
Any thoughts about electric/wateseptic hookups? Especially hooking up to a septic tank?
There's an RV place going out of business not far from here and I'm hoping I can find something I can afford. Any thoughts on all this? Thanks for your help.
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2023.03.29 02:32 abacce MODY 5 / HNF1B Mutation Thread

Hello! I was recently diagnosed with diabetes MODY 5 and have felt very lonely since it is so rare. My diabetologist and family practitioner are clearly overwhelmed with the disease and seem to know little. So far I have been reading into papers and contacting MODY 5 patients, professors, and researchers in different countries to gather information and learn more. I want to share my experience and some relevant information so that you can relate, understand the disease, and discuss disease management with your doctor better. Please always discuss diet, supplement, and medication changes with your doctor! I advise to ask for a copy of your blood work and test results to collect them in a binder and bring them to your appointments with specialists. Feel free to correct me or add anything relevant from your own experience. Since genetic testing is becoming more available, I expect there to be more diagnosed cases in the future. I hope this can become a space for us MODY 5s.
What is monogenic diabetes (MODY)? Maturity onset diabetes of the young is a form of diabetes caused by a genetic mutation on one gene. So far there are 14 described types of MODY, some more and some less common than MODY 5. MODY patients typically do not have antibodies type 1 and LADA patients would have and are diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, around 25 and usually below 35. Many MODY patients are misdiagnosed as Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics.
What is MODY 5? Mody 5 is a form of monogenic diabetes, also called renal cysts and diabetes syndrome. It is caused by mutations or deletions on the HNF1B gene. This usually triggers a multi-system condition which can cause organs to develop incorrectly before and after birth. People with the exact same mutation or deletion can have different symptoms. Affected parents have a 50% chance of passing the mutation to their children, however, many HNF1B mutations occur spontaneously without a family history. SYMPTOMS The most common symptoms are Kidney Disease and Diabetes. Many are diagnosed with diabetes while young, around 25 and younger than 35. Small kidney cysts which do not increase over time, missing kidneys, and other abnormalities are possible. The urogenital tract can be affected: a heart-shaped or bicornuate uterus or vaginal/sperm/testicle/vas deferens anomalies are possible. Abnormal liver function, early onset gout, elevated uric acid in the blood, missing a part of the pancreas (pancreatic hypoplasia), electrolyte abnormalities, proteinuria, and a lack of digestive enzymes (pancreatic exocrine dysfunction) are common. In the case of a deletion of the 17q12 chromosome, there can be neurological symptoms like autism or cognitive impairment. It is not uncommon for fetuses affected by the mutation to be miscarried. Early development of hyperparathyroidism may be a previously unrecognized feature of HNF1B-associated disease. Relatively high levels of parathyroid hormone are common.
"Dysfunction of β-cells results in reduced insulin secretion, which is likely to be a consequence of pancreatic hypoplasia. Decreased insulin secretion in utero leads to intrauterine growth retardation and low birth weight. Patients with HNF1B mutations have reduced insulin sensitivity to endogenous glucose production but peripheral insulin sensitivity is normal. This situation results in hyperinsulinaemia and associated dyslipidaemia, with raised levels of triglycerides and reduced levels of high-density lipoprotein. (...) Pancreatic exocrine hypersecretion has also been observed in affected individuals, and could be a compensatory mechanism for diminished pancreatic volume." (Clissoid et al.)
DIAGNOSIS is done through genetic testing for mutations or deletions on the HNF1B gene. Genetic testing for various forms of MODY (14 are known) can be done by specialized labs. Doctors should refer you after having excluded Type 1 diabetes & LADA (no antibodies) and Type 2. If you are below the age of 35, diabetic, not obese, perhaps you even eat well and exercise- and have no type 1 antibodies- you are a candidate for MODY. Ask your doctor about genetic testing. Insulin resistance is reported in some MODY 5 patients.
TREATMENT Older literature tends to push insulin as the preferred treatment option, I suspect this is due to the gravity of the cases that were first tested, reported, and studied. With increasingly available genetic testing and more doctors aware of the disease, milder cases (like mine) are detected. Some MODY 5 diabetics try to stay off insulin as long as possible and are treated with metformin or other oral medication. Sulfonylurea has been described as ineffective in literature. Sometimes a combination is used. A Professor for diabetes and metabolism research I corresponded with wrote to me:
According to the latest data, there is a possibility that diabetes can be treated with newer drugs, e.g. GLP-1 analogs instead of insulin.
Some MODY 5 diabetics take supplementation for Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Iron. Some MODY 5 patients have too much calcium. Some MODY patients need digestive enzymes because of low fecal elastase levels. Screening for endometrial, & prostate cancer, chromophobe renal cell carcinoma, and clear cell ovarian cancer should be considered (Clissoid et al.).
Preimplantation genetic testing is available in many countries to those affected who do not want to pass on the mutation.
TRANSPLANTS Patients with both kidney failure and diabetes can request a simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant. Clissoid et Al. describe 3 cases in which this was successful and led to not needing insulin. After a transplant, they should avoid tacrolimus and reduce corticosteroids. I am unsure if a stem cell or beta cell islet transplant could heal the diabetes part of MODY 5 in the future but strongly suspect it could. Since the beta cells are described as dysfunctional or there simply aren't enough due to pancreas hypoplasia (underdevelopment), transplanting beta cells might be promising. I am waiting for further research.
ME: Elevated sugar levels since I am 23, perhaps before. Frequent stomach pain as a teenager. Frequent mysterious leg pain since childhood. Acid reflux and issues with the cardia muscle in my stomach. Low birth weight likely due to reduced insulin production in uterus. ULTRASOUNDS Several gynecologists never noticed my arcuate uterus. My pancreas was not visible on ultrasound. An angiogram I did for other reasons showed the pancreas but defects were hardly visible. Kidneys looked fine. MRI My kidneys appear miraculously normal and free of cysts, which is fairly rare with this mutation. My uterus is arcuate. I have cysts on my ovaries, likely unrelated to the mutation. The pancreas is lacking its dorsal part. An MRI can only give you limited information about the functionality of organs. BLOOD WORK I produce little insulin (5.1) and my C-Peptide is low (1.0). I am not insulin resistant (HOMA <1). My HbA1C goes up to 6.6. Fasting glucose up to 160 if normal or 200 if stressed. During the glucose tolerance test, my glucose went up to 300 and then down to 70. The more carbs I eat, the higher it spikes and the lower it drops. If I don't eat (almost) any carbs my sugar will be constantly too high but below 200. Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Uric acid, and creatinine are too high. GFR as low as 65 (bad kidney function), went up to 116 with radical diet adjustment. With a Keto diet (and a lot of vegetables) for 6 weeks most of those normalized except cholesterol and sugar, which still improved. The tiredness however did not improve and the leg pain worsened. Magnesium 0.7 mmol/l, potassium, sodium normal. Calcium 2.4 mmol/l after diet. Good iron, normal range ferritin. Red cell distribution is low. Started magnesium supplementation based on reports of patients needing more than the regular amount. Stomach pain and diarrhea from magnesium oxide 400mg x2. Trying lower doses (400mg x 1 ) of magnesium glycinate, which is reported to be the one best absorbed by the body. The amounts refer to the elementary/pure magnesium contained. FAMILY: Grandfather and other relatives are said to have had impaired kidneys but they lived long lives. My father has been a misdiagnosed diabetic for decades and has kidney cysts with impaired kidney function. He has issues digesting fats and low iron (ferritin). He is missing a part of his pancreas. He has trouble digesting food and his liver function is troubled. Light anomalies in the urogenital tract (sperm not as mobile, urinary tract obstructed). He has calcification on the pancreas and has suffered a heart attack. The antrum of his stomach is thickened and the cardia muscle which closes the stomach is not working properly, leading to reflux. He was diagnosed as Type 1 or Type 2 or unknown depending on the doctor. My aunt could not conceive and is said to have light kidney problems, she does not want to be tested. My mother lost a child before me, I suspect he had the mutation but got unlucky with the way it expressed (phenotype).
Non-exhaustive CHECK-UP list for MODY 5 patients to discuss with your doctor: If Type 1 not previously excluded: IA2-Antibodies, GAD Antibodies (in case you are lucky enough to have 2 diabetes types simultaneously) HOMA Index, HbA1c, and fasting blood sugar Oral Glucose Test Insulin production and C-Peptide Ultrasound of kidneys, digestive tract, uterus, pancreas, liver MRI of the abdomen and pelvis: esp. kidneys, pancreas and genital area PTH Fecal Elastase Electrolytes: Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium Vitamins: D, B12 Ferritin and Iron Liver enzymes Uric acid, creatinine, HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, GFR, hemoglobin, hematocrit
Clissold, R. L., Hamilton, A. J., Hattersley, A. T., Ellard, S., & Bingham, C. (2015). HNF1B-associated renal and extra-renal disease-an expanding clinical spectrum. Nature reviews. Nephrology, 11(2), 102–112. (I have access if you need it)
Gambella A, Kalantari S, Cadamuro M, Quaglia M, Delvecchio M, Fabris L, Pinon M. The Landscape of HNF1B Deficiency: A Syndrome Not Yet Fully Explored. Cells. 2023; 12(2):307.
Facebook Group:
Podcast episode with Jennifer (fellow MODY 5) :
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2023.03.29 02:30 rdk67 Spring Day 8: Found Desert Waterhole

The furnace room is not the sort of place that issues public invitations – less a living space in the church and more a chamber for the building’s internal organs, which includes more than the capacity to withstand winter’s lowest blows – as well, the will toward heated water, telepathy, globalization, sanitation, and sewer. The furnace room translates the church’s exotic desires into something the rest of civilization can comprehend, even accommodate, and if the prospect of entering such a state inspires temptation, you may staunch the flow by imagining the furnace room as it actually is: generations of disused conduits and ductwork covering the walls and ceiling, a sump well deep enough to drown an adult of standard height, chemicals on racks with so many warning labels, they seem less like solvents than the cursed entrance to a tomb.
Beyond all that is the shower, which has the feel of something salvages from an RV or mobile home but which this morning I’m distracted from due to the mess on the floor – an oddly shaped puddle of water covering most of the shower area and spreading out from there. The problem could be small – something left running overnight – or large: an underwater river that recently shifted course, decided to make an appearance in the modern world starting with the basement of a peace church. While I’m standing there with my towel and shampoo, weighing my options, a flicker of recognition grows into something understandable: the Namib Desert. I let that image wander my mind, while I sort out the problem: one of the taps on a wash basin wasn’t quite closed after yesterday’s usual cleanup. I give the tap a rude look, and it stops.
The Namib Desert is familiar to me now because of a live stream anyone with an internet connection can observe. A camera is trained on a human-engineered waterhole that attracts indigenous free-living animals – springboks! warthogs! wildebeests! – that charge into frame to fill up. The most elaborate visitations involve families of giraffes – when they drink, they splay their forelegs at obtuse angles so that each swallow of water has a shorter hill to climb. The ostriches drink like long-necked dinosaurs, with these smooth practiced moves of the head along the surface of the water, reminiscent of brush strokes, then return to an upright posture and let gravity take over. Hyenas are the noisiest drinkers, as well as the only ones who pee in the waterhole. Jackals show up all night long, lap at the water just like your dog, hurry off.
That’s what the pool of water in the furnace room resembles – the Namib Desert waterhole. The resemblance is merely fed by means of the stream of consciousness, which is made of the same stuff as that mess on the floor – metaphor. I surmise a free-ranging authority in the environment has something to say about sustenance during hard times – and say, how did that water puddle wind up on the floor anyway? The head of the mop was leaning on the wash basin in just such a way that one strand was dribbled upon by the faucet and another was dangling over the floor, thus converting the rest of the mop head into a fertile crescent of wetness that drip drip dripped all night, a passive pump for applying the medium of water to the canvas of the furnace room concrete floor. Thereafter, each bead of water was arranged to make the shape of the waterhole.
In the shower at last, beneath a crosshatch of disused conduits and tunnels of thick cobwebs, I consider the vocation of waterhole in the desert, wonder what the job market might be like. Perhaps long lines of prospective waterholes form when a desert assignment opens up, all of them hoping to demonstrate the superiority of their own life-giving properties. If such a line admitted the likes of myself, when I got to the front, I would forego all allusions to migration, propagation, the circle of life, instead riff off what I know. What is a waterhole if not intimations of a future free from suffering? Go ahead, judge me by reliability, rate of flow, my capacity to speak the language of any tongue that happens along. When we’re through, this waterhole – I tap my chest with my thumb – will just be getting started. I hop out of the shower, towel off.
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2023.03.29 02:26 cardinalrodent How likely is this bus to get me killed?

How likely is this bus to get me killed?
I have no idea if the image attachment is going to go through or be readable, so for safety's sake: it's a full-size school bus with engine quality of 4 (four). I didn't even realize engine quality could go that low.
I'm doing a sort of 'road trip' game where I start in Raven Creek and travel to Louisville, and I'm using the RV Interiors mod. Some kind of vehicle with an interior is going to make this much easier (plus, I like decorating the inside). I'm not super familiar with Raven Creek, but I've driven around what seems to be the main urban area and haven't seen anything other than this bus. It's obviously a deathtrap, but for lack of a better option, I'm fixing this giant piece of shit up to get out of town.
I've read the wiki page on engine quality, but is chance to start really all that it affects? It stalled a couple times on a short trip around the block to put gas in it, but that seems to only be caused by condition- which is also in bad shape here and is theoretically fixable if I do some mechanics grinding.
If the formula on the wiki is accurate, my amazing 4 engine quality is getting me a chance to start of 'slightly worse than a coinflip'. In theory, I can leave it idling in situations where I might need to drive away, provided I get the condition up- I've done this with less-reliable cars in the past. The engine still attracts zombies a bit, but oh well.
Is this workable if I'm very, very careful?
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2023.03.29 02:26 wattench Question regarding engine issues with Kia Soul 2012. Please help.

Hi all,
Bit confused as to what to do about my current situation. Here is the relevant background:
Would really appreciate any possible info you're happy to share. And please let me know if I should be posting this elsewhere.
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2023.03.29 01:14 Novel-Ad6271 [Mobile/Google play?][2010’s] 3rd Person badly coded zombie survival game about realizing you can’t help people and all that matters is money.

Platform(s): Mobile, though it definitely wasn’t approved by Apple and therefor wasn’t on the App Store. Might have actually been a google play exclusive?
Genre: Never ending zombie swarm survival lite.
Estimated year of release: Sometime after 2010 but before 2019.
Graphics/art style: Slightly poorly hand drawn. (May have been pixelated)
Notable characters: Nobody. Everyone is too surface level.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Weak player character. Cone of vision based sight. All NPC’s can easily die. Dynamic zombie spawning and endless invasion. weaponry limited to shotguns. Different ammo types. 1-1 trading with merchants with no tax.
Other details: The game takes place in what can seemingly only be described as a rural county. You wake up in a small bedroom of some sort of half farm half prison complex. You talk to the first person you see and he immediately hits you with something along the lines of “In like 3 minutes an endless horde of them is going to hit us, we don’t have nearly enough defenses and will probably all die. take whatever supplies you can as fast as possible and get out of here.” All of this is true, meaning the meta was to steal as many supplies as possible, run towards the city hinted to be towards the south by various NPC’s and use your untaxable income from selling them to buy a max level shotgun. Because the economy was busted, if you sold just 10-20 rather common “experimental shotgun shells” you’d have enough money to buy the “experimental shotgun” which had the same effect but with infinite ammo. ALSO THE CONTROLS SUCKS. (This game is so comically convoluted and confusing for so reason, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if nobody else played it and it was lost media. But I hope not!)
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2023.03.29 00:49 Worldly-Goose-6535 Lowering front forks of a 2019 CBR650R - can it be done?

Hello, I've just bought a 2019 CBR650R and looking to have the t-rex lowering link installed which drops the rear 2". Naturally I want to lower the front end as well to maintain geometry by popping the forks through the top hopefully by 2" too.
My mobile mechanic mentioned the forks might be tapered so it may not be able to drop the full 2". He can't have a look at the bike yet as it's being delivered in 2 weeks.
Wondering if anyone has done this successfully?
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2023.03.29 00:30 lordorinko Never have i ever seen this much fuck up with balance

first of all. Wtf is loki? Why does he have 0 recovery on some of the most oppressive moves in the game. Why do i have to clutch my dodge everytime he is invis.
Second is why is amaterasu still the most braindead and literally the most broken hero in the game?
-Her spike knockback distance is absolutely broken. You get fkin knocked out at 65 if you have spent your mobility.
-Her mobility puts her in 0 risk whatsoever and has incredible reward.
-Her dash forward and throwback is armored still for some fucking reason beyond me. I guess devs are trying to protect ama players from realizing they are operating on a single braincell.
-Her hold heavy has 2 instances and has a giant fkin swing range. Legit you can't dodge it, the distance is not enough. Also you can't challenge in between two swings since your fkin dodge recovery is longer than her chaining to the second hit. Unless you dodged the first hit on read.
-Her uppercut whatever the fk bs move needs a read to dodge (why?) and puts her in a 0 risk situation where she can follow-up with 3 more attacks in air... She literally is guaranteed to hit you whenever she presses R and is in range. Doesn't matter if you dodge or not. She will chase you 56 meters. I'm sorry why do i get 0 fkin reward when i dodged her absolutely broken R on a FUCKING READ and instead i get fkin punished on top of it.
Ama is for literal apes thinking they are able to play the game by abusing the easiest, safest, strongest character with flat broken (mechanically and strenght-wise) moves. I really hope she gets deleted from the game gets a complete overhaul and then gets re-released. Cause what we have now is an unfair trash in the game.
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2023.03.28 23:47 New-Dig9738 Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing tracking your partner phone best way to track your wife’s phone how to trace a phone hire a hacker

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Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can track your wife’s phone. However, the most reliable way is through a phone monitoring app. The best phone tracking app should be able to track iPhone and Android smartphones.
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Besides, some apps are superior to others and deliver more functionality. Also, they can conceal themselves and all the activities from your wife’s attention.
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2023.03.28 23:21 NoAbalone1070 D4 Class Rankings / Tier List After Beta

Before We Begin
This is my opinion and I will take into consideration things like leveling, mechanics, gear dependency, and what players have accomplished with their time given.
I understand the beta was not at all balanced. People were over geared for level 25 and farmed to the gills.

S Rogue
Rogue has everything going for it. Damage, density clearing, mobility, survivability, utility. Not to mention the only class (that I can find on YT) that has multiple Ashava solo kills. I do not now how people managed to find ashava solo but it happens and Rogue's love that shit. Here's Wujido solo'ing it again on a Hardcore Rogue. Absolutely ridiculous.

S Barbarian
A slower more difficult start than the other classes but the climax is undeniable. Upheaval Barbarian is the single hardest hitting thing in the game. If not for Upheaval, Barb's early game and gear dependencies would put it in B tier but with Upheaval capabilities there's no way I can justify not giving it S. The thing just hits too hard
This is a 359k Crit

A Necromancer
Necromancer and Sorc fall into the same vibe for me. They're easy to play early and can perform very well without gear. Necromancer steps above Sorc for just how easy it is with a horde of undead following you to tongue punch enemies. Blood Mist cool down spam literally makes you immortal. The damage isn't there compared to Rogue and Barb though and keeps it out of S for me. It's a mindless class low risk low reward. You'll blow through the entire game on Veteran with little to worry about. Blood Mist corpse explosion build.

A Sorceress
Sorc is fun. If this was a tier list about fun, Sorc wins. The skills feel nice and you have so much variety it's NICE and what ever class should strive to feel like. Ice Blades CDR and ability spam makes combat feel more engaging since you're not waiting on 10-20 second Cooldowns for very long. Even 60+ second CD from Ultimates get more and more use out of Ice Blades CDR. There's also Hydras which are set it and forget it. Fireball explosion enchant. Teleport. Chain lightning. FEELS GOOD Here's a sorc ice blades set up.

? Druid
It's hard to give Druid a rank. This class was flat out done dirty by not letting players access the Druid's offering tribute class specialty thing. It's as slow if not slower than Barbarian to level, no resource regeneration, and the damage isn't there compared to other classes. It IS fun though when leveled and some gear. Some of the storm builds are very fun and gorgeous. I just REALLY wish we could of gotten to see his tribute things. I would recommend this.
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2023.03.28 22:47 rohm418 Oil Cooler Leak

My oil cooler is leaking and I had a mobile mechanic all ready to replace the seals when he noticed oil in the coolant reservoir. He's concerned that just changing the seals won't fix the issue so suggested replacing the oil cooler altogether. I placed an order through a dealer and they've just reached out to say that the cooler isn't available stateside and they'd have to order it from Germany with a 4-6 week lead time.
I'm in a rental with no garage until my house is done being built so I can't take this on myself. Any suggestions when it comes to sourcing a new oil cooler housing? Or would you suggest going used? Alternatively, I've considered asking him to change out the seals in the existing one and flush the coolant system to see if the seals alone will do the trick, but I just don't know.
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2023.03.28 22:19 burgerknapper Mobile mechanic here!

Hey gso! Mobile mechanic here I just wanted to make a post to help spread the word! I come to you! Friendly and affordable service now in the most convenient way possible. Feel free to send me a message or chat if you ever need any maintenance or repairs done on your vehicles! Or, if you’re looking to purchase a vehicle and would like somebody to look it over mechanically before you buy, I do that too! Thanks for reading and have a great day Greensboro!
Disclaimer I do not offer state inspections, or tires.
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2023.03.28 22:15 stwapk Stickman Warriors - A New Action Game Now Available for play

Stickman Warriors - A New Action Game Now Available for play
I'm excited to announce the release of Stickman Warriors, a new action game now available for download on Android and iOS devices. If you're a fan of intense battles and challenging gameplay, this game is definitely for you.
In Stickman Warriors, you play as a stickman hero fighting against waves of enemies using a variety of weapons and special abilities. With intuitive controls and fast-paced gameplay, you'll need quick reflexes and strategic thinking to survive each level.
Some of the game's key features include:
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • A variety of weapons and upgrades to unlock
  • Different game modes to test your skills
  • Daily rewards and challenges to keep you engaged
Whether you're looking for a quick gaming session or a more extended playtime, Stickman Warriors has something for everyone. And with its easy-to-learn mechanics, it's the perfect game for both casual and hardcore gamers.
So what are you waiting for? Go to the App Store or Google Play and download Stickman Warriors today.
Have you played Stickman Warriors yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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2023.03.28 21:34 Umbra_RS Release - Brel G6 Hallucination Practice Tool / Simulator

This is a web game that should work in the browser via HTML5, tested in Chrome and Edge without extensions. The project was created in Unity (C#). It's not currently particularly mobile compatible, as the viewport isn't setup for anything other than PC and there's no way to use the hotkeys.
It seems G6 progression groups have people dying constantly to the hallucination mechanic, prog basically means two hours of losing 1–4 people to this mechanic. Taking learners usually means restarting the gate until they finally nail the controls, while they feel bad about wasting everyone's time. I also see PLCs die to the second hallucination, which can of course spell disaster if you don't have the combination, and it's chosen. Long story short, I recreated the mechanic and uploaded it to Itch to allow people to practice in a stress-free environment.
The main difference is that the simulator continues endlessly, instead of repeating the pattern, since that's the easy part. It also has a much lower chance to repeat patterns in sequence. The game currently has no sound effects, menu, or death screen. Maybe they'll be added in a future update. Your deaths are simply tallied for now and displayed at the top of the screen.
The reversed controls are almost a 1:1 recreation as far as I can tell, so it should be exactly what you can expect to deal with.
Hallucination 1:
Cycle's reversal > non reversal > reversal endlessly, as this is effectively how it works in game.
Hallucination 2:
567 are destroyed and reversal is randomly applied, so you'll have to be on your toes. Usually people use defensive sidereal to avoid the reversal here, however sometimes people die, and you need Azena's damage, so being able to deal with random reverse is important.
White character = reversal is not applied.
Purple character = reversal is applied.
LMB – move.
Q/E – adjust FOV if you feel it's not quite as it should be. To be accurate, you should not be able to see both 3 and 9 while standing dead centre, as you cannot in game.
LeftShift / LeftControl - increase/decrease player speed, just for fun, really. It's already tuned to be about as difficult as the game version is.
Tab – swaps between altered reality 1/2, this also resets all of your other settings, so tapping it twice can be seen as a reload function.
R – locks the current state of reversal, useful if you want to keep it on to get used to it or off to simulate sidereal.
T – adds a flash when the tile attempts to kill you, somewhat like the one in game. Off by default, no impact other than visuals.
Spacebar - instead of a dash, it's a simple 1-second speed-up with an 8-second cooldown. You can make it from 3>9 if you immediately click back to centre like you should, so ideally you can complete it without space bar, but it's in game, so you do have it as a bailout.
A closing warning:
Lost Arks visual effects are far less clear than this simulator, people often die on the second reality as they can't tell the difference between a damaged tile and a death zone. It'd suggest watching videos a few times to be able to easily recognize the visual effect.
Future Development:
I may add additional stuff if they're any requests that don't take too long. If anyone else is interested in adding features, improving the art/VFX or whatever, I can upload the source to GitHub. However, as Unity handles a ton via the inspector, you'd likely also need Unity (2022.2.0f1) installed. The main thing I personally think would improve the project would be having the VFX as close to 1:1 as possible with Lost Ark.
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2023.03.28 21:09 fafnirus6 [Mobile] [2015ish] strategy game were you play as orc king that can comand orcs in battles to go forward backwards or stop

Platform(s): mobile
Genre: strategy
Estimated year of release: 2015ish
Graphics/art style: cartoony (drawn like)
Notable characters: orc king, orc army, traveler you can punch to get gold in cave
Notable gameplay mechanics: comanding orc to go forward, bacwards, stop in battles agains humans, upgrading orc king in cave
Other details: punching travelers with gold in cave to get gold,
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2023.03.28 21:08 rrmdp 📢 CEMEX is hiring a Mobile Mechanic!

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2023.03.28 21:08 rrmdp 📢 CEMEX is hiring a Mobile Mechanic!

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2023.03.28 21:02 rrmdp 📢 CEMEX is hiring a Mobile Mechanic!

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2023.03.28 21:01 rrmdp 📢 CEMEX is hiring a Mobile Mechanic!

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2023.03.28 21:00 rrmdp 📢 CEMEX is hiring a Mobile Mechanic!

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2023.03.28 20:03 man_overseas What it Takes to Become a Multi-Millionaire by Age 40 with Jaekyu (Jonathan) Lee

What it Takes to Become a Multi-Millionaire by Age 40 with Jaekyu (Jonathan) Lee

What it Takes to Become a Multi-Millionaire by Age 40 with Jaekyu (Jonathan) Lee
I’m always telling my coaching clients: “DO NOT SQUANDER YOUR YOUTHFUL ENERGY”
Nobody has more embraced this ideal—as part of my coaching program—than today’s guest.
Jaekyu Lee, who goes by Jonathan, is a young man I’ve been working with for a little over a year. Watching someone so dedicated to his own personal growth & development has been inspiring and intrinsically rewarding [for me].
His story is nothing short of awe-some. He’s that 1st-generation Asian fella down the hall you’ve never taken the time to ask:
“Hey man, what’s your story?”
Well, I got that opportunity when “J,” as I call him, came down from Dallas a few weeks ago.
We actually recorded in a professional studio, so it may sound a little better than previous episodes.
Here’s that story. There was a sex offender I’d gotten to know over the past several months (and liked). In fact, I liked “Jerome” (not his real name) so much that I offered to be the sales rep for his mobile car washing business.
I was going to dust off the ‘ole blue suit and visit high-rises where I had connections in Houston. I’d see if we could setup on the first floor of the garage. He’d be stationary at 70 years old, and it’d be much more lucrative for him.
Jerome was smart, a great storyteller, and reminded me of Morgan Freeman. Not to mention the crime he committed occurred before I was born.
So I wanted to help Jerome. Plus, I thought he’d be a great guest on the podcast. Such a great guest, in fact, that I rented a professional studio on the day & time we had agreed to meet.
Well, Jerome “went dark” on me a few days before we were scheduled to record. I actually still haven’t heard from him. And I didn’t want to leave the studio’s owner hanging, so I asked J if he’d want to tell his story on my podcast.
He said, “Absolutely!”
Although he was in town visiting friends—I challenged him to a game of pickleball at Lifetime Fitness—loser buys the winner their book of choice (we’re both avid readers).
After J got smoked, getting A Monk’s Guide to Happiness by Gelong Thubten in the mail was like Christmas morning. You see I didn’t tell him what book I wanted—I just sent him a screenshot of the Notes app from my iPhone. I’ve kept a running tab for years of books I plan to get to someday. So I didn’t know what would show up in the mail. But this book is a gamer. Highly recommend! Thanks, J!
Back to my Asian friend who got the dog sh*t beat out of him on the pickleball court. By the way, if he didn’t talk so much sh*t by text the previous week about how he was going to dominate me, this story probably doesn’t even get told. But here we are.
Jonathan’s not your average Asian dude down the hall. His upbringing took him all over the world, spending the first half of his life in three countries.
He was born in Busan, South Korea. His dad, who worked for LG, was transferred to Jakarta, Indonesia, then Monterrey, Mexico, before they finally arrived in the States (El Paso, TX). Jonathan earned his Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2018 from the University of Houston, then completed a 2-year post-graduate residency for the US government.
Today, J works for the government as a pharmacy manager, and holds down another full-time job as a Realtor at Rendon Realty, LLC (I’ve been there—it’s no joke).
J says his passion for reading & financial independence will continue to provide all the fuel he needs to accomplish his goals. He’s up at 4am every morning so he can get to the gym.
What’s his primary goal? To become a multi-millionaire and retire by age 40 (he’s 29 now).
He’ll do it.
Jonathan, whose online moniker is Doctor_RealEstate, is a strong advocate for self-development and passionate about helping other men fulfill their true potential.
Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording!
Other topics discussed:
  • South vs North Korea
  • Meeting North Koreans
  • North and South Korea relationship
  • Seoul’s massive population
  • Pressure from parents to be successful
  • Why Jake’s family moved to Indonesia
  • Why Jake thinks corporate life is not for him based on his dad’s coping mechanism to de-stress
  • Going to school in Indonesia
  • Moving to America at age 15
  • Coping with frequent relocation
  • Jake’s identity crisis in El Paso, Texas
  • Calling someone Asian vs Oriental
  • Growing up in a homogeneous community in Houston
  • Why Jake wont go the pharmacist route if given the chance to go back
  • Working at the Veterans Affairs
  • Josh Rogin and Peter Zeihan’s talk about China’s future
  • Where did COVID really come from
  • Forging vaccine cards
  • Long term consequences of vaccines
  • Pfizer’s recurring revenue from boosters
  • Getting our hearts checked for myocarditis
  • Effects of cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepine, and opioids
  • Student loan debt and lifestyle inflation
  • The power of compound interest
  • House hacking
  • Brad’s 2 clients whose debts has been wiped out
  • Working as a real estate agent on the side
  • Real estate challenges that people don’t know
  • Why Brad advises his buyer clients to show up the last 10-15 minutes of the inspection
  • Why Jake got into real instate
  • How Jake met Brad and why he decided to look for a coach
  • Benefit of one-on-one coaching
  • Competing with yourself and journaling
  • Finding the ideal partner
  • Jake’s ideal age for marriage
  • Jake’s favorite social media app
  • Paying for Facebook ads
  • Virtual assistants in the Philippines
  • Jake wanting to meet Jordan Peterson
  • Tesla and Twitter stocks
  • Lack of sleep and testosterone
  • Faith as a common denominator for successful people
  • Life’s challenges and growth
Questions asked:
  • Do people assume South Korea when you say you’re from Korea?
  • Have you ever met a North Korean?
  • Do you take a high level of interest in North Korea?
  • Can South and North Koreans tell each other apart?
  • Did your parents put a lot of pressure on you to be successful?
  • Were you in Busan when you lived in South Korea until age 9?
  • At what age did you move to Indonesia?
  • What sort of business did your father open up in South Texas?
  • Did you ever think you were going to do what your dad did when you were growing up?
  • Did you go to Bali while you were there [in Indonesia]?
  • Did you go to a Korean-speaking school or did you have to learn the language?
  • At what age did you come to America?
  • How did you feel about leaving your friends every four years?
  • Which part of the US did you come to?
  • Have you experienced any discrimination?
  • If you were 18 years old and continuing your education, would you go the same route [as a pharmacist]?
  • Did your parents dictate your route [to be a pharmacist]?
  • Do you have any thoughts on COVID and whether or not that came from a lab or from a bat in the wild?
  • Did you see that interview with Damar Hamlin?
  • Do you recommend as a pharmacist that we get our hearts checked to see if we may have myocarditis?
  • How much school debt did you finish with?
  • What was your starting salary as a pharmacist?
  • Are you paying the minimum on your school debt or are you trying to accelerate payments on that?
  • Have you ever met anybody famous in your life?
  • What else do you do [aside from being a pharmacist]?
  • Why is being a real estate agent more of a culture shock for you than coming to the US for the first time?
  • What made you decide to look for a coach?
  • What has been the biggest benefit of having a one-on-one coach that you speak with weekly?
  • Describe to me your perfect type of woman.
  • If I were married to a woman who weighed 195 pounds and I was out of shape myself, would you have hired me as your coach?
  • At what age are you getting married?
  • How do we know how many views our Facebook ads are getting?
  • Why are you not buying Twitter stock?
  • Do you have a car payment right now? Is that your only debt besides the school loan debt?
Fun questions:
  • Which is your favorite social media app?
  • Have you ever bought an app?
  • If you could meet one person, who would it be?
  • If I gave you $100,000 and told you to invest it in Spotify, Apple, or Tesla, where would you put your money?
  • If I gave you tickets to a live comedy show by Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, or Louis C.K., which one would you pick?
  • Eddie Murphy, Bill Burr, or Louis C.K.?
  • What’s the most you’ve ever gambled and lost?
  • What’s the most you’ve ever gambled and won?
  • Why do you think young guys now have less testosterone than they used to?
  • Do you have a bucket list?
  • If you had to live for the next 90 days in one place, where would it be?

Listening options are available here:
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