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2023.05.28 12:26 battlebeez I've never posted here before but I am looking for a player that wants to play a Duo.

I usually play PVE just cause it's more fun for me, but I want the entire Rust experience without the toxicity. If any solo's want to play Duo with someone who wants a teammate, I'll play with anyone around the world but, who is 30-50 years old.
I also have a PVE base that will be raided on the 31st of this month before wipe day. Plenty of boom and AK's and just about everything you need. If anyone want's to join it should be fun.
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2023.05.28 12:26 battlebeez I've never posted here before but I am looking for a player that wants to play a Duo.

I usually play PVE just cause it's more fun for me, but I want the entire Rust experience without the toxicity. If any solo's want to play Duo with someone who wants a teammate, I'll play with anyone around the world but, who is 30-50 years old.
I also have a PVE base that will be raided on the 31st of this month before wipe day. Plenty of boom and AK's and just about everything you need. If anyone want's to join it should be fun.
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2023.05.28 12:18 battlebeez I've never posted here before but I am looking for a player that wants to play a Duo.

I usually play PVE just cause it's more fun for me, but I want the entire Rust experience without the toxicity. If any solo's want to play Duo with someone who wants a teammate, I'll play with anyone around the world but, who is 30-50 years old.
I also have a PVE base that will be raided on the 31st of this month before wipe day. Plenty of boom and AK's and just about everything you need. If anyone want's to join it should be fun.
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2023.05.28 11:51 givemejuice1229 Cheap tape backup solutions for 16TB

My requirements I think are simple. I have a 16TB mirror raid (I'm a n00b yes) of stuff and it currently gets backed up against 2 8TB drives in my garage on a proxmox backup server.
I'd like to back that up on a tape and take it offsite and then have another tape at home and do a rotation. Problem is, tape drives seem to be expensive.
Can anyone recommended a good backup tape drive solution which is cheap and fits all my data on one tape ? Or some other solution I haven't thought of ? Do I need to buy more hard drives and rotate spinning rust instead ?
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2023.05.28 05:05 Beauf9623 LF 1-2 For US Monthly Quad

I'm 26 with 6k. Me and my duo are looking 1-2 players for Renegade 2x Monthly Quad
-Mainly looking for people with similar play style to us. We plan to focus base in the beginning as we play the entire wipe. We like to establish a berry farm, campers, multiple FOB bases around the map at monuments/ hot zones, fully automated base with auto doors, auto turrets, auto lights, Rust+ raid alarms with IFTT Integration, fully automated industrial lockers and smelting/organizing/ drop boxes. Someone who has knowledge in these areas is a plus but all we really need is someone willing to help contribute in getting us there with the ability to hold their own during PvP and raids. We will be trying to raid as early on as possible and contest every event/ monument after we are fully established so being decent is also a must.
-1k+ Hours is preferred
-No squeakers or ragers. We take the game seriously, but we try to keep it chill, we are playing to have a good time
If you think you might be a good fit add me on discord
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2023.05.28 02:56 Suparame Your best interactions in rust?

Recently I met a group who had a group therapy session with me in my pool, then some solo neighbors joined us then we all went to mess with a roof camping neighbor as we helped the group look for a door camper they were going to raid.
Usually Rust is toxic as all hell, but what was some of your best moments you had with random players in Rust?
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2023.05.28 00:13 gamerpewpew [NA] [EU] [PC] LF Active, mature, highly skilled players for a long term team

We're looking for active, competitive and mature Rust players:
About you
About us
If interested, send me a DM with your Discord and a little bit about yourself as a player.
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2023.05.28 00:13 gamerpewpew NA/EU LF Active, mature 21+, highly skilled players for long term team

We're looking for active, competitive and mature Rust players:
About you
You're proactive (you have a "get shit done" mentality)
Can consistently spray AK 100m+ after recoil update
All around highly skilled player (farm, raids, PVP, monuments, flying)
Mature (no rage quitters and doesn't tolerate toxicity, racism, sexism, hate speech, slurs, etc)
Available to play actively at wipe and can commit to playing the wipe from Thursday to Saturday
About us
We're a consistent and mature group (21+ with diverse genders/ethnicities) and 3k hours+ average
We prioritize having fun but we're also goal driven and we work as a team (raids, do oil, win fights and get a lot of loot)
Nobody mic hogs, nobody screams on the mic and everyone has mic etiquette (push to talk for people with loud environments, no burping/sneezing/peeing on mic, etc)
We play on vanilla or 2x servers (without pay to win kits)
If interested, send me a DM with your Discord and a little bit about yourself as a player.
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2023.05.27 20:22 Roper300 Clan Boss:Guide for new players PART 2. How to make a team.

There are a lot to be said here but I will try to keep it as simple as possible. The title says Guide. It's not really a guide , it's more some basic guidelines that will help you understand the thinking process behind choosing a CB team.
If your starter is Kael , then you have poisoner but even Kael might not have enough accuracy to poison consistently Hard CB. In this case any champ with poison will do especially if he has poison on his a1(no cooldown). An early good solution is to buy an outlaw monk from the market and book him with dupes outlaw monks you will find in the market or mystery shards. Get him to 4-40(not higher), give him some lifesteal* and accuracy gear and when you don't need him he can become a nice 5 star chicken(don't take of the gear).If you are lucky enough to pull Frozen Banshee , she is the best rare posioner in the game. Get her to 60 as fast as possible and give her good gear and masteries.
*You can farm lifesteal in stage 8 while leveling up your champs. They are only common and uncommon pieces but they are good enough for your early clan boss team.

The main debuf you need is decrease attack and if you read the previous part , you already know why. 50% dec att means that Clan Boss hits with half his strength and that in turn means that you will survive longer. In the case of Clan Boss it doesn't have to be AOE dec att(that would be helpful in waves though).It only needs to be a single target dec att. The best early champ for this is Coffin Smasher because he has dec att in his a1 ,meaning (no cooldown) plus hp burn that will increase your damage. Good alternatives are Bogwalker and Veteran. If you don't have a 50% dec att , a 25% will do(better than nothing).
Strengthen also decreases the damage you take but it is unlikely you will have a champ that casts strengthen early on.If you happen to pull one though consider putting him in your Clan Boss team.
A debuf that can help your damage is decrease defense. Not a must have early on but something to consider. A good early solution is warmaiden. The problem is that by building your Warmaiden tanky, ignoring her damage dealing stats, you lose a valuable damage dealer so you will see very few using Warmaiden in their Clan Boss teams. Fleshmonger and Dagger are good rare alternatives theoretically. The practical problem with Dagger is her very low base defense that makes her almost impossible to keep alive.
Weaken also increases your damage.

The most important buff is increase defense and you can understand why. 50% inc def means that you will get half the damage you would normally get from Clan Boss attacks. It's all about survivability and inc def can help you survive longer. In this case though you need an AOE 50% INC DEF champ as you want all your champs protected.
4)Ally protection
Ally protection is a buff but it is a very special type of Buff. It allows your protector to take 50% of the damage your champs will take but the damage is calculated before any buff/multiplication on the damage.
Ally protection is by far THE MOST IMPORTANT SURVIVING RELATED BUFF and to work properly it must be AOE(protect all)and not single target.
The best early rare Ally Protection champ is Seducer. Unfortunately he is void and he needs the useless Temptress to activate his ally protection. Myrmidon is the only other rare that has ally protection. He is defense based which is good , with high base defense and heals on the same skill with ally protection(more survivability). A good early solution.
The good thing with ally protection is that there are many good epic protectors and you will most likely get one very soon. The best epic ally protection champs are Toragi, Jareg, Sandlashed Survivor and Skullcrusher but there are several others that are quite good.
When you build your Ally protector be careful to leave his crit dmg as low as possible because the dmg he gets scales from his crit dmg(if it is not an unintended mistake during coding then the damage he takes from ally protect has been coded as self inflicting and that is why his own crit dmg increases the dmg he takes).

Leech is a special type of debuff. It has the same effect with lifesteal gear allowing you to convert 18% of the damage to hp. Leech is a very important debuf and the one used in endgame when players want to avoid lifesteal gear and use much better sets. If you start the game you will have the chance to get Deacon Armstrong. I highly recommend to get him. He has Leech in his a1(no cooldown), AOE dec def in his a2 and turn meter filling in his a3. You can build him fast with high accuracy and tanky and use him with the same build everywhere, even in arena. One of the best epics in the game.

6)Speed booster.
Your speed booster can make your team faster and you already know how important that is. Speed booster is needed in specific unkillable compositions. In non unkillable compositions you won't see often a speed booster and the reason is that players try to build each champ with the required speed. That saves one spot for someone much more needed. In your early days though you won't have the luxury of high speeds and a speed booster will help you to keep the 1:1 ratio. Even if you manage to get the 1:1 ratio , you might not have so many options and a speed booster that will give you even a 1.25:1 might be one of your few choices. The recipe for the Speed booster is well known. Make him as fast as possible. Nothing matters except speed unless he is a debuffer too (like Deacon Armstrong). Any champ that has inc speed or turn meter filling can be speed booster. The best early speed boosters are Apothecary and High Khatun(30 days log in reward). Keep in mind that Clan Boss is immune to any form of turn meter reduction either indirect(decrease speed) or direct.


You won't see many revivers in Clan Boss teams. The reason is that once you start dying , reviving might give you a turn but nothing more. And if you think , better one turn than nothing , I will tell you that you can't afford to use a spot for a champ that will only give you a turn.Still , early on you might not have many choices and if you happened to pull a healereviver or just a healer it's a good idea to use him. Usually support champs of that type don't benefit much from lifesteal. Most of them don't have many hitting attacks.Regeneration or immortal is usually the best for them so that they heal every time they get a turn.An alternative build is to make them as fast as possible(3 speed sets) so that they get alot of turns and heal your team often. One of these cases is Apothecary as he not only heals but also speeds your team.Of course you can use any combination of immortal and speed gear. If for example you have 2 immortal pieces with good speed rolls then give them to Apothecary along with four speed pieces.

Link for the first part of the guide:
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2023.05.27 20:17 excessivelybored [NA - LFM] Medium-sized group needs PVPERS!!!!

We are a group of about 8 or so that plays monthly servers.
We have a great backbone of support-role players (electrician, farmer, berry farmer etc)
We are all older, our average age is 26-28
We already have some PVPers but need more
We try to online raid as much as we can (if we have the will to farm for them)
We are looking to be a max of 12, **maybe** 14 in our CORE group.
Over the age of 24 preferably (or at least be mature)
Over 4k hrs ingame (or at least be very proficient in PVP)
Great game knowledge
Great gamesense/positioning etc
It's a plus if you can fly minis and do all the other stuff in Rust
BUILDERS: If you are a builder, like custom bases and whatnot and would like to build, also hit us up.
If you're interested join this discord
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2023.05.27 19:21 Single-Passage7550 [US] The Frontier Vanilla+ / 2X Resources, Loot+ Plugins, Events, BP Sharing & More! Noob Friendly

🌐 Welcome to The Frontier Vanilla+ Biweekly - Powered by hosted in the US
Hit 7 player peak last night not bad! Already some raiding going on! Since the server has just started on Thursday, there will be a free kit with goodies created to get you going a bit quicker, due to wipe next Thursday to align with FP monthly update and wipe, which it will continue into its normal bi-weekly path.
💬 Discord:
💬 Voting Link:
⚔️ Max Team Size: 8
🔄 Wipe Schedule:
🎮 The server is a Vanilla+ with the following settings:
🔌 Current Plugins:
Feel free to join our Discord server for more information, to give feedback, and to connect with other players! Happy gaming! 🎉
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2023.05.27 17:24 Benigmatica After 8 days of grinding materials, raiding, and other shenanigans, Holostars Rust as come to an end!

After 8 days of grinding materials, raiding, and other shenanigans, Holostars Rust as come to an end! submitted by Benigmatica to Hololive [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 17:21 Benigmatica After 8 days of grinding materials, raiding, and other shenanigans, Holostars Rust as come to an end!

After 8 days of grinding materials, raiding, and other shenanigans, Holostars Rust as come to an end! submitted by Benigmatica to Holostars [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 17:14 LaserReptar Suggestion: Remove player names from Castles on Official servers.

So I've been playing official PVP servers and noticed a certain trend, I think when names are visible on a person's castle, it causes people to be too friendly because they're afraid someone will retaliate against them. This is something that I see in a lot of the PvP servers I play on, folks are just scared to provoke someone in the wild because they know that they can go around searching for their castle and prepare a raid against them.
This is something that Rust and other games like it already do really well, you don't really know whose base is whose unless you see them specifically enter that base. In V Rising that element is completely gone and I think it'll kill the longevity of the game. It would also make some of the polymorph abilities like rat form and human form more useful for stealthily scouting and tracking players back to their castle.
End of rant, let me know what you guys think.
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2023.05.27 13:27 bjkillas Introducing: calc a complex numbers, graphing, cli calculator

EDIT: ig i have to put this here since no one checks the link to see that i changed name to "kalc"
a month ago i started programming my 2nd rust application to learn a bit about rust and complex numbers now its doing pretty well, properly parsing pretty much everything while being super fast compared to other cli calculators, with more accurate parsing and calculations, however it uses f64 so it cant do calculations that intermediatly go outside ~~10^300 and ~~10^-300.
my benchmarks againts qalc and c-calc shows that c-calc takes about 0.8ms mean to run a calculation,qalc takes about 96.4ms to run a calculation,and mine takes 0.5ms to run a calculation, of course this is pretty much just the startup time however i cant measure the runtime speed againts c-calc because it does not allow multiple arguments like mine does.
however we can look at qalcs plotting speed(this will be measured via stopwatch) it took qalc about 86 seconds to plot 1,000,000 points of cis(x) and used about 1.2gb of ram, took mine about 3 seconds and 80mb of ram
now this is obviously some flaw in qalcs programming so lets use 100k instead
qalc took 3 seconds and 300mb, mine takes about half a second and 20mb
and on parsing i made it to be able to accept what wolfram alpha can spit out for example the alternate complex form in polar form c-calc and qalc does not know what its trying to say while mine works fine and gets the right answer
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2023.05.27 13:13 maguel92 How many reserve mods do you really need?

I've been trying to find out how many reserve mods do you need in order to max out the amount of ammunition you can carry with certain heavy weapons. So far my results have been very confusing. Some weapons get barely any benefit from reserve mods. Some weapons reach their ammunition cap with just one reserve mod. Other weapons need all 3 reserve mods and i don't know if that's even the cap or could it go even higher with something like field prep. Some weapons get diminishing returns for stacking multiple reserve mods. I haven't gotten any reliable numbers / results that'd explain how exactly do these mods calculate.
Obviously the "big brain" strategy with reserve mods in raids etc where you have the raid banner available is to put on all 3, grab the ammo from the flag, and then change the mods into something more useable. If you die that will reset your ammo that would otherwise exceed your current cap.
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2023.05.27 11:23 ohoots Most Rust players are cancer, but I respect them for playing.

I got an annoying best friend, the last friend I talk to I’d consider a “gamer”, watches twitch every night, hardcore WoW player for like 20 years on and off.
We both own Rust, have for years, and have been looking for a game to play together, I’m on a Rust kick recently, and he refuses to play with me, even once just to goof around.
Bro has player fear even in Warzone where there is little penalty for dying and like, he has this mental thing he thinks he’s gonna suck at the game and when he dies he’s like “omg I’m the worst player to every play that was pure cancer garbage” and I’m like chill bro its our first couple days playing lets just have fun and practice. Like I play FPS much more, so he shouldn’t be trying to be Rambo and FPS master along with me and I try to communicate that. I’m not even that good.
“Same get scrap, build, get raided over and over boring” what he claims…….this honestly coming from somebody playing a game where he might be getting new items but doing the same raid boss gameplay formula for a decade……YOU DON’T EVEN AIM. The gameplay comparison is just wild.
This being said, we all know Rust isn’t everybodys cup of tea, but like at least try it. At least try a game that women and children can’t just pick up and play, or won’t hold your hand to make you have fun. I wouldn’t play a game I didn’t like just for his ass, but I’d at least try it out for God sake. I said since he was my friend and I own world of warcraft, if it were free I’d at least join him and see what he’a doing maybe run some missions even if I didn’t wanna play just to hangout a bit (he lives several states away now), but I’m not paying a monthly fee just to do it. But it’d be free for him to hop on and come check out my base. I even send em my location from Rust+ like “yeah got all the basics set up here if ya get bored and wanna help me defend its pretty low pop” “Yeahh Redfall, RE4, The Finals I’m good” 😂 Yeah Redfall turned out to be such a banger 😂
Anyway I was thinking of the demoralization and obstacles overcome by a new player and it made me think of that so yeah. Thats my complaint for the day.
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2023.05.27 09:27 RevolutionaryAir1922 Websurfx - an open-source alternative to Searx that provides clean, ad-free, and organic results with incredible speed while keeping privacy and security in mind.

Hello everybody,
Through the medium of this post, I would like to spread awareness of my new open-source rust project.
Also, note I am not a good writer so please bear with me till the end, also I don't know how to elaborate my post like most guys do here but I will provide all relevant information and explanations on my project with appropriate headers but if you still have any questions feel free to ask below and also I know the post is very lengthy but please stick till the end.

What is Websurfx and Why does it exist?

Websurfx is an open-source meta-search engine that is an alternative to Searx which respects privacy but also ensures security and speed and also provides organic results with many more features. The primary purpose of the Websurfx project is to create a fast, secure, and privacy-focused meta-search engine. While there are numerous meta-search engines available, not all of them guarantee the security of their search engine, which is critical for maintaining privacy. Memory flaws, for example, can expose private or sensitive information, which is never a good thing. Also, there is the added problem of Spam, ads, and unorganic results which most engines don't have the full-proof answer to it till now but with Websurfx I finally put a full stop to this problem, also, Rust is used to write Websurfx, which ensures memory safety and removes such issues. Many meta-search engines also lack important features like advanced picture search, which is required by many graphic designers, content providers, and others. Websurfx attempts to improve the user experience by providing these and other features, such as proper NSFW blocking and Micro-apps or Quick results (like providing a calculator, currency exchanges, etc in the search results).

What Do We Provide Right Now?

  1. Ad-Free Results
  2. 9 colorschemes and a simple theme by default
  3. Speed, Privacy, and Security


  1. Organic and Relevant Results
  2. Ad-Free and Spam-Free Results
  3. Proper NSFW Blocking (most search engines do not provide proper NSFW blocking even if the safe search is enabled with this project we provide this)
  4. Advanced Image Search (providing searches based on color, size, etc)
  5. Dorking Support (like Google)
  6. Privacy, Security, and Speed
  7. Quick Results and Micro-Apps (providing quick apps like calculator, and exchange in the search results)
  8. AI Integration for Answering Search Queries
  9. High Level of Customizability (providing more colorschemes and themes).
Although my project is still in its early stages of development but with this project I promise to fulfill my goals. As a small team of developers, Websurfx seeks support and contributions from the community to help grow and make the project a success.


Well, I will not compare my benchmark to other meta-search engines and Searx but here is the benchmark for speed.
Number of workers/users: 16 Number of searches per workeuser: 1 Total time: 75.37s Average time per search: 4.71s Minimum time: 2.95s Maximum time: 9.28s 
Note: This benchmark was performed on a 1 Mbps internet connection speed.


To get started with Websurfx, clone the repository, edit the config file, which is located in the websurfx directory, and install the Redis server by following the instructions located here and then run the websurfx server and Redis server using the following commands:
git clone cd websurfx git checkout stable cargo build -r redis-server --port 8082 & ./target/release/websurfx 
Once you have started the server, open your preferred web browser and navigate to to start using Websurfx.
Check out the docs for docker deployment and more installation instructions.
Project Link:
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2023.05.27 07:37 Neighigh West CoastPVP ZoningPVE NPCs

Last Week! - Monthly Wipe - Purge COMING SOON!
Welcome to the adrenaline-pumping world of West Coast Rust Server! Immerse yourself in a thrilling gameplay experience with an array of carefully crafted mods designed with balance and fun in mind. Unleash your creativity as you tailor your skills and collect unique Boss Weapons that pack a punch. Brace yourself for epic battles against hordes of NPCs, and prepare to uncover hidden treasures and secrets that await you in the expansive game world. Whether you prefer strategic play, action-packed combat, or immersive roleplaying, West Coast Rust Server has something for every player. Join us now and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, challenges, and endless possibilities!
Monthly Wipes
PVP Zones - Monuments/Events/Loot Drops/Raids
Consistent Updates and Improvements
Skill Based Level Up System
Over 160 NPC Bases
Half Decay
Robust In-Game Guide Book
Dense Forests
Custom Maps
Over 144 Unique Items
Boss-Of-The-Day: 30 Day Schedule
Leaderboards and Wipe Rewards
Daily Rewards
Dynamic Server Events
Custom Survival Guide
Unique Heads Up Display
Personal Phone Button Commands
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2023.05.27 02:41 waldcard Rust Graphing Calculator

One of my Theoretical Physics friends is coding a whole entire TI-89 type graphing calculator... without any libraries at all (native complex numbers and everything)
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2023.05.27 02:10 Proletlariet Donnie 1987 Saved

A lot of my inventions actually work, y’know


Donatello is one of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mutated humanoid turtles trained by the ratlike Master Splinter to be ninja masters. Donatello is known as the smart one in the group, who "does machines" and can always be relied on to provide a scientific perspective on a situation.
This RT was made as a collaboration between myself and AzureBeast


Striking with Weapons
Striking (Unarmed)




Blunt Force


Bo Staff
Donatello is a master of the bo staff

"Does Machines"

Turtle Blimp
Retro Catapult
Other Vehicles
Tracking and Surveillance
Cooking Machines
Modifying Machines
The Dark Turtle
After being electrocuted, Donatello became much more aggressive and adopted a new persona, the Dark Turtle. He was returned to normal by the end of the episode, but he used several new gadgets.
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2023.05.27 00:20 VoreskinMoreskin Bing Chat Solo Rust Tips

I need a strategy for a solo RUST player.Sent message.
Searching for: solo rust player strategy
Searching for: solo rust player strategy
Generating answers for you…
Generating answers for you…
Sure! Here are some tips that can help you as a solo player in Rust:
  1. Play on a less populated server. This will give you more time to gather resources and build your base without being attacked by other players1.
  2. Build your base in the snow. This will make it harder for other players to find your base1.
  3. Use the campfire trick to detect unwanted visitors. Place a campfire outside your base and keep an eye on it. If the fire goes out, someone is nearby1.
  4. Use head look to peek around corners without exposing yourself1.
  5. Keep your base small and simple. This will make it harder for other players to raid your base1.
  6. Don’t fight unless you know you can win1.
  7. Don’t get discouraged! It can be tough playing solo, but with these tips, you should be able to survive longer.
I hope these tips help! Let me know if you have any other questions.
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