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Subreddit for the TNT original television series, The Last Ship. Executive produced by Michael Bay.

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Archer is an American adult animated television series created by Adam Reed for the FXX network.

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A private group of DnD players who play in a West Marches style of game in 5e played on Roll20. For any other info please contact a moderator.

2023.04.01 23:01 Gabc24 I like this woman I work with. Story + What should I do?

First post Reddit, so hopefully the format will be OK + English isn't my first language, so mistakes might appear. Also, hope that this sub is the right one.
Ok, let's jump right into it.
I've had a crush on this woman for 3+ years. To me, she's is awesome, smart, beautiful, interesting, etc..
● We first met when I got hired at the same company she worked at. She has been hired about 6 months before me. I've got hired at the same level-job than her.
Honestly, first sight was enough for me. I've spend my first working day with her, we got along really well, and I could already see some things we had in common.
However, at the end of this first day, her boyfriend came to pick up her up. Bummer #1. So I thought "she's already with someone, leave her alone".
It was an easy thing to do because I've been moved to another department the 2nd day. I could not see her, and even though I sometimes thought about her, the fact that she was with someone just was enough for not doing anything.
Time flies, her boyfriend broke up with her. They got back together. And broke up again.
● Then, she was moved to the same department I was working at. We could see each others briefly. Every time was great, and I could see her eyes quite often staring at my lips. It got me thinking so much "she's single, we got along very well, and this staring at my lips is quite intense, maybe there is something?".
Now I'm quite an introvert. Working on it, but still really shy. So before I managed to find the courage to do anything: Bummer #2. She got moved to another department.
We saw each other a couple of times after that, still this lips things. Even had a few hugs. And yes, still great a vibe overall. But feeling quite pushed apart with the fact that we didn't see each other often.
● Then, I had a opportunity to move and managed a much better department. I was even further away. A year passed by, and as the business expanded we needed to grow the team. We had a few trials within the company and she was chosen.
Just want to get that out of the way: I can already imagine some people thinking that I got her this job because I like her, which in this case would be false. She was only hired because of her work, experience and commitment. The other candidates thought more of this job as a chill gateway for their regular job. I have never regretted that choice because she is excellent at what she is doing.
So anyway, we work together, and myself as her manager. We got to know each other better, we went out together a few times, still had this lips thing that was driving nuts. And after 6 months or so working together, thinking of all the possibilities and why I should not talk about my feelings to her, I actually wrote a lettepoem (she's quite into poetry), so I went out of my comfort zone and gave her the letter saying that she can read it, or throw it away, up to her.
She knew that the content was talking about my feelings for her before opening it.
She chose to read it a couple of weeks after I gave it to her. And waiting another week or two for her reply.
Bummer #3. Her reply was along the lines of: I can imagine everything that went through your head about us, because I also had the same thoughts. I really want to spend time with you, but I don't think I am the right one for you. I want to keep my independence. I am still really happy to get to know you more and more.
● So, fast forward to this day (about 3 months after her reply), with a bit more of hanging out, sport, restaurants and drinks together. I still can't stop thinking about her, thinking that she is awesome and in an ideal world I would want more. But her reply said kind of "no", so I have never talked about that again with her. And my feelings for her are just growing inside and eating me.
Nothing changed much since then, she stopped with the lips thing though, but everything else is similar, even feeling that we are slowly getting closer.
So my questions are: - Have I lost my mind? Obviously, it's just my side of the story, so difficult to say. - How can I get rid of those thoughts? Or should I get rid of those thoughts? - I feel like I am waiting for something that will not really happen, but I can't stop having a tiny bit of hope. - Strangers of Reddit, what should I do?
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2023.04.01 22:58 JinLocke [FxF] (but maybe FxM too) Various fandom RPs, including WoW, Fire Emblem, Genshin, Saiko no Sutoka, Resident Evil and more!

Hey hey! Jin Locke here and i am searching for people to RP with!
I am looking to try and find new RP partners interested in RPing various fandoms that i am interested in. I prefer to play with literate RP partners who can achieve a paragraph length, and maybe go beyond that if really inspired. Sorry, but two-three sentence responses are just way too short for me to truly enjoy the RP. There is no set limit on "max length" but i wouldnt want you to exhaust yourself typing novellas! Just keep it comfortable but detailed.
I am 24 yo and so expect it to eventually get into NSFW zone, BUT if you dont want to then its also fine to me, we can keep it as a more "innocent" romance. RP can be long or short term, but long terms are preferable since they allow us to explore more themes in it.
For CanonxCanon or CanonxOC or OCxOC i dont really have a hard set preference but would enjoy at least one canon character in a pairing, since OCxOC can get a bit... vague. However i will not judge before hearing you out! By all means, message me if you have any ideas and i will be happy to hear them out.
As for genders... I guess i am on my FxF spell. I can try FxM but its a bit "maybe" for me and i usually only do it with a few specific kinks, so ye be warned.
Plots can be discussed further in DMs or chat, since writing it all out here for ALL the fandoms will take a few pages and i want us to talk about our preferences, kinks, themes, scenarios and whatever else we want before we start.
Also you can ask me for my Discord and we can continue there if you like, which i actually prefer since Discord is far easier to track and notice fresh notifications then Reddit, which sometimes does not display them due to a bug of some kind.
Now for fandoms i crave: Genshin Impact, Saiko no Sutoka, Overwatch, Avatar, Fire Emblem, DC/Marvel, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, RWBY, all kinds of "usual suspect" anime like Naruto and etc... Fate (Grand Order and more!) , Witcher, Resident Evil, Dragon Age and list goes on and on...
Feel free to suggest the fandoms you like, but i may not be too familiar with them... But you never know!
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2023.04.01 22:58 JinLocke [FxF] (but maybe FxM too) Various fandom RPs, including WoW, Fire Emblem, Genshin, Saiko no Sutoka, Resident Evil and more!

Hey hey! Jin Locke here and i am searching for people to RP with!
I am looking to try and find new RP partners interested in RPing various fandoms that i am interested in. I prefer to play with literate RP partners who can achieve a paragraph length, and maybe go beyond that if really inspired. Sorry, but two-three sentence responses are just way too short for me to truly enjoy the RP. There is no set limit on "max length" but i wouldnt want you to exhaust yourself typing novellas! Just keep it comfortable but detailed.
I am 24 yo and so expect it to eventually get into NSFW zone, BUT if you dont want to then its also fine to me, we can keep it as a more "innocent" romance. RP can be long or short term, but long terms are preferable since they allow us to explore more themes in it.
For CanonxCanon or CanonxOC or OCxOC i dont really have a hard set preference but would enjoy at least one canon character in a pairing, since OCxOC can get a bit... vague. However i will not judge before hearing you out! By all means, message me if you have any ideas and i will be happy to hear them out.
As for genders... I guess i am on my FxF spell. I can try FxM but its a bit "maybe" for me and i usually only do it with a few specific kinks, so ye be warned.
Plots can be discussed further in DMs or chat, since writing it all out here for ALL the fandoms will take a few pages and i want us to talk about our preferences, kinks, themes, scenarios and whatever else we want before we start.
Also you can ask me for my Discord and we can continue there if you like, which i actually prefer since Discord is far easier to track and notice fresh notifications then Reddit, which sometimes does not display them due to a bug of some kind.
Now for fandoms i crave: Genshin Impact, Saiko no Sutoka, Overwatch, Avatar, Fire Emblem, DC/Marvel, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, RWBY, all kinds of "usual suspect" anime like Naruto and etc... Fate (Grand Order and more!) , Witcher, Resident Evil, Dragon Age and list goes on and on...
Feel free to suggest the fandoms you like, but i may not be too familiar with them... But you never know!
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2023.04.01 22:47 Esac90 33 [F4R] California/Anywhere - Nerdy artist looking for genuine human friendships or hand holding.

I'm looking for something? Honestly I don't even know anymore. I'm kind of a low maintenance friend, but at the same time I like just sharing the same space with people. I've been told that I am easy to get along with people, so maybe there's some truth to that. I'm realizing that friends I thought were friends were just one-sided. I'm getting older, and it's hard to meet people.
Well that's a loaded question, innit? I'm just a weird and nerdy digital artist, who has a love for all things art related like manga and anime; video games, and movies. I LOVE learning random things, currently teaching myself piano and re-learning Japanese from my college days. I was an avid roleplayer when I was younger (lots of action and romance, lol) and I still do that kind of stuff, but sparingly. I still would love to sit down and just hammer out that book idea I've been having. I do write a bit and started taking a non-fiction class (for me it's a little challenging). The things I like writing about are a little complex in terms of emotions, but I seem to always come back to the fantasy genre, so elves, werewolves, knights, big saving the world stuff. I like losing myself in fantasy worlds and daydreams some times.
I love antique shopping, coffee friend-dates, eating pizza and drinking hard cider. I love art museums, museums in general. I value honesty, so please be upfront with me if I say something that offends you, I can't read your mind. Right now I am okay with online friendships. I live in the PST zone. I get along better with guys, but honestly it really doesn't matter. Just having friends right now is enough.
I am very much nerdy looking and half the time dressing like I'm from Portland lol. I'm bi/demisexual and enm, but honestly idk why people care a lot about that.
Besides anime, manga, and films, and games. I love djent, prog, metal, classical, jazz, almost everything except rnb and country and some hip hop. Big fan of synthwave. Phonk is really catchy too some of the times. Other than that I like roadtrips, national parks, coffee shops, pastries, hard cider and pizza, self-deprecating humor and memes, cats and dogs and whatever cute pets people might have, other people's original characters. Writing. Spending too much time online. Touching grass. Laughing.
Skyrim, Jedi Fallen Order, Mass Effect, Hogwarts Legacy, Atelier Ryza, Stardew Valley, Fallout, The last of Us Part 1, RDR2 (still haven't finished it), Kingdom Come Deliverance, FFXIV, Fortnite
Berserk, Vinland Saga, Jujuutsu Kaisen, Witch Hat Atelier, Hell's Paradise, Noragami, Chainsaw Man, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell, Zoids New Century, Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion and a lot more I can't remember
Anyways I've talked to much haha. This is ME. I am very proud of the messy bed hair. I kinda don't leave my house, so yeah.
If you want to spam me with cat pics, or funny memes, or want funny tiktoks sent your way, just beep me, lol. Honestly I'm just looking for friends with the same kind of mindset and a level of maturity. I'm a little out there with my brain, so I'm sorry in advance. Tell me who you romanced in Mass Effect! Why was it not Garrus? I mean Liara is cool too. Also werewolves or vampires? I pick werewolves anyday.
As a last thing, I am an agendenon-binary person (AFAB). I dress a lot more, masc? I just wear what I like. Pronouns are they/them sometimes dude/bro/boi. I get coded still as a woman, which is fine too. I'm just asking for respect, that's all.
If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
disclaimer: I'm the kind of person that likes doing activities with others. Sometimes I don't want to talk, I just wanna hangout and do something like play a game together or just watch something, doodle. That's how I bond with others.
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2023.04.01 22:46 justlune Writing HTML Code inside JS variables

Hello! I have to write HTML Code inside JS variable, but it's not very comfortable since there's no auto completion (using VS Code). I know that there are extension that does the same thing for React and JSX, but it's not a JSX in my case, it's not even a nodes server. Do you know an extension that does the job? Have a nice day and thank you for your time :)
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2023.04.01 22:39 nateyboy999 Looking for a quiet comfortable keyboard, any suggestions?

Currently I have a 65% Glorious GMMK2 and I don't really enjoy the feel of it. First, the keycaps feel a little too tall for me and it feels like it requires a lot of effort to push them down which leads to discomfort over time . Second, I don't really like the plastic-y noise it makes. I have relatively large hands, and do schoolwork, some coding, and gaming on it. If anyone have a suggestion for a 75 or 80% keyboard that doesn't have as tall keycaps, is very comfortable, and has a bit of a lower pitch, please comment below. I'm new to keyboards.
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2023.04.01 22:38 bamathrowaway0 Advice for Incoming Freshmen (especially girls)

If you’re like me, you may be coming to college naive and overconfident. I spent my first semester giving people the benefit of the doubt and being polite when I should have been stern. I thought I was indestructible and that I would know how to get out of bad situations if they arose. I was so, so wrong.
1) People aren’t always honest. They say they have one intention but act differently. I learned so many lessons at the cost of my safety. I learned that “let’s watch a movie or hang out at my place” means “I want to get you alone so I can make moves on you”. I learned “we don’t have to fuck, we can just cuddle” means “I’m going to touch you inappropriately anyway”. I learned “you’re not like other girls” means “I’ll stroke your ego so you have sex with me”. I learned that some guys either don’t notice or don’t care if you seem uncomfortable and won’t go away. I learned that if you “give yourself up” too early, you’ll lose the person you were trying to keep in the first place. I learned that that senior who paid attention to me didn’t do it because I was special and we had a connection. He did it because he knew I was younger and more vulnerable. And I learned that if things do go wrong, people will find a way to blame you or take advantage of you. College men can be predatory. It’s not just me. It happens to everyone.
2) Be so careful with who you trust. Learn to diffuse possible bad situations. Politely remove yourself from the presence of people with red flags. Don’t ignore them. They only get worse with time. You can’t fix people who don’t care about being a better person every day. When hanging out with new people, meet them in public. Watch your drinks like a hawk. Make at least one friend you truly trust and don’t be afraid to reach out when you need help.
3) Don’t let people treat you like you’re worth less than you are. I can’t count the times someone has said something awful to my face and I’ve pretended to laugh it off. Obviously they shouldn’t have made those comments, but I shouldn’t have acted like it was ok. I wish I had called them out. I should have spent more time with people who valued me for me. So, surround yourself with people who make you feel good. You don’t have to put up with friends who bring middle school levels of drama to college if you don’t want to.
4) Spend as much time as you can with others. Talk to people in your classes, at events, and even in public when appropriate. Say yes to every invite that you feel comfortable accepting. Establish ground rules with your roommate(s) so that no one dreads coming home because home should be comfortable. Not every group of roommates is going to be friends, but roommates can be a great source of support. Random roommates sometimes even work out better than ones you pick. Step out of your comfort zone but also respect your own boundaries. You don’t have to go to parties or drink to connect with others. Meet people for lunch, go shopping together, find a common hobby. Staying in touch with your friends partly depends on you.
5) Find a work/life balance that suits you. First semester is about meeting as many people as possible. Getting a few Bs is not the end of the world. However, if you start having trouble keeping up or making passing grades, allocate more time to your work. Find a study spot and take advantage of tutoring resources. Establish good study habits because classes do not get easier.
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2023.04.01 22:32 AdBeneficial8592 Public health consultancy as a side gig

I’m very interested in consulting opportunities in global health as an additional source of income/gaining experience.
While I don’t mind it being the primary job, I don’t feel comfortable just yet leaving my current position with really good retirement contributions and just a stable and known income. That being said, I do want to tap into consulting. Besides the fact that there are no offers on a table at the moment, I know that if I do find something it has to be flexible hours since I can’t really attend meetings during my 9-5 work hours.
I wonder if anyone has any experience in global health consultancy on a side?
(I emphasize global, because difference in time zones can allow for more flexibility in terms of scheduling meetings etc).
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2023.04.01 22:29 ecc0w How much would these codes repairs cost to fix?

How much would these codes repairs cost to fix?
Just picked up a 2013 accord & after driving it less than 500 miles these codes started to pop up. I’m assuming the previous owner deleted them when I went to go see the car🤦‍♀️
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2023.04.01 22:26 icantstopobserving how do I stop being cringe?

I'm 22 and I love my comfort zone, I hate knowing that anything I try to do whether its for a job or just a hobby is kind of useless since it's just me being cringe and unable to put up with it. Nothing is going to change like this. The fact that I am writing this post at all is so funny because I made these types of posts for years! I'll never stop being cringe but it would be cool to ask anyways even if I know the answer I just like writing it out and have someone give me something I keep hearing again.
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2023.04.01 22:22 blade99d Back from 6 Day Carnival Horizon

We just completed our 6 day cruise out of Miami on the Horizon. Our stops included Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. First things first - my wife and I do not drink.
Boarding process in Miami. Got to the port around 930am for a 10am boarding. It was crazy with people everywhere. We had FTTF, so we got on around 1120am, even though we had a 10am boarding time. For those that like marijuana this is what we experienced. Dogs - had to walk past a single dog to go to the waiting area. In that waiting area, 2 guys were walking dogs around that said narcotics please don’t pet. We heard one of the handlers say something like, he hit on that group over there, but then he released. All in all we saw (3) people with dogs, so this is legit. I had thc gummies with me in my checked luggage, mixed in with toiletries - got thru no problem. They are legal in Michigan where I live, we are not obnoxious on them and we do not drink booze.
The Boat - typical Carnival boat, as we had been on the Breeze before. Red Rum, blue iguana, guys burgers etc on lido deck. We did purchase bottomless bubbles for all (3) of us. I drink bubly and this was hit or miss at the bars. The coffee shop always had them and they were included (lime, blackberry and grapefruit) At the shows - they had Soda Water and that was included. We ended up drinking close to 100 bubly over the 6 days.
Cookie the cruise director was awesome. He is high energy, makes everyone feel welcome and wants everyone to enjoy themselves and step out of their comfort zone. Couple key highlights the love and marriage show and the quest shows are hilarious if u don’t offend easily.
We played bingo a couple days, laid out in the sun, hit some shows and ate decent food. Not great food, not terrible food. You have to learn to make the best of it.
Ocho Rios Had never been and was not my thing. Very dirty. Probably won’t be back. We did a beach exscursion that included lunch and transportation. Excursion was good, not great.
Grand Cayman Love Grand Cayman. Have been there several times and always enjoy the shopping and downtown area. We did not do any excursions in GC, just shopped and had a bite to eat.
Cozumel Had never been to Cozumel (Cancun several times). Liked the port and we did a vip dolphin excursion. Highlight of the trip by far, but we all loved the interaction. Bought the pics as well for the (3) of us.
Back in port, customs was facial recognition only. We lined up at 7am and we we’re off the boat, at Miami airport getting car and in Fort Lauderdale by 8am.
All in all a great vacation!
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2023.04.01 22:12 Original_Bass2538 Have you ever encountered a ghost or other supernatural entity?

Have you ever had a moment of pure bravery that allowed you to step out of your comfort zone?
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2023.04.01 22:04 VictyLusi [H] EU Lechonk Codes, Gen (1-8) RNG, BDSP Shiny/Perfect Pokémon, (Shiny) SV/SWSH Pokémon/Breeding, Shiny Manaphy, RNGed Dittos, Shiny Jirachi, XD/Colo RNG and Ribbon services; Vivillons, Items and Shiny GO Lgnd/Myth. More inside [W] PayPal


Shiny Celebi 12€, Shiny Meltan 25€, Shiny Melmetal 20€, Shiny Genesect 6IVs (No PoGO Sticker) 40€. Shiny Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia, Groudon, Giratina, Reshiram and Kyurem available for 7€ each. Darkrai and Deoxys (Normal, Attack, Defense or Speed) 10€ each, Shiny Deoxys (Normal, Attack or Defense) and Shiny Darkray 20€. Shiny PokéBall Latias Lv 11, Shiny PokéBall Latios Lv. 8 35€.

*Using Moving Key HOME copies PkBank data. As I have Dex completed you will register all of them even if I transfer only 1 Pokémon. That works to get Original Color Magearna (Just Gen 8 Pokémon left) Also Forms and Shiny will be registered too (I have some Shiny Locked Pokémon registered but that shouldn’t affect, you can just see Shiny form in Dex)

- I do Playthroughs for Miraidon/Koraidon for 15€ (Training service included)
- I also can get 5IVs SPA Dittos from 6 Star Raids. 0,5€
-Training: Level, Nature (Mint), IVs (Bottle Caps), EVs, TM/EM Moves and Tera Type change. 1€ each
- Shiny Breeding: Ball, IVs (4-5), EMs and Nature. You can request Pokémon as Shiny Eggs. 5€ each
- Shiny Paradox Pokémon: Ball (Training service included). 6€ each (3€ if you ask more than 3)
-Vivillon services. I can get any Pattern but the most plenty I have are: Marine, Sun, Jungle, High Plains and Continental. We can use Union Circle so you can catch them yourself (as many as you want). 3-5€ each Pattern. For Shiny ones the service is only available if they are caught by myself not in online UC mode (8€ each)

· RNG for BDSP: CaptureSight + RNG Apps. Legends and Arceus (Shiny, some IVs, Nature, Poké Ball), Unown (Shiny or 0Atk), SPA/ENG Eggs (Shiny, IVs, Gender, Moves, Nature, Ability, Poké Ball), Starters (Shiny, some IVs, Nature), Mew/Jirachi (some IVs, Nature) and Eeeve/Rotom (Shiny, some IVs, Nature, Poké Ball). Square Shiny service is available.
- BDSP playthrough for custom OT 10€
- Normal Legends: 4€ Each (Nature and 3-4IVs), 6€ (Nature + 5-6IVs)
- Shiny Legends: 8€ Each (Nature and 3-4IVs), 12€ (Nature + 5IVs)
- Shiny Arceus 10€ (Nature and 3-4IVs), 14€ (Nature + 5IVs)
*If you buy more than one Legend price will be cheaper (Less 5IVs ones)*
- Shiny Perfect Eggs 3€, Normal Perfect Eggs 1,5€

- ID 017759: Star Shiny Dream Ball Whimsitcot, Safari Ball Jolteon, Ultra Ball Drifblim, Premier Ball Diggersby. Star Shiny Premier Dubwool, Master Orbeetle, Repeat Ball Centiskorch, Dive Ball Ditto, Luxury GMax HA Charizard (Level 50 & 80), Safari GMax HA Venusaur(Level 50), Friend GMax HA Venusaur(Level 80), Dream GMax HA Blastoise (Level 50) and Master GMax HA Blastoise (Level 80)
Shiny Dive Ball Calm Tapu Fini 15€
- ID 220961 Star Shiny: Poke Ball Skuntank, Poke Ball Glalie, Ultra Ball Galvantula, Heal Ball Clefable, Premier Ball Ninjask. Star Shiny Dream GMax HA Blastoise (Level 80)
- Star Shiny Poké Ball Linoone OT Asce ID 875609

-Zacian/Zamazenta customized (Ball, Nature(Mint), IVs(Bottle Cap), TAG and OT) 4€
-Kubfu/Urshifu customized (Nature (Mint), IVs (Bottle Cap), TAG and OT) 4€
-Crown Tundra Legends (Calyrex, Galar Birds, Spectrier, Glastrier, 6 Regis, Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion, Keldeo, Cosmog, Dynamax Adventure ones) customized (Ball, Nature(Mint), IVs(Bottle Cap), TAG and OT) 5€ (Horses/New Regis/Dynamax Adventure) 3€ (Rest)
Ready 4€: Jolly Master Ball Zacian OT Lusi ID 551981, Docile Master Ball Spectrier OT Lusi ID 107630, Quirky Master Ball Calyrex OT Lusi ID 871386, Hardy Poké Ball Calyrex OT Lusi ID 098775, Bashful Heavy Ball Calyrex OT Lusi ID 972832

-WISHMKR Jirachi 5€ Normal/10€ Star Shiny
-CHANNEL Jirachi 10€ Normal/12€ Star Shiny/14€ Square Shiny
-Ageto Celebi 7€ Random/13€ with Nature

Colosseum: RNG is Available for ALL Noiseless Zones Pokémon for Pokémon Colosseum (Such as Entei and Suicune) and some few Noise Zones ones (Check Spreadsheet). Completed a Self RNGed Collection less 13 Noisy Zone Shadows and JP e-reader ones aren’t available due to I don’t have Card files to get them legit.
XD: ALL Available (Completed a Self RNGed Collection) such a Shiny Johto Starters/Eevee/HORDEL Elekid, Shadow Mons (Shiny Locked) and Shiny PokeSPot Pokémon.

- Gen3 (RSE/FRLG): Visual Boy Advance Emulator + Lua Scripts + Pokefinder. Available RNG: Legends (Event not allowed)/Gifts/Safari/Wild/GameCorneStarters/Eggs and Square Shiny service available.
- Gen4 (HGSS/Platinum): Desmume Emulator + Lua Scripts + Pokefinder. Available RNG: Legends (Event not allowed)/Events(Regis/Sinjoh Ruins)/Gifts/Starters/Wild/Safari/Game CorneEggs/ID-SID RNG and Square Shiny service available.
- Gen5 (BW/BW2): Desmume Emulator + Lua Scripts + RNG ReportePokefinder. Available RNG: Dream Radar Legends(Less Palkia)/Wild/Gifts/Starters/Legends/ID-SID RNG and Square Shiny service available. *Entree Forest for DW Mons is available but you have to provide the save with Legit Mons
- Gen6 (XY/ORAS): NTR + PCalc + 3DS RNG Tool. Available RNG: Starters/Unowns/Event (Latios or Latias)/Eggs (TSV too)/Legends (Less Groudon and Kyogre) and save ID-TSV RNG. Square Shiny service is available.
- Gen7 (USUM): (NTR + PCalc)/(Citra Emu + Python) + 3DS RNG Tool. Available RNG: Starters (USUM), Wormhole Legends/UBs (Wild Included), Stacionary Legends, Gift Pokémon, Eggs (TSV too) and save ID-TSV RNG. SPA Tag Ash Greninja and Square Shiny service is available.
I can breed all Vivillon Patterns less 3 due to I created a new save file with the Region of my PAL DS changed. The only ones I can’t breed are Elegant because is only for Japanese DS Regions and Modern/Savanna because are for American DS Regions.
- Gen1/2 (Y/S/C). Mons Available: Legends (Including Celebi)/Gifts and Eggs (Only Gen2). Nature is determined by experience and Shiny Breeding is Available (With Glitched Shiny Ditto + Debug Menu for Speed Up). IVs RNG is available only I don't do Shiny Legends due to there isn't RNG for that.

-You can ask for any IVs Spread and any Nature.
-TAGs available: SPA-JPN
-Game used is Pokémon White for all.
Spreadsheet with all FT and Prices:
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2023.04.01 21:57 ImostlyAI Answering most common FAQ subjects of the sub.

From the questions and discussions in this forum, it is evident that some of the most recurring themes and problems include:

  1. Difficulty in establishing and maintaining passive income streams.
  2. High initial costs and uncertainty surrounding investments, such as real estate or land.
  3. The challenge of generating online traffic for passive income strategies.
  4. Differentiating between passive income and side hustles.

These are the recurring things people ask for help with. They're the biggest challenges. Breaking them down into their component parts helps to start to build solutions to them.

1. Identifying Viable Passive Income Opportunities
*Understanding different passive income options
*Assessing your skills, interests, and resources
*Evaluating potential risks and returns

Understanding different passive income options
There are three main ways passive income can be made. You can get a return in money invested, you can get paid for work someone you employ fully covers and you can get paid in different ways from work you have already done. Below is a list of potential passive income methods. It's not exhaustive, but it covers most of the popular ones and many practical ones.
ROI-Based Passive Income Options
Recurring Payment/Commission-Based Passive Income Options

Assessing Your Skills, Interests, and Resources
To find the passive income streams that best suit your unique abilities, interests, and resources, answer the "Do you have/can you obtain" questions below. If you answer "Yes" to multiple questions in a category, it may indicate that you are well-suited for those particular passive income methods.
Category One: ROI-Based Passive Income
Category Two: Recurring Payment/Commission-Based Passive Income

Again, this is not an exhaustive list of skills and resources that can help you to produce passive income. Hopefully if you do not have skill sets here it helps put you on the right thinking process to become aware of skills/resources you do have. If you're answering "No" to everything and can think of nothing, you'd benefit from investing time and effort into developing skills.
Many passive income methods fall under either being good at managing money, good at managing systems that create income or good at managing people. These are areas to aim to find and build on strengths. Being able to leverage your own capital, efficient systems or the work of others are viable forms of creating passive income.

Evaluating potential risks and returns
When considering various passive income opportunities, it is crucial to assess the potential risks and returns associated with each option. This helps you make informed decisions and select strategies that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance. In this post, we will discuss the key factors to consider when evaluating the potential risks and returns of different passive income streams.
1. Investment Risk
2. Time Horizon and Return Expectations
3. Initial Investment and Ongoing Costs
4. Liquidity and Exit Strategy
5. Personal Risk Tolerance and Financial Situation

Your risk breaks down into two parts. Risk of capital and risk of spent time/effort that does not later produce passive income. I'll be honest with you, we're probably in a time when the risks to popular passive income flows is getting to its highest. Both when it comes to investments and different types of commission based income, there are possible clouds on the horizon.
Popular methods of passive income such as blogging or different methods of affiliate marketing are now going to become much more flooded and competitive with AI making it so easy for anyone to produce MVP style stuff. Anyone with a bit of patience and understanding of AI to build exceptional stuff quickly and those are the upper end of the skill curve to cement dominance on big niches.
The popular ROI based investments should be a slave to interest rates. I say "Should be" because markets can be irrational for a long time, but even after this it will usually come to pass that interest rates dictate the performance of many ROI based passive incomes.
Dividends: Higher interest rates eventually produce lower stock prices. Dividends decrease and there's losses on initial capital buying stocks high that are now low.
Housing/Rents: Higher interest rates make people overall poorer and businesses more likely to lay people off. High rates can lead to vacancies in leases and decline in asset value relative to buy price.
Lending: In a higher interest rate environment across the board it's more likely debts will be defaulted on if people and businesses become bankrupt.

The risk of rates going higher is the highest it's been in decades. No one knows how economic policies will play out and things can happen to change course along the way but it is clear that central banks around the world are talking about the need to increase interest rates. If they follow through on this (Now or later), all economic logic suggests ROIs on risk assets decrease or go negative.
There are many logical reasons why this happens. Asides from the risks mentioned above higher interest rates also mean people can save or invest in low risk bonds and make more money. Over the last decade people had to invest in stocks because bonds gave a return under inflation (Loss) - but when bond yields are high, why risk money on volatile stocks if you do not have to?
Let's be clear, there's economic theory and logic and then there's markets. It can take a considerable time for this to hit home in the real markets. I'd not be surprised to see stocks etc going higher in the short term purely on the power of the speculative boom of the last decade. When we're talking about 3-10 year returns, asset performance will usually be a slave to interest rates.

2. High Initial Investment and Setup Costs
*Budgeting and saving for initial investments
*Exploring low-cost passive income opportunities

Budgeting and saving for initial investments

Before diving into passive income opportunities, it's essential to establish a solid financial foundation. Budgeting and saving for initial investments play a crucial role in ensuring you can invest in your chosen passive income streams without jeopardizing your financial stability. In this post, we will discuss tips and strategies for budgeting and saving to build the capital needed for your passive income ventures.
1. Set Clear Financial Goals
2. Create a Realistic Budget
3. Automate Your Savings
4. Build an Emergency Fund
5. Explore Additional Income Streams

In theory, creating wealth (And passive income being a part of that) is a simple equation of spending less than what you earn and then effectively investing the difference. The theory is sound but there's real market/counter-party risk to investments. When investing capital you should put real consideration into what would happen if you lost it all or could not access it for a long time.
There are many evangelists of the virtues of passive income by dividend stocks or DCA'ing into index funds. Although I believe these may have a good short term performance, I think these avenues are much more risky with the conditions we have in the 2020s relative to the conditions we had up to 2019.
It's a good time to be risk aware if your investment timeframe is multiple years/decades.

Exploring low-cost passive income opportunities

Starting your passive income journey doesn't always require a large initial investment. There are various low-cost opportunities that can generate passive income over time with minimal upfront capital. In this post, we will discuss several low-cost passive income options to consider, helping you find the right opportunities that align with your budget, skills, and interests.
1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Print-on-Demand Products
3. Stock Photography or Digital Art
4. Self-Publishing E-books
5. Online Courses
6. YouTube Channel

There's some good news and some bad news when it comes to these types of income streams (Well, I suppose what's good and bad really depends on your skills and situation). Let's just call it some news:
AI is bringing the knowledge edge of many niches down to close to zero. When it comes to the raw basics of things AI can auto-generate info that of extremely high standard. If you know a bit about a subject you can structure a great ebook/course etc easily using AI to do most of the work. Even knowing nothing you can create stuff that's on par with many of the current blogs available on the topic. The knowledge niche is shrinking to really only apply to unique insights and experience (And these may also be swallowed up by AI later).
So it's never been easier to do this. Seriously. Want to write a book? You can do one over the weekend. Been trying to structure a blog? AI can do that for you while you're sitting on the toilet. The value of knowledge is crashing, but the value of audience is rocketing. If you can create some niche audience that will follow you, you can create amazing content that gives them real value.

The value of building a social media following has never been higher. You can create niche products and sales funnels so easily and efficiently. Things like SEO are likely to be hard for anyone who's not good in the game - but building a following that sticks with you is viable. The value of list building now is probably also higher than it's ever been.

Get a free trial with Get Response if you'd like to try/learn about list building. Affiliate link >> Non affiliate link.
It's never been easier to create products. It'd be a very shroud move to use this time to create audiences who can you keep in touch with and be able to sell them more products (As the tools for making them become even better).

3. Balancing Time and Effort between Active Work and Passive Income Ventures
*Prioritizing tasks and setting realistic goals
*Developing efficient systems and automating processes
*Delegating responsibilities and outsourcing tasks when necessary

Prioritizing tasks and setting realistic goals
Successfully creating and maintaining passive income streams requires effective time management, prioritization of tasks, and setting realistic goals. In this post, we will discuss strategies for organizing your tasks, staying focused on your objectives, and setting achievable targets that keep you motivated and on track to reach your passive income aspirations.
1. Identify Your Primary Passive Income Goals
2. Prioritize Tasks Based on Importance and Impact
3. Set Realistic and Measurable Goals
4. Create a Schedule and Allocate Time for Passive Income Activities
5. Track Your Progress and Celebrate Milestones
6. Stay Flexible and Adapt to Change

Developing efficient systems and automating processes
Maximizing the potential of your passive income streams often involves streamlining and automating processes to reduce time and effort while increasing efficiency. In this post, we will discuss strategies for developing efficient systems and implementing automation to help you achieve passive income success more effectively.
1. Identify Repetitive and Time-Consuming Tasks
2. Implement Automation Tools and Technologies
3. Outsource Non-Essential Tasks
4. Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
5. Optimize and Refine Processes
6. Monitor and Adjust Automation as Needed

Again, shout out to Get Response who cover a lot of this efficient automation stuff. You can make a lot of money with these systems if you take the time to learn how to set them up and feed them.
Get a free trial with Get Response if you'd like to try/learn about list building. Affiliate link >> Non affiliate link.

Delegating responsibilities and outsourcing tasks when necessary
Achieving passive income success often requires efficient delegation and outsourcing of tasks, allowing you to focus on high-impact activities and manage your time more effectively. In this post, we will discuss strategies for delegating responsibilities and outsourcing tasks when necessary, helping you maximize your passive income potential and achieve your financial goals more efficiently.

1. Assess Your Skills and Strengths
2. Prioritize Tasks for Delegation or Outsourcing
3. Choose the Right Team Members, Freelancers, or Virtual Assistants
4. Develop Clear Expectations and Communication
5. Implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Training
6. Monitor Progress and Evaluate Performance
7. Adjust Delegation and Outsourcing Strategies as Needed
4. Generating and Sustaining Online Traffic
*Creating high-quality content and optimizing for SEO
*Leveraging social media platforms and online communities
*Paid ads

Creating high-quality content and optimizing for SEO
Producing high-quality content and optimizing it for search engine optimization (SEO) are essential components of building a successful passive income stream online. In this post, we will discuss strategies for creating valuable content and effectively optimizing it for SEO, helping you attract organic traffic and generate passive income more efficiently.
1. Identify Your Target Audience and Their Needs
2. Focus on Creating Valuable and Informative Content
3. Develop a Consistent Content Publishing Schedule
4. Optimize Your Content for SEO
5. Utilize Internal and External Linking Strategies
6. Optimize Images and Media for SEO
7. Monitor and Analyze Content Performance
8. Promote and Share Your Content

SEO I assume is going to get harder and harder. While it's a wonderful thing to pull off getting targeted passive traffic from searches I wonder how wise it is to invest effort into this unless you're already really good and likely to gain a better edge with tech than others can gain on you. I think creating your own niche audience is probably more viable.
If it works, SEO income feels like magic. You write some stuff. Post some links. Wait a while and money starts showing up. But it's a fickle world, SEO income can go from $1,000s a week to $10s a month (Or less) on a Google update or someone just outdoing you in the rank fight.

Leveraging social media platforms and online communities
Utilizing social media platforms and online communities can significantly contribute to your passive income success by increasing your online visibility, driving traffic to your website or products, and building a loyal audience. In this post, we will discuss strategies for effectively leveraging social media and online communities to boost your passive income potential.
1. Choose the Right Platforms and Communities for Your Niche
2. Develop a Consistent Brand and Online Presence
3. Share High-Quality and Valuable Content
4. Engage with Your Audience and Build Relationships
5. Collaborate with Influencers and Industry Leaders
6. Utilize Paid Advertising and Promotion
7. Monitor and Analyze Your Social Media Performance
8. Leverage Online Communities for Feedback and Ideas

The social media model is much more viable since you have a better way of escaping the gatekeeping of the algo. On social media when someone posts asking something you can engage with them, chat, make friends and help them. You can make human connections and ensure your audience sees your content based upon building an audience that wants to see your content and will turn on notifications for it if the algo is not already showing them.

Paid ads
Paid ads can be a powerful tool for generating targeted traffic to your passive income ventures, increasing visibility, and driving conversions. In this post, we will explore various paid advertising options and discuss strategies for effectively using paid ads to boost your passive income potential.
1. Choose the Right Advertising Platform
2. Set Clear Advertising Goals and Objectives
3. Develop Compelling Ad Creative
4. Target Your Ads to Reach the Right Audience
5. Set and Optimize Your Advertising Budget
6. Monitor and Analyze Your Campaign Performance
7. Test and Optimize Your Ad Campaigns
8. Scale Your Campaigns for Greater Success
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2023.04.01 21:54 TotallyaNinja Terran Activities Do's and Don'ts 1/?

This will briefly introduce Terran's hobbies, recreational activities, and actions, both as a guide and warning with a short story for better context. If a Human offers an activity as a “bonding” moment please reference these documents if it is safe for your species or personal well-being.
The first activity will be Sky Diving. Not Flying, Gliding, "Moon-Walk", Grav-Shift ParkouFree-running, or any activity not explicitly defined but denotes aerial activity. Sky Swimming will be mentioned in tandem briefly.
Risk: Death, Permanent Debilitation, Mental & Physical Trauma.
Species who can survive: Terrans*.
*No species can survive a fall from orbit. Terrans arguments and safety measures allow a modicum of success but critical failures still occur leading to severe injury.
Any other species would die of air pressure, lack of breathable air, high velocity, abrupt change in velocity, and stress. Vesha can potentially survive if they are in peak condition, are provided with respiratory aid, and have Grav-Shift harnesses monitored by at least a grade-IV VI companion.
This activity was traditionally conducted from around 4000 [Terran Unit: Meters] or 10000 [Terran Unit: Feet] with a polymer substance typically Nylon, Kevlar, or a blend of several fabrics woven into a parachute. A parachute being a material canopy deployed from a portable container to break ones fall in this context.
This act would be more accurately called break falling. As the act itself entirely encompasses the usage of assistance to reach high altitudes to leap off into freefall and with the usage of parachutes to safely slow and land.
Historically humans could not survive a drop any higher than 30 Meters on their cradle planet. Current Terrans can survive far more.
Those unfamiliar with Terrans may be asking why they would willingly subject themselves to such an activity. The answer may differ per individual but the "rush" of it can cause joy as it is a thrill to them.
Some more wild members of their society are dubbed Adrenaline Junkies. Adrenaline being one of the few natural chemicals that entail them to accomplish the more absurd acts you have heard. High stress situations will cause a release of it.
Of note is that whilst not all species can naturally produce Adrenaline, not all than can do enjoy it. Nor do all Terrans enjoy stress as such it is ill advised to actively stress them out.
Addendum: Icarus Peaks
With the public opening of Icarus Peaks, those with any understanding of Terran history may be laughing, face-palming, or a mixture of both, many Terrans will be surely attracted to the "unique" opportunity. This facility will be mentioned heavily in this document and as such, some context will be provided.
Icarus Peaks is founded and created by a Terran trailblazer. Residing in the Helios system on the planet Rol'Percep. This system is notably marked on the now famous Nike Trail a collection of systems, planets, and locations for any and all recreational activities.
Rol'Percep has a naturally high oxygen atmosphere with a lower than standard gravity. Nearly a 3rd of Terran's and about 3/4ths the galactic standard. The terrain is notably rolling hills, valleys, and plains. Except for one extremely dense mountain range with some peaks going so far as breaching the local stratosphere.
Icarus Peaks as they are now called is the term for this mountain range and the facility constructed upon it. From free gliding, mountain climbing, hiking, and more. The facility offers a large variety of activities and luxuries. One such activity at the highest point is the subject of this article and story.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art medical facilities and staff, not one death has been confirmed although severe injury has been reported due to accidents. Notably of Terran, Veshan, or other crucible world species ignoring standard safety precautions.
Whilst the facility maintains strict safety regulations, should one waiver the safeties of their own volition the facility will take no action to impede one on their venture unless another individual is at risk of harm.
With this context, the following will be a story concerning the risks of Sky Diving. It should be noted as mentioned earlier the individuals within the story chose to waive the safeties and willingly took this action of their own volition against Icarus Peaks' precautionary advice.
The following is created from recordings and interviews using Simulacra, as such all rights...
Loading... Sky_Diving_Veshan:
In an economy class suite, 3 friends are making plans for their final day before heading back home. They had strived to do as much as they could during their short break and had been successful so far in hitting every major event checkbox available to them. The last one unmarked was the joke suggestion of sky diving from the namesake Icarus peaks. From the stratosphere to sea level with nothing but a gravchute.
"I'm just saying. [Michael] is Vesha, they are tougher than we are." The first spoke, A young Terran female with fire in her eyes. Short for a Terran at 155 cm she only matched her companions in height and musculature. Her hair was dyed a variety of blues tied into a short ponytail as to not interrupt her action filled lifestyle. Her energetic nature barely contained within her small frame.
"Yea he's tough but not flexible or as reactive. Who knows what will happen in freefall. He might snap in two from the deployment. Think for a second Rosa, the staff advises any and all non-Terrans to not even attempt it for a reason." The second Terran replied from the bed. Fully exhausted from their day's adventure. Holding on to lucidity in hopes of keeping their Veshan friend alive from Rosa's antics.
By far the tallest of the group at 200 cm but the least physically active of the group. Auburn hair swept back and trimmed short for his escapades, often being dragged by Rosa and more recently [Michael] on more tiresome adventures. Preferring hikes, stargazing, and more sensible activities at a moderate pace. He was lean but found incapable of keeping up with his peers.
"If there is no precedent for Vesha to sky dive... why can't I be the first?" [Michael] asks with an innocent tone. Scrolling through his holo-pad looking for information concerning Vesha and attempts at sky diving with little results. Like most Vesha [Michael] was androgynous to Terran aesthetics. Their sexual dimorphism only in genitalia and psychology.
A shorter Veshan at about 180 cm he had the common light green skin much of his race did. Toned and well defined musculature supported his body similar to humans aside from their 4 arms. Whilst Terrans can carry a larger range of motion due to ball joints. They simply developed more limbs with a certain range of motion to carry out tasks.
"See Chen? He's thinking big. We can record the whole thing! It'll be a galactic first! They got good medical staff too. We can just tell them before hand. [Michael] will survive no problem." A quick ping confirming that in fact a dedicated medical facility was near by for any and all that attempted to do anything related to the name sake mountain.
"Yea this is a losing battle. [Michael] I suggest you update your will. I'm gonna try to get at least 6 hours before this. G'night." Promptly passing out shortly after their statement.
[Michael] following the suggestion updates his will, contacts the medical facility concerning the plans for the next day, and heads to sleep. Rosa heads out to get in one last late night workout before finally going to sleep.
The trio finally meet up next day to an unexpected knock on their door. Opening it to find a fellow crucible-world species staff member awaiting them. A member of the Lyisu race, similar to the Terran centipede as multi segmented arthropods. Hard chitin exoskeleton with calcium plates granting them toughness beyond measure. Their fully functioning appendages grant them swiftness unbecoming of their size. These combined allow them to do great in difficult terrain. Often found employed in some form of search and rescue.
"Oh. Hello?" Rosa reflexively squirms at the sight of the Lyisu before chiding herself internally. Before she could get out another statement attempting to disguise her earlier involuntary revulsion the individual before her spoke first.
"No need for apologies. I have done my research concerning my Terran counterpart. You're fear is justified so long as you do not continue insult. Your fluster and attempt at apology is more than enough. Moving on to official business. I go by [Marigold] and am here on behalf of Icarus Peaks in case of emergency. As you all have signed the waiver abolishing us of responsibility, the higher ups have deemed it still fit for some semblance of care on our end, if that is all right with you."
"Yes please. I couldn't convince them out of it and I was gonna ask if it was possible to get someone on standby anyway. This works out great." Chen spoke from behind Rosa, still half asleep whilst the other two had been up for an hour discussing plans.
"Alright sleepy beauty. Meet us in the lobby in 15 minutes. If you're late by a second we heading up without you. Toodle-doo." With that, the trio grabbed their equipment and headed for the lobby whilst Chen dragged himself out of bed.
The short trip from the central hub to the peak was a surprise to the trio. As whilst the hub and central facility was at the base of the name sake peak it shot off in many branches and extensions. Taking a dedicated vehicle equivalent to a hot air balloon but with anti grav generators amongst other modifications.
"Is the recording going?" Rosa ever terrible with technology inquires to [Michael] who promptly rewinds the recording to her stuffing her face during breakfast. Rosa's face flushes red and misses a swipe for the recording device.
"You'll have to do better than that... Hey Chen? How well is this gonna be able to travel with us during free fall?"
"The device you carry is a Hunter model recording device. It was built with flight, tracking, and more for active goers who wish to record quality videos without hassle or skill. It should be able to keep up quite well with the endeavor." Came from the voice above causing once again Rosa to jump as the individual snaked downwards towards them.
"Perfect! I can't wait for this! I haven't gone sky diving since I was in Andromeda." Rosa nearly halfway out of the lift enjoying the view. [Marigold] unsubtly shifting himself closer for quick action should the need arise. Chen mouthing a silent thank you to them, whether they registered it didn't show... or at least Chen couldn't tell by Lyisu standards.

Before [Marigold] could speak or gesture, Rosa leaps off the lift upon arriving at the dock. With an exaggerated inhale looks over the cliff and waiting for the camera to pan to her.
"I'm on top of the world!" Echoed off throughout the range with Chen face palming behind her.
"Safeties are all checked, medical is prepared at the base and the halfway point, and weather has and always will be all clear. Shall we make history?" [Michael] like many of his race fearless to a fault felt a tinge of dread spiking through his body. To die was natural, to journey with companions as wonderful as his was an honor, and for him to bring renown to his clan in such a way would not be the worst way to go.
As he prepared himself mentally he saw out of the corner of his eye a blue streak blur past him. A scream short followed as it leapt off the mountain. Connecting the dots and the simple fact there was only one individual stupid and impulsive enough up here allowed him the courage to follow. Seeing Chen trailing shortly ahead of him attempting to catch up to their reckless friend.
"CANNOOONNNN BAAAAAALL." Could be heard off the cliff face. [Marigold] actually dumbfounded quickly rectified to com the medical teams below of the first departure. Chen gave a quick nod to [Michael] before taking the leap himself.
"Ancestors above watch over me. May I join you in your halls or claim glory by my own grasp." A small prayer. A deep breath. Deafening wind blowing past.
As [Michael] opened his eyes the world before him was a blur as the mountain zipped by him as he angled himself away from the base. An attempt to move was made but Chen's words quickly ran through his head as he felt his limbs couldn't resist pressure.
Panic fully ran through him as he struggled in his own harness. The VI alerted him it was in control subtly guiding him to the designated landing zone. A fact missed by [Michael] in his flailing only stopped when [Marigold] dropped in from above and wrapping him.
"Hello? I am using low band emergency frequency. I have you. You are safe. Your VI is fully functioning. You will hurt yourself if you continue to flail around. Take a deep breath. I'm restraining you for your own safety right now."
"Everything alright?" A familiar voice. Opening his eyes [Michael] sees Chen having slowed his descent to match the two. "The halfway point is about 1300 meters down. We can check out there if you don't want to keep going."
As the world zips by [Michael] sees his friend with nothing but concern on his face for him. Not the wind bellowing by, not the risk of harm, nor the humongous arthropod clinging to him. His companions concern for him and his enjoyment of their activity over his own.
Peering behind him struggling to keep up was the hunter camera drone taking the appearance of a diving falcon found on Terra Sol. His failure and panic already recorded. Whilst his companions would surely remove it at his request. He would always remember this.
Closing his eyes he thought of his two companions. Rosa the wild, a maelstrom of energy and activity. She never speaks of fear but fears deeply loneliness and boredom. Chen the steady, a kind breeze that cares and moves at his own pace. He speaks of worries often but gathers the courage to continue onward in face of it.
Two brave souls who allowed him to traverse the stars with them. Seeking adventure in face of fear and risk. [Michael] gathered himself. A soft pat on the hard chitin of the gentle guide.
The grip released slowly, he saw his companion hovering close. Rosa below having finally realized the situation and slowing her descent to match. The drone falling in closer.
"[Michael]?" A soft hand gripped his shoulders. Locking their shoulders so they stay connected like divers did before. Rosa entered the frequency range just below cursing as she struggled to slow herself more. Attempting to get closer faster to comfort him.
A laugh rang out through the frequency.
"I am blessed with a great life. A wonderous journey, blessed experiences, and more. But none would be possible without my companions. I am bolstered by the two of you and I apologize for my lapse. The view is beautiful and I would be honored to complete the descent with you two."
A kind smile and brief nod and the two plummeted down in silence to catch up to Rosa. [Marigold] slithered downward at a distance keeping the drone company. The scene of the three friends in a linked circle falling together stored forevermore.
As clouds zipped by and the view panned further and closer. They laughed and cheered in unison the joy overtaking the fear of [Michaels] joints locking up. The wind was nothing but an orchestra to the songs of friendship they sung in their descent.
With the ground nearing closer and the VI alerted them of their proximity they activated their grav chutes and the journey was completed as they fluttered to the ground. Medical was waiting and ran a check over on all of them but focusing heavily on [Michael].
The trio are safe and continue their journey to this day. [Michael] survived with several injuries including dislocating every arm he had. His recording and medical data allowed for the first of many Vesha to attempt such acts with proper assistance.
Injuries are consistent across their species. Terrans survive with little to no ailments. Lyisu are tough by nature though in failure of equipment will not cause death but debilitating injuries. Vesha often find themselves with issues concerning their joints after such an activity.
As such this activity is rated unsafe for standard participation. Do such Terran activities at your own risk.
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Thanks for reading as always! This is a continuation of my Surviving For Fun series. I guess I'll keep the name SFF as the nickname for this canon? I think a more light hearted series is nice.
Sorry for the delay, when reddit returned after going down I was hit by the draft bug. Should be fixed and gone now though. Back to weekly updates!
Hope you all enjoyed.
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2023.04.01 21:51 Slight_Foot Dog's personality did a 180 in the blink of an eye - please help!

Two weeks ago I adopted a Chihuahua mix that is thought to be two to three years old. I was told by the rescue he came from that they thought of this dog as somewhat shy and thought perhaps it had been abused and also dominated by other dogs in its past home. They did not want to connect this dog with another dog it would be living with that would dominate it. I have an 11-year-old Chihuahua mix who is sensitive and sweet and thought that they would be inclined to mesh. They had an introduction, checked each other out wagged tails, seemed happy to interact with each other and so far seem to live well together and so I'm glad about that.
The new dog has been so sweet and fun and friendly and though very sensitive is also fairly bold an interested to check things out until yesterday night.
Up until yesterday the dog has connected and fit and felt very comfortable with both me and my significant other and my other dog. Sleeps under the covers right off the bat, cuddles, plays in such an interactive and fun way, is sensitive to some sights and sounds on walks but happy to go on them.
This is the twist..... Yesterday we noticed my older dog seemed to have a bee sting or thorn poked area that was swollen. We made an appointment for the vet but that evening the area popped open and oozed like an abscess. My significant other held a directional flashlight while I mopped up the ooze with some paper towel and tissue.
While this was happening the new dog leaned up to the area and then saw what was going on and then yelped twice. We continued attending to our older dog. After doing what we could for the older dog, the older dog went to his bed to go to sleep in another room.
The new dog's personality did a strange thing. He became completely terrified of both of us humans - we have never seen this behavior before - it is absolutely heartbreaking, he's so uncomfortable. I'm not sure what to do. So far he does not want to be looked at, or touched, or held, he won't even go pee outside. If we try to touch him he cowers and he will even scream and not absolutely bite but motion to bite.... We have never seen this type of behavior from him.
I've just been leaving him alone in a dog bed with a blanket in front of the heater. It's been more than 12 hours and there's been no change, he is still terrified.
I've never witnessed this before in any dog in my life - it's like a complete 180 of his other personality.
Does anyone have any thoughts about this or experience with such a situation or have any recommendations as to what I can do to help this poor doggo?
(Side note: we felt we couldn't wait for the older dog's vet appointment and so the older dog is at the emergency vet now and currently waiting to be seen.)
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2023.04.01 21:47 FlamerzVFX New Zero Build Creative Map

New Zero Build Creative Map
Hi! I made a brand new anime-themed zero build map that is struggling to gain attention. I have worked very hard on it and would appreciate if you could play it with your friends!! 8678-7599-6658
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2023.04.01 21:30 R_Dey [MF] The Test

Part I
Rajendra Jain had been pacing back and forth in his living room for the past fifteen minutes and there was no trace in his pace that would’ve indicated that he would not indeed be doing the same for fifteen more.
Sitting on the sofa, cross-legged and sipping a cup of coffee was his wife, Arushi Madan. She had taken a particular interest in observing her husband at times when he would be expecting his ‘friends in high places.’ He would go to great lengths to ensure that these guests of his received the finest treatment in his house. After he had made sure that everything in the house was tidier than they normally were, from the furniture to the modest collection of vases and trinkets, he would start pacing back on forth in his living room which he would only stop when the doorbell would ring. This was one such occasion.
‘Fifty-five!” Arushi murmured.
“What was that?” Rajendra asked and then he suddenly let out a loud cry of agony.
“It’s usually after your fiftieth round that you stub your toe on that table. The maximum it has taken till now is fifty-nine rounds, but mostly it happens by the fifty-fifth one.” Arushi said.
They both glanced at each other, Rajendra with a bewildered gaze and mouth wide open while Arushi smirked with a cunning look in her eyes. Arushi was good at observing things at a young age. She could observe and make an accurate assumption about almost everything. When she was twelve, she knew that the old lady next door would react in a negative manner when her father would’ve approached her to talk about her grandson taking up his parking spot. She had instead told him to wait till his grandson arrives and speak with him directly as that would’ve solved the dispute amicably.
“You shouldn’t make early assumptions.” Her father had told her.
After her assumption had turned out to be right, she had the same smirk and cunning look in her eyes. Her father had then smiled back and told her that her eyes at that point looked pretty like that of a puppy after sipping vinegar. She had never seen a puppy sip vinegar before, but this compliment had made her feel happy, nevertheless.
She, however, hadn’t received nor did she expect to receive any such compliment from her husband in such situations.
“Can you stop giving me that stupid smile and bring some bandages? Ugh, I think my toe is bleeding.” Rajendra said as he got down to his knees to inspect his wound.
Arushi didn’t say anything but, quickly got up from her sofa after keeping the coffee mug down and went to look for the first aid.
Just then the doorbell rang. The friends of Rajendra had arrived.
He sprang up to greet them. He had made four influential friends that he would refer to as ‘very close’ since he had moved for business reasons to Barsatpur, a very remote town in India.’ Rajendra despite at that time undergoing some financial issues, was a wealthy man. He had a big house, the biggest in that town and didn’t have a car only because he could not drive.
“But your wife can drive. Why don’t you get a car.” Dhruv, one of Rajendra’s four friends asked him, just as all five of them had seated themselves in the living room.
‘I err…. she doesn’t drive that well you see, and I don’t see any reason for…’ Rajendra began and then suddenly stopped and turned around to see Arushi who had re-entered the living room with bandages and some cotton along with a bottle of antiseptic.
“Sorry, it took a while, I had kept the first aid in a different place so….”
“Well, I won’t be needing it anymore!” Rajendra said.
Arnav who had by now noticed Rajendra's wounds began with a smile “Looks like our buddy Rajendra’s absent-mindedness gets him injured indoors as well.”
Rajendra began to quiver in embarrassment as he fixed his gaze on the floor with fists clenched on both sides. Arushi was still standing behind the sofa where Rajendra was sitting, puzzled at Arnav’s remark.
Rajendra looked up at his wife and through an angry glance at her signalled her to leave. She obeyed but just as she turned her back to leave, Arnav told her to wait.
He began “It was that one time when I saw Rajendra walking alone near the market, lost in his own thoughts as usual. Suddenly I saw him falling straight into a wide-open ditch and after that got covered in all sorts of nasty…”
“That will do!” Rajendra finally blurted angrily. He then turned to Arushi and began in an angrier tone than before. “And you! Do you want to sit and chat with us, or do you have some work of your own?” Arushi didn’t reply but simply turned and walked away.
Rajendra felt calmer when she was gone. He however didn’t notice how all four his companions had been gazing at her as she was walking out of the living room. They had gazed at the back of her long and slender neck, and they had gazed all the way down to her waist and hips. All the while Rajendra felt relieved at the thought of how he was now free to converse with his friends now that the only annoying presence was gone.
It had been a couple of hours of talking and feasting and drinking until Rajendra’s guests were ready to go home.
“The food was delicious.” Said Tejas.
“Yes, but next time try the new chicken recipe that I told you about, the one with lots of garlic and spices.” Added Dhruv. “Your wife would love it too.”
“She is vegetarian actually.” Rajendra replied.
“Ah, that’s no surprise.” Said Arnav who was a bit too drunk compared to the rest. “After all she is an animal lover. Loves hugging dogs whenever she sees one.” His voice shifted from faint to loud at the same pace as he swayed from left to right while trying to achieve a fixed standing position.
The rest of the company wondered if he should be told to stop talking before he decides to abandon certain moral codes when it comes to respectful communication.
“And I must add…” Arnav continued while raising his hand which was also having a hard time staying firmly raised “women who are vegetarians have the perfect body, and my dearest lucky Rajendra, your miss’s body can rival any runway or lingerie model. I mean she also does like showing herself off when she wears those extremely revealing clothes often.”
One would imagine Rajendra was the person that told him to stop talking about his wife in such a way, but he wasn’t. It was Pratyush. Pratyush was a man of great size and stature. He didn’t speak much but had a habit of stepping in whenever there was a situation where someone was needed to step in.
In this scenario he gently lifted Arnav from his feet as if he was a small doll. Arnav who had offered no resistance while being picked up had suddenly dozed off in his drunken stupor like a toddler falling asleep in his father’s shoulder.
“Looks like he had a bit too much to drink today didn’t he.” Said, Rajendra.
No one of his four companions had asked for him to defend the man who was sexualizing his wife, but he did it anyway. “All right then goodnight,” said Rajendra.
“Before I go, I just want to ask if….” Tejas said. He looked around and signalled the others to carry on.
Tejas waited till the rest of the company had gone beyond hearing distance. He then lit a cigarette, offered one to Rajendra as is courtesy and upon his rejection began to speak.
“I was wondering if you have had some time to think about what I had asked you a couple of days back?”
Rajendra said in a hesitant tone “I would of course like to help you in your time of need but as you already know I am also going through financial hardships and the amount of money that you asked for is…. don’t take it the wrong way but I don’t feel comfortable in lending it to you in such times.”
“Look, I have always trusted you and it’s fine if you have some reservations despite this.” Tejas continued with his persuasion for a while and then went off saying his “goodnight” and “do think about it.”
As Rajendra walked his way towards the entrance of his house, he recalled what Arushi had been telling him. She had said that all these four people whom he considers friends just tried to use, and associate with him for his wealth. She had also told him that if given the opportunity, they will even throw him in jeopardy if that makes them gain any advantage out of him. However, Rajendra had always dismissed these thoughts as baseless.
Part II
It was raining heavily, and Rajendra who was returning home from the market had forgotten his umbrella. His fast-paced walk soon turned to sprint, not because he wanted to reach home before getting too drenched but because he didn’t want to be seen by any of his four ‘close friends’ walking drenched in rain without an umbrella, given his reputation of being absent-minded and clumsy.
His house had a recent infestation of rats, and he was for once proud of himself to have not forgotten buying the rat poison. The old one was almost finished with zero dead rats. As he entered his living room, he found an old man lying down on his living room sofa.
He too had been drenched in the rain not long ago as his thick beard and scarce and thin hair were still wet. However, he saw that this unexpected visitor had been provided dry clothes. It was Rajendra’s clothes that he would wear at business meetings. The man was asleep. Rajendra had only examined the man for a little while before deeming him as ‘disgusting.’ He had no foul odour but his unkempt appearance and his wet and dirty jacket hanging nearby made Rajendra deduce that he was a poor homeless man and hence was to be deemed ‘disgusting.’
“Arushi!” Rajendra called his wife.
“Arushi, who is he and what is he doi….” Rajendra paused when Arushi showed up with an expression on her face that he didn’t expect and one that that scenario hinted of trouble.
She had tears in her eyes and had a hard time speaking what she was trying to say. “He just…. I am so sorry…he is not….” She broke into more tears.
Rajendra rushed to her and gave her a hug. “It’s alright, I am here now.”
Arushi clenched her husband tightly and buried her face on his chest that made the only part of his shirt that was somewhat dry from rain now wet with tears.
“tell me what happened? Who is this man and why is he here?” Rajendra asked agitatedly.
“He is dead!” She replied reply. Outside there came the sound of a sudden loud thunder.
Rajendra felt like he was going to fall sick.
“How did this happen?” He asked.
Arushi hesitated for a while, took a deep breath, wiped off her tears and started with her explanation. She explained how this man arrived at her doorstep while being drenched in rain. How despite him looking like a homeless man wandering the streets, she immediately recognized him as his old friend from college. How he had told her that he was in extreme debt and had now been pushed to crippling poverty. She took another deep breath when she said that she had invited him in, given him some fresh clothes, offered him a glass of water and had only gone to the kitchen to make him some tea when she realized her mistake.
“You don’t mean it was the same glass which contained….?” Rajendra began in a terrified tone.
Arushi simply nodded in affirmative while pointing to the glass that had supposedly contained liqua-tox II, a liquid concentrate that is used to kill rats and mice and which had led to the death of their unexpected visitor.
Rajendra fell into the chair in a state of fear and panic. Arushi was sobbing once more and told him that she had killed a person and will now surely be in prison.
Rajendra suddenly leapt up from his chair. An idea had struck him. He knew how to save her. Rajendra felt a sense of jubilation thinking how this sudden idea will make him the knight in shining armour and his wife will be the damsel in distress that he will save. Never again will he be called things clumsy, impotent and absent-minded and never again will his wife count the number of rounds he takes in the living room before he stubs his toe on the table.
His idea was to call his four friends in high places and with their connections dispose of the dead body. After all why would anyone care or miss a man who was pushed to poverty by possibly his own bad decisions. Most people would probably think that this man had committed suicide.
Rajendra explained this plan to his wife and before she could give any opinion of her own, for or against this plan of his, Rajendra ran to get his cell phone. He called Arnav first who said that he was out of town and reassured him not to worry. He then called Tejas who said that he would have shown up at his place that very moment had he not just recently fractured his leg. Dhruv declared that he was away attending a wedding and Pratyush said that will not help.
After his call ended with Pratyush he felt that he was indeed helpless. He thought to himself that he was just unlucky as this misfortune had to strike him when all three of his friends were busy and one in a possibly mad mood.
He sat motionless in his chair for what felt like hours. It probably had hardly been fifteen minutes and the rain was still pouring when Rajendra suddenly heard a knock on the door. As he opened the door, he felt a rush of joy. All his four friends were outside.
“Thank God, I knew you all will come to help me.” Rajendra said smiling ear to ear.
“This is him, officer.” Said Arnav pointing towards Rajendra.
Rajendra’s smile faded as he heard this, and a look of terror took hold of him as he noticed two police officers standing behind.
“What is the meaning off all this?” Rajendra asked bewildered.
“This man tried to ask her to hide a dead body. His wife murdered a poor man, and he wanted us to be his accomplice.” Said Tejas.
“We all knew early on that he and his wife were a bit crazy, but we had never expected something like this. Well, here is what one can call devil in sheep’s clothing.” Said, Dhruv.
Pratyush meanwhile didn’t say anything.
“Please step aside.” Said one of the police officers shoving everyone to one side and entering the house to investigate the crime scene. “My wife is innocent! She would never hurt a soul!” Rajendra began to shout.
The other policeman firmly grabbed Rajendra’s arm with only minimal force and told him to calm himself. “Sir, as per protocol I am calling in for a lady police officer as we have a female who is accused of murder.” He said to the policeman who was coming back from the living room.
“No need for that!” came the reply. “There is no murder and hence there is no accused.”
Everyone looked at surprised at the policeman who said this. Then a figure emerged from behind him.
Rajendra suddenly screamed as he felt a sudden sense of terror. “A ghost! There is a ghost!”
“Now, now let’s not act so rude. I only look so ridiculous because of the weather. Rain doesn’t suit me at all you see.” Said the unwanted visitor who was unmistakably not dead.
There was a moment of confusion until the people present began to get a sense of clarity, some faster than others.
“You should get yourself a lawyer sir, you can try criminal conspiracy or sue for defamation.” The policemen said to Rajendra before leaving. The four other people left almost immediately.
The unexpected visitor introduced himself as Saurabh Deb who was a budding actor and a good friend of Arushi. He explained to him that it was Arushi who had made created this plan to test the loyalty of these people who Rajendra had considered very good friends. Together they had put up this act which led to the true colours of all four of Rajendra’s friends being brought to light.
The rain had stopped by then and the sun was shining bright in the afternoon sky.
There were a thousand words of gratitude that Rajendra wanted to say to his wife at that time. Arushi looked at him, smiled and then with a twinkle in her eyes she said “The weather is perfect today. Would you take me out for some coffee?”
Rajendra smiled back and said “Yes.”
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2023.04.01 21:28 unexcitingtomato Being an autistic extrovert !!!! SUCKS!!!!!

I think that a lot of people get confused about meanings of extroversion and introversion and ascribe other, different personality types to them, like that extroverts like loud parties and that introverts are quiet and prefer books or whatever when all it really is is that extroverts charge their battery via social interaction and introverts' batteries get drained via social interaction. I think there are a lot of people who assume that all or the vast majority of autistic people are introverts because of said things (because many autistic people don't like these things for various reasons but not all), but in my experience I don't think that's actually true. I also think I've done damage to myself by trying to self-soothe and say that I don't actually enjoy being around people anyways (not true) and that I don't like loud parties and interacting with random people (true) so I must be an introvert, and that it's fine for me to step back from social situations in which I am uncomfortable and focus on my hobbies (which I in turn have become continually displeased with because I'm trying to engage with something when I am socially starved without satisfying that hunger and the hunger doesn't go away no matter how much I ignore it).
But, to get to the point, I hate being autistic, not in general but in this situation particularly, (on top of other problems, some of which are probably related to having a later diagnosis) and needing social interaction that I am too inept to obtain. Honestly, I wish I was an introvert, I wish I could just not really want to interact with people for a few weeks, have one social night, and then not want to do it for a month or two. But I just want to talk to people so often and yet I have no one I feel comfortable talking to so much of the time. This is only okay because I'm pseudonymous and it isn't tied to any sort of meatspace or online identity of any kind, otherwise I wouldn't feel comfortable even saying this. But I hate it. I don't really know what the answer is, because it's just so hard to find people who I get along with who get along with me. I feel like there's so much trial and error and like there's so much pain, and also like I'm hungry now and can't wait months and try and go through the pain of about 80% of interactions not really amounting to anything more than that. I'm just so lonely and yet whenever I do force myself out of my comfort zone in the hopes I'll have a satisfying interaction (basically when I talk to anyone who is not my partner) I just feel deflated and like most people are trying to end the conversation (which I always have to be the one to initiate) and just aren't really interested in me. I try to have identities on various social media but I haven't made online friends in years. I also think that I unconsciously mask most of the time (to some degree of success but I think most people can tell that I'm either autistic or that there's Something Up With Me), and that makes making friends more difficult, but because of other problems I have, I don't feel like I have a sense of self to even be unmasked and instead just emulate other people for their approval. It's hard to not slowly start to resent people who distance themselves from me because it just feels like I'm alone while they're happy because I'm just not good enough or just the kind of person who no one wants to be around, but I feel uncomfortable having those sorts of thoughts because I'm not entitled to people's friendship and I know that. Therapy isn't really helping, it's just mostly advising me to try and make new friends which just....isn't going very well. I'm just very frustrated and want to say these things to someone, anyone. I don't think this is a universal autistic experience (because a lot of autistic people are introverts) but I hope at least one other person can read this post and be like, "oh, mood", or something.
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2023.04.01 21:27 coolin68 Level One - Board Game Meetup hosted by u/OttawaLoftMeetup

Hey all,
Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!!!
What are you up to today?! Let me know, down below! :)
I wanted to give a quick little review on the Level One - Board Game Meetings on Thursday’s @ 6 pm! (Im not sure if this is weekly, but I believe it is!)
$8 for entrance, + whatever for your food : drinks !
Maybe you’ve noticed the posts before, (example here - ) — I really am unsure how old that post is , I googled and pasted! …or saw someone mention it in their post / comment!


As much as I enjoyed trying something new and different … at the end of it, I was pretty burnt out !! (and honestly had a rest day the next day - yesterday)
So here’s the stars!
Board games? - 5/5
Lots of board games to play!! I mean, its a board game pub! They got pretty much everything!
Staff - 5/5
The people workin away were friendly, and fast!
Layout - 2/5
I wish I could rank this higher. I just can’t! Even when there were ~30 people, its hard to hear!! (Maybe I’m just hard of hearing!?) but you either had to talk in the other persons ear or talk really loudly!!! Sometimes left me really confused as to what another person is saying — and felt really bad when that would happen!
… its just something about the layout that makes it off…
To improve this, I’d definitely make walls and separate sections for groups with doors on it. Would probably lower the noise level down a bit, hopefully!!
People - 5/5
I mean there’s a ton of people to talk to if a person wishes to, or sticks with their “group” and gets to know them better! Everyone seemed bubbly and happy to be there!! Wasn’t much of people lookin at their phones and actually connecting with the game / mingling away and enjoying the night… so it was really nice to see that!! (and get less screentime in, as well!)
Overall Experience - 5/5
Yes, the layout is bad… but its really not something I think the people hosting the event can change?!
It was a fun experience, different something to do from what I normally get up to… helped me socialize and meet some people!! It really elevated my crummy mood !

Do I think you should go?

Honestly, why not try it? I mean, it may be out of your comfort zone, but when you push past that comfort zone — you’re actually connecting with your true self… and when that happens, you might find out if you truly enjoy being out and about… or alone… or maybe you like both! It’ll push you to possibly be more comfortable socializing away if you aren’t already !
It doesn’t hurt to try it out and enjoy the Board Game Meetups! Dont have to stay for long if you don’t want to!! Your call!! You do you!
…. Theres also a discord, if you use it!! (So if you didn’t talk to someone or wanted to talk more — always can on the discord if you didnt get their info beforehand!)
Maybe I’ll see you there next time! Who knows!! We shall see!
Little bit more of a read, if you wanted to read more of my first time going!
It was my first time going to Level One in general, as well!! I was super unsure what to expect!! I was really, really, really anxious at the start of things… but honestly, I’m really unsure why!
I went at 6:30 and stayed til 9:30! Somehow I managed to stay out and mingle for 3 hours!
I didn’t try the food, but will definitely have to next time around… just wasn’t hungry as I ate previously!! (What’s everyone’s go-to at Level One?! Let me know, down below — I’ll have to try it at some point!)
The group that I met were all super friendly and welcoming!
As the night went on, the place got loud!! Tons of talking away, laughter, and people came in like flocks! It didn’t feel super overwhelming as I went when it was quieter - got comfortable - and was happy seeing everyone enjoy playin board games!
It started out with a decent amount of people ~30 … and probably had at most ~45? people… (I didn’t obviously count, but! There was a lot!! .. I learned from another person that it doesn’t get super busy like that)
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day!!
Take care,
Stay safe!
— review —
(repost, because I don’t know why I thought the loft was also called level one, lol..big oops!)
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2023.04.01 21:25 pykss 22 [F4R] Scandinavia, Europe / Anywhere - Danish chick looking for gamer-friends or possibly more :3

I’m looking for someone to goof around with on mic and play a bunch of fun different games, but also someone I hopefully can emotionally click really well with that can brighten up my days! :3

So, hi! Hello, I’m Ani. I’m 22 years old, bisexual and live in Denmark. I am half German, but I sadly can’t speak the language on an understandable level at all. :( I’m usually shy and really don’t speak a lot if we VC, just until I start to feel comfortable and open up a little, then I promise you ill be rambling and gossiping about my day, or whatever it might be :p

About 2 years ago I finished studying biotechnology for 3 years (not university, but like, a kind of high school with focus on that subject). But instead of continuing, I chose to study more about my biggest hobby and passion, which is cars. So currently I work as an apprentice as a car mechanic and I absolutely loooove it! <3 My hobby, passion and now job is a huge part of my life, and I can easily go on for hours talking about it.
Some of my other interests include gaming on my pc. I play pretty much every kind of game, and more than willing to continue doing so with you as long as it seems fun and its co-op! Some of my favourite game genres would be something like “open-world survival RPG” stuff or just some co-op puzzle games are freaking amazing! Though currently I’m really hooked on HS Battlegrounds and just casual TFT games when I’m bored. Besides I love to spend my time watching anime, Netflix or just chill with my bestie. c:
For other things that doesn’t include laying down, being lazy or sitting, I like to travel and have been in almost every country in Europe and few in Africa. When I travel, my favourite thing to do is to take annoyingly long and exhausting hikes in the nature and taste all the different kinds of foods the country has to offer. I do enjoy cooking a lot myself but haven’t had much time or energy to do so. Besides that, I love to go sightseeing whatever spots seems awesome to learn more about the culture and history. I prefer this much more than just getting a tan at the beach. :D
And the part you might be wondering the most about... I’m 169cm, have natural light blonde hair and dark-ish blue eyes and I’m what you’d categorise as chubby, I guess. I do plan to get lots of tattoos and piercings in the future. So, if that’s a problem for you, sorry not sorry! Just a heads up, I’m extremely insecure about myself, so I go workout to be happier in my own body. And finding someone who can respect and support me through that from the start, is really important to me. <3

I have my own struggles, bad thoughts, and trauma, so I’m not an easy person to figure out and connect deeply with quickly, it takes time! Though, keep in mind, no matter my mood I never mean to upset anyone intentionally. I most likely just have too much on my mind and then it gets difficult for me to handle everything at once, and I can seem ignorant and selfish. I get overwhelmed quickly and then my brain just shuts down temporarily. I do try to work on it, but I still wholly embrace who I am, so I just hope to find someone who understand that and can support me against, myself (?). :<
So if I actually connect with someone, I get super duper lovey dove both physically and emotionally and maybe at times a bit too clingy and emotionally attached. But it’s just hard to find someone else who is as messed up as me, so that I can be myself and not have it be unattractive. I dream of finding the one who understands and will believe in me, so I don’t have to censor my thoughts and hide who I am. Also someone who loves to joke around and can take a joke or two as I never mean it in a negative way. Sorry, that got a little depressing, so uhm…

I don’t mind the distance; I just want to find someone to have lots of fun with. But obviously being in my time zone (GMT+1), would make it much easier for the both of us. Age wise I don’t really mind either, but preferably nothing higher than 29 years old. ^^’

Thank you for sticking around and reading my post, I hope it (and me) wasn’t too much! If you see yourself as a patient, pretty much drama free, then I’m probably your girl. :D
Feel free to send me a reddit DM with a little introduction of yourself :D And I look forward to getting to know you <3 Our conversation afterwards will hopefully continue on Discord as I hate Reddit DMs… hope that’s okay!
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2023.04.01 21:12 circemaybe08 it's getting so gloomy here, all posts about rejections and depression are flooding my reddit, here's to you guys

Let me begin by saying, I'm an international student whose entire life has be about moving back to the US, since my childhood I was the brightest kid in class, always ranked first, always looked upon as the 'topper' . I worked very hard and aimed to get into Cornell. For 4 years I didn't think of anything other than working towards getting into Cornell. I did things I never imagined I could. I went far beyond my comfort zone to learn, explore and connect with people. I poured my soul into my application essays. I applied applied Cornell ED and got rejected. I got rejected from every ivy.
But guess what..
I wasn't as heartbroken as people thought I wud be. Because I know it's okay. Admissions are influenced by so many factors beyond our control, not to mention the immense competition. Being rejected does not in any way define my capabilities. I know what I have accomplished and I know what I'm capable of.
If you are someone who even aimed to get into an ivy, you know that u are a good student and that you have potential. Have faith in your capabilities. I know that i am gonna be successful someday, with or without An ivy league degree. In fact, I believe it is a sign of weakness and lack of confidence to think that you cannot be successful without the a top tier college degree.
Use this rejection to fuel your motivation. Become successful and prove yourself. Make the colleges that rejected you wish that you were their alumni.
And know that this in no way is the end
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