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2023.05.31 00:09 rickybobbybobby Why holding the hit gets you higher.

Your lungs don't abosrb all of the thc in a hit in 3 seconds. It takes 3 seconds to fully absorb thc yes, not 3 seconds to absorb all that is in the hit. If that were the case then holding dabs wouldnt get you higher but it does because if you are dabbing properly to where you only vaporize the concentrate than any vapor blown out is vaporized thc and canabinoids that were not absorbed. If you are smoking bud from the 70's yeah holding the hit wont do anything but our buds are usually %25 to %30 thc now a days and I promise you its not all aborbed in 3 seconds. I have watched my friend get high girl high as a kite many times by blowing what he inhaled into her mouth as she inhales. Idk what im talkin bout. Im not a scientist but im here for the discussion #teamholdyourhit
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2023.05.31 00:09 thr0wawaayy0 I went bat shit crazy during the first week of my breakup and went to the ER twice. I think i’m doing better now(week 2), is this normal?

TLDR; He tried to cheat on me with a girl that looks just like me but thicker. I’m anorexic & have no support system. Went bat shit crazy in first two days because i felt so lonley; Crazy mood swings going from incredibly manic/happy during the days and ended up in ER because I was going to end my life at midnights. Anorexia got worse and was worried that i’ll need to be in patient care for it. Now it’s week 2 and after self reflection, it’s oddly feeling so peaceful and I’m eating a lot.. is this normal? Will it ever go back to the bat shit crazy phase?
Longer ver;
My first ED relapse was two years ago, after finding out that he was still talking to a “friend” that was a girl, which rejected him in the past and told me how heart broken he was over her. She was a skinny white girl, and since I can’t turn myself white; I starved myself.
Fast forward to the most recent relapse, I relapsed pretty severely 8 months ago; post my first break up with my ex. He wanted me to gain weight since he finds thicker thighs and butt hot.
I tried to eat and workout, which turned into a whole orthorexia problem, where i worked out 3 hours everyday and count macros all day.
Now leading up to the break up, my ex started acting weirdly distant and couldn’t even look me in my eyes. Then, I found an account of a girl that i suspected him cheating on me with and asked him what’s going on.
He denied everything in the beginning and refused to send screenshots or them texting, and said we should just break up instead. Then he admitted that he asked to hangout with her alone for “school work”, and that he is sorry and he was planning to tell me later that week.
I ended up messaging the girl, she was incredibly nice and sent all of the screenshots to me. He was tiptoeing around the word “hanging out” and “smoke weed and chill” asking her constantly, without it sounding like cheating.
She agreed that the tone he used was suggestive but he never fully “asked to cheat(she didn’t know)”. She even asked what his intentions were and he replied that he never had any intentions, but behaviours suggested otherwise(texting relentlessly and constantly asking to hangout outside of school).
Now after breaking up with him, I went crazy. Went to the ER twice for suicidal ideation. It’s week two and i made new friends i hang out with everyday and reconnected with old friends for my support system.
Before the break up, i felt like i had to get a life. I have completely lost myself in the last codependent relationship and revolved my life around him.
Now its only week two and i’m scared that i’m doing too well. I worry that it’ll ever get as bad as it as during the beginning. Can i prepare myself for it? is it going to be better from now on?
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2023.05.31 00:09 toor00t [For Hire] Your Favourite Google Ads Guy

My name's Marco,
7 years of professional PPC experience put me in a good spot — whether it's managing SaaS companies that spend 83K/month, or a dog hair salon spending 1K/month — I've managed them all.
What I will do
~ Scale new & existing Google Ads campaigns ✅
~ Manage the process of migrating to other PPC platforms ✅
~ Take care of the entire process (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Hotjar Heatmaps etc.) ✅
~ Strategize & develop landing pages to match your offer to your Ads perfectly ✅
- Fix & audit broken campaigns of all kind✅
- White Label PPC — taking over Agency Accounts & branding it as your work ✅
Pricing structure
I live in a Western country, have a good track record & don't work for pennies; My monthly retainer is a fixed $2,000. This allows me to focus on your accounts, generate results & keep other clients happy as well.
Sounds good?
Shoot me a message or contact me on my Website !
Have a good one,
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2023.05.31 00:08 snag_lepuss ARC - It Feels Good to Be Back

After a 10 year hiatus in Texas (We Are Blood) I am back in an area where the red cross platelet donation facilities are nearby!
I started donating platelets when I was in college, along with being "on call" for white cell donation in the mid-late 1980s, and then donating with ARC after that. Too many moves, and 35 years later, my ARC records caught up with me again! I wish I could take my TX donations with me, but I enjoyed their donation centers as well. There was always a heating pad for me. All of the phlebotomists were attentive and wonderful. The Tidewater, Boston, and now Triangle, NC area ARCs, might remember my smiling face, jokes........ and my big, fat, ROLLING VEIN! That "stick" separated the phlebotomy champs from the pack! And I can count on two fingers where it was missed.
The app is great (I work with software and know these things take time-- "wishlist" is always long but it is very helpful). Only on one occasion in the past, did I know when/where my platelets were going. And that was only because they needed more platelets a few days later at a specific children's hospital where apparently I was a great match. know I'm at 81 donations with ARC, now and already have my juneteenth appointment on the schedule.
That's a lot of movies and good naps to come.... and NETFLIX! I'm glad to be back!!
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2023.05.31 00:08 throwRAsilverbeach [32F][40M] It’s pretty clear that I will never have a relationship with any guy. This guy didn’t want me after asking me out after he moved.I want to reach out to him… people do it all the time. I want to reach out?

It’s pretty clear that I will never have a relationship with any guy. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I’m not going to settle and go for guys I’m not attracted to. I’m extremely active and for some reason tons of overweight guys match me… like read the room.. why bother trying to match with me knowing that I’m extremely active and our lifestyles are incredibly different. It just makes me feel ugly and crappy. So, I’m not going to try meeting any guys anymore because I’m going to be rejected over and over again. Like I can literally predict that nothing is going to happen and the guy will reject me.. every time I go for a guy I’m attracted to.
The last guy asked me out for a date but I was not sure he was ever entirely interested in me. And I was always aware he was extremely attractive and had no clue why he was even talking to me.. we had a ton of common interests. But, I kept telling myself that nothing was going to happen and I was completely right. He ended up rejecting me and he’s not even interested in being friends. If I was attractive.. I’m sure he’d be interested. I haven’t asked him to be friends but considering who I see him add on IG. I seriously don’t compare.
He added me on FB for some reason. My friend said given the situation she doesn’t think he’d want to be friends. I barely have guy friends it’s so lame.
I mean everyone I move onto rejects me so clearly there's no point.
This guy texted me " I don't think so. I shouldn't lead you on if I'm not in it"
That text from him was when we were trying to figure out hooking up and he couldn't get it together because of a break up. But clearly it was lack of attraction on his part
I really want to reach out to him when I’m looking better…
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2023.05.31 00:08 aspiescooby Episode Idea: Nearly There Yet?

Location: The entire episode takes place in a car, though trouble is faced from the outside, our main characters never exit the vehicle, only enter it in the beginning.
No 9: As seen in the title shot, the empty beer pack stuffed in the middle of the car is called 'Nine O'Clock Boost'
In this wacky episode, Shearsmith plays Gary, a classic British dad who just wants to get things in order. He is about to go on a 14 hour road trip to Germany with his wife and two children. What could possibly go wrong?
(Note: this episode is a homage to family/slapstick comedy/road trip/vacation type flicks.)
The episode begins with Gary, his wife Sarah, and his two children, one called Meghan, a 12 year old girl who just LOVES her phone, and the other called Timmy, a 10 year old who has his coat zipped up and covering his entire face kinda like Kenny from South Park, to the point where we can only see his eyes. This makes for good humour as the other characters try decipher what he says. They have just left a fast food place and are heading for the road.
Gary is worried that things will go wrong, and Sarah has to comfort her husband, giving him a kiss of support. They start the trip, but countless things go wrong. Meghan and Timmy are refusing to cooperate, Timmy needs a piss, their clothes are accidentally dropped out of the window, wild animals attack them but they escape, and they have to escape bumbling irresponsible law enforcement in order to make it to their destination on time.
All the while, Gary keeps spotting an unsettling, mysterious, shadowy man walking down or sometimes in the middle of the road, causing him to keep swerving in absolute fear. Stalking the car at every move. When he tries pointing it out, the other members of the family do not see this man. I think it's incredibly obvious what's going on here, a very bad twist, right. A motif that is tied to this that recurs is the idea of a car rolling backwards, a thought that keeps making its way into Gary's head through multiple things, whether that be Timmy's toy car, a car ad on the radio, or other cars spinning in traffic. It clearly has an effect on him.
The first bomb drops when things begin getting emotional and confrontational. Sarah reveals that throughout all of this, she's been aware of Pemberton's mysterious character all along. Or at least, she'd know Shearsmith would see something like him. Turns out that 5 years ago, Gary recklessly drunk drove back home from work. He had only found out the next morning from a news broadcast that he had hit not 1, not 2, but three people on the way. He went quiet about it and only told Sarah. This trip to Germany wasn't a holiday- it was a trip to a rehabilitation center.
(You could argue that it is a dumb decision to allow Shearsmith to drive in this case, but keep in mind that no one else could remove his license since he was never found as the perpetrator.)
Furthermore, that mysterious man on the road was of course just a manifestation of Shearsmith's guilt blah blah blah you've probably all heard of something like that before.
But there's a kicker to end this one off. The kids are dumbfounded, having only just discovered this information that's not been disclosed to them for their entire lives before this. How could their father be such a monster? Gary starts feeling terrible and feels the need to park on the side of the road or go back, anything to avoid the talks that were to lie ahead. His victims: A businessman, a grandmother and her grandson, a 5 year old. As a surprise to them all, Meghan remembers that she'd once heard about something like that on the radio, the exact victims and everything. The 5 year old actually survived, just with a mangled face for life.
And that's when, for the first time in the entire episode, Timmy unzips his parka, revealing a face they do not recognize underneath. They got the wrong child at the fast food place. And this kid coincidentally has bandages all over his face. Maybe just like how that 5 year old would've.
He grabs the wheel of the car and swerves it into oncoming traffic; it cuts to credits.
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2023.05.31 00:08 LoudCow2890 Tired of Jumpin’ around Clubs looking for a Poker Home with Awesome Action Players and a Fast Reliable Host? I Got YOU 🫵 Covered! FiTired of Jumpin’ around Clubs looking for a nd Us On the Pokerrrr2 App using Code : 39o9c ❗️ NLH & PLO4 GAMES ON 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥RIGHT NOW !!!! ♦️Club Code👉39o9c♦️

Tired of Jumpin’ around Clubs looking for a Poker Home with Awesome Action Players and a Fast Reliable Host? I Got YOU 🫵 Covered! FiTired of Jumpin’ around Clubs looking for a nd Us On the Pokerrrr2 App using Code : 39o9c ❗️ NLH & PLO4 GAMES ON 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥RIGHT NOW !!!! ♦️Club Code👉39o9c♦️ submitted by LoudCow2890 to InPoker [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 00:08 LoudCow2890 Tired of Jumpin’ around Clubs looking for a Poker Home with Awesome Action Players and a Fast Reliable Host? I Got YOU 🫵 Covered! FiTired of Jumpin’ around Clubs looking for a nd Us On the Pokerrrr2 App using Code : 39o9c ❗️ NLH & PLO4 GAMES ON 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥RIGHT NOW !!!! ♦️Club Code👉39o9c♦️

Tired of Jumpin’ around Clubs looking for a Poker Home with Awesome Action Players and a Fast Reliable Host? I Got YOU 🫵 Covered! FiTired of Jumpin’ around Clubs looking for a nd Us On the Pokerrrr2 App using Code : 39o9c ❗️ NLH & PLO4 GAMES ON 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥RIGHT NOW !!!! ♦️Club Code👉39o9c♦️ submitted by LoudCow2890 to poker_irl [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 00:07 galintgaming We recorded over 17,000 Melee matches from Battle of BC 5 (50GB)!

Technology is insane, almost every single game played in the venue last weekend was recorded and now uploaded to our Google Drive. Combo videos, statistics, and more are all a breeze when you have access to all these files. I'd love to see what folks come up with! Or if you just want to pretend to be Mang0 and watch his sets from your own POV, go wild. If you do use these for anything, please shoot us a message (here or on Twitter) so we can check it out. If you used a tag while playing, you can easily find your matches.
Much love, Dhir
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2023.05.31 00:07 Ludacris095 Former dirt biker looking to hit the streets

Hey all, i needed a little help on finding a first bike. I rode a yz125 off road for awhile and am looking to get a bike to commute to school (25-30mins on socal freeway). i’m looking for something standard-ish /sporty that will be enough power to match freeway speeds comfortably but not so much that i’d be scared of it. Any advice would go along way.
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2023.05.31 00:07 MaximumMortgage1099 No need to downvote my posts or be rude. if u wanna talk to me be kind or dont respond

People have laughed at my insecurities and my parents heritage on reddit and in real life

They have laughed when I openly told them things on rsbu that I cant go to medical school and etc. they laughed at my looks when I said girls on tiktok look better
people on dating apps were mean to me because I didnt put my best picture up.
So what does this mean
am I not pretty for a tiktok
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2023.05.31 00:06 MeshueRay Wow.. google has dark sense of humor

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2023.05.31 00:06 devin_duval Snapchat Friends - M33 F32

I have been with a girl for 9 months. When we weren’t that serious yet she had a guy she worked with push her up against a wall and kiss her. She told me she told him to get off. She told me about this right when it happened. Later at her other job she was texting a guy and helping him pick out an outfit. She later told me what happened and I had nothing to worry about.
I started to develop trust issues. I was married for 9 years and was cheated on. Every relationship I have been cheated on. I looked at her phone a few times and saw saved messages from guys that were saying she was beautiful on Snapchat. It was from before we were dating, but I wondered why she kept them. I know I shouldn’t be looking at her phone but this is just what happened. I recently saw that she was chatting with the same guy that stuck his tongue down her throat and they asked each other about their weekends. My girl said she was hanging out with me, but responded by asking about his weekend. I felt weird about this. You can see I have issues right?
So I added the girls at my work in dispatch to my Snapchat. Just as friends. I thought I would match energy here. I know that’s fucked. But this is just what happened. One messaged me a day later when my girl and I were at a concert and responded to my story of the concert. She said “rub it in why don’t you.” I replied and said “They were dope” “Sorry 🥹”. The next day my girl looked at my Snapchat when I asked her to help me with a Walmart pickup order. She saw these two messages and that I added those girls I work with. Disclaimer they are not attractive. I wasn’t trying to do anything sinister.
But that night she asked me to leave her house where I had been staying for the past 5 months. Made me take all my things and is now saying I broke all trust. I agree I fucked up. We both have abandonment issues from our past and she normally just drops a relationship when there is a sign of it going south. She is still talking to me through text but it is mainly just bashing me. Saying I have serious deep rooted issues. And I apologized over and over. Said I would change. Said that would never happen again and she still doesn’t know what she wants. I text her at night and say goodnight and I love her to remind her I am still there.
What would be some advice here? And please don’t try to just bash me. I want to grow and be better. Thanks for the input. Let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.05.31 00:06 AffectionateFee8258 Interview at new property

I’ve been with my current front desk as a night auditor for about 6 months, just got an email saying I should come in for an interview at another hotel. The pay is 13 dollars hourly for this position and it was only 9.75 at my current place. My current place doesn’t offer benefits. I feel bad about potentially leaving so soon, but this pay is pathetic. Should I give a two weeks notice? Do I even tell them I want to leave? Should I mention it’s because of pay? Should I give them a chance to match?
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2023.05.31 00:06 Ill-Albatross-4122 Palo Alto BGP default-originate

Hi everybody,
Today I ran into a new problem. I’m migrating an ASA to Palo NGFW, running PAN-OS 11.0. The ASA is currently originating a default route to an internal eBGP neighbor, but only if it has a default route in it’s route table. The current default route on the ASA is learned via BGP from an upstream neighbor. It is not a learned or redistributed route. The statement used is below, where the route map references a prefix-list that matches a default route.
neighbor {ip-address} default-originate [route-map map-name]
Can the Palo Alto firewall perform the exact same thing? I know it can redistribute or share a learned default route, but I don’t know how to originate a new route based on an existing route. The ASA was configured this way so that AS-path and any external metrics would not be passed on into the datacenter, where everything is BGP.
Thanks for any and all advice, it is much appreciated!!
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2023.05.31 00:06 SJ167 Murder Movie - Horror/Comedy, 13 pages

Logline: Crew members of a horror film are thrust into the fictionalized world of the movie, where they must try to survive alongside the “final girl”.
Attempting to channel some Wes Craven for this short. Does the pacing work? Do the jokes/comedic bits land? Any feedback appreciated.
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2023.05.31 00:06 Few-Raisin176 Help trying to find an album

Hey! I’ve been looking for an album that I’ve had a few songs stuck in my head for years, I hope someone can help me out? All I know is it is a dancey/club album (thought it was Ministry of sound but can’t seem to find it) and all I can remember is it goes into a mix with these songs, not in order:
Wild child - renegade master Johnny price - Club DJ Global Deejays - Hey girl (shake it)
I know it’s a long shot but it’s all I can remember, I’m going back about 15/16 years maybe? Thanks in advance! xx
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2023.05.31 00:06 Glum-Supermarket-933 How common is it to find smurfs in low elo?

Im bronze 3 now, probably going down to bronze 4, i dont think im a great player, i do think i should be somewhere around bronze 1 and silver 4/3, but lately i found some insane players, who look like really good and shouldnt be in bronze... One of them was level 400 playing miss fortune, as if he was born as a miss fortune player from a past life...
I play in my last game against a miss fortune, level 400, she did some insane plays with her ult, early game was impossible, she would predict my ult whenever i thought about using it, she would use her ult to save her support and allies, close to the end of the game, she made quadra and penta kills, we could say she played alone that match, because she did play alone, she saved her support countless times, she had great timings for her ult and abilities....
I played against a morgana, that was more adc than caitlyn, her aim wasnt that great, but her gamesense was something else, when i was in a bush, and cleared it to make sure there was no wards there, she would come, and blindly get a Q on me, there were no minions there to give her vision, i just open my mouth and think ''how?''
I played against a swain that was doing more and wouldnt miss one single hook, seriously, no matter how much i tried, he would always hit it, as if he could predict my path...
I remember playing one time a ranked game against a 900k mastery nami, i even took a print, because it was the first time i ever saw that, my main, sona, only has 80k mastery, but i got queued against a 900k, she was great at using her skills, she could use her W really well, and E too, even tho she didnt use Q a lot, but her W was better than an average person.
Maybe im just bad, and maybe what i just described isnt even amazing to you guys, but to me, it is, a 900k mastery player, one swain who wouldnt miss his hooks, playing against level 400 players...
But then, my adc trolls, from start to end, dude invaded alone, gave free first kill, and then stayed afk, close to 6 minutes he decided to ''play'' again, but he was only walking, he wouldnt attack anyone... Lately this has been very tilting, and really disappointing, but again, i might just be a bad player, and i know that there are cheaters in this game, just like every other game, but i dont think what i just described is cheating, the only one that COULD be cheating, was swain, because he wouldnt miss 1 single hook, but again, i dont think they were cheating, and i also dont think they are bronze players in their essence...
Thank you if you read all of this, and sorry if something was confusing, im really tilted.
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2023.05.31 00:06 Relative-Match-5113 Skylar and nathan

I saw them at Walmart on Sunday. they both looked nice and well put together. they had a young girl with them so I didn't take photos this time. I know we all hate Nathan but he smelled so good and he for me, he is cute as heck. maybe it's an Ohio thing.
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2023.05.31 00:06 misfitsubredditsucks Really struggling recently

Hey y’all so for some context, imma 20 year old guy, and I really think I have a problem and I’m just struggling. My anxiety, specifically social anxiety, has been off the charts recently. Not only that but I feel so paranoid and hopeless all the time. I cringe after every conversation I’m always caught up in scenarios in my head that don’t exist. Constantly telling myself I’m horrible, no one loves me, I’m not worth shit and I’m awful. It’s really tearing me down, it’s weird though because there’s this girl who I work with who I have come to like a lot. But she has a bf who I respect and she’s also a coworker so I know that it’s wrong and I would never pursue it. But I feel like a weirdo for feeling that way and I’m so awkward around her now. Just a constant fear of her knowing or anyone knowing and just making things awkward. I know I’m the only one capable of making it awkward but it’s one of those “im looking at the trees while skiing” sort of scenarios. I dont know I just feel weird with women, I had a really bad addiction to porn as a young boy and teenager that led me down some dark paths. I’m confident I’m past that now, but anything sexual or relationship related or just a lot to do with women im very uncomfortable with. I just feel so awkward, and I’m so uncomfortable in my own skin. I’ve been getting lots of headaches recently because of all the energy spent in my own head. It’s really starting to wear me down and it feels like I can’t enjoy anything. And I know I can’t find meaningful relationships (friends or partner) with a mentality like mine. I know I’m being dramatic but I can’t shake these feelings. Any words of wisdom?
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2023.05.31 00:06 an_insane_mess Compliments…

All my life i’ve been picked on by several other girls for a variety of things. But now, I get compliments wherever i go. Are girls actually genuine when they compliment another girl?
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2023.05.31 00:06 Civil_Preparation934 16M wanting to share his thoughts at 11pm on a cozy Tuesday night.

Imagine a time before the stress of you. You kicked in one night and got a job and this and that. Youre in a time before that. You might be spending this time wishing you were older. Dont. Before you know it you'll be wishing you were younger. But the thing that comes with age for you anyway is that person. The person that will sweep you off your feet. They're out there somewhere, probably thinking the same things you are especially about love. Wondering where you are at the same time youre wondering where they are.
Personally i imagine me and this girl, this oh so beautiful girl, this oh so goofy and oh so adorable girl. With her little scrunched up eyebrow thing she does when she focuses and the way she smiles and blushes when i say her name in that stupid way. Of course i just made that up. Maybe she doesnt do that when she focuses or the name thing but its nice to think right?
Physically im a flawed individual to say the least. Ive been told im smart. Maybe in some ways. But for everyone not just me, that person wont care. They'll love you for you. And they're out there somewhere. Maybe they're in a house 4 streets away or maybe theyre in a whole other country. Only one way to find out right?
If youre young like me know theres always time. No matter who you are. Where youre from or anything. Maybe you've already found the love of your life, maybe youre reading this with them. If so, congratulations, you have what i dream of. Dont mess it up haha.
In the tv show How I Met Your Mother, my favourite show, the main character Ted in the future has two kids. And hes telling them the story of how he met their mother of course. At one point i think in an earlier season maybe 3? They rush him and ask him to hurry up and he responds with "This isn't just the story of how i met your mother, this is the story of how i became who i had to become to meet her." If youre young like me. Even if youre older. Theres a journey for everyones love. And along that road there are stops, lessons and of course changes. You'll change a lot before you meet them. Because you most likely have to. Thats how it goes usually.
Maybe im glorifying it, maybe only the hooneymoon phase is like that. But in my head even when the hooneymoon phase ends, its still there. That undying affection. Thats how you know i suppose. Maybe thats how you know shes the one. When the affection refuses to die.
The affection you feel when you race home to kiss her and tell her you love more than anything just because. When she wakes up in her morning voice with her hair all messed up and you tell her shes stunning. Cause of course she is. When you call her and leave a voicemail saying you love her.
Of course i dont know any of this. Im too young to know what im doing in this field. To know what to do when this happens or why this happens. All im doing is speaking my thoughts. Maybe they're weird to a lot of you. Probably are.
"The two most important days in your life are the days you are born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain.
Of course for some the reason 'why' differs.
Real quick if there's any confusion i wrote this as a message to a great friend initially.
But for me i feel like its her. Shes the thing i want to find most. Forget being super successful.
She is the reason. Wherever she is. Whoever she is.
And i cant wait to find her...
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