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2023.03.24 06:52 Catvac-u-um_adnase Fatemeh Sepehri us not a protester, she didn't even go to the streets. she only spoke her mind and said she wants to bury Khamenei. She is now sentenced to 18 years of prison.

Fatemeh Sepehri us not a protester, she didn't even go to the streets. she only spoke her mind and said she wants to bury Khamenei. She is now sentenced to 18 years of prison. submitted by Catvac-u-um_adnase to newtimes [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:47 SnakeBlood456 The many plot holes of pretty little liArs?

Heyyyyy I hope that you are all going well and looking after yourselves <3
I have seen lots and lots of people saying that the plot holes and timeline are super confusing and doesn’t make any sense (which it doesn’t :P) but personally I never really had a problem with them?
I have always pretended that they were part of the mystery and no one really knows what is happening in the town of rosewood, the plot holes and timeline confusion adding to the overall mystery :P
I think that I might be in the minority here, but curious to see what everyone else thinks?
View Poll
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2023.03.24 06:47 ThrowawayRAcheatedon I(35M) caught my wife(35F) having sex with my neighbor(40M)

My wife(Sara) and I had been happily married for 8 years, no kids, no fights, and we have a great sex life. My neighbor(Bill) and his wife moved in across the street 3 years ago and the four of us got along pretty well.
During Covid, we did a lot of online shopping and I installed a Porch Pirate camera with a motion detector that sends me alerts while I'm at work. Yesterday I got a call from the groomer that our dog was ready to pick up and I called my wife at work to see which one of us needed to pick up the dog. Her office said that she had gone home sick at lunch, so I called her to check on her to see if she was alright but she didn't answer. About thirty minutes later the Porch camera sent me an alert and a video showing my neighbor at my door and my wife opening the door in an expensive lingerie set I bought her for Valentine's Day. I worked a lot from home during Covid and have a Remote Desktop on my personal laptop so I can access files and things from my office computer. So I ported into my laptop that was set up at a desk in our bedroom and accessed the camera. When they walked into the bedroom and she started helping him off with his clothes my heart began to pound. With full audio, I watched them make out and eventually have sex first in Missionary and then Sara got on top of him as it's easier for her to finish that way. At that point, I unmuted my work computer and turned the camera on, and said, What the hell do you two think you're doing? Needless to say, that ruined the mood.
They both turned and saw me on the screen, I told Bill that he had three seconds to get out of my house before I sent screenshots to his wife and he got out of there as fast as he could. My wife started crying and I said we would talk when I got home. I left work and drove home, when I got there she was in the shower. I saw her phone lying on the table and I picked it up and opened it up and read a couple of disturbing texts. I didn't have much time as I heard the shower quit so I changed the lock code on her phone so she couldn't erase the evidence before I had a chance to save it. She came in the living room and saw me holding her phone and the color drained from her face. She started to try and get me to listen to her but I shut her down. I turned on the TV and streamed their sex video on the tv, with sound. I asked her what part of that she wanted to explain. She had tears running down her face and she couldn't look me in the eye, I told her she needed to pack a bag and stay at her parent's house until we could sort this out. She wanted to stay and talk but I said this was really raw right now and things would get said that couldn't be taken back. She packed a bag and asked me to call her soon so we could deal with this.
She called on her mom's phone and said her phone was locked and she couldn't use it. I explained I had read a couple of conversations she had with Bill but I didn't have time to read them all so I changed her unlock code so she couldn't purge those messages. She got mad and started to yell so I sent a picture to her mom's phone, it was a great angle showing both of their faces. She got quiet and her voice was breaking really bad saying I couldn't show her family those photos. Her dad is a deacon at his church and they are very religious, Sara even teaches Sunday school to fill in sometimes. I told her that we would talk in the morning and hung up. I called my lawyer and told him what happened and told him to draw up separation and divorce papers. He gave some advice on how to proceed and said she would be served the separation papers tomorrow but the divorce papers would take a few days. I canceled all the credit cards and transferred half of our cash to an account she didn't have access to per the lawyer's advice. I was able to get a locksmith out that day and changed all the locks and the garage and security codes. Then I had a phone conversation with Bill's wife. She said that he was acting all weird when she got home and I explained why and I sent her a couple of screenshots and told her if she wanted it I had it all on video as well. She was livid and I almost worry about his safety when he gets home.
Today my wife showed up at 7:00 only to find her key didn't work. I let her in and I asked for her phone which she argued a bit before handing it over. It took about twenty minutes with her watching as I went through her phone and forwarded the texts I wanted to save to my phone and I handed it back to her. She looked at it for a minute and then at me, she had about twenty texts from her friends wanting to know what happened. I had sent out a couple of group texts to our friends canceling all of our plans and explained I had come home and caught my wife having sex with my neighbor in our bed. She couldn't believe I had outed her to all our friends and how it looked like I had no desire to work things out, and she went on for over an hour about how sorry she was and that we could get past this and go forward. I told her that there was no way I could ever trust her again and that the love I had for her was burnt to ashes as I watched her screw our neighbor in our bed. I told her to pack whatever clothes she could in a suitcase and she could come for the rest of them Saturday.
This afternoon a couple of her girlfriends reached out to me, one telling me that my wife still loved me and we should try and work it out, the other one saying I shouldn't throw our marriage out and that I might be partially to blame. I answered them by sending a screenshot to each of them but I got no response. The rest of our friends have reached out to console me and offer their support. Several of them said they were blocking Sara's number. Saturday, when she comes for her things I will tell her I filed for divorce and we can end this civilly or if she wants to fight it and get ugly I will make sure her whole family and the Youth Minister at her dad's church get a copy of the video.
I'm sorry for this long story, it has been therapeutic to put this all down. I'm still seeing red right now but I know in a day or two it's going to knock the wind out of me. After rereading what I wrote, should I listen to her side of the story as to what brought this on? If for no other reason than to maybe get some closure?

**TL;DR; : I caught my wife having sex with my neighbor on video**
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2023.03.24 06:46 empyreanartindia The Most Famous Beach Paintings Ever Seen - Empyrean Art Gallery

The Most Famous Beach Paintings Ever Seen - Empyrean Art Gallery
Beaches have been a popular subject for painters throughout history, with artists captivated by the beauty and tranquillity of the sea, sand, and sun. Many famous paintings depict beaches, capturing the essence of the seaside in different eras and styles.
One of the most famous beach paintings is Claude Monet's "Impression, Sunrise," painted in 1872. The painting depicts a sunrise over the harbour of Le Havre in France, with orange and pink hues reflecting off the water. The painting is considered the birth of the Impressionist movement and was pivotal in changing the way people viewed art.
Another iconic beach painting is "Starry Night Over the Rhône" by Vincent van Gogh. This painting, created in 1888, depicts the sparkling lights of Arles, France, reflected on the Rhône River. The painting is known for its vibrant colours and bold brushstrokes, which capture the beauty and energy of the night sky.
In the 20th century, American artist Edward Hopper created "Nighthawks," a painting that depicts a diner on a deserted street corner at night. While the painting is not a traditional beach scene, the viewer can see the ocean in the background, giving a sense of the quiet and lonely atmosphere of the beach at night.
In more recent times, David Hockney's "A Bigger Splash" has become an iconic beach painting. Created in 1967, the painting shows a swimming pool in Los Angeles, with a large splash caused by a diving figure. The painting is known for its bold colours and graphic style.
Overall, famous beach paintings are a testament to the enduring appeal of the seaside, and the beauty that can be found in the everyday world around us.
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2023.03.24 06:46 SparklyHeart56 Question for people who go to Round1 in Philadelphia?

Hey guys,
I was planning on going to Round1 in Fashion Street, PA but I heard that most of the games are broken. For those who go to this Round1 location, just a few questions
  1. What should I do to prepare or bring with me to go to Round1 so that I'm prepared?
  2. which type of games are broken (if they are)? For example, rhythm, racing, sports?
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2023.03.24 06:45 Enigmatic_Ghoul Nature's beauty

In the beauty of nature, we find our peace, The souls of mankind finally release. A place where the wild hearts roam free, A sanctuary where we can truly be.
From the towering mountains to the deepest seas, Each ecosystem unique, a world of mysteries. Forests that breathe, and rivers that flow, Nature's symphony, a pure and soulful show.
But nature can leave us awe-stricken, Some things can seem all too forbidden. Volcanoes exploding, lava that boils, Thundering storms and lightning that coils.
The raging winds of tornadoes and hurricanes, Floods that swallow up cities and plains. These forces of nature remind us all, That beauty and destruction are intertwined in a ball.
We must learn to respect and coexist, For nature is a power that we can't resist. So let us appreciate this world that is truly fine, And cherish the beauty of this world divine.
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2023.03.24 06:44 MattTarrantAu In The Flesh Cage - Main Event Thread

NEW EVENT In The Flesh Cage is LIVE!
The Star Trek Lower Decks crew come across a mysterious space station - but upon beaming aboard they find an exact replica of Starfleet HQ.
Join in on the fun, and win Janeway and Neelix!
Download Now 📷 #StarTrek
Need hints or tips for completing Milestones?
Unsure on how to get past a tricky point in the event?
Want to show off your place in the leader board?
This is the place to do it! 🖖🏻
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2023.03.24 06:43 jnbfdyjnndy Imagine what ChatGPT could have done with a game like SimCity that had individual people and businesses?

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2023.03.24 06:42 East-Process-1119 Opinions on Erasmus in Kaunas(Lithuania) in 2023?

Hi, I'm from Italy, south of Italy to be precise, I'm considering doing an Erasmus in Kaunas since it is my only and last possibility to do an Erasmus, I'm almost done with my second level studies and never studied abroad, I wouldn't think about it twice about it since I really think Erasmus it's probably one of the best experiences in life if not for 2 huge doubts:
Coming from southern Italy I'm used to winters between 4-10°C, since I should be going in september reading about -25°C scared the shit out of me, will it be traumatic to handle for someone not used to it? Is social life affected by it?
Talking about social life, here comes the second doubt, the city i live in has 3mil of pop, whole Lithuania has 2,8mil of pop, won't Kaunas, the second city in Lithuania, be a bit depressing for someone used to be in a chaotic and always crowded place?
Is the Erasmus life active over there? I'm pretty sure I can handle everything if I manage to join a good network of Erasmus students and make some friends but are there any students at all post-pandemic and during war times? Is there anything to do if you can't stay in the street since outside is freezing cold?
I'm sorry if my questions sounds rather ignorant, I'm totally ignorant about the situation over there and that's why I'm making this post.
I hope at least someone can answer me and help figure out what to do since I have till the end of the moth to decide it.
Much love and thanks🥰
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2023.03.24 06:42 jforrest1980 Have a handicapped Kitten and need some help.

Have a handicapped Kitten and need some help.
My aunt rescued Daisy here her son Gizmo (2nd pic) from the streets, and was unable to find her a home in their small city. We took them both to help her find a home for them and you know how it goes.... They are probably a permanent part of the family now.
Daisy has a neurological disorder that causes her to walk like she has a loaded diaper, and often flop over on the floor while walking. She will instantly melt your heart upon 1st contact.
Even though we scoop her box daily, I notice Daisy smells like urine and feces occasionally. Probably from falling over in her litter box. It's sad times for everyone.
I am looking for tips on how to keep her from getting soiled in the 1st place, and ideas on how to clean her. Maybe some type of dry cat shampoo if that is a thing?
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2023.03.24 06:41 inkcharleston01 Reasons Why People Love To Eat Rooftop Dining?

Reasons Why People Love To Eat Rooftop Dining?
Having a meal with your loved one under the stars gives a breathtaking experience. This is something that sounds exceptional. The idea of a dining rooftop seems more alluring. In addition, the cuisine and trends can also affect the restaurant's design. Rooftop dining in Charleston, SC In , is adored by everyone because of the facilities they offer to its guests. This is the most desirable location for those who want an enjoyable outdoor dining experience. Let’s check why people are more concerned about booking rooftop dining.

Reasons which allow people to choose rooftop dining

A wonderful way to enjoy
Do you want to take the full 360-degree view of a city with your partner while having your meal? If you are a traveler visiting this city for the first time, you can get the best experience here. Give yourself a chance to delight in the great experience. You can just simply fall in love with the city more!
High-quality social time
This is a great idea if you are in Charleston for the first time and want to socialize with other people. We all enjoy spending time with our friends, but it is difficult because of our hectic work schedules. When you book a Best Rooftop Bar in Charleston, you can meet huge groups of people under the same roof. Here you can make yourself feel nostalgic about the good old days by conversing with people.
Outstanding Food Options
Charleston is known for the delicacy of food and drinks. At this place, you can explore street foods you have never experienced. Talking about the rooftop restaurants, there are no worries about feeling left out because they have huge stocks. If you are planning to drink & smoke, yes, it’s a great decision.
Fresh & Delightful Air
Do you want to receive fresh & delightful air while having your dinner? Feel the natural air in rooftop restaurants that seems serene and calming. You can enjoy the natural light & relax in the fresh air without any hassles. Dining on a rooftop makes you happier and more fun than eating inside a restaurant. Here you can feel the ideal balance of enjoyment & calmness.
Spot the excellent view
No matter who you are, when you reach a new city, you always want to capture some excellent views. Booking a rooftop restaurant helps you to capture some good images. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy your food while letting your eyes rover over the stars.
Decoration & atmosphere
If you love to spend time in calm places, this is the right destination. Rooftop restaurants are finely designed. This is designed with small yet elegant elements that make the atmosphere more vibrant and energetic. Nowadays, people choose ambiance over money. The unique rooftop restaurants are known for the tables, elegant bar stools, eye-catching paintings, & rooftop gardens. It has everything that a guest adores!
Some rooftop wedding after-parties restaurant owners also install entertainment facilities for their guests so that they can never get bored. Here you can also spot live performances, DJs, & well-crafted playlists that bring an amazing vibe. This is the best place to set your mood with your partner.
Enjoy the stars and feel the universe
It sounds exciting to enjoy the breathtaking views of having a meal under the sky. As the sun sets, you will feel that tint of eye-catching colors. This view is so soothing & calming. After a long week of non-stop hectic work, you can finally spend your weekend at this place.
If you are searching for restaurants where you can feel calm and relaxed, choose rooftop restaurants rather than indoor ones. Breathe some clean air and eat under the sky with the stars and fresh air.
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2023.03.24 06:41 _BubbleCat_ Ole brand ice-cream cup that had a small toy in it. [2000]

Hello everyone! It's my first time posting here! As I hope you all can help me solve a food related mystery :]
So I'm going down a bit of a nostalgia trip recently and I remember when I was maybe 2 or 3 [In 2004-2005] my grandmother and I used to walk to the gastation near our house where she would buy me a pink / blue Ole brand ice-cream cup, that had a small plastic toy in the bottom. I collected so many of them. One I remember fondly and still have is a tiny grey-bluish whale.
I can still taste that wooden stick they gave you to eat the ice-cream with too lol.
It's some of my earliest and fondest memories of time with my granny and Id love to know what the name of the ice-cream was. I tried to look it up but I can't find a match.
I live in South Africa and I've never lived anywhere else.
any help would be appreciated!
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2023.03.24 06:40 LawfulnessSoggy8128 39 [M4F] TN/Online Where are my misfits at?!

My weekend has officially and I’m looking for my lady metalhead! I’m talking like mid 2k metalcore. Anything from A7X, BFMV, Atreyu, Trivium, Between the Buried and Me, Norma Jean, etc.
Born in the 80s. Molded by 90s alt rock. Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus. You probably maybe even got down with some EDM and Indy stuff too.
You got some of that East coast charm. Take no shit, tough as nails, resting bitch face, but don’t like yelling cause you’re still sensitive or some shit. You look out for the little guy. Not afraid to bully the bully(thanks Easton)
You got your issues but you’re still functioning. Still standing cause we don’t know any better. We work hard but do it in a way that says “fuck off” with a smile. We navigated the tech boom. Lived through the Y2K scare to find out it was way blown out of proportion. We ate mud and drank from the hose and wish the younger generation now got to experience that. We got to walk house to house on Halloween without much fear. No trunk or treats for us. Our curfew was when the street lights came on. Yea I’m quoting memes now so I guess that’s where I’ll end it. Here’s a quick bit of what I’m looking for.
Please be ..
Physically I’m 6ft, rocking the dadbod, bearded, with some tattoos. Light brown hair, blue eyes, squishy cheeks, soft belly and legs like tree trunks. (Built like Santa lol)
Personality wise I’m pretty laid back, I like to smile and laugh and love making jokes. Pretty dry, dark and sarcastic. Very affectionate and caring, kind and sweet at times. Also a bit of an asshole in a way. It’s weird I’m weird. You’ll never feel unwanted or unappreciated but you may wanna drop kick me lol.
I enjoy the usual nerddoms. Gaming, anime(getting back into. Shoot me some recommendations!) I prefer DC animated over Marvel live action and I may catch hell for that but again. I like dark and gritty. I’m a metalhead but can listen to a lot of different genres.
Pet friendly, Kink friendly, 420 friendly. Drink on occasion. Nothing serious or heavy.
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2023.03.24 06:38 No_Championship6389 Here’s some random text I wrote for a random MCSM portal arc villain I made!

(You can ask any questins if you’d like! The name of the villain is “The snow lord”. This is in the second person, it would narrate the perspective of one the characters, probaly Petra or Lukas, most likely Petra-)
You trudged through the snow, shivering in the freezing wind. You hear the crunch of the ever piling snow under you feet as you kept moving forward. You hoped you were able to find the other three, who you had been separated from ever since you entered this…icy portal. You could barely feel your toes or fingers anymore, parts of your skin had turned red as an apple while you traveled through the snowstorm. You really regret not staying in the cave you were in. Sure, it was still cold, but not as cold as it was outside the cave…
You would continue forward while the wind would howl as it hit you face. You had a bit of trouble breathing, as the wind was blowing in you mouth a bit, you decided to cover you mouth a bit so you could breath. You were trying to conserve the items you had in your inventory, so you were starving…As soon as you get a cave, you were going to eat something…It was so hard to navigate through the snowy tundra…you could barely see in front of you. But then…Something…odd happened…The storm seemed to die down a bit, and you had no idea why. Until you looked over and saw…a man.
He seemed to be wearing dark blue attire, which a hood that prevented you from seeing his face. He had a grey beard, and was a taller then you from what you could tell. He had a light blue glowing eye, and a staff, and from what you could see, you saw a snowflake that was inside the staff, the staff also seemed to be glowing. He also had a icy crown floating above his head, as it would seemly glow as well. You saw that the northern lights were happing behind him. They looked so…extraordinary to see…The light they gave off were just so…stunning and dazzling. You saw that the North Star was there as well, it would shine a tad, but you couldn’t see it all that well due to the fog that was still there. Yet…the man was looking at you the entire time. The staff would start to glow a little more…Then…you soon felt…drowsy…and would soon collapse onto the snow…falling into a state of unconscious…
As you would awake from your slumber, you saw that the man was…gone. Nowhere to be seen, nowhere at all. You would sit up, as you didn’t feel like getting up. You were astonished from the encounter you had…Who was that man? Why was he out here with you? Was he the cause of the worlds snowy look? And where did he even go? Those thoughts would race through you mind as you sat up, and would look at the northern lights. They were so exquisite to look at, you couldn’t take you eyes off them. The North Star was shining bright, it was just as gorgeous as the extravagant northern lights. After a while of just admiring their beauty, you got up and would continue to try and find shelter. You would soon find a new cave you could rest in, as you felt quite exhausted from traveling through that storm and the encounter with the man. As you would lay down and close your eyes, the one thought that would remain in your head was…who even even was that man? And where did he go? It was truly a mystery…
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2023.03.24 06:38 IzmayChels78512 Looking for advice on how i could foreshadow clues to a ancient underwater world in my story’s opening scene and later scene

I have a quick question on foreshadowing:
I have this one important plot point in my story/series, where Mercia slowly learns that there is a entire forgotten world yet vastly ancient world beneath the great Atlantemurian sea, that the anomalous paranormal activity is mostly stemming from there. That plot points connects to the other two plot points of the paranormal activity happening at the schools on the many different islands and the mystery of the VHS footage of the two stolen missing game cartridges.
Is there any advice and/ or inspiration recommendations that may help me on how to foreshadow clues to that in both the opening scene and the rest of the story/series? What I have in mind is to foreshadow one of the smaller clues in the grainy VHS footage that Mercia views in the the opening scene and another small clue in one of Mercias nightmares about the entity from the video footage.
Here’s what I have in mind that important plot point:
While on many investigative missions for Gamelan investigative agency inc, investigating anomalous paranormal activity plaguing the islands, caves and the Atlantemurian sea itself, Mercia slowly discovers evidence to there being a long since forgotten ancient world deep beneath the waves. Most people of the living painting world of Tarmynea think it’s just a myth and legend, the evidence being uncovered is pointing toward a buried truth that has been lost for many long millennia’s.
Mercia also comes to know that the world deep beneath the oceans surface is the true source behind the anomalous paranormal activity that is currently plaguing the islands and the sea itself. That the paranormal dimension the unseen is just a small piece of a much larger puzzle. None in the world of Tarmynea know about the world deep beneath the waves, Mercia has to find out its existence on his own with just the investigative skills of observation and investigation on his many exploratory/investigatory missions.
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2023.03.24 06:37 7_Lives_Conquestor Charles did nothing wrong

Elite didn't kill Garpyoung. DG and Jake Brother killed Garpyoung. JB (Jake Brother) and DG are about the same age. It's most likely they know each other and JB tricked DG into killing Garpyoung or framed him up. JB who wants the power for himself, so he hunt down the Gen 0 and injured them (He's the son of the strongest in Gen 0, him surpassing or being par with Garpyoung is possible, which means no one in Gen 0 can challenge him other than the 3 [Elite, Tom, Jinyoung]. Then he killed Garpyoung with DG but Elite who tried to stop them lose his arm on the process. Tom Lee is most likely with Elite and Jinyoung only knows that much so he thought they both killed Garpyoung. Elite who's most likely DG's Father, don't want DG go to jail so they ran away changing identity and getting rid of every evidence about the mysterious case. Jinyoung Brother might got involved in some way that Elite killed him too (Or possibly someone else killed him and Elite just got the blame). JB who lose against Gen 0 (Elite, Tom) get out of the country and ended up in Mexico. Elite knowing how dangerous JB, he want to immediately get power that he even used 4 major crews even though he doesn't want to do it.
Now In order to protect DG, Elite is getting rid of every evidence about the Case. Also hiding his real identity because of JB's possible presence. DG don't like Charles Choi for some reason it's either genuine or just an act so the people who hate him will go to him and present their evidence directly making it easy to get rid. It's also possible DG Hate Elite and Garpyoung because of one particular reason, his mother. Somthing might happened to her that drives DG into hating them.
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2023.03.24 06:37 Particular-Wrap-6685 AITA for not going to my friend’s party?

The other night my friend was having a party. Me and my friend live very different lifestyles but we grew up in the same shitty neighborhood. He still live in that shitty neighborhood but I stay somewhere nice now.
I own three different cars. When I know I’m going somewhere it’s better off to not show that I have money, I just drive my car that you’d see any day on the street.
Well my gf at the last minute needed to use that car so I let her have it. I considered just driving my nicer car but I was afraid somebody might try to press me because it or try to jack my shit. So I finally decided not to go last minute.
I told my friend that I wasn’t gonna be there and he was mad cuz we ain’t seen each other in a minute. He kept pressing me why and I told him I couldn’t roll on his side of town with my ride. He said “fuck you.” And hung up.
I’m just trying to stay safe, I wanna be around for my girl and my unborn child so I try not to put myself in dangerous situations anymore. AITA?
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2023.03.24 06:36 PANIC_EXCEPTION Dotards of Metropolis

Where ghosts and signs of yestermore singular planes of expanse, maroon yonder Deco and amour, forever evening Let that teller roar!
So golden, Hilbert's Hotel is never full! Her quartet churning out eternity know that your love adores you under the saccharine waft.
Do you see the ghosts of timeless hell? Do you reminisce of that tangy riff? The smell of freshly burned suits, spices of another familiar land!
The vanishing point's ambiance! Warm, muddy, alluring doldrums A place you'd never go, yet come to admire for hours.
Pillars of electrum, insectoid petrification Where the sulfuric statesmen go to retire Echo echo echo echo echo Let me hear your shout, your reverberance!
The detail, the tang, the shimmer of void! Even the gap of lightyears is so intricately crafted, I could fall in love all over again.
A place with no purpose, it reeks of lost souls putrifying Radiance of the floors' steampunk, the rolling city that wanders alone!
Noble and emitting are the glowing tubes! The streets of fractal dimension, The taste of world-class concession, The unpleasant note of the sewer's confession.
The heat of the data eddies and orbits the Sun of the core, whisks life in twine your cradle, the womb of Mother Earth, it trumpets your right ascension boldly!
The day of execution, of traitors, of treason! The square so full, white masks bear arms. Cobbles with sanguine spread, its seedbed blooms and it pains me so so so terribly.
I know it's just a burning memory, and it kills me to hear it over and over again on the superhet, They All Come Tumbling Down!
Eureka! We lurch ever further forward! Not right, not left, yet nowhere in between the smog towards the point at infinity.
That this world ponders a purpose, that the friends we come to lose were not in vain, yielding islets of truth the geodesic to the epilogue of life!
Have I yet to gain passage to elegancy?! Have I yet to live forever?! Have I yet begotten a legacy?! Have I yet found the answer?!
1 2
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2023.03.24 06:36 redditslayer95 I'm having palpitations right now..

Before anyone reads, I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack so everything in this post is everywhere and some words may be misspelled.
I think I know why too because the last time it happened I ate food that caused me to have a previous anxiety attack.
After I finish this I'm going to get some sleep so I will read any comments and make the necessary corrections to this post in the morning.
So anyway. I went across the street from work today to get some food from this "chicken spot" called Kennedy Chicken, I live in NYC, they're on every corner.
ALL of their food is super duper unhealthy. It's all deep fried foods. Chicken and mozzarella sticks is what I ate. They even gave me spoiled marinara sauce which I didn't eat because I noticed as soon as I opened the sauce container, the air pressure made the sauce fly everywhere on my hands and there were bubbles in it. I smelled it and it had an obvious spoiled smell to it like fermented tomatoes. 😖 I'm never eating from there again. EVER! And honestly I don't know how they're even still open.
It has been a while since I ate their food until today.
I've been trying to eat healthier foods. Even if I have to order out on days I don't pack my lunch at home, I choose a healthier option.
OR!!.. or..
It could be that I haven't been getting enough sleep since Monday. And everytime I feel the palpitations coming on, I always go to sleep and the next morning I feel better.
I've been to the ER multiple times for palpitations and they tell me it's due to stress and not enough sleep.
I work a full time job and I used up all my pto so it's difficult for me to take a day or two off for myself.
figuratively rips hair out
I hate working full time and I think I'm about to make a big sacrifice and go part time. Or maybe I just need to ride it out... I have so many financial issues right now that I can't do this anymore.
I want to move back home with my family.. but I don't have a car... I don't have money.... I need to buy at least a month's worth of food for 1 person (me) so I don't have to order out.
I don't have any idea how I've come this far and haven't ended up homeless.
At this point I'm rambling and I need a hug... but these are things I'm dealing with at the moment.
That food honestly tasted horrible though. 😕 I'm betting on my palpitations being caused by both lack of sleep and the fast food though.
I wish there was a way to get my rent lowered so that I can afford to pay all my bills properly... I might talk to my roommate about it and see what she says.
Okay.. if I have anything else left to talk about I'll make another post.
Thank you to anyone who decides to read this craziness!
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2023.03.24 06:35 fishnweed mmmm yes street view of the pink void

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2023.03.24 06:33 ilyTomoe I crossed the street without looking

I got really angry today at school because of one of my teachers and I ranted about it to my friends. I feel like talking about it just fueled my anger even more and I still feel pretty anxious right now.
When I was walking home after school, I kept on thinking about it. At some point I crossed a street and I suddenly became conscious of my surroundings. As I was crossing, I looked up at the walking signal light and it was showing a red hand. At that point I realized that I just crossed the street blindly without looking at the signal because I was so caught up in my anger. (a side note about this specific walking signal light, something's wrong with it and it doesn't count down, it goes directly from the white walking man to the red hand) While I was crossing I could not remember at all if I had just started crossing while it was showing the red hand or if it had changed in the middle.
I feel like this story sounds pretty stupid, but I'm scared about how I let my anger take over my consciousness. I've always been the type of person to get angry pretty easily but this is the first time I let it build like this to the point I wasn't aware of my surroundings. I'm scared of getting so caught up in my anger again and something worse happening. Any advice would be great
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2023.03.24 06:30 marpalarpp They're making a movie about us!

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