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Any advice for a frugal college student?

2019.07.07 02:07 dinkleberg626 Any advice for a frugal college student?

I subbed here via eatcheapandhealthy to try to find ways to cut down on food expenses however being in the city i don’t have access to cheap grocers such as Walmart or Kroger. I’ve been trying to stick to what’s on the circular at my local keyfood but even then I can’t get my individual meal cost under $5-$6 so is there any tips or advice you guys can impart for someone living in nyc
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2016.05.19 15:12 WWHarleyRider ATTN Key Food Shoppers - Chobani 10/$10 this week including Simply 100 Greek

Hey Key Food shoppers, I walked into my local Key Foods yesterday and saw that all Chobani yogurts are 10/$10 and there was a big selection of Simply 100. We all know how great Greek yogurt is, alone and in recipes, and the 100 calorie ones are perfect for us here who are trying to save calories. I know not all Key Foods have the same sales but I find that a large amount of them in the same area do often enough. My local one is in NYC but it's worth checking your weekly circular.
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