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2023.06.08 01:28 Electrical-Lobster75 Schedule

how do i see my schedule? I have the MFA and workday all setup and stuff but i don’t know where i’m supposed to see my schedule.
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2023.06.08 01:26 atda000 [Issue] Website Completed Registration - Not Being Tracked.

I have an email newsletter with a landing page that takes visitors' email address to subscribe.
Now, I have 2 similar ad campaigns, one with the goal of Landing Page Views and another with Website Completed Registration.
The one with Landing Page Views tracks results just fine, while the one for Website Completed Registration doesn't track subscriptions. Impressions and Reach are fine, but results always is at 0, even though I track it internally and it shows over 10 subscriptions. This is very limiting since the algorithm probably isn't learning right if it doesn't track results.
I've contacted support twice already, but they keep saying they're checking internally and will let me know. It's been 3 days now.
Has anyone experienced a similar issue or know how to fix this?
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 01:23 madmako_ New to military dating with no support system :/

Hi guys, I am feeling at a lost. I'm (24F) new to this military dating and my bf (24M) who is in the navy recently left for deployment. I have no support system back home bc of where I'm from so I'm hoping this thread can ease my overthinking self. This is going to be a long one, so sorry in advanced! :(
Some background, my bf and I met online. He's based in Japan and I'm from Singapore so we’re doing long distance! A few days before his deployment, we managed to meet up in Japan since I was also there for holiday. It was as if fate brought us together with that little time we had before he gets shipped off haha!
We've only been talking for about 1.5 months & when we met irl, we made it official together (we move fast lol!) I really like him & we both share the same vibe and jokes, which is why it was easy for me to say yes to be his gf lol. Before his deployment, he also made an effort to facetime me almost daily bc he said he wanted to spend as much time online and irl before he sails off & that made me fall for him more! I even gave him a tshirt and a card as a gift and he brought the card with him to the ship :')
Coming from Singapore, I have zero knowledge on the US military dating or lifestyle. I was never exposed to it growing up. So when I got together with him, my friends and people around me didn't get it either. It's like I have no support system once I'm back home.. :(
Before I met him, I didn't even know what deployment is and all that. I've been reading reddit posts, blog articles & videos on how to deal with navy deployment and what to expect... But I just can't help but feel so sad, scared and helpless? I feel so stupid saying this bc he’s only been gone for like a few weeks lol.
This is only coming to 2 months of us talking and I don't know if I'm being too emotional or overthink too much. What I am afraid of is him losing interest or getting bored of me while he's out at sea :( He hasn't given any signs or cold emails to show that he is, so this might be my overthinking self talking!
I am also well aware that I should expect nothing when it comes to communication. He gave me his military email & we have been emailing at least once a day. But sometimes he takes a few more days to reply, is this normal?
There was one time after I replied to his email, I’ve not heard from him for a couple of days. I started overthinking but turns out he didnt get my email! Thankfully he reached out to me first just to check in but I didn’t know email could get lost tbh
He's on ship, not a sub so communication might be a little easier? Correct me if I'm wrong because I really want to learn more! If you guys have any knowledge, wisdom or tips to share, I would really appreciate that :) Thanks for reading my long rant if you made it here lol!
Some questions I have:
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2023.06.08 01:21 Individual-Loss7288 student loans

is it possible to apply for student loans now? in June? and how long does it take to come through? it is very difficult as there was no english option on the site when i try to apply, plus my dodgy laptop making the process longer and more agitating.
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2023.06.08 01:21 MadC4488 New destruction warlock doing same DPS as a tank

I've now been playing for a month and reached item level 432, but my damage output is closer to tank than any DPS player i run raids or Mythic+ with. I tried watching some youtubers about the class like Kalamazi, but theyre not really begginer friendly haha
Maybe someone here has some tips on how to improve?
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2023.06.08 01:20 quietrain For anybody wondering what weapon goes well with judo

Kali! This is a really cool lesson in Balintawak Kali. I told the instructor I have a background in Muay Thai and a little judo and he showed me how to incorporate it. Really fun stuff guys. https://youtu.be/SIBsxvo0YMU
What weapon art would you explore to supplement your judo?
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2023.06.08 01:19 PaulieJojo Trainer Name Change Fiasco

I've recently begun playing PoGo again after a five-year hiatus. (My child now has a phone and has started playing.) I chose my trainer name when I first started playing, four days after launch. At the time, I used my real name plus my location. I didn't realize that this might be unwise, as there was no PvP, no friends, etc.
Now that I've started playing again, obviously, I don't want me real name associated with my game play. If you do a google search on my username, you'll see my bio, employer, address, photos, and even my phone number. No bueno.
So I tried to change my username to my online nickname, PaulieJojo. But the app wouldn't let me change my name, telling me "that name isn't unavailable." OK, I guess someone else might have it? I'm PaulieJojo on twitter, and a google search turns up me and maybe one other person using that name anywhere else on earth. Fine, I'll try PaulieJojoTX. Also unavailable. Maybe the only other PaulieJojo on earth is also in Texas? OK, how about ThePaulieJojo? Nope. PaulieJojoJr, PaulieJojoSr, MrPaulieJojo, DrPaulieJojo, DrPaulieJojoMD, PaulieJojoTex, PaulieJojoTexas. All unavailable.
OK, so let's get creative and start using numbers as well as letters. Maybe there's a restriction on only letters or something. PaulieJ0j0, PaulieJ0jo, PaulieJoj0, Pauli3Jojo, Paul1eJojo, P4ulieJojo, P4ul1eJojo, P4l13J0j0, PaulieJojo1, PaulieJojo2, PaulieJojo3, PaulieJojo4, PaulieJojo5, PaulieJojo6, PaulieJojo7, PaulieJojo8, PaulieJojo9, PaulieJojo10, PaulieJojo101, 101PaulieJojo, 1PaulieJojo, 2PaulieJojo, 3PaulieJojo, 4PaulieJojo, 5PaulieJojo, 6PaulieJojo, 7PaulieJojo, 8PaulieJojo, 9PaulieJojo, 10PaulieJojo are all "unavailable."
Then I tried all of them again, using Pauly instead of Paulie. Again, every single name "unavailable."
I began to suspect that my account had a bug that wouldn't allow me to change the name. After several back and forth emails with support, they "reset" my username so I'd be forced to use a new name upon login. So I tried them all again. All still unavailable. At this point, I started getting worried that I'd permanently lost my account, so I tried a random name: 4dg76ffs4gk4s
So guess what, y'all? Your boy's got a new trainer name! Say hello to 4dg76ffs4gk4s! Really rolls off the tongue, right? And it's super easy to remember. Lucky me.
So my question to the wisdom of the collective: Does anyone know why I was unable to change my name to any of the 75+ combinations I tried? What are the ACTUAL criterion for choosing a trainer name? Upper case plus lower case plus number plus a certain length? I cannot for the life of me figure this out.
Here are the "unavailable" usernames I've tried:
PaulieJojo PaulieJojoTX TXPaulieJojo PaulieJojoJr ThePaulieJojo PaulieJojoSr MrPaulieJojo DrPaulieJojo DrPaulieJojoMD PaulieJojoTex PaulieJojoTexas PaulieJ0j0 PaulieJojoOG PaulieJojoEsq PaulieJojo1 PaulieJojo2 PaulieJojo3 PaulieJojo4 PaulieJojo5 PaulieJojo6 PaulieJojo7 PaulieJojo8 PaulieJojo9 PaulieJojo10 PaulieJojo101 Pauli3Jojo ProfPaulieJojo HonPaulieJojo OGPaulieJojo PaulieJ0jo PaulieJoj0 Paul1eJojo P4ulieJojo P4ul1eJojo PaulieeJojo xPaulieJojoX 101PaulieJojo 1PaulieJojo 2PaulieJojo 3PaulieJojo 4PaulieJojo 5PaulieJojo 6PaulieJojo 7PaulieJojo 8PaulieJojo 9PaulieJojo 10PaulieJojo P4ul13J0j0 PaulyJojo PaulyJojoTX PaulyJojoDallas TXPaulyJojo PaulyJojoJr ThePaulyJojo PaulyJojoSr MrPaulyJojo DrPaulyJojo DrPaulyJojoMD PaulyJojoTex PaulyJojoTexas PaulyJ0j0 PaulyJojoOG PaulyJojoEsq PaulyJojo1 PaulyJojo2 PaulyJojo3 PaulyJojo4 PaulyJojo5 PaulyJojo6 PaulyJojo7 PaulyJojo8 PaulyJojo9 PaulyJojo10 PaulyJojo101 77PaulieJojo77
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2023.06.08 01:19 Weider2 What if Detective Halloran played fair by the rules?

(presses his own red button and confessing) Would Logan let him go? Because Logan said rethorical „How like you gave me a fair chance?“ as answer to Hallorans words „Everyone deserves a chance.“ (or so similar) If it’s just so said by Logan it’s a bit cheap.
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2023.06.08 01:18 aranh-a Got diagnosed but I’m confused if I actually have it

I’m aged 21 and in the UK
I had really irregular periods, practically amenorrhea, and then extremely heavy 5 week long periods. The GP ran some tests and diagnosed me with PCOS but I’m a little unsure.
I understand to diagnose PCOS you need to have 2 out of raised androgens/signs of raised androgens, irregular periods and polycystic ovaries on ultrasound. I have not had an ultrasound scan, so I pretty much have just the irregular periods out of this triad. I guess I’m suffering with mild acne but I don’t know if that counts as signs of androgens when I don’t have any of the other signs like male pattern baldness or hirsutism, and acne is really common in people my age.
The blood tests didn’t show an elevated testosterone or free androgens, but it did show raised LH and a raised LH:FSH ratio (over 3) and she made the diagnosis based on that. Is that possible?
I do think it’s likely I have it, there’s other things that point to it too but I’m confused how she could diagnosed it if testosterone was normal
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2023.06.08 01:17 VirtualMachine0 Google the Owner, Ask for Parking

I just want to share the brief story of going to a child-focused event venue about 700' from home, and having no bike parking in sight. I used my Google skills to reach about and try to sell them on how, with just my subscription alone, they could buy some bike racks and convert one or two spaces to better serve the literal town-sized community of customers next door who ride daily in decent numbers with no actual destinations.
Imagine how many more riders there would be if this business had a bike rack!
Anyway, I encourage bike commuters to directly advocate for the cause. Be polite, this shouldn't be a hard sell. It pays for itself if it generates one regular customer!
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2023.06.08 01:16 alf20125 I have to know…how many of y’all ruin the soup or put in something good?

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2023.06.08 01:16 Comfortable-Phase-10 Tesla Mobile Service Feedback

Tesla Mobile Service Feedback
I know some of y’all like to hear how Tesla’s mobile service performed I wanted to share some feedback. Some background: I live in DFW. Picked up car on March 2023, no issues during delivery. However after some time I started to notice the center console sliding door kept getting stuck halfway. I put in a request to mobile service. They had a quick TAT, appointment within 2 days, unfortunately something came up and I had to cancel less than 24 hours. I was ready to get around the $100 cancellation fee but to my delight they said “no problem, we will come tomorrow instead.” Forward to today, they came were super professional and replaced the entire center console even though they stayed no major issues were there but wanted to make sure my concerns were addressed.
Overall I am super pleased. The whole service took 30 minutes. Oh and they also checked my tires and asked if I needed anything else.
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2023.06.08 01:15 Organic-Landscape-32 Does this look familiar?

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2023.06.08 01:15 AloneYam2003 Why does my tapestry chrochet stitches look like poo

Why does my tapestry chrochet stitches look like poo
They don't look full and look crappy I domt think this is how its supposed to look at all. Color changing from the wrong side is not processing in my brain :(
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2023.06.08 01:14 subpar_neutrotic Advice on secondary question

Tell us about a time you went into a situation completely unprepared. (1,550 characters)
Hi all, I’m trying to pre-write some secondaries questions.
For this question, I thought about writing either about a personal accident and how that made me more mindful of how to treat patients in the future (making sure they understand their care since I was very young and my parents did not speak English to advocate/manage my care) or writing about being on called and seeing an emergency patient for the first time. I’m reluctant to write about the second topic because I’m already talking about that job in another secondary question. But I feel like its probably what they want to hear about more? Ex: how I am able to stay calm and help another person during a medical emergency. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Also please delete if this needs to be on a school specific SDN thread; I just was not able to find advice on this specific questions.
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2023.06.08 01:14 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (here)

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Copy Paste Agency is designed for established agency owners, who can use these lessons to scale their business.
In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
To get Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us on:
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Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.08 01:13 bewitchedcollabora How to Root TCL 40 X Without PC & Via Magisk

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2023.06.08 01:11 Nenechann Just when you thought that Sydney buses couldn't get any worse...

Bus shows up 45 mins late? The bus driver probably slept in and they couldn't find a replacement in time. Bus driver speeding like there's no tomorrow and breaking a couple road rules while they're at it? Stupid and reckless but they got timetable quotas to meet, whatever.
But say the bus driver arrives with an empty bus on the first stop, lets half a dozen people on and then suddenly closes the doors and drives off, leaving a crowd of passengers (including me) behind? The bus was on time (shocker I know) and clearly wasn't full. I...don't know how to explain this one -_-
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2023.06.08 01:11 kpopmomrunner7 What would you do?

I feel for a fellow foreign-born and educated MT. He is new here in the US. He is in his late 20s, has a sunny personality but got misunderstood by co-workers.
A month after starting at our lab, he was called in the manager’s office as someone complained of being harassed. What I learned from this was, he greeted a fellow worker as they passed each other in the hallway and said something like her, being beautiful that day. She obviously took offense at this.
When this guy came to me and told me about being called in the office, I told him that because he is new here in the country to be more observant, friendly and yet conservative as things are just different here. I told him to come to work, do his best, interact in a respectful way and go home at the end of each day.
Unfortunately, this other co-worker (who I am close to and has no issue working with) does not seem to work with him very well. I’ve heard from others condescending behavior towards the guy or at least that’s how it’s being described by others. It doesn’t help that even the manager and supervisor seem to ride his back when things happen at work without giving him the chance to prove himself. He has lost a lot of weight and is considering leaving but with his H1 B visa that’s a gamble to leave without a replacement.
I find that for some, they expected too much from him in a span of 4 months. Like he needs to know blood bank, core lab and micro(only stat tests). Even the most seasoned native born American cannot be knowledgeable and efficient right away. Adding to this is the fact that some are MLTs and he is a MT/CLS albeit from another country. The “He’s a 4 year tech and he gets paid more than us” I’m not helping him attitude is rubbing me the wrong way.
Should I intervene or let the higher management know?
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2023.06.08 01:11 Scole2nd [Revenue Share] MOBA with CHARACTER CREATION Searching For Aspiring 2D, 3D and VFX Artists!

Before I start, below is the table of content of what kind of people we need. Please read the info to know more about the positions.

a.) 2D Weapon Art b.) 2D Environment Art c.) 2D Sketching
d.) 3D Cosmetic Assets e.) VFX Artists f.) Unreal Programmers
g.) Voice Actors h.) Animators
Hello dear readers!
I am Scole (aka Sandi) and I am the community manager and recruiter for Intrinsic Interactive, the company whose current project is an upcoming MOBA; Avengard.
We are searching for people who are interested in help us develop a dream game. A 3rd person MOBA where players can make their own heroes! Be it a mighty warrior that goes headfirst into battles, a tanky knight that soaks in all the damage, a mage that uses the elements of nature to raze the battlefield, an archer that snipes enemies from afar, a stealthy assassin that specializes in subterfuge... or maybe... something completely different?
There are many different combinations the players will be able to make when they customize their characters. Different gear, a plethora of weapons, many abilities to choose from, hair, accessories... and even... attributes! We want them to choose their own playstyle by making the characters fit their liking.
Below is the info for the qualifications and what we need:
a.) 2D Weapon Artists - As the name implies, we want more artists to help us out in creating beautiful weapons for our modelers to bring them to life! And don't worry. You will be able to draw weapons of all types and different designs! Your creativity will be the limit~
b.) 2D Environment Artists - Have you ever thought of a beautiful scenery you wish would be shaped into the game? Perhaps ruins of an old fort? A windmill? A grove? Well you got the opportunity to perhaps fulfill this desire of yours...~
c.) 2D Sketchers - The 2D Sketchers will have the role of helping out our VFX Artists and Animators in visualizing the special effects and movements of characters and abilities. Be it a simple step or a leap, a swing with a sword or casting a spell. You will help your colleagues by pointing them in the right direction!
d.) 3D Cosmetic Assets - Are you good with blendshapes? Have you ever wanted to be an armorsmith or tailor for clothing assets? We are searching for talented 3D modelers that would be willing to help us in creating these for our Character Editor!
e.) VFX Artists - Earth, water, fire, wind and... lightning! Okay it's more than just those, but we're in need of VFX Artists who know how to create enchanting effects with the NIAGARA particle system in the Unreal Engine! In case you don't know how to use the system, don't worry. :) If you have previous VFX Experience or BP programming you can start studying it and help us out!
f.) Unreal Programmers - We seek programmers who have experience with Unreal Engine 5, C++ and Blueprints... that's pretty much it.
g.) Voice Actors - Do you have a voice that would shame a bard? If you think you got what it takes to be an avatar's voice, then come and show us!
h.) Animators - From steps to dances, we need Animators who have experience in animating human bodies (well, mostly human). That's... it! :D

If you happen to be a programmer that has Unreal Engine 5 you will be required to know C++, but if you happen to know Blueprint instead of C++, not all hope is lost! You can still learn it, but it will require you having knowledge about another programming language (e.g. Python).
If you wish to know more, here is our game's website: https://playavengard.com/
If you want to help us create the game of our dreams, increase your portfolio or are motivated on helping us leave a great mark in the MOBA history, then feel free in contacting me! Reach out by DM-ing me on Reddit or add me on Discord (Scole#3883). You can also join our Discord if you want to know more about the game: https://discord.gg/5MBKagMcDZ
Thank you in advance for reading the post or at least giving it a view!
I wish you all a nice day/evening!
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2023.06.08 01:10 arugulism 28 [M4F] TN / Anywhere - Instructions, teasing, edging over a voice chat

I'm looking for someone that would be interested in being told how to touch herself over a voice chat.
I like to give directions, but unfortunately I haven't quite been able to indulge in it, and I'd like to find someone that likes to receive them.
A few notes:
You'll just need to be 18+, from anywhere. I'm fond of accents if you're able to indulge me. You don't need prior experience. Yes, we can talk for a while beforehand just to get a feel for each other, so no, there's no pressure on getting into it immediately..
If at all interested, feel free to send a message along, and we'll see where things lead.
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2023.06.08 01:07 BunnyTheQueen Anxiety mess, need reassurance

Hi! So I started Lexapro in 2019.... and I am still at 5 mg a day. I also take Ativan .5 mg a day, 2x a day. I finished my day by taking Zopiclone 7.5 mg at 18h. Otherwise, I get crippling anxiety. That is my combo. But I am sick of it. I want to be truly anxiety-free. Plus, my gp is tired of me. She said I will put her in her retreat. So here I am. I want to up my dose at 10 mg, but I am scared. I have health anxiety, and drug hits me more. I know, I take a lot already, but those one I trust them. Sometimes, even a Gravol trigger me. I even prefer staying in pain after my gallblader removal than to take the prescribed Dilaudid. But, I want to know how to deal with it. The fact that I would've take a higger dose will trigger me. I know, i have tried, and I downed the dose at 5, each time. It went to the point where I had a journal of all the "sides effects" I had, which could only be my anxiety getting worse because of said journal. I don't know what to do. I did therapy, and have certain tricks to help, but it just get too much. Without Ativan, I can't even get out of the house without getting extremly dizzy. I want my life back without Ativan. But I am scared. Please help
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