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2023.06.07 14:19 silkylychee I (22F) 'attached' myself with my partner (22M) after I try to do harmful thing on his birthday.

Hello! I reposted this story because the title I posted before contained Moral Judgement. I also do cross checking on the grammar and added some part of how i feel recently.
If this post by any chance triggering or maybe uncomfortable to read, please do just scroll. [ English isn't my first language, i will try my best to elaborate it ]
So, I (22) and my bf (22) are currently in a complicated situation about our relationship. We started dating a year ago (April). He confessed to me that he likes me, after 3 years I've been secretly having a crush on him. So this relationship started with me being his secret admirer and finally got noticed.
We were a happy go lucky couple before it started. But since the beginning, I have been an 'edgy' person. Maybe, I still am. I realize that I have a very bad mental condition and bad coping mechanism. It happened because of some past events that affect me this much. I put some part of it here [it will be relevant] — In 2014 (i was 13 back then), i get many traumatic events. - I was getting s3xu4l 455ault (r4p3 attempt, groping, touching, and many nasty things without my consent), and manipulating me to trust that it’s ‘okay’ to do that. The perpetrator also terrorizes me and often goes to my home. This sexual assault making me lose my virginity. Losing virginity means that you are no longer worthy and it is a symbol of impurity. I have no control over it nor a consent since I didn't properly get information about consent and sex edu.
But all of the events are repressed. So I have a bad coping mechanism. I am very secretive to that information because I'm afraid people will no longer accept me as who I am. Those events also take a toll on me. I have very bad self esteem, high insecurity, and often feel lonely because I'd rather cut every friend I have so they don't have to know me, unworthy, and showing signs of depression. — My bf and I are friends at college, we were in the same field of study and classes. I had a crush on him for a whole 3 years, and suddenly he confessed that he has feelings for me and we were dating. At first, we were happy. We were connected to every opinion we have, hobbies, likes and dislikes, even imaginary things. We clicked on many things and it was fun. At first, I was afraid to tell him that I'm not a virgin. But he is very reassuring. So I told him anyway, and he seemed to accept it. But I have a very low insecurity, low self esteem, etc. So I often disbelieve him, and at some point I often get too obsessive with him and scared that he will leave.
On his birthday, i was going to his apartment to celebrate it. But i was unemployed, and broke. So i feel guilty not preparing anything for him. I just create a Carrd (website) and some cheesy text. But my feeling that day is off. I feel sad, anxious, and very guilty that I don't have anything to give to him. At first, it was all good because i know i can spending time with him. But, I feel lonely.
We have this agreement that it is okay for us to just chill, stay silent, and just enjoy each other's company. But that night I felt so miserable and I just wanted him to spend time with me. But he's watching Youtube Shorts in the room while I feel lonely in the living room.
And then my thoughts are telling me that I'm not worthy, he's not even bat an eye even when I am with him right now, do i really need to be here? It's better if he's celebrating his birthday with family.
So I storm into the room while being sulky, but he still watches Youtube Shorts. I was mad, I told him that he should just celebrate his birthday with his family. For a proper celebration.
I almost text my friend to judge if my feeling is caused by myself or him.
And then finally I got his attention, but he burst into tears. He's saying that I was being unfair to him, to be judged by my friend (that will eventually be biased), to say that he should celebrate the birthday with his family (because he told his family that he's celebrating with the bois). He then curled up and refused to be touched.
But I feel like it was also unfair that I was the one who came to him but he isn't even attentive to me. It takes my money and hours to get to him (we live in a different city). So, there were destructive thoughts. It feels suffocating that when I open up my feelings, I also get blamed.
It feels suffocating and I have the urge to rush into the balcony to get some air. Maybe at some part of my brain, telling me to just suicide. But, I really feel suffocated.
I ran to the balcony, he chased me, and yelled 'what are you doing?'
and i just answer with 'i should've just die'
We argued, and then he slapped me. It's not a hard slap, but it sure brings back those bad memories about my father.
I was scared that eventually he would treat me like my father did to me. And I was screaming and crying.
So much happened that night, and I regret it every single day. — On our anniversary, I was giving him a book that contains a mini comic about us, and google drive filled with our photos and notes about my point of view about him. There’s this one Gdocs that I created including thoughts about what happened on that night. But I missed many parts of the story because I was typing it 2 hours before I went to meet him.
But suddenly it became a fuel fight. He mentioned that I didn't remember the important part of the story, and it hurts him so much that I choose not to remember that. He said that I chose to remember the better version of that night, but he was suffers to how he remember it completely.
He told me that it was pure gaslight that I did the whole night, and how I don't remember it was a cruel thing to do.
He also told me that he couldn’t forgive me. — I didn't forget any of it. Even the whole thing that happened to me nearly 10 years ago is still intact perfectly in my memory, and it was also unfair that I created a whole book for him but he just sees the bad parts of the things i created.
I missed many parts of the story because I was rushed. And I try to dig every single piece of my mind to create another GDocs so I'm not missing any part again. — It's been 5 months since then, and I try my best to fix myself so I don't do any destructive behavior again. I've been go to therapy, try self love and forgiving myself, and many things so i don't ever relapsed again.
I promised myself not to suicide again because now i know how it affects other people. But, I think he feels burdened by being with me. He often suddenly turns cold, not showing me affection, and not even saying ‘i love you’. It’s cheesy, but sometimes I need that too. — We, no, He actually did try to break up with me at least for the third time. But, I still have these positive thoughts about “we can fix this, give me another chance, we will be okay”. So he gave me the last chance. He also told me that I was toxic to be attached to him like that, that I was lucky it was him that I cling onto. But, actually it makes me scared that I was not worthy to feel being in love again. While I've been good and try to forgive myself for my past trauma, this current event is actually crushing my mind. — I've buried this story in my mind because I don't have anyone to talk to. I was scared to talk about this to my family/friends/even someone that knows one of us because he said it before it was unfair for other people to judge. So I'm just scared it will be biased and will put him on the bad side.

Also, I'm doing counseling with a psychologist but it was solely on my past traumatic events.

So, any advice on this relationship situation?
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2023.06.07 14:19 DivinityRuby I'm a fucking idiot!

I was used and led on by someone I loved more than anything on earth as a stand by until they could get the real person they loved to fall for them 😍. Now that I'm so emotionally destroyed I can't survive being near them so to protect anyone else from seeing my destruction I have to leave and try to make them forget me 🤪. I've been used most of my life and still I didn't see it coming because I wanted to believe love was real and now I remember you can't trust anyone 🥰 I'm done
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2023.06.07 14:19 Dohi014 Something was Hunted

I love this sub and noticed it doesn’t have a lot of traction. Bummer. So, I thought I’d add to it, instead of just lurking. I’ve only ever recounted this story a couple times because people don’t believe me. They look at me a little funny and sometimes change the subject.
I lived on a big “family” farm. Before a dispute amongst distant cousins, I could ride my bike to the furthest point (with a road), and still encounter family. One end was my house, the other was my great grandmother’s house, and between us was one big incline that lead up, and up, and to the rest of the hundreds of acres. That was to the left. On the right side was a field with a dried creek, trees growing, and dying along where they once had water. This was the bottom of the property, split by a small dirt road, sandwiched by a main road. In the fall I could see the main road past the field and through the trees.
This was late spring, early summer. I went past my grandma’s house to enjoy a cool ride in the over shaded path. The over grown field, sometimes full of flowers on my right, made it all the better. As soon as I left the hot sun, and the canopy blanketed me, the temperature changed drastically. I was expecting cool and shady, not bitter, and to see my breath. I had this horrible weight to my guts and I was overwhelmed with fear. My fight or flight was screaming at me to get away from there and to not look right.
My fear was overwhelming and I couldn’t help but turn my head as I realized I could hear the dry grass crunching along with my crunching of gravel. The tall grass was bending in a way that was indicative to someone running through it. The grass was between four and five feet high; the possibilities are endless for what it could be. As I swung my head back to make sure I wasn’t going to crash as I increased speed, I realized there was a second “trail” in the grass. I nearly stomped on my breaks to observe, still panicking, I wondered if maybe I wasn’t the prey in mind. As I came to a halt (I slid a bit in the gravel), an animal screamed, and I noticed the muzzle of a deer (or what looked like it in a glance) break the top of the grass. As a clear scuffle broke out, the grass moving appropriately, I sped off again, not wanting whatever predator to choose me for dessert. I hid at my great grandma’s in one of her outbuildings. Someone had to get me because I was so scared. They didn’t understand and just gave me a hard time for taking their time. It took four years to ride my bike back through there and I only did it the once more out of necessity.
The overwhelming fear and dread I felt was gone as soon as I was past there, out of the canopy, and in the next clearing in the sun. I couldn’t hear any of the noises when I got past even though I was only maybe another 100 yds down. It’s hard for me not think it’s supernatural in some way because less than 300 ft away from where the prey was taken, is a cemetery for children. A very small plot; in fact only four are buried there. I’ve also always been told my whole life that the animals I could’ve possibly seen are more seen after dusk. To see them just after 1 pm is fairly odd.
I don’t have any reason to return but, I still shudder and shake at the idea of being alone on that small stretch of dirt road again. The dread I felt that day was suffocating.
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2023.06.07 14:16 nxvacaiine Stress of juggling stock management/space

I was looking for advice/solutions to how you manage stock and space for your business.
I currently run a small business from home, I create art/prints/stickers/keyrings etc with my original art designs. The bulk of my sales come from doing Comic Conventions in my country, and I do about 1-2 of these a month. My main problem is I live in a studio flat. I have an L shaped desk with my computer, printer, drawers for stock, but I am quickly running out of space. I have thought about building shelves above my desk for things such as files for me to organise prints, but even then I’m not sure how much I will be able to store on my walls. I can’t really afford rent for a warehouse/office as the cheapest ones in my area want at least £300 PCM which is unrealistic at this stage of my business. I am at the moment not really unpacking from each convention due to having such limited space, meaning my stock is living in a suitcase- it makes stock counting/restocking really difficult. The only other solution I can think of is that I pay for a parking spot outside of my apartment building, that I could put a small caravan/campevan on to use as a sort of mini office/store, but actually committing to investing in one is scaring me a bit- will I use it? Should I get something I can eventually drive? All of that to say, I am wondering if anyone else is in a position like this where they are stuck for space and ways around it. I do have friends with loft space they would let me use but then it comes back to the accessibility issue. Moving at this time isn’t an option. I just feel very stuck and at a loss on how to effectively grow my business with no space to do so. I can add a photo of my current desk space if that will help visualise what I’m working with :)
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 14:15 KevinsChili22 24M bored at work let’s[chat]? Maybe we’ll become friends :)

Bored at work today boss is out so I won’t have anything to do. Let’s entertain each other :)
I’m down to talk about whatever tbh I’m a pretty open book. Also down to play iMessage games if anyone wants?
I like to play video games, workout, go hiking, hangout with friends and watch tv/movies. Harry Potter and Star Wars are my favorites. I’m kinda introverted so a lot of times I prefer to just chill at home lol.
Share some of your interests with me or goals for the year!
I’m going on an international trip next year so give me recommendations!
Also, if anyone is from or near Ohio DM me it would be cool to make some friends nearby!
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2023.06.07 14:13 sunliu94 advice please

me and my gf have been dating for almost 4 months. during the school year, we were both busy, especially her because she wanted to take her LSATS, which we both know is a huge deal. However, despite her busy schedule, we never had issues and still spent time tg nearly every day. we started long distance on May 22nd due to the summer ( i live about 3 hours from her). before LD, we have a convo and agreed to try it out, and that we would talk about any problems we had. we also discussed communication styles before and after LSAT and came to an agreement. For the past 3 weeks, LD hasnt been too bad, we texted everyday, facetimed every week, and nothing seemed to be going wrong. However, she did become a little more distant a few days prior to this event (i will get into it), still texted me everyday and not dry, just not as frequent. I called her on Sunday night to tell her ive been feeling this way, but that it was not something I wanted to make an issue bc i knew her LSAT was this week and i know she is stressed AF. We had a small talk, and when i asked her if she wanted to say anything, she hesitates, and says somehting along the lines of "i think i have something on my mind but it has to wait until after the LSAT." naturally, i freaked out a little. During our back and forth, here are the important details: 1) it is not a positive thing, 2) she wants to make sure the LSAT isnt messing with her, 3) it would require a long call, 4) she cant exactly put it to words. At that point, as an overthinker, I thought she was going to dump me. So i told her "if its what im thinking i would rather not get strung along." at the end, she said "you are not getting completely strung along..." and after that i kind of blanked out bc i just got so confused.
Im mostly just upset bc she spilled this information on me and then refused to talk about it. During the call, I asked her if she needed space this week to properly think, she said she didnt and that she would not mind me texting her still. however, I still thought it would be nice to give her at least a little space, so the day after the call, I gave her space the entire day, and at night i texted her how her day went, this is how the convo went:
me: "how was your day"
her: it was alright. how about you
me: honestly not too good, ive been worried about the convo from last night. but work went well.
her: thats nice.
Tell me if im being dramatic, but i thought her response was very cold. She never texts that dryly, and i know she knows that it was not a good response. My thinking is thats her way of putting her foot down and telling me she does not want to talk about it, however, I dont think me telling her the truth about my day was a bad thing, nor was i trying to get an info out of her. I just wanted to be vulnerable with her, plus i didnt want to LIE and say my day was great when I was a mess at work and at home. Its Wed now, and we still have about 2-3 days before she actually tells me whats going on. We did not text all day yesterday. At this point, Ive grew numb, and just told myself to prepare for the worst. But I wanted to know if i should still hold onto some hope.
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2023.06.07 14:13 aiodo97 Rabies Jab

Hiii, I am just looking for some advice as I am driving myself crazy.
I was in a shop in Phuket and there was a kitten on the floor, I was stood near it chatting to my partner when it nipped me on the ankle. It did not make me bleed or break my skin so I didn’t think much of it, it just wanted attention and was being playful.
However a few days later I saw a tiktok about rabies (silly I know 🤣) and scared myself to death, especially as I had a small mosquito bite in that area prior to the kitten. I went to a clinic and they gave me rabies and tetanus jab and antibiotics for just in case. I contacted my GP and planned the next 4 vaccines too. My partner thinks I have over reacted (which I probably have!) but now i’m panicking like crazy! Did I leave it too long? Should I be worried? Has anyone else been in this situation as I can’t find much info about it online. Thank you :)
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2023.06.07 14:13 q-kambi What I would have told my younger self

I was feeling a little reflective today and went through old records of my university days. At the beginning, I didn't drink, and I didn't really like being around those who did because of how stupid they acted. During my sophomore year, I drank occasionally, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. My grades were great. But by the time I studied abroad the second semester of my junior year, my drinking had quickly accelerated and I was scaring myself.
After coming back, things only got worse. A combination of poor mental health and heavy drinking led to abysmal grades. One semester I even failed all my classes. I had tried going on SSRIs, seeing a counselor, etc., but I wasn't being honest with anyone, not even myself. I did not graduate on time. I did not graduate until several years later.
I carried around this shame for many years. Why did it take me basically 8 years to graduate college, including two years "in the wilderness" and another year and half cobbling together the final credits? I can even feel some shame typing it all out now; I've carried it around for so long.
Today, I put everything in a spreadsheet, and imagined an alternate universe where my life hadn't been derailed because of drinking. Instead of all those courses I failed due to nonattendance, I withdrew from them. Instead of C's and D's, I gave myself A's and B's. Looking at that final imaginary GPA was nice, but then I realized it didn't matter.
My life would have been totally different to what it is now, one of an infinite combination of possibilities. But the truth is, I'm really happy with where I am now. I was able to stop drinking. I've definitely become someone my 22-year-old self would have been proud of. Those grades don't mean anything now.
Instead, I started thinking what I would have told my younger self. It's ok to feel the way you're feeling. What you're going through is nothing at all unusual. You don't need to feel ashamed, fearful of judgment from doctors, counselors, people near to you. You don't have to do it alone. It's gonna be ok.
I would tell myself there are plenty of people going through the same thing, and many have gotten better. If you really give yourself a chance, you have a good shot. What that looks like is up to you; there are a myriad of ways. But the self-isolation and the hiding and the trying to deal with it on your own isn't working, and it probably isn't going to fix itself that way. In the end, there may not be any clear "reason" why you drink the way you do, but the good news is that reason might not even be the important part. The important part is that you can get through this and it's gonna be ok.
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2023.06.07 14:12 OverwroughtCoding Portable Blender, Personal Size Blender Juicer Cup, 4000mAh Type-C, Mini 450ML Blender with 6 Blades, Mixer for Fruit Shakes and Smoothies, Portable Juicer for Travel, Office, and Sports(White) Price$20.99 For USA DM me.

Portable Blender, Personal Size Blender Juicer Cup, 4000mAh Type-C, Mini 450ML Blender with 6 Blades, Mixer for Fruit Shakes and Smoothies, Portable Juicer for Travel, Office, and Sports(White) Price$20.99 For USA DM me. submitted by OverwroughtCoding to ReviewRequests [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 14:12 basementfinishing1 Basement Finishing Near Me

Looking for top-quality basement finishing services in your area? Look no further! Our experienced team is dedicated to providing exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. We'll work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create the perfect finished basement that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
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2023.06.07 14:11 fiatisabubble Test your knowledge and take home a bucket of wonderful prizes in today's #NEARProtocol Telegram Quiz 🎉 Don't miss it, it kicks off at 2pm UTC on our Telegram community chat 🤓

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2023.06.07 14:11 CapableRhubarb5 I was the middle car in a 3 car collision, unsure about liability.

I would just like to state before I start, this collision happened in October last year and I have since bought a dashcam.
I was driving to work along a motorway with the typical reduce speed limits overhead, (from my recollection 40 mph), traffic was slowing to a stand still and I ended up being the middle car in quite a slow 3 car collision.
My version of events is that I slowed with enough time to stop but the car behind me didn't and sent me into the car in front. I am fairly confident of this but obviously was in shock at the incident and didn't have a dashcam at the time. My car (renault clio 22) has following distance warnings and I am always conscious of them when driving ( Only A Fool Breaks The 2-Second Rule ), especially in heavy traffic, so I am almost certain I had enough time to break and would not have hit the car in front had the car behind me not hit me first. But hey ho accidents happen and the main thing is no one was hurt really.
I did suffer a couple of bruises from the incident, I hit my head off the roof of my car and my knee of my steering wheel but that was about the height of it. As far as I could tell the other two drivers were fine and none of us had any passengers. We exchanged insurance information at the scene and took a few photos and then departed. I did give my number to both parties and the front car contacted me a few times about when her car would get fixed (she had never been in a accident before, neither have I for that matter). I informed her to contact her insurance and that they would deal with my insurance and the person behind me's insurance.
The car in front of me (vw golf) had a cracked number plate, probably rear bumper damage, my front bumper had a bit of damage but the main damage was to my rear bumper which knocked the boot out of alignment out making it nearly impossible to open. My horn was also broken in the incident. As far as I could see, the car that hit me had no visible damage, it was a more modern mini and I think the projecting plastic round the grill seemed to have been what made impact. I have since suffered heightened anxiety on the road (any time a car fills my rear view mirror it causes me a lot of fear or if a car pulls into space I have left for braking distance I get quite scared).
I have obviously provided all this information to my insurer, I only claimed for the damage to my car and did not pursue any injury claims or anything of the like. It took about 5 months for my car repair to be completed which was in March and the claim is still unresolved. I have renewed my insurance within this time and recently decided to check the status of my claim and received this message:

"Liability is still outstanding for this incident. The party at the front is holding us at fault for hitting them in the rear and the party at the rear is alleging your vehicle 'rebounded' off the car in front into her car and that she was stationary. We have disputed this and asked for any evidence they have to support this as it seems unlikely to have happened like that. I can't give a timescale on how long it is likely take to settle I'm afraid. "
I honestly don't know how the car behind me is trying to argue this was all my fault. I do not believe her car was stationary and I don't really see how the more significant damage was caused from a "rebound". There are also no dash cams or witnesses that I am aware of, and obviously my recollection could be bias.
My question is what is the likely liability outcome here and when on earth can I expect a resolution? At this point I really don't care who's at fault and would just like the claim resolved. Surely joint liability would just be the easiest thing to do?
Any insight would be great.
Sorry for the length, I am just frustrated at the fact this hasn't been resolved and regretting not claiming for injury too now, giving the fact the woman at the rear is being so difficult.
TLDR; I was the middle car in a 3 car accident 8 months ago, liability is still outstanding, rear car is claiming I am entirely at fault, what is the likely outcome?

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2023.06.07 14:10 MaXX5OOO looking for cheapest & best options given to ship internationally via forwarding service UK to USA/AUS

I have used a few forwarding services for japan to AUS/USA. i used buyee & fromjapan & FJ is one of the best i’ve used in terms of storage, as well as options for posting multiple items at a reasonable price.
Reason i bring them up is that i’m looking for the equivalent to them for a forwarding service for the UK to the USA/AUS.
I’ve only used forward2me & its ok but i really don’t like that it doesn’t give you an alternative option to ship items out other than using the bug three of UPS/FedEX/DHL which is fine for those wanting the items in like 2-7days, however using ONLY those aa an option means paying an expensive cost. For a signed photo & signed mini catalog its going to cost me 41 British pounds which is absurd for something so light when i’ve had items weigh more & bigger cost me cheaper if sent via royal mail.
Is there any forwarding service that has decent prices but also provides with options outside of those 3 companies as well as storage or am i SOL finding a forwarding service as decent as from japan? Any help and suggestions greatly appreciated thanks
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2023.06.07 14:10 Normal-Nail-3757 Some of the people in the academic office are useless

I joined the virtual line for the health science academic office yesterday and it was the most useless interaction I’ve ever had. In my first year I took MAT1320 because I was in biomedical and mechanical engineering, and for the BScHK program I need MAT1330. These courses are nearly identical with MAT1320 being slightly more in depth. I got an A in that course so I just need them to verify that I took calculus so I can enrol for my winter courses as it’s a prerequisite. The lady on the phone said she’ll pass it on to an advisor who will take care of it but she said that since the courses cannot be combined for credit then I’ll probably have to just take MAT1330. That’s not even what it means when two courses cannot be combined for credit. It just means they’re so similar that you can’t collect credits from both. This supports the fact that I shouldn’t have to take MAT1330 because it’s basically the same thing. The reason some courses say that in the description is so you can’t just take a bunch of courses that are essentially the same and get credits for repeating the same material over and over. Even from my previous meetings with the health sciences office they’ve told me I can use my MAT1320 to cover the calc requirement. It just irks me that the people answering the virtual line don’t even understand the terminology regarding courses. Anyway this is just a rant, feel free to rant about any crappy interaction you’ve had with uottawa staff.
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2023.06.07 14:10 OverwroughtCoding Portable Blender, Personal Size Blender Juicer Cup, 4000mAh Type-C, Mini 450ML Blender with 6 Blades, Mixer for Fruit Shakes and Smoothies, Portable Juicer for Travel, Office, and Sports(White) Price$20.99 For USA DM me.

Portable Blender, Personal Size Blender Juicer Cup, 4000mAh Type-C, Mini 450ML Blender with 6 Blades, Mixer for Fruit Shakes and Smoothies, Portable Juicer for Travel, Office, and Sports(White) Price$20.99 For USA DM me. submitted by OverwroughtCoding to AMZreviewTrader [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 14:10 Background_Poem8607 Apple IOS iPhone Siri voice control for X1

On iphone go to settings > Accessibility > Commands > Siri > enter 1.
On iPhone settings > Siri and toggle on allow Siri when locked.
On sofabaton app Bluetooth iPhone as a device > then create an iPhone activity
In Sofabaton iPhone activity in key assignments assign key 1 to ok button long press
Worked for me.
There a few simple different steps to allow your Mac laptop or desktop to use Siri as well.
You would need to be somewhat near your iPhone once Siri is triggered from the Sofabaton remote since the Sofabaton remote does not have a microphone but the iPhone microphone is pretty good picking up audio from across the room
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2023.06.07 14:08 Dismal_Attempt_2792 Weird experience, push to be clean hopefully

I had the weirdest experience yesterday (cw because I don't want to trigger anyone. I WON'T be describing substances or anything like that but I had some sort of near dth experience. Not talking about the high, just what happened and my thoughts as it did) and I can't get it out of my head so I gotta see what someone else thinks. I have poly substance use disorder so I rotate substances with no rhyme or reason that I can figure out. Since Sept of last year it's been meth. Used it daily until December where I got in a cycle of clean for a week, using for a week roughly. I managed to get like 2 months off it (but not clean cause I just switched back to fent). Some stuff happened a few weeks ago and I did the classic lemme just get it this one time. Haven't put it down since. Yesterday afternoon I went to use again and before I did I got the most intense danger signals I've ever felt. It was so vivid it felt like someone said it out loud to me. I almost couldn't bring myself to do it, but if you're here you prob know how much we'll risk to use. Instantly like within 3 seconds max I started throwing up and was drenched in sweat. I have a lot of heart issues from my addiction so I've learned how to check heart rate very well and I know I had never hit this point before. I had to be past 200bpm and wanted to tell my bf what was happening, but I couldn't speak from how fast my hr and breathing was. Not having trouble speaking, I couldn't get a sound out. But I was entirely calm and relaxed. I wasn't panicking. It wasn't like other times where I freaked out thinking I was about to fall out. And then it was just over. Idk what to make of it but it feels like something to interpret.
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2023.06.07 14:07 DemiGodInsanity Honkai Character Analysis: Silver Wolf

Honkai Character Analysis: Silver Wolf
Hello again fellow trailblazers!
Today we're here to talk about Silver Wolf! This "alternate version" of Bronya who's now getting her release has quickly become a fan favorite, and so it's now the best time to cover what we know about her and what we can gather from Honkai Impact as well!
Silver Wolf's splash art
First of all, disclaimer:
The Honkai: Star Rail characters and Honkai Impact 3rd characters who have the same name and similar appearances, except for Welt Yang, are NOT the same person, but instead you may think of them as something akin of parallel versions of each other! I go into detail about this and how the Honkai universe works here!
Now let's get into it!
First, let's go over what we know about Silver Wolf in Star Rail. She's a member of the Stellaron Hunters, working alongside Kafka and Blade, but she seems moreso along for the ride and to have some fun herself. She's a very skilled hacker who can do just about anything, to the point where she's even gained the ability to alter reality through her "aether editing" abilities. She sees the world as her own personal game that she can edit and play as she likes due to this and her very easygoing attitude. She comes from the world of Punklorde, and now travels along with the rest of the Stellaron Hunters. Her hacking skills are so impressive that she's even gone up against, and matched, Screwllum of the Genius Society.
But what about her backstory?

Silver Wolf's Story

As a child, she was already addicted to videogames. She worked in a fast food restaurant, being the only employee there, and she had turned the basement into an arcade hall where patrons of the restaurant would come to play. There she played multiple games, including Pong, Battle Wheel 32, Geometric Wars, Odysseus and Star Cheetah, eventually beating all the high scores on all of them, her name becoming the only one on the lists. Having run out of things to do in the basement, and growing bored of the restaurant as a whole, she bid goodbye to the owner and left.
Using her special weapon, Prometheus, she created some virtual partners as modules to keep her company, as those who worked alone on Punklorde wouldn't last long. She tried to find a job, something that could excite her, but soon she realized that, even alone, nothing on the world of Punklorde could satisfy her insatiable need to continue to improve and "get a new score", as she would think of it. Becoming a legend among the people of the world, she was eventually approached by a group of people. A man, a woman, a metal humanoid and one other. She joined, leaving Punklorde to go across the stars with the Stellaron Hunters.
Though it's not a long story, we'll see that it actually brings some similarities to a certain character from a certain other game. This has caused much discussion among people discussing whether they are the same or not, and we'll talk about that now!

Bronie, the Haxxor Bunny

Say hello to Bronie!
Bronie, in the Haxxor Bunny battlesuit
Bronie is a character from Honkai Impact 3rd. She is a version of Bronya seen only in a certain Bubble World, who stars in a few different events, including the ongoing one at the time of writing.
Before we talk about her, let's define Bubble Worlds really quick:
The universe in the Honkai franchise is made up of different Worlds, represented by leaves on the Imaginary Tree. These are complete star systems, though it's unclear if Worlds can include multiple galaxies, just one, etc.
Bubble Worlds, also called Bubble Universes in HI3, are instead fragmented versions of these worlds. They can be made naturally if a World falls off the Imaginary Tree, in other words losing its flow of Imaginary Energy, which eventually causes it to lose its integrity over time, and disappear in the Sea of Quanta (the space between the different "leaves", that makes up the rest of the universe that isn't occupied by Worlds). They can also be created artificially, and can be as small as to encompass only a single planet, or even a single moment in time, fragmented off of a World to form a very small bubble that preserves only that moment.
Now that that's explained. Bronie comes from a Bubble World within the Sea of Quanta, which seems to encompass an alternate version of HI3's Earth. Specifically, Bronie lives within Arc City, a technologically advanced city which hides a lot of shady transactions, gangs and corrupt companies. Here, Bronie is regarded as a legendary hacker, involved with many of these shady dealings but always working alone.
Bronie prepares for combat
As you can see, she carries a pair of guns, known as Crusher Bunny 19C. She also controls drones, which help her during battle, for reconaissance missions and just for performing some general tasks when needed.
But let's talk some about her story. As I've mentioned, she lives in this Bubble World's version of Arc City. Here, she works at a bar known as Raven's. This bar is named after its owner, Natasha Cioara, also known as Raven. (And yes, this is another version of HSR's Natasha, we'll get to her another day). She's also friends with a well known idol within Arc City, TeRiRi, this World's version of HI3's character Theresa.
Bronie mocks TeRiRi
Together, they infiltrate the Heliopolis Park, the main structure of Arc City, in order to grab a key that she had heard about in some intel. This is the key to the Light Curtain, a sort of barrier keeping Arc City separated from the rest of the world.
As she finds the place where this key is being kept, she is stopped from getting it by a mysterious ninja.
A mysterious fox-eared ninja
Bronie is eventually able to escape along with the key, and her and TeRiRi retreat to Raven's. Here they meet with Cioara, who shows her worry and opposition to Bronie's work as an independent hacker. With all the gang activity and powerful people out there, working independently is not only an inefficient way to make money, but can also get you killed very easily. To show her disappointment, she goes so far as to call Bronie by her real name, Bronya.
Cioara scolds Bronie
After revealing that she was able to take the key, Bronie runs away as she wants to avoid confronting the owner of the bar, and TeRiRi follows behind her. Here it's revealed that Bronie herself was part of the Taixuan gang, but she left in order to expand her horizons and eventually leave the city.
Their talk is interrupted by Gray Serpent, the one who sold Bronie the Heliopolis Park intel and a member of the Snake Eye gang. It seems the leader of this gang wishes to speak to Bronie, and so they follow him. She is led by an "introducer" named Rita, but she quickly figures out that she is, in fact, the leader she is supposed to meet.
Bronie and Rita
Snake Eye has in their possession another key to the Light Curtain. Three keys in total are needed, but the gang does not wish for the Light Curtain to fall, instead wishing to keep all the inhabitants of Arc City inside where it's surely safe. Therefore, Rita refuses to give the other key to Bronie, and attempts to take hers as well.
After a battle, Bronie comes out as the victor, and Rita gracefully hands over the key. However, Bronie also figures out that she had been holding back. Rita reveals that she lost on purpose to create a story and give Bronie credibility, and warns that Snake Eye is nowhere near as powerful as the holders of the other two keys, Heliopolis and the Taixuan gang.
Back in their hideout, Bronie and TeRiRi read some of Bronie's manga while they analyze the key. In one of them, TeRiRi reads about a samurai type of character who comes from a parallel universe. This seems to spark something in Bronie's mind, but she quickly brushes it off. Bronie finds a surveillance video of the ninja that attacked her underneath Heliopolis Park, witnessing her super advanced weapons and armor and her swiftness in defeating enemies.
The girls bring the fight to Taixuan gang in order to retrieve the final key.
Bronie and TeRiRi fighting the Taixuan gang
Meanwhile, Bronie believes she's figured out the mysterious ninja, believing she is from beyond the Light Curtain, or more specifically, that just as the villain from that manga, she is from a parallel universe, explaining her advanced technology and powers.
As they continue to mow down the opposition from the Taixuan gang, they eventually meet with its boss, Big Sister Fu Hua.
Fu Hua, leader of the Taixuan gang
Bronie challenges her to a match, just the two of them one against the other, something that hadn't been seen ever since Cioara had come to the Taixuan gang and challenged Fu Hua herself, with the prize on the line being taking Bronie away.
When they arrive at the arena, Fu Hua instead reveals that Bronie will be fighting Cioara herself, to the death. Since they both want to stop her from leaving, Cioara agreed to be the one to fight her instead. Though Bronie puts up a good battle, Cioara is able to overpower her and push her to the edge of the arena.
Cioara holds Bronie at the edge
However, Bronie uses her drones to get herself out of this situation. Even if she cannot move, they can, and she blasts Cioara away. She reveals that the first shot had an anesthetic, and that she had knocked Cioara unconscious. Fu Hua reveals that she never had the intent of keeping the key from Bronie, and had already given it to Cioara as payment beforehand. Bronie and TeRiRi return to Raven's, carrying the unconscious Cioara.
After Bronie and Theresa have a conversation about how much Bronie's grown, she decides to leave Raven's and go to look for the Curtain's core and finish this mission. With the blessing of both Cioara and TeRiRi, she prepares to go.
Bronie's final thumbs up to Raven's
She finds the Curtain's core, but is stopped by the ninja from before. She reveals that she had been after the core all along, and that Bronie had no use for it anyway as her goal simply required that it be removed. Bronie concludes, then, that the core must have another purpose, and thus decides not to hand it over to the ninja for free. As they battle, Bronie is able to set herself up and eventually is able to switch positions with the ninja, holding the core and placing herself closer to the exit. As she escapes, she triggers the security system to keep the ninja held up.
Bronie prepares to leave Arc City, but the ninja finds her waiting at the northern exit.
Bronie awaits the ninja at the edge of the city
She decides to give the core to the ninja, but not without a price: she wants the ninja to take her to the world where she comes from. She refuses, as she says she cannot do it, but she agrees to teach Bronie how to leave the world she's currently in.
Finally, it's revealed that the Light Curtain core is something known as an Ether Anchor. The assassin, whose name is Kasumi, was tasked by a mysterious individual to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Bronie is able to leave the bubble universe in which she lived and land in a place called the Hyperion. Though this isn't important for the story we're telling here, Bronie's world is part of a greater network of bubble worlds, addressed in Honkai's events to create a story called the Captainverse. I won't go into further details here about this, as it's not too important, but from here on, Bronie continues to travel to different bubble universes, including the one from the currently ongoing event in Honkai.
Bronie appears in the new event, in a different bubble universe (along with Kasumi)

Silver Wolf vs. Bronie

So now we come to answer the question: Are Silver Wolf and Bronie the same person?
If you've read the story of both, it should be pretty clear that the answer is no. However, it's also clear to see their similarities. Both grow up in a world with technological advancements, working in a barestaurant as its only employee, while also being very fond of technology and related culture. Both are incredible hackers of great renown who go around fighting against big gangs and people from the city while working alone, and both wish to leave their worlds after becoming bored, both achieving success in the end.
However, it's clear that Bronie's world is not Punklorde, and it's clear that Bronie's travels to different bubble universes is not the same as Silver Wolf's travels to different worlds with the Stellaron Hunters. They are still similar, but not the same, and the inspiration is more than clear to see.

The other Bronyas

To finish off this post, I'd just like to address the multiple variations of Bronya along different HoYoverse games. Alongside HI3's Bronya, Bronie, Star Rail's Bronya, Silver Wolf, and Gun Girls Z's Bronya, all of which are very different (though GGZ's Bronya and HI3's Bronya are the closest in character), there is also one more "Bronya", which may confuse some people if they see her.
The \"other Bronya\"
This... is not Bronya. If you don't know her (or well, it), you may be inclined to believe so. Yet even within Honkai's characters this is not counted as a Bronya. This is Prometheus. It is not a human, but instead an AI created by the Previous Era of humans that lived 50,000 years before the current civilization of Honkai Impact's world. The Previous Era and Current Era of Honkai share many character equivalents, and thus it's assumed that Prometheys is supposed to be the Previous Era version of Bronya.
Another detail you may notice here is that Prometheus shares a name with Silver Wolf's intelligent weapon! This makes the Bronyaverse go into an even tighter circle!


So this is it! I'm releasing this on Silver Wolf's release day, so there may be some details that can be taken from her companion quest or some other source I haven't been able to check out yet, and I'll edit the post to add such information if necessary! As always, please correct me if you find something wrong, and make suggestions for which character I should do this for next! Luocha's will come on his release day, so anyone else is fair game, as long as they have a Honkai Impact counterpart!
That said, I want to thank everyone here for reading this, and hopefully this has given you a deeper understanding of Silver Wolf, or at least of her inspiration, Bronie! If you've already pulled yourself a Silver Wolf, hopefully you'll enjoy her, and if you haven't, then may all your pulls be blessed, and may all Silver Wolf wanters be Silver Wolf havers!
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2023.06.07 14:07 flyfy I haven't seen the sun in 3 days

I can't bring myself to open the curtains, I just wanna avoid the world, it's too much :(( I'm too tired to do anything, I have no energy for nearly anything. The only things I do are listen to music, play bass and self harm because they keep everything else out. There's stuff I need to do but I can't be bothered, they stress me out but I don't even care, I wish I could just exist outside the world for a while. Why is everything so overwhelming and meaningless at the same time?
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Portable Blender, Personal Size Blender Juicer Cup, 4000mAh Type-C, Mini 450ML Blender with 6 Blades, Mixer for Fruit Shakes and Smoothies, Portable Juicer for Travel, Office, and Sports(White) Price$20.99 For USA DM me. submitted by OverwroughtCoding to AmazonItemGuideEU [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 14:05 ElegantMarzipan Check this out. Mini Noisette fits really nicely in the pocket of my overalls, and I've got Octavio pins in my ita bag. Now they can both come to work with me!

Check this out. Mini Noisette fits really nicely in the pocket of my overalls, and I've got Octavio pins in my ita bag. Now they can both come to work with me! submitted by ElegantMarzipan to FictoLove [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 14:05 HugeCommunication405 Fake friends

I (23) am at the point in life when I can’t tell if I truly have friends or if majority of people in my life are just using me. I know there’s the option to just cut most people of and move on but that’s just as exhausting of a thought as not knowing. Tbh idk what I’m doing wrong; I know I’ve become more closed off/depressed (I left an abusive relationship almost 2 years ago and just now left my abusive family household) over the past few years but when I’m around friends I nearly hurt myself to push through that.
My friends rarely would ask how I was during these really intense periods and though I understand that they’re experiencing their own hardships, I haven’t been able to wrap around my head how I end up alone all the time. I have 2 close friends but even they don’t constantly reach out. I get it, this is adulthood but I can’t keep experiencing this level of loneliness
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