Deisel prices near me

Protesting at a soldiers funeral service is completely unacceptable!!

2010.07.03 14:21 J3N1US Protesting at a soldiers funeral service is completely unacceptable!!

For all members of the armed forces around the world.

2023.04.01 23:07 VolkanCan3 Paid for something but never received

I paid for an upcoming release for a toy and never received the product. I sent the money via Venmo to a guy I found online. He strung me along for months trying to get me to send him more money but I didn't because I wanted to see if he was going to send me what I paid for. He never sent me the toy and has ghosted me. I have texts with him explicitly saying he was going to send me the product for the price I paid. I found his LLC, old home address, and his and his wifes full names. What can I do to get my money back?
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2023.04.01 23:06 SadSock90 AITA for giving my father's motorcycle to my boyfriend?

My (19F) parents got divorce recently. I don't need to give too many details but not only my father cheated on my mother but he was also not very smart while doing it so my mother basically took everything on the divorce. My father is fine as he has a well paid job so he can still live comfortable. I love my dad and, although I was really mad at him at first for cheating and being such a loser, I eventually forgive him and we now talk and see each other occasionally.
There is an important point of conflict. My father had a very expensive motorcycle that he loved to ride before the divorce. He was always on the garage working on it while my mother and I were not allowed to come near it. It was his most prized possession. My mom made a point of getting it on the divorce to make my father sad. She had no actual use for it so she told me it was mine to do as I pleased. I decided to give it as a big gift for my boyfriend on his twentieth first birthday. That was a few months ago when I was more mad at my dad so I did not worry about his feelings at all.
Now that we are in better terms, my father has been begging me to convice my boyfriend to give it back to him but I don't think I will. I love to be on the motorcycle with my boyfriend, hugging him from behind. I think it is very romantic and adventurer. I had never rode it by myself because I don't know how. My father can afford a cheaper one if he wants and I don't think he deserves a gift like that after what he did to our family. He ultimately should just let it go and stop acting like a little bitch about it.
Am I the Asshole?
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2023.04.01 23:06 not_mig 28M - First eyeglass prescription in over 15 years. Is changing my prescription in 6 months standard?

So I've needed glasses since I was a kid but never wore them longer than a few weeks at a time because I'd always accidentally break them. I recently went to the optometrist for an eye and vision exam and they gave me a prescription for glasses. It was roughly -1 sphere, -2 cylinder, and 20 axis (in both eyes). My vision (while wearing glasses, to be clear) is better but still pretty bad when compared to some friends who don't use glasses. From googling around I get the impression that my prescription isn't that strong -- what I mean is that the doctor could write a prescription for someone with far worse nearsightedness and astigmatism. The optometrist said at the time of my appointment that I'd probably need to come in in 6 months as opposed to a year to get a new prescription since my brain would have time to adjust to better vision and they'd be able to refine my prescription more then. I was just curious if this explanation is medically sound given that I am a person in their late 20s with no serious medical issues. Wouldn't a stronger prescription off the bat improve my vision? And barring serious ocular or neurological issues, would glasses theoretically ever be able to improve my vision to near that of an average person's?
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2023.04.01 23:06 michaelwexler Property Management Systems: A messy market

Been trying to find a PMS for 2 measly properties. They are seasonal, so we only want to pay monthly. We want to sync listing info across ABnB and VRBO. And we'd like to accept direct payment from folks who ping us directly. How hard can this be? (Not sure how to add "user flair", so "USA Jersey Shore - 2 listings")
In order of coolness (my made up sort metric):
Oh, what about free? Does free work for me? Because appears to offer all the buzzwords for free. Which is clearly too good to be true; I'd be happier if they just owned up and said "also, NFTs! Blockchain backend!". If you've used them, what did you think of value for the lack of money?
So, my questions: What did I miss about these cats? Given our simple needs and lack of funds, any PMS really stand out? Anyone want to share Hostaway pricing, since they don't? Any suggestions on balancing the cost vs. just wanting to sync things for a few months, and take direct payment without too much hassle?
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2023.04.01 23:05 Gloomy_Newspaper9257 25 [F4A] Looking for spontaneous friends, preferably in/near Bulacan

Hii! I’m looking for spontaneous/kaladkarin friend/ group of friends preferably in Bulacan or near Bulacan, kasi di me masyado marunong lumuwas haha huhu! We can meet halfway though, kaya ko magpunta hanggang SM North/Trinoma or SM Pampanga? Haha
Hoping to meet some friends sana na interested in -Traveling -Trying out new food! -Trying out new things/ experiences (like mga freediving sana, ziplines, hiking, long drives, paragliding, amusement rides, anything under the sun) -Likes talking about anything under the sun, and listening
I am -Currently Working from home -Smol,fair skinned, chubby cheeks lol -A huge foodie! -Likes traveling, exploring new things -Likes watching netflix, movies, and kdramas -Likes to listen to music and a Swiftie haha -I listen and don’t like judging people(hope u don’t like judging people too ‘cause it’s a dealbreaker for me- ‘cause we don’t know what ppl are going through! :))
If ur G just hmu! 💖🤍
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2023.04.01 23:05 IrisJade90 Week 2, Day 2

Hi, my first time checking in here! Week 1 was toughhhh, nausea and headaches were out of control, along with not really sleeping. Had a glass of wine one night and woke up at 2am needing to throw up. Took my second dose (0.5) on Thursday and did this on in my thigh (did the first in stomach). Feel 100 times better, not sure if it’s the injection site or just the second week. Appetite is pretty much 0, can’t finish meals etc, feel like I’ve had a gastric band 😂 Nausea and headaches are gone, feel like I’ve got more energy too. I’m in the UK so I know I can’t really complain about price compared to others in the US etc but it still is a lot for me, hoping to try and stay on 0.5 by counting clicks with the 1mg pen - anyone stayed on this dosage long term and seen good results? Didn’t really weigh myself properly at the start as I didn’t want to know how much I’d put on with bad habits over the past few weeks but I’d guess I was around 18st6 (258lbs) and after the first week I was 18st3, so I estimate around a 3lb loss. I’m 5ft6 and female btw. The only thing I’m reallllly struggling with still (apologies for TMI) is the constipation. Anyone got any good tips?
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2023.04.01 23:05 Ok_Psychology3610 Should I go to nationals

It might be really early in the season but I opened my season with a 4:49 and I wasnt sure if it would be worth it to race at nationals for the competition. Parents don’t want me to go because of pricing but I need to know if it’s worth to argue with them
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2023.04.01 23:04 Empirius_ I'll have my £0.13 back please

On mobile, so apologies in advance for formatting and whatnot. TL:DR at the end.
Here's a story from a lifelong friend of mine who gave me permission to post this.
Enter John (not real name). John works at a high school as a science technician. He's the guy who sets up the science experiments for the students. These experiments often include things that can be bought at any ordinary shop such as potatoes. "You can never have enough potatoes" he told me while telling this story. (this comes in important later).
The management at this high school can be a complete arse, especially when it comes to time off. All absences over 30 minutes had to be approved a week in advance, which of course were always denied. To put this into perspective, one of his colleagues got refused HALF A DAY leave for a funeral of a friend that the college had known for over 15 years.
One day, John had an important upcoming meeting that would only require him to take 30 minutes off from the end of his shift. He knew he could finish up the day's work with plenty of time remaining, so John made the request to take time off, but of course, the request was denied.
"Okay, you want to play that way" he thought.
Despite the rules stating that all time off had to be approved, there was one small loophole. As the staff often needed to use all sorts of things for their work, be it paper for forms or potatoes to students' science experiments, the staff were allowed to leave to buy anything needed for their work (which the school would reimburse) as long as they brought the receipt and took 30 minutes or less.
Time for malicious compliance.
The day of John's meeting came. He'd already finished everything that needed to be done for the day, so 30 minutes before his shift ended, he left work to go to the meeting.
It had been less than 30 minutes by the time the meeting had ended, well within what the school would allow without prior approval, but John was concerned that the school management might be unreasonable. However, since the school would allow any absences to buy materials for work, John swung by the supermarket that was just outside the school. When he returned to the school, the school management asked him where he went. Promptly and proudly, John took out a single potato. With the biggest shit-eating grin, he showed the receipt, dated with the time, and priced at 13p. "I'll have my 13p back please."
He still has the receipt to this day.
School didn't let science technician take 30 minutes off for an important meeting but allows staff to leave to buy things needed for work. He leaves for his meeting and returns less than 30 minutes later with a freshly bought potato (often used in science experiments)
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2023.04.01 23:04 GotQuestionsandMore I don't want to contact Aldi's HR for risk of retaliation. I want to contact the Department of Labor, but I don't understand how or what will happen if I complain

Since my last post of being harassed by my store manager accusing me of being a racist, I made an attempt to speak with the DM (who couldn't be bothered to physically show up in the office and spoke over phone instead) and it went absolutely nowhere. The DM said I was taking things too personally and was "blowing things out of proportion". Anything I brought up (the swapping of prices, the back handed responses when trying to have a simple discussion, no one getting the hours their promised no matter their position, the slew of aggressive text messages against coworkers in group chats, arriving to work and immediately getting turned out the door with the manager saying "we can't afford you today" when they could've called and not waste my fucking gas, managers digging through people's lunches. eating said lunches and throwing away food they deem "out of date" if it sits in there for more than a 3 weeks, and a fuckton of other things) was blown off, her saying "you have nothing to prove any of that and the cameras don't lie. There is nothing we can do here. You're taking things really personally". I regret leaving my old job at Joann Fabrics, I fucking hate this store I work at. I wanted to like things here, but it got fucking ruined by awful people. I have written down these events on notepad on my computer, but I don't know if that helps anything.
I'm not bothering to go through HR for a report since ex employees had already done so and were retaliated against by having their hours slashed. I want to report this to the DOP (for Forida) and get this awful women fired and maybe I can finally start liking this job again. However I've looked at the site and I'm confused on where to start. I'm also not sure how the investigation will play out if I do file a report. Do I need money for an attorney? Has anyone ever gone through this before?
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2023.04.01 23:04 Nemesis_07 [USA-CO] [H] 3ds Capture Card, New 3ds LL, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Switch & Gamecube Games, PayPal [W] PayPal F&F, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon DS Insert, Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary for Switch CIB

Hello, I've got a few things for sale. Prices are shipped. Also posted on gameswap here. Feel free to make an offer!
Blue Japanese 3ds with Optimize capture card: loose, some scratches on body but interior is near flawless (screen protectors applied on both top and bottom screen). Has minor yellowing on top screen which is only noticeable with a solid white background. Region free and comes with original stylus + 32 gb SD card. If you want, I can swap it to NA region before shipping it off. $300
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn: Like new, disc is perfect. Only has the Wii manual. $100
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn: Has manual but no inserts. Disc has light scratches but is tested and works. $120
Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning: cib, case has a bit of outer damage. $18
The Ant Bully: cib - $8 or free with any purchase

Also looking for the "If you like Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon..." insert for FE Shadow Dragon DS and Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary for Switch CIB (unredeemed code)
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2023.04.01 23:03 princessstarmageddon Bras, bralettes, swim and lingerie closet clean out! Sizes: [30GG][30H][30HH][75K][32G][32GG][32H][34GG][M][XL][12][16][18]

I will try to keep this and the accompanying imgur gallery as up-to-date as possible. All sizes are UK sizes unless otherwise noted. All Prices are in USD.
You can leave a comment or message me directly - I will check timestamps and everything is first come, first served. I will not be on reddit until after 5 pm PDT most days, but I will try to respond as soon as I can once I get off work.
Bundles/negotiating: I really want to get rid of these, so if you buy more than one, I'll definitely give you a discount! If you can't afford something, let me know, and I can cut some prices.
Shipping: I am in the US and will ship to anywhere, but international shipping is expensive. I can give you a quote upon request. I will be using PayPal to purchase shipping labels and shipping with USPS unless you request something else. If you're ordering molded bras, I will ship them in a cardboard box, otherwise, I'll usually use a repurposed mailer from clothing I bought online. Everything will be placed in a plastic bag before going in the mailebox, and I will try to include itemized packing lists. - sold items are noted, but pictures are left up - if you want more pictures, let me know what you want to see.
Note: a * before the listing means someone has already asked about it, and I will strike things out once they are paid for and no longer available. The post will also be rearranged to put sold items at the end of each section.
[30GG] Panache Isobel balconette bikini top in Black, barely worn - $10 [UK12/USM] Panache Isobel bikini bottom in Black, barely worn - free with top
[30GG] Miss Mandalay Icon bikini top in Black, barely worn - $15

Molded Cup
[30GG] Panache Cari Balconnet in Black - very worn - $5
[75K] (Comexim Polish sizing) Comexim Irish Coffee Plunge - very worn - $10
[32H] Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra in Biscotti - NWT - $40
[32H] Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra in Black - NWT - $40
[34GG] Curvy Kate Extrovert Longline Padded Balcony Bra in Black - NWT - $30

[30GG] Cleo by Panache Blake in Mint - worn - $5
[30H] Panache Quinn Balconette in Brown - worn - $10
[30H] Panache Envy in Forest Green - NWOT - $30
[30HH] Panache Envy in Chai - NWOT - $30
[32GG] Figleaves Isobella Underwired Plunge in Black - lightly worn - $15
[32H] Pour Moi Viva Luxe Bra in Blackberry - lightly worn - $15 [XL-16] Pour Moi Viva Luxe High Leg Brief in Blackberry - worn maybe 3 times - free with bra if you want it
[32H] Curvy Kate DelightFull Bra in Black - lightly worn - $15
[32H] Curvy Kate Victory Balcony Bra in Petrol - worn - $10
[32H] Curvy Kate Victory Balcony Bra in Petrol - worn - $10 (yes there are two)
[32H] Curvy Kate Victory Viva Balcony Bra in Charcoal/Mint- worn - $10
[32H] Curvy Kate Victory Pin-Up Balcony Bra in Black/Slate - worn - $10
[34GG] Curvy Kate Daily Plunge Bra in Black - lightly worn - $15
[34GG] Curvy Kate Daily Plunge Bra in Turquoise - lightly worn - $15
[34GG] Curvy Kate Daily Plunge Bra in Latte - lightly worn - $15
[34GG] Curvy Kate Dottie Balcony Bra in Black - lightly worn - $15

Bralettes/Sports - ask me about additional discounts
[USM] Aerie Play High Neck Sports Bra in Black - worn - $5
[USM-DD] Aerie Softest Lace Halter Bralette in Deep Plum - worn - $5
[USM] Aerie Real Free Longline Bandeau Bralette in Sycamore - lightly worn - $5
[UK18/20] ASOS DESIGN Curve supportive recycled seamfree bralette - worn - $5

Lingerie Items
[XL-16] Pour Moi Viva Luxe Chemise in Blackberry - barely worn - $40 Note - this never fit me and doesn't have space for a fuller bust. [XL-16] Pour Moi Viva Luxe High Leg Brief in Blackberry - worn maybe 3 times - free with chemise if you want it
[UKXL] Scantilly Exposed High Waist Thong in Pink/Black - NWT - $18
[UK16] Playful Promises Emerald Suspender Belt - barely worn - $20
[UKM] Playful Promises Venus Wine Lace Open Bra - NWOT - $20
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2023.04.01 23:03 RumorShock Anyone else remember what an uptrend feels like?

It took 4 months for KDA to go from 35 cents to $28. 15 agonizing months later it's struggling to hold $1.00, and everytime it farts and rises 2% higher it gets an open hand slap to the face. Like, how the hell has this thing not already seen a capitulation flush? I mean this is a project with two seemingly brilliant people behind it...A guy who graduated from Berkeley that built trading systems for the financial service industry, another guy that graduated from Yale and worked for the SEC. Both of whom developed blockchain tech at the world's largest bank. I could throw in Stuart Haber serves as an advisor but I don't really know how much he actually contributes and I don't think it really makes a difference. Kadena's TPS is bananas. It can literally scale higher without expending more energy. I mean...what? Is this like that guy that made a hydrogen powered car in the 70s, in the middle of a gas crises no less, and somehow no one cared? The hashrate power its surpassed only by BTC, but with the exception of ETH prior to 2.0, KDA is light-years ahead of all the other PoW trash that's somehow managed to cling to life without really offering any new or useful developments in 6 years. I know its not SHA256, I get it. But lets assume we achieve stability in the ExaHash region later this year. Does that really mean Kadena's hashrate sharing the same unit of measurement as BTC counts for nothing? Like what is going on?? What else does it take for this thing to get real credit and recognition? "I FEEL LIKE IM TAKING CRAZY PILLS."
Please...please 🙏🙏 tell me where I'm looking at this the wrong way! For real I just want someone smarter than me to explain why the market still wants to obliterate this project after a year and a half of immolation. If the answer is because Bitcoin Dominance is a we all recognize how ridiculous this whole market actually is? Bc it never feels like it's just a higher liquidity flow into BTC, it feels like forced altcoin price suppression plays an equally large part. If Kadena announced they solved world hunger with blockchain it'd go up 5% and the second BTC dropped $200 we'd be down 8% 🤷‍♂️
Idk yall, I'm sorry for this rant....I've been trading crypto since 2017, and Kadena since Oct 2021. This is the first coin I've honestly held and added to week after week after week, for over a year now. In the past I've held things for months as they went lower and lower and finally would throw in the towel as it looked like absolute zero was in the cards. Only to watch it randomly skyrocket above 6 months of price resistance in a week without even breaking a sweat. I've kept myself from doing that so far this time around and am honestly kinda proud for surviving this long. However I'm 36, and just found out a few weeks ago my wife is pregnant, which we're ecstatic about. But I now have to factor that into the equation. I've spent a year accumulating a lot of KDA, not to mention the time spent soaking up information about developments in the ecosystem. Again I'm sorry for this rant. Maybe I just needed to reach out to other loyal Kadenians for support. If you made it this far, I don't know what to say other than thank you. ❤️
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2023.04.01 23:03 RightFriendship6216 How to define this behavior?

No permission to be shared
This part is just for some background if it’s anyway relevant. My mother turned a blind eye to the S abuse I suffered by my brother when I was a child. I am sure of it though she would never admit she knew. In some ways I feel she facilitated it to please him, he was her absolute treasure. Anyway He is now dead quite some time. So much time has passed it’s just a vague denial issue that isn’t really mentioned among the family which is fine as I cope with it in my own way, just try to move on in life and focus on my kids as she’s a huge covert narc. Anyway…. This is the issue I would love some insight into.
My mother constantly comments on her body to the young girls in the family. Whether it be lumps she is getting checked out to the bruises she had from going over on her ankle - she shows them repeatedly an excessive amount - like my toddler only ever learned the word Bra from her because she flaunts her body to her (just like poking out from her T-shirt) but with me or my nieces it was like lingering getting changed, presenting herself naked hoping the child will comment on her body without directly saying look at this!
I make sure she doesn’t have this opportunity with my child to be alone with her. It’s a very fine line I’m treading I know, she shouldn’t be anywhere near her and I’m trying balance having zero support with “is this damaging?” If I have a pregnancy appointment I make sure my father is there to watch my daughter who I 100% trust and they usually go out somewhere.
It makes me realise she did this when I was a child, she would purposely leave her top off just that lot longer than would be normal. I am aware she’s done this to my nieces, hoping they will ask what are those? As she faux shocked face says oh these?! It’s really hard to explain.
She was standing one day in front of my husband and I in our living room saying oh I’m just doing my doctors exercises and she started gyrating her hips while smiling away to herself hoping we would comment like oh what am I doing teehee? Almost like she was enjoying the sensuality of it - oh bleugh
This has gone on for so many years but I was reminded again because I had to go get an unexpected internal exam during my pregnancy the other day. I said to my husband, I bet as soon as I see her she will ask did you get a vaginal exam?!! It’s the kind of thing she loves to ask me knowing I am so private. And sure enough it was the first thing she asked with a big grin on her face. She only asks when my father isn’t present in the room. She literally looks like a cat about to get cream. It makes my skin crawl!
Today I was talking with her and my father and she was sitting next to some clean laundry of hers, she lifted her bra and started to fold it and refold it over and over, then because nobody mentioned it she moved onto her underpants, she did the same thing, I purposefully wasn’t giving in to her to ask what are you doing, she then sniffed them and went back to folding pretending she was doing it absentmindedly. I really need her help over the coming weeks because of my new second baby arriving so I’m aware of needing to feed her enough to keep her onboard (I know this is so messed up and I should be no contact and will be judged for this but I have literally no one else besides husband and father and her) so I went to leave the room and said are you coming downstairs are you finished sniffing your pants? And she laughed like oh hahaha me? Oh what am I like I was just checking to see how clean they were hahahaha so she was delighted I finally commented on it.
It’s SO freaking weird. I am totally aware of her covert narcissism but I’m super curious as to this kind of behaviour. I am not concerned about her physically touching my kids, but trust me I am HYPER about that because of my past -it’s this sort of exhibitionism. She loves to show her teeth and her eyes and her wrinkles to my toddler and nieces so they comment on her appearance. It’s not even positive comments she’s looking for -sometimes I think she wants to hear the negative things like your teeth are so ugly or you have wrinkles and you have a big bum, hair on your chin kind of thing. She is obese and has low self esteem. As am I technically but maybe it’s related somehow. I am so curious to the psychology behind this so I can handle her better.
I often think she was sexually abused as a child and loved the person that did it, maybe her father who she often talks about with a adoring glint in her eye- it would explain her denial of my own abuse. Any insight much appreciated
The older my kids get the less contact I will have. For now my little one is under 3 and obviously will have a newborn but I know I’m walking a tightrope and shouldn’t even have her near them which I am ashamed about and will probably struggle to cope with the more time I allow her presence. The sad part is she is great fun when she is with my father, she plays the doting grandmother so well so my daughter adores her and she gets a lot out of it positively. I honestly do try everything to shield any BS that I can.
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2023.04.01 23:02 spaghettiprincess95 abdominal cramping/pain/nausea, but insurance doesn't cover ER/hospital visits (27f)

27f, 5'4, 125 lbs, white, healthy, sober 1+ years, exercise frequently, blood work recently looked good.
i started having severe abdominal pain this past monday. the symptoms have ranged day-by-day. in the beginning, i was in a lot of pain, diarrhea, nausea, cramping in my left abdomen. my doctor prescribed azithromycin to hopefully try and wipe any bacteria out, thinking it may have been food poisoning brought on by an old-ish bell pepper. i took that on thursday. today and yesterday, i feel a lot better, but still have pretty intense bloating, and can still feel the cramping in my left side, but it's not nearly as intense. however, when i try to eat anything more than crackers, i feel really, really sick and throw up. no fever, took ibuprofen once on thursday (stupid, i know that now) and it really took me out.
long story short, i know i need to see a doctor asap. however, my insurance doesn't cover emergency medical coverage. i have an appointment with a gastro first thing monday morning, but assume they'll want a ct from there. my doctor is urging me to go to the er, i am just really concerned about the cost. if i feel okay now (aside from eating), is it okay to wait for my appointment monday morning?
i know i probably sound like an idiot and the answer is obvious, go to the ER, but me feeling manageable currently and really fearing the cost has me really holding out for monday morning
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2023.04.01 23:02 realCLTotaku How would you respond to something like this? We have had awful delays in upgrades of apartments, we are smoking friendly so smoking is fine, we are in an amazing neighborhood but have been cursed with car break ins recently, and we are obviously understaffed. Just some advice is all. Thank you!!!

I have a concern with the 100 dollar jump in this years lease. Regardless of early bird pricing, I feel like this offer needs to be reconsidered.
First off, i am two years in to living here and STILL waiting for a drawer replacement for a drawer in my kitchen which was supposed to be replaced when I first moved in two years ago. I have submitted numerous tickets for this to be fixed, and even have had management come in and look at the fixture and it had still not been fixed. In this past year, I have had to deal with not one - but TWO neighbors both living above me, and next to me who consistently have cause noise disturbances. I have addressed this with management to no resolve, leading me to have to contact the police on numerous times. I have a 6 year old child who goes to school, and makes it impossible for him to sleep. I have had numerous packages (one for $400 which the retailer would NOT replace), and not one- but TWO door mats stolen from in front of my door which has caused me to have to invest in a door camera to keep track of any belongings delivered to me, as well as activity occurring in front of my unit. Since I’ve had this camera, I have captured police coming to bang on the neighbor’s door at 11pm telling them to turn down their music, and a neighbor pour a beer all over the landing as well as my front door. (I am happy to provide this footage to you.) This quite frankly disgusts me to have to live near people who have blatant disregard or respect for the people who live around them. The amount car break-ins occurring in the last year is also astounding and concerning. I have also had to invest in TWO air purifiers to remove the smell of pot from my son’s bedroom and bathroom coming from the neighbors vents. I had a ticket open for for maintenance to come fix my toilet, which was not resolved for six months. I have also spent my own personal time sweeping, and picking up leaves and trash off the second floor landing - as well as numerous shingles that have come off the roof and other garbage the neighbors think is appropriate to leave in front of the building. In passing, I have also seen a maintenance worker give another resident behind the building on what appeared to be a joint while walking my dog. I have also had to witness a resident come out of the apartment directly below me, in a body bag, due to them committing suicide. Due to myself having covid at one point, my windows were supposed to be inspected and replaced. No one bothered to come back (after I had indicated to maintenance that i was quarantining) to replace them. I feel like I am an easy and cooperative tenet to have, but the amount of disregard for property vs. the cost of living has me at a loss - and quite frankly, unfair. I understand that the “market price” affects the cost of rent, but what will be the resolve here for the amount of issues that have occurred this year (and money I have lost), which has ultimately affected a good tenant? Wouldn’t the installation of security cameras on the property be more effective as a resolution, rather than the pool being replastered? Or perhaps paint to freshen the look of the buildings in the complex? Or maybe vet the applicants looking to rent a bit more. Where are the priorities for the protection of property, or residents’ best interests? I don’t particularly wish to move, as myself and my child are settled and have our routines in place. However, I don’t think a raise in rent is particularly fair in this case. I hope you will take into consideration my concerns to hopefully rectify these issues on the property, before I renew the lease. I have went ahead and also forwarded my concerns to . I will be awaiting a response. Thanks,
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2023.04.01 23:01 solicit10p [QC] BP Explorer I 39mm Ref. 214270 from Hont

Hi everyone!
I just got the QC pics for my new BP Explorer I from Hont, and I would really appreciate any input I can get on it.
  1. Dealer name: Hont
  2. Factory name: BP
  3. Model name (& version number): Rolex Explorer I (214270)
  4. Price Paid: $298
  5. Album Links: Pics from Hont: Video:
  6. Index alignment: Seems okay, I can't get it to align perfectly by rotating the pic though. Check it -
  7. Dial Printing: Looks good.
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: N/A
  9. Hand Alignment: Looks good to me.
  10. Bezel: Looks good.
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): Good?
  12. Timegrapher numbers: Pretty decent.
  13. Anything else you notice: Watch looks good to me, but I'm no expert. Would love some more educated opinions, in case I missed something.
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2023.04.01 23:01 PheonixGalaxy Rant about my sister today

My sister damn near broke the washing machine and refused to continue watching her clothes after the thing was done. I told her to hurry up because she was still on her first load for 2 hours and I haven’t washed mine yet, she then proceeded to yell and talk about fighting me. She’s the oldest smh
Keep in mind the machine was done for an hour and she didn’t continue her load nor did she attempt to finish it she hasn’t even checked on it, she was downstairs, on her phone, talking. She’s currently loudly ranting to her friend(s?) that she can kick my ass when I literally never hit her EVER and constantly don’t respond when she hits me. All because of some damn clothes
I’m a patient guy but I’m at my limit and my little brother’s birthday today so I’m trying not to ruin it for him. Also I’m 6,2 and go to the gym and weightlifting classes. She’s dumb as hell if she thinks I won’t either A. Fight back or B. Bleach her clothes or C. Snip her phone charger
What do y’all think I should do
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2023.04.01 23:01 77itachi My skin looks 100x better when I sleep like 18 hours straight everything perfect

I was really sad about something yesterday and needed a break from all of the noise so when I got home I just slept and slept and slept and my skin looks amazing this morning
Sleeping 9-10 hours tho honestly doesn’t have the same impact… I’m a BIG sleeper these days but like WOW my skin was sooo good this morning then went away as the day went on.
This has to mean something is wrong with my sleep right? I don’t snore, I have been told sometimes my eyes are partially open when I sleep. I’ve even had a sleepy study and they didn’t give me anything besides offering “insomnia group talks but you don’t really have insomnia” and melatonin (doesn’t help). The only other things I can think of are 1 I didn’t eat for 18 hours barely drank water 2 wasn’t looking at a screen anytime during those 18 hours. I even had all of my AM skincare routine on and didn’t wash my face or anything when I got home I just cried then crashed.
I just don’t understand why if I sleep like a day straight my skin is 😲 but 9-12 is barely better than a bad night’s sleep. I can test those things I said but I’m not hopefully.
EDIT: forgot to say, biggest difference was veins under eyes were near nonexistent when normally they’re by far my biggest flaw
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2023.04.01 23:01 abellaviola How do I help my Kalanchoe Tubiflora stand up?

How do I help my Kalanchoe Tubiflora stand up?
I got this succulent as a cutting about a year ago when I was very inexperienced, no plant name was given to me at the time, and I just let it grow however it wanted to. I just learned that it's supposed to be vertical! Is there a way to train it so that the parts that are horozontal can eventually grow vertically? Or should I just let it keep going now that it's actually growing vertically finally?
The parts of the stem that touch or are near soil all have roots, and it's growing little babies on the ends at the top finally after a year, so I'm also not sure if I'm able to or should cut the stem and propegate so I can kind of start over and hopefully grow it correcrly.
I'm also not sure how to get the leaves to point upwards like I guess they're supposed to. That's what gave me a hard time with figuring this guy out is that the leaves have always been pointed downwards and droopy, and it's just now starting to become spotted when it used to just be solid green. Ive been reading that the leaves pointing downwards can be caused by over watering, but they still pointed down even when I was on vacation and didn't water it for almost a month. The new growth at the top is the only part that's ever stood upwards.
Is it a hybrid? Is it a mutant? How do I get it to stand up straight like its supposed to? Any help would be amazing.
Thank you!
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2023.04.01 23:00 FewKaleidoscope7492 opiods and barbs. My new favorite combo

For a little context, i take an opioid medication. Im not going to specify which one, just that i have taken this medicine everyday for years and it works well for me. I have pain, ptsd, and other issues.
ive always been safe as i can be, never overdosed or anything like that.
anyways, every rare once in a while my anxiety gets way to high and sometimes i have a panic attack (or something not 100% sure) this isnt often at all maybe once or twice a year.
In extreme cases sometimes i would source a benzo, only enough for 1 low dose. not really ideal though because it ruins my sense of taste, fks with my memory heavily, and makes me super groggy the next day. Not a fan of them really.
I had heard of another class of drugs known as the barbiturates years ago but never knew where to get any or even knew anyone who had taken any of these drugs. I always told myself if i ever found any that i am 100% trying them out.
well and behold about 2 weeks ago i found an old bottle of phenobarb with quite a few pills of higher strength. They were quite a few years old and found in stuff that was going to be thrown away. (This was a serious score as phenobarb is prolly the best barb you can get nowadays thanks to its extremely long half-life. It does stay in urine for up to 15 days though. (This also means you have to be way more careful taking excessive amounts of this drug. Once you get a tolerance it can be scary. you can take some one day, then the next day take more and overdose bc yesterday's dose hasn't even finished leaving the body)
The day i found these, i had prolly the worst headache ive had in a long time. After doing some research i took roughly 100Mg. It took about 2 hours to really kick in, but my god was this the best headache relief i had ever had. Also very relaxing, quite different than how a benzo would make you feel. It didnt mess with my coordination, memory, or sense of taste. Infact it boosted my appetite. which is something i struggle with. The next day i felt fine no grogginess or side effects. I would compare the feeling to muscle relaxers + the calmness and easyier breathing benzos give you without the loopy feeling.
Now recently ive had to move twice within a month and have alot of pressure on me, a few days later i had my first panic attack or whatever ive had in over a year. I went most of the day without trying anything as i prefer not to take medicines for that when possible. Eventually though it was too much i couldent breathe so i took closer to 200mg pheno. It worked extremely well for me, seriously if I'm ever about to get surgery and they offer drugs im asking specificly for a barb and telling em i dont do great w benzos.
Now these things are definitely extremely addictive, i call em feinerbarbital because my god you think benzos are addicting barbs are way way more addicting. (And very dangerous if not taken correctly)
idk if its bc i take opioids but that stuff was the best feeling ive ever had from drugs aside from higher doses of opioids.
In this day and age barbiturates are very very rarely prescribed. Usually for seizures, sometimes headaches. Also used before surgery. They dont give them for anxiety anymore but they used to.
I am the only person i know in person that has even taken a drug like this and i wanted to document my experience with the drug.
The only real downside is you will get stomach aches from barbs, as they are toxic. Benzos are not toxic.
Unfortunately, this is a drug i will prolly never run into again. I strongly feel that these drugs should be considered in patients who don't do well with benzos but need something strong.
The problem is how prescriptions usually work. You get pills for every single day. Thats not how medicines like this should be prescribed. (unless ofc taking them for withdraw or seizures) These drugs honestly should be given in locked bottles with only a few pills in the bottle. If you're having a panic attack, or whatever. You get ahold of your doctor via zoom and discuss things and they can decide if they want to unlock the medicine for a dose. This way your not able to take this medicine every day, same should be done with benzos.
after having my experience with the drug, i feel i would benefit highly if i had a few of these given to me every 3-4 months for emergency situations. Im talking hey heres 6 pills for 3 months type of deal.
its a shame that these drugs are overlooked nowadays in favor of benzos, Although if you do a little research it is understandable, in the 1950s almost every housewife was addicted to barbs.
anyways my point being opoids and barbs is the best drug combination i have ever had, however i highly reccomend against doing this because it can be very dangerous if you take these drugs in excessive ammounts or in the wrong ammount with other drugs. General rule of thumb is to lower opoid dose and barb or benzo dose if mixing. Less is better.
I had never felt calmer and more relaxed in my life as i had the few times i took these things. The best part is my motor coordination wasent so heavily impacted. (takes a large dose and even then its not near as crazy as benzos can be with the blackouts, etc. )
So the queston to you guy is, How many of you have tried barbs or barbs + opioids
How did you like it compared to benzos?, Was there any crazy side effects or loss of motor coordination? Do any of you experience your sense of taste completely ruined on benzos. I cant eat shit when i taken benzos because of it.
how would you describe a barb to someone who has never taken one?
Is there anyone here who has tried barbs and just prefers benzos over barbs?
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