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Things that make you go AWW! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on... A place for really cute pictures and videos!

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2023.03.31 05:40 WellingtonStreetSk8 Wellington Street Skate (NZ): Next meetup: Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 8:00pm.

Wellington Street Skate (NZ): Next meetup: Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 8:00pm.
"Big City Lights" Night Skate through Wellington's CBD is Back. It is the bigger sibling to the "Glowing Mile Skate", with extended route it weighs in at around 8km - it is an exciting & challenging skate !
Bring Water! Otherwise there is a water fountain at our halfway point at the memorial, where we will be chillin out with another Micro Pop up Disco, before street surfing back home.
When: Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 8:00pm.
Where: Meet at front of Wellington Station. Bunny St. Seating area near Gandhi Statue.
Who: For Inline & Quad skaters in Wellington NZ. Skateboarders that don't mind a slower cruise are more than welcome too :). It is for ADVANCED Level to UPPER INTERMEDIATE who are looking for an exciting challenge and quite a workout.
A list to help you decide if this is suitable for you: Can manage tactile pavements easily("cheesegraters"), crossing roads, waiting at lights, curbs, uneven pavers, rough surfaces for long stretches', walk up/down stairs, control your speed on downhill streets for extended stretches (such as Tory, Cuba, Kent Terrace which are ALL downhill and long. The very steep ramps from the war memorial that descend 300m all the way to the Basin, and control descend the steep long Corkscrew ramp of the stadium.)
This will not be speedy, but a Relaxed laid back pace with several stops along the way.
If you are not comfortable with skating any of the above in low light, hang tight and join the next Intermediate Suburban Ramble OR the next Waterfront "Bee Skate" suitable for ALL levels !
Duration: 1hr 30mins Approx
Bring your Gummy Glow Wheels :)
If you would like to get a feel of what you can expect please go to for a Youtube link of our last skate OR join us at
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2023.03.31 05:39 WellingtonStreetSk8 Wellington Street Skate (NZ) : Next meetup - Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 8:00pm.

Wellington Street Skate (NZ) : Next meetup - Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 8:00pm.
"Big City Lights" Night Skate through Wellington's CBD is Back. It is the bigger sibling to the "Glowing Mile Skate", with extended route it weighs in at around 8km - it is an exciting & challenging skate !
Bring Water! Otherwise there is a water fountain at our halfway point at the memorial, where we will be chillin out with another Micro Pop up Disco, before street surfing back home.
When: Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 8:00pm.
Where: Meet at front of Wellington Station. Bunny St. Seating area near Gandhi Statue.
Who: For Inline & Quad skaters in Wellington NZ. Skateboarders that don't mind a slower cruise are more than welcome too :). It is for ADVANCED Level to UPPER INTERMEDIATE who are looking for an exciting challenge and quite a workout.
A list to help you decide if this is suitable for you: Can manage tactile pavements easily("cheesegraters"), crossing roads, waiting at lights, curbs, uneven pavers, rough surfaces for long stretches', walk up/down stairs, control your speed on downhill streets for extended stretches (such as Tory, Cuba, Kent Terrace which are ALL downhill and long. The very steep ramps from the war memorial that descend 300m all the way to the Basin, and control descend the steep long Corkscrew ramp of the stadium.)
This will not be speedy, but a Relaxed laid back pace with several stops along the way.
If you are not comfortable with skating any of the above in low light, hang tight and join the next Intermediate Suburban Ramble OR the next Waterfront "Bee Skate" suitable for ALL levels !
Duration: 1hr 30mins Approx
Bring your Gummy Glow Wheels :)
If you would like to get a feel of what you can expect please go to for a Youtube link of our last skate OR join us at
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2023.03.31 05:37 kantian_drainer Let’s have a chat about China

So, the other day an article was linked about how China was preparing for war and we should take that seriously. Incidentally, I have also seen this same article posted in more “popular” and therefore less “serious” subreddits. The general consensus seems to be grim, and many seem to believe war with China or at least some sort of protracted conflict is inevitable. Even on this sub, many seem to believe that there will likely be war (a year I’ve seen thrown around is 2027). Of course, there are those who use the popular population argument to claim that China is incapable of conducting a war, but this argument doesn’t really hold up against the salvo of facts that we are seeing from this article and the discussion generated by it.
As someone both with anxiety and an interest in the development of the near future, I’m wondering how likely a conflict is and what, of the many scenarios, would play out? I know little about contemporary China and their capabilities, however the popular predictions seem to be
  1. Hot war with China, nuclear conflict and end of the world
  2. Ukraine style war where China fights Taiwan with US support but not direct involvement
With the second scenario I’m curious if China would in fact view support as direct involvement, but either way I’m curious on everyone’s thoughts regarding this topic especially from the more enlightened among us regarding modern China.
Edit: here’s the thread and article:
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2023.03.31 05:36 surrounded_by_walls Karen forgets grandson while trying to kick my “fat” cousin out of the playground

A couple years ago, a bunch of family members were at my grandma’s house and, as always, me and my little sister were hanging out with our cousins. Two of them were around our age (12 and 14), but one was like 8 years older than me, so we viewed him and his boyfriend as the “leaders”. At some point we decided to get out of the house and go down the road to this playground, it’s important to say that my grandma lives in a private area, so this is the property of the community living there. I admit, we were a little too old for the playground, but the swings were made of chains and really strong. When we got there, we noticed a woman playing with a toddler on the soccer court. We didn't think much about it and my sister and youngest cousin went to play in the swings, while the rest of us sat on a bench to talk, not a minute passed and the woman was getting away from the toddler and hadding in our direction.
She addressed me and my older cousin by our names before introducing herself as my grandma’s next door neighbor, after that she pointed to my sister and cousin playing and said (this is paraphrasing):
- Don’t you think he is too fat to be playing on the playground? I mean, (my sister’s name) is thin, but look at the size of (my cousin’s name)!
She said that about a 9 or 10 year old kid! That pissed off my oldest cousin and his bf, and they started arguing and calling her out, now she was entering karen mode.
- Look, I paid for this playground along with your grandmother, and I expect you to take care of it so my grandson can enjoy it as you did when you were younger.
Now, that playground had it’s hard times when I was little, but it had just come out of renovations and still has its hard wood and metal structures today. But I think Karen thought about that as much as she thought about her grandson, who was struggling to climb the stairs out of the soccer court.
- If you don’t stop this, (oldest cousin), I’m going to your grandma’s house to have a talk.
My cousin was fed up, he told the rest of us to join my sister and cousin at the swings, and we ran for it while he and his boyfriend stayed to hear the woman scream. A few moments later we see her going towards my grandma’s, we regroup and follow, but she was already at the door with a lot of “disrespect” and “payments”. My grandma just nodded until she went away, then told us to go inside and that Karen was rude and not to mess with her again.
In the house, I looked through a window and saw the toddler, he was climbing a grassy hill full of rocks, trying to get to his house and Karen was nowhere to be seen.
We would throw water balloons at her house at every water balloon war we had after that.
PS: Not native speaker, go easy on my grammar please
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2023.03.31 05:36 Ddeeaaddppooll Goddamnit. For a second I didn't see the promoted tag and was like wtf

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2023.03.31 05:35 Bagheadhungry Which one of you fuckers did this💀💀

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2023.03.31 05:33 PleasingMind I was shocked the first time I saw this

I was shocked the first time I saw this
Was this deserved or not? I think I know the answer
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2023.03.31 05:33 ASICmachine SEC’s Gary Gensler Is Ready to Fight the ‘Wild West’ of Crypto Markets (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2023.03.31 05:33 richi-carmen Floating fish feed making maker Line

Floating fish feed making maker Line
The technological advantages attained by RICHI's initiatives in drifting fish feed making machines throughout the years are totally shown in the floating fish feed production line.
Straightforward procedure, simple to learn, exact specification control, to guarantee that the item is finished in a particular temperature level, pressure, moisture as well as time.
Practical framework design, unique product, rapid self-cleaning performance to guarantee mechanical security and easy maintenance, colorful shapes as well as tastes to meet the needs of various fish pet dog food.
When selecting aquafeed drifting fish feed production line, you need to first comprehend the many qualities of aquafeed:
( 1 ) Tiny pellet size. Due to the brief digestive tract of aquatic animals and also related physical features, in order to quicken food digestion and absorption, the smashed pellet dimension of aquatic feed need to be smaller than that of animals and poultry feed.
For example, in the production of eel and shrimp feed, the pellet dimension must get to 80 mesh to 120 mesh.
( 2) High healthy protein material as well as reduced carb content. The protein material of livestock and poultry feeds is normally less than 20%, while the healthy protein content of water pet feeds is mainly 30% to 40%, and the protein content of turtle and also eel feeds is as high as 65% to 70%.
( 3) The pellet feed has a small framework, high communication and also water resistance, and the security of the pellet feed in water for greater than 2 hours is required for fish feed.
( 4) In the manufacturing of aquatic feed, cross-contamination is strictly restricted. Some basic materials require to be dealt with aseptically.
The chosen drifting fish feed making machine is very easy to tidy and has much less deposit. Particularly in the manufacturing of drifting feed, shrimp and eel feed, various other sorts of feed must not be generated at the same time to avoid cross-production air pollution.
To produce premium aquatic feed, we must rely upon scientific and practical handling innovation and integrate it with progressed, dependable and also steady floating fish feed making machine. In this regard, the choice of drifting fish feed making equipment is especially critical.
1. Process circulation of fish feed production line:.
The drifting fish feed making maker production line can refine pellet feeds such as pigs, cattle, sheep, bunnies, poultries, ducks, fish, etc. The conventional processing approach is several times extra efficient, as well as it appropriates for large ranches and floating fish feed mills to produce full-price feed and also the change of pellet feed plants.
It can likewise create saw wood pellets, wood powder pellets as well as straw pellets, and so on. It is a pellet processing system with a high degree of automation. It is a floating fish feed making device that utilizes corn, soybean meal, wheat, sorghum, straw, lawn, rice husk, and so on as raw materials, crushes the raw products, as well as straight presses them into pellets.
2. Features of fish feed pellet maker production line:.
① This collection of floating fish feed making machines adopt a heavy steam conditioner, to ensure that the material can be fully developed and also the high quality of the pellets can be made sure.
② The major drive adopts high-precision equipment drive, and also the result has to do with 20% greater than that of the belt drive kind.
③ Imported high-quality bearings and also oil seals are selected to make certain secure operation, reduced sound and high performance of the entire machine.
④ The feeder adopts regularity conversion motor to make sure the quality of pellet discharge.
⑤ A range of aperture ring dies are offered for choice. The floating fish feed making device ring dies have lengthy life span, smooth granulation and top quality.
⑥ Payment kind serpentine springtime coupling of worldwide innovative level, with novel structure, compactness, security, low sound and low failing efficiency.
Related post: Feed mill factory in Russia
3. Drifting fish feed device production line procedure.
Floating fish feed making maker is typically selected according to the production range, manufacturing selections, and also production procedure conditions. As a result, different drifting fish feed mills frequently utilize different equipment. Nevertheless, some standard drifting fish feed making maker for feed handling is the same.
According to the drifting fish feed making device line process flow, it usually includes resources receiving and also cleaning up tools, conveying devices, crushing tools, batching tools, blending equipment, drifting pellet device, floating fish feed extruder maker, liquid spraying devices, ventilation and also dirt removal equipment, product packaging tools as well as main control system.
The raw product receiving and also cleansing tools generally consists of weighbridges, key cleaning displays and cylinder containers;.
Commonly made use of communicating tools are screw conveyors, container elevators, scrape conveyors, belt conveyors and also pneumatic conveying tools;.
Shattering devices consists of magnetic separator, feeder, pulverizer, and so on. Among them, there are many types of pulverizers, typically used are hammer as well as claw pulverizers as well as mini pulverizers that call for finer pulverization;.
The batching devices normally adopts digital automatic batching ranges; the sorts of mixers utilized are horizontal double-shaft (single-shaft) paddle mixers, straight screw mixers, upright mixers as well as waist drum mixers for the production of premixes;.
Granulation tools includes vapor central heating boiler, conditioner, drifting fish feed pellet mill, cooler, grading screen as well as crusher, etc;.
Drifting fish feed extruder maker consists of conditioner as well as extruder; liquid spraying tools includes liuid storage tank, air pump and also flow meter;.
Air flow and dust elimination devices consists of suction fans, brakes and dirt enthusiasts, and so on; packaging equipment includes packaging ranges, sealing machines, and so on;.
The main control system is the "brain" of the whole drifting fish feed making device line processing procedure, where the control systems of different devices are concentrated.
4. Quality control of Fish Feed Mill Machine.
( 1 ) Devices pre-design control.
The technical staff will certainly accomplish scientific and affordable design according to the real problems and also needs of the consumer's workshop, electrical power, place, and so on, incorporated with the floating fish feed making machine test circumstance.
( 2 ) Extra parts choice criteria.
Spare parts suppliers, purely evaluate the provider's products, and also choose high-grade and also low-priced makers in the exact same market. On the premise of guaranteeing top quality, reduce drifting fish feed making machine production prices as well as absolutely allow clients to acquire affordable tools. For outsourced parts of the very same range, there are less than three providers ensured, to ensure that the fittest can be bought.
( 3 ) Manufacturing control.
After the sales department gets the order, it will be submitted to the technological department, and also the technical department will certainly produce the CAD drawings corresponding to the drifting fish feed making equipment according to the order information. The production department prepares a appropriate component to purchase, produce and also process according to the technical documents of CAD illustrations.
( 4 ) Tools and also spare parts acceptance.
There are full-time quality assurance workers to carry out batch examination of outsourcing and outsourcing parts. Quality inspection is done for key as well as accurate spare components. For self-made components, self-inspection, mutual inspection as well as basic assessment of handling employees should be executed, and all certified components can be put into usage.
After the completed floating fish feed making maker is mounted, it will certainly be approved by after-sales service technicians. On-site equipment can be loaded for on-site debugging just after no-load procedure for over half an hour as well as no faults. Make certain that each devices satisfies the drifting fish feed mill manufacturing facility conditions and also issue the drifting fish feed making device certificate.
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2023.03.31 05:32 External-Dress-3052 80% Off SUNET LED Dog Collars USB Rechargeable Adjustable Silicone 3 Flashing Modes Glowing PET Dog Collar for Night Safety Light UP Dog Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs (Pink-silcone) mR

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2023.03.31 05:30 Theeaglestrikes I’m a security guard who works the night shift at an art gallery, and my wife bought one of the haunted paintings.

For those of you who missed the first post, my night shifts as an art gallery’s security guard are more horrifying than anything a person should endure. My job isn’t to protect the paintings — it’s to protect humanity from the paintings.
Each canvas is a paranormal cell. The artist, Harper Andrews, even contained a terrifying interpretation of her younger self in a portrait as a safeguard. That faceless child isn’t even the worst thing in there. There are paintings of mankind’s doom. Hellfire. Armageddon.
And then there’s the painting of The Exacter. An inhuman man, tall as a tree, with woefully-white eyes and a limp jaw. He and his malformed minions are imprisoned in the gallery’s exhibits, and they seek freedom. They long to eternally torture mankind in unimaginable ways. They plot a fate worse than death.
I’ve spoken about my first shift, but I’m sure you didn’t think I’d gone two years without another incident.
One particular evening, about four months ago, a text conversation with my wife took a horrifying turn:
Cara: You can quit the day job, surely? You’re making plenty of money from the gallery.
Me: You just want to spend more time with me. You looooove me.
Cara: Well, it is a little suspicious that you spend so much time away from home. Have you got another woman on the side? Eh? Amy’s hot in a squint-your-eyes kind of way.
Me: There’s a higher chance of me hooking up with one of Harper’s demons.
Cara: Oooo! That reminds me. I just bought one of the paintings! Couldn’t resist.
Fuck. I should’ve told my wife about my work. I should’ve told her about the terrible nature of the things I guard. She never would’ve bought the artwork if she’d known it were more than paint on a canvas. After reading her message, I hurriedly rang her.
“Please tell me you were joking,” I said, shaking.
“Are you okay, Frank? You sound weird,” Cara replied.
“Why did you have to buy one of the paintings?” I asked.
“What…? You know I like macabre things,” She chortled. “Don’t be a baby. You stare at those paintings all night. What’s so wrong with having one of them in our living room?”
“I don’t even… I don’t understand why Amy would sell her sister’s work,” I said.
“I pulled her aside for a chat after you showed me around the gallery. Honestly, I can’t believe it took you over a year to give me a tour! Such beautiful paintings — disturbing, but beautiful. Harper Andrews is incredibly talented. What happened to her is sad,” Cara sighed.
“You just… made an offer that Amy accepted?” I asked.
“She claimed to have little attachment to it. She said it isn’t one of the paintings that demands eyes upon it… Seemed a rude comment because I think it’s as great as the rest of her sister’s art, but-” Cara began.
“- I have to go,” I interrupted, hanging up the phone.
It was an hour or so before my night shift, but I arrived early. Amy Andrews was engrossed in conversation with the last few gallery visitors of the day, but I quickly dragged her away from the crowd. Fury frothed to the surface of my lips.
“Why did you sell one of the paintings to Cara?” I asked.
Miss Andrews answered in an eerily flat tone. “I come from a wealthy family, Mr Hull, but I’m not thatwealthy. I have limited income streams, and I have to keep the gallery’s lights on. Sure, I make money from memberships and fundraising events, but I try to sell paintings too.”
“But Harper… You know they need to be watched at all times…” I protested.
“Not all of them,” She said.
And that was when I realised which painting was missing from the gallery. There was an empty spot on the wall above the plaque that read Harper’s Youth Dies.
“What have you done?” I gasped.
“My sister’s demented self-portrait might be horrifying, Mr Hull, but it doesn’t intend to harm us. It’s not one that needs to be watched. And your wife paid handsomely for it,” Miss Andrews explained, shrugging.
I gripped my employer’s arm in a moment of madness that could have cost my job and, for all I knew, the future of mankind.
“On that first night, Young Harper was the entity that kept watch over me,” I hissed furiously. “Your sister painted herself for a reason. Everything in this gallery has a purpose. Don’t you understand that?”
For a flicker of a moment, I was certain that something flashed in Amy Andrews’ eyes. Something black. And the corner of her lips twitched, as if to reveal that she were well aware of what she had done. But her mouth quickly returned to its normal position.
“I pay you to watch over the exhibits,” She said. “You shouldn’t need anyone or anything to watch over you.”
“Fuck this,” I spat. “I’m going home, and I’m bringing that painting back with me.”
Miss Andrews huffed, glancing at her watch. “Fifty-five minutes until your shift begins. I’d hurry.”
I drove home, mind racing with the horror of Miss Andrews’ crooked grin. Did she intentionally sell the painting to sabotage the gallery? I wondered. Don’t be foolish. If she were that evil, she could have just left the paintings unwatched, freeing the Exacter into the world.
I tried to still my throbbing heartbeat as I pulled onto our street. After hurriedly parking, I didn’t even close the car door behind me — I raced into our darkened home and started screaming at the top of my lungs.
“Cara! Where are you?”
“In the living room!” She shouted. “Why are we yelling?”
I rushed into the room, and my chest loosened a little. There was no sign of destruction. Just my wife sitting on the sofa in a well-lit room. Harper’s Youth Dies hung on the wall, but the girl’s ghastly form remained in its canvas.
“Thank fuck,” I exhaled.
“What is your deal with this creepy little girl?” Cara asked, laughing.
“I just… I have to take it back, Cara. I’ll make sure Miss Andrews gives us a refund.”
My wife rose to her feet and walked over to the painting, stroking Harper’s featureless face. I shuddered in terror, waiting for the ghoul to leap free from its frame. I assumed that she wouldn’t hurt us, but I wasn’t certain of anything.
“Come and give her a stroke,” My wife teased. “She doesn’t bite.”
I looked at my phone. I had half an hour until the start of my shift. Miss Andrews hadn’t made it clear what would happen if I weren’t on time. I feared she might do something worse than fire me — she might leave the paintings unattended.
“I’ll get you a better painting,” I said. “Something creepy from another gallery. Just anything other than a Harper Andrews piece. Please.”
“Would it make you happier if I were to draw a smiley face on her?” Cara asked.
My wife dipped her finger into her glass of water, and I cried in agony as she drew a crude pair of dots and a pencil-thin smile on Harper’s featureless face. Cara frowned at my hawing mouth when she finished.
“Relax. We own it,” She said. “Besides, it’ll dry. Don’t worry.”
I walked over to her and seized her hands tightly, taking a deep breath.
“Cara,” I said gently. “I’m begging you.”
She frowned. “Shit… I know that look, Frank. You’re genuinely scared. Why? Just tell me, and I’ll let you take the painting back.”
“You saw a ghost when you were young, didn’t you?” I asked.
Cara nodded. “My… My dad. Shortly after the car crash. Hard to believe, but I did. Well, I know youbelieve. You said you once saw your grandma’s ghost, didn’t you?”
I gripped her hands tightly and nodded. “Right. So, we believe in spirituality. Well, this painting… All of Harper’s paintings… are gateways to… to something unearthly. And that’s why I guard them. I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you.”
My wife hung her head and shook it. “You talk in your sleep, you know? You’ve been having nightmares for months… Talking about an entity and the end of the world. I knew there was something wrong with you. I-”
The lights suddenly cut out, and a wisp of wind, like a hissing voice, filled the room. Cara shrieked and leapt into my arms. I shuddered, keeping her close to my chest so she couldn’t see what I saw.
Harper’s Youth Dies.
The watery marks on Harper’s featureless face glowed faintly in the darkness — a dim, white light. And the most terrifying part was that the droplets which formed the smile had inexplicably transformed into a sulk.
“May I take it?” I asked Cara in a whisper.
She nodded, face burrowed deeply into my chest, so I guided her to the bedroom and instructed her to shut the door. I checked my phone. Twenty minutes until my shift. I seized the painting from the wall, sprinted out of the house, and lunged into my car.
When I arrived at the art gallery, the lights were off, and Amy’s car was nowhere in sight. Fortunately, I was on time for my shift, but I had no way of knowing how long she left the place unattended.
I hurried inside and immediately hung Harper’s Youth Dies above its plaque. The gallery was full again. I looked at the painting of The Exacter. I was relieved to see the monstrosity was still encaged.
But something still felt wrong. There was a churning chasm in my gut.
“You’re not in the art gallery,” Harper’s entity whispered in a distorted voice.
I finally saw what she meant. The colours of my surroundings started to swirl. The gallery walls, the floor, the paintings, and even my hands looked murky. The world was composed of paint. I was composed of paint.
And when I looked into the street, I saw the towering edges of a painting’s frame. I was trapped in Prison — Harper’s depiction of the art gallery, which you may remember from my first post. And I knew I was trapped in the painting because I could see the real world beyond the canvas.
My memories flooded back.
When I’d entered the real art gallery, the Exacter tricked me. He stood in his painting, and everything seemed fine. I looked into those horrible white eyes, and that’s when its mouth tore open to swallow me. I screeched into the hellish nothingness. Never had I felt such nightmarish horror before — not even on my first night in the gallery.
I felt dead. Worse than dead. I thought I’d entered Hell itself. I thought I’d failed at my job and the rapture had commenced. I thought of so many sickening possibilities as the Exacter’s blackened void engulfed me. Squirming inside his darkened body, I was carried by the inhuman man across the gallery floor, and he aggressively spat me into the canvas of Prison.
I’d forgotten that. He made me forget that I’d left the real world.
“It’s looking for an exit,” Harper’s voice croaked.
“Me too,” I cried.
I looked at Harper’s painting, and she wasn’t there. In her place, there was a doorway with a flickering green exit sign above it. I felt the brushstrokes of that painted world stretch and strain. The canvas was crushing me — I didn’t belong there. My painted form tightened, and I rushed to the doorway that Harper had created, terrified of what might happen if I were to stay in that false world for a moment longer.
As my hand met the painted canvas within the painted canvas, my body liquified and merged with the exit on the canvas. A blackness, still and serene, enveloped me. And then I found myself lying on a tiled floor. A real tiled floor. Choking.
Back in reality, I gazed across the gallery, and my eyes met a terrible sight. The contents of everypainting had spilled onto the floor. The Exacter stood proudly amidst his minions, plotting in a sharp whisper. I’d expected a cacophonous roar of noise from the apocalyptic demons, but something about the near-silence of their scheming was even more frightening.
Still, in the distance, I could hear human screams again — the apocalyptic sound of mankind being tortured in an endless oblivion. The agonising cries were almost tuneful, in a terribly dissonant way. Choral screaming. Humanity’s horrifying final song.
Suddenly, in unearthly unison, the Exacter’s minions — smaller versions of him, but no less terrifying — snapped their heads backwards to face me, as if the brittle bones in their necks had jellied. I screamed at their upside-down faces, which hung over their unclothed backs. They were white-eyed and slack-jawed, eyeing me from the middle of the room. They wheezed as their skin sizzled beneath the weight of my eyes upon them.
“Back to your paintings!” I feebly shrieked.
There was nothing commanding about my tone — pure terror drove me. And the Exacter could see that. His eyes pierced mine, as they had on that first night. In them, I saw nothing. The absence of anything. And by that, I mean the end of everything. The end of man. The end of ends.
He tried to fill me with dread beyond imagination, and he succeeded, but it was the same fateful error that he made on that first night. I thought of Cara. My parents. My friends. Everyone I love. That was what motivated me whilst my eyes watered under the strain of looking at those horrid things. Ghoulish voices chittered that I must either close my eyelids or die.
I didn’t fall for the entity’s egregious schemes. I clenched my fists, armed only with my eyes and sheer willpower. The minions retreated first — flesh burning, they scurried backwards, dragging their upside-down heads and misshapen limbs with them. Back into the flames of their painted paradise. And it’ll always be a dream, I told myself.
But the Exacter remained, mouth gaping so wide that it dropped past his shoulders. His flesh scorched. Wisps of smoke billowed from his shirtless torso and raggedy trousers. In one final fit of rage, he took powerful strides towards me and outstretched one of his slender arms.
I caught his wrist before those gnarled, ghastly fingers could wrap around my neck, and the pain was unexplainable. It was a deep burning of the mind, not the body — the Exacter’s last-ditch attempt to incapacitate the guard who was standing between it and the apocalypse.
I saw Cara. She was sitting in our living room, smiling at something on the wall. Her smiled suddenly faded, and I could only watch in unbridled horror as her flesh melted before my very eyes. She continued to scream, even when she’d been reduced to smouldering, bloody meat on the sofa, but then she smiled.
The Exacter showed me what she saw.
On the wall, there hung a painting of our house burning to the ground in the midst of mankind’s total annihilation. On the streets, the Exacter’s minions inflicted unspeakable horrors upon humanity. A demon gutted a woman with the protruding bone from her own severed limb. That’s the only scene I can put into writing — the rest are too dreadful.
Wait… It’s not real. It’s another trick. Cara wouldn’t smile at such horror.
My eyes ached under the immense strain of watching that unholy apparition, but the Exacter caved first. Unable to bear my eyes upon it, it wriggled free from my grip, taking what appeared to be excruciating steps back to its canvas. And when it returned to its frame, the choral screaming ceased. The gallery was still and silent.
I spent the rest of my shift standing in that exact spot, eyeballing the paintings before me. I didn’t speak, and I didn’t move.
Before I left the building, at the end of my shift, I quickly glanced back at Prison — the painting that trapped me. Existential dread gripped my heart, and, four months later, it still hasn’t released me. I can’t stop thinking about how it felt to be within that canvas.
How will I ever know that I’m in the real world? What if the apocalypse has already happened? I might be living in a painting right now.
Well, there you go. Another direful tale from the art gallery. Another near-miss. Just part and parcel of the job, eh?
Since my first shift, nothing has been the same. Every passing day feels worse than the last. The impending apocalypse casts a long shadow over my life. I explained everything to Cara, and she knows why I can’t quit.
And now you know that I worry about something other than the Exacter.
Amy Andrews.
Something’s wrong with her. Perhaps I should speak to the one person who could actually give me some answers.
I think I need to visit the local psychiatric ward.
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2023.03.31 05:29 RFStarTechnology How Does the Bluetooth Anti-Loss Tracker Work

The Origin of Bluetooth Anti-Loss Tracker
"Where is my key?" "Where is my wallet?" "Where is my mobile phone? Call me quickly." It is easy to put things at will, but it is more difficult to find out. We often encounter similar situations in our daily life. Anti-loss trackers can help a lot. And Bluetooth low energy technology is an important enabler behind it.
Continuous improvement of BLE technology make anti-loss trackers less and less power consuming. And their ownership cost has also been dramatically driven down. Thus, more and more derivative applications got cranked out on top of it.
Making of Bluetooth Anti-Loss Tracker
A Bluetooth anti-loss tracker is a device designed on basis of identification, ranging and positioning capabilities of the BLE technology. While coupled and supported with a dedicated smartphone App, the trackers can be sticked to some important items either personal or public so as to ensure they are in a range where the user can easily track with the App. Such trackers are normally used to wirelessly tag daily necessities such as keys, wallets, mobile phones, suitcases and backpacks. They are also used to avoid loss incidents of kids, senior citizens or pets.
The following is the reference scheme of the Bluetooth anti-lost tracker based on the RF-BM-BG22C3 Bluetooth module of Shenzhen RF-star Technology. It realizes the two-way search function between the tracker tag and the mobile phone. The block diagram of the device is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 The Block Diagram of Bluetooth Anti-Lost Tracker
1)Based on the connection, the phone APP sends an alarm command to the anti-loss tracker. After receiving the command, the tracker makes the corresponding pin output at a specific frequency, drives the buzzer to emit a beep, and the LED flashes according to the same frequency. On the contrary, if the command is sent to the mobile phone through the tracker, then the mobile phone makes the corresponding vibration or ringing prompt. More button functions can be self-defined.
2)The initial connection between the mobile phone and the anti-loss device needs to be paired, and the subsequent connection is non-inductive automatic connection (except for deleting the pairing). In daily life, the mobile phone and the anti-loss device will be disconnected due to reasons, but when the mobile phone Bluetooth is again in the effective signal range of the anti-loss device, it will automatically initiate a connection to the paired device, simplify the process, and achieve reconnection without manual operation.
3)The power consumption control is important since the anti-loss tracker is powered by a coin battery with a small size. Increasing the connection and broadcast interval will conduct the tracker to be in a long sleep time, thus reducing power consumption. The specific parameters should be adjusted according to the actual application, the connection effect, response speed, and other requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of satisfying the experience, saving power consumption, and extending the life span.
4)The following functional sections can be designed: APP, self-defined the UI function interface, and mobile peripheral to drive the mobile peripherals. The APP interface can be combined with the BLE protocol to achieve the data sending and receiving.
5)For the hardware part of the anti-loss device, adopting the module or chip is according to the requirements. Referred to the above reference design, only three GPIOs are used, one input pin is connected to the key, and two output pins are connected to the buzzer and LED respectively.
The above cases are mostly applied indoors to realize rapid and accurate mutual inspection and mutual search according to specific needs. For the outdoor anti-loss applications of special crowds, RSSI combined with a positioning algorithm can be used to judge, so as to realize the early warning and prompt function.
Advantages of BLE
1)Ultra-Low Power Consumption and Long Service Life
Developing from BLE 4.0 to the popular BLE 5.3, the technology grown more and more mature. Although the features continue increased and optimized, ultra-low power consumption is still an eternal theme.
BLE modules from RF-star minimize the power consumption by the intelligent design and technologies, so that the products are with lower peak power consumption, average power consumption, and standby power consumption. In many scenarios, a coin battery can be directly used for power supply, which also meets the service life requirements of Bluetooth anti-loss trackers.
The RF-BM-BG22C3 BLE modules, based on the EFR32BG22 SoC from Silicon Labs, were launched by Shenzhen RF-star Technology. The power consumption is about 15 µA under the conditions of 0 dBm transmit power and 1 s broadcast cycle, and the sleep power consumption is as low as 3-4 µA. In outdoor scenario, with physical layer rate of 1 Mbsps and the maximum transmission power of +6 dBm, its communication range can reach around 135 m. It perfectly supports the application of Bluetooth anti-loss trackers. For more information on BLE modules, welcome to visit our website of
2)Downward Compatibility and OTA Upgrade
The downward-compatible update mechanism of BLE is conducive to the software update of Bluetooth products. While a new release is developed on basis of an existing firmware, one can upgrade the device wirelessly with OTA (Over the Air) function to avoid the hassle of disassembling modules and returning to the factory for burning, which greatly saves time and labor, thus improves the development and maintenance efficiency.
3)Low Cost
BLE has been widely used in various fields of IoT. Point-to-point communication between devices is basically based on BLE technology. Compared with Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Thread, and other networking technologies, BLE cost much less from the perspective of hardware deployment and software development.
4)One-Stop Development Solutions
Not only BLE technology is rapidly developing, RF-star also improves the development ability day by day. We have accumulated rich experience in software and hardware development so that we provide a one-stop service from the initial module selection to the subsequent scheme design and development. Customers can directly use the BLE module to realize the wireless communication on the original product without understanding the BLE protocol, which can reduce the difficulty of product development and shorten the time to market.
Current Status and Trend
At present, there is a huge quantity of Bluetooth anti-loss trackers in the market, which have simple and similar functions. With the development of wireless technology, anti-loss devices continue to develop in the direction of accurate location, cloud servers, map service, and voice service. Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi have also launched a series of anti-loss products according to their respective product ecology. In view of the advantages of low cost, low power consumption, small size, and mature technology, Bluetooth anti-loss products still have a wide development space.
About RF-star Technology
Shenzhen RF-star Technology Co., Ltd. (RF-star) is a high-tech company focusing on radio frequency devices and has been certified by Texas Instruments as a third-party IDH of low-power RF products for more than a decade. RF-star provides IoT wireless modules and a full set of solutions, including BLE, Wi-Fi, Matter, Wi-SUN, Sub-1G, ZigBee, Thread, etc. For more information, kindly visit the company website contact us at [email protected].
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2023.03.31 05:27 RFStarTechnology Bluetooth 5.4 Introduces PAwR:Will It Boost Electronic Shelf Label?

The Bluetooth SIG recently announced a new feature specifically conceived for the Electronic Shelf Label (ESL). The feature so called Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR) which is encapsuled in Bluetooth 5.4 standard introduces a new transmission logic that enables a single access point to conduct two-way communication with thousands of terminal nodes without established links. It aims to to bring more space for innovation to the ESL industry, not only enabling bidirectional communication between ESLs and Bluetooth hubs, but also significantly reducing their power consumption.
What is An Electronic Shelf Label
When shopping in stores or supermarkets, it is easy to find that traditional paper price tags are being replaced by electronic shelf labels. Retail giants in China and abroad such as Freshippo, Yonghui Superstores, Sam Club, and Metro have massively adopted electronic shelf labels as standard accessories. In addition, applications similar to ESLs getting adoption in other business scenarios i.e. table cards in exhibitions, venue access cards, patient cards in hospitals and BOM cards in factories, etc.
An ESL is an electronic ink display device with an embedded communication module enabling data reception. It displays basic product information, prices, barcodes or QR codes, and even other basic images. Communication wise, its most significant and mandatory feature is "low power consumption and long autonomy", which typically achieve a battery life of several months or even years.
ABI Research predicts that by 2027, 2.4 billion ESL devices are supposed to be installed in various retail stores. Communication protocols commonly used by ESLs are the 2.4G proprietary protocols, ZigBee, and BLE. Each protocol has its own pros and cons. Thanks to its versatility and rich ecosystem, BLE has become more popular and is being adopted by more and more manufacturers and retail stores. Research data shows that the penetration rate of ESL in China is still below 10%. And its adoption mainly concentrates in large supermarkets. It make sense to believe that there is still huge market potential to tap in China, since middle and lower tier markets there has yet been addressed.
What is PAwR
PAwR is a communication method similar to periodic broadcast (PADVB). It allows application data to be transmitted from a broadcasting device (broadcaster) to one or more receiving devices (observers), following a one-to-many communication topology. Both PAwR and PADVB use a connectionless communication method, in which the transmission of broadcast packets is periodic, at regular intervals, without random scheduling. The difference in between: PAwR supports bidirectional communication between the broadcaster and observers; whereas, PADVB does not support observers to send response packets to the broadcaster.
Advantages of PAwR
PAwR Events and Subevents
The periodic part of the PAwR refers to the periodic broadcasting of packets by a central device like an access point, which occurs at precise and regular intervals. Communication occurs in bursts of activity during periods of time called events. An event can be divided into multiple subevents.
Subevents are further divided into time slots which are used for the transmission of one packet by the central Broadcaster device, followed by several time slots during which to receive responses from Observer devices.
PAwR defines procedures by which Observer devices can acquire the event and subevent schedule of the Broadcaster. Other procedures define how the Observer is allocated a specific subevent during which to listen and a response slot within that subevent to use for replies. Assigning devices to specific subevents only means that they switch into receive mode infrequently, substantially increasing battery life.
PAwR is designed to accommodate data that changes at every transmission and is delivered to individuals or groups of devices. Application logic ensures that data transmitted in each subevent is relevant to the devices listening at that time, so there is little wasted energy.
PAwR is essentially stateless, and this makes it very scalable. Bi-directional, one-to-many communication involving thousands of devices like ESLs is achievable using PAwR.
New Prospects for PAwR and ESL
Automated price changing in the ESL system have improved store operational efficiency and significantly improved customer satisfaction. At the same time, the new Bluetooth technology features jointly developed by ESL industry leaders and the Bluetooth SIG indicate that a new industry standard for the electronic shelf label market is arriving. In order to expand the addressable market, the next step is to have ESL solution providers migrate their systems to standard-based wireless technology. Introducing the wireless standard for the ESL market, Bluetooth technology will help the retail industry enter the next stage of digital transformation, thereby delivering better outcomes for both stores and shoppers.
About RF-star Technology
Shenzhen RF-star Technology Co., Ltd. (RF-star) is a high-tech company focusing on radio frequency devices and has been certified by Texas Instruments as a third-party IDH of low-power RF products for more than a decade. RF-star provides IoT wireless modules and a full set of solutions, including BLE, Wi-Fi, Matter, Wi-SUN, Sub-1G, ZigBee, Thread, etc. For more information, kindly visit the company website or contact us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.03.31 05:26 sundindomi PSA - Go Train Users

PSA - Go Train Users
Um, good luck getting downtown and back on Monday…
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2023.03.31 05:24 vampite 2023 Challenge 6 - Flowers/Springtime MATCHING

Looking at these cards didn't bring spring time my way, but it certainly brought me a smile!
Check out this challenge's entries here:
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u/finishingthetea to u/littlemermaidxx
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u/littlemermaidxx to u/mumbagoespainting
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u/OkayFlan to u/littlemermaidxx
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u/todayisfab to u/MonetMonkey
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u/travel4me22 to u/yetanotherblankface
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u/Vegetable-Water-4919 to u/travel4me22
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2023.03.31 05:22 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Delays Allegedly Forced The Cancellation Of A Highly Anticipated Rockstar Sequel

Seeing Grand Theft Auto VI or Red Dead Redemption 3 in the future is a pretty safe bet considering those are Rockstar’s biggest IPs. The fan-favorite game from Rockstar, Bully, may not get the same treatment, however. Leakers have reported that Bully 2 got the axe back in 2017 due to its more popular franchises taking development priority. Does that mean it cannot be revived, though?
In late December, Rockstar insider Tez2 went to the GTA forums to explain a little bit of what happened at Rockstar since 2014. He claims that GTA VI was in “pre-production back in 2015, so development probably didn't kick off until 2016 or 2017, but shortly after that, the pace slowed down due to RDR2 increased focus and Bully 2.” Then, Bully 2 was cancelled in 2017, likely to focus on GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2. Another insider, Yan2295, corroborated this information in a Reddit post on /GamingLeaksAndRumours. yan2295 twitter 2 Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out, it seems the major hold up for Bully 2 is GTA VI, which may have its own production issues. Yan2295 took to Twitter recently, reporting that GTA VI is in development, but it will not be coming anytime soon. This contradicts other reports about GTA VI, so it seems no one knows what is happening, including Yan. When asked about Bully 2, however, Yan said that it was a dead game.
While Bully 2 could be a dead game, for now, the Red Dead Redemption team could be working on other projects besides GTA VI. Alternatively, Rockstar could revive the game in the future, but it will not likely be in the next couple of years. Ultimately, we will probably see GTA VI come before Bully 2, but weirder things have happened, and nothing would surprise us at this point.
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2023.03.31 05:19 SynSynn R&B Albums that are special to you & never get old

I want to expand my R&B library. I love the new school R&B, but I REALLY love late 90s early 2000s r&b. It’s so nostalgic. I’ve only really explored the mainstream side of R&B from previous years but there’s so many hidden gems in this genre especially from the early 2000s idk where to start. I randomly found The Foreign Exchange one day maybe about 3 years ago and I’ve played their Connected to DEATH lol. I couldn’t believe some of those songs came out in 2004 cause it sounds like something I would hear out today.
Someone recommended Craig David’s album that came out in 2000 and I’m like this sounds 2000 as hell lol but it was still enjoyable.
A Seat At The Table is probably my favorite of recent times and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill has been in the background my whole life. Not sure if Ego Death by the Internet is R&B or alt but it has a similar vibe and is one of my favs. I find myself steady going back toy same rotation of Aijuswannasing, Where I wanna Be or SWVs late 90s album
I’m getting to that age where all I’m looking forward to enjoy now on a Friday night is a glass of wine, painting my toes with smooth r&b/ live band, Robert Glasper vibes in the background. I’m 26 ):
what are y’all listening to?
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2023.03.31 05:17 ClaudiaN99 Rescue dogs PTSD?

Today I went to the dog park with my rescue dog, we go everyday so it isn’t a new environment for him. About 10 minutes after we got there, a lady came in with her dog, and sat on the bench near us. My dog started barking at her and then howling, we thought he was barking at her dog to come play, but quickly realized it wasn’t the case. I recalled him over to me and he did come to me but ran off again to continue to bark at her and howl, he would get closer and sniff and continue to bark. He seemed scared and frightened I’ve never seen him act like that, he’s a very quiet dog and rarely barks / howls. I told her I was so sorry and immediately leashed him up and walked to the other side of the park to calm him down, and he kept looking back at her when we were walking away. she left and we unleashed him to go play with his bestie and he ran over to where she was sitting and sniffed and walked the path she took to leave. I do not know my rescue dogs past, all I know is he came into the shelter with a major black stain where a chain was. We think he might have been hit or had things thrown at him, because he’s scared of tennis balls and doesn’t play with toys like dogs do. Could this have been a situation where this lady looked / smelled like someone from his past? I felt so bad for him and gave him so many pets and told him how loved he is and he’s safe and no one will ever hurt him
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