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2023.03.24 07:42 Rude_Evening_1051 ** Spoiler Free review** Currently watching and paused to say that Jeff is the perfect comic relief character 😭 Love that man 🚗🕺🏽

The first episode has solidified my love for Jeff that started last season with "There's no book club?" He's so pure and innocent in some ways that it's honestly endearing. I love the dynamic between Melanie & Warren on screen, and now that a lot of the secret tension is subsided between Jeff & Shauna (so you think), there’s a lot more honest dialogue from them that is so powerful in detailing their characters. (Melanie is kicking ass btw! TLOU and Yellowjackets both.) Also, the heart-wrenching detail the writers, film team, and Sophie put into young Shauna's grieving of Jackie's passing was amazing (I know that Jasmin Savoy Brown teased at this saying “Sophie Nélisse will be nominated for an Emmy this year”, and she was SPOT ON!!) I wanted to look away, but the reality of her situation was displayed in such a morbidly raw and honest way. It was so chilling! They have perfected the use of intimate close-ups and tragically heartfelt moments to show 10x more than they speak directly. This translates into Misty's plotline so well, too. I empathize with the pain she has experienced more and more as we get a better look into her need for acceptance and friendship. She's a badass citizen detective too. Both Christina and Samantha really do an astounding job articulating adult Misty into a fully dimensional character. I'm never disappointed. It’s entrancing how well Christina pulls you into Misty’s escapades like you’re blurting someone’s private info as blackmail right alongside her.
Of course, Natalie (Juliette and Sophie) is my favorite. Both actresses give Natalie's character such a down-to-earth, level-headed, and take-no-shit quality that's absolutely magnetic. I really love the young Natalie-Coach Ben and adult Natalie-Misty dynamics most. Both of them give so much insight into Natalie as a whole. I love that she spits fire by nature but knows when and where to do it, even when kidnapped haha. Juliette adds such a witty and toughened side to Natalie that just increases the badass-ity. Taissa's still a bit of a mystery for me. I can't navigate her present-day motives, but I just know that there's something fishy she has planned (still RIP Biscuit 🙏🏻). It's strange to see her be so manipulative and apathetic, but I think it just emphasizes the side of her that we got a peek at during the news briefing scene last season when she announced that she was staying in the race. Very impressive character building all around!
And the new cast members feel like a part of the puzzle that was always there, just yet to be seen. It's rare when new cast members can be introduced for an established character and hit the ground running from the very start, but Yellowjackets has perfected it. I think that jumping around Lottie's background a little to start things off baited the hook so well. Darn you! The first episode has solidified a lot of these things and so much more. The wait was more than worth it ❤️.
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2023.03.24 07:42 Non_Music_Prodigy Journaling to clear my head before pulling an all-nighter

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2023.03.24 07:40 RivvyRiver Does face recognition work on ghost or is it something else?

So I'm curious because along time ago I had seen people take like face swap pictures and accidentally swap faces with something they didn't know was there, but don't know if there's any other explanation like camera recognizing some face pattern in like the wall?
But I also ask because at one time I was taking pictures and I had the face recognition thing on one phone. There was the square around mine and something behind me.
Also there was some weird activity in the apartment I was in, like something moving around and slamming an old apartment room that no one knew about. But I also think it was probably squatters because the apartment I lived at had people breaking in from time to time. But it seemed like someone ran in the apartment. My brother and his friends looked into the apartment room and no one was there.
But the question is does face recognition work on ghost as well? Or is it like some kind of "it somehow looks like a face then it must be a face" kind of deal?
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2023.03.24 07:38 Mellshone This series so far had me hooked

I really enjoy the journey. The adventure and danger has me interested. Yet with every damn fool thing that these damn fool characters do and say, my interest is chipped away, sometimes in great chunks. New unnecessary and contrived details are added with the start of every book so far, some characters only show up to spit dumb venom, drop off a plot device and never be mentioned again. The Amirylin seat got an actual name where i am in book 4, I'll bet it was stated about 50 times in a chapter. Unnecessary when nearly every mention of the woman so far has been strictly as the Amirylin seat. I could point out, like so many have before, that the relations between the sexes are irritating and pointlessly antagonistic. The build up for why this is can be seen a mile away... all I want to say on this is that the author clearly has talent, can write a damn good novel, but is limited when it comes to certain narration and dialogue. So much more soul could have been put into character interactions instead of the repeated phrases and narcissistic quips and generally uninteresting put downs spouted ad nosium by static characters so fully stuck in their own ways that despite world changing events still act like they are 13 years old and fresh off the farm, or have their haughty heads so far up their own ass, they refuse to treat those below them any better than even some of the villians treat their servants. Sorry for the rambling wall of text, this dialogue is getting old.
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2023.03.24 07:38 forwardmold67 Incidentally Quit Cold Turkey for 5 days

It wasn’t my intention, but I was on vacation and accidentally forgot my prescribed 20mg of Paroxetine (never, ever AGAIN). And the withdrawal symptoms have terrified me. Beyond the physical ailments of dizziness, tingling hands, brain zaps, etc. the mental toll has been the hardest. I was initially prescribed Paxil to help me through my dads cancer diagnosis after losing my mom to cancer 3 years before. The withdrawal has put me in a darker place than I was when I was first prescribed. I wouldn’t say I’ve turned suicidal, but I’ve definitely reached the point where I understand that sometimes people have no other choice because this is unbearable. I had been thinking of contacting my Dr to start to taper off of it as it’s begun giving me constant nightmares and my anxiety surrounding my dads cancer has improved as he’s officially cancer free. However… after the withdrawal I really want to stop taking it. I have read some people will take an SSRI with a longer half life which really helps mitigate the withdrawal symptoms? Has anyone done this?
After reading more about the withdrawal, I’m embarrassed to say the first thing I did when I got home was take another pill. I’m just scared of what I would really do if I continued to experience these hellish withdrawal symptoms.
TLDR; accidentally stopped paroxetine cold Turkey and now don’t want to take it at all, thinking of switching to an SSRI with a longer shelf life (Prozac) to avoid the intense withdrawal symptoms.
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2023.03.24 07:38 lucasisretarded Help make me a deck

I haven’t played yugioh in about 6 years even then I only knew so much from playing with my older brother and his friend. I don’t think I’ve ever won and if I remember correctly that’s probably why I stopped playing. I have tons of cards (they’re probably worthless now against newer metas) but looking to buy a new deck, something I can beat my brother with because he still plays and I know anything I have could not put up a match. It would be amazing to surprise my brother out of the blue with a newer meta deck and beat him after he’s been asking me to play again for years. Does anyone have any advice on what I should get? Otherwise I’m just gonna go to the card shop and buy packs from the first shelf I see.
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2023.03.24 07:38 Karmicpinata Pls help me understand my echo is trileaflet reason for my pain?

Hi 26 yr old female currently mainly wondering about chest pains I've had for several years that have like most things gotten worse..
other diagnoses TMJ, tension headaches/migraine, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, disc bulge, IBS, anxiety, MDD, PTSD recently EDS so had tests ordered (ECHO, Dialed eye exam) I've been to a cardiologist before they just said it was inflammation and it would go away with Nsaids it did not of course as I expected. I've had tbh don't recall how many EMGs especially in ER also EKG and a haltor monitor all of which apparently haven't showed anything important somehow. I figured it was cuz they weren't the right test for my problem or they weren't accurate idk but new test got ECHO results showed something So maybe it's one I needed don't understand results but thing I notice as abnormal is trileaflet so if anyone can explain what that is and if it is may be the reason behind why I have had chest pain for so long an also what the regurgitation mentioned is.
For reference the pain Will be a aching squeezing feeling or sharp stabbing also has felt like odd fluttering sensation and as if I can feel the values it's hard to describe pain when I'm not having it. Ik doctor will go over with me but I forget most of what they say to me at appointments so it's better here so I can go back an look.
PROCEDURE A complete two-dimensional transthoracic echocardiogram was performed (2D, M-mode, spectral and color flow Doppler).
Left Ventricle The left ventricle is normal in size. There is normal left ventricular wall thickness. Ejection Fraction is estimated at 65-70%. Normal left ventricular systolic function and wall motion. Normal left ventricular diastolic function.
Right Ventricle The right ventricle is normal size. There is normal right ventricular wall thickness. The right ventricular systolic function is normal. Estimation of right ventricular systolic pressure is not possible.
Atria The left atrial size is normal. The interatrial septum is not well visualized. Normal right atrial size.
Aorta/Pulmonary Arteries Sinus of valsalva measurement is 2.5 cm. Ascending aorta measurement is 2.6 cm.
Aortic Valve The aortic valve is trileaflet. There is no Aortic valve stenosis noted. There is no aortic regurgitation.
Mitral Valve The mitral valve is normal. There is no mitral valve stenosis noted. There is trace mitral regurgitation.
Tricuspid Valve The tricuspid valve is normal in structure and function. There is trace tricuspid regurgitation.
Pulmonic Valve The pulmonic valve is not well visualized.
P Vein/IVC The pulmonary vein doppler flow pattern is normal for age . There is normal collapsability of the inferior vena cava with respiration.
Pericardium/Pleura There is no pericardial effusion.
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2023.03.24 07:37 LoveTheBackrooms AI Generated Backrooms Level

AI Generated Backrooms Level
Level Name: The Scorched Expanse
Description: The Scorched Expanse is a desolate and barren level in the Backrooms, where the walls are made of burnt orange bricks and scorched metal. A reddish-brown mist lingers in the air, and scorch marks can be seen on the walls and floors.
Entities: The Scorched Expanse is home to a dangerous entity known as the Ashen Ember. These fiery creatures resemble giant ember-like beetles and scurry across the level's walls and floors, leaving behind a trail of flames. They are highly aggressive and can cause severe burns if they come into contact with humans.
Danger Level: The Scorched Expanse is an extremely dangerous level. Not only do the Ashen Embers pose a threat, but the high temperatures and intense heat can cause severe dehydration and heatstroke. The level is also booby-trapped with hidden pits of fire and hot steam vents.
Exits: There are two exits in The Scorched Expanse. The first is a heavily guarded door made of molten iron, which leads to a level filled with lava and magma. The second is a small portal that can be found by avoiding the traps and navigating a hidden maze of scorched tunnels. The portal leads to a damp and cold level covered in moss and fungi.
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2023.03.24 07:37 neotiling02 We Stock a Huge Range of Floor And Wall Tiling

That's great! Having a wide range of Floor And Wall Tiling options available is important for customers who are looking to renovate or build their homes. With a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from, customers can select the tiles that best suit their design preferences and budget.
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2023.03.24 07:37 bouncycastle26 Looking for Bar/Restaurant Recs, Post Courthouse Wedding

It will just be the 2 of us, and we may or may not have our photographer join us for a minute.
I'm not familiar with the Santa Barbara scene, but my fiancé and I love eating & drinking together! Ideally it might be nice to grab an upscale cocktail or glass of champagne at a bar around happy hour downtown, then maybe go out for a nice, cozy, romantic dinner. We'd love to find the "hole in the wall" type places, maybe the spots that hip locals go. Nothing too commercial.
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2023.03.24 07:35 AutoModerator [Get] Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Google Performance Max Blueprint

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2023.03.24 07:34 Dysautonothankyou I (25F) want to hook up with my ex’s (26M) friend (29M) but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.

Four years ago my ex (M26) and I (F25) broke up. We hooked up in high school during my sophomore year, when I was 15, for a month. We met again after high school, when I was 18, and rekindled things. This second time around we were together for three months before I ended things.
This second we were together we didn’t end on good terms. We were both young, stupid, and did not really have the sense needed to have a healthy relationship. Lots of fighting. Lots of hurtful things said. We both were shitty to one another and in the end I broke up with him, and he took it pretty hard.
After we broke up we were still having sex casually for a few more months which was very stupid. Eventually it became clear to me that us hooking up was not feasible anymore (duh). It was obviously seriously negatively impacting his mental health and since I was firm in my stance of not getting back together I completely cut contact after he tried getting back together again. (I was very clear in telling him that we weren’t together during this time and that u had no intention to do so)
As you can tell, the entire relationship was very messy. The final breakup was even worse. Looking back I realize I should have completely ended things right away. Or at least handled things differently. I was stupid. You live you learn.
Anyways, skip forward four years forward to now. I (F25) run into an old mutual friend of this ex (M26) and myself, J (M29) at a concert. He and I hit it off right away. J and I had always gotten along well but after the breakup ended,we ended up not talking. At this show though, it was like no time had passed and J and I have been hanging out since. Through hanging out a lot it is clear there’s something but J and my ex are still very close now.
J knows next to nothing about my relationship with my ex. Both my ex and I are private people so all he knows is what he saw in the aftermath of the break up. J says my ex “went crazy” back then and he leaves it at that.
Since I’ve gotten the vibe, J and I have spoken candidly about hooking up and he seems all for it, since “we’re both adults and it was so long ago”, but I can’t help but feel guilty. J and I both don’t want anything serious so it seem shitty of me to knowingly ruin a friendship over a hook up.
I know it’s J’s choice, but I can’t help but feel guilty about it. I, obviously, have not talked to this ex at all in these past four years. He jumped into another relationship very shortly after we broke up and has been in it ever since.
Still, given my history with my ex, the idea makes me nervous. This ex is very intense and he lost it when we broke up for good, wrote me long winded letters of how much he loved me, how much he hated me, he even changed the way he dressed to a style I said I like for a few months- it felt like a lot.
J has wholeheartedly reassured me that my ex has moved on, but I’m not sure he has the full picture. I feel conceited thinking my ex would react at all over this but I can’t help worrying it could bring up old feelings for him.
Behind all this and you’re sleeping with your exes friend, is a dick move but given how long it’s been it seems reasonable to think it may be OK.
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2023.03.24 07:34 chris18_ What tires should I put on my 2018 340i m-sport RWD

Honestly just tired of spinning that comes with the run flats, and looking for a good tire that hooks.
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2023.03.24 07:33 Schmulli Ouch... In the comments "bi men in denial"

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2023.03.24 07:33 Frame_Late The Conversation: An Interloper one shot

[February 3rd, 2137]
[Memory Article transcribed by artificial intelligence]
Isuf paced back and forth in his remote, private office, his talons clicking on the metal floor. He was ready and waiting; ready to speak to the most famous Arxur in the dominion, far more famous than any Prophet-Descendant. Dajur, Warmaster and Sovereign of House Koth. His name was spoken with fear and awe across the entirety of the Dominion, many countless Arxur seeing him as some near-mythical figure. It was hard for Isif to argue with those who saw him that way as well, since his achievements rivaled even the Slayer King himself: nine planets destroyed, tens of billions of prey enslaved, and over thirty thousand Federation warships turned to slag.
But that's not what Isif was worried about; he was worried as to why Dojur would even want a meeting. Isif was from a relatively inconsequential and insignificant clan, and his career was mostly quiet until humanity was discovered. Dojur, on the other hand, was… Well, he was Dojur of Koth. There was little more to be said about such an Arxur; his reputation preceded him.
Suddenly, he heard the thump sound of a skimmer craft docking onto the small station. There was arguing, then silence. Isif felt his heart leap into his throat, the idea of coming face to face with such a legendary figure filling his stomach with the icy-cold sensation of anxiety.
Pull yourself together Isif: this is the meeting of a lifetime. You need to make a good impression and find out precisely what such a famed Warmaster sees fit to bless you with their presence.
The arguing became louder, his guards obviously attempting to prevent Dojur from entering unimpeded. The fools couldn't possibly believe they could detain such a figure, could they?
Suddenly, the doors opened, revealing a massive Arxur clad in finely decorated powered armor, both eyes trained on Isif. He bared his teeth in a snarling smile, lips torn and scarred. He was old, older than Isif could imagine, and yet despite the visible signs of his age he was no less intimidating; to lice so long in the cruel and unforgiving world of Arxur politics and intergalactic war simply meant he was that much more dangerous. Next to him was a Gojid save holding what looked like a holo-pad, his eyes humorless and focused, his body thin but not malnourished. He wore a simple leather collar adorned with a holo-tag that simply read Karn, and two wristbands signifying his slave rank as being of an administrative caste. Most interestingly, the slave seemed to be gifted with cybernetics, most notably a small, almost unnoticeable scanner sitting just above the left eye, a small red dot blinking every few seconds. It was probably hooked up with multi-purpose software, but it was clearly also a recording device. Isif would have to hold his tongue.
"Warmaster Dojur, it is an honor to finally get you in person," Isif stated, mouth dry.
"Oh, but the honor is all mine, Chief Hunter. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to humor me with such a… clandestine meeting."
Isif licked his saurian lips nervously before continuing. "So, how can one such as I work to further your plans, Warmaster; what could I provide you that others cannot?"
Dojur chuckled. "There is no need for such formalities, Isif; this meeting is much more personal in mature than you may have realized," Dojur scratched his chin absentmindedly, "That reminds me: Karn! Begin a recording session, and create several triple encrypted backups just in case."
The save nodded fully, his eyes almost glassy, but there was still some will left there that Dojur hadn't broken him of his individuality just yet. "As you command, my master," he stated, "Shall I send the encrypted copies to your private server on Vitruna?"
"An excellent suggestion, Karn; in fact, send a copy to Salralia as well."
The slave named Karn nodded and tapped away at his pad diligently before the cyber ware on his brow activated, the light switching from a flickering red to a constant magenta color, signaling that a recording began. The slave then stepped back and watched the two Arxur expectantly.
"Thank you Karn," Dojur said, his gratitude seemingly genuine. "Now, where was I? Ah, yes; business. I have a simple proposition."
Isif didn't respond, skeptical of anything that Donur could offer.
"I see you don't trust me: that's completely understandable. I wouldn't trust anyone either if I knew my time was so short."
Isif choked on his own saliva at that remark, bursting into a fit of surprised coughs. Dojur simply seemed amused. "What are you implying?" Isif asked, throat sore from coughing.
Dojur chuckled again. "I keep forgetting that you are not as experienced in the ways of treachery as someone like me would be. Since that isn't the case, I'll be frank with you; your story is about to come to a tragic end."
Isif reached for his blade but faster than he could even register it happening Dojur disarmed him by grabbing and twisting his wrist so that Isif's blade clattered to the ground. His guards surged forward, but Dojure unclipped the gun from his belt, a heavy eviscerator pistol, and aimed it at the guards. "Tell them to leave, or ill paint the walls with their blood."
Isif hesitated, but Dojur did not. He fired his gun, killing the first guard in a heartbeat, the depleted uranium slug turning his skull into mush. The second guard backed away, his halberd wavering. "I will not ask again, Isif; tell them to back down. I am perfectly capable of slaying the remaining seventeen Arxur guards on this station effortlessly."
"Leave us," Isif shouted to the other guard, who did not hesitate in leaving.
"Smart choice," Dojur responded. "Now, I am going to speak, and you are only to speak when spoken to. Is that clear, hatchling?"
Isif nodded, fear gripping at his heart. Dojur's grip softened, and eventually, it was relinquished from Isif's wrist.
"Good. Now, the first and most important topic to discuss; your life has been rendered forfeit thanks to Giznel. Three days ago, your death warrant was signed. I had planned on meeting with you before then, soon after your conversation with him, but that sped things up. If my agents are correct, then you have less than a day to live."
Isif swallowed. How could Giznel do such a thing? He had entrusted Isif with handicapping the humans after Shaza's failure at Sillis. Why would he suddenly turn around and backstab Isif?
Dojur snorted at Isif's clear and uncompromised shock and betrayal. "If you didn't know this was inevitable, then you are a fool. Giznel has no desire to keep capable Arxir on his roster of underlings, and your ability to work with the humans to some degree of success proved that you are indeed capable in your own way. That, along with your infatuation with these unpredictable primates makes you a threat to his rule. I don't know what he told you, or what he plans with the humans, but it will no doubt end with either the complete subjugation or extermination of humanity."
Isif's blood froze at that. "How do you know?"
At this question, Dojur laughed bitterly, his own shade of betrayal blooming in his reptilian eyes. "Because they challenge the status quo; they are some of the most proficient warriors in the galaxy, yet they are capable of empathy. They have no claws or fangs, but they dominated their planet. They single-handedly brought the ways of the galaxy to a screeching. Giznel fears them, that they'll rid him of his power. I understand your infatuation with them, Isif; in fact, I share it to an extent. Their ferocity and bravery are admirable, and they have more than proven themselves to be worthy allies."
Isif couldn't help but agree. These humans were a wildcard, but also potential game changers.
"Second of all, what did Giznel speak to you about?"
Under any other circumstances, Isif would've kept his mouth shut. But Giznel had signed his death warrant; there was no longer any reason for Isif to honor Giznel's word.
"He told me… He told me that the Northwest Bloc during the great war killed our planet's cattle, not the Federation. The Prophet and his descendants are the cause of our people's starvation."
Dojur's hulking jaws clenched, and his eyes dilated dangerously. "Truly? That damnable prophet is the one who reduced our kind to mindless beasts?"
To hear those words come from the mouth of Dojur was shocking. He was a direct product of betterment; the perfect Arxur. To see him scorn the very ideals that created him made no sense.
But then again, neither did Dojur's actions. Sure, the way that the many Houses functioned compared to the Clans could seem alien at times, but Dojur's unique and downright heretical philosophies were a step to far for many. He treated his slaves with some semblance of dignity, granted them privileges that most other clans and houses wouldn't dream of, and bred discipline into his soldiers beyond compare. When lined up against the average warrior from a clan, a warrior from House Koth was practically a demigod. Dojur's ways were both successful and oddly… Human in a barbaric way. He was like the brutal, militaristic Arxur of the past, and not the savage and animalistic Arxur of the present.
"It seems impossible to me, yet at the same time I am ashamed for not accepting such a truth. The idea that the prophet would do such a thing… It seems beyond the logic of his own teachings. It breaks the system that he claimed works."
Now that made no sense. "What? How? The Prophet was cunning in that instance."
Dojur laughed. "Don't start that nonsense with me, you hatchling! The fool failed to execute his plan in a meaningful way and was incredibly lucky in the end. No, if he was true to his words, he would've fought the Morvim charter fairly, as I do with my enemies. Yet he cowered behind his warriors and flung bioweapons at his own people like prey."
Isif hadn't thought about it like that. Dojur was right, in a way; to prove who is the perfect arxur, one would have to test every skill and ability, rather than just cunning, and in the end, even the cunning of the prophet was obviously lacking if he starved his own people.
"What else? That cannot be it, Isif."
Isif gulped. "He started that Betterment and the Koloshians and Farsuls have been working together to keep the war going on forever. Giznel stated that it was to keep the struggle going eternally so that the perfect Arxur could be created."
At this moment, Isif feared for his life more than ever before. In a shout of rage, in an act of herculean strength, Dojur picked up his seven-hundred-pound titanium desk and flung it across the room like it was made of cardboard. It slammed against the wall, creating a deep dent and bending the desk at an unnatural angle. Dojur then calmed himself, taking deep breaths and regaining his composure.
"Forgive my outburst, Isif; I'll reimburse you for the damages."
"Nonsense," Isif croaked, terrified. Dokur simply chuckled.
"It is natural to be fearful, Isif, but you have nothing to fear from me. Now Giznel, he will rue the day he emerged from his mother's disease-ridden cunt."
Isif didn't respond.
"You know what hurts the most, Isif?" Dojur asked, his back still turned from the terrified Chief Hunter. "Twenty-five years. I dedicated nearly a quarter of my life to fighting the Federation. I glassed entire planets, broke impenetrable defenses, and risked life and limb so that the Arxur could take their natural place in the universe as the Apex predators. And to find out that the game was rigged from the start; to know that Giznel was always working with the damnable prey, to know that it was all a ruse to maintain power… I feel like I just aged another twenty-five more."
Isif still remained quiet, waiting for Dojur to finish his speech. "I sacrificed beloved friends, lovers, even children because I trusted that Giznek believed the war was winnable. Now I know he simply seeks to starve those below him so that he can keep them too hungry to think critically."
Now Isif spoke. "But why? Why not make us stronger so that we may compete at our full potential?"
At this, Dojur snorted. "Because Giznel doesn't actually care about the prophet or his teachings; he cares about power. Giznel breaks all the rules by refusing to compete and rigging the game so that at the end of the day he will always end up as the one with the full belly and the comfortable life. The true Prophet is dead, his bloodline has been dirtied and disgraced for generations, and his teachings are empty and meaningless. Now it is our time to take up the mantle."
Before is if could speak, Donur interrupted him. "If you survive the assassination attempt, prepare for the worst. Fill the bellies of your soldiers, negotiate with the humans, and prepare for war. I shall fight my own war on my own front soon, and together we shall break Giznel and his lapdogs, and I will personally flay him alive. And you shall join me at my side, and I shall become Donur, Sovereign of All. I will build a great and terrible army and I shall assail a thousand worlds in my quest to bring down both the Federation and the Dominion alike, and I shall remake the galaxy in my image.”
Karn watched from the corner, his frown ever vigilant on his face, his eyes trained on Isif like those of a robot. He might’ve retained some will, but much of his original personality and beliefs were likely tortured and starved out of him, if not worse. Isif noticed the scars and carvings on his flesh and the branded symbol of the twin thorned hounds of Koth burnt deeply into his chest. He saw the collar on his neck and the fine jewels that adorn his body. Isif had heard that Dojur spoke about seeing the Gojids differently, but he didn't quite believe it: This Gojid was obviously favored by Dojur, and yet he still obviously went through untold suffering.
Isif clenched his jaws at the mental picture: Wriss being blasted to slag from orbit, armies of House Koth warriors storming hundreds of Federation and Arxur worlds, billions enslaved and shipped back to Vitruna and Salralia, and the downfall of the Federation and Dominion alike. But worst of all, he saw the last and final destruction of Earth: The humans he had grown to appreciate would not stand for Dojur and his ways. Yet if he were to succeed, then there would be no more know enemies to conquer; the galaxy would be under Dojur’s heel, and he would truly fulfill the prophecy of the Slayer King. Part of it elated him, knowing that Dojur was better than Giznel and The office of Betterment. But much more of his soul wept, knowing that what the galaxy might just lose would be much worse.
Note written on April 17th, 2139
I never knew just how far Dojur was willing to go once he found out the truth of the Dominion’s pact with the Koloshians and the Farsul. His anger… I had never seen anything like it. Perhaps he truly was what he was rumored to be; the Slayer King reborn, an Arxur ascended to godhood after a lifetime of heroism and conquest.
But what concerns me more is that I cannot follow in his footsteps, even if he is the prophesized one. The UN will never put up with Dojur and House Koth; the humans see themselves as the beacon of hope in the galaxy, the one race that will correct everything, the suture to mend the seeping wound that separates the galaxy into two festering infections. Dojur will not allow them to treat many of the prey as equals; he might be more open-minded about the Gojids and the Harchens than betterment ever would be, and he shares my appreciation for humankind, but he will never be willing to extend that to the gentler races. They shall become subjects at best, and slaves at worst, and there may be nothing I can do about it.
Now I can only hope the rest of the galaxy is ready to counter him when he strikes. If not, I weep for what could have been.
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2023.03.24 07:32 outplaymekrisa AITA for rejecting my gf's gift?

I (24M) have a gf, (20F) and we have dated for about a year now. She's a very artsy person and I'm very much into it. We're both neurodivergent ang get along really well. We never really have fights, just small disagreements sometimes, which is fine. And I love her a lot, I can tell she does too by her actions.
She really enjoys baking pastries for me and my parents. She's also very much into art and loves to spend her free time either with me or painting and drawing. Last Thanksgiving she made me a huge portrait of both of us, along with some other gifts. I really liked it and told her I was going to frame it. Flash forward a few months, we both have been busy with work and she hasn't had much time for art, thankfully recently she got the opportunity to rest a bit and continued working on her projects. Here's where I'm confused about the situation...
She made a painting out of dried spring flowers and leaves, asking if I liked it. I did, it was stunning. Then she said she wanted to give it to me as a gift if I liked it. I said
"Yes, I really do! It's beautiful, you're so talented,babe! But I'm afraid I don't have anywhere to put it..."
She just gave me the "Oh,okay..." I then told her :
"It's just I don't have enough space in my room" (that's true it's full of all kinds of stuff in there, I repair a lot of stuff at home, and there's tools EVERYWHERE especially hanging on the walls) "I don't really have room for the first painting you made me"
She just responded with an "Oh,it's fine.." This all happened over texting on I-Messages. She usually sends a lot of emojis, this time she didn't use any...She seemed a bit distant for a few minutes, but then changed the topic.
We met in about an hour after all this, and she seemed really happy to see me because I had to be abroad for 2 weeks. We didn't speak about what happened earlier, but her eyes looked a bit red...I think she might've cried. She didn't say anything, just smiled and kissed me everywhere. I'm so confused, AITA?
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2023.03.24 07:32 DyviumL Craziest vivid lucid dream ive had. (Today)

It's been two weeks of constant nightmares.
So the dream starts by me watching this weird show. About a couple of teenagers around 16 years old. Long story short the show followed these 2 during their school days and i think the girl was cursed by something, eventually she led chaos wherever she went, destroyinh the school and eventually getting killed by a mesterious thread piercing her heart outside at night which left half her body marked like obito's mask from naruto.
I liked the show so much, i watched it a second time with my mum, apparently we lived in a fucking building that needed a lift to get to her room at the very top. While watching the show again i was legit 3td partying the girl.
Fast forward a bit and im outside on my balcony having a cigarette. Theres a little boy holding onto the wall of the balcony falling off asking for help, i thought it was satan and it laughed. I played with it pretending to help it and teasing it. Then it asked for help verbally i said no and it turned into a potato wedge and dropped on my floor. I picked it up and i threw it in the bin and i asked to myself why would satan ask for help help with what what could satan possibly need.
Anyways my family was inside and i mentioned nothing about it. Fast forward again, im going home from outside. I enter the right building but everythings diffwrent. Stairs doors name on the doors. I reach 6th door which ir my irl door number. And i knock. Cos i know its the right block just everything is different. My mum open and i enter. Its 3 beds in an open kitchen with a tv, and all my family is there, mum brothers dog mums boyfriend. I say what the hell to my mum we re livung here now? She said yes we moved today and she was opening luggage. She said she left some stuff back at the apartment we moved from and i felt a sense of dread to not go and get them.
I notice a door and i open it. It leads to like multiple beautiful top end fucking spacious bedrooms that could be considered small apartments by themselves withike futuristic holographic tv's, playstatiin carpets queen beds, i entered at least three of these. There was ps2 ps3 ps5 there were games, i tried some games. I went bakc to my fams room and asked if they saw this shit and they were all very aware but i was baffled by their choice of staying in the first room cramped up.
Before i closed the door to these other rooms, i noticed a void like creature behing a salesman like man dressed in a suit which was trying to interact with me but i couldnt make out what he was saying and a red figure in front of this man which was very feint and seemed very weak like dying then they vanished while it was approaching me, it was 6ft purple and his shape was basically thick strings interweaved into each other and these strings point out all over and all of its figure was moving seamslessly. It approached me and something said its coming. I looked at it and maybe i tried to intimidate it or something but i said satan is also coming. Mind you im not religious at all. It was completely unfazed. I closed the door.
Fast forward im in bed with my dog behind me and im researching on my phone about this and the movie i watched. Apparently its a true story and the more im reading the more dread i feel behind me. Fast forward and i wake up with sleeping paralysis shouting to my mum for help on the other side of the room shes sleeping in bed barely making noise. I notice my dog which usually sleeps against me, amd his paw is over my shoulder, i wake up off the bed still calling for help and the dog is literally on my back like when u have a toddler on your back. I wake up my mum and her boyfriend and im saying this is not draco (my dogs name) and pointing at it , theyre looking at me very confused as theyre still waking up. Then my mum realizes shes holding another draco and freaks the fuck out and i wake up freaked the fuck out. the end i guess
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2023.03.24 07:31 Feisty_Strategy8970 Fix for CF mod in 4th gen classic not showing in iTunes

I have been upgrading old iPods lately as one does and when it came time to plug my 4th gen classic into my Mac to force a restore on the new CF card the iPod would not show up in iTunes. I messed around with reformatting the cf card to fat32 several times with no change. If you are experiencing something similar I may have stumbled across a fix. Try connecting the original hard drive back inside the iPod and plugging it in to the Mac. Once you have plugged the iPod and original hard drive into the computer plug the CF card you plan to use into a card reader also attached to the same machine. Enter disc utility and right click on the iPods original hard drive. From there select Image from "iPod" then choose your CF card as the destination. In my experience this process will fail, but while attempting to image the CF card it left enough of a trace behind of the iPods file structure to allow it to show as a **NEW** iPod in iTunes when I connected everything back up and plugged the iPod in with the new CF card.
Hopefully this helps someone out because I was definitely frustrated.. the iPod would show an error message and then just reboot on its own and nothing I did seemed to help. Now everything is working and the iPod is syncing perfectly. Didn't even need to restore it which was nice because my firewire to 30 pin charger is not working properly anymore and I know these things don't really like to complete the "plug into wall power to complete the restore" step via USB.
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2023.03.24 07:30 yeetman8 CSGO Looking Graphically Bad Even At Max Settings

This has been driving me crazy this week. Stepped away from the game for a while, came back, and graphically it looks and runs like shit. Even with 180+ fps, it is anything but smooth, (especially after respawns or kills) certain textures constantly fail and have pop in, and even on max settings, looks no where near what I see other peoples games looking like. It makes it unplayable. I love this game so much but I'm at a wall here. I've checked my drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled, verified integrity of the game files about 20 times, and tried every combo of settings, nothing has worked. It is genuinely causing me severe anxiety that I don't know how to fix this. The only other solution I can think of is uninstalling outplayed, but that doesn't make as much sense to me as other solutions. This is a cry for help. PLEASE
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2023.03.24 07:29 Deceramica-Gurgaon Elevate Your Kitchen with Durable and Stylish Wall Tiles

Elevate Your Kitchen with Durable and Stylish Wall Tiles
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