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2023.04.01 21:15 GalacticFireCrown Random guy rolls dice and gets more than he bargained for (in a good way tho)

Not sure how this happened, but it happened. I think I had some decent stats, but essays carried me for sure.
Intended Major(s): MoleculaCell Bio w/ a Poli Sci minor at most places.
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
Extracurriculars/Activities: (Sorry for the vagueness/lack of hours. I don’t want to be too revealing)
  1. Research Lab Fellow @ Local Uni — Got this gig through a free program at the university for local students. I researched computational bio methods to investigate cancer-promoting proteins.
  2. TSA Data Science/Analytics + Extemp Speech - Primarily researched human development, wrote papers, presented posters on the issues. As for extemp, I just did it for the lols. Generally spoke about intersections between humanities and STEM, had fun.
  3. Debate Captain — Did way too much to adequately describe here. Taught, judged, competed, the whole gamut.
  4. Summer Research Intern @ T20 — Got this through free program specifically at my school. Did some work on stomach bacteria genome modification, presented work.
  5. Local Political Organizer Kinda Thing — Did campaigning, voter reg. awareness, that sort of thing. Essays about this one were probably the golden ticket.
  6. StuCo Rep/Officer — High focus on inclusivity + student events. Had a good time, but not that major for the rest of my application.
  7. Science Club President — This is a very utilitarian club ngl. I primarily help peers get ready for science fair, land internships, occasionally host seminars, that sort of thing.
  8. SciOly Club Director — See above but w/ SciOly. I kinda oversaw competition end of things but occasionally took care of internal matters. This is technically a VP-style role, idk why it has an executive name like that lol.
  9. Student Ambassador — Gave tours, helped out around school when needed. Nothing too crazy here.
  10. Secretary of a really niche club, don’t want to say too much about it. Just kinda did secretary things lol.
Awards/Honors: (list here) 1. ISEF Finalist 2. TSA National T12 x 2 3. Debate Regional Champ x 3 4. Science Presentation Runner-up 5. SciOly Regional Placements
Essays/LORs/Interviews: (briefly reflect/rate) Essays: Personal statement was about documentaries, biology, and why science is about people. Supps were mostly about my region’s community, nerdy topics in bio, and social equity in science.
LOR: I haven’t a clue about any of them. I asked my AP Chem, AP Lit, and PI @ the fellowship.
Interviews: Tanked Columbia, went fantastically with Princeton. No one else offered.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information: Ivy Day = Total shock. I was ready to Hook ‘Em (and UT will always be special to me). For any juniors reading this — don’t undermine your safeties and targets. Public Ivies in particular; some of the most talented, innovative people I know are going to UT or A&M for everything from CS or Engineering to Government or English.
That being said, boola boola.
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2023.04.01 21:15 AutoModerator [Get] Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business

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Do What’s Right
Do what is best for the product even if the industry isn’t ready.
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2023.04.01 21:14 Professional-Bet6431 Can I have herpes?

For the past week I have been experiencing painful urination and burning after ejaculation. I went to Urgent care to get tested for STI. I was educated that men generally do not get UTI due to a longer urethra. Results have came back negative for the following tests via urine sample and blood test:
•T. Pallidum antibody - syphilis(reflex to rpr)
•Hepatitis C antibody
•Hepatitis B surface Aag Ii (non reactive )
•Chlamydia trachomatis (urine specimen)
•Neisseria gonorrhea (urine specimen)
•Trichomonas pcr (Urine specimen)
•HIV screen 4th gen. Wrfx (non reactive)
Although I do not fully understand each test and haven’t had a change to talk to a provider about the results why wasn’t my panel inclusive of HSV? Before I left the clinic I was given a shot for chlamydia and prescribed doxycycline hyclate which I can now stop taking since my results came back negative (as per clinician’s instructions). Is it possible I have herpes? Yesterday morning I felt pain on the surface of the penile head when it rubbed against my underwear while walking that persisted all day. This morning it’s has subsided in both presence and intensity by at least 70%. I have had no discharge or visible blisters since the initial start of symptoms. I have no knowledge of how outbreaks work and how fast they come and go but is herpes still a possibility for me?
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2023.04.01 21:14 Cutecutter1 To Patients, Herpes Can Be Devastating. To Many Doctors, It’s Not a Priority.

Thought this group would find this article from the NYT interesting. Here's a link to the article but I c/p it below.

To Patients, Herpes Can Be Devastating. To Many Doctors, It’s Not a Priority.

📷By Dani Blum
Feb. 18, 2023
Leer en español
Billions of people live with the infection, but there has been scant progress for treatments and tests.
When Lauren went to her doctors with stinging clusters of sores on her genitals, she assumed the pain was from a urinary tract infection. But at the OB-GYN, her doctor swabbed the bumps and told her that the rash was herpes. “No,” she remembered responding. “It’s not.
At the time, Lauren, who asked that her last name be withheld in order to talk about personal health issues, was a 19-year-old college student. She was in a two-year monogamous relationship with her second-ever sexual partner — a guy who occasionally dealt with an errant blister on his lip.
They hadn’t known that oral herpes could induce cold sores, and that HSV-1, the virus that causes oral herpes, could be transferred to the genitals. Lauren’s boyfriend was convinced that she had cheated on him, and he broke up with her, she said
Lauren became withdrawn and almost failed out of college. “You think, Why does anything even matter anymore?” she said. “I’m never going to date. I’m never going to have a boyfriend.”
That was in 2013. Over the last decade, Lauren has had only a few additional outbreaks, none as painful as her first. The mental strain — the depression she fell into after the diagnosis, the fear that future partners wouldn’t accept her — has been, by far, the hardest part of managing the disease. “It attacks your self-worth,” she said.
Herpes is extremely common: The World Health Organization estimates that 3.7 billion people live with HSV-1, some oral and some genital. And cases like Lauren’s, where HSV-1 spreads to the genitals during oral sex, have sharply increased over the past two decades, said Dr. Jonathan Zenilman, a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who specializes in sexually transmitted infections.
But herpes isn’t a top priority for researchers, said Dr. Larry Corey, a professor and virologist at Fred Hutch Cancer Center in Seattle who has studied the virus. It isn’t even the top priority among those who study sexually transmitted infections, he added. “The disease has been sort of ignored by both the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical research establishment,” he said.
There are several potential reasons for this, experts theorize, including the relatively mild physical symptoms for most patients, clinicians’ reluctance to discuss sexual health and how hard it is to develop a vaccine for herpes.
“The fact that a lot of the toll is psychological makes physicians not that interested in it,” said Dr. Anna Wald, a clinical virologist and a professor of medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine.
There has been little progress on more accurate tests, vaccines or additional treatments over the last few decades, Dr. Wald said. Part of the challenge is that the herpes virus can hide inside neurons that are shielded from the immune system, making the body’s immune response insufficient at eradicating the virus, she said — that’s why herpes remains in a person’s body for life. Vaccine attempts, so far, have not stimulated an immune response that can control the virus or prevent infection, she said.
If a patient does not have symptoms, doctors typically diagnose herpes with an antibody test that is frequently inaccurate. Up to half of positive commercial test results could be false, according to past research. There is another antibody test, called the herpes Western blot, that scientists consider the gold standard in diagnosing herpes — but the test is only available through the University of Washington, which can be cumbersome and expensive for patients to obtain. Testing is typically reliable when a patient has symptoms; doctors can swab a lesion and run a highly sensitive molecular test.
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force doesn’t recommend routine genital herpes screenings for people without symptoms, in part because false positive rates are so high. On Tuesday, the task force reaffirmed its recommendation. In a related paper, a group of doctors wrote that the recommendation was, in part, based on “psychosocial harms” associated with false positives on herpes tests.
And so the virus continues to spread essentially unchecked — exacerbated by just how ineffective the most widely available tests for herpes are, said Terri Warren, a nurse practitioner who has researched herpes.
As cases circulate, patients are left grappling with a diagnosis that can be psychologically devastating, Dr. Zenilman said.
“You can control the symptoms,” he added. “But lots of people feel stigmatized, dirty.”

How herpes got sidelined

Herpes can be severe in certain cases: Babies can contract neonatal herpes from their mothers, putting them at risk for severe complications and even death. For people who are immunocompromised, outbreaks can be more prolonged and painful. In the vast majority of cases, though, people will have very mild symptoms, and many will have none. That’s part of the reason the infection is so pervasive: People pass it onto partners without knowing they have herpes.
Those who contract HSV-1 may develop blisters on or around their mouths or, in some cases, on their genitals. HSV-2, the other predominant strain, is usually characterized by one or more lesions around the genitals or the rectum. In the United States, around one in six people between the ages of 14 and 49 has genital herpes, and over half of adults have oral herpes.
Antiviral medications help reduce the amount of the virus a person sheds, lowering the chance that someone with herpes will pass it on to a sexual partner. Some patients take antivirals daily; others only take medication when they have an outbreak. But the risk of spreading herpes is never zero. The disease lingers in the body, putting the onus on patients to disclose their diagnosis to anyone with whom they have intimate contact.
When Lauren started dating after her diagnosis, she found herself staying in relationships for longer than she might otherwise, scared nobody else would want to be with her. “I thought I was going to die alone,” she said.
Brittany, 29, who asked that her last name be withheld in order to discuss her personal health, only thinks about her HSV-2 when she scrolls through a dating app. In the two years since she was diagnosed, she’s only had one outbreak. Still, when she looks at each profile, she wonders how the man would respond to learning about her diagnosis. “I just worry so much that people are going to judge me,” she said. “That no matter how I present it to them, I’ll still face rejection. That weighs heavily on me.”
Some men have told her, flat-out, that they would never date someone with herpes, but what bothers her, too, are the ones who say, “I’m so sorry this happened to you.”
“I don’t want people to feel sorry for me,” she said. “I wake up every day and I’m fine.”
Scientists have worked on herpes vaccines in fits and starts since the 1970s, said Dr. Harvey Friedman, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine who has studied the disease for over 40 years. But past attempts have failed, for reasons researchers are still trying to uncover.
Because herpes has been around for so long, the viruses have evolved alongside us, making them more difficult to eradicate, said Christine Johnston, an associate professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine who has studied herpes.
There are new vaccines under development. Dr. Friedman is working with BioNTech on an HSV-2 vaccine candidate that was given to the first human subject in December. But none are in late-stage clinical trials, said Dr. Ina Park, a professor of family and community medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and author of “Strange Bedfellows: Adventures in the Science, History, and Surprising Secrets of S.T.D.s.” “There’s nothing anywhere close to prime time,” she said.

‘One of the biggest secret societies’

When Ella Dawson, 30, contracted genital HSV-1 in college, she started to post openly about her diagnosis on social media. To her surprise, people came out of the woodwork to share their stories — friends, relatives, even a cashier who worked at the grocery store on campus. Many told her that they had never disclosed their diagnosis to anyone other than a sexual partner.
“It’s one of the biggest secret societies in the world,” said Ms. Dawson, a novelist and writer who often speaks publicly about her experience with herpes.
Courtney Brame, 34, started the herpes education advocacy organization and podcast Something Positive for Positive People after his own HSV-2 diagnosis. He’s seen how the disease “completely shatters a person’s identity,” he said, partly because of how central sexuality can be to someone’s self-worth. “They don’t feel like they have anything to contribute to a relationship now, just because they have herpes,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Who’s going to want me now that I have this?’”
Mr. Brame has seen this in his own life. He was once messaging a woman on Tinder who brought up her struggle with chronic asthma; when he disclosed his own chronic condition, she stopped responding. But more often than facing rejection, when he shares his diagnosis, he said, he gets a different response: Women share that they, too, have herpes.
Herpes stigma stems in part from the idea that people with the infection have done something “wrong,” Dr. Park said. But you can exercise every precaution and still get it, she added — condoms do not entirely prevent transmission, and you don’t even need to have penetrative sex to contract the virus.
Though condoms can reduce the risk of transmission, not everyone with herpes will use a barrier method in long-term, monogamous relationships. In 2021, Something Positive for Positive People conducted a survey of over 1,000 people diagnosed with herpes; around 66 percent said a partner had consented to sex without a condom or other barrier method. And there is little research on how the virus spreads between women who have sex with women, Dr. Park said.
Medical providers, in general, often don’t receive extensive education on talking to patients about sexual health, Dr. Johnston said. When it comes to herpes in particular, “health care providers can be really insensitive about it and minimize it,” she said. “This is thought of more as a nuisance than a serious infection.”
“Clinicians don’t want to deal with this,” Ms. Warren said. “It involves people talking about sex. They’re crying, they’re going to have to talk about various specifics like is oral sex OK, is anal sex OK — I don’t think they want to go there,” she said.
Without support from doctors, or medical innovations to cure the infection, people with herpes are left “dealing with two viruses at the same time,” as Ms. Dawson put it. “You’re dealing with the physical symptoms of the virus,” she said, “and you’re dealing with the mental strain.”
Dani Blum is a reporter for Well.
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2023.04.01 21:13 Turbulent-Plane-1607 What happened?!

I have a best friend. She’s beautiful. She has long brown hair and light green eyes. I’m nothing, and neither was she. No one payed attention to us but we didn’t care about popularity. At least I didn’t…
One day, I noticed she was acting different. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Man i don’t know,” Said No one ever pays attention to us and I mean, look at you, it’s probably because I’m with you all the time.” After she said that, I was heart broken. How is it my fault. Even though I just laughed it off, I started feeling insecure but I just decided to stay a bit distant from her so she can get what she wants..
A week later
“Have you seen __?” I asked “Oh her? Ugh I don’t even want to know.” My classmate said. “She’s so self centered now that she’s popular.” What happened? Oh. Well it was spring break last week. I didn’t talk to my best friend for that whole week! I was pissed at her because she decided to hang out with her new friends the whole time.
“Hey.” My classmate said. “I have an idea and I know it will sound crazy but maybe it will satisfy you.” I was confused and a bit scared but I told her to tell me the plan. She got close to my ear and whispered the plan. My eyes widened. I sighed and then. I agreed.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked. “Yes trust me I’ve have handled fake friends like this before, I’m like a pro at it. Now, press that call button and tell her to come over.” I called my “best friend” and asked her to come over so we can talk. “Good job now that’s the EASY part. Are you ready?” My classmate said. “I guess..” She headed upstairs and waited.
Ding Dong. Crap she’s here. I’m not really prepared. It’s fine, I’ll just try my best. I opened the door. What the hell is she wearing. A small blue crop top with small black shorts and a grey sweater. She usually wears like sweats and a T-shirt. She also had a whole face of makeup on and I could barley recognize her. “Hey.” I said. “Hi.” She said. It felt like a long awkward second. “Come inside.” I said. She walked in a sat down in the living room. I sat with her. “So I know we have been distant lately and everything because you know, you became popular and sorta left me.” I said. “Yeah yeah um can I use your bathroom?” She said. “Yeah of course but your gonna need to use the one upstairs in my room because the one down here is out of order.” I said. She got up and went upstairs. Shoot here it goes…
“AHHH!!!!” Oh my god. I went upstairs and saw my “best friend” on the floor bl33d!ng uncontrollably from her stomach. I looked up at my classmate with a shocked face. “What happened?!!!” I asked. My classmate laughed. I laughed with her. “Good job. Everything went according to plan.” She said. “Yeah but um we never planned where we are going to drop the body” I said. “$h!t..” she said. “Think of something quick!”
The end. :)
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2023.04.01 21:12 Clovis_Winslow Dear Governor: A Prayerful Plea

Could one of you contemporary-casual-christbros forward the following to the big guy? I know y’all hang out on this sub because you’re constantly sending me all those sweet Reddit Cares messages. So if you could give this a lil’ push up the hill it would be greeeeeeat.
Hey there Billy!
Rough week, yeah. Me too. Nashvillians are shocked and scared. They’re just trying to find some hope for the future.
You were put here to be their rightful and godly leader but you just aren’t sparkling, Bill. Nobody feels better yet.
It’s not your fault you’ve got the personality of a baked potato and all the charisma of a wet fart. We don’t blame you for your tepid efforts thus far because you’re doing your best.
Nope, don’t even worry about that because it’s a new day! As your ever-loyal subject and image consultant, I’ve dreamt up the perfect solution. This is a simple plan but it will be your master stroke. A way for you to mend the shattered hearts of each Nashvillian and embrace the souls of every Tennessean in your blessed, ever-abiding love. A single gesture of faith and compassionate harmonious supplication forged in the resolute ironclad strength of the divine spirit which animates the holy firmament through which we trod, brother. You already know what I’m about to say…
It’s time to bring back Hard Luck Woman.
Dust off the dress and grab the wig, Billie Boy. Use the good lipstick. We need her now more than ever.
With a single blushing curtsy atop the steps at Legislative plaza, you’ll show the world that Tennessee is ready to think around corners to get ahead of this thing. After all, you’ve dabbled in drag famously and fabulously. It turns out your feminine side is wildly popular. You’ve sold more T-shirts than Moon Taxi. They’re putting you on a Billboard Billie!
Let’s lean into this thing. They won’t see it coming. Show the trans community that you’re only legislating them into oblivion because you can walk a mile in their shoes. Show the concerned parents that you can simultaneously be sanctified and strut your stuff, looking hot as shit, while keeping that prurient interest at bay with a sneer and a righteous drip. Because dammit, you’re straight and you’re white and you love the (correct) Lord. Nothing’s off-limits for you!
That’s right. Hard Luck Woman wouldn’t snivel in the corner while Tennessee desperately searches for answer. Hard Luck Woman would stride out to the 50-yard line, bust out the boombox, blast some Y.M.C.A and (judging by the photo) just kind of stand there awkwardly. But that’s enough!!!
We’re counting on you, Billie. Sack up, suit up and lead this state, bucko. We’re all behind you, but we promise not to slap your ass.
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2023.04.01 21:11 stitoss098 ER Doc dropped an STI bomb in front of my teen and spouse. Was it appropriate?

Throwaway account
I 40f went to the ER for abdominal pain with gastro symptoms last week. After blood work, urine, and CT, the doctor (ignoring the gastro symptoms?) walked in to my room and informed me I had trichomonas and even though test for them wasn't in, and he had done no other exams/asked questions, he insisted I also had chlamydia and/or gonorrhea, because they "go hand in hand with trichomonas".
He never asked if we could talk privately. Just blurted all of this out right in front of my spouse and my kid, insisted I be treated for the C/G, told me to have my partners tested, then left the room. I was too stunned to say anything.
I have been married for 14 years and never cheated, but my spouse and I are headed for divorce, and my kid cried themselves to sleep that night, and has been acting like I am a villain ever since.
Was this handled appropriately? Was it against hipaa? I understand doctors are human and can make mistakes, but this has had such a massive impact on my family and relationship with my kids. Should I contact administration? The medical board? Idk 😔
Edit: after culture the chlamydia/gonorrhea and all other STI tests came back negative.
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2023.04.01 21:11 WSIofParkRidge Family Lawyer near Johnsberg, Illinois

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https://www.peterfcarroll.com/ https://www.peterfcarroll.com/family-law-attorney-johnsberg-illinois
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2023.04.01 21:11 northmigration it’s so unfair

it’s not fair. everyone is giving up on me and i have nobody. no friends or anybody i can talk to. i’m so lonely. the love of my life isn’t speaking to me and i don’t think they love me anymore. i’m in a hospital where i cant hurt myself but once i’m out of here i will. that’s a fucking promise. it’s not going to be okay it’s never been okay. i’m beyond repair
i don’t think anybody would care if i died. i’m just going to do it. i really am. why do my parents not love me. why did my dad abandon me why why it’s just not fair
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2023.04.01 21:10 Aceofspader1337 Loosing a friend because of girls

Let me start saying the problem and I will provide context following up.
I have a friend, which I used to see as my best, confident, friend, who is now ditching me because of girls and I'm very sad about that.
Let me give some context. I've moved to another country, married, and this guy cane with us, living the same problems, facing the same life, but he was, and is, single. So me and the wife helped him as best as possible, with friendship, care, invitations, even little money here and there, so we were very good friends and trust each other.
Everything was going very well. He even made good new friends and is having a blast with them. He also used to invite me, when I was married, to those gatherings. So I pretty much know all new guys and girls that are his new circle of friends.
However, in the mean time, me and my wife divorced, and I started looking for things to do. It's been very recent events, but that friend already changed his behavior dramatically towards me.
First time we went to a bar with his male and female friends he was a little jealous, even went home sooner, and he usually is the left to leave the place.
Another episode, he was in the streets walking to meet a girl, as I expected, which later I found out to be true, but he deiced to pretend to not see me, and couple moments later took a turn and came to talk to me. But this was very awkward as his face and body language was like wishing I wasn't there.
I'm going through some hard times and I would like to go out more often, since I got no friends or family here in this new country, and I was expecting that this guy who I saw as my best friend to take me as his wing man or something.
But that never happened. Matter of fact, he keep doing all things and never invite me.
How do you guys see this?
I haven't faced him and never complained with him about any of this, but I already told him that I'm not here to steal his spotlight or to hit on girls he has interest on, but that didn't change anything on his end.
So, i would like to know what do you guys think, and what would you do to work around this.
What I have been doing so far is not waiting, nor expecting anything out of him anymore. I already consider him not a friend and I am already pursuing new contacts and friendships. I also muted him on all social media, and I'm also not inviting him to anything as well. Except when I call mutual friends on the same group we share.
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2023.04.01 21:10 Kindly-Thing-3522 Is my friend’s weird driving a sign of severe ADHD??

so I have a friend who i used to drive with and I noticed some huge red flags.
To be honest, I don’t really like people who text and drive I think it’s a sign of complete ignorance, recklessness and impatience but sometimes I just don’t care, but I realized he would text and drive with two phones and the weird thing is that sometimes we would be super close to getting into an accident he actually got into an accident once and the weird thing is he would always look over to me to help him pay attention. And first I thought it was weird as hell. Please let me know if that isn’t weird or if that’s normal behavior??? I’m pretty sure not only is it weird but it’s dangerous asf
And then eventually I called him out on it because he would micromanage my driving whenever I was in the car, and I just got super annoyed . And he was like I would love for someone to help me drive because sometimes I just can’t focus And he needs help paying attention sometimes.
And he has a really weird ego so sometimes he doesn’t really pay attention and I would literally tell him like you shouldn’t be driving if you need someone to help you drive in the first place. ??
Like am I crazy or something am I stupid or is he just weird because I don’t think I’ve ever been in a car even with people who were drunk and high that ever actually needed assistance they would always be able to focus in some shape or form.
This guy is completely sober not tired from driving a long period of time and still insist that he needs an assistant to help him pay attention while driving I’m not a medical professional or anything like that, but you cannot tell me that isn’t an extremely severe case of ADHD . What do you guys think?
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2023.04.01 21:09 AnytimeInvitation Haven't been in the field for years. These are fun 2011. What can I do with them?

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2023.04.01 21:09 ohhgrrl 55% of Parents Expect Financial Assistance From Their Kids During Retirement Years

55% of Parents Expect Financial Assistance From Their Kids During Retirement Years
Mass Mutual is running this commercial right now stating that most parents expect their kids to finance them during retirement.
What the fuck kind of Baby Boomer racket is this? Legit you brought us into a shit world with no economic opportunity and now expect me to finance YOUR lifestyle that I cannot afford?
The whole system is just a sick joke.
P.S. Mom and Dad, go fuck yourselves you own two houses while I rent.
Link to research: https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/ct-elderly-care-american-attitude-balancing-20150527-column.html
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2023.04.01 21:09 AgtSeaCow WIBTA for not going to my future in laws house?

Am I (29f) an asshole for not going to my future in laws? My fiancé (29f) and I were supposed to visit her parents this weekend and had double checked with them prior that it would be ok. I recently had a surgery that makes it so I cannot walk and need to use crutches. My fiancé and I have 2 dogs which I will refer to as Small Dog(SD) and Big Dog(BD). I love both of them very much and so do my future in laws however, BD has some issues with dog aggression, it’s not all dogs and I am usually very careful where I bring BD to not let them get into a situation that would lead them to lash out. This is where the issue comes in my fiancés brothers girlfriend (30f) owns a dog that my dog absolutely HATES. I have tried everything but BD just refuses to like Other Dog. So I usually avoid bringing BD around when I know OD would be there, this only works sometimes because even when we plan ahead they will show up unexpectedly. My fiancés parents told us that her brother, his girlfriend and their dog would be coming. So now I am not wanting to visit, this has happened multiple times where my dog has to stay on a leash or locked up somewhere I usually bow down and do it. However, with the distance being over an hour away and the fact my fiancé would have to take over control of BD because of my surgery I don’t think it’s fair.
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2023.04.01 21:07 MasterDarcy_1979 43 [M4F] #Scotland. Dominant seeking submissive

If your initial chat request and/or message does not interest me, or if they break any of the following stipulation, I shan't reply.
So be warned.
Also, please, only initiate contact with me if you are looking for a Dominant. If you initiate contact for any other reason then I will not respond.
In the past I've replied to every single chat/message in the past. In the more recent cases the sender clearly hadn't read my post, which has now forced me to clamp down. Quite frankly, it's a waste of my time.
After you've sent your chat request and/or message, you will have to wait for a reply (if you meet my criteria). As I will either be busy, sleeping or processing your chat/message.
Also, please include a photograph of yourself. As I've included a photograph on my post.
Hell, it doesn't have to be a professional actress, occasional community theatre would suffice. :p
As I said, though, the previous two variables are not a prerequisite. I don't care what career a woman has. The only thing that's important to me is that we are emotionally and spiritually compatible, everything else can fall by the wayside.
What I'm looking for:
I want a woman who has character, who is classy and sophisticated. A woman who has dignity, strong opinions, strong unwavering morals and a personality. I don't want a doormat. Just because a woman is a submissive in no way means that she's weak-willed, inherently inferior and docile.
I've known submissive women from all walks of life, from at the pinnacle of the arts, to the top of the mental health profession even to someone involved in the space industry.
It's a long heralded deep misconception, not just within the vanilla community, but also in the BDSverse, that the Dominants wield the most power. They don't. If anything, submissives and slaves hold considerably more power, as without their consent, the Dominant is just a person holding a collar without a person attached.
So yes, if you're a submissive or a slave and you're reading this. Just remember that YOU initially hold the power.
I like strong character. Collaring a strong woman is more of an achievement than collaring someone who has the backbone integrity of a jellyfish or someone who is already broken.
I like the process
My kind of woman is Elizabeth Bennet and Wednesday Addams all rolled into one. Essentially, a woman who is strong and opinionated, who knows her own mind, and doesn't give a rat's tail for the judgements of others. But also a woman who is a natural submissive behind their hard shell of an exterior.
She is a lover of books and words.
She has grace and class and sophistication. Being the Dominant of a woman who is the personification of class and elegance is a really hot fantasy. Posh, even. Well-to-do and maybe a little spoilt.
I'm an old fashioned gentleman at heart, with manners and politeness. Cue my username. (If you don't get the play-on-words of my username then you've failed the first test)
I'm majorly into watersports, so if that kind of thing turns you on, we're going to get along!
I'll start with the "Darcy" part of my psyche:
I'm not like the vast majority of Dominants out there who will collar the first submissive who comes along. I have high standards and I'll only collar a submissive if those standards are met.
I find, in society, with kink and vanilla, people are too willing to drop their standards and take whatever on off. People have a "first come, first served" mentality.
That isn't me.
This is why 50% of marriages end in divorce and 75% of those married 50% are miserable and the parties are waiting for the sweet taste of death to release them from the hell that they've created, for fear of dying alone.
That isn't me, either. I would rather live and die by my own sword than be with someone for whom I want to kill. Life is too short to be in an unhappy relationship.
I'm not a social media person. Yes, I'm on here, but I'm only really here to post this. Other than Reddit, I have zero social media presence.
I'm also not an instant messaging person. I am witty and I love banter. IM seems to bring out my sarcastic and quippy side, which is a curse as it's detrimental with regards to actually getting to know someone.
My communication method of choice is emails. With emails you're able to convey mass amounts of information and details, without interruption, therefore, making the "getting to know you" process relatively quick.
If you want a Man who has manners, who is intelligent, monogamous, funny, classy, sophisticated and nurturing, feel free to initiate contact.
I'm deep, introspective, pensive and morose. I feel more at ease and happiest when I'm alone. I can barely tolerate people.
I would rather be by myself than be at a party or a gathering. If you want a people person and an extraverted and a social butterfly. Yeah... that isn't me, either.
Characteristics I'm seeking: sardonic, pensive, Intelligent, well read, classy, kinky, sophisticated, open minded, monogamous and with a certain Goth vibe. I have always had a thing for Goth types. Back in the day it was Morticia and Elvira, I suppose you can add Wednesday to the mix now that she's all growed up.
ABOUT ME: (Vanilla)
I'm a writer, and soon-to-be author (hopefully). One of my passions is cooking. I briefly trained as a Chef, which means that I'm a whizz in the kitchen! Wouldn't say that I'm a fully-fledged Chef, but I know enough to get by and not starve to death or get food poisoning... and die.
I'm a logophile. (No. It doesn't mean that I like logos. It means that I have an intense and inherit love of words. They even have the ability to get me horny) If you contact me, you have to have an equal passion for the written (or spoken) word. If you initiate contact with me and you only write a dozen words, I reserve the right to release the Kraken and/or ignore you. Probably both. (I know that I've said this twice now, but I really cannot stand messages that have no thought behind them.)
Oh. I also have a really sharp sense of humour. So, if you're sensitive or thin skinned, approach with caution.
I'm a deep thinker. I'm spiritual (NOT religious) and believe in the power of Chi. I believe in Ghosts, other worlds, multiverses and dimensions. I'm into meditation and self improvement and self analysis. I'm a free-thinker and tend to think independently from the masses. I naturally deviate from convention.
I don't conform. I'm unapologetically weird and different.
I'm not a people person. I can't stress that enough. I tend to connect better with "weird" people and people who deviate from "normality". I'm misanthropic and I tend to be on an entirely different page than the general populace. For that, I am eternally thankful.
I don't really care about distance. I mean, let's be honest, the chance of meeting a compatible soul is improbable as it is, if you restrict it by means of geography and location, the "improbable" becomes the "impossible". Besides, it's 2023, not 1723. Distances can be bridged with the aid of heavy machinery with wings.
So yes, I'm open to a long distance relationship, to begin with.
It takes a while to properly forge a strong relationship: It requires respect, trust, honesty, compatibility and communication. None of those things come easily or without dedication, conviction and time.
I'm a sapiosexual as well as a demisexual. I find intelligence very, very hot!
I'm an introvert. I'm private and I don't like being the centre of attention. In fact, I like to keep as far back from people and the spotlight as possible. My preference is to live in the shadows. My main aim in life is to become a Vampire... true story. Still working on it.
Movies: Fright Night 1 & 2, The Lost Boys, Barefoot in the park, Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, Casablanca, Jerry Maguire, Serendipity, Say Anything, Almost Famous, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's day off, Weird Science, Elvira: Mistress of the dark, Elvira: Haunted Hills, Dirty Dancing, The Big Sick, Star Wars (The original trilogy), Firefly, Shadow of the Vampire, Interview with the Vampire, Dracula (1931).
Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, It's Always sunny in Philadelphia, Wednesday, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex and the City, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Scrubs.
AuthoWriter: Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, The Bronte Sisters, Emily Dickinson.
Music: The Smiths, The Cure, AC/DC
Honestly, I'm not a big music fan. I prefer classical music and score as they have the capacity to stir my emotions.
...and now the "Master" half of what makes me, me:
ABOUT ME: (Kink)
My form of Dominance is one of psychology.
It's my belief that before you can even hope to control the body, first you have to be able to control the mind.
I want to know how you think, I want to know how your mind works, what you love, what you like, what you hate and what you dislike. I want to know about your formative years, your upbringing, your parents, your family, etc.
In essence, I want to know everything about you.
Vanilla comes before kink.
As far as kink goes, I want to know about your experience as well as your dream dynamic. I want to know what turns you on, what your limits are and how willing you are to expand your horizons,allow me to break down your walls in order to replace it with different walls, but done with subtlety and skill.
The BDSMverse is all about growth. It's all about learning and maturing and both discovering new kinks, but also cultivating the kinks you already have.
This dynamic will be a living, breathing organism. It'll grow and develop and mature. It will be 24/7. It'll be all consuming and it will be a life choice.
At work you will be my submissive. At the supermarket and at the mall and out in public, you will be owned by me. Your every breath will contain a whisper that I own you. Every thought will contain a note that I control you.
It will be all encompassing.
You will be swimming in a fog of knowledge that your every thought, every feeling and every moment of your life is under my lock and key.
I want a relationship based on TPE. I'm not into "keeping it in the bedroom/behind closeddoors", as that sounds too much like roleplay.
You will learn from me, you will be taught, I will sculpt and mould and nurture you and train you to be the greatest version of yourself that you can be.
I'll listen. I'll be your teacher, your mentor, your confident, your protector as well as your best friend.
I cannot stress that enough, for a D/s dynamic to work, it has to be built on friendship. There must be trust and respect and communication and compatibility. Every cylinder must be firing
We will be a team. We will listen, talk and learn from the other. Our bond will be stronger than any metal or element known to Man.
Again, this isn't an easy connection to develop. It takes honesty, trust, communication and absolute dedication and faith. Come into this half-hearted, it will not work.
It also takes time. How much time? It will take as long as it takes. The vanilla connection must be forged, otherwise it's akin to building a house on quicksand.
My kinks: Watersports, fiscal Domination, Goth, taboo, rough skull-fucking, anal, CNC, rape play, bimbofication, food control, body modification, behaviour modification, body transformation, body modification, body writing, deepthroat, TPE, puke, chains, leather, outfits, DP (with dildos, etc), toys, edging, Vampirism (Hematolagnia), tasks, raceplay, DD/lg
I'm very open to taboo kinks, as well as extreme kinks. The chance of me being against a kink will be extremely remote.
Watersports is my number one kink, so, if you're genuinely turned on by watersports (Or even if you're curious) we could very well be a match.
Hard limits: Poly and scat.
Everything else is negotiable.
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2023.04.01 21:06 WelcomeDouble368 WIBTA for not going to my friends wedding

I (26F) am debating on whether I should go to my friends (27F) wedding because she has barely spoken to me since meeting her fiancé.
Her and I have been on and off friends for years and we’re mainly close when we were younger. We stayed in touch throughout the years here and there and it didn’t bother me too much. However a few years ago we both became extremely close and we spent virtually every day together for 2 years. At this point I considered her family and thought we would always remain good friends now that we are older and the past wouldn’t repeat itself (her getting a boyfriend and then dropping me). Low and behold a year and a half ago she gets a boyfriend and within a few months we are barely talking. I don’t want to give too much information but all of this happened fast and fairly recently.
In the last year I’ve seen her maybe twice. I’ve tried two times to salvage the friendship and work things out, once when it first started and once a few months ago. I’m not usually that sort of person as I typically will just drop someone and move on with my life, but now that I’m getting older I’m trying to be more mature about relationships. She said she would work on being distant blah blah and never actually tried. After the last time I could tell she didn’t actually care but it gave me a sense of closure that we are no longer going to be as close as we once were. I moved past it and figured we could still be friends even if we aren’t close because that’s just the way life goes sometimes.
Fast forward to now, I texted her about a month ago about something random and she ignored my text message. I still haven’t heard back from her and even before that message I didn’t hear from her for a few months. Meanwhile I see on social media she still keeps in contact and sees other people. So she can’t use the excuse that she’s “too busy” because she isn’t for other people.
I’m at the point now where the wedding is coming up in October and I don’t even know if there’s a point in me going. I never see or talk to her anymore and I barely even know her fiancé/their relationship because I was essentially dropped when they first started dating. Plus weddings are expensive and I have a few other ones coming up this year. On the other hand though I know me not going would probably cause an issue and be one of those things you can’t come back from unless you have a solid excuse (I don’t). Should I just go and drop her after the wedding?
So in conclusion am I the asshole if I don’t go to her wedding?
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2023.04.01 21:05 o0Jahzara0o The deceit and backtracking rampant among a supposedly righteous movement

I was reading this article just recently shared: War on women: The link between white supremacy, "men's rights" and anti-abortion politics and after someone let slip their racism, this part stood out to me: "Miller's denials across multiple instances of mainstreaming white supremacy are typical of the reactionary right in the Trump era, as increasingly extreme ideas are offered as red meat for the GOP base, while those who utter them later protest that they were taken out of context, kidding or misunderstood."
So I want to take a moment to talk about the sheer amount of deception and backtracking that occurs in the anti-choice movement. Because I take issue with a movement claiming moral high ground while deceiving people.
Actions of individuals:
Actions of the collective:
Abhorrent things have been kept quiet. Abhorrent things are said and then retracted. How much medical falsehoods are signed onto without even understanding what they are talking about? If they don't actually understand medicine and biology and how our bodies work, then they are just pushing ulterior motives and co-opting the words of the medical community and scientists to push their agenda. This goes hand in hand with appropriating the language of civil and human rights activism in order to undermine those very same civil rights.
It's telling their true beliefs that belie everything. People have been sounding the alarm for years: prolifers were not ever planning to stop at "late term" abortion. Or after sending it back to the states. Prolifers were never not going to press for prosecuting women - current prosecution of those who have had miscarriages and still births while on drugs was evidence of that. And now bills are being introduced, thus realizing the warnings that have been sounded.
There have also been warnings about how this was originally about racism and class warfare - look into the origins of the Religious Right and see what Henry Hyde said about his Hyde Amendment barring federal tax dollars from going towards abortion.
All of their rhetoric has been about shrouding true end goals. And all of the slips have acted as political "trial balloons":
A “trial balloon” describes a test of public opinion or reaction to a particular idea, proposal or policy.
It's amazing how much deception, shrouding, masking, lies, and abhorrent thoughts come from a movement supposedly so righteous and a moral high ground.
They have to hide racism, misogyny, exploitation, abuse. They claim that a newborn baby is no more important than this, while holding up protest signs with images of newborn babies and not zygotes and embryos, thus substituting their humanity for the higher level of humanity they see in babies (they do this with both pregnant people and zefs.)
They have to abuse people for being human (ie people who have consensual sex). They abuse children, who are also barred from accessing abortion and are forced to carry unsafe pregnancies to term that were raped into them. They abuse adult rape victims who are also barred from accessing abortion, either explicitly or just due to hurdles that prolifers refuse to admit harm victims. They commodify infants through adoption (which is only recognized as not human trafficking because it's made legal and passed off as nothing but beautiful while ignoring the harms it causes to birth mothers.) They exploit pregnant people, telling them to give up their newborn babies for adoption and not only not voting for legislation that would make it easier for them keep their babies, but actually voting against those efforts citing "bootstraps" and "mah tax dollars" (even though those people also may be paying taxes.
They will state how they can't allow abortion to be legal because their complicities supposedly implicate them in "baby murder." They accuse even prochoice advocates, people who may never even have had abortions themselves, as holding responsibility for baby murder. Yet when people die from pregnancy, when people commit suicide, when hospitals close birthing centers, they quickly write that off as not due to abortion bans. They scream about us taking personal responsibility while absolving themselves of their own.
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2023.04.01 21:04 PickYourPosition 💼 29 new consultancies with the United Nations - Sat 01 Apr

Please find in the comments 29 new vacancies that opened since Thursday 30 Mar.
The data come from UN Talent.

Every open Consultant position in the UN

🇮🇩 Other Jakarta (Indonesia)
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2023.04.01 21:04 no-reception-420 Music selection is key, no pun intended

To give some context, last week I went out to the club with a few buddies just to listen to some tunes and hear other dj's play, I mostly listen to and mix house and funk stuff,
Comes this main event guy after a girl and a guy who did an hour each before (they were alright), and he's fuc*ing killing it with the transitions, guy's scratching doing some crazy shit, but his song selection was just awful, guy was playing strictly mainstream stuff and stuff that was popular 10 years ago, mostly some corny shit, but to be fair he did kill it if you look at his technique,
But if I wasn't a bedroom dj, I would just notice that he plays shitty music, and would not care if the guy could mix or not..
So just keep that in mind, always try and expand your repertoire and strive to be better overall, also gotta put hours in and have fun :D
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2023.04.01 21:04 Runescora Lameness

My 11.5 yr old (F) Border-Aussie came in from trying to chase a squirrel last night limping and favoring her left back leg. She doesn’t like when I touch the leg, but doesn’t withdraw or otherwise overtly react with passive range of motion. It does look slightly swollen on the lower third of the limb. She is still eating/peeing/pooping appropriately. No reduction in energy or willingness to move around. She’ll run on three legs if she feels like going faster and I’ve had to separate her from the other dogs to keep them from rough housing. Mostly, she just doesn’t appear to want to put any weight on it. Although I just watched her walk about 20 ft w/touch-toe weight bearing.
I’ve been making her rest and continuing her normal (vet recommended) regime of CBD and supplements. I iced it for a bit last night. Possible slight improvement today. It does seem to get stiff when she’s off it for extended periods of time.
Hx: Mild S/Sx of arthritis, well managed with CBD and vet recommended supplements. Sprained/strained the same leg approximately 7 years ago, quick, uncomplicated recovery and no medical interventions per the vet (improved in two hours, unnoticeable within 24). Intermittently noted to favor the same leg w/o noticeable limp. Moderate lipoma near right front shoulder. No other chronic or acute health issues.
Is there anything else I might do while waiting for the vet to open?
(If no improvement by tomorrow morning we will be heading to the emergency vet.)
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2023.04.01 21:04 Aeropro2010 [IWantOut] 34M Finance US -> FR/GBR

Hello all,
I am 34 and have worked in business my whole life. I have an ungraduate degree in business management.
I am exploring a "fresh start" overseas. Frankly, the social dynamics in the U.S. in the city I live and work in aren't ideal. The cost of living is fair, however as a young eligible bachelor there just aren't many opportunities to date and meet new people.
I've spent the last few years considering a move overseas. I have citizenship in Australia as well already (my mom is from there and I was given it) however I understand the cost of living is crazy over there.
Are there any opportunities for a "fresh start" with a business degree in France or England? I do speak some French and am currently studying more to become closer to fluent.
I am open to an industry change as well and pursuing a Master's (in the U.S.) in a more marketable field. I have interest in the humanities (teaching, psychology, therapy), but am open to mostly everything that doesn't involve the medical field.
Any advice? Thank you!
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2023.04.01 21:03 DatabaseFew8150 Chloroform Wash Method (good for EU users)

I've provided a method below for this process as I have found most EU coke to be cut with Ephedrine (Ephedrine HCl crystals).
It's important to understand when washing, that temperature is a very important factor. Heat is the energy needed for organic reactions to take place. In this wash, we use cold Chloroform because Ephedrine is partially soluble in Chloroform. By reducing the temperature, we reduce the rate Ephedrine HCl can be dissolved in Chloroform, whereas coke will dissolve in Chloroform fairly easily, even at colder temperatures, so the wash will be more successful.
Also, Chloroform evaporates at 20'C, so please perform this wash in a cool environment. If you live in a country with a hot climate, do it at night.
I'd also recommend an Acetone wash beforehand to improve the quality of the product.
Goal - Removal of Ephedrine (also reasonable efficiency of Levamisole and Pseudoephedrine removal – Hexane wash required for 99% purity)
- Lab Stand
- medium to high flow filter papers, 16 cm. in diameter
- plastic funnel, 3-4 in. diameter top
- Pyrex pie-dish (9-10 inches dia.)
- 100 ml glass Pyrex beaker and a 6-inch glass stir rod.
- Blow-dryer
- Chloroform (lab grade) – stored in Freezer overnight
- Ensure Chloroform is chilled before use – you want it as cold as possible, but not less than minus 60’c. Most home freezers are set to -20’C, which is acceptable.
- Crush Chang as finely as possible and add to the beaker.
- Fill beaker with cold Chloroform - 10ml/g of Chang as an estimate. (12.5ml chloroform dissolves 1g of PURE Chang, so 10ml/g is an estimate based on assumed cut ratio, assumung you are starting with a purity of around 80%). The goal is to only add enough Chloroform to dissolve the Chang, as the other impurities will dissolve into the Chloroform (just at a much slower rate). Stir thoroughly with glass rod for 3-5 minutes until fully dissolved. Anything solid inside the beaker at this point, is not Chang.
- Take a filter paper, fold to half-circle, then again to a triangle. Open one of the two openings and place inside the funnel. Trim the funnel itself to where the edge of the filter paper (this prevents the solution touching the plastic funnel). Push the filter paper so into the funnel so the tip of the paper protrudes the funnel.
- Place the funnel on your lab stand so the tip of the filter paper is roughly 1 inch above the pie-dish. ENSURE THE FILTER PAPER IS SECURELY CLIPPED TO THE BEAKER.
- Keep stirring solution, then quickly but carefully, pour the solution into the filter paper. Once solution is in place, cover the top to protect from moisture.
- Allow the solution to fully pass onto the pie-dish (time will depend on purity, so check every 5-10 mins if solution is still in the filter paper.
- Once all liquid has passed through, from a distance of at least 12 inches away and facing away from you, carefully blow dry the pie-dish to evaporate off a majority of the chloroform liquid. Continue until a goo forms. Allow this goo to dry and crystalize in a well-ventilated area (Est 24 hours)
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