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2023.06.08 01:41 Affectionate-Law8245 [M4F] (Discord) Looking for a longterm romantic Overwatch roleplay! Detailed writers only please.

Hello, my name is Raccoon. A little bit about me:
I’ve been roleplaying for 5-6 years, starting to “spicier roleplays” and now transitioning into more serious and SFW roleplaying with more advanced style (I only roleplay on Discord)
I’m a big fan of any Sci Fi, Fantasy etc. Anything superhero, wartime or epic fiction is something I really enjoy. I’m a big fan of sports so I will incorporate that some how into the roleplay.
For the plot I was thinking about playing through the early days of Overwatch and making our way through the history of Overwatch whilst adding our own conflicts in.
My requirements that I need from you:
-Communication, don’t leave me hanging for a week and then come back. Tell me if you’re leaving and I won’t ghost you. Simple as that.
-Literacy, I understand not everyone is great with English but that’s alright. As long as I can understand what you were trying to write it’s fine.
-Length, I’m looking for paragraphs! No one liners. I want detailed answers please. I usually write 2-3 paragraphs but that can differ on the roleplay
-Have fun. If you don’t like the roleplay or something about it, tell me. I want to hear about it.
-Also I am here to help, if you want to pause the roleplay and talk about something going on or just talk about our days I don’t mind. I love hearing about that kind of stuff and making new friends.
Be fine with OC’s! I usually never play canon characters but with this franchise I’m okay with being a canon character, I would prefer to play against a canon character but I am okay with OC’s as long as they are detailed
Also be fine with it getting “spicer!” I like to include those scenes when the characters get together because it’s passionate and romantic. Obviously not the main focus of the roleplay but it will be in there every time.
There you go, that’s what I’m looking for in a partner. I hope I catch some interest! Cheers!
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2023.06.08 01:41 XFragmentedSoulX Sensitive to smells. My dad’s suggestion is to slowly try to introduce those smells into my diet.

I’m sensitive to smells and tastes and sounds and my dad’s suggestion is to slowly introduce those smells and tastes into my diet and eventually, my body will get accustomed to it. For example, I hate seafood and the smell makes me gag and taste is just as disgusting. Now his fix is to slowly eat seafood until my body gets used to it?
I also have sensitivity to loud noises. So in that same way, if I slowly bring myself to go inside a room of low noises and eventually increase the volume of the noise, slowly but surely, my ears will eventually get accustomed to the loud noise… is his suggestion accurate or good?
I’m lacking certain stuff in my diet… but apparently my tastes and smells and feelings about certain food, doesn’t matter and I have to eat those food regardless of what I like or dislike because it’s “healthy” or “good for you?”
I asked him what if I throw up after eating that? He says I’m just assuming… and that it won’t happen because I’ll eat slowly, bit by bit, not a whole fish.
What are your thoughts? Is just sucking it up and eating regardless of my heightened smell and taste buds the right solution?
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2023.06.08 01:41 Affectionate-Law8245 [M4F] (Discord) Looking for a longterm romantic Overwatch roleplay! Detailed writers only please.

Hello, my name is Raccoon. A little bit about me:
I’ve been roleplaying for 5-6 years, starting to “spicier roleplays” and now transitioning into more serious and SFW roleplaying with more advanced style (I only roleplay on Discord)
I’m a big fan of any Sci Fi, Fantasy etc. Anything superhero, wartime or epic fiction is something I really enjoy. I’m a big fan of sports so I will incorporate that some how into the roleplay.
For the plot I was thinking about playing through the early days of Overwatch and making our way through the history of Overwatch whilst adding our own conflicts in.
My requirements that I need from you:
-Communication, don’t leave me hanging for a week and then come back. Tell me if you’re leaving and I won’t ghost you. Simple as that.
-Literacy, I understand not everyone is great with English but that’s alright. As long as I can understand what you were trying to write it’s fine.
-Length, I’m looking for paragraphs! No one liners. I want detailed answers please. I usually write 2-3 paragraphs but that can differ on the roleplay
-Have fun. If you don’t like the roleplay or something about it, tell me. I want to hear about it.
-Also I am here to help, if you want to pause the roleplay and talk about something going on or just talk about our days I don’t mind. I love hearing about that kind of stuff and making new friends.
Be fine with OC’s! I usually never play canon characters but with this franchise I’m okay with being a canon character, I would prefer to play against a canon character but I am okay with OC’s as long as they are detailed
Also be fine with it getting “spicer!” I like to include those scenes when the characters get together because it’s passionate and romantic. Obviously not the main focus of the roleplay but it will be in there every time.
There you go, that’s what I’m looking for in a partner. I hope I catch some interest! Cheers!
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2023.06.08 01:41 pm_me_ur_doggo__ Learn how to use GPT to actually make you a superhero, rather than a copy paste bot.

I've seen a few people come into threads saying "chat gpt can do this" and then paste some code directly from the chat gpt window. Usually when looking at the code, you see anti patterns, and bad advice that can really throw a beginner for a loop.
If you're posting wrong code into reddit without critical thinking, I really don't want to see what you're pasting into your production apps.
Steve jobs famously called the computer a "bicycle for the mind" and I would call generative AI an "ebike for the mind". I have an ebike, and if I jump on it, I can go quick. 50kmph, which puts me at pace with cars. But it's also very dangerous and I need to know how to use it, or else I will end up a pancake on the road. Yes, it's way faster than walking, but I can get myself into trouble way more quickly as well if I don't know how to avoid the pitfalls.
It's not about being a Luddite and avoiding AI. In fact, my workflow is filled with AI. I have copilot suggestions, copilot chat beta, and a browser window always open with chat gpt for when I want gpt-4. And it makes me quick. But I don't let it replace me.
So here are my tips
  1. Seek to know enough to get a feel for when the AI might be wrong. This means seeking out traditional resources and learning the fundamentals. If you see something new in your copilot suggestions that you don't understand, find out what it is. (Bing or GPT with the browsing plugin can be good for this as they will quote their sources)
  2. You are still responsible for the code you run. Take that responsibility seriously. Don't run code you don't understand.
  3. Model quality matters. The free models are worse. GPT-4 absolutely does generate better code and give better insights.
  4. Be careful with technology after the cutoff for your model. For example, the new react docs aren't integrated into any models. I've also seen bad suggestions around newer or quickly changing libraries.
  5. For that reason keep your finger on the pulse of new tech. AI can't help you there right now.
Just remember - AI will not take your job. Someone who knows how to use AI will. Make sure you're the person who's turning the pedals and building skills and you can be that person.
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2023.06.08 01:40 bbccgg I really hate this

I’m at a low point. Feeling more sad, confused and isolated than I ever have in my life. I can’t trust my own thoughts, I don’t know which ones are my intuition guiding me and which are the fake anxiety-induced lies fed by my ROCD. I feel like I am in constant limbo of not knowing what to do, which as I get older and the more years go by that I’ve been with my partner, the more that limbo state feels like it is just halting me from progressing with my life. I feel like I’m damned if I stay because I’ll keep having these obsessive thoughts and be in a constant anxiety and confusion loop, but I’m damned if I leave because I will lose someone I love and enjoy spending my life with (however, I just have constant thoughts about if we are really sexually compatible and if I need to leave because if the sexual attraction isn’t there in that way then it just won’t ever work. But then I wonder if I truly don’t have that physical connection with him or is it just my ROCD making me feel like I don’t and now I’m just obsessing about it and making it a thing. Now I get anxiety attacks anytime he tries to make a move on me, and when I say what’s going on he is so understanding and doesn’t push me, but after months of not being physical it just makes me feel so ashamed and embarrassed because it’s like I just can’t do it.) I hate this fucking condition!! I hate not being able to distinguish my thoughts from real and false. Which ones to trust that actually are my intuition and which ones are lying to me. I just want my brain to not feel like a bunch of jumbled up wires at all times, I just want to feel at peace. I can’t even talk to my best friend (him) about what I’m feeling because I don’t want to hurt him; he just sees me being more lazy and depressed lately. It’s so isolating. I feel so guilty for having any negative or doubtful thoughts because he’s such a good person and is so good to me and I’m ashamed that I can’t just be a normal fucking girl and be ready to be proposed to and be excited about it like everyone else my age who seems like they are so happy and sure of everything, who can go about their life with clarity. Everything would be so nice if I felt peace and certainty. I don’t know if it’s possible.
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2023.06.08 01:40 CBguy1983 Alcohol freed me

I was with the company for 5 years. It made me drink so much, becoming who I wasn’t. I live behind my old store they closed. So it’s a constant reminder of those times. I was a manager but my position was taken away from me by a GM that said she didn’t think I was ready for it. A GM that constantly had customer complaints about her of all people. I ended up at another store along way from home. Our regional manager occasionally stopped by. So one day I asked ok why haven’t I had a raise in 3 years? She didn’t give a reason. Just said no more raises, focus on tips. I’m a logical thinker & at some point like say round the holidays people can’t afford to tip. Well about a month ago they started this contest to get people to sign up for our app. “You could win $100.” Ive seen this contest several times & we never win. I told them that. I told them the new store they were building would hurt our numbers. I feel this contest was a round a bout way of toying with the crew & avoiding raises. I overheard the owner was buying into other companies & planning on opening more stores. I reply that means he’s got money to give raises he just doesn’t want to. I asked what his end game was. Buy 2 companies then 1 giant raise for everyone or would he just keep buying more & more & to hell with his employees? It just never seemed to be good enough. A trusted friend told me to try IHOP saying our old roommate is GM. I mulled over it and gave it a shot. It was about that time I stopped drinking. About 4 days after I applied I got the call for an interview. I kinda laughed as his last sentence was my interview would be with my old roommate. Me & her used to butt heads. But it’s been 4 years, people change. The interview was more catching up then an actual interview. She said she planned on hiring me from the beginning. I wasn’t sure how to tell my GM. I was scared to leave, try something semi new. Until she sends me a schedule then I have to make a choice. I called my GM to put my notice in. She asked why. Simple really im paid more, more hours, & closer to home. Today was my last day. Walking out those doors seemed like a weight lifting off me. I’m leaving one job that doesn’t seem to care for another chance. I wouldn’t have had taken the chance if I was still hardcore drinking. Looking back I feel that place was bringing me down. I felt disrespected for nothing I did was ever good enough. Last pay out was $97. I finished my 2 weeks. But I know if I have to go back my attitude won’t change. I know my value.
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2023.06.08 01:40 MagpieLaughs End game dilemma of my own making - help?

Way back in the beginning, when my Party was good friends with the Rivals and clearly planning to stay that way and work together... the first vision in the Emerald Grotto happened and I ad-libbed what I thought was a brilliant way to bring some tension to the final arc: "Only Five".
This is what I added to the vision in the Grotto:
“Oh gods. Can it be? You are here?! But… there are too many of you… only 5 can…” his voice peters off and he shakes his head, focusing, “My name is Alyxian” –
There are 5 in the Party and 5 Rivals, and I had no plan other than to help set up a situation to give a competitive Ayo more reasons to not work together and stick with her party of 5. Eventually, I embelished on the theme -- I added the 5 Mortal Companions to Alyxian based on ffwydriadd's lovely side quest Ruined Temple in Bazzoxan, and continued to refer to them in Alyxian lore.
But now, they're at the maw of Cael Morrow and I gotta think of a reason for why "only 5 can". I was hoping the Party would riff on it and come up with good explanations :-) but none so far yet, although they feel it should have something to do with the 5 Mortal Companions.
What do you think of the idea of only making 5 Fragments, and if the Rivals gather some before the Party, allowing them to figure out a solution (with the Rivals easily being swayed to give up their Fragments to the Party)? Other ideas?
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2023.06.08 01:40 Landlordom Based Landstacy mom charges rent for her REEEEEEEing rentoid son

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2023.06.08 01:40 Fragrant_Hour987 Is there a way to make the 2 week trial of Endurance longer?

I love all the features that Endurance has, but I can't afford the $20 for it, so is it possible to modify a file to extend the trial?
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2023.06.08 01:40 problematiclijim Mentally abused by my mom for 10 years.

I do sports. I compete competitively which means that there are going to be other girls that will be better than me. I used to be the ahead of the game for about 3 years… but as time goes on the harder it is to be ahead, I try so hard to make my mom proud (Asian parents 😅) harder I try the more downhill it goes. I just got in an argument where she was just straight up yelling at me for 3 hours about how I don’t try and I don’t take anything seriously.. I am tired of having to prove myself for years and i want my parents to know that.. except for the fact that they would just think im overreacting or that im calling them bad parents.. im tired and I tried reaching out to my friends but they have other problems to deal with and I honestly don’t they care.. and it feels like no matter what I do my mom is always right, always the victim. So I need advice or some comfort I don’t know I just feel like I deserve to be tortured.. I’ve felt this way ever since I started this sport really but..
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2023.06.08 01:40 KassBaby21 My dad told me I'm the reason my spouse of 5+ years committed suicide...

My dad & I got in an argument today which resulted of him getting in my face & telling me I'm useless & lazy & don't do anything. 2 months ago my spouse of over 5 years shot himself infront of me and I had moved back to my parents for support and because I couldn't go back to our place we had because that's where he committed suicide. The most traumatizing and painful thing I've ever had to go through & continue to go through to this day. I'm not working ATM, seeing a councellor and just trying to heal. My parents were both all for me living with them and healing and focusing on my health and well being but not even a month after it happened my dad started making comments about being useless, I should be working, I'm lazy, I'm taking advantage, I've let myself go… he must think I like being at home? I don't. He must think I like living with my parents having him critisize me everyday about how much of a failure I am and how worthless and useless I am. I don't. I would love nothing more then go back to my normal life before my boyfriend shot himself infront of me and tool his life. In a heartbeat I would. Today, things got out of hand when he walked in the door from work and I asked how his day way and that I bought some groceries and would treat everyone to supper if they wanted. He went off about how I do nothing, I'm useless, threatened to kick me out, everything and anything to hurt me as per usual like every other day when I try my hardest to avoid it. I finally had it and stuck up for myself calling him a shitty parent and to learn how to treat his children after just going through something so traumatic and he proceeds to make fun of me, get in my face, physically keep pushing my back towards the kitchen counter and then says no wonder why my spouse shot himself and died. Implying it was my fault and I drove him to do it. The instant hurt and pain I had in my chest (and I have a heart condition) made me weak and not able to breathe. I started to shake and not feel anything, literally nothing. Walked outside and haven't came back to reality since. Still completely numb and in total shock. Not really sure what to do. But i think it's true to say it is not healthy nor good for me to be staying here anymore because this is not a support system at all by any means.
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2023.06.08 01:40 overlord-33 Police forced my father to Sign a Cheque (arrested him for something totally different and doing something totally different)

So my father had an NBW issued on him because he wasn’t able to appear in court one time cause his lawyer showed negligence and said that he had submitted the application of non appearance but he didn’t (that doesn’t matter but what happened next was totally unlawful), So the police arrested my father from his home (around 1 PM on 6th) , and put him in Police station, and this is what happened after that. So few of the police officers was in touch with a local businessman (let’s call him R) who had enmity with my father and was trying to extort money from him saying that my father owed him money, he used to be his business partner at some point in time, and my father owed absolutely nothing to him and he doesn’t even have any evidence to prove that my father owed any money to him. So these officers most likely took some bribe from R and started putting pressure on my father that they will put all his family behind bars and put a case of anti national on his sons (me and my brother) etc and in the middle of the night around 11-12 o’clock they most likely started torturing my father in the presence of R in the police station and started asking him to make phone calls from his number asked him to call us and bring cheque so that he could make a “settlement” with R, please note that R hasn’t filed any formal complaint with police and police is acting on his behalf. So my father made multiple calls on my number and my brothers number from the police station asking us to bring cheque as “he want to reconcile with R and has discussed everything with him and agreed to pay a cheque of 37 lakh to him”, they were constantly torturing him and around 2AM in the night of 7 june we went to the police station with cheque (my mother got scared and was worried about safety of my father so she asked us to bring cheque to him) where R made my father sign two cheques of 25 Lakh each amounting to 50 Lakh rupees in total and made him sign a reconciliation paper saying that “my father has made settlement under no pressure and now the matter is settled etc”, once the paper was signed these police officers and R left (I saw them meet behind the police station to probably take bribe from R) the police station and we were asked to leave and my father was presented to the court in the noon of 7th june, where we changed the lawyer and got him bail. Now this action by police of arranging the settlement was totally unlawful and my father was totally under pressure as once he was released he told us the truth that they were torturing him (in a way that left no marks on his body), what action can I take against these police officers and R, I have video evidence of all the conversations when my father called on my number from the police station, and i have video evidence where i have clarified what they are asking us to do and have showed the blank cheques that were used. I have the photo of document that made my father sign and in that document they have mentioned the location of settlement as police station.
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2023.06.08 01:40 AutoModerator Joe Lampton - Pussy Money (Complete)

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2023.06.08 01:40 cyberneticabsurdist Living “Our” dream

Posting here for the first time because I honestly need to vent and feel so lost.
I started dating a girl I went to high school with in 2018. We were together for three years and went on a “break” for her mental health last February. I tried to reestablish the relationship this past January but she made it clear she didn’t want to. She said she wanted to “free me from her”. I more or less accepted her decision and have been trying to move on since.
Since then I have graduated college, gotten a well paid remote job and have spent my time doing van-life, hiking, camping, exploring - the works. Thing is, this was our dream that we established very early on in our relationship and I was dead set on making it happen. I focused incredibly hard on getting straight-As, an internship that I worked 40 hours a week at while still in classes, while being the best boyfriend I could be.
It feels like my life is now at the metaphorical finish line - the grand adventure we always wanted, but now I’m doing it alone. It didn’t hit until a few days ago how much of what I was doing was a labor of love. I wanted this life if it meant watching her try new foods because she made the best faces when something tasted good or watch her be enthralled by nature because she sees the world in this wonderful way that I never could.
I’ve done my best to enjoy it all. I’ve worked on and posted photography and videography projects I’ve done about my adventures. But once I started to get a good amount of social media attention from it she unfollowed me on everything. It seems minor but that bit hurts because it was like one last way she could be with me on this.
She’s with someone new as far as I know and he doesn’t seem all that great on paper. She’s struggling with money and is incredibly lonely due to her tendency to isolate from others. I wish I could be there for her and help like I used to, or her with me so we can actually do what we planned to. But this is what she said she wanted so I have to accept it and do my best to move on with grace and dignity.
So yeah. That’s my rant. I feel better having written it.
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2023.06.08 01:40 Mjwanglers KVV on the Pods

I know this will get downvoted but I don’t care.
KVV is actually insufferable to listen to. Almost everything he says is an attempt to show how he’s morally superior to everybody. He was a journalist at ESPN and yet everything he says is so annoyingly subjective.
Here’s a list of the things that have ground my gears to a screeching halt when it comes to listening to him.
  1. When Sam Zell died he made sure to tweet about how out of touch he was as a media executive. (He may have been a scumbag but he just died! Maybe wait a little while before telling us how you don’t like the big bad billionaire)
  2. Saying Joe Burrow is his favorite qb because of his swagger and how he carries himself. Great!! I think that’s why most people like him! But then throwing in and the very end how he appreciates burrow having “Left leaning views like he does” and “You don’t see that much in the NFL” is hilariously stupid
  3. Ian Poulter deliberately says he went to LIV for the money. To create this generational wealth for his kid and their kids and their kids and etc….. That is a very honorable thing to admit but KVV had to let us all know that “He wouldn’t do that because he couldn’t explain it to his children” And that “he obviously holds vastly different values to Poulter”
  4. When discussing his conversation with Claude Harmon he made is very clear to everyone that Harmon didn’t understand the points KVV was making! And that Harmon just didn’t get it! This whole segment was annoyingly pretentious.
  5. On the PGA/LIV merge podcast he brings up how Neil said “Gas wins wars not bullets” that is a phenomenal quote and very true. BUT THEN HE FOLLOWS IT UP WITH “Oil still runs the world and probably always will……” ok great! “……. UNTIL WE’RE ALL FIGHTING FOR WATER THAT’S DIMINISHING” WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BROTHER HOLY SHIT.
KVV seems like a great father and is probably a cool dude. I just simply cannot stand listening to his “journalism”.
And before all the comments make presumptions I’ll say this: I hate LIV and I really don’t care if you’re a democrat or republican. Bring on the downvotes!
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2023.06.08 01:40 pappagall0 My polyglot double life made my real life so much more richer

I was born in a trilingual environment. I've been learning foreign languages as an interest since I was 13 but kept failing to really make progress all the way until I was 17, with my first success in Italian where I reached B1 in five months and B2 in less than a year through self-study. After that I picked up French at university and started Russian very recently. In this time from 17-19 years old I have made so much progress that has enriched my personal life with a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem; but also I have made much progress with my social life with learning foreign languages.
First of all, I've become more appreciative and aware of culture and history - this was a total side effect that I did not envision for myself at the start - I have much more to bring to conversations, and I find myself trawling through different articles in my spare time about French philosophers, Venetian history, and why Китай-город actually has nothing to do with Китай or Chinatown! The world and I have become more interesting as a result.
It's also very nice that I find different ways of expressing myself. Foreign poetry, for example, even translated can be quite superior because language is more than just elegant turns of phrase, it is idea, it is imagery, it is contextual and historical and distills thousands of years of evolution into a standardised mode of expression. And often I find so much beauty in just translation, not even to speak of the original. Novelist Haruki Murakami, though being a Japanese native, writes in English because it allows him to develop his own voice and style of prose. Learning foreign languages and limiting yourself to a more rudimentary form of expression (especially when you are not exactly writer-material in that language) may paradoxically allow you to express what is the most important - and therefore, express in the most effective, impactful way.
And finally, I've also made so many friends who have similar goals and mindsets to me. Equally successful people in life chasing their dreams one word or sentence at a time, trying to build connections they weren't born with. One of my best friends irl right now began our first conversation with the commonality that we both spoke French and I could miraculously understand his Portuguese as well despite not learning it formally. I am also meeting up fellow language learners that I met online in the real world, and the added perks of that is having tour guides to each Italian city I visit and sometimes a place to crash for free (pretty damn sweet in places like Liguria where renting beach houses can get quite difficult!) Using the language method that works for me I'm starting Russian to better connect with the person I'm dating, who thinks it's really damn cool that I can absorb the language rather quickly and gives me brownie points every time I speak it. It's really done nothing but widen my world. I've gone on trips, trysts, holidays, nights out, meet-ups with so many amazing people who are either extremely generous native speakers of the language or fellow learners that share the same passion as me, and it has honestly changed my life. I don't think many other interests can be rewarding in such a manner.
This wasn't really meant to be an inspirational post, but a thankful one for what my journey has rewarded me with so far. I have not been consistent at all with learning (I'm a student completing a difficult degree) but if I were to do it all over again and have a choice to spend time differently, I would not change a single thing. In my life (I can be quite an anxious, neurotic person sometimes) it is one of the few pleasures I genuinely enjoy, one of my few accomplishments in which I genuinely take pride, and I am so happy to have this little corner that is made for me to occupy, enjoy, and share with the rest of the world <3
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2023.06.08 01:40 Then-Stage Failed Work Friend

For the last 15 years I have worked on real estate investments and 70% of the time also held a fulltime job. Right now I am at the in between place where in the next 2-5 years I can quit the job for good & live off of passive income from real estate and equities.
At the job, I have a coworker in another Dept that I became friends with over the years. I confided in her that I work on these real estate investments on the side. Although I didn't mention my plan to retire early. She said that she wishes she had more money. She once tried having a resturant with a friend but the friend stressed her out and it failed.
So, I felt bad for her and told her if she wanted she could come out and see one of my projects & do some design for me that I would pay her for. She waved it off and had no interest. I also told her I could help her start her own business on the side if that would help. She responded she already works enough so it's not worth it. I was only trying to help so I dropped it.
After that she started acting all annoyed with me and on another day and told me that "some of us actually have to work here for a living". Then Management told her that they were giving her additional responsibilities but no promotion in her Dept. I told her I think they are taking advantage of her and to push for additional pay.
She told me she wouldn't do that. She said she thinks our work will make her a Manager & give her a promotion once they see what she can do and that I need to respect her as if she were a Manager for now. She then implied I should be sucking up to her. Based on how our company operates I have seen this happen before & know there is no chance they will promote her for the extra work.
Maybe I'm clueless here but I just don't understand this type of mentality? Why jump at the chance to do extra work for free or start an unprofitable restaurant but refuse anything I offer that makes extra money & has zero risk? What am I missing?
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2023.06.08 01:39 EbbBrilliant6748 Is it worth it to sleep train when baby is already almost sleeping through the night?

My son is 7.5 months old (~6.5 adjusted) and has been fairly consistently sleeping 7:15pm to anywhere between 4-5am for around the last 2-3 months. We had issues with reflux that are mostly resolved now, but got into the habit of rocking him to sleep every night to allow time for digestion after his bottle (we tried moving bottle before bath time at the time when his reflux was really bad, and he did NOT like that). He was good at putting himself to sleep for a few of his naps each day but lately we’ve been rocking him to sleep for all of his naps too.
When he wakes early in the morning (or 45 min into a nap) we learned that the only thing to get him back to sleep is holding him, so my husband holds him in his nursery recliner every morning. The baby usually makes it to 6:30 or 7am this way.
Our son is very stubborn and will likely cry for 2 hours or more if we put him down awake. We are considering sleep training but based on other posts that I’ve read, we are concerned that after several hellish nights it won’t even solve the early morning wakings.
To summarize: - baby is 7.5 months (6.5 adjusted) - no formal sleep training - sleeps until 4-5am every morning - 3 naps per day - total daytime sleep is ~3.5-4 hours - last nap ends around 4:30pm - bedtime is 7:15pm - drinks 32oz of breastmilk per day - 5 bottles per day, bedtime bottle is 8oz - 1 baby led weaning style meal per day
Anyone have advice for us? Would you sleep train to get those extra couple of hours and independence falling asleep?
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2023.06.08 01:39 Adorable_Working397 Nature v nurture how did your care experience shape you as a person and do you have mental health problems now

I grew up I care from when my mum had me I was moved from place to place every couple of months by the time I was 7 I'd been racially physically sexually and emotionally abused by many people and one particular place used to beat us and then pray to god for forgiveness, I was made to drink my urine and many more things happened over the years but my self as a person never changed I'm still kind and help any way I can but as a functioning human I can barely leave the house, I hate the sight of myself and if I had the money for plastic surgery I would have had it done ages ago my point is that I have EUPD, FND and chronic trauma. How do I manage? How has it affected you ,how did you survive
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2023.06.08 01:39 thisisntmelmao TW: Sexual Assault-My friend R*ped Me and My Best Friends Told Everyone They Knew AND Slept With Him.

Honestly, I don’t have access to a therapist and I don’t feel comfortable ranting to people so feel free to ignore this, I just want to rant. And I’m gonna say SA’d (Sexually Assaulted but shortened) instead of R*ped for my own comfortability.
I’m not gonna get into details, but I (16F) was SA’d by an ex friend of mine (we’ll call him DB short for douche bag) a couple years ago. I was broken, and didn’t have any support. I didn’t tell my mom and family 1 because I was embarrassed, which I’ve gotten over now, and 2 because my mom and my family have never experienced anything like this so they usually have skewed perspectives. So TLDR I just didn’t want to go through more emotional turmoil by telling them. For the same reasons, i didn’t wanna tell a lot of my friends. I told 3 friends of mine, two i was close to and one only because one of my close friends was dating her and they were mutual friends with DB. One of said friends lived 2 houses down from him, and i’m so grateful for her, we’ll call her Angel because she is one. She called his mom, told her what happened, and said she would never let him live a normal life because he caused me not to. The other close friend and his partner were also nice to me about it and let me know they’re there for me. Or so I thought. Just this past year I’ve had so much happen that has made me rethink every relationship I have. I know it sounds dumb but yea.
So one of the 3 friends, the one who was dating my close friend (we’ll call her Crazy and call him Peter). She was one of my friends in elementary school but we grew apart. I actually became better friends with her and her bf more recently, but I was closer to her bf now. Only because she wasn’t exactly talking a lot to me. Now I know why. When I was SA’d, she didn’t believe me. She went to hang out with him literally the day after, and she told me he SA’d her as well and she’s sorry for ever doubting me. Of course i comforted her, made her feel better and offered any and all help to her, Peter did the same. We all tried to heal from this occasion and I still felt hurt that she didn’t believe me but I didn’t mind as much now that she had apologized. I forgave her for it. Peter meanwhile believed me the whole time and tried his best to comfort his girlfriend. During this, Crazy had her whole family, her therapist, and her boyfriend to comfort her, meanwhile I had Peter, and that’s about it. I was happy for her and didn’t even think about this. Around this same time is when DB told my other friend, we’ll call her Sarah, that he “hooked up with me” so that he could get to her first to turn against me. for context, Sarah had a crush on him, so him telling her he had sex with me consensually would’ve gotten her pissed at me. Which it did. She went off on me telling me I’m a whore, a slut, and that I didn’t care about her or her feelings and I knew how much she liked him. I don’t cry often but I was close during this call. I told her once she calmed down that it wasn’t consensual, and that he lied to her. She calmed down, but then started yelling at me saying I should’ve been strong enough. Should’ve been able to push or kick him off. I was terrified of her aggression and have never seen her like this, so I hung up. A day or so later, she called me and said sorry over and over and that she didn’t mean it she was just so overwhelmed with hurt. I believed her (i’m a forgive and forget person) and forgave her for what she said, but stayed distant because that wound would leave a scar.
Now fast forward to about a year after this happened. I’m with my now boyfriend who’s amazing and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He makes me so happy, and accepts me for who I am, including this situation. He was so sweet about it. When I told him what DB did to me, I was nervous. I barely told anyone but I was a couple months into my relationship and I thought I should tell him. So I did. Tears were shed and I was cuddled to no end by him. But after I told him, he said “I know”. I was surprised and said “excuse me?” through tears. He said “Sarah told me, but she didn’t tell me you were SA’d, she told me it was consensual”. I was shocked, when she told him, it was already months after I forgave her, months after it happened. I was merely acquaintances with my boyfriend at that point, so there was NO reason for her to tell him what happened. They only ever talked sometimes because they were in the same class, so she didn’t talk to him often either, who knows what other strangers have a skewed perception of me and/or know of my SA. I cried more and said “she’s a bitch” into his chest and he said “i know i’m so sorry I didn’t know it was like that” and he comforted me through it. The sadness turned to anger and I blocked her. I didn’t say why because I’m not one to argue. She reached out a couple weeks later on a different app and I said I didn’t wanna talk and blocked her again. Who knows if she knows why I blocked her. i don’t care as long as she doesn’t try to reach me.
Now a couple months after, Crazy put salt in the wound. I learned from her herself that she didn’t get SA’d, SHE WILLINGLY SLEPT WITH HIM. she thought I wouldn’t care anymore since “it’s been a year”. I was so hurt, the only thing that hurt more was the SA itself. I told Peter immediately (they were still together). I went off on her saying she stole resources that actual SA victims need and that she’s an asshole and a coward for disguising her cheating as a fucking SA. I blocked her too and so did Peter. We both were depressed beyond belief, just when I thought I was getting over the SA, I learned that none of the people I trusted were actually my friends, and it put a damper on my relationships because I didn’t know who to trust. Two people that I’ve trusted for years let me down in ways that I could’ve never imagined. Not to mention Peter as well, he was cheated on and Crazy lied, told him she was SA’d and spent days and months trying to heal trauma that wasn’t there. Needless to say, me and Peter are now doing better without her and Sarah.
In current time, it’s been about a year since all of that happened, and 3 ish years since the assault. I’m happy now, while I didn’t have a therapist or friends to talk about this with, I now have my boyfriend and I graduated high school early and am about to enter college. So I’m doin good. The reason I’m writing this is because it comes up in my mind every now and again and I find it healthy to write my anger out. Thanks for listening if you did :D.
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2023.06.08 01:39 South_Fox6094 Can we really hack university servers and get a good result?What do hackers study in college? Is it hard to learn how to hack? How hard is it to be an ethical hacker? How do I know if my IP address has been hacked? Do you need to change your university grade? But do not understand how to hack a university server? How can you hack the server yourself? What is needed to hack? Where to find hackers? You will know all this.
Can we really hack university servers and get a good resultWhat Is A Server?
How To Hack University Server. A web server is a place to store web page or website data. When you type something in a web browser and click the enter button, the information from the web server appears in the web browser. The web server has a running application that receives requests from the user and responds to the desired request.
The server can run on any computer. The computer used for the server is made specially. In many cases a computer can offer different services. Servers use many computers for data security purposes only.
Most servers are designed to be a great process for running special computers. A server is a type of computer program that is set up to serve requests from other programs (clients / users). The server is managed in a client-server design. The server is designed according to the server user. Allows the user to share data, information, software or hardware resources.
The user is usually connected to the server through the network. In the light of Internet Protocol Networking, a server is a program that acts as a socket listener.
Is It Possible To Hack University Servers?
Yes, it is possible. Different hacker groups do this kind of work. Not only university servers, but almost all servers can be hacked.
However, how difficult it will be to hack the server depends on its security system. Many times the server has an advanced level security system. Then it becomes almost impossible to hack the server.
How To Hack University Web Server
Customers usually turn to the Internet for information and to purchase products and services. Considering this aspect, most companies have websites. Most websites store valuable
information such as passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers. Similarly, a university has the details of a student’s name, address, result, fee payment. This information becomes the target of attackers. Hackers hack by targeting faulty websites.
Contact us at for technical problems about your task or issue regarding hacking services.
Here you can learn more about the techniques of server hacking and what methods are used for server hacking and how you can protect yourself from such attacks.
What are web server vulnerabilities?
A web server is a program that stores files (usually web pages) and makes them accessible over a network or the Internet. A web server requires both hardware and software. Attackers typically target the exploitation of the software in order to gain authorized entry into the server. Let’s learn about a few common weaknesses through which attackers take advantage.
Default Settings: The default settings are the default passwords of the server. The default password is the same for all users so the attacker can easily guess it. The default settings allow the server to perform certain tasks such as commands that can be used.
Incorrect Configuration: Incorrect configuration can cause dangerous commands on user-run servers.
Password: If the user cannot choose a good password then the access can easily go to someone else. Operating system and web server bugs – Bugs in the operating system or web server software can also be used to gain unauthorized access to the system. In addition to the web server vulnerabilities described above, the following can also lead to unauthorized access.
Lack of Security Policies and Security Procedures: A security policy and antivirus software updating system, operating system and web server software problems can create security loopholes for attackers.
Web Server Type
There are different types of web servers. A list of common web servers:
Apache – This is the most commonly used web server on the Internet. Apache is a cross platform. Apache is generally installed on Linux server. Most PHP websites are hosted on Apache servers.
Internet Information Services (IIS): This was created by Microsoft. It runs on Windows operating system, and it is the second most used web server on the Internet. Most Asp and Aspex websites are hosted on IIS servers.
Apache Tomcat: Most of the world’s Java server pages are hosted on this site.
Different Ways To Hack A Web Server
Directory Traversal Attacks: These types of attacks are to be done for public domain. Hackers use server bags to get access to files and folders . They also do things like change data and inject malware into servers.
Farming: This type of attack attacker’s updates server or user domain name system (DNS)। so that the traffic is redirected to another malicious site.
Denial of service attack: With this type of attack, the web server may crash or be unavailable to legitimate users.
Sniffing: Unsecured data sent over the network may be prevented from gaining unauthorized access to the web server
Phishing : This type of attack disguises websites and diverts traffic to fake websites. Unsuccessful users may be deceived into submitting sensitive data such as login details, credit card numbers, etc.
Domain Name System Hijacking: This type of attacker changes the DNS setting to point to the attacker’s web server. All traffic that was supposed to be sent to the web server has been redirected to the error.
Defacement: This type of attack replaces the attacker’s organization’s website on a separate page that may include the hacker’s name, images, and background music and messages.
The Effects Of Successful Server Hacking Attacks
An organization’s reputation may be tarnished if the attacker edits the content of the website and includes malicious information or links to a porn website on the site.
This web server can be used to install malicious software for users who visit the website. Malicious viruses, trojans or botnet software may be downloaded to the computer without the knowledge of the viewer. Compromised user data can be used for fraudulent activities that could harm the business.
Some Tools For Hacking Common Web Servers
Metasploit: This is an open source tool for developing, testing and using code. It can be used to discover vulnerabilities on the web server and to write exploits that can be used to compromise the server.
MPAC: This is a web exploitation tool. It was written in PHP language. It is supported by MySQL as a database engine. Once a web server is compromised using MPAC, all of its traffic is redirected to malicious download websites.
Zeus: This tool can be used to transform a compromised computer into a bot or zombie. A bot is a compromised computer that is used to run Internet-based attacks. A botnet is a collection of compromised computers. Botnet services can then be used as a denial of attack or spam mail sending.
University server hacking or any type of web server hacking is a complex process. This requires unlimited knowledge as well as practice. At the same time, the legal issue remains. It is best if you hire a professional hacker to hack the university server. Then you will be safe with the successful completion of your work. If you want to hack University server then you can contact us. We provide such hacking services. For more such hacking services send us a reach via
For further information about how Can we really hack university servers and get a good result and other related hacking services, Speak to a hacker anonymously on for all your hacking needs
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2023.06.08 01:39 z0mbiegrl My Favorite Piece of Merch was Just Destroyed and I am in Tears

Hi Sailor Moon Fam.
This just happened, I am still in shock and I just wanted to vent to people who would understand.
My husband travels a lot for work, he's on a trip now and is coming home this weekend. My SiL and her two daughters came by to keep me company and visit for a bit, and SiL and I decorated and hung some banners for the homecoming while her girls played with some of my toys.
My neices are great kids. Super polite and respectful. They are fully allowed to play with my collection because they have proven themselves trust worthy several times over. D is 11 going on 12 and S just turned 8. They love my Sailor Moon stuff and I love sharing it with them. Anything except for some of my rarer or new-in-box stuff is theirs to play with as long as they play nicely and put everything back the way they found it when they are done. We've never had a problem... until now.
SiL and I were hanging a big banner I made over the entrance to the dining room and we needed a third person to tell us if it was straight or not, since she and I were on opposite sides and couldn't see it very well. We called D, who ran downstairs and patiently helped us get it perfect. S got bored so she came down and "helped", too. We kinda made a game of it and were goofing around, then we decided to go for pizza together after we finished. I never asked if they had put my toys away when they came down. That's completely on me.
It's also on me that I didn't check, either when they left or when I got home afterwards. I thought nothing of letting my dogs in like I always do, prepping their food, making dinner, normal evening stuff.
That is, until my younger pup proudly strutted up to me with something in her mouth and dropped it at my feet as if wanting to show me what she'd done.
Oh no.
It was Usagi's bed from my treasured and beloved Sailor Moon Premium Collection Compact House, and it was completely destroyed.
In a blind panic, I ran upstairs to assess the damage and... it was horrific. Tiny bits of plastic shrapnel everywhere and the Luna figure is missing completely.
SiL feels terrible, I am beyond crushed, and the cheapest replacement I can find anywhere is $300 and I just don't have it.
The door to my toy room is always supposed to be closed to keep the dogs out. It's literally the only room in the house they aren't allowed in pretty much for this reason.
I don't want to blame my neices, we did call D downstairs when she was playing and kids are easily distracted. It's just one of those nexus of awful type things that sometimes happen. But still? Hole in my heart in the shape of a transformation brooch.
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