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2023.03.29 01:50 Realdavidcarlan I do peoples college work!

Are you tired of juggling between assignments, exams, work, and social life? Wish you had a personal academic superhero? Well, look no further!
Whether you're a student, worker, or a genius cat who's secretly attending college, I've got you covered! I will swoop in and save you from the perils of writing papers, solving math problems, or tackling any subject you throw at me!
Here's how it works: Send me your assignment, along with your desired deadline. I'll work my magic to create a high-quality, authentic piece. Receive your completed assignment via email and bask in the glory of academic success!
The best part? You decide the price! Simply let me know what you think is reasonable for the assignment, and I will make it work. Because who wants to break the bank for a little homework help, right?
So why wait? Delegate your assignments to me today and reclaim your social life! Let me take the academic burden off your shoulders, while you focus on what truly matters.
Message me via private message! I Currently have a handful of people who come to me and would like to expand.
Or reach out to me on Facebook @David Carlan or my Facebook business page @Task Assistance.
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2023.03.29 01:50 slimslimsimsim Update/results

Hi! So I had a positive ANA screen, 1:40, nuclear dense fine speckled. C3 and C4 compliment tests just came back in normal range. Still waiting on specific ANA panel and anti dsDNA. Could those still come back wonky, indicating and AI issue even though the C3/4 are normal? Waiting for a message back from my doc. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 01:50 xXxH00ligoonxXx Some handy-dandy pickings if your family members try and point at recent events as a reason to literally g3nocide trans people

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2023.03.29 01:50 bride123105 [Request] Birthday cards (or pick me up cards) [USA]

My birthday is next Tuesday, April 4.
I'm coming off a rough six months in life where I've had a mental health crisis, laid off from my long time job (thanks, interest rates/inflation), having to find a new job when I don't even know what I want to do for work, and now divorcing.
I'd love some cheerful birthday cards, or even some encouragement / pick me up cards.
Stuff I like: - celestial: sun, rainbows, sunrise/sunset, moon - space 🌌🚀 - flowers - bright colors (I have multi colored hair and usually wear fun colors too) - TV shows like Gilmore Girls, Friends, HIMYM, Chuck, Cougar Town, Blues Clues (ha, I like the chill nature of it), Young Sheldon - Mario and Sonic video games - watercolor or crayon art - Strange Planet - Snoopy - Jeeps - legos - lighthouse - travel - Disney - coffee - craft beer
Thank you! PM for address
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2023.03.29 01:49 No_Reaction_646 Oracle readings

Taking a break from lenormand for tonight, I will get to everyone who has messaged me so far. Will be using a stand-alone oracle deck. If interested please chat me your name, the name of the person who has passed and your relationship to them. I will draw two cards, and send what it says.
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2023.03.29 01:49 MyDietStudyUSYD Research Opportunity

Hi everyone,
If you’re a young person about to start a diet, try intermittent fasting, or go through a bulk or cutting phase we’d like to hear from you.
My name is Melissa Pehlivan and I'm a PhD student at The University of Sydney conducting research to better understand how the foods we eat affect our body and mind.
I'm posting on FODMAPS (with moderator permission) to let you know that if you're aged 16-25 years you could be eligible to participate in this reimbursed study.
We know that young people diet, fast, bulk or cut all the time. But there has never been a study that asks young people about their experiences, or which monitors how these phases may affect their health.
This is an observational study and will not impact how you choose to diet, or bulk/cut.
You can take part in this study if you are:
To check your eligibility, complete the study screener here:
You can find out more at the study website:
Kind Regards,
Melissa Pehlivan (PhD Student, The University of Sydney)
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2023.03.29 01:49 esotericlotus Nothing outside you is worth learning....

If you want to do "good," you must be "good." You must know the truth within you, and sitting for yoga and meditation consistently helps us to get there. There is nothing to find outside of you, it is all within you.
Put away the phone and join a community of accepting, non-gossiping people who understand the suffering of life and are here to support you, as we all work to overcome the ego. Join yoga club!
Come join us for yoga and meditation on Sunday at 10:45. Slowly realize your truth at Shippee Pequot and join the spiritual community on campus.
Yoga is not just exercise. It is sad to think it is merely considered an exercise. It teaches us everything and the earth is connected and you are merely consciousness.
Everyone is welcome.
Message me for more details...
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2023.03.29 01:49 marmalah Feeling rejected, not listened to, and hopeless

So I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today. I told her that I didn’t feel like my Concerta was making a difference, and she said “okay, we can either try upping the dose again or we can try something else. What do you think?” So I said I would rather try something else and she was like “cool okay we’ll try Adderall and see how that goes.” Well, she’s technically a resident (I think that’s what it’s called?) so she has to double check with another doctor who oversees her… my normal doctor was out today, so a different one came and talked to me.
This doctor said “it’s weird that the Concerta didn’t work for you. I would think that if you had ADHD you would feel at least something. So, we’re going to refer you to get a neuropsychological test. I think it’s just anxiety.” And uhh… I was crushed. I had done a self evaluation previously and my doctor agreed that ADHD seemed right. I don’t disagree with the neuropsychological testing (although I am super nervous about it already), but the fact that he thought it wasn’t ADHD based off me trying ONE MEDICATION and that it didn’t have an effect really upset me. Not only does methylphenidate not affect ~7-10% of the population, there’s a reason there are multiple types of meds!!! Not everything works for everyone!!! So I said both of this to him and he didn’t budge, just kept saying “yeah well it seems like it’s anxiety…” so he wants to keep me on the 36mg Concerta until the testing comes back.
I just am so upset. When my doctor said that ADHD seemed right, I felt just… like everything made sense. And hopeful to find something that would help. But now I’m being told “nope!“ I was diagnosed with anxiety previously. But after my doctor brought up the possibility of ADHD, it made me look back and realize that most of my anxiety stemmed from the ADHD symptoms and my struggle with them. So we’ve gone over this before, and this replacement doctor just threw all that out.
So I told my resident doctor after he left, as I was bawling, that I didn’t want to keep taking the concerta at this point - it doesn’t work so why should I keep paying for it? And that I guess in the meantime until I do the test and wait for results I just get to suffer. She was surprised at what he had recommended and was sorry that she couldn’t do anything else.
After I got home after a loooooot of off and on crying, imposter syndrome and rejection feelings, I decided to call my nurse (had to leave a message). I asked if she would be able to get a second opinion from my actual doctor when he comes back in. I told her that I felt that the other doctor didn’t know my history, and that he didn’t take my feelings or opinion into account… and just overall made me feel terrible. Soooo… we’ll see I guess. I’m just a whole mess of emotions so I apologize for this whole long rant. I just needed to vent.
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2023.03.29 01:48 Educational-Bite3043 BDI 411 TA and Professor

If you are reading this Brunner and TA for BDI 411, y'all are seriously the laziest fucks I've ever seen from a university course. All you guys do is send us to breakout rooms and make us discuss things and go over new reviews instead of actually teaching. When you do decide to teach, you play videos that we can easily find on youtube. One of your assignments was actually to essentially make your shit syllabus better by finding materials that you can then scrape off to use for next semester's course. Since the start of the semester, you've given 5 short answer questions, to which the lazy fuck of a TA has only graded one from January. The attitude of the professor revolves around him trying to be "young" and being sarcastic when in reality you just look like a dick that mocks student for not knowing material. If any of you are thinking of taking BDI 411, seriously don't. You won't learn anything and it is an absolute waste of time. I probably learned more from highschool courses than from this joke of a professor.
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2023.03.29 01:48 say-oink-plz Can I use multiple observations from the same game of chess?

Hello, I hope you all are doing well. I'm trying on my own time to investigate the relationship between different chess board states and one's chance of victory. Just some simple stuff like piece counts and number of available moves. It feels like good practice for the classification methods I've learned so far. But the issue stems from collecting these board states. I can pretty easily get thousands of games of data, but I don't know if it's okay for me to pull multiple observations from the same game, such as adding the entirety of each game, or if I should just pull one board state at random from each or average the entirety of each game and count that as one observation. I've never been tasked with actually constructing a dataset before. What do you all think would be the best practice for this?
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2023.03.29 01:48 Hairy_Professional_6 Statutory baby

Hello, I need advice. I was impregnated by a 19 year old college student at the age of 15. This was 30 plus years ago. It wasn’t forced but coerced. I was scared and alone. This boy came from a good family with money and I came from the slums. He ghosted me(he went off to college) so he didn’t know I was with child. A year later he got in touch with me and I told him about my child and that he was the father. I gave him pictures and told him I would be willing to do a dna to ease his mind. He would never do it. I asked him for $20 for pampers once, he said no. …….He did ask for our childs ss number to claim on taxes. I was so young I didn’t even know what taxes were or what the child ss number was. He said he didn’t want a kid bcs he didn’t want to mess his life up. I stopped talking to him. He became a law enforcement officer. I struggled, dropped out of school but raised my child the best I could. He once stopped in my hood to serve someone a warrant, I had broke my leg and was in a cast. My kids hair wasn’t done. He asked why the kids hair was a mess and why their clothes were stained…..I was so mad!!!! He had never tried to help me but you’re judging me! At the time I was severely depressed! Anyway god sent a Angel to help me and guide me with my child. She took us in and she taught me how to be a good mother. She educated me on how to teach and raise my child and helped me get my ged(I had dropped out of school) my Child graduated high school and college with honors. The child is 30. I’m no longer intimidated by him. I realize that I was abused because of my age and I wanted to know if can I get retroactivechild support. He’s a high ranking officer and I want something for my daughter. Or what would you guys suggest? In the state we live in our situation was statutory rape. Thank you
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2023.03.29 01:48 99101004 230329 🧼 Updates

Welcome to your daily 🧼 summary post. This post will be updated as more content is shared throughout the day (and as we have time to get on here to update). As a friendly reminder, please keep all 🧼 content in these daily threads. Thank you.

from 🐯

Are you sleeping or not! If you're sleeping, wake up and check this message and have a nice day!☀️
Why aren't you asleep?
It's a national rule to be hungry at this hour..🍚
Hang in there and wake up for breakfast..😪

from 🐶

practices has ended... my legs (feel like it) shattered...
I tried to learn kai's rover today.. jonginie... you really did well..
dream of me instead of having a black dream (dreamless sleep). we are meeting again very soon. ❤
Cr. eksomesiji

from 🐰

I missed you
I wish 4/8 will come faster, but secondly, I want it to come slowly.ㅋㅋㅋ
I will prepare well and show it to you ㅎㅎ
Please tell me how not to cry
After my trip, I became so busy..
I was feeling so lazy

You can just hit your eyeball and cry in advance. (A fan replied to him about how not to cry)
Who was it?
lol I know it's a joke
Now the members, they're all cute when they're joking
Ah, but I clearly say what is not true

*Translator Note: he is saying that he is a kind person but has a strong and tough personality
(Blood) type AB
Everyone is saying that personality, blood type and zodiac sign are a good fit, that's what they say

How was your day?
Ha, there are so many things to do
I happened to have a musical performance..
I made a very detailed plan for this year 😂
But I've done everything so far

I'm going crazy
This is why I have no choice but to control myself..
I'm looking forward to it 😂
get a hold of yourself and be diligent
Let's go let's go
Give me strength!!
Genki dama!!*
I'll give you strength, too!

Fighting!! (Cutely)
Now I'll wash up and sleep..
Hurry up and sleep. Bya bya 😭
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2023.03.29 01:48 AlecioLopes Help

Can you tell me if there is any project that "Schedule messages and send automatically on whatsapp to groups"? So I made an appointment and at that time the tasker sends the message to the whatsapp group.
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2023.03.29 01:48 Responsible-Bug-8660 How is this email proof of payment for her blog 😂

How is this email proof of payment for her blog 😂
Sounds like Eds saying she owes him money too.
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2023.03.29 01:47 Aliceia6 21 [F4MM] #LosAngeles - Looking to build a family within a traid

So to be completely honest, I have no end goal with what I'm asking for but I know that I'm asking to build a triad with two men. I don't hear a lot about this dynamic and the things I have read aren't the most hopeful, but I know that I could do it. I love men with such a passion, I have 4 brothers so I'm used to being in a space with them. I suppose the pipedream would be to have me stay at home and hold down the fort for two husbands of mine. I love to share and be shared and although I would want a romantic link between all 3 of us, I wouldn't mind being a hinge.
Honestly, I don't know how well this could go so I'm really open to anything at this point!
About me: I am young but I've always liked older men so age gaps aren't a problem for me in the least. I prioritize physical fitness, eating good food, and keeping good company. I try to surround myself with people who can attack trials methodically and encounter pain respectfully. If there is something we want we can handle it within our partnership.
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2023.03.29 01:47 Logical_Fireman How long does it take to receive a message?

Maybe a weird question,but I've been out of the dating scene for 15 years and I was surprised to learn women on Bumble contact first (I am a male). Very cool and interesting. I would have guessed some may be too shy to be the first one, no? So, are the shy girls at a disadvantage? What about those Instagram-divas (lol)? Do they all just move to dumpster sites such as POF where they get 100s of daily messages, feeding their need for attention?
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2023.03.29 01:47 ContributionSalt4105 At Unregulated Christian Boarding Schools, Students Face Conversion Therapy, Abuse, And Indoctrination by Aaden Friday The Establishment Medium

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2023.03.29 01:47 VanillaMilkshakes2 40 [M4F] France/Europe seeking a serious relationship with a nice woman

Hello there a few things about me I am a very genuine kind caring guy easygoing gentle. I am seeking a nice easygoing gentle woman for a serious relationship ideally but I would like to be friends first and have someone to Chat to I’ve been feeling very lonely lately.
It has never appealed to me to be In a relationship with different women and to be with different women I just want one. I am still a virgin and I’ve never done anything meaningless with anyone that also doesn’t appeal to me at all. But I want a woman that wants to have children in the future.
I really want to settle down and get married very much have my own family in the future. I take good care of myself I have never taken drugs I don’t drink heavily and I don’t smoke. I’m really not into being loud or into partying. I am very family orientated family is very important to me. I want this more than anything I just can never seem to find a nice woman.
I am also not liberal and I don’t follow any liberal political movements and I don’t follow woke culture. I also do not follow mainstream media and I am not interested in social media I keep my life off it I am a very private person.
I also do not watch porn I believe it’s causing unrealistic expectations about relationships and addiction issues. I have no unrealistic expectations about sex at all I use my imagination.
Sex should be something that is gentle between both and I would not want to be rough. I also don’t want to be having sex too early on too I believe you should not rush into this.
I am 6ft 4 dark blonde hair hazel eyes rugby player build very broad shouldered. Big hands big feet I am also quite strong and I have a lot of energy. No tattoos or piercings and I have a naturally smooth body no hairy chest or back and not much on my arms or legs either. I do not aspire to look like men on social media or reality tv or on movies or tv shows. I also have a very manly deep voice and I’ve been told by women that it’s lovely.
I love food I am a big foodie! I cook from scratch and I enjoy eating out In nice restaurants. I go to the gym regularly and I swim I am a very strong swimmer I enjoy swimming very much. I love classical music I often listen to classic FM in the UK. I love red wine also I don’t like drinking much beer at all. I love to travel and explore new places and seeing museums. I also like to read a good book too. I also love photography and I would love to show you some of my photography work once we get talking for a bit.
When it comes to what I like in a woman I do love and I’m very attracted to feminine lady like women that embrace their feminine side. I like women that dress feminine and don’t wear too much makeup. I don’t like fake nails or fake tan. I like women that dress conservatively and modestly and don’t show too much off.
Sorry but I’m not attracted to masculine women as well as women that show too much off. I also prefer a natural body on a Woman too I do love women that keep themselves completely natural all over. I like a nice kind caring easygoing gentle woman I won’t get on with strong minded women and If your too into being independent you won’t be for me sorry
I want to get to know you slowly and not rush into it ideally I’d like to be friends first with each other. Please mention milkshakes in your message and Include your age and location! Any messages that don’t contain milkshakes I will not respond to you also say more than hi or hello in your first message.
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2023.03.29 01:47 Cat_Tacks [Rant] "[Company name] is sending a clear message, and it's the same message they've sent every time they've had the opportunity. This is how little [company name] values me and my nearly decade in the field."

Story Time: High level technical support contract for a federal agency. Started in 2016 and managed my entire region with only one guy helping helping me. My metrics put my region consistently in the top 80% of regions for my field of technical support. The other guy helped too. But ours was the only region with so few techs, most being staffed by teams of 4-7 people to balance the same workload. Mine was a position of respect and authority within my field and region, and while even then I was paid less than I believe my value was worth, the other benefits (which were later gutted) made it worthwhile to build a career there.
In 2021 the contract went back up for auction, and the company currently in control put in an absurdly low bid, easily outstripping all the other companies bidding for the contract. Once the new contract company took control it would employ a mix of it's own employees (mostly management types looking to "take on the next big challenge") and "Incumbents" (the people like myself who had been doing the actual work for the agency and know how to fix things when they break) who they would pick up from the old contract. All of this is fairly standard in my field, and to the technicians like myself should have only been reflected by who send our paychecks out. The job wasn't changing, the only thing that was changing was who was expected to manage, train, and pay the technicians who do the job.
While everything was still getting ready for the transition COVID hit and the agency revealed that "everything was going remote, but not to worry because the new upcoming support structure would be 100% remote". This came as huge surprise to all my collogues because the very nature of most of our work required not only on-site action, but extensive travel. A big part of the benefits was the travel reimbursement, which had been generous up to that point and regarded as the saving grace of the position. The idea that the position could be handled remotely was frankly insulting, and the loss of the travel benefits effectively killed the honeymoon. We later learned that less than 5% of technicians were being retained and the consensus was that these people had no idea what they were in for. That turned out to be profoundly understated. A few weeks later technicians started getting phone calls from uniformly harassed sounding managers offering them their jobs back with pay increases. The organization was the equivalent to a burned out dumpster fire behind one of those really evil animal processing plants. But people started picking the hammer back up and going back to work. With a lot of hard work and team effort we eventually stabilized the environment. It was right around that time management sent out a message saying that we could take a 15% pay cut or be laid off within the next few months.
Most people fled; by that time all of our most senior technicians had already found much better places to go, and as soon as that message came through pretty much every technicians who had previously worked the job left. The seniority went from approximately 50 senior (5+ years on the job) technicians totaling well over 200 years of time on the job between them, to myself and three other techs to total about 50 years of overall seniority on the job.
Since then I have almost completely withdrawn from the position except were absolutely necessary. I give the position as little of my attention and every as I can, and despite that I was today graded on my overall metrics for my annual pay increase and found to overall be in the 98th percentile. Of the 2500ish technicians filling this role, me and the other workers with seniority are pumping out more and better work than 98% of the other technicians.
Guess what my rate increase was this year? Less than 3%.
Guess what it was last year? Also less than 3%.
My managers are on the phone delivering this message saying I got a certain % more than the average technicians like I should be proud of myself. So I asked them if they knew what the Cost of Living increase was for 2023, and of course they didn't answer. When I told them it was well above 8% they went completely silent. I went on to tell them the "pay increase" doesn't even keep up with cost of living increases, and that the position was becoming less financially supportable. And that with the failure to match CoL in 2022 and that they had already gutted my annual income and were failing to maintain the same rate of financial fortitude they originally offered me, effectively paying me less for the same amount of work. I remember saying specifically "[Company name] is sending a clear message, and it's the same message they've sent every time they've had the opportunity. This is how little [company name] values me and my nearly decade in the field. The numbers speak for themselves, and year by year this position becomes less financially viable.
It was a tense conversation from that point that ended with me saying something to the effect of, "I understand that the people in this call are not the ones who had anything like an active decision in this increase or any others. [Company name] is the one who is charged with putting a monetary value on what I bring to the organization, and the numbers speak for themselves."
Not sure what I want to do from here. I love the field I'm in, and I'm too old to pick up a new one now. I also love the organization I provide support for, which has been a major factor in my choosing to continue to support it despite my paychecks withering up. I've naturally always felt my skills were being sold for too little, but now there's a distinct bitterness to how I feel about my employer.
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2023.03.29 01:46 BumblebeeInfamous429 Redress of Government Grievances

Has anyone ever heard of surety bonds? I came across a website bondsforthewin .com and learned about them. Local elected officials (school boards etc) are required to have a surety bond in the event they do not do they will of the people.
I started wondering if this was also meant for higher ranking officials and discovered that our forefathers wanted us to be able to place a claim on public elected officials and military in order to keep them in check - in the event they do not do what they are elected for. A claim would then hold them financially liable. I looked into the process for doing so on higher ranking elected officials and this is what I discovered.
I came across “public law 92-310 June 6, 1972” “Federal government shall assume all risks of its fidelity losses and for other purposes.” From what it sounds like this law passed in 1972 says federal government includes each entity listed as “wholly owned government corporation” section 101 of the government corporation control act (31 U.S.C. 846)
I’m no law expert but it sounds like this is saying THE US GOVERNMENT A CORPORATION BY LAW now and therefore we do not have a right to redress or call their surety bonds.
If so, would this law be a direct violation of the first amendment that says we have a right to redress of grievances.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
Like I said, I’m no law expert so if there’s anyone that can shed some light on what this means legally in regards to our right to redress please do.
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2023.03.29 01:46 9876_ Nearly drowned swimming high

Took 11mg 3-MeO-PCP orally on a small well hidden beach with a close friend, cloudy bleak skies smothered the horizon, with rain also drenching the surrounding lands, however the rain receded leaving in its place light drizzle. My friend urged me not to take such a high dose of the PCP but I did anyway, she recommended closer to 7mg, she also advised against vaping the spice but I didn’t listen. I took a big toke of spice and felt the world begin to slow, it was as if it the frame rate of life had been drastically reduced. Things felt tranquil and after 30minutes I decided to reluctantly venture into the freezing water.
Swimming was demanding and labouring, with the clear but intimidating, icy cold water being around 15ft deep. I was shivering but was determined to swim out further. I hate both swimming and deep water so this was a strange setting to be intoxicated in but I wanted to push my limits. I was getting after images and slight tracers. The waves were large and terrifying and I decided to dive down, descending down in to the dark depths of the ocean with just the oxygen in your lungs is a surreal experience. It felt like I was being sucked down into the abyss, I panicked that I had swam down to deep and rapidly swam back up, piercing the surface just in time. A sigh of relief. My friend is urging me to return back to the beach but I’m too tired to swim all the way back and realise at this point I’ve fucked up.
The 3-MeO is hitting really hard and I’m getting intrusive closed eye visuals of people thrashing around in water drowning and laughing sneering faces spinning on a dart board. Strange and eerie. I just want to lay down and pass out but instead I’ve swam out into the middle of the ocean like an idiot. My friend basically screamed at me to swim back otherwise she would go back alone and call the coast guard. She described me later as nodding and looking like I’d seen a ghost.
I managed to meekly swim back to shoreside and haul myself up the beach, at which point my friend hugged me telling me she thought I was going to drown. Rays of sunshine now slash across the sky and a rainbow appears. We wrap ourselves in our towels and watch the sun go down, occasionally taking hits of spice, till we were both incredibly stoned.
I understand in hindsight how reckless this was, but you live and you learn Ig.
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2023.03.29 01:46 Admirable-Ad-799 She Reached Out...One Year On the Day.

This sub was such a big part of my life for a period of time I just feel like I owe it to myself to post the recent chapter in my journey. If you want the back story, feel free to read...if you just want the encouragement, skip to the *****
The breakup was very unexpected and out of the blue. When we broke up, within a month or two she was already with someone new, and last I heard in around October of last year they were still together. We broke up for mainly long-distance reasons, you can read my past posts for more details if you really care, but long story short I was the dumpee and we have not had a peep of contact since the day we broke up...until recently.
However, after some time, self-improvement, and help from this sub (thank you all), I eventually moved on as all of us do. Over time I became ready to date again and had a few "situationships" but never really anything that amounted to something serious. As the months dragged by I kinda just figured that we would never speak again...and that was something I eventually learned to be ok with. I ended up leaving this sub a while ago as I just felt that I had finally healed and moved on from the situation.
I recently came home for a week from University for spring break and unexpectantly ran into her parents out and about in my hometown. It was a very short interaction and none of us mentioned my ex (just a short "hi how are you so nice to see you again" type of interaction), but I guess her parents told her she ran into each other because she reached out later that day asking how I was doing/what was new, etc. Interestingly enough, the day she reached out was 1 year to the day that we broke up. I have a feeling that it's just a coincidence rather than something intentional...but it is just funny the way life works sometimes.
I know it is not in the spirit of this sub, but I ended up returning a text. We've just been intermittently texting the past few days, cracking some old inside jokes, and seeing what is new in the other person's life. She informed me that she was leaving her current school (which was on the other side of the country) and transferring to a school in my home state. Right now it is just a friendly vibe, but honestly, I don't know what could happen and am just kinda going with the flow. Obviously, I am proceeding with caution, not making any first moves, and if something is bound to happen we would have to have a long discussion about the past...but I guess I am getting ahead of myself.
*****I am mainly writing this message as an encouragement to all of you...just keep fighting. Put every ounce of your effort you want to give that other person back into yourself. It's hard now, but in the long run, you will be thanking yourself for not wasting your effort continuously on someone who doesn't want anything to do with you. In the worst-case scenario, you will get over them, find someone new, and learn to move on from your pain. If they never reach back out, you will be all the better for it. Follow your heart, keep on trekking, and we're all rooting for you.
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