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2023.04.02 20:58 rideronthestorm1969 Petoskey Resident is Seeking a Live-In, Part-Time Caregiver - 30 Hours a Week

If you live in Petoskey and are looking for a job that includes housing and expenses, or if you know someone who is, there is a person looking for a live-in, part-time caregiver who will act as a fill-in caregiver to their other caregivers.
The position offers free housing, utilities and a private room and, in addition to the expenses you would not have to worry about, they are also offering 30 paid hours per week.
Here is their Craigslist ad where, if interested, you can reply to them by email.
I hope that this is helpful to someone who is interested in caregiving, especially given the economic conditions we are living in.
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2022.11.10 02:54 puppysearchbot Michigan

annarbor (sss)
annarbor (pet)
annarbor (pas)
battlecreek (sss)
battlecreek (pet)
battlecreek (pas)
centralmich (sss)
centralmich (pet)
centralmich (pas)
detroit (sss)
detroit (pet)
detroit (pas)
flint (sss)
flint (pet)
flint (pas)
grandrapids (sss)
grandrapids (pet)
grandrapids (pas)
holland (sss)
holland (pet)
holland (pas)
jxn (sss)
jxn (pet)
jxn (pas)
kalamazoo (sss)
kalamazoo (pet)
kalamazoo (pas)
lansing (sss)
lansing (pet)
lansing (pas)
monroemi (sss)
monroemi (pet)
monroemi (pas)
muskegon (sss)
muskegon (pet)
muskegon (pas)
nmi (sss)
nmi (pet)
nmi (pas)
porthuron (sss)
porthuron (pet)
porthuron (pas)
saginaw (sss)
saginaw (pet)
saginaw (pas)
swmi (sss)
swmi (pet)
swmi (pas)
thumb (sss)
thumb (pet)
thumb (pas)
up (sss)
up (pet)
up (pas)
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2021.08.31 22:29 naked_feet How much should I/anyone pay for a used KLR?

[Possibly unnecessary background....] I'm a newbie who's learning to ride. My girlfriend grew up going to races with her family, and grew up riding vintage Triumphs on the road and dirtbikes during the summer. I went to a race with her and the family at the end of July ... and the bug bit. Little bit of dirt bike riding so far -- but those are 2 1/2 hours away and I don't want to drive there every weekend to get in some hours.
I already had the idea, but then her dad also suggested looking for a used dual sport and screwing around on it for a while to learn.
I was one of those kids whose dad made him drive a car at the age of 14, and while it was a little scary I remember how grateful I was to have had some experience behind the wheel before going into driver's ed. I'd kind of like to do similar here: Ride it offroad as an ORV first for a few months, get a good feel for it, build some confidence, before going to a class/taking the skills test. I have lots of state forest nearby, with legal dirt roads to ride on, so why not? Then get licensed and register for the road. (Assuming everything goes well I'd probably also buy a street bike next year.)
Very different, I know, but I do have what I think is some relevant experience. Grew up going bonkers fast on snowmobile trails as a kid and through my teens, some experience riding 4-wheelers, been riding on two wheels (bicycle) since I was 4, some trail mountain biking, and 7 years of bicycle commuting.
[The actual questions] How much should I/anyone pay for a used KLR?
I've been on the lookout for used dual sports but haven't seen too much come up yet. But I did another search today and found three KLRs in my area(-ish) that grabbed my attention.
In order of oldest/cheapest to newest ...
So obviously I'm not the most informed or experienced, but I've been doing some research. My initial impression is that these are probably all pretty fair prices. I'd love to keep my first purchase down to more like $2000-2500, which is maybe within range for the first, but probably out of range for the second and third.
The 2008, it's just getting old (and it seems that wasn't the best year). The middle one is priced close enough to the newer one that the newer one would probably be the better bet. And I doubt the newest one would have much wiggle room in the price. The first two, though ... maybe?
Also: Any checklists/things to ask? Things to look for? I know I should ask about the doohickey and if it burns oil -- but what else? Strategies for talking down a price? I'm not even positive I'm going to inquire on any of them -- but I might at least send emails asking if they're still available while I think about it.
(Because I know some people will ask: I'm 6'1", 6'2" with boots on, 215lb, and lift weights etc. I'm not especially worried about the size/weight of the bike, although it is bigger than what I was originally thinking I'd want to start with.)
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2020.08.21 16:00 Iwasrunning13 Is this a good tractor and price for 40 acres of land management (clean up and brush hogging)
Ford 4000 for $6,800
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2020.05.31 23:19 Cuitarded Advice on implementing a concrete patio

A neighbor gave us a copy of Family Handyman - inside had an idea for a nice looking "Modern Concrete Patio" Edit: Found online version of the article:

Our patio area looks like this currently: Before we can implement this, we need to clean up our patio area. When we bought the place, the patio already had crushed rock as a base. I have a few concerns with this:
  1. Do we need to completely remove the crushed rock base before putting in concrete? I'm worried about stability and shifting over time.
  2. Even if we don't need to remove it all, is there an "easy" way to get the rock out? Or do we just take a shovel and go to town?
  3. Are there places that will take away crushed rock for free? Advertise on Craigslist? We have nowhere to put the excess rock we remove.
  4. We were planning on using remaining rock as filler between gaps of the concrete

Any thoughts are appreciated - I might be over-analyzing a bit but I've never really done hardscaping before so I don't want to have an "oh s*%&" moment halfway through.
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2020.04.20 02:01 waldoofficial An update on /u/Homorodeanwheelchair

Since the day before last, we've had a few things occur with the account we've been focusing on -- (the user Homorodeanwheelchair, which I'll just shorten to HW.)
Someone (who has since deleted the comment) tagged him below user Lil-Melt 's post, resulting in this thread. Some worrying things were said by HW, however, he later apologized, and said that was essentially exaggerating to prove a point.
Second before last comment.
Last comment.
Now, after this comment was made, I locked the post, seeing that things had been at least partially wrapped up. I really want to thank all of the users who talked to him -- you were respectful and kind, and exemplified the way we should treat anyone who may have limited control over their emotional responses. Regardless, that still doesn't remove the worrying posts he made.
Here's the original post for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
We haven't talked much about the implications of the post, which has since been deleted, but one user made a pretty good guess about it:
He looked like he might have been actually searching for a person he met, by name, hoping to find them. He described how they looked and talked about how he liked it. The fact it's about a 12 year old, and posted in a teenager forum is the weird part.
Link to the comment.
I think that's exactly what this looks like. It reminds me of the 'lost connections' section of a newspaper, or off of craigslist. Judging by his post history, it doesn't seem he has a firm grasp on how to format posts, and likely thought it was one of the better ways to contact the child he was describing, maybe knowing that the child did browse Reddit. It's all conjecture, but it wouldn't be unlikely. Otherwise, he claims to have never hurt a child. (at least he said he didn't have a criminal record in that earlier linked comment.)
Since the original post though, he has continued following the trend of asking questions about age differences and playing, with this post being made only 35 minutes ago as of the writing of this. According to his post history, it seems like until recently, he was able to play with children younger than him, due to him being able to relate to children more than other people his age, and is very afraid of that being taken away from him. He has been asking around about the normalcy of age differences in friendships of autistic people, and one kind user responded in /Autism explaining a similar situation he had faced.
HW made another post asking about cultural norms in other countries, and a post before that asking a confusing question on /AutisticAdults. In the comments, he continues to talk about the poor relationship he has with his therapist, and admits to self harm. That comment was only about 42 minutes ago, as of this writing. It's worrying, as it's often times quite difficult for Autistic adults to get the proper care they need.
Anyways, sorry for the long post, but I felt an update was overdue.
A real quick personal thing before I sign off, however. Sorry if I come off as too apologetic to him, I understand that he stands to be a genuine danger to children, and that is completely unacceptable. However, I've also worked with and spent considerable time with people all up and down the autism spectrum, and seeing his posts is quite heartbreaking. One of my closest friends, an ex-girlfriend of two years, and even some of my family are high-functioning autistic, and the stigma around it still very much exists. Those people however were all very high-functioning, and otherwise lived lives in perfect stride with neurotypical counterparts their age. HW seems that he may be somewhere on the spectrum that renders him a bit behind his peers, however, and that's likely quite difficult to deal with. Emotional response is something extremely affected by autism, hence the 'outbursts' he has of capital letters in some comments.
Regardless, even if he is a sympathetic person, he still remains someone who has said some very questionable things concerning children, and we still need to keep tabs on his activity.
This write-up took way longer than expected, I'll make a new sticky post with updates soon.
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2019.04.17 17:20 bearskinner98 Need opinions on motor
​​​​​​​Is this a good deal? Says he just replaced the impeller before starting it a week ago. Starter recoil was also repaired not too long ago. I plan on doing a compression test before buying and he's gonna run it in a bucket.
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2019.04.03 20:32 stealthswor Buying a car after I totaled my last one, need to narrow down options

I don't need a big vehicle as I am only driving myself. Low maintenance would be good, and it would be helpful if the car could handle dirt and snow roads as I live in a rural area. Have 4100 to spend.
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2018.03.19 00:41 sam_KOR What do you think of my craigslist post?

I’m selling a subaru legacy. I tried to be as detailed as honest as possible but is it a good idea to post an ad like this? Thank you
EDIT: i consolidated my points. Thanks for the advice
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2017.06.19 02:45 Spartangreen5102 Dig that paint job!
I'm considering pulling the trigger on this one and would love to hear what you all think
One owner 1990 G20. Needs a new compressor. Leaks oil, owner stated less than a quart between oil changes. Transmission rebuilt last year. Some rust but love that paint job!
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2017.05.14 01:10 Mcbeardson Is this worth it?
This is about a 3.5 hour drive one way and was wondering what you guys thought about it. Don't know if it works or not
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2017.01.01 08:21 canadabear07 What one of these laptops is better?
I'll mainly play farming simulator 17 and cities skylines.
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2016.12.31 21:38 canadabear07 Is this a good laptop?
Mainly play games like farming simulator 17 and cities skylines. Will this work?
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2016.12.26 15:34 badgolf Rustic coffee table from reclaimed lumber

QUESTION: Can anyone tell me how to make the images more accessible? How can I get them to show directly in the post, instead of as links?
( I built this table for my Mother In Law. I got the wood for free on craigslist from a guy ripping it out of his older house in Boston. Admittedly, I had second thoughts when I saw it in a wet pile in his yard, but it ended up being great wood.
It took HOURS to dig out the hardware from the wood using various methods and a metal detector. I got most of it, and my chisel found the remainder. Pooh.
Removed hardware
[Embedded hardware]
I had cut all the mortises and tenons.
The breadboard end uses a fixed center tenon and two floating tenons on the end to allow for seasonal movement.
Breadboard ends
(Frame Glue-up)[]
(Top is also floating)[]
(Note the circular saw mill marks on the top pieces)[]
(Arm-R-Seal and Four different gel stains to get the warm patina that I wanted)[]
(Bottom Shelf)[]
(Light passes on the planer produce feeder marks that I like for bandsaw-like look)[]
(Finished Table)[]
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2016.09.29 05:29 PappyVanFuckYourself [crosspost] Advice on a Subaru Legacy wagon - what to look out for & is this a good price?

I posted this in /whatcarshouldibuy but I'm not sure how active that sub is:
Going to take a look at this car tomorrow. $2700 seems pretty good for the year and miles, I don't mind having the windshield replaced. Are there any issues I should watch out for? I just moved back to the US and this will be a beater to drive around for a few months before I move to Chicago, but I might take it on a few semi-long road trips.
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2016.09.29 02:18 PappyVanFuckYourself Subaru Legacy wagon - what to look out for & is this a good price?

Going to take a look at this car tomorrow. $2700 seems pretty good for the year and miles, I don't mind having the windshield replaced. Are there any issues I should watch out for? I just moved back to the US and this will be a beater to drive around for a few months before I move to Chicago, but I might take it on a few semi-long road trips.
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2016.07.16 20:12 the-bends [question] Help me identify a mystery archtop

Thinking about picking up this little archtop, the guy is willing to give me a better deal than he has listed here but I can't identify it for the life of me. It looks to be a Sears brand of some sort but I can't find any Kay's or Harmony's with the zero fret and the three bolts in the back of the neck. Anybody have any guesses?
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2016.06.27 01:23 albinogoat1 Looking for a new bike under $400. Is this a good deal?

Yesterday I got rear ended and my bike was on the back of my car in my bike rack. :( It got pretty banged up. I'm looking to buy a new bike with the money I get back from insurance. Does this look like a good deal?
Also I measured myself and I think I'm supposed to get a 52 cm frame. This one is 49.6 I think. Is that too small? I'm 5' 5" female and I measured my legs to be around 30 inches for reference.
Thanks for any help!
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2016.03.09 20:34 Keliam Hopefully my new Mini, any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a Mini I found near my area, planning to bring it in for a look over before purchase.
edit: Thank you all for your input, I'm excited to be a part of this awesome community!
I'm currently looking at another Mini but have some hesitation. It's a 2007 and I've heard bad things of the '07s. 10k less miles than the original post, and only $400 more. The downside is it has an unknown large oil leak that will need attention soon. Any input is much appreciated.
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2016.02.19 00:02 NotUpSyndrome Infinity SM-115

found these and negotiated him down to $110. Is this a good buy? I really need a pair of speakers quick.
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2016.02.06 17:30 Siegfried262 [USA][$850]Home Theater Audio Build Advice

Hey guys, so soon I'm going to be in a good position to actually invest some money into a decent home theater type system.
My budget is about 850, and what I'd really like to accomplish is either a good 2.2 or 3.2 system. It'd be nice to start with a center channel for dialogue and such but I don't mind holding off on that if it can bump me into a nicer pair of speakers.
Floorstanding speakers preferred over bookshelf speakers. Even though I'm going to pair them with a subwoofer I'd prefer not to muck about with seperate stands and aesthetically it's something I'd prefer.
I've looked into a lot of the popular budget options but all seem to have some issue I wouldn't care for.
Pioneer FS52: I don't like how a good number of reviews I've read mention a bit of a muffled sound and sometimes some boxiness to the vocals. Clarity is important to me.
Primus 363: Certain elements of the build quality have me concerned and the sound sounds more trebly than I'd like.
Polk Monitor Series from their Ebay store: I love how these look but the thoughts on the sound signature are really varied.
Sony Core Floorstanding Speakers: These I'm particularly interested in. Well priced (especially when open boxed), clear and neutral sound by the looks of it. The only knock I saw is that at higher volumes it loses some detail in the lower registers but I figure the subwoofers handling the lower regions should help with that.
As for subwoofer, I figured on using two Dayton Sub 1200s. Originally I was going to go for a single sub-1500 but I read that using two subwoofers really helps smooth the response out.
For the receiver, the Yamaha RX-V373 seemed like a good choice. Well priced, supports 4k for the future, and has positive reviews.
It's a bit difficult, we live in northern rural Michigan so auditioning things is a little hard. That's why I've opted for reading tons of reviews and impressions in the meantime. As far as sound signature goes, I don't have a lot of experience with speakers (Micca MB42Xs and the Insignia speakers mentioned in the sidebar) but as far as headphones go I lean more towards clear and neutral. I don't like things to sound muddy or distorted.
I've scoured the Northern Michigan, Grand Rapids, and Detroit craigslist listings and haven't seen too much but this one caught my eye.
Have any of you heard about the B&W DM620s? I know B&W has quite the reputation.
This would be for our living room and our listening position isn't very far from the tv. We're not trying to fill a huge room with sound.
Thanks for reading, any advice or insight would be really appreciated.
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2015.05.08 02:27 officialshibe First Turntable

Hola everybody! I am new to this subreddit and have been keen on entering the world of vinyl and I am looking to purchase my first turntable. Initially I was looking for a new turntable off of amazon like the audio technicas or Pioneer PL-990 but after perusing this subreddit I have decided to go the used route as they are usually less expensive and higher quality overall. My budget is right around $200 and I am looking for a good starter turntable with a built-in phono preamp so I can just plug it into my home speakers (that is preferred but if you all have other recommendations please enlighten me). I found a Stanton STR8-80 Direct Drive Turntable for $200 on my local craigslist (Northern Michigan, Michigan) and I was wondering if that is a good buy or if you all have any other advice. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
TL;DR Looking for a turn table $200 range on craigslist Northern Michigan, Michigan. Prefer built in preamp
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