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2020.01.02 15:22 werewolfbarmitzvah69 Free yourself from your equipment

Trying to stop obsessing over gear and get back to knowing your instrument? This is a place for all of us frustrated with the endless tone chase. We will try to encourage you to use what you have, or suggest some low cost alternatives.

2023.03.20 21:13 Lighting_squrriel78 Unusual printer behaviour

Hi, Im REALLY New to this whole printing thing I just got mine 2 days ago. An FDM Neptune 3 pro. And beside the fact that yeah Its not really suitable for Mini printing cause Its not a resin printer, it worked just fine for a small barrel print. Oh and I Also should mention that the SD and small USB port which came with it, stopped working. Gave the “Please format the SD” “Windows cant finish formatting” error combo, but Ive got a thingy idk how Its called in english which connects SD to PC so I solved it. My problem is:
I restarted the printing cleared the file, rearranged everything 3 times but it still makes a line on the side of the bed and messes up, ONE PRINT, like almost like one part of the bed wasnt calibrated right.
Maybe i just follow-up post the pics cause i just realized I cant post a picture and text combo post.
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2023.03.20 21:12 floorlight Uphold - £40 free in bitcoin + 4% ongoing cashback on spending (possible to combine with Airtime Rewards/Jam Doughnut/cashback sites for double cashback)

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2023.03.20 21:12 UnreasonableFerret21 Got my diagnosis, parents werent supportive

Pretty much that. Didn't even have time to process the fact I have adhd, they just attacked me for getting diagnosed. They thought it was a waste of time, and I shouldn't be "dependent on therapists" or "let a diagnosis limit me and convince myself Im weak." I don't know where that came from, considering all I'd said was "hey so I got diagnosed with inattentive adhd". I got really upset, I felt hurt, they didnt even ask how I feel or understand what inattentive ADHD is. I tried to tell them the psychologist welcomes any questions and they didnt even care, they were just against the fact I keep trying to understand the whys of my actions. I was told "stop seeking and digging around, just accept who you are and live with it (instead of going to therapists)". Idk. Im hurt. I dont know what to do now.
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2023.03.20 21:11 ThrowRAsupercat I'm (30f) really hurt at how a work college (45f) spoke to me at an event.

A lady was at a work event today who I spent a few months working with not long ago. She was always very nice to me and said I did well. I was excited to see her again. After the time we worked together I sent her and the others there a 'Thank you' and she emailed saying she really enjoyed working together. I know we weren't 'friends' as she's very much my superior but I thought we were on friendly terms.
At the event I spoke to all of the others, and saw her chatting to other people.
At the end she was at a table handing out brochures. She saw me but then looked down and ignored me. I said Hi and smiled and she did a very quick glance then looked away but said "Hi how are you?" I said "Yeah good thanks you?" She sharply and rapidly said "Good good good" like ushered me off and said "Hi how are you" to the next person. Like she wanted me to leave asap.
It kinda hurt. I feel I did something wrong but everyone else was fine with me. I don't know why she talked to everyone else apart from me, or why she shooed me off like that. Literally nothing has happened since the very nice "Thank you" email 2 months ago. I know I can't dwell on it but it's confusing. I just want to know the reason. Has she just forgot me or was I sadly just a number to her?
I'm a girl btw this was just a work situation with someone I admired in a work context.
TL:Dr: College I trained with for months last year seemed unhappy to see me at a work do. I don't know why and it's hurt.
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2023.03.20 21:11 itzzjackie23 Me (27F) and my partner (27M) are struggling with intimacy. How can you tell if something is a rough patch or the end?

TLDR: intimacy struggles consistent over the last 3 years with recurring conversations to repair it, but we always fall back to the old ways and can’t find a solution that sticks. Do we stay together through it and hope something changes or go separate ways?
My (27f) fiancé (27m) and I have been together for 8 years (engaged about 2). We have lived together for 6 out of our 8 years together and used to have sex 3-5 times a week. Now we are lucky to have it once a month. We cycle through this issue about every 4-6 months for probably the last 3 years and it is the only argument/disagreement we have.
For context: Our normal routine is he is gone for work by the time I get up. I WFH and he gets home around 5:30-6PM. He says he turns his brain off once he’s off work so we maybe exchange 10-20 words, he showers, and goes to play video games with friends. I will cook dinner about an hour after he gets home. He eats while playing games in the office and I eat at the table or couch watching a show. I clean the kitchen, shower, and go to bed. Normally he comes to bed about 20 minutes after me, we exchange a goodnight and a kiss, then to sleep. Rinse and repeat. Weekends consist of me grocery shopping, he playing games or we go shopping for something the house needs and then it’s back to separate rooms to do our own things. Dinner date out once a week or two, but not tons of conversation.
We have this disagreement, both say things that each other will do to improve it. He will make an effort to spend more time with me and asking about my days and following more of my love language (acts of service/gifts) like bringing home flowers or cleaning when I don’t explicitly ask him to. I say I will try to do more things to get myself in the mood, like doing hair and makeup, wearing clothes that make me feel good, porn, etc (his love language is physical touch). It works for a month or two and then it’s back into the same routine. He slowly stops interacting/cleaning/etc and I slowly start pushing back on the affection. He is no longer trying to initiate sex because he has been turned down too many times by me that he just expects I will say no, which I understand, but I struggle to initiate because I feel like we are just roommates now and there’s nothing there to work off of. Whenever I do initiate, he is always down and we will have sex.
We both love each other, but I’m starting to wonder if I just love him as a person and I’m not so much in love with him anymore. I’m scared this will be the rest of our lives and I feel this doubt that this shouldn’t be happening to people in love who are getting married. We both feel like something needs to change, we both don’t want to leave, but we’re both feeling very sad and distant the past few months and can’t find a way to resolve it.
How do I/we know if this patch will last? How do you get over the feeling that if this isn’t what is right for us, that we are losing someone that’s been apart of our life for 8 years and starting over completely? Has someone’s relationship succeeded after something like this? What changed?
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2023.03.20 21:11 matthewlewis777 Colombia city Tenant/ landlord help.

Alright so tenant here! Hey.
Signed a two year lease in a home just over a year ago. Great spot, in the upstairs of a two story home while our landlord builds a mother in law unit downstairs. To be rented out at a later date.
Well, here comes the trouble. Landlord got divorced suddenly and moved in downstairs without notice. This is feb of lat year (two months after our move in) fine, I felt bad for the guy & had given us no reason to distrust him yet. Units are separated and really wasn’t worried. (But was not what we signed up for in the lease. We did not want to live in the same home as our landlord and likely wouldn’t have signed initially if that was the case.) but I digress.
Fast forward a couple months and we have noticed a distinct smell coming from downstairs. Like a farm smell. Followed by chirps and eventually clucks and full on cockadoodle doos. Come to find out, This man is raising 12-18 chickens downstairs and just letting them poo and pee wherever. (I realize the solution is not potty training the chickens.) addressed it directly with no solution. Except that they will be gone eventually ( took him 6 months to slowly eat through his roommates)
Animal control and the department of construction and inspections both told us that this wasn’t their problem.
Beginning shortly after that we noticed the fire alarms were going off at least weekly and he would burn things on the stove and get distracted, gardening outside, he has even left to run errands, leaving our upstairs unit smelling like burnt chicken shit for days.
We began problem solving with compassion but frankly, at this stage there is a lot of unpleasantness in our household. Tenants (us) have been very vocal about stopping all of these nuisances and it has resorted to landlord name calling, ignoring, doing 10pm construction, all sorts of childish retaliation.
Spring has sprung and burning has increased to daily. I think he has removed his fire alarms as they are no longer going off daily. And on top of that it smells and sounds like he has some fresh chicks down there.
My spouse and I have been saving to buy a home. We’re almost there and know that this is at very least a “break your lease for free card.” But, at this stage I want some childish games of my own.
Anyone had similar experiences with landlords?
How do I stick it to this asshole?
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2023.03.20 21:10 ThrowRAsupercat I'm (30f) really hurt at how a work college (45f) spoke to me at an event.

A lady was at a work event today who I spent a few months working with not long ago. She was always very nice to me and said I did well. I was excited to see her again. After the time we worked together I sent her and the others there a 'Thank you' and she emailed saying she really enjoyed working together. I know we weren't 'friends' as she's very much my superior but I thought we were on friendly terms.
At the event I spoke to all of the others, and saw her chatting to other people.
At the end she was at a table handing out brochures. She saw me but then looked down and ignored me. I said Hi and smiled and she did a very quick glance then looked away but said "Hi how are you?" I said "Yeah good thanks you?" She sharply and rapidly said "Good good good" like ushered me off and said "Hi how are you" to the next person. Like she wanted me to leave asap.
It kinda hurt. I feel I did something wrong but everyone else was fine with me. I don't know why she talked to everyone else apart from me, or why she shooed me off like that. Literally nothing has happened since the very nice "Thank you" email 2 months ago. I know I can't dwell on it but it's confusing. I just want to know the reason. Has she just forgot me or was I sadly just a number to her?
I'm a girl btw this was just a work situation with someone I admired in a work context.
TL:Dr: College I trained with for months last year seemed unhappy to see me at a work do. I don't know why and it's hurt.
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2023.03.20 21:10 USAFVet_RN_NP_Ally I seriously can’t with Maggie in The Walking Dead Season 11

I cannot with Maggie and her high horse this season. Literally tells Neegan he is reckless with people’s lives when she took a group out on a suicide mission. Literally all of the people she brought with from her last community died. I get Neegan has a past and he did some shitty stuff…but he has saved her life more than one time this season and she gives zero F’s about it. I don’t even like looking at her dumb face. I’ve grown to like Neegan, I think mostly because of his evolution since his capture. His backstory helped too. Nothing justifies what he did, but like I read on here in a different post…Rick and their group literally killed a bunch of his men in their sleep. It may not be as violent as how Neegan did it but either way, Maggie is no better than him. In all reality, Maggie left Hilltop…and I love how people blame Neegan for the Hilltop’s demise…when it was really Carol’s inability to stop that ended it. I mean, he took quite a few for the team when he was with the whisperers….just saying. I feel like the only reason I’m finishing the series is to finish it. Plus I’m hoping the spin-offs may be better. Ever since Glenn died, then Rick left, then Michone…I feel like it’s just gone downhill.
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2023.03.20 21:10 64_00 In another life, yes.

M, In the months since my last post, I've made an irredeemable mess of my life. No one knows it but me and my therapist. God willing, that's how it will stay. I have a few things going to the grave with me, one more won't matter.
That sounds dismissive and flippant of my choices, like maybe they aren't that bad and won't matter. But it is a hard truth that if you found out, you would question whether you knew me at all and, you wouldn't love me. And that's the kicker here: ever since my colossal screw up, I've figured out that you probably love me. Since my previous posts' wonderings, you've been less subtle and more open in unexpected ways. Will you ever actually say it and remove all doubt? Not so long as I am married. But it is clear now.
The comments of mine you've pinned in our discord chat. The increasing frequency with which you want to know I've traveled safely. The expressed sanctity of our online watch-parties and voice chats. I (truly) accidentally revealed my reddit main. You said you don't dig into online histories, but you also screenshotted the reveal before I could hope to take it back - your actions give lie to your words (lucky for us, I'm boring online). You've taken care to learn some of my more complicated lore, and you check to make sure you have it right when it's relevant in the moment. You expect to be tired when I visit and expect to keep it short, then we're having all the (platonic) fun and the only reason we stop is bc of external obligations to other people.
Nothing is ever said straight, plainly. But, as I meme'd at you an image from the movie we were discussing, EEAAO, "In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you." And, as you replied, "yes."
Wish I wasn't actively fucking things up, M
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2023.03.20 21:10 Alain_Durwoden 1000 miles with my RR

I am happy to report that the lust I felt when this bike was revealed has turned in to an all-consuming love. I went in knowing this was a completely irresponsible purchase considering I daily, but I've never listened to sense when it came to motorcycles anyway. At least as far as "what about when it's cold?" or "how will you carry groceries?" is concerned. I bought good gear and have my groceries delivered. Problem solved.
1000 miles of break in was tough. I've never owned a new vehicle before, and considering how much she cost (regardless of the deal I got) I made sure to follow the break-in period to a T, save for the last fifty or so miles. The attention I had to pay toward keeping the revs down, making sure to switch gears regularly -- there's a lot of highway driving to be done to get anywhere fun -- really cut in to just riding my bike.
I set out yesterday with ~960 miles on the odometer, accumulated as quickly as I could through a month of horrendous weather, a cramped work schedule, and a packed social calendar. I don't mind the cold and the rain, but I wasn't about to hop on a bike during a rain shower before I was used to it.
Hopping on yesterday in the gorgeous noon sun and riding in to a crisp 50F wind, I just couldn't help myself any more. I'd been on these roads a lot. I knew what to expect and where, and traffic wasn't too bad. I had gotten used to the bike; the lines it would take, when the ABS would kick in, the feel of the throttle, the bite of the clutch. It finally felt like an extension of myself as opposed to a machine I was on, more than any of the dozen or so bikes I've had in the past. It was time to throw the manual out and let it rip.
It probably goes without saying, but sitting in the power band and letting Lady breath turned her in to a completely different bike than what I had for the first 960mi. She is as poised at 50mph as she is at 120, and there were many, many times when I looked down and noticed I had doubled or even tripled the legal speed limit. If it weren't for a slight bobbling of my head and the fact that everyone else had come to a stop, I don't think I'd have noticed. A few short stops in the gears I was clicking down to brought her quickly back to what the Man considers reasonable.
Regardless of how fast she was going, I never once felt like it was too much for me to handle. It's there when I want it. It hangs back when I don't. I have never been more confident on a motorcycle. She's there to take care of me and make sure I enjoy life. She wasn't going to take me to a third location and Irish exit.
That being said, five years ago I'd have killed myself on this bike. Something about being in the mindset of, "actually, let's pay our taxes this year" and "I should renew my license before it expires" evidently lends itself to the kind of responsibility and respect a bike like this deserves. While none of my accidents have been directly my fault, now that I'm making payments and am older you can be sure I'm watching (read: staring at) everyone turning on red or crossing a median, and looking both ways when crossing an intersection -- green be damned. I'm not going to be t-boned a fourth time.
Traction control kicked in for the first time, stopping my heart from leaping out of my chest and my hands from doing that thing they seemed to naturally do the last time I got over my head. I'm glad it's there, because even though I know what I'm supposed to do when a wheel slips it has still never entered in to conscious thought and I'd rather not bank on it.
I've finally gotten used to the ergonomics, and gas station to gas station I am as comfortable as I've been on anything save maybe one of my Sprints. Current average MPG sits at 33.6.
The last cruiser I had, a V1500A, always cramped my lower back up -- I have to sit on a bike, not in one -- and the RR keeps my back, legs, and wrists exactly where they like to be. For reference, I'm 6'2" and somewhere around 200lb. Now I just need bigger gloves, 3X is still jamming my middle finger in to it's knuckle so that kind hurts. If anyone has an recommendations there, I'd appreciate it. Two trips to Cycle Gear and I’m still coming up short.
Quick shifts up, even from first, were buttery. If the engine is moving at the speed it likes, it doesn't seem to care what you do with it. Quickshifts down were equally smooth. Even without, this might be the easiest bike I've ever rev-matched.
My one minor quibble is the mirrors; roughly 60% of them is taken up by my forearm -- but twenty minutes of fiddling with the stalks and mirrors plus a wee blind spot mirror has solved that issue. I'm still thinking bar-ends, if I can find the right adapter; just seems more fitting, aesthetically.
I don't know that this "review" was needed and I'm sure I'm speaking in to the void, but I needed to get it out somewhere. I got off my bike yesterday feeling like I had just blown a fat rail or met my girlfriend all over again -- wired in, ultra focused, absolutely in love with the world, and ready for another hit.
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2023.03.20 21:10 faretellz Dirty Talk 101 by Stirling Cooper (Complete Courses)

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2023.03.20 21:10 JohnDGardner Destroy your equipment? Let me gather an audience

TL;DR: a customer thought he knew better than me and insisted I perform a destructive test to prove me wrong. I wasn't wrong.
Background: I used to test circuit breakers for a living. The large industrial versions of what you have in your home electric panel. Like the ones at home, most industrial circuit breakers have two means of detecting an over-current condition: thermal (literally an element that heats up for seconds or minutes before opening the beaker, intended for small to moderate over-current events) and magnetic (reacts almost instantly to very high over-current events). For special applications like fire fighting pumps, you can buy circuit breakers which have magnetic only. Test methods are specified by the manufacturer and by the interNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA)
Out tale: I was testing a large number of circuit breakers at a customer facility. Customer rep (C) got used to my pattern of testing a group of thermal elements, allowing them to cool down, and only then testing the magnetic elements. When the fire pump circuit breaker came to my test station and I only tested it for magnetic trip, he objected. (C) Hey, why did you skip the thermal? (Me) This is a magnetic only breaker. (C) There's no such thing (Me) Here's the manufacturer data showing the magnetic trip curve but not showing a thermal trip curve. (C) That doesn't mean it doesn't have a thermal trip. I want it tested. (Me) Oh...kay, well, since I don't have a curve from the manufacturer, I don't know how long it should take to trip. How long do you want me to test? (C) The NETA testing manual says that without a curve, if it trips in less than 300 seconds it is good (Me) Please sign here that you're making me do this test (C) Okay (signs the paper, not realizing this was supposed to make him suspicious)
Having failed my first attempt to scare him off this foolish path, I try another tactic
(Me, on radio) Hey, coworker, I'm about to test the thermal element on a fire pump breaker, you want to watch? (Coworker) It doesn't have one, idiot, you're gonna destroy the customer's breaker! (Me) Yeah, I told him that, he doesn't believe me (Coworker) ...... I'm on my way
Coworker arrives and goes to explain to the customer but.....
(C) You're both wrong, I'm an engineer and you're just technicians, do the test (Coworker) We're gonna need you to sign... (C) I ALREADY SIGNED, JUST DO THE TEST
So I start the test. All morning, the previous thermal tests have been running 8 to 10 seconds before tripping. For this test, 10 seconds pass, then 20, then at 30 the breaker starts to smoke a little, and by 40 seconds the smoke is pouring out of it and my hand is hovering over the STOP button. But I'm not stopping until he admits he's wrong, because he told me it wouldn't be a failed test until 300 seconds. He gives in just before the 60 second mark.
Then I ask "Can you bring me the spare breaker from inventory please, this one cannot go back into service" and his face takes on a panicked expression. THEY DIDN'T HAVE A SPARE!
Good thing the local electrical distributor was open on a Saturday
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2023.03.20 21:10 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Occam's Razor (it's here)

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2023.03.20 21:10 bacondrivez John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating (Complete)

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2023.03.20 21:09 tomatosoupk My mother won’t stop sharing incredibly personal family drama on Facebook

My (24F) mother (54) is a narcissist and has burned bridges with every single family on my dad’s side and is slowly working her way through her own side of the family. My parents haven’t had a relationship with my dad’s side of the family in 5+ years because of a few incidents that my mother has often blown out of proportion. Despite the fact it’s been 5 years, she keeps posting details of these incidents onto Facebook for everyone to see, including my friends, old teachers, and even my previous employers (she adds literally anyone I’m Facebook friends with). She will make extremely lengthy posts detailing old family drama. In particular, she will post details of a family member that assaulted me when I was a toddler 20+ years ago. I have asked her over and over and over again to please stop and she will not. Anytime I ask her to stop she becomes absolutely enraged and will scream at me and accuse me of taking the side of my abuser and his family simply because I don’t want this on Facebook. She is well aware of how Facebook works and knows that everything isn’t private. She says that’s why she does it—she says she wants everyone to know how they’ve wronged her. She has no regard for my feelings on the matter. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m at my wits ends. It’s incredibly upsetting for her to keep posting such personal things and she has no regard for how it affects me and my siblings. She also posts about numerous other events that have happened but falsifies these events to paint herself as a victim. I’ve tried talking to my dad about it but he just gets really quiet and overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do. I’m having friends and family constantly reaching out to me to ask what’s going on and I have no answers. Does anyone have any advice? She’s a classic narcissist so it’s incredibly hard to communicate with her.
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2023.03.20 21:09 lucyfrances03 Lusting for Normalcy

It’s been a weird year. The world became a hotbed of viral death in 2020 and I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I mean, apparently I just couldn’t let the pandemic upstage me.
I’ve tried to deny who I am for the past 10 years. If you had to label me, I often am described as an extreme extrovert. All my friends tell me they “don’t know how I do it.” I stay out until 2am, go to bed at 3am, and wake up for work at 6am multiple days in a row without a problem. I do it all seamlessly, making it look effortless. I’ve never missed a day of work because I was tired or hungover, which is why I can’t stop acting the way I do. I don’t know how to say no. The word is literally not in my vocabulary. My lust to wander, be around friends, and experience everything the world has to offer is insatiable, but in an unhealthy way.
I used to think that everyone else I knew was lame. I would come up with excuses for them; “they didn’t go to a party college, they’re married, they don’t like techno music.” But ultimately, I would get mad that my friends couldn’t handle social interactions the same way I did. Turns out, everyone I know is just normal and I am bipolar.
Throughout undergrad and graduate school, I normalized my actions as part of the college experience. I still did well in school while partying and sleeping around, so why worry? Promiscuity and drinking is part of college culture, so what if I was a bit extra every now and then?
Recently though, my disease has gotten the best of me. The thoughts in my head won’t go away. I sit there in turmoil knowing that I am being unreasonable, but I am plagued by insecurity, fear of missing out, irritability, anxiety, and no matter how I try to reason through them, they disrupt my life.
There is such a stigma on not only bipolar disorder, but mental disorders in general that it has made me afraid to try medication. Why can’t I be the way I used to be without medication? Why can’t I feel like myself without taking an antipsychotic? I know we all need a little extra help sometime, but I am scared. I am scared to admit who I really am.
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2023.03.20 21:09 Good-Mourning Region Compatibility help PS4

I've been playing Conan for a while now on PS4 NA, but my game's from Italy. Never had any issues with region compatibility or playing on NA servers. I finally decided to get the Siptah add-on from the ps store but it's not compatible with my Italian game. When I try to start Siptah, it says stuff like "cannot locate app" and "unable to access content."
Because you can only buy Siptah digitally, the only way I can play it is if I either rebuy the base game US version, or somehow buy an Italian version (or maybe just UK version?) of Siptah.
So I made a new email and new ps account to try and rebuy Siptah from what I assume is the ambiguously different UK ps store. But then I was thinking how my game is technically Italian and that might mean my new ps account I chose "UK" as my region could have the same issue.
What a mess, lol. Anyone know if all European countries get bundled into "UK region"? Can I use my new UK ps account to buy a UK version of Siptah, then play it on my US main account which has my base Conan game? I only picked UK for my new ps account because when I picked Italian, it locked the language to Italian.
For added info, my Siptah update can't "install." It had some kind of download bar when I first got it, but it's stuck at Ready to Install. When I try to, it says it "can't locate app" and directs me to the ps store to buy base Conan Exiles. When I boot up CE and try to start Siptah, it lets me pick server settings then can't start game telling me it's "unable to access content." I haven't tried buying any cosmetic packs so I'm not sure if it would have the same issue.
I looked into getting a refund because I'm not sure if it actually downloaded or what, but looks like it's going to be a pain in the ass to fight for and I rather not buy Siptah twice if neither works and I get no refunds. Well, one thing's for sure. This is what I get for being a console player. Christ, lol.
tldr; playing on NA ps4 with an Italian copy. purchased Siptah from online store, doesn't work with my game. how to play Siptah without rebuying base Conan?
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2023.03.20 21:09 OrdosDeluxe AITA for deliberately embarrassing my Father in Law in front of his family?

I (M36) am absolutely not what you would call a "handy" kind of guy. I can build an IKEA flatpack, and I can follow a YouTube tutorial to find out how to de-clog my washing machine, but I don't have any (what my Father in Law (M60) would call) "worthwhile skills". I have to give him the credit that he's due, and say that he's knowledgeable about plumbing, joinery and electrics. He has often helped me and my wife with matters in our home (leaky pipe, some plastering work etc), and we have always been grateful and appreciative of his efforts.
My skills are more IT based. I work in this field for a living, which means I often get saddled with the old chestnuts such as "can you fix the printer?", or "the internet isn't working". To me these are simple issues to fix, but he's very IT illiterate. I never make a big deal about this, because it's the least I can do to repay his help. However, he spares no opportunity whatsoever to take shots at my lack of "worthwhile skills". He'll say (often in front of family and friends) that im not a real man, or that I'd be useless in an emergency, that sort of thing.
Because he does a lot of stuff that I generally suck at, I bite my tongue and don't say anything to him. This week changed that. We bought my daughter this massive climbing frame/swing set for her birthday. My wife and I were able to assemble most of it, but the last few bits, as well as anchoring it to the ground were giving us issues. My brother happened to stop by to visit, so he helped, but my wife also phoned FIL to come and help. We got the job done, but again, the commentary continued, which was especially insulting considering my brother was there.
Yesterday we were up visiting him. I was there, as was my wife, his wife, and my wife's brother and his wife. He asked me if I could look at his laptop, as he had some sort of virus. When I fired it up, it was one of those ransomware programs - camera was showing the webcam feed on a fake police website. I was able to get his computer somewhat back to normal after a while, which took longer than he'd have liked according to his comments. While I was bringing it back, he kept badgering me about what had caused the virus. A peruse through his internet history revealed a LOT of porn. Nothing particularly embarrassing, but probably information that he wouldn't have wanted shared.
It was out of my mouth before I had even finished processing the thought. "Loads of these porn websites have a lot of viruses and dodgy stuff, I'll get you a membership from my Norton account." You could have cut the tension with a knife. His wife looked super angry, and sister in law stifled a laugh. We left shortly after that, but on the way out we heard the two of them arguing.
My wife gave me both barrels in the car, but I said he is always giving me hassle and I keep my mouth shut. Things have been frosty ever since, and I wonder if I went too far. AITA?
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