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It hurts my heart to see so many stray dogs on the roads

2023.03.29 03:27 Auerbach1991 It hurts my heart to see so many stray dogs on the roads

I’ve been here for only 4 days and I’ve seen almost 9 dogs randomly walking along major roads. I just came back from near Sapadilla Beach and had to swerve out of the way to avoid killing a poor, innocent dog.
I understand this issue is complicated and exists all over the world. I think I get spoiled being from NYC and living in Boston and not being exposed to this part of life.
I just know I’d feel horrible shame and guilt if I killed a dog while on vacation here. I have a 10 year old dog back home waiting for me, and when I return he’s going to get long, tearful hug
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2023.03.29 03:22 B_Hutt Briefly saw my recent ex tonight and it made me so sad

I’ve posted about him before- we were together about a year and a half and just broke up a few weeks ago. We were fighting more and more recently, and were truly toxic together, and my codependency was so bad / triggered, and he refused to get help/ treatment/ medication. I got tired of the mood swings and the back and forth, I couldn’t do it anymore. I love him and care about him but the relationship was not able to have genuine trust or support.
We texted a little last Wednesday and it started with him kind of trying to guilt me into taking him back (because I’m bad at boundaries and always did it before) and then got to a point where I told him maybe if we could both work on our problems someday way in the future, but that it was important that he doesn’t operate on that assumption and that if he’s so worried about me or just thinking about me like some fantasy prize down the line, then that is completely missing the point about needing to work on ourselves for ourselves.
I also told him it was a hard boundary that if he didn’t get an actual treatment plan from a Dr, that was already a no from me in the future. (Right now he self medicated with adderall and tried to argue with me when I told him those are not drugs for bipolar)
He finally reluctantly agreed , and said he’s accepting it slightly more, but that he needed to block me from social media for a while and I told him that was fine and I understood.
He lives near me and earlier I just happened to look out my window right at the time he was walking past and he looked up.
And him looking up just about ripped me in half. I’ve felt pretty okay about things, and the distance has felt nice and calm, but it hit me with a wave of emotions I wasn’t expecting.
Will it get easier?
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2023.03.29 03:22 NineteenSixtySix Chrystia Freeland abandons budget balance plan, adding $50 billion in debt

The finance minister insists spending is necessary to prevent de-industrialization
Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has abandoned the Liberal government’s pledge to return the federal budget to balance, instead committing to years of further deficits as she made bigger spending plans to transform the economy to use less carbon.
Article content Freeland unveiled the 2023 budget Tuesday afternoon.
Last fall, she predicted that after years of sky-high, pandemic-driven deficits, the government would finally return to balance, gradually reducing deficits until moving into a $4.5 billion surplus in 2027. That previous projection has been dropped and replaced with a $14-billion deficit.
Across all of the next five years, the deficits are also larger than previously estimated, with the government ending this coming year $43 billion in the red compared to an estimated $36.4 billion just a few months ago.
In total, Canada’s debt will climb by over $50 billion in the years ahead.
Freeland also dropped previous Liberal promises to keep the debt-to-GDP ratio declining as a “fiscal anchor,” as it rises this year to 43 per cent.
Much of what is in the budget has been previously announced or, at the very, least telegraphed. Over the next five years, the government will spend an additional $22 billion on health care as part of a deal with the provinces announced last month. They’re also adding roughly $7 billion in that time to pay for an expanded dental care program, part of the confidence and supply agreement with the NDP.
The government is also providing an extra GST credit for low-income Canadians, at a cost of $2.5 billion, to help with the rising cost of groceries, as inflation continues to surge.
Freeland defended the government’s decision in a pre-budget press conference. She said she would happily debate anyone who felt it was imprudent to spend on helping Canadians with their groceries or providing more money for public health care.
“There are vulnerable Canadians who need that support, so that support is there,” she said.
Beyond the new spending, the government is offering major tax credits to companies promising lower-carbon technologies. A senior government official estimated the value of the credits at roughly $80 billion over the next decade, with $25 billion going toward clean electricity generation alone.
“There is no more pressing issue than accelerating Canada’s progress toward a low-carbon economy,” they said. “We can not as a country afford to be left behind.”
The tax credits are Canada’s answer to the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, a legislative suite of proposals that the government had feared would suck in almost all new investment in green projects for initiatives like nuclear and hydrogen.
Article content Freeland said all of the tax credits are necessary if Canada is going to keep up with what she called a once-in-a-generation moment for economic transformation.
“I feel that failing to put forward a comprehensive, effective and adequately financed plan to build the economy of the 21st century would mean consigning Canada to de-industrialization,” she said.
Freeland said even with that additional spending, Canada still has a lower debt-to-GDP ratio than any other G7 nation.
“That to me is a really powerful proof point that we have found a really challenging balance,” she said.
Canada’s electricity sector is already powered by mostly non-emitting sources like hydro power and nuclear, but the government expects electricity demand to more than double, or even triple, in decades to come to account for electric vehicles and major manufacturing moving to electric power.
Article content The tax credits for non-emitting sources can include both new and refurbishment projects for power plants, as well as for any power lines to connect provinces. The credits can also be claimed by provincially owned utilities such as Hydro Quebec, which are typically excluded from credit programs.
The senior official said the government estimates Canada needs to attract $100 billion in new private capital investments per year as part of the green transition and has so far been falling short of that. The government’s hope is these new credits will help bridge that gap.
The plan includes measures for hydrogen production with credits of between 15 and 40 per cent of the eligible costs depending on how green the production of the fuel is.
Green hydrogen made from renewable energy sources and emitting near-zero emissions will qualify for the highest credit, while blue hydrogen, made from natural gas, will qualify for the lower credits. Companies will also get higher tax credits if they pay prevailing wages and use union labour.
Carbon capture and storage projects will also qualify for the credits with the program expanding to cover projects in British Columbia.
The budget also promises to cut back on federal government travel and on contracting for outside consultants. It also asks departments for an across-the-board three per cent reduction in spending.
If implemented, those reductions are estimated to save $15 billion. Freeland said the spending reductions won’t come with any layoffs or hiring freezes.
Article content NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh swiftly confirmed his party will support the budget, ending any speculation about whether the minority Liberals will fall.
He said his party is pleased to have pushed for and created the new dental care program.
“I’m really proud that we were able to force us government to expand dental care that’s gonna save money for families that’s going to mean that they’re going to take care of their teeth,” he said.
Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre was quick to denounce the budget he said the Liberals are simply adding to the burden Canadian families face.
“Today’s budget by the costly coalition of the NDP and Liberals is a full frontal attack on the pay cheques of hard working Canadians. it equals $4,200 per family in new government spending, that’s more inflation, more taxes and more costs,” he said.
He said the Liberals have essentially caved to the NDP and it is driving up costs to the government.
“We have an NDP government that is running massive inflationary deficits, bankrupting households, keeping young people living in their parents’ basements, forcing seniors to choose between heating and eating.”
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2023.03.29 03:21 Electrical-Honey-746 Web OS, why are apps not available?

Got my LG OLED C2 in February and I LOVE the quality of TV and gaming on it. One thing that irks me though is the lack of apps on it. I like sports. First off there’s no ESPN app on it to watch my UFC. Now baseball season is coming up and there’s no MLB app. What the hell is up with this? I’ve owned a TCL Roku TV in the past and Sony Google TV and nearly everything is available there. What’s the reason for LG Web OS lacking in this? Is there any update on when we’ll get native apps like this without having to use extra plug ins?
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2023.03.29 03:20 jetblackswan Bachelor's degree of Architecture career options

Hello /architecture. I'm sure this inquiry has been posted many times, but I'll be needing advice on similar and how best to move forward. I've graduated with a bachelors degree in Architecture a while back, and have not had the chance to work at a firm to see if it's actually something that I would like to pursue. I've spoken to and applied to many firms (including recent rejections in the last few months) without success, as they all pursued other candidates and that they felt I don't know what I want... which is also partly true. I entered into architecture because I know I can do more with myself and was inspired by my past schoolmates going into the field and finding their successes with it. I've held some odd jobs since graduating, including many volunteer positions, election work, a brief year of being a teaching assistant, and my recent position as a call representative (a bore, yes, I know), and I still absolutely know that I can do much better if someone can give me the chance. I know I can draw, design, make physical models, and have a good quality of my craft. I genuinely did enjoy the design challenges and processes architecture school exposed me to, I just wish I had a chance to actually work in a firm or creative field and not waste what potential I have (not trying to sound full of it. I know I have skill, and I'm getting very anxious that I'm wasting what I have and not living up to my potential). I have thought maybe architecture is not for me (as during my time in school, I've disappointed many teachers and was definitely not a star student. I also nearly cried before giving presentations, so I have a very big stage fright) and posed ideas of going into graphic design, industrial design, space architecture (which I did fail to get into a particular program last year, as I was confident at a recent point this could be a potential career path for me), parametric design, digital fabrication... the different fields of design and architectural design are really cool, and I really wish someone would at least give me the chance to work a little bit. Is this just a matter of keeping applying to places or is a career change necessary as I'm not suited for architecture? I've been applying for YEARS without success so I'm thinking it may not be for me... but I'm really not sure what is or how best to work with the bachelor's degree that I have, but I'm looking for a change very very soon and to move seriously into the design and/or architecture field.
Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.03.29 03:19 ideal2545 Opzelura + Excimer Laser

Hey All,
Been struggling Vitiligo for 15 years now, particularly in my legs. I went to a dermatologist today for the first time after a new spot started up near a really bad case of excema (where I scratch, the vitiligo comes). She's starting me on Opzelura once daily and wants me to come in for Excimer treatments. I was just curious if anyone has done this combination and had any good results?
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2023.03.29 03:19 w_Future4047 The time the school shooter alarm went off at my school.

So, in 4th grade, we were having P.E on a field. Me and my friend kept hearing weird noises that sounded like the alarm when an enemy bomber was near. When P.E was over we heard it close up. The alarm was booming "Run, hide and fight." I thought I was screwed. We rushed to the nearest classrooms, everybody was scared and many girls were crying. I was actually calm and thought this was the end of my life. I saluted to my friends and said my goodbyes to my family. (In my brain) But then we heard pounding on the door and everybody thought they were gonna die. Turns out, it was the principal. He told us that the alarm was broken. We were so relieved, we rushed through the gates and met our parents. There was cop cars outside and the parents were scared as hell. The next day, the whole school was traumatized and some applied for counseling. The principal was mad that the alarms went off and scared the living daylights out of us so he fixed the alarm as soon as possible. We even went to a school assembly for it. Our school was never the same again.
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2023.03.29 03:19 Personal-Match-7683 Do cops single out our cars?

Hey guys, going to start this off by stating I'm an extremely safe driver. I have not received any tickets in the near decade since I've gotten my license at 16.
That said, since I picked up my VB last month I notice cops in my home town and surrounding area tail me more often and for longer distances. My old car was a 2012 Altima which is obviously mundane compared to what I have now.
I'm not speeding and slamming on the breaks when I see a cop in the distance. I follow traffic laws to the letter. (I'm terrified of getting ticketed and my premiums going up lol)
Has anyone else experienced this? Is my car just a giant speeding ticket target in their eyes?
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2023.03.29 03:18 jusfer08 33 [M4F] up for morning chat/ Call

Hi looking for someone interested to have morning chat or call via tg. open for sfw and nsfw
About Me
About You
Let's chat and exchange pic to know if we vibe. Please include short description of your self.
see u around
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2023.03.29 03:18 jusfer08 33 [M4F] up for morning chat/ Call

Hi looking for someone interested to have morning chat or call via tg. open for sfw and nsfw
About Me
About You
Let's chat and exchange pic to know if we vibe. Please include short description of your self.
see u around
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2023.03.29 03:18 SRSgoblin A list of all VGTs with and without modeled interiors, for all the people with PSVR2

Recently had a discussion elsewhere on this sub about how some VGTs do not have interiors and therefore are basically undrivable in VR. It makes you sort of float above the car. Very awful experience, and knowing ahead of time which cars are fun and cool in VR vs which ones are worthless could be useful.
Cars WITHOUT Interiors:
Cars WITH Interiors.
Of the ones with interiors, I highly recommend giving the McClaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini a spin. They all have unusual seating, which while you're not in that same position IRL it's still pretty neat to see how it would work. The McClaren is motorbike seating, and also the field of view is exceptional especially for a Gr1 car. Both the Ferrari and Lamborghini are more like Luge seating, where you're nearly prone on your back. It's actually a much better feeling in VR than cockpit cam on 2d. The weird tint to the windows isn't really noticeable at all in VR but I remember finding that to be a big turn off to the Lambo in 2d.
The Buggati also stood out to me as just being excellently sci-fi. The Tomahawk's 3 camera set up to see your rear is pretty cool. Was also a fan of how tight and cozy the Daihatsu seemed to be.
Biggest disappointments in not having VR is the Chapparal (I imagine that thing would be wild as fuck in cockpit cam), Aston Martin DP-100 (RIP using it to dummy Tokyo 600), and ItalDesign cars (how are you going to include new VGTs the same update that VR gets released where the cars don't work with VR? LMAO)
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2023.03.29 03:14 lexidz i cant believe i keep moving forward in time without my mom

my mom died in 2021, she was 52 and i was 23. in august it will be 2 years without her. i cant believe shes gone but at the same time i do and its a stark reality. she keeps getting further and further away but it also feels like i never lost her. everytime i truly let myself think of it, it stuns me and rips me apart.
like i cant believe this is my life now. like knowing she was dying was anticipating this but with her gone is really like, absorbing that it only gets worse and she keeps getting further from me. it only hurts more as it goes, it doesnt get easier. its literally torture every day. every time i see normal people my age that still have their moms it literally the biggest fuck you from the universe. i hate myself for almost forgetting what its like to have a mom. like i can barely remember what it was like to not live this miserable life. now im just this young girl with dead mom complex. and i can never shut up about it and people are always saying sorry but you can tell they think its annoying.
my survival tactic is literally trying to not think about it but when i do i feel like i cant breathe. i dont know how ill ever get over this and i dont want to. i would feel guilty. my moms the first thing i think of when i open my eyes. like wow she really isnt here and never will be. i feel her in my dna and my essence but not near me. i don't have visitation dreams only nightmares that shes dying and hasnt but then is and its like when is it happening. and sometimes it finally comes and it replays. everyone says theyre proud of me for how good im handling things and im only able to bring myself to work. everything else in my life im a failure at and i need her guidance and answers and im so lost and not achieving anything. this also eats me apart. i probably say i want my mommy 15 times a day. where is she
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2023.03.29 03:14 ENl11 Selling personal steam account cs:go prime faceit gta 5 rust dayz sea of thieves etc

Selling my personal account cause i wont have time to game in near future and im in need of money aswell CS:GO prime + faceit + CS & CS zero GTA 5 - maxed online + majestic rp account (comes w rockstar ofc) Top 5 survival Rust Dayz Scum The Forest Sons of the forest Sea of thieves with lots of skins pets etc Star wars BF2 - maxed out Battlefield 4 NFS heat Tekken 7 Outlast For honor & watch dogs 2 with uplay Apex legends EA account with many skins Assetto corsa Left 4 dead 2 Day of defeat + DOD source Black squad with many ingame skins and highest rank Paladins - couple of sets diamond rank... U can check steam profile Contact me on dc if u have any other questions or offers ENI#0746 Price 500$ paypal only Can provide buy now link on g2g or rocketr
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2023.03.29 03:13 Intelligent_Ad_8595 The Financial District - Sublet

Hey guys, looking to sublet a studio near the financial district or a 1 bedroom this summer from May to August. Shoot me a message if you are subletting this summer. Thanks.
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2023.03.29 03:13 BuddhistX Manhattan New York City Livestream Temples

A lot of people here don't go to the temple due to a variety of reasons. ("There are no temples near me", "I'm new, I don't know where to go", "I don't know which group is right", etc)

This post is for you.
One solution is to attend a virtual Buddhist temple with LIVESTREAM. This allows you to attend a temple somewhat near you or on the other side of the world at a time most convenient to you.
But which one, you ask?
First, I've made that easier for you by filtering out many of the wrong places. (Groups that are cults, fringe & fraudulent as well as those with known sexual & other abuses)
Second, I've provided you with a list below of authentic Buddhist temples in Manhattan NYC. Authentic refers to valid Buddhist schools and lineages. (Theravada, Mahayana) Most are led by monks/nuns which is what you want if you're a beginner. (For Zen, the groups are led by clergy/priests)
Third, if you still don't know where to go, try them all and see which one you like. It takes only a matter of clicks. They are all valid Buddhist traditions, pick one that connects to you.
Virtual Temples w/ LIVESTREAM in NYC (Manhattan Borough)

Zen Studies
Tradition: Zen Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Zen Buddhist Temple
Tradition: Zen Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Kagyu Dzamling Kunchab Buddhist Center
Tradition: Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayana Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Ordinary Mind Zendo
Tradition: Zen Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

New York Buddhist Church
Tradition: Jodo Shinsu Mahayana
Livestream: Facebook Live, yes so you can attend virtually

Chan Space
Tradition: Chan (Zen) Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Tibet Center
Tradition: Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayana Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Yeshe Nyingpo Temple
Tradition: Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayana Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Nalanda Bodhi
Tradition: Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayana Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Jewel Heart New York
Tradition: Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayana Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Village Zendo
Tradition: Zen Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Chogye International Zen Center
Tradition: Seon (Zen) Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually
(May be temporarily closed)

Chogyesa Zen
Tradition: Seon (Zen) Mahayana
Livestream: Yes so you can attend virtually

Rissho Kosei Kai - not recommended, very watered-down teachings
Shinnyo-En - more of a new religious movement, not recommended
NKT New Kadampa - a dangerous separatist group.
Shambhala - its a well-known abusive group.
Diamond Way - watered-down teachings, cult-like, controversial.
Triratna - a non-Buddhist group appropriating Buddhism
SGI Soka Gakkai - an abusive cult
Secular "Buddhism" - a non-Buddhist group appropriating Buddhism
Won "Buddhism" - a new religious movementRigpa - controversies with the founder
True Buddha - aka living Buddha Dechan Jueren, Esoteric Hanmi, a cult
NKT New Kadampa - a dangerous separatist group.
Shambhala - a well-known abusive group.
Insight Meditation - they water down the teaching to the point that they are mostly a spa center.

Final Notes:
Virtual Livestream Temples became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. But it is no replacement for actually going to a Buddhist temple in person. It's best if you attend a virtual temple in an area you can eventually visit. That way, you can actually have a connection with that temple's community.
Just because this list is that of authentic Buddhist schools & lineages doesn't mean your work is done. Efforts have been made to filter out all the bad/fraudsters/cults leaving you with legitimate Buddhist groups. But it's not fool-proof. You still have to assess for the following:
Once you find your "home" or a temple you like, support them by giving donations, and/or becoming an official member (giving monthly contributions) to help the temple with its work & so they can keep the lights on.
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2023.03.29 03:12 mrs-nobooty SW On activities Easter Weekend

As the title states i'm looking for things to do within an hour radius of London Easter long weekend (its actually my birthday weekend and thats why i want something fun to do). not necessarily Easter themed. are there any tours happening, spring craft sales, unique bars or activities to check out? Markham has a rug tufting place i want to try, and a claw machine arcade but thats too far for just an afternoon for me, anyone know something similar near by?
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2023.03.29 03:12 AntonLaveysChurch [Texas] A Wannabe Anton Levay Church of Satan is Ruining My Life

A year or so ago, a church decided to move into an empty space in one of those tiny, neighborhood-adjacent strip malls/plazas. Multiple times a week, for upwards of 5 hours at a time, there is near-constant, loud bass coming from the church, so loud that it shakes my entire home. It is so loud that it can still be heard over fans, A/C, television, earplugs, etc -- not to mention still felt. I have misophonia, too, so that + a bad day just makes me quite literally want to kill myself.
This is obviously a noise ordinance violation, but it also meets criminal conduct with Texas' disorderly conduct statutes. I have called the police over 50 times, and I know my neighbors have also called about it. If they even bother to come by to "talk" to them about it, obviously nothing is accomplished. Most of the time, the police make the report excruiciatingly awkward and painful, too, saying things like "You realize it's a church, right?", "Are you sure you have the right address? . But... It's a church." Obviously I could use, too, but we've had some race-police issues here somewhat recently, as well, so I really don't want to be the white person suing a black-church and doing so in a municipality that obviously thinks that churches should be above the law.
What else can I do? Am I just completely shit out of luck?
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2023.03.29 03:12 Miserable_Truck_9572 No rolling for loot

Unfortunately I didn't take screenshots of the chat. I'm playing on Ps4 and due to my FC-Members writing with each other it wasn't visible anymore.
Yesterday I was in Aglaia and after the final boss there was one person who didn't roll for loot. The same happened to the other alliances, yet there waited more people. I nearly passed on everything but the "In the Balance"-Roll from the start since I just wanted to stay for screenshots of my char, but I always wait till everyone leaves. Most members of my alliance left after a while as well and I was only stuck with him at the end. He spammed (Roll for Loot) in the alliance-chat since the start and at first I thought it was someone else until I was stuck with him. He continued to spam it in the chat and tbh I truly thought I was the dumb one who forgot to roll on something at first. I checked more than five times since the start, yet there was a '0' on everything I passed and the orchestrion-roll was a 27. At the end I've passed for it as well, yet he still waited until the timer run out. It's still hella confusing. Never had something like that happen to me before
I doubt it but may there be a bug in which loot is rolled for but doesn't count? Or is there a known bug with loot? Never had problems before and now I'm truly confused if it was my fault at the end or if he just tried to mess with me.
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2023.03.29 03:12 BuddhistX Buddhist Temples in IOWA with Live Webcast (Yeah, the whole State)

What is this?
List of Buddhist temples in IOWA who put their services LIVE on webcast online through Zoom, Youtube Live, or Facebook Live so people can attend and participate from afar. This is a great opportunity for beginners to attend a virtual Buddhist temple, to hear teachings, observe practices like chanting, reciting mantras, meditating, meeting other Buddhists and asking questions.
Who is this list for:

Garchen Mila Buddhist Center
Tradition: Kagyu, Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayana Mahayana
Webcast: Yes

Cedar Rapids Zen
Zen Mahayana
Webcast: Yes

Des Moines Zen
Zen Mahayana
Webcast: Yes

Pure Land of Iowa
Tradition: Theravada, Tibetan, Zen.
Webcast: Yes

Iowa City Zen
Zen Mahayana
Webcast: Yes

Ryumonji Zen Monastery
Zen Mahayana
Webcast: Yes

Notes for beginners:
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2023.03.29 03:11 babdjdmaosnsv Ex said i was gonna be a dad- she forgot im a trans man

so i(29trans man) got bottom and top surgery when i was 23(before i met my ex[28f]) we met a bit after i turned 25 and i of course told her im transgender, she didnt really care because she said she really liked me and had fun. so we basically been dating for 3 years.
yes i have a dick and i of course can't produce what biological men produce but i never planned on ever having kids im still dealing with something that happened in my childhood. well near the middle of the year in 2022 my ex started acting a bit strange but i didnt like much of it. our sex life was good, we didnt fight over really anything, we would talk and communicate about things and i overall thought our relationship was good.
today after i got home from work my ex was there(she has the keys to my apartment) she seemed like she was hiding something, she was trying not to smile. im kinda confused but she says we need to talk so i sit down beside her and asked whats wrong did something happened yk the basic worried question. i thought she was gonna break up with me ngl until she pulled out a pregnancy test.
it was positive. i stare at it for a few minutes until i got up excited til i realize i cant get her pregnant. i can tell by the way she reacted to when my face dropped she knew what i was thinking of.
not gonna go into much detail about our fight but i did kick her out, i forced her to give my spare key back, and i blocked her.
was a shit way to find out, i dont know what to do right now this hurts so bad
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2023.03.29 03:10 gamejenk Interested in Longbottom Film?

Hello everyone, would anyone be interested in a movie called.
Neville really turned bad a word in the end (in a good way), with his kicking of the butt and taking beatdowns from professors and still standing strong and being a role model for other students and wizards to stand up and not give up against the powers of "He who shall not be named"
Seriously in the books he is just badass near the end. I'd love to see a stand alone movie called Longbottom or anything really but be about Neville mainly as an adult. He struggled alot as a kid in the books and he overcame everything and stood strong and became a better wizard.
I think him as an auror or inspector type role or even as an adult wizard looking for answers from the past would be good. I also think his IRL look would support his character alot as he has turned into the opposite of how he looked in Harry Potter which was (goofy)(Please forgive me I ment nothing bad by it, I love his character)
Thanks for taking the time to read and giving your opinion if you would like. I'd love to hear any ideas that anyone may have about this movie or even other spinoffs ya'll think would be Awesome.
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2023.03.29 03:10 AnonMelkTrinkt When I wanted to hire a candidate. I ended up resigning.

Alright. I will not share exact details because I live in a very small city. However, here goes nothing.
I was in charge of helping interview and test potential candidates for a higher level managerial position. After multiple candidates that did not really work out for either a lack of technical skill or other factors, I finally met the perfect possible person for the role.
After I informed the executive team that I thought they would be a good fit, they then had the final interview with them plus the board.
About a week later I was speaking with the COO and asked when that person would be starting assuming they would have love them too.
The COO just casually said, “oh, that didn’t work out”…
Upon asking for further information as to why, I was told this nearly verbatim:
“The board didn’t like them and didn’t think they would be a good fit. They had a speech impediment too”
… I did not understand what the COO meant as that person DEFINITELY did not have a speech impediment. They had 30 years of experience in the exact role was highly educated. Even if they did have one, wtf does that matter? Upon pushing for more info:
COO: “well you know, they had an accent. And the CEO and I don’t think they would fit well with the board because of the accent and well you know, the other thing”
It was at this moment. I understood. This racist piece of trash was talking about how the candidate was from Africa and spoke perfect English but with an accent. They didn’t “fit in” in their opinion because the company and whole board were all white.
When I told the COO that I felt the person deserved a shot and would be an amazing fit. The COO then said, “well I could maybe convince the CEO to allow them to work down in the basement and then me or the CFO could speak for him during board meeting. Then nobody would have to see them walking around the building either”.
I was so pissed that I resigned two weeks later. When they begged me to consult for them at a very high hourly rate, I declined. I am still pissed to this day thinking about it.
So just know this, there are some people out there trying to recruit that do have integrity and aren’t total human trash. Then there are the entire executive suite of my last company.
I wish you all the best and hope you never experience this type of absolutely grotesque situation.
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