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2023.06.02 01:35 Throaway1523 Former Inmates, are guards really as corrupt as they show in the movies/TV?

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2023.06.02 01:35 RamblinGamblinFlan Confronting the idea of wasted time

I struggled with workaholism for a long time as a consequence of my CPTSD - even as I've healed a lot and I've learned to put other priorities higher on my totem pole, I've realized I have a general anxiety or preoccupation about wasting time - I just now have a wider list of things on the "worth time" list.
On the one hand, of course, you want to get as much out of life as you can and time is a scarce resource. You want to spend it wisely. But I realized that for as much as I would beat myself up over it, I had never really stopped to think how a certain chunk of time would become "wasted" in some way. I had no objective criteria for what it even meant, but I worried about it all the time.
I thought about how it might relate to mindfulness and presence. Our rational brains, I think, tend to be concerned with accumulating stuff. We want to get more wealth, more fame, more appeal, more strength, more skills, more accomplishments - pick your poison. Our time is then "wasted" whenever we aren't devoting it to getting more of that thing. When I was a workaholic, time was "wasted" if it didn't go to school or work. Our minds become AIs or algorithms of a sort, given the objective of trying to maximize that thing we want and protecting what we've accumulated dearly. We're locked in combat, flanked on both sides. We know in the end, everything is impermanent and goes away, so we fight against the future. We shame ourselves for what we did or didn't do in the past as a means of programming ourselves to fight ever harder for whatever it is we want to accumulate. In effect, the AI or the algorithm takes over, suppressing your intuition (taking time to rest is good! having fun is important! I like talking to people) and broadcasting over it - how dare you stray from that object of your desire! We warp our perception of reality to further these ends, no matter how dysfunctional we become in the process. In this perception, we must manage our entire existence as a sentient being like it is a business that wants to maximize its profits or an ad algorithm trying to get as many clicks as possible. We must not observe moments gently, we must judge them, because that's the raw material for this machine. We get angry when anyone or anything else wastes this time especially - we can have such absurdly nuclear reactions to minor disturbances that shouldn't matter.
I call this "Pi" brain like the Darren Aronofsky movie. I felt like I could really understand his plight on a deep level as a workaholic.
When we decide to shut the computer off, and get present, we don't have to live like that. A moment washing the dishes is fundamentally no different than a moment sleeping or a moment hugging someone. We don't worry about accumulating something when we're present; we focus on the experience of the moment, the flow of things through time; there is nothing to accumulate, there is nothing to stock up. We simply ride the ride for all that it is.
I'll give an example: I realized I was spending a fair amount of time during yoga worrying about whether I was doing well or if I was good at yoga; I'd critique my form or judge whether I'm doing a challenging one or not. Ironically, that totally saps the fun of doing yoga because you're not present for it. Rather than actually experiencing yoga, I was feeding data into a machine to calculate my yoga credit score. When I came back to the present, I enjoyed the yoga, and I laughed off the mistakes I make, because the point isn't to accumulate something ( yoga skills?), the point is to just experience it. There's no motive to judge the moment in that state of mind. And our brain doesn't have to do gymnastics all day so it gets to rest.
I think what this all adds up to is that whenever I get that sensation that I've "wasted" time, I should really check in on whether I might be triggered and try to get grounded. Hoping that now that I understand it better, I can finally let it go and enjoy being more frivolous more often.
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2023.06.02 01:34 Which_Coyote_1242 What's the most confusing movie you've ever watched?

If you could have any pet from a movie or TV show, what would it be?
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2023.06.02 01:34 Dependent-Elephant-5 21M (close to EST pls)

Would like to have someone i could actually talk in vc with, i love to get in vc and watch movies and shows, gaming too, i dont rly have a MAIN game but if you ask to play it ill more than likely agree
ALso i giant anime fan so if thats a nono for you then we'll prolly not have much to talk about :]
DM me for my tag
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2023.06.02 01:31 CommentaryIsMagic CiM Presents “Adventures in Deckbuilding - Interview with Cursedchords” this Sunday, June 4th at 7:00 PM Pacific!

Good evening, Everypony!
There is something that has been around since 2015 in the MLP: CCG community that we believe doesn’t get the credit that it deserves, and that is the Adventures in Deckbuilding blog series from Cursedchords. To show our appreciation for what Cursed has done over the years, we are going to give him a chance to go into detail about the creative process behind the blog – everything from the what, why, and how!
Join us this Sunday, June 4th at 7:00 PM Pacific as interview Cursedchords about his long-running blog series Adventures in Deckbuilding!
Commentary is Magic normally goes live on our Twitch channel every other Sunday at 7 PM Pacific. We work hard to deliver a variety of content including popular series like "Deck Discourse" and "Tactics Talk", as well as featured duels between CiM members and our patrons and livestreams of tournaments at conventions across the United States. If you aren't already a patron, make sure to check out our Patreon page to see what awesome rewards you can earn, in addition to our thanks!
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2023.06.02 01:31 AutoModerator [Updated] Biaheza's Dropshipping Course

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2023.06.02 01:30 TotalEstablishment99 Dude, my favorite part of the movie was when Ganke was playing PS5 and playing Spider-Man 2 they showed Spider-Man using the iron spider suit to fight it was so bad ass

Bro seeing that fight scene blew my mind Sony releasing unreleased Footage of Spideman 2 is an absolute win.
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2023.06.02 01:29 SmilingBananana What is the most underrated movie/TV show that you believe deserves more recognition?

Share your hidden gems pleaseeee
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2023.06.02 01:29 antbestfriend The Face of NTM C6 - Week 11 - Elimination

Only eight models remain as they walk into The Face's Moroccan panel room. Several models have left the competition already, with the most recent exit being Juju. Also notably missing? Ann Shoket.
Atoosa and Twiggy stand before the models in a get along shirt. They're reading from a teleprompter.
"Hello, girls!" Twiggy greets them with a smile. "Ann had to run ahead to Seoul to prepare for your future briefs, so she left us in charge... Together. As equals."
Atoosa yanks against the shirt, "Yeah, as equals. Let's hear about your prizes. The winner of The Face will receive: an international modelling contract with IMG Models AND Next Model Management, a one million dollar contract with MAC cosmetics, and you will become The Face of a brand of your choice! You will also be The Face of Ann's brand Seventeen Again! Finally, you will receive a cover and spread in The Face magazine as well as a cash prize of $500,000!"
The models cheer as Atoosa and Twiggy clap together.
"Well, there's no reason to dilly-dally. There were two teams this week competing for immunity in the Marrakech markets, but who made it big?"
The numbers begin to roll as the two teams of four stand tight together with their hands clasped.
The numbers go up.
They go down.
They go round and round.
"TEAM 1!" Twiggy announces as the models cheer. "And I know you wonder why we're announcing this so early rather than leaving it as a nail biter. Well... Your team won by nearly 2 full points. Want to know why?"
Atoosa reveals the first photo, "Joan. Your photo was a showstopper this week, and most were in agreement that this was a top photo. You will get to select next week's first Korean brief and you will get to select your partner first. Congratulations, and enjoy the first class flight with the model of your choice."
The first model collects her photo with a bright smile before pointing back to her friend that she wanted on the flight with her.
Twiggy then reveals the next photo, "Jessica. You are on a roll. Congratulations on another fabulous week. It was a tight race, so I expect to see more great things from you. Such a lovely photo. You will get to choose your partner second."
The third photo is revealed, "Nadja. You continue to prove you were the correct model to bring back into the competition. You will be our final team leader. Congratulations, and we can't to see what you bring next."
The fourth photo is revealed, and one model's face immediately falls. "Expecting to round out your team? Well, unfortunately, Audrey had a stellar week. Even if there were some low shots that came from some less than savory for a host to see votes... You still rose to the top. Congratulations, Audrey. Joan chose you to fly first class with her."
Atoosa shows the fifth photo, "Daiane, people loved your photo this week. You're on the rise again, so keep up the good work... Or else."
The sixth photo is revealed as a model lets out a sigh of relief. "Isabeli, you have escaped the bottom 2 on your own merit. However, next week, please submit a photo that doesn't make people think of bowel movements. You're ticking your way up the call out order slowly but surely."
Two models remain. The bound together hosts step forward in stumbling and clumsy motions.
Atoosa clears her throat, "Two member of Team 2 stand before us. You both took a more creative route when it comes to being inspired by the market, but for the audience, it just didn't land on their surface level eyes."
She faces the first model, "Jill. This is your second bottom 2, but you've managed avoiding it since Week 1. A potential bias followed you from your other modelling competition. Now? It seems that people weren't feeling this creative take on the brief, but you've proven you're a strong model."
Twiggy faces the other model, "Rebecca, this is also not your first time in the bottom 2. However, unlike Jill, you have a first callout. You have proven that you can rise to the top. But again, people seemed to want something more literal this week, and this didn't deliver for them. Will your track records be enough to save either of you?"
Atoosa reveals the final photo.
"Rebecca. You have proven time and time again that you have earned your place in this competition. There's no more wiggle room, however. Bring your best and forget the rest. Congratulations, and we will see you in Korea."
The two models hug tight before the saved model accepts her photo and rejoins the others. Atoosa and Twiggy give the final model an awkward hug then.
"Jill, we were rooting for you! We need a plussie winner in these games, and the camera does love you," Twiggy explains. "I know Ann will be disappointed she wasn't here to say goodbye, but we all expect great things from you."
After saying goodbye to the hosts, the eliminated model goes to say goodbye to all of her friends.
As she leaves the room, she calls back to the models, "Hey! Don't worry about me! I'm sure Tilda han(g) bok for me somewhere to cast me in a movie."
With that goodbye, the models then leave to run to their flights.
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2023.06.02 01:28 Fit_Entertainment_41 [TOMT][Song] often used in Movies and TV

I heard this song in a store a while ago and it's been bugging me ever since! I think it's from the 2000s or later and is used at the end of a lot movies and TV. The song is slow paced, and the notes are fairly high. It has lyrics, but I don't remember any. "Clearest Blue" by CHVRCHES feels similar, but that song is too fast paced and danceable. Any ideas?
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2023.06.02 01:28 Z-Sneezy Sci-fi/Fantasy Movies

I'm not a big movie person but I have always loved Star Wars (movies, books, comics, shows, etc.) but I see a lot of posts where people say "star wars fans take it too seriously" and calling it overrated, bad writing, etc.
So to these people, what are some good, serious, and world building sci-fi movies?
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2023.06.02 01:27 ClosetedIntellectual r/exjw Celebrates Pride Month!

Hey Everyone!
It’s June, …and that also means, It’s Pride month!
Pride Month traces its origins back to the Stonewall Riots, which were a series of spontaneous demonstrations by LGBTQ+ individuals that took place in New York City in June 1969. These were a pivotal moment in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, and they laid the foundation for the Pride celebrations we observe today. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s an interesting article on the historical context of these riots: While a lot has changed since the late 1960’s, Pride Month still exists to recognize the history, struggles, and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s also an excellent opportunity to joyfully celebrate this vibrant community - for both members and allies alike.
Pride and the Exjw Community
While being a member of the LGBTQ+ community comes with challenges regardless of a person’s background, celebrating Pride Month holds a particularly profound significance for many LGBTQ+ Ex-JWs. WT’s antagonistic attitude toward the LGBTQ+ community means that many of us were not allowed to openly express our identity or get support for the loneliness we felt within the JWs. And while to some degree all of us have experienced being shunned , LGBTQ+ ExJWs have had to deal with an extra layer of stigma and shame in this regard, as they navigate their identity within an organization that is particularly hostile to their existence.
To celebrate this month and show our solidarity with LGBTQ+ individuals within the ExJw diaspora, we have planned a series of themed mega threads which we hope will provide an opportunity for meaningful discussions and spreading awareness. We also hope that these spaces will be able to provide an opportunity for connection, acceptance and joy. Please participate generously and contribute your unique perspectives! Here’s what’s on the agenda for this month:
We realize that this type of programming may be new for some, and that’s okay! All that we ask is that you please remember to be kind to all, and if you have nothing nice to say about someone expressing something that makes them feel joyful…please keep it to yourself. It goes without saying that we will continue to remove hateful, disrespectful or hompohobic content. ( If you are unfamiliar with this community’s rules, you can get a refresher, here.
That’s all for now and Happy Pride!
-The Mods
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2023.06.02 01:27 Aster_171 I (26F feel lost and unsure what to do / how to feel after the final end of my one year long LDR with my ex (32M)

I (26F) met my ex (32M) online one year ago. We started off extremely strong, chatting on the phone for hours, playing video games together, watching videos at the same time as eating… all the cute long distance stuff. In all honesty, in hindsight I should not have entered into this relationship because long distance is not for me; however I hadn’t had a LDR yet and “how hard can it be”.
A few months in cracks start to show. He was extremely against FaceTime, so much so that we had only FaceTimed once after he came clean about a few facts of his life (basic stuff, didn’t put me off and was forgiven immediately). I very much wanted to meet as soon as possible, he did not. He always said the timing wasn’t right, or finances were an issue. This escalated and made even bigger problems, soon we were at each other’s throats and couldn’t spend more than 2 days without arguing over stupid shit. Simultaneously, the good times were fucking amazing, and I have never felt a connection so deep. At times i felt like our souls were fated to be together. He was my person, the one they talk about in movies.
We would argue, block each other, miss each other, re-add each other and rinse repeat. It was exhausting and a huge strain and effort. Words were said from us both that left irreparable damage, but we struggled on, with the promise that things would be better after we met.
In February, he said that we could set a date to meet. Finally! I book my flight and begin my countdown. 2 weeks before I am due to fly (with some arguments in between) he tells me that hes not ready, situationally and financially, and that I should cancel my flight. When i ask him if we can just rebook the flight for a different time, he refuses.
A short back and fourth was had, and my i hit my final straw. I told him goodbye for good. I then spent the next few days catatonic, unable to do anything with myself. I had an epiphany that he would not know how bad i feel, only i know how bad i feel, and i will be stuck with myself whether hes in my life or not. So I decided to choose myself. I reached out to friends, i joined social clubs, and I downloaded a dating app.
Meanwhile he is messaging me begging for me to come back and give us another go. I cant do it to myself, the relationship we had was not healthy or happy, so I tell him no.
I go out on a date with a new guy, he seems nice. One thing leads to another and afterwards, he ghosts me. I lose all trust in all men ever. I deeply regret it and feel angry at myself for trusting him.
Then i go on holiday to the place we were supposed to meet. I had rebooked the flight with a friend. The trip is nostalgic, i visit the places he used to go (as he used to live there, but not anymore). I sit in the seat in the cafe that I have seen so many pictures of. I feel his presence. I miss him.
He texts me that he saw the pictures, where i was sat. I tell him all about my nostalgic, bittersweet day. I ask him to fly out tomorrow, to meet me. He says he would see what he can do. I tell him i can make no promises as im trying to grieve, to process and move on. He asks if im dating, i tell him yes and that i slept with someone. He instantly blocks me on everything.
And here we are. I know this is the final goodbye for me and him, i know i wont hear from him again. I dont know what to do with myself. I miss him so much, but at the same time im happy its over. I sometimes wish everything could go back to how it was a couple of months ago, as broken as it was. I just dont know what to do. Being with this other guy made me realise how much i value my ex and I don’t think i will easily be able to find that kind of connection again.
I need advice on: Making sense of these complicated feelings of both missing him and not missing him. How do i move on when I don’t want to but also do want to? How do i get over the fact that i might never have this deep a connection again? Or that there may always be unfinished business between us.
TL;DR: i was in a LDR that turned toxic, broke up with him for real, slept with someone else and now that he knows, he has blocked me. I dont know how to feel about it because i still love him (sometimes)
PS- sorry this is such a long post but it was cathartic to write out in full
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2023.06.02 01:26 RachelxoxLove THANK YOU 200 GNDBunnies 🐰💕

Thank you for 200! About 2 weeks ago this page was created.
We want to be a part of a fun place that isn’t so centered around just the podcast or tv show, and wasn’t only one sided or anti/pro one person or idea. We want to explore all things Playboy/Playmate related. Everyone deserves a voice and everyone has their truth. We stand by all survivors, victims, and want this sub to be all inclusive. We do not agree with any forms of harassment, bullying, or doxxing; including hate speech or singling out a person or group.
This sub can be as fun and interesting as we all make it. Please contribute or share what content you’d like to see! Explore and upvote the content you enjoy! Thank you for being a part of the community!
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2023.06.02 01:26 Kumbackkid What scene made you cry first?

For me it was the video montage. I’ve been good the entire show holding it together but this scene I just released the sadness of knowing it’s over. I can’t say I’ve bee felt this way about a tv show and it’s a great thing to have.
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2023.06.02 01:26 DR0P_DEAD I hate my bitch of a sister

I just come back home to find the WII I gave her a few months ago in the trash. It was originally my moms after my dad bought it for her then I took it because she didn’t want it and I gave it to my sister to be nice(I have 4 other consoles so I didn’t want to be selfish). I even hooked it up to her tv to show her that it worked. Then she threw it in the garbage because she lost the fucking power cord. She didn’t tell my shit until I asked and she was gonna throw my console in the trash.(I understand that it was no longer mine since I handed it down to her) After I fished out all of the things I could find my sister expected me to PAY 50$ for the thing I gave her in the 1st place even though she would of made me throw it out in the 1st place because taking out the trash is my responsibility. Fuck her hypocrisy, her shitty “my way or the high way personality”, and her selfish ass. I can’t believe I was considering giveing her my 360 with most of my games with it. But now hell she’ll probably sell it or throw it out 1st chance she got.
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2023.06.02 01:25 GBirdMan When they cry #indoctrination, then teach kids it's ok to attack schools for showing a PG movie, we need to raise our voice and cry #Hypocrisy. Please watch/listen to this and share it with anyone you can. Happy #PrideMonth!

When they cry #indoctrination, then teach kids it's ok to attack schools for showing a PG movie, we need to raise our voice and cry #Hypocrisy. Please watch/listen to this and share it with anyone you can. Happy #PrideMonth! submitted by GBirdMan to Pride_and_Positivity [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 01:24 foreveryqueen Rom Com Magic Trick...

I feel a bit in shock for male writers to take stories from romantic comedies (traditionally "women's" films), use them to talk about men's mental health, and then tell us that they didn't plant the idea of romantic love between the two leads.
Feels a bit gaslighty.
(Not to call out men's mental health, it's very important and needs attention, but that's not the point at the moment)
I don't even care that Ted and Rebecca didn't get together, but to call it conditioning on our part if we thought that they could is not cool at this point, considering how many people believed it hard.
Every single episode and season of this show has benefited from movies that have come before it that have been historically loved by women, and which we have had to defend our love of to men.
Then to make it about Fathers and Sons and then belittle the women who bought into the premise based upon their love of rom coms by calling it conditioning feels wrong.
(Not to belittle Fathers and Sons, also a very important topic that this is not about)
This shock is about women's stories and who gets to tell them and the fact that the world of romantic comedies has been historically ridiculed by men and loved by women (generalisations I know).
Then to title the finale with a song from the Sound of Music, a film in which the boss marries the newly summonded employee, who whips the house into shape, only to have them fall in love and create a family through blending their worlds together, creates an expectation that this final episode is related to that story.
It sets an idea and a premise for the viewer.
If you take from rom coms then take from rom coms, but please do not turn around and tell us that it is our conditioning that got us here when you chose the language of Rom Coms with which to speak.
Respectfully and with love.
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2023.06.02 01:23 Mavgreyxx Am I the only person who can’t watch Appa’s Lost Days (S2:E15)?

When I first watched the series, this episode made me cry like a baby. Genuinely, I haven’t cried more over a TV show or Movie than this single episode.
To this day, I skip over this episode. It makes me feel like a baby, but something tells me I’m probably not alone!
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2023.06.02 01:22 AnAskerOfQuestions- looking for tv recs! some of my favorite shows are fringe, firefly, suits, castle, white collar, and chuck

one specific thing that i really like in a show is when there is some level of self-contained narrative in each episode, but there’s still a sense of broader progression and character development.
i’ve tried a lot of the pure-procedural shows but could never really get into them. i’m also pretty tired of the streaming service shows that are meant to be binged or whatever, where each episode is just like a chunk of an 8 hour movie.
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2023.06.02 01:20 home_run_king Need a little help with the finishing touches of my Titan Bingie with Umbrella build

OK, so first of all I don't know if this is because of Kodi 20, or because I am running the latest version of Titan Bingie, or even if I just never noticed it and it has always been there, but I love this skin! I can configure the "default" search that comes with it to search TMDBHelper for both Movies and Shows with a single query. (IE searching south park would show me both the movies and the TV Series instead of one or the other).
So I would like to know if there is a way I could create a single widget, that will show the last thing I was watching/re watching, (don't care if it was a movie or a TVshow) according to trakt.
Key point here, this is NOT in the library and would be sourced from Umbrella. (So mainly I know I can set a finish watching for movies, then a finish watching widget for TV shows, but I want a widget that will show me the last movie and TV show I was watching/Re watching. IF there is no match to that, then the widget just won't show kind of like how the finish watching for Movies wouldn't show if there is nothing to finish watching)
I did mess around with Autowidget a few years ago, but it seamed like it wasn't good for this purpose because if there was nothing to show it wouldn't just Hide, it would have a "place holder". Which tells me it must have something to show if you want to use it. The solution I am looking for would hide if there is nothing to show. If it matters, I would use this as a spotlight for my "PVR" Hub.
Hope this is descriptive enough and I really do love the skin and Umbrella addon if the developers of them happen to see this. I do have TV shows in the library, (only so new episodes will show) but with movies I just search for what I want to watch and I don't need them in the library.
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2023.06.02 01:20 phoenixlegend7 Precision 5570 - Is there a BIOS setting or a way to show the initial load screen or BIOS screen in my TV through HDMI?

I got this laptop:
Is there a BIOS setting or a way to output the main laptop screen pre-boot through HDMI to TV?
So when I plug the laptop HDMI to my TV, I can see that the laptop shows on TV and that is fine, but when I restart the laptop, the pre-boot BIOS/loading screen are not showing on my TV - Currently it shows a black screen and my tv says "Connecting..." or "Loading...". It only starts showing when it reaches the Windows login screen.
Is there a BIOS setting or a way/workaround to make it show the initial load screen or BIOS screen in my TV?
Update: I was told by Dell that if the lid of the laptop is closed, it will output to the HDMI instead. That's the the design in the firmware. There is no BIOS setting to change it.
Is there a way to keep the lid open and somehow still invoke this "hidden" functionality?
Thank you.
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