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2014.01.29 16:12 CATALANOpunch A mobile personal theater with built-in premium audio

This is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the Avegant Glyph, a new mobile entertainment device using proprietary tech to provide a unique experience.

2023.06.03 23:30 IotNoob11 Witness the High-Voltage Thrills as a Daredevil Takes on a Live Wire with an Angle Grinder! 💥⚡️

In this electrifying video shared on the ElectroBoom subreddit, prepare to be on the edge of your seat as a daring individual fearlessly confronts a live wire using an angle grinder. With sparks flying and the potential for high-voltage danger, this captivating footage showcases the nerve-wracking skills and adrenaline-fueled intensity of the protagonist. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience as you witness this heart-pounding display of precision and bravery in the realm of ElectroBoom. Don't miss out on this electrifying adventure!⚡️💥
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2023.06.03 23:30 Giyuo Fusing with Animal spirits?

I’ve been reading a lot of Progression fantasy/Wuxia Manhua and I was wondering if there was a way to replicate taking on the aspects of animals in a way beyond just the Enhance ability spell?
For dragons, you have quite a few subclass opinions for gaining aspects such as the Ascendant Monk and Drakewarden Ranger but it’s really inherent in your progression and not something that can be provided by storytelling, which I guess is what I’m really after.
This thought also reminded me of my wants to apply monster hunter logic and it kinda hits the same vein of “I defeated this and now I have some of it’s power”.
There was a specific item that tipped my desire over the edge in one of the stories called the “Nightmare Demon Pot”
I’ll link it’s wiki below but essentially it takes gatcha game aspects of feeding weaker creatures to stronger creatures to level them up and the idea of taking a monster spirit and helping it grow and fusing it with yourself to gain power is just something I can’t figure out how to incorporate into a character.
I understand how I could just be a druid or something, but instead of being the creature itself I just want to be able use a single feature that would be reminiscent of said creature maybe?
Sorry if this is dumb but just really wanted to get it off my chest xD.
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2023.06.03 23:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023 (

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2023.06.03 23:29 Alekesiii 5800X CPU ISSUE NEEDS HELP!

Hi there!
I recently build a pc for my brother. Basically all used part, however, seems like there is something wrong with the CPU. I try other parts in another gig all good. Swapped everything and realize is the CPU.
5800X+MSI X570 +3070
I tried on 2 different msi x570 mobo. Gaming Edge wifi/ Tomahawk WIFI with the newest bios
Please see the video as I don't know how to describe the problem. But it happens in some games
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2023.06.03 23:29 Swimming-Bar8515 Selling 1 Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire Concert Ticket

I have 1 ticket to the 2:00pm June 10th showing of Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire in Concert at Altria Theatre. For more information about the event please click here:
I paid $105 dollars for this ticket, but I'm willing to negotiate. Let me know if are interested.
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2023.06.03 23:27 EbonyBetty Seeking Advice + Rant: Having ADHD and Dealing with Black Hair

Even though I tagged this as "Vent" the primary reason for this post is that I'm desperate for advice, but because I had a bit of a breakdown today, the rant comes first (there's a TL;DAsking for Advice at the bottom). I also want to preface that I'm only looking for advice from fellow ADHD Black women, y'all will know what I mean. Out of sadness and frustration, I almost impulsively gave myself "The Big Chop" that knew I would regret.
The upkeep for my hair is so damn exhausting that if I'm being honest with myself, I really hate my hair. My biggest issue is I am "blessed" with a lot of it, that 4a "good hair." Growing up most of the compliments on my appearance were about my hair: "Baby your hair comes from good genes!"/"Your hair is so long and pretty, gimme some!"/"Brothas love a Sista with long hair, even better that it's natural!" And I will admit, when my hair's fresh from the hairdresser, I look really nice. When my hair is done, it's one of the few physical features I like about myself. We all know the cultural weight of hair in the Black community.
Y'all also know Black hair's upkeep without ADHD is extensive, expensive, and exhausting, so with ADHD it's fucking impossible. Washing, Conditioning, Brushing, Combing-it-out, Flat-Ironing, Oiling, Greasing down the Edges, IT'S ALL TOO FUCKING MUCH! As an adult, I came to peace with myself early on that I would always pay the "ADHD Tax" of having to get my hair done at hairdressers. Payment for the salon is on par with the electric bill...
Until this month. As I was doing my budgeting for June, my rent's gone up 22% and with inflation continuing to hit hard means I cannot afford to get my hair done this month. So I tried to do it myself. I was already emotionally drained after washing and conditioning my hair, now I had to start the worst part - combing it out. Because of my ADHD, as embarrassed as I am to say it, I don't brush out my hair every night. When I get to the tail end of the month, I usually throw on a head scarf and keep moving, which leads to matted hair and tangles (plus I'm tender-headed, God has a sick sense of humor). Just parting my hair into four sections, I could feel my panic setting it. Every tangle I tugged at, my brain played every memory of my mama or aunt's telling me how lazy I am for not taking care of my hair and that I'm gonna end up bald. An hour and half later, I only have one section done. My head hurts and I'm so frustrated and ashamed. I grabbed my roommate's wig scissors and cut off the current tangle I'm on. IMMEDIATELY, I audibly said, "WTF am I doing!" then burst into tears.
I swallowed my pride and called my mom (our relationship is strained, at best) and asked if she could comb my hair out for me. While she accepted it, of course, it came with the usual chiding: "Most girls take of their hair, why don't you?"/"Your hair is your best feature, you need to learn how self-care."/"You're a grown women, I knew how to take care of my hair at your age." I feel so defeated and today's been the fucking worst.
TL;DAsking for Advice: So please, do you have any tutorials, hairstyle suggestions, or upkeep tips I can use for my hair that's easy-to-learn or ADHD-friendly. Or at least advice on how you're able to not get overwhelmed during upkeep? My biggest hurdles are combing out my hair and parting/oiling it (my scalp dries out very easily). Please no hairstyles that require braiding or flat-ironing. My hair is 3\4 natural with a quarter of relaxer left. Please do not suggest I cut my hair to a shorter length, it's not I oppose it, but it's complicated.
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2023.06.03 23:27 Swimming-Bar8515 Selling 1 Ticket to Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire at Altria Theatre

Selling 1 Ticket to Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire at Altria Theatre
I have 1 ticket to the 2:00pm June 10th showing of Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire in Concert at Altria Theatre. For more information about the event please click here:
I paid $105 dollars for this ticket, but I'm willing to negotiate. Let me know if are interested.
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2023.06.03 23:26 Swimming-Bar8515 Selling Ticket to Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire at Altria Theatre

Selling Ticket to Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire at Altria Theatre
I have 1 ticket to the 2:00pm June 10th showing of Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire in Concert at Altria Theatre. For more information about the event please click here:
I paid $105 dollars for this ticket, but I'm willing to negotiate. Let me know if are interested.
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2023.06.03 23:26 DefinitelyNotABot01 [PC][1995-2010] Friend needs help finding an old top-down RPG

Platform: PC
Genre: Turn-based top-down RPG
Estimated year of release: Developed over a period from the 90's to the mid/late 2000's
Graphics: Rather poor, similar to Ultima 7
Notable characters: Pirates in pirate camp
Notable gameplay mechanics: Massive and hard to start, could use a mechanical gate to cheese pirates and kill them
Other details: I'll just copy-paste what my friend sent me
"Long time ago I played a freeware RPG game that was apparently a long project started in the 90's and finally got finished in circa mid 2000's, hence the massive graphics lag even for it's time. At least those were the 2 things i remember from a description on the CD that came in a gaming magazine back in 2000's. It's turn-based, as in: You move, they move. You sprint, you can move 2 tiles and they one tile, You attack, they attack. No actual "your turn" "enemy turn", just things happening.I remember only the "prologue" section of it as i played it multiple times trying to get an edge for what came next, the game was very hard right off the bat, and massive as well when i seen it's in-game world map. The start goes like this:You are captured by pirates and thrown into their prison camp, the main way to escape is by interacting with some loose bars on a fence. Interacting with those and getting across alerts the guarding pirates and they'll start chasing after you, to escape them, you had to run SOUTH to the mines/caves though which you could escape into a straight up typical medieval town and properly start your RPG adventure. What you could also do is abuse the mechanical gate to the mines to kill all the pirates and loot their armory which had all the starting gear for any "class" possible (game had no class choice but i think you assign starting stat points in the prison camp which basically determine that). You could even walk up on the ship to hear some hidden dialogue from the captain.The starting town had a meta joke quest that was like "hey adventurer, kill that thing in my basement" but it's not level 1 rat to start your rpg journey it's some dangerous abomination that upon witnessing it you can straight up admit to the npc that you aren't ready for that fight and you'll come back later.Again, not RPG Maker, not isometric, looks very similar to Ultima 7(it's not it)."
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2023.06.03 23:25 Player72 Senior Sendoff

To my fellow grads, congrats on graduating! We got the fancy piece of paper!
Anyways, to those who graduated this year or recent years or just want to chime in, what were your favorite games that you attended while you were a student?
I’ll start.
2021 WVU win, was nice to experience a rivalry that was before my time. Good ass game
2021 SMU comeback win down 7 entering fourth quarter
2022 Ohio State loss, incredible game and we had one of the best atmospheres ive ever witnessed when we brought it to within 3.
2019 Beating 21 syracuse 63-20 and getting our first (and only) (and fluke) top 25 ranking (#21)
2018 Ohio State 1 point loss in overtime
2021 Pinstripe bowl, was cool as shit to see a game in yankee stadium + shitting on an old ACC opponent
2022 Mayo bowl, ACC opponent + final game as a student ever :(
Bonus for my second flair, watching the 2022 LSU Alabama game AT one of the bars at maryland and everyone going crazy when LSU won.

what were your favorite games that you attended while you were a student? (include the ones you watched if you really really want to)

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2023.06.03 23:25 NewNameNoah Any Exmormons in the Greenville, SC area interested in a li’l get together at the end of this month? (June, 2023)

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2023.06.03 23:24 DueJellyfish8097 San Pedro Trip Report

This is my fourth trip; I've only ever done cactus. This trip is unique compared to the first 3 because I spent it almost entirely indoors and the peak was ~80% blindfolded. The length of cactus is somewhat less than my forearm (250mm long by 90mm diameter). I believe the one I've got is unusually active or perhaps I'm sensitive to the effects.
The peak sequence of the trip involved a number of different dissolution sequences; with my eyes closed, shattering apart into shards of glass. Eyes closed the roof and floor of my house disappeared and suddenly I was floating in space (in a space? Another dimension? I'm not sure - I didn't seem to be outdoors where my house was in NZ), with the angle of my body moving and and shifting. Eventually I was back in the room, dissolving into paint and spreading out around the floor and onto the walls, and then starting to fold up on myself - turning inside out, my body breaking apart into pieces and forming a tunnel, and eventually flattening out round the walls of the tunnel. The tunnel stretches out, infinitely long as I hurtle through it; eventually it snaps back (or forwards? FOrward and back seem to be the same thing) and the tunnel - and me with it since I'm in the tunnel but am the tunnel (not sure there is a me at this point, really), snaps shut into a 2D circle.
I'm back again, floating in space; shifting vertically, upside down. I'm still in my house - but I'm not in my house. I'm everywhere, but nowhere.
For a time I am hanging out with my deceased brother - watching a nature documentary about NZ, only we are in NZ which is amusing, only we aren't in NZ, we are back in Canada, and we are in another dimension, somewhere between life and death. We chuckle about the absurdity of it all. I say that I'm trying to use the cactus to heal myself and change my habits but really it's just an excuse to hang out with him. He says he'll tell his side he is helping to fix me. Suddenly, I am on a ladder, with building supplies being fixed to me. My brother was a builder. I am my brother. I am passing building supplies to him on the ladder to fix me (or is it the other way around? There is no distinction anymore).
The music shifts (John Hopkins psychedelic playlist) into a great orchestral piece, and suddenly, I am out of body with a birds eye floating view of one of the most incredible sequences of my life. I am inside an enormous spherical theater or auditorium space, infinitely large, which I can only describe as being simultaneously a natural space but also clockwork; inside the sphere is another sphere, this one is my mind; but it is also the Gaia / infinite love / infinite unity experience from the second trip. I can see myself (and my brother) standing on this enormous ladder next to my mind, trying to fix the holes in the side of it. Around the mind (or Gaia ?) I can see many doors and windows, and a great many journal articles, papers, and images are flowing out of it, like someone holding a deck of cards and making them rapidly fly away into the air. I am in this space for eternity? Or a few moments - I don't know. Time has been frozen for some time (lol).
Eventually, I find myself in a different space. I can only describe it as like the moving staircase room from Harry Potter, and there are these great lengths of clockwork machine pieces being moved apart and re-arranged. It's me - I am being taken apart into all these pieces, and put back together. Some of the pieces are as they were before. Some are new. Some are fixed. One particular piece I recall is my right leg: Since an early bout with intense depression and suicidality in early university at 17 years old where I suffered an intense right knee / calf injury that had me limping for months, I have had some kind of somatization where whenever i get severely depressed or suicidal, the limp returns even though the injury has been healed for years.
Suddenly, a new space. An infinitely large auditorium, in space or another dimension, filled with these infinitely large clockwork men (think like the clockwork men from Doctor Who but infinitely large) it is one of the most incredible scenes I have ever witnessed. The men are frozen, because time is frozen.
Eventually, I am back - in NZ, in my room it seems, dissolving into paint and light and nacho cheese again. THere is a lengthy sequence involving mexican girls, a mexican ski lodge and building a ski lodge. Then, my sunrise alarm starts gradually turning on for the last hour of the trip, and I seem to dissolve into the light and spend the last hour of the peak drifting along as light.
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2023.06.03 23:22 spaceraingame What movies did you see in theaters where the audience clapped at the end?

If memory serves me, the theater audiences I was in applauded at the end of Avengers Endgame, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Avatar, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, The Dark Knight, The Avengers, and Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. Though I’m not 100% certain of those last three (but still pretty sure).
What about all of you?
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2023.06.03 23:22 NewNameNoah Any Exmormons in the Greenville area interested in a li’l get together at the end of this month? (June, 2023)

I was born in Greenville in ‘68 but moved away as an infant to the West Coast and will be back for the first time later this month. Any local Exmormons interested in grabbing some beers and talking shit about Rusty “Trombone” Nelson the evening of the 30th someplace in town?
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2023.06.03 23:21 mcmasterstb The platinum ranked experience of this season.

Games that I played tonight, on Frankfurt server:
  1. Octane is JM, he is disconnected, I wait until the end maybe he comes back, ping location and drop solo, the other guy who wasn't disconnected goes with him at the edge of the map and they become both crates. I get chased by 3 dudes and punched to death.
  2. Same Octane as previous game, again JM, but now he confirms by voice he's not disconnected, we land with one other team. I do like 250 damage, with him and the other two a combined whooping 0. Zero. Nada. They die with weapons in their hands. I also die because I can't do 1vs3 with a p2020 and a shotgun without ammo.
  3. They chose location for drop, we land far, with one other team. I start shooting, they go opposite direction and leave me alone only to get killed 30 seconds later. No pings, no voice, no nothing.
  4. Good start with a Path and Ballistic, we kill a team and get baited into a bad position. Bad luck.
  5. Good start with Lifeline and Ash, we kill 3 squads, then die to the combined fire of some other two.
  6. Drop uncontested with Bangalore and Wraith. We loot and we head to 3rd party some dudes. Our Bangalore goes left instead of right, we ping and talk that we like to 3rd party, he goes "there's enemy here too" we start shooting, only to discover 10 seconds later that he drops a f-off balloon and yeets himself across the map. Me and Wraith we finally get killed after we down like 4 or 5 dudes. Bangalore rats for the rest of the match with and amazing 279 damage and 80 RP. He's a Silver 3.
  7. It's just me and Ballistic. We get followed while we drop, and die with 600 damage between us.
  8. I get a Ash and Bloodhound. Good play with Ash, I'm getting carried, this Ash is good, Bloodhound was always behind and not helping at all, ignoring the pings and voice, he left me and Ash to fight a full team only to sneak into the ring. He died 30 seconds later. Karma I guess.
  9. Good match, lots of damage, lots of kills, in the end we got a bad ring. GGs for Caustic and Rampart.
  10. Hodrop with 5 other teams, we die in the first 30 seconds.
  11. Good match with Path and Gibby. Top five with good coordination.
  12. I get a Ballistic and Ash. We meet a team, Ash does 90 damage in total, yeets away. The he goes back, gets our banners, goes into the ring, drops a mobile respwan beacon in the middle of nowhere with no cover and dies to a single charge rifle shooting from 300m or so.
  13. Together with Lifeline and Caustic we hotdrop, do 400-500 damage each and get 3rd partied.
  14. I get a Valk and a Octane, Valk goes solo from the start, dies with zero damage, starts pinging his banner from across the map, then gives us text based directions. Us two finish a team, we get 3rd partied.
  15. Wraith and Revenant, Wraith pushes then falls back, closes a door, manages to block me and Revenant on the outside of a door, getting us killed, then proceeds to calls us idiots that we don't know how to open doors. Dies one minute later with a whooping 205 damage.
  16. We hodrop. Lifeline does zero damage, Fuse 108, I do 491, I kill two, I revive Lifeline only to get 3rd partied.
  17. Second place, with 1k damage each, but in the end our Bronze II Seer decided to ignore me and Revenant even if we were knocked safe and just waited to do a 1v3. He did not survive.
  18. Loba and Pathfinder, we got second place with Loba surviving for 90% of the game, and not shooting a single bullet. Zero damage. She had weapons, but didn't shoot once.
And the jewl in the crown, my man Wraith that dropped solo from the start, in the middle of the map, didn't move for the next 15 minutes and got 4th place.
This game is amazing.
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2023.06.03 23:21 Own_Leadership_9474 Suicide terminology question

So, I sat on a bridge 2 times in my life, really thinking about suicide in the process, this was about 3 years ago. But I’m wondering if sitting on the edge of a bridge thinking about committing suicide is classified as a suicide attempt, or intense suicidal ideation. Reason being is cause I’m trying to join the military, and I need to clarify which is which, so I can determine if I’ll get a waiver or not.
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2023.06.03 23:20 surf_nosara Epson EF-100 vs Epson EF-11

Hi, thanks in advance for any advice. Fist time projector buyer, so apologies for my ignorance. I'm looking for an entry level ($500-$1k) projector for home movies in the living room and outdoors. This will not be a dedicated room, so fairly compact is preferred. I'm looking for decent image quality, brightness, quiet fan. I will be buying a screen, probably 80" - 100" max. Both the EF-100 and EF-11 seem to fit the bill, but I'm not clear what the dfferences are between the two or which is "better.". Additionally, if there are other models you would recommend, please advise. I will likely be hooking it up to an AppleTV, and sound out to a home theater. Not into gaming. TY
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2023.06.03 23:19 No-Recognition-5318 Can the U.S. Regain its Edge in Solar Power? The U.S. invented photovoltaic (PV) technology in the 1950s. China’s share of solar production has increased from virtually nothing to nearly 85% today. Incentives created under the U.S. IRA are expected to have a transformative impact.

Can the U.S. Regain its Edge in Solar Power? The U.S. invented photovoltaic (PV) technology in the 1950s. China’s share of solar production has increased from virtually nothing to nearly 85% today. Incentives created under the U.S. IRA are expected to have a transformative impact. submitted by No-Recognition-5318 to u/No-Recognition-5318 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 23:18 CarryThyCross Where to ‘draw the line’ with secular media?

Bought Padre Pio tickets on first day of release (yesterday). Made a mistake driving to wrong theater 😇 and checked my phone, and Matt Fradd shared a post on YT about blasphemy in the movie. Ngl I thanked God bc there’s apparently nudity with the devil licking an icon of our Blessed Mother. Too far I think, so I am not upset, glad too! Instead, I decided to watch ‘Nefarious’ and it was an edifying movie :)
But it made me think of how I relate to media in general. Boxing, for example, is something I like watching, but again, there’s a lot of questions on human dignity in mixed martial arts. Maybe, I am being a lil’ Puritanical, but how do I as a Catholic know what I can accept and what’s unacceptable? Outside of blatantly obvious cases of blasphemy against God, or His Holy Church and His saints, from a ’Catholic production’. Ngl, nowadays I am so desensitized to critiques against the Church and Christianity (even Protestantism) that I just don’t watch TV or read modernist ’classical’ fiction, but are we Catholics overreacting sometimes when an author we like or TV show criticizes our faith or blasphemes holy acts, like marriage and sex?
Side note, recommend ‘Nefarious’ and thinking of watching EWTN’s Padre Pio rendition of such a holy saint!
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2023.06.03 23:18 Much_Yesterday_4403 Elimination Poll Options: Steve's Screw-Ups

Brenda and Steve tied for the next elimination poll theme! We'll do Brenda first and then Steve. Here are a list of options that I've compiled. Please comment below if I've missed something and I'll include it. Or if you think something shouldn't be included, I'm open to hearing that too! I will post a qualifying poll for each on Tuesday that will be open for two days, and that will determine our Top 9. Brenda's elimination poll will start on Thursday, and Steve's elimination poll will begin directly after Brenda's poll ends.
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2023.06.03 23:18 Thorn_The_Annoying Am I Trans?

Hey everyone! I’m new to this sub mostly because I’m here for advice from the trans community!
So for a couple of years, I’ve always wanted to wear skirts and have a more feminine look to me! I’m in theater and I love wearing makeup (that’s the only time I can since I don’t know how accepting my parents are) and I absolutely love it when people don’t know my gender (due to the fact I have relatively long hair, I’m still growing it out) when I walk around at the mall with friends or situations like that. I’m bisexual so I’m familiar with being queer. I always have thought that I wanted to present more feminine and be as feminine as possible, but I’m not too sure how well that will be taken due to the fact I’m a dude. I always think to myself when I no longer live under my parents roof I’m going to wear makeup and skirts and all of that. Just recently I’ve wanted to get more into wearing more fashionable clothing, and I’ve started off with a grunge look, then in the summers I’ll always wear Hawaiian shirts, but I’ve noticed that men’s fashion kind of sucks, so tonight I searched up some feminine men’s fashion, and I’ve realized that that’s what I want to look like! I want to look like that! A few days ago I saw a really cool skirt, and I wanted to get it so bad but alas, my parents.
I’ve been a little scared of transitioning and I’m not uncomfy in my body (apart from regular insecurities), I enjoy being a dude, I just don’t like the things that come along with it (not very good fashion, my “inability” to wear makeup, the fact I can’t wear the things that I would love to wear). Recently my sister recommended I look at some alt fashion, but in the end I ended up going down a rabbit hole and found feminine fashion.
I’m really sorry for trailing off, but any advice anyone would like to share would be amazing! Thank you all so much for listening to a baby gay’s struggles!!
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2023.06.03 23:17 maximusvomitus Northeastern Ohio

Northeastern Ohio
Hi all! My sis found this baby in her yard. She lives on the edge of a wildlife preserve and the Chagrin River. He was very aggressive and snappish. Can someone tell me who he is?
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