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For everything you want to see, do, eat, and buy in the Alamo City, and places you can drive to within an hour of SA! Visit us for The Alamo, The Missions world heritage site, Six Flags and Sea World. Interesting posts about nearby places like Boerne, Poteet and New Braunfels are welcome, too. Stay for the tacos, the friendly locals, and Fiesta!

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This subreddit is devoted to Shortcuts. Shortcuts is an Apple app for automation on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

2023.06.03 23:57 Previous-Pace-8939 what’s the best way to make makeup stay

i use a primer, setting powder (baking as well) and a setting spray, if i’m going out to a party or somewhere im sweating my makeup is all over my face within 15 minuets… what’s a ride or die way to make it stay? if it’s mh makeup maybe here’s my rutine: de bronzing drops milk hydro grip maybe line 4-1 glow charlotte canceler and dior backstage conclear abh contour nars laguna bronzer rare beauty blush laura merciear setting powder hourglass radiant bronze light nars orgasam powder haus labs blurring powder urban decay all nighter and de sick (then push in with my bluring powder)
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2023.06.03 23:56 highfriend90 How is this service so bad?

App says it will arrive in 10min so I walk to the stop, I live around the corner so no problem, after I wait the app says 5 min, then 4 then 2 then it's delayed, how did it go from 2 min to being delayed why didn't the app just say it will be delayed in the first place.. why is the service so bad and overpriced
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2023.06.03 23:56 Flyaway_5 Why was my coworker distant and is friendly now?

I have a coworker who is from India. She is older than me by 20 years. We are both females. I first met her in January when she started. I saw her three times in the break room first and smiled at her. Then we worked together. She talked to me about herself and gave me a hug and that was it.
The months went by, and we never worked together again. If we saw each other at work, she was still polite and said briefly, "Hi, how are you?" Then she would go about her day. I also noticed that she stopped hugging me.
Lately, about 3 weeks ago, she gave me a hug after a long time and said, "It has been a long time that I didn't work with you." She never knew my name and finally asked me. She talked to me and spent time with me for a few minutes. She also said, "What is that eyeliner you're using? I noticed that you always wear it and it stays on all day."
I thought she needed space at first, because I thought she was new and needed time to sort things out. I gave her space. She was distant before, why is she friendly now?
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2023.06.03 23:56 catlady20913 What on earth could be going on with my spine?? Help appreciated!!!

I am 20F… Medications: Cimmitidine, Loratadine
Conditions: Long Covid, Schermanns kyphosis, POTS, heart thing maybe myocarditis but unconfirmed
Medical history: dystonia from buccastem July 2022 causing spinal issues, really stiff and spastic including legs which I couldn’t move lying flat, cardiac issues, drooling, dysphagia (+a lot more) Head MRI and head CT done about a week after: normal
Recently had cefelexin and co-amoxiclav. Also admitted to ER recently with chest pain, not really relevant I guess but was then diagnosed with severe hypophosphatemia (levels were 0.32 now corrected)
HISTORY: Symptoms I have had recently:
Insane head pressure (especially lying down exasperated in certain positions but also relieved in others - but with “consequences’… below* -mild headaches eye pressure (feeling immense pain behind my eyes) *tachycardia that can drop 20-30 beats just by changing neck position sometimes, (and while lying flat staying otherwise still) very suddenly Leg weakness and aches *back stiff at the top *rosy read cheeks *drooling, only sometimes, usually when head pressure bad *bladder issues including pain never feels empty either *can’t sweat 99% of the time - since 2022 after covid tbh but spinal adjustments albeit rarely seem to lead to sweating so maybe relevant? *body feels *shocked** if I move my spine ‘wrong’… heart slows a lot and breathing gets shallow and difficult. Bizarrely the pressure in my head and neck eases but it’s like my body panics, as do I.
Then May 20th I had a headache worse than usual. My mum massaged upper my back and neck. It was a rough massage, but she insists she didn’t touch my spine.
But Anyway a day or so later I wake up with:
*horrendous upper back pain *stiff neck *light sensitivity *more head pressure than usual *headache *episodic breathing & heart differences esp moving neck lying flat - which are only helped by changing position again. Also coinciding with relief of head, neck and spine pressure but unsustainable bc of this.
The main thing bothering me is the insane head pressure at times and the shock feeling - that feeling really freaks me out, I know it’s not right but I don’t know how to explain it that well ?? And if I’d be laughed off tbh bc it’s so vague and bizzare lol.
Thank you so much for any help!
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2023.06.03 23:55 Wildflower2295 My (27m) now ex-boyfriend (26m) of two years just left and screwed me over when I was already struggling with grief and other heartbreak

In a nutshell, my mom is dying of stage 4 cancer. She has less than a year. My dad’s cancer then returned. His is stage 2, but he is refusing treatment because he doesn’t want to live the rest of his life with side effects from radiation (his mind has been made, and I will respect it for him although it’s upsetting).
6 months ago, I lost my job of 7 years due to a mass layoff and outsourcing. But I got back on my feet and landed a new position before my severance period ended. I just graduated college which was immensely stressful because I work full time and have a child (9m) who is special needs and requires much extra support than most children without special needs. He also kept getting kicked out of daycares due to his behaviors stemming from his disabilities which added a lot of stress to our relationship. But I persevered and landed a fully remote role after the layoff happened.
Fast forward to now- I went on meds a month ago and have been seeking professional help to manage my emotions with my mother. I was crying often and angry. I still am not okay, but I can cope a bit better and stopped isolating. Also, I am FINALLY getting a house. This has been a long time search because the market has been insane where I live. I will close on the house this month. This is huge because I am sick of renting and moving my child around to different schools because I want him to develop roots. He has neighbor friends and a good school support program. The house I am buying is only a few houses down from where we rent currently so it’s perfect.
Well, my boyfriend and I broke up 3 days ago. He is moving back to his parents in a different state. He was trying to stay here for 2 weeks but I asked him to leave as soon as possible and stay with a friend because it was hurting SO badly to have him here but not together.
Our breakup was civil and fairly mutual. Lots of tears and neither of us are okay right now but it’s for the best, unfortunately. He refused to go to therapy for his temper and said awful things to me every few weeks, and I just couldn’t do it anymore even though I love him so much. I tried many times to get him to get help and he always promised after he hurt me but then never followed through. This time, I told him I will need to separate unless he actually goes. So he left….
My son is at his fathers for the weekend so I asked him to get his things out while he is not home (less of an impact for my son). I went to my best-friends house last night and cried on her couch while we talked about everything. I stayed very late because I knew it would hurt too much to watch him pack and go.
When I came home at 1am, he was gone. So were his things. But he also flooded our rental’s basement, unscrewed all the lightbulbs, so it was all dark and made holes in the garage walls. He also threw garbage around.
He was my “person” for 2 years. And now he just ruined so much for me. I am supposed to be leaving this rental soon when I close on the house and now I’m going to have to pay for the damages. I was crying at 1am while shoveling buckets of water out of the basement and fell down the stairs while doing it in the dark.
I never expected him to leave me so fucked. I was single for 4 years before him because I was so careful about who I was going to be with. But suddenly he started being emotionally abusive and now this. The first year, he was amazing. Then BAM. I don’t understand how/why he changed and wouldn’t get help.
Now I’m here with a big move coming up, damaged rental which will be costly, a sprained knee from the stairs and flood incident, and I’m scared to be a single mom again while my mother is going to die and my dad is sick. I worked so hard for the downpayment and to keep my head above water but he just left me with extra trauma and extra bills. He also decided to take my TV and couch. Which is so annoying and hurtful. I don’t even know what the point of this post was but I’m just hurting a lot. Thanks for listening.
TLDR; my previously amazing boyfriend suddenly started being mean and emotionally abusive, would not go to therapy, then left and took things from me and damaged our rental right before I move out into a house I bought and am about to close on. mother is dying, dad also has cancer. I’m broken.
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2023.06.03 23:55 bicepstricepsquad Need help incorporating kick boxing or MMA into my lifting schedule

Hello everyone,
My question is - what's the best way to fit martial arts into my lifting routine of four days a week - UppeLower x2?
Is it doable to train twice in a day even? I doubt with my hit and miss diet, poor sleep and wrecked mental health to stay on path and to make it. I had to mention that.
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2023.06.03 23:55 gelsackin Pickup Selector switch won't stay in position. Is this fixable or do i have to purchase a new switch?

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2023.06.03 23:55 SiRiThErEaLqWeEn Always go into night mode to take selfies !!!! (Base s23 but I'm sure the ultra has the same issue)

I thought I was going crazy this whole time, since my non-night mode selfies ALWAYS have literally no detail and look like they could come out of a mid range phone.
It seems that they kind of blur everything out in an attempt to put a beauty filter on your face, but if you actually like detail, please try taking all your selfies in night mode (FYI, it doesn't need to be dark, you can just go into night mode in the same menu as pro video, slow motion etc and you can place night mode into the camera/video bar to make it easily accessible).
Try it out for yourself, I just did some testing. The only downside is that you need to not move your face and your phone for like a second (pretty annoying when you're in a group and you have to tell everyone to stop moving lol).
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2023.06.03 23:55 DontTalkShite Tech question about the very last scene of the series finale

I'm not allowed to post a link, but it's the closing shot of House and Wilson riding off... Is this a drone shot? I remember watching it back in 2012 and thinking "that's one talented helicopter pilot", because camera drones were not common place, especially ones capable of shooting TV grade footage. If it was a drone, that thing must have been HUGE!
Can anyone recall a TV show that used drone footage earlier than 2012?
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2023.06.03 23:55 Apprehensive_Debt315 Why does stealing even exist?

As a new player for 1 month I had zero idea that the stuff I steal will reduce the crops that others collect until I read this sub
Naturally I was assuming that I’m just getting an extra incentive and crop sharing, which leads me to my main point:
For a game that’s mostly wholesome (cats, farming, cute fashion) why in the world is there this mechanism in the first place? Just creating negativity amongst players because no one can afford to get pork
Wouldn’t it be better if my neighbour gets 3 pork & I get 1 pork for free? That can’t be that hard
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2023.06.03 23:55 Alternative-Dig-86 I stupidly fell in love with my straight friend. Need advise.

I (25M) feel that I have limerence for my 'friend' (22M). My friend and I met at work exactly a year ago, being office mates, and we connected quite well. But before I tell the story, I just want to say that as a bisexual person in a small town, the center of my social circle has always been straight guys, and I've never had issues with it. I've always had the ability to not develop romantic interest in friendships. So, when I look back at this situation, I don't know how I ended up here.
A year ago, when we became office mates, I did feel a crush on him. He's an attractive and sweet guy, and immediately, I remember perfectly, I tried not to get close to him, because I thought he was straight, at least until the crush faded away. But then, I felt that in our day-to-day interactions at work, there was some kind of reciprocation of attraction or at least; interest. It started with small gestures like getting me a more comfortable chair, waiting for me with coffee in the morning, the way his face lit up with a smile when I entered the office... Day by day, these details made me fall for him.
Perhaps they weren't the clearest signs of attraction, but... I let him in before the crush faded away.
During the following weeks and months at work, we started getting closer. I would say it was a pretty intimate friendship. After spending eight hours in a monotonous job, we would come home and call each other on the phone, talking until 2 am. We would spend weekends together, go out to dinner, make plans...
In one way or another, the relationship didn't feel like the ones I had with other friends. The closeness, the intimacy, the day-to-day interactions... It filled a loneliness that I didn't know existed, and yet, it intensified on the realization that he is straight.
But even so, I had already fallen for him.
Towards the end of the year, he met a girl, and I decided to meet new people as well. I met a girl, but it didn't work out. Shortly after, I met a guy, but that didn't work out either. I felt like I was already 'taken,' as if I had nothing more to offer in the romantic aspect, even though I knew it was all just an illusion.
Their relationship also ended up not working out. At some point, I don't remember the exact reason, driven definitely by my frustration, we had a discussion that forced us to sit down and talk honestly. We didn't define an "us," we weren't that brave, but we did address the situation. And that's when he said something that both excited and broke my heart.
"We're like a couple..." he said when we were talking about why it didn't work out with his ex, and he continued, "I didn't feel as appreciated as when I'm with you."
When we went out, he would sometimes comment on how comfortable he felt, maybe in our shared loneliness or heartbreak. He would say how he only wanted "this" (referring to the things we did together like going to the movies, eating, talking late into the night, making plans), but with a girl. My goodness! We even made plans to move in together.
At the beginning of this year, we both left our job. It was my escape route, a month of heartbreak, and eventually, I would forget about it. That was the plan, and I had executed it. I lasted only half a week until he came back to me, saying, "Let go of the nonsense. We're friends. We can stop talking for a couple of days to reduce the 'intensity' of the relationship, but we don't have to go away."After that, he didn't let go... He put more effort into staying close to me. And I, I let him do it.
By the end of January, I had landed a good job - remote, good pay, low responsibilities and stress. Sometimes there's nothing to do... (Truly a nearly perfect job xD). And when a position opened up in March, I gave it to him... Now we work together again.
And I feel like we're stuck in a loop. He's getting to know some girls, but he's already complaining about the same things, that it's not the same, that he doesn't feel 'appreciated.' And I... I feel trapped, hopeful, lonely, and in love.
So I ask for your advice. Just like that, it serves as a form of release.
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2023.06.03 23:55 garfloveclub Doug Ford was at my work today

Doug Ford was at my work today
just stayed in the kitchen … CBA to pretend to say hi
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2023.06.03 23:55 Old_Finger_884 MY ex (26) MOVED INTO MY (23) APARTMENT ?

My ex and I broke off for so many reasons but primarily because he’s dishonest and extremely manipulative & emotionally abusive. I rent a Room in a House ( which he found for me) and my roommate who has been sharing the place with me moved out. We were still talking and I mentioned to him that she’d moved out suddenly and I was shocked, he then said he’d like to move in but I assumed he was joking because I already wanted to do no contact with him and move on so this now was an insane suggestion. I said I would talk to my landlord and the next thing I heard was my landlord asking if (my ex) could move in because she didn’t want me to be uncomfortable, I then said no and my ex called her and started spewing nonsense about if it was stranger this wouldn’t be a debate and also that it’s her (my landlord) choice since it’s her house. I told him, him moving in here would make my celibacy journey impossible and him going behind my back was disrespectful which he disagreed. I’m sooo mad and i cant Imagine anything more psychotic ( btw he is in actual need of a house ) I’m devastated.
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2023.06.03 23:55 BrainiacMainiac142 Need help with support placement in cura

Need help with support placement in cura
Cura keeps placing tree supports that pass through my model, leaving them floating. Is there a way to force them to come around the side?
I've tried support blockers but it seems to go straight through them.
If anyone wants to attempt it themselves, the stl is here:
Its being made for an aquarium, so its vital that it doesn't float once finished (Hence the 100% infill).
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 23:55 Emgarro Emgarro Photography

Hi everyone. I am a professional photo-videomaker with 7-year experience and always trying to learn new techniques and work on myself. Insta: @emgarro. Being head of Emgarro Team I have photography and law background. We do based in Rome, Florence, Paris, Istanbul and Malta. Beside this we do travel all around. I did photography courses in US at MoMA, now I am teaching people photography skills. I took photos of celebrities like: Thomas Richards (actor), Gabe Kapler (baseball trainer), Ronnie Magro (Jersey Shore). My working principle is always being more creative and unique. I had photo exhibitions in Rome, Florence, Paris and Istanbul. I've took 9 international courses about photography. Besides this, I was awarded 1-st place in the local competition "Portrait Photography", which took place in 2018. Message me and check insta for more services.
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2023.06.03 23:55 PracticeOne2150 Aunts house with bro

It's been awhile but I figured it was time for another memory.
So at one point in his life my brother lived with my aunt. I ended up going over there to stay the night and visit. We hung out and played video game for most the day and smoked. After getting stoned and hungry we helped my aunt make food. While we were helping my aunt I noticed my brother didn't have any boxers on under his shorts. I couldn't stop looking at his junk to the point were every time my aunt had her back to us I was riding on it trying to make him hard. I got him starting to get hard around the same time the food got done so I stopped for a sec so we didn't get seen. We sat down next to eachother at the table. I instantly started rubbing him again. I slipped my hand in his shorts and rubbed up and down his dick as we talked to my aunt like nothing was happening. It didn't talk us long to eat because we had the munchies. After we got down eating we went to the living room to watch movies. We were laying there watching a movie my aunt at one end of the couch and me and my brother at the other end with our legs interlocked so I could rub his dick with my feet. After a min I got my feet inside his shorts and keep rubbing him. I could feel his pre cum getting on my feet. After the second movie my aunt went to sleep. Her room is upstairs so the minute she got out of site I jumped up and got between his legs. I put my face in his crotch to take in his scent. After about 5 min I couldn't hold back so I pulled his cock out and started kissing and licking it up and down all the way to his nuts. I started to suck his cock after about 5 min we heard a noise so we got scared and stopped long enough for us to get up and got to his room. As soon as we got in there he closed and locked the door and took his shorts off. Seeing him there naked I dropped to my knees and went to work. I took my time af first enjoying ever min and inch. After about 5 to 10 min of me going to town on his cock he picks me up and moves me to the bed. He lays me on my back towards the edge of the bed and hangs my head over. For the first time ever I was face fucked over the edge of the bed and I loved every min of it. After about 10 strokes of throat fucking me my brother pulled out my mouth and blew on my chin and chest. He stood there with his dick hanging over my face as I used his load to stroke my cock and blew my load all over my stomach. We cleaned up and passed out on his bed.
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2023.06.03 23:55 Lauraemr84 Step kids hate me

Today my husband took my son to the zoo to see his siblings because they won’t come to our house anymore because of my drinking (they were last here march of this year).
I’m not an angry or mean drunk and frankly I barely got in their way, never drove drunk, didn’t fight with them, I went out of my way to create space and opportunities for them and honestly it feels wasted. I feel like I wasted time drinking but I feel like I also wasted time on them. They just walked out and don’t give a shit about me anymore, and I’m bitter. I was an excellent step mother. But im just dead to them, and honestly I don’t really understand why. Sure I drank too much but I mostly just went to bed early, and they got to spend time with their dad. When we did hang out we played wii and card games and had fun.
I was bummed about this tonight and thought about going to a local place “just to eat” but I knew I’d drink so I took a super long hot bath, and I’m now in pajamas before 6pm with my Gatorade and a true crime podcast.
Sorry for the whining. I know they’re kids and it’s my addiction but I’m still hurt. I was a completely normal drinker- especially in front of them - until like 2 years ago.
Anyway I’m gonna sit with these shitty feelings. IWNDWYT
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2023.06.03 23:55 Hare__ Nothing wrong with a shy craven

While playing as Sardinia/Cicily, I had a well educated young heir named Galileo. As coptics under the religious protection of the Byzantines, learning was always the main focus.
As his grandfather Nestor who he would inherit the realm from neared his last days, Galileo spent his early years of life doing pilgrimages with the court, even through Arabia and Northern-Africa.
Before inheritance, the last wish of his grandfather was to have the small and safe realm embrace a new philosophy in the from of a faith like structure, that being "humanitas" which focused even more on education and true equality while not caring for outsider opinions if they were left alone. Respecting his wish, Galileo and other land holders in his grandfather Nestor's realm accepted the plea, even being still protected by the emperor after their change in outlook.
Galileo was... different. A shy patient craven, he easily got stressed out and kept quiet, gaining the nickname of "the silent". His early years of rule were marked by panic attacks and trying to get a grip on rule, but as time went on he got more used to the position of power. He coped by learning languages and going on pilgrimages to see the world and to learn. One of the places that had caught his attention was Alexandria, a place he would later in life rule over despite it belonging to a hostile power allied to an Empire.
Having been raised on the Alexandrian ideals of education, he was one of the smartest men to walk in his era, he had focused his life to developing his humble realm to a true power by the sea which would never have to worry about monetary issues. Indeed, his realms wealth could dwarf that of his liege and the neighbouring pope of Rome.
Despite being often called a coward and not being able to look others in the eyes, Galileo had a plan and it indeed was a long one. Having made many alliance through Europe and Namibea, the scholar who would have rightfully been stuffed into a closet somehow destabilized an entire Arab Empire by succesfully claiming Cairo and Alexandria, bringing univerity education to the Bysantines under the stewardship and more grounded values of his house.
Sometimes judging a book by its cover is a mistake. Indeed, he was such a coward that he ran fron death till past his onehundreth brithday and outlived a generation! (with 21 learning perks even after getting stewardship grinded a lot)
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2023.06.03 23:55 SurrenderAll F1 - Watching the Spanish GP

Is there anywhere that would show the race (6am tomorrow; Sunday) with audio?
I have friends staying at Palazzo and was wondering if there was anywhere nearby. I called Wynn/Encore and they said it would be on in the sports book but without audio.
With the F1 hype building up to the race, and all the international visitors, I was hoping we might have a chance to find a spot.
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2023.06.03 23:55 tropicalasparagus Ingredients In Pain Relief Factor Sale

Go to this page for Ingredients In Pain Relief Factor Sale. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.06.03 23:55 Blossom54321980 Silicone heel protectors

Has anyone worn these with success? I wear mine with my doc marten sandals and they work perfectly until my feet warm up and they move around and bunch up. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep them in place?
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2023.06.03 23:54 Cruisinfoabruisin ‘Skanan, Im coming to ya for a semester

Im a Canadian with my Australian citizenship. Im tryna come down to Oz for my second semester of uni this (school)year. feb-jun 2024(i think thats when your first semester is?)
I have family and connections mostly throughout WA, but am super open to rocking up anywhere. Im currently in Business Administration (not sure what u lads call it), and have chosen to major in finance, but am also looking at accounting or economics as a major. Advice is welcome haha
Im a very social person and looking to make lots of friends, party, chill, go out on excursions, the whole nine yards. If I could also earn some cash teaching sailing or swimming down there that’d be stellar. I want to visit one of your coastal cities, and really immerse myself by making lots of friends. Ive heard that Perth is antisocial??? Im just looking for city recommendations, and the run down/ pros or cons of diff places. Lemme hear it all
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