Steve trevino wife problem

My wife is a bad manager at work and it's crossed over into our home life.

2023.06.07 14:56 Zestyclose_Emu_7867 My wife is a bad manager at work and it's crossed over into our home life.

My wife is a bad supervisor. Terrible even. She is the curmudgeon at work that makes everyones time at work miserable. Extremely petty, vindictive, and sets you up to fail by not giving you key information when needed.
1 1/2 years ago she was promoted to office supervisor because of her incredible work ethic. The partners loved her because in 5 years she was only late once, she always stayed late, she IS the model employee. She hit the ground running and implemented all the changes she felt the office was missing. Things were good for maybe a pay cycle after she was hired then tension started showing. She went from having work friends to having subordinates and everyone she worked with felt her attitude shift. The only people that appreciated the changes were the partners working miles away seeing the business as numbers on a page.
The business was working more efficiently than ever for about 4 months, then the bad reviews started. "The employees don't want to be there, don't bother bringing your pets to them" "Unprofessional staff" "Don't bother asking for advice, they'll make you feel stupid for not knowing what dogs should not eat." I knew immediately why the reviews were how they were because of the horror stories she was telling me about work. For a long time i was on the band wagon of her employees are so stupid, why don't they learn how to do their job?
Fast forward a year and she is still complaining about the poor work ethic her subordinates have. She is complaining about how the office use to be a family and they had drinks after work, but now everyone keeps to themselves. I got tired of the venting, told her I love you, but i can't spend 2 hours talking about how much she hates work everyday. I told her I don't like listening to problems without the ability to offer solutions. Any time I offer solutions I'm an ass for not listening and respecting her venting time and i don't like the one sided emotional dumps she has been doing for the past year.
The air was dead for a month after that. She wouldn't tell me anything, not even what she wanted for dinner. When I asked why she doesn't talk to me she said I'm just going to turn around and tell her she is complaining too much. I asked her what is it you want from me? She said i want to be validated when i'm venting. I was like ok... what are the problems you are having at work? She proceeds on telling me that her best worker left and another employee spends hours looking for work on company time and things have gotten worse than ever. She also said that things have gotten worse because i told her i don't want to listen to her vent if she doesnt allow me to voice opinions or solutions. When she is in venting mode, she doesn't want to hear anything that isn't adulating her because she "has it hard enough at work already." This is when our relationship took a bad turn.
She told me a story without using names about a situation at work. She went through the details of the situation and i was honestly horrified at what she said. She said that they have been dispensing medicine wrong for months because a tech has been using kgs instead of lbs. She ranted over and over again that protocols state that multiple people do the calculations just in case. Because of that mix up a small dog almost died because they gave it too much anesthesia during a dental. I was like "damn, for months? why didn't they check the units?" What was that for? I found out she was the person using kgs for calculating dosing.
Immediately she screamed "you never take my side" then proceeded to tell me about standard operating procedures and the appropriate ways of doing things. "REAL PROFESSIONALS USE MGS to KGS!"
I was like "whoa there. Don't yell at me, you need to chill. Don't yell at me while i'm trying to understand a situation." She yelled back "You don't need to understand the situation, you need to know what i say." I said "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. WHO'S WHO IN THIS STORY? Tell me names or tell me nothing, because for real for real i'd rather not know how this terrible fucking story is going." I was fuming. Then she did the "You are so hot when you are passionate" and i told her "you are missing me with that nonsense. Nothing about how you are acting is sexy to me."
She saw how i reacted to her temper so she changed the story she was telling me. She then starts to tell me about an employee that has missed a week of work and they are preparing to fire her. I tried to be supportive and told her it sucks you have to fire people. But i messed things up with a follow up question, "Why has she been absent?" I thought she was going to stab me after i finished the question.
I scowled back at her just as hard because I'm not the one to sling anger at. She chilled and told me the girl had a miscarriage and it caused complications. So i said "damn... that woman is really going through it. Does she have PTO?" She started to angrily tell me "What does PTO have to do with anything? She hasn't been at work and we are short staffed. I told you that my best worker left and another worker is looking for another job."
I said "CHILL. Listen to yourself. You have an employee that is probably going through the hardest time of her life and you are angry she is prioritizing her health over covering a shift." She answers "I had a miscarriage and was back at work the next day. People these days just have terrible work ethic." I told her "You are their supervisor. have some compassion." She said "They are not my friends. They are people i work with and thats it." I told her "Maybe that's why they stopped inviting you to drinks. You look at them like plebs." She said "they don't invite me because i'm their supervisor and it's weird to go out with your boss." I said "before you were the supervisor we went out for drinks 2 to 3 times a month with the woman that was the supervisor."
I heard enough by that point. I told her to forget telling me the situation and leave work at work because i can't in good conscience defend you behavior. She started to cry, screaming "No one understands me."
Her motivations. Her punitive side that gets compliance through the silent treatment and general bad vibes. Through the year and a half of her venting i've realized she is the problem. She is so controlling she corrects people as they speak by saying shit like "the optimal way of telling me that is..." Then goes about telling you what to do step by step because she finds how other people do things annoying. I understand her deeply, i don't like it. Her first instinct in most situation leaves so many hurt feelings. My friends asked me to stop bringing her to parties and get togethers because she kills he vibe. Turnover is through the roof at her job. The Glassdoor reviews about the terrible supervisor are all about her. Everyone in her circles are telling her about the kinds of behavior that rub them the wrong way and she just says things like "That sounds like a you problem" or "Women are always treated like this in the work place."
I'm so dejected on the situation. I want to be a supportive husband. But I also want to tell her "You are an asshole. I can tell by the way you speak about people and how you treat me that I would sympathize 99 out of 100 times with your subordinates."
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2023.06.07 14:51 cattywumper Question About Ordering Couch

My wife and I are looking to buy the Costco Thomasville Tisdale Sectional and have it delivered to our apartment. The only problem is our apartment doesn’t have an elevator and it would need to go up narrow stairs.
Has anybody ordered this couch online and had it delivered? If so, does it come in a bunch of small pieces or larger sections / assembled? We want to make sure it can fit up the stairs!
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2023.06.07 14:48 ladyskullz Who pooped in the bed?

Who pooped in the bed?
We have heard Johnny Depp's outrageous accusation that his very poised ex-wife Amber Heard pooped in their marital bed.
But is there any weight to this claim? Let's look at the evidence.
Amber has always maintained it was their dog Boo who pooped in the bed. She reportedly had bowel problems and had previously pooped on the bed.
Boo is a 6 pound Yorkshire Terrier according to her grooming receipt.
** Johnny Depp testified Boo is a Teacup Yorkie, but this is not true. Their other dog Pistol is a Teacup.
Could Boo get on the bed?
The bed was low to the ground, and had a large wooden frame that acted as a step.
As you can see from this adorable video of Yorkies jumping, Boo could have easily got up on the bed.
So what about the poo?
Johnny testifed there was a large pile of poop on the bed. But this is not true. There was one small poo on the bed that appears to be the size of a chicken nugget.
The poo was nearly black in colour, which is inconsistent with the colour of human poo which is medium brown.
There is also no urine present on the bed. This is important because human females cannot poop without urinating.
What did Depp's staff say?
The maid, Hilda Vargas said she discovered the poo. She took photos of it and quickly cleaned it up and sent the photos to Kevin Murphy.
Kevin Murphy testified he saw the poo and it looked human. This slightly contradicts Hilda's testimony.
In the UK trial Kevin Murphy testified that Amber confessed to him that she was responsible for the poop.
In the VA trial, Starling Jenkins testified Amber confessed the poop was a "prank gone wrong" on the way to Coachella. But at that time, Amber wasn't to know that the prank had in fact, gone wrong.
*** Note: Starling Jenkins UK testimony never mentioned this alleged confession.
My take:
Boo was able to get up on the bed and do the poo. This was found by Hilda and reported to Kevin who report it to Johnny.
Johnny has a history of paranoia. He mentions his paranoid feelings in a text to his nurse and his ex Jennifer Grey said he would accuse her off stuff. His best friend Bruce Witkin also said Depp was paranoid about Amber.
I believe Depp's first reaction was Amber or iO did it to get back at him for the fight the previous night. ** remember Depp also claimed Amber's Coachella video was to get back at him.
I think that Kevin would never tell Depp he's wrong, so he just went with it and told him whatever he needed to hear.
Jenkins lied to keep his job.
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2023.06.07 14:46 Bobnice31 Buying different version for different platforms?

Hi all, so I'm about ready to buy the game again on PC despite already owning the ultimate edition on Xbox Series X, because I can't really play the game during the day with my small children around. So I'm gonna get another copy on PC for playing my man cave. I understand that there is cross progression so I would be able to flip between platforms and still progress my characters no problem. I'll play on Xbox in my living room with my wife at night when kids are asleep
My question is that if I already own the ultimate edition for xbox, if I only buy the standard edition for PC will I still get all my extra goodies attached to my save and characters and use them on PC or do I have to buy the ultimate edition again for PC in order to have access to them there?
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2023.06.07 14:24 mantaskleiva Need some advice.

TL;Dr To start off I am not the best person at writing so I apologize for any errors.
I have been married for almost 4 years to the woman who I am still head over heels for. (We married just a few months before the start of the pandemic) This little detail has really affected our marriage as being newlyweds struggling during this time was very difficult on our marriage.
My wife struggled with the pandemic very much as she is a nurse, she had changed over to school nursing just prior to the pandemic and it made her life very challenging as that was an aspect not many people thought of during this time. She has gone through a huge patch of depression, I on the other hand have felt like I’ve been depressed since I can remember. During these past few years in our relationship we have struggled a bit in terms of finances and other disagreements. My wife has always made it quite clear that I haven’t live up to her expectations and she has always hung divorce up in the air since the beginning of our marriage. I have always tried to be better and true fyi do little things to keep her happy even if the involved my mental health suffering. During this time of the pandemic I seemed mental health help, which was going well. Until she changed jobs and we lost our health insurance. During this career change my wife found the job she took on was not for her and she quit without much of a plan. She quit and spent a few months living off of her retirement fund. This time was incredibly difficult for me as I was the one working and making sure we were staying afloat. This point in time was when we also moved into a house, this is where I began to really feel the stress of life. As money started to become a bigger issue, I also began to spiral in terms of my mental health. I had asked my wife to seek help with her mental health or go to couples therapy with me. But to no avail I kind of gave up and figured happy wife happy life. Now after over a year of that conversation my wife is finally seeking help for her mental health and I am the root cause of the problem for these stressors. My wife thinks I am hiding cheating on her or something of that nature. Truthfully the only thing I am hiding from her is how badly our finances are on my end. She has given me an ultimatum. That either I make her happy and not questions things by November or she is leaving me, as that is when our lease is up. What do I do Reddit? I don’t want to lose the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. But I’m so stressed I am not sure what to feel or do. I’ve started therapy yesterday and have a couples session booked, but my wife stated she will not be doing anything during this session as I need to figure it out and fix it on my end.
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2023.06.07 14:19 allblacksrugby1991 What am I missing?

Hey I’m looking to refinance the home loan, I’m over these rate rises and gonna fix my rate. We’ve had a mortgage for past 4 years and I am wondering when we refinance if our new loan term starts again at the 30 year default, is that exactly a bag thing ?
We have no intention to pay the loan off in 30 + 4 years, it’ll happen much faster than that as we always pay the minimum plus $xx, but we have cash flow problems at the moment and things will get worse as my wife takes time off to have our second child.
So what am I missing? Should we refinance at a longer time frame, to help with current cash flow (longer time period = more interest but lower monthly re payments)or stick to our current time period of 26 years. My thoughts would be to refinance again in the coming yeas to get us on track when cash flow is better.
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2023.06.07 14:02 Viiibraphones In NC, does child custody final decision-making authority legally need to be assigned to a parent?

I'm getting a separation from my wife and we're getting the custody agreement drawn up.
Something that grinds my gears is one sentence at the beginning that says "in the event that parents can not come to an agreement about large issues, the mother has the final decision-making authority"
...which would basically just mean mom gets to make any decision she pleases.
My proposal would be "in the instance of large decisions where parents can't come to agreement, an impartial third party would be retained (cost split between parents)" Any obvious problems I'm missing?
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2023.06.07 13:54 CaptainBenBlack AITBA for spending a lot of my extra money one my boook. Not sure if allowed but I mentioned in the past I was working on self publishing a book. Here's a sample of the art.

AITBA for spending a lot of my extra money one my boook. Not sure if allowed but I mentioned in the past I was working on self publishing a book. Here's a sample of the art.
Now just a simple update. I have posted a few stories on here before. And in one or two mentioned I was working on a book that I planned to self publish. Well currently I have gotten a friend to help edit. As my grammar isn't to great I can make a coherent story it's just the grammar has been a small issue. I am practicing to better myself in that regard. I also have found an artist to help with the art. And as you can see it is some amazing art and for pretty fair prices with thirty for simpler pictures and 40 for more complicated ones. Now I am also paying my friend that is doing the edits about 950 in payments of one hundred dollars a month. I am looking at doing 40 pictures plus a cover, and some people are saying I'm investing a lot of extra. Money that could be used to buy say a car or say furniture for the new house. Me and my wife moved to now my wife is 100% behind me. And wants this to succeed and a lot of people said they love the story. Even people who aren't into superhero stories like this. I also should add that I have over the last two years had some mental problems which cumulated in me having to be put on a suicide watch early this year. This project has helped me out greatly and I plan to write other books. Maybe make a small brand for my own hero's. But still the people that keep saying I'm sending a lot of money have me thinking. Is it selfish of me to do this, and prioritize it so much and if so does that make me the bad apple?
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2023.06.07 13:51 BookGirlBoston Let’s Talk about Peia

Hey folks, so that episode was….an episode. Somehow, Lois spending pretty much the entirety of the episode, sidelined in bed, having a piece of her anatomy removed was not the worst part of the episode. That’s saying something. Just for context, can you imagine an episode where they cut off Clark’s balls and that was the entirety of his story for multiple episodes instead of being Superman, no, cool, unsure why this okay for Lois. The mastectomy story was wrong, it should never have been approved by DC or the Network and Helbing again cannot be trusted (but we have known this). Lois should be a bad ass journalist, not a cancer patient and yet, that’s what she got to be this season.
Now, back to what I really want to talk about Peia. Peia is probably the most interesting villain this show has introduced to date. She is really the first person we have met that is truly a meta human. She has really interesting powers that do really interesting things, and yet when she dies, we pretty much know three facts about her, she has cancer and it has defined her life for year, she is married to Bruno and she killed Lex Luthor, pretty much in that order.
The first time we really meet Peia outside of her masked onomatopoeia persona is in 3x05, and her story is boiled down to being a cancer patient and making Clark sad and scared for Lois. In 3x06, it is so Lois has someone to talk about the realty of cancer possibly leading to death, in 3x07, we get some flashbacks about Moxie and Luthor, but again, Peia’s main role in that episode is to be Bruno’s dying wife. 3x07 is also the moment Clark choose his cringy benediction that Lois can die because Kryptonian technology is too dangerous and the contrast how Lois and Clark are making the “right” decisions, while Peia and Bruno are making the “wrong decisions.”
We do not really understand who Peia is. Did she have a career outside of her husband? Where did these really interesting powers come from, did she always have them, where they developed somehow, could her son inherit these powers? How did she get involved with intergang, why? What is Peia’s motivation in all of this? No, Peia is mostly just a cancer patient who also has these really interesting powers in the background. She is little more than a plot device to motivate Bruno’s villainy and to drive home to Lois and Clark had sad and devastating cancer is. We still do not know why Peia killed the former mayor or what Peia and Bruno were doing in Smallville.
Bruno on the other hand, has well-defined motivation and back story. Our introduction to Bruno is that his villainy is driven by both the injustice of racist policy in his South Metropolis neighborhood and his search for the cure to cancer is to save his wife. We have a clear understanding of Bruno’s motivation, his back story, why is doing what he is doing.
This episode so Peia’s death and it is hard not to feel like we are back to the fridging conversation. Peia’s death seemed to mostly exist for Clark to heroically let her die and give her permission to let go and as well punishment for Bruno’s villain. While it was cancer, it still had the violence of a fridiging death, with her sky explosion and the everyone crying over her body as Clark lowers her back to earth.
Even more so, is this really disgusting undertones that Peia’s death was essentially a by proxy for Lois. Lois cannot die, we know this, Lois had to get better. But, using a woman of color to symbolically die for a white woman is a choice that someone needed to say no to. Helbing has had problems misogynoir in the past, and using Peia as a proxy to Lois was a horrible look.
This show somehow created the most interesting villain and then could not responsibility use he because they were more concerned with Superman having to deal with the metaphorical death of his wife and learn empathy. This episode felt like textbook friding with a nice little bonus where Lois is sidelined and looses her breasts because while Superman can never be sidelined, Lois always will.
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2023.06.07 13:25 alilcoin Annoying characters

I’ve just skimmed past a few posts and I feel like I’m the only that’s been annoyed with so many characters Like that random guy from Colony who KNEW about the monsters and what they were capable of yet he still opened the window? Or when Victor told Tabitha to be quiet when they were in the monster’s sleeping den but she kept talking? How about when Fatima almost got caught by the monsters and she was carrying on like a crazy person, banging on the windows trying to ‘save’ the other people outside even though they didn’t go to her when she initially called for them to run and hide?? Or how about whenever anyone is told something, they do the exact opposite? Another example (because the above could be used as examples) is when Jim tried to find his wife who disappeared down the hole she dug and he was told to evacuate. What does he do? Just says ‘no I’m going to stay’ and ends up getting trapped. My problem isn’t that he was being stubborn or selfless or whatever, my issue is that he stated after the building collapsed on him that, if his wife is under the caves, then she’s safe???? Like?!! I just wanted to rant because the more I watch this show, the more I just hope they die from their own stupidity
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2023.06.07 13:17 slash475 I did it! Can I get a noice?!

The last 3 years I could not make it more than 4 days at a time without drinking. The longest I had abstained since I was 25 was dry January in 2020. I knew I had a problem and needed to do better. So there was a lot of self reflection, following this subreddit, reaching out to friends online and in real life that have battled with stopping drinking and talking openly with them and with people close to me(my mom was a very difficult one to talk to but hearing her say she was proud of me encouraged me even more). I’ve changed my life for the better and now I’m a much better parent and spouse. No more hangovers where I throw up in the shower, laying around the house on weekends instead of playing with my kids, worrying about when I was going to the liquor store or grocery store to stock up and a lot of saved money. They’re not aware but my kids have probably saved my life because after hearing that my son asked my wife what was wrong with daddy during a night of drinking; and knowing I had to be a better male example for my daughter and not just a drunk have been my driving focus.
I wanted to briefly share my story before I get to the important part.
I am now on day 69!!!!!! IWNDWYT
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2023.06.07 12:42 Stripes_the_cat Content, Humble, Sadistic - How It's Going

So a few days ago I asked the community how they'd RP the above combo of stats. A number of good answers went with, "try being religious: you hold people to a the same harsh standard that you hold yourself to."
Here's how it's going.
In 909, Ahmed ibn Tulun dies, leaving the kingdom in the hands of his grandson Touma. On holding his first court, Touma is confronted with the same woman preacher who his grandfather permitted to walk the streets. Now, Grandfather was a profoundly wise and dedicated scholar, and upon interviewing her, he determined that her understanding was good, and that perhaps she was especially blessed in some way. But Touma is not so open to special pleading. It is not a woman's place to teach men, he believes. She should have some humility. When she lashes out at him in the court, he has her imprisoned.
His subjects, apparently, are not keen on this. There is trouble in Cairo that night, public outrage at the arrest of their beloved Ummi. Sultan Touma appears, dressed in his simple clothes and scholar's turban, to address the people. For the sake of their unity, their Ummi will go free... but she must not teach. He will have her word on that.
The flood comes, and the flood recedes.
In 910, Sultan Touma sets off on his first hajj, motivated in no small part by his Allamah's advice that he could really do with showing some public piety after that business with the so-called imama. The journey is largely uneventful, but for a scholar of his standing, he's able to make quite an impression on the largest caucus of his vassals: the zealots. Suddenly, his standing is much improved.
What's more, he very much enjoyed the peaceful nature of his humble pilgrimage, and resolves to walk the ways more.
The flood comes, and the flood recedes.
In 911, he decides that his life would be much simpler if he were to rationalise his two-dozen vassals. He could put his cousin Murad in charge of Syrte, on his western border. The man is open-minded and energetic, and Sultan Touma is going to need that if he's going to foster relations with the Butr people who live in this land that his grandfather secured. He sends his Steward out there to help the Butr people with their problems, and hopefully build some unity.
The flood comes, and the flood recedes.
For some years, the kingdom is quiet. Sultan Touma creates Emirates in al-Said, the Sinai, Cyrenaica. He makes his world a simpler place, and focuses himself on theological scholarship, frequently teaching at the university his grandfather founded[1]. He goes on a hunting trip to Waddan, in Syrte, to show the people there how their ruler is just like them. He goes on pilgrimage to Medina, and witnesses the many places the Prophet went there.
In 916, he is walking in his gardens when he overhears two courtiers whispering. Curious, he sneaks close enough to listen. It's a discussion of Emir Murad of Syrte. Hmm - what will it be? The Emir has rather made a fool of himself recently by picking a fight with the Ibadi Butr to the south, a decision which made the Sultan sigh in disappointment. Gossip might not be useful, but it might be simply... satisfying.
No. It's not some petty failing. It's about an illicit relationship that Murad is undertaking... with his sister.
Now, Sultan Touma has heard some things over the years. His grandfather's greatest failing was the all-consuming lust that saw him sire not only 19 legitimate but, some say, as many as 10 illegitimate children as well. It's a sore spot for Sultan Touma, a discussion that he does not appreciate at court. But this. This. This makes his blood run cold. This is an unimaginable impropriety, a zina forbidden in hadith from the lips of the Prophet himself.
He must know if it's true. So he writes to Emir Murad, asking him to answer the accusation. Murad responds that he will do anything to keep this secret. He thinks he's being blackmailed. He's not. His pleading for silence is just the confirmation that the Sultan wanted. Murad is being exposed, and denounced with it, by the head of his family. Sultan Touma demands he attend court in Cairo to answer for himself publicly.
Obviously, Murad does not comply. So the army comes, and with it come all the horses of Jahannam. The victorious Ibadi sack Syrte itself, then return to raid Waddan months later. His vassals rise up against him. And the Sultan's forces sweep like the Inundation across the land, capturing his wives and children and forcing him further and further west in retreat.
By 918, Emir Murad has been brought to the royal court in Cairo. As a humble man, Sultan Touma is loath to pronounce death over one he put in this position of responsibility. Some of the error, he feels, is his. But Touma will not have Murad's face seen in the land he disgraced. He meets the eye of Murad's principal wife and advises her to raise her eldest son to be a better man than her husband. He must make a better Emir.
In the interests of peace, he orders the new Emir to make peace with his rebellious vassals. He - and all of Syrte - have lost enough. The boy and his mother agree.
It's 920, and Emir Murad is... somewhere abroad. Perhaps, now, he will pass from history. Who can say?
[1] I'm aware that the al-Azhar University won't be founded IRL for a long time. It's CK3; deal with it.
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So, I'll try my best to give the information that I vaguely remember.
- His mom cheat with someone and committed suicide. He turns back time to save his mother. - He found a mysterious cave. - Bring his friends to venture around and face problems. Some of them died? IDK. - A girl from other world doesn't have much time left in his world. The "battery" that someone gave her almost depleted (She need the battery to stay alive in his world) - He promises the girl to save her. - Goes to the other world. Get a wife. Have a daughter. - His wife killed because of rumors?? - He travels with his daughter in harsh condition. - Bla bla fight here fight there. - Turns out the girl that he tries to save is his own daughter that he gets in the other world.
That most of the thing that I remember.
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2023.06.07 12:26 Awkwardrooster69 AMA about accolades

I really liked the tours and tournaments update especially the accolades. I also liked that stewardship has been nerfed and your title matters more now than your holdings.
So it was kind of a surprise to see people here who are not. And I think it's because they find it difficult to make it work.
As someone who has managed to max out a couple of accolades I can help you out here.
First let's rank some characters who will make excellent acclaimed knights.
  1. Rollo 867 Give him the Vanguard and Valiant traits. Vanguard gives you the retinue heavy infantry which is even better than Varangians which is saying something.
In my recent run as Harald Finehair i maxxed him out by intentionally getting a Crusade declared on me as the King of England.
  1. Dan
Just some lowborn guy with impressive prowess and brave trait. So he can get Vanguard and contender traits. I got him as Finehair by marrying my ex wife to him matrilineally. I married Saga the Truthspeaker in a grand marriage.
  1. El Cid 1066
Same as above except the Crusade ofcourse
  1. Turgise Sansevirinu 1066
He's in Guiscard's court my favourite start.
  1. Nicolas the Girthy 1066
Probably an easter egg character. Has the Berserker trait for some reason so he can get the Vanguard trait too. Which is useful of you are a Norman.
Now some traditions which better accolade gain
  1. Chanson De Geate
  2. Only the Strong
  3. Performative Honor
  4. Warriors by merit
Also Chivalric dominance and Gallant also increase accolade gain
Now how to get reliable successors.
  1. Have lots of children Confederate partition is not a problem. Embrace it with feudal electives.
Now some of your daughters can bring in acclaimed knights.
Now suppose what you want as I do is a Vanguard - Valiant.
Requirements for Vanguard is any type of physical attribute - strong, athletic or any of the Hale line. For Valiant it's Brave, Reckless or Berserker. So marry your daughter to someone who is brave and strong. Many options will be there
You want Vanguard Tactician? Marry your daughter off to someone who is brave and has more than 15 martial.
  1. Befriend schemes
A friend has a flat +50 chance to join your court
  1. Have the best court
  2. Learn their language
Some rulers who get a nice start to get good acclaimed knights
A. Harald finehair
Lots of Norse characters who have very high prowess. Rollo can be easily recruited by marrying him to your mother.
B. Robert Guiscard
Most of the Hauteville characters have a martial education and generally have high prowess. Look out for Serlo and Constantine Hauteville, your nephews. As also Turgise Sansevirinu, Roger Baileul and Nicholas the Girthy.
C. Alfred of Wessex
This is only for Uhtred Fans. For the memes. As the Uhtred in the game is hopeless. Name a child courtier as Uhtred and go from there. Better if its the feral child with the nickname Son of🤣🤣
D. Bjorn Ironside
E. Rognvald of Prandheimr
F. Harald Hardrada
G. William the Bastard
H. Sancho - El Cid
Additional precautions.
It's better if your acclaimed knight is lowborn as rulers don't get glory from battles. Only tournaments.
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2023.06.07 12:21 pest_throwaw I am angry at the reality of life, my life the most. I won't accept some things

I am a 28 year old man who currently lives ib Germany. I moved here from a South Slavic country.
I had a not so pleasant childhood. I grew up in the same house where my dad did, we lived with my grandparents who had my uncle late in their life so he was more like a brother, but what kind... He always stole my toys, used to beat me up, he broke our TV with an ashtray when he was a kid. My mom could not do much because my father was kind of a coward when he needed to face them. I guess it was since they beat him up a lot when he was younger, they were abusers and still he chose to stay there and raise his own kids beside them. My grandma always presented things like they were merry, but it was shit. She first was always jelaous when my mom made anything and took our food without asking, but you could not take theirs. I remember when she died I was kind of glad, even saying you deserve that you fucking bitch for disregarding your own son and being such a bitch to his wife and kids.
I had my own problems, I have dyspraxia, dyscalculia and ADD. I had trouble doing sports, organizing myself and learning something. I was bullied in school because I was quite and physical week, but because I was tall, I was a proving point for smaller, but stronger or tall and strong guys. I just had a nightmare, where I had to face a childhood bully once again and I explode in rage.
I finished high school barely, because I had also trouble there. I was the target and I responded in rage.
When I finished I lived with my folks for some time with no prospect of a job, I worked with my dad in construction for a while, did some free courses in the mean time and managed to land a job as a WordPress administrator. Did it in one agency, got fired after a while, went back to construction with my dad. Found a new job in a small IT firm, I was there a generalist, did WordPress, web design and graphic design. I also got fired because I couldn't do all of that perfectly... Then Corona came.
I went to Germany because I had no other option, a family friend told my dad send him here, there are a lot of jobs. But because everything was closed I found a job in a warehouse. Heavy physical job, but I did it. I worked thete about a year and then I found a job in a slot machine club and transfered because higher paying job and not so physical.
The thing is, I have a lot of health problems too, I have backpain and neckpain. I also don't save enough money. My room is a mess. I am physically and mentally going down from working nights 6 days a week.
I don't see a bright future for me. I can't accept some things like being on pills whole the time with who knows what sife-effects and just trying to cope with a grim reality. I can't be grateful, there are worse things I know, but why should I live if my standard of living is and can't be meet.
I don't care that some people can, I try not to compare. Don't try to suggest logo therapy or Stoicism. I read about both and no logos or Virtue in case of Stoicism is enough to keep me here. I never asked to be born, I don't want to be forced to stay, by society or anything else.
I wanted a simple life, job with a nice wife from some Mediterranean country and a family who I can love and give myself to... It's only a fairy tail... Better plan my life for Belgium or the Netherlands, to use euthanasia ofc... Thank the all mighty void that at least some places let you die.
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2023.06.07 12:19 ju_a_an [German > English]

[German > English]
Dear All,
I have problem to read one word on added document. "Stand" column od completely illegible - marked red dot above. I belive there od his job or social status. Do anyone is able to read and translate? Document contains Wenceslaus Grabianowski adress data, wife and parents names, and information he went to France.
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2023.06.07 12:17 CommercialMaximum354 Death in the Welsh Valleys, the Clydach Murders

Hello there. Today I'm going to talk about one of the most controversial cases of a wrongful conviction in recent UK criminal history, the 1999 Clydach Murders.
The Victim's Murders.
In the early morning hours of June 27 1999, the bodies of Dorris Dawson, 80, her daughter Amanda Power, 34, and her granddaughters Katie, 10, and Emily, 8, were found in their burned out home in Kelvin Road, Clydach which is a village located in the Principality of Swansea in South Wales. The victims were discovered dead when firefighters were called to put out a fire. It is believed that two fires were set one around Midnight and another a few hours later, both in an attempt to conceal the crimes. All four women were found to have been beaten in the head with a piece of lead piping that had become somewhat of a toy to the young girls, who liked to twirl it around like a baton. Dorris was killed in her bed, while Amanda (better known as Mandy) and her daughters were killed on the landing.
Neighbour Rosemary Jones says she was woken up when she heard a car approach the house around 1am, but assumed it was Mandy returning home. However, she now believes this could have been the killer returning back to set fire to the house after murdering the family. There was no sign of forced entry to the house, which led detectives to believe it was someone the family knew. Among the evidence was a blood-soaked sock police believe was used as a glove, and a gold chain that appeared to have been pulled off the killer in a fight with Mandy. Now remember thos gold chain because I'm going to talk about it later on.
The Investigation and the suspect David Morris.
The vicious death sparked one of the most expensive and extensive investigations in the history of the South Wales police. Morris, 38 at the time of his arrest, lived in the nearby town of Craig Cefn Parc, about a mile away from the Powers' home. He was taken in by police 18 months after the murders, when it was reported the gold chain found at the scene was his. Morris had no alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the murders, and frequently changed his story when questioned by Police. He claimed he spent that day getting drunk watching the rugby at a local pub, where he also had a row with his girlfriend who then stormed off home. He remained to continue drinking.
Morris states he left at 11.30pm and decided to stay at his parents, starting a potential five-mile walk through country roads to get to them. He then changed his mind, returning to his own house by 4.30am. However, these timings fit in perfectly with the murders taking place, and witnesses at the pub claim they overheard him bad-mouthing Mandy, calling her an "old cow" and an "unfit mother". It was also claimed that he had taken amphetamines during his time at the pub. During his initial interview, he said the gold chain wasn't his, but was similar to one he had broken about two weeks later while working on a building site. He later changed his story when his cousin, Eric Williams, said Morris had asked him for money to buy a chain similar to the one he had lost, and he had bragged that he'd slept with Mandy the Friday before the murders, leaving the chain there.
Morris said he did have sex with Mandy and asked for money for the chain, but only to affirm his innocence rather than hide his guilt. At the time, he was a father to two daughters, and was living with his girlfriend, and didn't want to be found out as a cheater. He also wanted a similar chain to evade suspicion that the one at the crime scene was his. His rapidly changing story put him in poor favour with the jury, who saw the discussion at the pub and the chain as evidence of his guilt. Morris had also previously attacked someone, hitting him with a blunt instrument around the head, but it was later dismissed as the jury was persuaded he acted in self-defence. After being convicted once, Morris successfully fought for a retrial, and was convicted again. During that trial, the prosecution produced evidence via phone records proving he was at home at the time he claimed to be sleeping with Mandy. This in turn threw out the reason why his chain would be at the home. In October 2021, after a new independent investigation into the murders was launched, the police ruled the bloodied sock contained 'a scientific link' with Morris. "I hope this now provides closure for those most affected by the murders," the police said in a video released on Twitter. By this time, Morris had died in prison.
The Powers family maintain to this day, given the evidence they've seen in court, that Morris is the man responsible for the death of Dorris, Mandy, Katie and Emily. Martyn Lloyd-Evans, senior investigating officer of the investigation, tells Murder In The Valleys he has "no doubt in his mind" about Morris being the killer. "This case has been looked at and looked at and looked at and explored, and I'm puzzled that people can't see Morris for what he is," he said. "Everyone wants to be an armchair detective but they don't know the facts."
Wrongfully Convicted?
Despite the evidence placed against him by the prosecution, and his double conviction, there is an equal amount of evidence to suggest Morris was not guilty of the crimes. First, Morris was never seen in or near the vicinity of Mandy's home by any witnesses that evening. Second, despite a large amount of searching, there was never any definitive DNA evidence that he was in Mandy's home. Even the bloodied sock has been noted as a 'scientific link', with Steve Carey of Devon and Cornwall police stating in a video posted on Twitter that "the outcome of the forensic assessment has not established any information that undermines the conviction of David Morris". It is added the incomplete mixed Y-STR result is "as expected as if Morris had contributed to it". But South Wales Police have refused to release the report regarding the DNA to his defence team, which despite his death in August 2021, is continuing to fight for his exoneration. They have also refused to state exactly how conclusive the DNA evidence actually is on the sock (ie. whether it's definitive proof or if it wouldn't stand up in court).
His DNA wasn't found on the gold chain either, however forensics determined there was 'brick dust and green paint chips' within the links. Mostly, there is no determined motive as to why he would murder an entire family, with all evidence proving, at best, circumstantial. The prosecution successfully argued Morris 'flew into a fit of rage' after Mandy had rejected his sexual advances, but there was male DNA found at the crime scene, including on the murder weapon that again did not belong to Morris.
South Wales Police had also been coming under scrutiny for the number of criminal convictions that had been overturned in their jurisdiction, and their conduct throughout high-profile investigations. This included the Newsagent Three of 1987, where three men were wrongfully convicted and spent 11 years in prison for the murder of a newsagent, and five Black men wrongfully convicted for the murder of a woman in 1988. Due to the brutality of the murders, South Wales Police were under enormous pressure to find and convict Mandy's murderer. The alternative suspects came from within their own ranks – officers (and twin brothers) Stuart and Stephen Lewis, and Stephen's wife Alison. She was having an affair with Mandy at the time of the murder and Stuart was the first senior officer on the scene of the crime. However, again all members of the Lewis family similarly maintain their innocence in all aspects of the case, with Stephen claiming he had no idea about his wife's affair or homosexuality until after the murders went public.
Stephen and Alison were at one point arrested, but were released without charge after four days of questioning. There was not enough evidence to connect them to the crime and the Lewises were never charged. They were eventually ruled out as suspects in 2001.
Where is David Morris now?
Morris died after serving 22 years in HMP Long Lartin, Worcestershire on August 20, 2021. His cause of death was never officially confirmed. He had spent the rest of his life maintaining his innocence and appealing his conviction. In 2007, his whole-life sentence – which means no possibility for parole – was quashed with a minimum 32-year sentence put in its place. In January 2021, it was decided the police should re-examine the case. Murder In The Valleys follows the ensuing year of re-examination.
My thoughts on the case. Personally I'm sitting on the fence about whether Morris is guilty or not. However one thing I am certain of is that I do not believe that South Wales Police proved Morris's guilt (if he did do it) beyond reasonable doubt.
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2023.06.07 12:13 WeveGotBillySharp Recommendations for a second bbq?

I've got a Weber master touch and it's a brilliant, does-it-all barbecue. The only problem is that I can't have something cooking low and slow while cooking burgers etc, and I like to do both. It's not ideal when a pork shoulder is taking longer than expected and the kids and wife are getting hangry.
I'd love to get a huge drum smoker but I'm only looking to spend up to £100 as it's only going to be a backup.
I can't decide whether to get a no frills drum like this one from Argos and continue to use the Weber for low and slow, or go for a budget barrel smoker like this one on Amazon
I like the thought of a dedicated smoker but I'm a bit dubious about how good a £100 smoker would be.
Does anyone else have any other ideas or advice?
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2023.06.07 12:00 LrdFyrestone Got asked if I wanted overtime during a "no overtime" push from the company due to cost savings. I need/want it BUT I don't want to get in trouble working it because of someone else. Do I do the right thing and refuse it OR say "yes" anyway and take the risk?

For context, I work a rotating swing shift. Currently I am on day 6 of 7 midnights and we need coverage Thursday/Friday due to vacation scheduled by another coworker. There are 5 of us total. We do not have an alternate to cover. One guy is on his five days off, while the other 3 are working their shifts. If someone takes off, that means someone is either coming in on an off-day, which are rare with swing shift. (7D,2O,5A,5O,7N,2O...repeat. Wkdays are 8hr and weekends are 12s) OR someone is working a 16hr shift. Now, for me, if I work the days needing coverage, I will get a double-time day and will have collectively worked 140hrs straight. The only real saving grace is that I have training classes three days next week that I have to leave work for and will be able to go home immediately after BUT still it's a long stretch. It also means I work a 16hr shift tomorrow night and an 8hr day shift on Friday. (The days needed are day shifts) So I just have to hope I can shift my sleep schedule abruptly enough to work that no problem.
Now to the issue at hand, two months ago, we were told that there was to be NO OVERTIME issued due to finances. We were directed to use our advisor as a "alternate" to fill days off. However, this goes against union contract and nobody filed a grievance. They also were "chill" about it. So conversation came up about trying to fill the overtime by said person under the impression "the company isn't really paying attention to it. We're simply doing our jobs." I could really use the money, but I am so borderline about it knowing I could get in trouble if I said "yes" to working it. Especially when they said someone else was supposed to fill it. Said person also stated, "If it can't be filled, I'll take it regardless." I think they just don't want to work the shift. (Day shift is from 5a-1pm)
I told my coworker I would let him know shortly. I'm waiting for my wife to wake up and see if we're doing anything those days or not and then I can respond. Usually, I'm money hungry, but not when I am overworked and have to swap my schedule on a dime.
Thanks for the help y'all.
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2023.06.07 11:33 Theykilledmyunicorn Travelling in Albania while pregnant

At the start of this year my wife and I booked a flight to Tirana in July, and were planning to rent a car and drive around the country for a few weeks. We've hard from an Albanian friend that it is the most beautiful country in the world, so we had to check it out. Especiall Ksamil and Berat.
Fast forward a few months, and we suddenly found ourselves pregnant by accident. We didn't think much of it, but then when we talked to our Albanian friend again (who lives in Norway) he was shocked. He said that under no circumstance should we travel around Albania while she is pregnant, as there could be potential issues with food almost everywhere, since hygene could be a problem. She will be at around week 23-25 when we are in Albania.
What are your thoughts on this? Have we lost our minds to want to go through with this trip?
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2023.06.07 11:11 Captain_Calamari_ 335i M Sport Touring 2015, 30k miles, £24k - thoughts?

I have always wanted a tourer and recently I've spent hours reading about 3 series options pre-2019.
I'm looking at Approved dealer stock for piece of mind/warranty, since I have no idea what I'm looking for in used cars.
Budget £25k. Two 10mile trips per wk, sometimes one longer trip at wkend. 300mile trip every two months. Wife, medium sized dog & first kid next yr. Car will be parked outside.
Currently checking out a 6 yclinder petrol as I've read they're fantastic to drive with good reliability as long as it's not the N20 engine.
•Is a March 2015 3 series tourer a B48 engine? •Around 30k miles for £24k - expensive? •What to look out for with low mileage over 8yrs? •Should I expect typical major repairs for this model? •New house won't have a garage, problem or not for bodywork durability? •Is there a better choice? (newer model, smaller engine e.g. 2017 318i £17k)
If your got this far, thank you for taking the time.
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2023.06.07 11:10 Magical-Missile Do cover letters need to be signed / dated?

Hey guys, I'm British and my wife is Romanian. We're planning to apply for our spouse visa next week and we're getting the final bits and pieces of our documentation together. As part of that we'll be providing three cover letters.
We're already planning to get my father to sign and date his letter, but do we also need the same for the cover letters we'll be providing as the sponsor / applicant?
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