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2023.03.20 23:48 Heath4225 EO Repeals

I will be repealing the following executive orders: All from before the server was nuked (October 2022), 24, 26, 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57
I also repeal these ones that do not have numbers:
Some of the repealed order involve channels, roles, pings, etc. This type of stuff does not need to be executive orders, so I am repealing them. I am however ordering the Discord Supervisor and Mods to not change any roles, pings, channels, etc. as a result of these executive order being repealed.
After spending way too long searching, I have compiled all current executive orders into a single reddit page, which can be viewed here:
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2023.03.20 23:48 Fancy-Magazine-8136 IM FINALLY HEALING!

My skin is finally returning back to normal after months of the worst outbreak of my life! I was using DAWN dish detergent (my miracle worker) and letting it sit on the area for hours (tested on my hand for about a week and saw a great improvement) before starting the process on all areas of my body. I experience a hardening layer of skin and then peeling and after peeling just hyperpigmentation that is improving very much every day. Yesterday I did start to add some 2.5% hydrocortisone cream over the areas in very very small amounts (I don’t plan on using it everyday) just a boost. Anytime I would itch I would use anti itch spray. I suggest Dawn ! Anybody who tries it please let me know how it worked in the comments , I saw improvements within days as if eczema is bacterial and applying soap over it helped to heal it and kill bacteria.
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2023.03.20 23:47 Blockhog People who brush their teeth before (not before and after) they eat breakfast, why?

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2023.03.20 23:47 Emotional_Sky7938 Frustrated and kicking myself

Apologies for the long vent. I’m so frustrated right now I feel like my head is going to explode.
Context: 07/2022 adopt a senior dog. Do all the things, reported no past medical history w/ records from previous vet. Reviewed and looked good. Current foster at the time basically says how amazing he is and he’s so sweet great with social, kids, dogs, everything. The history they told me was that his previous owners claimed he was 13 and were taking him to be euthanized due to old age when the rescue was called by the vet to take him instead. This raised some red flags because it seems vague and strange, but not enough to quell my excitement.
Initial vet visit after adoption and he has heart murmur 4/6, and now a half year later he has torn his ccl, in between follow up vet visits tears the other one too. So now waiting on double TPLO surgeries.
Cardio assessment prior to surgery because of the murmur and he has congenital heart disease (subaortic stenosis) and the vet was surprised he was 10 years old. Findings are very high risk candidate for surgery.
So I go back through his records and try to find out so more detail about why they didn’t bring this up when I asked if he had any preexisting conditions. I asked for the records, and bang.
The first appointment from the vet is assessment for euthanasia due to multiple bite events and fear from the owner for their children’s safety. He was then taken in by the rescue rather than euthanized. His behavior is long enough for a whole different rant.
However, that vet who works with the rescue did not note any murmur or cardiac issues for the entire year they had him.
Previous vet records before the rescue show the murmur and joint issues dating back 3 years (all the records I have at the moment) with prescription pain medication.
The more I dig the angrier I am.
I feel like they intentionally falsified his medical history and hid his bite history to get him adopted and I’m just mad. Does this happen a lot?
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2023.03.20 23:47 luciel5609 Will the *actual* perpetrators be charged in an alleged excessive self-defense case?

I'll try to keep this short. My (31F) half-sister (19) orchestrated an attack on my brother (27). She has a history of BPD, is a perpetrator of DV and abuse against my mum and brother, and is completely psycho, for want of a better word. She got two males (25) to ambush him in his bedroom and they beat him severely, he was on the ground being punched in the head by one while the other kicked him in the back. My sister was standing behind them laughing and telling them what to do. She was also apparently filming and it sounds like there is now footage in police custody. The boys left and said they were coming back. My brother is a gaming nerd and loves history, as a gift he was given a replica sword. While he was out getting food earlier the men came into his room and took his sword, he didn't realize it at the time. The men left and my brother grabbed a kitchen knife and saw them coming back. My brother ran to the back yard and screamed for help, there were multiple witnesses (neighbours). As the men reached over the gate to unlatch it my brother slashed their arms quite deeply. The men came back in and continued to beat him. Using various weapons such as a wipper snipper, threw a brick at him and were waving a metal stake at him, again there were witnesses. The men then realized that they were bleeding badly and ran out the back, calling for help saying they were 'bleeding to death'. My brother called an ambulance and the neighbours had also called police already. Police arrived on scene and took the men to the hospital. My brother was arrested and immediately appraised as the perpetrator. He wasn't given medical attention for hours and was questioned, he gave his statements and recount of events. After a few hours an ambulance was called and he was checked over, he luckily only sustained a concussion and severe bruising on his body and face.
He was charged that morning on a few accounts of wreckless wounding (or something like that). The police haven't even taken the witness statements yet (it's been a few days) and the other men were supposed to give their statements yesterday after they got out of hospital.
We have had a meeting with a good criminal lawyer who is leaning towards a mental health defense, given that it would be a sure thing compared to arguing against excessive self defense. My poor brother has PTSD, autism and severe depression and anxiety. He keeps to himself and has never hurt anyone before. No record.
My brother just wants this to all go away and wants to go with the mental health avenue. I'm furious and want justice, but it seems like no one is focusing on the other men and my sister. Will the police also charge them? The lawyer said that for us to press charges would be too costly. I feel this is a huge injustice. The police referred my mum and brother to a DV support service which is great, and it seems that they believe the true nature of the events, but are being lazy and going with their initial response.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are all traumatized and my brother is having panic attacks daily (he's released on bail and ordered to stay at my dad's house) and is worried for my mum's safety too.
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2023.03.20 23:47 MikaElyse8954 How to tell if person using shared wifi is snooping on your personal activity?

Hello, all.
I am just reaching out regarding some advice, per the title.
I’m going to try and keep a very long story short, but I feel like my housemate might be spying on my internet activity and it’s been making me very paranoid and question of self/doubtful.
For reference, the roommate is the owner of the WiFi. So she pays the bill, the account and set up is all in her name.
Sometime in January, we got new WiFi. The old WiFi was a century link or something, and when we had that WiFi, none of these “synchronicities” happened at all. I’ve recently done the math and realized when we switched over to a new WiFi routecompany, mid January or so, is when the random “synchronicities” started happening. And I say synchronicities, per my roommates terms.
Long story short, for a little background, my roommate is very “far out”. She is OBSESSED with “all things” conspiracies, spirituality, psychology, metaphysics, etc., and those subjects are all she talks about 24/7. I pretty much hear the same stories repeatedly on a daily basis. She blows up my phone from the moment she hears me wake up, until bed, just sending links to read things, videos - she’s very intense in that way.
Moving forward, over the last month I felt that I was getting a bit paranoid. Some of the topics and stories she shares seem so made up I’m like - there’s no way this is even true. And for as many times I’ve thought that, I ended up being proven wrong that what she does share sometimes are true. And considering her fanatics with synchronicities and “awakenings” I’ve just assumed “this is all real” and I’m just going paranoid.
Anyways, there was a specific night like 3 weeks ago where I was so overwhelmed with her and overthinking everything that made me feel paranoid and untrusting of her, and somehow I made the connection that- what if she’s spying on my internet activity - and here’s why:
Since we switched over Wi-Fi’s, there’s been like once a week where we will cross paths and she’ll bring up a subject or topic, word for word, regarding what I was reading on my computer earlier that day (I read A LOT, so I have a scribd account and read through many subjects daily lol. And I’ll simultaneously open new task bars to further look up terms or subjects I’m unfamiliar with that I picked up through a text. And for the record, I do NOT cancel the task bars when done so I can refer back to it. So the same few tabs will be open for like 2-3 weeks at a time).
So when this first started happening, I would be like -“oh my gosh, that’s so crazy you brought that up because I literally was just reading about that today” - and she’d make a comment about synchronicities. So this happened like 2 or 3 times where I didn’t think anything of it other than happenstance.
So a few weeks ago, I was reading a text that was talking about freemasonry, and hours later I go into my roommates room to talk and she’s like “oh my gosh, this little book fell off my bookshelf randomly, look at it!” And it was a super small old book literally titled with “freemasonry” & the page she had me look at was specifically talking about freemasonry too. This time, I didn’t say anything & I just went along with it.
That evening in bed I was really just feeling unsafe because of all the odd occurrences and I was just telling myself that I’m just hypervigilant (which I am extremely and I’m in therapies for partially and she knows this), and I can trust her & its all just me. I then got the idea that people can spy on internet activity & the next morning I did some research & installed VPN’s.
After I got over that headspace I’m like - “you know what? There’s no way she’d even know how to do that anyways, & your past few suspicions have been proven wrong, so you’re completely safe & you don’t need the VPN’s. So I still kept them but they have to be longed into everytime I log onto my computer which I didn’t do the last 2-3 weeks or so.
Coincidentally, nothing “synchronistically” has came up during that time until this week, & then today which really psyched me out.
A week/week and a half ago I was researching gestalt psychology & I’ve left that tab open in my browser. A few days ago we were talking and she brings up gestalts & I’ve never heard her say that word since I’ve known her. I just bypassed it once again since things have seemed fine for the most part.
Well today, i was reading a PDF on meditation & the specific part I was reading had to do with blood flow and blood vessels & how they aid in relaxation & it laid out a specific visualization practice of imagining blood vessels opening to aid in more blood flow to the body to help induce relaxation. I wrote down my notes & decided to take a nap & try out the visualization/meditation.
An hour and a half goes by and I wake up and the roommate is gone & I responded to a text she sent when I was napping & then she immediately replied randomly- “hey do you know your blood type? Look up the connection of blood type and “x,y,z” And I instantly was like what the fuck????? There’s no way this is happening, no way.
I replied I didn’t know my blood type(which I do) & she told me it would be on the lab results I just got back from blood work a few weeks ago. And I’m thinking??? I didn’t reply.
I now feel like I did exactly a few weeks ago and this just does not seem like a synchronicity. It literally FEELS fabricated. But I ultimately don’t know. It’s easier to label me the crazy one but I just don’t trust this.
I turned on my vpns again lol. Is there anything I can do to see if someone’s viewing my activity? I also just downloaded “proxyman” (I have a windows) and turned off the vpn because I need to know if this is really a possibility or if it’s just coincidence coupled with paranoia.
Thanks for reading & any and all advice.
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2023.03.20 23:46 franticthoughtss entering heaven contradictions(?)

hey y’all hope y’all are well esp with ramadan coming up, hopefully y’all are safe.
i’ve been thinking about the whole concept of entering heaven and the idea that allah is the most forgiving and the most merciful and whatever self gaslighting things muslims tell themselves. i could be wrong but aren’t there certain days where if you fast all your sins for the upcoming year will be forgiven, as well as fastin for ramadan and then if you ask for forgiveness and make tobah or whatever, God will forgive you and whatever other things.
in all honesty, doesn’t it make the end of the world fiasco and that crossing bridge (that they got from zoroastrianism) and all those trials one has to go thru useless if there’s set loopholes already in place?
if God is the most forgiving and all you gotta do is ask for forgiveness then why tf do humans gotta go through some type of oppression/shame/guilt olympics to get into a place that the ever knowing God already settled for them when he made the first day. like choices made in the mortal world cannot equate to infinite suffering in whatever comes after death.
like your god does not love you if he allows you to suffer the worst things imaginable just bc he said so way before your creation and all bc you didn’t know the grand scheme of things that he set up.
i heavily believe that predetermination and free will cannot coexist nor are they on the same plane or spectrum, plus in islam they don’t call god the all knowing all loving all powerful, they call him the most so that must mean he is not all.
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2023.03.20 23:46 The_Norfolkian Explaining why the Holmesian mystery in the first act of “Elementary, Dear Data” is very different from the real version of “A Scandal in Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and what that means for Doyle’s work in the Star Trek universe.

When Data and Geordi show up at the entrance of the holodeck in full Victorian garb during the first act of “Elementary, Dear Data” (TNG, 2x03), Data asks the Computer to “select at random a mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”. After they enter the representation of the sitting room at 221b Baker Street, Data and Geordi observe the various details, doodads, and trinkets created to express the experiences of Sherlock Holmes before Data picks up a violin from an open case and starts playing. The Holmesian mystery selected at random is apparently “A Scandal in Bohemia”, but the details of the beginning of the story as they are played out for Data and Geordi are all wrong.
After ‘throwing himself into the part’, Data interrupts his violin playing with a certainty that Inspector Lestrade will be arriving. However, at the beginning of “A Scandal in Bohemia”, Holmes has Watson read a note that a visitor will be arriving at an appointed hour and will likely wear a mask. Not only was this omitted from the scene in the show, but no other rationale is given to explain how Data knew Lestrade was going to show up instead of Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein and hereditary King of Bohemia, in the masked-guise of Count Von Kramm. Lestrade makes no appearance in the original story, and moreover, he is joined by a made-up character...
LESTRAD: emissary of a foreign government ...accosted by gypsies intent on depriving him of his most valuable possessions. And in the process of picking his pockets clean, they also happened to bag a photograph this man was carrying.
Data as Holmes proceeds to walk over to this emissary, tears open the inside of their coat to reveal the photograph, and proclaims...
DATA: I believe you will find, Inspector, that this emissary here works not for but against the King of Bohemia, and that photograph of the king and his mistress is to be used as blackmail. Further, upon deeper reflection, you will deduce, as did I, that...
Here is where Geordi interrupts Data and frustratingly walks out, but Data goes after him and notes, “I was just about to reveal that the sir is in fact a madam...”

This is not at all how “A Scandal in Bohemia” begins, but... there are story elements that appear to have been used to create the scene we see in “Elementary, Dear Data”. When Von Ormstein discusses the matter of Irene Adler to Holmes in the original story, he notes regarding the attempts to steal the photograph from her that...
VON ORMSTEIN: ...Twice burglars in my pay ransacked her house. Once we diverted her luggage when she travelled. Twice she has been waylaid.
Additionally, near the end of the story we learn that Irene Adler is quite the able costume actor. In her note to Holmes left behind with a photograph of herself wearing an evening dress, Adler tells him...
ADLER: know, I have been trained as an actress myself. Male costume is nothing new to me. I often take advantage of the freedom which it gives. I sent John, the coachman, to watch you, ran up stairs, got into my walking clothes, as I call them, and came down just as you departed.
The fact that Von Ormstein had previously had men twice ‘waylaid’ Adler suggests she was robbed of her possessions in the hopes that any of them would be the photograph of her and the future king. Combining this with the fact that she was able to dress as a man then creates the scenario that she could pretend to be a ‘foreign emissary’ accosted by ‘gypsies’ attempting to steal the photograph, which was probably different from the one that could generate scandal. Perhaps the gypsies stole Adler’s photograph of herself in an evening dress? Regardless, as Data deduced, this emissary was ‘a madam’... likely Adler herself.

Clearly, the events of the Holmesian mystery selected at random are totally different from those set out in Doyle’s “A Scandal in Bohemia”. So, what is going on here? Well, there is a very plausible two-fold explanation here...
Adding to the case that this Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the Star Trek universe wrote some of his stories differently, Data even notes to Geordi that Moriarty is “the man Holmes could only defeat at the cost of his own life at Reichenbach Falls”, which suggests that “The Final Problem” really did conclude the life of Sherlock Holmes. If that is the case, then even the ordering of Trek-Doyle’s stories are possibly different from those we know. Doyle’s fourth novel, The Valley of Fear, and “The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans”, which were both referenced by Data in the sitting room when examining items of note, might have taken place before Trek-Doyle wrote “The Final Problem”, and that the character of Moriarty remained a problem for Holmes throughout his career until his death. Given that the Star Trek universe features fictional authors and works, like Tracy Tormé and her Dixon Hill novels, it’s entirely reasonable that some, if not many, of Trek-Doyle’s works were written differently.
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2023.03.20 23:46 No_Software_5459 My Experience with Stigmavision

I have a story of the discrimination I experienced: I have Bipolar disorder and had a psychiatrist that I had been seeing for a good 8 years, we had a great working relationship, I had never had any issues with communication or any concerns what so ever. I went in for my normal check up appointment and was questioned by my Doctor about a perscription that was written and sent into my pharmacy (I had been seen at another clinic by another perscriber) and after confirming that this medication was sent to my pharmacy for me, she (my doctor) flipped her whole demeanor, I could feel the mood shift heavily impacting the vibe between us. I was being seen that day for like I'd said for a normal regularly occurring appointment schedule that I've been doing for the last 8 years and at this visit we were supposed to adjust my medications to a higher dosage, instead she tells me that she wants to consult with her colleague and get a second opinion, I'm confused by this statement because, well why? She asks me to set up another appointment and to be expecting a call from her colleague so that she can feel confident before making any changes to my treatment,(what? Why?) So I scheduled a follow up and the next day had a video visit with her colleague and let's just say I ended the visit abruptly due to the offensive discriminating treatment I was receiving. He questioned me about why I'd needed my mg for my perscription changed and stated "it has no further bettering effects after the dose I was currently at", I told him that "it does have a different effect to me personally I can feel the change and it helps better". He then questioned about the perscription that was written by the other clinic and why I was prescribed it and I'd told him my story of why it was prescribed it and told him it was not filled yet it was just sent to my pharmacy (it was suboxone), and he started accusing me of wanting to use my medication mg increase to "feel euphoric effects" that it would not make a difference at a higher dose. I told him he was out of pocket and I would not be talked to like that and ended the video. My regular doctor did the "second opinion" twice more and at those appointments now she'd requested me to take a urine sample (never ever ever had I needed to do this before) she gave me no logical reason for why she wanted me to visit the lab to pee so I refused and ended writing her an email telling her how unexceptable she was being and I was not trying to get pills from her to get high, that I was coming to her because I have a real problem and need help with it medically. The next thing I know im receiving a letter stating she dropped me as a patient. The kicker to this is because she dropped me and lied about why she dropped me I was now unable to see another provider to receive treatment for my mental health which means no more perscriptions that I literally need to be functional and productive in life, anyways and my primary care doctor said he does not feel comfortable prescribing me medications that are out of his jurisdiction he is like a body doctor only not mental health. And I cannot go to another clinic because of the insurance I have its is so widely used that all other psychiatrists in my state and the next are filled to quota. So it has been almost 2.5 years that I have received care for my mental health which has not been an easy go in life. I did file a grievance against her and requested for her to get training in bed side manor and diversity and discrimination but that didn't do much for my care. So that's my lived experience with Stigmavision individuals its not right that even medical professionals have biased assumptions on things related to substance use.
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2023.03.20 23:46 Longjumping-Net1384 Tried to repair but estimate increased, so now it’s totaled? Any hope?

I drove a 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 4MATIC. It is valued at over $27k before the accident. I got an estimate from the insurance adjuster of $10k to fix the car. But when ordering a quarter panel, the price changed from $10k to 17k, so now, insurance has totaled the car after they had it for 1 month. The shop may have done some repairs on it already.
Am I going to lose money because they started repairs already? Should I take the payment from insurance (of course, negotiating the best price I can) and let them salvage the car, or would it be worth it to fix it? Is it possible to fix it without “salvage” on the title, from this point?
I spent $32k on this car,…If I have to get a car in this market, I am worried how much I will be at a loss at this point. I thought insurance was covering $10k in repairs, and it would come back almost like new. But now there is no hope?
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2023.03.20 23:46 hiddencow453 Would you invite this guest?

Fiancé and I are currently constructing our guest list, and I’m on the fence about inviting a certain guest, let me know your thoughts!
So I have this friend, let’s call her Stacey. Stacey and I were very close friends in high school. We remained friends throughout college and continued to see each other once a month or so. However, over time, I realized that we only really talk or see each other after I’ve initiated it.
This is how our interactions have gone over the past year or so, let me know what you would do if you were in my situation:
Christmas 2021 - We went to a coffee shop together and exchanged Christmas gifts, which has been a yearly tradition for us since high school. However, when I opened the gift, it was the same gift set that I had just gifted to her for her birthday a few months prior and a planner from 2019…
January 2022 - My birthday came and went, never got a ‘happy birthday’ text like I usually did in the past.
February 2022 - I text her to ask how she’s doing and if she wants to hang out soon. She replies 1 week later and we make plans. She ends up cancelling the day before, she says she will let me know when she’s free next. Then I never hear from her.
March 2022 - Stacey and I would have a spa day once a year. Since my sister started her new job at a spa, I ask Stacey if she wants to have a spa day at my sister’s new job to support her. My treat too, she wouldn’t have to pay for anything. She said her “skin is too sensitive” to go to the spa, sure okay.
April 2022 - Stacey texts me and says she misses me. I tell her I miss her too and I haven’t heard from her in a while. She suggests that we hang out soon, I ask her when she’s free, she says she will let me know. I never hear from her again.
At this point, I just want her to initiate, just this once. I want her to send me the text asking me how I’m doing, starting a conversation of some kind, asking me to hang out, something anything. I’m tired of always being the one to initiate.
May 2022 - I posted about my graduation, she texts me to congratulate me. I thank her, and that’s it. She didn’t try to continue the conversation.
October 2022 - I post about my engagement, she texts me to congratulate me. I thank her and once again, that’s it, she doesn’t try to initiate anything else.
What would you do in my situation? Do I invite her or should I just let the friendship fizzle out? It sucks because she was a close friend for so many years and it wasn’t always so low effort. Is the ball technically in my court to reach out to her since she congratulated me on my life events? I just don’t know what to think. I guess I just can’t tell if technically I should be the one to reach out now that she’s messaged me first the last few times.
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2023.03.20 23:45 thebundok Mac won't boot - Frozen on loading - too many corpses

Late 2014 27" Retina running 11.7.2 BigSur. 3TB Fusion drive. My wife says she walked in this morning and her computer said it experience a fault and needed to restart. Since restarting it's been stuck at about 50% progress bar.
I have booted into recovery. Disk Utility would not repair with First Aid on either the disk, volumes or container, presenting the following error:
Running first aid on "Macintosh HD-Data" (disk4s1) Repairing file system. Volume was successfully unmounted. Performing fsck_apfs -y -x/dev/rdisk4s1 checking the container superblock checking the fusion superblock checking the EFI jumpstart record checking the space manager checking the space manager free queue trees warning: unable to read apfs keylocker ranges: no such file or directory checking the object map checking the fusion data structures error: btn: invalid key order (170) oid 463308 / 0xib 0 / level 1 / flags 0x4 previous key: 0x00040000012ec677 current key: 0x0004000000a1d886 next key: 0x0004000000bad609 Fusion data structures are invalid The volume /dev/rdisk4s1 could not be verified completely File system check exit code is 8 Restoring the original state found as mounted File system verify or repair failed. : (-69845) Operation failed... 
I then booted into verbose mode and ran into the "too many corpses" errors. Found the thread suggesting to rename the mbr_cache. Attempted to do this step, however I ran into the same issue that many others in the comments had where it just comes up as:
mv: rename ./mbr_cache to ./mbr_cache-old: No such file or directory 
I even "pwd" to make sure I was in the correct directory. Did an ls -la to list all files even hidden. Nothing shows up in that directory. Some comments suggested that this is because the mbr_cache needs to be created and "all you have to do now is reboot!" But rebooting still gets to 50% and stalls. Let it sit for over an hour and no progress.
Others have suggested this is because the drive isn't mounted and to go into Disk Utility and mount it, however the only option I have in Disk Utility is to Unmount, so they're obviously already mounted.
We have backups, though through poor timing of coincidences the most recent files/changes as of the day before weren't backed up. If we had to restore/reformat we'd probably be okay, but I'd really rather not go that route.
Can anyone else suggest any other tips I could try before going nuclear?
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2023.03.20 23:45 rigbyplainrn Channel going viral + how I did it

Section 1 (viral) I started the channel in 2018 but I didn’t start posting until early 2022. When I started posting I was so arrogant and thought the channel would blow up after like 10 videos. Obviously that didn’t happen and I got humbled. But I kept on posting because I always thought I would make YouTube my career. Fast forward to last week. I decided to post a video on Monday like usual but this time I wouldn’t check my analytics because everyday because it would make me sad when my numbers didn’t go up.(I also turned off notifications). So I checked it this weekend and I was shocked. Last time I was on YouTube I had 19 SUBSCRIBERS and when I checked Saturday I had 12,000 subscribers. The video that I had posted had 250k ish views and my videos before were racking up in views. This was even more shocking because the videos I made before were totally off topic from the video I posted.
(Section 2: how I did it) I always watched how to grow channel videos on YouTube but these 2 channels really stood out: Jon Dorman (44k subscribers) and Dream (31 million subscribers) Specifically Jon Dorman’s video on how to create a killer video and how to blow up a channel. It has great tips but I also have to take it with a grain of salt because my content is based on my personality so I don’t want to do Mr. beast type style of editing. It’s too fast and not the style I wanted. So this is where Dream came in. Dream has almost hour long Minecraft videos and isn’t super fast paced editing. He really just adds background music that matches what’s happening in the video. Like if something intense is happening he plays intense music. And I would say his personality and his creativity makes you want to watch the videos. I already thought I had the personality for YouTube (+ others telling me) so I just needed to work on my editing skills. So even though I make lifestyle videos and he makes gaming videos, I just kinda followed his wave of editing that week and it’s when I saw growth. Idk if it helps, but I’m in high school so maybe that’s also why my growth happened because people my age like those videos?
If you have any questions I can answer them but I don’t wanna reveal the channel just yet because I don’t wanna mess with the natural growth (especially my high watch time!)
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2023.03.20 23:45 soldiersa00 Changed tires, got these errors 2 days later.

Changed tires, got these errors 2 days later.
So I had all new tires installed Saturday along with an alignment. Drove fine that day around and about for errands. even got a car wash. Noticed the tire pressures were a little high in the menu but wanted the tires cool before checking manually.
Sunday checked them manually and they were all actually fine except for one a little high. Ran the tire configurator and drove around the block and all pressures were normal. Drove fine at that time as well.
I get in the car this morning and as i am driving it feels like it skids a little. no biggie, i know there's sometimes some gravel around there. Keep driving and i feel it again a little stronger. Now this time it feels more like the car is bucking, odd, i don't have a misfiring engine in my electric car. After a few more times of this the car starts yelling at me showing the alerts in the picture along with Lane departure avoidance disabled for this drive. Now other than those inconveniences the car seems to be driving fine now with no strange bucking. I made my usual morning coffee stop came back out and the alerts were gone for a few minutes of my drive then it started all again. Now for my drive home they were there the whole time.
Any advice, insights, help? I really don't want to wait 20 years for a SC appointment.
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2023.03.20 23:45 DaddyDersch The calm before the storm… 2 days till FOMC. 3-20-23 SPY/ ES Futures, VIX, DXY and 10YR Daily Market Analysis

The calm before the storm… 2 days till FOMC. 3-20-23 SPY/ ES Futures, VIX, DXY and 10YR Daily Market Analysis
I have over the last month now of using supply and demand gotten tons of question as to why im using supply and demand and most importantly if I will stop using them and go back to just support/ resistance. I have been day trading off supply and demand for the last month now and honestly it has been the best tweak to my strategy yet. Here is an example of just how accurate and good Supply/ Demand can be…
This is a micro scale using supply and demand but it just goes to show you (and this is just one of many examples) of how exact and how accurate supply/ demand can be. Why am I showing this? Well as I said over the last month now that I have used supply/ demand I have had a lot of feedback about why people don’t understands why I made the change and why I continue to use it… this right here shows the power of supply and demand on a micro scale… it is just as accurate as we have seen on a daily and weekly scale too.
Taking a look at SPY supply and demand we don’t have much changed yet… the biggest thing to note is that we are in the process and closer to forming a new supply (Resistance) than we are to forming a new demand (support) for not this tells me that my upside target remains to be 405.2 versus a breakdown to 385.87. However, once a new supply is put in (SPY needs to close a red day in order to do this) then we will start looking at a breakdown back to 385.87 area.
For now we remain stuck between 385.87 and 405.2 with really no direction yet.
Been trying to get a better grasp on where we are going on daily price action. We just have had such a volatile movement that honing in on any sort of real direction and trend has been difficult. AS of now we remain in this black bear channel. Despite the bulls losing daily 8ema support Friday they actually have retaken that support and now closed back over the daily 8ema. The biggest thing to watch here is the daily 20ema which sits at Wednesday resistance of 396.1. This is the most probable upside rejection and resistance area to watch.
While today was not an inside day… it is interesting to note that the last two days of price action still remain inside of Thursdays daily range. This tells me honestly that we still do not have an actual direction.
In all reality if you think about it with FOMC in two days now there is not much of a reason for markets to move bigly one way or another. Most probable unless we see a risk off move EOD tomorrow into FOMC would be to see SPY hold between 385.8 and 396.1 heading into FOMC.
SPY Daily Levels: Supply- 405.17 Demand- 385.87 -> 376.67 Support- 390.9 -> 389.3 -> 385.7 Resistance- 393.8 -> 396.1 -> 397.8
Now something that is very intriguing about futures daily is that it actually did establish a new demand (support) today at 3945. However, what should be strongly considered is that the supply/ demand did not fully “reset” before establishing this demand. What does that mean? Well it means while yes this demand is significant and we shouldn’t ignore it… the actual supply (Resistance) established at 3995 and demand (support) that was established at 3895 last week is much stronger and way more important.
What also is even more interestingly about this is that we are still in the process of waiting for a new supply (resistance) to be established. This would much like SPY take a red day tomorrow in order to do that.
If we were to get a red day tomorrow we could see a new supply (resistance) established at 3988 below previous supply (resistance) at 3995. IF that happens that shows just how strong this 3988 to 3995 supply (resistance) level is. That would to me be a good place to look for more long puts.
However, there is a case to be made that if we have a green day tomorrow and we push higher than 3995 that we are going to establish a new higher supply (resistance) somewhere between 3995 and 4055. If we were to do that then I would fully expect to see a move back to 3995 supply (which would become support) and look for a new demand (Support) to be put in before we push higher again.
That sort of price action of establishing a new higher supply (resistance) before coming down and taking out a previous supply (which becomes support) is extremely bullish and shows a very nice uptrend.
Versus when we see a lower supply (resistance) established under previous supply (resistance) which would indicate a bear trend.
This next week with JPOW speaking Wednesday for FOMC is going to be quite the turning point here…
Taking a look here at futures daily tells a slightly different story than that of SPY. Mostly because futures unlike SPY shows the full after hours movement. What truly is incredible is how much futures (after hours/ pre market) has been moving. We had nearly a 102 pt movement total today (that’s about 2.3% total movement).
What we have here is still a overall bear trend which that bear trend would on a daily time frame be broken if we break through 3995 tomorrow. IF you remember and as is highlighted here by the black channel we have been trading within 3995 to 3888 for 9 trading days now…
If the bulls are able to breakout and close over 3995 tomorrow… and JPOW doesn’t kill the market… we very well could be looking at a breakout to 4055-4095 area.
However, if the bears are able to hold us under 3995 tomorrow and bring us back under 3945 there is a pretty good chance that we will see a retest of 3888 support.
Honestly times like these are the hardest to trade as we have a technical based move and potential, however, that move could completely be negated by a new event (FOMC). Now there has been a lot of times where these events actually move with the technicals, however, it is too risky to take that chance.
Overall here right now 3995 tomorrow is the key pivot level and key close to watch.
Futures Daily Levels: Supply- 3995 -> 4055 Demand- 3946 -> 3895 Support- 3962 -> 3945 -> 3920 Resistance- 3995 -> 4020 -> 4055
There used to be a time… before 0dte everyday and the overall detached from reality VIX… that I would take a play on SPY strictly based on what the VIX was doing and what the VIX trend was…
IF I was going to take a play based on a trend of the VIX I would be in a short on Spy looking for a decently red day tomorrow on SPY… why? If you look at the last 6 trading days on VIX we have a very nice trend of big green day -> red day -> green -> red -> green -> red -> ?
If the current trend continues… we would 100% see a green day on the VIX which would take markets lower. Now we might actually get that too because tomorrow is the day before FOMC and we might see risk come off and some downside hedges be put on…
It also is interesting to note that the daily 8ema is still support on the VIX. I also find it interesting that the VIX rejected 28.4 today too. This would be the 4th test and rejection of 28.4 in the last 7 days… This also is the 7th day to close over 22.9 on the VIX in a row… we have not see that many days close over 22.9 since the beginning of November.
As you can see much like on SPY/ Futures we are still in a massive breakout/ down triangle on the VIX too. Key support is 23.85 and resistance of 28.5.
This is now the third day in a row that we have seen the dollar drop and actually the 7th drop out of the last 9 trading days for the dollar… what is really interesting is that in general spy rises at the DXY drops and SPY drops as DXY rises…
SPY has been green 4 out of the last 9 trading days… so as of now SPY and DXY do appear to be trading in sync… what also i am monitoring is that I pointed out this breakout triangle on DXY last week and said that would be very interesting to watch. I am watching now that this support has broken and DXY is selling off if we see a bigger push up on Spy… If it does we may have today with this breakdown been getting an early hint at a rally on SPY. Now of course this can all change with FOMC in two days though…
Interesting enough on the 10YR today we actually had an impressively large drop initially to 3.291% which is the lower the 10YR has hit since September 2022.
Now it did have a massive recoil (as in rates went back up). So from a technical stand point… if one could actually TA the 10YR yield… this MASSIVE dragonfly doji is actually a huge reversal candle… this large wicked doji after the 2 weeks of downside should actual signify that the rate of the 10yr is going to see a large push back up.
This will be interesting to watch play out too.
Pretty solid day here to start the week off green. I wasn’t quite able to get any bigger wins and got stopped out on the morning breakdown that hard recovered… honestly the hardest part about today was that this was one of the slowest bull trend days that I have seen in weeks.
It was clearly (in the morning and after the mid day drop) bullish and was riding the EMAs. However, it was moving so beyond slow that it was tough timing the ideally entry. Today besides I believe one rogue candle though was actually one of the more smooth days we have had in a long time. We have become so accustomed to these wild reversal happy and erratic days that it was kind of refreshing to see a smoother trend day with no “surprises.”
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2023.03.20 23:44 PaulSnowman Asset Sale. What About SEMDEXA NDA Application?

Ok most of us had already assumed before today’s hearing that there would likely be a SCLX minority/full BO in the future. After today’s comment about a asset sale in the near future my only question is when will a PR drop pertaining to SEMDEXA NDA application? For SRNE/SCLX to get the best offer that needs to drop and soon or am I missing something?
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2023.03.20 23:44 Green_Obligation_755 Problems with my GPU? Optimization?

Hi all,
I would like to preface this by saying that I don't know much about PC's and stuff, my brother built mine for me some years ago, so I don't really know much about my own build either other than what GeForce tells me:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (extremely outdated, I know)
Driver Version 528.49 (My current problem has been persistent no matter how many times I update the driver)
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core Processor
15.9 GB RAM
1920 x 1080, 60Hz

The problem I have is similar to another thread I found: However, there are some slight differences
With certain games, after a couple minutes of playing, suddenly my monitors will lose signal and revert to a black screen, and my pc stays completely on- with the exception of my GPU.
Whenever it occurs, I also hear (what I assume) is the sound of something, probably the GPU, shutting off
What was not mentioned in the aforementioned thread, is that I notice that the light on my GPU (which I assume indicates that it is turned on,) is no longer on whenever this happens.
In order to get my PC fully functioning again, I normally have to either hit the switch on the back or unplug and replug the power cable (I usually choose the ladder because it's easier since the end of the power cord is closer to me.)
I think it may be an optimization issue, because it only happens with *specific* games,. Cyberpunk 2077 (A newer game) will run flawlessly and this problem never occurs, but I couldn't even play a solid 15 minutes of L4D2 (a Source game from 2009) without it happening (until I made it stop by lowering Graphics settings).
It has also occured notably only a few times when playing Garry's Mod, a couple of times before stopping entirely for some reason on CS:GO (possibly because I lowered some settings,) A few times until I extremely lowered graphical settings on Payday 2, and every single time I have tried playing Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle regardless of the graphics settings (all off the top of my head).
I have vastly considered just upgrading my GPU, but I can't afford a new one at the minute (or likely any other PC part for that matter) and I don't even know how to install one.
Lastly, I have asked my brother about this after the first few times it occurred, he came into my room and looked at it and was just as confused and didn't know.

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.20 23:44 ThrowRA35oldie I (M35) am considering going no contact with my mother (F65)

I 35(M) have a great wife 35(F) and 2 amazing elementary school age children. It took me this long to realize my mother is an emotionally manipulative narcissist.
To begin, I always suspected my brother 45(M) of being the favorite. When I was little he used to torture me. Not in the sense of an older brother picking on a younger, but would physically harm me until my throat was raw from screaming. He didn't care if he got in trouble or not. My brother is a dead beat. By the time he was 18 he had been kicked out of the house 3 times, the final straw was when he threw a stone through a basement window so he could get his belongings after a huge fight. He dropped out of HS, chased girls around the country for a few years, and bummed off of people. It took him several years to get his GED.
Despite all this my parents visited him on average every 18 to 24 months. We went to visit him when my niece was born (I was 13). Saw him again at 15, I moved out at 18 and they to see my 2nd niece. Saw him again at my wedding when I was 20 (plane tickets paid for by my parents) and again when I was 22. Around that time I moved out of state and that was the last time I saw them for years.
Long story short, they skipped out on several important key events in my life. They skipped out on me joining the military and graduating boot camp, on graduating Tech School (AIT), on seeing me before I deployed to Afghanistan, and on my return. All of this while still seeing my brother every 18 to 24 months.
They finally came to see me in 2016 when my first son was born. It was the first time in 6 years that they finally saw me, and it wasn't even for me. Then they visited 2 years later for the birth of my 2nd son. That was 4 years ago.
Finally at the end of 2022 they retired. They decided they were going to be "snow birds" and stay in their home state for summer, spend 3 months with my family during the fall, and then spend winter with my brother. Cool, fine. My kids finally get to spend quality time with my parents. Instead of following the plan, they spent 3 months of summer with my brother, then spent only FIVE WEEKS with my family. And guess where they went back to during winter for the last 3 months.
This is finally where I realized how manipulative and narcissistic my mother is. After going back to be with my brother I exploded and we got into a huge argument where I admitted all of the above. My mother decided that 90% of that just wasn't true (how altruistic of her) and that i've always embarrassed her. She explained how they wanted to come see us again in spring but if I don't apologize to her they're going back to their home state. I flat out told her to just go. She tried guilt tripping me and asking if she could face time with my children. I flat out told her no and that she will not speak to us again until she acts mature enough to apologize for her actions. That was the last thing we said to each other a month ago, and I'm just ready to live my life with out guilt for stuff I didn't do.
Now I don't know if I should cut her off or not.
(Side note, in 2016 my father pulled me aside and apologized in private about missing out on stuff. I hope I'm not trying to make excuses for him, but I suspect he gave up trying to fix my mother years ago. He just rides shotgun in life rather than make problems.)
TLDR - My unapologetically narcissistic mother missed key events in my life to be around my dead beat brother and even said I'm the embarrassment. Should I move on?
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2023.03.20 23:44 madziaaaaaaa Recent hospital stay, IV site still hurts

29F, 5"4 and 120 lbs. No medications, non smoker, no previous medical issued besides possible undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. Started randomly throwing up last week Monday and diarrhea to the point of clearness. Could not hold down a sip of water, ended up passing out, muscles contorting. Husband called 911 for an ambulance. They started the IV in the ambulance and it stayed with me until Wednesday night. Somewhere during Monday night an ER nurse left the tourniquet on my IV arm after taking blood. It must have stayed on there for a good 6-10 hours before it was noticed. I was too out of it to realize it while waiting 15 hours for a bed and room. When they took the IV out, they squeezed my arm super hard and I yelped. It's now been a week since I had it inserted and 5 days since it's been removed. I can't extend my arm out fully without a pulling pain. The area is tender, but not swelling. Is this pain something to worry about? Will it eventually go away?
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2023.03.20 23:44 gothbias How to handle customers that are angry over prices?

TLDR at bottom. Brevity is not my strong suit.
For some background, I am a waiter at a small, locally owned business that is very new. I consider our prices to be very fair and affordable, but I’ve had two encounters with people furious over the price.
The big issue here is both times I didn’t know how to respond. My knee jerk reaction is to offer a discount but we aren’t allowed to give out discounts unless there’s something wrong with the meal or if the customer is aggressive and we’re trying to hurry them off the premises. My boss said giving out discounts to everyone complaining about price sets a precedent that we can’t afford to make and that they can see the price on the menu before ordering.
The first time a gentleman came in and asked me if it was 3.99 for a chili dog with onion, mustard, and a side of fries. I politely informed him 3.99 is for a chili dog and a side of fries and that a modification costs a little more unless a it is a condiment. He kinda sarcastically laughed and said that he always comes in here and normally spends $7 on two hot dogs with those specifications and last time he was here he spent around $8. He handed me the receipt (which listed me as his server lol) and I literally just looked at it and read it back to him, telling him it’s an additional .32 for onions. He got mad and just said “fine I just won’t get those anymore.” And then bought something far more expensive. I just replied “I’m sorry to hear that sir.” My boss was not here for this one.
Later that day, after my boss had come in, I had an issue with a couple. At risk of giving away where I work, I’ll just say the woman ordered our “specialty” hot dogs that have heavy toppings and comes with two hot dogs which is just under $7. The man bought two chili dogs and added mayo and onion. The speciality hot dogs don’t come with a side but the regular both come with a side of fries. When I informed them of this they said they realized last time they are more than satisfied with one side of fries and only wanted one. Choosing not to utilize a side does not change the price, something that’s pretty explicitly stated on the menu.
When they came up to the register (I also run register) they were very agitated that their total was $16 and some odd cents. I politely started breaking down the prices for them when the man interrupted me to say “on your menu it says you get an extra hot dog for $1.50.” I was a little baffled by this because I’ve worked here a while now and have never heard of this. I politely told him I didn’t believe that was the case but that I’d ask my boss (who was sitting at the bar like a foot away). As I turned to ask he gets loud with me and says “You should check your menu. That’s what it says. Check your menu.” I did what he said and tried my best to keep my composure as I informed him it is $1.50 for a side on the entrees, not an extra hot dog. He huffs and puffs and yells that he always gets the other hot dog for $1.50 (which I know isn’t true as that’s literally never been allowed) I finally can’t deal with him anymore and say I can’t do anything about the prices, I just work here, and my boss is sitting right there if he would like to discuss it with him. Of course he continues to berate me, throw the money at me, and leave.
In my mind $16 for four hot dogs, toppings, and fries is not bad at all, but that’s not what this is about lol. Is there a better way to handle it? My boss said I didn’t do anything wrong (and was pretty upset about how they treated me) but I just felt like I could’ve handled this better if I had an idea of how to even reply to people like this.
TLDR: I have no clue how to handle customers angry about prices. Discounts are not an option. Any tips?
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2023.03.20 23:44 MachinePrevious6871 An analogy of 9/11 to children eating ice cream

Let's compare 9/11 to children eating ice cream.
Imagine a little boy who has been asking you for ice cream every day for the last two weeks. You go through the same process every day -- asking him, "Do you want some ice cream today?" He nods or... well, he doesn't, because he's nine. You realize that every time he sees you and asks you to make him a bowl of ice cream, he is breaking the rules that you've established, in hopes of making you stop asking him for it. Now imagine you find out that he's been selling his allotted ice cream to his neighbors. Do you realize that you did nothing wrong, and in fact you were doing the very best thing that you could have done for this little boy? You saved him from eating a very unhealthy diet. He made the trade -- he did the unpleasant, but necessary, step of helping himself to an unhealthy, nutritional dessert. The world needs to understand this in the case of 9/11, and stop asking those innocent people, "What did you do to us, besides being just so darn American?" That's right -- in the aftermath of 9/11, our political leaders and media are again asking the innocent survivors and family members of those who died, "What did you do to us, besides being just so darn American?" They need to know that it is NOT our responsibility to make up for the acts of individuals. The question, "What did you do to make this happen, if it wasn't you?" should not even be asked of anyone who was on that flight or has suffered a terrorist attack. That attitude can be attributed to a much deeper issue: an unwillingness to face unpleasant facts. People are so accustomed to and conditioned to buy into the false narrative of American exceptionalism that they simply refuse to acknowledge that those who commit such terrible crimes against other people are Americans, too. However, when we look at the facts in the 9/11 case, the world should be forced to look at all American citizens, as a whole, and realize that their behavior is not, in fact, representative of the "best and brightest" the world has to offer. We are the most hypocritical people that the world has ever known. The typical attitude that Americans have towards 9/11 is: I survived. Others didn't. That's it, end of story. But the rest of the story should not end there. There is a person (or group) behind every terrorist attack, and there is a context behind every terrorist attack. We need to acknowledge that when we ask "what did you do to make this happen, if it wasn't you?" we are looking at ourselves, not the other. We are asking the wrong question: When we're asking "what did you do to make this happen, if it wasn't you?", we are forgetting that no matter what we do, some people are going to do things that we find regrettable. Instead of asking "What did you do to make this happen, if it wasn't you?" we should be asking "What did we do that contributed to the situation that you found yourself in?" Let's try asking that question. Of course, I don't expect the average American to embrace such an honest paradigm shift. Many of them are still more focused on a 10 year old boy's decision to spend $20 to buy a bowl of ice cream than they are on questions of geopolitical relations and foreign policy. For this reason, I'm not saying that we should turn a blind eye to the facts, but I am saying that we should ask questions like this: - - - - - - - - - When did Americans stop being able to recognize that everyone is at fault for what's going on in the world? When did Americans become so preoccupied with our own individual desires that we no longer believe in the premise of "the greater good"? - - - - - - - - - When did Americans stop thinking that we, as a country, could solve global problems when we can't even maintain domestic security, much less implement international policy? We're so busy chasing our tails that we no longer realize that we are. - - - - - - - - - To all those who lost loved ones on 9/11 and in every terrorist attack in the last decade, my heart goes out to you. I cannot begin to imagine how much more difficult your days must be. And to all those who were on the planes on 9/11 and suffered trauma and lost loved ones, I share your grief. I am sorry that your lives were taken from you. I am sorry that the event that occurred before your eyes and in your city was a deliberate attack on our country. I am sorry that you are now victims, but I am also sorry that our culture has so severely depraved and alienated us from reality that it made you feel like suicide was a better option than face the reality that your home was attacked. I am sorry that your government betrayed you and took your money. I am sorry that you are now living your lives behind bars, many of them for crimes you did not commit. I am sorry that you are now becoming a victim of medical maltreatment and physical abuse. I'm sorry that you are now even being held responsible for the actions of others. You are victims of a sick culture. - - - - - - - - - There are other victims of this sick culture. - - - - - - - - - In November 2001, the Swedish ambassador to the U.S. described the U.S. political system as "very authoritarian". - - - - - - - - - In January 2002, a Congressman named Jim Moran was heard to ask, "do you think people realize that the Iraqis will attack us eventually?" - - - - - - - - - In March 2002, a Pentagon spokesman declared that, as the U.S. military progresses toward the deadline for the pullout of forces, "You could have a civil war in that country in three weeks." - - - - - - - - - In June 2002, Admiral Bryan Denton, then the commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, warned that "The further we get into the future, the more likely it is that we will have to establish control over the entire Iraq theater and that is going to require a substantial number of U.S. forces." - - - - - - - - - The U.S. is still unable to adequately coordinate its forces to support one another in the field. In March 2003, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was quoted as saying, "There are no Iraqi prisoners in American hands." - - - - - - - - - In June 2003, Paul Wolfowitz, President Bush's Deputy Secretary of Defense, gave a speech in New York City, calling for a "new world order" that would "kick in after the war". He also said "We're going to need another $600 billion over the next two years to deal with reconstruction in the United States and in Europe." - - - - - - - - - One of the biggest recipients of U.S. foreign aid is a country that has been listed by the United Nations as a state, but, in reality, is two children with ice cream, waiting and watching as the twin towers collapse on 9/11.
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2023.03.20 23:44 kinship_waters Spray foam insulation

Southern Ontario. I am ripping old lath and plaster off my outside walls on the main floor to spray foam insulate after.
Behind them there’s only strapping 1” thick on the brick wall.
What minimum thickness should the spray foam insulation be?
I was thinking to add 2x2 to the existing strapping. Would that work?
Or I would have to build a proper 2x4 wall?
And do I need vapor barrier before closing with drywall?
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