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Welcome to the Residency subreddit, a community of interns and residents who are just trying to make it through training! This is a subreddit specifically for interns and residents to get together and discuss issues concerning their training and medicine/surgery.

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2023.03.21 00:27 North_Farmer_158 Ideas for this shelf under the steps in the hallway. About 6” deep. This is the front door but doesn’t get used.

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2023.03.21 00:27 popazzii what island is this and how do i get it?

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2023.03.21 00:26 CasualDemon23 So…uh yea, this is happening ig

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2023.03.21 00:25 Rota_Powers Helping with confidence

I have been vaulting for roughly 5 years. I started in 8th grade and I am now a senior in highschool. I vault on a 13’6 170 pole, but I weigh roughly 174. During practices and meets I blow through my 13’6 170 pole but whenever my coach has me move up to my 13’6 175 pole I seem to just lose all confidence, my steps deteriorate, my grip slips, and whenever I do manage to take up a vault, 9 times out of 10 I stall out at the top. My coach says that he knows I can easily blow through the pole, and I believe that I can do it too. But whenever I use the pole it’s like I lose all of my confidence. Any tips tricks or methods that anyone has that could help me would be so very appreciated.
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2023.03.21 00:25 Host_South Shout out to all my fellow single homeowners, especially ladies

I bought a fixer-upper in 2021 on the heels of a five year relationship. My ex-partner had bought a completely remodeled (new HVAC, new 200 Amp main, modern plumbing, new roof, new siding, new walls, new kitchen all in 2008) 1931 rambler from a different person I had dated, who was my landlord at the time (I brokered the FSBO sale). Despite the excellent condition of the house and my being in grad school, we did a lot of projects together, including designing and building a deck, repairing the basement slab and finishing half the basement (stud wall, electricity, drywall, flooring, ceiling, and door). My ex paid the same for that house in 2016 as I did for mine in 2021- my house has one more bedroom, but the same number of finished square feet, in a less desirable neighborhood, in a less desirable city, and with so many more projects. There were mouse leavings all over the kitchen floor when I closed, along with a strong odor of second-hand smoke. Everything needed to be painted because 1) the smoke smell and 2) the walls were visually disgusting and would not get clean, even with TSP.
I tore up 1,000 square feet of carpeting all on my own, getting an hour of help pulling up staples and tackboard from friends here and there. I sanded and finished the hardwood underneath the carpet with the help of a friend who helped me in exchange for two months free rent. I applied Killz to every surface I could, replaced every outlet and switch after three electrocuted me, replaced all the window coverings, installed additional cabinets, etc. And the work is continuing to this day. I have 84 things on my "projects" to do list.
I have called in every favor I had, and then some. I have accidentally strained friendships for assuming people were genuine about their offer to help. I have bought so much takeout for so many helpers. And still, I have done 99% of it myself. Even the most dedicated, selfless of friends wouldn't put a dent in what I have to do, and eventually, I get sick of being the person who is asking for help all the time. I drug an old couch out to the curb by myself because I couldn't bring myself to ask for another favor. I've had people over to help, only to realize they weren't prepared, and just fed them dinner and called it a night. I've had people offer to help, only to show up three hours late because there's something more interesting they wanted to do. I've realized that I'd rather hang out with my friends than use them as cheap labor, so now I only ask for help when it absolutely cannot be done without a second set of hands. I even figured out how to install a medicine cabinet on my own (I had to screw it in twice - once to hold it up and another time to level it) and I got a 166 pound "team lift" toilet up the stairs and into my house on my own (only to realize I have a 10" rough in and this toilet was designed fora 12" rough in, an issue I thought I addressed in the store).
I really, really appreciate all my friends. But really, it is so much harder being a single homeowner. No number of friends can compensate for having someone else being emotionally and financially invested in the house. Even just moving a piece of furniture turns into a scheduled event with a friend, who you feed out of Midwestern politeness, and then because you hosted them they are obligated to host you, and it continues forever.
What is really so much harder is that you can't just wake up in the morning, turn to your partner, and say "wanna go to home Depot and get those shelves built today?" I mean, don't get me wrong, having half as much money and half as much collective energy and strength is a drain, but I would be so much further along if I could just take advantage of my own energy and strength when the mood strikes. Instead, I have to line up a helper, because I can't move 4*8 panels on my own, and I do not have a car suitable for transporting them. I really only need about a half an hour of help, but for want of that little bit of help I postpone the project several months (side note: I just bought a panel carrier and I'm excited to try it out!) So many projects have been procrastinated that way. I've had the energy, designed the shelves, made the cut list, and then said "right, I just need to line up a helper." Then I put the project on a to do list where it goes to die, until I eventually sell my house and have to quick get it done before the showings, lol.
The other worst part is that there is no one to carry the torch for you when you set it down. Even someone "nagging" me would be a welcome addition. I would so love someone to say "remember you wanted to build those shelves?" Someone to help project manage. Even someone to just drive to home Depot with me. Someone to bring me ice water or whiskey when I'm working on a project after dinner. Or better yet, someone to do the laundry and make dinner, so I can focus on tearing out drywall.
What I'm realizing is that my house is my partner. I'm married to it, at least until I have the equity to upgrade, and by then I'll probably be so emotionally invested from making it exactly how I want it that I'll never move. Whatever I give my house, it gives back a hundred times. And however much I give, it's never quite enough to express how I really feel. I love my house so much, and I'm so glad I have it. As hard as it's been, I have absolutely loved the ride, and I love being able to look back on everything I've done, knowing I did it all on my own.
Who else here can relate? What's the craziest thing you've done on your own (whether or not you have a partner)?
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2023.03.21 00:25 bbbwwwthrow Seeking a particular outdoor gate

I am seeking to put a metal gate in this walkway for our dog. I'm seeking a 4ft wide by 3ft tall. My neighbor across the way has this gate, and I'd like to find an identical one if possible, but they said it was there when they moved in, and don't know where it's from.
Last year I bought this from Home Depot, but that gate is 4ft wide without any hinges or latch. My walkway itself is exactly four feet wide. Cardinal Gates doesn't sell anything wider than 42". Any ideas? Thank you!
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2023.03.21 00:24 Expert_Can_1479 Any suggestions about this medal set for defender? I also got defender sabo and prime garp but I thought that this set would fit better because of the tags.

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2023.03.21 00:23 Guyercellist How is tip calculated on custom items? I feel like this is a trap order because no way target has all this produce

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2023.03.21 00:23 Marcbat63 61 mill alliance looking for 3 active players.

We run map 665, soon to do 666x5. War optional but going for g2. Have a smaller account looking to grow? We’re perfect! We also serve as a great retirement home for peeps looking to step back and chill, but be in an active alliance. Fun, friendly members, no event minimums except mandatory AQ. Line required. 800k PL or higher please. Alliance tag : HSTLE
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2023.03.21 00:22 chris-read-it Had a terrifying experience today...

I have 2 hounds Patrick (2) and Annie (3). I work from home and was very busy today, I also had errands to run.. This led to me not giving them much attention and their walk being delayed, I also left them on their own 2 separate times during the day. This isn't usual So both were a little out of sorts.
Finally around 4:30pm I had gotten to a point where I could pause work and walk them (normally we go out about 2pm). I walk past the bedroom and noticed so stuff on the bed that had been chewed. Out dogs hadn't really chewed anything they shouldn't in a year or more, it used to be an issue when they were new and still anxious so it was a suprise. I noticed my wireless headphones in bits(3rd time this had happened this pair had survived one attack and the pair before weren't so lucky), a moisturiser and a blister pack of tablets...
I have a prescription for Diazepam (aka Valium) as I can suffer with anxiety and panic. These pills are by the side of my bed. I'm quite a large person 6'5 and about 120kg so I have the larger pills 5mg. The most I have ever taken of these pills is 7. 35mg of this stuff took me from full on panic to calm and dozing when I was at my worse. So if that's what they do to me what the hell are they going to do to a relatively small animal.
I quickly examine the pack. All but one of the pills are missing. They are a 12 pack and I can't remember if I had used 4 or 6. Checking the bed I find maybe 2-3 of these tablets in pieces I call the vet and tell them what is happening and that I'm bringing them in ASAP. I quickly throw what's left in a baggie and speed to the vets march in and get seen straight away. They weigh my dogs 27kg for Annie and 25.5kg for Patrick. Im panicking I'm very worried. Best case one of them has had 15mg of a drug that would have a substantial effect on me and I'm 5x the weight. I think at best because of my carelessness I''m going to cause extreme stress and pain to my dogs, the worst I don't want to think about. I'm guessing they are being made to throw up or possibly being prepared to have their stomachs pumped. I feel like a terrible owner and that there is a distinct possibility I've killed one of my dogs.
I'm sure you can imagine the stress, fear and guilt I felt. I had told my wife and I ask her to check the house to see if there was vomit anywhere, trying to find some good news, she tells me she found a whole pill in the bed. At this point I'm doing lots of mental arithmetic, best case 10mg, worst 30mg. I'm still very worried. FINALLY after what feels like 30 mins (I think it was less than 10) a Vet Nurse comes out and says it's OK and they will be fine. She also says the vet will speak to me in a little while. I am not sure I have ever been that relieved before!
When I come on and speak to the vet I see a group of nurses fussing and treating my dogs it's a bizzare shift as I'm still on edge and concerned. Patrick is a Tripaw and VERY affectionate and is lapping it up.
The vet explains to me that actually the way Diazepam works means you need MORE the smaller the animal. A dogs dosage is 2mg per KG.( I know humans that 2mg would knock them out!) She explained that even if it was full and they had eaten the whole thing it wouldn't have been toxic. They didn't make them sick or anything just took their vitals and fussed them by the sounds of it! She also explained that Diazepam can give dogs Disphasure(definitely not spelt right) and explained that they can become agitated and twitchy. Full of relief I head home, I stop by a drive thru and each dog gets a small Cheeseburger as an apology for the ordeal.
Epilogue Cost was £84 Check up fee X2 + the possibility of speeding and or buslane tickets. Totally worth it imo. I'm going to 3d Print a secure bedside storage for my pills, they will be hidden until this is done. Annie who is usually very quiet and shy jumped on my Wife's lap and barked in her face, I think we have our culprit. The moisturiser was too far gone and was thrown. The dogs didn't get a walk as was advised to keep them in. My earbuds case is damaged but working, the right earbud is destroyed but the left is in good order, fortunately the last pair she chewed she destroyed the left. I was able to salvage a working set. My heart rate is almost back to normal. Annie is currently roaching and seems totally fine. Patrick is snoozing and doesn't seem to be any different.
I'm hoping if anyone else leaves pills out they will reconsider. I'm very aware I got very lucky.
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2023.03.21 00:22 _Revelator_ Clarkson's Columns: The Toyota GR86 Review & A Tory BBC?

The Clarkson Review: the Toyota GR86, sporty but nice
It won’t tear your hair off but it’s surprisingly zippy — and reassuringly cheap
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, March 19)
I haven’t even started yet, and already I’m going to digress. On a cold, grey Sunday afternoon recently I lit a fire and decided to watch Battle of Britain again. A man can never have too much of Olivier’s miserableness or Robert Shaw’s jumper.
Of course I didn’t need subtitles, partly because actors didn’t mumble in those days and partly because I know the entire film off by heart, but they were on anyway and I couldn’t be bothered to work out how to turn them off.
And boy oh boy was I glad, because they were obviously written by someone for whom English was a second language, or whose hearing was every bit as terrible as mine. Either way they turned this magnificent film into a comedy. You wait for the next howler and when it comes you can’t help roaring with laughter. “God strewth” becomes “God’s truth”, the Cockney kid’s “Heinkels” becomes “iron korps” twice and there are so many more. Try it this afternoon if you’ve a couple of hours free. It’s hilarious.
You can also try to work out how many of the main cast are still alive. Only two I reckon. Ian McShane and Michael Caine. And then you can have a bit of a ponder as you try to think of a better man-car pairing than Christopher Plummer as the dashing Spitfire pilot and his little MG PA sports car. (Most people think it was a TA. It wasn’t.)
And it wasn’t just him. Kenneth More used an MG too in Reach for the Sky, as did the man about whom the film was made, Douglas Bader. It was what young men did back then before the invention of quiche lorraine and weird pronouns. Drove sports cars.
Because these little cars with their rorty engines and their chromed wheels sent out a clear message. I have no need for practicality in my life. I am single and I’m carefree and I like the wind in my hair, and after I’ve pointed my Browning at a Hun, I shall come home and point my pinkning at you, my dear.
I’m not sure when the allure of the sports car began to wane. Probably when someone decided that the composition of gases in the upper atmosphere was more important than getting Susannah York into bed.
But recent figures don’t bear this eco-theory out. I know the stats get skewed in January and February by all sorts of demand and supply issues, but in a shrinking overall market, electric car sales are absolutely tanking as people realise they aren’t as green as they’re made out to be, that they are phenomenally expensive to buy and increasingly expensive to reinvigorate, assuming of course you can find a charging location. Which, as there’s only one for every 30 electric vehicles on the road, is unlikely. And even if you do the chargers will all be broken.
So no, it’s not a drive to be green that’s killing the sports car. And nor is it increasingly draconian rules about the height a bonnet should be. No. It’s a general malaise. A sense that driving can’t be fun because there are too many cameras and too many rules and too many cycle lanes. And that if it can’t be fun, you may as well drive around in what’s nothing more than a household appliance. Something with a small, economical engine and good internet connectivity for when you’re stuck in traffic.
Lisa is still going on about that Vauxhall Astra we had on test recently. In her mind it’s the best car ever made. My son, meanwhile, wants to swap his Fiat Spider for a Volvo because what other choice does he have? When it comes to affordable sports cars, there’s the Mazda MX-5. And that’s it. The Fiat’s gone. Renault doesn’t do one any more. No one does. Not even MG, which now makes … God knows what? Nothing I’d want to buy.
All of which brings me to the Toyota GR86. It’s not a sports car as such because it has a roof. But it is small, it does have a rorty engine and rear-wheel drive, and it is cheap. Amazingly cheap. You can have this car for just under £30,000.
I doubt you’ll remember its predecessor, the GT86. Launched as a sister car to the Subaru BRZ, which you also won’t remember, the idea, on paper, was quite good. Fit a little car with rear-wheel drive, equip it with not very grippy tyres from a Prius and, wahey, all over the world young men would be introduced for the very first time to their inner Plummer.
Road testers such as myself loved it but we didn’t buy one. No one did. Toyota, however, weren’t to be deterred and decided the problem was the engine. They reckoned it wasn’t torquey enough. So now they’ve addressed that and the little sports coupé is back. As the GR86.
The engine is still a flat four — which gives the car a low centre of gravity — but it now displaces 2.4 litres. Which means 34 more horsepowers and, more important, 33 more torques, which come at you from the ground up, not from the stratospheric red zone. This means you no longer have to stir the gearlever like you’re beating eggs as you desperately search for a bit of grunt. The engine is now tremendous. Even in top gear at 40mph you can feel the low-down surge as if you’re caught in a riptide.
Don’t get me wrong. This is a sub-£30,000 car. It’s not a Porsche or a Ferrari. It won’t tear your hair off but it will do 0 to 60mph in about six seconds, and that’s fine. So is the handling. Toyota has realised that most people don’t actually want to slide their car round roundabouts. It frightens them and they end up in court. So now the car has tyres that are designed to grip the road rather than slither about on it as though they’re made from Fairy Liquid.
I truly loved driving this car, and I loved the noise it made too, until I discovered it was an artificial sound coming at me through the speakers. Then I hated it.
This is a trivial thing, though. The GR86 is extremely pretty, effortless to get in and out of, like a Shackletons easy chair, and the interior comes with just enough stuff to make you think nothing is missing at all. It’s an extremely complete little car, and if you hanker after the olden days you should definitely buy one. Toyota says the few hundred that came to the UK in the first allocation are already sold but they’re hoping for another. After that there may not be any more.
I was going to end up by saying it’s not the end of the world because Toyota also makes the Yaris GR, which is even more fun, and you could have one of those instead. But I’ve just made a couple of calls and it seems they’ve sold out of those.
Prius, anyone?

Land Rover Defender 130 X-Dynamic HSE D300 AWD MHEV
Engine: 2387cc, 4 cylinders, petrol
Power: 231bhp @ 7000rpm
Torque: 184 lb ft @ 3700rpm
Acceleration: 0-62mph: 6.3sec
Top speed: 140mph
Fuel / CO2: 32.1mpg / 200g/km
Weight: 1,275kg
Price: £29,995
Release date: Register at Toyota.co.uk
Jeremy’s rating: ★★★★☆

Head to head:
Toyota GR86 6-speed manual versus Mazda MX-5 2.0 Skyactiv-G Exclusive-Line
£29,995 Price £30,350
231bhp Power 181bhp
6.3sec 0-62mph 6.5sec
140mph Top speed 136mph
A Tory BBC? Everyone I met there in 25 years was flaming red
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, March 19)
It’s often said that when someone emerges into the world from university and likes what they see, they will go into the City or into business and they will devote their lives to making money and going to parties and having fun. However, if they leave university and think the world is all broken and full of injustice, they will try to change the system. Which means they will add a rainbow emoji to their Twitter bio and join the BBC.
Of course, in recent weeks we have been told over and over again that this is emphatically not the case. Many angry, red-faced people have pointed out that the present chairman of the BBC is a Tory party donor and that Tim Davie, the director-general, once stood as a Conservative candidate in the local council elections in Hammersmith & Fulham. The message, then, is clear. At the very top, the Beeb is a festering maggot pit run by the bastard love children of Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Gekko.
That’s why Gary Lineker was temporarily stood down — not because he’d broken some weird impartiality clause in his contract but because he’d dared to challenge this government’s tireless resolve to treat immigration as if it’s basically a big game of snakes and ladders, and bounce everyone who lands on a beach in Kent straight off to Rwanda. “You can’t work for the BBC with views like that, Big Ears, so bugger off.”
Then there was Fiona Bruce. When someone on Question Time suggested that Stanley Johnson was a wife-beater, she interrupted to say that his friends had said he’d only done it once. Now, we all know she did this because she was legally required to do so. But, according to the mob, the ghost of Keith Joseph was transmitting his thoughts into her earpiece from the BBC’s throne room.
The mob, however, is wrong. Yes, at this precise moment of history it’s possible that the two people at the top of the BBC might at some point in their past have voted Conservative, but what about everyone else? All the other 22,000 people involved in running this broadcasting giant? The army that creates and writes and presents all the shows it produces? Well, I worked at the BBC for more than 25 years, and I can tell you that almost everyone I met was redder than the end of a dog’s lipstick.
I was once told when visiting the Simon Mayo show that I would have to leave my copy of The Spectator outside as “extremist material” was not allowed in the Radio 5 Live offices. And then, while I was waiting to go on The One Show, a producer said that I had to agree with the public sector strikes that were happening that day or it would be “awkward”.
I know someone who was told to take down his Union Jack because it was “offensive”, and I was asked to remove my poster of Mrs Thatcher because it was upsetting people who walked past. I did, and replaced it with a picture of Kate and Wills, which somehow made them even angrier.
Have things changed since then? Well, if you are a Conservative voter and you are employed by the BBC, write to me and let me know. I’m not expecting a sudden surge in demand for stamps.
You may argue that this right-on, left-leaning wokery is hidden from viewers — but if you know what to look for, it really isn’t. Yes, in an item on Countryfile last weekend airtime was indeed given to a landowner who has to put up with the wild camping enthusiasts who turn up on his farm with their stupid tents and their sense of entitlement. But he was grilled so fiercely that at the end, the word “Breville” was clearly visible on his forehead. Whereas the beardies who think property is theft were treated like bereaved parents after a car crash.
The news? Sure, each item, taken on its own merit, is balanced, but the choice of those items is usually straight from the Guardian playbook: climate change, cost of living crisis, Tory sleaze. And now the weather, followed by our exciting new series, Saving Lives in Leeds.
Comedy? Sorry, comedy’s too risky for the BBC these days. Someone might be the butt of a joke, and that could cause all sorts of upset and mental health issues.
Remember, what everyone on every BBC platform fears more than anything is a Twitter backlash, so to try to keep that festival of left-wing madness happy, they have to be even more left wing and even more right-on. And they have to make sure that every show is pitch-perfect to the BLT+ community and the ethnic minority communities and the community communities, and when you’re thinking defensively like that, the concept of informing and educating and entertaining pretty much goes out of the window. Could I do Top Gear there now? Not a chance.
They’ve even got problems this month with Sir Attenborough. The Beeb has had to fight off claims that the final programme of his new Wild Isles series was written by some sixth-formers who got so carried away with their woke agenda, it will only be shown on iPlayer.
Naturally, all of this makes the vast majority of the BBC’s increasingly aged viewers jolly cross. They are forced to pay £53.50 a year — and a lot more if they want to watch in colour — and they get absolutely nothing that even remotely interests them in return.
I feel your pain, but as I’m the sort of person who emerged into the world as a young man and decided to grab all that it had to offer with both hands and milk the bastard dry, I’ve come up with a way to make the BBC fun. Start at six in the evening, and every time someone with an earnest face says something earnest to an earnest person in the community, take a drink. I guarantee by 7.30 you’ll be in hysterics, and by eight you’ll be fast asleep.
And here's the Sun column: We need a leader to stand up & say ‘this is what’s wrong with Britain and here’s how I’ll fix it’
Clarkson's columns are regularly collected as books. You can buy them online or at your local bookshop.
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2023.03.21 00:22 Ni4Ni_optimism living in a dream for almost a week in a single night.

Hey all, I wanted to share a dream with you that i had last night.
a quick background, M(32) going through a very rough but amicable break up with my fiance of 2 years. ive had a hard time sleeping obviously, but when i do, i have short stinted nightmares, but i can never remember them......literally when I awake, the memory of it fadess away.
last night i had a dream that i moved out of my apartment into a small boathouse on the harbor, it wasnt the best, but i was calling it mine, looking through the boat house i pulled my phone out of my pocket and started taking pictures of everything that needed to be fixed or replaced, drove to the local home depot, spoke to a couple folks about my plans and what my best options were. purchased the materials, and back home i went. my mom called me and asked how everything was doing, got pulled over for running a stop sign that wasnt there, had a full blown convo with the cop. (dude was pretty chill actually) finally made it back home, but it was too dark to start anything, unloaded my stuff and made due for the night with what i had. woke up in the morning locked up the boat house and went to work......
this started on monday in my dream and went until saturday, day in and day out, working, shopping, fixing thee boat, going to the drive thru at mcdonalds, everything. saturday morning my alarm clock went off and before i opened my eyes, i sat up and scooted off the bed to the floor and freaked out, instead of the cold hard wood floor that i normally would step on, i stepped on carpet.....in my apartment......not on the boat, i had no clue where i was. im still a bit shaken from the experience, i liteerally lived another life for almost a week in a dream. to the point, my dream was literally my reality.
what blows my mind, i was asleep for MAYBE 45 minutes. according to the last text i sent on my phone.

has anyone ever had an experience like this?
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2023.03.21 00:21 AnothaBurnerAccount Tips to prepare for supporting elder parents/in-laws with low to non-existing savings/pension post retirement

I'm starting to see many individuals in my situation and wondering if I could get some insight, whether it directly helps me, or not.
Within the next 5 years parents will be retiring/too old to work.
- Currently folks are on ODSP, subsidized housing (rent) and relatively scraping by. Not living lavishly (no travel) but not living in poverty either. Not sure if living "pay check to pay check" exists given there really isn't one coming in...
- Arguably, no assets (no house/home) and no debt (created credit check profiles so will be able to confirm in like a day or two). No RRSP there is a very small amount for emergency (6 month coverage) in a TFSA and in a GIC account.
- Household income is around 30k/yr excluding their child who supports when and where they can
- Both worked in factories for ~15 years after coming to Canada (now here for about 30 years). This is when sicknesses started to occur. One of the parent worked the odd cash job here and there, therefore CPP is very low, or even non-existent. Believe it's roughly 100-150$ a month pre-tax for one of them. The other is getting roughly the same for CPP Disability Benefits.
- The factories they worked at are no longer operating so currently trying to determine whether or not a DB/DC pension of some sort exists
- Given that 65 is on the horizon, OAS and GIS will begin. Given their low income, is it a fair assessment to assume roughly 20k/yr per person?
- For someone with both parents on disability is there any other support they can receive from the government?
The likelihood is that once they are 65+, they will stay with the child (this is also a cultural norm) and they'd support said child providing the OAS/GIS and whatever else they can get given that they wont be paying "rent" and can move from their socialized housing.
- the unfortunate reality is that they do not expect to live a long life given their health issues
- Asking parents to work is not an option given their health
- Abandoning parents and having them figure out this on their own is also not an option. It's a tough life that many probably can't handle but they managed to do their best with me as well with very little support given they both are only-children in their families with no support system. If that is your advice I suggest downvoting this post and moving on
Edit: This is based on Ontario/GTA
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2023.03.21 00:21 unicornadi guysssssss im so high and happy rn <33333

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2023.03.21 00:21 Ryleenikole Lease help!

We signed a lease the beginning of the month for a move in date of 3/15.
As of today, the house still is not cleaned or move in ready, one of the two doors to get into the house has no steps, aka if I step out I will fall 6 feet straight down, they made us schedule the cleaners and carpet cleaners for them after we complained the house was not ready on 3/15.
They’re also trying to make us keep some of their furniture in the house while we rent because they don’t want to get rid of it. None of that was in the lease we signed.
Do we have a leg to stand on to void the lease since it was not ready on the agreed upon date? Or am I responsible and locked in, despite their faults? We are in WA state if that makes a difference.
And we have not paid anything yet. They tried to get us to pay today for a prorate rent starting at the 15th and I said no.
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2023.03.21 00:20 GWSecureParking New overnight parking option near The Gorge Amphitheatre

New overnight parking option near The Gorge Amphitheatre
We are GW Secure Parking and we're so excited to announce that our brand new park-and-ride lot will be opening in May of this year, and we couldn't be more thrilled to offer secure parking near The Gorge Amphitheatre!
We are PERFECT for large groups who want to save money and leave their car in a secure lot. We know that everyone can’t meet at the same time. For those meeting at different times, we are only a walk away from restaurants, bars, cannabis, and even lodging! You are welcome to use our free wi-fi as well.
Quick info:
We are 8.6 miles from The Gorge - we currently do not offer any shuttle service. Our lot is a park-and-ride only
  • Security fence with coded access gate (if you don’t have a code, you can’t get in)
  • 24 hour video surveillance
  • Security drone
  • Bright LED lighting
  • large parking spaces
  • free wi-fi
  • peace of mind
Event parking is calculated at $25/per night unless the festival goes on for longer. we WILL NOT charge any more than $100 per event weekend, no matter the duration.
If you reserve, Event parking is a package deal. If you plan on leaving early for the festival and do not want to pay for the parking package, you can still check out lot to see if there are there are any spaces available for that day, we will provide those spaces to people on a first come first serve basis.
Still have questions or need to shop around? Join the GW Group! to access our FREE Map of the Gorge Amphitheatre, Parking guide and a ton of free concert planning resources.
We also give away tons of free concert planning resources! Free concert tickets, parking passes, official band merch, local gift cards & more! We are actually about ready to announce we are giving away 2 Illenium tickets for Memorial Day weekend! Join our list to get entered in :D
of course feel free to ask any and all questions here on this post. I help anyone with any general parking questions since I live out in George and know this place like the back of my hand.

Reserve parking today before everyone else does!
Visit our home page
Join the GW Group!- Tons of free concert planning resources! Free concert tickets, parking passes, official band merch, local gift cards & more!
u/thegorgeamphitheatre - u/beyond_wonderland - u/basscanyon - u/watershedfestival - u/brandicarlile - u/davematthewsband - u/illenium - u/thehighwomen - u/aboveandbeyondu/deadandcompany - u/ericchurchmusic DMB BeyondWonderlandPNW
Don't miss out on our exciting news and be sure to follow us for updates on our grand opening!
Located: 206 E Van Ave George WA 98824
Reserve Parking Today

Construction is underway and happening fast :D Coming May 2023
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2023.03.21 00:20 Gloomy-Bedroom72 Dog/Cat issues - needing advice

Hi, so I have two dogs, both CKCS. The elder one (3) is absolutely fine with our cats and just needed some training as a puppy to help be calm around them. The younger one (1.5yo) has a really high prey drive for the breed and we're struggling. She chases the cats if they come in the room with her, we have gates set up so they jump over those but she then jumps up after them snapping at the air. I just can't get her attention at all to attempt any redirecting. She's also just generally high prey drive so will try to lunge at birds on walks even if they're metres away up a tree and so on.
We love her so much and I totally understand it's not her fault, it's just the way her brain is. I worry about the cats getting hurt as although there's no intention to hurt the cats things have been escalating. She's also very possessive over her food or anything else valuable, which is mostly manageable by giving her space but sometimes she will lunge/bark at the cats when they're trying to drink from the water fountain or if I drop something while cooking etc. So these flashpoint situations aren't always preventable. I also worry our dog is finding the cats so intense that she can't relax - when we go away for a weekend etc with the dogs she's so much easier to manage and so much calmer. I want her home to be a happy, calm place for her too.
We have had the cats 6 years and are very close to them, but my partner thinks we should rehome them. I'd like to try other options first but obviously if I can't ensure their safety then we will have to rehome them. Does anyone have any ideas for training etc that could help or is her prey drive likely too strong for this to ever be safe?
For background info both dogs are spayed/neutered, get along incredibly well together and with us and are walked 45-60 mins a day on weekdays and 2 hours or so on weekends. They each get a frozen kong daily for extra mental stimulation and we do some trick training.
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2023.03.21 00:19 androiderYT I manged to get my Fold to get 6 SOT again

I manged to get my Fold to get 6 SOT again
Here is what I did:
1- Light performance mode on 2- Bixby routine that turns on battery saver when the battery is under 20% 3- Adaptive battery saver on. 4- Adaptive power saving off. 5- Bixby routine turns off location, nfc and data when I am at home. 6- Bixby routine that protects the battery. When charging overnight the phone charges with slow charging and will only charge upto 80%. 30 minutes before I wake up the charging returns to normal and charges up tp 100%. 7- Every app is on deep sleep apart from the ones I need notifications from.
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2023.03.21 00:18 throwRA5784007 I (25M) told a girl (24F) I loved her drunk. I really need some guidance!

Posted before but it got deleted.
I have been seeing a girl for three months now, and while we aren’t exclusive, she has been well aware of my interest in her exclusively.
Our time together so far, while short, has included several challenges and has been both intensely good and provided challenges for both of us.
Our relationship began sexual and it has since regressed to occasional sex, which has bothered me, but she said the fast nature in which we had sex went against her traditional religious and personal values of only sleeping with a boyfriend. We had sex like 2 weeks ago, but otherwise it has been just kissing, basically, which is tough as I have not had any interest in other women. Each time we have sex she gets very emotional and says she has feelings or, recently, that she doesn’t like the “control” I have over her.
Anyway, we were out last night and drinking and when we were home we were laying together and I said it: “I love you”
She said, like you love me as a person?
I said no, I am in love with you.
There was a look of cautious excitement embedded in her eyes— but she said,
“I don’t believe you, you’re just saying this.” “You’re drunk.”
I reiterated my position and said calmly that I was in love with her. (And honestly, I had wanted to say it before, I just had some liquid courage)
She didn’t say it back. She then opened up to me about some of her previous relationship history, and finally told me a very traumatic story from her family life that was so incredibly horrifying it made me cry. She has only told her closest family and friends this story.
She also told me more about her dad— and how he was a completely absentee father and extraordinarily neglecting. (Earlier this night she actually sent him a picture of the two of us and he never responded.) Earlier in the day we’d been talking about our kids names, how great of parents we’d be, etc.
After an hour or two of her telling me these stories, we decided to change the subject and watch a movie. We fell asleep together watching the movie.
This morning was awkward. We woke up (albeit hungover) and instead of the usual smiles and messing around, it was silence, tension.
I knew I had to say something, so after like 45 minutes of minimal talking I said,
“Hey, I feel compelled to say that what I said last night was not just me being drunk or anything, and I really meant it— I stand by it still, and I don’t expect it to be reciprocated.”
She thanked me for my honesty about how I felt.
I told her she can always trust me.
I had to go and just after saying that, her roommate walked in, so I kissed her forehead and went on my way.
I’ve been beating myself up all day thinking I should have said more this morning. I haven’t heard from her, and so I suppose that just instills in me a bit of anxiety.
She hosts a trivia night every Monday (tonight) I always go to and I’m not sure if I should go
Should I let it be silence for now? Should I reach out given her trust issues with guys that care about her?
Thank you!
TL;DR: I told a girl I’ve been seeing for 3 months that I loved her and the next morning was awkward until I addressed it. I need help navigating the next step
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2023.03.21 00:17 basically-brian Hammer drill and impact tool kit

recently i bought a hammer drill and impact tool kit and my drill is gone but my co-worker mysteriously came up with a Milwaukee drill just like mine. the serial numbers are extremely so close to identical, was wondering if serial numbers had any correlation to each other if they were bought in a toolkit. if not would my home depot receipt show the serial numbers on it?
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2023.03.21 00:17 Natkadaw Did the math

Excessive weight, too much debt and a habit of drinking high abv craft beer most nights... It was such an obvious solution that I was avoiding for years, but removing that from my life would, at least in part, solve both of those issues.
Without changing my diet, just dropping the beer, I lost 25 pounds the first month. After that month, I returned to drinking low - cal beers on weekends, and continued to lose another 15 the next month. This plus 20 min light cardio a day, and working from home (less than 5k steps a day), without changing a thing in my diet from the last few years, after 2.5 months I'm down 45 pounds and resting heart rate went from 80 to 60. No extreme dieting, I learned I always ate fairly healthy but drank the majority of my calories.
My situation is maybe not the best example as I continue to drink, but what I've learned is that even one night of drinking a few 80-calorie beers, my resting heart rate goes up for 4-5 days and it stalls my weight loss. I basically lose 4 days of progress. Even one drink has a noticeable delayed effect. Now everyday I have to decide is a single drink worth having to set my health recovery back by 4 days?
Fairly quickly drinking a few beers on a Saturday led to drinking Fridays and Sundays and starting earlier
For about 2 weeks In a row I couldn't get below 280. I'd get to 280.1, 280.3, 281. 3 on 3 different Fridays. I decided to just skip a weekend of moderate drinking and my weight kept going down.
I know the weight loss is on the extreme side. Nearly 20 years ago I lost 150 pounds, so I've been here before. I just thought my experience with alcohol may be useful to somebody who's trying to quit for their health.
No matter how I rationalize it, the numbers have really shocked me. I really do believe there's no acceptable amount of alcohol. Maybe some day I'll quit, for now I'm just trying to improve a day at a time.
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2023.03.21 00:17 TrustMeBro9182 4 Unit Play

Grizzlies ML -150 vs Mavericks 6 Units to win 4*Best # on MGMMavs just escaped in back 2 back road games (OT and 1-pt win) which is massive for "avoiding the play-in" hopes but sets up for less than an A effort tonight on the last game of their road trip, prior to a massive home game vs Warriors on Weds for potential last non-play-in spot. Doncic and Morris are out while Kyrie and THJ remain questionable. Grizz shot below average in the 2 games last week vs Mavs and still won comfortably in both. I trust them to do same in well-rested home game vs an injury-ridden Mavs who has already overachieved on this rd trip.
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