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A voxel-based exploration RPG in development by developer Wollay and his wife Pixxie.

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2023.06.08 01:28 superbay50 Prime all might vs grand line

Prime all might takes the same journey as luffy, fights the same enemies and makes the same choices (except of course choices during battle, all might can still pick his own strategies) (he doesn’t have to go to marineford so he goes directly from sabaody to punk hazard)
From now on please remember that any powerscaling done in my explanation is purely to explain the rules and i didn’t take actual powerscaling into consideration
he takes 9 characters out of the mha verse with him to make a full crew
Rules for his crew are, the choice is made based on strength(for example if zoro is 80% as strong as luffy zoro’s replacement has to be 80% as strong as all might, any crewmember where this is impossible will be replaced by all might at the required percentage of ofa output), he also meets them at the same time as luffy meets his crew.
The crew also has a really weak haki, just enough to be able to attack logia users but it doesn’t increase attack or defense. They have no observation or conquerors.
When fighting an enemy that in the original story has been beaten by smarts or tricks it comes down to one of two things, can they beat the enemy with their normal way(fighting and using their quirk) or can they figure out an equal trick to finish the fight. If either of those is yes it counts as a win.
In special cases like when arlong threw luffy into the water there are things to consider like how all might can still swim(probably) and all might wouldn’t probably have made the choices that would get him thrown into the ocean.
If all might and his crew wins a battle luffy and the gang lost it only changes the flow of the story if it doesn’t impact the overall journey(for example if all might’s second in command beats mihawk it counts as a win but mihawk still shows up at the necessary points in the story. But if all might wins his first battle against kaido kaido is defeated and wano ends
Id any of all might’s crew dies they can be revived after battle(if the battle is won)
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2023.06.08 01:28 DiamondTippedDriller A friend decides to replace his deceased brother with another child

I am perplexed.
My husband’s friend (who basically loathes his life since he had his first baby about 4 years ago…his wife has become unhealthily obsessed with that child - the guy has basically turned into an automaton who commutes 1.5 hours to work and 1.5 hours back 5 days a week pushing paper, eats, watches TV and goes to bed, has stopped playing the piano which was his only real hobby because his wife “hates the sound of jazz”, and takes only 2 or 3 weeks of child-centered vacations a year), unfortunately lost his brother last year.
His parents, in the midst of their grief, urged him and his wife to have another baby to “replace” their own dead son. They obeyed and subsequently bore another child about 12 months after the brother’s death. They gave it the same name as the late brother.
I am kind of speechless. That is perhaps the most macabre and fucked-up reasoning I’ve heard regarding why someone would want to have a child.
My fellow childfree friends, please help me understand what on earth these people were thinking. Is it just me, or does this just seem weird to you, too?
TLDR: My husband’s friend who hates his current life with a toddler and child-obsessed wife has a brother who dies, his parents urge him to have another baby right away, he obliges and names it after deceased brother. Strange.
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2023.06.08 01:28 Frostychill123 Update on a trade!

Update on a trade!
Yesterday I posted about how if I should trade my Xbox Original and its games + a PS3 Super Slim for some Skylanders. Basically everyone I asked their opinion on (and everyone who commented on that last post) said no, and yea thinking about it that is just a bit much. I said I'd do just the Xbox Original and he thought about it and agreed the next day (today). Some of y'all might still think that was probably a waste but if you do the math I think it's a fair trade. I'm happy with the lot cause now I finally have Imaginators for Wii U which I've wanted for years now and I wasn't ever playing the Xbox or any of those games.
Very few duplicates as well, only duplicates being the fire reactor (but that's cause it's the starter pack so there's a million of them) and Sensei Tri-Tip, Aurora, and Hoodsickle but that's fine I'll either just sell them of give them to a friend who's getting back into Skylanders.
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2023.06.08 01:28 keystothechorus Immigrating to the US

Hi! Sorry, I don't really use Reddit but I am in desperate need of help so I hope this post is accepted in this group.
Anyway, hi guys! So for a few years now, it's been my honest goal to be able to migrate to the US (specifically, NYC because my best friend lives there and lodging would be free). Honestly, I've seen so many people I know who just up and moves to the US and they make it look so easy but I know it's really not so hence, why I'm also here. To ask for everyone's help/advice.
I am a college graduate from DLSU and I currently work for a US software company fortunate to have transitioned to a permanent WFH setup with a decent salary.
But because I'm not getting any younger (I'm almost 30) and because I recently visited NYC for the first time (I fell in love with city din eh \sigh**), that goal of mine just started ticking in my head ever since I got back and I seriously started thinking about my future again.
Ang dami ng kawork ko and friends ko nagjoke sakin na magTNT nalang ako nung sinabi ko pupunta akong new york pero kasi, gusto ko parin makauwi ng Pinas if ever, God forbid, may emergency or may mangyare sa pamilya ko so I really wanna do this the legal way.
My company has this digital-first kind of policy wherein they allow employees to be able to work from another country for a max of 90 days, provided we have follow the country's laws and requirements so I also started looking into the option of being able to work for 4 months from the US every year, but when I looked into getting an Employee Authorization Document (form I-765), I was told by USCIS customer service rep that "Employment is not authorized to B-2 nonimmigrants" (wth?!?!?!).
I am also considering going to Community College but I'm worried I would have to work at the same time and medyo kinakabahan ako baka di ko kayanin yun lol
Employment-wise, since alam ko din most companies don't give you a work visa unless super Exec position ka na, I don't apply to jobs in the US... (should I ba?)
So for those who have successfully migrated to the US (without any help from their relatives petitioning them or marrying a US citizen), I would like to ask how did you guys do it? Any advice is highly appreciated. :)
Also, I'm so sorry for the long post and I appreciate you taking the time if you read it.
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2023.06.08 01:28 anon_tako Should my sway bar links be able to move this freely? More info about how I’m testing this in body text.

Should my sway bar links be able to move this freely? More info about how I’m testing this in body text.
2021 Toyota Tacoma V6, 4x4, 43.4K miles
Each side tested. I jacked the truck up, and lowered it onto a jack stand under the lower control arms as close to the wheel as I could get. I was testing ball joints, tie rods, and looking at the control arm bushings for any deterioration, leaks, or play. Grabbed the sway bar links and noticed both sides move this much. They also move like this when the truck is on the ground. Are they supposed to?
This next part might be possibly related? What’s your opinion?
I’ve been getting a “clink” or “ting” sound every time when I first hit the brakes after shifting into drive or reverse at low speeds. It usually goes away after the first time until I shift into the opposite direction in low speed areas. Nothing happening while driving yet.
Since everything else seemed to check out (no leaks, torn or ripped boots, no worn bushings, no play in other stuff), I was thinking this might be the cause, OR my brake pads might be shifting (6-7mm left on the front, basically new in the back). OR something is loose and I have to find it.
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2023.06.08 01:28 Vanillagat0r AITAH? My bf (31) told me (27f) I am being psychologically abusive, am I?

I have been with him 6 months. I can be very insecure and often feel unloved or uncared for over seemingly small things, I have EUPD and ASD which may weigh into this. I think things might’ve began where I’ve been feeling down quite a lot over him not wanting to cuddle at night; it was getting to me quite a lot and I explained this to him and he went on the defensive leaving me feeling much worse but it got resolved and I let it go. For the day after my birthday I told him beforehand that I wanted to go to my mum’s so we can see my family and have dinner and he said this was fine. On my birthday day I found out he told his band mates he was free on Monday for band practice and he left me crying in the bath until he picked his daughter up and brought her over. then I got over it and hung out with her. Ended up a nice day and evening and he said he would cancel the band practice. So the day after my birthday I felt guilty for making him not do band practice and suggested that he just go for half the time instead of the full duration and he agreed. I still felt sad about it but less guilty. He then told me an hour or so later that he was going to go to his friend’s house to meet their new baby and I cried a lot and told him we were supposed to be seeing my mum so I could celebrate my birthday with family, he said it was my fault for not specifying a time for us to leave to go to my mums. He left me crying quite badly sat on the floor and when he came back I was still crying. He kept asking me to hurry up so we can go to my mums, so the only moment I stopped crying was just before we got through the door to my mums place. Myself and my mum split the cost for takeaway for all of us, he drove me there and back so I thought that was a fair split. Me and him made up on the drive home after his band practice.
Last night he started cuddling me and I felt really happy about it, stuff started happening and he tried to have sex with me but I told him I wasn’t “prepared” yet and it would hurt. He rolled off me and laid on his back, he swears blind that he had his arm on me afterwards but I’m sure he didn’t but whatever. I told him that it upset me that he only wanted a cuddle for sex and he defended himself and I felt invalidated and sad. I told him I feel like he doesn’t care about me and he said that was a hurtful thing to say. He then started feeling really poorly so I put it aside and started cuddling him and trying to make him feel looked after.
Today we were cuddling on the sofa and I thought it might’ve been his way of expressing that he really does care and made me so happy. But he then got up in the middle of a show and started playing on his computer, I asked if he could stay and he said he wanted to play TFT. I ended up crying and I feel like I keep begging him to show that he cares and I keep feeling that he doesn’t. He told me that my behaviour is psychologically abusive (repeatedly crying and saying I feel like he doesn’t care). And that if it weren’t for my diagnoses he would be a lot harsher towards me. I also ended my tenancy at my place early this week so we could live together as it would help with costs for both of us (with his encouragement and blessing) and now he’s just told me it’s not a good idea we live together because I’m never happy with anything he does. I was so upset to hear this because now my living situation is also messed up alongside feeling unsure whether I’m awful or not.
AITA? I don’t want or intend to be psychologically abusive so it’s upsetting to hear that I might be 😞
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2023.06.08 01:28 airborness Cowboy Bebop vinyl record varients?

It's been many years since I looked into getting a copy and at the time, there was only the unobtainable/expensive original release or a bootleg version that apparently had some minor quality issues.

After doing some searching around today, it seems like there is actually a new official release by Milan, if I am seeing things correctly? So in total, there are three versions, one being the first original that came in a box set, one bootleg and the new/second original release from Milan?

Then within Milan, there are various variants, but it seems like it is just the color of the records with no other differences between them, with the Ein edition being the current version that's readily available?

Last part of the questions. I am assuming it is essentially going to be all the same whether purchasing a set from Milan, Cruncyroll, or RightStuf?

There just seem to be so many possible options that I want to get my ducks straight before I place an order.
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2023.06.08 01:28 anonym0usee ADHD is destroying my life and doctors won’t help

Let me just start out being truthful. I have issues with substance abuse but one of the main reasons I use illegal drugs is because they make me focus. I used to be prescribed Adderall and vyvanse and Xanax and that combination helped me so much. I was like a D average student in high school until I got on medication and then I ended up passing with all As my junior and senior year with all As and I did a semester of college with all As and then I had a seizure and then later found out I have epilepsy so my doctor yanked my meds because it was a liability for him because those drugs lower the seizure threshold. After that my life spiraled hard. Smoking and drinking and a couple other occasional recreational drugs at times turned into a full fledged addiction. Drinking and doing hard drugs All the time. Alcohol became a rudimentary adhd drug. I lost all of my relationships and friends and ended up getting into legal trouble. I switched doctors and I stupidly told them I was using drugs because I was so desperate to tell someone and then they wouldn’t prescribe any controlled substances. So now it just feels like my life is in free fall. I also have dyslexia. Reading one page of a book is a massive challenge. I can’t hold a job because I can’t keep up with everything. So I’m honestly just looking for some support or someone to talk to. Thank you to anyone that read this.
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2023.06.08 01:28 blisschronicals Dynamics with friends

I could use some advice on a situation I've found myself in recently. I have two groups of friends: my hometown friends and my friends from university. I wanted to set up my best friend from high school (F) with my best friend from uni (M1), but it seems like F isn't interested.
Instead, M1 introduced me to his high school friend (M2), and we've been hanging out together as a group. The more time we spend together, the more evident it becomes that both guys are interested in F, which makes it hard for me not to notice the lack of attention I receive. I've also developed feelings for M2, but he is clearly into F, and she has admitted to having feelings for him too.
I'm finding it increasingly difficult to be around them as I feel like I'm interrupting their connection. There's a lot of tension when I hang out with F alone, and I don't want to be the person who's obviously there as a buffer. I also don't want to risk getting my feelings hurt.
I'm unsure how to handle this situation and would appreciate any advice or perspective you all may have. I want to navigate this without jeopardizing our friendships or creating further complications. Thank you in advance for your support and insights.
TL;DR: Introduced my high school friend (F) to my university friend (M1), but she isn't interested. Instead, M1 introduced me to his high school friend (M2), and both guys are interested in F. I've developed feelings for M2, but he and F are into each other. Feeling like a third wheel and unsure how to proceed.
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2023.06.08 01:28 Inappropriate-9977 God Bless Hart 💔😢 another case of not in her best interest

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2023.06.08 01:28 LarissaMartinez Alien love bite twin flame?

Several months ago, I was put onto this alleged "twin flame journey". Everything felt slightly forced and orchestrated, it brought me tons of anxiety and depression and an obsession with this SP that felt almost out of my control. I typically have never felt this type of way with anyone and it is pretty unusual for me to be diving deep into spirituality. This person resembles characteristics of mine, we have some similarities and I've had some freaky experiences feeling this persons prescence, and dreams. We almost look a bit similar and are the opposite sex. We have similar family dynamics and are of the same ethnicity, They are overall very kind but I've been forcing no contact on my part. This person is unaware of what I am going through. I'm pretty sure they see the same repeating numbers at the same time as I do. 1:11 2:11, 3:11, 4:11, and it goes on. I saw all the signs and syncronicities, but around this time that the "twin flame journey" started my emotional and mental health started to dramatically decline. I started feeling random urges to hurt myself, lash out, do drugs, compulsively have sex, and I've felt possessed. I deal with tons of anxiety and feel like there are spirits or beings that are watching me, bullying me and are attached to me. I physically feel like I am always on edge, my nervous system feels very weird and I feel just freaking watched all the time. I am able to understand logically this sounds insane.. However I can't help but to think that this is forced. Like I dealt with the chakra activation and alleged "kundalini" but I feel like I'm getting taken advantage of and sucked out of by something. Before this, I was happy calm and normal. I was able to do more things, I would go outside more and talk to people more. Now, I feel like I am observing myself at a 3rd person point of view. Before this I had felt like something big was coming. energetically I felt a massive shift and couldn't understand what was going on. But I want to escape this because it's terrifying. It's been one sided. I am depressed. I am losing hope that I will be able to feel normal and like one autonomous person again, I am bombarded with mental reminders of this bullshit. I want to go back to normal. I wonder if this person is a true TF but I want it to stop. I don't text them or anything and I can't do it. I have been very spirituality vulnerable and have been a lonely conspiracy theorist since forever but I was more logical and earthbound. I need help and I'm wondering if there is any type of people who actually invest into things like this? Like remove spirits? For reference I am a young female. I have considered if I am psychotic but I feel like that wouldn't answer any of the coincidences and events that have happened with me and this person. It's like we go through the same things and feel similar emotions at the same time. I notice when I'm down and depressed he also is too. When I look in the mirror sometimes I see his face. Yet this feels entrapping. When I was about fifteen I would occasionally deal with sleep paralysis of being abducted at night by little alien greys. I remember telling my therapist about it. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this but yeah. I need help to get out of this entrapment and potential psychosis. Feel free to message me because I need some guidance on what is going on.
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2023.06.08 01:28 RemoveResponsible814 How Can I Catch My Cheating Spouse / Partner Spy text messages without phone How To Spy On Your Husband's Phone Without Them Knowing Hire a hacker.

Hello guys, are you in desperate need of a prolific, knowledgeable, skillful and reliable hacker, then look no further. This hacker helped me retrieve my lost files, lost Facebook and Instagram account in less than 24hours. She can also access any devices regardless of how sophisticated they might be and a lots more she can do. What gave me peace was her offer of a complete refund within 24hours if for any reason i wasn't satisfied with the service. Well i didn't have to do that because she got the job done.

Contact her below.
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
She can access accounts on any social media you can think of such as
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2023.06.08 01:27 PeaceSim I attended my high school’s ten-year reunion. There’s something terribly wrong with the rest of my graduating class.

There’s a saying in my hometown: “Nobody leaves Copper Hill for good.”
For years, I’d mostly managed to defy it. In the decade that followed my graduation from Copper Hill High School, I hardly set foot in its vicinity.
Instead, I absorbed myself in my studies at an out-of-state university and, eventually, my career. I spent the little free time I had with my girlfriend, who I’d met as a sophomore in a chemistry lab, and her friends. When we eventually broke up, I lost not only her, but also what little social life I had.
It was in this state of loneliness that I found a letter from my old high school in the mail. This surprised me, as I hadn’t realized that anyone there even knew my current mailing address.
I opened the envelope to find an invitation inside. Its design was fancier than I’d expected, complete with gold-colored glitter, a royal blue background, and a finely-drawn silver border. It read, in cursive letters: Cheers for 10 Years! Zachary R. ___, Please Join Us for the CHHS Class of 2012 Official Reunion. It went on to list a start time and the school’s address.
On its back, it even contained a personalized handwritten note: I know you live far away, Zach, but it would mean so much to me if you can make the trip. Paul and I will be there, and Arthur may fly in as well. I’d love to catch up! Hope to see you soon – Vince K___, Co-Chair, CHHS Reunion Planning Committee.
Vince had been one of my best friends, once. You see, Copper Hill is one of those rare small towns where you can easily graduate from high school alongside the same friends you first made in kindergarten – in my case, my buddies Arthur, Paul, and Vince.
I’d spent most of my youth with them. The four of us were in the same scout troop, played on the same sports teams, and took mostly the same classes. On weekends – and on weeknights, when we felt like sneaking out without permission – we often stayed up late together playing video games and drinking whatever cheap beer we managed to keep hidden from our parents.
We’d meant so much to each other once. So why, since graduation, had I neglected them so badly? I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d talked to any of them.
Perhaps this reunion could serve as an opportunity for me to reignite friendships I’d let fade. At a minimum, I knew that spending time – even just one evening – with my old pals would do me a lot of good, especially considering how lonely I’d been lately. Accordingly, I resolved to attend.
By the time I reached Copper Hill, I was an hour behind schedule due to congestion caused by an accident. As I approached town, I observed amidst the fading evening light that it appeared even quieter and more deserted than I remembered. Bars that had reliably drawn decent crowds on a Friday night ranged from boarded-up to barely occupied. Meanwhile, the few other cars on the street drove lethargically at speeds far below the limit, and I spotted no pedestrians.
In my memory, the school was only a short distance from the courthouse, city hall, and post office that formed most of ‘downtown,’ but my GPS took me down a long, unfamiliar route bordered on both sides by tall cornfields. I was about to pull over and double-check the address I’d entered when, sure enough, my headlights illuminated a sign in the school’s distinct black and red colors that stated: CHHS: Home of the Patriots.
The brick building that loomed behind it was just as I remembered, from its tall, towering middle section to the two narrower wings that stretched out to the left and right. Through the rectangular windows that lined the main building, I made out indistinct, shadowy figures milling about inside.
A banner displaying Welcome – 10 Years – CHHS Reunion stretched over the stairs that led to the main entrance. Underneath it, a familiar figure scurried towards the main entrance. “Arthur,” I said to myself with a smile.
Seeing Arthur improved my mood. He was the only other member of our class to leave town after graduation, and I suspected that he might share somewhat of an outsider status with me.
It’ll be just like old times, I reassured myself as I approached the building. Strangely, though, it still didn’t feel that way.
For one, the air had a staleness to it that was difficult to describe. It felt artificial and thin such that, as I climbed the front steps, I found myself needing to breathe in more of it than usual to avoid getting winded.
Plus, the school’s location still seemed off somehow. It didn’t make any sense – it’s not like a building this large could have been relocated. But, amidst the eerily quiet surrounding countryside, everything felt more isolated and remote than I remembered it being.
I tried to stop worrying. After all, with any luck, I’d soon be laughing and reminiscing with old friends who’d be happy to see me.
Inside, balloon garlands, multicolored streamers, triangle flags, and small banners welcoming attendees decorated the main corridor. I observed tables stocked with snacks, pamphlets, and information about fundraisers.
The only noise came from the intercom, which planned an era-appropriate Calvin Harris song. Everything necessary for a reunion was there, with only one notable exception: the people.
As I approached an unmanned table marked “Check In,” I wondered where everybody had gone. Perhaps the event had moved to a different room? I was late, after all.
As I added my signature to a sign-in sheet, my eyes scanned the list of other attendees who were marked as having already arrived. I recognized many names on it.
Like Alice, who’d shared a stand with me in orchestra. Our conductor was a hard-ass, a real disciplinarian who snapped at us constantly, and Alice was one of the many students he’d driven to tears on a semi-regular basis.
I’d had this petty fantasy of comforting her after class, and then mustering the courage to ask her out. But I never did it. It was Vince, actually, who’d ended up with her.
That had always annoyed me. I’d confided in Vince about how I felt about Alice and, soon after, the two of them were together. It felt as frustrating as it sounds. But, oh well, that’s what I get for hesitating for as long as I did.
Drifting down the hallway, my eyes caught the words “Reception” displayed over double-doors that led to the gymnasium. It made sense as the main location for the event – that’s where homecoming, prom, and plenty of major sports events were held, after all.
I could hear chatter, laughter, and the loud thump of dance music just beyond the gym doors. I approached it excitedly.
But, when I stepped inside, all the noise instantly cut out, leaving me in an eerie silence. Even more perplexingly, the room before me, like the entrance corridor, was entirely devoid of people.
A party had just been here, no doubt. I spotted a makeshift bar stocked with a standard assortment of liquor, tables holding half-finished drinks and refreshments, and an area cleared for a dance floor in the room’s center, but there were no people around. Had I missed everyone again? Where had they gone?
“Hello?” I called out, to no avail, as I drifted around the room in a state of bewilderment.
As I did so, I came across the entrance to the boy’s locker room. Just a whiff of the musty, sweaty smell emanating from it unlocked long-buried memories of the time I’d spent in there.
I remembered one occasion, in particular, where Paul had gotten pissed at me. Paul was usually a pretty low-key guy, but when he lost it, he went wild. On that particular occasion, he’d been angry with me, hadn’t he? But why?
I recalled his hot breath as he got in my face and screamed at me. When I gently nudged him away, he responded by slamming a locker door into my head.
My memories from that moment forward were hazy. There was a growing pool of blood, the pain of his fist against my cheek, and the cheering of the classmates who had encircled us. They were egging us on to continue the ‘fight,’ as if my beating could be called that.
I hadn’t thought about this event in years. How could I have forgotten something like that? My mind churned in confusion. Feeling dizzy, I took a seat on a bench that appeared to be part of a crude photobooth setup as my mind continued to replay this repressed memory.
As Paul had continued to pummel me, I’d spotted Vince among the gathered crowd. I’d begged for him to intervene. But neither he, nor our strangely absent instructor, had done anything to help me. It was only when Arthur got between us that Paul had reluctantly cooled off.
It had taken weeks for those bruises to heal. Had Paul ever been punished for it, or even apologized? Surely he must have. We’d remained friends, after all.
A strange pressure around my shoulder and a sudden bright light jolted me back to the present. The flash on the camera facing the bench I was sitting on had…gone off, somehow, even with nobody around to operate it. How was that possible? Maybe it was automated to go off every so often?
It didn’t make sense, just like so much else that was happening. Where was everybody, and whose voices had I been hearing? I’d seen people from the road, and I’d even watched Arthur come inside, but, as far as I could tell, the event was deserted.
I texted Arthur asking if he’d found anyone. For all I knew, he could have changed his number in the many years that had gone by since I’d last used it, but I figured it was worth a shot. To my relief, he responded right away.
Hey man, long time no see! Paul just called me. He says everyone’s up on the third floor, in Mr. Minelli’s old room. I’m on my way there now. Meet you there soon.
I couldn’t fathom why the entire event would relocate from the area clearly designated for it to the third floor. There wasn’t much up there, after all, aside from classrooms and a few administrative officers.
Nonetheless, I resolved to head up there. Arthur was there, after all, and hopefully the rest of my friends would be as well.
Navigating off my memory of the building’s layout, I hopped up a small set of steps that connected the gym to the second floor. From there, it would just be a short walk past a few classrooms before I’d arrive at the central staircase, which would take me to my destination.
I’d never seen the school quite this gloomy before. Each footstep echoed through the halls. The classrooms were weirdly empty, too, bereft of any decorations or other signs of use.
I recognized one as my calculus classroom. I remembered how, after class had ended one day, I’d come across a group of students congregating in the hallway.
Mary, Michelle, and Abby, like so many of my classmates, had grown up with me, and I’d always gotten along with them. But that day, they were harassing a shy girl – Morgan, I think. Calling her all sorts of names – ‘slut,’ ‘whore,’ ‘bitch’. She was trying to get away from them, but they wouldn’t let her leave. Their taunting of her became a regular thing, and it often left Morgan in tears.
What ever happened to Morgan? Like most of my friends, I’d known her since I was a little kid. She was quiet, but she was perfectly nice.
Then, one day, gossip about her started to spread. The type of nasty, embellished rumors that often make their way through high schools, full of sexist undertones and double standards. Her former friends shunned her, and she’d been subjected to taunting and ridicule as she walked to class and sat alone at lunch. And, one day, she was just…gone. I’d always assumed that her family had moved away, but was that true?
Growing up, Mary, Michelle, and Abby had always been sweet girls. I’d never seen them treat another person the way they’d treated Morgan. But Copper Hill High School had a way of bringing out the worst in people. There was just something about this building, this place, that ate away at their – at our – souls.
Had I bullied Morgan, too? Maybe not, but, once her mistreatment started, it’s not like I’d made an effort to be kind to her, or ever invited her to sit with me and my friends in the cafeteria. I could have done more.
I reached the central staircase. With each step that I took up towards the third floor, a feeling of dread ran through me. I’d seen something terrible happen up here, hadn’t I?
It was Paul and Vince. Arthur had done something to offend them. It could have been the rumors spreading about his reasons for never having a girlfriend, his diminutive size, or the way he’d reacted when Paul had beaten me half to death.
Whatever the reason, Paul and Vince – without my knowledge – had decided to subject Arthur to a cruel prank. After school one day, they’d lured Arthur up to the third floor, where they’d taken hold of him and tried to wedge him into his own locker.
Now, there’s a reason this sort of thing occurs primarily on 90s sitcoms: most people simply can’t fit inside of a locker. Arthur, as short and skinny as he was, turned out to be no exception, but this only made things worse for him.
As Arthur later related to me, Paul and Vince laughed rowdily as they slammed him repeatedly into the metal frame. By the time they finally relented, Arthur had bruises all over his body.
There were other horrible acts, too. Other victims, other beatings. It dawned on me that this place had been an absolute hellhole. It’s no wonder I – and Arthur, too – had gotten as far away from it as we could at the first opportunity.
The peculiar thing was that, in the years that had passed, I’d somehow forgotten all of this until just now. Instead, my recollections of high school were all happy, all positive. Had false memories of camaraderie and friendship drawn Arthur back as well?
Finally, I reached the third level. The overhead fluorescent light fixtures flickered sporadically, revealing, in brief spurts, dilapidated lockers, litter, and layers of dust and dirt that coated the floor.
I approached Mr. Minelli’s classroom. Through the shaded hallway window, I could discern the outlines of roughly a dozen figures inside. I heard a voice, too. It was muffled and indistinct, but I could tell that the speaker was giving some kind of speech. She stopped, and a loud round of applause followed.
I reached for the door handle, unsure of what to expect. Hopefully, it would just be the people I’d driven four hours to see. But, after the events thus far, I half-expected the room to be empty. If so, I was jumping ship and going home.
To my surprise, just before I made contact with it, the door slowly opened on its own. The brightly-lit room before me was filled not with people, at least in the general understanding of the word. Rather, the still, bony forms before me resembled the kind of props a biology teacher might use to teach human anatomy.
The skeletons that stood silently throughout the room – that stood posed with drinks, that sat at desks, and that had assembled around a speaker - had to be props, right? Even though Mr. Minelli was a history teacher?
My mind searched desperately for some kind of explanation. This had to be an elaborate prank, right? Had Vince and Paul lured me, and maybe Arthur, too, out here just to freak us the fuck out? I wouldn’t put it past them – it’s precisely the kind of thing they’d do, even if the whole set-up, complete with an array of prop skeletons, was a bit extreme.
But, then, who was making all the noises I’d been hearing? Was that part of the prank, too?
Fuck it, I thought. If this was a big gag at my expense, then I’d just have to deal with the embarrassment later. I was getting out of there.
Zach,” called a strained voice in the hallway.
“If this a joke, then it’s not-”
The voice interrupted me. “Zach, help me, please!” It was Arthur’s voice, and it was coming from the hallway nearby.
He sounded like he was in serious trouble, so I hurried after him. Eventually, I found myself in a corner of the hallway – one where, if I remembered correctly, he and I used to have lockers. But, once again, I found myself alone.
I yelled out his name several times: “Arthur! Arthur!” It was no use. I appeared to be at a dead end.
That’s when the locker next to me shook. I jumped back, surprised.
It was shut, but not locked. I gripped the handle and pulled it open.
Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw inside: it was Arthur’s torso. The rest of his body was gone, and something was dragging what was left of him further away, further back into a dark abyss where the wall should have been.
Blood gurgled out of his mouth as he gasped my name one last time. He reached out a blood-covered hand. Hoping to somehow pull him out, I tried to take it, only for whatever unseen force had taken hold of him to pull him away, leaving behind a wide hole in the back of the locker. More blood gushed through it, leaking onto the hallway floor.
So glad you could make it,” said a monotone voice behind me. I whirled around to see two fleshy arms emerge from another locker across from me. The skinless figure left wet, red stains on the white surface as she got to her feet and stepped towards me. “Don’t you recognize your old crush? Surely ten years haven’t been that rough on me.”
“A-alice?” I stuttered, stepping backwards.
Lockers all around me started opening, each accompanied by a new pair of bloody, seemingly boneless arms of figures that slowly crawled outwards.
My survival instincts kicked in. I sprinted away, my legs frantically carrying me towards the main staircase. All around me, figures emerged, reaching out to me as I passed by. Through an open door, I noticed that another classroom was filled with skeletons, just as Mr. Minelli’s had been.
When I reached the main staircase, it was guarded by a tall, fleshy figure. “Don’t you want to be with us?” it asked in a familiar, deep voice that I knew to be Paul’s. “We can be complete. A full class. All of us, together again. Like old times.”
He lurched for me. Just barely, I managed to dodge him, but I lost balance in the process. Before I knew it, I was tumbling down the stairs. Pain shot through me as I collided with step after step.
Finally, I landed on a level surface. Dizzily, I climbed to my feet and did my best to ignore the soreness that spread throughout my body.
A quick glance upwards confirmed that the bloody figures – the ones that somehow resembled my old classmates – were, indeed, heading towards me.
Meanwhile, the temperature inside was rising noticeably, and the walls around me were steadily changing in color from a dull gray to a deep red.
As I scrambled down the rest of the stairs and across the main corridor on the first floor, an intense tremor ran through the building, sending me sprawling to the ground. Despite a sharp pain that spread through my ankle, I hobbled as quickly as I could to the exit.
I didn’t look back as I made my way across the parking lot to my car. I started the ignition, backed out, and headed towards the long road I’d used to get there.
In my rearview mirror, I chanced a glance back at the school. It was shaking violently, like it was being struck by an earthquake.
My car lurched in different directions as the ground underneath me also started to rumble. In an effort to avoid my car being sent off the road and into the neighboring fields, I frantically steered it to the center, between the lanes heading into and out of town.
When I looked back again, the school was, somehow, even closer to me than it had been before. How was that possible? Was it following me?
I floored the accelerator. Row after row of cornfield flew by me as I drove at the fastest speed of my life.
I was on the edge of town, close to the nearest interstate ramp, when local police pulled me over.
As the officer approached me, I stared into the rear view mirror. At the first glimpse of whatever it was that had chased after me, I’d hit the road again, law enforcement be damned. In truth, I hadn’t seen my pursuer since I’d exited the cornfield a few minutes ago, but I hardly felt safe.
“Clocked you going nearly a hundred, son,” said the officer.
I stayed silent. My baffled self was unsure of how to best handle the situation.
The officer gave me a quizzical look as he examined my ID and registration. “You’re Don and Fran’s son, aren’t you? The one who left town?”
I nodded.
“Why’d you come back?”
“There was, uh, a ten-year reunion. For my graduating class.”
He shook his head. “I doubt that.” He looked down, then at my perplexed face. “Where, exactly, was this ‘reunion’?”
“At the school,” I said. I struggled to understand his reaction. What about my story didn’t make sense? And, regardless, was I about to be booked for driving fifty miles over the speed limit? Is that something they throw you in jail for?
“Wait here,” barked the officer. He went to his car where he proceeded to have a long conversation over his radio. After a few minutes, he returned to me. “Get out of here, son. Leave, and don’t come back. Don’t do something like this again. You hear me?”
“Yeah, yeah, that’s fine,” I said, astonished.
“Then scram,” he ordered.
I obliged and began the long journey home.
~ I had no idea what to make of what occurred. I can hardly find anything at all online about Copper Hill High, or any of my classmates who went there, and I’m not exactly eager to reach out to any of them.
I can’t make much sense of what happened, but I am sure of one thing: that I barely made it out of that situation, and that I shouldn’t press my luck much further.
My ankle needs some more time to heal. Once it does, I’m going to try joining a social club and making new friends. After what happened to me in Copper Hill, I decided that the past is not a place where I need to dwell any longer.
Two weeks have passed since the reunion. Today, an envelope with no return address arrived with my mail. It contained a single photograph on glossy paper with a short note written underneath.
The photo featured me on the bench in the photo booth. Sitting to my side, with his arm over my shoulders, was Vince. He wore a blue collared shirt and looked…normal. No missing skin, no bloody imprints on the surface around him.
Paul crouched behind us, a dopey grin on his face. He, too, looked just as I’d imagined he would in his late twenties. To Paul’s right, Abby, Morgan, and Michelle posed together with their arms around each other.
It was…a perfectly ordinary image - the exact kind of photo you’d expect to be taken at an event like that.
The handwritten caption underneath read, “Although your visit was briefer than we preferred, we all had a splendid time catching up with you, Zach! Please feel free to come by anytime! Nobody truly leaves Copper Hill, after all. – Vince K___, Co-Chair, CHHS Reunion Planning Committee.
P.S., the note continued, We are delighted that Arthur has finally joined us. Maybe you will, too, at our 20th.
The writing up to this point was cursive font in traditional black ink. The last few words, however, were larger in size, messily scrawled, and colored a deep shade of red: See you then, buddy, if not sooner.
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2023.06.08 01:27 Pure-Influence-3636 New to Mountain Biking - need advice

Hi title sums it up. I don’t know anything about mountain biking, except that it looks cool and fun. Ive been snowboarding a lot this year, and I’m looking to pick up biking now that summer is here
I’d appreciate any guides or tips, especially for buying my first bike. I hope to buy a decent bike that I’ll grow into. I don’t want to buy a bike that I’ll ditch after a year.
My budget is ~$500-800
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2023.06.08 01:27 Dunkersplay Are there any known debt recovery programs?

I have a large sum of credit card debt and have looked into alternative payment arrangements. A lot of my debt has been accrued because of bills (Dentistry, Etc) and I don’t make enough to properly pay either off anytime soon. I’ve stopped using the one card about two months ago and the other I only use for emergencies when necessary.
I am a university student and I wasn’t able to qualify for Student Loans last year, and they have not yet released the next years loans process, hence the difficulties.
I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a way I can negotiate with the credit card companies to hold off on applying extra interest, or if there’s a program that isn’t detrimental to a credit score that could help
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2023.06.08 01:27 ConnectionDry4873 TIFU by not brushing my teeth having them rot

I (20F) never got into the habit of brushing my teeth, I always thought it would be ok since my teeth were strong. Every day, I just thought "what's the worst that can happen if I skip today?"
And now, I'm in extreme pain, I checked my teeth in the mirror and I have multiple cavities, almost every tooth has one, I have eaten anything today because it hurts too much, and I can't go to the dentist because I don't have money, I'm a broke college student who works as a part time cashier, and one root canal costs at least $600, and I need multiple.
I got some active repair toothpaste at walmart, and I've been brushing my teeth for hours everyday for the past week, but the cavities aren't going away. One of them actually got bigger. Brushing them hurts, but I don't want to lose my teeth, my father has no teeth and he's always complaining about how he can't eat what he loves because of it. He got them removed because it was cheaper than fixing them.
Please don't make the same mistake I did, brush your teeth everyday. Don't let it get to this point unless you can afford it.
TL;DR: I didn't brush my teeth causing cavities to develop, and now it hurts all the time and fixing it is out of my budget
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2023.06.08 01:27 GiggleSTINK “Show Up” Anxiety

Hi, new to the sub. I’m 32F, have been wanting to cut ties with my mom whom I think is narcissistic and definitely Emotionally Immature. I have gone no contact off and on but usually feel maybe it’s a good thing my two sons (6/12) have a relationship with her. I went to therapy every week for an entire year to deal with the childhood trauma she caused.
Well now I’m going no contact. (TW⚠️) My brother 29/M lost his life to suicide. Long story short when he was living with my mom she verbally abused him almost every night. Telling him to kill himself. He attempted once and she told him his wounds were superficial and he only wants attention. She’s a sick human being.
I’m realizing my children will not benefit from a relationship with her and neither do I. Unfortunately we all live in the same town. Small town too I might add. I’m starting to get serious anxiety about my mom and my grandparents showing up unexpected. (They are all equally terrible in this situation and enablers to this terrible behavior).
If they show up I won’t answer the door or a phone call, or a text for that matter. But my anxiety gets real high at times. How do I cope? Also I’m trying to get back into my therapist but she’s full currently.
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2023.06.08 01:27 damaska Do wear hearing protection? If so what kind?

My hearing is already damaged from not wearing hearing protection in the 80's. Now I do not attend without some sort of ear plugs. I wear Earos One ear plugs that I really like as they protect without total loss of fidelity. One thing I don't like is how far into the ear canal they go. Do any of you have recommendations of good ear plugs?
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2023.06.08 01:27 theraig32 (18M) Grief is a really weird yet wonderful thing.

For short context: living in country X rn, finishing exams, parents are back in Country Y rn, Mother is/was taking care of her mother (my grandmother) and My dad is working. Grandmother died of cancer on wednsday.
Everyone reacts differently to news like this, and while I was lucky to have family friends come and deliver the news in person, it hasnt been the easiest of times, especially with exams. It's strange that grief somewhat comes in waves.

I was quite upset when i heard the news, but after that it's small reminders that set me off, the idea that she wont be able to see (or ever know) that i graduated high school is a recurring issue that I'm trying to get through without bursting into tears, Even when she was diagnosed and I accepted that she was going to die quickly, i guess, at least subconciously, I didn't expect the idea that she would never know to be important to me, but it now it is playing like a loop in my head and is probably the most difficult part of this for me, as it was one of the last things we talked about in person.
I can talk about it somewhat normally, the little memories and flashbacks of conversations do tend to screw me up a bit though, especially in conversation, which is not helpful considering I still have exams, and will miss the funeral.
and there are little memories that filter in which kinda twist the knife a bit, Ik its 1000x more difficult for my mom as well.
On the other hand, she died quickly, surrounded by her kids, in peace and relative comfort at the old age of 83. And she was a lovely lady, parent and grandmother. It's quite beautiful to remember the good memories and small details, the positive force she was in my life, even if it makes me really upset right now.
To clarify, I'm not posting this for any feel-good messages or condolences, I've recieved enough support of them already from family friends. I havent told some of my close school friends who i havent seen in person because i feel like it's kinda difficult to text, "hey, my grandmother died" without it being attention-seeking. (imo, although they wouldnt think like that probably). Idk how to do it properly, but i dont want them to find out and think that i was keeping it from them because I didnt value their friendship enough to tell them? if that makes sense.
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2023.06.08 01:27 ExaminationTop3115 Success with low morphology?

We just found out that my husband has low morphology (1%). His other numbers were normal.
Has anyone had success with low morphology and PCOS and what did you do that worked? What didn’t work?
We were originally going to jump into IUI, but I’m concerned about how likely that is to work with his numbers and am now wondering whether we should just do IVF. I don’t want to spend $15,000 on failed IUI cycles if the chances of that working are even smaller now.
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2023.06.08 01:27 Jyeung691 Disappointed, stuck and lost….

Hello again,
So in the past few days now I’ve been feeling disappointed in myself because I feel like I’m failing. I’ve dumped some money into some online courses but majority of time I find myself going out onto YouTube to search for tutorials because most of these online courses…suck and it’s getting really hard to search for good breakdowns on the web.
I am a beginner at digital art using procreate and would love to make it a professional job in the future. Granted I’ve just got back into drawing about a month with some basic knowledge of Pencil and paper drawing. So far it’s like I haven’t found any accomplishments and I feel like giving up but continue to force myself to practice something.
So far I’ve been finding a lot of artists online and love multiple different styles but mostly I’d love to get a hold of making my own semi-realistic characters in different poses and also hyper-realistic portraits.
Currently been practicing drawing the loomis head style shapes in different angles and grabbing some portrait references and trying to build the basic shapes. Also working on drawing facial features to attach to the loomis head. Though almost kind of running into a wall at this point because I think my mind is looking for guidelines and drawing everything into perspective.
Does anyone have any resources or a course they really enjoyed that got them through this kind of struggle or even a course that has this type of art style that’ll get me off from crawling to walking? Lol
Appreciate any feedback thank you!
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2023.06.08 01:27 kaitlinnsc Please Help I’m at a Loss

Long story short - about 2 weeks ago in the middle of cutting stickers I got a “JavaScript error” pop up and I didn’t pay close attention to it bc I thought it was nothing. I was wrong. Because I didn’t pay attention, I have no idea what the specifics were. Anyway, since then I am unable to do any print then cuts… I can print them all day long but when it comes to cutting, my Cricut explore air 2 makes a mockery of me “scanning” (it isn’t really scanning it’s just going through the motions) and then starts “cutting” but just jabbing circles in a couple random places. Design space is stuck on “1%” or the max I got was 6% but I didn’t want to keep letting it continue and trash my blade……. I’ve tried everything: uninstalling & reinstalling design space. Different projects. Logging out then back in. Clearing cache. Resetting my machine and reconnecting it….. to no avail. The closest to anything I got was it cut out 2 stickers crooked (even though I AM able to calibrate) and then went back to hole punching…… Has anyone encountered this? Am I screwed? I just bought this damn thing in April
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