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Be the men's issues conversation you want to see in the world.

2015.06.08 03:50 Jozarin Be the men's issues conversation you want to see in the world.

The men's issues discussion has been sorely held back by counterproductive tribalism. We're building a new dialogue on the real issues facing men through positivity, inclusiveness, and solutions-building.

2013.02.18 06:46 Destiny 2

All about Destiny 2: The epic, online-only looter-shooter MMO from Bungie, which launched in September of 2017.

2013.01.07 10:29 pork_celestial Welcome to Fat People Stories.

Trigger Warning: Hamplanets

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2023.03.18 18:53 wyliamsir Beta rewards?

Hey everyone!
Hope you are enjoying Diablo, just wondering if anyone knows how we get the early access rewards? I’ve gotten a character to lvl 20 but don’t seem to have any of them, are these only rewards for the full game I guess?
Thanks for any help!
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2023.03.18 18:35 Eagleeater_141 something I wanna get off my chest

So, today I just look around and see that I'm just unhappy, I don't act sad around the people I know, I don't want pity, I think that's narcissistic, but I do want to get this off my chest, now it's a bit of a cliché but it is what it is, i met this woman, she was older, not by much but still older, and I'm generally not someone to be attracted to just bodily beauty, but this person was something else, i could relate to her every word, and it was the first person I truly fell in love with, but I never built up the courage to ask her to get into a relationship with me, and after studying my actions after that incident I see that everything I ever did was to punish myself for not having the courage, i even tried to go to the military (in my country going to the military is pretty much a death sentence), and I think I've either been running away or trying to indirectly kill myself, and when I think about it, i can never think of a time that I felt this sad before, now today I'm all alone and I don't mind that, but I hate having this regret, and it's been years since we last saw each other so basically it's been taking a toll on me, more than anything I'm afraid that I'll always have this cowardice with me and I hate that that may be the case, i think this is the only thing in my life that I truly regret and I don't know how to confront it.
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2023.03.18 18:15 Safe_Program_3720 My ex I was in love wit is already over me

It’s been two weeks since we broke up and most of that two weeks we’ve been talking but then recently she blocked me and then unblocked me a few days later to pick a fight with me and accused me of being a cheater. It’s been a little since we stopped talking a few days and her ex who cheated on her from Texas followed me I hit him up friendly cause I thought he wanted to be friends but I saw in his following my ex was in it and he started attacking me for enjoying fucking over girls. And how I was worse than him and I’m a piece of shit. And so then I blocked him and went to bed cause I was at a friends house. In the morning I saw a text from my ex. She sent me this long ass paragraph addressing random stuff she probably did with her ex over the phone and blocked me on everything again. I ask one of her girl friends and I find out she’s been on and off with this dude for the last two years. She lied about that to me. She also thinks she had a fire glowup so she should go back to her ex cause he’s taller than me. I see her daily at my collage what should I do? She also told everyone I was a toxic ex and that I cheated on her when the other guy has six different times like he’s dated other girls. Should I tell people since she likes the attention she gets for talking shit about me
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2023.03.18 17:45 Collins_Writes [For Hire] Established SEO Content Writer & Copywriter / SEO Specialist

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2023.03.18 16:41 Johanna-Draconis Ep80 - You are not alone (between the years inter-mid) - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Ep80 - You are not alone (between the years inter-mid) - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis
Hello my dears!
First I just wanted to say I hope you had a wonderful holiday season - independent from the form or shape you choose to celebrate it.
Though sadly it is that especially in this season we get a lot of dark thoughts - be it because of the darkness or for the chance to reflect what we have, had and could have. Or remind us of “things”. Often we are forced to put on a face - I hope it wasn’t necessary this year. All oft his can make you feel incredible lonely, alone and isolated. I feel you - and not just me.You are not alone, your family - be it by blood or kinship - might not be in the same boat as you, but they do care for you and try to help you. And if they do not - there are millions in a similar situation.You are not some weird phenomena that barely exists - most of them are just hiding - for their own safety. It is sad how widespread this illness is. You don’t deserve this - neither do the others. You are not alone in this. And if all fails - I care. I wouldn’t be here doing this if I didn’t. I can really only recommend keeping people around you who care and are a good influence on you. As you are hopefully on them.
This year took quite a toll on most of us - so I am happy to see it end. Hoping that the next year will be A LOT better. So I wish you a “good slide into the new year” - the word by word translation of the German saying for Happy New Year - and all the best for it.
Hope to see you next year.
Take care and watch yourself
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2023.03.18 15:11 Ok_Main_5148 Best Dog Food in 2023?

Whether you adopt a rescue dog or bring home an American Kennel Club–certified pup, providing that pet with proper care, a soft place to snooze, and good nutrition is, as the saying goes, a big responsibility. The question of what to feed your dog should take into account its age, size, breed, and any health issues it may have — and palatability, or how much your pup enjoys his food, says veterinarian Stephanie Liff of Pure Paws Veterinary Care. An easy way to gauge this is by looking to see if he finishes his meal in one sitting, as “dogs do not necessarily love to just leave food in the bowl until the next time they’re feeling hungry,” says Dr. Hunter Finn, a Texas-based integrative veterinary expert.

To get a better idea of which foods are preferred by the experts in this field — both human and canine — we talked to 16 veterinarians and animal specialists about the ones they recommend for their patients and feed to their own dogs at home. Note that since every dog is unique, if you’re thinking about changing your pet’s diet, it’s a good idea to consult your vet before doing so.

Take a look at the full list:

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Small Adult Formula Dog Dry Food

Of the 14 veterinarians we spoke to, ten said Royal Canin dog food is their top pick for their own pets and the dogs they treat at work. Dr. Gregory Gstrein, a staff veterinarian at a VCA Animal Hospital in California, says, “The best foods are backed by actual research and feeding trials, and Royal Canin does the extensive work needed to prove their foods yield excellent real-world results.” Dr. Catriona Love, an associate veterinarian at Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group, feeds Royal Canin to her five-pound, 12-year-old Chihuahua rescue and says that of the three dog-food brands she recommends to her patients, Royal Canin is the most palatable. “I think the animals tend to like it more,” she says.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Low Fat Canned Dog Food

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber says he likes Royal Canin because the brand has a positive track record and a trusted name, and its products are readily available. He told us he has always been a fan of mixed feeding, meaning providing a little of both dry and wet foods. Werber explains that because a lot of dogs don’t drink enough water, adding moist canned food (which has fewer carbs and more flavor) to their dry food is a win-win. He says his dogs “love with a capital L” Royal Canin’s low-fat canned dog food. Note that while this is the cheapest food on our list, it comes packaged in 13.5-ounce cans, so a single unit is much smaller than most other dry foods.

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food

When Strategist senior editor Crystal Martin’s soft-coated wheaten terrier started having stomach issues that caused the dog to lose almost 25 percent of her total body weight, she turned to food made with human-grade ingredients rather than kibble. “It stopped her [gastrointestinal] problems almost immediately, and she’s been fine ever since,” Martin says of the food she’s chosen for the past six years. And even though this food is gently dehydrated, Martin says it also looks like it could be for humans, “almost like they dehydrated every ingredient then minced it.” (To serve, owners add warm water to rehydrate the food and wait a few minutes for absorption.)

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Stella’s Super Beef Dinner Patties Grain-Free Dog Food

When it comes to raw-food diets for dogs, there are some strong opinions in the veterinary community. Unsurprisingly, many vets feel that feeding your pet raw food can lead to potential health risks for both the dog and the humans who live with it. “I am not an advocate for any raw food at this time, as there is a very real risk for contamination to other household members, including people,” says Finn. “If the research comes out years down the road and suggests that raw food is indeed better for pets and can improve their lives, then I will be the first person to switch my dogs over immediately. Unfortunately, the research is lacking at this point in time.”

NomNomNow Subscription Dog Food

Fresh or human-grade dog food is more appealing to many dog owners who appreciate that it looks more like something they would eat. “If health and wellness are a priority, I absolutely recommend human-grade fresh food,” says Satchu, who feeds fresh-cooked dog food to his own pets. However, he stresses that whatever food you pick (especially some of the newer, designer-label foods) must be nutritionally balanced. The AAFCO stamp of approval helps to make this easy to differentiate. When we spoke to veterinarians about the best food for puppies, Richardson recommended the direct-to-consumer subscription brand Nom Nom. According to her, the brand works directly with a veterinary nutritionist to create diets specific to your pet that conform to AAFCO standards. “There are not a lot of other companies who do that,” she told us.
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2023.03.18 12:47 LilRedNinjaSwiss I just want things to be clear. Please help!

When I(17, F) first caught feelings for my crush(17, M) I barely even remembered what he looked like. We only knew each other for a couple of weeks then, and mostly mingled online. Our monthly class schedule was: one week of class in the school campus, and online class for the rest of the month.
I just really loved the way we interacted and how we matched each other’s sense of humor. We also have certain values and principles that are similar. It was just a happy crush back then and I didn’t expect anything serious.
But then we kept chatting each other. At first, it would be about school concerns, but in no time it would turn into hour-long convos about anything and everything we can think of. This happens multiple times a week. One thing we like to discuss in particular is One Piece, in which he encourages and guides me in my journey of watching the anime.
Besides that, we’re able to talk about ourselves and certain topics that are considered personal, deep and reflective. There have been times where our convos reach 6+ hours. Mind you his curfew is at 10pm but he sometimes goes beyond that just to continue chatting. We also like to share and ask for advice from among each other.
There was one time where I was very very down, and he reached out to me about school again, then soon let our convo turn into a rant session. He listened to everything. He actually had his own frustrations that time as well, so he also asked me for some advice. Turns out, we both had the same problem—overthinking and the inability to focus. After that, I felt so comforted and understood. We agreed to have our chat as a safe place for self-development. I told him I’m glad I met him. He loved it and told me the same. For the rest of that miserable week (it was already full face-to-face classes at this time), he kept me company and checked up on me.
Now that we always have regular class, he always finds a way to be near me every now and then. When my seatmate/rowmate is absent, he sometimes sits in their seat. We keep chattering and laughing.
I almost forgot to mention: he has ALWAYS been helping me with all the hard tasks in school, since I always get the leader’s position in group activities. We even have an inside joke that he’s my right hand.
Several people also told me they really do notice something among us two. My best friend said she noticed some sort of tension between us from the way we lock eyes with each other.
I told a reliable, sociable friend of mine about my crush, while we were RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Now, he didn’t hear anything, but it seems he understood what we were talking about. I had to pretend it wasn’t him and ended up saying smtg like “He’s not in this class.”
If he actually DOES like me back, hearing me say that might’ve crushed him.
Then the week after that, on Monday, the same friend told me she talked with my crush and asked him who he was into. He had said he was currently crushless but started to like a girl from another class “just this week”.
I thought I was finally free from the confusion from our weird talking stage, that it’s finally clear he doesn’t like me back. But now I’m suspicious because of the sequence of events that lead to him saying that. I tried to distance myself a bit, but eh. It’d also be weird for me to suddenly pull away from him when we’re already this close.
This happened around a month ago. Now, we’re back to being “buddy-buddy” and we’re even closer and more intimate than before. Last week, I told him that my mom read his compliment about her cake and she wanted to give him some. Then he wouldn’t stop smiling at me. The day after that, I gave him the cake and he patted and thanked me. The day after that, he thanked me again and told me it was delicious and his mom liked it too. I told him he could get a free bday cake from us and he flipped lmao
The most recent “sign” I got was yesterday, where he subtly kept me company after class by passing by our room every minute. I was a classroom cleaner for yesterday and all everyone else dipped already. When he really had to go, he told me as if he was “asking permission” and as if I had a say over where he wants to be.
We still stick around with each other until now. Idk exactly what to do, but I think I won’t say anything. I just love being with him and having him in my life, regardless of what we are. I don’t wanna risk losing what I already have. Now I’m hella confused.
That’s pretty much it. Ik that was super long😅 What are your thoughts? Is there a chance?
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2023.03.18 04:17 mauxu5 In need of mix feedback to see current standing and find next steps to improve

Hi all,
I started (my attempts at) producing music 7 years (ish) ago and have been steadily improving with suggestions from various sources. I do this as a hobby so I can't be full time on it (would love to ofc). I just wanted to check with you if my track is any good, how far I still am from achieving a professional sounding mix, and the next things I should focus on to get there. Here is my latest track:
Thank you!
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2023.03.18 03:03 msgrimmy Anxious; Break Up; Confusion; Reminders

♥️Good Mental Health, Perspective Statements♥️
Stop begging for a response, clarity, time spent togther, or respect when you're providing it, yet rarely receiving it. There isn't an acceptable excuse that justifies lack of compassion.
Stop being instantly available or putting effort into people who don't ask how your doing, who could go the entire day without speaking to you, or who regularly show you're not important.
If your needs don't matter to them, they aren't afraid of being without you. If you're not hearing from them, it's because you are not worth the effort. Thier effort IS a reflection of thier interest in you.
If they love you, if they want you, if they are being honest about coming back to you, you will feel more than constant uncertainty.
It doesn't matter what they feel about you, if they arent taking the necessary steps to ensure you can be together or refuse to work twords a secure, cooperative relationship, that's not your partner.
What exscuse, what hardship would you allow to get in the way of reconciliation? With that knowledge, ask yourself, are you receiving excuses or the truth?
🛑 Bad Mental Health State Realistic Questions🛑
Is what your feeling facts, (irrefutable evidence) or could it be fear based, a trauma response, your feelings?
Are you catastrophizing the situation?
Are you undermining your partners effort, or distrusting what they are telling you?
Has it actually been an unhealthy amount of time since you spoke, or is it your anxiety?
Have you approached them in a non-confrontational and non-accusatory way about the concern causing your anxious reaction?
Have you reached a point where rational thinking is gone? If so, can you allow yourself a break from being scared?
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2023.03.18 03:00 Psychedelic_Y0da Is Oil Recyclable?

I have this re-occurring thought and I would like to hear other people's thoughts on the subject. If you sit and think about how oil is made its just large amounts of pressure and heat over a certain amount of time mixed with carbon and creates Crude oil. So, if you think about what our Landfills consists of most is petroleum-based products not including that we wrap our trash in petroleum products (Trash bags), but if you think about it, we are just burying oil under the ground adding amounts of pressure due to the dirt and all the gas that comes from rotting fruit and other biodegradable items. raising the Temperature in these little pockets of all sorts of products Making pockets of oil for our future self's? just a thought.
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2023.03.18 00:09 LayerDear2994 I (20F) still deeply love my ex bf(21M), but I am not sure if I should reach out

I need advice on something. I(20F) only ever loved one guy(21M). I had 2 other relationships, but he is the one that stuck with me through it all. I always had him in the back of my mind, everyday, for the last 5 years. We were so happy together, we loved each other so much and i find myself reminiscing on the good old times.
We broke up 3 years ago after 2 years together because i had to move from our town after my father passed away, and because it all hurt to much, we decided to cut all contact between us.
Now, three years later, since we started uni, we live in the same city. I always hope to see him everywhere i go just to have an excuse to talk to him. I found out 6 months ago that he has a girlfriend of a year now, and I would feel like the most terrible human being for reaching out, but i cant get my mind off of him.
I know many of you might think that I am delusional. That we were just kids when we were together. And that s true. But I just know it. I always knew or hoped that one day we will find our way back to each other somehow and my intuition is telling me that he feels the same. I know it sounds crazy, but i just feel it. I always felt it.
I truly believe he is my soulmate. He is the only person that ever made me feel understood, completely. He s the one I could listen to talking for hours and never get bored. I love him woth all my heart. I know that s no excuse to interfere in someone else s relathionship, and that s not what i want to do. I just miss him, so so much. Even as just a friend. I love him so much that I would be happy with just talking to him from time to time, from the distance. I just wish I could have him back in my life.
I feel like i am letting the love of my life get away. What should i do? Should i reach out? Should I just learn how to live with this big what if?
TLDR; I (20F) have been thinking about my ex bf(21M) for the last 3 years everyday, we broke up because I had to move from our town after my father's death. Now we live in the same city.. Should I reach out?
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2023.03.17 23:59 yourkinggreyson Am i just paranoid and jealous or are my feelings valid?

i (m20) cant get rid of the feeling that my partner (m21) (of over a year) is either cheating on me or has thought about it. there are something where i just get a little jealous and i understand that but somethings i cant tell if im too over the top or my feelings are valid.
one of the things he does is constantly talking about other men. let me clarify. i am a trans man, im 5'5, and have a pretty basic non muscular build. i am not at all his type, despite what he says. all of his exes have been tall, cis men. every man he ever drools over or talks about are tall, muscular, cis men.
any time i try to bring it up to him that i dont like how he talks about only guys that are the complete opposite of me, he gets defensive. i try my best to brush it off but it hurts me deep down.
another thing is that he downloaded Bumble Friends to try and find people around us to be friends with. i watched when he first made it but i have never used bumble in my life so i dont know what any of it looks like and for all i know he could be on the real one...he will randomly show me people which is whatever but as of recently all he is doing is texting people on it. weve been watching a movie for the last hour and he even got up to use the bathroom and took his phone with him to continue texting someone..
something else that really gets to me is him talking about d**ks. (i will say Ds for short) any time it comes up he HAS to remind me that i wasnt born with a D and that i dont have one. he thinks its funny and sometimes i make jokes but atleast once a day i am told that i dont have a D and ill never have a real one. and then he goes one to talk about all the Ds hes taken, how big they were and how he wishes we could do the things he could with a real D. basically saying he would rather his sexual partner have a D.
our relationship started out with a really good sexual relationship, which he told me all the time was because he hadn't gotten any in years. but within the last few months he NEVER wants to even do hand stuff. not with me anyway. but he will text me while im at work and tell me he got himself off because he felt like it. and im fine with doing it yourself but why do you have to wait til im guaranteed out of the house for hours...
 ***TW END*** 
its giving me so much anxiety. id like to think he wouldn't cheat as we've both been cheated on before, but all this stuff and some other things he does really push my trust in that.
thanks if you got this far. please tell me if im being crazy about this..
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2023.03.17 23:55 Unique_Mirror1292 Feeling Behind in Life/ Communication

I am 25 yrs old and have poor communications skills. I sometimes feel behind in life. I have a degree, working on my bachelor's degree. I am learning to listen, follow directions, and other things. I have been working on learning how do things, so I can be more responsible and independent. I also have impaired motor skills, which makes it difficult for me to drive. (Frontal lobe damage.) I'm trying to get my driver's license. I also am working to make a better life for myself. I was sheltered, which didn't allow me to think for myself. I am learning more each day. I wish I knew more. I feel like everyone else already knew.
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2023.03.17 22:12 Fkath I’m ready to be done

Looking for advice on how to completely wean from pumping! I’m currently 4 months PP and I have been doing 3 PPD for about 3 weeks now. In the last few days, I have been getting painful clogged ducts and it has never happened before. I honestly don’t think I can do it anymore. The beginning of my feeding/pumping journey was so traumatizing and this has been extremely triggering for me. I’m scared to go down from 3 pumps because of what’s been happening but I think I have mentally given all I can. Would really love some advice on how to wean from the last 3 pump sessions. Thank you all.
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2023.03.17 20:07 Longjumping-Coat1792 minecraft crashing, unusable games

My son has spent the last several months raising money to build a custom gaming pc to be able to game without using Xbox. Our previous computer was very old, and we assumed age was the issue because the game constantly crashed, which brought him to building pc with my bro in law. So he gets it built 2 or 3 weeks ago, gets windows installed 4 days ago, gets it home from my bro in laws where he was building, get it set up, we spent the $35 or whatever it was for yet another minecraft download because heaven forbid we should be able to use the lrevious purchase and it still crashes constantly when he tries playing. There is also the issue of the other games that came with the minecraft download not opening and minecraft mods not working. He wants to know how people on YouTube can play without issue, but he can not?
All parts were purchased from in the last 1-2 months, so the issue is not old or overworked parts.
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2023.03.17 19:46 lexoh3 It’s been a week..

Actually, it’s been quite the six months. I am somehow not in debt because of YNAB.
Back in October my front tooth crown broke off eating huevos rancheros 🫠 (still don’t know how that happened). I was front toothless with lots of tooth trauma trying to find an emergency dentist who would take me ASAP. Treatment recommendation was a dental implant - at least $3K and would take 4-6 months to complete. It’s now 5 months and $4.5K later and I’m getting my actual tooth implant put in next Wednesday. I was able to do this without relatively much financial pain because of YNAB and saving an emergency fund.
During this time, I experienced some of the most stressful and toxic situations at work in my entire working career at a job that was a dream job. Again because I had saved up, I felt scared but knew I could make it work financially for a while even without a new job set up. I knew I had to escape the toxicity. Thankfully the day I was deciding when to put in my notice, my boss (the source of all this stress) left. That was two months.
Now this week, on Monday I noticed my air conditioner was not as cold as normal. Made an appointment with the dealer for Thursday to diagnose. Wednesday major rains had our streets torn up and I drove over a pothole. Cracked front wheel and bent rear wheel. Went ahead and replaced all four for about $700. Air conditioner problem the next day quoted at $2K. At this point I am freaking out. My emergency fund has officially been cut in half. My auto repair fund is all gone now. Thankfully I also had an auto maintenance fund for tires since they were going to be due to replace this year or next anyways.
After a good cry and moving through the fear response I know I’ll be ok. Yesterday at my job I helped support a person who was literally living on the streets, trying to get them emergency shelter and long-term housing. I remembered how privileged I am. I saved up for these very reasons. Sure I might not meet reach my goals for retirement contributions this year while I rebuild my Emergency Fund and Auto Repair funds, but perspective is everything. I bought Beyoncé tickets a few weeks ago without a second thought because I had been saving up. I took my partner on a quick trip to Mexico in January because she was having a rough time and moved money around from other funds.
I think the thing that freaked me out most today was knowing my goals to save for a house down payment would be pushed back. I really thought this would be the year I could ramp up those savings after everything else was fully funded. But I’ll get back there. This is a three paycheck month for me and I’m already fully funded through April so my last check this month will go towards refilling some of my savings funds. April’s paychecks will cover May and it all continues. Thank you YNAB for helping me move through my fear response. Makes that subscription fee that just came through feel like a no-brainer.
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2023.03.17 17:54 ThePBrit Where to find the Shift Comic?

I've recently gotten into the massive verse and was trying to follow the reading list and saw the shift comics on there, but I can't seem to find the comics anywhere and no search can even prove it's existence!
So can I get some help here, where can I find this comic / how do I go about reading it?
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