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2023.03.20 22:27 RedLabelIB I (31F) have absolutely had enough of my best friend/Ex Girlfriend (54F)

I’ve posted a few posts since this is all started. If you want to go back and read them for some context.
So after I stuck up for myself, we just stopped talking. I came into work every day and just ignored her. We kept up appearances so other people in the office didn’t know we aren’t okay - but we just stopped talking unless we absolutely had to. I started to feel better once I knew it was all over and she was just leaving me to it.
A little bit of context - I’m having a really hard time at the moment in my personal life. My mum and stepdad split up last year and are in the process of selling the house I currently live in - so I have been scrambling to find my own place as well as dealing with my mum who is stressing me out, it’s constant arguments and stress at home so it’s just a lot for me to deal with as well as trying to buy my own place. Anyway, I have bought my apartment and I’ve been going through the process for the last 6 months. There’s been so much stress and humps on the road - I’ve been struggling and this has all had a big effect on my mental health. I got given a possible completion date of 27th March. So I’ve booked 3 weeks off so I can get moved in, paint and get situated etc. everyone at work has been asking for updates on my house so I made sure I text my ex so that if anyone mentioned me and the house she already knew and didn’t look like an idiot not knowing what her “best friends” house situation was. The text from me was this:
I’m just reminding you that I’m not in on Monday. I booked all those random Mondays off to give myself 2 days rest. And I’ve got from 27th booked as possible moving out date so booked 3 weeks.
Her reply was:
I’ll do your messages don’t worry. Enjoy your rest, you deserve it.
That was a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I decided to remind her just Incase she forgot. I sent this:
** I’m off again tomorrow just reminding you. And then I’m off next week for 3 weeks.**
Her reply:
Hope the move goes well. And I hope you’ll both be very happy x
So I am under the impression here that she knows I’m moving in on 27th and that I’m off for 3 weeks. As the message said, I was off work today and I was going for the final viewing at my new place. As I’m sitting in my car waiting to go in I get this message:
** (colleagues name) just told me you are moving in on the 27th. I felt foolish saying I didn’t know anything about it. We are now at the end of the road - completely. There is no point sending the odd text occasionally, so Goodbye and good luck.**
I completely flipped out because I DID tell her. I’m sick to death of these random messages from her out of the blue with accusatory tones. We ended up arguing through messages for around an hour with her saying I’m a hypocrite etc. and then when she decided she’d had enough of the arguing she told me to stop messaging her, like it was me who started it.
This woman has made me ill. Buying my first home is supposed to be exciting and this whole experience has been clouded by her upsetting me and making me feel bad.
I’m so tired.
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2023.03.20 22:26 Clear_Ad4643 My partner of 14 years says he doesnt know if he loves me or sees us working out.

So me and my partner have been together for 14 years we have 2 beautiful kids recently we had probably what was out biggest fight and nastiest I said some really hurtful things and I'm still hurt but he admitted he doesnt know how he feels about me and doesnt know if he can get back to that or if we could even work I have cervical cancer and I've been extremely depressed and pushing him away so I'm not saying I'm an angel in this he has moved out and has been home a few tomes for the kids he says he needs time to clear his head which I can respect, however even though I'm still confused because he says hes still very sexually attracted to me I'm finding hard to accept how he feels as I feel like if he had brought how unhappy he felt up and had an honest conversation with me we could have talked it through but it's like he made this decision on his own and didnt give me a chance, I know there is still apart of me that has some feelings for him and would 100% work through our problems but he really confuses me honestly he looks at me with love in his eyes and smiles at me he says hes sexually attracted to me and it's all just a head fuck tbh I dont know what to do any advice?
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2023.03.20 22:26 awesomeaustinv2 Here's my project car/daily driver/only car I own, a 1966 Thunderbird. It has had speed parts installed, in the sense that it is now capable of speeds. Interior is taken apart to undo sketchy wiring done by a previous owner, and the horn goes off randomly for reasons I do not know.

Here's my project cadaily driveonly car I own, a 1966 Thunderbird. It has had speed parts installed, in the sense that it is now capable of speeds. Interior is taken apart to undo sketchy wiring done by a previous owner, and the horn goes off randomly for reasons I do not know. submitted by awesomeaustinv2 to projectcar [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:26 ThrowRAtossed416 M31 Needs Advice with F28 and our LTR of 7+ years.

TLDR; I was in love with my gf, she broke up with me. We were apart for a year and some change before we reconciled and started dating. Now we have been together for about 7 years total and I’m hesitant on marriage. May be influenced by someone else.
I apologize in advance that some detail will have to be omitted for privacy concerns. This will also be a long story as I am very confused and have never been in this type of situation before.
We began dating when we were young, 24 and 21. Previously to her, I was in multiple relationships where she was in one serious one that ended a few months prior to us dating. We virtually skipped over any honeymoon phase due to personal reasons on my end, and jumped straight into a serious relationship. Over the next few years, I swore I was going to marry this woman. She was everything I was looking for at the time. Smart, beautiful, sociable, and my family loved her. She had the qualities that would make her an excellent mother and wonderful wife.
Even though we’ve had common relationship problems, there was never a moment where we had huge disagreements. Over the years we grew extremely close with each other. When she finished up her degree, she had an opportunity to intern in a different state on the opposite side of the country from where we lived at the time. I was still in school finishing up my degree. We also both lived with our parents at the time due to financial reasons. I was so excited for her to start this internship, as it would be an excellent stepping stone into the career she wanted. She, on the other hand, was nervous about being long distance for about a year, but I ensured her we were strong enough and communicate well enough for us to make it a year. I was wrong.
Finances were tight, but I made every effort to try and fly out to visit her as often as I could. I would also try to set up times to text/call/FaceTime but with the time differences it became difficult. I was ahead by 3 hours and often went to sleep early so I could commute to school. I flew out one last time to celebrate her birthday, and it was quite possibly one of the most miserable weeks of my life. I’ve never felt so unloved, uncared for, and disregarded in my life. I felt like I was sleeping with a stranger. We barely touched each other, she walked ahead of me as we were exploring the city, and basically ignored me when I met her new group of friends.
I flew home, called her and told her how I felt. I told her I understood we are in a rough patch but she was the woman of my dreams and I want to fight for what we had. She blindsided me by absolutely breaking my heart. At this point we were together for a little over 3 years. I was devastated. Confused. Broken. At this time, I have no idea if she was cheating on me. I never cared to ask.
Fast forward in time about a year. She’s reached out a few times but I basically kept things short. I had a new job that paid well, and was focused on meeting new people. Covid hit, and she found herself back home and she reached out me to see if I wanted to meet up and talk. Every logical fiber in my body was telling me to run, but my emotions overcame me and against my better judgement I agreed to meet and talk. I never asked if someone else was the cause of the break up, or what her rationale was. I also never asked if she saw someone while we were apart, mostly because we were broken up and I was talking to other people as well. We ended up reconciling and began dating again.
We ended up moving in together after some time. During this period I thought everything was back to normal. However, I noticed I would not tell people I was in a relationship unless specifically asked. If I did tell someone, I kept it insanely minimal. I would find excuses to change the subject or would say I keep my work and private life separate, which I very much do. But omitting information such as being in a serious relationship should’ve got me thinking something was wrong beforehand.
We were living together when I sprung the news I had to move to a new state to finish grad school, and she uprooted her entire life to move with me and support me, partially because of what happened in our past.
To put things into perspective, we’ve now been together a little over 7 years total. We’ve discussed marriage, children, future goals, the works. I would’ve married her, but there has always been something that made me hesitant. Now I do love her, she is still an amazing person despite what we’ve been through.
To complicate the situation, before we left, a woman who I found attractive at work exchanged contact information with me and we’ve been talking more frequently. The field I work in is predominantly women, and I interact with very driven, beautiful, funny women daily. There’s always been mutual attraction between myself and other women, but I’ve never felt the desire to ruin my home life over one of them. I find myself drawn to her, and check my phone waiting to see if she has sent me anything. I find myself wanting to pursue this new woman more than wanting to stay in this relationship. However, this other woman is in a different state. I understand crushes happen, but this feels like more.
So here I am. In a new state with someone who I thought I was 100% sure on marrying, who is 100% committed to seeing the relationship succeed and I feel myself pulling away to potentially pursue someone else in another state.
I know how this sounds, and I’ve guilted myself into telling my current partner my hesitancy on marriage, which blindsided her and put me in a position to figure out what I want.
I’m not sure if pursuing this new woman would result in a fruitful relationship, but I can’t stop thinking about the possibilities. On the other hand, I do love my partner. We’ve been through so much together and are generally happy, but I fear my hesitancy may be coming from somewhere else. Is it this new woman? Is it from unhealed wounds from the previous break up?
I’m afraid I never truly recommitted to my partner and got back together because I was more afraid of being alone. Now I have these new intense feelings, which may not be reciprocated, that is causing me to overanalyze everything and rethink my current relationship.
Again, I know how this all sounds. I know people will tell me to break up and pursue the other girl, drop the idea of the other woman and fix what I have, or drop both of them and fix myself. They are all reasonable suggestions and I cannot justify any of them. I love and respect my partner, but I feel selfish not matching her current intentions. I’m not sure if what I’m feeling is cold feet, insecurity, immaturity, or all of the above.
I need 3rd party perspective, which is why I turned here. I’ve been trying to figure this all out on my own without success. Any and all insight is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.20 22:25 SnooDrawings7554 My (26M) girlfriend (21F) thinks that I dont find her attractive, how do I convince her?

For info, we have been together 6 months and currently in a long distance relationship.
My gf of 6 months and I were on a call as well usually do in the late evening since right now we are doing long distance. We talk and we chat about whatever, she has some self esteem issues and has been worried about the way she looks for some time. (Weight, shape of ass etc), I think she’s stunning but she does not believe this.
Anyways towards the end of a very nice call, she says that she doesn’t like the way she looks. I sort of off handedly say it’s fine not really thinking about it further. She then asks me is it fine?
Me still not knowing wtf is going on says yeah it is.
Well she shortly ends the call in a way that lets me know she’s fucking upset and the next day I get the cold shoulder essentially her signaling to me in every way that she is upset.
We had a call about it the day after in which I thought we might be able to clear things up.
It was worse, I dug myself a hole trying to argue that she couldn’t possibly understand how highly I think of her.
She says it’s fine but keeps making comments like if she’s eating ice cream she’ll say oh it doesn’t matter cause I’m ugly anyways
I love my GF so n every way and thus the thought of having hurt her, tears me apart.
Any advice for a young lad would be most appreciated.
TLDR; My GF thinks I don't find her attractive cause of a statement on a late night call
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2023.03.20 22:25 transmtfscp you guys gotta figure out there are more interpretation of the foundations morality

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2023.03.20 22:24 ActR40 Whore offers her self very cheap to stranger in van

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2023.03.20 22:24 Ohyikes20 Anyone know of a good perfume to go with this Sol De Janeiro spray?

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2023.03.20 22:24 ArcherOfBabylon [WAR] [STORY] The Bloodstone Curse

“Just relax, Jun. We’ll be watching you every step of the way. You’re perfectly safe.” Jun felt his armorer’s assurances were for her own benefit more than his. But as the shellfish carapace chest plate was locked into place over his sternum, he appreciated her kind words.
The experimental armor, designed after the shogun armors used by a few of the fleet’s warriors, was the first attempt by the ship’s artificer to use the volerite from the ocean floor to their advantage in this war. While previous attempts to use the body parts of the sea monsters below had been mildly successful, if greatly disturbing, this was the first real superweapon the exiles would have to their name. At least, that was the plan.
Jun had volunteered to test the first prototype as soon as the opportunity arose. He’d been a below-average fighter until now, spending more of his time on ship repair and maintenance than combat. The Harrowing hadn’t been kind to him; his bones were fragile, and many of the nerves in his arms and legs sent him agonizing bouts of pain on a daily basis. Recently, he’d even started to have seizures at the most inopportune times. His condition was becoming more severe, and the ship’s medic had all but given up on a good prognosis. He had about 3 months before the Harrowing reached his brain, and after that… well, he didn’t want to become a zombie like the creature on the Vaulted Velvet. If he was going to die, it might as well bring some good to his comrades.
“It’s a bit tight,” Jun said, squirming inside his prison of calcified flesh. The bracers on his legs made him feel stiff, and he was worried about being able to walk in the suit, let alone fight.
“Don’t worry,” the armorer said as she adjusted the binding agent on the joints. “The energy core should make the suit feel much lighter. The gel running along the outside should react to the volerite to give you the strength necessary to move faster and strike harder than anyone else in the fleet.”
“If it works, you mean.”
“Hey, you knew the risks of this when you signed up. I don’t think you have room to get cold feet now.” The dwarven woman picked up a pair of gauntlets and slid them onto Jun’s hands. “How does that feel?”
Jun tried to wiggle his fingers but found the gloves gave him little room to move. “Brittle.”
The armorer chuckled. “Let’s fix that, then.” She whistled, and a small creature with the body of a gnome and the skin and head of a shark (a chimera borrowed from Professor Ioniz, no doubt) approached them, carrying a tray with a large volerite crystal and a helmet shaped like a giant krill. “Don’t stare too long into the abyss, alright, pal?” She said jokingly.
Jun scoffed. “Just put the helmet on me, and let’s get on with this.” The dwarf picked up the krill skull and carefully slipped it over Jun’s head, fully encasing him in the white exoskeleton of the suit. “It’s kinda dark in here,” he yelled, realizing how small the slits for his eyes were.
“The gem should fix that, but I’ll make a note for the next remodel. Lower visibility is not something we want underwater.” Jun saw her walk out of his field of view to where the volerite was. “I’m going to coat the helmet in gel now. It’ll be airtight, but there’s an oxygen tank connected to the back, and the suit will synthesize its own air when you’re underwater.”
“Perfect.” Jun sighed. He thought he’d been prepared for the waiting period before he could test out the suit, but spending over an hour without being able to move was wearing out his patience. If the suit took this long to prep, maybe it wasn’t as game-changing as the artificers thought.
As a layer of clear gel slid over the mask, a few drops falling through the eye slits, Jun could feel a subtle vibration flow through the armor. The conducting gel was supposedly made from volerite as well, so he imagined a small amount of energy was already powering up the armor. It wasn’t enough to let him move his arms yet, but he could feel some of the joints loosening up.
“I think it’s working. You have the core ready yet?” He heard a muffled voice from outside the suit, but he couldn’t make out what it was saying. It was definitely his armorer, but it sounded like she was talking underwater. “What? I can’t hear you. The gel is-” But before he could try to get her attention, he saw the red glow of the gem coming closer as the dwarf slowly inserted it into the chest plate.
In an instant, electricity surged through Jun’s body, sending his already frayed nerves into overdrive. The suit around him started to glow a bright red as the light from his chest spread to cover his body. The locked joints started to crack and burst, sending shell pieces into his skin like shards of glass. “Take it out! Stop!” Jun tried to yell as his burning pain shot through his brain. It was like a lightning bolt was tearing him apart from the inside, and he couldn’t stop it.”
Then, as quickly as it started, the pain ceased, leaving only pitch darkness. Jun’s eyes refused to stay open, and he found himself losing consciousness fast. If this was his death, he had to admit it had been a pretty shitty one. As his mind faded, he heard one last whisper that seemed to come from his own mouth, though it sounded nothing like him. It wasn’t a human voice at all; it was something different.
“So much blood. Where to begin?”
Jun died listening to the sound of his armorer’s screams.
When it came time for a shift change in the armory, the ship’s other blacksmith found the door to the lab wide open with one of the hinges broken. Inside the lab, though, was nothing short of a massacre. The walls were covered in blood, and the torn-up remains of one of the crew members were scattered on the floor. They assumed it had been the armorer, but there was so little left that it was anyone’s guess as to who it belonged to. There wasn’t a trace of the volerite they’d been using for weapons development; a half-ton of the mineral gone without a trace. The research and design papers were beyond salvaging, and as for the armor prototype itself, the only clues were the bloody bootprints leading to a hole in the side of the hull. The fleet shelved the project, deeming it too dangerous without full knowledge of what happened, much to the dismay of Professor Ioniz and the other artificers in the crew.
Still, the war continued, but with a dark specter looming over everyone on both sides. Each battalion had its own word for the creature that came for them; an inky monster in red, with a single glowing red eye in its chest, killing indiscriminately and leaving bloody massacres in its wake wherever it went. Very few lived to tell any stories about it at all, and the stories were so vague and inconsistent that most of the exiles doubted it existed at all. But every time red appeared on the surface of the water or the scent of blood came in on the wind, a chill ran through the air, even to the doubters. Another curse had been levied against them, and this one might not be one they survived.
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2023.03.20 22:24 DirectFrontier 2000p Shooting list critique

I have come up with this shooting list for my Mephrit crons.
The general game plan is to do as much damage as possible in the first turn with 2 Doom Scythes. If I go second, I can hide them with the Deceiver's Illusion ability to prevent them from getting alpha strike'd. The Deceiver itself is a source of mortal wounds and a tough to kill "distraction" type unit.
I rush the Scarab screen and 2 Ghost Arks carrying 10 blobs of Reaper warriors to the frontlines, meanwhile the 20 blob of Flayers stays in the back with Chronomancer support.
Meanwhile, The Lohkust Squad goes with the Technomancer, who can teleport them as well with the VoD to do some heavy shooting. Cryptothralls are used for cheap capping and actions.
Probably not very competitive but I might try it in tabletop simulator :)
++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Necrons) [115 PL, 11CP, 2,000pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Mephrit
Game Type: Open
+ No Force Org Slot +
Cryptothralls [2 PL, 40pts]
. 2x Cryptothrall: 2x Scouring Eye, 2x Scythed Limbs
+ HQ +
Catacomb Command Barge [9 PL, 145pts]: Relic: Voltaic Staff, Staff of Light, Tesla Cannon, Warlord
Chronomancer [5 PL, 85pts]: Entropic Lance
Technomancer [6 PL, -1CP, 85pts]: Arkana: Prismatic Obfuscatron, Canoptek Cloak, Relic: Veil of Darkness, Stratagem: Dynastic Heirlooms
+ Troops +
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts]
. 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Reaper): 10x Gauss Reaper
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts]
. 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Reaper): 10x Gauss Reaper
Necron Warriors [12 PL, 220pts]
. 20x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 20x Gauss Flayer
+ Elites +
C'tan Shard of the Deceiver [18 PL, 300pts]: Power of the C'tan: Time's Arrow
+ Fast Attack +
Canoptek Scarab Swarms [4 PL, 90pts]
. 6x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 6x Feeder Mandibles
Canoptek Scarab Swarms [4 PL, 90pts]
. 6x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 6x Feeder Mandibles
+ Heavy Support +
Lokhust Destroyers [9 PL, 165pts]
. 3x Lokhust Destroyer: 3x Gauss Cannon
. Lokhust Heavy Destroyer (Gauss Destructor)
+ Flyer +
Doom Scythe [9 PL, 165pts]
Doom Scythe [9 PL, 165pts]
+ Dedicated Transport +
Ghost Ark [8 PL, 115pts]
Ghost Ark [8 PL, 115pts]
++ Total: [115 PL, 11CP, 2,000pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
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2023.03.20 22:24 BigBreathingLightly Andrea & Brandon

I honestly feel Brandon & Andrea would have been a great couple. endgame. Andrea had a lot of depth, was smart, challenged Brandon but also learned from him and there were glimpses were you could see her as being a romantic person too. There was something with them I didnt feel with the other girls Brandon was with. Maybe because apart from Brenda Andrea was the one woman in Brandons life who he had a relationship with that had a lot of depth outside of just romance or attraction or rather superficial friend. I feel his friendship with Andrea was a lot deeper than with Donna and Kelly. I cant believe Brandon ended up with Kelly. To me she is such a boring character and lacking depth. I didnt watch the later seasons but yeah I always felt like Brandon & Andrea had great chemistry it felt actually exciting to watch them and to watch their romantic moments.
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2023.03.20 22:24 AlertTangerine [DISCUSSION] ChatGPT backed rewriting of a post on why 'All Quiet on the Western Front' is a Masterpiece.

DISCLAIMER: As the message is of outmost importance, And on top of it, we live in a time where humanizing the other side - as this movies teaches us to do - is all the more central, as we have Russia-China vs. the collective West as a world-dynamic at the moment. Learning from history is key to avoid our past mistakes and censoring the message is only adding to the larger problem we face as humans. The last time I posted this, it was taken down and removed arbitrarily by a moderator (no idea which moderator specifically). Also, there was a huge mob-mentality reaction in the comments, and my guess is that it has to do with the fact that the movie was good, that it is about the German side, that it is on Netflix and won four Academy Awards, because most criticism was mostly about trivial side-aspects rather than about the core message of the movie. And yes, I asked ChatGPT to rewrite my original post, as a sort of social and personal experiment. I also hoped to spread the message further. Here the the link to the original post I wrote. As I had a few "this is a retake on the stabbing in the back" myth that Hitler peddled with the French being responsible for it in the movie, I would say that this is a misunderstanding of the situation described in the movie. It clearly is the war-hungry German general who single-handedly pushes the soldiers onward, even though the war is nearly over (something that really happened in many instances, historically speaking). The French soldiers are shown with a lot of sympathy as people just trying to survive.
So here is the post once again:
If you're familiar with Erich Maria Remarque's classic novel, you'll be struck by the modern adaptation now streaming on Netflix. This powerful production expertly captures the horrors of war with vivid detail and humanity, offering a fresh and compelling perspective on one of the most important and complex periods in modern history.
As you watch, you'll appreciate the film's top-notch production values, from the richly detailed visuals to the haunting score. But what truly sets "All Quiet on the Western Front" apart is the way it tells its story. This is no mere remake; it's a thoughtfully crafted retelling that gets to the very heart of Remarque's original novel.
By focusing on key themes and ideas, this film offers a new perspective on the experience of war and its impact on those who fight it. It's a challenging and deeply moving viewing experience that is not for the faint of heart, but it is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of war, the power of storytelling, and the human condition.
In a time when war movies are often criticized for glorifying violence and conflict, "All Quiet on the Western Front" stands apart as a powerful and necessary work of art. It's a reminder of the true cost of war, and of the importance of striving for peace in a world that all too often seems to prefer conflict.
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2023.03.20 22:24 zurajanaipandada My mom gave my friend a deadline to move out but they have poor mental health.

Tw: mention of potential suicide.
They're also my ex. I'll try to be brief but idk that's hard. From the start when we gave them a place to stay where I live with my mom, they promised they'd move out in 1 or 2 months without rent in exchange for extra chores, there was instability at their previous place and they had a mental breakdown through text, a series of very many texts that expressed all they needed was a stable home, so I reacted in panic by offering them a place.
Bc their ADHD they would struggle to look for work and frequently not follow up with it, and lo and behold they're still here after over 3 years. They also frequently do not do chores and also leave a mess for me and my mom to clean. Eventually my mom was over it. Not only did they never pay any living expenses here including food, she even cooked for them sometimes. They did eventually start doing lyft though but it's hard to make enough since they have the lyft rental. And my mom is struggling with money, she and I have just had a fight because we don't know a solution about making more money to pay for our bills.
They never got their ADHD treated despite me finding them an assessment and also I have autism so it's not easy for me either. I finally gave them a therapy mandate---I told them it's required.
Throughout the relationship they have mentioned that they'd rather commit suicide than be homeless. It was never stated as a threat, but for me, I always remember it. And now my mom gave them a deadline so they had another mental breakdown (they had them on and off many times the past 3 years, many of which resulted in me offering them money for their debts.)
So my mom finally set her foot down, gave them a deadline (2 months) and since they had their breakdown, they said they'd really actually change.
Well, since then this past weekend they barely worked. I was understanding on Friday since it was fresh and they said they were too anxious. But Saturday they only worked a bit, maybe an hour or two. Then yesterday they asked me to give them back rub so they can have some comfort before work. I did so, but they didn't work.
The entire day they spent at home. If you guys know lyft, supposedly weekends are more lucrative, and they just skipped this weekend despite insisting they'd change. Despite having to pay the lyft rental. If they're changing, why aren't they working? That's the only way to better their situation with housing.
I, who have been struggling with my own anxiety since their last mental breakdown, just lost control today. I shouted at them, saying that they only think about their own mental health while I'm falling apart dealing with this, and how I always walked on eggshells not to set off another mental breakdown around them.
Well, I think it probably made them feel worse. I'm trying so hard because I don't want them to kill themselves. I don't know what to do. I don't believe anything they'll say anymore because all the times they didn't follow through. I don't think I can handle this anymore.
I also know for sure that if they do end up committing suicide it's going to affect me for the rest of my life. I'm already traumatized about my dad's dead from illness and feeling responsible. I don't think I'll be able to move on if they kill themselves.
I also struggled with being suicidal in the past and used to self-harm. And I do so much to try to keep myself mentally healthy because of it.
I'm also currently waiting for the finalization of my Healthcare packet so I can get therapy, too.
Anyone have advice?
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2023.03.20 22:24 _DOA_ 1 ONE ACTIVE OWNER NEEDED! $50 ROTO Auction, March 29, 7:30 CDT. 10 teams, standard 5x5 Roto scoring, FAAB waivers. Annual redraft on ESPN/Leaguesafe.

Just one more active owner needed. $50 ROTO Auction, March 29, 7:30 CDT. ESPN/Leaguesafe 10 teams, standard 5x5 Roto scoring, FAAB waivers. Annual redraft on ESPN/Leaguesafe.
Competitive annual redraft league. Rosters are: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 5 OF, 2 UTIL, 10 P (standard plus 1 hitte1 pitcher). Only requirements are to stay active, set your lineups and answer trade offers all year. Message for invite, or with any questions.
We also have 2 spots in a similar league drafting 3/28 - join both if you like.
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2023.03.20 22:24 ChemistIcy3789 What's the most interesting book you've ever read?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in someone else’s house or apartment?
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2023.03.20 22:24 Previous_Metal_7943 Stove top coils

Ok so I wanted to clean the old stove top coils in my apartment because they were black with grime and starting to smoke anytime I used the stove. I read online that you can clean them by rubbing balled up aluminum on them, so I did. They are now grey and clean.
I'm now reading online saying that this is dangerous because it removes the ceramic coating and can cause a fire. Does anyone know if this is true?
Please tell me it isn't, I don't want to have to buy new ones...
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2023.03.20 22:24 RevealDisastrous1246 Aita for not wanting to go with my (now ex) boyfriend to the family reunion after his grandpa’s dead.

Me (30f) had a 3 years relationship with my now ex-boyfriend (27M). Little recap we met at work back in May 2019 and got in a fckfriends relationship. None of us wanted to have one so we used to just go out, do whatever we needed and then to our homes. I began feeling something and since we agreed to end everything if something like this happened then I proceed as we agreed and ended everything before something else happened.
My brother used to play COD with him and like 2 month after we ended he invited him to our town for the weekend (this was in December 2019) and told him to bring me to spent holidays with the family. We agreed and in that weekend we reconnect and decided to be together since after our “separation” he began thinking that he also felt the same way with me. By January 2020 I move into his apartment so we can live together since my job at that time was way more convenient near his apartment than mine.
By the time the pandemic started we notice we were expecting our first baby (now 2 years old girl) and since everything happen so fast he decided to take me to his parents house to live (by that time I only met them once in December) since everything was going to close.
His parents had a house and prepare the house so we can live together and by July 2020 we move in that house.
Fast forward this time (take into consideration that we haven’t had the best communication but somehow maybe ignoring everything we manage to tolerate both of us) Also keep in mind we had another baby girl that at this moment is 8month old. Since I breastfeed we haven’t had any time for ourselves non intimancy whatsoever. My body is not the same as before I had my girls and I had 2 C-sections. So trying to recover from that have been really difficult and exhausting for me (not trying to excuse myself I try to do the best I can with the time I got since I left my job to become a stay at home mom as we agreed he would bring food and money and I will stay at home)
Last week on Saturday my ex boyfriend lost his grandfather (95M) a sad lost I gave him the information since he was at work and they told me that first. And on Sunday we went to be with his family and I was there with them until 10PM something like that. He had to work and couldn’t have a leave to attend those days so everything went normal at home. That entire week I text his mom through whatsapp a few times to ask about everything and send her pictures and videos of her granddaughters so she can have something to help her get better of the lost of her father.
My 2 years old is at school and is something really important to me to teach her to be responsible with that. Keep Also in mind that this was the same way my mom teach my brother and I and this is my experience with school. My ex boyfriend had a different experience since he used to pay baseball and had an especial treatment at school since he only went to take the exam and send homework. So he didn’t have to attend everyday.
He asked me on Saturday if we can skip school to spent Sunday and Monday (his days off) at his moms house. I said that on Monday my 2 years old had school and I don’t fell like it was necessary for her to skip school if she can spent the entire Sunday with him and his family. I didn’t want to go because I needed to do a costume for a spring festival at school for my 2 years old daughter. And that I can used some of that time for myself since I don’t get to have some time for me since I usually put everyone before myself (yes I know I should manage everything and have some time for myself but I have always put everyone first) so that he can take both of the kids and attend the reunion of his family.
He then told me that he understand how things are and that if I didn’t wanted to go i am an adult and is not necessary for me to attend and that we are going to do what is important to each one and he left. (Yes I could go and take everything to do the costume at my mil house but since I breastfeed my experience whenever I need to do something is trying to talk to anyone to take my 2 years old for me. To be able to complete whatever task I’m doing and if my little baby begin to cry they always say that is that she needed to be feed and the milk I extract so that they can feed her was not enough so they handle her for brestfeeding to me so I didn’t want to have that same experience again and to be able to have that time for myself)
He then left on Sunday alone to his moms house and left me with the kids since it was not important to him that they spend that time like I suggest.
On Monday he came and told that on Sunday everyone in his family went and that his cousin wife that have a job and 3 kids went also and help with the cooking (to clarify his cousin family live near his family and they have a lot of help of his and her parents and pays someone to help with the house chores )
And then things began to turn to the dark bad side because every time I try to say something he interrupts me saying something himself that I didn’t said and were his version of the things that happened (our lack of communication usually started like that since I shut up myself when he began talking at the same time and didn’t give me the opportunity to express myself ) and he said that since his family and him were not important to me is better to end our relationship (he say that cursing and yelling) and I agreed we ended since I have no strength to keep trying what we had. After a few more thing like he telling me that I don’t have to use HIS car to pick up our daughter at school (we had one car only) and that if I don’t respect him as a partner I have to respect him as a person as a man and say and do whatever he said and I told him in not his daughter so I don’t have to and then there was more cursing and yelling from his side and since I don’t want to keep arguing with him because I understand how he is feeling right now but I wanted to have sometime for myself I just wanted to know if aita in this situation.
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2023.03.20 22:24 Chronic_Defiant [2 Images] John 1:1 JW Interlinear Version vs NWT

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2023.03.20 22:24 seesoo3 LPT: When traveling bring a slow cooker/instantpot and save $$ food.

You can throw in food, leave for the day, return to dinner. I've also made breakfasts. Or cook dinner in an hour in the instant pot. Helps if you have a kitchenette, but there IS a sink in your bathroom to wash it in a pinch. Flying to your destination? Order groceries and a cheap crockpot ($20) via Walmart pickup. When you leave drop it off at a thrift shop. You still saved a bunch of money.
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2023.03.20 22:24 MarkIV04 Loft Downtown II Noise due to Construction?

Hey everyone, recently toured an apartment here at Loft Downtown 2. Seemed good but I've seen a couple reviews of people from a couple years ago complaining about construction noise within the building. I work remote and was told construction would last 1 more year, so this is an issue for me.
Anyone here live in the buildings and can confirm or deny this?
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2023.03.20 22:23 False_Temperature_95 What’s the ‘craziest’ thing you’ve done for social anxiety?

I’ll go first, a guy was walking directly behind me in the same direction (on a busy street during the day, not creepy) and I was too afraid to turn back or cross the street that I kept walking in front of the guy for 5 miles away from my apartment. Dude must’ve been getting his steps in for the day.
Then he finally got to where he was going, and I turned around and did a very long walk of shame before doing the same dance with another person when I got back home to turn onto my street. Unbelievable.
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2023.03.20 22:23 Flaky_Run_206 Daily Rosary Inquiry

Dear Father(s),
Would you recommend doing more than one Rosary a day living under intense situations with neighbors? I know that many persecuted Christians are going through physical torture or more extreme mental torture than myself, but noting the fact that I have a mental disability that prevented me from religious life, would you oppose "suffering voluntarily" as an offering under obsessed behavior against you? My mental process becomes a little stagnant under these conditions while forcing myself to go the extra mile with multiple daily Rosaries versus preventing the suffering by watching movies with headphones. I have been for years and feel like I come out of a PhD defense thesis showcase because I literally have been living in these conditions more than a decade, in multiple apartments. That's how the evil one works. Our Lady said, "Pray, pray, pray," and I take that seriously.
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