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2023.06.06 05:23 juanno96 [USPS advice neded] I bought a phone and came an empty box

Hello friends, how are you? I want to ask you a question. I bought a used cell phone from Swappa and I received an empty box by USPS, there was only one cable in the package.
The address where I received the package is a warehouse in Miami that works as Freight Forwarder, which is of my full confidence.
The package according to USPS, weighed 8 ounces, approx 225 grams.
The people in Miami told me that as soon as they received the package they weighed it and it weighed less than 100 grams.
The thing is that I am in Argentina, so this company that is in Miami receives and sends the packages to my country. It is worth mentioning that I have bought more than 25 phones in Swappa with this address and this is the first time this has happened to me.
Being a foreigner and not living in the USA, what do you think are my best options?
Obviously the seller and even the administrators of Swappa are trying to dismiss my case and tell me something like "well yes, I wish I could do something, good luck" and they want me to just write off the money as lost.
I understand that there is something like a law or something that obliges merchants to cover consumers in cases like this, but as I reiterate, I am a foreigner and I don't know what to claim or what to demand, what to expect, etc. I also don't want to file a dispute with PayPal without further dialogue.
What I think is that USPS has stolen the package but who covers in this case? what do you recommend me to do or what would you do if you were in my place.
Thank you very much and sorry for the extension, for me it is a lot of money and it costs me a lot of time to earn it.
Thank you.
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2023.06.06 05:23 Distinct_Hedgehog365 Lost black portable charger

I lost my black portable charger with the charging cord attached near 31st street NW station, if you found it please message me.
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2023.06.06 05:22 crunchol How to deal with younger sibling's behavior? (both in 20s)(long post)

My younger sibling and I both graduated college recently at the same time. I was able to land a job before graduating that is very well paying and in a nice city(new state). Kind of stereotypical American dream stuff. They were not able to despite sending out even more applications(200+) than me and networking way more. They are working a temporary job in a different city while trying to network more, but they don't have a permanent job lined up in their field.
Well the last few days we were together at my parent's house, we got into a bunch of fights/arguments. None of these were related to work/careers, but they kept getting mad at every little thing I did and were being randomly mean. My mom believes my sibling is just stressed about starting this temporary job in a new city, but I don't think that is the only reason for their behavior because they were only getting mad at me.
For example, one night while they were finishing up part of the dishes after dinner, they commented to my dad and me that they had been working a full-time job since they were 16 while going to school. They continued to emphasize that neither me or my older siblings had done this and said we could suck it. It was extremely out of place because my dad and I were just chatting about restaurants. All of my siblings and I have at least worked part-time jobs during high school. I didn't work while going to college except in the summer for an internship or small summer odd jobs. I don't want it to be a factor, but I know they believe my parents see me as the golden/favorite child. I don't know if it's me assuming, but I also think they were getting annoyed when my mom and I were discussing my move for my job while out shopping.
Their behavior was pretty erratic those days. They would be nice and chill and then suddenly get mad at little things that I was doing like saying "yum" too much. They left for their job and nothing was really discussed. I'm just not sure how to deal with things, because I think they would be more relaxed once they had a job, but I'm in computer engineering and they're in communications so I can't help with that. We have always had a typical sibling relationship, but it felt like they hate or resent me. I always protest the favorite child claims, but they persist it's true. Is there any way for me to convince them otherwise?
Any insight would be great! Is this just in my head and they were just stressed about the new temporary job, or it something more?
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2023.06.06 05:22 True_Elk3526 I think about killing my rapist at least once a day. His dad and mine are still best buds

I dated this guy for two years, and he is a church golden boy who’s currently deployed in Germany. Anyways, he’s an asshole behind the scenes. He made raped me when I was a virgin, and the subsequent maybe 20 times were also rape, until I finally stopped fighting, then maybe after a year I orgasmed for the first time? Then after two years of pressure to get married and leave with him when he got deployed I tried to kill myself and broke off the relationship. Everyone thinks I’m the slutty and unhinged bitch who had sex then decided that I didn’t want to commit to marriage at twenty years old, but no one knows that he’d get insecure and choke me out just to watch my legs go limp and THEN would get off to watching me sing with concealer all over my neck knowing damn fucking well I’m covering bruises, bite marks, and hickeys.
He’s been deployed for six months now, but I have this fantasy about tying him to a chair and cutting his throat with a box cutter in lines that match up with the way he’d choke me, then I watch him bleed out. It’s fucking horrible. I miss being normal and wanting kids and enjoying being alive. But I don’t even know how (or why) to tell anyone. He is a fucking monster and he keeps me up at night, but he’ll never be in my life again so my only real comfort comes from dreaming about being ready if I ever do run into him again, and of killing him for everything he put me through.
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2023.06.06 05:22 XJANE0 how do you try and learn a new hero?

i bought a new hero i looked for a build and emblems so i went into classic to well try them out but everytime the enemy team always have an arlott or a badang who is massacring me and my team
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2023.06.06 05:22 Delivery-Plus It struck me quite bluntly.

Before my eyes there was this aged agglomerated stone.
It reminded me of caliche, but this peculiar stone matrix had two specific constituents; One resembled the long hollow cylindrical tool one would use to sooth a parched palate with a glass of water. And there was this fine-grained, well adhered pasty stone, akin to what one would expect at the bottom of a creek or marsh.
The shape was uncanny, it’s outer edges had a near perfect geometric shape, much like the hexagonal basaltic columns of the Giant’s Causeway of lore… but these stones were comprised of mere simple rectangles.
Oh and the color! The stone’s hues would exclaim a deep rouge in one glance, then tantalize the eyes with a tangerine flush.
I collected samples; I was taken by surprise, the radiocarbon dating put the specimen well within the Georgian era.
Upon further research utilizing chromatography, it was determined that the mineral composition was comprised of: Basaltic Rhyolite within an Igneous Cratonic Kimberlite.
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2023.06.06 05:22 snvwmaidens [F4A] looking for somebody to write spiderverse with!

hi there! i'm snowy, i'm 20 years old with she/her pronouns, and i just watched the new spiderverse movie! and it has entirely consumed my brain, and i'm looking for someone to write stuff with about it.
if you're interested, please send me a message and tell me a bit about yourself! i hope to hear from you.
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2023.06.06 05:22 JNpbx999 First 3.5 dose of shrooms!

My birthday is coming up later this month and naturally my wife asked me what I wanted so I thought pretty hard on it and I got back with her a few days later.
I had grown some golden teacher shrooms about 6 months ago (they’re dry and have been well preserved) so I told her the only thing I want is to trip with you. We’ve smoked weed worth each other plenty of times but never anything outside of that.
This is also my first time doing a dose of this size. I’ve done acid on numerous occasions but shrooms just a couple. Any tips or advice? I’m really excited but a little nervous at the same time. Shrooms seem to be much more personal and intense than acid for me
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2023.06.06 05:22 Ag3ntS1 I am just speechless

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2023.06.06 05:22 dreaming_mystic [25/M] Seeking deep connection

I’ve just been feeling lonely and anxious these days and thought it would be nice to have someone to talk to. I don’t really have anyone in particular I’m looking for, just be around my age and a warm/kind person! Bonus points if you are clingy and affectionate.
A bit about me: I’m pretty nerdy and socially awkward, I work in banking, and am south asian.
During my spare time, I like to read, watch movies from around the world, and daydream. I’m also a big basketball and hiphop fan!! I like to discuss topics ranging from philosophy to history to religion.
Please PM me if you’re interested:)
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2023.06.06 05:21 BeltalowdaOPA22 Vising this month, please help with a few questions I have about the city?

I've been to LA a handful of times, but not in a good 20 years, and I am super excited to go back. I'll be staying in Gardena.
Three questions:
  1. How readily available are Zip Cars (or similar)? Google tells me LA has them, but I'm not sure how prevalent they are. Does anyone know how likely I am to be able to rent one for an afternoon?
  2. Could I get some recommendations on a niceish place to have a birthday dinner somewhere within say, a $20 uber ride from Gardena? I'm pretty open to all cuisines except Italian (I love it, but I don't digest pasta well), and would ideally like to not spend more than $200 for two people for dinner and drinks.
  3. This may be a dumb question, but should I expect rain during the last 2 weeks of June? Years ago, when I was visiting a friend in the area, I told her it looked like it would rain, and she was adamant that it wouldn't, because she said it just wasn't the time of year for rain. I live in Michigan where the weather might do anything at any time, so that blew my mind.
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 05:21 Zerosuke15 FGC Stories - Walked Into A Casual Ultra SF4 Tournament While Deployed In The Air Force in 2014. Placed 3rd.

tl;dr: Walked onto Ultra 4 tournament on deployment. Managed to get bodied by the tourney leads and still place 3rd in the tournament.
During my service in the Air Force, I had the opportunity to deploy to the UAE for 6 months (AF Vets, you know the base. Great Vacation, yes I know AF vets, don't come for me...), and I had the opportunity to participate in my first and only fighting game tourney I've ever competed in. I walked into the game room we had there one day to see a laptop with Ultra Street Fighter 4 on practice mode playing and a bunch of people standing around in the doorway. I walked up and asked one of the guys standing around what's going on and he said that there's about to be an Ultra SF4 tournament led by two dudes for shigs & bragging rights. I'm like, "Well damn this is kinda sick. Just walk on to a fighting game tournament and compete!? Hell Yeah, I want in on some of this action." All in all I think there was about 10-12 players. Only about 5 of us, myself included had even played a fighting game before...
I ended up being like the 3rd match I think, so since I had time before the match I was watching the ongoing matches to see what levels of players I would be dealing with (I'm about a 6.5/10 fighting gamer. At the time I understood how SF played basically and knew most of the special inputs for the shotos. FADC, wtf is that!? Fuzzy guard break, umm huh? EX Moves? Press 2 or more punches/kicks right? I could get the job done well against non-players with the Shotos but that was about it... My main was Ryu btw lol) What I saw next stopped me in my tracks and let me know how this whole tournament was about to go down. I noticed that while everyone was playing in PS4 pads, the two dudes who initiated/were running the tournament HAD THEIR FIGHTSTICKS WITH THEM!!! These dudes had packed their fightsticks in their bags to use them while on deployment! I couldn't believe it. So I knew immediately that those two were gonna be the SNK bosses in this tourney and most likely the winner and runner-up lol. To my surprise, in retrospect, I was 100% right. Something in me knew there was no way I was winning this tourney, but I wanted to see how well I could place and gauge my skills and how I play in a somewhat real competitive setting for the first time.
So my strategy when competing in anything is never showing 100% of my ability unless absolutely necessary. I strive to maintain the element of surprise for as long as I possibly can. So when I compete against someone better than me I can maybe beat them by using their preconceived notions about my skills against them and steal victory from the jaws of defeat lol. Use their overconfidence against them to eek out a W. So in all my matches against the non-gamers I would ultimately beat them but make it look like they had me. Only pulling out the tricks I know if they might take me in a match. Kinda like playing against a kid. You go easy on them until your life bar gets a little too low... Which I had to do with one guy who noticed my strat and called me out because my playing style totally changed lol. I told him "shh don't reveal my secret strategy..." and he laughed about it because he understood what I was doing.
Unfortunately my next match or in retrospect my "Pre-Pre-Losers Bracket Match" was against one of the Fight Stick Brothers. He chose Guile and I had Ryu and he ABSOLUTELY BODIED ME! He didn't perfect me but his victory was absolute lol. He finished me off with style by using Guile's Air Command Grab. I didn't even know he could do that at the time! My next match was against the other Stick Bro. He chose Poison and I had Ryu once again. It was here where I experienced what the term "Touch of Death" TRULY MEANS. Tournament was Best of Two and this guy touched me with Poison and I was done. All 4 rounds went as such: Match Start - I would run - He'd inevitably touch me - Combo - Dizzy - Poison Wins! I managed to tap him for damage maybe twice, but to no avail. To Losers Bracket I went, but I had the man's respect for at least being able to damage him twice.
Losers bracket went the same as before except everyone knows I'm decent now so they're trying extra hard to beat me. I managed to come out with no losses from the non-gamers (pats self on back) and make it back to the Guile Stick Bro. I'd love to tell a story about how I managed to eek out a win against him but Id be lying my ass off! This man BODIES ME EVEN HARDER than the first time with Guile again (Charge players scare me T_T). However to my shock, I wasn't paying attention to the brackets and despite my loss to him I ended up in 3rd place for the tournament! I was happy with my overall performance and watching the obvious final tourney match between the Stick Bros. was sick too. Poison Bro ended up taking Guile Bro in the end by 1 round. So that's the epic story on my one and only FGC tourney.
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2023.06.06 05:21 davidfosterbollocks i don’t know if the people around me will ever trust me again

when I’m well I’m very high functioning, to the point where things I really do and am capable of sound like grandiose delusions. I think I probably come across as a compulsive liar to people who haven’t seen my creds. I haven’t even been formally diagnosed as bipolar. it’s still unclear if my issues were drug-withdrawal and PTSD related or if I’m for real bipolar. either seem likely enough to me. I’m doing well. I’m eating and sleeping a lot. I’m more productive than I ever have been. I fucking hate the feeling that so many people around me are terrified of me having energy. it’s really made me realize who actually knows me and who doesn’t know me at all, and it’s heartbreaking to see just how many people I trusted really don’t know me. I hate this feeling. my family has the green light to hospitalize me, call the cops, forcibly inject me with abilify if they decide it’s necessary, but they’re still so fucking wary it hurts.
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2023.06.06 05:21 jaeeii 21 [F4R] ohio/usa - looking to make friends!

i hope everyone is having a good start to their week and had a good weekend!
i’ve deleted most of my social media so i’m usually on reddit to have a chat or youtube to have a laugh when i’m on my phone. i’ve been playing pokemon violet and fortnite a bit so if anyone wants to play together in the future let me know!
facts about me:
so, if you made it to the end, read everything i have talked about and still feel that you want to talk, feel free to send me a message or chat if you’re looking to talk to someone! 😄
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2023.06.06 05:20 Double-Nothing-8607 The first guy I talked to after my SO died and he was psycho. Honestly don't know how you guys put yourself out there.

Little bit of a rant.
I started talking to this guy, and it is just talking, and stupidly on my part sexting. He seems normal, have a lot in common in terms of interest. But he keeps mentioning I sound like somebody who stalks him. I give him the benefit of the doubt and he kept bringing it up. Bear in mind I had sent multiple photos, a video of me... Like I am obviously not a Nigerian prince or whoever harasses him.
Then he tells me "I might be arrested" for what you ask? Beating the shit out of someone apparently. I stand firm and say I am not comfortable with that. Like genuinely instantly felt massive ick. I say it upfront like not comfortable with that at all.
So he changed the story that it was his friend and a friend of the friend who got into the fight but he had to see how I'd "switch" it up on him... Now I'm pissed off.
Then he starts doing what I know all narcissists to do, deny and flip it on you.
So he yet again brings it up that there are "too many coincidences" between me and this person and I could have faked the photos through an app to trick him...
So I go "I'll make this easy for you" deleted all my messages and blocked him. I don't need that. It's honestly so discouraging that the first person I really talk to after my SO died was... That way. Like what a fucking disappointment.
Here's the thing. I met my person, he was a good person. He had flaws but he was so good in so many other ways it literally didn't matter. I've had love that was good so I know what it is. It makes me worried that I won't find anybody else that's that good of fit if that is what is out here. A nearly 30 year old guy acting like he is in highschool.
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2023.06.06 05:20 MyLifeIsABoondoggle Breakup was earlier today. She's been texting me off the hook. How much do I oblige and how much do I ignore? I imagine it doesn't stop today

If you were the one doing the breaking up, and they kept reaching out, what did you do? It's not right and I don't have it in my heart to just stop responding altogether, but there's an amount of it I just have to ignore I feel. I didn't explain myself very well today so in time I want to have that closure conversation, but she isn't emotionally ready for it today, and won't be for the next few days at minimum. I've tried to ignore all the sad, longing texts and only respond to the ones actually trying to talk about what happened and asking questions, but when I feel like I don't have the exact words myself, then what? I don't want to make the situation worse by saying something that I'm not sure if I truly mean or may later come to regret. It's just a very slippery slope not made any easier by her not being willing to give me space.
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2023.06.06 05:20 ladyfuzzball It's never Vegas is great, it's the other team is playing poorly

Don't get me wrong, I love the underdog feel and the team being underestimated. I'm hoping that is fueling VGK. But damn it'd be nice to see the team get some credit for playing lights out. Anson Carter tried, but everyone else turned it into, "FL just isn't playing well."
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2023.06.06 05:20 1000WaysToCringe Asking for better shifts from scheduling manager

For context, I’ve been working at my restaurant for about 9 months now. I mostly work lunch shifts, which normally pay significantly less than dinner shifts. I drive an hour round trip to work every day, and normally get cut after 2 hours on the floor after opening the place up.
I’ve noticed that everyone else but me gets scheduled for more lucrative night shifts all through the week, even the new hires who are still learning the ropes. I do my job well, am well-liked by my coworkers, and am reliable, so it doesn’t seem to be a matter of job performance.
I cannot afford to keep working short lunch shifts (normally bring home max. $50), is it fair to ask for a more favorable schedule? I’ve considered getting a second job and only working my serving job on the weekends.
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2023.06.06 05:20 NeverWithoutCoffee Here's a little quiz for you guys: Who has ever seen this skeleton and can tell me where I found it? I've done countless playthroughs and never seen this before! It's really well hidden (in the main game).

Here's a little quiz for you guys: Who has ever seen this skeleton and can tell me where I found it? I've done countless playthroughs and never seen this before! It's really well hidden (in the main game). submitted by NeverWithoutCoffee to fo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 05:19 Blackout621 Gold 4 -> Bronze 3 Nosedive Follow up Vod Review

Replay Code: T1P3PT Battletag: AdornedDwarf Heroes Played: Lucio Skill Tier: Bronze 3 Map: Watchpoint: Junkertown
Hey all,
This is a follow up to my post from yesterday. I vented some frustrations about falling from gold 4 to bronze 3 very quickly. Got a lot of really helpful feedback/discussion and thought I’d upload a vod for review. I’m just seeking general feedback on how I can be an overall more effective Lucio and hopefully work on climbing back up next season. a few notes as I watched this and read the post’s comments:
I really appreciate any feedback in advance, and please don’t roast me if I suck 😅 thanks!
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2023.06.06 05:19 TwoAdvanced6491 I(20M)’ve been abused behind closed doors all my life and finally opened up to ppl for the first time, here’s what happened/what I learned from it (someone even cried)

I’ve only started opening up to ppl really recently. I knew I was going through abuse bc I was literally in trauma responses all the time from C-PTSD, but I knew that there was so much manipulation, stuff being hidden behind closed doors, and covertly emotionally abusive behaviors that made it hard to tell ppl and for them to believe it. If it was earlier when I was a teen and not aware of abuse, I would be too emotionally reactive (rightfully so, towards being mistreated) and my nparent would easily paint me to others to be the one causing the problem. My nparent also wasn’t neglectful in the way an alcoholic or addict was and provided for my basic physical needs while “helicoptering” me, so a lot of her abusive and neglectful behaviors mostly fell under the radar to other ppl who weren’t paying close attention and even me. But the effects were real, I’ve had suicidal thoughts, depression, trauma responses, feelings of worthlessness, and began attracting abusers and bullies outside home from a very young age bc they modeled how I was being treated by my family at home.
I was isolated for so long and had no outside support for anything, and I’ve done all of my learning about abuse and trauma healing completely independently, reading online resources on my own in the past few months and with not a single person in my entire life ever seeing what I went through and telling me what I went through was not ok. However, I’ve spent so much time learning about my abuse the past few months that I’ve stacked my case so well and can finally explain and express to ppl what I am going through to convey where the abuse was, and it worked. I’ve opened up on social media and I’ve actually received support, I started talking to a counselor who gets cultural nuances/authoritarian parenting/emotional abuse, and I opened up to a relative. It was very bizarre and I went through so many strange emotions. I’ve gotten so used to numbing myself as a coping mechanism that the things I went through should normally make someone depressed, full of grief, want to die, or be truly traumatized. But I’ve already felt all of this at a really young age, swallowed it in, and numbed myself, bc that was the only way to survive. Otherwise I would have committed suicide by now. Telling someone what happened and them crying has honestly showed me how traumatic and not ok what I went through was.
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2023.06.06 05:19 Kardiamond oData : Best way to handle incremental push

Hi all!
I work on a project for a client, where use SSIS to get data via oData in D365, and import it in a SQL Datawarehouse.
I told him early on that full push would probably get slow over time on big table like orders. He told me it could way until go live, and didn't have time to find a way to do it for now.
Well not we are live, and it's getting slower.
Using oData, I asked him to add modifiedDate field in the big entites, to only import the last data.
The issue I have : How to handle delete?
Is F&O soft delete? I heard something about RecId being negative if the record is deleted.
Is it true? Is there another way?
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