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2021.11.28 03:47 fakecast

Imagine, if you will, a remake of the 1939 classic The Wizard Of Oz. Who do you choose to play Dorothy? Should it be Emma Stone? Maybe Anya Taylor-Joy or Millie Bobbie Brown? In this sub, the choice is yours and we want to hear from you! We'll have fun making new cast lists for projects that do not yet exist, and we will take classics and recast them with modern day performers. Perhaps you'd like to see The Big Lebowski starring only Muppets. You can do that here, the possibilities are endless.

2023.06.04 00:16 MrGoblinKing7 Strom Maw - Game Setting Idea

I had this idea when I was DMing, and now that I have taken a break from that, I knew this idea was still too good not to share. I hope you enjoy it.

The Setting of Sorm Maw

In ancient times, this land was once called the Cradle. A lush paradise bordered on the north and south by two large mountain ranges, the only easy ways in being the two valleys on the east and west. This land was once home to such a diverse ecosystem that it was commonly believed that all life sprang from this one place.

The first the build cities in this land were the Humans, and their cities were built around the greatest agricultural centers in the world, believed to have supplied most of the exported foods for all the old kingdoms. But this first kingdom of Humanity would not last, and no one remembered what madness convinced the kings of old to open the Gates of Fire. But be it for riches, power, or immortality, a great volcano formed at the center of the land, and from it spewed the great armies of the elemental plain of fire Efreeti kings ruled the now burning lands, the land once known as the Cradle, was now the Burning Maw.

For five hundred years, the elemental plain of fire tainted the land, making it nearly impossible for the now enslaved Humans and what few free tribes to bearly hold onto life. The last bastion of resistance was the Dwarven Kingdom which dwelt in the southern mountain range. But even then, it was rare for Humans to escape their Fire Sultans to this last safe place, and the price for freedom was almost as high as staying in bonds. The land was such a cursed place for life that Hobgoblin fortresses being built in the northern range and sending raiding parties south was more a break from the tedium than a true threat.

Then the dragons came, two Ancient Blue Dragons, a mated couple, would invade the northern mountains. With a massive Kobold army, conquering it before sending an assault into the Burning Maw, the war would be long, but in the end, the Fire Gates would be closed, and the great volcano died, along with most to all elementals in the domain. The two then conducted a great ritual, and above their new lair formed the Ever Storm, and with it came the rains. The desert would become a savana, and life would begin to return. With the Kobolds and Hobgoblins in their armies, the two Dragons would subjugate the surviving Humans and build a new kingdom. And with every passing Draconic generation and with new lairs established, The Burning Maw would now become the Kingdom of Strom Maw.

The Kingdom of Strom Maw would be an oddly united realm. The casts separated into the three main tires of civilization. The Military, the Sorseror Nobility, and the Crafts Guilds, each being the only groups that could be said to have rights under the Dragons and for whom life is relatively well.

But something is going on, the next generation of Dragons is of age to take their armies and establish new extensions to the realm, but the armies have not marched. Some believe that the last of the Founding Dragons is close to death, and the young are simply waiting for the inevitable civil war to start. Will the Kingdom survive such a conflict? Will the Ever Strom vanish if too many Dragons die, turning the land back into a waist land? Are there any heroes in this dimension who could intervene in the conflict and save the innocents who will inevitably get crushed in the coming chaos? Or will, after two thousand years of grim stability, will Storm Maw be destroyed and become a dead place?

Sorry if this is not ok for this sub. I just felt like writing this down somewhere. If there are any questions about the setting, I will eagerly answer them.
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2023.06.04 00:16 Accomplished-Pop-780 Aragorn Commander Decklist

Aragorn Commander Decklist
Looking to try out my take on a tribal/realistic deck. Any suggestions are welcome!
1xCommander: Aragorn, the Uniter
99x ‘Murder’
Total: 100 cards
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2023.06.04 00:15 judasmartel Happy 30th Birthday to Shino Shimoji, the Voice of Akiha Tohno in Tsukihime Remake!

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2023.06.04 00:11 Aesthetic_FuckerOwO {PICK A POV} [Horror Edition] (ft. Equalia Falls Mental Institute OCs)

Take this piece of shit while I work on a different type of Pick A POV lmao
OC 1 (Zekiel)
OC 2 (Lizzy)
OC 3 (Elixer)
{POV 1}
OC Used: Elixer
[8:09 AM]
[Equalia Falls Mental Institute]
You were born with the ability to see and hear things that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. However, when you told others about it, they saw you as crazy and insane.
It eventually got to a point where you were eventually shipped off to a mental institute, and you've been there since then.
Though for some reason, you've always felt your new home...
For instance; Once you made a new friend a few days after your arrival, only for them to go missing a few days later...
Not only that, you've also been noticing several other patients would often be found on the halls covered in blood...
You tried not to think of it too much but it still irked you a lot.
Recently, a new patient had arrived at the Institute a few days ago. His name was Elixer and he originally was a homeless orphan before a police officer caught him almost trying to kill someone...
Despite his origins, he genuinely seemed like a chill person!
Right now, you and the other patients are all hanging out at the Playground and you're happily swinging on the tire swing.
That is...until you're suddenly interrupted...
"NO!!! STOP IT!!! I WON'T JOIN YOU!!!" It was Elixer...
You looked over at him and you're terrified to see a female demon standing behind Elixer as many black tentacles swarm around him, all while Elixer is on his knees crying and covering his ears as the female Demon smiles at the sight, seemingly enjoying seeing him suffer.
{POV 2}
OC Used: Lizzy
[20:00 AM]
[Equalia Falls Mental Institute]
You're a demon. You're mainly known for having caused the suffering of many, many innocent souls with no remorse whatsoever.
You've gone through many human hosts, all of them ending up not satisfying your expectations. And in the end you grew bored of your main tasks.
One day, you were walking around your void that you resided in when you heard a shrill noise in the distance.
Crying...Was that...what you thought it was?
You walked around, trying to find the source of the noise, before eventually you came up to what looked to be a small white bean. Upon closer inspection, you came to realize it was a small baby girl wrapped in a white blanket.
For some reason, you found yourself bending down and picking up the small girl into your arms, cradling her gently to stop her crying. Your actions proved successful as she soon quieted down and looked up at you with soft and small eyes the color of coal.
You couldn't help it; You smiled, feeling rather content with the small child's presence.
You slowly and carefully removed the blanket she was bundled in, casting it aside and replacing it with a beautiful Ivory faux fur coat, a small gift from you.
You chuckled as the baby giggled happily and reached out to you while cooing.
You never wanted this moment to end...
You stood over your daughter, who you learned over the years was named Lizzy, as she trembled in fear upon seeing you, hastily backing into a corner of her dorm room. Your heart ached seeing her like this, but then again, you knew she would soon grow to tolerate you and accept you as her (mothefather).
Over the years, you managed to attach yourself onto Lizzy's soul as to keep a better eye on your beloved daughter. Unfortunately, this resulted in her going crazy and being sent off to a Mental Institution..
You swore to yourself that you would help her out of that disgusting place...unfortunately, she didn't seem to remember you and was always terrified when she saw you...
You held your arms, offering a hug as you took another step towards her.
{POV 3}
OC Used: Zekiel ~~~~
[20:33 AM]
[Equalia Falls Mental Institute]
It's been almost a year since you and your friend, Zekiel, were transferred from Voidkin Asylum to Equalia Falls Mental Institute. And though it took awhile, you both eventually got used to your new surroundings.
At first Zekiel was scared. Seeing an environment where he was possibly vulnerable for HIM was a challenge for him to get used to. But after seeing the crucifixes in the dorms and locks on the doors as well as the nurses giving him a rosary to wear, he calmed down.
As for you, at first your were severely clingy towards Zekiel for a fear that if you didn't stay near him constantly, something would bad would happen to him...
...or worse...
But soon you grew more calmer the more nights you both encountered and survived together
One night, you and Zekiel are peacefully sleeping in the dormitory you had chosen for the night. When you suddenly wake up to a roaring noise far different than what you're used to hearing.
You slowly open your eyes and your eyes widen when you see a seeming 9'2 tall demon standing over you while a shadowy humanoid figure stood in front of Zekiel's bed. Despite the humanoid having no face, you could tell it was glaring at the demon that towered over you.
Speaking of the demon, a sinister smile crept onto its face upon seeing you awake and you heard the shadow human emit a low growl...
What does it want with you?
Does it plan to do something horrible?
Most likely...
Rules+Things to Keep in mind:
  1. As usual, Inhuman OCs are fine but powers are forbidden
  2. Take this seriously, any jokes about this will get you ignored
  3. Feel free to play as your Roblox Avatar if you wish :)
  4. You do NOT need to know about Equalia Falls Mental Institute or play Roblox to participate. Anyone is welcome whether or not they know
  8. No Romance, Only Platonic Relationships with the Trio. No exceptions
  9. This isn't scripted. I WILL be late to reply
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2023.06.04 00:10 JaxzAlt Feature Request: Local file support

Other podcast apps such as Pocket Casts and Podcast Addict allow for playback of local files. This would be great for those of us who have our own audiobook files or podcast files that we'd like to listen to from Podurama
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2023.06.04 00:09 AfricanStream Music Artist States Touring Africa ‘Life-Threatening’ What Are Your Thoughts?

Music Artist States Touring Africa ‘Life-Threatening’ What Are Your Thoughts?
Nigerian singer Yemi Alade claims musical artists avoid touring Africa because it's ‘life-threatening.’ And says the continent does not have the necessary infrastructure. But don't her comments simply add to the Western stereotyping of Africa as a dangerous and backward place? Maybe it's time artists - who've benefitted from using African culture for their musical exploits - cast the continent in a more positive light? Senegalese-American singer, Akon, recently called on African stars to return to their roots and catalyse growth on the continent. We like the sound of that! Listen to Alade’s rant and tell us what you think.
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2023.06.04 00:08 CarpinThemDiems Reunion of the cast of The Mighty Ducks

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2023.06.04 00:06 AbbreviationsAway500 Subject: Hypocrisy...What are the best examples where each of the main cast where hypocrites?

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2023.06.04 00:06 good_grief_hes_naked Anyone else really not excited for the sequel?

I’m not saying anyone shouldn’t be excited but... I personally was not begging for a sequel, especially when I’m 55% sure it will be padded with sequel/remake bullshit (annoying references, overhyped character reveals). The atmosphere definitely won’t be the same, and I’m scared they’re just gonna pander to hot topic junkies who worship the tim burton aesthetic but haven’t even seen any of his movies. Wondering if anyone else feels like this.
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2023.06.04 00:06 Daft__Junk Kishimoto would never treat Sakura the way Gege is treating Nobara

Now, about 3 years ago, people decided that Jujutsu Kaisen had set a new Golden Standard to the way female characters should be written and presented in shonen manga. A giant leap of progress compared to the old days of Naruto and it's awful female cast, right?
It was also 3 years ago that Nobara's head exploded and we don't even know if she is dead or alive, because no one talks about her. If she died, no one mourned her. If she is alive in a critical state, no one is worrying about her. She basically doesn't exist. That's the way the manga treats her.
That would never happen in Naruto. If Sakura died, her friends and teachers would mourn her until the end of the story. If she was put in a critical state, they would worry about her in every single chapter. She would not be forgotten, or treated like a non-character that stopped existing.
Kakashi didn't give Sakura enough attention? Well, Gojo only talked with Nobara once in the whole manga. Sakura didn't win enough fights? Nobara won one.
Like her or not, Sakura was never a non-factor. She was always a key character, present during all major events, moving the plot here and there. If Sakura didn't exist, "Naruto" would be different. If Nobara didn't exist, "Jujutsu Kaisen" would be the same thing. Gege proved it himself.
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2023.06.04 00:06 OkVacation8661 Unleashing Creativity: Exploring Different Techniques to Overcome Artist's Block

Creativity is the lifeblood of an artist, but even the most inspired minds can occasionally experience a formidable obstacle known as artist's block. It is a phenomenon that stifles creativity, leaving artists feeling stuck and devoid of fresh ideas. However, by exploring various techniques, we can break free from the chains of artist's block and rediscover the boundless realm of imagination. In this article, we will delve into effective strategies to unleash creativity and reignite the artistic flame.
  1. Embrace Mindful Observation: The world around us is a treasure trove of inspiration. Engage in mindful observation by immersing yourself in your surroundings. Notice the interplay of light and shadow, the intricate details, and the subtle nuances that often go unnoticed. By training your senses to observe, you open the gateway to a multitude of creative possibilities.
  2. Experiment with New Mediums: Stepping out of your artistic comfort zone can be a catalyst for fresh ideas. Experiment with new mediums, techniques, or art forms that you've never explored before. The process of learning and adapting to something unfamiliar can stimulate your brain, spark curiosity, and breathe new life into your creativity.
  3. Seek Inspiration Beyond Art: Inspiration can be found in various realms outside of traditional art. Delve into literature, music, cinema, or even science to discover narratives, emotions, and concepts that resonate with you. Drawing connections between different art forms can ignite unique ideas and perspectives that fuel your creative endeavors.
  4. Engage in Collaborative Projects: Collaboration can be a powerful antidote to artist's block. Join forces with fellow artists or individuals from different creative fields to embark on collaborative projects. The exchange of ideas, perspectives, and techniques can stimulate your own creativity and push you beyond your artistic boundaries.
  5. Embrace Playfulness and Experimentation: Sometimes, the pressure to create something perfect can stifle creativity. Embrace playfulness and experimentation by setting aside expectations and allowing yourself to explore without judgment. Engage in spontaneous mark-making, doodling, or abstract expression to unlock your creative flow and discover unexpected gems.
  6. Engage in Regular Artistic Rituals: Establishing a regular artistic routine can help overcome creative blocks. Set aside dedicated time for your art, whether it's daily, weekly, or as your schedule allows. Treat it as a sacred ritual, a commitment to nurturing your creativity. Even during uninspired moments, the act of showing up and engaging with your artistic practice can reignite the spark.
  7. Connect with the Art Community: Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can be an immense source of inspiration and motivation. Connect with fellow artists through local art groups, workshops, or online communities. Participate in critiques, share ideas, and engage in discussions. The collective energy of the art community can invigorate your creative spirit and offer support during challenging times.
Artist's block may occasionally cast its shadow, but by implementing these strategies, you can unleash your creativity and break free from its grasp. Embrace mindful observation, experiment with new mediums, seek inspiration beyond art, engage in collaboration, embrace playfulness, establish regular artistic rituals, and connect with the art community. Remember, creativity knows no bounds, and with perseverance and an open mind, you can reignite the flame and embark on an exciting artistic journey of discovery.
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2023.06.04 00:05 SilverTigerstripes What "spells" would a DM in game cast?

This is far off the beaten track and careening heavily into homebrew. But I'm running a goofy one shot where some wizards sought to break the limits of magic and broke something fundamental to the world - the DM.
I will roll as the DM to see if I give good descriptions of things or not, give out advantage and disadvantage on different checks, and augment or get rid of class features as we go. Yes it's going to be broken, but it's meant as a goofy break from our main campaign.
The ending battle will have a PC I want to play, the "human" side of the DM as an NPC trying to unite the DM again, and... me. As the DM. In game, casting spells.
What would these spells be? I was thinking of phrases like "are you sure you want to do that", "you can certainly try", and other commonly used phrases as saving throws with different effects. The most destructive of which has to be "rocks fall".
Any others that come to mind?
Oh and lastly, they can only damage the DM enemy by roasting him. Should be a fun night.
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2023.06.04 00:05 Sparky_McDibben Free Adventure Ideas

Hey y'all,
Been brainstorming a while, and I've got a few adventure ideas I thought I'd share with the group. These are free for critique, use, modification, etc., by anyone who wants to. Knock yourselves out, and if you've got ones you want to share, please add them to the comments!
1) Soap Operas of Night City: The PCs get mixed up with a BD soap opera. Since braindances are experiences, that means anyone you meet on the street might be braindance recording. Which means that any interaction you have might not be completely genuine.
Intro: As the PCs are walking down the street one day, they see a couple having a completely histrionic meltdown in public. Others have gathered around and are watching these two folks tear into each other, until the woman steps up and backhands the man, hard. The man raises a hand back...and that's when you ask if the PCs want to intervene. If they don't, they drive on by, no harm, no foul.
Focus: If the PCs intervene, the couple loops the PCs into their drama. The man's name is Pepi, the woman, Marina. It seems Pepi's twin brother Pepe slept with Marina, but she knew it was Pepe and not Pepi. Human Perception checks detect that there's something wrong with this setup - both Marina and Pepi are being way too histrionic.
Strike: After the PCs extricate themselves from the couple (who are sloppily make-up-kissing), a fixer approaches them with NDAs and contracts, and invites them to join the cast of Real Housewives of Night City, a BD soap opera. If the PCs don't join, of course, the show's corporate sponsor (pick one that works best for your campaign) will start harassing them. Not only that, the show keeps "filming" near whatever jobs the PCs take, often trying to loop them into the drama. Of course, if the PCs do join, then this is a great opportunity to pump up their Acting skill and really dive into some drama.
2) SUPER Y: Hyper-intelligent child prodigies are using a pre-Krash AI to rewrite history and culture, trying to remove sources of conflict.
Intro: Overnight, sources of information start changing, often in strange ways. Every digital record of the 4th Corporate War is eliminated in many of Night City's nets. Criminals are labelled as "misunderstood" and then set for release without conditions or bail. Sources of conflict between corporations are removed, lost, or destroyed. Oddly enough, many children's books keep changing, including Goldilocks and the Three Bears (the bears adopt Goldilocks and she learns to be nice), The Boy Who Cried Wolf (the moral is changed to be that everyone should just believe you all the time), and Hansel and Gretel (the moral is changed to not eating other people's houses).
Focus: Netwatch enlists the PCs to help them track down the hackers. There are no tracks, no clues, no trace. In fact, it's suspiciously similar to Rache Bartmoss' MO. Eventually, the PCs find a lead that leads them back to a building owned by Bartmoss. Fighting their way past insane bots, auto-turrets, and Black ICE, they eventually gain root access.
Strike: Turns out, this was all done by a group of child prodigy netrunners led by a kid named Wyatt. They found an old AI down here, created by some guy named Bartmoss to rewrite data. By jacking in to several networks, they discovered that they could effortlessly alter facts in an attempt to stop another Corporate War. Now the PCs have a problem: the kids they can turn over to Netwatch (who will do God knows what with them), but what do they do with a pre-Krash AI programmed by a madman to alter truth? Hell, at this point, are the PCs sure they know what truth is?
3) Librarian-Guerillas: When corporations run shit, it can really put a damper on public services. A group of self-styled librarians are waging a guerilla war against book publishers by stealing content to share with their communities.
Intro: Several trucks are hijacked. All those trucks were carrying "useless" detritus heading to a disposal site. The PCs are enlisted by a corporate fixer to track down the stolen goods and kill whoever took them.
Focus: A look at the manifests for the trucks reveal they were all carrying at least some books, and when the PCs track the actual trucks down, they find that the books, and any salvageable weapons and armor, are gone. While they're doing that, an e-bookseller has their entire catalog copied overnight. Clues lead back to a new gang: the Librarians, who are holed up in the old City Annex on the outskirts of the Hot Zone.
Strike: When the PCs arrive, they find a fairly modern city library - residents are allowed to check out both paper and digital books, a quiet coffee-flavored kibble shop sells underpriced snacks, and there's even a mutated box turtle in little terrarium. The "gang" are all kids of old librarians, and they're focused on restoring services to the community. What do the PCs do?
Hope these are useful!
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2023.06.04 00:04 APlusDriver So… With ChatGPT…

So… With ChatGPT…
So I’ve always loved this game. Truly an epic. I always thought it deserved a remake. insert the crowd rolling their eyes I know. We all want one…
But… we have chatGPT and other AI tools. tools that can take a few pics or a video of an object and make it into a 3D blender file. Or tools to generate a extremely realistic voice from text(reduce cost of production from hiring a voice actor)- think Drake AI album. ChatGPT can help us stay organized. Just look at this AI generated img attached (Basic prompting)
I’m just saying… I think a group of us using AI can get it done.
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2023.06.04 00:04 Mortallyinsane21 Cantrip: Conjure Arthropod

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2023.06.04 00:03 sturm26 Hag/witch magic item

I came up with a witch/hag magic item I wanted to share in case anyone is interested in using. Its inspired by a 2nd ed magic item but heavily modified. I'd love to hear how it works for your group if you end up using it.
Spool of Aging
This magic spool is used in conjunction with casting bestow curse or bestow greater curse.
When casting bestow curse, the caster has the option of holding the spool and making a successful touch attack, per the spell. Or the caster may prick the target with a sewing needle, requiring a regular hit that does 1 point of damage. Upon hitting the target, the target must make a will save vs bestow curse as normal. If the caster successfully hit with the needle, the targets blood causes the target to save vs the spell at -2 (maybe -4? for some DMs, the trade off with a regular hit vs touch attak should have a trade off).
If the target fails the saving throw, their soul is bound to the spool of thread indefinitely. Anyone can unwind the thread from the spool. For every inch unwound from the spool, the target ages proportionately to their race (e.g. 1 inch of thread ages a human 1 year or ages an elf 10 years, etc).
Remove curse or similar spells will undo the cursed connection with a successful caster level check. But it will not undo the aging which is an instantaneous effect. Undoing aging requires more powerful magic in line with wish, miracle, or perhaps heal, greater restoration if a DM was inclined. Perhaps the DM rules it needs a special way to reverse, sparking a side quest.
I plan to use this with my group soon. My goal isn't to punish my players with it. But i hope it spins off into a side story line.
Side note, using bestow greater curse may have more detrimental or different effects with the spool at the DMs discretion.
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2023.06.04 00:02 sclerae Please make Mae Martin the Canada(English) Taskmaster or preferably the Taskmaster's Assistant

When Canada finally gets an English-language version of Taskmaster, Mae absolutely has to be the assistant, which I would say is the much harder role to cast. They have such a great understanding of the cleverness of the show, while also having the very assistant-y traits of being confident and not at the same time.
What do you all think?
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2023.06.04 00:00 Snipey360 Enairim Update - Freyr: Integrated Standing Stones of Skyrim

Released today:
Freyr: Integrated Standing Stones of Skyrim:
Freyr overhauls the standing stones, changing them into race specific bonuses and powers. It synergizes with race overhaul Mannaz to provide an array of unique bonuses that greatly enhance replay value!
Freyr replaces all standing stone effects. To increase variety and replay value, standing stones are now based on player race. Futhark project: Freyr integrates with race overhaul Mannaz.
New standing stones
Apprentice - Regrow Limbs: Argonians regenerate 5% of maximum Health per second below 25% Health. Atronach - Hist Spores: Caustic Spit causes creatures and people to attack randomly for 20 seconds. Lady - Swamp Dweller: Argonian blood grants 50% Disease Resist. Lord - Dissolve: Caustic Spit turns targets below 20% Health into ash. Lover - Waterhome: Amphibious also restores Magicka and Stamina. Mage - Caustic Burn: Caustic Spit lasts twice as long. Ritual - Blood in the Water: Argonians gain 25% attack damage and critical damage whenever there is a nearby foe below 25% Health. Serpent - Basilisk: Caustic Spit paralyzes targets for 3 seconds. Shadow - Swamp Poison: Argonians reduce the Poison Resist of nearby foes within 20 feet by 25%. Steed - Polished Scales: Amphibious Increases swim speed by an additional 100%. Thief - Chameleon: Argonians are 25% harder to detect when standing still. Tower - Melt Lock: While Caustic Spit is hitting a locked object, the lock is trivial to pick. (This effect has no duration.) Warrior - Histskin: Argonians regenerate an additional 2% of their maximum Health per second.
Health regeneration underwater is 100 points per second, unaffected by Survival Mode. This balances out the warmth penalty Survival Mode applies to Argonians.
Freyr changes the effects granted by the Breton racial ability Stones of Galen in Mannaz (additional standing stone effect) from generic effects to Freyr-specific effects. As a result, each Breton standing stone effectively has two abilities:
Apprentice - Arcane Initiate: Once per battle, Bretons may activate a foe to deal random elemental damage equal to half your Destruction level. Apprentice - Dragonheart: Power attacks, bashes, and sneak attacks deal random elemental damage equal to half your Destruction level. Atronach - Coven Magic: The Atronach improves your spells and scrolls by 50% by consuming a Briarheart, Human Heart, or Human Flesh from your inventory. Atronach - Wyrdcraft: The Atronach grants a 15% chance to find a Human Heart or Human Flesh on humans they kill. Lady - Blessing of the Lake: The Lady grants a 20% chance to absorb incoming spells, adding their Magicka to yours. Lady - Kingmaker: The Lady periodically gifts you gold or a small enchanted item. Lord - Crown of Autumn: Power attacks deal 30% more damage and critical damage, but Stamina does not regenerate in combat. Lord - Old Stone: Able to power attack when out of Stamina, dealing 50% less damage and critical damage. Lover - Poetry in Motion: Bretons become ethereal when entering combat, for up to 15 seconds or until they attack. Lover - Slam Poetry: When breaking out of an ethereal state before its duration runs out, release a Warstomp that staggers nearby foes. Mage - Arcane Mastery: Breton spells and scrolls are 15% more effective. Mage - Mage's Path: All Mage skills improve 15% faster. Ritual - Druidom: When a staff is drawn, spells are 50% more powerful but cost 50% more Magicka. Ritual - Circle of Galen: Magicka does not regenerate. When a staff is drawn, drains its charge level to replenish Magicka. Serpent - Dark Constellation: In combat, the unstars in the Serpent disable Magicka and Stamina regeneration and drain 5 points per second. Serpent-Star Curse: The effects of Dark Constellation are inflicted on all nearby foes within 33 feet. Shadow - Dead Noon: Holding a drawn bow costs 3x Stamina but will mark foes after 1 second per 25 Health. Shooting a marked foe deals a critical strike for 10 times critical damage. Shadow - Outlaw: Bretons move 40% faster while holding a drawn bow. Steed - Horsemanship: Bretons are adept at handling horses, improving the speed of their horse and that of nearby allies by 25%. Steed - Roadside Rest: Bretons regenerate Magicka and Stamina 50% faster when standing still with hands down. Thief - Shadow Mastery: Bretons are 15% harder to detect when sneaking and deal 15% extra sneak attack damage. Thief - Thief's Path: All Thief skills improve 15% faster. Tower - Iron Mask: While in combat, sneaking is 50% better, and sneak attacks deal 25% extra damage. Tower - The Donjon: Bretons may activate a living target while sneaking and out of combat to put the target in a mental slumber for 20 seconds or until struck by an attack. Costs 50 Magicka. Warrior - Combat Mastery: Bretons deal 15% extra attack damage and critical damage. Warrior - Warrior's Path: All Warrior skills improve 15% faster.
Circle of Galen will drain your left-hand staff first if two staves are equipped, and then drain your right-hand staff once it is depleted. Drain is 25 points per second, and you gain 100% faster Magicka regeneration in the process. Crown of Autumn and Old Stonework against each other for a total of 62.5% power attack damage when out of Stamina. Kingmaker gives an item every 10-20 minutes on average. The Donjon prevents the target from spotting you while sneaking or seeing you as an enemy, cancels their combat alarm status, and increases pickpocket chance by 20%.
Dark Elf
Apprentice - Spirit Walker: Ancestral Protector is now available once per battle instead of once per day. Atronach - Ashlander: Dark Elven blood grants an additional 25% Fire Resist. Lady - Walk Alone: Dark Elves regenerate an additional 1% of their maximum Magicka and Stamina per second. Lord - Heart of Ash: (At-will power for 25 Magicka) Sacrifice 10 Health per second to improve attacks, critical strikes, and spells by 30%. Cast again to disable. Lover - Ancestral Hearth: Ancestral Protector will also attack foes set on fire by Fireblood. This still consumes a daily activation. Mage-Spite: Dark Elves are up to 25% more effective with spells as Health decreases. Ritual - Passion: Fireblood automatically captures a fire when entering combat. Serpent - Ancestral Vengeance: Ancestral Protector deals extra damage equal to your Fire Resist. Shadow - Vendetta: Deal 25% extra attack damage and critical damage while Ancestral Protector is on cooldown. Steed - Blazing Speed: Fireblood grants 10% movement speed in addition to its other effects. Thief - Blinding Ash: Fireblood also blinds the target and forces them out of combat. Tower - Unwelcome Guest: Able to expend Fireblood to open any lock of expert level or below. Warrior - Dishonor: Dark Elves deal 20% extra attack damage and critical damage if the target is alone.
Heart of Ash deals damage on each heartbeat (85 bpm), averaging out to 10 points of damage per second.
High Elf
Apprentice - Mythal: Inborn Magic lasts 10 seconds longer. Atronach - Faerie Fire: Changes Faerielight to inflict 50% weakness to magic for 10 seconds. Lady - Glare: Changes Faerielight to reduce armor by 500 points for 10 seconds. Lord - Superiority: Inborn Magic is 50% more effective. Lover - Unseelie: Changes Faerielight to drain Magicka equal to 20 plus 5 times level and transfer it to you. Mage - Highborn: High Elves get an extra 50 points of Magicka while a magical effect from Inborn Magic is active. Ritual - Crystalline: Regenerate Magicka and Stamina 200% faster, but lose 250 points of armor and 50% magic resistance. Serpent - Will o'Wisp: Changes Faerielight to blind targets for 20 seconds and force them out of combat. Shadow - Eclipse: High Elves sneak 15% faster. Steed - Unicorn: Spells are 15% more effective while a magical effect from Inborn Magic is active. Thief - Mischievous: Changes Faerielight to briefly disarm the target. Tower - Cellar: Gain invisibility for 10 seconds when Inborn Magic activates. Warrior - Autumn: Changes Faerielight to drain Stamina equal to 20 plus 5 times level and transfer it to you.
The Faerielight upgrades replace your Faerielight effect, removing the original effect. A new Inborn Magic spell trigger can only be set once a day, but once set, it can activate an unlimited number of times. Minor magical effects last 15-30 seconds (based on the condition) and include: restoring 2% Health per second, restoring 2% Magicka per second, restoring 2% Stamina per second, 150 points of armor, 25% magic resistance, move 15% faster, or 15% extra attack damage. Faerielight drains 5 Magicka at level 1, +4 Magicka per level.
Apprentice - Dedication: Imperials improve all skills 8% faster. Atronach - Faith: Imperials are 20% more effective with healing spells and effects. Lady - Zeal: Imperials deal 20% more attack damage and critical damage when fighting more than one opponent. Lord - Ardor: Imperials take 15% less attack damage when fighting more than one opponent. Lover - Fidelity: Bribe lasts twice as long. Mage - Wisdom of Saints: Imperials regenerate Magicka 50% faster. Ritual - Devotion: Bribed characters will follow you and the Bribe lasts five times as long, but only one person at a time can be Bribed. Serpent - Prosperity: Imperial Gold has an 8% chance to find a rare item, including enchanted items. Shadow - Diplomacy: Bribe also improves pickpocket chance and sneak attack damage by 25%. Steed - Vigor: Imperials speed up nearby allies within 25 feet by 20% (including your horse). Thief - Cunning of Saints: Imperials regenerate Stamina 50% faster. Tower - Fervor: Imperials raise the attack damage of nearby allies by 25 feet by 20%. Warrior - Strength of Saints: Imperials regenerate Health 50% faster.
Devotion will cause the most recently Bribed target to follow you until it dies.
Apprentice - Night Eye: (At will) Improved night vision for 60 seconds. Atronach - At the Crossroads: Khajiit receives a large sum of gold, but must pay it back with interest when the Atronach Stone is relinquished, or else... Lady - Moondew: Khajiit blood improves consumed potions and ingredients by 20%. Lord - Knead: Khajiit can power attack with single claws while sneaking, and claw damage is improved by 10 points. Lover - Purr: When an ally is within close range, Khajiit and the ally recover Magicka and Stamina 50% faster. Mage-Bling: Khajiit spells cost 5% less for each digit of gold carried, up to 50%. Ritual - Lunar Rush: Khajiit can jump out of their attack swings and spellcasts, and take 15% less attack damage while jumping. Serpent - Shiny Distraction: Khajiit can activate humanoid opponents for 40 Gold per level to steal all Magicka and Stamina. Shadow - Prowl: Khajiit sneak 10% faster and are 40% harder to detect, but sneaking costs 10 Magicka per second. Steed - Lunar Sprint: Khajiit can enter sneak while sprinting, sneaking 15% faster but becoming 30% easier to detect. Thief - Lucky Coin: Khajiit is 5% harder to detect for each digit of gold carried, up to 50%. Tower - Whiskers: Khajiit has a 30% chance to find extra gold and a 10% chance to find small valuables on humanoids they kill. Warrior - Swagger: Khajiit takes 5% less damage from power attacks for each digit of gold carried, up to 50%.
At the Crossroads allows you to choose either 1K, 10K, or 100K gold, or to opt out of the Atronach Stone entirely. Interest is 10% and losing the Atronach Stone ability without having the required sum of gold in your inventory leads to death. Lunar Rush is an animation cancel and can be used to get out of power attack commitments, crossbow reloads or to avoid incoming damage. Whiskers grant an average of about 10 gold per kill.
Apprentice - Elder of Runes: The Apprentice transfers half of base Stamina regeneration to Magicka. Atronach - Shamanic Trance: All-Maker Stone powers used during Rage are returned to you if Rage is maintained for a further 8 seconds. Lady - Dream Journey: Sleeping grants a random All-Maker Stone power if you do not already have one. Lord - Atmoran Heritage: Nord blood grants 50% Frost Resist. Lover - Moth's Grace: Nords are immune to stagger from power attacks and bashes during Rage. Mage - Owl's Insight: Nord wisdom causes your Rage to drain Stamina instead of Magicka. Ritual - Hakkerskaldyr: Shouts used during Rage have a 50% chance to get a cooldown of 3 seconds. Serpent - Fox's Cunning: Nords deal 25% more damage with attacks of opportunity. Shadow - Blackbraid: You are 40% harder to detect during Rage. Steed - Rockslide: Move 15% faster during Rage. Thief - Wolf's Hunger: Nord fury heals you when you sneak attack an opponent, based on their level. Tower - Frith: Rage heals you for half of the Magicka drained. Warrior - Bear's Strength: Nord strength grants an additional 100 points of armor.
Elder of Runes almost doubles base Magicka regeneration due to the discrepancy between base Stamina regeneration (5%) and base Magicka regeneration (2.5%). All-Maker Stone effects will tie into an upcoming Futhark mod. Attacks of opportunity are a Valravn feature and result in extra damage when attacking an enemy from behind or while taking certain actions; Freyr no longer requires Valravn, but consult the Valravn mod page for more information.
Apprentice - Berserk: (At-will power for 100 Magicka) Doubles attack damage and critical damage dealt and halves attack damage taken for 10 seconds. Atronach - Bloodhowl: Gain Berserk for 10 seconds when you fall below 25% Health. This effect has a 30-second cooldown. Lady - Carnage: 15% chance to gain Berserk for 10 seconds when you kill a foe. This effect has a 30-second cooldown. Lord - Warlordstomp: Warstomp also reduces armor by 500 points for 10 seconds. Lover - Bloodthirst: Orcs heal when they kill a foe. Healing is equal to 25% of its negative Health. Mage - Warlockstomp: Warstomp also inflicts 50% weakness to magic for 10 seconds. Ritual - Bloodrite: In combat, deal 25% more attack damage and critical damage but start combat with 50% Health missing. Serpent - Shock Trooper: Orc blood grants 50% Shock Resist. Shadow-Stampede: Orcs move 10% faster in combat. Steed - Warthogstomp: Warstomp also inflicts damage equal to 20% of a target's current Health. Thief - Pillage: Orcs have a 5% chance to find rare items on humanoids they kill, including enchanted equipment. Tower - Tower Dive: Take no damage from falls when using Warstomp. Warrior - Orc Smash: Orcs inflict 20% extra damage and critical damage with power attacks.
Multiple sources of Berserk (with the Aetherial Crown) do not stack.
Apprentice - Contemplation: Redguards regenerate an additional 5% of maximum Mana per second when out of combat. Atronach - Adrenaline Rush: Changes Shehai to restore 5% of maximum Stamina per second and grant 15% movement speed instead. Lady - Conditioning: Redguard blood grants 50% Disease Resist. Lord - Ibex: Take 20% less attack damage from opponents if you are currently stronger than them. Lover - Shahrazad: Changes Shehai to summon a spellcasting spirit. Spell power scales with your attributes. Mage - Mummy's Touch: Spells and scrolls are 20% more effective when cast on targets in the melee range. Ritual - Dust Storm: Redguards have a 20% chance to knock targets down on a power attack, bash, or sneak attack. Serpent - Black Obelisk: Poisons living foes in close range for 20% Alteration level per second if you are currently stronger than them. Shadow - Jinniya of the Lamp: Make a wish after enough time has passed. Steed - Endurance: Redguard sprinting is an additional 2 Stamina per second cheaper. Thief - Shamshir: Your Shehai has a 15% chance to briefly disarm the target. Tower - Starlit Shores: (1/day; 50 Magicka) Once a day, while outside in Skyrim, use this power to teleport to a random location in the world. Warrior - Coyote: Deal 25% extra attack damage and critical damage to opponents if you are currently stronger than them.
Effects that trigger "if you are stronger than your opponents" take into account the current number of opponents, level difference, and current Health difference, so they will always activate at some point during any fight. Adrenaline Rush and Shahrazad replace your Shehai effect, removing the original effect. Adrenaline Rush has the same duration as Shehnai. Shahrazad has the same duration as Shehai and spawns with a random Destruction and Conjuration staff based on level, dealing 1% of base Destruction damage per point of Magicka and 1% of base Conjuration duration per point of Stamina. Jinniya of the Lamp grants a wish every 1001 minutes (16 hours and 41 minutes), granting a choice of 100K-500K gold + 20-40 rare items; +10-20 to each attribute; +2-4 perk points; or +5-10 dragon souls. There is a countdown on the effect in your Magic Effects list.
Wood Elf
Apprentice - Wanderer: Wood Elves regenerate Magicka and Stamina 50% faster when outdoors. Atronach - Firewatch: When a target detected by Wild Senses enters combat within 10 seconds, it loses 25% Health. Lady - Skyclad: Harrier has a 33% chance to unequip the target's armor in combat if they are humanoid. Lord - Green Pact: Can ritually eat dead humanoid foes who had been marked by Harrier in combat, fortifying all attributes equal to its level for 15 minutes. Lover - Magpie: Harrier finds 2 rare items instead, including enchanted items. Mage - Wicker Man: Harrier inflicts an additional 25% weakness to fire, frost, and shock. Ritual - Apex Predator: Harriers can also hunt people. Serpent - Green Man: Wood Elven blood grants 50% Disease Resist. Shadow - Hunter's Eye: Study targets with Wild Senses, reducing their armor by 500 points for 10 seconds. Steed - Forestwalk: Wood Elves move 10% faster when outdoors. Thief - Bushman: Wood Elves are 50% harder to detect by targets that are being spotted with Wild Senses. Tower - Aerie: While Harrier is not hunting or in combat, it accompanies you, regenerating 4% of maximum Health per second.
Warrior - Thunderbird: Harrier has a 50% chance to knock targets in combat into the air.
Firewatch and Hunter's Eye linger for 10 seconds after breaking Wild Senses, giving you a chance to attack them and activate the effects.
This mod can be installed during a playthrough, but a new game is recommended because Skyrim may not be able to cleanly replace standing stone abilities after starting the game.
Freyr is part of the Futhark project. Futhark is a collection of Enairim mods designed to integrate and share game systems between them. More mods will be added to Futhark in the future.
Do I need Mannaz: Yes. Do I need Valravn: The Valravn requirement was removed in 0.2.0. What is Futhark: Integrated mod suite in development, each mod will build upon the previous ones, culminating in perk overhaul Althing.
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2023.06.04 00:00 AwfulSuperhero We need a Fallout Tactics remake, and here's why.

Remaking Fallout Tactics to meet up-to-date standards would be a wise move for Bethesda, benefiting both new and older fans of the Fallout franchise.
One of the reasons for Bethesda to even think about remaking Fallout Tactics lies in its potential to attract both new and older fans. A modernized version would capture the attention of veteran players, allowing them to revisit the tactical combat they enjoyed in the original game while experiencing it with updated visuals and mechanics. While at the same time, it would introduce the game to a fresh audience, enticing them with improved graphics and gameplay, and allowing them to delve into the rich lore of the Fallout universe. It’s a win-win situation so far.
A remaster of Fallout Tactics would provide an opportunity to expand the game's lore and storytelling, as well as to restore LOTS of cut content that made the story better. Bethesda could delve deeper into the backgrounds of factions, characters, and locations, creating a more immersive narrative experience.
Enhanced graphics would play a vital role in revitalizing the game. Modern technology allows for stunning visual fidelity, creating a more immersive and visually captivating wasteland. The updated aesthetics would breathe new life into the game's environments, characters, and weapons, making the experience more engaging and appealing to a wider audience.
And from a business perspective, remaking or remastering Fallout Tactics could be a VERY profitable move for Bethesda. The game already has an existing fanbase very eager for an updated version, ensuring a strong initial demand. Additionally, attracting new players through modernization and compatibility with current platforms would expand the potential market and generate increased sales and revenue.
Remaking/remastering Fallout Tactics to meet up-to-date standards would cater to the interests of both new and older fans. The expanded lore, enhanced graphics, and increased profitability make it a compelling proposition for Bethesda to undertake. Bethesda has the power to remake a literally 20-year-old game, Bethesda pls.
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2023.06.03 23:59 Acrobatic-Tip-3094 Holy Cow I love the Elite Trio in the series.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that loves these characters.
In the superstar Saga Remake I absolutely loved them on Minions Quest. Each one of them had unique personalities and they all had distinct outfits compared to the rest of the minions.
Private Goomp being overconfident and so full of himself, while at the same time kinda dumb at times was a riot.
I like how the designs are distinct yet simple at the same time. Sergeant Guy being my personal favorite.
I was alittle disappointed that we never got to properly fight them in BIS, but I liked how they actually tricked Bowser and got the upperhand against him. I also recently just got to a certain point in Dream Team, and I was thrilled.
There fight as of right now is easily the best one in dream team imo. That might change as I go through completing the game tho.
It was surprisingly tough as they had so many different attacks, and I love the teamwork mechanic they utilized. I especially love how naive and scared Private Goomp gets during one of the attacks.
I know this is a pipedream but I wouldn't mind having these guys show up in the paper mario series, or even the mainline Mario games down the line.
I know other characters like Fawful get more attention, so that's why I wanted to post about the Elite Trio.
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2023.06.03 23:57 Lpebony EGG (all forms) - Featuring Myriam/GLEX Rouge

EGG (all forms) - Featuring Myriam/GLEX Rouge
Hello there, Beautiful People!
So, I wanted to try Myriam after having grinded the conquest earlier today, and what better target dummy than Egg.Mind you that previous to this, I never had tried to beat that version of Egg. It was a unexpected Kill, hence why I didn't record the first turns.
My Team:
  • Rag Robin : No need to do the presentations, we all know what he's capable of and that's why we play him.
  • Mama....(drum roll) 4! I know that it comes as a Surprise but YES, I did use mama4. With Peon of Victory inherited
  • GLEX Rouge : Maybe this will come as a surprise, I don't see him being talked about too much, although I really think that he's under estimated. And this is saying something because, people do regard him in high regard. But, this isn't enough, praise him more, more...
  • Myriam [Even fire mages Love the Sea] OKAY SO THIS DEFINITELY CAME AS A SUPRISE, I KNOW IT, ADMIT IT, YOU DIDN'T PREDICT I'D RUN MYRIAM FOR EGG! What? It was in the tittle? Oh s\*t up)Myriam although being somewhat of a wild pick, is really a good fit I feel like. She is really tanky, thanks to her good stats (94% END & 100% WIL) and her passives. First her evasive stance passive and second High Protect Tension.
  • Tsubaki Obviously, we're talking about her latest Style! What? You thought I had brought her first style and you feel like I purposely deceived you by not specifing her name? Nah, you're imaginating things... Anyways. The new Tsubaki is quite a banger unit, she has scrum guard, and she can both INT debuff and WIL buff your party at the same time with her S3. Which is rather amazing and coupled with a WIL formation, allow you to not use Peon of Peace. She also further reduce magical damage with her first passive that she casts every turns. Great unit all around.
Okay so now that you know the team, i'll like to talk a bit more about Myriam and Rouge.
Rouge, although being held in high regard by the community, is underestimated. Let me explain why.First of all, his S1 which is his Healing spell, is completely busted! Here it is:
What's really broken is the "Damage Block" Why you ask? Because when you resurrect a character, it isn't buffed anymore, it's more fragile, and chances are, that they didn't get resurrected at full health.Giving them One Imunity on 1 attack boost their chances to live another turn.
And this skill can also be used to hold off another heal. For let's say your rag robin.Anyways, it's great.
And what's really broken is Obviously his passive that let him proc either his S2 or S3 off single target attacks (NORMAL ATTACK INCLUDED)But how you utilize him, can make a whole other difference.Now, let's talk about his S3

Okay so this cost 10 BP. But not really. GLEX Rouge get 4bp per turn, he gets an extra one by attacking. So has long as you attack with him, you get 4bp.Since his S3 is an attacking skill, you get 1BP. You'll also get at least another bp or if you're lucky, 2. Let's say you had 11BP right before casting this. You'll get 1 from his passive, 1from the skill, and you get 3 at the start of the next turn. OH BUT? HIS S2 COST EXACTLY 5BP? AND WE HAVE 5BP?? ISNT THAT SOMETHING? And this, is something to never forget while playing with Rouge. That 11BP Break point where you wanna cast MANUALLY Blooming Fireworks+
There is something else we need to talk about, and it's saving BP by just auto attacking. Auto attacking with GLEX Rouge can be extremely valuable, because an auto attack is a Single target attack, and it can proc his passives.
Meaning that in the best case scenario, you auto attack > get 1 bp > chance to proc S2 > If S2 did proc > Chance of proc'ing S3 > more bp because the S3 proc'd For 0 bp spent you can get 3bp plus the 3bp that you get on the next turn = 6BPAnd you do quite a lot of damage. NOW NOW, HOLD YOUR HORSES I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SAY! "BUT THIS IS HEAVILY RNG, YOU SHOULDNT RELY ON THAT" and you'd be right. You don't need to rely on it, just, play around it.
When you don't spend BP with rouge, you can get extra value sure, but this isn't the end goal. The end goal is to secure enough BP to use his S3 to agressively fuel the team with BP. To maybe shorten a fight or heal 2 turn in a row with Rag Robin or use Twice Tsubaki's S3 in a row etc etc.
By planning, you can achieve a lot of cool things with Rouge. And that, I think is his main selling point.Also let's not forget his damage. If the ennemy is weak to either Blunt/Dark he'll be able to dish out quite a fair amount of DPS.
Okay now, let's talk a bit about Myriam. Don't worry, I wont be talking as much as I just did for Rouge ahaha...

Why did you bring Myriam for doing Egg?

The question i'm sure that's on everybody's lips.Well.. Honestly I just wanted to try her out in a serious fight. Also I'm pretty sure all the eggs minus one or two versions are weak to Heat. One of these version is the one that looks like that I think...
You know it looks exactly like that. Can't unsee it now
Anyways. Beside doing Fire damage through her proc, she has an amazing S3 and S1Here are the pictures for the Lazy ones

Myriam's Passive Skill

Myriam's S1/S2/S3
Her rotation boils down to: Do I need to mitigate damage via my S3? If so, you do it.If you don't, use her S1 to save BP for later uses of her S3.You never want to use Manually her S2 since it can proc from either her S1 or S3.By the way, her S1 is amazing, recovers about 1k health (way more if Peon of peace) and can trigger Wild Fireballs.
When you use Peon of Victory and proc some chase attacks fairly often, she can be quite the dps. But the ennemy will need to be weak to fire for her to really shine.
But hey, she has a really interesting and funny kit.DONT SLEEP ON HER

And this conclude my long post.

I'll post the Youtube Video of my clear.
If you made it this far, thank you really much! And if you didn't and skipped to the end and are reading this right this instant... Well... I Don't have anything clever to say.. Bummer, I suck...
Cya all! Here, have a nice pepe
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2023.06.03 23:55 Shedlesky Remake of a Remaked Version of my First Ever Comic

Remake of a Remaked Version of my First Ever Comic submitted by Shedlesky to countryball_memes [link] [comments]