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Officially supported Medieval Dynasty Reddit. Racimir welcomes you to his town! Get the latest news and updates for the 1st/3rd person builder in the year 1000 AD Middle Ages.

2015.01.20 19:48 20person A proud bastion of murder, genocide, and incestuous marriage

Only in CKII...

2023.03.31 05:42 stinkyshin2 my grandma and aunt basically just told me to go fuck myself

my mom and them were on a phone call and wanted to speak to me.

my grandma said that I should listen to mom and that im better compared to my "naughty" cousin who clearly struggles with ADHD and is dehumanized by her. I fucking hate being golden-child'd by her its fucking sickening as hell as well as how she treated my youngest cousin.

my aunt made my blood boil too.
she basically told me to go to church and listen to my mom and never argue with them and always be a fucking obedient son of a bitch who doesnt cause conflict and all my problems with not having friends in college is because im not going to church and having a relationship with god when most of my fucking trauma came from the same church and belief system they have and why i want to kill myself every single day now if i have the chance to.

literally a FUCK YOU to my face when they know ive been struggling. and get this I have straight up PTSD from my parents and my church.

I want to hide in my bed and cry now after being told that. ik basically my entire family system doesn't acknolwedge that i exist at this point.

filial peity is fun.
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2023.03.31 05:42 orangeslices991 What are the best ways to overcome these symptoms?

Some quick context; I have suffered from anxiety for a very long time, but only recently have a started putting a lot of pieces together about how I act and how I feel.
Very certain things trigger my anxiety and panic, and when I get triggered my throat begins to tighten and I immediately feel like I can’t swallow my spit or else I’ll choke and I start spiralling until I snap out of it. Sometimes it takes me far too long to ground myself and I just end up frustrated that I couldn’t control myself faster.
I’m essentially wondering if there is a way that I can completely get rid of the throat tightness and eliminate the anxiety feeling, I have come a very long way, and at this point I’m willing to try whatever I can to eliminate it to the point that it’s a rare occurrence.
More context: The things that cause this reaction is heights and thinking about the unknown/outer space
When I first was suffering from this, watching movies or playing video games that depicted heights, or outer space would cause an extreme reaction from me and I often could not watch or think about it at all without being in a distressed state.
Now I’m a lot better with movies and video games where it doesn’t affect me at all. But, being near a large height in person, or reading or watching a real video about outer space will trigger me, albeit for only a few seconds, but I feel so close to getting over this irrational fear and anxiety, I wish my mind and body didn’t have such an awful reaction to it.
Any tips on any final steps I could take to getting over this stuff would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Kayla turned to the fellows; “We’re going to the Ladies Room at the Marina. They have showers with plenty of hot water, electricity for our blow driers and lockers for our stuff. You two will find dress-slacks and sport shirts in the very bottom of your clothes bins wrapped in the dry cleaning plastic. Unfortunately we forgot to bring Sport Coats for you guys. Get cleaned up and meet us at 7 PM in the lobby of the restaurant. Don’t be late!” she admonished the two guys.
My name is Cameron. I just made 18 and it’s my senior year of high school. I’m the type of guy that really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about me. I talk to whoever will listen and wear what I like. I like myself the why I am and no one is going to change that. I have a couple of really close friends that I usually hang out with every weekend and at school, but other than that, I’m sort of a loner. In my opinion, I’m not a bad looking guy. I’m about 6’1 and 170 lbs. I stay in fairly good shape mostly because I’m a swimmer. I have black hair that’s usually cut short, but most of the time my bangs are in my eyes. But the thing that gets many approvals would be my eyes. I have these piercing blue eyes which have been compared to sapphires. I also having a dazzling white smile that will get me noticed by the ladies (ha-ha). I also make pretty good grades, not a genius, but not failing either.
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Hey, Im Noah, the main charecter perhaps you could say for this and I'd consider myself a nice guy I go to a private educational school in thee London suburbs and I live with my mum and my twin sister Charlotte or Sha as she likes to be called. Im in my last year of school and I wouldnt consider myself "popular" but I dont fall out with many people and everyone seems to like being with me (hope that doesnt sound too self obsessed). I am 6'3 but not incredibly skinny I have visible abs and decent amounts of muscle everywhere else where it is needed due to all the sports i do. I have short cropped brown hair with a slim face and stylish glasses which I have been told suit me.
“No I was asked to help someone that I thought had my health and well being in mind and they didn’t,” I say as Kori checks my arm then my scalp.
“That’s nice of this friend but why can’t he tell me himself? Whom are we talking about?”
Though it didn't feel like he had been asleep very long when he felt Chelsea moving within his arms. Slowly coming around he became aware she was trying to get free of his grasp and momentarily tightened his hold on her to let her know he was awake. When he did that Chelsea froze up and started trembling again. Leading Robert to tell her he would let go of her if she wanted but he still wanted her to stay with him for the rest of the weekend but was shocked by her reply.
Soon after, Melissa followed him up the aisle, wondering if any of the passengers would notice a second person entering the lavatory. In any event, she made it inside and was in Jack's arms even before she could lock the door.
“Should I…”
In spite of having cum I was soon hard again but I continued to work my hands over her body. It occurred to me to kiss her as I had seen men kiss women and I pulled her forward by the shoulders and placed my lips on hers. I was ignorant of the part tongues played in kissing so it wasn’t as exciting as it might have been.
His hands move to her dress. With one swat, the dress tore, her perky tits bouncing from the force.
Before I could voice my complaint, Hannah looked at me and said, "Trust me." So I did.
I noticed that the sun was almost down. I told her I'd be right back and I ran to my room and lit the candles I had placed earlier. I made sure the lights were off and I made sure I had a condom in the nightstand next to my bed.
“A pound.” He answered.
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“No, no…pouting, you know you always get your way with that but your not this time, we don’t have enough time to make love.” He whispered to her as he brushed her hair back from her face.
"Yeah... But she seems... I don't know, weirdly supportive of the whole thing." she said.
At first Juliana looked concerned possibly even scared. Newlyn noticed this at once and tried to assured his sister that she did not have to do it, "you do not have to you know, it was just you know, an idea."
Yes, have you? I asked
“Thank you.” Abby walked back in.
"...if you have any more `Toilet Water'?" She looked relieved that she finally got the question out, but still would not meet her sons eyes.
All in all it was a fantastic week. I even went over to Lyla’s one afternoon while my mom was at work, for a three-way with her and Shelby. Sure we caught up a bit, I hadn’t seen them in weeks, I asked how their trips were and stuff like that, but mostly they just rode my prick raw. It was fun, except that after having them Fuck me for three hours and drain three loads out of me, I got home just before mom, who apparently had a rough day at work and needed to sit on some teen dick to unwind. She pushed me down on the couch, pulled her skirt up and jumped on. It took me a while to cum, which ultimately worked out because she bounced on my cock for an hour non stop, she came four times before I did, then just climbed off and started making dinner.
Carlos: Still Wednesday Evening before Incident
“You know her from Taylor?” he asked, clearly with some kind of purpose.
“Let me guess, you’re looking for something other than beer?”
Sydney laughed and said. "I’m gonna take good care of you little brother. I’m gonna give you every bit of pleasure I can!"
“Hey man, what’s up?” It was David. He called once in a while when he wanted my money (or “hang out,” as he called it.) It seemed today he was calling to remind me that I was supposed to come over and drive him to the game store. He used to ask me why I took the bus to school instead of driving – To which I’d tell him honestly that I don’t feel like driving in the morning. Lately, Julie had kept encouraging me to take the bus so she could get extra sleep on my shoulder on the way to school.
She kissed my neck and whispered In my ear “I love you too”
My other hand was down by her pussy, keeping her hand away from it, and never quiet pleasuring it, but always giving her the impression I was about to. Her hips kept pressing forward, and I kept withdrawing when then did.
"Shit, does that mean he'll do it?" Chris asked cheerfully after reading it over twice.
One day, my Physics teacher assigned a project that was only to be completed with your lab partner. My lab partner just so happened to be Chase Roberts, another football player who was gorgeous, and surprisingly intelligent. We agreed to go to my house after school get our project started.
Slowly the feeling began coming back to my body, and I swam over to where Rita had floated when she fell in and grabbed her in a soft bearhug. “Oh my god Randy, that was fucking incredible! When did you get to be so dominant?” she asked. “Well since you manhandled me yesterday and mom and Aunt Lisa dominated you, I thought I’d give it a shot. How’d you like it?” I asked. “I loved every second of it, then again I love all the sex we have,” she replied. we swam over to where our bottoms were and climbed out of the pool, just as we were about to put them on we heard the doors open. “Come on!” Rita laughed as she grabbed my hand and led us out the door that leads outside.
She grabbed the glass and set it down.
Emily replied, “I was hoping that you would offer.”
"What do you think you're doing, coming to my class at this time?" he asked.
It was Saturday, July 7th (I believe), 2012. It was a wonderful evening here in Toronto. But because I was now in Scarborough, I was scared as fuck. The news always reported crimes happening in this area of the city, and so I was always on alert. But everything was cool this night, you can hear the engines of cars as they sped by, the sounds of TTC buses farting as they lowered their walkways, and motorcycles speeding by the highway. It was a 5 minute walk from the bus to the apartment which Marc told me to meet him at which wasn't at all scary.
My sister knows that I look at naked women on the Internet for a while after we are sent to bed. Sometimes she comes in and looks at them too.
“This is the way it is always going to be with you. ‘later, another time.’ When dad? You said you want me to have a life here. This is how you have one. You meet friends, you let people into your life.”
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Example. Some Context.
guy I am seeing is a CPA and busy AF right now. Only been dating 2 months and a handful of times I’ve been “rejected” to hang out because he needs rest/be alone, needs to get up early, hanging with friends,… all totally okay reasons. Busy season for accountants is ROUGH.I maybe spend the night 1 day a week right now, which usually is an evening together and then I leave the late morning or afternoon. And then maybe another evening in the week after work. But we really don’t spend THAT much time together right now but I’m hoping it increases a littleee bit or is more predictable when busy season slows down. It’s also hard for me because we don’t talk that much outside of when we see each other. We exchange a few texts every day tho. Very few.
So I’m tryin to be okay with this. I want to be okay with it. But holy shit. If he doesn’t want to see me when I pitch it, it causes my emotions to implode even though I know I’ll see him soon. Tonight I could have stopped by after dinner (around 820) but he said he was going to bed and didn’t feel good. Suddenly thoughts like, “why wouldn’t he want to see me just for a few minutes? Wouldn’t I make him feel better? I’d never reject seeing him even just for a few minutes. He must not like me that much. He’s probably fixin to leave me. Maybe I should hit up my old fwb to help soften the blow when he leaves me. Maybe he’s just using me for sex. If I tell him how I feel he will definitely leave. He’s pulling away. If he doesn’t like me he should just say so.” Then thoughts of SH in various ways. Overall incredibly pessimistic negative thinking incurs. The second I know when I’ll see him or he communicates with me again I feel better and feel silly for thinking so negatively of him.
I’m in therapy and working on handling these emotions and behavior, but is it splitting?
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After few days, Angelina told me that that boy is final year student of our college and is a very good student of our college. I was sure that I am in love with that boy (By that time I was knowing that his name is Ramesh) Angelina told me that he is a Hindu and you are a catholic. Do not be serious about him. If you want to enjoy with him, it is alright, but do not develop any serious relationship with him. But I was thinking in different way.
first one to see me in this;
Later Mom looked at the clock and told us to go to bed and then added, go to sleep tomorrow is a school day. As we walked out Kathy told Jill to turn the lights off.
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“I’m saying I didn’t pay attention as much as I should have.” Dad coolly said.
Just then another climax crashed through my body, “Ohhhhhhh, fuuuucckk, Corey…..Aaaahhhhhh.... so good….aaaahhhhhh…..yes, yes…..ooohhhhhhh…”
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Dad said, “Randy, Maybe you should have. Maybe I should have too. Maybe Jacob could teach us both a lesson.”
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Moving Meditation: What It Is and How to Do It


If you’re getting tired of traditional meditation practices, or if you’re just looking for a new way to relax and clear your mind, moving meditation might be the perfect option for you.
Moving meditation is a form of physical activity that combines mindfulness with body movement. It can be a great way to get both your body and mind in shape while also preparing yourself for more advanced forms of yoga and meditation.
Let's explore what exactly moving meditation is, how to do it, and what benefits it offers.

What Is Moving Meditation?

Moving meditation is a practice where you combine mindful movement with breathwork. This type of practice allows you to bring awareness to the body's movement while being mindful of the present moment. Through this practice, we can gain greater control over our bodies and minds as well as increase our focus on ourselves within our environment.
It is important to note that although there are many forms of moving meditation out there – such as yoga and tai chi – they all have the same underlying principles in common: mindfulness, breathing techniques, physical exertion (or lack thereof), relaxation, and concentration on the movement itself.

How To Do Moving Meditation

The key elements of moving meditation are mindfulness and breathing techniques; however, there are many ways that these can be incorporated into your practice. Some examples include walking (slowly or quickly), stretching exercises such as sun salutations or yin yoga postures, dancing freely or even doing simple chores like washing dishes or gardening.
The most important thing is that whatever activity you choose should involve slow movements with deep breaths so that your focus remains on the present moment rather than racing ahead into future thoughts or worries.

Benefits Of Moving Meditation

There are numerous benefits associated with moving meditations such as improved physical health (particularly flexibility), mental clarity, better sleep patterns as well as increased self-awareness which can lead to improved decision making abilities in everyday life situations.
Furthermore, regular practice can also help reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins which act like natural "happy hormones". In addition to this, practicing moving meditations can also help reduce anxiety since it encourages us to stay focused on the present moment instead of worrying about past experiences or future events.


Moving meditation is an effective way to use mindfulness practices combined with physical activity in order to bring greater awareness into our lives while also benefiting from its various health benefits at the same time. Whether you’re looking for an alternative form of exercise or simply trying out something new when it comes to relaxation practices - try out some basic moving meditations today! You may start noticing changes in how aware you become in your daily life almost immediately!
Read full article meditation/
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I'm relatively new to IFS, so forgive my lack of knowledge. I'm doing a combination of IFS and EMDR with my therapist, and I seem to keep getting grandparents coming in. In one of my first sessions, my maternal grandfather showed up, and when asked what he wanted, said he wanted me to suffer. When asked why, he said so I would fit into my family. I also had my paternal grandmother come in, but she was very ghoulish and unwell and we didn't talk to her at that time. After the session, my therapist told me it's unusual for grandparents to pop up and asked about my ancestry. Are these parts possibly reflecting intergenerational trauma?
After my session today, I have had a stabbing pain in my right chest. I asked it what it wanted to show me and it showed a young teen in a uniform being forced to kneel on gravel outside a church with her head bowed and someone being very stern with her. This is not a memory of mine, to be clear. I asked if this was my maternal grandmother and the answer was "yes".
Any insights from seasoned folks? What am I looking at, here? Just other parts of myself?
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[A3][Recruiting][Halo] UNSC 57th Ranger Regiment
Group: UNSC 57th Ranger Regiment
Requirements to Join 1. Age requirement is 16 years of age. (a waiver can be made assuming maturity and responsibility is shown, You will be placed on a probationary period.)
  1. You must own Arma 3 Apex DLC or be willing to purchase it.
  2. You must have a working microphone. (Communication is Key)
  3. You must have or get teamspeak 3.
  4. You must be willing to install our mods.
  5. Be professional but know how to have fun
Operation Times we host training every Thursday at 8pm EST and our Ops are every other Sunday at 8pm EST. Frequently we’ll host random other training sessions, fun Ops and on off Sunday’s we could host a training session.
Essential Information The 57th Ranger Regiment is a UNSC Army unit from the halo universe. Army Rangers are an elite infantry unit of the UNSC typically stationed on level red colonies from a covenant invasion. Rangers are also anti insurgency specialists. The 57th is focused on mainly infantry combat with some supporting assets such as aviation and mortar teams. There will always be the possibility of growing as the unit grows as well.
We strive to provide that fun yet realistic side to the halo universe following tactics, structure, communication, and equipment of the UNSC Rangers.
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Everyone had enjoyed the match, even Dudley. He soon grasped the basic rules of the game and started cheering on the players. In fact he was cheering for the team so enthusiastically that Mrs Weasley had to remind him that there was also young children sat by them, although she was smiling as she turned away.
For a brief moment, he broke off the kiss and wrapped his arms firmly around her body, lifting her up and twirling her around so her back pressed up against the flat, rough bark of a nearby tree. Izial growled softly and smiled up at her, teasing her with his mysterious charm and sexy features, but most of all his arousal. It was controlled, but very animalistic, wanting to dominate her and give her what she now craved. Jasmine wrapped her legs round his middle and threw her arms around his neck, making them look a bright white compared to his silvery complexion. He snuggled his face beside hers, licking at and sucking at her earlobe, and breathed in the faint aroma of her finely brushed hair; wind and roses. Planting kisses down the side of her sensitive neck, his warm breath tickled Jasmine’s skin. Her natural scent smelled of herbal tea, and Izial got lost in the moment, taking in every sensation he could grasp. He felt himself gaining length in his pants as his mind taunted him with more sin.
“That’s crazy!”
“Neal what is going on,” I hear Jean ask as I pass the dining room.
“Damn your tits!” Tim cried, grinning from ear to ear as he downed his beer. The girl chugged her own while giving her brother this strange look over the rim of the cup.
“Hey!” Jade nearly yelled, “I’ll let you take some of me as well!”
The next two hours flew by in a blur, as I freaked both girls all night, only occasionally joined by Kaia. My hands had cupped tits and ass and legs, and I shared several more hot kisses with Jamie and Leanne, but never Kaia. I wondered if this was a new game, a form of control where she was so close but I couldn't have her.
“I’m so sorry” she sobbed.
Amber: What’s that?
“But that’s only three players for your team,” Kayla said.
She gave him a wink and then placed her feet on his thighs to steady herself. Using her left arm behind her for support she lifted her hips slightly and with her right hand pulled her pyjama pants down to her knees. Instead of taking them off completely she closed her legs and rolled them to the side, now lying on her side on the kitchen counter with her legs tucked up and her knees almost touching her breasts she gently reached over and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him slowly into the wet mess of a rear end she had. On his way in he noticed a change from the night before. Her pussy was now clean shaven which was the first time she had ever tried such a thing. It was completely hairless which made Ryan want to lick it all the more. She firmly held his head in place as he began licking every inch of her pussy making sure to linger by her clit as he had noticed it was a place of interest for porn stars. As if in autopilot he continued licking past the small boundary and found himself licking her pale glistening ass cheeks that looked like perfectly moulded glass but were as soft as silk. At one point he had to lift his head and look at Molly’s face just to double check that indeed this goddess body did belong to his sister. She had kept it well hidden from the world and he would forever be the first person to see and feel its wonders. It was a genuine ‘Neil Armstrong walking on the moon’ moment for young Ryan.
"What’s the nearest hotel?" Kim asked as she smiled at Lee, who looked a little shocked at his sister’s forwardness.
God damn, she was making this painful. “No,” I asserted.
Charlie looked up at her as he pushed his tongue into her pussy. It was funny how different she was from Christy in some ways but how similar they were in others. On the surface, Laura seemed much more aggressive, being on her knees and pulling at his hair and whatnot. But they actually tasted very similar, and while Laura's anatomy was different, she reacted the same to his little bag of tricks. Maybe all women like getting eaten out, but since Charlie had now only done it to two women, Christy and her sister seemed to like the same stuff.
I threw my hands up. "I didn't do nothing!" I called. "I've been out for an hour."
"Sex?" I Responded
“I’m being the leader I was last year only now it’s a bigger stage. Go big and loud, make people notice me and I’ll be damned if I sit here and have you tell me that I’m faking my way through it,” I tell her almost ready to snap when she finally starts to see my point.
“What makes you think that?” Janice wanted to know.
“Oh my god your cock is so huge.”
A moment of silence passes. "Well," Jack begins as he gets up, "sounds like we're very compatible. We're going to have a really fun time, Hayley." He smiles down to her, extending his hand. Emmy smiles back, grabbing his hand and standing to her feet.
As Lupin and Sirius started double fucking on the bed next to them, Ron and Ginny were nearing a climactic finish. Ron was now on his back and Ginny was on top of him grinding her hips down into him as hard as she could. With a squeal of pleasure, Ginny went through an intensely powerful orgasm, coating Ron’s shaft and balls with her warm juices and in the process setting off Ron’s own climax. The added pressure of Ginny’s tight teenage pussy clutching and squeezing his cock in orgasm had pushed Ron over the edge and after grabbing her by the waist and slamming his cock fully inside her, Ron unloaded stream after stream inside her, filling her pussy full with as much hot potent cum he could muster. As the accumulation of three orgasms, too much alcohol and the hotness of the situation pushed him into unconsciousness, Ron was amazed at how he was able to fire off several more loads of his spunk inside his baby sister’s tight little cunt. Ginny fared no better, and within seconds of Ron passing out, she too slumped onto his chest and fell asleep with his cock still firmly lodged in her cum-filled twat.
“Oh damn!” I groaned as she pushed me to the side and ran for the door but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back on to the bed.
“Yeah, Paul—you looked so funny doing that somersault into the water.”
Harry positioned himself one last time before he looked into Hermione’s eyes.
How so, you ask?
I then stood up and picked her up right after me. I turned her around to face the wall and got behind her. She was going to pay for what she did, and she was not going to walk away from this experience thinking that she could say shit like that.
“Think of the bigger picture, and all the shit you’ve been through. All the shit we have been through,” she said emphatically. “Think of everything you put her through, all because of me.”
“Oh Tori!! How would you like to stay for dinner?” my mom asked.
A beaming smile crossed her face. "You actually thought about it! And you answered me honestly!" Her joy was so total and childlike I frankly felt really guilty about the porno running in my head and starring her.
“Shhh.” She whispered. Sliding next to me on the bed I still couldn’t see her but I could hear her. She was smacking her lips like a child with candy. We lay there silent for a few. I could hear the shower from our parents room running so there was a good chance no one heard us.
Hips automatically rising to meet her insistent mouth and hands threading through her hair, he succumbed to the throbbing mix of pleasure and pain as she fucked him with her mouth. His breathing stilted, goosebumps rising over his flesh as every atom within him burned with undeniable need –
"Do it again." I ordered simply.
"Look, I love you Aaron but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to date you. I find it kinky to have sex with my flesh and blood brother, that's all."
They aren’t enough? You need a whole crew there to match with his or something?” I asked.
The rest of the women moved in with Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
rising since hearing the first moans had come to full
he froze feeling her stir for a first in a along time he covered her mouth and said to be quiet or she won't live to tell what he has done.
Later that evening I was going out of campus to get some groceries and as soon as I exited the campus i noted that she was waiting for city transit and so I pulled up by the bus stop and lowered my glass.
Marsha laughed out loud at her friend’s ruminations, almost losing control of the car. Straightening it out, she had a tough time regaining control of herself.
she says as she wraps her arms around me and holds me tight, our lips meeting in a warm kiss.
What Jessica wanted was just more important to her.
We agreed to bring a change of clothes to school so we wouldn’t be in uniform. Then we got to the top of my road and I pointed out where I lived, but she didn’t offer directions to hers and I didn’t really want to pry. Alice seemed on her guard and value her privacy. But it kind of felt like we had a date. At least, in my mind, we had a date.
“Anything you can do, I can do better.”
Sure, she knew she was not his only choice, but he had to settle down eventually and she just wanted to be in the running when the time came. But she had no guarantees. It was a dangerous game very few high school seniors knew how to play.
I realized he was right it felt better that I had finally spoken of my true relationship with my brother. It had brought pleasure to me as I told him about falling in love with him. I only can hope I do not drive him away with my next chapter. Please let us know if you are enjoying our story by leaving us your comments. Please do not judge me too harshly for what I have told you I have done. My actions during this time were out of love for a man that only loved me because I reminded him of another.
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2023.03.31 05:40 No-Leather-1067 How early should I show up?

So I’m going to RE:Set fest in Chicago sat/sun and I really wanna get good spots in the front for boygenius and LCD. Ik Phoebe fans are pretty crazy now so I was wondering how early I should show up
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2023.03.31 05:40 After_Rip_8081 4w3s: work life & hopeless dreams

Reading the following paragraph may cause a stroke. Please take precautions. Thank you.

First off- how are you guys? Lately, I've been focused too much on my work, trying to finish college early with dual enrollment and then starting my Masters. Maybe meeting a very, very nice person in between those and then maybe then starting my Ph.D. Oh, and when my work life is finally together, maybe I'll start a part-time job at an orchestra. Wait, actually, could there ever be a chance I can get into Hollywood Studio Symphony? Let me research about it. OH, and maybe another cat. But, at the same time, will I actually get along with this very, very nice person? How about I choose a person that is in my life right now, and maybe I'll even end up marrying them? But I act so differently on the outside- will they accept me on the inside? I think they are also an ISFJ. We are not compatible, are we? But wait there is still hope- maybe I just need to get a bit more mature then I'll get along with him. But at the same time am I just manipulating people outside to make myself look better? How can I fix that? I think I NEED to fix that. Let me start on that tomorrow. Check.

I. Over. Think.

And I am only 17. I bore people but learned to keep my mouth shut. Even though it's fine to think about the future, I feel as though I'm missing out on the present.
And I just realized that.
Our lives are passing by so quickly that it's frightening. I feel like I am falling into the same "life path" or trap as everyone else where I will finish college, get my job, get married, have a kid, and focus merely on reality.
I think these thoughts are normal since I am 17, leaving my childhood behind and entering a new phase in my life. Are any of you having this type of problem? Though, I really do hope I will enjoy every second of the future.
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2023.03.31 05:39 vikingarch Is green only associated with Nurgle?

Hey guys,
I’ve been painting my world eater’s mouths and eyes with a somewhat green glowy effect because I like how the green contrasts with the red of their armor.
I’m a really big fan of the lore so I like to do things lore accurate. As a result, I’ve been justifying the green as being infused warp energy blessed by Khorne.
My question is, is green too associated with nurgle to use on my world eaters? I’m trying to get a glowing warp/power effect with them, just unsure if I should switch to orange or something more khorny
Lol or am I thinking too much?
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2023.03.31 05:39 Beneficial_Sail_3258 Does anybody else think the plus/minus grading system is kind of dumb?

Just a personal opinion but I’ve always hated this kind of grading system. I almost didn’t come to PSU when I found out they did this lol.
There’s so many things that just don’t make sense about it. Like if you want more accuracy in GPA why not make it out of 100 and go by percentage? If we’re using this system though why not keep the same attitude for people who get over 97% and give them an A+/4.33? On that matter, why isn’t there a C-, D+, or D-? Why don’t we put Fs on a plus minus system too? I thought we were all about making GPA more accurate so how is it failing students can have a whole 60% range where their grade is and still get the same letter grade?
It doesn’t make sense that a student with a 92% isn’t worthy of an A but a student with a 72% is worthy of passing a core class for their major. Fair is fair.
Also, a majority of schools don’t use this system so especially if you’re an A student being here is a disadvantage. In my case I actually included an additional GPA on my resume that has the plus/minus system removed because of this.
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2023.03.31 05:39 Brohemianrapsode Why are women so hot!

I am 15, turning 16 next month, and almost all of the girls in my class are 10s. Like, why. Why must women be so hot, yet date the wrong guys. The biggest jerk in my whole grade has a new girlfriend like every other week and I’m just to get one. It almost makes me mad at how hot women are. Like, they are all out of my league and I feel like they would never date guys like me, but I think I’m a great guy. And cheerleaders, oh my gosh. Who was the person who decided that all cheerleaders are the hottest women on earth? I want to give them a hug because they make football games so much better. To all the women out there, y’all got to share the beauty with the rest of us. All of this because my crush posted a bikini pic of her on Snapchat. Anyway, love you women, y’all hot as hell.
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2023.03.31 05:38 hangman401 How do you deal with being heavy targeted in a game?

I was playing earlier and my team basically refused to peel the Zed and Cho'Gath off me (Kai'Sa) at all times, resulting in my worst KDA to date (0/10/3), because I'd essentially leave base and immediately get ulted by either Cho'Gath or Zed, killing me instantly every time.

It got to the point where it felt like I'd contribute more by going AFK, because it felt like the second I stepped beyond a turret, or in the case of a Zed ult, the moment I step anywhere, I'd die. How do you deal with a game like that? Is it even salvageable for me at that point?
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2023.03.31 05:38 OtherwiseContest787 Best friend was planning a threesome with me and her husband without my consent and now it’s awkward.

My (27F) close friend (26F) had a good amount of drinks and she shared some strange information that she has planned on asking me in the past to have a threesome with her and her husband (29M) and that they have discussed it on their end to have me as a third. After she shared this I think she saw my reaction was uncomfortable so she said it was just a passing thought and wouldn’t actually ever do it. I do not come off as a openly sexual person and this is not something I would engage in with people who are close to me because I can imagine the effect of that kind of sexual relationship with close friends has the ability to easily deteriorate the relationship. I have been friends with her and husband for years and get along with them really well. I’m also the godmother to their baby so that feels like a responsibility that I need to continue to stay close to them for. Since she has said this it has been extremely awkward between all of us and my friend (26F) and I recently fell out with each other. I do think her mentioning this to me has been a huge factor. I personally don’t think she should have brought it up if she could obviously tell that I’m knowingly monogamous. I do feel obligated to stay around because I have agreed to be their babies godmother but it’s uncomfortable just thinking about hanging out with them. I’m unsure how to move forward and would appreciate some advice.
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