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Welcome to the Jhinmains subreddit! Any new fourth comers can come to talk, share clips, in depth discussions are memes!

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Welcome to TeemoTalk! This is a place where we can all help one another master our beloved yordle, and to bring fear to non-teemo players. Official Discord: https://discord.com/invite/VXKS8RBZDU

2023.04.01 17:55 AureliusAmbrose TSM to merge with CLG following buyout from Madison Square Garden

Amidst organizational turmoil and franchise uncertainty, formerly premier esports organization, Team SoloMid, has been acquired by the existing parent company of their long standing rival, Counter Logic Gaming.
Sources at Yahoo Esports wrote early this morning that founder and CEO of TSM, Andy “Reginald” Dinh, was seen frantically biking around the downtown LA area late last night wearing only a 2015 letterman jacket shouting “we NEED to become like CLG”.
It was here that Reginald ran into current Head of CLG, Greg Kim, who has been praised for turning the organization around following years of middling results and soured public opinion. Mr. Kim, who was out on his nightly shoe shopping and popcorn spending spree, stated “He just came up to me whispering ‘Doublelift, we need Doublelift back’. I felt really bad for him so I invited him back to the CLG facility to stay for a night”
Although it’s unreported what actually occurred in the CLG office, sources have claimed that Reginald was seen exiting the building this morning in a dark robe silently chanting “faithful, faithful, faithful”.
It is currently unknown what organization will be acquiring TSM’s former LCS spot, but reports have indicated that culinary innovator and industry giant, McDonald’s, was looking to expand their operations into the entertainment sector.
(Happy URF day everyone- mods please remove if not allowed)
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2023.03.31 12:13 HeroesUnite Say an Insurrectionist secretly built their way up in the UNSC to tear it down from the inside, what would be some possible ways they could try and achieve that?

Came as a story idea of a URF soldier enlisting in the UNSC and building their way up in the chain of command to tear it down from the inside, but I wasn't sure how they could ago about trying to achieve that.
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2023.03.22 23:59 Both_Zookeepergame53 [WTS] Everything but the lower - SOLGW & FCD 10.5" Part Out

Got a full 10.5" that I've broken down and looking to offload. Going to attempt to sell in chunks to reduce # of packages I have to send.
All prices listed are shipped and insured to buyer. Paypal FF for any <11 users, above is your choice but price is net to me.
Expected shipping date will be Friday, 3/24
Most of these items have 120 rounds on them prior to breakdown. I tried to capture pics of any wear etc, but feel free to ask for additional pics if needed!
Upper ReceiveHandguard Package-$325
URF-F Randy, new never assembled -tried to capture blems in pics
FCD RHF 9.5" - Assembled and seen 120 rounds, like new condition
Package deal with either a single or double dimple FCD EPC- Black
add below FCD 6315KM for an additional $65
SOLGW Barrel, BCG, Gas Block/Tube Package - $300 Added special gift to a free state buyer!
SOLGW 10.5" 5.56 barrel - Purchased off GAFS with stated 100 rounds, I have since added 120. Dimpled for gas block and threads are clean
SOLGW - BCG - 120 rounds on it, replaced cam pin with Capable Citizen marked pin
SOLGW Gas Block/Tube - 120 round (recommended new grub screws as always on gas block)
Add below SOLGW Radian CH for $65
Buffer Package-$175
FCD REF Purchased a while back off GAFS, seen some use but still threads on fine (tried to capture in pics)
FCD ESFH1 End Plate - came off at 120 rounds, never staked, condition as expected
FCD - CNF - Same as above, came off at 120, never saw staking and wrench slots are in good shape
RBF w/ spring - Same as above
Geisselle Super 42H2 Buffer - Same 120 rounds, wiped down and ready to go!
FCD Serrated Lower Package-$125
FCD ABC/R - Standard (center non-bias) - This one I had cerakoted black (armorer's black I believe)
FCD EMR-A - Extended Lever
Other Parts - all of these parts have 120 rounds
FCD 6315KM Flash Hider-$75
SOLGW Radian Raptor CH-$75
Radian Raptor CH - $75 (this one came off a different build, 30 rounds (if that) on it
Radian Talon Safety Selector-$50
Raptor & Talon Combo-$120
Magpul Pro BUIS-$125
7.62x39 bolt - purchased off GAFS probably a year ago as a Spikes. ~400 rounds through it with no issue-$50
Added: (forgot to include)
SBA 4 with wiseman strap-$55?
ADM forward assist-$10 add on
Comment here prior to PM (no chats) or I will more than likely ignore the message. Feel free to send over offers on multiple items/packages, question, pic requests etc.
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2023.03.21 19:45 SirKramelot (WTS) Eotech xps2-0, .300 BLK upper

Looking to get rid of some stuff just sitting around, want to invest it into other hobbies, so these gotta go.
The goods
Eotech Xps2-0 black- bought and mounted on the upper I'm selling beside this, never shot, never zeroed, catch and release from here. 6/30/2022 inspection date. $400 sold
.300 BLK upper w/bcg+ CH build list from assortment of parts I had.
FCD URF upper, lantac forward assist, odg double dimple EPC (wear pictured), VLTOR bcm charging handle, no name bcg, 10.5 BA .300 BLK barrel with pinned gas block, sf3p, Midwest industries slimline handguard, odg mbus, and emissary handbrake.
Edit: 0 rounds on barrel
Looking to get $575
Combo deal for 925.
Comment, then PM. No chats. I accept Paypal FF or Venmo. Prices are shipped with pirate ship and insurance.
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2023.03.21 02:35 The_ChadTC If Riot's making a "Quick Game" queue, they should make it as casual as ARAM

So, Riot recently said that they are removing blind pick, since no one plays it and the few people that play it are stopping. In it's place they intend on adding a "quick game" queue.
My fear about that is that they are just making it blind pick but you being able to choose your role, I think that would be a waste of a feature. What I think they should do, is essentially ARAM in Summoners Rift (but not random).
The only place in League where you can play recklessly is ARAM. Even in modes like URF or Ultimate Spellbook, you have to be careful about how you play, because if you feed someone, you can make games completely unfun. In ARAM, due to how kills are worth less and how everyone gets constant gold from, it's extremely hard for champions to get fed, so you can pick champions you don't necessarily know how to play, you can go for wacky builds, you can play without worrying about trolling because even if you troll, the game isn't over for you.
However, ARAM has it's limitations. Some champions are straight up unplayable in ARAM simply because the gamemode doesn't provide the situations in which they would excel. If you want to casually 1v1 in sidelane, ARAM is not for that. If you enjoy the 2v2 of the botlane, you don't get that either. Quick game would be an excellent place to provide both that experiences without needing to get into a serious SR game.
In conclusion, many people don't play ARAM because they like to ARAM. Many people play ARAM because it's the only casual game mode league has.
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2023.03.18 17:34 Odd_Werewolf8729 Haste benefits:

Q- having a shorter Q time is actually the primary reason Q is maxed. Max Q means more Q, means more opportunities to collect a last hit. Damage certainly helps, but Q max itself is chosen as the primary choice because it is reducing cdr gate. More Q means more CS, and eventually the time the dagger is on the ground chains against Qs own cooldown, making it feel "always up". Tightening the chain on the cdr of Q feels great for this area of threat for kills and cs, and so we max Q. This exact same logic applies very well to haste. More haste is more Q.
W- in a typical build, W does not receive any points until level 14. This is an insane amount of time to sit on this gated full cooldown. Everyone knows and even agrees losing the W gate feels good for both movespeed utility and full combo gates lategame. Level 14+ Katarina is uniquely good feeling from this lower gate, again while the MS is good, the cdr gate is what is benefited from leveling this. Because choosing to max it last, haste is an excellent alternative to lowering this gate early without actually investing W points. You get to feel level 14+ rotations early. You get to use lategame rotation combos early. You get more utility Ws early. Getting the benefit of higher level points is the theme itself of haste on Katarina. Her abilities do not gain much base damage, it's all about cdr.
E- haste lowers the reset time of daggers. The math on this is that 10%cdr~ is about even with a point of e. The lowered full gate of e is also nice as you e plants around the jungle for example, or escape to an ally when out of position. E is also leveled, in general, for cooldown rotation. Unironically, the primary choice of all kats abilities level, is just what cooldown gates to lower more. But so anyway, more haste on her E is good because better resets without investing E, and more Es, without investing E. Haste gives you most of the benefits of maxing your other abilities, as you max Q or whatever.
R- so obviously R being down is sadness, but there is more to R haste as well than just "more R good pepega!", because of katarinas passive, voracious, she will lose 15 seconds per kill(something you use your ultimate to get), and this is actually balanced so that Kat has a semi unfair cdr if she fails to get a kill, but a decent cdr if she does; and so haste will give you the largest return of reduction based on the ultimates "total" cooldown, but then you will proc your passive...this effectively makes haste better for Kats R than normal because you will get 60-70s cdr on the ult+passive, but get like 10-12s haste reductions, it makes haste almost 2x as good comparatively to outcome on its reductions.
IE: you have rank 1 ult, get a double kill, passive reduces 30s from two kills, haste reduces based on 90s total cdr, you're actually at 60s and still get the haste benefit of 90s.
But so anyway, if haste Katarina is so bad, why have you all just been letting me spam urf? I thought we were friends....
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2023.03.18 16:51 Jragon713 My ideal League of Legends patch notes

I will probably come back to this and edit it as things change.


Summoner Spells




Game Modes


potential other ideas to consider

  • stasis as a summoner spell instead of an item? zhonya's warps mage defensive itemization too much, but they should still have options, so maybe add an ap qss upgrade?
  • a disarming/dodge item maybe? since we already have spellshield items
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2023.03.15 15:49 Lonewolf2300 Adding Warhammer 40K stuff to Starfinder

Okay, this isn't about using Starfinder to run Warhammer 40k. It's more that I like elements out of WH40K and would like to import them into Starfinder, while still using the Pact Worlds setting.
Everything would be a bit scaled down, naturally. The Imperium of Man would be another human-dominant empire in the Vast, one with serious delusions of grandeur. Although I'll admit, they overlap with the Azlanti Empire a lot, to the point I wonder if I shouldn't just add more Imperium aesthetics to the Azlanti.
The Imperial Guard could represent Auxiliary levies in service to the Aeon Guard, and get blended with the Alien Cohort. I could see blending the Aeon Guard with the Space Marines, creating different chapters with more variety.
Again, I'm wondering if it's worth modifying the Azlanti Empire to make it more Warhammer-y, or just add the Imperium as a completely different faction or "Human Space Fascists."
The Chaos faction would be various Demon Cults, some of which would be based on the Four Chaos Gods, while others would have radically different styles.
The Eldar would be an ancient faction of space-faring Elves, the remnant of an ancient Elven civilization, shattered by a Demonic event. I could even combine them with the Elven Imperial Navy of Spelljammer for the aesthetics.
For the Orks, there's this fun product by Skortched Urf' Studios, "Rampage of the Void Orcs" that basically combines the Orks with standard D&D Orcs. It's for Pathfinder, but Legacy conversion can fix that: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/268414/Rampage-of-the-Void-Orcs
The Necron are basically villainous space robots, easy to build as a separate thing.
The Tau Empire can be a Faction in the Vast that's friendlier to the Pact Worlds and Veskarium, and more option to trade relations.
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2023.03.12 04:42 ace_mfing_windu (WTS) FCD/Criterion upper

Decided to give up on this build after waiting for an sbcg at a reasonable price. Selling to fund a 14.5 build
Everything is FCD (urf-f, rhf 11.5, epc, ldfa, acf, sling, gbf) besides the barrel. Barrel is 12.5 criterion hybrid. Upper is unfired.
Looking for $600 shipped includes g&s. sold
If interested, I can include the brt bcg previously posted for an extra $60
Would also trade for non pw mk114, mk116, or non pw 14.5 bcm
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2023.03.12 02:24 TheInfernovoid W- Max Azir? A potential problem that might prevent AZIR BUFFS!

W- Max Azir? A potential problem that might prevent AZIR BUFFS!
This is not an argument against W max Azir or its pros and cons. It is a cautionary warning against statistics.
Azir's WR by Skill Order (13.5)
Azir's WR (13.4)
Azir's WR (13.3)
Azir's WR (50+ Ranked games, League of Graphs)
  1. W max on Azir technically had a higher WR already.
  2. Higher mastery Azirs have a considerably higher WR.
I've been seeing a lot of arguments saying that Azir isn't that bad right now because the "W" max Azir has a WR that is consistent with previous versions of Azir. I wouldn't be surprised if this stat causes Azir to lose the opportunity to be buffed Phreak said that he would aim to buff Azir if his WR dropped with 13.5.
Personally, I advocated for W max first going into the 13.5. (I really advocated for avoiding 13.5 and waiting it out, but W max if one still wanted to try the patch). I play Azir in 3 different roles Top, Mid, and support. I've been a fan of W max for quite some time, especially in top lane. (Random side rant: W max Azir on URF was broken because of AS steroids in that mode; RIP).
However, I wonder if the current version of W max Azir is actually inflated by other factors. As in it is correlation and not causation. It is highly probable that W max Azirs are better Azir players (as a population). What I mean is that W max Azirs are most likely composed of higher mastery point players that spend more time looking at build paths, patch notes, etc. Considering that Azir has a higher WR by mastery, it is possible that that is the greatest factor. As one can see, the percentage of W max Azir players has gone up considerably. A non-main probably wouldn't make the transition right away especially given Riot recommends a skill order in game.
So, I think it is important to keep an eye on this stat and see if the WR on W Max Azir begins to decline as its popularity increases.
Other factors to consider: What itemization are W max Azirs taking, what runes, etc.
TL:DR: W max WR might be inflated by Azir mains and be an inflated stat. That doesn't mean it isn't better than Q Max, but it might not be significantly better than previous versions of Azir (might be considerably worse without having greater data).
March 11th (Initial Data):
46.44% 18.57% 11,425 (W)
42.48% 79.70% 49,040 (Q)
March 12:
46.38% 18.89% 13,958 (W)
42.63% 79.37% 58,642 (Q)
46.4% 19.08% 16,313 (W)
42.74% 79.15% 67,666 (Q)
March 13:
46.35% 19.48% 18,816 (W)
42.75% 78.76% 76,070 (Q)
March 14:
46.39% 19.88% 21,789 (W)
42.65% 78.32% 85,824 (Q)
March 15th:
46.2% 20.14% 24,524 (W)
42.66% 78.07% 95,082 (Q)
March 16th:
46.12% 20.38% 27,787 (W)
42.65% 77.81% 106,088 (Q)
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2023.03.11 06:03 Rocket_III Further Afield [The Weaver Returns]

Dateline: 6CY
Building up a Vaa colonial expansion flotilla takes time and resources and tone poems and everything else that makes Vaa society itself. However, there are sometimes mitigating factors that make the normally ponderous Temple spring into action like the jaws of a bear trap. The worst one, and the most dreadful for them to contemplate, is a mobile habitat going dark.
The mobile habitat Soft Down Beneath A Mother's Wing had been on a perfectly normal course projection during YPF3731r45 (2CY in the non-Vaa dating system), and then it... stopped. The whole ship's engines had gone dark in the middle of space. None of the drones responded to pings. And then the mobile habitat entered a spacefold and was moving Too Damn Fast. Transpectral data from after the incident that measured the effects of the supraluminal envelope suggested that the ship had made an effective speed of Light-15.60964, or exactly fifty thousand times faster than the speed of light. Which was impossible. No Vaa engine had sustained even an envelope of Light-12 outside of benchmark testing for more than a few seconds before burning out in a cataclysmic warp discharge that spread the test vessel thinly across several parsecs of space. Making a mobile habitat deploy at that speed was unthinkable. And yet the testing had been flawless. The Soft Down, one of the largest ships in the galaxy by mass, had accelerated to levels thought impossible for a supraluminal constant-fold drive. Where the hell it had gone, nobody knew.
Four years later, the Soft Down emerged from warp in the mass shadow of uVe, outside the ring system. It did not respond to hails. It responded to nothing at all. No running gear units were on. No pickets emerged. No drones. No sound. No light. Just... silence. Seeing it over uVe was troubling enough.
Seeing it over esXhi was worse.
Seeing it over more than twenty inhabited worlds across a dozen systems was terrifying.
The only thing worse had been finding out what was inside.
After beholding for themselves the fate of the Soft Down hanging above uVe's kind and gentle face, the Temple Hierarchy response was (to slip into some complex political jargon here) to go absolutely bananas. For all the terrors inside, however, one thing was manifestly clear: this was not a design fault within the mobile habitat program. No, whatever fate had befallen the Soft Down had happened to it. It was the direct result of an outside entity. That much was certain. Strangely, this did not settle any nerves.
As such, more conventional colonies were rapidly greenlit and put into feasibility study mode. A few months after the return of the Soft Down, two such offworld colonial efforts were underway.
The first, and most complex, was a colonization mission to the Jovian planet iLekhet. The system of which it was a part was interesting from an astronomical perspective; a binary star system where the secondary star (the titular iLekhet) had failed to ignite due to the primary star siphoning off the necessary hydrogen. Despite being such a huge planet in terms of mass, probe efforts had found it to be an ice giant: beneath the shifting, shimmering clouds of iLekhet lay an ocean of almost pure water, held as a supercritical fluid by the immense pressure of the Jovian planet. The ocean was home to gigantic shoals of equally gigantic fish, with a complex ecosystem based on chemosynthetic algal blooms that blossomed in the higher reaches of the great sea. Enormous creatures patrolled these bloom fields, their gigantic tentacles actually clusters of baleen filters that they swept through the fine haze of algae and krill to consume. The tentacles were over fifty metres long, but had no defence beyond sheer bludgeoning mass. These were gentle giants upon a gentle, giant world. Such peace was to be respected, treasured, and emulated by those beings who would join their world.
Since the ice giant did not have a solid core to work on, at least not for the initial colony drop, the buildings and infrastructure were instead prefabricated blocks put together in orbit above iLekhet. An orbital station, in conjunction with the mobile habitat Cloister Of Inviolate Serenity, commanded the construction drone fleets in both the black and silver seas. They rapidly put together the cube cities, fitted them with the buoyancy runes, and sent them for splashdown. Like many cities in Temple space not on the homeworld, those of iLekhet would be far below the world's surface; unlike with those cities, there would not be a direct connection to the surface. Instead, crates of storage would be sent to and from the individual cities via a network of submersibles, and connection to the outside would be made via each city's gigantic cargo launcher, a huge linear accelerator that could punch shipping through the skies and into deep space after it first ascended to the ocean surface in an antigravity bubble so as not to disturb or endanger the local wildlife. Much of the technology used for ensuring the water-tightness and continued expansion in the planet was tested in the colony on esXhi; the only real difference was that the cube cities were far more densely packed at first, and that they had been fitted with municipal-grade grazers from the start. The first few waves of colonists were going to have a comparatively rough life at first, due to the sheer speed at which production was taking place. There weren't many art museums, the restaurants and bars had limited stocks, and much of the inside was bare metal flooring outside of the parks. They were in a rush, however, and this was made clear; these cities, along with the other on their new colonies, would be provided for at an accelerated rate, to bring them in line with the rest of the Vaa Temple Hierarchy's worlds quickly and efficiently to make up for the hurried nature of the colonization.
The other planet to be a new home for the Vaa was an arboreal world called soJet. For a rocky planet, soJet was vast. The planetary standard was based on the size of Urf, an otherwise-unremarkable rockball that had once existed but been shattered into an asteroid belt by the appearance of non-standard gender expression among its dominant species, because that's just what that sort of thing causes, you know. Urf had weighed in the region of 6x1024 kilograms, and its weight had entered the Vaa scientific lexicon as an "earthmass", a quick and easy descriptor of size on a planetary scale. Rockballs very rarely exceeded more than 10 Earthmasses in, er, mass; soJet, by contrast, weighed in at just over 22 of them. The planet was also densely forested, with trees reaching over a kilometre in height despite the world's high gravity and ferocious windstorms. Why had such a verdant paradise not be colonised earlier? That would presumably be the local wildlife.
The world of soJet had precious little animal life. No mammals, no fish, little in the way of birds. Its insects were large, admittedly, but they weren't predators; instead, they fed off the skyrivers, huge airborne flows of tree pollen that drifted through the trees like water through the roots of a mangrove swamp. The problem wasn't insects, not for colonial ventures. It was the trees. The largest were truly massive, each one holding a little ecosystem in its own right, whole thing forming a strange pseudo-brain whose processes were based on the flow of electrolytes within thin sap, like a combination of a giant circuit board and a vascular system. These giant organisms still photosynthesized, but augmented their diet with the skyrivers' payload of butterflies, which were trapped by fishing branches and scooped into hollows in the wood that ground them into a nutrient-rich pulp.
The giants were also home to actively predatory creatures like the veleshti. They looked like if a tree snake was the size of an anaconda and had an array of long, scythe-like claws like a dozen giant mantises. They were also entirely made of wood. Veleshti hunted in amongst the fishing branches and ate whatever they could stab out of the air, the corpses of their giant-insect kills being swept into the grinding holes of the trees once they were done, but there was a whole ecosystem of mobile plant life out in the branches, each lifeform more inventively deadly than the last. Veleshti were apex predators, sure, but they weren't the only ones, and they were tricky to deal with. One thing was for certain, though; something at the bottom of the world prowled through the roots and made veleshti look like day-old kittens. An enterprising species several hundred years ago had attempted to colonise the planet with a conventional arboreal-world setup; the Vaa satellites overhead could still see the chewed, partially-digested remnants of their thin metal dwellings.
As such, and in order not to disrupt the balance of the local ecosystem any more than they had to, the Vaa had changed tack. Their cities would stay away from the giant fishing trees and the tracks of the beautiful golden skyrivers, instead being built into the branches of non-mobile trees. These would become the staging posts for missions towards the planetary surface, and eventually fortified bunkers would be dug into the world after more was known about what the hell was going on down there. Unlike the cube cities of water worlds, these cities would be built into and connected to the trees and would be hermetically sealed from the atmosphere outside; pollen samples had been rendered to inception researchers on Draash for testing and analysis, but nothing conclusive had been published yet. The high-cities would be constructed of super-hardened lightweight aerospace materials, with their weight further compensated for by antigravity runic inscriptions, so the Vaa could be absolutely certain that they were not endangering the trees or themselves as they began the slow crawl down the trunks towards the lurking horrors below. Building the cities was a much more taxing procedure for the orbiting pilot crews, not least because of frequent attacks on the drones by local predatory flora before they finally figured out that hundreds of kilos of electrified floating metal did not constitute a delicious snack. The nature of construction meant that these cities were a lot more spread out than the cube cities, too, allowing for more of a village life to spring up amidst the colonists - or so the Temple promised. Fulfilling all the requirements of an official Vaa colony was a difficult thing to do, but the Temple knew the alternative, and so they set about drawing up more and better feasibility studies for colonial expansion throughout the volume of Sideris. There was something out there. And whatever it was, it wasn't good. So it was the job of the Vaa to do what all Vaa did when beset by deadly, terrifying danger:
Run and hide.
I intend to add the following two worlds to my empire, namely iLekhet and soJet. These worlds are not near the uVe system, and I did that on purpose; Vaa are all about survival, and I don't think keeping all your eggs in one proverbial basket helps with that, even if that basket is the size of a gas giant's ring system.
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2023.03.10 19:01 Megaval Shit!! They're onto us!!

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2023.03.10 16:27 55redditor55 Thresh Q cooldown too low

Recently, I've been versing Thresh players that by minute 10-12 they have no significant cooldown on their Q. Is this intended? How are we supposed to play around this? Usually hook champions have to be careful about their cooldowns because of the openings they leave if they miss, but with these builds there is no trade off to missing a hook; you just press Q and try again, and again and again? Feels like playing URF, except you're on Summoners Rift without the buff.
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2023.03.09 21:47 lissandrafootjob Skin ideas for every champ - K

Hello everyone!
Preparing for today's post took a lot of time because there are 14 champs with K, so let's just get into it.
El Pantera: A wrestleluchador skin would fit K'S perfectly I believe given he has almost cartoonish top heavy proportions.
Beast Hunter: I mean he already is one so all you have to do is just push this fantasy a little bit further, maybe give a bit of beast fur and bones as part of his outfit and it's good to go.
Mecha Kingdoms: Again building on his 'big man' theme I came up with this, his weapons could also be fun with a big mecha.
Executioner: Aaaagain, his bodytype matches this fantasy too, plus I could imagine a couple of things could be done with his weapons as well.
Mythmaker: I just found this skin fitting for him, can't give any particular reason why.
Bloodstone: A normally unappealing skin line but think of the red crystals on Taric's and Liss's splashes and put those in place of Kai'sa's cannons and hand shooter....thingies. Finally she could have an evil look.
Firecracker: Both the Q and the W would work very well with this.
Omega Squad: This could work with her suit, kinda like bullet angel, but less space- and more military-weaponary based tech.
Battle Falcon: An Anima Squad skin, again, with her suit she could fit this group, like a weaponised superhero suit. Falcon is exchangeable, didn't know what animal to give her.
Huntress: A prehistoric/tribal vibe skin, simple fur clothing, no armor, no helmet just throwing basic stone spears. Her hopping passive especially fits this theme I think.
Sewn Chaos: Transform Kal into a doll and isntead of spears, pierce her through with sewing needles! Her bond passive is a thread.
Guardian of the Sands: Base she is a spirit so she could easily become a mummy here and in general egyptian vibes are not too far from her I think.
Infernal: Spears of flame, her long hair could be on fire too, works I believe.
Three Honors: If you've seen TH Malza, you know that that vibe fits Karma exactly.
Spirit Blossom: Very elegant, gentle, nice colour palette, would no doubt match Karma.
Lunar Eclipse: I'd put a shining little moon symbol or something on her back which changes its phases and becomes a full moon every time you activate the ultimate. In a similar fashion, both her Q and E could be changing moonphases. I'd give her back her short hair, but make it black with white parts in it. Only thing questionable here is if it's a problem or not, that she already has the 'Sun Goddess' skin.
Coven: With her being female who also uses magic she could easily fill this forest witch fantasy.
Underworld Priestess: A more evil skin - even more evil than coven -, with a devil/demon/infernal approach. Her R+Q could be kinda like Brand's W, with a portal that shows hell through the circle so if you look down, you could actually see the realm and then a burst of fire erupts and the portal closes. Similar chain-like effects on the W to Ruined Karma. Claws, demonish looks.
Battle Boss: He definitely could work as a final lich boss, even in an arcade enviroment.
Dark Star: Mostly I found the spell effects fitting for this: Little exploding black holes on the Q, orbitting dark cosmic dust on the E.
Guardian of the Sands: Mummy look, sand particles on abilities.
Debonair: I imagine a similar look to D Zed, since he also has a mask and the hand blade.
Dreadnova: Leaning more into the Darth Vader fantasy.
Blood Moon: Just a generally cool skin line, that works on cool assassins, like Kass.
Battle Cat: Honestly this champion is so drained in terms of skins, I could barely come up with anything that hasn't been made in some form already. This one is an Anima Squad skin, can't say much, she's just fitting here. Kinda like how they made a new version of Battle Bunny Riven into this skin line, the exact same thing could be done here with Kitty Cat Kat.
Shockblade: Assassin, check, just put some lightning effects on her abilities, could make her ultimate into a living storm, maybe white or dark blue hair and boom done.
Dark Waters: Diana has this skin, thought since they are both female assassins with blades, this might look good on her too. They already share two skins, why not this one too. Just don't make it too similar to her pirate skin.
Arcana: She has some Arcana style in her deafult splash already, that's why I thought of it. Could work.
Withered Rose: Make her the villain already. I'd give WR with black wings to Kayle and Crystal Rose with white wings to Morg, I think it woud be a great duo skin that keeps their contrast but switches the sides. A bonus is that WR skins have this eye patch, which would be really fitting for Kayle thematically, who's blinded by her own sense of justice.
Ashen Judge: Ashen skins have wings, armor, what else do you need, perfect match.
Faerie Court: Butterfly wings.
Beast Huter: His big scythe sounds like a good weapon for killing beasts and I like the idea of a beast hunter that's also half-beast.
Elderwood: Leaves for hair on shadow Kayn, antlers for Rhaast.
Astronaut: A little alien vibe, where he might survive or the alien inside them kills them. The transformation could have a special animation for this, so when eg. you choose Rhaast, he comes out through the belly for the reference. You can infect others the same way with your ult. Q and W might have some space effects and E is basically zero-gravity floating. Recall could be something like the glass of the helmet breaks and he starts suffocating. After all, it's a horror movie.
Storm Dragon: Kennen was surprisingly hard to find skins for, he's juts really too simple, yet his elemental theme kinda doesn't work with anything... This one for sure doesn't hurt that, although I'm not sure how much it adds to it either. Either way it can have some cool spell effects.
Empyrean: Same here, for the cool spell effects, not much else to say. And these are the only ones I could think of, sry Kennen mains.
Black Frost: Many void champs have this skin and I also gave it to many already, gonna do this for Kha too. His blades could be like the ice has frozen on his 'arms' in a shattered blade shape.
Alien Invader: He could be the leader of this insectoid alien species from an other planet that wants to invade Runeterra to study its inhabitants and eventually eat them to evolve and become the strongest species in the galaxy.
Jurassic: Like the other void jurassic skins, dinosaur skeleton.
Dragon Trainer: Wolf is a dragon.
Omen of the Dark: Couldn't come up with an individual skin name, but this is a skin line which I feel like would work super well on Kindred. Especially talking about the trio skin of Kayle, Noc and Singed. The aesthetics of those three are immaculate for them. They are death themed which is obviously good here, and they also have some emphasised masks, which is also great for us: Lamb could have a mask like Kayle, while Wolf could have a mask like Singed. Keep the black smoke body for Wolf and give Lamb some similar accessories to what the three have, maybe some spikes, chains etc.
Blood Moon/Snow Moon: Dark red smoke effects for Wolf, blood moon symbol stacking up on the E, a bigger version of that one on the ult, and naturally some fitting blood moon masks for the two.
Guardian of the Sands: Sand effects for Wolf, egyptian style masks, a bit of gold and jade.
Sheriff: A High Noon style skin, but this felt like a better name. Skaarl could be some desert lizard like HN Tahm, and obv Kled is the sheriff. Hat, badge, pistol, the usual stuff. Q is a lasso.
Prehistoric: Skaarl is something between a frilled lizard and a raptor, Kled is dressed up as a caveman.
Bad Santa: Speaks for itself. Skaarl is a reindeer.
Urf Rider: Kinda speeks for itself again. Skaarl looks like Urf the manatee, Kled's weapon is a spatule.
Little Dragon: He's a dragon, spits and vomits fire.
Sugar Rush: Made up of sweets, spits and vomits chocolate, vanilla, ice cream etc.

Finally done. See you tomorrow. :P
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2023.03.07 22:34 mbbroXD Zed's winrate has barely gone down, he's still as popular and as banned as before so how come he's getting buffed?

I don't get it? He has found success with his new Urf build where he's able to perma shadow regardless of gamestate due to the insane amount of AH he builds
His winrate and overall stats remain the same: https://lolalytics.com/lol/zed/build/
Yet he's getting a partial revert? What am I missing here?
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2023.02.28 15:13 Ch0wderrOnReddit PSA: If your playing sion URF build zhonyas and run ghost / flash for maximum good deaths

If you enter stasis while in death passive you are able to use summoner spells, surprise your enemies with the ghost flash forbidden technology and get maximum value due to reduced cooldowns on everything!
(If you want to do some trolling in a real game run perfect timing run to get a free stop watch and if the stars align perfectly you can surprise an enemy with the stasis flash death passive once a game)
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2023.02.25 22:41 overlord5 low elo stomp build created from an old urf build by yours truly

Do you want to destroy everything? Do you think lethality build is too ungraceful? Are you tired of getting divine and one solo kill at lv9 and then being just a worse tank? Are you tired of plated steelcaps udyr just outlasting your ult and mana bar? Do you just want to erase plated, bork and wardens mail from the game? The medicine is in my hands: Lichbane, Riftmaker, Zhonya and rabadons.
Why? You push waves at the speed of light you deal 1500 damage per Q to the towers you have magic damage you deal 2x the damage of normal build and heal 50% more and your E is an actual ability. Ill start explaining in more detail. First item lichbane, although weaker than divine It is cheaper and actually deals more damage due to the enemy not having MR. You also get movement speed and it has a good buildpath for lane since you can dominate hard matchups by getting early AP. At this point in time you are strong but still weak.
Now we get to awaken the beast with our second item, riftmaker. Your AP has stacked to the point that you have neutral game and can hardpush waves without even a single point in E. Now lets talk about why riftmaker. First of all, without riftmaker you would DIE everywhere but a 1v1, your late game would be gone. Its the omnivamp that together with your passive lifesteal turns you into a Warwick. Rather than relying on Resistances or HP you rely on destroying your enemies and healing 300 each Q at 2 items. Let me clear something up, lifesteal works on lichbane and riftmaker passive is absolutely goated. 9% bonus true dmg just from poking with E from a safe distance? Don't forget that it perfectly synergizes with your Aatrox playstyle, deal 50% of their hp in 1Q and heal up 25% of yours.
This is where the build diverges. You can go for secret build if you are ahead and they have mixed damage: Hullbreaker, nashors, rabadons. I am not an idiot, THIS is how you deal the formerly mentioned 1500 dmg per Q to turrets. Thanks to hullbreakers overpowered tank stats you become a 1v4 god. You tank almost as much but deal WAY more dmg and are the largest sidelane threat you could possibly be. Also i just want to say that nashors is the best feeling item ever on nasus, even duskblade or force of nature. You don't know the amazing feeling of +50% asp and the prowlers udyr level of damage you dish out together with lichbane and riftmaker. Ghosting and chasing a noob down with 300 damage autos feels like you are playing yone instead of a slow juggernaut.
Back to the normal build ...-> Zhonya. You see, when you don't have your hullbreaker and no tank items you are scared of getting dived on, unlike normal nasus. So here is the perfect item, Ability haste, Armor and most importantly, the most clutch passive in the entire game. This item comes in when you have to start grouping with your team for objectives so you don't suffer. I can't think of a better 3rd item than this.
Now if you reached to the point of rabadons, congrats you made up your teams lack of ap dmg due to your mid picking yasuo and you have a super powerful base defense and siege. Most enemies can't escape on 1 hp from you anymore because of your huge range of influence, well except for that piece of trash aurelion and kayn. Your lichbane now deals 350 sheen magic dmg and your E does 650, all superminions and minions get turned into dust and your neutral game is even stronger. As long as you can keep poking, even if they send 3 to stop you, you will win.
Watch out for tanks and wait for the enemy to blow some CC first. Sadly you are even more reliant on ghost. You heal instantly to full from minions.
Runes: Conqueror (works because it gives more healing and 55 AP but it doesn't stack that fast on you. Open to other suggestions) Overgrowth bone plating. I am trying out gathering storm + transcendance but i admit that extra bulk is probably more useful in most cases.
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2023.02.22 02:55 jboo361836 [WTS] FCD Upper and RHF

Still busting down a few builds less than 400rds on everything PP FF or Venmo 30mins to send funds or on to the next
URF Upper with dustcover and FA 140$
RHF 15in handguard with barrel nut and tool 130$
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2023.02.21 19:53 CruiZzy A comprehensive Graph of Attack Range

A comprehensive Graph of Attack Range
Hey! Its me again. The last one I made was meant just for myself and then I thought "oh i could post this on reddit", but now you guys motivated me enough to make this Monster here :) This went a bit against my original plan to make these very easy to read but im having Fun, so who cares :^). Might do one about Dashes and Stuff next, if u guys would like to see that. Like the last time, Feedback is very appreciated and please dont hesitate to tell me if u spot any errors or something that needs clarification as well as things that would be interesting to add to this Graph. I will keep updating this Graph :)
General Info:
-Coloured Borders mark Abilities that belong to the Champ with the same coloured Border.
-A Champ and their Abilities are always in the same X axis. If u see a Champ and search for anything that changes his Range just go straight up (north) on the Picture. Exception for when they have two Abilities that give them the same Range bonus.
-The Melee/Ranged Breakpoint is only for Champion Icons, Abilities arent considered Ranged or Melee and do not make a Champ Ranged or Melee unless its a Transform. Jayce, Nidalee, Elise, Gnar and Kayle benefit from Ranged and Melee Buffs/Nerfs whenever they are in their respective Form (For Example triggering Eclipse in Hammer Form on Jayce will do more Damage than triggering it in Cannon Form).
-There are 162 Champs, 86 Melee and 76 Ranged. For Champions with Transforms their defaults are considered (the way they spawn): Jayce and Kayle are Melee. Nidalee, Elise, Gnar are Ranged.
-This Graph has over 600 Assets and its made with Photoshop :)
-Thanks to u/Caenen_ for helping me with some Stats and the Fandom Wiki for most of it.

Champion (and Minions) Notes:
-Melee Minions have 110 Range. 185 Range with Baron Buff.
-Caster (Ranged) Minions have 550 Range. 650 Range with Baron Buff.
-Siege (Cannon) Minions have 300 Range. 1050 Range with Baron Buff.
-Super Minions have 170 Range. They dont gain Range with Baron Buff.
-Talon Q in Melee Range gives his next Auto 200 Range within the next second.
-Shyvana R gives her 50 / 65 / 80 bonus Range based on Points put into R.
-Sett passive makes him have 175 Range with every second Auto (Right Punch). Q gives both Punches 175 Range.
-Rengar Jump Range is 745.
-Alistar has -375 Range during his W. I assume this was a early coding Trick to basically disarm him and prevent him from Auto Attacking during this Ability. This was implemented due to him having trades that were very Alistar sided, especially with Sheen Items. It reduces his Range by 500. Thats why it ends up at -375.
-Aphelios Q Onslaught with Severum has 410 Range. Aphelios Turret has 475 Range.
-Caitlyn has 1300 Range to hit a recently netted or trapped Enemy.
-Cho'Gath gains 4.62 / 6.15 / 7.69 Range per Ultimate Stack depending on points put in R. This bonus Range is capped at 75 Range (200 Range total), regardless of what level his R is.
-Kennen has -25 Range during his E. I assume this was a early coding Trick to basically disarm him and prevent him from Auto Attacking during this Ability. It also has the effect of Kennen seaking Melee Range whenever you click on an Enemy during the Cast.
-Wukong has 50 Range during his R. This is to make your Character always seek close Range and do damage whenever u click on an Enemy while its active. Regardless of that, u cannot Auto Attack during the Cast.
-Wukong Q gives him 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 Range based on points in Q.
-Garen has 100 Range during his E. This is to make your Character always seek close Range and do damage whenever u click on an Enemy while its active. Regardless of that, u cannot Auto Attack during the Cast.
-Gnar gains 100 Range from level 1 to level 18. Level 1: 0 Range, Level 5: 23,53, Level 10: 52,94, Level 14: 76,47, Level 18: 100. Mega-Gnar is not affected.
-Fiddlesticks has 480 Range. (Id love to know why Riot)
-Senna gets 20 Range with every 20 Souls.
-Seraphine passive Notes give her 25 Range per Note on the next Auto up to max of 20 Notes (1025 Range).
-Kindred gains 75 Range for her first 4 Marks and then 25 Range with every 3 Marks after that. She can gain a maximum of 25 Stacks, in other words caps at 750 Range.
-Kayle starts with 175 Range, her E increases her Range to 525 during that time. At level 6+ her E will always match her Range. Kayle has 525 Range from level 6-15 and 625 at level 16+.
-Kayle has 400 Range while casting her R.
-Jinx Rockets give her 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 Range based on Points put into Q. With Rapid Fire Cannon (a commonly build item on her) she has 875 Range with Level 5 Q.
-Kog'Maw's Barrage gives him 130 / 150 / 170 / 190 / 210 Range based on Points put into W.
-Kog'Maw has 0 Range during his passive.
-Tristana passive is giving her, her E and her R 8 Range per level. Starting at 525 Range at level 1, 17 x 8 = 136 makes up to a total of 661 once she reaches level 18. She actually keeps scaling in URF due to the exceeded level cap of 30 up to 757 Range.
-Xerath ultimate used to give him 5000 Range.
-Viego gains 9999 Range for a brief moment whenever he possesses someone. Apperantly to prevent the possession from getting cancelled somehow. (Riot August could probably give more insight on that ;))
-Vladimir has 0 Range during his W (pool).
-Zac has 200 Range for his next Auto after hitting an enemy with Q and as long as the Q on that Target persists.
-Zeri's Placement was decided with her Q Range. For her we consider her Q as her Auto-Attack Range. Her Q is still an Ability that just acts as an Auto. The Ability Range is 750 but her effective Range (the range most adcs are getting hit when both are standing still) is between 600 and 650. Her actual Auto-Attack Range (her passive) is 500 and this cannot be influenced by Rapid Fire Cannon or Lethal Tempo. Her Q benefits from those Range Buffs.
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2023.02.20 21:07 mystireon Every URF game I play is a 20kill stomp on either side like what's even the point?

I've never had a close game in Urf this event, either you play greyscreen simulator, or you get to stress test your opponents patience and see how long it'll take 5 people to agree on a surrender vote.
AD builds are so incredibly unfun when you only need a single button to absolutely delete someone from the game.
AP champs are forced into insane range gameplay because they get deleted in a single button.
Taric is still a problem but now you can't even ban him.
I think this is my least favorite urf experience so far of all the times this mode has returned.
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2023.02.20 11:13 Gorpax Played ARURF after almost 2 seasons and it feels so bad

Hi everyone, I used to like a lot of URF/ARURF and it was my favourite game mode for quick games but I stopped played it since I got less time for playing so I only play some ranked games.
Today I tried it again, I played 4 games and in every single game 3+ champs were building full tank... URF was suppose to be funny with a lot of damage and a lot of kills and I think building tank on fun mode is the opposite of fun.
I think removing from the shop tank items for urf would make it actually more fun.
What do you guys think?
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2023.02.19 17:34 Skelun What is your secret URF build?

Mine is Tank Ezreal.
Playing Ezreal, I like to build:
It is surprisingly effective against tank, bruisers or assassins. Also it's very satisfying when proccing Heartsteel — You can stack a ton against tanks in lane.
It works even better in ARAM.
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