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A subreddit dedicated to how much of a piece of shit David King is.

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2018.03.04 04:28 anarchian banditelite

wheres my bandit elite

2010.03.06 10:32 DiscoveredLoss reddit, how do i know someones my true best friend?


2023.03.24 15:10 cyan_hawk45 34/ M Looking for [friendship]

Hope everyone's week has been good. Having a slow work day and hoping to find fun people to talk to. Trying to make friends in your 30s isn’t easy lol. Living in NYC and most of my friends now live outside of the city. Don't have to be in NYC either. I enjoy chatting with people from all over.
I’m easy going, enjoy horror films, video games, hiking, and exploring. Chat or DM me. Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.03.24 14:58 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 teaser posted online, is swiftly deleted

50 Cent: What are you up to, my man? The entirety of the Grand Theft Auto fanbase is waiting on tenterhooks. We surely cannot be too far away from the long-awaited reveal of GTA VI. Honestly, every time I get a Twitter notification from Rockstar Games, my heart skips a beat and now, 50 Cent is playing with our emotions.
Last week, 50 Cent dropped what appeared to be a major GTA VI teaser. He posted a Vice City logo, captioning it, “I will explain this later. GreenLightGang, this s**t bigger than POWER, trust me. BOOM.” Dr Dre starred in GTA Online’s ‘The Contract’ DLC so many have speculated that 50 Cent could be lending his likeness to a GTA VI character. Well now, the plot thickens because the rapper has dropped yet another tease - deleting it swiftly after. Very suspicious.
Take a look at this mod which allows you to play as The Boys’ Homelander in GTA V.
As spotted by Reddit user worldlovespain, after posting a second reference to GTA, 50 Cent deleted both posts from his social media accounts. The second tease featured a photo of a Vice City neon sign from shopping site AliExpress. Due to the deletion of both posts, many are assuming that the rapper may have broken an NDA he had with Rockstar Games.
As previously mentioned, 50 Cent could be teasing a GTA VI collaboration but what’s perhaps more likely is that he’s working on a GTA-inspired show, focusing on Vice City by the looks of it. In the original tease, 50 Cent included the TV emoji. He also said, ‘This s**t bigger than POWER.” Well Power is a crime drama series that aired from 2014 to 2020 that, you guessed it, starred 50 Cent. The rapper also helped create the series.
Big budget game adaptations are all the rage right now. You need look no further than HBO’s The Last of Us. I’m surprised GTA is yet to get the adaptation treatment given the immense love for the franchise. For now, take all of this with a pinch of salt until anything is confirmed but 50 cent is undoubtedly up to something.
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2023.03.24 14:55 acvcani How to get into immigration law

This is my first paralegal job in mainly PI defense. Love it getting a lot of good important experience. Down the line what I really want to do is immigration law but I have no idea how to get started in it. Everything job opening I saw wanted a lot of experience and Spanish, of course.
Any comments or suggestions? I have a feeling I might not even go down that road and stick with where I work now even passed 10 years. Maybe by that point I’ll try going to law school my self.
For now I speak Spanish but very basic conversational level. Planning on keep working here for the foreseeable future and maybe switch to immigrant in the long term 5-10 years down the line. and improve my Spanish in the mean time.
I come from an immigrant family and my dream is to do something to help other immigrants.
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2023.03.24 13:55 decotheepicguy Im thinking of fighting back my agressive or abusive father.

Sorry for the grammars, im still ass at english but im decent at speaking it.
My separated father is pretty much very old in age but he is under the age of 60 so i dont consider him as a boomer, but im going to my fathers house today and the majority of the time (most of the time its on Saturdays) we have an arguement and my father literally free styles on the argument changing the topic over and over and inappropriately cursing at me, he thinks that the fact that he has a fat load of money makes me ignore all of that but I HATE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH, i wish i could just fucking rip his damn organs off and sell them online GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! i want him dead so badly, he is just an asshole who cares more about money, his friends and his wife instead of his children, i mean he literally treats anyone better than me and my other 2 brothers, so, i need you redditers to tell me if i should fight him back or not because im thinking of fighting him back and traumatizing him to show that I am not scared of a fucking abusive father.
And yes, hilariously enough, he is a porn addict, he buys naked woman magazines or goes on Instagram to see some, but he has the look of an adult to be an Rule 34 artist but judging by his art that he does to his newer son i dont think he is one, maybe he is secretly drawing badly, but i think he just goes on Rule 34, not being an artist on it probably, so yeah, that makes him the clown of the story, while myself is an healthy teenager sleeping at 8 pm everyday, eating vegetables and meat, meanwhile my father gets awake 24/7 everyday, eating popcorn on his bed while watching pornography on his phone, what an unhealthy asshole.
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2023.03.24 13:44 FORBIDRABBIT I don’t know anymore

Everyone is pushing away from me and I’m the only person to blame. I took everything I ever knew for granted and I lashed out at them. My friends, my parents, my girlfriend. They’re all slipping away from me because they’ve finally realised how bad of a person I am. And honestly I don’t even blame them, but I still miss them more than anything. I can’t take this much longer. I just want it to all be over. It’s so overwhelming having to watch everyone I’ve ever loved move on with their life and me to be just left behind with no energy or motivation. I can’t do this
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2023.03.24 13:30 Large-Produce-9208 SNAPCHAT HACK

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She is worthy of your trust!!
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2023.03.24 13:11 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

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Mastering the follow-up. Learn what the big sales teams do with the leads they generate and how to turn the MQL to a SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead) to a paying customer or client.
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2023.03.24 11:26 SettingMedical4635 Send Ramadan Gifts Gift To Pakistan

The holy month of Ramadan is here and it’s time to show your love and appreciation to your family and friends in Pakistan. Send them an online Ramadan Gift today! Let them know you are thinking of them, even if you are far away. Show your love and appreciation with a special gift from you!
Order Now : Send Ramadan Gifts Gift To Pakistan
#RamadanGifts #OnlineGifts #Pakistan
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2023.03.24 11:10 BlaZeDotExE I swallowed a piece of aluminum what should I do?

So yesterday my friend put the piece that you open an aluminum can with.
You know the thing on the top of soda cans with you like lift and it pops the soda open, yeah that part.
So I chugged this whole thing and I think I may have swallowed it. I read that its non-toxic at least but I mean if it's undigestible will it stay in shape or make a sharp edge somewhere?
yeah so i just dont wanna die, please respond what you would've done
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2023.03.24 10:40 amrluca 21 [M4F] UK/England - Looking for my Best Buddy/Life Partner - Is that You?

Hello there lovely ladies of the internet!
My name's Luca and I'm looking for something real with someone for the long term.
I will be happy to share more info in detail as well as exchange pictures when we chat, but for now, I hope this summary will get you interested in finding out more!

About Me:


About You:

I’m mainly just looking for a like-minded person who can be my best buddy and partner to laugh through life's struggles together. Always dreaming about the possible future when the right person comes along. Maybe that could be you?
If my post has interested you, feel free to send me a message or chat and we will go from there, ideally moving to Discord if things go well!
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2023.03.24 10:03 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine (Course)

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2023.03.24 10:00 coffeerush1 Coffee shop in Val Vista

Here you can get the fast service and wide a variety of the flavorful drinks. It is a perfect place for you to enjoy your time with friends and make a memorable moment with our amazing coffee. Coffee Rush is a gathering place filled with great communities, lovely views and inviting nooks. It is a wonderful place for you get the fast Wifi service. Coffee shop in Val Vista is good place. Our mission is to serve you the best quality coffee made by the most skilled baristas to be enjoyed in the best environment.
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2023.03.24 09:33 Informal_Elk4148 Help

Hello, Can anyone help? My friend and i have the same mods and everything but when i want to join his world the join game button on steam is missing and i cant even play even if he invites me to his world it only say that has invited you to play, does anyone have a fix?
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2023.03.24 07:28 Cheap_Recover1718 [23F] looking for a new best friend

hi there! female from the east coast. i’m looking for a new female best friend. someone to talk to when i’m having a bad day. someone to talk to when something exciting happens. 😭🥺
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2023.03.24 06:27 Affectionate_Log6337 M23 for F23

I’m planning on writing a letter and dropping it in the mailbox of an old friend/crush. Yes, she liked me too, but we where much younger at the time. I ask that you all speak your mind in the comments. Let me know if this is crazy. If I should add something or rephrase. All help appreciated. Here’s what I have so far:
I’ve moved back home recently and couldn’t help but notice you’re at home as well. Rachel, I’m not sure why we lost contact. But when I think of you, which has been often as of late, I only ever remember good times. I would love nothing more than to take you out for a drink and to get to know you all over again.
I hope to hear from you soon. Your old friend, ——-
Ps: Here’s my number ——-
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2023.03.24 04:39 manawalker23 10k Training Plan Review and Recommendation Request

Hello everyone!
I have recently become interested in running as a method of weight loss, general fitness (particularly cardiovascular), and for my overall wellbeing. I have some experience with weightlifting, following a rigid workout plan, and sticking to a strict diet. I like having things simple (as in having a predetermined schedule for workout and boring meal plan as its easy to stick to) and would like some assistance from the great people from this community to help finetune my plan.
Current Situation:
To motivate myself into picking up working out and losing weight/becoming healthier again I have made a bet with a coworker in a 7.2km race on May 13th. To tie/win I need to be able to finish the 7.2km within 32-33 minutes. I am a novice in running and have been watching a lot of videos/reading posts regarding proper warm-up drills, techniques, training tips and recommendations, etc. While I have some experience in weightlifting and try to conscious of making healthy choices (e.g. walking to work, cutting sugacarb, sleeping).As mentioned previously, I am willing to put in both the time and effort to get to the best state I can within the next 7 weeks. After reading many posts on various subreddits and researching independently online, I have made a general fitness plan that is based on Hal Higdon 10k running program that I would like some feedback on. I plan to follow a strict diet/timetable of the following:
With my training plan I am expecting around 500-1000 calories to be burned putting me at a daily deficit of 500-1000 calories. In doing so, I am expecting 1-2kg weight loss per week and reach a goal weight of 85-90kg within the next 7 weeks.
I understand that life is not always so clear-cut and situations do come up. I have included a single cheat meal per week where I will go out with friends/coworkers to eat a reasonable amount. Some days I will replace my chicken with Tuna or Ground Beef, but generally will stick to white meat. Additionally, while I have a slight difficulty in sleeping, I am able to stick to a schedule generally. I understand this plan requires a great deal of discipline from myself, especially in regards to sleeping and recovery. I plan to sleep 9:00PM to 5:00AM (around 7.5 hours or 6 REM cycles), and can add an extra 1.5 hours or 1 REM cycle from 12:00PM to 2:00PM during my lunch break. Once again, I am very invested in this mentally and am willing to do whatever to reach this goal. I just want recommendations from more experienced users in reaching this goal. I want to lose weight, somewhat retain muscle mass (try to get 1.8-2g of protein per kg and follow reddit's PPL routine), become a better runner (get 4.5 min per km pace). I am willing to follow an even stricter diet or exercise plan if anyone has. I really want to win this race/bet and become a better person (mentally and physically). Please try not to say take it slow or care for yo-yo effect. While I am not a professional, I have the will and desire to reach this goal but lack the experience for optimal growth and performance.
Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kbvEUykyeScW41_n2wZFrU5-gII5YxcVDROS-DZDX5M/edit?usp=sharing
Sorry for the long post (my first one), and I thank everyone who took the time to read. All help is appreciated greatly.
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2023.03.24 02:53 CommanderAuri Searching for a longterm partner. Prompts listed below!

Hi there! Name’s Auri and I’m a 28F. I’ve been rping for roughly 10+ years now and am searching around for another partner for a thread or two. Not replacing anyone!
General overview:
Prompt ideas:
Obviously the Sky Clan don't know what to make of this new arrival. Thinking she may be a Zenith, Kotallo would contact Aloy who would definitely like to speak with this humanoid creature before the Sky Clan tear into her.
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2023.03.24 02:49 Classic_Commercial44 Having weird thoughts I'd share (don't worry not suicidal)

Do you ever have that weird feeling where you just have that fear of getting to attached to someone or something? Like you get this thrill like yes finally something good happened but then in the back of your mind your just scared of something bad happening before you know you'll screw it up or something bad will always repeat? I found out I'm moving again and I've lost track how many times I've moved and I recently got this job a few months ago and I am in love with it and I'm scared that I don't find anything similar to it when I move and another thing I'm just scared to lose the people I'm close too all over again. It seems like it's always like that the people I love the most go the farthest away. I've lost a of people in my life and opportunities and I'm scared this is another one of those things. I wish I had a place called home where I can settle and do what I love with the people I love. Sorry for the vent I just needed to let it out I guess.
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2023.03.23 23:59 larrydcarter Best way to fix up my lawn? Trying to stay on the cheaper, do it yourself side. Last 2 year I’ve done seed and feed from Lowe’s and it hasn’t helped out a whole lot. The house was a new build and the contractors original seed never seemed to take root.

Best way to fix up my lawn? Trying to stay on the cheaper, do it yourself side. Last 2 year I’ve done seed and feed from Lowe’s and it hasn’t helped out a whole lot. The house was a new build and the contractors original seed never seemed to take root. submitted by larrydcarter to LawnCarePros [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 23:37 Lost-Emu8055 How to have a long relationship while working together

Me and my partner havent been dating for very longshe is my first gf and she has only had 4 relationship and we are both the type of people who want a long relationshipbut the problem thst we now we together at a restaurantwith the same hours and same days off and go home together we argue like 3 times a week but then we get over it. Everyone that I've talked to have said it's never worked out for them but how can we make it work especially in the chef industry? Should I quit my job and work somewhere else? I thought about having separate days off but that wouldn't work really because it would just be work relationship and we do need time apart once a week at the very least I just feel like the butterflies I used to get around her has died and I don't know how to get it back because I do love her and don't want to lose her
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2023.03.23 23:07 Fresh_Height_6702 Accident in same spot, 1 month apart

I cannot make this up:
I was hit two separate times in the same area of the vehicle by different people with the same insurance within one month.
Neither were my fault.
1st incident:
Parking lot accident:
2nd Incident:
1. Do I have to provide them with invoices in order to get covered?
2. Even though the door is way more messed up, will the fact that I replaced and installed the mirror myself lower or negate coverage for this accident?
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2023.03.23 21:23 Losek13 Is DM's reduced enthusiasm between the games normal?

I've been GMing for a while now (although surprisingly none of the well known systems like DnD yet), and recently I've started a campaign for my friends that also serves as a "testing ground" for the system that I've been developing for a few months. And so far the game was going really well - the way they are engaging in the game is a good indicator that they are, in fact, having fun. They are focused on it, they tackle my puzzles and encounters with a touch of tactical mindset, and they actually do roleplay with NPCs that I wrote for them. Post-game we often discuss possible changes or improvements for my still-work-in-progress mechanics, and they pretty much always support my ideas for possible tweaks. However, there's a huge catch.

So I've been lurking here for a while now and I've observed that some of you also had an unpleasant opportunity to build a game for players that are absolutely ignoring the game outside of the actual sessions. It's frustrating, overwhelming and unpleasant, but at the same time some of those experienced, fantastic people on this subreddit managed to explain to us, that being a DM is basically that - caring about our own world that we've created and weeping that our players are not as invested in buidling it as we are. Unfortunately for me, I think I kinda reached a moment where even I am not feeling any joy from creating something, that I had in my mind for months.

The fact that it's really hard to hear an answer from them about their avaliability for the next date, their lack of even basic preparation (the simple guidebook, that I've made specifically for them is constantly ignored - even though it contains a brief description of mechanics that are literally able to change their entire fight), poor or outright lack of any backstory for their characters that were present in the game for 5 or 6 sessions... It all makes me wonder if all that work and all that time I'm investing in the game is actually worth it.

And then, when the session day comes, after the successful game, I get an incredible boost for my creativity. I'm literally struggling to keep up with all those ideas I came up with for the next game - improvements for my system, possible encounters, new characters, new plot hooks - Everything!

However, that feeling of pure joy of creating something unique is gradually fading with every day they are not responding when asked about the next game. I'm losing my interest bit by bit when they ignore my questions or posts on our facebook group. I get zero feedback after posting newly designed weapons and gadgets that could be found in the world.... The only person that sometimes tries to cheer me up is my wife, who asks a question about her character every now and then. And even though it does bring a smile to my face, I still feel like the rest of the group plays the game only because they have nothing better to do.

What should I do? My group of friends is incredible and I love to hang out with them, but their lack of interest in the world outside of the game is nullifying my fun I always had during designing said game. Is this something that happens often to DMs? Should I just ignore it, believe myself that I'm overexaggerating and continue working on the campaign? I'm really puzzled and I'll appreciate and advice.
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