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LGBT Havens: safe places for lgbt young adults

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Safe places for LGBT youth

2013.06.23 19:58 trevorpinzon A place for friends

Treehome is a small server run by two brothers in a small town in Mississippi. We boast dedicated and experienced administration, an amazing community, a well-designed map filled with fun things to explore, quests, pets, and more! Please feel free to post any questions, concerns, ideas, or just silly banter here.

2014.08.12 22:42 wihz Boston Tenants

For discussions, news, and organizing on subjects related to Boston area tenant's rights, issues, and resources.

2023.05.30 22:48 Sad_Ad_6918 Given up

I always tried to do right in life I would give the shirt off my back to help anyone i don't do drugs I don't drink only thing I do is smoke cigarettes in my relationships I give the world out I have never hit a woman cheated on them or expected anything from them except to show me they care all of my relationships I have brought them out of the hardships they were in without expecting anything in return I have raised 11 children that were not mine they all called me dad and I always considered them my children I have raised my 2 children alone never asking for support from anyone within the past 2 years I hurt my back making it hard for for me to do much I went 2 years living off my savings a few months ago I lost my house (rental) I have been living in for 12 years my mother who just recently came into our lives within the past few years took us in buy its very hard to live with her I spent what I had left to stop her from getting evicted everything has been going OK but I feel like my whole world is gone now wile I struggle to keep going for my kids I feel like I'm ready to give up I hate having to struggle I hate having to go to bed alone I seem to have to push my self to get up and function every day and I'm always in so much pain physically and mentally I think I'm ready to just call it quits I have no family no friends no money no job no home I feel like I'm falling my self and my kids do I send the kids back to there mothers and just give up I'm not sure I'm strong enough to keep going.
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2023.05.30 22:48 Leo_Knight_98 Tymna Kodama

Hi! I'm trying to build a Tymna Kodama deck. I didn't set a budget, since I'll be getting the cards I need as I can (I may also proxy it to test before actually buying anything). This deck is meant to control the early with stax pieces such as Rule of Law, Drannith Magistrate, etc; as I draw cards through Tymna mainly. After that it's turn to cast Kodama, and combo off Restoration Angel and Felidar Guardian, with Sidisi to find Acererak and win this way (Acererak would bounce itself as I wouldn't complete the Tomb of Anihilation, and the blinks between Felidar and Restoration would give me nearly infinite Kodama triggers). Another way of winning is through Protean lines, assembling one with a creature like Corpse Knight and the infinite blinks from before. Those are two examples but for sure there are more.
I've already built the base of the deck, however, I need to finish fine tuning it. I didn't get to play it before (I may pretty soon though). This is the decklist:
Thank you all!
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2023.05.30 22:48 TheKnightsofLiz Had a fantastic scheduled ride and a non-existent one attempting to return

I'm new to using uber and was planning on using it during an upcoming trip, so we took one to the mall yesterday. Scheduled it the night before, it got picked up by a driver in 15 minutes or less, great. That ride was fantastic. Now, when we went to leave the mall, we tried to get a ride for an hour and had to give up and call my in-laws for a ride home. I tried different classes of vehicles to no avail. We live on the edge of the metro area, but only about 11 minutes' drive from this mall. Is this why no driver would pick up our request? I confirmed the car type and price and then the app showed me nearby drivers near our pin, but that was it. I didn't do anything wrong with the app, did I? When it got to the map screen there were no other options to select. Any insight into this would be appreciated. Best I can figure is that no driver wanted to take us home because they likely wouldn't find a pickup near our house and have to backtrack to the busier area we were in. ?
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2023.05.30 22:48 arkeller Repost: My (35F) husband (36M) had a months-long affair with my sister (20F)

I've posted about this in here before, but ended up deleting the post on day 1 because my WH found the post, since I didn't attempt to conceal my name or use a throw-away account. I've since just blocked him and his family, because Idrk who else to talk to about this stuff. So here I am again. It's been a little over 3 weeks, and for the most part, friends and family don't check in with me as regularly. I'm tired of thinking about it, tired of talking about it, but also can't get away from it.
He moved out the weekend before last, and I'm feeling some relief from not having him in sight all the time, but I'm also overwhelmed with having been thrown into single-parenthood so suddenly and unexpectedly. I feel like I don't have the space to grieve properly, because I have the hearts of my children to look after.I got a lot of feedback on my OP, most of it useful and thoughtful, some of it not so much. I'm sure that not everyone who finds themselves reading this post will have also read the last one, but I did want to add a little bit of context for those who did:My husband and sister did not grow up around each other, so I'm not really concerned with the grooming aspect. -at least not in a long-term sense. Growing up I lived with my mother, and she lived with our father. She was only 3 when I moved out of the house, 6 by the time he and I got married. However, our being a mil family made visits home infrequent, and even then I'd usually go alone. He likely only ever met her 2-4 times at all before she moved to the same city us late last year.
Her version is that she was victimized by him. I KNOW it sounds incredibly shitty to not believe someone claiming to a victim, so I do want to clarify some things here: 1. I DO believe that she is and has been a victim in the MANY sexual relationships she has had with much older men, and that she seeks these relationships as the result of some deep-seated traumas from her childhood. HOWEVER, she has always entered into these relationship consensually and has never considered herself a victim of these men. Should the men have been/known better? Absolutely. Did they still actively engage in very inappropriate relationships with her citing her consent as their gross justification. Absolutely. So while, yes, I absolutely believe that my husband was the one who should have been responsible for managing their relationship as the much older player, I also do not believe that she ever felt victimized by him, but now claims to have been to earn my sympathy and forgiveness.
His version is that she sought him out even prior to their first exchange, and then began indirectly threatening him that she would tell me if their relationship didn't continue. He was also very drunk the first time, she had had nothing to drink, and according to him, initiated the encounter.
Things I do know: She sent a friend request to his FetLife account 5 days prior to the first encounter. She sent a friend request to her BILs social media account which contained multiple nude photos. I believe she at least fantasized about him, if she didn't actually plan to initiate sexual contact.
Will I ever know the full truth of what happened or why? Probably not. Idk if they're both lying or if they both actually buy into the bullshit webs they're spinning. Idk how much it even matters anymore, and Idk how I'll feel in 6 months, or 1 year, or 5 years, but today, right now, Idk how I'll ever forgive either of them for what they've done.
Also updated to add: I did tell my children, on the advise of my therapist. Because my children were very close with their aunt, this one couldn't be as easily managed by just omitting the "why" of our divorce. And there was a fear that it would come out later in an uncontrolled way or that I would have to create a story around why their aunt is no longer in their lives. It felt like the only thing to do was to tell them enough of the truth. And it's all just been really hard.
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2023.05.30 22:47 OKCupidxoxo AITA for defending myself after my brother embarrassed me?

I (18F) have been talking with this guy for a week or so now and we are getting along well. He came to my house to visit today and while we were talking he said he is super into dogs but doesn’t have one of his own. We have a dog named Sugar who is also my brother (20M)’s service animal. My brother has fainting spells so Sugar alerts him to lay down when he's about to faint. My brother was sleeping this afternoon, so I went and got Sugar quietly (didn’t wake my brother) and took off her collar and vest to let her know that she was going to play. We live literally right door to a small dog park, so me and my friend took Sugar there. We would have been back in the house in less than two minutes if something happened. I also sent my brother a text telling him to stay laying down until we got back so he wouldn't fall if he fainted. About 30 minutes in Sugar started barking (normal when she’s away from my brother for a period of time) so we quickly took her back. My brother had woken up and was mad that we had taken Sugar without his permission. He started arguing with me and I was pissed because this was in front of my friend who now felt guilty for going to the dog park. I tried to tell him to calm down because when we took Sugar he was already lying down and not at risk of getting hurt and we were going to be back very soon. After my friend left my parents got home but they're saying I'm essentially being an AH. I feel I am at least owed an apology from my brother for not waiting until my friend left and not acknowledging that I gave him a heads up to stay in bed until we got back. AITA
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2023.05.30 22:47 Mother-Coconut-5271 AITA for kicking out my best friend?

So I 33F met one of my best friends 37F at my baby shower of all places. A friend I went to high school with was pregnant at the same time as me so she came to my shower and brought her sister. Well her sister and I hit it off and we instantly became best friends. She had literally became my ride or die. We always were having girls night at my house or just going places and doing things together. She always included my daughter which made me love her even more. Well as the years went on she came to me when he and her other half separated needing somewhere to live. At this time I had moved in with my grandparents after my split. I was helping take care of them and they put a roof over mine and my daughters heads. Well when this friend called me she was bawling and I felt so bad for her cause she quiet literally had no where to go. I stuck my neck out for her and went to my nanna asking if my friend could move in. There was rules and what not that my friend agreed to so that very week she moved in. Keep in mind it was only a three bedroom house and my grandparents were downstairs and myself and daughter were upstairs in the other two rooms. I aloud my friend to move into my room with me where she also shared my bed. We had sleepovers before so it didn't bother me one bit cause she was my friend. Well as the months went on I was having to put extra food into the house which was not in the rules my nanna gave her. She was suppose to be paying rent, supplying her own food and necessities. I couldn't afford to pay her way. I tried to help her but finally enough was enough when she went to the bathroom and left the bathroom door open and then proceeded to yell and cuss at my 7 yr old daughter for standing in front of the bathroom door while speaking to me. (bathroom was right as you walked into my bedroom) I sent my daughter downstairs with her nanna and proceeded to yell at my friend. One thing she wasn't going to do was cuss or raise her voice to my child. It wasn't her fault that my friend didn't close the bathroom door which she should have done. Well a few weeks go by after the incident and I was hanging out with her other two sisters at my moms. And she started acting weird. Every time I left the house she tried to go with me. She even tried to go with me on my date with my fiance at the time. I quickly shut it down. Well a week later I was having a girls night at my moms with her other two sisters and this is when all hell breaks loose. I told her younger sister some stuff my friend had been saying about her cause it didn't make since to me. Well it caused them to fight. I wasn't trying to start anything but what I what I told the younger sister had me worried which is the only reason I brought it up. They fought and I fell asleep that night to wake up the next morning to my friend texting my MOM of all people. She was saying some stuff about me using her vehicle. I used it twice when mine was in the shop which she told me I could use. I offered her gas money and she told me not to worry about it cause she knew I was struggling with money myself being a single mom. So I got extremely pissed cause she was bringing it up after she told me not to worry about it. I texted her and went off. It was then brought to my knowledge that she was telling her WHOLE family I was pregnant. I was in shock. I had confided in her that I could be but asked her not to say anything til I knew for sure so I could tell my fiance. Well I found out I wasn't. She was with me when I took the test. So I had to clean up her mess again. I cussed her out over text and told her that if she wanted to be petty I could be petty. I told her I didn't have to stick my neck out for her or let her use my room. So from then on out that she could start sleeping on the couch. Well I finally make it home and come in to her on the couch and she moved all her stuff out of my room. I went straight to my room and did a movie day with my daughter. Now I'm a firm believer in not arguing in front of children so being a adult I texted her and told her I thought it was best for her to find a new place to live. She said she was working on it. I left it alone. Well then she wanted to argue with me cuss at me. She hadn't worked but three weeks the five months she lived with me so I got ugly. I told her she needed to be out by monday so that gave her two days to find somewhere to go. Keep in mind her mom lives on the same block i do, only a few houses up from me. She started packing her stuff and tried taking some things of mine. I called her out and took my things back and went back to my room. I sent my daughter downstairs with her grandparents just encase things got ugly. She proceeded to start throwing my things at me. I come around the corner yelling at her and she went to throw glass plates and bowls at me. I slapped them down to the floor and went at her. My grandfafther come up behind me telling her she needed to leave immediately. So then she proceeds to cuss at my 75 yr old poppy. It set me on fire again so I went at her again. I was pulled back and my nanna got in it. By this point im raging. My nanna tells her to leave and she can come get the rest of her things tomorrow. I turn and walk away and that when I'm told i'm bleeding. Her throwing those dishes at me and me reacting caused me to have to get stitches in both hands and arms and I broke my thumb shielding myself. Her sister came over and took me to the doctor. Thankfully when I got back she was gone. After she was finally out I realized she stole my daughters piggy bank that had over $400 in it and her whole Disney DVD movie collection that I had been buying since my daughter had come home from the hospital. anyways I hadn't spoken to her in months after this and her sisters kept trying to wedge me back with her. Well my friend apologized but I refuse to have her in my life anymore. She hurt me and stole from the one person I love most in this world. Am I the asshole for telling her to fuck off?
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2023.05.30 22:47 TheExhaustedOne_ So I just tried to kill myself and somehow failed? Wtf am I supposed to do now?

It was suppose to be an airtight plan, quick, easy and painless, I removed the catalytic converters, ran and airtight hose from the exhaust into the sunroof, took a bunch of sleeping pills and turned the car on. I sat there for nearly 4 hours with my throat and eyes stinging, 4 hours and that should've been enough to kill me yet neither the carbon monoxide or sleeping pills even knocked me out, how on earth did I even manage to fail at my own suicide? Wtf kind of sick joke is this? I must of been Hitler in my past life. And it's just great because I honestly believed I'd die, so now I am sitting here with a failed attempt and no plan on what to do now, do I just go back to planning? Maybe benzos this time? Starve myself to death Or try again? It's just not fair.
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2023.05.30 22:47 UnapproachableByte Mid-50s Graphic Designer Needs New Career due to Disability

I’ve been a print graphic designer for close to 25 years, most of that time working for myself from home. I’ve also had a sleep disorder for more than 20 years where I don’t get restorative sleep. (I’ve seen tons of doctors and taken just about every on-label and off-label drug prescribed, so I’m not looking for advice regarding this.) The effects this has had on my brain for over 2 decades has resulted in brain-fog, difficulty making decisions, and challenges in finding solutions to problems. This has resulted in a high level of stress when having to make, what used to be simple, design designs. So, I’ve decided that I need to find a new path, one that doesn’t require lots of decision-making and that will be less stressful for me. I’m wondering if any one has any ideas of how I could leverage my experience as a print graphic designer into something new? It’s really hard for me to think of what that could be. Due to my age, I’m not interested in undertaking any extensive training program or schooling. My career didn’t really progress the way that I had hoped it would. I never really achieved what I wanted, and being an introvert and working for myself wasn’t great. I also don’t feel like I really have any good contacts from all those years. I’m more than open to pursuing something completely different, but I don’t even know where to start. And who would be willing to hire someone at my age, with ostensibly no experience. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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2023.05.30 22:47 Slight-Anteater-8390 One Year, One Week old Tesla Model 3
1 year. 1 week. Owned Blastoise for 53 weeks and man… what an awesome experience. Took this car everywhere from Los Angeles (a couple of times), to Portland (countless times), to San Francisco, to Vancouver, BC, to Cascade mountains, to Ocean Shores, to Long Beach and daily driving, totaling 35,329 miles driven.
Was skeptical about electric vehicles, especially battery degeneration but so far, it seems like the battery is still very healthy.
How do I know it’s very healthy? With a small sample from today’s driving, drove 183 miles and the car consumed 38 kWh. With an efficiency of 207 Watt hour (Wh) per mile. Averaging 60 mph and outside temp about 70 F. Blastoise has a 75 kWh battery pack. Math breakdown: With an efficiency of 207 Wh/mi. 1 kWh = 4.831 miles. 75 kWh x 4.831 = 362 miles. On a good day, this car can still travel over 350 miles in one full charge. Now that’s amazing!
In larger sample size. Blastoise traveled 35,329 miles, averaging 239 watt hour per mile and consumed a total of 8,430 kWh. After driving all four season in various weather conditions and driving conditions, in one full charge, Blastoise can go about 313 miles. 45 miles less then an EPA range of 358 miles. Approximately 87% battery life remain. But that number is arbitrary. I expect during warmer months the efficiency will be better and the battery degradation will improve. All in all, this 2022 Tesla Model 3 is absolutely amazing!
Let’s talk about money saved compared to gas. My previous car was a 2010 Honda Civic.
In the past year, IF I drove the Civic 35,000 miles, it would have consumed 1,000 gallons of gasoline. I would have paid roughly $4,300 in gas. *(Civic mpg is about 35mpg, average gas price for the past year I’d say is ROUGHLY $4.30/gal)
Past year, I drove Blastoise about 35,329 miles consumed 8,430 kWh and it would have costed $917 in electricity IF I charged at home the whole time but I didn’t. Did some super charging on road trips, so I estimated $1,100 in total electricity cost counting both at home charging and super charging. *(Blastoise efficiency is 239 Wh, with an average electricity rate of .11 cents and super charging )
Saving me roughly $3,200. Also did no maintenance except adding windshield fluid and occasionally add air to the tires, which is free at Costco, and tire rotations, which is also free at discount tires. All in all savings of over $3,500!!!
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2023.05.30 22:47 No_Bee6945 IDK if LDR is worth it

Me and my boyfriend (both 23) have been together for abt 1.5 months. He’s originally from Africa and was going to school abt 30 mins away from me but is now about 8 hours away in another state. Recently he told me he has been homesick and he’s going to go back home in a few months. While we have been trying to make LD work here, (since I would move to where he is now at the end of this year) I’m not sure if it’s worth making it work now. I really want to because honestly I feel like he’s my soulmate, but I’m not sure when we would be able to see each other and how possible everything would be.
We would be long distance for at least 2 years while I’m in grad school (if I still decide to go). His home is 6 hours ahead of me which is not horrible but would be tough. So far we’ve have great communication, we talk everyday and work well through conflicts. I want to make this work but I don’t want to be delusional.
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2023.05.30 22:47 Electrical-Mouse2804 Honestly I'm at my wits end, there just doesn't seem to be a silver lining.

I (21F) just am so overwhelmed and I have a wonderful boyfriend and some nice friends but they come from a different world. I just need a space out of them to vent.
Anyways life has been a tad unconventional for me. Addict bio dad out of the picture by age 3, chaotic and abusive young mom, hardly any familial ties out of my mother and paternal grandparents past age 6. Became a primary caretaker for my significantly younger siblings one of whom has behavioral problems (adored them both though dearly). Started working at 14 and contributed to family finances/my schooling. Household became abusive in pretty much all the ways.
16 had a mental break and was hospitalized and institutionalized for about 6-7 months total. That's it's own can of worms. Left home at 16 after being back for a month due to a horrible event, ran away and moved in w/ paternal grandparents. Vaguely homeless for a bit at 17, then hospitalized and institutionalized myself at age 18. Horrible experience at the first center, abusive relationship, drug use got worse, clinical abuse blah blah. Finally made the decision for a higher level of care hours away in a smaller facility.
Whole life changed for the better, finally everything was clicking. Went to a sober living after and finally got an apartment with some folks. Sadly this was in SoCal and my roomies were older (30's) and were ready for a new chapter. I couldn't afford rent with no help and had to move in with a coworker and share a bed with her little sister. Finally it was time to let them get on with their lives and I felt guilty enough needing so much help.
Back with paternal grandparents who moved ~2 hours away from where I grew up. I sleep on a twin air mattress in their small office with no door. I appreciate it obviously but it is not ideal and we are not compatible housemates. I sustained a pretty decent injury that required surgery and got to stay in my uncle and his wife's guest room. (Grandparents stay in a small in-law unit in the back) however there is pushback on this even as I'm still healing.
I am constantly scrambling and trying to find anywhere to live. Obviously I would prefer a studio or single room apartment but they are so outrageously priced. $1,600 seems to be the LOW end. There are hardly any rooms for rent even and the one I just almost had rejected me as one housemate's gf was uncomfortable a girl (me) was wanting to move in. My grandmother picked up a job again to help me with half my rent so I can go to school full time finally.
All I want is to focus on school, I come from a family that isn't highly educated. That mostly came from poverty/low-income lifestyle's. I am (not to toot my horn much) quite intelligent and love to learn and have attainable dreams. I haven't had the time to just be my age. And when I do act my age I am ridiculed because I don't have that luxury. And tbh this is true, I don't.
I appreciate the help I am getting. But unfortunately it's just not seeming to be working. I have no financial support other than myself (and eventual help with half my rent ofc) I cannot physically work until July/August. I am on disability pay and nobody is willing to teach me to drive so I'm just stuck. I am so scared and stressed and it is overwhelming me. I haven't had to take my anxiety meds in months but have had to nearly daily the past few weeks. (They are as needed, all safe no worries!)
I also am just so lonely. My boyfriend is wonderful and listens and helps as much as he can. But I'm new here in this town. I don't have a strong support circle. I cannot only rely on him and thankfully I AM in therapy, at least the weeks I can afford it lol.
Anyways I don't know what I'm looking for, it just feels nice to put it out there. If there is any advice I'd appreciate it. I am trying my best. For school I enrolled in FAFSA, got approved for that as well as 2 state grants. I applied for out EOPS program last week. I start school for the first time in over a year in 2 weeks. So I suppose that IS a silver lining. And my boyfriend and dog also are. I shouldn't say there isn't any, and I'm lucky to have my grandparents. I just am scared and feel utterly small.
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2023.05.30 22:47 Sarvox Long long carrier walks?

So I’m about to go out on 2 months of paternity leave with my 2nd child who is going to be 4 months old in a week!
He’s great but hates his car seat. What he does love is walks while strapped to me in a carrier! He’s always super chill - occasionally sleeping but mostly just looking around at the world!
As someone who has spent a decade behind a desk, I’d love to just walk him in different beautiful places constantly (outside of home naps, bottles, Some mat and tummy time of course). But it almost feels like cheating for some odd reason lol.
Any reason it isn’t good to keep a 4 month old in a carrier for many many long stretches, walks, hikes, etc?? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 22:46 Naive-Entertainer-46 Price Match Guarantee... LOWES can't match... LAME

Try to use price match for exact same product sold at HD and Lowes. HD was $20 less but Lowes cant match because both item on sale.... what BS
See entire CHAT conversation below... :(
You're now chatting with Leo.Hi Leo, can you price match this item📷Leo
I’m happy to help you check if your item qualifies for a price match. Did you find the item online or in store?
In Store📷LeoFor in-store items, visit your local store and present the ad, printout or photo to an associate to check if a price match is possible. You can review the full policy here.Lowe's Price Promise Exclusions📷LeoWhat can I help with next?Price Match Other Item📷Leo
I’m happy to help you check if your item qualifies for a price match. Did you find the item online or in store?
Online📷LeoHere are the online retailers we’ll price match if your item qualifies:
Did you find the item on one of the websites above?Yes📷LeoDoes the competitor’s item meet all the eligibility requirements below?
Yes to All Three📷LeoNext, please check the list of exclusions.Lowe's Price Promise Exclusions📷LeoDoes your item fall under any of the exclusions?No📷LeoOK. I’ll need a little more information. Please share the item’s URL from the competitor’s website.📷**Leo** 📷📷LeoNow, please enter the Lowe’s URL or item # of the product you found on The item # is located under the name of the product as shown in the example above 👆.\_mmc=shp-\_-c-\_-prd-\_-app-\_-ggl-\_-LIA\_APP\_186\_Cooking-\_-50426806-\_-local-\_-0-\_-0&ds\_rl=1286890&gclid=CjwKCAjwvdajBhBEEiwAeMh1U49vrXVLvgPVGR\_npk\_Z9iQzFDzb4fFrR4xYCUSoZ9I50zGVDWnACxoCsVkQAvD\_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds📷**Leo**Thank you for the information. Let me connect you with an associate to help you check the price match.FOR YOUR PROTECTION: Please don't share confidential information, like credit card numbers or security codes, in this window. A separate secure form will be sent to collect this info, if needed to assist you with placing an order.
Want a copy of this chat to print out? Click on the (+) button in the lower left corner.You are connected with agent Roniel ARGood day! Thank you for contacting Lowe's. My name is Roniel A and I'll be happy to assist you. Please give me 1-2 minutes to read your conversation with Leo.ok thanksRAlright, I can check if these items are qualified with our price match, may I please also have your zip code? xxxxxRThank you, please give me 2-3 minutes while I check this for you.\_screenview\_id=8836756443806224562&ext\_comparison\_shopping\_product\_id=117\_4bff3d87359e43c795366cfff787b06b\_af584818a8d00236f5648710f1548b9fyou can find this on Honey as wellRI see, however Honey is not one of our competitors that we can price match.Honey is just an site to compare your prices with other stores... Honey is not your competitoram i speaking with a live person or AI?RI am a live should use honey for your online shopping :)RSure, I'll take note of that website, but going back with the price match, I checked both items however the one we have is currently on sale, that makes it not qualified with our price match, both must be on its base price to qualify.
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2023.05.30 22:46 nemat777 Kicked out of house over petty argument

I (23M) was talking with my dad this afternoon about a test score that had not yet been released to me due to extenuating circumstances from the test provider. Both my dad and mom think I am blatantly lying about me not getting my test scores and were very open about it to my face. They ended up escalating the conversation into a screaming match and my dad shoved me and made me stumble with his shoulder as he walked past me. For context I’m 6 inches taller than him and probably 30 pounds heavier. I ended up running to my car and speeding out of my driveway as they told me to never come back home again. They seem to not want to believe any of the proof I offer or believe what I have to say. Am I in effect homeless now? If so what should I start doing?
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2023.05.30 22:46 SpectrumWind06 Going to the doctor for the first time in over a year. What should I bring up?

I’ve been avoiding going to the doctor for over a year just because my last few appointments got me absolutely nowhere. I’ve finally gotten myself a new doctor. I don’t have any sort of diagnosis and I think it’s finally time again to start pushing for the help I need. I’m just not sure what I should be bringing up to my doctor. Due to my insurance I have to be referred by my PCP before I can see any specialists and I’m not sure who exactly I should ask to see. I’ve had chronic pain all my life, only in the last few years has it started to be debilitating. I deal with pain all over my body and in my joints, I’m fatigued almost every day, I can’t be out in the heat or take hot showers because I will pass out or throw up. This is just a small list of my symptoms but they’re the biggest ones. I don’t think it would hurt to bring up EDS as my joints are hyper mobile.
What else should I try to discuss? What specialist should I be trying to see?
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2023.05.30 22:45 Aromatic-Jeweler7311 Setting boundaries and consistency across spaces

I’m struggling a little bit with what to do around setting boundaries and maintaining consistency across faces. I have a 16 month old girl who is very typical toddler behavior. I pretty much let her have free reign of the house while I’m supervising her. We have a very small house and it’s all been pretty well baby proofed. Of course, we set boundaries along the way and she doesn’t have access to everything— for example, sometimes she’ll want to grab a knife that I’m cooking with and obviously I have to say no, or she’ll try to climb the TV stand, and I have to remind her not to.
What I’m struggling with is how to consistently set boundaries on things that are allowed at home but not allowed outside. I’ll give two examples:
1) at our house, we allow her to climb on the furniture. Specifically, the couch backs up against a picture window that doesn’t open, and she likes to be able to climb and look out of it. She knows how to get on and off safely, and we never allow her to do it unless one of us are sitting next to her. We were at a neighbors house the other day, and she started climbing all over their couch. It really freaked Neighbor out because she was afraid of her falling, and also she got her shoes all over it. I obviously put a stop to it pretty quick, but my baby seemed confused and upset and my neighbor seemed a little perturbed that she started climbing on the couch in the first place.
2) like most toddlers I’ve encountered, she loves to pull things off shelves and put them back. We practice this a lot at home, where she’ll methodically pull things out and then help me put them back. We were at a coffee shop the other day, and she walked over to a shelf about 3 feet away from me and started pulling some dish towels that were on display off the rack. After maybe 30 seconds I walked over and help her start putting them away. But I was getting tons of dirty looks from a few other people in the shop. I initially didn’t think it was a big deal because she wasn’t disturbing anyone and of course I knew I was going to put them away. She tantrumed a bit but I did our “all done” ritual (a sign and a song) and was able to redirect her.
So I guess my questions are, in the scenarios above, if she’s displaying behavior like that at home and out, do I need to put a stop to it at home so that she learns not to do those things? Is it too confusing for her to have access to things at home that she doesn’t get out? I just feel like I’m giving her a lot of freedom, which of course I like, but I also know that boundaries are super important and can help a child thrive.
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2023.05.30 22:45 -Speed-Of-Light Creepy leering neighbour up to no good

I'm using a throwaway account for this, so bare with me. This will also be a longer post.
My partner and I (53M & 54M) have been dealing with this for quite some time now, a reoccurring issue if you will. Our neighbour, 58M, he and his now ex-wife moved in around the same time that we did, all was normal for only so long until they got comfortable. His ex wife would eventually try to invite us to a foursome, something that we denied, but at the time our neighbour didn't seem as keen as he is now. This was about 5 years ago, we've lived here for 15 years.
In the years following his wife making her departure, he has become increasingly leery and downright creepy towards us, especially my partner. Often lingering when we are out in our garden, or if my partner is working outside, he will take any excuse to interact with us and will often look a bit too long and make a few remarks that earn a side-eye. Not failing to mention that he has attempted to kiss us both, and has been shot down both times like an albino buck during open season. Any time we are out, and he is home, no matter if its just going to our bins or letting the dogs out for their business, he is there. He has his own trio of barky porch shitters that he uses as his alert system.
It has gotten now to the point that my partner isn't entirely comfortable in his own garden alone for the leering, I'm confident my husband would break every finger on his knuckles if he attempted to grope at him, but the constant watching is incredibly off-putting. He has taken complete disregard to my requests to piss off and leave us alone, each time increasingly more threatening than the last, yet he still persists. I'm not sure what will prevent me from knocking out every tooth in his skull at this point as I'm reaching the very end of my already frayed tether. Still, he won't admit he's gay yet, not that I care to be in his company for long enough to ask, but at this point you'd think he'd have seeked it out elsewhere as he certainly isn't getting it here.
Alternatively, my husband has schemed that we have a BBQ and beers in the evening, lure him in and corner him, to get his secrets out of him, finally allowing him to admit to his undisclosed sexuality secret. I firmly believe that if he has a drink in him and is offered the confidentiality of an evening, back garden fire pit, he might admit to his inclinations as they're most certainly not straight ones. I feel like he is edging closer to coming to terms with himself, perhaps when push comes to shove? I really do believe he is in dire need of someone to lay with and get it out of his system, but I don't think my poor husband will ever escape those watchful, albeit speccy, eyes of his.
TLDR: My neighbour probably might be gay, won't leave me or particularly husband alone and we're trying to get him to come out, in hopes of setting him on his path to self discovery.
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2023.05.30 22:45 bimbogfxoxo Landlord said he will kick me out overnight if I don’t pay the rest of his rent

I’ve been living in this house for around three months. My landlord and I do not have a formal rental agreement. I informed him last month that I will move out on the 15th of this month and he agreed, I have proof over text. Since tomorrow is the 31st, I sent him half of next months rent. He texted me asking for the rest of it and I told him that he agreed that I could stay for half the month and pay half the rent, he seems to have forgotten this agreement and he is fighting with me and saying that I need to pay the rest of the rent or I have to leave tomorrow. He keep saying that we had a verbal agreement that I would pay the entire rent but that never happened because why would I agree to pay the full months rent and only stay for 15 days. He’s threatened me twice by saying either I pay the full months rent or I get out of his house tomorrow. What can I do and can he actually kick me out?
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2023.05.30 22:45 dmitrineilovich Guests potentially ruined towels and linens with makeup

For context, my partner and I run 1 unit in our home, an ADU basement studio apartment with its own entrance in a popular NW city. We've been open nearly 7 years. We don't charge a cleaning fee, opting to build the cost into our nightly rate, and we clean the space ourselves.
One thing we provide our guests is a supply of individually wrapped makeup removal towelettes (Neutrogena brand, I believe). They are prominently displayed in the bathroom, so they're hard to miss.
Our linens are all white, and therefore show makeup very easily. Our laundry routine can handle small makeup stains, but our most recent guests (2 night stay) wound up leaving significant mascara stains on the towels, sheets, pillow cases, and duvet cover. Someone had used (or taken) several of the makeup removers, but the stains were still evident.
The stains seem to have come out of the towels and the rest are in the wash now. We're not confident that the bed linens will be usable for future guests, however.
We have not yet written a review for them. How would you handle this, as far as charging for the ruined linens and what kind of review do we leave them? They were otherwise lovely guests, but the bed linens are not inexpensive. What are your thoughts?
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2023.05.30 22:45 imp-sues My wellbutrin story, so that it never happens to someone else

Hello! This story is about a medical accident with wellbutrin that really affected my life and I want to share. It may contain triggering topics so please be warned. Stay safe

When I was 19 almost 20, I was about a year into my medication/mental health journey. I had found out I was bipolar, and had ADHD, and these were the main things I was treated for. I was taking ritalin, which for a bipolar person can be a risky choice as it causes mania, as well as lithium, to control my mania. Lithium was a little too good at its job though, and I quickly became only depressed, so, I got wellbutrin. And I liked it. It helped. I felt better. And happy. We kept trying out doses, going up slightly.

And then, I don't know.

My doctor was moving me from 150mg to 300mg, and then to 450 mg. Easy enough. But, he had given me two sets of pills to achieve this. 150s and 300s. I was supposed to use them to transition upwards. Every other day, taking 300 + 150. I don't know how, but something was lost in translation. I started taking two of the 300s, thinking that was what he told me to do. I was taking 600mg (too much) everyday, and then taking 60 (sometimes 90) mg of ritalin.
I felt crazy.
I was home for the summer, but terrified of the house. Couldnt leave my bedroom after my parents had gone to bed. I kept my toothbrush in my bedroom and locked my door each night. I would see shadow people out of the corner of my eye, walking in the dark. I saw their feet outside my door. I heard them whispering in the hall.
I would sit on the ground just take tweezers and pull out all my leg hair. I dont even know why. It became a terrible habit, and a strange way to soothe myself.
While doing this, I started to hear something. It was in my head, like I was going to sleep and thinking of random things. But the thoughts weren't mine. I wasn't thinking those words.
I could hear two men arguing, and then it was like they noticed me. They knew I was listening, and they didn't understand how.
Over the next few days of exploring this new ability I heard lots of conversations, even had them recount childhood memories to me. I would hear them scream and yell at me. I would feel them inside me trying to get my attention. I would close my eyes and see impressions of screaming faces, people trying to get me. Loud yelling. Then, it was like they would possess me, and it was like I wasn't there anymore.
I didn't understand what was happening. And it only got worse.
I went on a trip with my father and forgot my ritalin. Luckily, I had more than enough wellbutrin, which I knew treated ADHD. I started taking a little extra. I would crush it to make it work like instant ritalin. If 600mg wasn't hurting me, 1000mg certainly was.
my friends would call me to play minecraft and my fingers couldnt even operate the keys correctly. I was always shaking. The voices in my head were telling me they were worried for me, and possessed me to "help". I would walk around the beach house, terrified of any dark corner or unoccupied room. Even watching my father wash dishes made me nervous he was only pretending to come scare me (why would he do that?). I heard laughter, and whispers, and there weren't in my head. It was like a person was right on my shoulder, or like I was always in sleep paralysis. I would look in the mirror and swear my reflection was doing something I wasn't.
I went home, and told my doctors. They thought I had lost it from the ritalin and took me off it. Permanently. I was livid and so sad. It had helped me so much and now they said it was making me psychotic and they wouldnt put me on it. I told them I didnt even have any at the beach. No matter what I said, they wouldn't change their minds.
My emotions were so high. I would sob and sob and scream on the phone with them. And yet no one caught what was really happening.
I stayed with my boyfriend at the time while recovering from being cut off my meds, and I would swear he got in bed with me. I could feel the bed move. feel him breathing. and then I would hear the shower cut off- I was hallucinating him. I kept feeling someone grabbing the blankets, tugging at my feet. I would look and the shadow hallucination would hide from me as all the shadow people would. Fast. Uncatchable.
I kept hearing voices. Kept feeling like they were in my head. Kept feeling paranoid every second of the day. And kept taking those pills.
And then at some point, my doctor was confirming my medications.
"Are we at 300mg of wellbutrin? or 450, right?"
"Uh, 600 I think"
"I take 600 in the morning"
"I take two of the 300s. Right?"
"how long have you been doing this?"
Turns out, 600 was not the right answer. That amount can cause siezures. And I had been taking up to 1000 everyday. Everyday for over a month.
They stopped me taking it, but never brought back the ritalin. Said my mind had become fragile from the wellbutrin. I was in a full blown psychotic episode and now lost my adhd medication along with my sanity.
Without meds, my first semester that year was hard. I was tired all the time. Fell asleep at the wheel. I struggled to be an RA at college, and struggled to talk to people. My mind just felt cloudy 24/7. And it was like I couldn't think anymore, couldn't do math, or study. I was a physics major, and it seemed like that was going to be something undoable. Everything, all my memories and skills, has been scrambled by wellbutrin. I failed my classes. Almost got kicked out of being an RA.
It was like I couldn't do anything.
I have continued therapy, but within a year they diagnosed me with OSDD, and a year later full blown D.I.D (dissociative identity disorder). Of course, wellbutrin did not cause that, but I had no idea I had multiple personalities until the OD. Wellbutrin had taken down all the walls in my mind, and I had heard the personalities talking. And once the toothpaste was out of the tube, I couldn't put it back in: no matter how long I tried to ignore the voices. I had DID. I have DID.

I tell you all this for two reasons. For a warning: to READ YOUR INSTRUCTIONS and to never diy your doses. Make sure you write down what you need to take. And if something it wrong, go to the doctor fast and tell them whats happening. The longer, the worse damage your mind could get.
The other reason, is what I needed to hear that semester: you can get better.
It has been 2 years next month since the incident. And I have done what I thought I would never get to do. I am back on ritalin (but extended release now) and I even am back on a lose dose of wellbutrin, which I never thought I'd say. I completed my physics degree in 3 years, which is relatively uncommon, and something I would never dreamed I could do. I am alert. I am a quick thinker again. I am myself again. And I am happier than ever.
I still have D.I.D. And its something I am working on a lot. I also still have some brain scramble, not all the memories are right. But I am aware again, and what they expected to be permanent brain damage just turned into a rough memory. Now doctors have me talk to their medical students about what happened to me, and when I tell them and they gasp I am even able to laugh about it. Its become a silly story for doctors in training to learn from.
So if you had something like this happen, its gunna be okay. you can survive this. and you can get back to living your life. The fog will clear, you just have to wait for the sun.

Thank you for reading. this is a really hard incident I usually keep a secret, but it was the hardest time in my life. Please be safe with your wellbutrin, and remember, 600 is too. much. wellbutrin.
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2023.05.30 22:45 Impressive-Regret187 [UPDATE] not sure if this is preeclampsia or I'm just crazy (31 weeks)

Thank you everyone for you advice about going to the ER. I did end up calling an ambulance because i ended up having worse breathing problems and almost fainted. Once at the hospital doctors checked me and we're about to send me to ultrasound. As I was getting up off the bed I began to have extreme chest pain and almost fainted again. Was put back into the bed and they began to give me a lot of acid pills?. No idea why they thought I'd need acid pills for chest pains and no acid in my throat but I digress. Then my back in between my shoulder blades was in sharp pain with my chest. They just kept checking on me. Then ultrasound came and they said my LO was not using her lungs to practice breathing which caused me to be transferred to a different hospital for observation.
Once there I was kept in triage and my BP was at one point 153/109. HR was low 50s to lowest 43. Continued chest pain. Nothing changed overnight but they did give me a shot for the LO to help her start to use her lungs. In the morning I had an EKG and chest X-ray which came back normal. The cardiologist then ordered an ECHO for me and I waited majority of the day. The high risk Dr came in after my ECHO and proceeded to say if the ultrasound comes back and she's using her lungs your good to go home. I was confused since my BP was still in the 140s and my HR hadn't passed 60. Plus the results of the ECHO hadn't come back yet. But once the ultrasound came back and she was seen using her lungs I was discharged immediately. No answer on ECHO or any of the swelling pains, breathing issues, chest pains or anything. Just to follow up with my ob within a week.
It's now been a few days and my swelling hasn't come down but has gotten worse. My hips and my lower back have now swelled insanely where I can barely walk. Can't sleep due to pain under my ribs. Im also pretty weak. Some people are telling me to go back to the ER but I don't want too. I was kicked out and made to seem like I'm 100 fine when I don't think I am. Maybe I am going crazy idk. I see my Ob on Monday so holding out till then to hopefully get some clarity. So yeah that's my small update. Thanks again everyone.
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2023.05.30 22:45 StudyUseful5681 Outdoor Dining is Crumbling

Looks like the Bee saw my earlier post.
They call attention to the fact that, for the most part, people enjoyed outdoor dining during the pandemic. Today, the program that's supposed to make outdoor dining permanent is crumbling.
How does Reddit feel about this? Personally, I'm dismayed that the Al Fresco program is inefficient, and I consider it a failure. The only thing it has accomplished is removing parklets and outdoor dining from the grid. Summer is here, and I would really love to enjoy dining on R street, or in the pop-up near Beast and Bounty. And who doesn't love the Rind's parklet? While I understand the need to change it to be ADA compliant and what not, its unfortunate that the Al Fresco program is prohibitively expensive to allow for the Rind to retro-fit their parklet. From the article:
"Yet $20,000 won’t cover retrofitting all patios to meet city codes. That’s one reason The Rind is removing its L Street patio, owner Sara Arbabian said, along with the strain it put on her small restaurant’s kitchen staff. To be compliant with the city’s new requirements, The Rind’s lifted wood patio needed a ramp or wheelchair lift, better drainage and to ensure that their structure didn’t stress the roots of a large tree that sat in the center. It’d cost $30,000-$40,00 to renovate on top of sunk costs".
The article mentions that some restaurants have managed to make the Al Fresco program work for them, but these restaurants seem like exceptions to the rule. At this point in the year, it's mind-boggling to me that we are still this far behind and no new parklets have been completed. Of the 85 restaurants that applied for the initial temporary grants, only one of them has applied for the formal program. This makes me think that the new program is prohibitively expensive.
Serious reform is needed here IMO. Open to your thoughts as well. Going to paste the article in the comments.
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