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2023.06.08 00:21 BrianDerm "Talking Sci-Fi Computer" I'm designing with lights that flash when Alexa is talking, using new front-firing Echo Pop and some components. Ala Gary Seven Star Trek episode....

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2023.06.08 00:16 ralo_ramone An Otherworldly Scholar [LitRPG, Isekai] - Chapter 11

The Great Hall stood tall against the cloudy day, expelling white smoke from the multiple chimneys on its thatched roof. The outer walls made of a dark gray stone and the overall brutalistic style of the building, gave the Great Hall a certain ‘Big Bad Evil Guy’s lair’ vibe. Upon further inspection, I noticed traces of mana weaved in between the stone which made me wonder if the whole building had some sort of protecting enchantment in place. It made sense considering the whole town was a bastion between the Farlands and the Ebros Kingdom.
Despite my initial assessment of the city, Farcrest’s marketplace flourished all around me. Food, weapons, tools, all kinds of crafting ingredients. No matter what direction I looked I found new things to identify. Other than the abandoned northern district, the city looked like a bustling trade center.
I continued walking through the street market towards the Great Hall.
Red banners with the Marquis crest, a man killing a wolf with a lance, hung from the inner walls. The gate was guarded by a small contingent of soldiers dressed in shiny armor and armed with long albarests. I was tempted to use [Identify] on them but remembering Elincia’s reaction, I refrained from doing it. I didn’t want problems before even starting my life in this world.
As I reached the closed gate, a guard blocked my path.
“What is your business in the Marquis’s Great Hall?” The guardsman asked, glancing at me with unfriendly eyes. The man inspected my appearance from head to toe and he didn’t seem to like what he was seeing. My clothing was humble to say the least.
“My name is Robert Clarke, Scholar from the City of Light. I’m here for a passage permit into the Kingdom of Ebros.” I said with a haughty voice. A good teacher was, in essence, a good actor, and I took pride in my classroom management.
As expected, my words seemed to pique the guard’s interest.
“Farcrest isn’t a border town, Scholar. How did you even enter the kingdom?”
The guard was unsure if he was really talking to a commoner or someone of high birth. Or maybe he thought I was a high level individual? It made sense that people with higher levels looked down on the weaker.
Considering Elincia’s reaction to the story about the teletransportation, I decided to continue with the same lie. If I had to guess, portals weren’t all strange in this world.
“A magic accident teleported me into the Farlands. There I was picked up by an Alchemist harvesting ingredients who brought me here to Farcrest.” I explained with a serious tone.
“Should’ve said that from the very beginning… sir. Portal magic is no joke.” He stuttered.
The guard swallowed the story.
“It is not.” I nodded.
The guard must’ve assumed I was the one responsible for the portal incident because his demeanor changed instantly. If I had to guess, portal magic was a high level technique.
“This way, sir.” The guardsman said, guiding me through a lateral door at the base of the wall and into a narrow and dark corridor. As much as I wanted to enter through the main gates, I assumed it wasn’t worth opening it for a single person.
We emerged into a cobbled courtyard by the side of the Great Hall where a small army of workers unloaded carts with crated goods under the attentive glance of an overseer. Regrettably, I couldn’t tell what was inside the heavy boxes.
“Trade seems to be healthy considering Farcrest is a frontier town.” I pointed out in a vain attempt to make the guard talk.
“It’s been that way for a while now.” He sparsely replied as we walked to a wooden building attached to the Great Hall. Outside the building, an angry middle aged woman dressed in a gambeson with the Marquis emblem was training a group of fresh recruits who barely knew how to hold a sword. The kids couldn’t be much older than Zaon.
Instead of walking towards the building, we approached the training group.
The soldier saluted and the woman knight raised her hand, stopping the frenetic swinging of the recruits. Her eyes were of a stark gray color and her lips were a fine line under her aquiline nose. Her skin was tanned and covered in small scars of a hundred battles. [Awareness] told me she was the don’t-fuck-with-me type.
“Captain, this man says he arrived at Farcrest via failed teleportation.” The soldier explained my situation.
“Another one?! I can’t believe this is the second time this year.” The Captain chastised the soldier as if it was his personal fault. Then, she turned around to face me. She was taller than me and her rolled up sleeves not only revealed lean and bulking muscles but a skin covered in scars. Those weren’t fashionable superficial scars but ones which distorted the skin and muscle.
“Tell me you are not from the Ansan Kingdom. It will cost us a small fortune to send you back.” The Captain said.
I understood that was my cue to speak.
“My name is Robert Clarke, a Scholar, and you don’t need to send me back to my homeland, Captain. I am more interested in traveling to the Imperial Library than returning.” I said with a small bow.
“I’m Captain Izabeka Kiln, leader of the city guard. I like you already, Scholar. People who complicate things are too common in these places.” The captain left the bundle of parchment and walked around the table to inspect me closely.
I made a mental note to not complicate things in front of the woman.
“Come on.” The captain left the group of disoriented recruits behind and walked towards the Great Hall. “We have to ensure you don’t have any suspicious hidden titles before giving you your passage permit.”
“Hidden titles?” I asked with a tremble in my voice.
“You have not been in a System Shrine before?” The Captain looked over her shoulder and gave me a confused glance.
I shook my head. Hidden titles could mean two things; there was a method to hide one’s titles from being identified or there were titles that could only be unlocked at a System Shrine. The second option made sense considering the lack of progress my class had even after twelve levels.
“I warn you, Robert Clarke, I’m a level fifty seven Knight, if you do try anything stupid I’ll crush your spine before you could even blink.” The captain said before addressing the guard who had guided me there. “You, maggot, look after the Scholar’s belongings. He is my guest.”
“Yes, ma’am.” The soldier said, extending his hand to me.
I gave him my backpack and nobody questioned the suspicious wooden shotgun butt protruding out. I felt naked without my weapon, however, the shells were safe inside my pocket.
“You don’t have a suspicious title do you?” The captain asked as we entered a beautifully adorned corridor with painted murals and ornamental banners hanging from the ceiling. The decoration was surprisingly tasteful.
I swallowed hard.
“I don’t think so?” I replied, remembering what Elincia had told me about locked titles.
We walked in silence through a carpeted corridor. The brass-framed windows reached the high ceiling and gave us a wide view of the interior gardens. There was a bush maze, fountains and clumps of all kinds of flowers.
We reached a glass door to a crowded balcony and the captain signaled the guards to let us through. On the balcony there were men and women dressed in expensive suits and dresses of vibrant colors. Broad rings of gold and precious stones adorned the noble’s hands while the women flaunted beautiful necklaces and earrings. If the Marquis was there, he was hidden among the crowd.
Captain Kiln took me to the side of the balcony, far from the noble clump and pointed down to the garden. Two men dressed in fencing attire were standing at opposite sides of the garden while the squires helped them with their padded jackets. In the middle of the fighting area an old man with braided hair and stern look acted as the referee.
“Have you witnessed a judiciary duel before?” The captain asked.
I shook my head.
“Then it’s your lucky day, Scholar. Sir Janus insulted Baronette Tirno during the last feast.” Captain Kiln said with a lupine smile.
“What did Sir Janus say?” I inquired.
“Janus said Tirno’s lovers during their days in the Ebros Knights Academy looked just like his mother.” Captain Kiln let out a tired sigh.
I glanced down at the dueling area. Baronette Tirno was a tall and slender young man of blonde curls and piercing looks. He wore a blue and black jacket with a crest similar to the Marquis symbol, so I assumed he might be related to the Marquis. Tirno moved with ease under the padded jacket and made a flourish with his rapier before blowing a kiss to the balcony. The gesture was answered by a wave of giggles and sighs.
For someone with a soiled honor, he was enjoying the moment.
Sir Janus, on the other hand, was a brutish looking man with the physique of a beer barrel. An unkempt bristly black beard covered his face and his small black eyes resembled the ones from a pig. Janus looked more like a well-armed murder hobo than a knight.
“Tirno has the reach advantage.” I said as the squire handed the rapiers to Janus.
“Good, you can use your eyes.” Captain Kiln said and I wondered if every woman had a similar level of sass in this world.
The referee, an old man dressed in a white and yellow tunic, stood at the center of the arena and cast a spell creating a golden dome of twenty meters in diameter. A second later the dome became translucent, barely blocking the view of the duelists.
“He’s a Fortifier. Any skill used inside the area of the bubble should stay inside instead of killing you. Well, none of them have magic classes but with high level combatants any extra precaution is welcome.” Captain Kiln explained.
Down inside the bubble, Tirno and Janus walked five paces away from the center, turned around, and saluted with the rapiers. Then, they adopted a fighting position I wasn’t completely familiarized with. It seemed they were going to start sprinting instead of fencing.
A sudden gust of wind rose, kicking up a dust cloud, and Tirno disappeared just to reappear by Janus’ flank. I gasped. Had he used a skill or was it his natural speed? Janus raised his sword and parried just in time. Then I noticed my mouth was wide open.
“Want to bet?” Captain Kiln asked with an entertained expression on her face.
“I don’t have money or valuables other than a quarter cheese wheel.” I babbled back, too entranced with the fight to pay attention to the woman.
The captain slid a silver coin down the railing and left it in front of me. I recognized a gambling addict that shouldn’t be gambling when I saw one. I glanced at the coin and then I looked down at the arena. The duelists were still testing each other. Baronette Tirno had an elegant style with quick transitions and nimble footwork. Sir Janus, on the other hand, stood like a heavy boulder in the middle of the yard.
“Two silver coins and I will tell you exactly how Lord Tirno is going to lose.” I said with a taunting smile.
The captain’s interest was piqued and soon after there were two silver coins in front of me and another two in front of the woman.
“I love to fleece know-it-all Scholars.” The captain said despite the fact she was betting against her own money.
I ignored the banter and focused on the duel. After the initial explosion of speed things had slowed down. Still, they moved faster than any HEMA practitioner or olympic fencer I had seen in my life.
I remembered Zaon talking about class growth. It wasn’t a surprise that the kid was apprehensive of becoming a Soldier when there were classes that could move like those two men. Not even with my Lv.5 [Swordsmanship] was enough to reach those speeds.
[Awareness] filled my brain with information. Tirno fought with deliberately elegant movements trying to find an opening on the opponent’s defense while Janus adopted a style similar to what I knew; he tried to control Tirno’s sword and deliver a strike without jeopardizing his own safety.
“Sir Janus is going to end the fight by stabbing the Baronette in the hand.” I calmly said, channeling all my fencing knowledge. Judicial fencing wasn’t about killing your opponent, although it happened frequently, but about incapacitating it before it could harm you.
“Alright, I’m going for Tirno.” The Captain said.
The balcony was in complete silence. Rapiers clashed, but none managed to control the weak of the opponent's blade to create an opening. The amount of stamina both men displayed was astounding, even compared to top tier athletes from Earth. If I were to train for a hundred years I could hardly reach their levels of speed and coordination.
Suddenly Lord Tirno put aside all attempts of defending and lunged forward, aiming at the center of Sir Janus’ chest. Sir Janus stepped back with a nimbleness uncharacteristic of a man of his span. To get away from Tirno’s blade, Janus raised both arms and pulled back his body. In that awkward position, Sir Janus counterattacked with a downward stab aimed at Lord Tirno’s hand and withdrew from the engagement to avoid Tirno’s afterblow.
However, the afterblow didn’t come. Lord Tirno’s sword fell to the ground as the man bursted out cursing. As he retreated to his side of the arena, I caught a glimpse of bright blood flowing from his right hand.
New word learned!
Words learned: 3,001/215,000
Rank: Talkative Teenager
I made a mental note to not mention that word in front of children.
“I lost.” Captain Kiln sighed, bringing me back to the present.
“Not yet, he’s going to continue. Look.” I replied as Lord Tirno’s aid bandaged the wounded hand. The noble man snapped at the squire to hurry up but no matter how much bandages he applied, they quickly soaked in more blood. Suddenly, sick of waiting, Lord Tirno pushed his squire back and retrieved the sword.
“It’s over.” Captain Kiln sighed again.
Down in the garden, Sir Janus repeatedly hit Tirno’s blade until it slipped from his bloody hand. Then Janus prompted his rival to retrieve his sword just to repeat the process. Three times Tirno raised his sword and three times Janus slapped it from his hand.
“What a shitshow.” Captain Kiln grunted just as Sir Janus disarmed Lord Tirno for the last time and chased him across the garden hitting the Baronette’s legs with the rapier’s flat side until he found shelter inside the Great Hall.
Sir Janus took a bow towards the balcony and threw his sword in the squire’s direction. The Captain slid four silver coins to my side of the handrail.
“Better spanked than dead.” I pointed out, pocketing the coins with a winning smile on my face.
“Sir Janus is a lowborn who reached knighthood because he was accepted in the Ebros Knights Academy. His position in the court is frail and yet he acts like an idiot.”
The squires cleared the garden and the nobles who had been observing the duel started vacating the balcony. I learned a couple more insults from overhearing their conversation, some of the nobles were fuming and I pictured them plotting against Sir Janus in the near future. A hurt noble’s ego was dangerous in this world or the other.
“Abei!” The captain suddenly called.
An old robbed man emerged from the group, clearly annoyed by the interruption.
“What is it, captain?”
The man had a shining bald head and a majestically bushy beard. Unlike the young man from the tower, Abei didn’t look like a cheap street magician but a full fledged sage.
“We have one of those portal hoppers. A Scholar.” Captain Kiln announced. “I thought you would be interested.”
In a single sentence, Abei’s face was cleared of all irritation. The old man made his way through the balcony with an eager stride and, unlike the captain, didn’t bother to measure me up with his eyes. Instead he jumped directly to the questions.
“Where are you from and how did you get here, young man?” Abei struck me like the kind of person who would look into a loaded shotgun’s barrel to satiate his curiosity.
“I’m Robert Clarke, humble servant of the City of Light. I arrived here due to a teletransportation accident.” I introduced myself, already expecting what will come next. The questioning.
“The City of Light? Never heard of that place.” Abei stroked his beard and looked around searching for an encyclopedia just to remember he was outdoors.
“And I never heard of Farcrest until I popped out here.” I replied with a shrug.
Abei nodded, understanding my predicament.
“You don’t seem to be scared for someone so far from home.” The man looked me directly in the eye. I was slowly getting used to being questioned.
“Three days in the Farlands is a hell of a cure for fear.” I replied.
The Captain gave me an approving nod. People of this world trusted too much in the System and too little in the common sense.
“Why am I being treated with such deference? I'm nobody after all.” I asked, eliciting a jolly laugh from the old man and I braced myself for a long story.
“People who are exposed to teletransportation spells usually are wealthy, noble or high level, so it's only logical to protect such individuals when the integrity of the kingdoms depends on them.” Abei explained. “Anyway, we need noble witnesses to grant you the permit. Let’s go to the audience room.” The man added as he invited me through the glass door into the Great Hall.
Before I could cross the doorway, Captain Kiln grabbed my arm and stopped me.
“Just don’t do anything stupid and things will go well. Understood?” The woman asked with a stern voice.
“Understood.” I replied, knowing perfectly well that doing stupid things, like jumping heads on into a dangerous world full of magic creatures, was exactly my specialty.
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Discord Royal Road Patreon
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2023.06.08 00:13 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2023-06-07

Today's anniversaries are:
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2023.06.08 00:12 blgoodboy My Story with Migraine. Now what?

It's so good to be here, I can finally feel understood. I (25M) started to have migraine since I was 5 or 6. My mom has migraine too, so it must be inherited from her. I suffered at that time because a trigger of mine is stay indoor for so long (which means no fresh air), and my mom thought I would be spoiled if I can go outside anytime I want, so no. And painkiller was not option too, because she believed that any painkiller is bad for health especially for a kid. Sounds silly, but that's what a Asian parent did. Because of this, I got through all my attacks by walking outside until 18.
After college I saw some neurologists, but after all the EEG, CT and MRI tests, they told me I am good, all they can give are some painkillers and sleeping pills. I did't really have a sleeping problem, at least had no problem falling asleep (but did have a problem with my sleeping schedule😅), so I took taking painkillers all the time I had a attack, that's all I can do. In college we had 4 guys crammed in 1 room, impossible for me to sleep well, so my life sucked at that time: had headaches everyday at about 4-9pm (now I think it's actually tension headache), sleeping schedule from 3am to 11am (I cannot fall asleep unless everyone else fell asleep), and the lowest GPA you can ever imagine. I don't if I was depressed at that period, but I think the answer would be yes.
Now I'm in a Master's program. My headache doesn't get any better and since it's the end of the semester, I have tension headache nearly all the day, from 4pm to bedtime. It makes me so hopeless about my future: I don't know if I can graduate on time, because I can only study 2-3 hrs a day; I don't know what kind of job I can do or want to do, I tried two internships before, but they sucked: the first one had HRs literally patrolling all the time, every time I get out for some fresh air, they would tell my mentor so I was criticized for so many times; another one was located on fking 40th floor so no chance of fresh air, had headache every time I got off the work.
I am an exchange in Denmark now, and I want to immigrate to here later. I know as a fragile guy I should find an relatively easy job to do but I think Denmark would only accept elite workers, so I have to work very hard again. And Danish home doctors just gave me 3 kinds of painkillers. Seems like I have to fake it so bad to convince my home doctor that I should see a neurologist.
This post is not well organized, because you can't tell how happy I am, how eager I want to pour all my thought on the screen (that's why I think I should check if I have ADHD too). Anyway thanks for reading.
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2023.06.08 00:09 Aximdeny Is there a standard way to generate a transcript to gene mapping? (RNA-seq; tximport) I'm planning to use awk to generate this.

I used salmon to quantify the transcripts, and it generated a quant.sf file. I am using tximport to generate a count matrix for differential gene expression analysis... Well, at least that is my goal.
In the vignette DESeq tximport uses a transcript to gene mapping file. I could only figure out how to generate a mapping like this by using awk to parse through the gtf file below, where each line has a gene id and transcript id. I got the file from hg19 Gencode website, the file being the "Comprehensive gene annotation. This is the genome I used to quantify my transcripts.
I'm new at this, so using awk doesn't really feel like the right way. Or am I just overthinking it/I missed a package/there's already a file somewhere out there of the hg19 tx2gene mapping.

The info below is the first 6 entries of the "Comprehensive gene annotation":
##description: evidence-based annotation of the human genome (GRCh37), version 19 (Ensembl 74)
##provider: GENCODE
##contact: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
##format: gtf
##date: 2013-12-06
chr1 HAVANA gene 11869 14412 . + . gene_id "ENSG00000223972.4"; transcript_id "ENSG00000223972.4"; gene_type "pseudogene"; gene_status "KNOWN"; gene_name "DDX11L1"; transcript_type "pseudogene"; transcript_status "KNOWN"; transcript_name "DDX11L1"; level 2; havana_gene "OTTHUMG00000000961.2";
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2023.06.08 00:06 Remote_Debate_9846 Moxi Pest Control Review

Moxi Pest Control Review
i have very negative experience with this company. On April a representative from moxi showed up on my door step, the offer was 97$ today and two more 149$ for the rest of the year(may he failed to explain there is a hidden contract). They told me they will do the inside and the outside as well. Because i had a plumber worker at that day i told them to do the exterior and come tomorrow for the interior. THEY CHARGED 97$ on April.
They never showed up until may, so when i saw them i expected that they will do the interior as part of the first service but instead they redid the exterior and again charged 149$.
I called the customer care / Account manager. Their response was the initial service is meant to be inside and out side followed by 30 days follow up because more pest would have came out of the interior. They offer 149$ credit to be applied to the next service. At that call i realized that this is an ongoing charge and each visit will cost 149$ which are happen every 3 months.
Then i requested to cancel the service, they again charged 178$ and they claim that i should abide by their 12 months contract.
On the nutshell i paid 424 in 2 months without having any pest sprayed to my inside of the house.
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2023.06.08 00:04 Necessary_Picture_41 Where to draw the line…?

Hello all! I have a SD (15) who is really a great kiddo. Her parents are pretty hands off. So she doesn’t do much. While uses here over summer, my SO will be traveling for work. We live 2 hours from drop off and pick up locations. So that means I have to make the commute with three very young children (5,2, and 6 months). My husband will be supporting us, so I do feel obligated. However, I’m really dreading it. The long drive and having a teen who has no chores or responsibilities. Last weekend we did a late birthday for her. She left her pizza plate on the table and all wrappings on the floor before heading to bed. Since she’s 15, it’s hard for me to step in and set all the rules when the bio parents don’t do it. I don’t want her to resent me. So it leaves me going with the flow and dreading summer vacation.
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2023.06.07 23:55 mamicica Alexandr and Carrie had no chemistry

I'm rewatching SATC (again), and I'm just finishing up season 6. I never really had any positive or negative opinions on Carrie and Alexandr, probably because I knew from the get go that he was written in just as an obstacle for Big and Carrie to get back together and have their big romantic moment.
Anyways, I'm watching their relationship unfold more carefully and oh my God do they make me feel uncomfortable. The kiss scenes are painful to watch because their kissing styles are so different and Carrie just doesn't seem to click with him. She also doesn't look like herself around him, I mean she would put up an act while around Big as well but they seemed to enjoy each others presence, but these two are just so so so different.
There's no chemistry between them, it looks like 2 random people who really aren't attracted to each other kissing. Did anyone else notice this😭
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2023.06.07 23:52 love-foodandtravel Advice needed about MOH

I'm am in the midst of wedding planning and have decided on my bridal party. My future SIL and 4 very close friends as bridesmaids. I am however in a bit of a predicament regarding my MOH.
Potential MOH and I have been friends since we were in school (around 18 years), we used to be best best friends but as we've gotten older and life has got in the way, we've drifted apart a bit. I now feel she has many 'best friends' rather than me being her best friend and for a long time I still classed her as my best friend but in reality it isn't true anymore and I've had to come to terms with that which I struggled with for a few years.
We can go weeks without talking and most the time it's me who reaches out first and I do get this 'main character' vibe from her. My other friends and I have this lovely friendship where we respect one another, ask how each other are and its just a lovely positive environment. I don't feel I get that from her. I have made an effort to arrange a bridal shower for her (a given as I'm Moh) birthday surprise with her friends, I try and spoil her where I can but I don't feel its really returned. For my bday this year I was ill and so we had to cancel plans and she was going to confirm when she was available to reschedule and she just never did. So we never ended up celebrating and she couldn't even get me a card. I should add I'm not materialistic and wasn't expecting a present, it's more that the thought should have been there. I live a 10 min walk from her so she could have popped a card through the letterbox.
I have felt for quite a long time that I don't know if I want to continue our friendship. I won't go into all the details but I just don't feel I get positivity from it and I've reached that point in my life where I want to surround myself in positive relationships. Alot of the time I feel like I am a bit of an inconvenience to her (I suffer from anxiety so I know I can be hard work at times with my worrying and reassurance seeking) she can sometimes make comments to me which make me feel a bit shit about myself and I do feel like most of the time it's me who puts in more effort. She's not done any one bad thing as such, it's just lots of little things that bug me and I find myself getting annoyed nearly every time I talk to her and end up venting to my other half.
Recently we had dinner with her and she made a shitty comment that my fiance also heard and he had to stick up for me. I'm too nice and avoid conflict 😂
That being said, we have been friends for a long time and I do feel sad for thinking these things and wonder if I'm being too sensitive/harsh and I would feel sad in a way if we lost our friendship.
She is getting married next year and asked me to be her 'Co-MOH'. I am also getting married next year, 2 months before her and I'm torn on what to do. In all honesty if it wasn't for the weddings, I'd probably be trying to take a bit of a step back from the friendship but I'm now in an awkward situation where I'm her MOH and feel I need to make her mine.
I can't explain but I keep having this niggle that I don't want her to be my MOH but I've already asked her informally if she would like to be a part of the bridal party and was due to ask her officially next week. I just can't shake this feeling of not being 100% happy with the decision. If I don't ask her, I don't know what I can now say and I don't know how I step back from being her MOH too and feel like that would just be the end of the friendship. But equally I don't want to regret asking her if somethings telling me not too. I feel like natural instinct is important also.
I also feel she hasn't shown that much excitement for my wedding tbh. And as the weddings are close together and both abroad, I do also think it'll be stress and financial stress on both parties if we are each others MOH.
What would you do? Has anyone been in this situation before?
Thank you and sorry for the long post!
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2023.06.07 23:50 bankfishing1 The Best Time and Campgrounds to Go Camping in Colorado 🏕️

Camping in Colorado offers breathtaking natural landscapes, stunning mountain vistas, and a plethora of outdoor activities.
However, choosing the right time to go camping and the best campgrounds can greatly enhance your experience.
In this few lines, we'll provide you with valuable information about the best time to go camping in Colorado and recommend some fantastic campgrounds! 🏞️
💫👉Best Time to Go Camping in Colorado:
Colorado's weather can be unpredictable, so it's important to choose the right time for your camping trip.
⛺️ The summer months, particularly June, July, and August, offer the most pleasant weather and longer days for outdoor activities.
The temperatures are generally mild, making it ideal for hiking, fishing, and exploring the beautiful Colorado wilderness.
However, it's important to note that summer is also the peak season for camping, so popular campgrounds may be crowded.
If you prefer more solitude, consider camping in the spring or fall when the weather is still enjoyable, and the crowds are thinner.
😇 Recommended Campgrounds in Colorado:
↪️ Rocky Mountain National Park Campgrounds:
With its majestic peaks and stunning alpine scenery, Rocky Mountain National Park offers a wide range of campgrounds to suit every camper's preference.
From the developed campsites at Moraine Park and Glacier Basin to the more remote sites at Longs Peak and Timber Creek, there is something for everyone.
It's advisable to make reservations well in advance, especially during the peak season.
↪️ Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness:
Located near Aspen, the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness is a true gem of Colorado.
This wilderness area offers several campgrounds, including Silver Bell, Silver Bar, and Silver Queen, which provide easy access to hiking trails, fishing spots, and breathtaking views.
Keep in mind that the campgrounds in this area have limited amenities, so be prepared for a more rustic camping experience.
↪️ Great Sand Dunes National Park:
If you're looking for a unique camping experience, head to Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Here, you can camp at the Pinyon Flats Campground, nestled against the towering sand dunes.
The campground offers stunning views of the dunes and the surrounding mountains.
Spring and fall are great times to visit, as the summer temperatures can be scorching during the day.
↪️ Mesa Verde National Park:
For history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike, Mesa Verde National Park is a must-visit destination.
The park offers the Morefield Campground, which is open from spring to fall.
Camping here allows you to explore the ancient cliff dwellings and experience the rich cultural heritage of the ancestral Pueblo people.
🔄⏩️ For more detailed information and recommendations on camping in Colorado, visit our blog post: When is the Best Time to Go Camping in Colorado? 🌲🔥
Safe travels and happy camping! 🏕️🌄
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2023.06.07 23:45 geraldinebaldinger Madden 24 Realism Wishlist

Madden 24 Realism Wishlist
  1. New Commentators with better and more relevant commentary. - For the love of God !!!!!
  2. More dynamic in game camera angles and variation of QB stances before the snap.
  3. Ability to change sock/pants length or wear all white socks. (NFL RULES ALLOW PLAYERS FROM ANY TEAM TO WEAR ALL WHITE SOCKS NO MATTER THEIR JERSEY COLOR.)
In addition most skill position players pants come above the knee.
  1. Ability to customize cleat colors individually. (HOME vs AWAY). Not every player on a single team wears the same color cleats like in the game.
  2. Realistic looking ankle spats (looks like improved from the trailer.)
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2023.06.07 23:43 ThumpersK_A These 2 piece spools are not designed well.

I bought a bit of Bambu ABS loaded a couple colors on the Bambu spool. Mid print the dang spool came apart and bird nested in the AMS. This seems like a crap design. If there has to be a 2 piece spool there are better ways to make sure the halves stay together. At 30+ a spool just load it on a 1 piece spool for reliability. I won’t be buying anymore BAMBU filament. Personally I don’t spend money on good filament to have to fiddle around with putting it on a spool and hoping the ridiculous spool holds together. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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2023.06.07 23:42 r3crac ROYALBABY STARGIRL 14 Inch Bike [EU] for 199.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: 212.99 USD) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): ROYALBABY STARGIRL 14 Inch Bike [EU]
Current price is 199.99 USD. The lowest price in my database is 212.99 USD.There're already 2 records in DB. Price monitoring since 15.5.2023!
Do you want e-mail PRICE ALERTS or you're here from Google and coupon doesn't work anymore? Check out current coupons for ROYALBABY STARGIRL 14 Inch Bike on self-updating website right there: https://couponsfromchina.com/royalbaby-stargirl-14-inch-bike-eu/
Have fun.
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
Image: https://i.imgur.com/6XwbA9R.jpeg
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2023.06.07 23:37 superplannergirrl [WTS] Ensso Italia Primary Manipulation 4 (beautiful resin, 14K gold nib)

Listing this for sale since I had a couple of trades that did not work out so I decided I'd rather just sell it- the Ensso Italia in Jonathon Brooks' Primary Manipulation 4. It has a 14K gold nib in Fine, but please note that this is a German nib and writes thicker than fine (would compare to a Japanese Medium/maybe broad- can provide writing samples upon request). The pen is in A2 condition- inked only a couple of times and no flaws. I will include converter, cartridge and original box. $220 shipped obo (seriously, throw me an offer)
The colors in this pen are fabulous- please see attached video. Please comment/PM per sub rules.
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2023.06.07 23:36 meolda [Recommendations?] 32F UK looking for a new wardrobe of (preferably) black bras.

Recently measured myself-
Loose Underbust- 33” Snug Underbust- 32” Tight Underbust- 30.5” Standing Bust- 39” Leaning Bust- 42.5” Lying Bust- 37”
I believe I am projected, full on bottom, centre full and have a short narrow root.
I’ve had 2 children quite close together and breastfed both. Finished breastfeeding my last 1 yr ago but have been living in ratty old crop tops since 😬
Looking for some suggestions for a range of bras preferably black and maybe lace that will fit my shape and size. I don’t really have any of my old pre-pregnancy bras to compare against and to be honest I’ve never had a bra that’s fit even remotely well anyway! Some recommendations for T-shirt bras would be really welcome too.
Apologies if I’ve missed anything or messed up in any way- pretty new to Reddit!
Thanks 😊
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2023.06.07 23:32 yesterdays_laundry Major splitting happening today, why can’t I just believe the logical side of me?

I’m in my 6th week of carpentry school, been kicking some serious ass, been best in class so far. Today and yesterday we’ve been working on a project, our first for grades.
The logical side of me is saying “you’ve never done this before, it’s all new to you. You’re putting in a lot of effort and working really hard. It’s okay it’s not perfect, you did good for a first try.” The emotional side is going: “ it’s wrong. It’s not even the right size. Look at those gaps. You’re going to fail. This is going to drag your grade way down. You did a shitty job. Just cry.”
And I cried, in a class with 15 men and me. It’s been an hour since I left, 2.5hours since I handed in the project. I still feel like crying. I just want to believe the part of me that is realistic, honest and positive but all I can do is cry.
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2023.06.07 23:32 Lilith_Orca My abortion story - a lengthy lamentation

Hi All, So I just wanna share my story, because I hope in this community I will be heard. I am 37. My termination was 3 weeks ago. I am just so sad all the time. I was never sure if I wanted a child, but as years passed by I was more towards yes than no. I was in a relationship for 7 years and we had our problems, but I loved him so much and I kept thinking about the baby we could have together. My hormones were never ok. So I stopped taking the pill a year ago as I thought it might take years for things to get back to normal. The endocrynologiest told me it was unlikely that I get pregnant without taking hormones. We said, lets not use protection, the risk is low and of it happens, it is meant to be. I know, very stupid. We moved to another country in February. We were experimenting with polygamy. We did not think about starting to use condoms with each other... He started dating someone. He wanted more than sex. I was really against it. He dis not care. I left for days, didn't even call. I wanted to set rules, he wanted no rules what so ever. In the meantime my boobs got bigger by at least a size. I realy like them but I found it odd, as usually pms meant nipple pain but no changes in size. I reall craved spicy tomato juice. My period was only few days late, which was normal. But I did a test anyway cause my boobs were so enourmous. Surely I cannot be pregnant. The doc told me I can't. We just moved here. He is in love with that girl. My life is a big chunk of stress. Surely the test will be negative as no one could pregnant in such circumstances.. mean, 40% of the people are know are struglling to get pregnant. It was positive. I was nervous, but happy. I imagined this beutiful 2 year old toddler who looks just like my boyfriend. I loved him so much. My bf came back from his lover. I told him. He was happy. Then he told me he does not want kids. That the world and life sucks. The child will be unhappy. Our relationship is unstable. He wants to keep the other relationship as well. It is my decision of course. If I keep it he will help. I did not believe he would give me the the support I need. I requested the pills. It was worse than I expected, both physically and mentally. He was there that night. I worked from home the next day. Work kept me focused, it kept me together. He was home as well. At 6 pm he packed up a backpack. He decides to visit his lover and stay the night as it was too stressful for him at home... I was alone that night. Bleeding like hell, my soul hurting, and honestly, I was in shock. I drank a bottle of wine to numb the pain and made up my mind to end this. When he came home I did that. First I was unsure if it was the good decision to abort, but him leaving me there in that state... it convinced me. Still, there is no day that I don't think about the baby that never came. The baby that could have been. The baby I could take care of and love so much. I am just so sad. I read somewhere if it helps to buy a plushy for the lost baby, as a memory. I might do that. Thank you for listening to my story.
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2023.06.07 23:25 Awakanong55 A stand I made in memory my dead dog named Lucy

Stand Name: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
Stand Stats: - Power: B - Speed: A - Range: C - Durability: B - Precision: A - Potential: B
Stand Abilities:
  1. Diamond Manipulation: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has the ability to manipulate and control diamonds at will. It can summon, shape, and control diamond-based constructs with exceptional precision and strength.
  2. Diamond Armor: The stand can create an impenetrable diamond armor around itself or its user, providing an unparalleled defense against physical and supernatural attacks. This armor is virtually indestructible and enhances the stand's overall durability.
  3. Diamond Mirage: By manipulating light refraction through diamonds, the stand can create illusory duplicates of itself or its user. These mirages are indistinguishable from the real stand and can confuse opponents, making it difficult to identify the actual target.
  4. Diamond Aura: The stand emits a radiant aura of diamond dust, enhancing its physical attributes to their peak. This aura grants immense strength, speed, and agility, surpassing the limits of normal human capabilities.
  5. Diamond Rain: The stand can summon a torrential downpour of diamond shards from the sky. These sharp projectiles rain down on opponents, slicing through obstacles and causing devastating damage on impact.
  6. Diamond Dominion: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" can temporarily transform its surroundings into a domain of diamonds. Within this domain, the stand gains absolute control and mastery over all diamond-related phenomena, amplifying its powers exponentially. This dominion allows the stand to reshape the environment, summon diamond-based traps, and even transform opponents into diamond statues.
Requiem: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Requiem"
Stand Stats: - Power: S - Speed: S - Range: S - Durability: S - Precision: S - Potential: S
Requiem Ability: Diamond Ascendancy
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Requiem" attains a heightened level of power and gains the following ability:
  1. Diamond Transmutation: The stand can transmute any substance into pure diamond. It can turn objects, matter, or even living beings into solid diamond statues, rendering them immobile and powerless.
  2. Diamond Singularity: The stand can create miniature black holes composed entirely of compressed diamond particles. These singularity traps possess incredible gravitational force, pulling nearby objects and opponents towards them, crushing them under the immense pressure.
  3. Diamond Time Manipulation: The stand gains control over the flow of time within diamond-related objects. It can accelerate, slow down, or even halt time within a diamond construct, allowing for precise strategic maneuvers or freezing opponents in a time-stopped state.
  4. Diamond Realm Creation: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Requiem" can create an alternate dimension entirely made of diamond, an ethereal realm that exists outside of conventional space and time. Within this realm, the stand holds absolute control, and the laws of reality can be freely manipulated to its advantage.
  5. Diamond Fusion: The stand gains the ability to merge with diamond-based materials, enhancing its power and granting it unparalleled control over its environment. By fusing with diamonds, the stand can amplify its physical strength, speed, and durability to unfathomable levels.
    1. Diamond Reality Manipulation: The stand gains the ability to manipulate and control the very fabric of reality, focusing specifically on diamond-related phenomena. It can reshape reality to its whims, creating and altering diamond structures and properties at will.
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2023.06.07 23:19 CapableAd5589 The begining of my story

It all started in fourth grade. I was a good student. I was also somewhat strong. I pushed the tire swing at recess. But when this new girl joined the school it was not good. I pushed her and 2 of my other friends. I pushed them 3 times because there were other girls in the lines. My 2 friends got off but the new girl stayed on. I tried to get her off. Then I started yelling at her to get off. I went to get a supervisor. She got off. I was playing with my 2 friends. A different supervisor came up to me. She said "why were you yelling at her for no reason! I said I yelled at her because they wanted to get on and I pointed at the 2 girls now playing on the tire swing. The new girl said that wasn't true. I said the supervisor can ask the 2 girls now playing on the tire swing. They said I was right. This led to the end of the beginning of my story.
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2023.06.07 23:15 No-cloud-9 Can’t stop thinking of myself as my ex-owners property

Hi all,
I (29F) ended my relationship and dynamic with my partner and owner about 2 months ago, and I still feel like I can’t function without them.
We were working toward a TPE dynamic, both of us fully on board with it. However, he began treating me very poorly, taking advantage of his power, pushing me to do things that were hard limits for me, etc. We started fighting a lot as I tried standing up for myself, as I recognized I was being mistreated.
After months of this, I finally, abruptly broke it off. It took so much courage to get the words out of my mouth and it did not go well. One of our rules was that i didn’t have the power to end the relationship, so I admittedly went off the rails to make sure it really got through to him. I’m including this detail because I know I can’t contact him. I can’t ask him to help with this, or share how I’m feeling. It wouldn’t matter.
I have so much love for this man still, and his rules often benefitted me a lot. My life was exciting with him. Now, I spend every. single. day. thinking about him. I am constantly missing him, torturing myself with thoughts of him. I am in therapy, and it isn’t helping. I’m trying to distract myself, find hobbies that I enjoy, new friends, throwing myself into work and school, etc. I Can have an amazing day but at the end, I find myself crying at home because I can’t talk to him about it.
I’ve even tried casually going on dates to just experience other things and be around new people. Last night I went out and had an excellent time with another man… we decided to be physical and the moment he started touching me, all I could think about was my owner. I felt disgusting and dirty and wrong for allowing someone else to touch his property. Today, I feel so disoriented and dirty.
Any advice is appreciated, but please be kind. I wish I had never tried that dynamic. I’ve never felt emotional pain like this before. I don’t really know how to deal with it, and I don’t know how to stop thinking of myself as his property.
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2023.06.07 23:12 Mean_Archer_6088 Should I stay or should I go?

I have been working for 2 different departments when I was told I will be transitioned away from the department where the bullies are. I am not feeling challenged. The work is repetitive. The transition would have involved me doing more difficult tasks. The bullying of new staff is continuing in the department I am partially in.. they even bully my friend and I who have been there for a year. Poor treatment of new staff results in high turnover rate which would directly impact coworker and I as we end up doing that work and have a higher workload. Annual review is over due and same with raise. I found out recently we get paid below the industry average. I had to ask HR to initiate process. -loss of motivation, no enthusiasm to be at work considering all these factors -- more motivated to have a fresh start and explore other options which have been presented to me -- should I start looking for a new job or wait to see if they will give me a raise?
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2023.06.07 23:12 kalosity My cat is becoming less and less clingy

So i‘ve had my boy for 9 months now (he‘s 11 months old) and he just HATES cuddling or being pet most of the time. Like it is obvious he is letting us pet him but he doesn‘t necessarily enjoy it, however he despises cuddling like if you lay next to him he will immediately get up and lay down again 1 meter away. He is a british short hair btw. When he was a kitten he used to sleep in my lap and on my chest, although that behaviour ceased after a few weeks. He has a cat tower in my room where he used to sleep every night, now he hasn‘t slept there in 2 weeks. He just wants to play all day and the most affection we get from him is a headbutt once every few days. Also we are a 4 person household so he gets A LOT of attention. He also usually ignores you even if you talk to him or try to pet him (he does that thing where he lowers his body where the hand is at on him)
So my question is, is this just a phase? Or is this just his personality and he was only clingy as a baby? I will move out in 1-2 years and I will take him with me and my family keeps telling me that he will become more clingy then since he will not have so many people to give him attention. I just miss when he used to sit/sleep in my lap. Now he just grunts if I don‘t play with him lol (I play with him at least an hour every day and my family does too but that‘s not enough lol). I love him so much I‘m just afraid that I am bothering him somehow. Oh yea one more thing, he seems scared of beds? As a baby he used to sleep in our beds, now he refuses to even sit on them. Could we overwhelm him somehow?
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