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2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2011.08.15 06:27 tptbrg95 ICanDrawThat

Request a drawing, or offer your drawing skills!

2023.04.01 22:24 GloriousRenaissance Habits and intentions carry over to your dreams.

Some context

For the last months (6 consistently) I've been performing a routine, which I still keep perfecting, adapting, changing and adjusting.
One thing I've noticed is that gradually but increasingly it's leaning towards simplicity.
Just incorporated the Tibetan Rites to my routine. Haven't yet decided about the schedule for these, been doing them daily at different times of day and when the menace of wet dreams feels near. So far so good.
Keep that in mind, a transmutation practice in your (my) Semen Retention journey is a Game Changer (if you're not doing any already; I had one before but it turned out to be not as effective as the Rites).
For several months now, the main and (chronologically) first fragment of my morning routine consists of a small 'waking up' ritual without fail:
First it was 20 then recently it's 30 burpees just right after waking up, no thoughts given. The first rays of 'waking consciousness' hit my awareness, grab my workout outfit, on to crack some burpees. Immediately after that, a 10 min run. Rarely there's a glass of water before any of that happens.
That's not my workout routine, which actually happens mainly in the early afternoon, or sometimes at mid-morning, after work performed, as some kind of 'de-stressor'. The pure purpose of those burpees and 10 min run is to wake up.
Anyways, the interesting part is this:

Conscious influences Unconscious and in a looped vice-versa

Two nights ago:
I had a dream where I was barely waking up, and felt groggy and sleepy as fuck (yeah, in the dream). My eyelids felt sticky and heavy and couldn't even completely see what was around me.
I wanted to feel awake and energized, so almost automatically I decided to perform my burpees! I cracked my burpees in a row, counting them, engaging my muscles, breathing rhythmically, the whole thing! And I gradually felt more awake and energized, my eyelids gradually normalized and my mind got sharper. All this was a DREAM! haha.
It wasn't a lucid dream, tho. I actually woke up later and thought boy that was weird...
Last night:
I had a dry dream (erotically themed dream, but no release).
When the erotic stuff started to happen, I immediately thought oh shit I'm getting horny, and immediately went to focus my attention on my physical and my breath, and performed the Sixth Rite! Effectively getting rid of the horniness, getting a stronghold of my body and energy, and therefore avoiding the unwanted release.
Ha. That makes me smile...
The other day a fellow retainer commented on how EVERYTHING gets impressed in our consciousness and subconsciousness, he was talking about how these apparently irrelevant memories started to pop up in his field of awareness out of nothing... like that one time after kinder garden mom bought me a chocolate donut, it was a sunny spring day, birds chirped, all the smells and colours, the pristine vibe, et cetera... Sometimes it can be also traumatic stuff, tho.
He reflected on the fact that everything we experience, and therefore everything we deliberately think, do and indulge in, have at least a degree of effect in our consciousness, subconsciousness, memory.

So, the takeaways (or TL;DR)

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2023.04.01 22:24 TheHollowWithNoFade I am gonna be real with yall, I think all 3 Spider-Man actors are unique in their own ways.

I'm just writing this because of how many people still debating on which is the best actor and I just wanna say is, it's all of them. Hear me out, although they are different in their own ways, they're still entertaining to watch.
Tobey Maguire being the most popular one with people growing up with him, and also having the best motive for being Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield being the silly/goofy one, and I always love how goofy he can be as Spider-Man, so he wins the humor. And also, he's the one that adapts the whole "Peter's Parents" story. Even though he has the shittiest movies, he still is one of my favorite actors. (don't forget TASM2's suit making me like him more.) And finally, Tom Holland's Spider-Man. He's the more techy Spider-Man since he usually uses tech from Iron Man/Tony Stark.
Even though the debate will keep continuing after a million years, I just want to let everyone know that they're unique from one another.
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2023.04.01 22:24 thawingSumTendies Simplii Financial Referral - $50 Referral Bonus for Bank Account/Line of Credit + Potential $400 sign-up bonus or $100 for Approved Mortgage 🇨🇦🍁 :D

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2023.04.01 22:23 gkyer Black stool but no blood on test? What else could it be?

Black stool but no blood on test? What else could it be?
I had this around 3 weeks ago, those 3 stools where on the same day, in the order posted. But after that, all my stools came back to usual (tho usual for me isn’t really normal, my stool changes from time to time but they mostly are small and really soft). I’ve been having abdominal discomfort/pain (2/3 out of 10, so really mild but noticeable) both in right and left side, it used to be more common in the left side but now I feel it more around the right and belly button. The ER did a guaiac test the same day and it came back negative.
I haven’t had a stool like this after that day but I’m still worried of something like colon cancer. My appetite seems the same and I haven’t noticed any weight loss, but I’ve been kind of tired lately (especially on my eyes). What could it be?.
I’m 19yo, 235lbs, and diagnosed with fatty liver. Can’t afford a colonoscopy.
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2023.04.01 22:23 budhaven333 I think my bf gave me athletes foot.

Hear me out, I’m a girl who’s pretty grossed out by feet in general so I generally paid attention to what my toes looked like and in general my feet. You know kept them tidy & would often get pedicures. Ever since I met my boyfriend that changed. I noticed his very smelly feet after a while of dating, but I Didn’t say much about it but once I moved in with him, things changed with my feet. I’m almost certain my boyfriend passed athletes foot to me since we use the same shower. I had VERY itchy feet & flaky skin, you could tell it was AF. I used the over the counter medicine you get at drug stores to help get rid of it. It went away on my toes but Then the worst happened and it moved up my legs.. I began having a rash near my sock line. Then it started spreading up my legs.. God the nightmare this has become. I started using the medicine on my legs & bam it’s calmed down but not gone. scar is still there and rash. Now I’m convinced it’s on the back of my hands noticed the hyperpigmentation, dryness, itchiness. & starting to get on my face.. Im so scared I’ve never had anything like this happen and I’m starting to think this is some super strain of fungus that has vowed to live within me. I forgot to mention my boyfriend seems completely indifferent to his own toes and has no rashes or spreading of fungus anywhere else. It’s honestly embarrassing to have such a bad case of some sort of fungus or rash. I’m just waiting for the look of shame the doctor will give me when I finally go to the Drs for a oral medication! Any tips y’all could give?
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2023.04.01 22:23 word_slinger75 Had enough of loveless life. Want to end it.

I have a 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son from previous relationship that ended in 2016. Since then ex has been badmouthing me to kids and i finally realised today I’ve lost my daughter. Maybe she’d come back when she got older but ex is toxic and incessant so who know. The son I am okay with, I thought. But he’s been having hassles at their home and he wanted to come live with me. I was ecstatic. Of course he could. Been here two weeks and back at the other house for the weekend with the friend my ex disapproved of as a bad influence suddenly allowed to slee over.
I have a new family. A wife of five years and a son of 3. The boy is a marvel, one of the most consciously caring people I’ve ever met and I don’t mean that lightly. I can’t keep up. I can’t Match that level of love to serve as a consistent example for him growing up. I’ll only ruin him.
My wife was postpartum and is bipolar and is depressed 90%of the time, and has beeen for 3 years, popping Pills to sleep the days (weekends included) away. It’s down to me to look after our son 75-80% of the time and I struggle. I do not find in natural being a parent after growing up in an abusive household.
I’m in a country that’s not my own with no family or friends. My wife can’t stand to touch me because of her depression so intimacy is off the table. And she doesn’t have anything inside to give me emotionally because she is so self involved in her own depression. And I understand that. You can’t give what you don’t have. As she says, “I’m dead inside. I have nothing give you.” She can’t even give me a heartfelt hug. It didn’t use to be like this but I have become the maid, the one who does all the chores, the cooking, I put our boy to bed every night which takes a good two hours and then I’m finished. I used to go to gym every day but there is no time for that anymore I habeen in a year
I can’t live in a supposed family that should be fillled with love and feel nothing but loneliness and disdain. If I’m not dealing with the younger one I’m on my own as my Wife is high or stoned or benzoed all the time so there is never a chance to talk to her one on one.
Please, someone. There must be something you can take to just stop it all. I want to go to sleep and not wake up as I can take this anymore. And before anyone says really talk to my wife I tried and she called it a Pissing contest, that I’m trying to show my Depression is worse that hers. If it wasn’t for the Three year old I would have walked a year and a half ago.
There must be something. Just to close my eyes and that’s it.
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2023.04.01 22:23 thepokemonGOAT Can an employer compel me to use my private smartphone/WhatsApp for work? I don’t want 200+ employees having my personal WhatsApp info…

The company I work for has a smartphone for certain necessary activities, but the smartphone does not have WhatsApp or discord nitro or any way of sending large files, which is a regular part of our job. Even Gmail has a file size limit. I have asked them to add WhatsApp to the smartphone we have but they want to use my personal number to send things. I am wary of potentially hundreds of people knowing my phone numbeWhatsApp and being able to reach me. Can I refuse to use WhatsApp for this, or can they force me to use it?
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2023.04.01 22:23 IPutMyHandInABlender Coincidence - Chapter Two: Voyage

– Short note for old readers: I originally wrote without the intent of expanding this universe, but as I saw your responses and edited my story, I realized how ridiculous it would be not to continue a story with such potential. Secondly, if you see something that does not make sense, let me know because I will try and fix it. Anyway, enjoy the reading, I plan on adding more, and no, the gravity was not 9.8 G’s – whoops.
Chapter One
Following first contact, many questions were raised, and plenty of concerns came to rise. Why are there humans on an undocumented planet in a completely different sector of space? What are they doing there, and what is our relation? How will this affect us? For starters, Ceyor is what they call their homeworld, translated to mean dirt, or soil. The planet has nine continents, each having many different biomes and cultures, and also is covered in 59% water with an axis tilt of 18.3°. The planet had no major seasons because of this tilt, typically maintaining a comfortable temperature year round and allowing spontaneous development and agricultural output. This only sparked more questions, because a climate as merciful as theirs should mean they had a head start. Unless, they never began there in the first place.
Regarding other concerns, the Republic of Saint Eden, a large continental superpower on their planet, had their lead researcher, Ryuemnumo – better known as Numo – selected to help us perform biological studies regarding the differences between Earth humans and Ceyor humans. Having been administered the vaccine and showing no negative side effects from it, it was determined that the vaccine was safe to use with both human populations. However, the fact that both our populations were humans in the first place was held with hushed lips, and it was only known among head researchers, officials, and military leaders. Before starting a panic, we had to have something to calm the riots, and so, we began our testing to determine if we truly were the same species.
Comparing the blood cell’s nuclei in Earth humans, which we began referring to as Terrans, and those from Ceyor as the Fanayugi, it was seen that although extremely similar, we were different in some ways. For example, our sweat glands secreted different compositions of salt and fat, and Terrans were more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases than the Fanayugi. That being said, we had slightly longer traditional lifespans than them, but supplementaries and technological advancements had rendered aging negligible to the vast majority of human populations. Some populations still experienced the inconveniences of mortality and were very similar to the Fanayugi in terms of technological advancement and status, but this was not of the same context, as they chose this lifestyle for themselves in isolation. Upon realizing that there were small differences between our species in things such as skin and blood, we requested to scan the brain of one of their researchers for any abnormalities to ours. We found none, but it was worth a shot either way.
The most difficult part of interacting with another human civilization is understanding their cultural background and the context in which they speak. Unfortunately, we did not have hundreds of years to play catch up with the Fanayugi and their traditions, because it would not take a lot to let the cat out the bag. After all, the best kept secrets are the those in which all that know are dead, or only one person remains to know the story, and we have hundreds of researchers, military leaders, and governing factions who know about our secret already. The best way to reduce the damage from such a discovery to the public would be to never interact with each other ever again, but that was not an option either. Too much was unknown, too much had to be known, and I was too damn curious to let this go, as were my coworkers. It was because of these reasons that on August 14th, 2561 of the Second Decamillenium, we announced the discovery of the Fanayugi – and their conditions – to the public domain.
Immediately after the announcement of the Fanayugi, many religions came forth to assert that their god was real. Christians claimed that this was proof of God the Father, as we are made in his image. Buddhists claimed that they were reincarnated beings from our planets, serving out their lives on Ceyor for good karma. Sufi’s, missionaries, and monks all asked to be given the opportunity to spread their scripture to the Fanayugi natives upon their homeworld. Considering the Fanayugi had religions of their own, it held to no real influence over them, but the prospect was interesting in itself. Many of their religions resembled those that originated on Earth, such as the Abrahamic religions, or Buddhism and Daoism. Only one stood out like a sore thumb: Secneretism. Secneretists believed space in itself was god, not the celestial bodies or some divine being, but truly the emptiness between them. This was atypical because of how much their beliefs varied from ours and even other Fanayugi religions. Furthermore, their holy texts were very vague in most parts, as opposed to the specific events in other texts. But only in most parts.
While many scriptures of the Fanayugi ancients texts tend to relay close details as to what is assumed to have happened, Secneretism’s holy book – the Cslykgalo – is akin more so to the structure of a philosophy. This prompted many of our scholars to study their scripture, and to our shock, we found mentions of a planetoid we had documented before. One verse within describes a planet in our databases to such perfection – even mentioning specific landmarks and potential coordinates – to the point that this was no coincidence. Someone had been on this planet – someone had been on the Scum of Red, Escoria de Roja. And whoever that was, came to Ceyor. It was not us, we knew that much, because we had never explored into the sector the Fanayugi inhabit, and no Terran would dare visit the Scum. The rumor spread like wildfire among researchers regarding the search for alien life, until finally, I requested a formal investigation on the subject funded by the Scientific Affairs High Court. A month went by before we gained approval by from them, and our expedition was authorized one medium scout vessel with one full science crew, flight crew, and by sincere request by me, one Secneretist priest to the hellworld, the Scum of Red.
Escoria de Roja is a tragedy among the Terrans, having been a promising garden planet rich in ore. Its original name was Calm, named after the luscious gardens that formed in the ruins of Mexico City following the great nuclear holocaust on Earth. We graciously accepted it as one of our jewels upon the crown of humanity, a great world that brought hope into the soul of man – but we were mistaken. Beneath the valiant waves of Calm was a raging heart of anger, and thus, a second tragedy occurred. On February 11th, 2719, the core of Calm went berserk, causing mass tidal events and seismic activity. Seven billion were lost, and all the wildlife that once inhabited the planet succumbed to the cold grip of the reaper. All was lost, and so it was renamed The Scum of Red, for taking the lives of billions without reason. Since then, the planet has been treated as a graveyard, a sanctuary for the dead. It was a silent reminder of our welcome in the galaxy – we are visitors – no more, no less.
Arriving at the research station, I departed to the lounge with Gemini to await for our researcher certifications to be approved, and our passports to be signed to join the rest of the crew. After a painstakingly long hour of waiting for our approval and small talk, we were finally permitted to take on the mystery and search the planet. We went up to the front desk, asked for what port our ship was docked at, and made our way deeper into the station.
“They said port W19, right?” I looked dumbly at Gemini, my poor junior researcher who had the misfortune of being assigned to me.
Gemini, being in a particularly good mood, gladly assisted me, “They said it three times, Calcifer.” I knew they said it three times, but not everyone can remember the little things, because sometimes it takes everything to remember the big things. It is also fun to deprive of my colleagues' patience. We continued down the hall to a gantry system which prompted us the choice of which port to take us to, in which I selected port W19 on the touchpad, and the shuttle asked us to take a seat. We took a seat as the gantry accelerated, and launched our shuttle out of the station to dock us on the other side of the station by the ship bays. I turned my head to gaze at the research station outside my window, appreciating the scale of such a thing.
The research station we were assigned to was more so a small outpost than a research station. It had a diameter of four kilometers, and had three large docking bays on the star facing side of the station, which took up most of the space it inhabited. The shuttle made its way around the station before coming up onto an airlock which resembled that of an ancient vault. The large steel doors shuttered open, silently rolling outwards to allow the shuttle to latch onto another gantry system. The airlock then finished its cycle and the shuttle came to a complete stop, opening the doors for us to leave. Gemini and I exited through the shuttle doors, making a left turn down a hallway lined by a glass wall. The large scout vessel – if you could call a kilometer long starship that – was docked in the bay, which we could see just outside the thick tempered glass. The frame of the vessel was sleek and powerful, exerting its elegant armored ridges toppled with heavy lancing coilguns and heavy assault cannons – in case we found ourselves in trouble, of course. It had a knife-shaped figure, and had atmospheric capabilities to conduct our investigation on the planet. Overall, the ship was very much so capable for her task to the point where it seemed insulting for such a mission.
As I gazed upon the vessel, a voice from behind me snuck up, “Beautiful, isn’t she?” I turned around to see the captain of the vessel, who would help us throughout our voyage. The captain had rich red hair and was a little stubby, but made up for it with strength. I promptly answered his question.
“She is. Has a nice figure, pretty guns, and some really handy equipment onboard from what I have heard. All I don’t know is her name.”
“It says it right there, on the side.” Gemini felt the need to interrupt my conversation, pointing at the clear letters littered about the vessel's starboard side. I shot her a disapproving look, and she met mine with a blank, emotionless stare. Quite frankly, I could not tell which one of us was the senior researcher right now, so I broke my gaze to rekindle talk with the captain.
“Well, what's her name anyway? I want to hear it from you, captain.”
The captain had a proud look on his face, like one would have towards a successful daughter, “This is my baby, Bountiful Hunt of Artemis. A real handful sometimes, but you can not overlook her advantages. And you don’t have to call me captain, Calcifer. I am Ruaridh.” He protruded his arm out for me to shake, which I accepted. The three of us then went back to examining the vessel, carefully savoring its geometry and color. She had a golden stripe from bow to stern with white to accommodate symmetrically upon each side of it. Blue accents hinted on the ends of the vessel highlighted the ship even more, giving a piece of eye candy to appreciate in front of me.
I had a few questions still locked within my mind, however, “Ruaridh, does she have a ship-bound AI by any chance?” I turned my attention to the captain to indicate I was listening for an answer.
He met my gaze and answered, “Yes, she does. His name is Apollo, her brother in mythology, and now her brother in steel. He has his quirks, but I am sure you will come to like him.” It was good that an AI was onboard, because they often could make connections between dots of information in a time frame no human could ever compete with. Really, this mission would be impossible without one, so it is unsurprising that our vessel is equipped with one.
Gemini ushered us back on task, “We should probably head aboard around now. Departure is in two hours, and I want to feel comfortable when I go to bed tonight.” She made eye contact with both of us to ascertain the importance, forcing me and the captain to fold.
I failed to resist poking the bear, “Alright, cranky, let's get going then.” Foul eyes glared daggers into my soul as we made haste to the gangway aboard the exploration craft. Ruaridh went ahead of us and had the scanning device detect a microchip inside his finger for access into the ship, causing the airlock door to fly open, allowing us entry onboard the craft. Gemini and I made our way to our dorms to adjust our sleeping quarters and get ourselves settled for the journey afterward, seeing that we would be here for at least a week. Next, we went into the equipment storage and made sure all necessary equipment was stocked in case any was missed upon inspection. We met much of the flight crew while preparing the craft, and made short greetings with them as we all toiled about the starship. Upon the conclusion that all was set, we made our way back to our dorms to await roll call. Twenty or so minutes passed until we were called into the cafeteria to count heads and announce the mission status. Gemini and I sat down at a table in the back corner and waited patiently for the crew to arrive.
Once everyone had gathered and marked themselves as present for roll call, Ruaridh made his way to the front where everyone could see him in an open spot, and began a speech, “I have been on many voyages in my time, explored many planets, and traveled across the stars. I have seen the dunes of Latuan, the rainforests of Gaia, and the oceans of Poseidon.” He paused to let the moment sink in before continuing, “But none of those are going to prepare you for the dangers we will encounter on this planet. Escoria de Roja,” Poison built up in his voice at the name, “The Scum of Red, is not a garden planet. The heat will not forgive you, the rocks will not forgive you – and god forbid – the angels will not forgive you. Not on this hellscape, because it is against you. And it is because it will not forgive you, that you must respect the landscape and seek not its attention. Volcanoes litter the surface, spewing their toxic fumes into a soupy and hot atmosphere, cooking all who dare enter its vicinity and gaze upon its rocks. The planet is rich in ore, and poor in health, and we are going to search it relentlessly for whatever it is that may reside there. As the captain of the Bountiful Hunt of Artemis, I pledge that we will emerge victorious from the planet – that we will conquer the Scum of Red in the name of human advancement, and to take the first steps to reclaiming what is rightfully ours!.” The echoes of his words reverberated in the ship, and the crew cheered for their captain, burning with an unseen motive. Ruaridh finished, “You are dismissed. Get to your stations and prepare for departure.”
Gemini gave her regards and left with the rest of the crew, making her way to her dormitory, but one oddly dressed human stood away from the rest. He was draped in a red half cape from his neck, and his pants were a puffy white lined with gold. He was bald, stocky, and stood out around the rest of the crew. It was clear that he was the secneretist priest I had asked to accompany us for his familiarity in the teachings, and I was excited to meet him; however, before I could greet him, he approached me.
His stride exuded confidence with each step before he began to talk, “I take it that you are Calcifer.”
I was slightly surprised, but given the circumstances, it really was not that hard to guess from his perspective. I replied in short, “It is nice to meet you, Huhcol Quyraoja.
“There is no need for such formalities. We are allies.”
I was perturbed by such a denial of status, “Then what should I call you?”
“Just call me Quyraoja. Raoja for short.” The priest was surprisingly mellow.
“You are sure that is alright?” I skeptically continued.
Raoja insisted on this practice, “Yes, it is fine. I do not get offended so easily, so be not concerned with my feelings.” I reluctantly agreed and spurred on another topic.
“I have been wondering, Raoja, do you have any thoughts on visiting the Scum of Red? I understand that it is important to -”
“Do not call it that.” His voice was stern, but not angry.
I apologized and restated the thoughts in my head, “I’m sorry. We have been calling it that ages, I am sure it is insulting to call it that from your perspective. What I wanted to say is that the Scu – the planet – is mentioned multiple times in your scripture, the Cslykgalo. What importance does it retain?”
Raoja though about it for a second and then proceeded to answer my question, “The planet is said to be sacred. Not much is known about the planet except that it supposedly contains a key of some sort, and even then, we do not know what it unlocks. All we know is that it is of great significance, and the key was left for us to find.”
I inquired some more, “Do you have any pointers you can think of to start at?”
“Many landmarks described in the Cslykgalo may hold some significance to finding it. I am unsure of where they are, but you can guide me to them to study.” Raoja folded his arms and waited for my response.
“It seems simple. I look forward to working with you,” I reached my arm out to shake his hand. He stared at it awkwardly for a moment, but then his eyes went wide and he put his own out to meet mine. We shook on it and he rebounded my words.
“I look forward to our travels, Calcifer. I will meet you in the stasis chambers when we are called.” Raoja made his way down the hall to a ladder that took him down a couple levels. I took a walk down to a small observatory across the ship to await our departure. The vessel’s intercoms went on, and Ruaridh announced our imminent leave. A moment later, the vessel began moving, and the stars outside began to shift their position from my eyes as we gradually gained speed. I looked towards our heading and understood for the first time:
This voyage might just change everything.
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2023.04.01 22:22 WobbieWoe Equipment and software suggestions

My friend and I want to start a podcast with 2 mics, both of us recording in the same room. We already read and found out that the 2 USB mics we prematurely bought won't work together and we need to get XLR mics and an interface, but we're pretty overwhelmed. We don't know what kind of mics are good, what we need, what kind of interfaces are good, where we should buy from, how much this should all cost, how any of this works, or what software we should use for recording, editing or hosting. And I have a feeling the answers to some of these questions depend on the answers to others. Can anyone please explain this to me slowly? We're completely lost and don't know what information we need to look for. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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2023.04.01 22:22 Emtae2 Island medallion

Ngl, I'm mad. Apparently during the last medallion challenge, if you go like 5 minutes ahead to a different area, you cannot get this one. Its in a tower near the end of the game, but if you go to another location where YOU CAN SEE THE EXACT POSITION THE MEDALLION IS SUPPOSED TO BE, it actually will not appear and you can't get it. If anyone knows which one I'm referring to, is there a solution, or do I just gotta use my save that I have from 2 hours ago
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2023.04.01 22:22 hopeless-engineer26 what are signs that my (19F) bf (19M) doesn’t love me the same anymore?

At the beginning of our relationship, we talked nonstop for weeks. Even months. We were constantly having in depth conversations about our outlooks on life and opinions on different things and whatever came to mind. I feel like those parts of a relationship where you get to know each other’s mind are most enjoyable, and there’s always more to learn about one another. I know that with time those types of things dwindle down, but it’s just that now they seem to be almost non-existent.
It also feels like he just feels obligated to respond to me now instead of the in depth conversations like before. It feels like I’m constantly desperate for his attention and to feel loved like before but I’m not getting it. When I bring it up to him, he tells me that he just doesn’t feel like he’s in the mood to have those types of conversations, but the issue is that he’s never in the mood for them anymore. I consistently ask and get turned down.
We are long distance since I’m away at college, so communication is the core of our relationship at the moment and it feels like it’s lacking. Whenever I try to communicate how it doesn’t feel like he loves me the same or how we don’t talk the same like we used to, he does show concern, but it usually ends with him upset with me. He says that it’s unfair for me to say those things because it’s hurtful to him and that if I want those things so bad, I should be the one to initiate them regardless of being turned down constantly. He also amounts it to him being busy, but frankly, I don’t understand how. I’m a full-time college student and yet I can section out time consistently throughout my day to talk to him; meanwhile, he’s back at home, doesn’t work, and spends majority of his time on the game. I don’t understand where all of his time is going, and why more of that can’t go to me?
I might just be in a sad emotional rut right now, so the bad aspects of our relationships may be highlighted a lot throughout this post. What is some general advice regarding telltale signs that he doesn’t love me as much as he used to?
My post keeps getting taken down so I’m adding this just because: The point of this post is that I’m asking for advice regarding whether these are signs that he doesn’t love me as much as he once did.
TL;DR: My boyfriend and I don’t have the same types of conversations that we used to; while before it seemed like he was excited to talk to me, learn about me, and tell me about himself, now it just feels like he talks to me partially out of obligation. It also feels like a struggle to get him to make time for me despite his decently free schedule. When I bring these points up to him he gets upset with me and says that it’s unfair because me saying that is hurtful to him. I just would appreciate some advice/telltale signs that a s/o doesnt love you as much as they once did.
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2023.04.01 22:22 strawb344y my body is reacting weirdly. please help

Hello. One week ago, I went through a medical abortion using misoprostol. I bled heavily for the first two days, and then I only bled lightly for two days after that. The bleeding stopped for about a day and a half, and then it restarted yesterday. If it matters, I was going under an intense amount of stress around when the bleeding restarted. I am extremely nauseated constantly, but I am unsure if that is just from anxiety. When the bleeding restarted, I felt intense stomach cramps. I still have a heavy flow, and I have felt extremely fatigued and dizzy from time to time. Please help. I am scared to seek medical attention due to the state that I live in, but I’m experiencing im and off intense cramps that are freaking me out. I am alone in this situation and would like some guidance
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2023.04.01 22:22 BeerusEatsBurgas Quick vent

Quickly to vent to this subreddit since I don’t a lot, I’m 17, mtf and I genuinely cannot feel my real life anymore.
I’ve confronted “trans” ish feelings for the past 2 years and it’s put a heavy weight on my life, comparative to the past 6-7 years where I just lived in a state where I tolerated being a “boy” but always looking over to being a girl, doing this through chat rooms and the such just getting it out of my system I guess?
But as mentioned previously, for the past 2 years, I’ve heavily started to “question” my gender which really comes down to my heavy consideration for transitioning and my constant thoughts of “I wish I was a woman” and or “I could not feel worse being a “man” “. Idek what to do with myself anymore, these thoughts haunt me and I don’t have anyone to talk to about it, parents hate me for it, no schooling system to talk it through with, nhs I’ve felt no help from, I haven’t really got any friends, literally nothing but me and my thoughts.
I just feel more and more disconnected from myself and my body and I need to cry but I literally feel like a husk, and if it doesn’t end soon I really feel I don’t want to live, mabye look for a way out because my feelings hurt, and my entire being hurts, I wish I was a girl so fucking hard and all that my surroundings do is deny my that.
Idk just quick vent, I’m tired
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2023.04.01 22:22 WickerofJack A bit about reframing

I knew in second grade I wanted to write. I had the drive, but not so much the focus. In high school I made my own website and I celebrated 700 hits, even though most of them were probably just me checking to see if the updates looked right.
I remember the shame I felt when my social media page had more hits than my site. I felt like people wanted to see me, but not really know me.
My site’s host closed down so I moved to another, which also closed down, and to a third. This one disabled the ability to upload and download html files from the file manager or to even see them since they wanted you to use their builder to force ads (which honestly I would not have minded) and their header toolbar (which was not editable and had tab titles that had nothing to do with my site.
I had made hundreds of pages and had to essentially steal the files of my own website back. Once I did that, I closed my account.
Life happened after that until recently I remembered at my office job that I had not written nor made any webpages for years.
I remembered incorrectly. I had been writing. I had been writing not just for my job but in forums, manuals, advice, jokes, what-ifs, and cautionary tales.
Then I looked at the statistics for the webpages I had made for my work. In the first two weeks of that month, over 1000 people had used the page I built.
It took me years to accrue 700 hits on my homepage. This topped in in under half a month. Sure it wasn’t a page of stories or my personal thoughts, but it was a page to make people’s lives easier. It was replacing a process that used to take about a month into a fraction of that time.
I’ve been riding the high for over a month now. When I started my website, I thought it would be entertaining or at most insightful. I never thought it would be really helpful. Especially not to thousands of people. Somehow my 9-5 let me do that.
I guess the point is that sometimes we get it in our heads that success has to look a very particular way. Sometimes it just takes re-examining the key points to realize we are far more successful than we had previously thought.
If nothing else resonates with you, I am glad you made it through this week. It was not the easiest, but if you are reading this, we both made it: congratulations.
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2023.04.01 22:21 thawingSumTendies Simplii Financial Referral - $50 Bonus + Up to $400 sign-up bonus or $100 for Mortgage :D

For Canadians only 🇨🇦
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**In case my email is required for any of the referrals, please message me :)
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2023.04.01 22:21 Jhn_dmtr SSD or HDD for a server?

Hi guys, I recently decided to host a couple of servers on a pc I dont use anymore for me and my friends.
Its a pretty decent spec (ryzen 4350g, 16gb ram), but it has a very small SSD (120Gb), and the ssd is already pretty full of some other stuff, so I will be buying another drive for it.
Will an SSD offer any added performace to the servers?
I will be hosting 4-5 servers for 4 people. And maybe one public.
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2023.04.01 22:21 HotIllustrator1495 anyone else had horrible luck with roommates this year?

I lived with a few friends i knew from last year. I know everybody says not to room with people you are good friends with, but at the time i was like what's the worst that could happen? I literally feel like rooming with them ruined my relationship with them which is unfortunate. im also literally the most unproblematic person ever but somehow they always found ways to test that. Last year, we used to live across campus and be the best friends you could imagine, and now, we literally share a wall and we are more distant than ever. has anybody else faced this problem too?
anyway, im looking for new roomates and i made a group me chat for female roommates that are respectful and are looking for a place for fall '23: https://groupme.com/join_group/93052760/zu9bgYdp
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2023.04.01 22:21 Chemical-Chip-5903 talking about body positivity with warped trash bin in the back

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2023.04.01 22:21 pikeypaigepoems Circus circus part three

He kept tossing onions into his hat and missing the mark. He dropped his spatulas like five times while attempting to juggle and flustered, he served everyone the wrong dishes.
It was Carolinas birthday and the staff sang happy birthday to another Korean girl sitting at our table and called her my gfs name..:
Carolina made me give up the sauce earlier that month and I almost attributed my hallucinations to withdrawal symptoms.
I found out how wrong I was to think that or that I was even going mad at all, later that evening.
Thankfully Carolina was infinitely patient and we both shared a healthy amount of appreciation for irony and clowned on stupid things a lot, not at all unlike her lackluster birthday party.
We laughed it off.
As soon as the door to our room slammed shut, we stopped laughing but, not to worry. The night had a whole lot more of laughter coming our way.
Yes, it was freezing in there. It reminded me of a meat cooler in a butchers shop. It was just missing the cow carcasses hanging from hooks.
We sort of expected this and it was snowing like hell outside so it wasn’t that unfathomable.
We cranked up the heat but instead of heat the only difference we noticed as a possible result was the unmistakable smell of death and rot.
I pulled the mini fridge out, looking for a rat or mouse. My bartending experience taught me that even something as insignificant as a mouse can smell like trench in World War One.
Thankfully my girlfriend started to speak up about all of the things that weren’t adding up and what do you know? The shadow man silhouette was growing once again and the sound of passive but persistent scraping was once again audible.
We lay down together and I decide to come clean and tell her about the shower incident, only after she unsteadily whispered: “babe, I think this place is haunted.”
When I uttered the word “laughter” in me recounting of the shower episode, I was interrupted with the sound of sitcom style canned laughter followed by a round of applause that can typically be attributed to the ending of an episode.
She heard it, them, also.
I had to know.
“Did you hear it too?”
She choked back alligator tears and nodded bleakly.
The next thing that happened was the adjacent room to us in the hallway as well as the room at the end of the hallway to our right started opening and slamming and this continued all night. There were sounds of drills or table saws coupled with ballroom music and intemperate drunken ranting and heated arguments on the other side of our door until, you guessed, dawn.
We had three nights left that we paid for but at first light we threw all our belongings into our luggage and ran down to the front desk.
I gave the key back to the girl working the desk.
I told her that we were leaving early and that judging by the sound of the massive party and maintenance occurring on the 16th floor, I figured she would be happy to hear that she could rent the room to the drunks that saturated the floor.
“Sir, you two are the first guests we’ve had on the 16th floor in 5 weeks or so.”
On the trip home, it dawned on us that, though the nearby rooms doors were opening and closing but we never heard the beeping of the door key cards being used.
I scoured the internet for the old woman from my dream and I found a website that had an illustration of her and with her pet iguana and those dead white eyes.
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2023.04.01 22:21 Dobyk12 Questions on elemental dignities with triads (Golden Dawn system)

I'm using a Thoth deck and relearning tarot after a decade-long break. I'm using a secular, psychological approach but because the very first system I ever learned (and was passionate about) was the Golden Dawn one I decided to stick with it for the rich symbolism and layers of meaning.
So I decided to go all in and properly use elemental dignities, and it's very easy when reading two cards together but I'm struggling when I use a triad so I hope I could get some tips.
As far as I understand, with triads our main focus is on the middle card, with the flanking cards modulating its strength and significance. Some people tend to use the flanking cards only for this, but I also add their meaning and combine it with that of the central card, according to the situation.
But what I really struggle with is when two inimical elements surround the central card. So the Golden Dawn methodology is that these two cards are at war and weaken each other so much that they can be ignored and only the middle card must be read. For example:


In this triad air and earth "cancel each other out" so the fire card remains unaffected and is read on its own. But take a look at the following:


In this triad the two surrounding cards "cancel" each other in a similar fashion, but one of the flanking cards also supports the central card. So in this case should I take the "bridge" rule and actually say:
"Fire supports Fire even if the two flanking cards are inimical. Overall the central card is moderately strong".
Or should I "cancel" the flanking cards and focus my interpretation on the middle one? This is a bit of a conundrum for me. Let's take another combination of elements:


Here air and fire support each other, but water and fire are inimical. In this case, however, air and water are netral/moderate to each other so in the end the central card is moderately strong, and the water card can be interpreted as a "foil" to the central one, as a source of conflict or contradiction.
I hope my examples above illustrate what I'm struggling with. Essentially, if two flanking cards are "at war" but one of them supports the central card, do we follow through with the "cancellation" or do we read otherwise?
And a second question: Do you actually cancel and ignore inimical flanking cards, or do you simply read them with a twist? My approach so far has been to focus on the central card and read it on its own, and then interpret the two cards at war, adding a dimension of "conflict, tension" to the specific reading. Does this make sense?
And also: how much value do you put on the flanking cards? Of course I focus my attention on the center, but I don't feel comfortable with using the flanking cards as "modulators" only, I feel like their presence in the reading can add so much nuance to the central card.
I'm sorry for the long post, but after going through my tarot books and reading a dozen articles and blogs I'm still a little unsure about what the "intended" Golden Dawn approach is. Of course I don't feel compelled to slavishly follow that approach just for the sake of it, I would much rather develop my own style. But I want to get "the intended" way before I deviate. Thank you for your time and for reading this!
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2023.04.01 22:21 ScottishKG 2023 Tax Code has me paying income tax of nearly 45% of gross income

I received an email from HMRC saying there have been changes to my tax code for upcoming tax year. My estimated tax for year starting 5 April 2023 is £17k (I have paid £5.5k in this last year). My salary for 2023 is £38k with no other income from other sources so £17k is absolutely ridiculous - does anyone know why HMRC would think I am due so much? Will phone them on Monday to sort it out but worried I’ve missed something.
Bit of background - I moved jobs in August 2022. At my previous job I earned £14k from 5 April 2022 to August when I left and paid £1.8k in income tax during that time (tax code S361LX). And since August to 5 April 2023 I have earned £22.5k and paid £3.7k in income tax (tax code S0TX). I had trouble getting my P45 when I left my previous so was on an emergency tax code for a month but then got things sorted with my current employer once I’d received the P45. However in November, I received a letter from HMRC stating that I had underpaid tax and was due them £650, hence the current S0TX tax code. I had just accepted the underpayment and have been paying it for the last 4 months. I personally believe I’ve overpaid tax for the year 2022/2023 as I think I should’ve been on the standard S1275L tax code and paid c.£4.3k of tax after pension salary sacrifice (7.5%). I figured everything would resolve itself come this April and HMRC would realise I’d overpaid in 22/23 and I’d get that money back in due course.
This recent update saying I’m due £17k this upcoming year is starting to worry me. I’m hoping that phoning them on Monday will resolve things but should I be preparing anything before I speak to them? Any advice is appreciated.
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