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Private ranges with non-benched shooting bays

2023.06.08 01:11 oldpardak Private ranges with non-benched shooting bays

Are there any private outdoor ranges that have open / non-benched shooting bays to practice action shooting within around 50 miles of Seattle? I know Snoqualmie valley rifle club has some but it looks like they only use them for special events. I've been to a couple DNR pits but I never feel comfortable at them.
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2023.06.08 00:53 Blonde_Cherry Help - Accent Pillow Colors for Outdoor Furniture

Help - Accent Pillow Colors for Outdoor Furniture
What color accent pillows best go with these cushions? Would prefer some sort of blue color. Navy seems to sap the life out of this space though. Any idea to make it to have a more welcoming feeling. Open to any colors suggestions. (prefer Blue) Cushions are Khaki tan with gray undertone.
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2023.06.07 21:48 Supervast2000 Lisbon 5PCS Wicker Conversation Set from Chinese outdoor furniture supplier Supervast

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2023.06.07 21:48 goddessofrage Does anyone know how often the “plantable” items come along? I just figured out how to use them and now I’m obsessed

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2023.06.07 21:42 Sunmasterhome Best Outdoor Furniture Supplier

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2023.06.07 20:45 thrownawaz092 I don't THINK I'm an assassin? - Chapter 3 - Stalking the streets

As day turned to dusk, the reality of the situation Mike had found himself in was starting to dawn on him. It was already established he was in monster central, and in another world, and alone, and had no idea what was going on around him, but after the initial need of not getting spotted and probably mauled was satisfied, a whole new slew of problems were arrayed before him. Where would he eat? Drink? Sleep? If he injured himself, where could he get medical supplies? Where was he going? How could he get back home?
Could he get back home?
A stiff wind blew around him and stole the heat from his body, leaving him cold in an encroaching dark. 'How do I know I can even get back?' besides knowing it existed, Mike knew nothing about magic. He was fairly certain that kobold had sent him back the first time, but by the looks of it they had also summoned him in the first place. Something else pulled him in the second time, so there was a very real chance that he wouldn't be able to do anything. 'and of course, that all comes before the fact I have no idea how to find the little lizard.' Mike ducked into an alley to avoid some kind of flying fish as he considered his situation. Hopeless as it was, finding a needle in a haystack was the only option to present itself, so he reluctantly chose his only option.
Things hit an all time low as Michael sat under a bridge that would serve as his shelter for the night. Sure, there were plenty of haunted houses to choose from, but they all ran the risk of him being found by the monsters that lived in monster city. The bridge was a solid piece of work, being composed mostly of concrete and some kind of wood, and it passed over a wide river that was pretty turbulent for its size. Mike was suprised by the lack of metal, but it seemed to be holding up well enough so he let it go.
Slinging off his backpack, Michael decided to occupy himself by taking stock of his inventory and situation. Laying everything out, he had:
The gym clothes he was wearing, just a tee shirt and shorts. They were sweaty, dirty and didn't cover much
His regular clothes, thick jeans, another tee shirt and an over shirt
His phone, which had no service and 67% battery life. 'yeah, let's turn on airplane mode and the battery saver.' it wouldn't last long, but the calculator, flashlight, stopwatch, notepad and compass tools could all be useful.
Earphones, 'ha! I downloaded all my songs and can listen to them forever if I find a charger! Suck on that Spotify elitists!'
Shoes, nothing special about them
A bag of chocolates that monsters think they're too good for
An almost empty water bottle. 'pro tip, if you're lost in the desert, conserve sweat, not water.' Remembering that bit of survival trivia, he downed the last few gulps.
His pocket knife, score! The salesman had told him this thing could withstand his own weight on the blade, and Mike had really put it through its paces to confirm that claim. It was also a swiss army knife and had several tools in it, even a firestarter! That alone tripled his chances out here.
His wallet, full of useless bills, coins and cards
A gym membership, also useless
Ankle and wrist weights, with detachable pieces of metal to change the weight. 'Should I keep these on or off?' On one hand, he would like to be as physically capable as possible for whatever was coming, and the constant work out would only help with that, but on the other, they would slow him down and tire him out. Not good without a food source. He took them off for now.
And a gym bag, which is always good to have.
The first thing Mike did was change back onto his normal clothes. They would keep him a little warmer and weren't so smelly, which would be good for werewolves that might sniff him out. Walking down to the river, it seemed clear, so he filled his bottle - he could always not drink it later - and began washing the gym clothes.
As he scrubbed his mind moved onto the situation he was in. Another world, monsters, magic and local superpowers are all established. Judging by the state of things, that being the ruins and monsters, this was probably once a thriving nation that had since been overrun and was now populated with the monsters that did so. The biggest concern that came out of that was that this clearly hadn't been a medieval society. True, just about everything was alien to him but he could recognize a TV screen or a car, this place was just as if not more advanced than earth, and they still got wiped out by monsters.
As Mike started wringing out his shorts, his introspection was interrupted when he heard voices overhead. He immediately stopped and turned his head up. It was getting dark by now and whatever was above him had a light, he couldn't understand what the two, no three voices were saying, but he didn't like the tone or the fact that the light source seemed to be getting closer to the side of the bridge. He tensed, and slowly put his sopping clothes into his bag as quietly as he could.
With a loud grunt, whoever has the light jumped over the edge of the bridge, still out of view behind a support but that was as close as he was willing to get. Mike took off as fast as he could in the opposite direction of the ravine the bridge crossed. The ones still on the bridge pulled out another light and called out to the one on the ground, who growled a response back. 'crap, crap, crap!' rang through Mike's head as he put on more speed, the sounds of pursuit not far behind. Between the weights and wet clothes, Michael was worried he might have to ditch his bag again, but it wasn't weighing him down nearly as much as the thought it should. 'just wish adrenaline would come this easy at the gym!' he was making good speed all things considered and was glad to hear his pursuer falling behind.
His hopes of escape were shattered however as one of them proved able to fly, because he heard a screech overhead and saw a silhouette giving away his position! Come on, that's not fair! He had to lose the little cheater and soon, otherwise the others could just run him down at their leisure! Mike turned, slipping on the grassy turf as he aimed to go back in the city. If the universe would just throw him a bone for once, there wouldn't be many other monsters, and he could shake these jerks.
He ducked into an alley, left onto a street before swinging behind some buildings again. Looking up he could still see that cheeky little spy plane was still on him, and from the sounds of the voices, the ones on foot were taking a direct route instead of weaving around, they were closing in. Thanking the universe for actually not putting other monsters in his way, Mike ducked into another alley and saw what he was looking for; a dumpster (he assumed) right under an open window. The only issue was the chain link fence between him and it. 'Really though, who sets up a fence right in an alley like this?' another call from above reminded him of his situation. 'right, deal with it now, ponder neighbors who probably hated each other later.' despite his dismay at the obstacle, he practically leapt over the fence, which was at least 6 feet tall. Adrenaline was one hell of a drug, but there was no way he could do that!
He mentally stored that away as well as he hopped on the dumpster and into the window, waited a couple seconds and hopped back out. He couldn't see the spy anymore which meant they couldn't see him either. He just managed to crawl down a basement window of a building on the other side of the alley before his pursuers burst into the alley as well.
Watching through the window, Michael finally got a good look at the one on foot. That was a big guy, like 8 feet tall and built like a truck kind of big. He was the one with the light in his hand, a glowing ball that floated in his palm, and it cast a rather terrifying shadow over his crocodilian face. He was a crocodile man, no other way about it. Thick tail, heavy green scales that are more yellow on the underside, whatever you're imagining is probably right. The teeth didn't look too sharp but they made up for that in size and number. Besides, if he was anything like earth crocs he had enough bite force to make gums probably work.
Mike was thanking his lucky stars he hadn't been caught when suddenly a second head popped out from behind the first, and he realized the croc had a bucket strapped to his back with something poking out of it. After a bit of chatter, a second creature slithered out of the bucket and onto the ground. It was... Strange to say the least.
The creature stood at four feet tall, and was clearly an aquatic being, being covered in fins from head to toe to tail, along with burgundy scales so small he might've mistaken them for skin. Looking at its head it was decidedly a moray, with a mouth full of sharp teeth and an eels... Tail? Body? Let's say tail, coming out of the back of its head. Or would it be a humanoid body coming out of the moray's neck? 'This thing is weird to look at! Why do you need two bodies!?' Michael mentally screamed at the merfolk. He was just getting a grip on his mental image of it when the merfolk threw a wrench into his poor brains attempt to understand it, by flying. Well ok it wasn't flying flying, but with a little hop and spreading its wing-like fins it was able to glide along while hardly touching the ground. 'well this just keeps getting less and less fair.'
A call from above, undoubtedly from their flier, probably told Mr. Crocodile that Mike was in the building that he double backed out of, because his made some growling sounds of their own before he and the merfolk entered in through the window. Mike released a breath he hadn't even realized he was holding and took a look around the room he was in. It was dark in here, with only a bit of light coming from the twilight of a single window, but he could see place was almost empty, with little more than the occasional rug or bit of furniture that had been strewn about and a bit of debris by the stairs.
Seeing his way out, he ran to the stairs before noticing that there was more debris in the way than he saw in the dark. Turning on the flashlight on his phone, his hopes were dashed as he saw that the upper floor had caved in, blocking his access out. He hadn't seen the flier come down to enter the other building, so they were most likely keeping overwatch in case he tried to give them the slip, which he already kinda had, but he needed to make the same trick to work twice, and that always goes well.
Peeking out the window, Mike caught sight of what he assumed to be the flier making rounds overhead. There were only a few seconds on the far side that line of sight was broken, not enough time to run, but there were other hiding spots. Taking a chance, Mike crawled back out of the window as soon as the flier was out of sight and hopped into the confirmed dumpster. It was around now that he realized he didn't exactly have a plan, and his situation wasn't exactly improved either. 'I'm just making sure that I'm not cornered in case they find me. Yeah that's it!' now he had a plan, and his situation had improved too! Sort of, stop asking questions. A few seconds later he was out and under a shutter, and on the next loop he was out of the alley.
Turns out, it's not that easy. Mike had thought he was safe, after rounding a corner he ran until he was sure he'd lost them, only to hear more footsteps from behind. The flier must have seen him and Mr Croc was in pursuit again, at least Mike had enough of a lead he couldn't see them yet. Testing a theory, Mike found a balcony and jumped for it. Yep! Lower gravity was confirmed as he made it nearly two meters off the ground! He also undershot it and smacked his head on the underside of the balcony, eliciting a (hopefully) dignified shriek, ruining the momentous occasion. Still, he was able to hit the ground running and made for another escape.
It had not taken long for a pattern to establish, Mike would hide and lose pursuit only to be spotted by the flier as soon as he got any distance. His best bet was, somehow, to stay close, under the radar so to speak and lead them away. He wasn't sure how they always knew what direction he was in, considering how well he kept out of sight, until he saw Mr. Croc kneel down and sniff a footprint. Ahh, they were tracking him.
That might actually be a blessing in disguise, because they were moving from an abandoned looking residential area to an industrial complex that was more populated, seeing a bit of foot traffic and lights in windows. He just might be able to lose them in there. Mike had a bit of a laugh at the fact that monsters were living on a jobsite when there were some perfectly fine - ok dilapidated, but so is everything else - houses a few streets over. He snapped his attention back to the situation at hand, he was still being chased after all, and now he planned on escaping by walking through Monster City night life. 'how did I let this become my best option?' there was nothing for it though, he just had to hope he could still keep out of sight.
After a couple close calls where Mike had turned a corner only to see a wall or monsters that somehow hadn't noticed him, he got enough of a lead that he could try hiding. Finding a road with hundreds of footprints up and down it, he backtracked a few meters before diving behind a couple pipes that were sticking out of a building.
Mr. Croc showed up not long after with the eel in tow, and signed the flier to come down. He could finally see that dirty little spy plane! It was a... Moth! 3 feet tall with big black eyes, droopy antennae and some soft looking fluff on its head and body, Mike would have thought it adorable if it hadn't been snitching on him!
Being unfamiliar with monsterese, Mike had no idea what was being said, but the body language made it clear they were arguing. It actually looked like a parent scolding their children, with Mr. Croc being 8 feet tall while the others were in the 3-4 foot range. That didn't stop fire being flung both ways as the small pair clearly gave the kind of back talk that would have gotten the taste slapped out of Michael's mouth if he tried it on his dad. With someone saying something the conversation suddenly came to an end with Mr. Croc spitting on the ground and turning away. He fiddled with a latch on his chest and the bucket on his back came loose, hitting the eel on the head and soaking it, undoubtedly on purpose. With a few snide remarks the three went their ways, leaving Mike gracefully alone.
...In the middle of monster city.
Why did the universe insist on not improving the situation? 'Ok that wasn't fair universe, you're trying very hard, and I appreciate you getting me out of that.'
Karmatic retribution for his insolent thoughts hopefully averted, Mike got moving again.
Much to his own chagrin and with a hint of irony, Mike found himself tailing Mr Croc. Looking back it was ridiculous that nobody had noticed him running through the streets but he was found squatting under a bridge. Mr. Croc clearly had a reputation of some kind, because people seemed to avoid him like the plague. When Mike tried to backtrack he found himself relatively surrounded by monsters compared to the empty streets he was chased through, and he ended up finding sanctuary in the invisible bubble of Mr. Croc's presence, causing no end of irritation on Mike's end.
After nearly an hour of following, Michael's blood was boiling. Maybe because it was due to the lack of sleep, maybe it was due to being chased for hours for no reason, maybe it was due to being forced to hang around his least favourite semi-aquatic reptile. Or maybe it was because he was witnessing a mugging.
While sneaking along behind his quary, Mike did his best to hang back aways and keep an eye out for an escape route. They were still in the industrial complex, but must have been leaving the populated area, judging by the fact that fewer and fewer monsters were coming out after the crocodile had passed. Michael was just about ready to finally get away from him when he spotted someone walking in their direction, clearly having missed the memo to stay away.
The Croc was on them in a flash and the old bird -that's not an insult, she had feathers and a beak- tried to run but didn't get more than a couple steps away before the Croc had gotten a hold of her. Michael watched from the shadows as the bird lady was shaken, growled at and nearly had her head taken off by the snapping maw of an Egyptian god who had a chip on his shoulder. She was panicked, trying to run and begging, but the actual monster had her arm in a firm grip, and with his other hand he grabbed a pouch of some kind of the lady before shoving her onto the ground and walking away like nothing happened.
Michael was fuming. All that just to snatch a purse!? This thug who had chased him all throughout town, acted like he owned the place, who could probably rip Mike in half, did all that over a freaking handbag! His anger froze cold as the victim slowly picked herself up. Now that she wasn't being actively assaulted he could see she really was an old bird, with patches of feathers, wrinkles, generally frail looking, he was looking at someone's grandmother! And that crocodile... No, he would not get away with this!
Michael's anger had been subdued by the realization of what he was doing, now tailing the 8-foot lizard man a lot closer than before and armed with a pocket knife, one that felt a lot smaller in his hand as he realized what he was doing, he wasn't sure how to actually do this. The bastard deserved what was coming, but after cooling off Mike knew rushing in was a bad idea. Luckily this industrial complex, or whatever it was, was packed with rails, pipes, and other things so tightly there was practically a second road overhead. Mike's plan, if you could call it that, was to jump down onto the guy and take him out before he even knew what was happening.
Michael barely made a sound as he went up and over, stopping only when his target looked around. It seemed he could tell something was off, but wasn't ready to act on the feeling just yet, which wasn't the kind of opportunity that Mike was one to waste. He dropped, silent as a shadow.
The crocodile may have been 8 feet tall, built like a brick and was in a lower gravity setting, but the simple fact was that he wasn't ready for someone to suddenly land on his neck. He went down like a sack of potatoes with Mike clinging on, the tumble having left him momentarily disoriented. Still, he quickly righted himself, this needed to end fast, or it would turn into an actual fight where he would have the disadvantage. Wrapped around the monster's head Michael brought the knife to its neck and... Hesitated. Mike had been in fights before, but those were scuffles in the school yard, now he was about to kill. He knew his opponent deserved nothing less, but that seemed to fade in the face of taking a life. It was enough to take the fire out of him.
And so, instead of pushing the blade into his windpipe he only pressed it to the Crocs neck instead. "Alright listen up you big bastard," but the big bastard did not listen up, a fact made clear when a large hand grabbed and threw him off. Mike rolled as he landed and quickly got his feet back under him, knife luckily still in hand. The croc slowly stood up, cracking his neck as he did so before speaking. "Ev'uoy tsuj edam ym yad." It said with a toothy grin. Mike just glared from his crouched position. 'different language, nice to know I wasted my time!' kind of obvious in retrospect, but there's nothing for it now. Mike kept low to the ground, with a two foot difference in height he wouldn't even try to match his opponent in strength or reach, so he opted to keep low.
The Croc tensed for a moment before lunging at Mike, maw open and ready to swallow him whole. Mike lunged himself, keeping low to the ground and barely ducked under the attack and swiped at the exposed neck. He didn't expect to land the hit, but his opponent was taken off guard by his offence and didn't quite pull back fast enough, taking a superficial cut below the chin. Shock flashed in the croc's eyes and he lept back, lashing out with claws to keep Mike at bay. Unfortunately for him, Michael knew that playing fair was for suckers, and that you kick opponents when they're down, so he didn't let up. He was moving forward before the Croc had even landed, stayed below the counter and was in his guard again.
This time he didn't hesitate, and plunged his knife in the croc's side eliciting a shocked gasp from the titan and, keeping his momentum, moved just beside his opponent's shoulder before jumping just a little higher than intended and striking again. Still reeling from the first stab, the croc had only managed to make eye contact as Michael's knife sought his throat again, and this time did not stop. Michael landed on his feet as the croc sunk to his knees, blood leaking freely from his neck as he tried to stop the bleeding with his bare hands but it was already done. The crocodile was dead before he hit the ground, and Michael breathed a sigh of relief.
That purse wasn't the only property Mr. Croc had appropriated, as Michael found plenty of interesting things on his person. His things now, as he had no way of returning them. Despite the haul, his mind was elsewhere as he walked.
That guy did not know how to fight, probably used to just intimidating people around him. When an actual fight came he was honestly kinda sluggish, and didn't even think to use magic or the shiv that was in his pocket. Even so, that was a dumb thing to do. What was he thinking, attacking someone like that? What if he had known what he was doing!? Mike could not afford these kinds of mistakes in a survival situation, even if he did get lucky, even if he somehow got out unscathed! You just don't rely on that happening, and Michael resolved to remember that in the future.
Finding a good spot, he set the purse down in the middle of a road and retreated to a hiding place. Soon enough the bird lady passed by even slower than before, the only reason Mike got ahead of her was because she was slowly limping along. Seeing that made his hatred flare up again, but his anger faded away as with a shocked look, the bird lady found the purse, looked inside and sagged with visible relief before looking around suspiciously and continuing with just a bit more pep in her step. 'Well,' Mike thought, 'maybe that wasn't such a dumb move after all.'
____________________________________________________Author's note
Alright part 3 is out! Hope y'all enjoy.
In case anyone had missed it, large portions of Reddit will be going dark in protest of the removal of third party software on June 12th. I had originally planned to join the protest, but then I read the HFY 's official take on the matter (remaining neutral to act as an escape from stressful situations like this) and decided that's worthwhile. As such I will continue posting but otherwise will be off of Reddit in protest.
The first shall be previous and the next shall be in a week or so.
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2023.06.07 19:38 oreocraftsman Is it worth it to get a fully furnished (bed, sofa, wifi, workspace tables) 1 bedroom rental in the financial district downtown for $2,500?

My aunt is offering her unit near Bay and Adelaide for this price since I’ll be working in the area soon, but its still above my budget of $2,000/month. I was personally hoping to get a fully furnished studio unit somewhere along TTC Line 2 for below my $2,000/month budget so I am very conflicted if the extra $500 a month is worth it - considering the implicit costs of transportation, not knowing the landlord, buying furniture, security, etc.
Alternatively, I am also looking at basement units in midtown which cost $1,800/month for fully furnished ones but I’m really hesitant on the safety aspect and not knowing who I’ll be living under.
Is paying the extra $500-$700 worth it for such a unit? Bed, sofa, wifi, workstation included. And she’s also my aunt so she’s not a really strict landlord too.
It’ll be my first time renting in Toronto so I’m not really sure about the pros and cons of each scenario. Hoping for some advice, thanks!
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2023.06.07 18:15 ArtistSweaty1878 Ways to Secure Furniture from Vietnam

Explore the prosperous furniture market in Vietnam, known for its reasonable prices. In this article, importers will find practical guidance and valuable advice. Unlock 5 effective approaches to sourcing furniture from Vietnam in just 10 minutes, gaining insights into the best places to search. Rely on Q-Furniture's local presence as we share five beneficial tips to support your endeavors.
>> Read more: 5 Ways To Sourcing Furniture From Vietnam
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Address: Lot 946, Map No. 10, Ba Tri Quarter, Tan Hiep Ward, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam Hotline: (+84) 908 759 399 Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Website: https://q-furniture.com
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2023.06.07 17:51 Pinkgirl4000 Laggy Furniture Mode on PC

Is anyone else's outdoor furniture mode really laggy on PC after the update? Indoor seems to be fine, but outdoor is so bad. I don't think the settings are the problem since I already have most of them set to low. Also, I claimed the new teapot reward, but I don't appear to have it in my game anywhere. Not in the furniture mode or the catalogue.
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2023.06.07 17:43 wuatr Need help with creative way to fix issue with apartment when landlord won’t!

I just moved into a new apartment last month. When I toured the apartment, the patio was a mess. The fence was open on both ends (so no division between myself and my neighbors) and the leasing agent promised it would be fixed by move in. It wasn’t. I saw the maintenance guy on move in and he said they had ordered the fence material and that it should arrive “next week” that was 3 weeks ago. My dad says this fence material is on the shelf at Home Depot.
My main issue is actually the concrete on the patio itself. It’s caving in in the middle so it slants down and is basically unusable. It’s not safe for my daughter to mess around out there and I can’t place furniture because it’s uneven. We assumed that “fix the patio” meant leveling out the concrete, but now with the way they’ve handled the fence and the fact that the concrete was never mentioned and our neighbors have just been using theirs in this condition, we’re worried they aren’t going to fix it.
SO any creative ways to temporarily level out concrete that will cost little to no money just so we can use our patio while we’re here? It’s a big outdoor space that we would love to be able to utilize! TIA for all ideas!! I’ll try to add a picture if I can later.
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2023.06.07 17:13 Wookiee_ home security Synology questions

I have a bunch of questions and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am looking to install about 2 to 4 outside cameras around the house.
I have a Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS920+ but I use this as a PLEX Server at the moment.
In the name of security, it probably would be a bad idea to combine a Plex server and camera storage in the same location but I might have to depending on costs at the moment. Has anyone done that? How much storage does this need that anyone has found for a few days of storage? Any hindrance on network?
I know POE cameras are great, and should be probably used but I just don't necessarily want to run cables all over the place which would require a ton of cabling or drilling through a few walls and a floor. So, I was considering a wireless camera for outdoor use. Anyone use a Wireless camera with Solar panel for power that will connect to the NAS for storage? I haven't really found much in terms of Googling.
IF this is a bad option to go and I should just bite the bullet and go with POE cameras, Is there potentially an easier way without running tons and tons of cable? or should I just hire an installer?
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2023.06.07 15:36 shoppingspout_us Now save on outdoor fire pits & BBQ grills, with the exclusive June 2023 Woodland Direct coupon codes.

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2023.06.07 15:27 woodcontract22 Reclaimed Wood Contractor

Reclaimed Wood Contractor

A reclaimed wood contractor is a professional who specializes in working with reclaimed or salvaged wood to create various structures or products. Reclaimed wood refers to wood that has been previously used in old buildings, barns, or other structures and is then repurposed for new projects.
Here are some key aspects of a reclaimed wood contractor's work:
Sourcing and Selection: Reclaimed wood contractors have expertise in finding and selecting high-quality reclaimed wood. They often work with suppliers or salvage yards to locate and acquire suitable materials for their projects. This involves assessing the condition, quality, and character of the reclaimed wood to ensure its suitability for the intended use.
Design and Planning: Reclaimed wood contractors collaborate with clients to understand their vision and requirements. They use their knowledge of woodworking techniques and design principles to develop plans and sketches for the desired project. This may include furniture, flooring, accent walls, paneling, or custom installations.
Woodworking and Construction: Once the design is finalized, the reclaimed wood contractor uses their skills in woodworking and construction to bring the project to life. They may work on-site or in a workshop, depending on the scale and nature of the project. The contractor will cut, shape, and join the reclaimed wood using appropriate tools and techniques.
Finishing and Restoration: Reclaimed wood often possesses unique characteristics such as weathered patina, nail holes, or other signs of age. A skilled contractor knows how to preserve and enhance these features while ensuring the wood's durability. They may apply finishes, such as natural oils or sealants, to protect the wood and achieve the desired aesthetic.
Installation and Project Completion: Once the reclaimed wood components are ready, the contractor will install them according to the project specifications. This may involve fitting reclaimed wood flooring, installing custom furniture pieces, or erecting structures like pergolas or outdoor decking. The contractor ensures that the installation is done properly and meets safety standards.
Reclaimed wood contractors often prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness by utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste. They bring a unique touch to their projects by incorporating the rich history and character of reclaimed wood, resulting in distinctive and visually appealing outcomes.
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2023.06.07 14:46 BroMandi [Home Depot] 4-Piece Hampton Bay Rivenhall Metal Outdoor Patio Conversation Set w/ Dark Grey Cushions $450 + Free Shipping [Deal: $450.00, Actual: $899.00]

[Home Depot] 4-Piece Hampton Bay Rivenhall Metal Outdoor Patio Conversation Set w/ Dark Grey Cushions $450 + Free Shipping [Deal: $450.00, Actual: $899.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 14:39 kac_express Maintain Your AC and Extend Its Lifespan: The Key to Reliable Cooling

Maintain Your AC and Extend Its Lifespan: The Key to Reliable Cooling

Our dependable air conditioners turn into a lifesaver when the oppressive summer heat hits. They give us a cool, welcoming space that enables us to escape the sweltering weather outdoors. To guarantee optimal performance and a long lifespan, air conditioners need routine maintenance, just like any other device. You can enjoy dependable cooling for many years by maintaining your air conditioner. We will examine some important upkeep advice in this post to assist you in maintaining your AC and extending its life.
1. Clean or Replace Air Filters Regularly:
Your air conditioner's air filters are essential for preserving healthy indoor air quality and effective cooling. These filters can accumulate dust, grime, and other pollutants over time, limiting airflow and lowering the AC's effectiveness. Clean or change your air filters frequently to prevent this. For information on how frequently this should be done, consult the manufacturer's instructions. You can ensure appropriate airflow and avoid stress on the AC system by keeping the filters clean.
In the end, maintaining your air conditioner requires being proactive about its maintenance. You might be able to lengthen the lifespan of your AC unit by doing routine maintenance and cleaning. By changing filters and doing regular cleaning, you could even be able to stop issues from occurring in the first place. Of course, if your AC works to its maximum potential, you probably live a better quality of life!
Owners shouldn't wait until the annual tune-up to clean and replace the air filters, which are crucial to the health of an AC system. When filters clog, your air conditioner will have a difficult time doing its job. The unit may become overheated as a result of this additional load.
For some households, changing the filters three to four times a year is necessary. Families that reside in areas with a lot of dust, however, should have their filters changed more frequently. People who own pets or frequently use their air conditioners will also require frequent filter replacements.
2. Clear Obstructions Around the Outdoor Unit:
Your AC system's exterior unit needs enough airflow to operate properly. Make sure the unit is not blocked by anything, including furniture, plants, or clutter. On the outdoors coils, leaves, twigs, and other materials can assemble, obstructing heat transfer and lowering efficiency. Maintaining optimum airflow and avoiding any damage requires routine cleaning of the area around the unit and the removal of any debris.
3. Schedule Professional Maintenance:
Homeowners can perform some AC maintenance jobs, but it's also crucial to schedule professional repairs at least once a year. Your AC system will be carefully inspected and cleaned by a licensed HVAC expert, who will also look for any potential problems and ensure that it operates at peak efficiency. Regular expert maintenance can extend the life of your AC unit and help identify issues early, reducing the need for expensive repairs.
4. Keep the Coils Clean:
Your air conditioner's condenser and evaporator coils are essential to the cooling process. These coil's capacity to adequately collect and release heat can be diminished over time as a result of dirt and dust accumulation. To keep the coils operating effectively, clean them frequently. To carefully remove the trash, you can use a soft brush or a hoover. A professional technician should be consulted for more comprehensive cleaning.
5. Check and Maintain Proper Refrigerant Levels:
Your AC systems cooling mechanism depends on refrigerant. Low refrigerant levels can result in decreased cooling capacity and higher energy usage. Have a qualified technician inspect and maintain the correct refrigerant levels in your air conditioning system. If there is a leak, it needs to be fixed right away to stop future harm.
6. Clean and Insulate Air Ducts:
Your home's air ducts are essential for transporting cold air from your air conditioner to the various rooms. The ducts can become clogged with dust, debris, and other impurities over time, obstructing airflow and lowering indoor air quality. To ensure appropriate airflow and stop energy loss, regularly clean the air ducts and repair any leaks. Duct insulation done right can also aid with energy efficiency.
7. Use a Programmable Thermostat:
With a programmable thermostat, you can set various temperature settings by your schedule. With a programmable thermostat, you can change the temperature while you are gone, saving money on electricity and minimizing the strain on your air conditioner. Its longevity can finally be increased as a result.
8. Protect the Unit During Off-Seasons:
It is critical to safeguard your air conditioning unit during the off- seasons if you reside in a region with seasonal temperature variations. To protect it from the weather, wrap the outside unit in a waterproof cover or buy a specialized AC cover. By doing this, potential harm and debris buildup during periods when the AC is not in use.
9. Monitor and Address Unusual Noises or Odors:
Keep an eye out for any odd sounds or smells coming from your air conditioner. Strange noises like slamming, grinding, or screeching could be mechanical problems that require immediate attention.
Similar to unpleasant smells, system pollutants like mold or other toxins can be present. To stop additional damage, get in touch with a qualified expert if you detect any strange symptoms.

10. Practice Energy-Saving Habits:
Last but not least, developing energy-saving habits can increase the general effectiveness and longevity of your AC unit. This entails utilizing natural shade, drawing the drapes or blinds during the hottest portion of the day, and minimizing activities that produce heat. You can make sure your AC system functions smoothly and has a longer lifespan by reducing the load on it.
In conclusion, regular maintenance is essential to keeping your air conditioner's cooling system dependable and effective. You can improve the longevity of your AC unit by keeping up with maintenance advice including cleaning or replacing air filters, removing obstructions, scheduling a professional repair, and adopting energy-saving practices. Keep in mind that a properly maintained air conditioner not only reduces your energy costs but also guarantees your comfort throughout the warmest months of the year.
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2023.06.07 14:36 gamoschoolfurniture The Durability and Versatility of Monoblock Chairs

Monoblock chairs have gained significant popularity in the realm of furniture due to their exceptional durability and versatile applications. In this article, we will delve into the key features, construction, and various applications of monoblock chairs, highlighting their strength and suitability for different environments.
Definition: Monoblock chairs are single-piece molded chairs, typically made from high-quality plastic or resin.
Construction: These chairs are manufactured using advanced injection molding techniques, resulting in a seamless and robust structure.
Ergonomics: Monoblock chairs are designed to provide optimal comfort and support, with contoured seats and backrests that promote proper posture.
Material Strength: Monoblock chairs are engineered using durable materials such as polypropylene, ensuring resistance to impact, wear, and fading.
Structural Integrity: The seamless construction of monoblock chairs eliminates weak points, making them highly resistant to breakage or deformation even under heavy use.
Load Capacity: These chairs are engineered to support substantial weight, providing stability and safety for users of varying sizes.
Educational Institutions: Monoblock chairs find extensive usage in schools, colleges, and universities, thanks to their durability and stackability, enabling easy storage and space optimization.
Event and Conference Spaces: The lightweight nature and easy portability of monoblock chairs make them ideal for temporary seating arrangements at events, conferences, and seminars.
Outdoor Settings: Resistant to harsh weather conditions, monoblock chairs are suitable for outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, and cafeterias.
Cleaning: Monoblock chairs can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water, requiring minimal maintenance efforts.
UV Resistance: Many monoblock chairs are UV-stabilized, preventing color fading or degradation when exposed to sunlight.
Longevity: With proper care, monoblock chairs can retain their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity for an extended period, making them a cost-effective seating solution.
Monoblock chairs stand as a testament to durability and versatility in the realm of furniture. Their seamless construction, durable materials, and ergonomic design make them suitable for various settings, from educational institutions to outdoor spaces. As a low-maintenance and long-lasting seating option, monoblock chairs offer both practicality and aesthetic appeal.
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2023.06.07 14:36 BroMandi [Home Depot] 10' x 12' Hampton Bay Shiloh Glen Steel Brown Gazebo $250 at Home Depot w/ Free Store Pickup [Deal: $250.00, Actual: $599.00]

[Home Depot] 10' x 12' Hampton Bay Shiloh Glen Steel Brown Gazebo $250 at Home Depot w/ Free Store Pickup [Deal: $250.00, Actual: $599.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 14:32 BroMandi [Home Depot] 26" Hampton Bay Del Oro Cast Iron Fire Pit $79 + Free Shipping [Deal: $79.00, Actual: $169.00]

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2023.06.07 14:28 EatMoreFiber Moving to Norfolk/Hampton Roads? Welcome! Please read this before posting. [2023 edition]

By user request, I'm recreating this thread in an effort to allow /norfolk's members to update & improve the information. Please comment as needed and I'll do my best to revise the main text as quickly as I can. Thanks!
Welcome to /Norfolk! Our subreddit gets a lot of questions about relocating to the area, so be sure to search the subreddit to see if your specific questions have already been answered.
Here's a quick list of the top tips and most frequently repeated advice about moving to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area:
  • Live on the same side of the water as you work. Our many bridges, tunnels and bridge-tunnels frequently experience heavy traffic volume and become chokepoints even on days without incidents or accidents. Commuting from the Southside (Norfolk/Virginia Beach) to the Peninsula (Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg) and vice versa is not recommended. Additionally, many water crossings are now or will eventually be tolled. Get an EZ-Pass to pay the lowest rate.
  • This area floods. Look at FEMA flood maps for the area you want to move to and be aware of possibly needing flood insurance. Similarly, our area occasionally experiences hurricanes. Know your Evacuation Zone and learn more about Hurricane Preparations. Also check out the jet noise map (PDF warning) (credit to NotEntirelyUnlike)
  • Hampton Roads has a lot to offer. Obviously there is the beach. But there is also a surprisingly good and growing food & craft beer scene. A great many museums and activities. And an easy drive to the mountains and other major cities. Career wise the medical center is growing year over year, and is only expected to continue expanding into a major hub for the region. Norfolk offers a slightly more urban feel, with lots of great food joints and cultural amenities, all while being walking and bike friendly. Virginia Beach is more suburban in feel, and has a large amount of great neighborhoods at a decent price not too far from the beach. Chesapeake is even more suburban, but more affordable. Suffolk is growing, but still by all rights could be considered mostly rural. (credit to Here4thebeer3232)
  • Check crime reports. Crime can happen anywhere but some areas see more reported incidents than others. Great areas can be adjacent to bad neighborhoods, sometimes separated only by a road or a few blocks. When buying or renting a residence, try to visit the area at different times of day and strike up conversations with locals to get a feel for the location. Use Norfolk's Crime Mapping tool to view crime reports and statistics.
  • Norfolk Neighborhoods of Note
    Chelsea/West Ghent: Small former industrial area that is now home to 2 top tier Breweries and is a central part of the Elizabeth River Bike Trail. Has a growing culinary scene. Limited residential options. Colonial Place: Upscale residential neighborhood with waterside access. Flooding is a concern in this area, but neighborhoods are family friendly and homes are gorgeous. Downtown: the urban center of our region. Growing residential population to match established barestaurant, entertainment and financial scenes. East Beach: Newly constructed high end beach condos right on the Chesapeake Bay. Has abundant docking for boats, fishing holes, and beach access. A more quiet and older community. Fort Norfolk: Growing area adjacent to EVMS and Sentara Medical Center. The unofficial midtown of Norfolk, that is slowly becoming a part of the city skyline. Floods often. Freemason: straight-laced & upscale enclave adjacent to downtown and built around cobblestone streets. Ghent: trendy, historic and filled to the brim with character, culture and delicious cuisine. The neighborhood’s main thoroughfare, Colley Avenue, and adjacent 21st and 22nd streets are lined with eclectic eateries, unique shops, art galleries and antique stores. Larchmont: High end homes in a family friendly neighborhood. Adjacent to ODU, but without the noise, Larchmont is home to incredible homes in a very green and quiet part of the city. Also has waterside access. Oceanview: Affordable community right on the beach. Still considered more working class, it is slowly looking to compete with the Virginia Beach Oceanfront as a tourist attraction. Home to the Bold Mariner Brewery and Jessy's Taqueria NEON District: Growing Arts district, adjacent to downtown. Home to a variety of arts shops and artisan restaurants, as well as the Chrysler Museum of Art and the Harrison Opera house. Park Place: Park Place is a historic neighborhood centrally located to the north of Downtown Norfolk. Park Place offers multimodal access to health and fitness facilities, dining, coffee shops, retail, visual art, live music, and community for people from all walks of life. This historic residential neighborhood is a diverse and inclusive community, and is comprised of a mix of single detached houses, condos, luxury, market rate, and affordable rentals homes and apartments. Located between 23rd street and 38th street, and between Granby street on the east, and Colley ave on the west, the Park Place area neighborhood includes two business districts, the 35th Street Business District and the Railroad District, and is walkable to the North Colley, Ghent, and Riverview business districts. Railroad District: Rapidly growing former warehouse district located between Ghent and Park place. Home to the majority of Breweries in the city. While could be considered gentrified, is still home to novel cultural centers such as 757 Makerspace and Nomads Clothing Exchange. Riverview: Immediately adjacent to the Norfolk Zoo and Lafayette park. With waterside access and a small commercial corridor, Riverview is a good area for all ages. Also home to MJs Tavern, the largest LGBT bar in the metropolitan area. St Paul's District: Under construction West Ocean View: Turns into a parking lot for HRBT traffic every time the base lets out. Willoughby Spit: Quiet residential sandbar. Remains somewhat isolated from HRBT traffic, but offers a commanding presence along the Chesapeake Bay.
  • /VirginiaBeach Neighborhoods of Note
    Chesapeake/Chic's Beach: "locals only" beachside community. Oceanfront: touristy stretch of beach + boardwalk, hotels, and trinket shops. Town Center: VB's Central Business District including Pembroke Mall and other high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Portsmouth Neighborhoods of Note
    Olde Towne: boasts the largest collection of period homes between Charleston, South Carolina and Alexandria, Virginia. Walkable, lots of shops and restaurants, close to the riverfront, ferry access to downtown Norfolk. (credit to BrobaFat)
  • Odds & ends
    • Norfolk's hardiness zone is 8a, for any gardeners out there. A bit further west, and you're in 7b.
    • The large military presence means a lot of traffic around 4pm. High school gets out around 2, middle school around 3.
    • There are slow cargo trains going to and from the port. When scoping out neighborhoods, check for tracks nearby, and if there are any bridges or underpasses to help bypass a stopped cargo train. Example: Taussig and Granby, near the post office? If you hear a train, pray that it's a short one, because I haven't found a shortcut there yet.
    • This WeatherSpark page has some useful data on the local climate for anyone particularly interested in our weather patterns. TL;DR, it doesn't really freeze here, but we still get snow every few years. (credit to sin-so-fit)
Please also view the 2021 EDITION for additional context & information, especially in the comments.
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2023.06.07 10:12 FairmondeGolf Exploring the Versatility of Bucket Hats for Golf: Fairmonde Golf's Stylish Collection

Welcome, fellow golf enthusiasts on Reddit! Today, let's delve into the world of bucket hats golf and discover the incredible versatility they bring to the game. In this discussion, we'll explore Fairmonde Golf's stylish collection and how these hats can enhance your golfing experience without any promotional bias.
The Perfect Fusion of Style and Function:
Bucket hats for golf have become a popular choice among golfers seeking a blend of style and functionality. Fairmonde Golf acknowledges the importance of both aspects when it comes to golfing attire. Their collection offers a wide range of bucket hats designed to provide sun protection while adding a touch of fashion-forward flair to your golf ensemble. These hats are crafted with care, ensuring you can enjoy your game with a sense of style, all while keeping the sun's rays at bay.
Unmatched Comfort for Optimal Performance:
Comfort is paramount for golfers looking to perform their best on the course. Fairmonde Golf's bucket hats for golf prioritize your comfort by utilizing lightweight and breathable materials. With moisture-wicking properties, these hats keep you cool and dry throughout your game, allowing you to maintain focus on your swing and play at your peak performance level.
A Fashionable Statement On and Off the Fairway:
The appeal of bucket hat golfextends beyond the golf course, making them a versatile fashion accessory. Fairmonde Golf's collection showcases various stylish designs, colors, and patterns to cater to different tastes. Whether you prefer a classic and understated look or a bold and vibrant statement piece, these bucket hats can effortlessly complement your personal style, making you stand out as a fashionable golfer.
One of the remarkable aspects of bucket hats for golf is their versatility beyond the fairway. Fairmonde Golf's collection transcends their golfing purpose, seamlessly adapting to other outdoor activities. Whether you're hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying a day in nature, these hats are designed to protect you from the sun while providing comfort and style. Embrace the versatility of bucket hats for golf and let them accompany you on all your outdoor adventures.
Finding Your Perfect Bucket Hat Match:
Fairmonde Golf's extensive collection of bucket hats for golf offers a diverse selection to suit various preferences. Explore different styles and designs to find the one that resonates with your personality and complements your unique golfing identity. The right bucket hat can be a reflection of your personal style, instilling confidence as you step onto the fairway.
Bucket hats for golf have become synonymous with style and practicality on the course. Fairmonde Golf's collection of bucket hats golf embraces this notion, providing golfers with a range of fashionable options to enhance their golfing experience. With their focus on sun protection, unmatched comfort, and versatile designs, these hats offer a stylish yet functional accessory for any golfer. Explore the world of bucket hats for golf, discover the perfect match, and enjoy the benefits they bring to your golfing journey, both on and off the fairway.
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2023.06.07 09:00 OutdoorLivingUAE Outdoor Living, Outdoor Furniture Suppliers in Dubai

Our products are of high quality and our materials are drawn from the United States to Europe and are assembled in China, Indonesia, and South Africa. Our team has years of experience in cunning, manufacturing, catering outdoor furniture and Outdoor Furniture Suppliers in Dubai . Our vision is to be identified in UAE as one of the most renowned outdoor furniture suppliers. And our mission is to give after-sales services to all our clients which are considered as one of the most decisive values in our business.
Website : https://outdoorliving.ae/
Address: Outdoor Living General Trading LLC Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact no: +97152 6512826, +971 50 9483460
Mail id: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
#outdoor furniture suppliers #Outdoor Furniture Suppliers in Dubai
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2023.06.07 08:13 AdIll2905 Nurturing Little Minds: Cherubs Montessori Preschool in Bangalore

Cherubs Montessori Preschool in Bangalore is a recognized educational institution committed to nurturing little minds through the Montessori approach. Situated in the vibrant city of Bangalore, the preschool provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children to explore, learn, and grow.
Cherubs Montessori Preschool follows the principles established by Dr. Maria Montessori, emphasizing the importance of child-centered learning. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of each child, fostering their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.
The preschool classrooms at Cherubs Montessori are carefully prepared to construct an engaging and child-friendly environment. The Montessori materials and knowledge aids are strategically arranged to encourage hands-on investigation and independent learning. These materials are specially developed to formulate various skills, such as sensory perception, language addition, mathematical knowledge, and valuable life aptitudes.
The preschool teachers at Cherubs Montessori are qualified professionals who sincerely understand child development and the Montessori philosophy. They act as guides, observing and assessing each child's progress, and providing individualized support and guidance. The teachers create a nurturing and supportive environment where children feel safe to explore, ask questions, and develop their unique abilities.
At Cherubs Montessori Preschool, a strong emphasis is placed on fostering a love for learning. Children are encouraged to follow their interests and engage in purposeful activities. The preschool environment promotes curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills, laying a strong foundation for a lifelong passion for learning.
In complement to academic development, Cherubs Montessori recognizes the importance of social and emotional growth in early childhood. The preschool provides opportunities for children to develop social skills, empathy, and cooperation through group activities, circle time, and free play. Children learn to interact with their peers, resolve conflicts, and develop a sense of community.
Cherubs Montessori also values physical development and provides ample opportunities for children to engage in physical activities. The preschool has well-designed outdoor play areas where children can run, climb, and explore. These activities not only enhance gross motor skills but also promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
The preschool maintains a strong partnership with parents, understanding the significance of collaboration between home and school. Regular communication channels are established to keep parents informed about their child's progress, achievements, and areas for further growth. The preschool organizes parent-teacher meetings, workshops, and events to encourage parental involvement and provide resources for supporting children's development at home.
Cherubs Montessori Preschool boasts a safe and child-friendly infrastructure. The classrooms are immense, well-lit, and equipped with age-appropriate furniture and materials. Safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of the children, and the preschool maintains a clean and hygienic environment.
In conclusion,
Cherubs Montessori Preschool in Bangalore provides a nurturing and enriching learning environment for young children. With its child-centered approach, dedicated teachers, engaging curriculum, and strong parent partnerships, the preschool aims to lay a strong foundation for the overall development of children. Cherubs Montessori Preschool stands as a prominent choice for parents seeking a high-quality early childhood education experience in Bangalore.
Keyword: #Preschool in Bangalore, #Best Preschool in Bangalore
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