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2010.06.16 17:34 pabs_agro XRP - The Digital Asset for Payments

XRP is the fastest & most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world. Using XRP, banks can source liquidity on demand in real time without having to pre-fund nostro accounts. Payment Providers use XRP to expand reach into new markets, lower foreign exchange costs and provide faster payment settlement.

2017.07.06 20:20 Pokedude1014 shitty movie details

This [subbie](/subbie) is for the greatest movie details ever.

2023.06.01 23:32 iLuvDarkHumor 24 EST So if 2 + x is 4 and x is 2, answer me this, what is your weird talent?

I'm looking for long-term friendship. Even if we don't have the same interests but you're thinking maybe we can work this out, send me a chat request. I am from EST time zone. Not a must but similar time zones around that would work better because there'd be less time difference.
So my interests are:
I love metal, rock, house kinda music
I also love anime, movies, and shitty reality tv shows
I love isekai genre animes or anything with magic/fantasy
Just recently started reading manga&manhwa
I watched couple of shitty reality shows as well
Like Kitchen Nightmares, 90 day fiance, my 600lbs life, extreme cheapskates etc.
I also love Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Star Wars (recently started).
I have weird curiosities like how do wizards make money in Harry Potter?
I also love photography as in, i basically take pics of anything.
Fun fact about me, i'm obsessed with skulls. I just love skull rings and other things. (Not human or animal skulls)
Please send a chat request with introducing yourself a little
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2023.06.01 23:32 lvg87 Mystery/Chaos Cube

Hello fellow cubers,
I wanted to share my latest creation with the world and potentially get some feedback or inspire others.
I recently built a chaos/mystery cube. While I love cube, designing as well as drafting. I found that a carefully curated limited environment is not something that is easy for other people to pick up. It's hard to draft without being familiar with the card pool and interactions. As a result my cubes would not get drafted much or the matches were not fair.
I have however also always loved chaos draft. Going to GPs the chaos draft was always my favourite side event. Later they got replaced with mystery draft and that was equally fun. You have to evaluate cards on the fly and find synergies between cards that are not necessarily designed to synergize with each other. And because the environment is largely random, no one has an advantage of knowing exactly what to look out for.
In the end mystery draft is just a list of cards from magic's history curated by Wizards, 'I can do that too' I figured.
So for this cube I looked at the mana curve of the mystery draft card list and then scoured all of scryfall and started to make lists of cards I would find fun to play with again. Trying to get a mix of old and new cards, while not being overly fussed with archetypes, balance etc. Ofcourse there might be some synergies and I've tried to keep things from getting to degenerate but in general I've tried to just let it run wild.
The cube is 1260 cards as that was what I could fit into the largest box I could find. I then realized I also needed lands so now I carry an extra land/token/dice box around. Still easier then making another 200ish cuts. The size is to help make it feel random and not have people expecting or hoping for certain cards. You really have to take it as it comes.
I make packs of 15 and seed 2 rares in every pack. Rares are often an exciting part of a normal draft experience and I tried to find rares that are powerfull and just good, as well as rares that can be built around. There are even some 'stinkers' like there would be in most draft formats.
I've drafted the cube 3 times so far and the response from my playgroup has been pretty good. The people that normally don't love cube seem to enjoy this more. While they might still be disadvantaged when it comes to card evaluation, they no longer need to 'understand' the cube and the archetypes to stand a chance and have fun.

Here's the list: https://cubecobra.com/cube/overview/6d6ba2c0-3395-4eb8-b7ed-4c60828080fc
Curious to hear what people think and if there are any other similar lists out there.
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2023.06.01 23:32 Low-Difference8938 Can someone give me one good reason to stay alive

Everyone in my life hates me. My “best friend” didn’t even invite me to there sweet 16th she’s having a big BBQ so many ppls going it is in 5 days but she sent me a picture of the outfit she’s going to wear to it. Nobody cares ab me I spent the intire day balling my eyes out. My mum, sister and brother was home all ppl said to me all day was “stop your crying” “you sound like a baby” “you sound stupid” multiple times. My family got invited to a BBQ my nana told me my granda didn’t go bc he’s sick of me. Then my mum and nana both said in sink “who can blame him” they are referring to how I usally don’t talk to people. BECAUSE IM DEPRESSED! When i said out loud for the 1st time “I want to kill myself” my mum told me i wasn’t getting any sympathy my sister laughed and my brother told me to stop lying. When my teacher noticed my SH on my wrist he looked at it for a second asked what it was I told him it’s nothing and he didn’t even persist. When my boss noticed a change in my behaviour instead of asking if I’m ok she just made me go of the till and into a sorting room we’re there’s no customers. I have a GCSE tomorrow I am not prepared my ADHD has been so bad I haven’t been able to focus for 10 seconds I’m going fail. I need this GCSE to get into the college course I applied to so basically next September I have no education lined up that’s actually going to happen I’m just gonna be the next depressed high school dropout with no plans. I was stupid and didn’t apply for a backup safety course. But I also didn’t think it would matter and it still might not bc I didn’t think I’d still be here
and im so suecidal I can’t see staight everything is blurry im so light headed and when I get home im just going to take any and every pill I can find. The only reason I held on this long is because of my best friend but not being invited to her birthday was my last straw.
Sorry this vents all over the place
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2023.06.01 23:28 montarethose Post Human 2

Might be a stretch but I’ve been curious to see if there might be any meaning to the lower case and upper case letters in the song titles and I think personally by the time the album comes out they’ll spell something neat. The current uppercase letters when put into a scrambler can spell ETERNAL & ALTERED with just 7 of the 10 letters. Probably nothing but just wanted to see what you guys thought.
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2023.06.01 23:28 Flou99 [ViewsFr] Moise Kean : “The time at PSG is the best moment of my career. I will never the great moments and everything I learnt there.”

[ViewsFr] Moise Kean : “The time at PSG is the best moment of my career. I will never the great moments and everything I learnt there.” submitted by Flou99 to psg [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 23:28 thewaymylifegoes Isolated in a Crowd

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but it feels a lot like deep, long-term heartbreak.
I'm 23F. For most of my life, I've felt like an outcast. Always on the outside looking in. Like something must be wrong with me to command this type of dismissal in every environment I'm in. Like I must be missing something socially. I'm friendly with everyone, but feel close with nobody. Despite my best efforts over the years to either create a friend group or tag along and embed myself, the friendships I crave have never quite aligned for me. I always got along with all different friend groups as a floater, but never embedded into them. I make people laugh. I try to invest my conversations in other people's life and interests. I consider myself an empathetic person and deeply caring. I have my own interests and I always try to find common grounds. But nobody shows the same energy back, and nobody considers me enough to invite me out even when I make subtle attempts to invite myself or inquire. I've been told before that I'm "intense" and "boring." And it hurts deep in my soul. I don't want to be anything that separates me from others. I feel cutting pain on an almost daily basis over my lack of connection to other human beings. My entire childhood and high school experience felt like this, and so did my upbringing with my mother. College I was a loner commuter student. My best friends have been my past ex boyfriends, but even my last ex excluded me much the same way when we used to work together. I wasn't invited out with him and our coworkers.
Fast forward to now, the same things happen to me at work. My coworkers all go out without me, all the girls, and are very quiet at work about it. They're friendly to me and I'm friendly to them, and we make jokes, they rant to me etc, but they don't include me in after work drinks, clubbing, gym sessions, or beach days etc. My heart sinks every day to see them hanging out together and how grateful I would've been to be there with them. I've inquired before and they lie to me about not doing anything after work, then post about being out. There's even been times where I'll go to a workout class and see 3 or 4 of them together, me by myself because I wasn't invited or even given the chance to go with them. It makes me cry all the time.
Now, I know many will say I can't rely on others to feel better, or be desperate for friends. My ex boyfriend said that I might be giving off "desperate" energy, and I "should not want friends, just accept it" but I've tried everything to make this not the case. He was my best friend, and he left me. He's reached out multiple times since he dumped me last year, but it was too traumatic of a breakup to respond to him. I feel separated from life now, like the only cord stringing me to life was cut. I am going on multiple international solo trips this year, I travel alone, I go to restaurants alone, I do most things alone. I've gotten a new job and the same dynamic still repeats. I don't have a problem doing things alone, it's that I don't want to live my whole life isolated. I've continued my life in spite of the lack of human connection, still searching for it because the way I felt being connected to even my ex boyfriend (who didn't treat me well) still felt better than I feel right now. I just feel like my soul hurts on a deep level, with no way out, sometimes I cry to God about what I have done in a past life to deserve this level of isolation.
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2023.06.01 23:24 Boloneyfish Question about making quarterly estimated taxes

Situation: Started my business in April, landed my first client in May and got paid, via a payment processing service on May 30th.
Problem: The payment processing service put a 21 day hold on my money on May 30th.
Lesson learned: Use direct bank xfer next time!
1) Does the client payment count as May income even though I can't access it?
2) If so, should I pay estimated taxes on the income (paid to me in May) by the June deadline?
3) Am I overthinking this?
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2023.06.01 23:23 Nervous_Initiative_8 Necro help

This is my second time playing Diablo the first time I played the mobile version of D3 even though I only played about 2-3 hours of it I loved the way the game was shaped so when I found out Diablo 4 was on its way I was super happy and after watching a couple of yt videos on classes I saw a couple of people saying necro was going to be a super good end game class but at the same time I saw a bunch of kids whining and crying because of some summoner buff and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the nerf getting patched or if the summons got buffed before launched or simply if someone could explain how necro would be a good endgame class thank you for your time
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2023.06.01 23:23 Papalote420 Still waiting for updates to fix lag cheaters

Idk if any of the long time players remember when RedLynx announced they were moving PVP "server side in summer 2018" This announcement claimed they would fix bugs with lag and fight against cheaters. I've noticed less lag lately but still I am running into these lag switch users who I can very obviously tell are cheaters. They play cards, the cards lag for a couple seconds then suddenly their entire push is on my side of the field. Meanwhile I'm unable to play any cards to defend cause they are flicking their switch too fast for the servers to register that I played anything.
I realize that the company has since abandoned us but it would have been nice if they had just followed through to make the game fun for competitive players.
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2023.06.01 23:23 Psychological-Nail81 I had the worst host shift I've had in a long time.

I know most of my rage/sadness is directed at old people. Or just generally people who don't have reddit but why do people walk into restaurants expecting us to cater to their every whim? And why does it always fall back on hosts. This is more of a rant post than anything sorry that there's so much text.
Here's a list of some of the tables I had in my shift on a not even busy day, just a day that attracted all the jerkfaces in my county. -A lady came in and told me she had a reservation, we don't do reservations. Oh well my family is sat, then she gave me a name. Okay, we don't have that name currently down but we do have a Diana. Her tone got harsh, she told me her name wasn't Diana. I was so taken back I didn't even process for a moment and I paused and asked her if there was a person in her party named Diana. She replied that there was, and asked if they were here. Yeah lady, they're here and they put down their name sorry it wasn't yours.
On any other day I know my fellow hosts would just assume that she wasn't with that party and made her wait but we got a phone call the other day where a lady complained to a manager for 30 minutes that she waited in the lobby while her party was here. So I just double checked.
-A couple came in and the lady immediately stood by the doors into the dining room, whatever. The guy tells me that they would like a table for two and I bring them to one. No requests for a specific table or anything. I set down the menus and tell them to enjoy. And as I'm walking away the lady just picks up the menus and walks to a different part of the restaurant. I had to hunt them down, guys you can't just do that. Servers have sections. You could sit in the 60's for an hour before anyone would even notice. And then the blame falls on me for seating you there. Oh we're sorry they say we just wanna sit by a window. Okay, I'll tell u a window you can sit by. It's not a seat yourself restaurant for a reason.
-Another table complains that it's too dark when I'm trying to seat them and they want to sit in a different section. But more specifically the section they pointed out. There's no server in that section. Please sit in the ones I told you that you can. "oh it's fine, they'll just come to us." No they won't. But they wouldn't listen to me and I had to run feeling frantic in the back cause I was the only host on and I have to make sure someone knows they're serving them. My servers WILL walk past you if you're not in their section, get mad when I tell them that you sat yourself and you've been there for a while. Etc etc
-A one top comes in and I try to seat him in the bar area (we have tables in there) and he doesn't even walk in. He tells me that he doesn't want to sit in here. Okay sorry about that sir, let's find you somewhere else. I walk out of the bar and walk around to a different area telling him to follow me. Actually, the bar area is fine. You just said it wasn't it's okay I got you a different table. No this is fine. So I walk back in the bar and set down the menus and finally he comes in and sits down.
-An older couple comes in and asks for someplace quiet. I say okay we just got a server on in this section so there should be no loud noise. And they were like okay :)) The moment we past the very loud and packed booths they ask why they're not being sat in there. I was confused and said because you wanted someplace quiet? The lady starts loudly complaining about me. And how I'm making her run a marathon in the restaurant. I'm just confused and a little annoyed by this point but the quiet area isn't that far away it's not that big of a restaurant. They then immediately seat themselves at a random table. Saying things like I guess this table will do. And I don't even know what to do at this point. There is a server in this area but I just double sat him and I felt bad but I didn't know really what else to do so I just hand them their menus. And the lady loudly complains about how they're never able to sit where they want to sit to her husband and overall just complaining about me. I was so pissed I just walked to the front and clocked out cause I was bringing you to the table that you wanted what do you mean:(((
The other two hosts were on and my manager told me I could leave early but what a bad way to end a shift omfg
People were just generally aweful today and these are just the ones that stuck out to me. It was mainly slow but everyone was just so rude and weirdly entitled. And it just bugs me because everything falls on me. Their first impression, letting the servers know if they go somewhere else. Servers complaining to me they're not getting tables (I keep trying but they're seating themselves with others) or servers complaining that I'm giving them too many tables (there's a three table limit and I can't inforce it if customers take my job as recommendations).
Back again tommrow to do it all again. Just hopefully people are better tommrow smh
Thanks for reading and I hope y'all shift goes better
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2023.06.01 23:22 SpaceshipInBlackhole 28M/europe med student looking for friends

I'm from south-east europe.. . I've been looking for chats/friends. All the good stuff. I'm into music, anime/manga/youtube, ,video games, history and animals. I'm mostly into old music and into ton of sports as well like tennis/basketball/football/swimming... Also like to hike and do kayaking as well.
Send me a chat and tell me about your day/life/things you like/what brings you here, or whatever you want to talk about :)) Got 1 exams left and stuck at home nowadays srudying for exams,so got ton of time to text. Just looking for friends from diffeent places and idc about time zone cuz I generally sleep late. Also would be cool to have workoout/progresa buddy too
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2023.06.01 23:17 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Ukraine will be part of NATO but priority now is Russia fight, Stoltenberg says Washington Times

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2023.06.01 23:15 Voiturdinhomaaro Quick football questions

Ah, Leicester, the mighty Foxes. I must say, it's quite amusing to see your team take a tumble down to the Championship. I suppose all those dreams of Premier League glory are starting to fade away, aren't they?
But hey, look on the bright side! The Championship is a lovely league, filled with passionate fans and quaint little stadiums. It'll be a nice change of pace for your players, getting to experience a more "intimate" atmosphere with fewer spectators. Maybe they'll even learn what it feels like to have a proper relegation battle.
I can already picture it now - the mighty Foxes scrapping it out against the likes of Wycombe Wanderers and Rotherham United. I bet you'll have a tough time adjusting to the lower quality of opposition. It's quite a step down from rubbing shoulders with the big boys in the Premier League, isn't it?
Oh, and don't worry, Leicester fans. I'm sure your team will be back in the Premier League soon... well, maybe not soon, but eventually. Just remember, the Championship isn't so bad. It builds character and resilience. So, embrace your new reality and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of mediocrity while it lasts!
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2023.06.01 23:12 gorgeousgoldfish Is it normal to feel like I can't look at photos of myself as a baby/child (sorta up to age 12 which was when i started sh-ing)

Always been emotional/sensitive since a young age(like since I was about 6-7 years old) I still often feel overwhelmed by sensitivity now even tho I'm in my early twenties but I have more self care ways to cope if I feel emotional or im having a day where I feel much more sensitive. However when I was younger and particularly 2010-2011 time(autumn/winter 2011 when I was 12 in particular) I was completely unable to cope with my anxiety/emotions and unfortunately I struggled a lot with self harm which came to a sort of climax point when I actually had to go to hospital for surgery as the result of an injury caused by the self harm. It feels really weird saying this and I feel like it will come off as wanting sympathy or pity but it's not, I'm just sharing an honest reflection. Recently some extended family the daughter recently had a baby girl and they sent us some cute photos of her with the daughter and her partner. And idk why but I find it kind of upsetting to look at the photos because it's almost like I was the same baby/toddler like that once and I didn't deserve to hurt myself.
View Poll
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2023.06.01 23:08 Ok-Friend7351 Is this worth waiting for?

I was dating this guy for a year and a half. A few days ago I had to break it off with him, because hard things kept coming up in his life. I'm 22, and since day 1, I told him I want to work on growing up, moving out eventually. he loved that and related so that became a foundation. Our connection was good. He said I was the one he wanted to be with forever and he will make things work for us. I know he wanted to and we loved each other. He changed my life. He did not leave me.
But, it didn't go the way I thought. Initially it was all about him getting his GED, he never got it because of being stuck at his family farm(more on that), then it was about him getting a real job, but he works on a family farm (1 1/2 hour away) that barely pays him, like at most 3k once a year. it's complicated, he wanted to but never did or could because things there were so complicated and hard for him, and they never got easier. also i think maybe he was scared to "leave" the farm.
It's gotten worse. His grandpa unexpectedly got sick and passed a month and a half ago. I feel terrible this happened, our relationship was already rocky. i feel so so guilty I didn't want to leave, but for so long I've been begging for him to do something to help our relationship be manageable. But, now he basically had to move there 1 1/2 hours away, so busy i can barely see him anymore. For now, he doesn't have time to get a job or move with me, and part of me thinks he never ever will. But I don't know, maybe he would.
Maybe he just never got the right time or chance to. Since I was unhappy, he suggested a "break" so he can come back and show me. But then he contradicts and mentions it could be 1, 5, 10 years who knows. ): it’s very possible his head is just not clear yet, he said he just can’t give me a specific time where things will get easier right now. I wanted to be with him. Should I be more understanding and wait, take a break and give him an actual chance to see if things get figured out? or am i screwing myself waiting, but then what if things get easier and he decides he cares enough to compromise and work for our relationship like he says. i feel like he never did anything big that he told me but that’s just how i feel
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2023.06.01 23:08 AzzyMarluth Pride month time!

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2023.06.01 23:07 salahbenyebdei Derealisation and severe anxiety after weed

Hello guys, i hope you’re doing great, last month i had a bad trip on weed ( its not my first time using i do smoke occasionally) and i had a bad trip / a panic attack, i felt so weird and awkward like i was watching myself from another POV, i thought id sleep it off and wake up well , and i just felt worse, it’s a terrible feeling, m usually a slightly anxious person, i couldnt hold it in and i ended up telling my parents, at first I panicked and went to the psychologist, she told me i had derealisation and depersonalisation following a THC intoxication,here in morocco it is quite expensive and i couldn’t afford it, it feels so awkward i dont even know how to explain it to u, it’s like m in the back of my mind, its like m a new born, my mom told me to go to a normal doctor she knows, he prescribed me paroxetine(paxil) and it just makes me tired, m actually a bodybuilder and seeing myself eating less and not training hard enough like i used to makes me really depressed, it’s like a knife in my heart that i feel especially the mornings, its been a month that im in this state, im really starting to have suicidal thoughts but i can’t tell my parents cause they will panic, i won’t give up but i just need some help guys this is beyond me, i try to look and act normal but i just can’t.
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2023.06.01 23:05 Short_Secretary2317 Spots on my dog

Spots on my dog
My dog has recently undergone an allergy treatment for about two months and she still has these spots. She finished her treatment and the vet suggested to give her some omega in her food so we switched it to another one. She is a 6 year old Schnauzer and this is the first time it happens. She also gets dry flakes throughout her coat as well and using a medicated shampoo.
Has anyone had this happen before on their dogs?
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2023.06.01 23:04 Solarpunkish Film where an anomalous instrument behaves like a living thing despite it's apparent immobility and takes a spaceship on a time travel adventure

Hint: there is more than 1 scene where water presents itself as an obstacle
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2023.06.01 23:03 anonweeb99 What do I do? Finals and language learning

Hey, so I’m finishing up my freshman year in high school, and I’ve come across an issue. So, everyday I study Farsi for an hour, but since it’s the last week of school next week, I have finals to study for. I fear that studying farsi takes away finals studying time, but I’m worried if I pause studying farsi just for this short period, I’ll completely lose my progress streak and might not be able to get back into it. What would you do in this situation?
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2023.06.01 23:02 toni_toni I've been on HRT for eleven years, full time for ten and today I just bought my first purse.

It's this one.
I feel like the slowest of slow bloomers but I'm really excited about it.
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2023.06.01 23:01 AbbreviationsOld5245 Heavy Sigh

I think the worst part about being an adult is the sheer amount of responsibility placed on you. Your finances, feelings, reactions to things and more are all your responsibility. Nobody can help you with that or guide you. If you don't take care of your finances, you can be homeless or broke. If you don't control your emotions, you could end up in jail or an outcast. Sometimes I feel completely alone with no guidance. People give you advice based on how they would handle it and sometimes you don't agree with the way they choose to do things. There's so many factors involved with bettering yourself that sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Thankfully, therapy has been a good place to sort out my thoughts.
But enough of the fucking prologue. I am here today to once again talk about men. Specifically, a man who hasn't done anything unforgivably wrong, but I am tired of him and I've been thinking of cutting him out of my life. It sucks. I don't feel justified and almost feel like I'm overreacting, but allow me to explain my decision. He has always kinda put me on the backburner. He is there for me when he wants to be there. Otherwise it's like I don't exist to him. When we do meet up and talk and kick it, everything is fine. He's super sweet, we have great conversations and he's easy to talk to. But when I walk out of that door, I am out of his mind as well. He doesn't text me for weeks, and sometimes months. When I slide up on his stories he'll reply once or twice and then he'll leave me on read. He loves to leave me empty promises. "I'll hit you up later this week.", "I'll text you when I get off work", and he never does. He does this so much that when he says he's going to, I say "yeah right" in my head. I've confronted him about this several times and told him how it makes me feel. He's very apologetic. Then? He's back to doing it. Back to leaving me on read and leaving me empty promises. It is extremely dejecting and frustrating. Every time I say something to him about it he apologies, just to do it again. A voice in the back of my head asks me "how much could he possibly care about you if he keeps doing it knowing how it makes you feel?" I tried to cut him slack because I know he is probably busy, has a job, has a life and all that other stuff. But I have to acknowledge how these things make me feel and do what I need to do to be comfortable. I also recognize my faults. I am pretty triggered by being left on read because it feels like rejection to me. It feels like this person saw my message and decided I wasn't worth responding to and moved on to something else. I also know sometimes people open your message and get distracted before they can respond. But after they've left you on read 10 plus times, would you not start to get suspicious and think maybe they're leaving you on read for a reason...? It is this on top of the other stuff though.
At one point, we were intimately involved (i know I know). We didn't have sex, we were just intimate. I never really felt super connected to him, but I was definitely attached to him and wanted to keep seeing him. Like maybe once or twice a week minimum. He wanted to see me once a month or once every other month at most. This took a huge emotional toll on me and I actually began to resent him. I liked him a lot and he wanted me when he wanted me. He said he liked me but just wasn't ready for a relationship yet and didn't wanna settle down. I love to settle down and hate not knowing where I stand. In the end I told him it was affecting me too much, and that we needed to stop. I ended up deleting him for a while and it helped me get over him pretty fast. That brings us to today. I readded him after the feelings were gone and they're still gone. However he is starting to get on my nerves. I thought I hated him leaving me on read because I liked him romantically, but I hate that shit. Even as friends. Constantly brushing me off and expecting me to be there when you get back is annoying as hell and comes off as you taking me for granted to be frank... I feel like he expects me to always be there when he comes back. He is comfortable walking away from me because I've always been there upon his return. Maybe it's time I show him that I am not there for him to walk in and out of my life whenever he pleases. It is selfish of him to keep doing the same things to me knowing how I feel about it, and I almost feel like if he really cared about me, he wouldn't do that. I keep getting told that people know what they're doing and know the outcome of their actions. If they choose to keep doing it, it says a lot about how they feel about you. But I also don't like to jump to conclusions.
I hate that I'm always the one that "got away" for guys. I always have to get fed up and leave them alone for them to get the message. They always appreciate me when it is too late. I just want someone to take me seriously and mean it for once. I am tired of being the lesson and the one they mistreat before they get it right. It's highly annoying. What am I doing wrong that this keeps happening to me and how do I make it stop?? It's making me not wanna talk to men at all anymore. Every guy walks out of my life and leaves me emotionally worst than he found me and I am trying to break that pattern but I keep meeting guys that wanna do shitty things to me. I am completely fed up. This will not happen to me again. I will not keep going through the same thing over and over. This has to stop.
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