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2023.03.20 22:17 patterned1 Anger and fear

I have a ton of anger and fear. If someone asks me a question for example a Dr asked what my financial situation is. I felt it was extremely rude. I swallowed my anger what I felt like saying was how do you think my financial situation is when I can't hold down a job cause of a disability and f*ck you for being so rude to ask that and storming out. Instead I sat there and said it's ok and felt extremely threatened.
I am tired of feeling like a helpless powerless child around adults and that my only way to stay safe is be compliant, when under it I have extreme anger and sadness that isn't acceptable in society. I am struggling socially, financially, emotionally. I am exhausted most of the time. I am avoiding people and interaction. Yet I need to find a new doctor to get my prescription because I am terrified of the other one who had an extremely dominant authoritarian way about her. I feel like im drowning inside.
I want to find a therapist but then the anger of having to talk about all this and face it is making me want to curl up in a ball and die. I don't feel equipped so cope with this world and im not suicidal but do passively wish I wasn't here and that I could disappear. I'm tired of feeling the weight of the world on my back with no support, no help and now having to go ask for it is making me want to die instead. It scares me because I've found many professionals intimidating, judgemental, not understanding, pressurizing, they trigger feels of inadequacy, humiliation, shame that I have because of this.
I need to find a new doctor by 2 weeks because I've been avoiding it. I am terrified of being triggered or meeting a hostile personality when I feel so vulnerable. I'm so angry and fearful about it, when im left in my own bubble at home with no expectations and avoiding everyone, I don't feel triggered and all these powerless terrifying feelings. It's only when I need to interact with people I feel paralyzed inside and forced.
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2023.03.20 22:16 Armagadon_001 SecondLive:Choose Life,Choose Space,Choose Friends.

SecondLive:Choose Life,Choose Space,Choose Friends.
"Choose Life, Choose Space, Choose Friends" is the tagline of SecondLive. A possible rephrased version could be: SecondLive promotes the choice of life, space, and social connections.
#secondlive #metaverse #web3 #gamefi #stake #bean #earn #live
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2023.03.20 22:16 Annathrjhy Feeling like I’m gonna die soon after my last meditation

Yesterday I meditated for the second time in my life and I went in to a very deep state. I saw things from what i believe was my past life. I witnessed a family being very cruel to me and me being a widow. It was in around the 15-1600. After this family was cruel to me I was walking alone in the forest and being very pregnant when I fell and knew I was gonna die. I called for help and nobody came. I knew I was gonna die right then and there. After this sight It felt like i got deeper into the meditation and I felt as if my soul separated from my body, and I saw everything in my current life very lovingly and kept laughing, almost like i was high. I was so so happy and didn’t have a worry in the world. I was in this state for hours and got scared cause I tried stopping the meditation and do normal stuff but I didn’t feel like human me, I just felt like a soul. The next morning it was gone and the feeling was remplaced with a I’m gonna die soon feeling. I’m scared that it comes true cause things I feel tend to happen. There are so much I want to do in life as I’m only 23. I have always known that I want to become a mother and I just got engaged, so I don’t want it to end now. Can someone tell me what all of this means?
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2023.03.20 22:16 LBILD96 Poem (To My Friend)

Hello there my best friend, I miss the way we’d talk all day and say nothing but still say everything. The way you’d always cheer me up when I was down. All those times we went on our little adventures. Meeting your family and friends. You made me feel welcome, in a world where I never had. You gave me the best gift one human can give to another, that of friendship. You allowed me to know the feeling of having a dearest friend in the world. I miss the movies and books we loved to share and discuss. I simply miss being around you and having your presence in my life. I truly miss you. Friendship is forever even if it ends somehow. I hope, wherever you are, that you are truly happy. That is my greatest wish. All my love, Your friend.
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2023.03.20 22:16 waterfruitacherry Starting to lose hope in finding a fulfilling career.

Ok, sorry if the title was a bit attention grab-y, I just know it will resonate with a lot of people on here.
I am approaching 30, a few friends of mine are in the same boat of having a really hard time finding fulfilling work. People are quitting and finally starting to respect themselves and realizing that you do not have to work at a job at the cost of your mental health. I have been applying, busting out cover letters for a little over a month now, and I was holding out hope that something may come of it, but I feel like I will just need to return to the service industry, or have to do gig work. I have always been extremely independent and lived on my own as soon as I could. I finished college, which was a rough journey for me, I'm no doctor or data engineer but I think of myself as pretty smart, competent and working well within a team.
I have noticed that the older generations of LinkedIn had no problems working up to executive level positions even though they just had a fine art degree from the 90's. I know it's way different for us now, I can't find anywhere that will let me in the door, or even to talk. They want me to have 5+ years of experience. Older colleagues tell me to just "show up" with my resume, but it's not a restaurant or car shop, these are giant offices with key entry only-over & over they tell me to apply online, send an email, etc. And I never hear back. I am starting to get extremely depressed, eating less, and always stressed as I need to work now, but I want to do something fulfilling, something beneficial to myself and my community. I have worked a few service jobs, labor jobs, and I guess like all of us I just want my lucky break.
Does anyone have any additional tips I didn't mention here, I have to check in with myself daily or else I would spend all day in bed, hiding from the world.
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2023.03.20 22:15 Totally_Toasted_Ravs My sister hasn’t talked to me in over a year and I don’t know how to cope.

All because I have said some pretty harsh things/truths/opinions rather than letting her talk and having my mouth shut to listen, it’s been since oct 2021 where she didn’t want me apart of her life. She has also shaved her head and blames me for it. Even though it was her doing, my words effected her that deeply to go that far. I only want what’s best for her but how do you cope when you can’t say anything or something like that will happen….I cried so many times. I have depressing dreams too. Anyways
Background: I’ve always wanted a little sister to be there for. I wanted to build her spirit up and let her be the best she can be and also because I didn’t have many friends. We adopted her in ‘02 from China and things were going well for her but getting bullied at grade/high school has changed her way of communicating her needs/wants, has counseling(that I nor my parents don’t like but she hasn’t gone to her in awhile because she doesn’t want the help atm)
She has a little bit of self awareness when she talks and has emotional maturity to work on so it’s been hard to talk to her or even joke with her without hurting her feelings to the point that she only talks about her issues and it has been hurting me so I went to therapy that suggested I create boundaries but I obviously should have not said anything instead of ignored her talking about her issues.
At this point of our lives, including my parents, when she’s in town from college, she doesn’t want me around, because she’s afraid of what she’ll do/say? I feel like my parents are the kids and my sister and I are the divorced parents.
My parents and her are the only ones that can help to change her perspective one day..I can’t come in contact with her or she’ll tell our parents and I get yelled at. Sometimes I cry because I’ve always wanted a big family and to help out. My dad nearly died last year and he’s the only one that listens to her. She calls him about 20x a day and even with that knowledge she wouldn’t want to try to make amends. I’m afraid she’s going to go down a dark path and she’ll blame me for it and also I’ll blame myself because I still hold all of this guilt and I’m aware of it yet I can’t find anything even therapy to help me out of this fullness of my life. I feel like I have failed and some relationships which are friends I failed being there for them which makes me feel like a shittier person.
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2023.03.20 22:15 Saint_Circa My Friend Went Missing Because Of Me . . .

“She’s a witch.”
“I think you said bitch wrong.”
It’s hard to laugh when you’re exhausted, but Marti was never not able to get one out of us. Between panted breaths we laughed. Tommy’s face growing red with anger and embarrassment at the joke at his expense.
“I’m serious!” He managed to blurt when the laughter finally died down enough to get a word in.
“So am I!”
Again, laughter erupted from the bottom of our thirteen year old hearts once more breaking the silence of the forest we were supposed to be hiding in if by chance the cops were actually called as a result of our impromptu prank just a few minutes prior.
Living in a small town meant a lot of boredom. Some kids had big problems like gang violence and drive-by shootings, drugs, and crippling poverty, and even though those problems existed for your typical small town Ohio kids, at least to some extent. Our biggest problem was always boredom.
As a matter of fact, every problem that every small town had ever had could probably be traced back to boredom in one way or another. Why is that guy doing heroin behind a Walmart? Because once upon a time he was sixteen and bored, so he stole some of grandmas pills. Why did the schools football teams locker building get burned down? Because some kid was bored and decided to ruin the football team’s stuff. Why are there a bunch of kids laughing in the middle of the forest just outside of town? Same reason, they were bored and decided to ding dong ditch the senile old lady down the street.
If I’d had known for half a second . . . If I’d even had a hint of foresight about how everything would’ve turned out for us then I’d have suggested something else. Anything else, but hindsight’s 20/20. Especially for young kids.
“Guys, I’m freakin serious. Okay?” Tommy doubled down. His fists now balled up. His voice breaking a little bit with the overwhelming irritability at the laughter. “Anyone who’s ever messed with Ms. Abernanthy has been cursed.”
“Come on man.” I said trying to diffuse Tommy’s anger a little bit. “There’s a lot of places in this world, beautiful places! Jamacia, Hawaii, Switzerland. All sorts of places a powerful witch could have a good ass life, and you think there’s one living in that little brown double wide on Sycamore street? In London Ohio?”
A few more chuckles amongst the group of friends before Tommy finally resigned his argument with an exasperated sigh. As we came around from our fits of laughter and jokes we began to realize that the sun was setting.
“Wow, what a surprise.” Charlie spoke up. “No one cares that their doorbell got rang! Looks like our outlaw days are done y’alls. Just in time for dinner too. Convenient full pardons are convenient!”
“No doubt.” I responded as the group made their way out of the forest and began to cut across the large meadow towards town. “Marti, you eating with us tonight? Dad says it’s fine.”
“Appreciate it dude, but mom says we’ve got plans tonight. We’ll steal your dads Marlboros some other time okay?”
More laughter as the friend group split ways and headed home . . .
Diiing Doong
At first when I heard the doorbell ring, I just sort of brushed it off. I’d thought that maybe it was just some part of a dream I’d been having or something. Even in my almost full sleep state I knew that no one in their right mind would be ringing our doorbell at three in the morning. As I adjusted my pillow and threw my head back down on it though I heard it again. Resonating throughout the otherwise silent house in a way that was almost maliciously haunting given the time of night.
Diing Doong
It hadn’t been my imagination. There was someone at the door. Before I could even get up however, I heard the gruff and commanding voice of my father as his heavy footsteps stammered groggily past my room.
“I swear to Christ if that’s one of your goofy friends.” He mumbled to himself as he staggered past my room in his barely lucid state.
Several moments later I heard the front door open. Followed by my father shouting in surprise as several loud bangs and clashes filled the house with a chaotic cacophony of sound.
I ran out as quickly as I could towards the front room of the house to see my fathers silhouette fumbling for the light switch. As he turned it on, and my eyes adjusted to the sudden flash of light. I could see that he was intently scanning the front room. His bright green eyes bouncing back and forth like a radar scanner. Laying on the ground around him was a broken ash tray and several books that must’ve gotten knocked off of the shelf they’d previously been resting on.
“What happened dad?”
Quickly he put his finger out in a sort of ‘stop talking’ gesture as his eyes remained transfixed on the room around him. After a few moments of nerve wracking silence, he finally responded.
“There’s a bat somewhere. Flew in when I opened the door.”
“Who rang the doorbell?”
As if remembering what it was the led us to the front room in the middle of the night in the first place my dad looked back over his shoulder to the wide open front door, and the dimly lit street beyond it. He peaked his head over the threshold and looked around for a moment before closing it.
“No one . . . Some kids ding dong ditching maybe. Crazy ass teenagers, when do you guys even sleep nowadays?”
I laughed quietly at dad’s remark before looking around the front room to try and spot the bat.
“You’d think it’d be freaking out or something you know? Like, fluttering around and trying to find a way out?”
“Yeah . . . You’d think.”
A thorough search of the front room gradually turned into a thorough search of the entire house, but aside from the fallen books and ash tray in the front room there was nothing amiss. Just another normal small-town house in its small town neighborhood. Finally after about an hour and a half of searching my dad threw his arms up in defeat.
“Screw it, guess he’s staying. I gotta get ready for work anyways. Go back to bed kid, we’ll find it tomorrow. No one ever got killed by a stray bat.”
Although I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with the idea of sharing a house with a wild animal for the night. I knew he was right. It was almost four thirty in the morning now, and I was tired. Besides, if it’s afraid then it’ll probably just hide, and they sleep during the day so it shouldn’t be a huge issue . . . Hopefully.
“Alright, night dad. Have a good day at work.”
“Yeah. . . .”
I had just slipped into that sort of half realm between awake and asleep when I was abruptly brought back to consciousness by the doorbell ringing again. The red digital illumination of my alarm clock read 6:33am. I sighed to myself in annoyance and frustration as I turned over on my back to prepare to pull myself out of bed once again to try and discover who was ringing our doorbell again, and that’s when I saw her.
Suspended from the ceiling upside down was the darkened shadow of a person. Long tangled hair draped low and messy, almost touching the floor. From within the tangled mess of hair were two bright yellow eyes that burned through me like fire. As I screamed and clambered my way to the headboard of my bed to try and pathetically create some distance between myself and this horrible thing in my room the figure reached its arms out in a sort of ‘crucifix’ posture. From the aurora of its terrible yellow eyes I could see a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. I screamed again at the top of my lungs as the room filled itself with the mind numbing sound of the doorbell coming from the figures wide open mouth.
As the deafening noise trembled every ounce of my being the figure contorted its way off of the ceiling and plopped onto my bed in an awful and grotesque fashion. Even in my panicked state I couldn’t understand how it could’ve moved the way it did without breaking its neck and spine.
I tried to make a jump from my bed to the door, but I wasn’t quick enough. I got to the edge of the bed before I felt a tremendous weight pin me back on to the mattress and hold me down. Sitting on my chest was the figure. Those horrible eyes burrowing into my soul. That wicked mouth hanging open as if it were going to swallow me whole.
She’s a witch.
The memory of Tommy’s voice echoed in my head.
I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know if it was just the fear, and Tommy being the only name on my mind in that moment. I don’t know if I’m just a selfish coward. I just . . . Don’t know, but as that god awful thing sat on top of me. As her mouth and those evil yellow eyes drew closer and closer to my face I shouted at the top of my fear fueled lungs.
Suddenly, with no warning, and no possible way of occurring. The weight was off of my chest, and the figure was gone.
I don’t know how I managed to fall back asleep, maybe it was just the adrenaline dump that knocked me out, but before I knew it I was waking up to the image of my sun filled room.
After a lot of talking to myself. I had barely managed to convince myself that last nights events were just the result of a horrible dream. I had read somewhere that waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep could result in very lucid dreams. That, I decided. Was what caused that awful dream.
I felt an anchor drop into my stomach as the doorbell rang. Slowly I made my way to the front door and with a lot of hesitation finally managed to open it.
Standing at the other side of the door was Tommy’s mom. A look of obvious concern on her face.
“Did . . . Uhm, Did Tommy by chance come to your house last night? I’ve been to everyone’s house that he knows, and no one’s seen him. I don’t understand why he would just leave the house like that. Please. If you know something, please just tell me.”
They never found Tommy. Not even the faintest glimpse of a clue. Everyone eventually stopped looking for him after about a year. Everyone but his mom, she never stopped looking. She died last year. I heard she was staring expectantly at the hospital door the entire time. Waiting for her son to come walking through . . . The police say he either ran away, or was kidnapped and killed by some vagabond who had seen us in town the day prior.
I’m the only one who truly knows what happened to him, and I’ve never been able to tell anyone that It was all my fault.
Tommy was right.
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2023.03.20 22:15 FelonyGreckett Kindle 2022 - EPUB and Libby?

Hi friends,
I am completely new to the world of ereaders (but I have been learning lots in the past 24 hours!) Originally I was thinking to get a Kobo because I live in the UK and much of my reading is from the library or fanfiction downloads so I wanted to avoid the closed Amazon ecosystem
However a friend has an unwanted (new) basic kindle 2022 that I could buy for not much more than the old used models of Kobo touch are going for on eBay, which is obviously tempting (if nothing else the battery life will be better!)
I think I remember reading that Amazon does now (finally) support Epub? So would it be possible for me to load Epub downloads from various non-amazon sources on the new kindle? Or do they have to still come only from the kindle store?
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2023.03.20 22:15 Ok-Gazelle2972 Would you consider being child free if..?

I think I would consider being a mom if it meant my child could stay small and loving and carefree for the rest of our lives. When children are that young, most of the time, they see you as their best friend. And I think that’s so sweet and beautiful. That might sound weirdly morbid but, I think one of the things that scares me about motherhood is, your loving children don’t stay nice and loving for long. They grow up and become their own humans. Which is fine, your child isn’t obligated to be your friend forever but I think it would hurt to watch someone you loved so much and gave the world to, drift from you.
I say this because I know it hurts my parents. They always talk about how amazing I was as a kid but today, I’m no where near like the child I was. and I think it hurts them that I’m not the daughter they thought I would be. If I had a kid, maybe I’d end up like my parents too, just feeling disappointed in the decisions my kid choose to make.
I‘m honestly a lady on the fence when it comes to living childfree/or starting a family. So far, I’m still pro child free but I do think about being a mom some days. Anywho, is there anything that would make you reconsider being childfree?
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2023.03.20 22:14 sebiseboseba (M/31/GER) Life is good. Let's make it better!

I am Sebastian, 31 from Germany! Wait, wait! Stop the stereotyping – I am not what you think of a typical German! Neither am I cold hearted, nor do I want to conquer the world.
What I really am:
A positive guy who wants to make the best out of life. I am active, live healthy, do a lot of sport and cherish nature a lot! My biggest passion is fishing and next year I want to travel around by bike. I also love music, from singer songwriter over rap and techno up to Death Metal. It all depends on the mood! But a world without music? Not possible.
What I really want:
I am searching for a person who also tries to make the best out of life and is active. I would love to get in touch with people around the world who share the same values. This could lighten up our everyday lifes so much.
Maybe you are into fitness as well and we can be accountability pals? I am searching for somebody who is passionate about something and has something to tell!
So if you feel like we would click well, send me a DM or chat. I would love to hear from you!
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2023.03.20 22:14 Lilacsandsedums I am out as pansexual! And now seeing how toxic my relationship is...

I am out! After questioning for years, and fighting how everyone else viewed me, I'm proud at 33 to say I'm pansexual. There are so many amazing gorgeous humans in the world, I wanna date them all 😅
My friends and family have all been super supportive. Even my 50+ year old very Christian co-workers have been happy for me. I don't think my parents would be happy, but I haven't spoken to them in years for toxicity reasons.
Unfortunately however there was one person who was very unhappy when I came out...during world pride I put the pan flag up on social media, only to have a super negative reaction from my fiancee, after he has fetishized my attraction to women for the last 3 years. Now the rose coloured glasses are off and I'm seeing all the red flags, the control, the gaslighting.
Did this happen to anyone else? Did coming out ruin a relationship?
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2023.03.20 22:14 Illustrious_Yoghurt3 Searchin' for Femboy friends :D

Yeah, that's it, i want a Femboy friend who wants to talk on telegram if possibile, i really want someone to share with some passions, it's not for "horny" i really want to talk with someone in a "genuine" way, around my Age (i am 19), ever dreamed a this, but where i live there are only old minded persons... That' s it, this is really what i want the most right now
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2023.03.20 22:14 CrackedMask_ Moxley wasn't joking around when he said he has the best job in the World. Working for AEW sounds like heaven

Apparently even the lower card guys get fairly compensated and get tons of perks like traveling for free and having their hotels paid for. It's insane how many wrestlers wanted out, working for AEW sounds like paradise to me.
No, dont ask about the higher chance of injury, not learning more but just doing the same moves, stories, and blading, a crowd that cares about themselves and not the actual show. We dont care about our ratings too, this is just full FUN and getting 5-6 figures by doing the same thing over and over again, and your boss is your BFF, there is no down side.
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2023.03.20 22:13 FightingBoyce An Exclusive Interview with David Rajuili - Journey to the Ring

In this riveting episode of Knuckle Up, host Mike Orr sits down with professional boxer David Rajuili, as he prepares for his upcoming bout on April 1st, 2023. With the fight just around the corner, David gives us an inside look into his training, mindset, and the dedication it takes to compete at the highest level of the sport. Mike delves into David's boxing journey, exploring his early beginnings in the sport, the challenges he's faced along the way, and the key moments that have shaped his career. From his humble origins to the intense world of professional boxing, David shares his story with raw honesty and passion. As the conversation unfolds, David offers his thoughts on the current state of boxing, his goals for the future, and the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. This candid interview provides a unique glimpse into the life of a rising star in the boxing world, and what it takes to succeed in the ring. Whether you're a seasoned boxing fan or simply interested in hearing the stories of athletes who have overcome obstacles to reach the pinnacle of their sport, this episode of Knuckle Up is a must-listen on
Don't miss this intimate conversation with David Rajuili, only on Talkin Fight. #KnuckleUpPodcast #TalkinFight #DavidRajuili #BoxingJourney #RoadToTheRing #MikeOrrInterviews #FightPreparation #BoxingLife #April1stFight #OvercomingAdversity #ProBoxer #RisingStar
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2023.03.20 22:13 PraetorianTactical [A3] [Inclusive] [Recruiting] [Casual] [MilSim] Praetorian Tactical

Are you looking for a community that gets together regularly?
If so, this was written for you.
Praetorian Tactical is a North American MilSim community, but all nationalities are welcome, if you enjoy playing ARMA III, we have a spot for you.
We play ARMA III on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, but there are always other opportunities to get together, such as Mission Development, Training, or AdHoc missions.
Our MilSim structure is game based only, we take pride in an effective team during operations and outside of the game, there is no rank system or chain of command to go through and encourage feedback from our community, it’s what drives us to do better and make improvements.
We hold regular, monthly discussions to ensure that we are maintaining a culture and environment that our members enjoy.
There is no application process, we accept those that show up, have a good attitude, and take the gameplay seriously. We accept all skill levels and have resources available to train people new to ARMA III or shooters, in general.
Our Server is open 24/7 if you ever want to test your weapons, create loadouts, or try new vehicles with other members.
We encourage all of our members to pursue their interests; Including, but never limited to
- Mission Makers
- Field Leaders
- Community Developers
- Pilots
- Vehicle Crew
There is no need to feel locked into one position.
If you ever need a break from something, just let us know.
We don’t have any attendance requirements, but if you disappear on us without saying anything, we assume that you aren’t interested anymore.
Fact Sheet
- English Speaking Community
- 24/7 server
- No Rank System
- Inclusive Community
- Rotational Role Selection; everyone who wants to play a role will get their chance to.
- We provide training for all specialty roles to ensure members are aware of our expectations.
- Our mission makers are able to pull ideas from Military, Police, and Government forces around the world.
- Arma3Sync Repository Manager with fast download speeds!
- Sunday Operation - 1900 to 2200, Eastern
- Wednesday Operation - 2100 to 2300, Eastern
Here's a montage of our unit in action --
And here's something showing the lighter side of our missions --
Join Praetorian Tactical Today! ---
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2023.03.20 22:13 MercedeMayhem I (25F) question my bf's (24M) female friend choices

Hello everyone. I will try to explain the best I can. I am a 25 year old female with a 24 year old male. We started talking back in November of 2022. He attended my highschool and elementary school. We hit it off pretty well and talked for days straight. Fast forward a couple of months and we start getting serious after I confessed my feelings and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Well after a while of coming over and spending the weekends with him I noticed his phone would go off alot and include three different females. I asked about them and he said they were long term friends (about 2 years of friendship). I dismissed it. But one day, one of his friends got irritated and angry saying that he talked to much too me and wasn't treating her and the other three the same. He spoke with her on the phone (I didn't hear any of the conversation. I was only told what went on) and he said he fixed the issue and she wouldnt interfere with our relationship anymore. But after a while I got suspension, because he would never use his phone around me and if he did, he made sure I was out of eyeshot. I confronted him again after his phone was continuously going off one day and asked him to see his phone. Lo and behold, he has all three friends that are girls pinned on snap chat and their conversations are endless, a ton of saved audios and pictures(non of them, just drawing and such) and what not and even heartfelt messages including where he said he loved them. These friends did help him through some tough times, including drug and alcohol abuse. Some of the messages included our arguments and what was said and such. But its snapchat, messages disappear after 24 hours. What should should do? Am I feeling paranoid over these women for no reason? Give me some advice please.
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2023.03.20 22:13 redgirl2600 Relationship advice

So I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now. We met at Uni and are really well suited. We are in our fifth and final year of University and it is coming to the time where compromises will probably have to be made to align plans.
We will have to do long-distance as of June due to Uni ending, however we are planning to do a ski season which will start in December. I am a massive over thinker and I am already overthinking how everything will work and if it is possible to stay together when Uni ends. I am not great at long-distance due to being an over thinker so I do worry about It.
We originally planned to go to a festival in the UK in August with all of our Uni friends and any home friends and to try and organise a big group of us. He bought a ticket with some of his home friends and I bought a ticket. None of our Uni friends are buying tickets now due to alternative plans and none of my home friends are into that kind of music. I kind of hinted towards going with his friends incase no-one else buys a ticket as I have wanted to go to this festival for years but he doesn't seem enthusiastic towards it. I mentioned going with my sister and he was a lot more enthusiastic about me not going with them. I completely understand that boys need their boys trips but he is already going to a festival with his friends and is also going travelling with them in September for a month so I kind of feel in a bit of an awkward position.
One of my best friends gets invited on her boyfriends trips and to festivals so I kind of can't wrap my head around why I am not welcome. He said 'I can come if I really want to' but obviously no-one wants to be invited like that. I just dont know whether it is best to just sell my ticket and forget about it or to actually go? I am just upset no effort has been made to make plans with me.
Just some advice would be great! It Is just unlucky that the time this festival is none of my friends are here/they are travelling.
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2023.03.20 22:13 Beat_The_Box_ Will 50 pushups a day make a noticeable difference?

Dear community,
I have been going to the gym for 4 weeks now with a friend, twice a week, i am 53KG, but i was around 51, and i am hoping to hit some weight goals.
We we're benching and i got very close to 35KG bench, my friend is on vacation for a week and we talked about me getting that, if i would do 50 pushups daily, in reps of 10, would i gain enough muscle strength?
I am not a big fan, but if i can hit my goals, yes please!
I am also trying to reach 80KG deadlift 4 times, but that's another story.
Thanks in advance! :)
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2023.03.20 22:12 ThrowRALamont I (21m) Think My Boyfriend (19m) Is In Love With Someone Else

Context: I know it's a red flag for some but I sometimes check my boyfriend's texts. I've been cheated on a few times before and l'm paranoid that it'll happen again. He knows this and has stated he's okay with me checking. However, there's another guy that he's been becoming friends with recently. They hang out from time to time and typically my boyfriend turns down hanging out with him in favor of being around me. Here's where the problem begins; he made a reference about sleeping with him recently. The friend mistyped and then said "fuck me" and my boyfriend responded "I mean👀" and I don't know how else to take that other than interest. The friend has expressed interest before but my boyfriend said he shot him down, but then I also can see where they compliment each other and call each other cute all the time? I just don't know how to feel. This just happened so I haven't been able to talk about this specifically with him but I'm afraid he'll think I'm reading into it too much or that I'm just being crazy, but how else could I take that??
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2023.03.20 22:12 DaddySanctus An aging gamers perspective of Diablo 4

An aging gamers perspective of Diablo 4
I first started playing Diablo in 2000, when Diablo 2 was first released. I didn't have the pleasure of being introduced to the game before that. I am someone who enjoyed both D2 and D3. Each game had it's pros and cons, but what they both did they did pretty well.
Playing the Beta this weekend was my first hands on experience with Diablo 4, and I was excited to try it to say the least.
Here are some of my experiences / thoughts on the game.

\* Good / Positives*\**

Atmosphere / Art:
I was concerned about the darker atmosphere at first when watching early footage of the game, but it actually felt really nice and looked great. I enjoyed the darker theme and thought the maps were very cool looking with the various details. It really sucks you into the game and makes you feel like you're in this hellhole of Sanctuary.
The combat feels great, plain and simple. The skills both looked cool and felt good to use. I tried out a variety of skills amongst all 3 classes, and while some certainly felt stronger than others, I enjoyed them all none the less. Skills like the Rogue Puncture Shot w/ Shadow Imbue, or the Sorceress Frost Nova + Ice Shards, the Barbs Upheaval. The pacing of combat felt good too, it wasn't too fast or too slow. Sometimes getting nice procs with your skills would wipe a large pack quickly which was satisfying, but other times you struggled against certain bosses or Elites, or groups of Elites.
The stroyline so far and the voice acting and cutscenes that went with it, kept me hungering for more. I really enjoyed all the voice acting so far that we've seen and the few cutscenes we had. I listened to every bit of dialogue I could, and the world of Sanctuary felt alive with misery.
Primary Stats / Affixes:
I like that the Primary stats Strength / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower changed slightly based on the class you picked. For example, playing as a Sorceress, the Intelligence stat would increase my Skill Damage and Resistances. However, if I was playing as a Rogue, my Intelligence would increase my Crit Chance and Resistances, while Dexterity increased Skill Damage and Dodge Chance. The Affixes on items felt much more simplified than D3, there were far less stats that could roll which I have mixed feelings on. While I do feel D3 had some bloated stats like extra damage to Elites & Life Regen Per Second, I am slightly concerned they went too far in the simplification of Affixes.
Random Events / Zone Events:
I really enjoyed the random events that were around the map, there was a decent enough variety of them and I'm sure more will be added in the future. I only had the chance to complete the "Gathering the Legion" event once, but that was by far my favorite.
Boss Fights / World Boss:
I liked both the World Boss and the Boss Fights. The various mechanics the bosses had was appealing, and I could see them introducing harder and more complicated bosses in the future with more Lost Ark style mechanics. I think the bosses in Lost Ark were pretty cool. Some were overly complicated, which I don't think Diablo would get to that point, but having some complexity & mechanics in the fights wouldn't be a bad thing.
Potion System:
Plain and simple I like the potion system of D4. It didn't feel like I was having to constantly search for / collect / craft potions like I did in D2, but it also didn't feel like somewhat of an afterthought like it does in D3. It was a nice balance between the two and I appreciated being able to spam heals, while also needing to keep an eye on the number of potions I had available.
Rare Items:
One of the best changes I've seen is the fact that Rare items can give +Skills now. That (I hope) will be a big game changer down the road allowing for some really powerful or custom builds, and also giving people a reason to pay attention to what they're collecting and salvaging. It also makes the trading aspect more interesting as well.
Character Panel
I actually really liked how the Character Panel turned out in the game. I think it was clean and easy to navigate and the Character themselves looked great in the preview. I would have preferred to see the Stats and Materials tabs flipped though, with Stats being the first / primary thing that you saw instead of the Materials.
Various UIs
I thought a majority of the UI's in the game looked good, and matched well with the Diablo theme. I didn't find things hard to navigate and it felt pretty intuitive where to go to find what I needed.


Quest Journal

Sidequest Journal

Codex of Power


Region Progress

Social Tab

Skill Tree

**Issues / Complaints\\**

Invisible Walls
Playing the Rogue as a ranged build felt rough at times, as your Arrows would get stuck on various invisible barriers fairly frequently. There were also some issues leaving / entering Kyovashad at times, which I think are just bugs that will get worked out.

Arrows colliding with invisible wall
In-Game Fonts
The Ariel style text for in-game drops and dialogue / audio logs felt off. It didn't seem to really match the theme of the game.

Example of Text

Example of Text
There were various fonts that were used in the game, and some others such as the Quest Title Font would have made a better match for in-game drops & dialogue.

Quest Name Font - Much more Diablo themed

Font when viewing gear didn't seem as out of place. Was easy to read (I could have made it a smaller font too)
Skill Tree:
I had some concerns that the skill tree may be lacking for building truly customized characters at end-game. As I progressed and unlocked more Aspects, I was able to play around with my build and try new things. I would, however, like to see maybe 1-2 more of the secondary choices after choosing a main Basic / Core etc skill, similar to the Rune's of D3. Again, this is something that could work itself out in the long run with discovering more aspects and tailoring our builds more.
While I liked the dungeons, I would have really liked to see more random events in those dungeons. Maybe rare elites that spawned in similar to The Butcher, or zone events within the dungeons to add some variety. The layouts of the dungeons themselves felt slightly too streamlined. I would like to see more open areas and not so many connecting corridors.

Example of Dungeon Layout
Dungeon Complete / Event UI:
When completing dungeons and events, the banners at the top of the screen could be scaled down. They take up quite a bit of space along the top of the screen. The audio books also take up a large portion of the screen with text at the bottom of the screen and could be scaled down a bit.
Ultimate Skill Slot:
Can we get a dedicated key or slot for Ultimate Skills? Please? Especially with the +skills from Rares, it's easy to have way more than 6 skills available at a time. With such a long cooldown, having the Ultimate on it's own skill slot would be a nice QoL improvement.
Gem Tab:
We are once again asking for a gem tab. There's clearly enough UI space in the inventory for one, and it would free up quite a few slots when running dungeons and questing.
Zoom / Camera Perspective:
I think the camera zoom could be bumped out slightly. Maybe just a smidge, like 10% even.

Normal Camera Zoom

Normal Camera Zoom

Zoomed Out
I would like to see a balance of these two zooms, somewhere in the middle of the two. Giving us just slightly more area to see while running dungeons and exploring the world.

\*Final Thoughts*\**
I had a ton of fun this beta. While I think there are definitely areas of improvement needed with the game, I feel the game will be successful and be a ton of fun to play. While some may not like the MMO aspects of the game, I know it opens the door for a much larger variety of content that what Diablo has ever had before. I am eagerly waiting for June to arrive so we can finally delve deep into Sanctuary.
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2023.03.20 22:12 ibelucas [USA-GA] [H] iPhone XR 64gb Verizon [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Hey everyone, up for sale is an iPhone XR. It is maybe in 8/10 condition, there is a small nick on the bottom left of the phone I tried to capture in pictures with a G2 pen. The phone functions normally otherwise. Battery is at 82%. I think it's unlocked; it's paid off, and I'm selling it for a friend, but just to be safe I'm going to say it's Verizon only. I'm looking for 150$ shipped or 130$ local, but willing to entertain offers or trades for an Apple Watch series 7 or 8 (and of course I'll add cash).
Repairs: None
Local is 30338 in Atlanta, GA.
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2023.03.20 22:12 Carri222 This happened to me when creating a survival world on Minecraft

This happened to me when creating a survival world on Minecraft
Today, I was playing in my creative world. Then, I had the stupid idea to create a survival world and call it "Evets" (Steve backwards) as a joke. It wasn't my first time playing Minecraft Bedrock on ps4, so my surprise was even bigger when the following happened; a ton of blocks were replaced by clay where I spawned and Steve was replaced by a much creepier version of him, the inventory totally disappeared and I couldn't get past the clay blocks zone, all this added to the fact that I had a darkness effect on my vision and suddenly I was in adventure mode. The scariest thing of all was that my screen couldn't stop flickering and giving static effects. When I restarted the game, Evets world had the data damaged so I had to delete it. This hasn't happened again, but I'm sure I'm not going to sleep well tonight...
P.D: Rewatching the video I found there were a lot of wither roses around me and I didn't even realize lol
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