Full time jobs in muskegon mi

Part time and Full Time jobs in Colorado.

2015.03.16 21:10 BartmanJSimpson Part time and Full Time jobs in Colorado.

Please post Part Time and Full Time jobs in Colorado. No commission or pay for your own supplies type jobs.

2012.10.13 15:48 designershoe Guys in their 20s with full time jobs

Are you in your 20s? Just gotten that "what-am-I-doing-with-my-life" feeling after commuting every day to work? Dont worry! Your 20s are the years where you can get by in some bullshit profession, like drug dealing or freelance graphic design, just as long as you have enough cash to pay rent and buy yourself food.

2012.06.16 06:04 Adult Survivors of childhood sexual abuse

A peer support community for adults who experienced sexual abuse as children. A place to share our stories, experiences, solutions and support with others who are closer to our own age. We have spouses, children, full time jobs, pensions and other responsibilities that differ from our siblings in their teens and younger.

2023.06.03 23:51 sabroski1 Advice for dressing at work

Hello, Im working as an exec assistant in an office. Its a construction office but my role is primarily within the office space. There is an expectation from me to dress up excessively as in heels and full on makeup. Im just not sure how to do this in such rough environment. Is this normal for boss to be little flirty in this job position? To cut short, please suggest me dressing ideas. Thanks P.S. im 24f and little chubby.
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2023.06.03 23:51 External_Pen_8156 Am I wrong for wanting to expose my fiancés crazy friend

Ok so context here I'm F27 and not from the US, my fiance is M36 Sebastian and his friend is Mia F34. They are both American. Seb and I met two years ago when I got a job at a law firm and he was a partner there. 6 months ago I gave birth to our gorgeous baby girl Lily. She is absolutely wonderful and I love her all my life but I never wanted to be a SAHM so after four months I went back to work. The problem here is Mia. She's been friends with him since college and she's never liked me. According to Seb they hooked up once and never again. She always makes snide comments about my weight (I'm naturally thin), the fact I'm a ‘foreigner’, and I'm ‘too’ young, Seb deserves to have a homemaker wife 🙄. So you can imagine how thrilled she was when I had my daughter. Several times I walked in on her holding Lily a bit too closely or standing in her nursery when she said she was going to the bathroom. I've always thought maybe she was a little jealous of me and Seb said on his birthday she was a little forward with him but she had been drinking. So during a BBQ last week when I heard Lily crying I went up to get her but I walked in on Mia holding Lily in her rocking chair calling her by a different name. She was saying things like ‘youre such a good girl for Mama’ and ‘dont worry I'm much better than that foreign s*ut’. I stormed over and grabbed my baby and put her back into her crib. When I asked her what the hell she was doing she said that Seb deserves better than a cheap foreigner and that ‘i stole the life she was supposed to have’. She tried to convince me to it would be better for Lily to have a mother who was American to hide the fact that she was a ‘half breed’ and that Seb deserves a respectable wife not a common one who won't give up her job. Istg when I tell you that my blood was BOILING!! I told Seb and we are in agreement that she will never see our daughter again but he doesn't want to tell his family about it as they are friends with her and her family. I'm hesitant on what my next moves should be
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2023.06.03 23:51 senseilimb More RXOM questions

I'm back with more questions regarding RXOM to anyone who can give me some info.
This is a 40 hour position from what I understand, and not salaried like esm, so my hours worked per week won't change from full time front end on paper right? I don't want to be like an esm where I'm totally killing my life outside of work working 50+ hour weeks.
Secondly, I'm feeling a little anxious about going from my current position to RXOM, beyond making the schedule and delegating/working with our IS, what exactly should I be concerned about? I enjoy the idea of being in work flow so I would feel like a technician instead of some nebulous manager who's barking orders.
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2023.06.03 23:51 tbhidgafAboutReddit 30 [M4F] Durham NC- Looking for a best friend to grow and share life with. Local to Triangle area/in person only.

Me: Kitchen Table Poly 5'11" average build (5-10 lbs I could stand to lose) schedule is hectic at the moment but hope to make time to be more active soon. Brown hair and eyes Short to medium beard A couple tattoos (still adding)
Vaxxed Clean and will test snipped no kids partner and I 'may' fosteadopt 'eventually'
I've read polysecure, I go to therapy regularly, I'm conscientious and considerate. I'm a bit of an anxious person, but after a short time (and no red flags), I usually have a very secure attachment style.
I'm logical, practical, goofy, relaxed, kind, honest and straightforward. I don't like playing guessing games, if there's something you want me to know just tell me. Little bit of a stoner, but I started smoking after I grew up so it's not my whole personality 😜 I can fix or build most things, I aquire new hobbies every few months because #ADHD.
I'm looking for: Long-term partner, open to short term, cool with being friends first, potential FWB, serious/intentional connections, local to Triangle area.
Happily married to my nesting partner and best friend of 10+ years who is neurodivergent, a therapist and absolutely fantastic. Wife and I date separately, if someone happens to connect with both of us, we're open but not looking for that. Hookups and flings are not my style, think cozy and connected as a baseline then we can add as much spice as we want 😉.
I have a pack of dogs(4), stable career, I have a hard time saying no to people when they ask for help, and a hard time asking others for help.(I'm Working on that)
Into a lot of anime, sci-fi, some gaming (computer and ttrpg), books, philosophy, theology, narrative structure, mechanical engineering, architecture, and tinkering.
I can be a little shy and/awkward at first, but if you're open with me that drops almost instantly.
Hopefully you:
Age: 24-36
Gender: women, genderqueer, NB
Have an open mind, emotional intelligence, intellectual curiosity, clear communication, and are honest/ straightforward.
Have a relatively stable job/lifestyle/situation and at least a general sense of what you want your life to look like.
Are at least as active/healthy as I am, (no judgement if not, you just may not be for me)
Actually avoid drama
Bonus points if you:
Are a lil crunchy
Are a little boyish (but not particularly masculine)
Give alt/emo vibes
Short and/or Slim
Are a maker of some kind (anything from crafty to an artist in anything; food, music, woodworking, jewelry). I find it very attractive when you can see how someones passion for a craft or activity is made evident (in a healthy way) on their body. Our bodies tell the story of who we are and how we live. My hands have scars from manual labor and are sometimes rough for example.
Looks don't define a person, but we can't pretend they don't matter. I'm in no rush to be physical, but I don't have any desire to talk for months before meeting.
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2023.06.03 23:50 Rednidedni A complete breakdown of spellcasters and why they're fantastic

A complete breakdown of spellcasters and why they're fantastic
There's been this looming ghost of martial classes and spellcasters being compared to eachother, and the repeated quiet sentiments that the latter are just... sub-par. So, in a vain attempt to end the doubt for at least some people, I've decided to hop right into the ring and lay out in detail how exactly this part of the game has been carefully designed, how the math behind it ticks, what the little quirks and asterisks are, and why spellcasters are ultimately powerhouses and in an overall fantastic spot right now.
On Martials
You always need two points to make a comparison, so we've got to talk about martial characters for a moment. Martial characters have some defining features throughout:
  • They don't have many abilities, but those are very strong abilities, and they can be used infinitely. Fighter has the classic +2 accuracy, and starts with Attack of Opportunity. Inventor has a cool invention with special unstable abilities and consistent damage boosts.
  • They do a lot of damage. Like, a lot lot. Most of their abilities enhance the already high output of Strikes with magical martial weapons, and those that don't (such as Champion's Reaction, Monk's high speed and action economy or Outwit Ranger) offer very strong other benefits.
  • Their defenses are superior.
  • Getting additional abilities (f.e. Athletics maneuvers, Demoralize, Medic Dedication) for them is pricey in terms of feats, ability boosts, and/or skill increases.
They are specialists at their things - they do a low amount of things really well, and going beyond that is tied to opportunity costs. That low amount of things also includes one of the most important things in a game like this: Single target damage. They can focus fire to knock out weak targets quickly and very effectively apply themselves to kill enemies, which is how fights are won.
So if martials win fights... what is the point of spellcasters?
On Spell effects
Well, what is it spellcasters get? Various degrees of average-to-poor defenses, cantrips, and limited spell slots to cast things with. Let's pick four popular good spells to keep an eye on thoughout this analysis:
  • Fireball. Lv3 spell, 6d6 damage in a 20ft burst on a basic save, with an extremely high range.
  • Heal. Lv1 spell, 1d8+8 healing at 30ft range or other more niche but occasionally more useful applications.
  • Slow. Lv3 spell, slowed 1 at 30ft range. Lasts a minute on failed save, or a round on passed save.
  • Air Walk. Lv4 spell, allows you to walk through the air for 5 minutes.
Right off the bat, it can be noted that none of these effects are things martial characters can achieve, or at the very least not at those levels.
  • Fireball's 6d6 is quite high by even by the standards of a full turn of single-target ranged martial attacks, and has far more range, area and damage than any analogues like Inventor's Explode. It also covers a HUGE area.
  • Heal allows for explosive ranged healing numbers beyond what even a Medic Archetype can do, and it doesn't even need a roll to get there.
  • Slow inflicts a significant debuff to the action economy of a foe that can only be approximated with things such as stunning strike, everyone stepping away from a melee foe, or a Trip that wants the foe to stand back up again - while all of those have their own advantages, Slow can do this for a whole minute instead of once, and - again - from range.
  • Air Walk gives something that's usually akin to better flight, granting pseudo-melee-immunity and allowing you to basically just ignore terrain without lingering action costs, earlier than a martial character could - even later, outside of a very select few ancestry feats and costly and limited magic items, it's extremely difficult to gain that inferior flight otherwise.
Wow, those are some incredibly good effects! That could become pretty busted. So what's the catch? On one hand it's limited spell slots, and...
On Enemy Saving Throws
Enemies have good saving throws. Saving throws vary a lot between different stats and enemies, but if you're forcing an enemy of equal level (which is likely stronger than the average!) with a perfectly average saving throw ("Moderate" save in Monster Building Guidelines) to save against your spells, they only have between a 35% and 45% chance to fail it, depending on your level (Odds increase at lv19+). Similarly, martial characters enjoy a 55 to 65% chance to hit with their attacks against the average tough foe ("High" AC in Monster Building Guidelines"). That is a... sizeable difference. How come?
A big part of it is: Spells very rarely actually miss. Most do something even on a successful save, where an attack just completely whiffs - in the white room above, the spell has a 15-5% chance of doing nothing, where the attack has 45-35%. And those save effects are often no jokes either - Fireball still does 3d6 (which is comparable to a longbow fighter hitting), Slow still saps an action. Not big and impressive, but far better than nothing. It really adds up over time.
So much so infact, that the aforementioned fireball - at level 5, where the gap huge at 40% fail chance vs. 75% hit chance - can very nearly match the damage of that longbow fighter in single target damage. The one thing that fighter is meant to be really good at. That's how strong 6d6 basic save is. Fireball is most certainly not meant to be a single target spell. Blasting is good, folks.
On Versatility of Defenses
That whiteroom math just now was probably inaccurate.
It helps to give a rough frame of reference, but the world is not made out of High AC and Moderate Saves - it's made out of all kinds of statistics. Here comes another facet of the discussion: Martials can only use a few skill actions to target things other than AC. Almost all of their main prowess - Strikes - goes into specifically AC. Casters get to target three different saves and also still AC if they feel like it. It can go either way for any given defense, but if you know where to aim for, you get an immediate significant boon to your accuracy on basically any given creature. But how can you do that?
Well, here's a bit of an asterisk: Recall Knowledge or guessing based on descriptions. One is unreliable based on how the table runs it (at least until it gets Remastered in november), one is unreliable based on intuition and curveballs. However, I believe most tables run RK in a way that lets you gather some clues here (and the rest should!) - the high mental stats of spellcasters often also give an advantage in using just that. That action can also be beneficial for martials deciding maneuvers, or can be just as beneficial if they take the action and share their findings. Use it!
(And if you're a charisma caster instead, you're in turn uniquely able to lower those saves yourself via Demoralize and Bon Mot!)
On Versatility of Effects
But that's not all! Not only do different spells target different defenses, but they also do vastly different things. This right here is the true crux of spellcaster power, the rest is just setup. Remember Martials at the beginning: Specialized in hitting things. Really bloody good at hitting things. Solid at some other things if built for it. What can casters do?
Basically anything.
Fireball blows up groups of foes. Slow partially disables a single foe for a longer time and makes their life suck with some teamwork to waste more actions. Pirouette into Heal next round to retcon the enemy attempt to focus fire with no check, Air Walk after the fight to ignore a stupidly slippery cliff or gain blanket melee near-immunity! And that's just four spells. There are so many good effects among them that I couldn't possibly list them all. Yeah, your best tools run out fast and you just don't really have anything that matches the raw power of martial strikes - but depending on your spell list you can make damn near anything else. Walls, forced movement, an incredible array of utility magic that I don't have space to detail more in this post beyond saying it's really helpful, auto-hit magic missiles that outdamage melee fighters against bosses, twenty types of controls and debuffs, a rainbow of damage types for weaknesses, loads of buffs, spells with long durations that you can just cast before facing danger so you get free action buffs, naturally including many, many ways to make said martials much better at using that great raw power they have. Remember kids, if your +1 made the ranger hit, that's your damage!
On Incapacitation
Ah, the dreaded spell trait. Good spells, until a certain enemy level is hit, then they fall off a cliff. A rough solution of wanting "Spells should be awesome and be able to annihilate a foe with horrible conditions" and "Spells should not be able to wreck bosses" in the same game. Many are also single-target, meaning they would be the best in fights against single foes... but that's exactly where they're often useless! Why take something like this over something like Slow, that always works?
Because Incapacitation spells have more powerful effects than those other spells. Doesn't work against the lone boss, no, but might well work against the boss who brought their friends to the party. The conditions these spells inflict are truly horrible and can set foes back so badly. Blindness often more than halves a foe's effectiveness. Impending Doom may be delayed, but comes with -4 AC one round in. Calm Emotions is way up there, taking enemies out the fight like we're playing D&D 5e. Baleful Polymorph actually just a stunlock, Color Spray pretends a Blind and minute-long Dazzle in a cone pretends it's anywhere near putting Frightened 2 on one guy... and remember, if you use top-level slots (as you should), that level limit is not half bad. You can hit APL+0 and on uneven levels even APL+1 foes - you can debilitate foes utterly when they're still just as strong as your entire character combined, or perhaps stronger. In one go. No crits needed. Try them sometime.
On Spell Attacks
So if casters can do anything, what if they pretended to be a Martial? Similarly to how save spells are less accurate, spell attacks are infamous for lacking half damage on miss while still having the reduced accuracy of a spellcaster. They don't even get potency runes! What gives? Short answer, three things:
  • These Spell Attacks tend to hit unusually hard, making up for poor accuracy
  • Like all spells, they're designed to be situational and only used in paticularly appropiate situations (see above), making up for resource drain
  • True Strike
Martials are superior at single target damage, but Casters can spend resources with certain single target spells like most of these to keep up and exceed them briefly with this. Remember - versatility is strength. Copying martials all day is no bueno. But copying martials just a little, for when you could really use another martial specifically right now... that's something that calls for good single target damage, and these might just be what you need. It's not the biggest niche to fill, but it's certainly not one to be completely ignored either!
Here's a graph for one such situation, comparing a few different attacks to a Flurry Longbow Ranger taking (only?) three shots. Target is an equal-level foe with High AC.
The numbers are in direct comparison to the Ranger's damage output - so f.e. the basic Hydraulic Push at level 5 does about -20% average damage compared to the ranger, while the true strike'd version is at +20%. Crits and accuracy are accounted for, so are all the various stat and rune increases (including two elemental damage runes for the ranger at 9 and 15!). However, the ranger arguably doesn't need three actions to pull their shots off, unlike True Striked spells - and all spells here are cast at their maximum available level, so they're more expensive than you might want. Curiously, some of the spell attacks do much better in comparison against those hard-to-hit higher level foes - True Strike scales better than MAP attacks, it turns out. Is this situationalness worth it, when an AoE spell can dish out much higher raw numbers? How many Rangers do you need in your magic beam for it to be worth it? Ultimately, that's up for you to decide. If you don't like the prospects, you have many other great options after the first levels - but they're probably no good match for when you need to hit that one guy over there really bloody hard, right now. (Oh, and a Psychic taking True Strike on an Amp blows past all but one of these curves!)
Wait, you keep comparing to bows. What about melee?
Well, if spells are largely ranged, it makes sense to compare them to other ranged options, right? If you don't agree, things turn out similarly if we replace things with melee martials, except those martials have less actions to spend on attacking, are in more risky positions, and hit significantly harder with the actions they do have.
On Low Levels
All of these things cost spell slots - something that low level casters severely lack. The gap between level 1 and 2 spells is often huge, and where high level casters struggle to earnestly run out of spell slots, low level casters can burn out in just a few combats - early on, even a few turns!
Turns out, cantrips are actually really bloody potent at those. A telekinetic projectile doing 1d6 plus 4 damage isn't impressive, but when the ranged martials don't even get to have damage modifiers, the melee folks have to melee at a level where one lucky crit can be all it takes, and where the martials have no runes yet for superior accuracy... there's suprisingly good utility to that. Especially if you - you guessed it - picked electric arc. Not all cantrips are created equal, and... well, it is what it is, and that is not very well balanced. Healing spells are super good here and Magic Weapon is probably more than a little bit overpowered, and every tradition can access two out of three between these, so casters are definetely able to give impressive contributions even here.
Despite the accuracy and limitations, between all of these explanations, there is one core truth to why spellcasting is good: Having just the right spell, at just the right time, is the single most powerful thing you can possibly do in this game. A fireball doing more raw damage than the fighter will do this entire fight. A Heal coming just in time to save a life, or just a turn of unconciousness, or frying an undead horde. A Slow keeping a boss in perpetual lockdown because they got somewhat unlucky once. An Air Walk that the enemies just... can't respond to. (This is also why the Flexible Spellcaster archetype is actually pretty nifty - you're so much more likely to have just that right spell prepared somewhere.) Keep many tools around and keep your options open. The martials bring home most of the damage to progress those enemy health bars to zero... but when they miss and the enemy crits, when the terrain is screwy, when the dragon has wings and just keeps burning everything down, that's when "I am REALLY good at attacking" shows a distinct lack of plan Bs. Martials do not win fights. Martials progress fights. This is a team game, and if you don't work together, the dragon wins. Casters are the ones that pull the strings in the back and make sure the fight actually progresses in your favor.
And sometimes the boss Nat 1s against Slow. Then yeah, they definetely just win that fight.

"Okay, I get that spellcasters are useful, but I don't feel useful. They're boring to play!"
Okay, but... how much would you need to feel useful, when you're already being useful? As in, what should the game give you beyond making you actually be useful?
Taste is highly subjective and you're of course not wrong for feeling like that. Nothing is for everyone. But is the problem here within the game, or within perspective? Perhaps the best fix here is shifting the perspective a little - how much did I achieve through my martials or protect them from? How would things have turned out if I wasn't there to make life hard for the foes?
And to everyone else, thank your supports! You've got plenty reason to.
"Okay, but I don't want versatility. I don't want a bag of tricks, I just want to be really good at blowing stuff up and not deal with all of this!"
That I can entirely get behind. PF2e did a great job at making d20-style do-anything magic balanced and mechanically reasonable, but it indeed is built to discourage preparing only fireballs. Perhaps Psychic being more geared towards this kind of thing will help, or Kineticist can fill that niche as a magic-user who's built on a martial chassis, or maybe we'll even get an Elementalist rework in august that makes that useful. Until then, we can only hope.
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2023.06.03 23:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.03 23:50 Upstairs-Switch-4669 Almost to the finish line.

Almost to the finish line.
Using spores definitely takes some patience but I’m happy to see it all pay off. So many of you gave me great advice & soon I’ll have my first harvest I cannot wait! Waiting on full colonization. Any suggestions on when I should open the dubtubs to send into fruiting? I don’t want to do it too early or too late & I don’t want to check it too much either & possibly allow contamination in. Also, as for the all one bags do you recommend the slit on each side when time to fruit? Or the hoodie method?
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2023.06.03 23:50 mypuppy16 Pros & cons of becoming an instructor?

Hi everyone!
I have a full time job but have an interest in becoming a Body Pump instructor on the weekends. If there is any instructors in this subreddit, could you provide your thoughts, pros & cons?
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2023.06.03 23:50 Starkillersbae I don't know if I wish my mother loved me, or if I wish I didn't care so much.

I'm 30 years old single woman, I work in the aerospace industry, I own my own home, I own my car outright, I am a talented artist and get paid to draw as a side hustle. I've written a novel and am working on a second.
On the surface I'm doing really well and I think that makes it even harder because what do I have to complain about? But the past few months I feel like it finally hit me and settled into my bones the fact my mother doesn't even like me. I shouldn't desire my parents support or pride, I don't need their validation, but it still hurts knowing I will never have it no matter how hard I work.

It's taken until now to realize there is no such thing as a bad child. I wasn't an evil or insufferable kid growing up. I was a child. As a teenager I wasn't a lazy waste of space. I was a traumatized teenager trying to stay alive in a war zone with no support.
As a young adult I wasn't a disappointment or a failure who couldn't get her life together. I was 22 and didn't want kids or to go the traditional path.
Now I'm turning 30 in three short months and I feel like I shouldn't be hurt to realize my mother will never love or accept me, but it does.
All the excuses fell away after I started my new job and the woman a desk over from me is the mother of an 18 year old daughter. She makes less money than me, spent most of her life a single mother, and had it so much worse off than my mother ever did. But she loves her daughter and goes to the ends of the earth for her.

Seeing that just destroyed every excuse I had in my head for why my mother is the way she is. Now all I see is a woman who tolerates me out of obligation, or maybe she even thinks she does love me because that makes her version of reality better.
But she made me sleep in a crawl space. She chose a man over me every single time. My mother doesn't have one single picture of me over the age of 13. Not one. I don't think she even realizes that because why would she care? Her house isn't full of pictures of her children, she doesn't call and ask how I am except on my birthday.
She's never told me she's proud of me, she's never stepped up and saved me or done for me like she does for my step brother.
She's happy, my mother is really and truly happy in her life, she's a caring woman who is deeply invested in her high school classroom, she loves her husband and step son, she sews prom dresses for her students, and supports my brother like he's still a child.

But the day my step father dies, my step brother will fade out of her life, she will wake up one day and realize she is all alone and that she bet on the wrong horse and it will be too late.
I wish that brought me more satisfaction, maybe some day it will. But all I see is a future where we are two strangers, and some day she'll call and realize that, and realize she is alone but not know why. And what will I say? I don't know.
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2023.06.03 23:50 AlwaysOpenToLearn HR says they aren't allowed to show the report to the person who is involved in it and said person was given no chance to defend themselves against what was said. Therefore cannot verify if what was said is true. Employee was fired over it. Reporter has many worse reports against them. [NH] + [MA]

So a few months ago, a friend of mine got fired for calling another manager an insult (think dick, douche, ass, etc. I can't say, just in case). The situation is a bit complicated. Company A wanted to outsource the work my friend's team did. The outsource company hired whatever members of the initial team wanted to continue there. Manager of Company B's team quits after unknown office politics and Friend eventually takes over position and becomes new manager. Company A hires new employees on their side, one of which, the manager that replaced my friend's position and is now direct liason between A & B, ended up being a complete dickbag who abuses people to the point that nobody wants to work with them. Broke my friend down to tears after screaming at them for not calling them immediately for something "urgent" even though they were on a call with their boss at the time. Friend made mention to boss about the situation, but didn't want to report it in fear of starting office politics. However, they used the word "abusive" which meant the boss was required to report it and did so without my friend's knowledge. Later, friend is talking in a team group chat (unintentionally, another co-worker they are friends with put their message in the wrong chat group. It was meant to be a private conversation). Friend says "[Manager A] is a [insult]" and then quickly realizes it is the wrong group and deletes it. Another (traitorous) team member decides it was a good idea to screenshot the message and send it to Manager A. Manager A reports to HR and friend gets fired the next day, despite there being abuse reports against Manager A. Friend was not contacted by HR or told what was in the report, and therefore was given no chance to defend themselves or to dispute what was potentially said. Friend asked to see the report and was told it was not allowed due to "proprietary information". Friend has no idea what was said. How could they have gotten fired for calling them an insult in a private group chat that was supposed to be a safe space to complain about bosses and managers. Friend, despite being a manager, was still included in the group because they were so close with the other team members (except the traitor who sold them out; traitor was also new and not part of the original team) and had only been promoted a few weeks prior. Actually, friend was promoted twice in a few months and then fired a few weeks later for a comparatively far smaller offense than literal verbal abuse. They were a very VERY hard worker who often worked late into the night to get things done and was often abused by Company A throughout their time there. I don't see how that is a fair practice. Friend wonders if Manager A was told about the initial abuse report and was looking for retaliation, but has no proof. Company A has a track record for not firing employees despite several HR complaints and outsource Company B has a zero tolerance policy. But I don't see how it is fair that my friend was being abused with no consequences but they say one single word in a "safe" chat room and get fired. They wondered if it was related to the other group members being their inferiors.
My friend has not been able to find work since being fired and is now struggling financially. When transferred from Company A they were given a year of severance (which ends in a few weeks) so friend cannot get any help due to technically still having had income. Friend also has a disabled child of college age who struggles with mental illness and is often unable to help with chores and finances. Everyone involved absolutely hates the situation as friend was very good at their job and everyone absolutely hates Manager A. Nobody will take the position to replace friend since nobody wants to work with Manager A.
What can I or my friend do in the way of financial help or legal help (preferably pro bono, it is a large corporation and would be very hard and expensive to sue otherwise). Is there grounds for wrongful termination? Would it be valid if it was in retaliation? How would I prove that? Please help.
Other information: - Friend worked at initial company for over a decade - Friend is about 50 and coworker is about 60 so ageism is a potential motivator. - Information from old co-worker says that no new work has come in so they suspect Company A will not renew another year with Company B, effectively ending that team without technically firing them. - Customers have requested not to work with Manager A and several employees refuse to work with them either.
Note: Any inconsistencies are because I sent this to friend to review and edited accordingly.
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2023.06.03 23:49 Medium_Manager_7635 Any Teachers/SAHMs on here?

I'm a teacher and off for summer and wanted to see how everyone else is feeling on their breaks. Bonus points if you're caring for young kids, too! :)
This is my second summer having to navigate LC, and after three months of feeling good, I'm unfortunately on a downslide again. My worst symptoms include brain fog, head pressure, weird heart rate issues, and PEM. Having ADHD my whole life, summers as an adult have always been notoriously difficult for me. I thrive on structure but struggle to create that for myself, and it usually leads to higher levels of anxiety and depression. This is my first summer to be momming full time; in the past, my daughters have been in daycare part time, but that just didn't work out this year. I made a schedule for my kids and I to ensure they don't just sit in front of screens all day but also to make sure I've embedded relaxation times for me.
The good news is that I started getting a lot more rest being able to sleep in and take naps during the day, so I feel less like I'm made of concrete in the evenings. I'm able to be present with my kids on my good days and help my husband with the housework a lot more. However, I feel the increase in sedentism is already making me feel deconditioned. I went to a birthday party with my six-year-old today, and I'm beat... And all I did was sit and talk to the parents. I was doing Pilates and taking walks the first week off, but then my period came and majorly aggravated my symptoms, so I've sidelined that for the time being. I've heard the warmer weather can exacerbate this too, so maybe that's part of the problem.
I'm just curious how anyone else in a similar position is fairing and would love some advice.
As always, I am so incredibly thankful for the understanding and support this group provides. It makes me feel so much less alone. 💕
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2023.06.03 23:49 tossaway133769 Ended up in the wrong career, not sure how to reset

I am an autistic male in my 30s who is currently working as an Operations Manager. I have a great team and if I only had to deal with my directs things would be perfect. They are professional, productive and give me reviews that are much better than my peers. Unfortunately, the company and leadership team is not a good fit for me. They make bad decisions that I have a hard time implementing because I dont like lying to my directs. I am also stressed out seeing low performers and assholes climb the ladder through lying or nepotism. Sometimes I feel like the only one who actually champions my company's stated values.
My career outlook is good, salary is high for my area, but due to that salary I put down roots that are expensive to maintain. My wife is also autistic and tied down to the area, so moving is not an option. We are in burnout mode multiple times a week. I literally work around the clock seven days a week. Burnout and doing less masking is making me worse at my job, which I used to be a bit of a progidy at.
wat do
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2023.06.03 23:49 gechun888888 35 Female. A great day coming to an end

My buddies and I had a great time in Miami today! We hit the beach early in the morning with some rough waves and some sweet sunshine. After working up an appetite, we bought some juicy burgers and cold beers at one of the outdoor locations.
We spent an afternoon cruising around the city enjoying the sights and sounds. Miami is so vibrant and alive - there's always something going on. We stumbled upon a lively street fair, got lost in the crowds, and checked out local vendors and artists.
As the sun started to set, we headed to a trendy rooftop bar for some signature cocktails and awe-inspiring views of the skyline. We even made some new friends along the way and bonded over our love of good music and good vibes.
Overall, it was a classic Miami day - full of fun, adventure, and good times with good friends. Can't wait to do it all over again!
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2023.06.03 23:49 Togedude Is it me, or is the Run Energy information listed on the wiki incorrect?

I haven't been playing OSRS very long at all, so apologies if I'm misunderstanding something.
As I've been checking my in-game energy restoration, I've noticed that it's pretty consistently off from what's listed in the wiki.
The most confusing thing to me is that the wiki explicitly states that Run Energy improves when your Agility reaches a new multiple of 6. However, after leveling from 65 to 66, my energy restoration time stayed the exact same. This wasn't just a UI issue, either; the ingame clock showed that the same amount of time had elapsed in both cases.
There are other small discrepancies as well. With full Graceful, my energy restore time is 4:02, whereas the wiki says it should be 4:10. With 65 Agility and no Graceful, my energy restore time was 5:18, while the wiki says it should be 5:34 (and, again, this stayed the same when I leveled to 66).
None of this really matters at all, I'm just curious why I keep seeing these discrepancies in-game. Is the wiki wrong on this?
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2023.06.03 23:49 alexthiago How do you remember how bad it feels

This post is mostly for myself. This is me verbalizing that I do in fact have a problem.
A month ago I finished finals and moved back home for the summer. Living with my parents makes me not want to let them down so it had also been a month without smoking and minimal drinking (a drink or two when I went out to dinner w the family). However, this next week I start a new summer job at a city that is a bit of a drive away from my parents’ place so this week I moved into an apartment closer to downtown where I’ll be living by myself for the next couple of weeks. And that’s where the evil lil voice in the back of my mind creeped up. “Ohhh we’re gonna have a great time. We’re gonna work hard during the week of course. But oh boy we’re gonna go out every Friday and Saturday and we can go as hard as we want without the parents cramping our style. We can even uber back so no problemo.”
Yes problemo. Last night was the first night out. I’d been looking forward to this night all month. First time going out at my old stomping grounds in months. Been working out and newly single so extra excited. Going out with a buddy I hadn’t seen in years too. He says no need to uber I can be the designated driver. I say fine but just to be clear I plan to get drink drank drunk. This should have been a red flag.
I don’t remember much. I remember dancing some, kissing someone, getting her number after. The little I remember is just a great time. What’s the problem then? 1) Spent hundreds in drinks; 2) Wasted away all the gains from workouts and dieting with over ten drinks worth of empty calories; and 3) I’m laying in bed at 5pm on a beautiful day having done nothing but lay in bed wishing I was dead before my stomach kills me itself.
And it’s like this every single time I go out. Every. Single. Time. I need to get through my thick head that: just because I had fun, just because I didn’t make any dumb decisions (this time), just because I haven’t lost my job or family (yet) - that doesn’t mean that I don’t in fact have a problem. It doesn’t obviate the fact that I am literally poisoning myself, wasting money, and most importantly, that I will 100% regret it the morning after.
But I always forget. But I don’t want to. I need to remember THIS feeling, right now, at 5:44pm June 3, 2023, when I felt like such shit that I decided to make a public post on the internet about it. I feel like shit. I need to remember the next time the music is nice, the lights are on, and a friendly face says “let’s get a drink”, that THIS is how I will feel tomorrow. I need to remember.
How do you remember?
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2023.06.03 23:49 Approximately400Bees Do goats get all their required moisture from the vegetation they eat?

We have 3 goats, 4-6 years old, one Nubian and 2 Nubian/Pygmy mixes. 2 are neutered males and 1 female.
I know this is probably a super dumb question. I'm a college student and I work full time, and my mom just had hip surgery. My dad is the only one in the household left that's home all the time and not busy.
We keep asking him to go out and give water to the goats, and he got mad yesterday and said he, quote, "didn't give a sh*t if they had water or not" and then told me that they get all the water they need from the vegetation they eat. I'm having a hard time believing this, but my dad is one of those "I've been alive longer so everything I say is right" kind of people.
Can a vet please confirm or deny this very confusing claim of his?
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2023.06.03 23:49 TomatoCheeks0108 I think I am starting to develop feelings for my coworker, but I'm in a relationship...

Obligatory on mobile and English is not my Mother tongue but I have 0 respect for this language.
I (F20) started work at a new company as a Nurse Assistant last month and honestly most coworkers are really pleasant people and are good to work with, even the managers are pretty decent. Though there is this one coworker (M28) who I really enjoy being in the same shift with. Things just work when he's around, everything gets done in Time, we all have a great time working with each other (3 coworkers per shift) and we even have time to actually do our breaks for the full 30 minutes (which is rare in Nursing :/ ) because he organizes everything perfectly when he's the shift supervisor. He's also really great as an individual, we get along well, usually chit chat a lot during breaks,listen to the same music, exchange funny memes, he even goes the extra mile to explain various things about nursing to me since I will be graduating Nursing school in two years.
I thought I just admired him for being amazing at his job even though he just graduated last year, or that i just liked being around him because he's a cool person, or that he's quite attractive. Nonetheless, I didn't even think of him that way at the beginning because he's a bit out of my age range, but lately I've been feeling more and more nervous around him, i blush when he smiles at me, and I keep catching myself staring at him when I am not supposed to stare at him, I constantly check his reactions to how I act while we are in a group setting with other co-workers, I get close to him without even thinking about it and it making me so confused because I am not supposed to feel that way. I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend (19) for two years now. I'll be honest, we are having a few problems in our relationship for the past time where I told him if nothing changes, that i will fear for our future as a couple. I love him, but I'm scared that I will fall out of love with him because of my coworker situation, I don't even know if these feelings I am having are just a reaction to my relationship problems or if they are genuine. I don't even know if I am actually having those kind of feelings toward my coworker or If I am just exaggerating. I don't want to throw away a great two year long relationship...but I can't help myself feeling this way...
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2023.06.03 23:48 tpddavis Looking into becoming a Realtor

Hey friends! I've been interested in doing realtor work as a side job for a good 5-7years now but couldn't because of my full-time job being non-stop year round. Now I work in a school district and have a lot more free time to pursue. Any tips on where to start besides getting the license? Thanks a ton!
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2023.06.03 23:48 Caracas2015 Guinea pig, soft poos and complaining when passing them

My Guinea Pig, Yuri (2 years old, boar) has been unwell on an off for the last month or so. He's seen the vet 4 times with the following treatment:
Unfortunately after all this treatment, he is still unwell. His poo is very soft/runny and he makes squeaks of pain when passing poo. He urinates fine now and is continuing to eat/drink normally but we have mostly stopped giving them veggies because his poo is soft.
He's living with his brother and he is fine.
Any help would be appreciated!
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2023.06.03 23:48 Vulcann111 [H] 300+ Games [W] Steam Marketable Items (Cases, Gems, Keys, Skins, Trading Cards etc) and Wishlist

I have multiple copies for most of my games, Trades are mostly based on prices from gg.deals. Please notify me if my keys are not for your personal use (i won't take any responsibility if i wasn't notified) and also please clearly state what you have and want in exchange when making an offer, i have no interest in buying games for Keys/Gems etc. and i also have no interest in Alpha, Beta, Curator, Dev and Non-Steam Keys

Barter.vg Reddit Steam Profile SteamTrades

FUEL (Removed from Steam Store) Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet (Removed from Steam Store) Human Resource Machine (Steam Inventory Gift) Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Removed from Steam Store) Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded (Removed from Steam Store) All Zombies Must Die! (Removed from Steam Store) R.I.P.D.: The Game (Removed from Steam Store) ibb & obb (Steam Inventory Gift) Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition (Removed from Steam Store) eXceed - Gun Bullet Children (Removed from Steam Store) eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX (Removed from Steam Store) God Mode (Removed from Steam Store) Gundemonium Recollection (Removed from Steam Store) Hitogata Happa (Removed from Steam Store) Naval War: Arctic Circle (Removed from Steam Store) Red Faction+Red Faction II Red Faction®: Armageddon™+Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered+Red Faction Guerrilla Steam Edition Real World Racing (Removed from Steam Store) GundeadliGne (Removed from Steam Store) Beast Boxing Turbo (Removed from Steam Store) eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package (Removed from Steam Store) Jagged Alliance - Back in Action King Arthur Collection (March 2012) Mini Motor Racing EVO+Mini Motor Racing X Monday Night Combat Sine Mora+Sine Mora EX Surgeon Simulator The Showdown Effect (Removed from Steam Store) Zeno Clash 2 Angel Express [Tokkyu Tenshi] Cloud Chamber (Removed from Steam Store) Darwinia DEFCON Defunct Droplitz (Removed from Steam Store) eversion ENDLESS™ Space - Definitive Edition (Steam Inventory Gift) Frozen Synapse Prime (Steam Inventory Gift) Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD Hack 'n' Slash (Steam Inventory Gift) Hard Reset Extended Edition Hydrophobia: Prophecy MIND: Path to Thalamus Enhanced Edition Multiwinia No Time to Explain+No Time To Explain Remastered On The Path Out There Somewhere (Steam Inventory Gift) Paranormal State: Poison Spring (Removed from Steam Store) Patrician IV Gold Post Apocalyptic Mayhem Primal Carnage Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood Run Away Sacred Gold Space Rangers (Removed from Steam Store) Spirited Heart Deluxe Splendor Suguri Collection The First Templar - Steam Special Edition The Ironclads Collection The Old City: Leviathan The Ship - 2 Pack Gift (Steam Inventory Gift) Trainz Settle and Carlisle UFO: Afterlight+UFO: Afterlight - Old Version Uplink War of the Roses (Removed from Steam Store) World War 1 Centennial Edition (Removed from Steam Store) Jets'n'Guns Gold Anna - Extended Edition BanHammer (Removed from Steam Store) Beat Hazard Complete Betrayer (Removed from Steam Store) Bionic Heart Crazy Machines 2 Crazy Machines Elements Crazy Machines: Golden Gears Defenders of Ardania (Removed from Steam Store) Depths of Fear :: Knossos (Removed from Steam Store) Driftmoon Edna & Harvey: The Breakout Fairy Bloom Freesia FlatOut Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook Gettysburg: Armored Warfare (Removed from Steam Store) Grand Ages: Rome GOLD Heileen 1: Sail Away Heileen 2: The Hands Of Fate Heileen 3: New Horizons Interstellar Marines Ion Assault KAMI King's Bounty: Armored Princess Knights of Honor Knock-knock Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] Lilly Looking Through Little Racers STREET Megabyte Punch Painkiller Overdose Painkiller: Recurring Evil Painkiller Redemption Patrician IV Praetorians Rebel Galaxy Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 SATAZIUS Skara - The Blade Remains Sky Mercenaries The Void Toby: The Secret Mine Tropico Reloaded Tropico 4 Unexplored Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition About Love, Hate and the other ones A Game of Dwarves Air Conflicts: Secret Wars A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda A Valley Without Wind+A Valley Without Wind 2 BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope For the Young Century Beat Hazard Blood Knights CAPSULE Chroma Squad Cities in Motion Dangerous Waters Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game Dark Fall: Lost Souls Death to Spies+Death to Spies: Moment of Truth Dementium II HD Deponia Disciples II: Gallean's Return Disciples II: Rise of the Elves Dollar Dash (Removed from Steam Store) Dungeons Dungeons - The Dark Lord Eastside Hockey Manager Finding Teddy Frederic: Evil Strikes Back Ghost Master® Grand Ages: Rome Hearts of Iron 2 Complete Home Imperial Glory Imperium Romanum Gold Edition Kalaban Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition Leviathan: Warships (Removed from Steam Store) Men of War: Assault Squad - Game of the Year Edition Meridian: New World Motorama NecroVision NecroVisioN: Lost Company Not The Robots Nuclear Dawn Oniken: Unstoppable Edition Onikira - Demon Killer Patrician III PixelJunk™ Monsters Ultimate Rooks Keep Solar Flux Solar Shifter EX Summoner Sweet Lily Dreams Switch Galaxy Ultra Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection The Journey Down: Chapter Two The Last Tinker™: City of Colors Tropico 3 Truck Racer Trulon: The Shadow Engine Tulpa Vessel Violett Remastered Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage Zombie Driver HD Alien Hallway Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded A New Beginning - Final Cut Angvik AquaNox AquaNox 2: Revelation Aura: Fate of the Ages Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO + Voxel Sculpt + PREMIUM Bundle Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge Ballpoint Universe - Infinite Bang Bang Racing Battle Group 2 Bridge Constructor Bridge Constructor Medieval Cargo! The Quest for Gravity Cat on a Diet Ceville Cold War Commander: Conquest of the Americas Commandos 2: Men of Courage Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Crash Time 3 Curse: The Eye of Isis Dark Fear Dead Hungry Diner Deadly 30 Deep Dungeons of Doom Drawful 2 Driftland: The Magic Revival Dynamite Jack East India Company Eidolon El Matador Elven Legacy Empress Of The Deep Eurofighter Typhoon Explodemon Face Noir Faces of War Fantasy Wars Final Slam 2 Fireburst Galactic Civilizations® I: Ultimate Edition GeoVox Gravi Greed: Black Border Greed Corp Grind Zones Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Grotesque Tactics 2 – Dungeons and Donuts Gunman Clive Guns of Icarus Online Hacker Evolution Duality Hacker Evolution Source Code Haegemonia: Legions of Iron Helicopter Simulator 2014: Search and Rescue Hexcells Plus Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead Idol Hands In Between inMomentum Keebles Konung 2 Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty Labyrinthine Dreams Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Machines At War 3 Majesty 2 Making History: The Calm & the Storm Mata Hari Men of War™ Men of War: Assault Squad Men of War: Red Tide Miner Wars 2081 Miner Wars Arena Mirror Mysteries Mountain M.U.D. TV Musaic Box Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition Perimeter Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Plush POPixel Probably Archery Purgatory: War of the Damned Puzzle Kingdoms Quell Quell Memento Quell Reflect Real Horror Stories Ultimate Edition Really Big Sky Reign: Conflict of Nations Rig n Roll Rush Bros. Sacraboar Satellite Repairman Saturday Morning RPG Save the Dodos Shadowgrounds Survivor Shadows: Price For Our Sins Sinless + OST Skilltree Saga SoulCraft Space Empires IV Deluxe Space Empires V Star Ruler Starsphere Star Wolves Star Wolves 3: Civil War Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Syberia II Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure (Removed from Steam Store) Teddy Floppy Ear - The Race (Removed from Steam Store) Terrian Saga: KR-17 Theatre of War Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 Theatre of War 3: Korea The God's Chain The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight The Kings' Crusade Tobe's Vertical Adventure Trapped Dead Turba Twin Sector Two Brothers (Removed from Steam Store) Two Worlds II HD Type:Rider Vault Cracker Vegas: Make It Big™ Velvet Assassin Warriors' Wrath Who's That Flying?! Windforge XIII Century – Gold Edition Yumsters 2: Around the World Zombie Pirates ZombieRush Zombie Shooter
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2023.06.03 23:48 AzureMagelet Husband brag time

Friday afternoon I had an interview at a new school. Thursday evening I realized I didn’t have anything clean that was interview appropriate. I told him I was going to start laundry in the morning and asked him to rotate for me and I’d come home between end of school day and the interview to change. I had enough time to do this comfortably. I came home and he’d already gotten the dress from the dryer for me and hung it on the back of our bedroom door for me. He also ironed it! Something I wouldn’t have done myself. He said he wanted me to be able to look and feel my best. I got the job! He wants to celebrate me by getting sushi on Monday. He knows just the way to my heart.
What has your husband or wife done recently to make you feel loved and cared for?
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2023.06.03 23:48 Cloukin The spooks of today

Throughout The Ego and its Own, Stirner denounces several specific identities as being spooks, chiefly forms of nationality, religion, and sociopolitical ideologies. One's principality, kingdom, nation, faith, atheism, communism or even the general concept of (hu)man are all spooks: everything that is put above the individual, every ideal.
Imagine an alternate scenario in which Stirner somehow managed to live to be over 200 years old into the present with full lucidity and wrote an updated version of his magnum opus now in the 2020s. What specific identities and things you think he would probably identify as spooks?
My guess is that the following, more current concepts would fall right under the definition of spook, namely:
- Race and ethnicity: After World War II, the de-colonization of Africa and the rise of social movements, race has become a much stronger form of identity for many people. Many speak about honoring one's racial origins, standing together as a race, and even of race nationalism. Examples include the Black Power movement and BLM, and also white nationalist groups.
- Gender: After female suffragism, the waves of feminism, and the wider liberation of women in the West, and the subsequent masculinist and red pill movements, the idea of women standing together, sharing goals and other things common, and later the same for men, has become increasingly popular. When men come together to criticize women among themselves, or women come together among themselves to do the same, the spook of gender is playing a part.
- Sexual orientation: Similarly with the LGBT movement and subsequent developments, being gay and being straight, and all other forms of orientation, have become spooks. The fact that each orientation has their own flag and subreddit nowadays shows that they are not merely individual characteristics anymore, but have become communities or societies, that is, spooks.
- Environmentalism / animal rights: Those two have also become for many ideals put much above individual will. A sense of guilt or at least responsibility for driving an oil-powered car or eating meat springs from this.
- Conservatism: On the other hand, groups and individuals who strive for a society more like the good old days, criticizing many elements of social movements and their consequences, have built a spook of their own. Just like the progressivists, conservatives engage in a fight of mind: they strive for an ideal.
What do you guys think? Which other elements, aspects, movements, ideologies, etc. that did not exist at Stirner's time could be considered modern spooks?
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